Title: FWF Online Interview
Featuring: Kenneth Williams
Date: 11/23/2019
Location: Online Motherfucker
Show: Pandemonium II





Death-defying. Hero. Stoner. Sexy motherfucker. With all these traits you’d expect a returning star like The Human Highlight Reel to be the most talked-about guy blossoming out of the already buzzing roster of the Fans Wrestling Federation. But with acts like Dick Fury and a literal murder being depicted in the first episode, it’s easy to see how he’s been overlooked.

R.I.P. Cool Breeze.

Kenneth Williams is no rookie to the game defeating former World Champions and contenders alike in the tough stomping grounds of the EWC. So what’s his next move after leaving pro wrestling and becoming a massive movie star? “Ummm…. to become World Champion. What kinda dumb question is that?” he says. “I know it sounds egotistical but I’ve never been champ despite my huge success in wrestlin’ and I want that shit. Minus the smell of man ass in the locker room.” The friendly neighborhood stoner is looking to make a prominent comeback with all his entertaining humor included.


Will your return to this new rising promotion be your best run yet?

Of course. Look, I’m goin’ to do what I always do. Smoke weed, rack up wins and show the HiiiPower nation a match of the year candidate every time I step in the ring. 

I haven’t been hidin’ under a rock or anything. I’ve been in little indy promotions buildin’ my hype back up. But when I was contacted by Mr. Lynch about this I knew it was my opportunity to find a new home and become the face of this here establishment. This is me we’re talking about here. 

I put asses in seats in and give fans the “O” face every experience. But I get it. I’ve got to prove my worth and I will do so in this tournament. And it will unquestionably be the best you’ve seen.


How do you feel you stack up against the talent in FWF?

There are some nice notables but not enough to stop my shine by any chance. I watch a slew of tapes of my competition all the time man. I study them. I always get the advantage without cheatin’ my way to the top. I’m like Lebron James without the size. Some of these guys, I have no idea where they come from or what they look like. Seriously it’s like they’re walkin’ outlines. But that just makes it extra easier for me. 

I won’t shit on all these guys. Most of them have the size attribute to their advantage. Or even might have some title reigns under their belt. But none of these guys have faced anyone like me point blank period like the City Girls. 

Yeah, I went there.

I’ll give the dick joke laughs but I know I can takeDick Fury as well. I’m a young sexy motherfucker in his prime immune to all dick jokes. I am the master of dick jokes so I’ve got him beat. Harry Black would be too busy stuffing his face, Larry might have another panic attack and the Cult of Villians might just be in prison. I’m the only option here on talent.


And what about your upcoming opponent Erick Gamble in the tournament?

Well, I tried doing some digging on the dude but bro has no type of existence on the face of the planet so I’ll just leave it at that. If he shows… he shows. The result will be the same regardless. Me hitting him with the Lights Out! for the win. I’m super confident I’ll do what I do best and I’d hate to cut this interview short but I have a blunt to roll. This is your friendly neighborhood stoner signin’ out.

Our interview with Kenneth was short but let us know that he is sure to be the top dog in the FWF. If anyone can do it, it surely will be Bad Motherfucker.

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