Title: [CD] Wandering Dragon Pt. 3: Wish
Featuring: Wondrous Mental Dragon
Date: 9th Feb 2020
Location: Brooklyn, NY


Now that I have my dragon mask and I know who I am, I need to start my journey but I just don't know how.

I feel a little lost, everything feels confusing almost like I'm in the wrong time and place.

Hopefully the time is right and the place..... well I guess I'll just have to figure that out as I go.

Wondrous Mental Dragon walks aimlessly down a Brooklyn street looking for some indication where he is going, but most importantly what is the date.  He continues his walk along the sidewalk, his head turning gently from right to left as he searches for any indication of the time or date. After a few moments his slows his walk and stands still and sighs loudly.

WMD: Don't people leave newspapers around on the street anymore?

He continues on his journey until he passes a shop with posters in the window advertising local gyms, clubs, gigs and .... He focuses on a specific poster which looks old, faded and simple in it's design but clear in it's purpose, an angry looking man with a pale complexion is front and centre of the poster with prominent text saying....

WMD: "Wanna wrestle? Learn with us at the CCWA. Where you'll always be in the winner's circle!"

An elderly couple walk by staring at the masked man while shaking their heads as WMD stands facing the shop front and it's posters.  WMD doesn't continue reading out the remaining words on the poster, instead he raises his right hand and places his index finger at the lower portion of the poster which is badly torn, letting it hover over a single line of text which appears incomplete due to the aforementioned damage to the sheet. 

WMD: "...... Street, Ozone Park, Queen.  Call us at 347-845-.....".  The full address and phone number is missing, but I think I need to go to Queens wherever that is.  The mask is already working it's wonders.

A young man wearing tight jeans, a thick looking but loud checkered shirt and an orange beanie walks by as WMD turns from the shopfront, WMD waves at the hipster looking gentleman to get his attention.  The man stops at WMD's non-verbal interaction, quickly removes an ear bud before adjusting his glasses slightly.

Hipster: Yeah man, what's up?

WMD: Hello, do you know where "Queens" is and how can I get there?

Hipster: Yeah you wanna be going north, the easiest way is if you grab the subway and head north on the Crosstown Line.  The subway station is over on Lafayette and that's just round the corner.

WMD: Thank you, as a reward for your kindness I grant you one wish, whatever you like.

The hipster looks surprised for a moment and then grins a knowing smile.

Hipster: Oh shit, this is like some street performance piece right?  Like the mask is a symbol for how we're all hiding our true selves and the boiler suit represents the blandness of modern corporate life. The whole asking me directions thing is a statement on how we don't trust our fellow person, but if we did we'd see that we can all benefit from helping each other....

WMD: Err...

Hipster: Ok I get it, the whole wish thing meant to be a Faustian sorta vibe and beware strangers with gifts.....

WMD quickly raises both arms, palms front facing to try stop the hipster from talking, as he shakes his head he says....

WMD: No sorry you've got it wrong, you helped me and I just wish to return the favor.

WMD finishes talking as he lowers his arms to his side, the Hipster shrugs.

Hipster: Alright, whatever man I gotta get a coffee.  Heh, how about for my wish you bring world peace?

The hipster seemingly having had enough of the conversation starts walking away from the situation, as WMD turns and gives a thumbs up to the man walking away.  He speaks softly begins walking north, to continue on his journey.

WMD: Excellent, that was already the plan.

Welcome to intermission

Yeah, intermission



In the Ozone Park neighborhood, Wondrous Mental Dragon is seen stood facing a familiar looking warehouse like building with a smaller brightly colored building attached.  The larger building has prominent signage stating CCWA in big bold letters.  WMD takes a few steps closer to the wrestling school/warehouse until he reaches the door, the handle almost within his grasp until he notices the sheet of plain white paper affixed to the window.  He slowly reads the text on the page out loud.

WMD: "Due to prior commitments with Wrestle UTA and personal issues, classes are postponed until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, we will update our social media presence when we expect to resume as normal.  Many thanks."

WMD stands staring at the paper for a few moments, almost like he is trying to overcome this hiccup in his journey through mental will alone.  Seconds pass and WMD turns away from the building and glances at the brightly colored smaller building, he shakes his head as if to shake loose a disruptive thought and continues walking ahead towards a new location.

WMD: "Wrestle. UTA".  I guess that's the next place to try and look, sounds like it's far away.  There's no way I'm gonna be able to walk it.

This isn't as simple as I'd hoped, luckily I find a poster with some interesting information but when I get there it's almost a dead end and then I'd be back to the drawing board.

Except, that simple piece of paper pointed me in the right direction, it's just a shame that direction is half way across the country.

Then again, every journey starts with a single step.

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