Thursday Night Rage 13

14 Aug 2014

Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida (seats 17,740)

Santa Claus v. Chris Maverick



Gil: Thing are looking rather bleak for Maverick folks. We have seen not much from the man who claimed to be back in VCW.

Lucius: It goes without saying that Maverick has been placed on somebody's bad list.


Santa Claus spryly circles the ring with Chris Maverick, who seems unsure how to tackle the jolly behemoth as Ms. Claus happily cheers her husband on. They meet up in the ring and lock up, but the power struggle immediately ends with Santa pushing him into the corner behind Maverick.

Gil: If i could take a look into Santa's bag of goodies...

Lucius: You would not have a leg to stand on with Santa.

Santa immediately catches Maverick with a flurry of punches to his chest and stomach, finishing up with an uppercut to Chris's jaw, stunning him. The fans sound off with Santa as he laughs.

Gil: Seasons Beatings is about to happen folks!

Lucius: Coal Express is coming to Chris's christmas!

Santa runs straight at Chris Maverick, connecting with a full on 600 pound body splash that knocks the wind out of Chris's body. Santa grabs ahold, lifting him up and over in the center of the ring. He looks towards the corner...than back at Chris's limp form.


Lucius: Oh fuck yes!

Gil: He wouldn't even..


Santa takes to the corner, take the first step up, the fans getting increasingly excited as he climbs the corner, surprisingly having no trouble despite his age and weight. He chuckles as he gets to the top, turning around to position himself.


Santa jumps off the top, going for the full body contact slam seen around the world...



The impact not only makes Chris Maverick briefly turn purple from loss of oxygen, his expression of pure shock and defeat, but upon Santa getting up the referee merely signals for the bell..


Ann: Your winner by Knockout...SANTA CLAUS!

Gil: Sweet jesus the sky definitely fell tonight on Chris Maverick!


Lucius: To say the least, he's out of commission...wait here comes the medics now to scrape him out.



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Rodney Marney v. Mike Harrison

Gil: With tonight's matchup being tied into the Demigod Challenge itself, we are looking at quite potentially the most lopsided match in terms of ring skill.
Lucius: Mike Harrison is one of VCW's premeire technical wrestler. With his mind focusing on his match next show against Conrad Teller for the VCW Wildfire Championship, one could only speculate if he's ready or aiming for a higher title.
Rodney and Mike circle each other in the ring sizing each other up. 
Mike feints lunging in for a lock up a couple of times like he's trying to play with Marney. 
Gil: Mike showing off here, testing Rodney.
Marney is showing visible signs of frustration when Ringmaster Kennedy, eating some whole peanuts, gets up on the ropes and begins to yell at Mike, drawing his attention.

Gil: Ringmaster can't seem to stay away.
The ref makes an attempt to get Ringmaster off the turnbuckle as Rodney is tricked outside the ring by Mike as he pulls the ropes down, causing him to fall out. He begins to make a beeline for Ringmaster. The fans sensing what she's up to try their best to warn him.
Lucius: Trouble coming this way.
Mike pushes the ref out of the way, long enough for him to not see the peanuts hit his face in a spray by the Ringmaster. Rodney patiently stands in the middle of the ring behind the scene.
She screams at Marney and he lunges into action, Mike turns around wiping the peanuts and spit from his face.
Marney hits Mike with a spear so hard he lifts him off his feet before slamming him into the mat. He covers him for the pinfall, which the ref takes notice after Ringmaster yelling at him.
The bell rings as Ringmaster joyfully jumps as Marney gets up.
Ann: the winner is Rodney Marney!
Lucius: If this is truly Mike Harrison moment to shine, i didn't see it.
Gil: Rodney upsets to advance...and i think Conrad is laughing somewhere right now.

