Livewire ep 8

9 Jun 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )


The screen is black. An overlay of a Play button sits in front of you as you are used to with every streaming media site you see on the internet. It's now time for the much anticipated, next episode of Livewire....

As you click the button, the stream loads. The United Toughness Alliance logo comes across the screen in a metallic outline, before it begins to shake. An electronic charge outlines the logo before it begins to break apart.

Finally, the logo explodes and the Livewire logo burst through. It pulsates as if to signify a heart beat before fading out. We are welcomed to an outside shot of downtown Seattle, WA. Busses drive by, people cross streets.

The Space Needle stands tall over the horizon before we fade into a shot of the world famous EMP Museum followed by a trip on the water in one of the tourist filled Duck Tour boats. Finally, we are outside the 42 floor Fourth & Madison building where the UTA host it's offices and new studio. We get a shot of the reception area, welcoming us to the floor.


We get different shots of the office with different superstars in inaudible situations, smiling, laughing, and spending time with the staff of the UTA. These are the people that keep things going. Finally we get a wide shot of the Livewire studio. The camera moves in to sit on Jennifer Williams and 'Rumor Man' Stan Davis, sitting at the Livewire news desk.

Stan: Welcome back everybody to the new, bi-weekly, thirty minute show.. Livewire. I'm Stan Davis, known to you as the Dirt Sheet's Rumor Man Stan. Sitting beside me is the lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan, I'm glad to be here.

Stan: Tonight we're going to hear from some of our superstars about their upcoming matches as we head into the next exciting edition of Wrestleshow.

Williams: It's exciting times to be apart of the United Toughness Alliance as we continue on to reclaim out spot at the top of professional wrestling world.

Stan: That's right Jennifer. The UTA at one time was the largest promotion in the world, but after years of legal battles following the untimely passing of Eddie Peterson Sr., we once again return to set the professional wrestling world on fire.

Stan: But for now Jennifer... lets go to Jamie Sawyers standing by with Xander Hayes, who is now an official member of the UTA roster.

Williams: This should be fun!

Insane Thoughts for an Insane world?!?!?!

Insane Thoughts for an Insane World?!?!?!

The camera fades up as we see Jamie Sawyers standing in front of the UTA banner with the logo spray painted over with neon green paint with a giant X as Jamie looks at the banner he sighs. X skips into the frame next to Jamie who is still a bit confused by the green haired wonder. X attempts to Hug Jamie as he takes a few steps back as X frowns.

Sawyers: So Folks we have one of the men from Valor Championship Wrestling who's been brought over to work both shows. You may love him or hate him. Xander Hayes!

X waves for the camera as he motions for the camera to hold on a second as he leaves the frame and we hear a trash can being banged on as X bring out Teddy and waves the bear as he mouths Hi Mom!

Sawyers: And Teddy I see has come along for the interview tonight?

X nods as he snickers.

Sawyers: So Xander how are things going for you in both shows?

Hayes: Good, good. I can't complain. Ya know. Livin the nightmare made into reality of my mind heh.

Sawyers looks at Xander and shoots him a sideways glance. He pushes forward.

Sawyers: So Xander. can you give me some thoughts on your debut match with one Ron Barker?

X looks at Jamie and looks at Teddy and back to Jamie.

Hayes: Honestly Teddy? Really? But Jamie is doing an interview with me.. I don't care Teddy it's my time not yours... Look Teddy..

X get's frustrated as he holds up the bear to the camera and looks at Jamie as he shrugs.

Hayes: Teddy wants to be interviewed..

Jamie looks at X again and sighs as he looks at the headless bear and doesn't know where to even go. He looks to the camera crew for help and receives none as he looks at the bear again and shakes his head. He hands X the Mic and walks away. We hear Jamie in the background walking away as he speaks.

Sawyers: Peach, and now Teddy, What's next.. Can we have any normal people that I can interview?

X snickers as he grabs the mic out of Teddy's neck hole and assumes Jamies position and looks at the camera as he starts to laugh.

Hayes: So Teddy can you give me your thoughts on the UTA?

X moves the move near Teddy as he looks at the bear and snickers..

Hayes: Oh right you don't have a mouth to talk out of. I think that's what Jamies problem was, heh, he just didn't know where to look while you talked.

