Victory II

2 Aug 2014

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)


As the stream fades up from black, the Saturday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good luck at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Rumor Man' Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Davis: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Victory right here on WrestleUTA dot com! I'm Stan Davis and with me is my fellow Livewire co-host, and lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan. As always it's a pleasure to be here and I'm looking forward to tonight's match right here on Victory.

Davis: Oh, me too Jennifer. Victory is a new thirty minute, weekly experience you will only find here on WrestleUTA dot com. Tonight we have triple threat action as UTA veteran, Log Habben, faces not one, but two of the UTA's newest signees.

Williams: That's right, tonight August Monday and Apollo Cain arrive here on Saturday Night Victory.

Davis: But before we get to tonight's match, lets go backstage where Apollo Cain is standing by.

Apollo Cain Segment


Cameras open up and catch Apollo Cain standing in front of a full size mirror.  His long dreads are loosely tied back and he's already in his wrestling gear.  He shadow boxes a couple jabs and a big right hook to the mirror.  He swings his neck from side to side and it cracks on each side.

Apollo:  Tonight I make my UTA debut!  There's noone else for the eyes to be on.  Every fan, every superstar, every bit of media coverage will be on Apollo Cain and his destruction of not only one...but TWO UTA superstars.

Apollo hops up and raises his knees to his chest, he gives a sinister grin and shows his gold teeth.

Cain:You're not ready for this August Monday.  Log Habben, this isn't just any ol' tree you're trying to hack down.  This is a fuckin' Redwood, and this Redwood fights back.  Everything I've done in my life has prepared me for this battle.  Gang fights, shoot outs, prison name it, I've done it.  I've been in the center of that ring with the odds stacked against me.  I've knocked on the door of death.  When the door opened, I punched the Grim Reaper in his pointed yellow teeth and told him it wasn't my time.  It's not gonna be anyone elses time but mine.  Tonight the UTA is put on notice.

Apollo stretches his arms out  wide and swings at his hips loosening himself up for battle.

Cain: There's a new gladiator that will climb the ladder of UTA.  No worries about the fans, no worries about the powers that be or the public perception.  I came here to fight, and defend my legacy.  It will only be a matter of time until I'm Main Eventing PPV's and carrying UTA on my back.  Who's gonna be my stepping stones?  Log Habben you're one.  August Monday, you're one.  If your little jezebel of a daughter gets in my way don't think I won't put her in her place.  She can easily become one.  I'm above nothing when it comes to winning.  I'll spit in your face and rip out your tongue if need be to get what I want...and I won't give it a second thought.

Apollo rolls his shoulders and slaps at his massive chest.

Cain: There's nothing you can do that will stop me!  I'm bringing the Hood to your living room.  You can run for so long, but it'll only make you a tired prey when the lion catches you.  From the Hood to motherfuckin' Hollywood UTA.  Get your popcorn ready!  Grab your self some Hennessey, or whatever bottom of the barrel weed you like to smoke on.  The show is getting ready to start.  There will be a clear cut winner, a clear cut fuckin' warrior ready to ascend to the upper echelon of the UTA and Wrestleshow.  Blackbeard...I hope you're watching.  Your swashbuckling, scurvy having ass is my next feed.  I'M SO HOOD!!

Apollo Cain burst through the lockerroom door ready for VICTORY!!

August Monday vs. Apollo Cain vs. Log Habben


"Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a... CAAAAAAAAGGGGGE!"

Smashing Pumpkins cuts straight into the distorted guitars and chorus and April Monday emerges from the back. She steps onto the stage, hands on hips, smirking. She pulls her long red hair back and ties it into a ponytail as her father, August Monday, emerges. He stands behind her and folds his arms across his chest and tugs at his rad, grizzly beard.

They make their way down, slapping high fives with the fans, just walking down to the ring. August goes up first and pulls the top and middle ropes apart to allow his daughter into the ring before following her in. They walk across the ring and both climb a turnbuckle each. April with her hands on her hips and August with his arms folded across his chest, tugging on his rad grizzly beard. 

