Victory VII

6 Sep 2014

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)


As the stream fades up from black, the Saturday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good luck at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Rumor Man' Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Davis: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Victory right here on WrestleUTA dot com! I'm Stan Davis and with me is my fellow Livewire co-host, and lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan. As always it's a pleasure to be here and I'm looking forward to another great edition of Victory.

Davis: Oh, me too Jennifer. Tonight is big as we head into Wrestleshow tomorrow night.

Williams: That's right, what a weekend of professional wrestling this will be!

Davis: I can't agree enough Jennifer! I do want to tell the fans streaming this, that tomorrow night's Wrestleshow on High Octane Television will be the final on the station.

Williams: Oh no! Where will the UTA fans be able to catch Wrestleshow going forward?!

Davis: Well Jennifer, they can catch Wrestleshow on the brand new sports cable station, broadcasted world wide, Pure Sports Entertainment. As a part of most cable packages nationwide, PSE will bring to you the best in all of sports with the UTA leading the way on the new station after it's launch in Sports Entertainment.

Williams: This is exciting news!

Davis: It defiantly is Jennifer. Wrestleshow will now reach more homes live every other Sunday, as well as still be able to stream on demand right here on after the live show ends.

Williams: Tomorrow night should be huge for our last episode of Wrestleshow on High Octane Television, but tonight we do have three big matches!

Davis: Yes they are. Both Frank Harrison and Gentlemen Jack make their in ring debuts here in the United Toughness Alliance when the action kicks off.

Williams: After that, Dan Benson returns as he faces the possible future UTA Champion, Yoshii in one-on-one action.

Davis: In our main event tonight... the Internet Championship is defended as Dynasty's own Canadian Superstar CBR takes on Madman Szalinski's buddy, and resident luchador... La Flama Blanca.

Williams: I sure hope La Flama Blanca wins Stan. I just can't stand how mean of a person CBR is!

Davis: Mean or not, CBR has proven time after time why he is the UTA Internet Champion as he continues his streak of being undefeated in singles competition and currently is on day ninety-seven of his championship reign, making him the longest reigning UTA Internet Champion in history with a staggering twenty-seven days longer of a reign than Yoshii had as Internet Champion.

Williams: So if he wins tonight than, we could see CBR as a hundred plus day champion? Wow.

Davis: That's correct Jennifer. But, it's time for the action to start as we get ready to kick off another exciting edition of Saturday Night Victory right here on!

Frank Harrison vs. Gentleman Jack




Davis: It's time to get things started here tonight.

Williams: Yes indeed! Right now we have Frank Harrison Vs Gentleman Jack in a 20-minute time limit match.

Davis: Both these wrestlers are new. Frank Harrison has a great thought to help himself within UTA! He has a strong chance of winning the polls.

Williams: While Gentleman Jack seems to be using his pomp and circumstance to his advantage?

Davis: Only time will tell, if these men have what it takes. One will come out a winner while the others road will be more of a challenge.

Agents Anderson and Benson step out from behind the entrance curtain, making sure that the way is clear. Anderson brings up his sleeve, saying something into the microphone piece placed there. He touches the earpiece in his right ear, then nods, allowing "God Bless Texas" to begin playing over the PA System.

Frank Harrison steps out from behind the entrance curtain, a big smile over his face and waving to the crowd. He makes his way down the entrance ramp, flanked by both Anderson and Benson, pausing to wave to the occasional fan. A random crowd member holds out his hand to shake it, and Harrison shakes his head and quickly steps out of the way.

Finally, arriving at the steel stairs leading into the ring, Frank takes a moment to pause and give a big thumbs up to the closest camera, and into the ring he goes. He stands in the middle of the ring, waving to all of the fans before finally moving towards his corner. 

Davis: Here’s our newest state official!

Williams: Really? He hasn’t even won anything yet.

Davis: He won me over with his um….

Williams: Now coming to the ring is Gentleman Jack!

As the familiar notes of Pomp and Circumstance play throughout the arena, Gentleman Jack steps out into the light, a confident (some might say arrogant) grin upon his face.

He takes a moment to take in the crowd before slowly strutting down the ramp, and entering the ring.

Once inside, he undoes his robe to reveal an amateur wrestling-style singlet. He takes a moment to pose for the crowd, a traditional gentleman's bow.

Davis: Here we go folks it’s the politician vs. the gentleman!

Williams: One man has my vote while the other is a true man!

Davis: Both men get into a tie up trying to jockey for position. Harrison Gains the advantage over Jack.

Jack is whipped to the ropes and rebounds with a shoulder tackle with no effect as Harrison turns and waves to the crowd.

Williams: Look at Mr. Harrison; he is trying to gain the crowds applause!

Davis: Jack takes a moment and spins Harrison around with a haymaker!

Williams: OH GOD!

Harrison falls to the mat as Jack makes the cover!


Davis: KICK OUT!