X nods listing to the bear as he smiles.

Hayes: Yea I totally understand that Teddy. It is a great honor to be back in the main league within wrestling, I'm also excited for this chance to become well known for making people just go what the.

He looks at Teddy.

Hayes: Now Teddy what should be our first state of the address?

Xander 'listens' and nods in agreement.

Hayes: Oh Great idea.

X looks at the camera man as he smiles ever so innocently as he slowly get's serious.

Hayes: UTA, fore score and seven years ago I wasn't even... Wait wait wrong thought here ha. UTA, I want to say I am very glad to be here, Ron Barker I hope you can give me a challenge for our match. I wouldn't want to be watching these fans get nothing in return for their hard earned money they place in our pockets. I want to make sure you can get as insane as they could think of handling.

X nods as he looks at Teddy.

Hayes: To the rest of the guys in back, Understand this you might have a white flame, or a Madman holding the championship belt. You have some lumberjack who's ok. even if he puts on females clothing and heads to the bars. Some Green dinosaur with a guy that I think can do Jedi mind tricks. Or CBR wait isn't that a bike? And everyone else, I'm here and I'm not going away, I'm like that festering boil you have and if you try and lance it off it might just get worse. I'm here and I'm going to make sure I leave you all with your jaws on the floor and trying to run for cover. To Windgate. I might attempt to have some fun with you at your expense hehe, but I'm here and it's time to have some fun.

X nods again to the bear.

Hayes: I know Teddy, I'll get there in a few moments.

I want everyone to know that the games will commence and each and every one of you will be a target for my type of fun. I hope you can handle it, cause of the joys I will have.. Starting with Ron, I hope you have eyes in the back of your head and you watch your step cause you are first on this list. As I can see it's going to grow slowly.

X then starts to jump up and down with Teddy.

Hayes: Teddy wants to meet Peach at some point, I think he has some dog bones that are all lime green! Maybe even Lime flavored. there are you happy Teddy.... Good.

X then smiles as he wanders off with the mic and starts to make car noises as he leaves the camera frame.



We cut to a live studio at United Toughness Alliance headquarters for LiveWire.  The room has red carpet, cream walls and a large window overlooking the forecourt.  A large Mahogany desk, brandished with small gold handles for a selection of drawers and some cabinets that looked like they would open up.  On top of the desk lies the United Toughness Alliance Internet Campionship, the gold reflecting the light from the small electric chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Behind the desk in a large oak chair sits the Canadian Star and new Internet Champion, Claude Baptiste Ranier.  Ranier is sitting back, hands clasped together wearing a navy blue pin-stripe suit, black belt, white shirt opened at the collar with two buttons undone, a Rolex flanking his left wrist and emaculately polished Church's shoes.  Claude's has his hair tied back and a smile on his face as he lifts one leg to rest his ankle on the other knee, one hand on his calf and the other gently drumming the desk surface.

CBR: Hello United Toughness Allies, welcome to CBR.NET.  As the new UTA Internet Campion, I thought it was important to give something back to the fans, you (he points at the camera), by giving you more of what you really want, me.

Ranier's lips curl up into a grin as he motions for the camera to turn.  As it does, a monitor is seen switched on on the desk.

CBR: But first, let's relive a piece of WrestleUTA history.

Claude presses a button on the keyboard and the screen comes to life.  The scene is at Black Horizon, with CBR in the ring with Yoshii.  The fans are going wild as Ranier scoops Yoshii and slams him down to the mat.

CBR: And again...

He rewinds the Clip and once again shows the video of CBR slamming Yoshii to the mat.  

CBR: What's that you say? Oh alright, one more time, zoomed in and in slow motion!

Again we see Claude slowly lifting Yoshii into the air and slamming him with heavy impact to the canvas, the face of the giant contorting with pain.  The cip stops and Ranier beckons the camera to turn back to him.

CBR: You see, at Black Horizon, your hero, me (points to himself) slammed that...thing (points to the screen) to win this.

Ranier takes the Internet title in his hands and lifts the gold up, patting its face.  He places it carefully back down onto the desk and looks back at the camera, leaning forward and entwining his fingers together, resting his elbows on the edge of the Mahogany surface.