"I'm So Hood" explodes from the PA system and from behind the curtain emerges the hulking Cain. Cain stops at the entrance and looks to the left and the right with a scowl on his face. As the beat drops he pounds his heart with his right hand, roars and throws open his arms. Cain stalks to the ring bobbing his head with fire in his eyes. 

"What you want with a woman who won't do what you say?"

The first line of the song begins and Log saunters out. He looks to the left, then looks to the right, pretends to wave to the crowd and instead waves both sides off.

As Log begins walking slowly to the ring he grabs the microphone when the songs reaches the chorus. The music cuts off and he growls "Got up this morning and I didn't know right from wrong."

Log drops the microphone and box jumps onto the apron. The amazing athletic ability leaves the announces speeches, as he clumsily rolls over the top rope, sits, and waits for the match to begin.

Davis: Tonight's triple threat match features two of the newest signees to the UTA as well as veteran Log Habben.

Williams: Hopefully Log can pull himself together for this match.

Davis: Over the last few weeks Log Habben as been, putting this genitally, fighting some deep personal demons. I fear for his health at times.

Williams: I am wondering how much longer management will allow him to come out here. This man needs help.

Davis: He does.

Williams: Interesting thought Stan.

Davis: Yes?

Williams: Apollo Cain, who has been undefeated in singles competition in the sport of professional wrestling since doing time in a correctional facility, debuts in the UTA tonight. But you have to wonder did he and fellow former convict, Conrad Teller, ever have a previous run in while incarnated?

Davis: That is interesting. I will look into that one Jennifer.

Williams: Cain also may not be as heavy as August Monday, but can Monday who is four inches shorter than Cain, get out of the way of the fighter, Apollo's, extended reach?

Davis: Well, we are about to find out Jennifer as this match is about to begin!

Log jumps off of the top turnbuckle, almost stumbling, but catching himself with the ropes as the three men prepare for the match to begin.

Davis: The bell sounds and we're off.

Monday and Cain both clinch their fist and stare into each other's eyes, waiting for the other to make the first move. Habben stumbles forward, first tripping and catching himself on Cain, before being pushed away and falling onto August Monday who shoves him off as well.

Davis: Log Habben unable to keep himself on his feet as both Apollo Cain and August Monday try and keep him away from themselves.

Williams: It's probably because of his stench. Log is such a nice man in conversations we had a while back, but his cleanliness has went down hill with his health.

Cain is the first to just deliver a big right to the face of Log Habben. Habben twist right into a right from Monday and then twist into another right from Cain.

Davis: Log Habben sent to the mat by both Apollo Cain and August Monday.

Williams: Poor Log. He shouldn't be out here.

Davis: August Monday and Apollo Cain now taking turns stomping Log Habben.

Williams: This isn't right Stan.

Davis: August Monday now lifting Log Habben to his feet. Scoops him up, and slammed back to the canvas.

Apollo Cain immediately drops a knee down hitting Habben. As he gets up, August Monday quickly drops and covers Log Habben.

Davis: Monday with a cover, quick save by Apollo Cain with a stomp to break the attempt before the referee even hits one.

Williams: In a triple threat you should take out both of your opponents before trying to end the match.

Monday begins to get to his feet. Apollo Cain grabs his head under, placing it underneath of his arm and hooking his singlet. He begins to lift.

Davis: Apollo Cain trying to suplex Monday as he gets up. Monday blocks. Grabs Apollo's shorts, and lifts! REVERSAL into his own suplex.

The fans get loud as August rolls over and gets up. April Monday claps outside of the ring.

Davis: That's old school knowledge right there.

Apollo winches in pain as he rolls over and starts to get up himself, facing away from August. As he gets to his feet, August moves in and locks in a half nelson lock.

Davis: Monday lifts... half nelson suplex!

Williams: August Monday really taking charge here.

Log Habben rolls out of the ring and drops to the floor outside of the ring, kneeling down as he appears to be ill after the beat down.

Davis: August Monday going for the cover.

