Title: When The Smoke Clears (1)
Featuring: Kenneth Williams
Date: 12/20/2019
Location: The GreenHouse (John Green's Training Facility)
Show: Make America Wrestle Again 2019

"When The Smoke Clears"

by Kenneth Williams


[FWF News Report] Hey guys and gals this Melissa Diaz here on Snapchat keeping you updated with everything fresh going on in the company. To start, we are only five days away from FWF's very first PPV Make America Wrestle Again. While there have been crazy things going on in the company such as Shawn Kutter and Michael Byrd fighting over a chicken leg and now battling over an object named "Chicken Leg", the topic that has been on the talks everywhere is the continuation of the FWF World Championship Tournament and who will prevail. 

Raging Dead is set to take on "The Last Hipster Standing" Jace Wheeler while Lunchbox Larry is bound to match up against "The Human Highlight Reel" Kenneth Williams. These four are now being seen as FWF's elite talent in the organization after very well performed matches leading up to this grand finale at MAWA. 

It's funny that both of the fan favorites are facing each other while the less liked of the two also the same. One thing that is for certain is that Larry and Ken already have the whole internet buzzing that this could possibly be a match of the year we will witness. Both have gained fans very quickly and have proven in the ring and through their show presence that they could very well be the future of the company.

Another thing that is for certain is with all these guys aiming their eyes on the prize that is the FWF World Championship...

... we're in for a hell of a show. This is Melissa Diaz.. keeping you updated here on Snapchat.


The GreenHouse 

Austin, Texas North Lamar

Walkin' into John's legendary facility full of all his achievements gets me into this type of mood every time. 


Hungry to turn my career into somethin' legendary. Somethin' iconic. I walk up to the first of his prizes layin' on a long soft red pillow, the EWC International Championship. I rub the gold plated belt before steppin' the next of his prizes the APW Xtreme Championship all wrapped in barbed wire. Not touchin' that shit. Got me bent. I walk to the next treasure, the APW Tag Team Championships. All these titles. All these treasured journey's of John's has my adrenaline rushin'.

I step finally to the last set-up for the APW World Heavyweight Championship. Not too many could win this and also become Grand Slam Champion. But this is what I too want to accomplish. I've been the guy who's chasin' the World Championship and now is the time to finally put my dick on the table and show who the real big dog on campus is. 

Maybe that was a bad analogy but eh.

A familiar face comes from behind me and begins to look upon the gold treasures.

Green: See something you like?

Williams: Yes I do. I'm lookin' at the legacy of one of the members of the Bad Motherfucker Organization.

I give him a fist bump.

Williams: But honestly bro. I see a lot more.

Green: Elaborate.

Williams: This what I see in my career. This is my goal. It's bigger than the gold but what it represents. I want to be the fuckin' king of this roster. I want every one of my peers to face me and know who the real bad motherfucker is in this company. I want the fans to have a real leader to look up to. Someone who's goin' to give them a real match every show. I want to inspire the next generation.

Green: Look at you. No joint or blunt around you and you're talking like a real champion already. But talking is only that... talk. Let's get some more training in and get you ready for this. This is your moment kid. Live up to it. You know where the locker room is.

John walks off and I can feel every particle of energy in my racin'. It's time to prove my worth.


"Diary of a Stoner"

[Page 27] 

I'm high as hell right now but I can still feel the energy of adrenaline going throughout my whole body. I want this. Nobody knows how bad I want this. Even with the number one spot in the power heat ranking, my first opponent in the tourney Lunchbox Larry is someone I don't see myself losing to.

Larry is a good guy despite his nervous ticks but in the ring, I am the more talented in the tale of the tape even with his size advantage. This is my shot and I can't blow this one. I've worked so hard. 

So many attempts. So many federations. But not this time. This feels like back in Austin, Texas. Home. I've got it here. I grew up with cousins in Beaumont so this experience will be just as thrilling as winning in my hometown. 

That FWF World Championship is leaving with me no matter who or what steps in my way. I've suffered seizures at moments trying to claim the gold like this but I just know that this time is that actual moment that I will snatch the world title and never let it out of my grasp. This time it's for real

I can feel it.

No man that is stepping into that ring on Christmas Day has the glow like I do. Look at me sounding all badass and shit. But I know this is true. When I win this tournament and unwrap my sweet sweet Christmas gift that is the FWF World Championship, I will show everyone in that locker room that all the hype about me wasn't just talk and that I am truly the man, the myth, the legend... the Bad Motherfucker.

But as I end this excerpt, I must also say that I will do exactly what this PPV says in its name that no other man in on this roster will do.

Make America wrestle again.

Mr. Lunchbox Larry. Class is officially in session and I just want you to know that I don't dislike you, my friend.

 We both fight for the same reasons and that is the fans and our family. But I do want you to know that I am steppin' out of our match and headin' straight to the finals to continue to fight for my dreams. Point blank period. I respect the hell out of you as a competitor and as a human being. Not too many with the fright of speakin' would continue to try and grow but you do.

I like that. It shows you got some nuts. But you need more than some cajones to defeat me Lunchbox. You're goin' to have to kill me.

It's the only way I'm not winnin' our match. I have a goal here. I have a planned blueprint for my career here and nobody will come in between it. Nobody. I'm goin' to prance my sexy ass in that ring and do what I do ninety-nine percent of the time I lace my boots.


You're still developin' your talents and that's okay. But I've been on this road for far too long at such a young age and you are not on par with my speed or my skill, Let's just speak facts. I'm ready to move on and you're not. It's just like on American Idol. You lose this time but you learn and you come back next time ready just like how I am now. I had this same talk with Harry and it's happening just as I said. 

While you are good, and you are talented, I am "The Human Highlight Reel" Kenneth Williams and I know deep down who I am.

A Champion.

Make no mistakes. I know you won't just roll over and give me this match and that it will go down in the history books as one of the matches that started the eruption of this company. I know you want that title just like I want the title. I know you'll fight as hard as you can to get it. But to be honest and as blunt as can be.

No man inked in a contract can stand toe to toe with me and take away my chance at bein' the top dog. I am in this for the love of victory, love for the game and most of all... love for the fans.

More than anything, they need a true champion here. Someone who's not afraid of them or anyone.

Lunchbox Larry, you are about to face a man who never gives up and always deserved every win he got. No half-assed shit. As it will be in our match. I hope you're ready cause when the smoke clears...

...I'll have my hand raised in the air after giving you the Lights Out! And you can bet your lunchbox on that. 

FWF will have the champion it deserves.


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