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Lew Smith v. Tommy Lipton

[Lipton and Lew tie up, with Lew slipping out to crack the back of the legs of Lipton with shin kicks. Lipton turns and catches Lew's leg and leg drags Lew to the ground. Lipton is quick to lock in an ankle lock. Lew wrathing in pain is quick to the get to the ropes but much to his delight, Lipton drags him to the center of the ring]
[Lew rolls forward sending Lipton into the ropes, Lew bounces off the oppisite set at the rebounding Lipton. Lew takes Lipton down with a flying crossbody. Both get up and Lew sends Lipton down with a quick leg drop. Lipton gets up again, catches and drops Lew with a quick DDT]
[Lipton hoists Lew up and whips to the ropes. Lipton charges at Lew but the faster Lew slides under Lipton and spins him around and to the mat with a hurricaranna. Lew leaps up onto the turnbuckle and launches himself at Lipton landing a shooting star pressed and pin]
[Lew looks at the ref in disbelief. He picks Lipton, on the way up, Lipton picks Lew up and slams him with a spinebuster. Lipton goes to cover, but Lew manages to roll away. Using the ropes to get up slowly and kicks a charging Lipton right in the head. Lipton stands there dazed.]
[Lew bounces off the ropes charging at Lipton from behind setting for Heaven's Judgement but Lipton counters it into The Canadian Ice Breaker. Lew's body bounces off the mat as Lipton covers for the pin]
Kickout by the challenger as Lipton only staggers away a bit, holding his forehead as Lew rolls away. The ref look at Lipton as Lew reaches for the first rope.
Gil: While this is already going to be a slobberknocker folks as they're pulling out the big guns early in this matchup.
Tommy immediately shakes the ref off long enough to reach for Lew's hair, grabbing him up and knocking him with a right hook, sending him towards the corner. He grabs Lew's hand, whipping him strongly to the opposite corner. He quickly follows as Lew hops onto the second rope, using the momentum to flip up and over as the Internet Champion takes to the buckle.
Gil: Aerial evasion by the challenger, he follows up..
Lew executes a mean dropkick as Tommy turns around, connecting the boots with the chest. Tommy slumps down with the impact.

Lucius: Brutual execution from the challenger Lew Smith.

Lew takes the moment to pull back up the champion as he knees him in the gut twice before executing a snap suplex towards the center of the ring. He hops back up onto the top of the corner as he surveys Lipton's limp body.
Lucius: He's going for the high risk reward..
Gil: Question is will it pay off.
Lew goes to steady himself, he looks again to be sure, he leaps up in the air for a five star frog splash...
Tommy rolls out of the away as Lew is halfway back down to the mat, the look of shock is instantly replaced by pain and anguish as he hits the mat. Lipton rolls back as he takes the cover.
The bell rings as Lipton rolls back away as the ref checks on them both.
Ann: Your winner and still the VCW Internet Champion....TOMMY LIPTON~!
Gil: A game changing move backfired on Lew Smith tonight. If he had nailed it-
Lucius: Yet he did not. He's not the Internet Champion heading into Los Angeles. Tommy Lipton is.
Gil: Up next after this..the main event with Fill facing the VCW Champion Dick Fury!

Kingdom Come I Music Hype

Dick Fury v. Fill

Dick Fury hops off the turnbuckle as his music continues to play throughout the arena as Fill stands in his corner, a calm look in his eyes. Fury unclips the VCW Championship belt and raises it in the air as he smirks in Fill's direction.


Gil: The intensity in this ring seems to be an all time high as the two have very different perspectives on rising to the occassion. 


Lucius: Fill brings to the VCW a rare confidence, it doesn't show unless pressured and that's what our esteemed heavweight champion was trying to do this week prior to tonight's match.


The bell is rung as the two begin to circle each other in the ring, Fury taking the initative to test out Fill's reaction time by stepping forward, only to step back once Fill reacts.


After a few seconds of getting his reaction tested, Fill returns the favor by immediately charging at the champion, grabbing him and pushing him to the corner. Dick raises his hands at the ref asks for Fill to back off, but Fill ignores him.






Fill immediately steps back, but follows it up with a slap to Fill's face, getting a response of surprise from the fans and a look of temporary shock from Dick as he backs away.


Gil: Fill trying to get in the head of the champion here folks. Trying to show he's not intimidated by Dick's wrestling skills.

Lucius: Intimidated?! What shoes could he fill?

