Title: Work Out Plan
Featuring: Harry Black
Date: 8th December 2019
Location: A crappy local Gym
Show: Pandemonium IV

“Oh man, what the fuck was I thinking?”


Harry Black cursed out loud to no one in particular. From his background, Black had always been a fit man after his stint in the Royal Marines, his time boxing and then touring the crappy independent wrestling scene in America. However his recent year or so of inactivity was taking its toll on him and he could feel it in his chest as he slowed the speed on the treadmill that he had only just jumped on. 


Black looked around the gym as the treadmill slowed down to a brisk walking pace, the place was absolutely deserted which he was happy about, that last thing he wanted after his big return to TV wrestling was a bunch of fans seeing him blowing out of his own backside on a treadmill. 


It had only been a day or so since Harry Black had made his way to Montana ahead of his second ever FWF match which was scheduled for Pandemonium 4. Black’s first match, a match which ended in a draw but somehow still saw him progress to the next round of the tournament, was Black’s first match in a long time and it had shown, but with the two minutes on the treadmill done it would have to do in terms of preparation for this week.


Black jumped down off of the treadmill and began to make his way towards the locker rooms where the unwelcome sight of a FWF interview crew greeted him. Black visibly rolled his eyes before putting his head down in the slim hope that he might be able to sneak past him, but with no such luck.


“Hey Harry, mind if we grab a few words for the FWF website?”


Harry let out a loud sigh as he feigned looking at his wrist, even though he wasn’t wearing a watch.


“Well guys, will have to make it quick, I’ve got places to go and people to see and all that….”


It was a lie, Harry had nothing better to do than head back to his crappy hotel room and sink a couple of beers before passing out. 


“Ok, give us a few seconds to set this camera up and then we are golden.”


Harry leaned back against one of the exercise machines that he had never used and observed to the ‘camera crew’ setting up their cameras, which in fact was making sure that they had the right app open on their phone so that they could record a short video and email it onto whoever ran the FWF website, if it wasn’t infact one of them. It still bugged him how he had signed up to the FWF on the promise of big arenas, free five star hotel stays and the good life, yet here he was now being interviewed by a bunch of college kids on their iphone.


“Ok Harry, we are rolling in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Maybe you could start the interview off by giving us your view on your match a couple of weeks ago against Kentucky Tarzan and how that unfolded?”


Black struggled real hard to cast his mind back two weeks ago. He had sunk quite a few beers since then and the night in question was hazy. 


“Well from what I remember I was getting my arse handed to me when a group of people that I had never heard of thought it would be a good idea to jump into the match and get involved.  Now I know most people would be glad about that but I was pretty happy that they got involved because at that point I was done!”


The ‘camera crew’ seem a bit taken aback by the answer, but press on regardless.


“You must be happy that the FWF management shook things up and let you both progress in the World Championship tournament thought?”


“Hell No! I thought I would be getting at least until after the PPV off based on that performance yet they decide to put me in another match this week and keep me in the tournament? What were they thinking?”


Black shakes his head whilst he thinks about the predicament he has found himself in, whilst the camera crew all look at each other, wondering who the hell they have been asked to interview and how he found himself signed to the FWF.


“Well erm, Well Harry maybe you could tell us about your match against Kenneth Williams which is coming up soon?”


“I’m not sure what there is to tell? I don’t think I have ever seen Williams wrestle but from what I have seen backstage he is just your generic boring stoner guy. I have seen 100 of him from my time in the indy’s and I don’t think any of them have other stood out, just like Williams doesn’t really stand out on the FWF roster. I predict that Williams will end up like most of the other stoners I have come across and last a few weeks in the FWF before disappearing without a trace whilst he chases the dragon somewhere else….”


The camera crew look at each other excitedly, like they might actually have a soundbite worth using for the website. 


“So you are confident of getting the match won this week then Harry?”


“Wow I didn’t say that guys! After last time’s outing I know that anything could happen! Hell I drew the last match and progressed, maybe I will lose this week and be given the World Championship! Now gents, if you don’t mind, I got a date with a bottle of whisky to attend to!”


Black pushes past the young interview crew who all look pretty disappointed with the output from the FWF roster member. Black exits the scene, but with a match looming against Kenneth Williams and the chance to progress to the first PPV and battle for the World Championship up for grabs, just what will happen when Pandemonium rolls into town?

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