The referee drops down and begins the count.

Davis: Cain kicks out at two.

Williams: Apollo Cain may be on the receiving end right now, but he is one of the toughest men to ever step into the ring. It's going to take a lot more than that to keep him down.

Monday and Apollo Cain begin to get to their feet. Cain storms across the ring at August Monday, who sidesteps causing Apollo to hit the corner.

Davis: Apollo Cain tries to turn things around and fails.

August Monday starts to unload on Cain with rights and lefts, he slows down before sending a knee into the gut of Cain and attempting to send him across the ring into the opposite corner.

Williams: He puts the breaks on.

Cain doesn't leave the corner, holding onto the ropes. He uses his strength to pull August Monday towards him and into the corner.

Davis: What strength!

Cain throws a big right hand but August Monday moves out of the way and once again starts throwing rights and lefts, this time to the body of Apollo Cain.

Williams: August Monday keeping charge.

Cain manages to get his hands up to protect himself, he then pushes August away sending him across the ring.

Davis: Another impressive display of strength!

Cain comes out of the corner as August Monday is getting to his feet, he sends him off into the ropes with an Irish whip and swings for a big clothesline but August Monday ducks it and comes off the ropes.

Williams: Big shoulder tackle....

Davis: And Cain hits the canvas again.

As Cain gets to his feet, August Monday kicks him in the shoulder forcing him to stand up straight. Monday then locks on a sleeper.

Williams: It might be a bit early to go for a submission.

Davis: I think Monday just wants to buy a little time.

Cain pushes August back into the corner and breaks the hold before he staggers into the middle of the ring.

Williams: It didnt take much for August Monday to get out of that one.

Cain turns and charges towards August Monday, but at the last minute he manages to get his boot up and kick Apollo square in the jaw. August Monday then runs out of the corner and hits the ropes on the far side of the ring, he bounces off them and takes Cain down with a big running boot.

Davis: Twice he takes one in the face.

Williams: August Monday with a cover...

Davis: He gets a shoulder up at two.

August Monday pulls Apollo Cain to his feet quickly, throwing an arm around his neck and hooking him for another suplex.

Williams: Two very big men doing battle in the ring now.

August Monday tries to lift Cain into the air, but he dead weights him. He tries once more but Cain sends a knee into his gut and Monday drops to the canvas.

Davis: That knocked the wind right out of him.

Apollo Cain starts to ruthlessly stomp away to the body of Monday who curls up trying to protect himself.

Williams: Apollo Cain now on the giving end, being ruthless.

August Monday starts to pull himself up using the ropes. Apollo sends him across the ring with an Irish whip, he comes off the ropes and Cain grabs him around the throat as if he's going for a chokeslam. August Monday then starts replying with elbows to the back of the head.

Davis: August Monday using that wrestling knowledge once again.

Monday breaks free but almost as soon as he does he gets kicked in the stomach and bent over. Cain lifts him up onto his shoulders.

Williams: Apollo Cain lifting over three hundred pounds into a torture rack. Such strength!

Davis: The Black hulk showing how he got that name!

Apollo lifts August up, spinning him around before dropping with August hitting the canvas hard.

Davis: What a slam!

Cain rolls Monday over and goes for a cover.

Williams: That was close, kick out right before three!

Without missing a second, the moment Monday kicks out, Cain rolls him onto his front and tries to hook him for a camel clutch.

Davis: It looks like he could be going for a devastating submission move.

As soon as Apollo Cain gets his hands around Monday' chin, August manages to wriggle backwards and through his legs. Both men quickly get to their feet. Cain turns round and Monday lands a big right hand that sends him staggering backwards.

Williams: What a bomb.

Davis: But he's still standing.

Monday throws another big right hand.

Williams: Straight between the eyes.

Cain staggers back to the ropes.

Davis: He's looking uneasy on his legs now as August Monday is showing he can brawl just as well as Apollo Cain.

August sends Apollo across the ring with a whip, as he bounces off the opposite cables, Monday goes for a big hiptoss. Cain hooks his arm and resists the maneuver.

