Thursday Night Rage #11

26 Jun 2014

Arthur Ashe Athletic Center, Richmond, Virginia (seats 6,000)


Lucius: Ladies and Gentlemen, live from the Arthur Ashe Athletic Center, welcome to Thursday Night Rage! I'm Lucius Cashmere and my ringside partner is Gil Parquet!

Gil: Thanks Lucius! The night is still young folks as we head into Anarchy and the boss has set up some interesting matchups as we get ready for tonight.

Lucius: Interesting, the opening match between the first of many returnees to VCW, Chuck Mancini...faces a unknown in Chris Marshall. Marshall looks to have a decent future here in VCW.

Gil: A future as Mancini's personal whipping boy.

Lucius: *shakes head* Up next, we have another return of Fill...


Lucius: ...

Gil: Damnit the kid's got talent...make that bastard!

Lucius: As i was saying he's up against Matty Frederickson, who has been on the rebound of late.

Gil: He better be ready for the next rebound.

Lucius: I hope not. Following them could not be a more interesting clash of contenders, one now a former Internet Champion, the other rising back up in her attempt to be VCW Champion. 

Gil: I will give it to Hex Girl, she could buy a leash right now and could tame Rodney before his next crack at the belt Tommy's holding.

Lucius: I think Hex has great potential, but i digress. Following their match folks, is a fatal four way match of explosive talent. 

Gil: There's talk that UTA has their eye on one of them.

Lucius: Conrad Teller? Yes, but can he prove that he's worth every penny as he looks to pin the Wildfire Champion, Mike Harrison?

Gil: Mike got a big break pinning Xander Hayes last show, but lets be honest....he doesn't have a chance in hell with Jason Spire and Mickey Buchannon in the ring with him. No chance.

Lucius: The man has proven he has a heart of gold and willing to do anything to prove that he is not a paper champion.

Gil: While you wave your pom-poms over Harrison, i am cheering for the dynamic combination that CBR and Perfection will bring to the VCW enviroment against VCW's Fizz and returning to ring action on VCW...DOCTOR EMO!

Lucius: You sound excited?

Gil: I am. I wanted to share that with everyone that CBR and Perfection are looking to clean house and return back to UTA.

Lucius: Not to be outdone, our main event of the night features what could be a reflection of Anarchy's top booked matches. VCW Internet Champion Tommy Lipton teams up with his challenger, Xander Hayes, whose last appearance tonight on Rage, against the hazardous combination of VCW Champion Lew Smith against his challenger Dick Fury.

Gil: I think...we got chaos happening tonight Gil, but above all else, Dick is walking out of Anarchy the next VCW Champion...hands down.



Chuck Mancini v. Chris Marshall

An airhorn sounds two long blasts, and two spotlights shine straight ahead from either side of the jumbotron. The tron shows the grill of a big rig as the words "CHUCK...THE...TRUCK" appear in succession, in big block letters across the screen.

Gil: What's the deal!?

Lucius: The man who is gonna whip Chris Marshall is here.

A diesel engine is heard firing up, and then Chuck's music kicks in, "Convoy," by Johnny Cash. Chuck emerges from behind the curtain, and steps onto the stage making the international sign for "blow your airhorn." The fans respond in kind, pumping their fists up and down as if pulling the cord.

Ann: Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey...weighing at 257 pounds...CHUCK...MANCINI!

Chuck's dressed in his usual blue jeans and black t-shirt bearing the words "TRUCK YOU." His build isn't particularly impressive in terms of being sculpted, but he's a big man; barrell-chested, with large shoulders and arms to match.

Gil: Seeing Chuck come down sickens me.

Lucius: The guy has a chance to properly do something with his life and you are hating on him.

Gil: He's not gonna get off the ground with that 18 wheeler appearing here every show.

He stops halfway to the ring and looks around at the crowd. He then jogs the rest of the way to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope, and climbs a turn buckle, making the "airhorn" sign a few more times, before jumping down and awaiting the start of the match. 

