Livewire 10

20 Jul 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )


The screen is black. An overlay of a Play button sits in front of you as you are used to with every streaming media site you see on the internet. It's now time for the much anticipated, next episode of Livewire....

As you click the button, the stream loads. The United Toughness Alliance logo comes across the screen in a metallic outline, before it begins to shake. An electronic charge outlines the logo before it begins to break apart.

Finally, the logo explodes and the Livewire logo burst through. It pulsates as if to signify a heart beat before fading out. We are welcomed to an outside shot of downtown Seattle, WA. Busses drive by, people cross streets.

The Space Needle stands tall over the horizon before we fade into a shot of the world famous EMP Museum followed by a trip on the water in one of the tourist filled Duck Tour boats. Finally, we are outside the 42 floor Fourth & Madison building where the UTA host it's offices and new studio. We get a shot of the reception area, welcoming us to the floor.



We get different shots of the office with different superstars in inaudible situations, smiling, laughing, and spending time with the staff of the UTA. These are the people that keep things going. Finally we get a wide shot of the Livewire studio. The camera moves in to sit on Jennifer Williams and 'Rumor Man' Stan Davis, sitting at the Livewire news desk.

Stan: Welcome back everybody to the new, bi-weekly, thirty minute show.. Livewire. I'm Stan Davis, known to you as the Dirt Sheet's Rumor Man Stan. Sitting beside me is the lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan, I'm glad to be here.

Stan: Tonight we're just one week away from maybe the largest Wrestleshow ever, as next Sunday we determine the two men who will battle it out for the right to be called the Ring King and will get an opportunity to become the UTA Champion at Ring King on August twenty-fourth.

Williams: What a night it will be. The first two matches will pit men going one on one, with the winner of each meeting each other in a match to determine who will move forward into yet another match, the dreaded Chamber match.

Stan: On top of that, we have a Fatal Four-Way to determine the man who will face the winner of the Chamber match. The Chamber though.. lets discuss that. Six men, one of which will be an absolute mystery until the match begins will compete in a large steel Chamber. Four men will start off locked in pods as the other two kick the match off as they would a normal one.

Williams: Then randomly, a pod will open and release a new competitor into the match!

Stan: The way to win is be the final man in the ring at the end of the match. Each person will battle to eliminate the other opponents in the match. At the end of the night one man will emerge, the Wild Card winner and will face the finalist from the Ring King tournament.

Williams: But Stan, the big question on everybody's mind... who is the sixth man?

Stan: At the end of the last Wrestleshow, five men would be announced to enter the Chamber, a six man match... leaving the world to wonder, who is the sixth man? Everyone is staying tight lipped Jennifer as we head into the next Wrestleshow.

Williams: The person named most likely is UTA Hall of Fame member and resident thorn in Sean Jackson's spine.. The Spectre.

Stan: Well, The Spectre went on record to say he would not be the sixth man. For as much of a trickster he is, I have never known The Spectre to be a liar.

Williams: Wrestleshow is going to be an event not to miss Stan as we head into Ring King August twenty-fourth.

Stan: No it isn't Jennifer. On top of all of the jam packed action we have scheduled, returning to live television for the first time since Black Horizon... the UTA Champion, Madman Szalinski, is back!

Williams: What makes it even bigger is Wrestleshow is being held in West Virginia, Madman's home territory. The roof will blow when he steps through the curtains.

A promo image for Madman's return takes over our screen for a few moments.



Stan: It is still unknown is Madman will even be able to defend his championship at Ring King as officials have had him run through a battery of test all week long and have yet to make a decision on allowing him to return to action.

Williams: Can you imagine if the champion was forced to vacate his title in his hometown?

Stan: Madman Szalinski fought tooth and nail to become the champion, if he does not get to wrestle one match has champion, will it have been worth it?

Williams: Well, his future as champion rest in the hands of James Wingate. We can only assume that next week on Wrestleshow, a decision will be made.

Stan: While we're talking next weekend, make sure to tune in right here on for the premier episode of Saturday Night Victory. A new weekly episodic addition to the United Toughness Alliance's stronghold in sports entertainment.

We cut to a brief fade up fade up of a promo for Victory.



Williams: Victory will be awesome Stan! I'm looking forward to the debut of two new superstars here in the UTA, Mitchell Quinlan and FKA the Wrestler.

Stan: A rumor I've been hearing is we may even see an Internet Championship match sometime soon on an upcoming episode!

