Thursday Night Rage #9

29 May 2014

D.C. Armory, Washington, DC (seats 10,000)

A Moment of Silence Please

" style="line-height: 1.6em;" target="TributeToTheTroops">


As the song ends and the clip fades away on the tron display, a brief silence blankets the arena as the staff and wrestlers take a moment to bow their heads.

James Ranger raises his head slowly as he takes a step forward from the line of wrestlers and staff behind him. He raises the mic to his lips and everyone behind him raise their heads as well.


James Ranger: Thankful for taking a moment with us tonight to pay tribute to the fallen who gave their lives for this nation's future. Without ado, lets get this show rolling folks after a quick break.

The stream cuts off slowly, switching to commerical feed...

Matty Frederickson v. Chancellor Turner

Gil: Welcome back folks to Thursday Night Rage as we get set for tonight's opening match between Matty Frederickson and Chancelor Turner.

Lucius: Which should be a quick affair, like the meal i had this morning...

Gil: A stack of hotcakes is not the kind of quick affair i would think of.

The camera view shifts as it shows that Chancelor Turner is already in the ring, pacing back and forth, staring at the entrance ramp.

Ann: Introducing first, from Boston,Massachusetts. Weighing in at 205 pounds. CHANCELOR TURNER!

Check Your Game by Ice-T starts to play and Matty comes out wearing an Oakland Raiders jersey.

Ann: Introducing first, from Oakland, California. Weighing in at 101 pounds...Oakland's Finest...MATTY.....FREDERICKSON!


He pops the collar before walking down the ramp bobbing his head to the music slapping hands with the fans. Climbs in the ring removing his jersey and tossing it into the crowd.


The ref checks both wrestlers before stepping in the middle and signaling for the bell. 

Gil: And we're off ladies and gentlemen...


Lucius: Is this a race?


Gil: I would peg it as better than the Kentucky Derby.

Almost immediately, Matty and Chancelor close the distance. As Chancelor goes to grab Matty, he dodges, getting behind Chancelor and connecting with a dropkick, sending him to the mat. 


Chancelor looks up as Matty makes funny faces at him, enraging the heavier wrestler as he gets up. As he begins to reach for Matty, Matty sidesteps, this time connecting with drop toe hold, causing Chancelor to fall on his face again.


Matty takes off running, hitting the ropes and bouncing off at high speed. He runs pass Chancelor as he gets up, jumping on the ropes..he flips backwards..


Gil: Game Check connects!


Chancelor falls down, knocked out as Matty goes for the pinfall. The ref slides over for the count.










The bell is rung as Matty gets up, a confident look on his face.


Ann: The winner of this match...MATTY FREDERICKSON!


Gil: Matty moves forward from his slump and onto better things.


Lucius: Wish we could say the same about Chancelor. We will be right back folks..up next..the returning Matthew Miguel versus the in ring debut of Yarrin Carmack!

VCW's Kickstarter of the Week: T.O.M.E.

Matthew Miguel v. Yarrin Carmack

Lucius:: Welcome back folks, on tap now we have Matthew Miguel on his return to Valor after a few weeks vacation.

Gil:: A vacation to wimp out of wrestling in my opinion.

Lucius:: Gil, he had his mentor kidnapped from him and well he had to get a game plan going.

Gil:: Right, and his opponent Yarrin Carmack. Another of that strange man Xander Hayes.

Lucius:: It's going to be a hum dinger with these two men, One wants vengeance, the other is well.

Gil:: Strange and dirty.

As the first few chords of "Gold on the Ceiling" Hits, Matt bursts from behind the curtain and out onto the stage. He's amped up, shouting to the crowd though his words are lost in the din of their cheers. Behind him, two cameramen from his reality show, "Matt Work," follow him to record the experience. He hits both edges, shouting and talking, and then dashes down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Lucius:: And here comes Matthew!

Gil:: I wish he'd actually be a true wrestler.

Lucius sighs as the lights go out and Rob Zombies "Superbeast" starts up, then the red strobe lights starts to move as the giant screen lights up with "Y" is seen with X in the background laughing. Yarrin appears from the back and makes his way to the ring. He gets to the apron and looks up as he slams the mat and hops up and get's into the ring.

Gil:: Yarrin is here to do business.

Lucius:: The ref is checking both men and signals for the bell.

Yarrin and Matthew rush at each other and starts trading punches trying to beat each other into oblivion, finally the ref steps in and breaks the two men apart. Yarrin looks at Matthew with no emotions while Matthew is full of fire.

