Livewire ep 9

23 Jun 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )


The screen is black. An overlay of a Play button sits in front of you as you are used to with every streaming media site you see on the internet. It's now time for the much anticipated, next episode of Livewire....

As you click the button, the stream loads. The United Toughness Alliance logo comes across the screen in a metallic outline, before it begins to shake. An electronic charge outlines the logo before it begins to break apart.

Finally, the logo explodes and the Livewire logo burst through. It pulsates as if to signify a heart beat before fading out. We are welcomed to an outside shot of downtown Seattle, WA. Busses drive by, people cross streets.

The Space Needle stands tall over the horizon before we fade into a shot of the world famous EMP Museum followed by a trip on the water in one of the tourist filled Duck Tour boats. Finally, we are outside the 42 floor Fourth & Madison building where the UTA host it's offices and new studio. We get a shot of the reception area, welcoming us to the floor.

We get different shots of the office with different superstars in inaudible situations, smiling, laughing, and spending time with the staff of the UTA. These are the people that keep things going. Finally we get a wide shot of the Livewire studio. The camera moves in to sit on Jennifer Williams and 'Rumor Man' Stan Davis, sitting at the Livewire news desk.

Stan: Welcome back everybody to the new, bi-weekly, thirty minute show.. Livewire. I'm Stan Davis, known to you as the Dirt Sheet's Rumor Man Stan. Sitting beside me is the lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan, I'm glad to be here.

Stan: Tonight we're going to take a look back at some of the memorable moments leading up to the UTA's current landscape as the news has been buzzing of returns, and it seems like the future is as uncertain as ever.

Williams: With Chance Von Crank and Shawn FX returning, the Jokers Wild on the horizon, and even The Spectre... things are certainly being turned upside down in the UTA.

Stan: On top of that, Madman Szalinsk is awake from his coma and now the big question is... Will he be able to defend the championship that he won at Black Horizon, or will he have to give it up?

Williams: It has never been more active in the UTA. The fans are the real winners here.

Stan: They sure are Jennifer.

From The Depths of a Black Horizon

From the Depths of a Black Horizon

We fade to a black screen. The words "Three Weeks Ago" appear at the bottom of your screen.

We get a slowed down shot of Madman Szaslinski heading toward the Steel hell match at Black Horizon. His eyes telling the story as seen through his mask. The scene changes, now all three men are in the ring. Sean Jackson appears as if he has seen a ghost as The Spectre stares at from outside the structure.

Various moments of the match flash before us leading into all men, including the referee being down. Next, we have The Spectre inside the ring standing over a handcuffed Sean Jackson. The following shot is the Sweet Dreams on Abdul bin Hussain.

Then we come to the moment that Spectre and Madman stared into each other's eyes. The background music becomes more upbeat as we lead into Madman making the cover.


Then the shot that will never be forgotton. Madman Szalinski stands on the top turnbuckle, the title high up before it cuts to him falling. A final moment of medical personal running from the back.

We then fade to two images flashing of Madman Szalinski in the hospital. Memorable images that took the world by storm.

After this we move to a shot of James Wingate and Kevin Hawk standing in what appears to be a hospital room. After a few moments, you see through the open door that Madman Szalinski lays there, Peach on his lap, with Ariel and a group of nurses and doctors standing around him.

We focus more on the two executives.

Wingate: Two weeks now and not a sign of waking?

Hawk: Non sir.

James sighs, rubbing his hand over his head. He looks into the room at his champion, unconscious and no visible life.

Hawk: Sir, I'm not one to tell you what to do. But can we really have a champion who is in a coma?

James sighs again.

Wingate: I guess not. The only thing left to do is...

There begins to be some commotion behind them.

Wingate: What?

Both men turn, and watch nurses running around while buzzers beep. Peach begins to bark.

Ariel: What's wrong? My God what's wrong with my husband?!

She begins to scream hysterically.

Doctor: Please, get her out of here!