Williams: Fans need to make sure and tune into Victory. All I can say is how amazing it is to be apart of this company and all of the history we make day after day.

Stan: I couldn't agree more Jennifer. But for now, it's time to turn our attention to the next part of this show as La Flama Blanca returns, once again with.. Ask A Luchador!

Williams: Oh I wish this was a weekly webisode, I adore this segment!

We fade into the segment.

Ask A Luchador

Ask A Luchador

We open up to find La Flama Blanca sitting out in his hot tub with a cigar in his mouth. He has a big smile on his face.
The sun has completely went down. The lightning bugs are out, lighting up the scene. The bright lights on and cameras are rolling. The show has begun.
La Flama Blanca: I’m baaaaaack! A beautiful night, I’m back again with some more question from you the fans. Before I get started… Today’s show is sponsored by Smith and Forge Hard Cider. Smith and Forge is a traditional cider made strong. Definitely something to check out. 
La Flama Blanca’s cigar ash falls into the water of the hot tub. He looks down.
La Flama Blanca: Dios de mierda joder. Got wet ashes on my chest. Mierda. Whatever. First question, GO!
Voice Over: Adam from Salem, Oregon wants to know, “What’s on your TiVo?”
La Flama Blanca: The “L” Word, Lucha Libre, uhhh Maury and Springer. The classics. Next.
Voice Over: Kristin from Selden, New York wants to know , “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest beat nut of them all?”
La Flama Blanca: Probably Perfection. Next.
Voice Over: Juanita from El Paso, Texas wants to know, “When is the UTA coming to Mexico?”
La Flama Blanca: No clue. I’d be lying if I said I’d find out so I won’t. Next.
Voice Over: Jalen from Brooklyn, New York wants to know, “Who wins in a fight, King Kong or Godzilla?”
La Flama Blanca: King Kong ain’t got shit on me. Godzilla was always my favorite. 
Flama Blanca swats at the lightning bugs flying in front of his face.
La Flama Blanca: These lightning bugs are pissing me the hell off. Next question voice over guy.
Voice Over: Katie from Branson, Missouri wants to know, “What horror icon would you be?”
La Flama Blanca: That’s actually a good question. Taking the chupacabra out of the equation, I’d be… the Leprechaun. Evil little shit. 
Flama Blanca takes a drag from his cigar and blows out several smoke rings. He smiles into the camera.
La Flama Blanca: Like that don’t ya? Well it’s that time of the show for the “Did You Know?” fact of the day. Did you know that Sweden’s official twitter is handled every week by a different citizen? That has disaster written all over it. Back to the questions.
Voice Over: Evgeni from Moscow, Russia wants to know, “Why are there no Russian wrestlers in the UTA?”
La Flama Blanca: They can’t through the steel curtain? I don’t know. Putin hates James Wingate, I think. Next.
Voice Over: Phil from Toronto, Canada wants to know, “Superman or Batman?”
La Flama Blanca: Another great question. I’d be Batman. The money, the toys, the money. He’s got it all. I have always wanted a butler to clean up after me. Next.
Voice Over: Amanda in Salt Lake City, Utah wants to know, “X-Box or Playstation?”
La Flama Blanca: Mormons are allowed to play video games. I did not know that. I’ll go X-Box I guess. I bang women and have a life so I don’t play video games. Except Mario. I always wanted to be a plumber. 
Flama Blanca’s phone chirps to signify a text has arrived. He goes over and grabs his phone to check who sent it.
La Flama Blanca: The ladies can’t get enough of your boy. Well, looks like I have to cut this one short. Got a lady coming over for a night cap, if I play my cards right. Thank you to everyone who wrote in. I might be back for another installment. We will have to see. 
He waves to the camera.
La Flama Blanca: Adios muchachos. Until next time.

It's a family thing

It's a Family Thing

We cut to a United Toughness Alliance backdrop.  Standing before it is a beautiful, snow white skinned red haired woman wearing a flannelette shirt that is two sizes too big for her, wearing it almost like a statement.  She has a hardened steely gaze and her arms folded across her chest.  Beside her, a 300+ pound monster dwarfs her presence by almost a foot.  He wears a leather biker style vest with a t-shirt that reads "WWW.FEAR.COM" in red writing.  His arms and neck are tattooed with all sorts of frightening images.  He eyeballs the camera with a more weathered, angry look than the woman.  His graying ginger hair is pulled back into a ponytail and he has a rad, grizzly beard that resonates manliness.