Lucius:: I think this will just be a knock out drag out fight.

Gil:: What no wrestling awe...

Matthew rushes the ropes and bounces off as he connects with a shoulder tackle but Yarrin doesn't budge as he looks at Matthew with his blank eyes. Matthew tries again and still nothing. Yarrin then grabs Matthew into a bear hug and lifts the man up and starts to shake him like a rag doll.

Gil:: What power!

Lucius:: What will that achieve for Yarrin?

Gil:: No idea it's just fun watching these guys beat the living hell out of each other.

Matthew boxes Yarrin's ears as he lets go, Matthew then gets Yarrin into a headlock and starts to wrench the head and starts to yell at Yarrin. Matthew tries a bulldog but Yarrin slips out and pushes Matthew into the ropes as Matthew gets caught up. Yarrin follows suit with a clothesline which Matthew flies out of the ring and lands hard on the floor. Yarrin stands in the ring while Matthew get's his head back on.

Gil:: Oh my I think I'm going to fall asleep.

Lucius:: Well these two men are power houses. I won't expect high flying moves.

As Matthew gets close to the ring a black and green taped hand reaches out from the apron and grabs Matthews leg and pulls him under the ring..

Gil:: What the?

Lucius:: It couldn't be...

All of a sudden both Xander and Matthew roll out from under the ring hitting each other, Yarrin distracts the ref while Xander and Matthew are beating the living hell out of each other, Xander then lets go as he smiles wickedly and runs away laughing leaving Matthew seething and confused as he turns Yarrin meets him with a flying dive through the ropes, crashing into Matthew leaving both men sprawling on the floor, the ref starts his count as both men are laid out.






both men start to stir as Yarrin gets to his feet first and grabs Matthew and tosses him into the ring and follows suit. Matthew gets up and starts to kick Yarrin as he get's through the ropes.

Lucius:: I'm not sure what happen folks it looked like a train wreck out there.

Gil:: Someone needs to put a leash on Xander.

Matthew grabs Yarrin and whips him into the ropes and follows it up with a knee lift. Matthew follows it up with a elbow drop and then starts to punch Yarrin in the head as Yarrin covers up trying to protect his head. The ref starts to count as Matthew continues to the count of four. The Ref breaks them up as Yarrin staggers up and Mathew goes in for a capture suplex But Yarrin instinctively starts swinging his free arm and connects with five hit causing Matthew to drop the suplex as Yarrin counters with a reverse STO.

Lucius:: Oh where did that come from?

Gil:: No idea but it seems Yarrin still has some fight left in him.

Yarrin then goes in for scoop brainbuster and follows it with a pin.



Kick out!

Gil:: Oh so close!

Lucius:: Wow, I thought it was over, great fight from Matthew.

Yarrin stands and whips Matthew into the turn buckles and then lifts him onto the top turnbuckle and hits a elevated cradle neckbreaker as he covers for the pin.




Lucius:: And your winner Yarrin Carmack!

Party Time

We cut from the last match straight to the back of the arena, we see Xander Hayes whom is holding the Wildfire Championship belt with Teddy duct taped on the belt, and Yarrin Carmack whom is sitting in what looks to be a boiler room talking about the rain when Jesse walks into the area looking for Xander. She stops and looks at both men, you can see she's tired from all the walking around she's done trying to find X. Both men look up while X Waves like an idiot, Y mearly grunts a responce to her.

Jessie: Xander can you tell me what are your thoughts on tonights match with both Rodney Marney and The Ringmaster Kennedy?

Xander: Oh I don't know if I should, I mean I brought the wrath of a circus freak against me. Should I be scared? Should I be shaking in my boots? Oh wait no no sorry but I've faced worse men in the ring then some RuPaul Drag Racing queen.

Yarrin smirks as Jessie nods, while Xander starts to talk to the Teddy.

Xander: I know Teddy, it's hilarious..

Jessie: So tell me what do you have instore for your match?

Xander smiles and he winks.

Xander: Jessie, all I can say is that I've changed this match of ours to be a bit more interesting. Since Kennedy said she can't be held responsible for Rodney and what he's going to do. Just as I won't be held responsible for what I will do. Let's just say that this match of ours will set the tone for the Wildfire Championship. See it will involve some of this and some of that and.... Oh maybe I'll bring thouse.. Oh I think I'll bring that also!

Xander grabs a steel pipe and weights it out as a smile creeps onto his face. Jessie looks at Xander while she looks around.

Jessie: So anything else to add for the match?

