Thursday Night Rage #8

15 May 2014

Arthur Ashe Athletic Center, Richmond, Virginia (seats 6,000)

Xander Hayes v. Sebastian Blackthorne

Gill: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Thursday Night Rage! Tonight we are from Richmond Virginia! I'm Gil Parquet and along side of me is Lucius Cashmere!

Lucius: That right folks tonight we have a great show for you.We have Xander Hayes Vs Sebastian Blackthorne for the Wildfire Championship.

Gill: Did it just get cold in here when you said Sebastian?

Lucius: I'm not sure this place is rocking with excitment!

Gill shivers.

Gill: Then we have Tommy Lipton Vs Matty Frederickson, I think Matty has bitten off more then he can chew with Tommy.

Lucius: Be that as it might be, but it should still be another great match! then we have the Wiccan Wonder Hex Girl off a smart victory Vs Rodney  Marney in a normal match.

Gill: Will Hex have Marney's number again or will Rodney bounce back and avange is latest loss to the Girl? And our main event a New coming to Valor is  Dick Fury Vs the Champion of Valor Lew Smith!

Lucius: With the New comer Dick and his thoughts should prove difficult for our champ, Will Lew make this a match or will Dick give Lew the big D?

The lights go out in the arena as a laughter s heard through out the arena then "Dance of the Crazy Pill" starts up as Teddy fills the screen and the lime green strobe lights start to dance around the arena.

Lucius: Now Coming to the Ring from chicago Il. Is Xander Hayes! This guy gives me the creeps.

Gill: I agree, I don't know if I should love him or hate him.

Lucius: Just be glad we are here and he's there!

Xander walks out from the back laughing as he stops and makes a giant X with his body, the black lights hit X as he looks even more creepy holding Teddy who is duct taped to the Wildfire belt. Xander talks with Teddy for a moment and nods as the crowd show's their malice toward Xander. He walks to the ring looking around as he slides into the ring and lifts the belt and bear up high for everyone to see as he sets the bear and belt down in the corner. X then digs into Teddy hole and pulls out glow sticks and starts to dance a bit as the music fades out and the lights return.

Gill: I still don't know how to make this guy, But he still gives the fans a great show.

Lucius rolls his eyes as silhouette of a man dressed in a hooded cloak begins to emerge as "The Antichrist" by Slayer begins to play. The theme suddenly stops and a demonic voice states "Thou shalt not play with fire unless thou wishes to get burnt. Oh YES! May you all burn in hell!"

The figure walks to the ring very slowly while fire erupts from each side of the ramp as he walks. The lights flicker off and then slowly come back on as Blackthorne appears to entered the ring and proceeds to remove his cloak to reveal his signature wrestling attire.

Gill shrinks as Sebastian makes his way to the ring.

Gill: I'm telling you it just dropped at least five degrees in the arena when we mention this mans name.

Lucius: It's ok Gil. I know what your feeling. He brings fear to a new level.

The ref checks both men but more aprehensive on checking Sebastian but he does it as he walks over and picks up Teddy and the Wildfire Belt and lifts it for the match and nods as he slides the belt and bear to the time keeper. The Bell is rung as both men make their way toward each other.

Gil: Well folks here we go!

Both men go for a lock up but Xander dodges it as he looks at Sebastian and starts to laugh. Xander has places a finger on his head tapping it. Xander knows that he has the speed to counter the man of fear.

Lucius: True but they still need to make this match happen, Xander can't slow this match down or it will play into "The Reapers" hands!

They go in for another tie up and this time Xander goes flying with Sebastian throwing Xander back.

Lucius: What power!

Xander bounces off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle on Sebastian, who looks unmoved from the attempt. Xander is shaking his head on the mat as Sebastian take the opportunity to go in for an attack. Seabstian grabs Xander and hits a suplex! Sebastian stays on the offensive as he then hit's a belly to belly slam!

Lucius: Sebastian is making Xander look like a chump out there. I guess Xander has underestimated his opponate. Look Xanders getting up and laughing. What the hell?

Gil: I'm not sure.

Xander has poked Sebastian in the eye with his thumb, Sebastian is staggering a few steps as Xander uses the ropes for speed and hits Sebastian with a drop kick to the knees! Sebastian drops to a knee as Xander continues with the assult to his right kneee with kicks and punches.. Xander then grabs Sebastian and tosses him into the ropes as Sebastian bounces back Xander uses a drop toe as Sebastian hits the mat hard. X is now standing and grabs Sebastians right leg and lifts it up and drops his knee into the mat and follows it up with a dropping elbow to the knee.

Lucius: Smart by Xander to bring the bigger man down but these moves can't be doing too much damage on Sebastian.

X rolls Sebastian over and lifts his up but Sebastian rolls Xander into a Small package!



