Victory VI

30 Aug 2014

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)


As the stream fades up from black, the Saturday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good luck at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Rumor Man' Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Davis: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Victory right here on WrestleUTA dot com! I'm Stan Davis and with me is my fellow Livewire co-host, and lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan. As always it's a pleasure to be here and I'm looking forward to another great edition of Victory.

Davis: Oh, me too Jennifer. Tonight is big as it's the first UTA show post Ring King, which just one week ago we saw not only a new UTA Champion crowned but the formation of a new Dynasty here in the United Toughness Alliance.

Williams: That's right, what a weekend we had last week. Two days, three shows, so much non stop action. I don't think there has ever been a summer blockbuster as big as Ring King was either.

Davis: I can't agree enough Jennifer! What a show. La Flama Blanca poured his heart and soul into his match against Chris Hopper, but David could not overcome Goliath as Hopper won his in ring debut.

Williams: Then Apollo Cain and Conrad Teller. Just.. wow is all I can say Stan! This match had big time all around it and they delivered, leaving us wanting more and more and more!

Davis: Dan Benson finally got his opportunity to go for the Internet Championship, but yet again, CBR proved to be one of the, if not THE, most dominating force in the UTA today as he retained his championship.

Williams: Years in the making, a show stealing match we saw Hall of Fame member, The Spectre, go one on one with former UTA Champion, Sean Jackson.

Davis: It took two Sweet Dreams before Jackson would stay down, but even then it wasn't for long as after the match he would attack the UTA Hall of Famer.

Williams: For our main event, Perfection and Madman Szalinski went the limit in a 60 minute Iron Man match. Just when you thought Madman may have it, Sean Jackson came back out.

Davis: Yes, but La Flama Blanca would come to Madman's rescue to even the numbers up. Following was CBR, who we all had thought was there to protect the champion as well.

Williams: That is until he turned on Madman and the fans, to show his allegiance to Perfection and Sean Jackson. But the worst? I thought for sure Ariel was in trouble until Kathyrn Velmont Thomas came out to save her fellow woman.

Davis: That didn't last long though as K.V.T showed that she would become the fourth member of the team we now know only as Dynasty....

Williams: What a sight at the end of the show as Perfection, the new UTA Champion was hoisted high above on their arms and Madman Szalinski left unconscious. It is most certainly the start of dark days here in the UTA.


Say No To Illegals


The camera opens up with Frank Harrison standing outside of where Victory had been taped, with both of his Agents, Anderson and Benson, on either side of him. Frank is standing on a raised wooden platform, obviously constructed in a hurry, behind a podium. Behind Frank is a large sign with his symbol, the outline of the state of Texas, with a star on the 22nd District. Above Frank's sign, is a white sign with the words, 'THEY'RE TAKING OUR JOBS' in bold print across it. All five of the fans who have stopped by the display seem unexctied, but that doesn't stop Frank.

Harrison: Ladies and gentlemen, we've put up with enough! We've reached our limits. We have these foreigners coming into out GREAT country, taking OUR jobs.

Frank makes sure to flourish his hands with each word, becoming more and more animated as each word goes by, doing his best to imitate a Southern Baptist/Evangelical Preacher.

Harrison: Take Gentleman Jack, for example. He heads across the pond and fills up one of the roster spots of an AMERICAN wrestling company. Now, how is that fair to the other Americans out there, having to deal with the situation we've been put in in our economy. How is that fair to the other, MORE DESERVING individuals, who need this opportunity. But what does Gentleman Jack have to say for himself?

Frank pauses for a second for emphasis.

Harrison: That's right, he hasn't had ANYTHING to say. That's why I've started a new campaign. That's right. While I'm in UTA, I will be lobbying for AMERICAN wrestlers to have the opportunities. No one, especially those from across the pond, should come in and take our jobs. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a new UTA. A Frank Harrison led UTA. I am your guiding light through these dark times. As your elected wrestling representative, I will represent YOU, the AMERICAN people. Thank you for your time, and GOD bless you!

Frank flashes his signature big thumbs up and smile towards the nearest camera, as the five or ten fans milling about give a half-hearted round of applause. The screen fades away to a 'Paid for by Frank Harrison' logo.

Brought To You By

Brought to You By...


Kidd Love vs. Blackbeard


As the lights dim throughout the arena, the sound of "Blame" by Cavo begins to play through the speakers. The crowd jumps to their feet and out walks Kidd Love from underneath the big screen.

