- The Fans Wrestling Federation is a Roleplay eWrestling eFederation.

- Handlers will do battle in creative writing (roleplay) matchups to determine who is the best eWrestler in the FWF. 

- The direction your character takes is entirely up to you. There are minimal restrictions, but we do ask that you maintain at least a modicum of realism and believability. 

- We will only be accepting original creations only. You can make any wrestler you wish. Remember that this is your wrestler you will be handling so you should create something you feel comfortable with. 

- Open applications - while we only really desire 12-15 handlers in total, if the demand is high enough as to where it can no longer be ignored, applications will be open to those whom wish to join. 

- Any "real" promotions and wrestlers do not exist in the storyline of the Fans Wrestling Federation. HOW? DEFIANCE? SCW? EWC? Of course. We would like to limit the references made about the feds themselves, but we will not ignore their existence. 

- The main show the FWF has is named Pandemonium, which is on Wednesay night. There are 4 Pay-per-views per year. All cards and results can be located on the main page or in the links area. The FWF will be presented on in a fashion similar to that of a lineal drama or series. Cliffhangers are important to capture interest for the next event. 

- Each handler is encouraged contribute on every show. We understand that cannot always be the case, but please let your appropriate FWF staff member know in advance if possible. This will allow all parties involved to make plans for someone to cover your workload. Make a habit of this, however, and you’ll lose your roster spot. Segments and matches are due 24 hours before the card deadline. 

- No-showing two consecutive event deadlines will also result in you losing your spot as a handler. Should this happen, the FWF reserves the right for staff and/or members to assume control of the character(s) in question until the storyline they are presently involved in is complete. This will be done in good taste, and no tragedy should befall your character(s) unless it was a predetermined end for the angle. 

- All images on the website were created by hand by the members of the FWF staff. Photoshop and Dreamweaver were used to create the website. Some of the website features various scripting languages to achieve certain features of the website. No you can't steal our shit, but you can share it and link to us. 

- There is to be no spamming the forums with your federation's sites if you own your own. If you wish to advertise contact FWF staff and we can work something out. 

- There is to be no WARS on our forums of any kind, we won't spell out word for word what this means. Instead, bottom line, don't be a jack ass or you'll be banned..