A nurse attempts to grab the barking dog but Peach takes a nip at her. Ariel grabs Peach as the nurses are trying to escort her out.

Wingate: Hey, what's going in there!

Ariel and Peach are forced outside of the room beside James and Kevin as the buzzers begin to die down. The doctors and nurses talk between themselves.

A few moments later one of the Doctor's comes to the door.

Doctor: Mrs. Szalinski?

Ariel: Yes! What is it?!

Doctor: He's awake.

Ariel lets peach to the floor and runs into the room, Peach following. James and Kevin start to follow when the Doctor puts his hand up.

Doctor: Sorry. This room is now officially closed to everyone from this point.

The door closes and we are left with a shot of James Wingate and Kevin Hawk looking at each other.

Wingate: This certainly changes things, doesn't it?

Hawk: It sure does sir.

We head back to the Livewire studio where Jamie Sawyers is standing by.

Sawyers: It's all over the internet and news, UTA Champion Madman Szalinski has awaken from his coma. In an amazing turn of events, the champion actually woke up live on the last Wrestleshow just moments from what many people thought was the decision to strip him of the championship.

Jamie adjust himself.

Sawyers: The future of the UTA Championship is still unknown, but I would like to pass on that Madman Szalinski is out of the hospital and is at home with his wife Ariel recovering. We have yet to receive a full update, but sources are saying that Madman is in good spirits and has even resumed posting on Twitter, the social media website.

We are shown a screen shot of Madman's Twitter account, @autotunemypenis, showing recent updates from the UTA Champion.

We return to Jamie, still standing by in front of the Livewire background.

Sawyers: Many people want to see Madman Szalinski have a chance to defend his championship at Ring King in August, however UTA Owner James Wingate has went on record of saying that the champion's health is most important and that he will not allow him to wrestle if he can not be medically cleared.

We get a flash of James Wingate in an office with no audio as he talks with the UTA commissioner, Kevin Hawk, before going back to Jamie Sawyers.

Sawyers: Only time will tell though if Madman will in fact be cleared and able to defend his title. There is still a lot of time between now and August twenty-fourth's Ring King pay per view. We hope to have more of an update as we draw closer. But for now, back to Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams in the studio.


Back in the Studio

Back in the Studio

We return to the studio with Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams standing by.

Stan: Our prayers continue to go out to the UTA Champion, Madman Szalinski, and his family and we hope for a speedy recovery.

Williams: If Madman Szalinski can not compete at Ring King, where will that leave the UTA Championship and the title picture in general?

Stan: That's the million dollar question. With the Ring King tournament in progress and the rumors of a wild card portion coming, anything can happen. But now to switch things up, we were surprised on the last Wrestleshow when Chance Von Crank made his return to the United Toughness Alliance.

Williams: It had been previously announced, but what happened next shocked the world.

Stan: Lets go to the video showing the events that lead up to the shock of the night.



We begin by having several small clips shown from the past. Chance Von Crank and Shawn FX winning their tournament matches early in the UTA's return.

An image... Shawn FX versus Chance von Crank at iPPV #001.

A camera set up in front of fans from that time.

Camera Man: What match are you looking forward to?

Fan #1: Shawn F and Chance Von Crank!

Another fan.

Fan #2: FX and Crank man! That match will be huge!

We go to Shawn FX in a video he had shot.

FX: cVc... let me tell you this. While you're out there flapping your gums, running your meele little mouth, and talking completely out of YOUR ASS... you're starting ever so slightly to piss Shawn FX off. Let that be a warning to you.

Nonetheless, let me set this up as only Shawn FX can...

The Ultimate Battle of Super Awesome Mother(BEEEP) with Facial Hair and Legitimate Swag...

That's right...

cVc vs Shawn FX one-on-one WILL happen in a MAIN EVENT.... someday... somewhere... somehow... and when it does there is no bowing down. There is no (BEEP) sucking! Hell, especially not by me but that walking, talking, Herbie Vaccuum cVc... prepare to SUCK AWAY on MY garden hose (BEEP)HOLE!

