Title: Fudge Jace Wheeler
Featuring: Raging Dead
Date: 12/19/19
Location: Ozone Park, NY
Show: Make America Wrestle Again 2019

n a t h a n g u s t . l i v e j o u r n a l . c o m


“If you had asked me last Christmas if I could see myself competing for the FWF World Championship on the following Christmas, I would have definitely said no… for a multitude of reasons. A year ago, FWF didn’t exist. Duh. A year ago, I was suffering from some serious head trama and I believed that I was, in fact, a zombie. A year ago… well… no, those are the only two reasons I would not believe what’s about to happen next week in Beaumont. Yeah… the city in Texas. I’m going to be at the Civic Center on Christmas Day instead of spending time with my family… which seems weird… but also somehow familiar. I guess when you’ve been in this business for as long as I have… you get used to missing out on a lot of things. Birthdays… weddings… holidays… ehhhhh. We do the best we can when we can, I guess. Next week will be no different. Christmas Eve morning, we’re doing the presents and stuff back home. Then Sara and I are flying out to Beaumont… or near there. I don’t know where the airport is. I guess it doesn’t matter. No matter where we land… fans will somehow instinctively know and they’ll show up for autographs. Sara is asked to sign more than I am. They probably think I’m just some weird old man who carries her luggage… which is not entirely wrong. It would be nice if someone would recognize me and ask for my autograph some time.”

“I think I am getting off topic. What was the topic? It’s been so long since I’ve posted on my livejournal… that I don’t remember what I even logged on to post about. I used to just ramble on and on about dumb shit… and then send it out into the universe. You would think that with age also came wisdom… but… naaaahhhhh. Not so much. This was always a safe space to speak candidly about what was going on in my life and with my career. A way to pull back the curtain… or break the fourth wall… or… whatever. This time around will be no different. So, I guess I could dive into my run at FWF thus far. On November 24… I made my TV debut on Pandemonium 2 with a short vignette. It was enough to get people talking, and get them to tune in the following week at Pandemonium 3… where I had a match with Brandon Moore. It was the debut match at FWF for both of us… and I could tell that he was nervous. He looks like a badass asskicker… but I’ve been around long enough to sense when something is off. And this kid… he was definitely off. I spent a good amount of time messing with him… trying to get him to loosen up… and he resisted. The match was cut short because he just… left the match. What a shitty debut for both of us… but a win is a win.”

“At Pandemonium 4… a huge Wild Card Rumble was booked to determine a surprise entrant in the FWF World Championship Tournament. Everyone and their cousin who was available was scheduled for it. The match was pure chaos… and I managed to eliminate three of them. B.R. Ellis… Lexi Havoc… and then… Harry Black. Harry was the fun one… because he didn’t even know I was still in the ring. Surprise, surprise! The Raging Dead moves on to the semi-finals of the tournament! I mean… it wasn’t MUCH of a surprise… to me… at least. I know what I’m capable of and I know my worth. There is a lot of value in having a seasoned veteran such as myself in this tournament… even if it’s to put over a young star like Jace Wheeler. That’s why I’m up against next week… and I’m looking forward to dancing with him. As I found out yesterday… he is my daughter’s favorite wrestler in FWF… which makes this a little awkward… because daddy is going to try to remove his face on Christmas.”

“We normally let Steph watch wrestling… but try to keep her from seeing what I do out there. I bring a brand of violence to the game that is not exactly suited for children. I don’t know if FWF flashes a parental advisory on the screen when I come out… but… that’s not a terrible idea. I haven’t been talked to yet… or asked to tone it down… so I will keep on doing what I’m doing until it becomes a problem. Anyway, me and Jace… we’re going to do good stuff out there. No matter which way the match goes… the fans will be happy. They are what truly matter, right? It is called FANS Wrestling Federation after all. Jace… if you’re reading this… it’ll be my pleasure to work with you and maybe teach you a think or two. I know you’ve been doing this for a while… but you’re never too old to stop learning. Hell… I’ve been at this for almost three decades… and I’m still learning.”



c c w a & i c e / o z o n e p a r k , n e w y o r k

Inside the dusty old bingo hall turned wrestling academy is a dusty old ring where dozens upon dozens of stars have cut their teeth before making their way out into the world. Seated ringside is Nathan Gust, the man known to FWF as The Raging Dead. Scribbling in a notebook, he is completely unaware as his wife Sara Pettis sits down next to him. She looks right at him, realizing he is completely absorbed in thought. She waits a few moments before he expectedly breaks the tip off of his number two pencil.

Sara: You know they have made mechanical pencils for… like… years, right?

Nathan: It’s just not the same.

Sara: What are you working on that’s so serious?

Nathan: Trying to figure out the card for tomorrow night.

Sara: Oh, the card I asked you to put together two weeks ago so we could promote some of the matches?

Nathan: Yeah… that card…

Sara: I get that you’ve been distracted with FWF… and Action Wrestling… but this is still important, too.

Nathan: There’s just a lot on my plate. You know how I get.

Sara: I do, I do. That’s why I offered to take care of the card for you.

Nathan: You already got the sponsors, security… convinced Nancy and Sue to give up their Friday night to work the door for free. You’ve already done so much for this show, hon.

Sara: Yeah… and throwing together a card is much easier for me than it is for you. Your brain is… different… than it used to be. You process things… differently.

Nathan: Everything just moves so quickly up there… and then randomly pauses. It’s a mess.

Sara: So give me the notebook and I’ll finish what you started.