Woman: Hello, United Toughness Alliance.  It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.  Unless you've lived under a rock all your life and never been a wrestling fan then you'd know who the man standing to my left is.  For the less learned viewers, he is the Raging Fear.  He is August Monday.

The man grins sarcastically at the camera, but his angry eyes never change. The grin drops almost as soon as it appears.

Woman: And I am his daughter.  April Monday.  They like to call me... Daddy's Little Demon.  And together, we join the United Toughness Alliance as one of THE most formiddable tag team duos in professional wrestling: Daddy Daughter Day.

August shakes his head, almost embarrassed as she announces the name.

April Monday: Don't let the name fool you.  This isnt some little picnic with three-legged races and lemonade.  We're the real deal.  And if you've ever had the misfortune of stepping into a ring with us you'd know this to be true.  And if you were ever fortunate enough to bare witness to our ability as a tag team you'd know this to be true.  But if you want to make the mistake of taking us for a joke you'll find out the hard way that the cat was right.

She snickers.

April Monday: You'll hate Mondays, too!

August steps forward, pulling a cigarette out of his vest pocket and lighting it, threatening to send his beard up in flames but it doesn't.

August Monday: EW-TEE-AY.  You might've heard'f us or ya mightn't've.  Don't matter a fuck t'me.  All that matters is you open ya eyes and take a good look at what the ol' cat dragged in.  See, this place ain't seen nothin'f the likes'f us before.  My pretty daughter here looks like an angel but she stings like you got a swarm'f hornets stuck up yer asshole an' ya ca't shit 'em out quick enough t'save yaself.

April cringes at the thought.

August Monday: Then ya got me.  A gnarly ol' bastard with a chip in his shoulder bigger'an the state'f fucken Texas always lookin' fer a fight.  And if ya step up t'me... Tha's 'zackly whacha get, son.  And tha's matter'f fact.  See, I may be gettin' older but I'm gettin' wiser, see.  I been in that ring longer'n most'f you been pluckin' pubes off yer sacks and I've been breakin' people down longer'n that.

He rolls his shoulders menacingly, like he was just prepping for a fght.

August Monday: Aw shit, son.  This joint jus' got REAL fucken real.  Me an' Ape's gonna smash through this joint like bulls in a china shop and leave the rest'f you to clean up after us.  These ain't just threats, they's fucken promises.  See you do ya best to keep out'f our way or you'll figure it out quick smart.  Fuck with me?

He holds up one of his big ham-like fists, puffing a cloud of smoke on it and rubbing it on his vest.

August Monday: An' I fuck... with... YOU!

April steps forward again, making for a prettier view.  She flashes a pretty grin.

April Monday: So, United Toughness Alliance, you're going to see just what we're capable of.  We'll take it all the way to the top.  We're unstoppable.

She cuts the air with her hands.

April Monday: UN... stoppable.

And they both take leave on opposite sides of the set, leaving the camera to zoom in on the UTA logo before fading out.

Back to the Studio

Back to the Studio

We return back to the studio with Stan Davis and jennifer Williams standing by.

Stan: Up next we want to roll never before seen footage taken after last week's Wrestleshow involving Tobias Devereux.

Williams: With Wrestleshow being taped on Saturday in order for the superstars to be on hand for Valor Championship Wrestling's Anarchy pay per view, Mr. Devereux used his time to relax. What happened next was unexpected.

Stan:  But as always we have some of the best camera men who go above and beyond to chronicle the lives of our superstars outside of the ring. Lets roll the footage now.

We fade into the never before seen footage.

An Unexpected Rendezvous

An Unexpected Rendezvous

Last Sunday night, with Wrestleshow being pre-recorded, it had given Tobias a chance to watch back his victory in the bar of his hotel in Wisconsin. After his match, his win, Tobias picks up his glass of whisky and heads back towards his room to settle in for the night before the long drive home. It was a good thing that he was calling it a night, from the stumble in his shuffle anymore Whiskey and there would be no way he'd be driving in the morning. As Tobias reached his room, fumbling for the key card in his back pocket he could've sworn he heard movement from within his room, but he shook the anxious feeling and opened the door. From within the darkness, a sultry female voice began to sing. 

???: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Tobias knew it instantly. He flicks on the light switch to reveal the mysterious woman that has been at the last couple of UTA shows, taunting him. Dressed in the finest French lace lingerie and a silk kimono that leaves very little to the imagination; she sits on his dresser, legs crossed infront of, dangling over the edge, she is seductively smoking the same black and gold cigarette we had seen two weeks previous; She stubs it out straight onto the table.