Williams: What a gentleman! He allowed Frank to get back up.

Davis: Both men go in for the tie up again. Wait it looks like Harrison has gained the upper hand and places Jack into a bearhug.

Williams: What ever shall a gentleman to do?

Frank then lifts Gentleman Jack up to lock the hug tighter.

Williams: Jack has started elbowing Frank in the head. Frank has let go.

Davis: Both these men are trying to get something started tonight! But neither one can gain the advantage.

Williams: Maybe Frank should try some Frank and Beans as his add and platform?

Frank bounces off the ropes and attempts a big boot to the head!

Davis: Oh he missed! Jack follows it up with a stomp on the toes. Frank starts to jump up and down. How’s that for Gentleman like?

Williams: Sorry I was painting my toenails.

Davis: Jack then grabs Frank into a dragon suplex!

Williams: Jack follows it up with an Olympic Slam!

Davis: Now Jack is starting to gain some steam!

Jack starts to bow to Frank as he’s down and gets a smug look on his face.

Williams: It looks like Jack is setting up a surfboard on the big man.

Davis: Can…. He… Do…. It…. YES! The surfboard has been locked in.

Williams: Frank Harrison is in pain now. Will he tap out?

Davis: The ref has gone over to check on Frank. Look at the pain he’s in, that can’t be good on the lower back and knees.

Williams: Jack had let go; he couldn’t hold on long enough.

Jack is the first to stand as he starts to stomp on Frank.

Williams: Jack seems to be showing signs of displeasure.

Davis: I couldn’t tell. I wish my representative would stand a better chance. Oh wait Jack has hit a Samoan Drop.

Jack goes for the cover…






Williams: Frank has just kicked out… Oh so close.

Davis: Frank has rolled out side the ring. It looks like he’s talking to his agents. They must be getting ready for something. Maybe a campaign?

Williams: Jack has followed suit and has given chase on Frank but the agents have made a roadblock. Jack is upset as he turns away but Frank has split the agents and hit a close line.

Davis: Frank rolls back into the ring as the ref starts yelling at him

Frank then turns as Jack stands as frank then grabs the ref and starts yelling at him. Both agents start beating on jack as Frank has the ref distracted.

Williams: What a dirt tactic!

Davis: That’s why I love this politician.

Both agents roll in Jack as Frank steps back and gives a big thumbs up.

Davis: Frank Harrison pulling Gentleman Jack to his feet now.

Williams: Yea, let others do the dirty work for you.

Davis: A couple big fist by Frank Harrison, subduing Gentleman Jack. Now off to the side, hitting the ropes.

As Harrison returns, he throws an arm out.

Davis: Clothesline by... no, Gentleman Jack slides out of the way.

As he slides to the side, Jack turns, and grabs the extended arm of Frank Harrison. He leaps up and pushes down, taking Frank Harrison to the canvas with force and locking in an arm bar.

Davis: Gentleman Jack with that arm bar, holding Frank Harrison down as he applies pressure.

Williams: Even the biggest men will fall when you attack their arms or legs.

Davis: Gentleman Jack now reaching over, trying to lock a free hand under the chin of Frank Harrison... he does it! Get up Frank!

The agents can't believe what they are seeing as Gentleman Jack applies the lock. Without much effort, Frank Harrison begins to tap and the bell begins to sound.

Williams: Well, it looks like your politician couldn't handle himself under pressure.

Davis: No Jennifer, he just knows if he was injured tonight then he couldn't stay on the campaign trail! It's smart!

Williams: Wouldn't it have been smarter to let Gentleman jack hurt him and try to get a symphony vote?

Davis: Well.. that's.. I.. ugh... Oh hush.

The agents slide into the ring and quickly begin attacking Gentleman Jack as he attempts to get up.

Davis: It looks like he's going to pay the price now!

Frank Harrison rolls over and starts to get up, favoring his arm. The agents hold Gentleman Jack for Frank who walks up and just slaps Jack across the face.

Williams: How disgraceful.

Davis: How dare he cause Frank Harrison that much pain!

Gentleman Jack falls to a knee as the agents let go of him. Harrison picks him up a little and comes down across his head with an elbow, sending Gentleman Jack to the canvas. He looks down and we can see him yelling at Jack that 'This isn't over.'

Davis: Well, Gentleman Jack may have won the match, but Frank Harrison sends a message tonight!

Williams: The message that he is a sore loser?

Gentleman Jack's music cuts as Frank Harrison's begins to play.

Brought to You By


Our Time


The crowd is buzzing after the first match of the night, with Yoshii signs and a big "Madman Is Dope" banner across a few seats.  The camera pans over the fans, in full voice as they look forward to another series of great matches to come.

Davis: Well I have to say, Gentleman Jack is certainly an interesting addition to the roster!

Williams: I totally agree with you Stan.  Very interested to see where he goes from here.