CBR: Now, as the Internet Campion, I see it as my duty to give the fans who have stuck with the company since it first aired online and through our successful launch on High Octane TV, a chance to test themselves agains the once in a generation federation subjugation.  So email the address showing up on your screen now.

Claude points at the camera.

CBR: With your name, occupation and reasons for getting a shot to take the Canadian Star on in a challenge, chosen by me, and once a month one lucky winner will get the chance to come to LiveWire and test themselves against the unbeaten and only fit and healthy champ in the!  Ranier sits back in his chair, relaxing again and pressing his hands together with a pensive look on his face.  Of course there will be a small fee payable to Ranier Eterprises for each entrant and postage and packaging will apply (even though its an email, which causes another grin to cross the face of Claude Baptiste Ranier).  Hurry fast and send in your applications to be able to bask in the warmth of the Canadian Star, CBR.

Ranier leans forward again, resting his hand on the Internet title.  His expression changes from one of mischief and humour to a serious, stern look.  

CBR: Oh and IM Hate? I don't have a clue who you are and I don't give a damn what you've done; But you've firmly inserted yourself into my sights and like every other man who has stepped in the ring with CBR, you're well out of your depth.  You never know, maybe I'll see you again at Wrestleshow...

Ranier stares into the camera, not blinking once as the screen fades to the Canadian flag and CBR.NET written in red and white across the front.

Sean speaks, sort of

Sean Speaks, Sort Of

The camera comes to life with Jamie Sawyers standing in front of the Wrestle UTA Livewire banner. As he raises the mic to his mouth, former UTA champion Sean Jackson enters the picture from one side, and Marshall Owens enters from the other.

Sawyers: Jamie Sawyers here with former UTA champion Sean Jackson and his manager / attorney Marshall Owens...

As always, Sean stands there with a scowl on his face as Marshall prepares himself for whatever level of stupidity that comes from Jamie Sawyers. As Jamie turns to face Sean Jackson, he begins to speak.

Sawyers: Now Sean, I guess the question on everyone's mind is this. With Spectre's return to Wrestle UTA, and your most recent arrest...

Sean thrusts his hand into Jamie's face, causing the question to come to a stop. However, it is Marshall Owens who is the first to reply.

Owens: First off Mr. Sawyers, we won't be discussing anything relating to an alleged traffic stop that allegedly took place in an alleged city in an alleged country in an alleged part of the northern hemisphere.

Jamie Sawyers stands there, with his mouth open. It was as if he asked the question to President Obama's former press secretary Jay Carney.

Owens: Anything else I can answer for you?

Jamie blinks a couple of times before shaking off the alleged non answer.

Sawyers: Come on Sean. The story was all over TMZ and was somewhat confirmed by an un-named source within the...

Owens: Jamie Sawyers, are you both deaf and stupid? I just told you that we won't be discussing anything relating to anything that allegedly happened or didn't happen after the Black Horizons pay per view. But not only that, you shouldn't be putting much stock in something told to you by a so called *un-named* source.

Sawyers: Come on n...

Jackson: No Sawyers, you heard the man. If you can't understand proper english then we'll just find someone else who can. Matter of fact, if you can't keep yourself on track, then I'll just let Marshall Owens do my interviews from here on out.

At that moment, a worker goes by, eating a klondike bar. Something that doesn't fail to get Sean's attention. His attention shifts from Sawyers and immediately on the ring worker.

Jackson: Really?

The man briefly stops.

Worker: What?

Sean looks at the klondike bar, then back to the worker. Feeling uncomfortable, the ring worker walks away.

Owens: Forget him Sean, just concentrate on this interview.

Sean manages to shake it off and goes back to talking.

Jackson: Now then, where was I? Oh yes, back to you Sawyers. Instead of concentrating on some stupid TMZ story, why don't you do your damn job and find out who was behind the screwjob in Miami?

Sawyers: Well Spec...

Jackson: Spectre nothing. Spectre didn't just waltz into Black Horizon uninvited. He wasn't the one who got that damn klondike bar commercial on the air, so I don't want to hear anything about Spectre. But what I do want to....

Again, Sean stops speaking as the ring worker walks past the interview again, still eating the klondike bar. This time, he doesn't nearly let it go. He immediately steps away from Jamie Sawyers and into the path of the ring worker.

Jackson: Hold up buddy.

