Title: Live 24/7
Featuring: Michael Byrd
Date: 1/9/2020
Location: Here
Show: Pandemonium VI

What a wild, weird world we live in.


First match I'm thrown into with a baseball bat on a pole and a guy who doesn't take kindly to dropping his chicken. The next, a short lived chop spectacular with a guy who's got to cheat to rin. Now.. man. Now I'm facing a guy who goes by the name of The Raging Dead and promises to Rage 25/8.

I'm really starting to rethink my idea of what pro wrestling is.

But it's all good. The dirt sheets are saying that Dead is facing me to keep him away from Lunchbox Larry and the championship. I mean, he had his chance and he blew it. Why would it be a worry now? Is he hungrier?

What does that have to say about me as well? I mean, how am I supposed to react to being the guy you throw people with you want to not be in the title picture for now?

It's ok. I'll show them all when I take Raging Dead out. He may rage 25/8, but I live 24/7. I live for it all. This business, the fans, the opportunities.

So let him Rage at me all he wants. it doesn't effect the outcome at all.

Michael Byrd is here.

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