Davis: And what could be in store for Frank Harrison? We've seen some slightly edgy views coming from the Texan! 

Williams: Well, they've both made credible debuts.  But you know what? I'm really interested to see how Dan Benson deals with the challenge of Yoshii.

Davis: That's a good point Jennifer.  Many are tipping Yoshii to be the man to take Perfection off his perch, but...

Before his sentence can finish, Stan Davis is interrupted by the opening sharp notes of Gavin Rossdale's "Adrenaline", music until now not heard in a UTA arena.  

"You don't feel the pain"

Red and blue list shine down on the entrance way as from the back comes the large six foot seven figure of a man wearing a light blue Gant polo shirt and sand coloured chinos, a pair of brown church's shoes on his feet, silver Rolex around his wrist and ray-bans covering his eyes.  

Too much pain is not enough,
Nobody said this stuff makes any sense,
We're hooked again;

The man's blonde hair is waxed to the side sad he looks carefully to his left and then his right at the fans in attendance, slowly walking onto the stage.

Point of no return,
See how the buildings burn,
Light up the night,
Such pretty sight....

His lips curling into a smile, holding a microphone in his right hand as he sways it gently back and forth, the tall ageing man makes his way down the ramp way towards the ring.

Adrenaline keeps me in the game,
Adrenaline you don't even feel the pain,
Wilder than your wildest dreams,
When you're going to extremes,
It takes adrenaline!

Williams: Well, looks like we have an uninvited guest here on Victory Stan.  Any ideas who this is?

Davis: Is that...I'm not sure Jennifer.  It looks like...but he hasn't been in a ring in years!

The large blonde flashes a smile to the fans in the front row as he reaches the ring, still gently cupping the mic in his hand and climbing the ring steps.  He gets to the apron and steps over the top rope, into the ring, wandering slowly into its middle, placing his right hand into his pocket and raising the mic - a section of fans rising in their din of recognition; the music fades.

Man: Hello, WrestleUTA

His lips widen and the smile that follows shows off his pearly whites.  

Davis: It is! That's...that's Jonny Kae!

Williams: Where have I heard that name before?

Kae lifts the mic back to his lips, the thick British accent exuding confidence.

Kae: Sounds like some of you have a good memory.  To the rest of you...

Jonny walks slowly to the ropes on the left hand side of the ring, looking over the audience.  Taking his right hand out of his pocket, he takes off his sunglasses and folds them up, placing them into the back of his chinos, before raising the mic once more, his smile disappearing slowly.

Kae: Let me remind you just who in the hell I am!  My name is Jonny f'n Kae and I've been in this business for almost twenty damn years.  Nine time World Champ, twelve time Tag Champ, member of the hall of fame of the Viking Wrestling Federation (rest in peace), HSW and ICWF and the most perfectly attuned athlete this world has ever seen!

Kae lowers the mic slowly, letting his introduction sink in as he slowly walks back into the middle of the ring, running his free hand through his hair.  

Kae: Google my name, I'm all over page one - sure I haven't been in a wrestling ring for over five years but anyone worth a damn when wrestling gave a damn knows the name Jonny Kae.  You see, I've always backed myself and I've always backed a winner...

He smiles again, looking over the crowd who are starting to respond.

Kae: But then, I'm not here tonight to back myself.  There has been one man, since I hung up my boots and folded my red and blue trunks neatly into the gym bag one last time.  One man who I've backed, one man who made me sit up and take notice, one man who has threatened to form an era around himself.

"Seek and Destroy" bursts onto the PA system as the lights dim.  The tron lights up with the words C-B-R in red across it.  From the back steps the figure of Claude Baptiste Ranier, wearing a black Dynasty t-shirt, the logo etched across the chest in grey and white.  Around his waist, Ranier wears the Internet Title upon his ring gear, purple trunks and knee pads, white boots.  

Claude makes his way slowly down towards the ring, a smile flashing in the direction of Jonny Kae as he outright ignores the outstretched hands of fans.  Stepping up the ring steps and through the middle rope into the ring, CBR walks straight to Jonny Kae and the two embrace, taking a moment to greet each other.

Claude steps back from Kae as Jonny raises the mic once more.

Kae: Ladies and gentlemen, my personal friend and future UTA Hall of Famer...The Canadian Star, CBR

Jonny hands the mic over to Ramier and claps, nodding his approval to the Internet Champion.  Claude takes a spot in the middle of the ring as Jonny Kae retreats to the corner.  Ranier points towards him

CBR: That man right there, was one of the reasons I got into this sport.  And to have him introducing ME, is nothing short of priceless...

Claude nods towards Jonny Kae, a rare sign of respect from the Internet Champ, before his head rises again and a sickly smile starts to form over his lips.

CBR: But, UTA...foooooled youuuu

Ranier raises his arms into the air a little, letting a few chuckles escape his lips as the boos intensify.  Waiting for them to calm, the Canadian Star continues.

