Victory XI

4 Oct 2014

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)


*This show is just a QUICK summery of events due to real life issues that have come up. The roster is aware of these issues and thankfully understand I chose to finish the main show this week over Victory.

I apologize to all fans for this week not being fully written. Victroy returns in a few weeks after the huge October 19th edition of Wrestleshow.*



As the stream fades up from black, the Saturday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good luck at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Rumor Man' Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Davis: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Victory right here on WrestleUTA dot com! I'm Stan Davis and with me is my fellow Livewire co-host, and lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan. As always it's a pleasure to be here and I'm looking forward to another great edition of Victory.

Davis: Oh, me too Jennifer. Tonight is big as we head into Wrestleshow tomorrow night.

Williams: That's right, what a weekend of professional wrestling this will be!

Davis: I can't agree enough Jennifer! I do want to tell the fans streaming this, that tomorrow night's Wrestleshow debuts on the new cable station Pure Sports Entertainment!

Williams: Make sure that you contact your cable network provider for more information on the new station and what channel it can be found on.

Davis: As for tonight we have two action packed matches coming your way! In our opening match we have the debuting Jade Justice and Dynasty member, Kathryn Velmont Thomas going one on one.

Williams: To round our show out, in the main event... The Good Friends! Go against Reaper and Tobias Devereux in tag action!

Davis: What an exciting line up!

Davis: It sure is Stan! Without any further waiting lets get to the action right here on Victory!

Backstage Meeting

Backstage Meeting

We cut backstage to the parking garage where Conrad Teller is seen standing amongst a group of unknown faces. From the way they're dressed, all in black and all of a similar build, it's clear they aren't fans.

Ace: Is that Conrad Teller? What is he doing here? He doesn't have a match tonight.

Blackfront: No he doesn't, but that doesn't mean he's not allowed to be here Ace.

The camera moves in on Teller but you can't make out what he's saying - just murmurs. Whatever it is he has to say, the group of men surrounding him seem to be listening intently.

Ace: Who are his friends. They look... angry.

Blackfront: I don't see that, Tommy, but they do look like they can handle their own. Maybe they're aspiring wrestlers?

Ace: Whoever they are, they don't belong backstage. Neither does Con if you ask me.

Blackfront: Well I guess it's a good thing nobody did.

The camera finally gets right up on Teller but only catches the end of his conversation.

Teller: ...alright, you know what to do. Don't let me down fella's.

The men grunt in response and the group breaks up and heads into the building.

Ace: Why do I have a feeling this has something to do with Apollo Cain.

Blackfront: You may be right Ace - than again, it could be nothing. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jade Justice versus Kathryn Velmont Thomas

Jade Justice versus Kathryn Velmont Thomas

Good back and forward match with Jade Justice having the upper hand through most of it until KVT gouged her eyes and took control, finally hitting her finisher for the three count.

Step One

Step one

"Now it's On" hits and the crowd goes wild as Conrad Teller steps out on stage; the UTA Wildfire Championship strapped around his waist.

Ace: Oh man, I was hoping Conrad had gone home.

Blackfront: Don't be like that Ace, this is our new Wildfire Champion. And doesn't that belt look pretty, Tommy?

Ace: I guess...

Con sports his typical bright orange prison scrubs and no shirt. At the bottom of the runway Teller crosses himself and whispers an inaudible amen. He than grabs a microphone from ringside and slides into the ring under the bottom rope.

Teller: So, what do you think?

Conrad motions towards the UTA Wildfire Championship snug around his waist and gets a cheap pop from the fans.

Teller: I know you've all probably seen the pictures but it's so much more impressive in person, isn't it?

Ace: Well hasn't he gotten cocky!?! What do you think about your Ex-Con now, Jason?

Blackfront: He's not cocky, Ace. He's proud. You'd be too.

Teller: Last ever VCW Wildfire Champion. Fist ever UTA Wildfire Champion. How could I not be ecstatic right now; which is what I am.

Con's eyes find the championship as it glimmers in the spotlight.

Teller: But believe it or not, this...

Conrad runs a hand across the face of his Championship.

Teller: ...this isn't the reason I'm out here today.

Con's eyes finally leave the Championship belt that's strapped around his waist and move right into the lens of the camera closest to him.

Teller: I'm out her today to admit to you people, to everyone in the back, to all the fans watching at home, that Apollo Cain has successfully unbalanced me.

Con's eyes find the floor in shame.

Ace: I knew it! I knew Apollo would get the better of Con.

Teller: Wither he's showing up to the ring and physically distracting me, as was the case in my match against Dick Fury, or wither he's just inside my head distracting me, as was the case in my match with Thatcher Rex, Apollo has interfered with my ability to preform.

The fans boo, not wanting to believe it; not even from Conrad himself.

Teller: I'm sorry, but it's the truth. Before I got mixed up with Cain, the only thing I could think about was furthering my career. Now, all I can think about is... him... and it's going to be that way until I get in the ring with Apollo and finally beat him once and for all.

A confidence within Conrad comes to the surface big time.

Teller: For those that missed the announcement, it doesn't look like I'll have to wait much longer... because two weeks from now Conrad Teller and Apollo Cain step into the ring with one an other yet again!