Xander: Not really, I think Teddy and I will enjoy this match, We just hope Kennedy will understand she has two choices with the match, get invovled or stay out side and watch as Rodney understands the true meaning of what pain will be, Some Psych Ward might be an idea to some people, but to me it's home sweet home!

Xander smirks as he starts to talk with Teddy. Jessie turns to Yarrin and watches as the big man stands up and escorts Jessie away as he whispers to her.

Yarrin: You want to watch tonight for when the bell rings the world will drop.

Jessie: Um okay?

Fizz v. Hex Girl

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice hits over the PA system as Fizz now rides out on a tricycle.

Ann: From Fort Fizz, Ohio...

Gil: Fort What?! Tell me he made that up..

Lucius: You're asking me?!

Ann: Weighing in at 123 pounds...he is the Fizzster...FIZZ!

He rolls down the ring in his stylin' trike, pausing for effect as the fans cheer to his arrival.

Lucius: Arriving in VCW, Fizz is looking to make a fresh start tonight against Hex Girl.

Gil: But the words exchanged between the two could mean trouble for Fizz if he's not careful.

As Fizz comes down to the ring, Hex Girl is right behind him as he continues to cycle down the ramp to his theme song, clearly unaware of the fans' reactions.


Gil: This...does not bode well.

Lucius: Why is that? What is that in her hands?


Hex Girl reveals from behind her a broomstick with Fizz's name on it, as Fizz suddenly realizes that he should stop and  turn around. A look of shock is on his face as Hex approaches slowly, with a menacing look on her look.


Hex Girl: You think i would be better where?

Gil: Good lord, what is she planning to do with that?


Fizz immediately takes to the ring, quickly taking the stairs and getting into the ring. Hex sprints into the ring at the moment, sliding in with the broom in tow.

The ref stands between her and Fizz, tellling her to take that out of the ring as additional staff seem to be coming down to the ring. She just looks through the ref and at Fizz who slowly backs away.

Lucius: Maybe the ref can restore some order and Hex will just toss the broom out.

As she pushes the ref to the side, Fizz takes action, charging right through and tackling her to the mat, causing her to drop the broom. He quickly gets up and kicks the broom out of the ring. He eyes the top of the ring post..

Gil: Is this really happening folks?

Lucius: Go Fizz Go!

He quickly climbs up as Hex is starting get to her senses. He positions himself, eyeing her  as she gets to one knee. He springs up as she is not facing him...

Lucius: Fizzness Time Tadpole Splash!


He connects with a tadpole splash, landing on her back, forcing her face first into the mat. You can clearly see some blood blend with the mat as she lies there unconcious. Fizz yells at the ref as he rolls her over and pins her.


The ref hestiantly goes for the cover...








"Ice Ice Baby" hits as Fizz hops up and pumps his fist into the air. He rolls out of the ring quickly, for his well-being, but not before grabbing the broom that was still lying in the ring.


He quickly runs up the ramp, the fans cheering for him as Hex is helped up by the referee.


Gil: While i check my eyesight real quick, we will take a quick commercial break folks! Stay tuned!.




Tommy Lipton v. Sebastian Blackthorne

  A silhouette of a man dressed in a hooded cloak begins to emerge as "The Antichrist" by Slayer begins to play. The theme suddenly stops and a demonic voice states "Thou shalt not play with fire unless thou wishes to get burnt. Oh YES! May you all burn in hell!"


 The figure walks to the ring very slowly while fire erupts from each side of the ramp as he walks. The lights flicker off and then slowly come back on as Blackthorne appears to entered the ring and proceeds to remove his cloak to reveal his signature wrestling attire. 


Gil: Sebastian Blackthorne is coming out here with a DQ win over Xander Hayes last week.

Tonights match has a lot on the line!


Lucius: Indeed Gil it does! The winner will have a championship match! The Wildfire Championship could be on the line against Sebastian if Sebastian defeats the Legendary Tommy Lipton here tonight!


Gil: As well, Tommy could pull off this evenings match with a ticket to meet the Internet Champion, Rodney for a shot at that title!


Lucius: As much as this match means big things for Sebastian, for Tommy Lipton this match means he is still a heavy hitter in this game. Lipton who hasn’t competed in almost a year till recently, and hasn’t been a full time competitor for a couple of years now last held a title in 2012!


Gil: Exactly Lucius, you gotta know that the world is watching this match to see if Tommy Lipton still has that fire that he once ruled an era with.


