Title: Going Home
Featuring: Stalker
Date: November 12th,2019
Location: Panama/Columbia
Show: Pandemonium I

The sun is rising on a new day with the same struggle for one man. It has been a long time for him since he has visited The Darien Gap. It is a remote area where many have either gotten lost and never seen again or have died on a journey to freedom. The area border Panama and Colombia it is known for the creative drug smuggling that occurs there. He didn't care about history though or what could happen to him. Stalker wanted answers and no one would dare mess with him. Stalker manages his way to the edge of the Darian Gap when he is stopped by Panama police.

Excuse me, sir, this place is extremely dangerous what is your purpose for the trip?

Stalker looks around breathing in the foul air nearly catching him off guard. He looks down at the officer who he towers over and just smiles.

I am here to get answers from my childhood and I will not be stopped.

We certainly won't and cannot stop you but we are warning you that this small trip is not for the weak.

He laughs at that comment as he flexes the muscles.

Do I look weak to you?

The police commander nods his head and begins to search him for weapons or drugs. He finds nothing and lets him proceed as he watches him walk away into the distance. Once the commander is out of view Stalker stands still looking forward as he begins to reflect.

I remember this road vaguely it would be the last trip I had with you and mom together. You took my hand and promised me that I would be okay. I believed you and part of me still does but you see on this day twenty-five years ago I become the man I am today. It is important to recognize where we come from and how it happens but you see my hand was forced that day. It taught me to fear no man, women or animal. That is why a man named Enforcer will never bother me. I am a true threat to you because I am very hard to figure out. I am not an easy man to study and that's the purpose. One of the last lessons my dad taught me was that the only thing to fear is fear itself well Enforcer I am fear. I am the next big thing and at the end of our match, I will look down at you and smirk because you will learn that I am on my way to becoming a world champion.

He starts walking down the path, The leaves and branches crunching under his feet as it reminds him of bones breaking. The birds above him flying around in a circle remind him of the death. It is a smell he is too familiar with but does not phase him. He was ready for the next memory just around the corner. The next small clearing he comes too appears a small stream flowing down the mountain towards Columbia. He kneels down to touch the water. The moment it does his body reacts in a jolt.

Twenty-five years ago this water was a roaring river. It was supposed to be a shortcut to our freedom as a family. My father did his best to keep his promises to me. We got in the river as a family and held on tight as we let the current take us down the mountain. It was a rough journey hitting rocks and nearly drowning. There were moments when death truly did knock on my door but instead of dying I have had anger inside me brewing for all these years. The anger will be unleashed on Enforcer to the point that he will piss himself frozen in place. Enforcer, you may have a badass name but rumor has it your action game leaves something to be desired and that includes the bedroom. You are more man than most simply because you plan on stepping into MY room. I do not share the spotlight with anyone because sharing is not caring.

He walks down the mountain following the very stream that changed his life forever. He gets to the bottom of the long hill as there is a small pond at the end of the stream. He looks around before jumping in as his body goes under he can still taste the blood like it was yesterday. He looks around into the dark murky water before coming up for air. He climbs out of the pond and sits on the edge of the rocks.

This is where it ended for my father. On the way down he hit his head on a large boulder knocking him out cold. He had drowned by the time he got to the end. The blood-soaked water was the last memory I have of my father. You can probably only imagine what that is like Enforcer. You are probably at home now with your wife, kids, mom, and dad and have never experienced a loss as I have but let me give you a reality check from my perspective. It really fucks up the mind of a child to see his father die. He left me to be the man of the house way before I was ready. My mother went into a daily binge of drugs trying to numb the pain. I was alone at only twelve years of age. I had no one to teach me what it was like to be a man or provider unlike you. You understand what love is but for me, love has been nothing but pain and destruction. I realized that love really does hurt but I have the power to inflict the pain as well.

He takes a deep breath as he stands up soaking wet and removes his shirt as the breeze hits his skin for the first time.

Enforcer, the time is coming soon when we compete in a ring that truly is not suitable for both of us. Who says we need to wait though. I removed my shirt to have a jungle battle with you but then I got to thinking you probably don't have the IQ to figure out where I am. Even if you did manage to find me I would still have the advantage because this beautiful strip of land is where I learned to survive, I learned to fight. I never gave in to the temptations of street life. I am one hundred percent homegrown toughness. I am the one person your parents warned you about because there is no stopping me. There is no turning back at this point and we are on going to battle until one of us can no longer move but don't worry I have a special place to put you once I chokeslam you not once but twice into the mat leaving you motionless on the floor.

He grabs his shirt as he looks out over a cliff that leads to Columbia. He was this close to home once again he was not even sure if they would welcome him but it was a risk he had to take. Life in the area seemed to be getting better but still had issues of course. He jumps off the cliff landing on his feet after nearly one hundred foot drop. He truly was unstoppable and felt no pain. He cracks his neck and finishes the small little walk to Columbia. He makes it into the capital where he takes a tour of the area. So many new places and faces he could never live here anymore. Stalker makes his way to the governor of the country. He knows how important respect is and had a message he needed to get across. The two men have a discussion as the governor agrees to have a special gathering at his mansion tonight around seven. He leaves to grab something to eat before reappearing a few hours later with a crowd surrounding the mansion. After the governor introduces him he steps up to the podium with a small smile begins to speak.

It is good to be home once again. I know many of you do not know who I am so let me introduce myself. I am the Columbian Hammer known as The Stalker. I grew up here and promised myself that one day I would come back successful and start turning this country into a popular destination for everyone. I have come back to announce that with me signing with the FWF my journey to do that is upon us. My first match this upcoming week will be dedicated to everyone here. I am going against a man named the Enforcer and if it is one thing us Columbians are known for outside of our coffee style is that we are some of the toughest people around. We have always had people trying to enforce the rules upon us but were rebels. The rules do not apply to us in fact we make our own rules. Nothing is more satisfying for this country than to beat the odds so apparently I need to put the country on my shoulders and just defy the odds. I do have the governor's blessing to come back here whenever I want and it will be hard to do that considering the past I have had getting here but it is time to put the hammer down on cruel inhumane people. Someone like Enforcer is preparing for this match on the bases of strength. I can get down with that but in the end, my will be enforced on you and there is nothing you or FWF can do about it. I want to invite everyone as I represent each of you with a display of domination.

The speech ends as everyone is dismissed. The crowd dwindles away but Stalker remains behind to speak with the governor more. He is given the key to the city as he slides it safely inside his coat. He walks up to the balcony of the mansion and looks out at the endless trees from the jungle. He knew what had to be done next but it would not be easy. This was going to be something even FWF had never seen. The sunsets as he eventually sleeps in the guest room preparing to head back in the morning and begin his career.



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