Ann: His opponent, already in the ring...hailing from Ontario, Canada....Chris Marshall!

Gil: The kid doesn't have much of a leg to stand on.

Lucius: I worry more about if Chuck is gonna be end this quick or torture him.

The ref signals for the bell as Chuck simply levels Chris Marshall with a clothesline, causing Chris to spin midair before lying facedown on the mat.

Lucius: Well...looks like a quick one then.

Gil: bad choice to go that route.

Chuck picks up Chris, locking up for the Traffic Jam, he jumps up with Chris as slams him into the mat face first. He rolls him over and covers for the pin.







The bell rings as Chuck gets up, brushing himself off as the ref raises his hand.


Ann: Winner of this match...CHUCK MANCINI!

Gil: reasonably short time.

Lucius: Chuck with a opening victory tonight as we get the gears running on the go home show.

Fill v. Matty Frederickson

Lucius: We return from commercial break folks to our next match as Matty Frederickson is awaiting his opponent's arrival.

The camera briefly points at the center of the ring as Ann Reggis announces Matty Frederickson, who gets some mixed reaction from the crowd, while his music is playing.

Gil: To be honest, what fire does he have compare to the man he's facing right now?

As if on cue, My Own by Soil hits the PA as Fill slowly walks down the ramp. While walking to the ring he looks over the crowd from left to right, but mainly ignores their reactions.

Ann: Hailing from Shumen, Bulgaria...weighing in at 225 pounds....FILL~!

He enters the ring and looks over the crowd one more time with signs of anger in his eyes, as he pounds his chest and raises his fist in the air. 

Gil: The real question is, can Fill maintain focus heading into Anarchy? Rumors are abound that he is being closely observed by those upstairs..

Lucius: What are you? A Wizard!? Scare to say the boss's name?

The ref signals for the bell as Fill stands confidently in the middle of the ring as Matty rushes at him. He sidesteps as Matty attempts to swing a punch, Fill follows it up immediately with a knee to the side of the ribcage. Matty doubles over, clutching his chest...

Gil: Goodbye Raiders Fan!

Fill quickly follows it up with a kick to the gut, quickly grabbing Matty and setting him up for his finisher. He wastes little time excuting his stressout powerbomb in the center of the ring. He covers for the pinfall.






The bell rings as Fill gets up, his left hand raised by the ref.

Lucius: Another match in the bag folks.

Gil: Lackluster win, but a win nonetheless for Fill.

Hex Girl v. Rodney Marney

Gil:: Welcome back Folks, next on tap we have a rematch of Hex Girl vs. Rodney Marney.

Lucius: that's right, this has been a great rivrialy between these two, Both have wins against each other.

Gil: And here she comes! the Wiccan Wonder! HEX GIRL!

Hex Girl comes out on the stage covered in her green half cape she holds for a moment and the stage erupts in flames blocking her from view for a moment when the flames vanish she is minus the cape. A hardened look on her face she walks down the ramp with purposeful determination. She slides into the ring and is ready to tear into her opponent. 

Lucius: Now coming to the ring from the psych ward Rodney The Carney Marney! With The Ring Master Kennedy.


[As the opening to Psycho Circus by KISS starts to play, Ringmaster Kennedy is seen coming down from the rafters slowly via a tiny platform. Once at the ring, Kennedy steps off the platform, MIC in hand as the music stops]

Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, what you have seen before, is nothing compared to what you are about to see. Welcome to the greatest show, you will EVER see....Rodney The Carney Marney!

[The music resumes and Rodney The Carney Marney is standing at the top of the ramp. When Ace Frehley yells, "Come on! Here I am, here we are, we are one!" Kennedy motions for Marney to come to the ring. Marney walks to the ring his lifeless eyes staring at the ring. He hops up on the apron and walks around it before entering the ring. Kennedy tips her hat before exiting]

Both Hex and Rodney stare each other down as they go in for the tie up Hex side steps Rodney as he grabs his arm and goes into a arm bar. but with Rodney being bigger he shoves Hex away as he smiles evilly. Kennedy starts to scream as Hex looks over.. Rodney steam rolls Hex with a clothesline!