With his path blocked, the man stops and holds up his hands. He doesn't want to do anything to provoke the Mental Rapist.

Jackson: Are you trying to piss me off?

Again, the man tries to keep the situation calm by keeping his hands up. But inadvertantly, has the klondike bar a little too close to Sean's face.

Worker: No man, I'm not trying to piss anyone off. I'm just trying to get from point A to....

Not buying it, Sean slaps the klondike bar out of the man's hands, causing him to flinch.

Jackson: Well, you pass by here again with another one of those f(bleep)ing klondike bars and I can promise you that point B will be a hospital bed next to that burnout Szalinski. You get my drift?

Worker: Sure man, whatever. Sheesh.

As Sean moves to the side, the ring worker vacates the area and once again, Sean makes his way back over to Jamie Sawyers.

Jackson: Now then, as I was saying. What YOU should be doing is finding out how Spectre got into Black Horizon. Then what you should be doing is finding out WHO aided Spectre in screwing me out of the title. But, since you never liked me much to begin with, I know that I can depend on you about as much as I can depend on Spectre or Szalinski to call an unbiased match.

Before Jamie has a chance to say anything, Sean turns to face Marshall.

Jackson: Which is where you come in Marshall. I know that you will be able to get to the bottom of this.

Marshall smiles and nods his head.

Owens: Trust me, I've got JUST the man in mind. From what I've heard, he's an international man of intrigue, and can get to the bottom of this klondike bar screwjob in no time.

Sawyers: Oh really, care to tell us who this man is?

Marshall smiles.

Owens: Sorry, me no habla english.

Jackson: How is THAT for an answer Sawyers?

With that, both Sean Jackson and Marshall Owens walk away, leaving Jamie Sawyers standing by himself. In frustration he lets the mic hand slip to his side and the scene shifts back to the studio.

Madman Update

Madman Update

We cut to the ending moments of the recent Black Horizon pay per view.

Blackfront: The Spectre jams Abdul bin Hussain between his legs... He lifts him up...

Abdul goes over the top of The Spectre's head, his back to Spectre's while his legs go back around his waist. He steps forward and jumps up, coming down flat on his bottom with his legs out.


The fans go crazy. Abdul bin Hussain is out cold as The Spectre just looks forward, staring at Madman Szalinski who is on his hands and knees, staring up at The Sadistic Nut.

Blackfront: Szalinski has just witnessed the brutality of the Spectre and is the last man able to end this match... if The Spectre lets him.

Ace: How can he?

Blackfront: Well, if you think about it... The Spectre locked Jackson up, because. well, they are enemies with unfinished business. Any chance to screw him, he will take.

Ace: What about Abdul?

Blackfront: He rushed The Spectre and got what was coming to him. Depending on how Madman Szalinski handles this situation.

Ariel runs inside of the cell and heads toward the cage door. madman quickly throws his hand up to stop her.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski keeping his wife from harms way as he never takes his eyes off of The Spectre.

Szalinski crawls backward, away from the Spectre before beginning to get to his feet. The Spectre starts to stand as well. He turns his head back to Sean Jackson who is still yelling and kicking toward him, but unable to get free from the ropes. Turning back to Madman he steps forward.

Blackfront: Madman doesn't budge, neither does he provoke The Spectre.

Ace: His eyes are locked onto The Spectre. Is he playing his own mind games with him?

The Spectre raises his hand slowly, pointing his pointer finger and middle finger at his own eyes then over toward Madman before giving a crazy laugh and waving him off.

Blackfront: The Spectre leaving the cage! he's giving Madman a pass!

The Spectre heads toward the cell door, unlocking it. Madman watches him exit the ring. The Spectre blows a kiss at Ariel as he passes. The camera zooms in on his face.

Spectre: I know what I would do for a Klondike bar.

He bust out into more laughter as we head back to the ring.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski examining the situation, still telling Ariel to stay outside as he looks at Sean Jackson who is begging for him to help.

Madman looks legitimately sorry that he can not let Sean Jackson free. Abdul bin Hussain isn't in his own head at all as he uses the corner to get up. He slides back down to the second rope, out of it completely.

Blackfront: Madman now looking at Hussain who doesn't know where he is.

Madman: READY!

He jumps Back.

Madman: SET!

