Featuring: Lance Mingle
Date: 01/06/20
Location: Vegas Strip
Show: Pandemonium V

The scene opens up to the bright lights that shine up and down the Vegas Strip. We’re street level, looking down the road that houses some of the most premier casinos in the world. Sin City, where everybody goes all out, and really exercise their demons.

We see hookers handing out cards to single men. Clack clack clack of the cards slapping hands is a constant. We see models and showmen walking the strip looking for tourists to get a picture with, or to put on an act for a paying audience.

In the distance the Roller Coaster at New York New York can be heard racing down it’s track, the soft screams of the thrill seekers are quite evident. 

The camera spins to point down the other direction of the strip, now looking south. This is when a familiar face bumbles into view. It’s “Lovely” Lance Mingle. The FWF superstar is enjoying his time in Southern Nevada. He wears a T shirt that reads: “Went to Vegas Sober, Left Hungover”. Likewise he sports a green visor cap that reads “What Happens In Vegas…”.

His gut hangs out the bottom of the shirt, as he wears Jeans that have been worn out for years. 

He carries a large Beer Mug in his hand filled to the Brim with the golden brown liquid. 

“Ah Vegas, I love it here!... The land of opportunity, I think they call it.”

He takes a large drink from the . The foam from the beer drips from his chin to the pavement below.

“FWF has been taking me to some cool places, gotta say it! There’s nothing like this back in Iowa. The Lights, The Girls, Hell I can walk down the street with a beer! This is my own little slice of Heaven!” 


Lance takes another sip, passing a homeless man holding a cup, he looks down.

“How can I help you feller?”

The homeless man looks up, not used to being talked to.

“Got any spare change?” The homelessman asks of Lance.

Mingle looks down, and reaches into his pocket, coming out empty.

“Nah I just spended it on this here beer! Do you sit here all day?”

The homeless man is already looking past Lance for the next available person, but “Lovely” keeps at him.

“And You make money doing this?”

Lance starts mentally counting the money in the mans cup. He sees a $20, a couple $5’s and a ton of $1’s and change.

“Holy Hell, you gotta have about 18 dollars in there! That’s enough for a few beers!”

Lance scratches his chin for a moment, he reaches up and pulls his long Mullet out of it’s ponytail. 


~15 Minutes Later~


Sitting about 20 yards down the street we see a new Homeless man set up. He’s wearing a Visor that says “What Happens in Vegas….” He’s wearing a T-shirt…. Hey wait a minute!

It’s Lance Mingle!

Lance sits with his empty beer cup in front of him with a little cardboard sign. “Veteran in need of Help!”

Lance grabs some newspapers and lays them out before sitting on them. He messes with his hair to make it look a little more homeless. He reaches his cup toward the first few passerbys.

No luck.

Finally someone walks upto him.

“Oh you’re a veteran! Thank you for your service. How long were you in?” the young woman says to Lance. She hands him a single dollar bill. Lance snatches it up and puts it in his pocket.

“Thank Ya! About 18 years now and still climbing!”

The woman looks confused.

“You’re still active?”

Lance nods quickly.

“Oh yes ma’am, been going at it for a long time, made a lot of sacrifices for my family.”

She looks saddened.

“I can only imagine, which branch are you in? Army? Navy? Marines?”

Now Lance is the confused one?

“The Fans Wrestling Federation…”  he responds.

“What?”  is the only thing the woman can muster.


Both people are totally lost now.

“I’m a veteran wrestler. In fact this week I’m facing Michael Byrd of the FWF! Did you get your tickets?”

The woman is aghast, she thought this man was a veteran of the armed forces. She marches off in a huff.

“I’ve got tickets left! If you still wanna go!”


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