CBR: None of you saw that coming last week, did you? None of you saw your precious champion dethroned and the hostile takeover of the UTA.  Welcome to a new's ours.

The grin is clear on his face as Ranier takes a moment to acknowledge the fans' displeasure.

CBR: One by one, your heroes fell and in this new era, one by one they will not only fall...they will be destroyed! Which brings me nicely to the defence of this.

Ranier unstraps the Internet Title from his waist and raises it above his head, pausing for a moment.

CBR: Tonight, La Flama Blanca, the Little White Flame, has a shot at my Internet Title.  Now, I don't agree much with Will "The Thrill" Haynes, but something he said resonated with me.  Why?

CBR lowers the belt, looking around the fans and then at Jonny Kae, who shrugs.

CBR: I mean, sure, the masked crusader has a modicum of talent.  Back in May, the Little White Flame pinned me.  Granted. I was not the legal man and my partner Max Burke was nothing short of a disappointment...but he got the pinfall.  Problem is, he's been living off of that for four months!

Claude nods, looking around the crowd.

CBR: Snce then? He beat a Mechanic who had no place in a UTA ring, and barely beat a drunk mountain gorilla.  Well done.  And you managed to beat the bottom guy in this company.  In fact, since 29th June Eddie, you've only won one match. almost three months.

Ranier let's that sink in as the fans boo the Canadian Star.

CBR: Is that what your Internet Title is worth James Wingate? Is that what a man unbeaten in this damn ring is worth to you? A spot on this...this freak show called Victory against a man who couldn't beat a cripple and couldn't even put up a fight against a guy returning after god knows how many years out of the ring? You saw your little highlight reel at Ring King...he spent a good half of the show on the damned canvas in one way or another, and you put me here, against him, for this?

Claude points at the Internet Title in his left hand with the mic and shakes his head.

CBR: You see, this is why Dynasty was formed.  We came together to stop you taking advantage of hard working talented wrestlers.  Guys like Apollo Cain and Conrad Teller, far more deserving of this shot than that fraud.  

Davis: Oh come on! We all know how hard LFB has worked to get this shot!

Ranier walks to the ropes leaning on the top rope with his forearms, the title placed beside him as he looks directly into the camera.

CBR: Now don't get me wrong Little White Flame, I know how hard you've prepared for this match; I know how much you want it.  But at the end of the night, when the dust is settled, you WILL do what you do best and lay face down on the mat.  And I WILL do what I do best and raise this...

Claude raises the Internet Title again.

CBR: Because I AM the Canadian Star, I AM that once in a generation federation subjugation and I AM...unbeatable!

CBR drops the mic to the mat as he backs off the ropes, the opening riffs to "Seek and Destroy" hitting the PA system.  Ranier climbs the turnbuckle, raising the title above his head as Jonny Kae claps in the corner.

Claude finally comes down. Off his perch and the two leave the ring, a satisfied smile on the Canadian Star's face

Hello Friends


Dan Benson vs. Yoshii




The lights dim just a bit and a tint of red light fulfills the entry ramp right as Japanese Bushido plays over the sound system.

Out steps Jed Dye on to the stage. He stops and straightens his tie then turns around and hosts both hands toward the entrance to introduce the monster sumo mammoth from Japan, Yoshii.

Announcer: Coming first to the ring... from Tokyo, Japan  and being accompanied by Jed Dye....

Out steps Yoshii as he walks and stands next to Jed Dye, focused on the ring. Jed rubs Yoshii's shoulders to prep him for the battle that's ahead. They both start walking towards the ring as Jed ignores the 'loser' fans who hold their hands out, while Yoshii high fives all of them while never losing his focus on the ring. 

Announcer: He stands at six foot four and weighs in at five hundred and thirty nine pounds.... YOOOSSHHHIIIIII!!!!

Rock Me Amadeus by Falco beings to play over the main speakers. On the screen, “It’s only Natural” scrolls across in gold letters on a black background.

Dan makes his way to the entrance and pauses for a moment looking amongst the disapproving crowd. His blue sequins robe sparkles when the light hits it just right he makes his way down to the ring.

Inscribed on the back of his robe reads “SHOCK THE WORLD!” in gold letters. He doesn’t stop at all, and when he gets into the ring he holds his arms out showing off as the crowd disapproves of Dan. He removes his robe, and hands it to an attendant outside the ring.

After a few moments, the bell sounds.

Davis: Here we go.

Dan Benson steps up to Yoshii mouthing something inaudible to him before coming forward with a right hand.

Davis: Benson striking first with a series of rights. Yoshii taken back a bit, comes forward with a heavy chop across the chest of Dan Benson.

Dan Benson grabs his chest and stumbles back turning away from Yoshii.

Davis: Yoshii now with that huge forearm across the back of Dan Benson.

Dan Benson falls to one knee, but stands right back.