Szalinski gets into a three point stance.

Madman: HUT HUT HUT!

He charges Abdul Hussain in the corner with rapid fire elbows.


He backs away and Abdul falls forward. Madman drops to the mat himself, throwing his leg up. Abdul's head drops and Madman wraps his arm around his neck while putting his legs around Hussain's waist.


The referee checks on Adbul bin Hussain.

Blackfront: He raises Hussain's arm... drops it... a second time.. I think Hussain may be out...

The referee checks Abdul bin Hussain one more time... as his arm falls for a third time, the look of bewilderment on Sean Jackson's face tells it all.

He has just lost his title, and it is all The Spectre's fault.

Blackfront: MADMAN HAS DONE IT! MADMAN HAS DONE IT! Abdul bin Hussain is out!

The bell starts to ring.

Announcer: The winner of this match as a result of a knock out and NEWWWWW... UTA CHAMPIONNNN... MADMAN... SZALINSKIIIIIIII!!!!!

The steel structure begins to raise. Ariel is handed the UTA Championship as it does. Once it's up enough, she ducks down and runs toward the ring.

Blackfront: Arial joining her husband in the ring.

As she does, her and Madman run to each other's arms. Tears of joy come down her face. The referee raises madman's arm, his wife moving to his side raising his other.

Ace: After everything he has been through, hats off to Madman Szalinski.. he is the new UTA Champion.

Blackfront: What a night, my God.

Ariel hands him the belt and he just stares at it. Madman runs to the corner away from Jackson who is still trying to pull out of the handcuffs. he climbs the turnbuckle and for the first time in his UTA career... raises the belt to the fans. The roof explodes with cheers.

Blackfront: For years, people will remember where they were when Madman Szalinski became UTA Champion.

He holds the title high....

and then drops it.

Blackfront: Wait.. what?

Ace: Something's wrong Jason.

Ariel runs to the corner as Madman hunches over, holding his chest.

Blackfront: Oh my God.. get help. Anyone listening in the back, get help now!

Madman hunches more, tilting over and falling from the top of the turnbuckle, falling violently to the outside of the ring, his head bouncing off of the floor. Ariel begins to scream as she drops and gets out of the ring as quick as possible. The camera moves over and onto Madman. His pupils diolated, his hand clutching his chest as he shakes. Ariel continues to scream. The entire back of the locker room begins to empty.

The replay fades out and we return to Stan and Jennifer in the studio.

Stan: As you just saw, a little over a week ago at Black Horizon Madman Szalinski won the UTA Championship.

Williams: With the help of The Spectre.

Stan: I'm unsure of The Spectre directly helping Madman, but he did play a role. The bigger news is the closing moments as medical staff rushed to Madman's aid.

Williams: One of the most shocking moments in televised history happened, something you could never script.

Stan: Although we were unsure at first, it is now confirmed that Madman Szalinski in fact did have a heart attack after the match. He has since been stabilized, but has yet to awake from the coma he slipped into shortly after.

Williams: A terrible turn of evens after winning the championship.

Stan: At this time, the championship is still a touch and go subject as management awaits Madman Szalinski to wake up.

Williams: I can't see this going anywhere but with Madman being stripped of the title. There is absolutely no way he will be able to compete any time soon.

Stan: That is the common census currently, but with the Ring King tournament going on, for now Madman Szalinski retains the UTA Championship.

Williams: Mr. Wingate is in a tough place right now I know.

Stan: We will keep you updated as more information is made available, however for now nothing has changed.

Williams: We have received an outpour of mail for Madman, and have been told by his wife, Ariel, that she and Szalinski's family appreciates the love.

Stan: Madman, get better soon. We are all pulling for you.



Williams: The championship picture is more blurry than ever heading out of Black Horizon.

Stan: I can tell you this, the Ring King tournament leading into a Championship title shot will be nothing short of amazing.

Williams: But you have to wonder, will they get a title shot or will Madman be stripped and the winner of the tournament become the new champion?

Stan: More questions that hopefully we will get answers on next Sunday. For now though, we are are out of time. Until next time, I am Stan Davis.

Williams: And I am Jennifer Williams.

Stan: Thank you for tuning into another edition of Livewire!

Williams: We'll see you next time!

The copyright comes up as the screen fades to black.

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