Oh kick out by Xander!

Lucius: Holy hell We just about had a new Champion! What's this?

Xander has removed himself from the ring. Sebastian looks at Xander  who is laughing outside the ring.

Gil:I think Xander is trying to get a count out. He might lose the match but he will still hold the belt. What a fake folks Xander is being a complete chicken.

Sebastian hops through the ropes to go after Xander but wait! Xander has made a bee line into Sebastians legs dropping the man onto the concrete floor like a sack of potatoes. Xander then starts to stomp a mud hole in Sebastian! X is now laughing like a hyena as he's loving it. Xander now lifts the dazed Sebastian and proceeds to toss him into the steel steps as the ref has gotten to the count of five. Xander has slide back into the ring to break the count and slides back out as he lifts Sebastian and rolls the man back into the ring.

Lucius: Always expect the unexpected from Xander!

Xander now has Sebastian where he wants him. But wait Sebastian made a move on xander and has the little man in a Death roll!! Seabsatian now has Xander into a modified Rack suplex!

Gil: Look at the power from the Jackal! Xander looks to be still smiling.. Has this man have no pain threshold?

Xander staggers up looking at Seastian and starts to laugh again. Sebastian is still a figure of fear to the crowd. Xander looks around while Sebastian is stalking his prey, Sebastian has come for one thing and that's to dethrone the insane one. Xander waves to the entrance of the ramp,  Sebastian looks back as Xander rushes toward Sebastian and uses a leg lift into a drop. Oh Sebastian fell hard with the distraction. X then rushes into the ropes and, a drop kick to the head! Xander follows up with grabbing Sebastian and tossing him into the turnbuckle. Sebastian drops to the mat as Xander starts the facewash. Xander follows it up with a running boot to Sebastians head.

Lucius: Oh thats got to hurt folks, I'm cringing here.

Gil: I'm still freezing out here can we get someone to check the heat in the arena?

Lucius: Gil relax we are safe up here. 

X is gloating over Sebastian. Xander now looks to be flipping Sebastian around and locking his legs into the turnbuckle for a tree of woe. Xander is now kicking Sebastian in the gut while the ref is trying to regain some order. the ref has started is count as Xander finishes on four. Xander is now walking back to the middle of the ring while the ref is untieing Sebastian out of the turnbuckle. Sebastian is now up and looks to be shaken by the smaller mans assult. Xander is still laughing as they go in but Xander dodges the tie up again and runs to the ropes and hits a spear butSebastian being bigger stops Xander and lifts the smaller man into a reverse sidewalk slam crushing Xanders face into the mat!

Gil: A desperate move from Xander thinking he could spear the big monster. Sebastian hits Xander with a sit out scoop slam piledriver! That has to be it folks Xander is done.

Lucius: I wouldn't count Xander out untill the bear sings.

Gil: Did you just make a joke? 

Sebastian now has the upper hand once more lifting Xander into a broken will!! The ref starts to check on Xander to see if he'll tap out. but a smile is seen on Xanders face, a smile still? What does it take for this man to stop smiling? Xander bends as more pressure is being held as X starts to lick Sebastians fore arm and bites down causeing Sebastian to let go and drop Xander to the mat, X rolls out of the ring quickly as he rushes over and grabs Teddy and the belt. Sebastian follows suit limping a bit while Xander reaches into Teddy and pulls out something shiney. As Sebastian grabs Xander andspins him, Xander hits Sebastian with a dicus elbow and follows it up with a smash with the brassknuckles. Sebastian staggers as the ref counts while both men are outside the ring. Xander slides back into the ring to break the count as he rolls back out and grabs a chair and hits Sebastian with it and continues the assult. Xander then grabs Sebastian and pushes him into the barricade. Xander then rolls into the ring again to break the count ashe tosses the brassknuckles into the crowd while the ref is counting. Sebastian starts to stand as X climbs to the to turnbuckle and launches himself.

Lucius: Oh GOD!

Gil just watches in awe as Xander flys into sebastian with a swan dive. both men are knocked to the ground as the ref again start his count. crowd watches.

Gil: I'm not sure whats going to happen now.

Lucius: We need someone out here to check these two men.

Both men start to stir as the ref gets to a count of 5, finally Xander stands with a wicked smile and Sebastian stands looking around. Xander rolls into the ring and breaks the count as Sebastian follows suit but is caught with a drop kick to the jaw on the ropes. Sebastian bounces on the ropes As Xander drops to his knees and hits a low blow on Sebastian who crumples. Xander looks around with wild eyes.

Gil: I think the train has left the station with Xander.

Lucius: When did it ever arrive?

Xander stands up and looks around as he taps his head and looks at Sebastian. X rolls out of the ring starts to yell and throw his hands in the air.