Davis: Another forearm to the back of Dan Benson.

Yoshii turns him around and grabs his arm, using it to whip Dan Benson across the ring.

Davis: Dan Benson on the return, Yoshii waiting... NO! Dan Benson catches him.. SWINGING NECKBREAKER TO THE FORMER INTERNET CHAMPION!

Williams: That may have been Dan Benson's chance to win this one.

Davis: Benson quickly covering Yoshii, looking to put him away and go home early tonight.

The referee drops for the count, but before he can hit two, Yoshii almost throws Benson off of him as he pushes up.

Davis: Kick out by Yoshii!

Williams: Pure power. Pure unadulterated strength.

Dan Benson rolls over and gets up, frustrated.

Davis: Dan Benson now stomping away at the chest of Yoshii, working around him before he can get up.

Williams: I'm not sure how many men can say they've kicked out of a pin by Dan Benson, but I can tell you this... from those stomps, he does not like that Yoshii can.

Jed Dye watches from outside of the ring, slapping the edge while yelling for Yoshii to get up.

Davis: Dan Benson now pulling Yoshii up by his head.

Williams: You need him down, not up Dan.

As Yoshii raises, he pushes Benson backward.

Davis: Dan Benson pushed backward.

Yoshii throws his arms out and runs forward screaming Bonzai! as he crashes into Benson with his massive body, bringing his arms down and slapping Benson's sides.

Davis: Dan Benson just ran over by Yoshii like a freight train!

Williams: Maybe I should jot down the license plate on that truck for when Dan Benson gets up?

Davis: Yoshii stepping back.. he runs and leaps... BIG LEG DROP!

Williams: Right across the chest of Dan Benson!

Yoshii rolls over and off of Dan Benson before getting back to his feet slowly. Dan Benson breathes heavy as he holds his chest.

Williams: Each breath that Dan Benson takes now has to hurt. There is no way he isn't damaged on the inside.

Yoshii walks forward, stepping onto Dan Benson's chest and standing for a moment before stepping off.

Williams: That's just cruel.

Davis: Yoshii doing possibly even more damage to Dan Benson by standing on his chest there.

Williams: Much like he did to Sean Jackson a little over a month ago.

Yoshii bends down and grabs the arm of Dan Benson, pulling him across to the corner of the ring.

Davis: It looks like Yoshii is looking to end this now.

Jed Dye cheers Yoshii on from outside as he begins to climb the ropes. As he reaches the second, holding onto the top for balance, Yoshii bounces.

Davis: Yoshii leaps.. YOSHII BOMB!!!!

Yoshii... hits his mark.


The camera moves around giving the full visual of Yoshii sitting on Dan Benson. The referee begins to warn Yoshii that he needs to get up as Dan Benson's leg had been flung with the force of the land, onto the bottom rope.

Davis: Yoshii getting to his feet, using the ropes. I think Dan Benson is hurt. Six hundred pounds... I just can't fatham.

Jed Dye leaps up and down, yelling for Yoshii to finish the match.

Williams: Jed Dye is right, Yoshii needs to end this! He has the perfect oppertunity.

Davis: Yoshii now pulling Dan Benson to the center of the ring by his leg.

Benson is laid out as Yoshii looks around.

Davis: Yoshii runs to the ropes.

Williams: If you can call that running, I call it jogging.

Yoshii comes off of the ropes and leaps up. However, as he comes down with the big body splash, Dan Benson rolls out of the way, causing Yoshii to crash into the canvas.

Davis: Yoshii went for a big finish with that body splash but Dan Benson was able to move.

Williams: I don't know how he's able to breath, much less move!

Benson rolls up to one knee. He holds his chest in pain as he stares at Yoshii on the mat.

Davis: Dan Benson trying to use this time to catch his breath. I'm unsure if even with that save, he can prevail.

Yoshii begins to push his way up. As he does, Benson looks up. He quickly leaps into action, jumping up and rushing forward, raising his knee as he does.

Davis: Benson catches Yoshii with a rising knee!

Jed Dye jumps back, unable to believe what he saw. Dan Benson falls to a knee again as Yoshii lays on his back.

Davis: Dan Benson needs to capitalize, now!

Williams: He may not be as big as Yoshii, and he may have been on the end of Yoshii's superior size.. but Dan Benson is a man who just doesn't give up!

Davis: Dan Benson back to his feet.

Benson talks to the crowd, smiling and pointing at his head as if saying how smart he is. He turn and heads back to Yoshii again.

Davis: Dan Benson once again, struggling, but able to lift Yoshii to his feet.

Benson grabs Yoshii's left arm, pushes him back and yanks back himself.

Davis: Irish whi... reversed! Yoshii sends Dan Benson into the corner!

Benson hits the corner hard, his body jolting forward from the impact. Yoshii yells and runs.


As Yoshii hits, he steps back, and watches as Dan Benson falls face first to the mat.

