Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 02/02/2020
Location: Above The Strip

The scene opens to a very nice penthouse above the Vegas strip. All the things are there that you would expect from someone well to do. From the 5000 thread bedsheets, to the large claw tub off to one side of the room, to the venetian blinds, everything is exquisite.

The lights can be seen beyond the window, the view is spectacular. The vegas strip bustles with lights and signs, and people all over the sidewalk. The cars gridlocked on the Strip below, Ubers and Cabs fight over the people looking for rides, as the brokers stand slapping cards and trying to hand them off to people looking for a date.

We’re going to stay away from all that, at least for now. One of the many doors in the lavish suite swings open and a fired up former UTA Champion comes out. The Steam follows him from the previously closed door. Wearing only his undergarments he walks over to the large window adorning one wall. He breathes deep, taking in the Vegas sights. 

“Las Vegas…”

His eyes dart around to all the various casinos.

“For years this has been THE Place for live shows and entertainment. Yea, there’s Broadway, but you know what Broadway is good for? Tonys… that’s about it. I don’t want awards, I don’t want one time recognition, I want eyes dammit! I want their stupid little eyes on me all the time!”

He smiles and walks away from the window. A Hollywood superstar in his own mind, Mikey saunters across the room where a stack of clothes await him. He takes his time putting on a pair of designer jeans, and a brand new black v neck shirt.

“More people come through Vegas than most places. It’s a destination as they say. Some of the biggest acts of all time have played in Vegas. Hell the Casino’s literally hire performers to come in and sell out EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

I could do that!”

He puts his iconic Aviator sunglasses in his jeans pocket and walks back over to the window.

“I’m going to do that!

Forget a billboard, forget a trailer. My face will be inside every room in the casino! You won’t be able to avoid it! Soon, this city is going to bend to my will just like they do from Long beach to Hollywood. The difference being that back home it’s the same people week in and week out, trying to win me over, trying to get a piece of MY pie. I don’t think so…. “ 


He leans forward and looks down at the people, his forehead resting against the glass.

“Here new people fly in and out every single day. Vacations that begin on Tuesdays and run until Friday, only for a new person to fill that room the next day...41 MILLION people a year… 150,000 hotel rooms at a given time… 10 BILLION Dollars a year spent here in Vegas. That’s insane. They say it’s single handedly funding the entire state government. I say, it’s going to single handedly fund Mikey. “

He steps away and picks up his cell phone from the nearby table where it charges. He slides it open and pulls the plug. Looking closer he finds the email he’s looking for.

“The Fans Wrestling Federation - I’ll say! Bring the fans, bring their money. Las Vegas’ new hottest wrestling show, is here to bring exitement into your homes. Check us out next week when we see the DEBUT of “The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer” Mikey Unlikely as he takes on FWF veterain Lance Mingle in singles action. “

He stops. He shakes his head once.

“Check us out next week when we see the DEBUT of “The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer” Mikey Unlikely as he takes on FWF veterain Lance Mingle in singles action.“

He slides the email app closed and immediately pulls the phone to his ear. We hear a faint ringing sound before a gentleman picks up. An Inquisitive ‘Hello’ barely makes it out before Mikey begins.

“YOU WANT ME TO WHAT!? WITH WHO!? I thought you said this place is the real… No! No! That is NOT what I said… HEY DON’T YOU SASS ME! They have me up against a guy named Larry Mingle! Lance? Who’s Lance? This guys got a brother too? OH… I SAID OH! Listen we talked about this... After this one it’s high profile or nuthin."

He sits down, trying to calm himself.

“I mean Lance Mingle! C’mon… this guy’s so far beneath me. He’s probably sitting somewhere, full of fat, greasy, common food, while we have dinner reservations at Top of Bignon’s. I’m not afraid to say it… He’s… No I’m going to say it! He’s the reason people have to pay for sex.”

Listening for once, he takes a long drink of water. It appears he’s understanding.

“OK if you say so, but this isn’t what I signed up for. I want the FWF World Championship. I want all their beady little eyes on me. I want them to buy tickets to the show, I want them to save their money, keep from gambling, and instead I want all of them to buy my merch!

The FWF World Champion, Mikey Unlikely. That’s got a great ring to it.”

He nods as he hears what his compatriot tells him.

“Lance Mingle is step one on my climb of Mikey Mountain. You’re right, this IS my chance. This is my Statement game. Lance is going to be that guy in all my highlight videos who I’m going to be kicking around… ARE YOU SURE we can’t get someone better looking for this? FINE! “

Mikey hangs up the phone with a poke, because that’s how you turn off phone calls nowadays. He sets the phone down and places it back on the charger. It flashes 98% at him as he walks away and we fade out. 

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