 ["Cult Of Personality" Hits, Fog rises over the top of the ramp. One fire work (red) lands at the top of the ramp in the fog and pyros explode up from the fog. Once the pyros stop, Tommy Lipton wearing a black trench coat walks down the ramp, he then runs and slides under the bottom rope and hits all four turnbuckles and raises one arm swiftly over his head. Once he's off the last turnbuckle he removes his coat and hands it to the ref, he then bounces off the rope jogs and stops center ring and raises his arms high starring daggers into Sebastian Blackthorne.]


Lucius: Tommy Lipton has picked up two victories here in VCW including his DQ win last week against Frederickson. You gotta figure that tonight both men are looking for a clean 1-2-3 or submission to build momentum into their championship match, as one of these men WILL face a champion for his title after tonight! 


RA: The following match is a number one contender’s match! Introducing first…


[Tommy Lipton waves introduction as he runs at Sebastian and takes the man down with a hard clothesline! Tommy goes for a stomp but Blackthorne rolls away and gets to his feet looking concerned while Tommy stands there calling him on.]


Gil: Tommy Lipton means business.


Lucius: Tommy is known to be get mean when he needs to be.


Ding Ding


[Tommy charges a second time looking for a clothesline but Sebastian ducks it this time and when Tommy turns, Sebastian launches a 1-2-3 punch combo then nails a hard European Uppercut! Tommy finds himself into the turn buckles and Sebastian drives a hard shoulder not once but twice and Lipton falls into a stalling suplex!]




Gil: Well Tommy doesn’t seem to have the crowds support yet.


Lucius: The crowd really disliked the fact that for two years, Tommy was in and out not doing much and mainly the fans felt he had turned his back on them.


Gil: Well Tommy did stain his name when he used power and his greed to destroy anyone who stood in his way. I feel in time Tommy may earn back that trust he has lost with the people. If that is what he wants.


[Tommy gets up and Sebastian uses an Irish Whip to send Lipton into the ropes, on Liptons return Sebastian meets him with a big boot! Blackthorne wastes no time going for the cover]






Gil: And Lipton kicks out.


Lucius: Too much is on the line for Tommy!


Gil: For both men in fact!


[Sebastian grabs Lipton and goes for another Irish Whip but Lipton counters it and starts and Irish Wip but pulls Sebastian back and into a DDT!! Lipton now wastes no time for a pin!]






Lucius: Sebastian gets his shoulder up! WAIT!!!


[Sebastian out of no where goes to lock on the Kimura lock! Tommy is locked in but close enough to grab the ropes!]


Gil: That could have been bad!


[Sebastian grabs Tommy Lipton… Sebastian lifts Tommy with a suplex then drops Tommy with a DDT! Sebastian grabs Tommy and locks in the Kimura lock again!!!]


Gil: No ropes this time!!!


[Tommy looks to be fading….

Tommy refuses to tap…

The ref lifts Tommy’s arm and drops it!]




[The ref lifts his arm again and drops it.]




[The ref goes to lift the arm again but when he lets go Tommy’s arm does not drop and Tommy salutes the ref with a middle finger! Tommy fights to break free and starts to get up but Sebastian drops Tommy quickly with a DDT!]




Gil: Some of these fans are now in support of Tommy Lipton!


[Sebastian Lifts Tommy up but Tommy fires off lefts and rights and then a clothesline puts both men over the top rope!]




Lucius: These fans are loving this match!


[On the out side both men exchange punches and Tommy Dragon Whips Sebastian into the steps! Tommy moves to attack Sebastian and as he grabs Sebastian, Sebastian with all his strength reacts with a European uppercut! Tommy is stunned and Sebastian drops Tommy with a short arm clothesline!

Blackthorne slides Tommy into the ring!]


Gil: Sebastian is on fire!


[Sebastian goes to lift Tommy Lipton but Tommy pushes away and drives a hard kick to the chest of Blackthorne, Tommy then jumps up onto the second rope hops off with a spin and drives a knee to the face of Sebastian! Tommy calls for the CIB!]




[Sebastian gets up, Tommy goes for a quick kick but Sebastian catches it! Sebastian slams Tommy with a Belly to Belly slam! Tommy pushes himself back onto his feet only to be put down again with a Powerbomb transitioned into a face buster and Sebastian slowly covers!]








[Sebastian recovers but Tommy kicks out immediately and counters with a roll up pin!]







Gil: He kicks out! Sooo close!


Lucius: Tommy was about to be crowned the winner!


[Tommy lifts Sebastian up, Sebastian with a low blow!!! Sebastian desperately pulls Tommy Lipton in, THE DESCENSION!]


Gil: IT’S OVER!!!!


[Sebastian covers with a grin!]