Gil: What the?

Lucius: I'm not sure it looks like Xander is giving up.

Xander makes his way to the time keeper and grabs the belt and Teddy as he walks Around the ring. Sebastian stands and looks on as the ref continues his count. X taps his head as he starts to make his way to the ramp. Sebastian looks dumbfounded at the turn of events as Xander starts to laugh. The ref reaches 5 as Xander stops at the entrance way and looks at the crowd laughing and talking with Teddy.






Gil: Well folks it looks like Sebastian wins the match vis DQ count out..

Lucius: I'm not sure what's going on...

Xander reaches into Teddy and pulls out a mic as he stands at the rampwith a broad smile on his face..

Xander: Well Sebastian, good win, but ha ha I still have the belt... Loser!

But I gave up on this match cause it's boring me to tears.. As of now I'm making the Wildfire Championship belt a bit more interesting. So listen up everyone.

Xander breaths and a fire is seen within his eyes.

Xander: As of tonight, and hence forth the Wildfire Championship Belt will not be a HARDCORE belt! Yes, if any of you losers back there think that you can make me bleed and pull this belt out of my cold fingers your more then welcome to try.. I don't care if it's a Barbed wire match, A japanese brutality match, a Zombie Rave match.. anything to deal with pain, bleeding and breaking of limbs or anything I want you to try. It's time to turn the crank and choose your fate!

Xander smirks

Gil: Um, can he do that?

Lucius: I am not sure. I think he's got a god complex..

Xander: Sebastian, you think you can wi being all dark and brooding like some silly superhero? You don't know the meaning of pain and if you want to dance son, by all means come on. To Azzy, you better hurry chump cause as of this moment every match that is with this belt will be a Championship match! Anytime any place. I'll put it on the line and if god forbids someone takes this belt from me, you will have to defend it as a hardcore match. No excuses no nothing. I'm tossing the rule book out the window and creating a no rules belt! Isn't that right Teddy?

Xander smirks as he waves to Sebastian and turns and heads to the exit of the ramp as he makes his way to the back.

Gil: I'm...

Lucius: Gil, I'll say it for you. Ladies and gentleman. Xander "X" Hayes has changed the rules for the Wildfire Belt to his own needs. We will get comformation from the higherups on his actions. But it looks like Valor Championship Wrestling now has a hardcore belt..

Gil sits there speechless as the cut to commercial break..

Tommy Lipton v. Matty Frederickson

[Check Your Game by Ice-T starts to play and Matty comes out wearing an Oakland Raiders jersey. He pops the collar before walking down the ramp bobbing his head to the music slapping hands with the fans. Climbs in the ring removing his jersey and tossing it into the crowd]


["Cult Of Personality" Hits, Fog rises over the top of the ramp. One fire work (red) lands at the top of the ramp in the fog and pyros explode up from the fog.Once the pyros stop, Tommy Lipton wearing a black trench coat walks down the ramp, he then runs and slides under the bottom rope and hits all four turnbuckles and raises one arm swiftly over his head. Once he's off the last turnbuckle he removes his coat and hands it to the ref, he then bounces off the rope jogs and stops center ring and raises his arms high starring daggers into Matty Frederickson.]


Ding Ding


[Tommy goes for a clothesline but Matty Frederickson ducks and down goes the ref! Tommy turns and catches Matty with the Lipton Slam V2 (Rock Bottom) Tommy covers but no ref!]


Ann #1: Tommy has the win but there is no ref to make the count!


Ann #2: Which technically means Tommy doesn’t have the win!


[Tommy grabs Matty and launches Matty into the corner turnbuckle and then rushes Frederickson and drills left and rights into the abs of Matty. Matty looks to be taking the hits as best as he can but after a few more hits the effects of the punches are expressed on Mattys face. Tommy then lifts Matty up for a strong jack knife suplex! Tommy goes for a pin! After a few seconds the ref finally able to make the count.]






[Matty kicks out.]


Ann #1: Tommy looks frustrated at the referee!


[Matty is lifted up by Tommy, and then out of no where Matty pushes back and away from Lipton and hits a fade away drop kick! Matty grabs Tommy and drops Tommy’s face into his knee and then a flying lariat for good measure followed with a quick pin.]








[Tommy Kicks Out! Realising that was a surprisingly close call, Tommy rolls out of the ring for a breath catcher.]


Ann #2: Well Tommy is now realizing Matty Frederickson despite the start of this match is here to fight!


[Frederickson slides out of the ring and he grabs Lipton, but Tommy punches Matty in the nose craaack Matty backs up and puts his finger to his nose and looks at it, blood on his finger tip. Tommy grabs Matty and looks to be setting up for a spine buster but Matty counters it and drops Tommy on his head with a DDT. Matty then hops onto the announcers table and when Tommy stands up, Matty Frederickson leaps off and catches Tommy with a hurricarana into the steel steps!]