(Shawn FX begins to pace as if inside a ring)

It's going to be like this....

In one corner there will be Chance Von Crank...

(Shawn FX walks over and slaps an imaginary top turnbuckle)

In the other corner it'll be me.... SHAWN FX - The most resilient, charismatic, craftiest, craziest, insane, and most importantly TOUGHEST S.O.B. walking the face of God's green earth today!

When that match happens.... and it will... I'll whoop your ass. I'll steal your alligator shoes. I'll replace your fat catepillar on your upper lip with a DIRTY SANCHEZ! Ha! Ha! Knowing you... you might be into that sick kind of shit Chance Von Crap Lips! You want to be on the wrong side of the tracks? You want to get on my bad side? Well, YOU CAN KISS MY DIRTY WHITE BOOTY! That's what you can do cVc!

WRESTLEUTA on iPPV will be worth seeing and spending your hard earned money on. Why? I -AM- winning the World title. I -AM- accepting my role as the No.1 man in this company. I -AM- putting this company on my back. There ain't no backing down or turning back now. I'm going to raise that beautiful gold belt high in the air for all the world to see. Everyone in the arena, watching at home, and watching it online will get to enjoy The Moment.

Wichita, Kansas. iPPV. Miracles happen. Shawn FX fueled by the love of all of you... The People... becomes YOUR champion. I love you all. You're the reason I do what I do!

Oh yeah... and what's in the box?

Find out only on pay-per-view!

UTA will deliver the goods like nobody else!

The Box..

We get a shot of a large wooden crate marked for Shawn FX before going to black.

A few moments later we fade into a shot of James Wingate Jr., better known as Matt Fury JR, sitting in front of backdrop.

He stares into the camera with a straight look on his face, almost as he he is dreading what is about to come next.

Wingate: I'm James Wingate, President and CEO of the United Toughness Alliance.

He lets out what almost seems like a sigh before continuing.

Wingate: In our the sports entertainment business, it's easy to get caught up in the moment and lose sight of reality. We tend to forget that our performers are not the supermen they portray on screen, and are real individuals like you, and like me.

He moves ever so slightly, but continues on.

Wingate: I have the unfortunate duty tonight to tell you, the fan, that due to irreconcilable differences on both sides, Shawn Phillips whom is better known as Shawn FX... will not be here tonight.

He pauses.

Wingate: Mr. Phillips has chosen to leave the United Toughness Alliance, breaking his contract and quite frankly letting you, the fan, down.

James pauses again before he continues.

Wingate: It is unfortunate, but as advertised the card is subject to change without notice. As we head into this landmark, historic event tonight there is a void that the departure of Mr. Phillips leaves.

He nods ever so slightly.

Wingate: However, that void will be filled as each and every person performing tonight will step up and give you all of the excitement you have come to expect from the UTA and then some.

He sits back, adjusting his position.

Wingate: I am excited and you should be too as at the end of the night we will crown a new UTA Champion for the first time in many years. The new generation is upon us, and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for joining us tonight as we push forward. Thank you.

He holds his hands together as we fade to clips from the iPPV.

We head to a location backstage where a large brown box sits. There are several holes in the top of it, with a label on the side that reads - ATTN: Shawn FX.

Yes, it is THAT box. The box that had been delivered days before the show. The box that was supposed to be revealed tonight, yet wouldn't because Shawn FX is no longer with the company.

It is the box that you would think he would have thought to take.

We hear a loud huffing sound seconds before Howard King walks into the scene. A look of frustration is on his face as he walks through the hall and past the box. He stops and takes a few steps back, then looks down at the box.

King: What the hell is in this thing?

He kicks the box to no avail. One more minor kick does nothing and King just shrugs.

King: Whatever. I'm glad that guy is gone anyways.

He turns and continues on his way as we pan in closer to the box....

