Title: Opportunity Knocks
Featuring: Harry Black
Date: 20th January 2020
Location: Poolside
Show: Pandemonium VI

Suddenly, things were looking up for Harry Black.


Hgone from an also ran in the brand new FWF, Harry Black was suddenly on a roll after two victories in a row. First it was the highly rated Lance Mingle who fell in a PPV encounter, the first PPV that Black had found himself booked on in years. Second it was Chad Chaos and the rest of the CoV who took the ‘L’ on Pandemonium with Black picking up the win despite all of the odds and numbers being stacked against him. 



Showing how quickly things turn around in the wrestling business where just two shows ago he was without a win, Black now found himself thrust into the World Championship picture having been booked in a #1 contendership match with Jace Wheeler for the next Pandemonium show live from Las Vegas on January 22nd.



Many considered Jace Wheeler to be one of the front runners to be the man who would eventually dethrone Lunchbox Larry, the first ever FWF World Champion, after he had taken part in some impressive matches so far since the start of the FWF. Therefore Black knew that his forthcoming #1 contenders match would be no walk in the park.



However fresh off his recent winning streak Black wasn't about to let this opportunity slip through his fingers no matter who was standing in his way.

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