Gil: I don't know why she's even in the VCW, she can't compete.

Lucius: Let's see you get in the ring with her?

Gil: I have bad knees and a back finger I couldn't even wrestle.

Rodney stands above Hex as he grabs her hair and pulls her up. He then lifts her into a German suplex as she hits hard. Hex screams as Rodney continues with a fury of boots to her midsection. Hex tries to cover up but is then grabbed again and tosses into the turnbuckles. Rodney rushes her with a splash but is greeted with the top turn buckle to the head as Hex drops and covers up. The big man staggers a bit as Hex then starts with kicking Rodney in the right knee as she continues the Ref starts to Yell at her to stop as he stops.

Lucius: Oh my!

Gil: she has no regard for the rules!

Hex backs off as she runs into the ropes and bounces off and connects with a disaster kick. Rodney falters as he then rushes to the ropes a second time and bounces off baseball slide into Rodney's feet causing the big man to drop to a knee holding his foot. Hex stands and looks around as the crowd pops for her. She then hit's a DDT as Rodney falls down hard, she goes for the cover but Kennedy grabs Rodney's foot and places on the ropes as hex looks up and points to the ref.

Gil: Smart move by Kennedy.

Lucius: smart as in cheating to win!

Hex yells at Kennedy as Rodney get's to his feet. and get's behind hex whom is busy with Kennedy as he hits a back to bell suplex. Rodney then goes for a cover




Gil: What he was robed!

Lucius: I think it will take more to bring her down.

Rodney shows frustration as Hex stands up and rushes Rodney and stops as Rodney looks bewildered as she hits a nut punt causing Rodney to drop like a sack of potatoes as she flips him over and goes for the magic carpet ride. Rodney is trying not to tap as Kennedy hops up to the apron and starts to yell as the ref looks over and starts to yell Rodney starts to tap out. The ref then forces Kennedy to leave the match as Hex let's go thinking she's won. Kennedy screams as she leaves the arena. Hex taps the ref who looks over. Hex then goes for the cover.




Lucius:: your winner Hex Girl!!

A word from your social media rep

The lights flicker,and then pyros explode as Cult Of Personality plays and Tommy Lipton appears at the top of the ramp with his Internet Championship strapped around his waist. Smiling he looks around the arena waving to his fans. He is sporting A Mr. FB (Facebook) T-Shirt. A member of VCW staff crew walk out and hands Tommy a microphone.  

Hey guys!


I thought I would come out here before my match later and make sure to tell you guys that my tag match with Xander Hayes, The World Champ and his contender Dick will be uploaded on VCW's FaceBook page an FaceBooks page. It will offer exclusive interviews from all four cntenders in tonights main event.

Social Medi however can kick off with your status updates telling your friendsand the Universe just how epic tonights Rage is!

Next week I will be visiting Austin Texas for a very special Podast that can be watched on Youtube, TheToughest SOB's webpage and FaceBook. You can access these spots on your brand new PS4's that every one will recieve on their way out tonight.


I am your champion, now and forever. The days of Xsitence our behind us, and all the political BS a thing of the past. I once again will make a stand and represent you.

I will not be walking out on you guys, this will be the Summr of Lipton!

Later I team with the numbr one contender to what I have and when the time comes he and I will do battle. For now, Lew and Dick are the targets.

Now Lew, this will be the first time you and I enter the ring, and very well may not be the last. Champion to Champion, I am coming to get you,  I will beat on you until the beat down is trending world wide! You will afterwards remember with out a doubt that you and I stood toe to toe in this squared circle and battled like gladiators!

Dick Fury, you can call my name moronic, it's totally cool. I'm used to the name calling, it doesn't change the fact that I am no moron and I am not some nobody. I am Tommy Lipton, a legend of a decade and the current VCW Internet Champion!