Fill and Dick lock up in the center of the ring, but its Dick with the leverage, locking in the headlock, but Fill takes to the ropes, pushing Dick off him. Dick rebounds as Fill lies flat on the mat, but instead hopping over him and back for an advantage, he simply stops and tries an elbow drop.


Fill moves out of the way as Dick rises back up, pressing the opening gained as Fill gets up he grabs ahold of him, connecting with a vicious european uppercut, that staggers Fill long enough to follow up with a german suplex.


Lucius: The champ showing Fill here what happens when you disrespect him in the ring!

Gil: Dick with the pinfall!


TWO~Fill kicks out of the bridged suplex pin as both wrestlers get up again, but this time Fill's a few seconds faster as he connects with a kick to the gut and follow it up with a DDT, planting the champion to the mat.


Lucius: What is this!? Get up Dick!


Fill covers..







THR~Dick powers out, much to a mixed reaction from the crowd, even Ann gets up from her chair as Fill looks on with complete surprise. He stands up and mocks the ref's partial count as he goes to stomp on Dick's legs in retaliation.

Lucius: He's hurting our pride and joy here folk! Ref stop him!


The ref pushes him back Fill as Dick gets a moment to recover, but Fill pushes the ref away. He grabs ahold of Dick's legs, but is pushed away towards the ropes. 


Gil: Going for that figure four leg lock, but was denied by Dick's quick thinking.

Fill goes at Dick as he is getting up to one knee, but dick quickly, grabbing Fill up and dropping him with a sidewalk slam. He goes for the cover.






THR~Fill kicks out of the cover. Frustration setting into Dick's face as Fill continues to lie there. 


Lucius: Nothing seems to be putting Fill down by Dick Fury!


Gil: Nothing seems to be working to extinguish the fire in Fill tonight. 


As Dick manages to get up again, he's pulls back down to the mat as Fill strongly grabs ahold of Dick's legs, managing to flip him over on his back as the fans get excited. He locks in the figure four, falling back to the mat as he clamps down on the injuried leg, causing Dick to scream out in pain.


Gil: Fill has the figure four locked in and could be out to do the impossible tonight folks!


Dick struggles to inch towards the ropes, but Fill pulls back, the ref checking on Dick's condition. You can see the determination by Fill to make this happen as Dick refuses to tap out.


Lucius: Come on Dick!

Gil: Shit, where is your pom-poms at?


Dick struggles to reach the ropes, his hand merely inches this time away. Fill tries his hardest to add more leverage, but Dick clamps onto the bottom rope at the last possible moment, saving him from defeat.

Gil: Fill isn't letting go of the hold!


Lucius: Damnit he got to the ropes, give up Fill!


The ref begins to count to five, at the count of four Fill lets go and releases, clearly drained of his strength as well as he and Dick recover briefly. Dick uses the ropes to struggle up as Fill regains the motivation to finish the job. He grabs ahold of Dick, but he counters with a european uppercut, follwoing it up with a stiff right as he hobbles a bit on left leg. The fans giving a mixed reaction to what was possibly Fill's match.


Lucius: Give him what for Dick! 


Dick is countered by Fill as he whips him to the ropes. As Fill goes to grab him, Dick ducks and continues on to the opposite side, rebounding back and kneeing Fill in the gut. He quickly stick Fill between the legs, pulls his arms up and hits the underhook facebuster in desperation as he quickly covers Fill.

Gil: Damnit no!












The bell rings as Dick slumps off of Fill and lies on his back as some of the fans in the arena begin to boo him. 


Ann: And your winner of this match...your VCW Champion....DICK! FU~RY~!

Lucius: One hell of a match by-


Gil: Fill had this match won!


Lucius: I don't know what you're talking about! Fill brought the thunder to our VCW Champion, but he is not victorious tonight!


Dick is handed the VCW Championship belt as his theme music plays throughout the arena, he is assisted out of the ring by the ref as Fill looks on, the same determined look on his face. 


Gil: One can only hope that Fill makes it to the finals and faces Dick again at Kingdom Come. 


Lucius: Hopefully not, but with fights like this in store for the champion, can Dick Fury continue to prove he is better than everyone else?


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