“What ya Life Like” by Beanie Sigel begins to play and Conrad stops dead in his tracks.

Blackfront: Oh no, not him.

The eerie sounds of a prison door closing welcomes the sinister horns as Apollo Cain bursts through the curtain and the crowd goes wild with Boo's.

Ace: Yes, Apollo is here tonight too!

Teller: How did I know?

Con struggles to yell over Apollo's entrance music as Cain barrels down the runway towards the ring.

Teller: How did I know, Apollo...

Cain's music is cut and Apollo begins to slow his stride.

Teller:'d I know you were going to come down here and interrupt me? I must be a clairvoyant.

A small 'Let's Go Teller!' chant breaks out but dies just as quickly.

Teller: Doesn't mater, I knew you would. I knew you couldn't resists, Cain. Interrupting me, sneak attacking me... distracting me.

Ace: Con was out here talking smack about Cain - what did he expect?

Blackfront: I wouldn't say he was talking smack, Tommy.

Teller: We have our match set Apollo, I'm out here to talk to my fans - not to fight. Which is why I brought a little insurance policy with me tonight.

Ace: What is he talking about?

Teller: Guards!

As Cain reaches the end of the entryway, and at Conrad's command, 8 uniform prison guards suddenly leap over the guardrails and surround the ring. Cain hesitates from entering the ring and snarls up at Con.

Teller: Recognize any faces!?!

Con smirks at Apollo from the ring.

Teller: You should... they're the guards from Allenwood Penn.

Blackfront: Those are the men we saw Conrad speaking with earlier this evening!

Apollo doesn't look happy, cursing and spitting and kicking the ring-skirt. As he does, the guards slowly move in on him.

Teller: I brought them out for just this inevitability. So, Cain, if you don't turn around right now, these fine guards here are going to do to you what they've done to you time and time again... they're going to beat your ass and drag you away kicking and screaming.

Apollo takes a couple steps back but stalls at the bottom of the runway, his eyes frantically jumping from one guard to the next as the group slowly inches towards him.

Teller: You don't like these guys do you Apollo? A lot of bad memories associated with them, huh?

Blackfront: I've got to imagine Con is right. Apollo Cain, the type of person he is, he must of been getting reprimanded inside on a regular basis.

Teller: See, me, I never had a problem with these men. Not like you did. So if I'm being honest, there's nothing I'd love to see more than them taking your ass down one last time - for old times sake.

A disgusted look on his face, Apollo turns and begins his retreat up the runway. As he does, the guards follow a distance behind him to make sure he doesn't try and pull anything funny. Cain mutters and curses to himself the whole way.

Blackfront: Looks like Apollo has decided to take Conrad's advice and leave.

Ace: What other choice does he have Jason? It's nine against one!

Teller: I understand your feelings, Cain.

Apollo turns to face the ring as he reaches the top of the runway, slowing his stride but continuing to walk backwards.

Teller: I want a piece of you just as badly as you want a piece of me. Which is great, because I HAVE TO face you in this ring. I can't focus on anything else without first addressing you.

Cain stops in his tracks, right in front of the curtain to the back. He can be audibly heard yelling towards the ring "Then let's do this! Right now!"

Teller: I know you'd rather just go at it right now, and honestly so would I, but it wouldn't end anything Cain. And I want, no I NEED to end this. And I will...

Con smirks, staring up the runway at Apollo who throws his hands up in disgust and disappears backstage.

Teller: ...two weeks from tonight, at Wrestleshow, LIVE on Pure Sports Entertainment!

Ace: If he can make it - can the Convict even leave the country?

Blackfront: I don't know? But what goes for Con would also go for Apollo, wouldn't it?

Ace: I guess.

Teller: It's not easy for me to admit to everyone that Apollo Cain has succeeded at leaving me unbalanced, but it's easy as can be to promise I will right this injustice!

Conrads fans let out a cheer.

Teller: Because I didn't leave prison to have to continue dealing with people like Apollo Cain.

Ace: What does he mean people like Apollo Cain?

Blackfront: I'm sure he didn't mean it like that Tommy.

Teller: I said I didn't come out here tonight to talk about my championship... but I guess I was wrong about that... because when Apollo and myself face off at the Wrestleshow after next, it will be about more than our history - our feud.

Conrad glances down at his title, still strapped snugly around his waist.

Teller: It will be about walking out the UTA Wildfire Champion! But I can promise you, I won't let this title be besmirched by Apollo - you can believe that!

Con chucks the microphone and tares the Wildfire Title off from around his waist. As he holds the title in the air, "Now It's On" hits over the arena and the fans go wild with cheers.

Blackfront: Well there you have it folks, a must see brawl is now in the records.

Ace: And it's for the Wildfire Championship!

Blackfront: I for one can't wait.

Reaper & Tobias Devereux versus The Good Friends!

Reaper & Tobias Devereux versus The Good Friends!

Great macth witha  ton of crazy antics by both teams. Once Robot Pete hit the ring, he played his dubstep and went into full beast mode pinning Reaper to win the match as Uncle Rocky heald off Tobias Devereux from the save.

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