Williams: It's like a tree being cut down!

Yoshii walks over, using his foot to turn Benson over. Once Dan is on his back, Yoshii puts a foot on his chest and motions for the referee.

Davis: Yoshii looking to put Benson away!

The referee drops and begins to count.

Williams: Wait.. is he doing it?

The referee's hand hits three just as Dan Benson gets his arm up.

Davis: Did he make it?

Williams: I don't know.. it was close...

The referee begins calling for the bell which begins to ring.

Announcer: The winner of this match... YOSHIIIIII!!!!!!!

Davis: Yoshii has done it! He has put Dan benson away as he continues to march on in hopes to regain UTA Championship gold!

Williams: What a great match!



The UTA cameras pan right to see La Flama Blanca in the locker room. The Luchador sits at his locker getting ready for his upcoming title match. He is in full gear and in the process of taping his hands. 

Blanca exhales. He exhales to calm himself down. He knows what tonight is all about. He does the impossible and he will change the UTA forever.
He looks up to see the camera crew with the lens on him like a hawk.
La Flama Blanca: Tonight…
The Crusierweight chuckles.
La Flama Blanca: Tonight, I’m going to try to do something no one has ever done. Beat CBR and beat him for his title. 
He stands up from the bench and steps towards the camera.
La Flama Blanca: Tonight, I go toe to toe with Claude Baptiste Ranier. I go head to head with the UTA Internet Champion. 
Blanca continues walking and heads through the locker room door. The camera crew is in front of Flama Blanca as they walk down the hallway to the entrance ramp.
La Flama Blanca: Tonight, tonight I will give every ounce of my blood and sweat. I will give every thing I can give to get this done. To walk out the champion. To walk out on top of the world.
Blanca stops and grabs the camera and brings it close to his face.
La Flama Blanca: Esta noche, me tomo mi lugar en el trono. Tomo mi lugar en el libro de registro. Voy a ser campeón. Apuesta en eso.
The challenger’s music hits and he lets go of the camera. The arena gets loud as the music blares. He walks up the backstage ramp and walks through the curtain. 

CBR vs. La Flama Blanca




Going Down by Freddie King begins to play. The crowd starts to stir as they await La Flama Blanca.

The song is in full swing and Blanca walks through the curtain.

Announcer: On his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and twenty  pounds. He hails from Durango, Mexico... LA FLAMA BLANCA!!

He walks down the ramp and slaps the hands of the fans. When he finally gets to the ring he jumps up to the outside and hops up to the top rope and then drops into the ring.

Davis: Internet Championship on the line!

Williams: La Flama Blanca has a definite disadvantage size wise, but if he can keep the speed high paced, he may be able to be the one who finally takes CBR out!

Seek and Destroy by Metallica hits the PA system as the Canadian flag appears on the main video screen. Red lights fill the arena and from the back, CBR comes into view.

Announcer: Coming to the ring, hailing from Montreal, Canada... Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and fifty seven pounds...

Wearing his trademark purple and white robe, with purple tinted shades, he makes his way down to the ring, arms raised to the fans in a 'look at me' pose.

Announcer: He is... The Canadian Star... C..B..RRRRRRRRR

He flings the robe off and takes the steps to the apron, slowly getting into the ring. Once inside, CBR raises his arms, flexing to show off his physique. He takes off his shades and stretches his rut arm, preparing.

Both men move toward the middle of the ring as the bell sounds to start the match.

Davis: Here we go. CBR quickly moves in to grab La Flama Blanca. Blanca ducks under his arms.

La Flama Blanca takes off in a sprint behind CBR, hitting the ropes and returning as CBR turns.

Davis: Blanca on the return, baseball slide underneath the legs of CBR.

Williams: There's that speed I was talking about.

Davis: Blanca to his feet behind CBR, quick standing drop kick to the back of CBR!

CBR is sent stumbling forward, dropping to his knees and landing in a way in which his arms and neck fall over the middle rope. La Flama Blanca runs and leads up, grabbing the ropes and swinging his feet around, through the middle and top rope, catching CBR in the face.

Davis: La Flama Blanca hits his target and CBR is down.

Williams: This is why I love the UTA Stan, so many different styles of wrestlers. La Flama Blanca's lucha libre background ensures we will see things like that, that you normally wouldn't see in American wrestling.

Davis: La Flama Blanca quickly continuing his assualt. He leaps to the middle rope as CBR is getting to his feet.

CBR wobbles as he gets up, not seeing La Flama Blanca jumping.

Davis: Moonsault to a cross body block by the masked man!

As they hit the mat, La Flama Blanca is sent sliding away from CBR but quickly leaps up and across to cover CBR.

Davis: Quick pin attempt by La Flama Blanca. Kickout at one.

Williams: CBR may be stunned, but you just can't put away the Canadian Superstar that easy.