Tobias: Kat, Chere, de hell yews doin here?

The woman is infact the infamous Benedict Bitch of Professional Wrestling, Kathryn Velmont Thomas. 

KVT: Now, now Tobias is that really how you greet an old friend.

Kathryn smirks at him, casually switching her legs over.

Tobias: I don't tink de whole old friends term fits us chere, more like de queen and king of hearts no?

Kathryn opens the solid gold cigarette case to her left and takes out another. She plays with in her fingers, ignoring his statement.

KVT: What was it you used to say to me Tobias? That I was the 'Amour de ma vie' and we were 'Pour toujours et à jamais' but it was just lies wasn't it? You just used me to get where you wanted to go. I shouldn't have been surprised, after all, how many people did we do the same too, just to get what we wanted?

Kathryn doesn't let him speak. Instead, she continues, her voice sweet and sinister all at the same time. She's not being malicious or vindictive in what she says but every word cuts him like a knife.

KVT: But it wasn't all bad was it? I mean we had some really good times together.

Whilst she continues on, she lights the cigarette. 

KVT: There was our first date, there were the countless times we ended up in the wine cellar at The Dollhouse, doing god only knows. There was Aruba. Then the Bahamas. Oh and I can't leave out Christmas in New Orleans. You remember that Christmas don't you? When you got down on knee and asked me to be your wife?

Her eyes narrow, the smirk dropping from her face and the sweetness drops from her voice, this is starting to get heated, fast.

KVT: Then of course. The day itself. Ever since I was a little girl, I always told myself if I was going to get married it would be at St Patricks. And here it was, it was about to happen" She smiles gleefully like a child again.

She takes a long drawn out puff of her cigarette. 

KVT: The ceremony was... well it wasn't anything was it? The groom, that would be you...

Now it was quickly turning malicious. She gets out of her seat, pointing the two fingers holding her cigarette towards him as walks up to him. 

KVT: Packed a bag, hitched a ride out of New York, embarrassing me in front of MY friends, MY family. Not only leaving me out of pocket by hundreds of thousands of dollars, for a wedding that never happened but giving my -beep- of a mother the satisfaction of saying 'I told you so'...And for what? What have you actually achieved since?

Tobias: Well dere was dat whole run in de Es Vee Oh, fighting for de champeenship. Dere was those years in Japan, oh and the money I made with Cee Ess Jay working for his company out dere in Vegas. I's not been doing too bad Chere, course dat was after de whole breaking my shoulder and mind along with dat Bee Bee Dee cooyon.

KVT: Oh don't be so narcissitic love, nobody was trying to break you, you just happened to be in the way.

Tobias: Whatevers yew say chere, still don answer de question, what yews doing here?

KVT: Truthfully. I'm bored. And quite frankly, when your face flashed across my TV screen a few weeks ago, I sought the opportunity to finish what I started. Remember Tobias. I made you. You wouldn't exist in this industry if it wasn't for me. And now, it's my mission to put you through the hell you put me through.

Tobias: Wells, yews have fun wit dat Chere, you go finds yew anutta puppet to dance for yews, cause dis one don't play de game unless he make it, yews know dat. 

With that Tobias turns on his heels and throws up a two finger deuces wave as he heads out of the hotel room leaving his stuff behind. Kathryn says nothing, the look on her face says it all. This is exactly how she expected it to go and just how she wanted it to go. Her once intense look turns into a sadistic smirk as the camera fades to black.



We return to the studio once more with Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams.

Stan: An interesting development Jennifer. Could this mean Kathryn Velmont Thomas is on her way to the UTA as the first female superstar to compete since Hall of Fame member and former champion, Aki Sasame?

Williams: It sure looks that way. How will this effect Tobias Devereux as well? he rest of the UTA roster for that matter?

Stan: I feel it's a step in the right direction with women showing they are equal to men and going toe to toe with the amazing superstars we have here in the UTA.

Williams: I can not wait.

Stan: Well folks, that's all the time we have this week here on Livewire. Remember to tune in next weekend for the debut episode of Victory as well as the next action packed edition of Wrestleshow on High Octane Television. I'm your host Stan Davis...

Williams: ...and I'm Jennifer Williams.

Stan: Have a wonderful night!

The camera pans out as the two begin to chat with each other and the copyright comes across the screen before we fade to black and the stream ends.

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