Lucius: Wait! Yes! Tommy has his foot on the ropes!


Gil: Sebastian cannot believe it!




[Sebastian looking to land his finisher agaion… Tommy then jumps and kicks Sebastian across his face!]




Gil: These men are in a war! Neither willing to give up!


[Tommy rushes at Sebastian and Spears him! Tommy covers!]








Lucius: Sebastian kicks out and stays in this!


Gil: Tommy looks pissed!!!


[Tommy off the rope and drops a knee across the face of a grounded Blackthorne! Tommy starts to drop elbow after elbow! Tommy grabs a leg of Sebastians and starts to kick the inner thigh! The ref warns Tommy. Tommy then grabs Sebastian, Sebastian counters with a suplex!

Sebastian and Tommy get to their feet and Sebastian goes for a lock but Tommy counters it and hits…]




Lucius: That’s vintage Tommy Lipton with the Bounce aka Lipton Slam aka The Olympic Slam!


[Tommy covers!!!]








RA: Here is your winner…. And the NEW number one contender for the Internet Championship…. TOOOOMMMMMYYY LIIIIPTON!!!  



Coming for the Champion

[Tommy calls for a mic as Sebastian Blackthorne rolls out of the ring.

Tommy also asks for a towel and with it he wipes his face of the sweat.]


TL: So, Gunnar Granderson, Matty Frederickson and now Sebastian Blackthorne have been taken out and I stand as the new number one contender for the Internet Championship belt.


As I told Matty, I am not here to lose, I am three and Oh, and the streak will continue as I WILL NOW ADVANCE AND BECOME YOUR NEW Internet Champion, whether you like it or not! I heard your boos, your chants but the fact remains is that I am here, I am here to stay!

I know you all struggle to believe that, as I have been in and out of the industry now for a couple of years. Some thought I was borderline retired, I understand completely.

The wars I have had did impact a ton on my body and that is why I have not been as active as I know you all would have liked me to be, and as I would have liked to be. I can promise you this, you are why I came back and now I am medically cleared 100 percent and I promise you I am here to stay!


I know some are aware of my current employment with WWX…  I want to make an official statement, as it stands my agent Don Lawler is in meetings with James Rangers staff to sign me to a contract with VCW, my time over at the WWX will be ending soon. They are just not the company they once were and with no hard feelings, I just cannot sit around and wait for their technical issues and long awaited cards to be fixed. I have no interest in being a GM at this time so with that said, I will probably not be there much longer.


Rodney, I now want to address you, and I know you are in the back. You may not have taken much notice to my debut in VCW, I promise you, you will take notice now! Your time as Champion is on borrowed time, tick tock tick tock, Tommy is coming to your block!


Those Who Oppose Will Be Disposed! You bring the beer, I will bring the… PAIN!


[Tommy tosses the mic aside and calls for a couple of beers as he celebrates his victory and ‘Cult Of Personality’ hits the speakers!]


Commercial Ad Hype: Anarchy iPPV Theme




JULY 12, 2014



Xander Hayes v. Rodney Marney w/ Ringmaster Kennedy

Gil:: Welcome back ladies and gentleman what a great show thus far and it's about to get strange.We have Rodney Marney with The Ringmaster Kennedy vs Xander Hayes with Teddy!

Lucius:: That's right folks, it's going to get strange indeed, Xander has been talking about something special for Rodney and Kennedy but we don't know what's going to happen.

As the opening to Psycho Circus by KISS starts to play, Ringmaster Kennedy is seen coming down from the rafters slowly via a tiny platform. Once at the ring, Kennedy steps off the platform, MIC in hand as the music stops

Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, what you have seen before, is nothing compared to what you are about to see. Welcome to the greatest show, you will EVER see....Rodney The Carney Marney!

The music resumes and Rodney The Carney Marney is standing at the top of the ramp. When Ace Frehley yells, "Come on! Here I am, here we are, we are one!" Kennedy motions for Marney to come to the ring. Marney walks to the ring his lifeless eyes staring at the ring. He hops up on the apron and walks around it before entering the ring. Kennedy tips her hat before exiting

Lucius:: Well he's here the giant of the Freak show Rodney Marney!

Gil:: I hope Kennedy can handle Xander and His.. Um strange wrestling style.

Lucius:: I just want to know if Xander will make this a hardcore match fro his last statement.

The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena. then "Dance of the Crazy Pill by X starts to play. Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck and the Wildfire Belt duct taped to the bear.

Lucius:: Here he is Xander Hayes!!