She opens up her purse and pulls out a mechanical pencil, as Nathan hands over the notebook. She looks at the sheet he was working on, with widened eyes. With a smile, she flips to a fresh new page… then starts listing heels on the left and faces on the right.

Sara: Apok… Legion and Doom… Mike… Jason… Deathstar. Nick and Mack… OutbreaK… Norm… Jaime… me.

Nathan: You?!

Sara: Yeah, me. You didn’t think I would let you run a show in our school without me on the card, did ya?

Nathan: I just didn’t think----

Sara: No, you didn’t think. Of course I’m going to work the show.

Nathan: What about Ricky and Chris?

Sara: Oh, you know the boys. If they show, they’ll be thrown in the tag match. If not, card stays the same.

Nathan: And I didn’t hear back from Christina. She’s been busy preparing to defend the Trinity World Title.

Sara: That’s January 6th. She can’t be THAT busy preparing for her ONE match.

Nathan: I’ll call her later to see if she can make it. What are you thinking for the rest?

Sara: Team MACKAID versus Legion and Doom… OutbreaK versus Jason Christopher… Mike Flair versus Norman J. Lukas… Jaime Reyes versus Apokalypse… me versus Deathstar.

Nathan: Oh damn.

Sara: I know. I’ve been waiting for a crack at that little prick since he started doing all that deathmatch shit and skipped out on camp.

Nathan: Do you want to announce any of that on the Facebook page?

Sara: I’ll throw a teaser up tonight… but we might as well have the matches a mystery, since you didn’t take care of this… two weeks ago.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think this will be damn good. I’m hoping Trapson calls me back about the zebra spot. I promised him a two cases of beer if he refs the whole show sober.

Sara: That’s one way to not have to pay the guy. No way he’d stay sober all night.

Nathan: Oh, I know. That’s why I offered the deal. 

Their daughter Stephanie skips over and stands before her loving parents.

Stephanie: Mommy, I finished my lunch. Can daddy and me make wrestle now?

Sara: Did you finish ALL of your lunch?

Stephanie: Yup.

Sara: Are you lying?

Stephanie sighs, hanging her head low. She sighs and goes back to the table she has set up, where she definitely did not finish her lunch. Nathan looks to Erik Dean, who has been quietly filming for his documentary.

Nathan: Promo time?

Erik: Promo time.

Nathan: Cool. Let’s do this.

Nathan gets up and walks toward the promo room where there are all kinds of controls for lighting and an array of backdrops. He switches to the brick wall backdrop and turns on the red lighting.

Nathan: I don’t feel like putting on the facepaint right now. You’ll make it look okay in editing?

Erik: Of course. This is for Action Wrestling, right?

Nathan: No, I did mine at home for Action. This is the big FWF World Title tournament.

Erik: Cool. I’ll throw in the usual twitter handle info and link to their website.

Nathan: You’re the best.

Erik: It’s true. It’s damn true.

The two share a quick laugh before Nathan takes his place for the upcoming promo...


f u d g e j a c e w h e e l e r

"When I came to FWF last month… I had no idea this company would take off like it has. There were management problems, complete structural overhauls, struggles filling venues. Then… suddenly… it took off like a rocket. FWF has benefited from a number of signings in the last month… but did any of them really tip the scale in the way that I have? No… not likely. While I have been mostly dormant for the last several years… my name still carries weight in this industry… and I am a valuable asset to FWF as a whole, whether or not I lead this company as World Champion. I’m sure there wasn’t even a thought that I would be competing in the World Title tournament… since I wasn’t here when the tournament began. And then… Wild Card Rumble! My fate was to enter and destroy this tournament… and so… here I am… entering and destroying this tournament. Jace Wheeler… Kenneth Williams… Lunchbox Larry… they all earned their place in this tournament. I got lucky and won a Wild Card Rumble. Next week… Beaumont Civic Center… all their base are belong to Gust."

"Jace… you were such a pretty young thing. Catching all the lights. Just easy as ABC. That’s how you make it right. That sounds all nonsensical and cute… which is the polar opposite of how our match will go at Make America Wrestle Again. It’s going to be a bloodbath. I am going to meticulously dissect you on live television in front of hopefully millions of viewers. The sinister violence that will take place inside the squared circle will somehow be totally legal because it will be cleverly disguised as professional wrestling. Jace… it’s not like I entirely WANT to hurt you. It’s just that… I really NEED to hurt you. Your demise will bring me one step closer to becoming the first ever Fans Wrestling Federation World Champion. It’s been years since I have been at the top of my game… and this is as close as I’ve been since then. All of the progress I have made… all of the momentum I have built up… cannot be stopped now. Not by you.  Not by Lunchbox Larry. Not by Kenneth Williams. None of you mortals stand a chance against a the Whiteface Thriller… The Walking Ned… The Raging Dead."

"Christmas Day… I get to share my squared circle with Jace Wheeler. He calls himself The Last Hipster Standing… which is adorable… because he won’t be standing after I break his legs. That’s not a threat… or even a promise. That’s a declaration. Jace Wheeler will not walk out of Beaumont on his own volition. Ironic that his last name is Wheeler… since he’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.. thanks to The Raging Dead. It’s all coming together nicely… for me, at least. Once I’m done with Jace… and I’m done with either Lunchbox or Kenneth… then I will be YOUR undisputed, undefeated, undeniable, undead FWF World Champion… and it all begins with Jace Wheeler."

"Fudge Jace Wheeler!"



"You’re going to fudging censor me in my own fudging promo?!"

"Fudge this!"

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