Dick, Lew, you both seemed so focused on each other anyways that I think you may have forgotten about who you are facing, or you simply are not even going to let this mtch start before tearing each other up. I or one, I want to win. Xander and I are no jobbers, you may learn that the hard way. Unlike you two,  Xander and I will co-exist and that will be that. I focus on the task at hand but make no mistake, I know that soon enough Xander and  will meet at Anarchy. Tonight he and I will bring the pain on Lew and Dick and hopefully they brought the beer.

REMEMBER you can catch my post match thougts on Twitter and Facebook. I'll see you all later.

Tommy exits the ramp and disappears behind te curtains.



Mickey Buchanon v. Conrad Teller v. Jason Spire v. Mike Harrison

Lucius: Mickey Buchanon, Conrad Teller, Mike Harrison and Jason Spire all stand in the ring, all are looking to be the last man standing…


Ding Ding

[The four men start to brawl and Jason Spire and Mike Harrison battle as Teller and Mickey are exchanging blows near a turnbuckle.  Jason lands a belly to belly on Harrison. Teller hits a body slam on Mickey.]


Gill: Jason and Teller are in charge!


[Jason grabs Teller and hits a reverse DDT and covers]






[Teller kicks out and quickly locks in an armbar and Jason struggles and squirms!  Teller notices the others getting up so he releases Jason, Teller clotheslines Mickey to the outside and Jason up now launches at Teller who kneels and raises up tossing Jason over his head and over the ropes and Jason lands on top of Mickey!

Mike grabs Teller and hits a bulldog! Mike mounts Conrad and starts landing punches.]


Gill: Come on where are the chairs and tables? This is NO DQ!


[On the outside Jason eye rakes Mickey and then hits a huracarana! Jason looks up at the two in the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring and tosses it in the ring. As Jason climbs up onto the apron Mickey jumps up and grabs Spire and backdrops him on to the canvas!]

Lucious: Holy damn!

[Mike sees the chair, Mike grabs the chair and goes to strike Conrad but Conrad kicks Mike, the chair drops, Teller hits a DDT dropping Mike’s head onto the chair! Conrad Teller covers!]


Gill: It’s over!








[Kickout! Mickey and Jason still on the outside.

Mickey kicks Jason.

Jason kicks Mickey.

Mickey punches Jason.

Mickey punches Jason a second time.

Mickey goes for a third punch but Jason blocks and punches Mickey!

The two now race for weapons under the ring. Inside the ring Teller calls for Mike to get up, Mike strikes an unsuspecting Conrad with a low blow, Teller drops.

Mike climbs the turnbuckle to the crowds delight. Mike leaps with a senton bomb Teller grabs the chair and Mike lands on the chair instead!]

Lucius:  Mikes in a bad way! And so is Jason, look!


[Mickey swings a chair and cracks Jason with it. Jason drops to a knee. Mickey goes to drop the chair over Jasons head but Jason with all his will forces himelf into a lunge and drives Mickey into the apron.

Teller grabs Mike and looks for his signature but Mike counters and hits a desperate sunshine super kick!!!

Mike calls for the finish! But sees Jason climbing onto the apron and Mike goes to strike but Jason ducks then grabs Mike by the head. Jason drops down off the apron bouncing Mikes neck off the ropes and Teller who seems still groggy manages to pull enough strength and rolls Mike into a school boy roll up!!]










Winner: Conrad Teller

Fizz and Dr. Emo v. CBR and Perfection

Gil: What a match we have here today. Fizz and Dr. Emo vs. CBR and Perfection!

Lucius: Oh yea, it's going to be a hum dinger!

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice hits over the PA system as Fizz now rides out on a tricycle. He rolls down the ring in his stylin' trike, before hopping off and waddling into the ring to a moderately nice reaction from the fans. 

Lucius: Here he comes the man of the hour FIZZ!

Gil: Say wasn't he the one with Jenna Jameson?

Lucius: Only you would know Gil.

Gil: And his Tag Team partner! DR. EMO!!

"Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail" plays over the PA as the crowd starts to cheer and the first verse hits.

"You wanna take, take, take, take, take it away from me. Take it away from me. You can't wait, wait, wait, wait, wait till I'm stumbling. Go get carried away."

The crowds cheers start to get louder and with the song the fans scream out.


EMO walks out on stage jumping up and down as if he was leading a mosh pit trying to get the crowd psyched up.

"And the fears sets in, in an instant. Too much of myself gets exposed. This is where I go at my weakest, When I don't have to be scared to tell the truth."

As he makes his way down the ring he highfives the fans that have their arms reached out towards the ramp.

"Tend to do my best when everything goes wrong. That's why sad songs make me happy, cause I don't have to feel alone."

EMO slides into the ring and poses for the crowd on the turnbuckle as the song begins to fade out.

Lucius: And now coming to the ring. CBR!

"Seek and Destroy" by Metallica hits the PA system as the Canadian flag appears on the tron. Red lights fill the arena and from the back, CBR comes into view. Wearing his trademark purple and white robe, with purple tinted shades, he makes his way down to the ring, arms raised to the fans in a 'look at me' pose. He flings the robe off and takes the steps to the apron, slowly getting into the ring. Once inside, CBR raises his arms, flexing to show off his physique. He takes off his shades and stretches his rut arm, preparing. 

Lucius: and his partner Perfection!

Gil: I still think he was robbed. I mean he's just perfect he shouldn't be facing off against these guys, he's pure greatness!

The sounds system begins to play the opening riffs of “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween. The crowd immediately responds with jeers a boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain raising his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites. Perfection enters the ring.

Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle. The ref checks all four men as Fizz and CBR starts thing off.

Gil:: Come on CRB!

Lucius:: Isn't that a model bike from Yamaha?

CBR looks at Fizz and attempts to grab the smaller man as Fizz runs inbetween CBR's feet, fizz grabs CBR's leg and bites it! CBR then slams his fist into Fizz's head as Fizz lets go.

Lucius : What the?

Gil:: See you can never trust dwarfs, they smell like cabbage and have small hands.

Fizz runs into the ropes and bounces off and hits a drip kick to CBR's knee. He follows up with a forearm smash to the head. Fizz then runs over to Dr. Emo and makes the tag as Emo comes in and starts to pound CBR's  back. He lifts CBR and goes for a kick in the midsection but CBR grabs his boot and spins Emo and follows it up with a clothesline! Emo goes down hard as CBR tags in Perfection.

Gil: Now Perfection and show Valor what wrestling is all about.

Lucius: Maybe he's here for a reason?

Perfection jumps on EMo and starts pounding away as the ref starts to count. he get's to four and finally stops as he looks at the ref and yells as he starts in again. the ref starts to count again as he's nowthreating Perfection to stop or he'll be DQ'ed. Perfection stops as he lifts Emo and hits a suplex then follows it up with a pin.


2 kick out..

Gil: So close!

Lucius: yet so far away.

Perfection is annoyed but continues the assult as he's not even wrestling but just going with the knock out drag out fight, tossing Emo around. Perfection then hits a snap suplex and smiles as he gloats around the ring. Emo takes tis moment to get up and hit Perfection with a European uppercut. Emo tries to make it to fizz but Perfection grabs him and spins him around for a belly to belly suplex. Perfection grabs Emo and pulls him to CBR and both men start hitting emo and beating him down. Then a tag and CBR lifts Emo and tosses him into Fizz for the tag!

Lucius:: What is CBR trying to gloat?

Gil: no need he is a greek god.

Fizz starts to run around CBR and head butt to the knee CBR crumples down as Fizz head butts again causeing CBR to reel back as Perfection try's to come into the ring but is greeted with a head to the midsection as Perfection falls out of the ring as Fizz goes back into the fray stomping on CBR's foot and kicking him in the shins. Fizz then goes up for the the ropes as CBR gets up and power slams fizz down. CBR walks over and tags perfection in. Perfection scoops slams fizz then drops an elbow. then goes for the figure four.