Gil:: Wait he's stopping at the ramp.. What's going on? 

X has stopped at the ramps as he looks at the crowd and smiles as he waves a bit.

Xander:: Ladies and germs, for your pleasure tonight, this event will be a steel barbed wire cage match! Yes that's right folks haha. So Kennedy you have a choice, either you step into the ring and fight along side of the Carney or you stay outside and watch your giant fall!!

Gil:: Oh MY!!

Lucius:: Crap what's going to happen next?

The cage starts to drop as Xander makes his way to the ring laughing and looking like a rabid dog, while Kennedy makes a move for Rodney to come out but Rodney isn't listening he has a fire in his eyes from the mockery that Xander gave him. the barbed wire is just like a chain link fence but all over the cage as Xander stops to inspect the structure.

Xander:: Now the rules of this match, the first to get out of the ring, say I quit, passout, gain a pin fall, or lose too much blood will end the match and Rodney, since you think you can hurt me or cause me as much pain as you can muster I thought this would be fitting hehe, and Kennedy, you can help if you so choose but if you stay outside the ring remember if you enter you are mine.

Xander makes his way to Kennedy and attempts to lick her as he runs away disgusted from his actions as he laughs and enters the ring and sets Teddy with the belt in the corner. The ref grabs Rodney's internet Belt and sets it in another corner as the ring crew locks the cage up. both men size each other up as the ref rings for the bell.

Gil:: I'm not sure how to feel about Kennedy, that mad man just made a a pass at her..

Lucius:: I am more worried that Rodney will make mince meat out of Xander.

Rodney moves to Xander for a giant haymaker but Xander dodges it and snickers as he runs around the ring screaming bloody murder.

Lucius:: Um..

Gil:: I have no idea.

X stops near a turnbuckle as Rodney rushes to meet Xander.. Xander drops and rolls out of the way as Rodney crashes into the turnbuckle and stumbles backwards as X jumps on the ropes and hits a missile drop kick which causes the big man to fall down, Xander sticks to his plan and jumps onto the top turn buckle and drops with a double foot stomp onto Rodney's chest. Kennedy is screaming her shrilly voice as X turns and blows her a kiss. Xander then grabs the big man into a cross face chicken wing and starts to apply the pressure.

Lucius:: Oh my it's the move that took out Azreal!

Gill:: Someone get in there and end this!

Xander continues the hold as Rodney starts to slowly fight his way thru it and stands as he slams Xander down and lifts him up and slams again. Xander let's go as Rodney staggers and looks at Xander as he then grabs Xander into a choke slam but slams Xander into the barbed wire as X screams into laugher and his eyes light up and smiles.

Lucius:: Crap!

Gil:: I would be screaming like Kennedy if he did that to me.

X falls to the matt as Rodney starts to stalk Xander. Rodney attempts to grab Xander, but is greeted with a kick to the head as Xander stands up and starts to hit the big man with a flurry of kicks to Rodney's knees. Xander then rushes the ropes and bounces off and hits Rodney with a drop kick to the knees and the big man staggers a bit, Xander smiles as he walks over to Teddy and reaches into the bear and pulls out a spray bottle.

Gil:: What is that?

Lucius:: I think it's spray paint or something worse. someone call security!

Xander then sprays the stuff into Rodney's face as the giant screams out in pain as x the tosses the bottle into Rodney's head to boot and starts to laugh as the big man falls down holding his face. Xander lifts the can and tosses out of the ring as he grabs the big man and fails as he looks at Kennedy and winks. Xander then rushes the ropes bounces off and again hits a drop kick to the big mans head causing the big man to falter to the mat, Xander then starts to stomp a mud hole in Rodney!! Rodney is starting to bleed as Xander is screaming with pleasure. Kennedy jumps into the barbed wire and screams as Xander turns and walks over to her and attempts to grab her hair as she jumps off. Rodney Tastes his blood as he looks at Xander and slowly stands up.

Gil:: Rodney has lost it..

Lucius:: I think he's realizing what he's in for tonight..

Rodney screams in rage as he rushes Xander who drops for a drop toe hold bringing the big man down face first into the mat. X stands and grabs Rodney's head and starts to rub it in the mat, Xander is laughing like a hyena. The lights cut out as "Cult of Personality" starts up and out walks Tommy Lipton after his match with Sebastian Blackthorne. He walks down to the ring as the crowd is in shock. Kennedy looks up and tries to stay out of his way but Tommy makes a bee line to Kennedy and grabs her hair and pulls her in close as he starts to yell at her.

Gil:: Get security down here to protect Kennedy!!