What's in the box?

We return to the box in another clip. You know, the same giant brown box with holes in the top that was left by a careless man scorn. The box remains, untouched other than Howard King's kicks earlier as Darian Dumont enters the hall.

He nods his head as his iPod plays in his ears. Like King, Dumont almost passed the box up. But who can pass up a giant box with mystery contents? Dumont takes his ear plugs out and looks at the box with his hands on his waist.

Dumont: I wonder what's in that box...

He leans forward and listens to the box for a few moments. Nothing. Dumont stands back up, shrugs, and places his ear plugs back in before heading back on his way.

The camera zooms in on it yet again as the entire world wonders...

What's in the box?

The final clip from iPPV #001 runs. It's the box. You know the one, we've seen it a few times tonight already. However this time Chance Von Crank and his pint size sidekick are standing next to it just staring.

Midget: What's in the box?

Chance scratches his head.

Crank: Now damn idea.

MVC turns his head to side and looks at it.

Midget: We should open it.

Crank looks over at him like he just had the best idea in the world.

Crank: We should, shouldn't we?

His little buddy shakes his head excitedly. Before they can continue, Al Envy walks through and stops. He stares at Crank who turns toward him.

Crank: Not now.

Al Envy's eyes widen as Chance turns back to the box.

Envy: What did you say?

Crank looks at him again.

Crank: Not.. right... now...

He turns back to the box. MVC's hands shake with excitement.

Envy: We have a score to settle damn it.

Chance Von Crank lets out a very loud and annoyed sounding sigh before turning back to Al Envy.

Crank: Look Al... The little (BEEP) and me.. we're gonna see what's in this damn box that FX wouldn't shut up about.

Crank uses his thumb and points at the box. Envy stretches up and looks over at it.

Crank: You and the Shock 'N' Rolla, well we can settle our differences some other time. But right now, we're opening the box.

Al thinks for a moment.

Envy: Well, I do want to know what's in it.

Crank smirks and nods.

Crank: Thank you.

Before he can get to the box opening Lucius Jones steps into the scene, a woman on each arm. Chance slowly turns his head toward them and squints.

Crank: We're opening FX's box. Before you say anything, can we please.. for the love of God, just open the damn box?

Jones looks at the woman on his right, then the one on his left before looking back at CVC.

Jones: The Doctor and his bitches are down with that.

Crank & Envy: Good!

Chance rubs his hands together but before he can continue Log Habben comes from the other direction.

Crank: Jesus H. Christ.

Habben looks at the odd group of people.

Habben: What are...

Envy: We're opening the box Shawn FX left.

Midget Von Crank shakes his head excitedly in agreement.

Habben: Think there's beer inside?

Everyone turns their heads toward him. A collective groan comes over them.

Chance: That's it damn it! Lets open this thing!

It takes a few moments, but finally the top of the box is opened. The camera can not see the contents as the group of men all bend over and peer in.

Envy: Is that..

Jones: Damn shame...

Habben: I'm going to be sick...

Crank: That was one twisted fuck...

MVC looks the most worried as Chance looks down at him.

Crank: Keep being a little prick and that'll happen to you.

Envy: How long do you think he was in there?

Jones: Damn shame...

Chance Von Crank closes the top back without us getting a chance to actually see the contents, but from their responses, do we really want to? CVC looks around at the mixed crowd and shrugs.

Crank: I'm not touching this thing again. No way are they pinning this on the Razzle Dazzle.

He uses his shirt to wipe down the edges he touched.

Crank: Anyone else hungry?

They all groan as we fade to a shot of Jamie Sawyers in the studio once again.

Sawyers: That was it, or so we thought. The internet had blown up with the possibility of Shawn FX taking on Chance von Crank. It was to be the biggest match in UTA history. However, with the exodus of Shawn FX, the match never happened.

An image of Shawn FX and Chance von Crank displays on the monitor behind Jamie.