Gil: He's done it.

Lucius:: Maybe.

Fizz taps out.

Gil: And your winners CBR and Perfection.


Tommy Lipton and Xander Hayes v. Dick Fury and Lew Smith

The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena. then "Dance of the Crazy Pill by X starts to play. Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck. He then starts to talk to the bear as he nods and makes his way to the ring. As he slides under the bottom rope he places Teddy in the corner and pulls out the glow sticks as he starts to put on a show for the fans. He then stops and walks to where Teddy is and sit's down and waits for the match to start, talking to Teddy.

'Cult of personality' hits and pyros explode as Tommy walks out in his ring attire. He mounts all four buckles and then raises his hands center of the ring as explosions surround the ring and then a few big pyro explodes forming the name Lipton over the ring. 


My Dick hit's the PA system as Dick fury walks out.


Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro. Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar. Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!". The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint. The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the centre to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics, he removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring. Clicking his neck, shoulders and fingers, he assumes a stance, ready to fight. 

Xander starts the match vs Lew Lew goes in for the tie up as X dodges and laughs as he walks over to tommy and slaps Tommy for the tag... Tommy enters the ring while Xander drops to the apron and it's down talking to teddy. Tommy and lew tie up as both men jockey for position. Tommy pushes off and bounces offthe rope and hits Lew with a shoulder block. and both men stand their ground, Tommy tries again and nothing happens. Lew attempts a short arm clothesline and knock Tommy down.

Tommy stands up as he sholder tackles Lew. both men stand up and start pounding on each other as the ref steps in to break it up. Tommy goes in for a haymaker and misses while Lew hits a back to belly suplex. lew stands and walks over to Dick to make the tag but Dick is busy talking to some girls on the out side of the ring. Tommy takes the atvantage and shoves Lew into the turnbuckle. Lew is in pain as Tommy hits a shoulder toss. tommy then drops a knee and stands up and drops another. Tommy then grabs Lew by the arm and applies a arm breaker. Lew works on his other arm trying to break the hold. lew finally hit's mike in the head and he let's go. Lew rolls over to the corner where Xander is still in a deep conversation with Teddy. Lew rolls back and looks confused. Tommy hits a snap mare as he rolls into the turnbuckle and attempts to make a tag. X hops down and starts pacing as Tommy looks on, Lew sit's a school boy for the pin.



No Tommy kicks out and both men stand up. Tommy bounces off the ropes and spears Lew who was looking at Dick who is still talking to the girls on the side of the ring.


Tommy stands up and grbas lew by the head and hits a DDT. Tommy then grabs Lew again and hits a side walk slam. Lew is in pain as Tommy gets down and goes for the cover.



2.. kick out

Tommy shows fustration and Lew hits a toe hold bringing Tommy down to the mat. Lew then grabs tommy into a boston crab but tommy is near the ropes and is easily grabbing them as lew breaks the hold. Tommy stands as Lew grabs Tommy and hits a double underhook slam. tommy rolls in pain as Lew looks at Dick and gives up as dick is now drinking with the girls. Lew turns and is greeted with a clothesline. tommy turns to tag Xander in but now X is talking to the fans and pointing at Teddy and laughs. tommy is confused as Xander turns and waves to tommy.

While tommy is distracted lew drives a shoulder into the small of tommy's back. lew then attempts the Ritual Mist but is greeted with nothing but the mat as tommy rolls out of the ring and grabs Xander and starts to shout. Xander laughs it off as both men are greeted with a Flying Lew. all three men crash to the floor as lew stands up and grabs Tommy and shoves him into the ring. Lew sarts to stomp into Tommy as then ref starts to count. Lew stops. Lew grabs Tommy and lifts him as tommy hits lew with a rising uppercut. Tommy then hits Lew with the oylpmic  Slam. Tommy then goes in for the kill as he grabs Lew and lifts him as he hit's the Lipton slam ((V2)) and goes for the cover.. 1





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