Lucious:: What's he doing here?

Tommy is belittling Kennedy as Xander looks up and smiles as he lifts Rodney's head to see the event's Xander then starts to laugh more as Rodney is starting to stand up but Xander hits Rodney with a kick to Rodney's knee dropping Rodney again, Xander then lifts the big man up and hit's the Extacy as Rodney's head slams into the mat and Xander makes a quick cover to follow it up as the ref starts his count.



Xander then lifts Rodney and taps his head as he smiles and walks over to Teddy and grabs something out of the bear again.

Lucious:: We need order here!

Gil:: What is Xander doing now? He had this match won.

Xander pulls out a staple gun as he starts to give the most evil and vindictive grin. He walks over to Rodney and starts to staple the big man in his legs as Xander is laughing. Each shot we hear Rodney scream as Xander stops and walks over to the cage and starts to climb to the top. Xander turns and looks at the crowd before jumping off and crashing into Rodney with a perfect swan dive. X then goes for the cover again.




Gil:: And your winner Xander Hayes!

Lucius:: It looks like the war isn't over with yet but the battle has been won, who will stand tall for the internet championship? And how will Rodney and the ringmaster counter these events?

Tommy looks at Xander as Xander smiles and waves.. Rodney is out while Kennedy is screaming for someone to help. Tommy lets Kennedy go as he leaves the arena while X gathers up Teddy and the Wildfire Belt and leaves leaving Rodney in a bloody mess as Kennedy comes into the ring to help Rodney.

VCW's SoundCloud of The Show

" style="line-height: 1.6em;">

Smith Entrance

Lew Smith's entrance music plays for a brief moment, the crowd echoes out with the majority of cheers and a mix of boos around the hall. It slowly fades as Lew walks out with Jordan and two women wearing pink underwear and pink tops holding onto Lew. Two men step out from behind the curtain shortly after dressed in pink shorts and pink t-shirts holding a big, pink inflatable penis. Another woman in pink comes out with a giant pair of scissors and hands them to Jordan and stands in a sexy position next to him. As the music fades out completely, Lew lifts his microphone to his mouth.

Gil: "What is this!? What's going on!?"

Lucius: "What do you think is going on? It's a pre-match promo. Clearly to demoralise Dick Fury."

Lew looks out to the crowd and smiles.

Lew: "So! You're all here for the big event. Lew Smith versus Dick Fury for the VCW Championship."

The crowd cheers.

Lew: "Something tells me that Dick Fury has a feeling he's going to win tonight. Not on my watch."

The air is filled with cheers and boos.

Lew: "As I've been saying over the last few weeks that Dick Fury is just a man trapped in his own little world. But I don't think my words have been powerful enough...and so! I have come to the decision that maybe a more...visual display will help project what I'm trying to do tonight. Jordan?"

Jordan nods as he turns with the massive scissors. The two men in pink stand one end each of the blown up penis and brace themselves. Jordan lifts the mighty scissors up and over the head. He looks around hearing cheers and laughs raiding the hall.

Gil: "No...don't tell me he's-"

Lucius: "He's going to do it."

Jordan smiles and laughs as he clamps the tip, bursting the egotistical balloon loudly infront of everyone. The women and men in pink start laughing dramatically, pointing at the shards of pink see-through plastic that has just floated to the ground.

Gil: "He done it! He cut it in half!"

Lucius: "Told you."

Lew laughs and raises his mic again.

Lew: "Dick Fury...tonight...I take your manhood and chances of winning the VCW Championship title tonight. Prepare yourself!"

Lew receives kisses and hugs from the women and handshakes from the men in pink, drops the mic and makes his way to the ring as Jordan and the estranged actors and actresses make their way back behind the curtain.

Dick Fury v. Lew Smith

[Lew Smith remaining in the ring awaiting Fury]

Ann: The following match is set for one fall and is for the VCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! In the ring from Frimley, England weighing in at 216 pounds..he is the VCW Heavyweight Champion....The Ominous Angel Lew Smith!

Gil: Lew Smith was devestated last week when he was pinned by Dick Fury last week, now he must defend his title against said man.

Lucius: Dick Fury gratefully earned this match, he could of just got it on his good looks though.

["My Dick" by Mickey Avalon begins to play, the strobe lights in synce with the rhythm, the arena lights dim to a single spotlight as Dick Fury appears on the entrance ramp, posing erotically for the cameras flashing.]


Ann: From Hollywood, California, weighing in at 218 pounds...he is the SUPERB...DICK FURY!

