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Real Name:  Tyrone Walker Allen  
Nicknames:  Blackaconda, Black Jesus, Blackimus Prime, The Darkness, The Human Pinball Wizard,  
Hometown:  Jacksonville, Florida  
Birthday:  August 18 1974  
Height:  6ft 2in  
Weight:  205 lbs 


Biography:  Tyrone Walker is a 15 plus year veteran of the sport, and as such, has seen or done just about everything one can possibly do in the business. In the process, he has managed to evolve with the sport, going from garbage wrestler in blood and guts spectacles of violence, to modern technical wrestler.

His biggest claim to fame however, is his being one half of one of the sports most revered tag teams in the history of the business; Team Danger, along with his best friend and partner in crime, Stephen Greer.