Title: No More Mr. Nice Guys
Featuring: New Era
Date: 01.14.2020
Location: Exclusive
Show: Pandemonium VI

As the exclusive video from begins to play, we are welcomed to B.R Ellis standing next to Stalker. Stalker stands tall, rubbing his hands together as Ellis just smirks. After a few moments, B.R. begins to speak.

Ellis: Since the FWF started, we...

He points between Stalker and himself as he speaks.

Ellis: .. have been treated like jokes.

Stalker just snarls.

Ellis: I've been in a rumble and then forced to face Kentucky Tarzan. Me... someone with more experience in this damn business than almost everyone else combined!

You can tell his frustration is great. He turns to look at Stalker and just shakes his head before looking back at the camera.

Ellis: Then my boy here... used to put over a Neanderthal who thinks people enjoy the fact he uses a lunchbox as a prop, that they're laughing with him and not at him.

Stalker intensifies his look.

Ellis: Maybe even worse, used to make a piece of trash..

He uses his fingers as air quotes.

Ellis: ...hardcore wrestler...

B.R. looks almost sick at saying the word wrestler.

Ellis: ..who isn't even in the damn company anymore.. look like he was a legitimate threat.

Disgust is the only way to describe the look on Ellis' face now.

Ellis: It's a God damn crime how we've been treated!

Stalker nods, still rubbing his hands.

Ellis: That is all over now though. We are taking back the respect that is rightfully ours! Starting with CoV at Pandemonium, Stalker and I will be sending a message to everyone in that locker room and especially.. the puppeteers pulling the strings in the back.. that we are the absolute best in the FWF right now and that it is... A New... Era....

The camera focuses on the two before the video fades out.

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