[Fury starts to mockingly jogs down making a joke of the way Lew comes to the ring]

Gil: Fury tryin to get into the head of the champion.

Lucius: Fury does not need to get in his head, his looks will get him there!

[Fury finally decides to walk over to the steps, climbing them quickly as he steps into the ring. He again takes to the center, winking at Ann in the process as he strikes a pose, providing all a view of him to see.]


Gil: Here we go, our main event of the evening the VCW Heavyweight Championship on the line!

[Both men lock up in the middle and Lew hip tosses Fury to the ground and locks in an early head lock. Fury struggles and grabs the bottom rope and elbows Lew hard in the head. Fury jumps on Smith and locks in an arm bar.]

Gil: Already a quick back and forward affair for this title bout.

[Lew manages to reverse the lock and lock in an arm bar of his own on Fury. Fury slips out and stands, just as Lew stands, he hits Lew with a quick arm drag into a kamura. Fury pulls back hard on Lew's arm]

Lucius: Look at Fury wreck that arm of Lew's the title will be his at this rate!

[Lew manages to grab the ropes and gets up. The two start to exchange chops and punches. Lew gets the advantage with a hard kick to Fury's side then a real quick leg sweep and a cover]




Gil: Lew almost had it!

Lucius: Not even close!

[Fury springs up, boots Smith hard in the gut and hits a swift reverse DDT and cover]

Lucius: Fury for the title!




[Fury gets up and starts to argue with the ref. Lew gets up and as Fury turns around he unleashes a hard flury of kicks into the torso of the challenger. Lew goes for one more kick but Fury blocks it and smashes his elbow hard into the face of Lew]

Gil: What a hard elbow smash!

[Lew gets up and both get into a collar-elbow tie up. Lew lifts his knee and connects with Fury's chin knocking the challenger down to the mat. Lew covers]

Gil: Another pin attempt by the champion!




Lucius: Ha, ha you can't get Fury that easily!

[Lew looks up at the ref shaking his head pulling Fury up. Fury counters with a hard kick to the gut and hits a series of four straight suplexes without letting go of Lew. Lew slowlys  stands up and is greeted with a missle dropkick from Fury. Lew bounces off the ropes and is leveled with a lairet and cover]

Lucius what a combination!





Lucius: How?

Gil: I agree partner, Fury unleashed a combo upon Lew Smith but the champion once again kicked out!

[Fury drags Lew over to the ropes and pushes his head on the ropes holding him with his foot. The ref yells at him to let Smith go before starting a count]





Lucius: There you go Dick!

[Fury backs off as Lew uses the ropes to stand. Fury goes back over and uses the top rope to wrecnh Lew's arm. The ref once again yells at Fury and starts another count]





Gil: This is getting to be annoying!

Lucius: It is called taking advantage!

[The crowd booing, Fury loudly. Fury backs off and charges at Lew, but Lew ducts under and flips Fury over the ropes and to the floor below. Lew backs off motioning for Fury to come back in the ring once Fury regains his feet, but Fury is not getting back in]












[Fury slides back in the ring only to slide right back out when Lew charges at him. The crowd letting Fury know their thoughts]


Gil: Oh come on now!

Lucius: Fury just needs a rest.





[Lew slides out of the ring after Fury, and Fury gets back in the ring along with Lew. Lew dodges another lariet from Fury and locks in a full nelson]

Gil: Fury is in trouble here!

Lucius: It can't be!

[Lew lifts and slams Fury down and locks in Heaven's Judgment. The crowd cheering Lew on as he wrenches harder on the lock. Fury manages to reach his foot and barely touch the bottom rope and the ref makes Lew break the hold.]

Gil: Somehow, Fury managed to reach the bottom rope to break out of Heaven's Judgment.

Lucius: I was worried.

[Both men charge at each other again with Fury making a quick slip and hitting Super Swinging Neckbreaker]






[The crowd goes crazy as Lew was able to kickout. Fury goes ballistic and argues with the ref about a slow count. As Fury argues with the ref, Lew flips him over the ropes and onto the floor again. As Fury slowly stands, Lew charges and dives through the ropes and connects on Fury hard]

Gil: Lew Smith, with no regards for human life!

Lucius: Someone call the FAA, Lew didn't have clearence!

[Both start brawling it out on the floor struggling to get to their feet]





Gil: They need to get in the ring!





[Both continue to brawl ignoring the count]








Ann: The match has ended in a double countout!

[The crowd boos, as the two continue to brawl it out with each other. Soon all the referees and trainers start pouring in from the back and seperate the two]

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