He stops on the ramp and looks through the crowd for a second and then begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans. He hops upon the ring apron and he leans back, holding onto the top rope. He yells and enters the ring.

He walks over to a turnbuckle and gets upon the second rope and lifts his arms up, trying to pump um the crowd. He jumps off and waits for the match to begin. 

"The Pirate King" - from The Pirates of Penzance plays as a group of men dressed in rags all walk out, chained together with shackles. The chains are all linked behind them and the men pull the chains and a large litter, where the Dread Pirate King, Blackbeard stands.

A fearsome look is in his good eye as he snarls at the men. He has a live, talking parrot on his shoulder he calls Parley, a black eye patch over his bad eye, a hook over his left hand, and a thick black beard that trails to the center of his chest. Blackbeard climbs down from the litter and climbs in the ring. 

Davis: Kidd Love making his UTA debut tonight against The Pirate King, Blackbeard.

Williams: Kidd Love wants to make a name for himself, while Blackbeard is looking to prove he is a threat here.

Davis: Both men getting ready as this match is about to begin!

As the bell sounds as Kidd Love immediately locks up with Blackbeard. He breaks away, quickly rolling behind Blackbeard, catching him by surprise

Davis: Kidd Love wraps his arms around Blackbeard's midsection early on. He lifts and drops with a belly-to-back suplex. I don't care who you are, that's got to mess with your mind a little bit this quick into the match.

Williams: I don't think Blackbeard expected Love to bring it out of the gate.

From a laying position, Blackbeard jumps from his back to both his feet while Love is turned away from him. He grabs Love, turning him around.

Davis: Blackbeard grabs Love's arm, goes for the Irish whip, no, Kidd Love reverses sending Blackbeard into the ropes!

Kidd Love runs to the opposite side, hitting the ropes and returning.

Davis: There's about to be a mid ring collision here.

Love ducks down to grab Blackbeard, who quickly leap frogs over him. Both men hit the ropes once more on the opposite side than before, Kidd comes back with a ring rope slingshot catapult clothesline!!

Davis: Kidd showing a lot of spunk in his UTA debut.

Love waste no time as he gets to his feet, pulling Blackbeard up with him. He grabs Blackbeard's arm and sends him crashing into the turnbuckle. Love runs toward the groggy Blackbeard and leaps.


Williams: Blackbeard has had a rough start since debuting, this match is no different.

Just before Blackbeard falls face first to the mat, Kidd catches him and pushes him back into the corner climbing on to the second ropes with both feet, straddling Blackbeard and playing to the crowd before he begins to punch Blackbeard over and over.

Davis: The crowd counting along and as he connects. Kidd gets to ten and the referee steps in.

He jumps off the turnbuckle and Blackbeard falls to the mat face first. Love turns around after playing to the crowd for a few moments. However, Blackbeard quickly gets to his feet and hits a violent guillotine face driver

Davis: Out of nowhere Blackbeard hits a guillotine face driver!

Williams: Blackbeard is here to stay and he is not playing around tonight Stan. That was a great way to turn things around here early on.

Blackbeard pulls Love to the center of the ring quickly by his right leg. He steps over and turns Kidd into a SharpShooter. Kidd Love reaches for the ropes when he realizes he is dead center in the middle of the ring. He puts his fists on the mat and begins to pull himself towards the ropes.

Davis: He may tap here, he is now pulling himself closer to those ropes, but Blackbeard has Kidd right where he wants him.

Williams: If Blackbeard can make Kidd Love tap right now, he will send a message to everyone in the locker room.

Love reaches with every bit he has left for the ropes.

Davis: He reaches... Reaches... He Has The Ropes! The referee is forced to break the hold!

Blackbeard refuses to let go.

Davis: The referee steps in to break the hold. Love is hugging the bottom rope when the hold is finally broken.

He quickly trips Blackbeard then applies an ankle lock. Now Blackbeard is near the middle of the ring in a hold that could result in his ankle being broken. His twist and turns just cause Love to apply more pressure to his ankle.

Davis: The referee is watching both of Blackbeard's hands here just waiting for him to tap out.

Williams: These two men trying to one up each other with those back to back submission maneuvers.

Blackbeard is able to somehow turn over. Using his free foot he kicks the face of Kidd Love, causing him to let go.