La Flama Blanca doesn't dwell as he quickly gets back up. He runs to the corner turnbuckle as CBR begins to get up himself.

Davis: La Flama Blanca climbing the turnbuckle.

Williams: I'm not sure if going for a high risk move this early is a wise decision.

CBR is up and stumbles toward the corner as La Flama Blanc stands on top, turning to face him.

Davis: La Flama Blanca leaps, he catches CBR by the neck with his legs... hurricarrana!

The crowd goes crazy.

Williams: I didn't see that coming but it sure paid off.

Davis: Yes it did. I believe CBR needs to somehow slow La Flama Blanca down if he wants to turn things around.

CBR on the canvas slow to get up.  The referee begins to count. La Flama Blanca starts to get to his feet, pulling himself to the ropes as CBR shows signs of life.

Davis:  Both men slow to get up here.

FIVE . . La Flama Blanca pulls himself to his feet as CBR gets to his knees.  SEVON. . . La Flama Blanca reaches CBR and aids him to his feet by pulling him by the hair.  La Flama Blanca then takes one of CBR's arms and hooks it over his head.  La Flama Blanca then grabs CBR by the tights and pulls him up and backward, slamming him quickly to the canvas.

Davis:  Snap suplex by La Flama Blanca!

CBR withers in pain as La Flama Blanca gets to his feet and points to the corner.  The fans go crazy as La Flama Blanca makes his way to the corner, turning his head for a moment to spot up CBR.  La Flama Blanca the pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle.

Davis:  We all know what happened the last time La Flama Blanca went for a high risk move--it back fired on him.  Apparently he's not thinking about last week, he's thinking about today and the now.

Williams: but if he hits it, we may have a new Internet Champion!

La Flama Blanca balances himself as he rises to his feet.  La Flama Blanca stands upright on the turnbuckle as CBR slowly gets to his feet.  He looks around the ring for La Flama Blanca and he turns around toward Blanca just as he jumps off the turnbuckle, flipping forward through the air once before extending and arm and striking CBR with it, sending him to the canvas.

Davis:  Forward Rolling Lariat by La Flama Blanca from the top rope!  What a move!

Williams: He's going to do it Stan!

The crowd continues to buzz as La Flama Blanca scrambles over to CBR, hooking the leg and pinning him to the mat.  The referee slides to the mat expertly and goes for the count.

Davis:  Pin now after that lariat!  La Flama Blanca just may be doing what no other has been able to!  1. . . 2. . .NO!  CBR kicks out!

The crowd dies down as La Flama Blanca turns to check with the referee, and he is shown two fingers.  La Flama Blanca then gets to his feet and stomps CBR twice, before bending at the waist and reaching down, grabbing a handful of hair.  La Flama Blanca pulls upward and CBR slowly gets to his feet.

Davis:  CBR is up now, La Flama Blanca in control here.

CBR rises with a right and the blow knocks La Flama Blanca back, but La Flama Blanca returns with a right of his own, connecting with the jaw of CBR.

Davis:  Both men exchanging blows here.

CBR reaches up and grabs La Flama Blanca by the arm, attempting to Irish whip him into the ropes.  La Flama Blanca reverses, sending CBR into the ropes instead.

Davis:  Irish whip reversal, CBR into the ropes now, and there he goes.

CBR bounces off the ropes and returns toward the center of the ring.  As he reaches La Flama Blanca, La Flama Blanca jumps up into the air and hooks both of his legs around CBR's head before falling backwards, sending CBR to the mat behind him. 

Davis:  Hurricanranna by La Flama Blanca!  And listen to these fans!

Williams: I can't believe it either! La Flama Blanca is bringing it tongiht on Victory!

The crowd continues to screem as La Flama Blanca scrambles over to CBR and hooks the leg, going for the pin.  The referee does his job: he slides to the mat and goes for the count as the crowd lets out a cheer.

Davis:  We've got a pin here!  1. . . 2. . . NO!  CBR had the presence of mind to put his foot out on the rope, breaking the pin!

The referee notices the leg and stops the count.  He informs La Flama Blanca of the leg and La Flama Blanca gets up off of CBR. 

Davis:  CBR showing he is not going to be put out that easy.

La Flama Blanca bends at the waist and grabs a handful of CBR's hair, bring him to his feet.  La Flama Blanca then kicks him in the gut, the blow causing CBR to bend at the waist.  La Flama Blanca then takes his head and places it between his legs before hooking him around the waist, in an effort to go for the powerbomb.

Davis: He can't powerbomb CBR. there's no way. What is he thinking?

Williams: When in extraordanary situations like this, you can do what others can't!

CBR rises up and sends La Flama Blanca up over him, and La Flama Blanca hits the mat behind him.  CBR then runs off the ropes and as he returns he jumps up in the air and comes down with a knee across the head of La Flama Blanca.

Davis:  Knee drop by CBR after reversing that attempted powerbomb by La Flama Blanca.