Sawyers: Many feel Shawn left the UTA because the match was to take place in the tournament that was running and not the main event of a pay per view. Whatever the reason, the match never took place and all felt we would never see the two go one on one. A few weeks later, Chance von Crank would leave the UTA as well. All hope was lost until last week on Wrestleshow....

We head to a video from the last Wrestleshow.

Blackfront: Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen! We are...

A sharp cocking noise explodes across the Greenville crowd. The explosive shotgun blast can only indicate one thing.

Blackfront: Oh No…

Shock N Rolla…

Here 2 Show Ya…

Cocked Back and F***in’ Loaded!

Chance… Von… CRANK!

Orange and purple pyros explode in every direction as the crowd reaction is immediate. Crank slides his hands through his mullet as he crosses the WRESTLESHOW stage. “cVc” chants can be heard mixed with boos. 

Announcer: Now making his way to the ring… THE Trailer Park Prodigy! CHANCE! VON! CRANK!

Crank struts across the stage spinning in his signature rhinestone robe. The oil in his mullet shines from the bright lights and still exploding pyrotechnics. Chance makes his way down the ramp and approaches a camera man. Crank thrusts his hips toward the camera. “Zoom in on my ****!”, he exclaims. Chance continues on as a row of fans down the security barrier all throw beverages in his direction. He ducks but is belted by at least three. Crank begins screaming at security pointing at the fans as boos now rain down. cVc insists security takes the men out before he makes his way back towards the ring. 

Ace: Throw them out of here! 

Blackfront:  Crank deserves anything these fans dish at him here tonight. He left this company high and dry. Now I am suppose to fall at his feet because he promises to behave better? Please.

Ace: Harsh. 

Chance walks around the ring and opens his robe as he does so. He approaches the announce table. Chance leaps up on the table, kicking papers and other items belonging to the announce team around.

Blackfront: That’s uncalled for, Crank,

cVc pulls a mic from the inside of his robe. He slightly dusts it off with a sly grin. The crowd boos grow as he spins around atop the announce table. Chance holds a single finger up to his mouth before speaking into the mic.

cVc: Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA! Allow me to introduce myself to any of you overall wearing assholes that wish you were cVc. I am the Shock N Rolla, Here 2 Show Ya!

Crank holds the mic out towards the crowd as they finish his famous catchphrase.

cVc:  Don’t you ever forget it. There are many imitators out there but you get the real deal tonight. You people are so very fortunate to see my return to the ring. Even you, Jason!

Chance kicks at Blackfront. 

cVc: Smile. It’s a joke, bitch. The Shock N Rolla has missed making all that money… You all knew when my music hit, your butthole tightened. I sell mean to earn green and there ain’t no in between. 

Crank swells his chest out at the announcers. 


Blackfront: Quitter.

Crank kicks the rest of the papers off the table hearing this from Blackfront. He squats down in the face of the lead announcer. A cold calculated staredown ensues. 

cVc: I crave Gold. I crave it like a crackhead searching for that last bit of rock in the carpet they just know they dropped. If you have a strap of gold, know that you are already atop my shit list. I am about to straddle this company and ride it like a whore who didn’t ask for the pills up front. I hope you all believe in God because the Harlan County Devil is here.

You're The Best Around by Joe Esposito begins to play...

Blackfront: What?

Ace: It can't be...

The fans go insane as the one, and only.. Shawn FX steps out from the back.

Blackfront: It's Shawn FX! It's Shawn FX!

Ace: I thought he was on the Do Not Let into the Bulding List!

Blackfront: This is a moment I thought I would never see.

Shawn FX holds up a microphone.

He shakes his head in disgust.

He looks at the capacity crowd.

Het sets down the microphone.

He points at the Ring King PPV banner hanging over the ring.

The Game Changer looks at Chance Von Crank with a cold and intense stare.

Shawn FX turns around, steps back behind the curtain, and leaves.