Williams: He blocks it!

Cain swings for a big clothesline but Monday ducks that and kicks Cain in the mid section before sending him to the ropes with another Irish whip.

Davis: Monday's trying to regain some momentum here.

August Monday swings for a big clothesline but Cain hooks the arm and brings him in close before bridging backwards dropping Monday on his head.

Davis: Big T-Bone Suplex.

Williams: Just when you thought Monday was going to get back into this match.

Monday holds his head as Cain surveys the damage he just inflicted on him.

Davis: That move sets him up perfectly for a camel clutch.

Cain lays Monday out before delivering a big stomp to the neck.

Williams: He's going to focus all his attentions on that area now.

Cain pulls August Monday to his feet and locks him in a front facelock, he takes his arm and turns him over before they both drop down to the canvas.

Davis: Carefully executed spinning neckbreaker.

Williams: And another cover...ONE

The referee drops and begins to count. He hits two.

Williams: KICK OUT!

Davis: August Monday in real danger now.

Apollo Cain pulls up August Monday and casually headbutts him as he gets to his feet. He then throws Monday up onto his shoulder in a powerslam position.

Williams: Just look how easily he did that. It's like August Monday's stature means nothing to a man like Apollo Cain.

Cain moves across the ring before building some speed up, but Monday manages to slide off behind Cain.

Davis: He escaped.

Cain turns round and throws a big right hand but Monday ducks it and hits the ropes behind him. He comes off and hits a big shoulder tackle sending Cain to the canvas.

Williams: These big men colliding there still.

Apollo Cain gets up to his feet and August Monday lifts him into the air, holding him across his body.

Davis: I didn't think he'd be able to lift him after all he's been through here tonight.

Monday bridges back throwing Cain over him.

Williams: Big fall away slam.

Apollo Cain staggers to his feet, August Monday carefully waits for him between he hits the ropes, he runs past Cain and hits the ropes once more before diving at him with a vicious clothesline.

Davis: Clothesline from hell!

Williams: He nearly took his head off

Monday hooks the leg of Cain.

Williams: Another kickout!

August Monday hooks Cain around the waist and tries lifting him up into a side slam position.

Davis: August Monday taking control once again

Cain throws an elbow into the face of Monday and he breaks free. Cain then tries to lock on a full nelson but Monday sends an elbow into his face.

Williams: No man able to get the better of the other at the moment.

Davis: This is the type of competition the UTA brings to you each and every week folks.

Suddenly Log Habben slides back into the ring. Both men turn to see him right as Log throws out two arms, and clotheslines both.

Davis: LOG HABBEN IS BACK! He takes down both of these men who have been giving us one hell of a show!

Williams: I thought he was gone for the night as he was outside of the ring for a long time.

Davis: Habben off of the ropes, big elbow drop to the chest of August Monday!

Williams: He's on fire.

Log Habben quickly gets to his feet, grabbing Apollo Cain's head and lifting him up with him.

Davis: European uppercut catches the face of Apollo Cain. Habben steps back.. runs forward and leaps... sloppy but effective drop kick!

August Monday begins to get to his feet behind Habben, waiting.

Williams: August Monday is up.

Habben turns around.

Davis: Habben charges.

August Monday slides his arm up underneath of Log Habben's. He bends forward into a backbraker, and lifts up dropping Habben down face first. Outside of the ring April leaps up and down cheering her father own.


Williams: I'm not parcal to Tuesdays myself.

Davis: No, it's the name of his finisher Jennifer. August Monday covers Log Habben.

The referee drops and begins counting. As his hand hits three, Apirl Monday quickly slides into the ring.

Davis: August Monday wins! he wins!

August and April begin to celebrate.

Davis: What a huge debut win here!

Williams: What a match!

Davis: This folks is Victory. I'm Stan Davis...

Williams: and this is jennifer Williams.

Davis: We'll be back next week right here on!

Williams: Goodnight folks!

August stares into the camera as the copy right comes up and the stream fades to black.


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