Davis: Blackbeard now rolling to the edge and out of the ring.

Blackbeard uses the side of the mat to hold himself up, wincing in pain as he tries to stand on the ankle. Inside of the ring Kidd Love sees Blackbeard. He looks out to the crowd with wild eyes before rushing the ropes.

Davis: Baseball slide by Kidd Love, but wait! Blackbeard moves!

Blackbeard rolls to the side as Kidd Love' feet slide under the bottom rope. Blackbeard quickly throws his arm up and over Kidd's legs using his own momentum to pull Love out and to the floor where his head bounces.

Davis: Kidd Love holding his head, he may be hurt. Of course Blackbeard is not deterred as he viciously begins stomping away at Love.

Williams: The Pirate King showing a rough and rugged side to him here.

Inside the ring, the referee continues his count. Blackbeard picks Kidd Love up, and rolls him back into the ring under the ropes, following himself.

Davis: Blackbeard now in full control of this match as Kidd Love may be injured.

Williams: His career in the UTA may have just been cut short by the man who hails from The Seven Seas.

Blackbeard grabs Love by the head, yanking him to his feet. He grabs Kidd's arm and sends him across the ring into the ropes.

Davis: Irish whip by Blackbeard. Kidd Love into the ropes and now on the return.

As Kidd Love returns, Blackbeard lifts him and spins around bringing him down with force.

Davis: Talk about some hang time and the most violent Spine Buster I have ever seen in all the matches I have called over the years.

Willaims: There is no doubt that Blackbeard has plenty of power behind him.

Blackbeard stands over a fallen Kidd Love. He takes a few steps back then dashes forward, leaping up and coming down with a knee into the head of Kidd Love. Love grabs his head and begins flopping around on the canvas like a fish.

Davis: OK Blackbeard, you can end the match now. There is no need to continue this assault.

Williams: He has to prove that he is a serious contender here in the UTA Stan.

Of course that would be the easy way, which is never Blackbeard's way as he lifts Kidd Love to his feet once again. Blackbeard grabs Love's arm and whips him hard toward the turnbuckle.

Davis: Hard whip that sends Kidd Love crashing into the turnbuckle.

As Kidd hits the turnbuckle and nearly flops out of the ring but instead is now seated in the turnbuckle corner with a closed eyed, already defeated look across his face.

Davis: These fans here are on their feet.

Blackbeard takes off in Kidd's direction. He leaps right before he gets to him, Kidd, who is still seated in the very corner of the ring being propped up by his arms resting on a rope on both sides of the corner. He hits with his leg out across opponent`s chest and abdomen area.

Davis: Blackbeard jamming that hard leg into Kidd Love.

Kidd Love attempts to get some momentum back after meeting the canvas. He uses the bottom ropes to begin pulling himself up, very slowly. Blackbeard just stands with his hands on his hips, motioning to the crowd as if to say "What is with this guy?" and "Why wont he just stay down?"

Davis: Kidd Love just refuses to give up and Blackbeard can not believe it.

Williams: I can't believe it either!

It takes a few moments, but a groggy Kidd Love is halfway up when Blackbeard jets toward him with a massive knee smash to the face. As Kidd Love flies up and over, you can almost see the moment in his expression of when he goes unconscious.

Davis: That running knee smash has knocked Kidd Love completely out.

Williams: This one is over.

Blackbeard bends down and grabs Kidd Love by the head, pulling him away from the ropes without a care in the world that he could be doing more damage to Love's neck. He drops to his knees at the middle of Kidd Love and leans forward, covering him just enough to have it count. As he holds himself up, the referee counts.

Davis: The referee completes the three count and calls for the bell.

Williams: Impressive victory here for Blackbeard on... Victory!

The gives a very mixed reaction as Blackbeard stands up and has his hand raised in victory.

Davis: Big win for Blackbeard in this match that we thought from the start he would not be able to come back.

Williams: Kidd Love caught him off guard, but once Blackbeard got his momentum going, there was no stopping him.


We pan to our commentators.

Davis: Well folks, that's all the time we have tonight here on Victory. I'm Stan Davis.

Williams: And I am Jennifer Williams.

Davis: Thank you for tuning in to Saturday Night Victory. We'll see you in one week right here on Wrestle UTA Dot Com!

Williams: Good night everyone!

The copyright comes up and we fade to black.

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