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31 Aug 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )

Don't make the same mistake Madman

With Jamie Sawyers standing backstage, he raises the microphone up as Sean Jackson and Vanessa steps into view.

Sawyers: Mr. Jackson, after the actions of Dynasty at Ring King. Wh...

With a confused look, Sean shoots Jamie Sawyers a glance and immediately cuts in.

Jackson: Whoa, whoa. What exactly do you mean? the actions of Dynasty?

Sawyers: Well, the four on one assault of Madman Szalinski, and for costing him the UTA Championship?

Jackson: Wait, wait just a minute here. Where was that question of the Spectre when he cost me the UTA Championship at Black Horizon?

Jamie Sawyers was about to respond but...

Jackson: Where was that question of the Spectre when he promised the world that he would be the special enforcer? that he would call the match right down the middle?

Obviously, Jamie isn't quick enough with the answer.

Jackson: No, I didn't think you had a comment about that. It seems to me that you have selective amnesia when it comes to the actions of specific stars in this company.

Jamie sighs.

Jackson: Hell, for weeks Spectre has been saying that he CHOSE Madman Szalinski to be the Wrestle UTA Champion. That he didn't want Abdul bin Hussain or me to be walking around with the belt. But yet, I don't see you calling him out on squat.

Sawyers: Okay, I'll....

Jackson: You'll what? admit that Spectre lied to everyone in Wrestle UTA and got away with it?

Again, Sawyers isn't fast enough with the response.

Jackson: Yeah, that's what I thought you were going to say. So when it comes to your question about the actions of Dynasty, you can stick it where the sun don't shine because as far as I'm concerned. That whole thing falls on the Spectre and nobody else.

Sawyers: Okay, let's approach it this way. Don't you think that Ring King is marred by Dynasty's interference in the championship match that cost Madman the title?

Sean gives that snap double look.

Jackson: Nope.


Sawyers: Uh, so you....

Jackson: Maybe I didn't say it slowly enough. Okay, how about this? NNNNNNNNOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEEEE.

Hey, Jamie Sawyers can detect sarcasm.

Sawyers: Okay, I'll try it this way.

Jackson: Whatever floats your boat.

Sawyers: Do you think that Madman would have retained had it not been for interference from Dynasty?

Without missing a beat.

Jackson: Do you think that Madman would have been champion had it not been for the actions of Spectre at Black Horizon?


Uncomforable silence.

Sawyers: Sean, Black Horizon is over.

Jackson: So is Ring King. What's your point?

More silence.

Sawyers: How about we discuss Wrestleshow 21?

Jackson: Sounds good. Go for it.

Jamie takes a deep breath.

Sawyers: At Wrestleshow 21, in Salisbury Maryland. You will be teaming with Perfection to go against Spectre and Madman Szalinski. Any comments?

Jackson: I sure do. As far as I'm concerned, it's going to be a cakewalk for Perfection and myself.

Sawyers: What makes you say that Sean? Madman was the UTA champion until he was robbed of the title, and Spectre is a hall of famer who beat you at Ring King. So as far as....

Jackson: First off, you need to get that alzheimers checked, because we've covered that already. Secondly, Perfection beat Madman on his own, with no help at all from Dynasty. Thirdly, the last time I checked. I walked out of the ring on my own two feet and without any help from anybody. However, your hero Spectre was laid out in the ring, looking far from being the winner of anything.

Sawyers: Well, the fact of the matter is that he did win.

Jackson: He did? He didn't look like a winner to me. He also didn't sound like a winner in those video blogs he posted. Begging Madman to get on the same page, to grow up, to lay off the pot. Just who in the hell does Spectre think he is?

Sawyers: Well, it sounded to me like he was trying to motiv...

Jackson: NO JAMIE, SCREW THAT. Spectre lost all rights to tell Madman anything when he left him to fend for himself at Ring King. Spectre put Madman in that position in the first place, then neglected to even come down to give the man help. Had Spectre kept his nose out of it, that incident at Ring King would have never happened. But, in typical Spectre fashion, he wants to call into question Madman's heart.


Jackson: If I was Madman, I would screw Spectre over in a heart beat. If I was Madman, I would hold Spectre personally accountable for what happened at Ring King. Matter of fact, if Madman wants to know all about the Spectre, all he has to do is just pay attention to the video Spectre aimed at him.

Sawyers: What do you mean?

Jackson: The video blog where Spectre claims that he didn't even want a tag team partner. That every tag partner he's had was at fault for one thing or another. But do you know what was surprisingly missing from that little ole tag team rant of his?

Sawyers: What would that be?

Jackson: Two tag team partners he had in Bad Ass Championship Wrestling. Two tag team partners that he had in back to back tournaments called King of the Death Match and Lord of the Ring.

Sawyers: And who might that be?

Jackson: Why don't you ask him yourself? I doubt that he will tell the truth, but you can ask him anyway. I will say this much however.....

Sean Jackson turns his entire attention to the camera.

Jackson: Madman, what happened at Ring King was unfortunate, but that was solely Spectre's fault. It was a case of being in the wrong place, and at the wrong time. Did you notice how Spectre was quick to say that he chose you to be the champion, but not so quick to come to your aid?


Jackson: Did you also notice that after you held your own against Dynasty, with no help at all from Spectre, he was quick to call you out? did you notice how quick he was to question your heart, to question your intestinal fortitude, to question what you do for recreation?

Sean gives the universal *toking* sign with his fingers.

Jackson: Or how quick he was to say that he didn't even want you as a tag team partner? Yes Madman, as long as it benefits Spectre, he wants you to be on his page. But the moment it doesn't benefit him, ala the four on one beatdown at Ring King, he's nowhere to be found. Even when your WIFE was attacked, Spectre was conveniently absent. So as far as I'm concerned Madman, I wouldn't think any less of you if you stabbed that low life in the back and left him to fend for himself....


Jackson: Just like he did to you.

With that, Sean and Vanessa walk away. Leaving Jamie Sawyers to ponder the not so hidden message sent Madman's direction.

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