Blackfront: What the heck was that all about? Does this mean Shawn FX is back? Why didn't he say anything?

Ace: You saw what he pointed at. You saw the look in his eyes when he glared at Chance Von Crank. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Blackfront: Man... cVc vs Shawn FX? Is it finally going to happen?

Ace: And I thought Jackson, Szalinski, and Hussaint ook forever to come together!

Blackfront: No one ever thought they would see this in a million years!

Chance Von Crank quickly slides out of the ring and begins up the ramp after FX. The fans continue to go crazy.

Blackfront: Ring King may be the bigget Pay Per View in professional wrestling history the way things are going tonight!

Ace: Shawn FX back in the UTA.. Chance on Crank... The landscape has completly changed.

Back to Jamie Sawyers in the Livewire studio.

Sawyers: That's right, it seems we will see Shawn FX and Chance von Crank August twenty-fourth at the Ring King tournament. A match that has been in the making since the return of the United Toughness Alliance. Once again the internet has exploded with fans feeling they are finally getting the pay off from a match that never happened.

We get a current visual of Shawn FX and Chance von Crank in front of the Ring King banner.

Sawyers: This may very well be the match that steals the show as these two get their chance to go one on one. We already have been eluded to what was in the box, but when these two meet... what will happen? Neither man will ever be the same again. But for now, back to Stan and Jennifer in the studio.

Back in the Studio... Again

Back in the Studio... Again

We return to the studio with Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams.

Stan: Ring King is shaping up to be huge. The future of the UTA Championship to be decided, Shawn FX and Chance von Crank one on one.. This will be an event NOT to miss!

We move into a promotional spot for the next UTA Pay Per View, Ring King 2014.

Ring King 2014 Preview
Dallas, Texas
American Airlines Center
(seats 20,000)
August 24, 2014

The United Toughness Alliance returns to Dallas for the inaugural Ring King Pay Per View. The superstars of the UTA have fought their way to the grand stage in which one man will be crowned the UTA Champion and UTA Ring King of 2014.

Match 1

Shawn FX vs. Chance Von Crank

Normal Match - 30 Minute Time Limit

Two returning titans finally have their chance to go one on one as Shawn FX takes on the Shock 'n' Rolla himself, Chance Von Crank. There can only be one winner when these two future legends step in the ring for the first time.


Main Event

UTA Champion vs. Ring King Tournament Finalist

Ring King UTA Championship Match

UTA Championship

UTA Championship Match

Two men face off. One the champion... the other, the man who just went through hell to get here. Only one man will walk out the UTA Champion and with the right to call himself the 2014 UTA Ring King.

We go back to the desk with Stan and Jennifer.

Stan: But who will be in the main event?

Williams: Lets look at the current status of the Ring King Tournament.

Stan: With three more rounds to go, the Ring King tournament is anyone's to win.

Williams: You also have to take into consideration, as we mentioned before, that the rumor is a wild card spot will be awarded to someone not in the tournament to face the winner before the pay per view for the main event spot.

Stan: Yes, the wild card. Those who do not advance may have a second chance...

Williams: ...and those who have yet to even be in the tournament. It could really change the way things are going into Ring King.

Stan: Speaking of those not in the tournament... The Jokers Wild. Drew Stevenson and Scotty Addams are set to make their returns on the next Wrestleshow, could they possibly be apart of this rumored wild card?

Williams: If they are, it could throw a wrench into plans of everyone else on the roster who would take part.

Stan: I for one can not wait to see how the next couple of months unfold as we head toward Ring King.

Williams: In the end, who will be the Ring King for twenty fourteen and who will walk out of Ring King as the UTA Champion?

Stan: More questions that hopefully we will get answers on next Sunday. For now though, we are are out of time. Until next time, I am Stan Davis.

Williams: And I am Jennifer Williams.

Stan: Thank you for tuning into another edition of Livewire!

Williams: We'll see you next time!

The copyright comes up as the screen fades to black.

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