CBR then scrambles over La Flama Blanca and goes for the pin, not bothering to hook the leg, though he does dig a forearm into La Flama Blanca's mask.  The referee slides to the mat and goes for the pin.

Davis:  Pin by CBR now!  1. . . 2. . . no!  Kick out by La Flama Blanca. 

Williams: I thought it was over!

CBR gets up and checks with The referee, who flashes him two fingers.  CBR then slowly gets to his feet, falling backward and up against the ropes for support.  He holds himself there as La Flama Blanca gets up to his knees.  CBR then charges La Flama Blanca and goes for the kick but La Flama Blanca moves his head back, making CBR miss.  La Flama Blanca then grabs CBR's other leg and throws it forward, knocking it out from under him, sending him back first to the mat.

Davis:  CBR went for the kick but La Flama Blanca ducked it!

La Flama Blanca then covers CBR, hooking the leg and going for the pin.  The referee slides to the mat and makes the count.

Davis:  We've got a pin by La Flama Blanca!  1. . .2. . kick out by CBR!  Both men seem to be going for the win here late in this match.

The crowd buzzes as La Flama Blanca gets to his feet and makes his way over to the fallen CBR.  He grabs him by the hair and brings him to his feet.  As CBR gets to his feet La Flama Blanca hooks him around the head and turns so that CBR is behind him, the back of his head draped over his shoulder, and then La Flama Blanca falls to the mat, bringing CBR with him.

Davis:  Swinging neck breaker by La Flama Blanca!

CBR holds his neck from the neckbreaker on the mat as La Flama Blanca scrambles over to him and goes for the pin, hooking the leg.  The crowd cheers in anticipation of the pin fall as The referee slides to the mat for the count.

Davis:  We've got a pin!  1. . . 2. . . NO!  Kick out!  CBR kicks out!

Williams: This match is just like it was advertised, an action packed main event!

La Flama Blanca checks with the referee, and the referee shows him two stubby fingers.  La Flama Blanca sells his disbelief on the mat, reaching up to grab his mask.

Davis:  La Flama Blanca almost won that one! 

La Flama Blanca gets to his feet as the crowd dies down and bends at the waist, grabbing Trevor Browning by the hair and bringing him to his feet.  La Flama Blanca then grabs CBR and pulls, forcing him toward the ropes.

Davis:  Irish Whip by La Flama Blanca--CBR into the ropes now. . .

CBR hits the ropes and grabs the top rope, hooking his arms around it, preventing him from returning off the ropes.  La Flama Blanca then charges CBR who bends at the waist lifting La Flama Blanca up and over the top rope.

Davis:  Back body drop!  But La Flama Blanca landed on the apron!  CBR doesn't know it!

La Flama Blanca stumbles away from the ropes as La Flama Blanca waits for him on the apron.  The crowd pops, expecting CBR to really get his clocked cleaned here.  CBR turns around and La Flama Blanca pulls himself up to the top rope before jumping off and hooking CBR around the head in the crook of his arm and turning through the air, bringing CBR head first into the mat.

Davis:  DDT!  DDT!

Williams: He's done it! La Flama Blanca has done it! I just know it!

The crowd pops as La Flama Blanca hops to his feet and raises his arms.  CBR sells the DDT and La Flama Blanca points to the corner.

Davis:  La Flama Blanca may be going for the Ay Dios Mio!

La Flama Blanca makes his way to the corner and pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle.  He rises to the standing position, balancing himself by extending his arms.  La Flama Blanca then raises his arms and taunts the crowd, making them cheer even more.

Davis:  Here he goes!

La Flama Blanca leaps off the turnbuckle,  with a 450 splash... however... CBR moves and Blanca crashes hard into the canvas.

Davis: What a violant landing!

Williams: No!

CBR quickly uses the mishap to turn a hurt La Flama Blanca over and cover him. The referee drops and begins to count.

Davis: I think this one is finally over.

Williams: I thought for sure that La Flama Blanca had it!

The referee's hand hits the canvas for the third time and the bell begins to sound.

Announcer: Your winner, and STILLLLLLL... UTA Internet Champion..... The Canadian Starrrrrr..... C..... B.... RRRRRRR!!!!!

CBR's music begins to play as he gets up. His title handed to him. CBR obviously is not 100%, but he is the winner.

Davis: CBR able to retain and without the help of Dynasty here tonight, proving a major point.

Williams: Yes, but many times La Flama Blanca almost had him.

Davis: This is true, but in the end, it's the man holding the title that has came out victorious.

CBR continues to celebrate in the ring.

Davis: But that's all the time we have tonight. I'm Stan Davis...

Williams: ...and I'm Jennifer Williams.

Davis: Thanking you for tuning into Victory right here on Wrestle UTA Dot Com. We'll see you next week!

CBR holds his title high as the copyright comes up and we fade to black.

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