[Matty rolls Tommy Lipton into the ring and covers him.]








[Tommy kicks out!]


Ann #1: Tides have turned and Matty is in control now!


Ann #2: You can’t even notice the size difference of these two men the way Matty has brought himself back into this fight!


[Matty lifts Tommy Lipton up on his feet but then Tommy fires off with a few punches and then a neck breaker! Both men lay on their backs.]










[Tommy gets up first then Matty. Tommy Irish whips Matty into the ropes and follows up with an elbow. Matty hits the ground hard. Tommy mocks him a bit and then starts to remove the pad from the turnbuckle. Not knowing Matty managed to get up quick and drop kicks Tommy into the exposed buckle. Tommy staggers around and Matty hits him with a missile shin kick.]


Ann #2: Frederickson hits his signature move.


Ann #1: I can not believe this but Tommy looks to be in trouble out there!


[Matty hits Tommy with a Rolling Thunder and then covers Lipton.]






Ann #2: Tommy kicks out again!


[Matty is frustrated and goes to the top rope. He jumps off for a head butt… Tommy catches him and power slams him! Tommy bounces off the ropes and nails Frederickson hard with a baseball sliding kick to the face. Tommy now with the cover over Matty Frederickson!]








[Matty gets his shoulder up!]


Ann #1: I thought this one was over right there!


[Tommy lifts Matty for a back drop but Matty rolls off lands on his feet runs bounces off the ropes, springboard elbow and Tommy goes down. Quick to get up Matty follows with a flying elbow but Lipton instead turns it into a side walk slam! Tommy lands kicks to the chest and then one big one to the face, as Matty struggles to get up, Tommy jumps onto the second rope swings around and lands a knee to the face. Tommy Lipton taunts his opponent and yells for Frederickson to get up…]


Ann #1: It looks to be coming to an end now!


Ann #2: Tommy looks to be going for that V2 again!


[Tommy goes for the Lipton Slam V2 but Matty escapes the hold and drops Tommy with a DDT! Matty quickly gets onto the turn buckle and leaps off landing a Raider splash on Lipton! Tommy and Matty both lay on their backs and it takes Matty to the 7 count to finally cover the Tommy Lipton…]


Ann #2: It’s Over! It’s Over!










Ann #1: KICK OUT! I can’t believe it!


[Matty can’t believe it either and retreats to the outside of the ring. Outside Matty starts to get emotional, and his anger is shown clearly as the Ref checks on Tommy, Matty grabs something from under the ring.]


Ann #1: Did you see what he grabbed?


[Inside the ring Matty reveals brass knucks and the ref starts to warn Matty! Tommy gets up, Matty swings and crrrrrrraaaaacckkkkkk!!!!!!! Matty starts punching the brass knucks into the ribs of Tommy until the ref pulls him off.]





RA: Your winner by DQ…. Tommy Lipton!


Ann #1: Matty Frederickson has gotten himself Disqualified!


[Matty looks to be setting up for another punch threatening the ref to back off and as Tommy gets up Matty swings but Tommy blocks and Lipton hits a quick kick to the gut and drops Matty with a Canadian Ice Breaker!!! (SC Stunner)]


Ann #1: Stunner!!! CIB CIB!!!!


[Tommy looks down at Matty who is laid out. Tommy favors his right side due to the attack on his ribs and calls for a mic.]


TL: Tonight marks the second victory for me here in VCW


(Mixed reaction)


[Tommy faces the audience]


TL: It may not have come how I wanted it to, but make no mistake; I will keep on winning until I once again become a champion! In fact, the Internet Champion can listen up! I am coming for you and that strap!


I told Matty Frederickson that I did not come to VCW to lose. I told all of you I did not return to lose!


As a legend of NwEff and a legend of WWX, I have ruled many rings, now here in VCW I plan to rule…[He smiles] another.


Voice: Woah, hey now, Tommy!


[Tommy looks up to see James Ranger standing at the top of the ramp.]


TL: James, what do you want?


JR: Tommy, Tommy, I choose the matches; I choose when you face the Internet Champion!  


TL: James Ranger, you and I go way back; you know what I am capable of.


JR: I know what you are capable of indeed, and so far I have seen it. Two wins under your belt here in Valor Championship Wrestling, but two doesn’t earn you the right to a title match. It earns you the right to be noticed however. Let’s see how you do in your next match and then we can talk.

Oh and Tommy,


TL: What?


JR: look out behind you.


[Tommy turns and gets nailed by Frederickson’s signature, ‘Game Check’ Tommy lands into the ropes and falls on his face.]


JR: Tommy … Welcome back.


[Mattys music hits as he looks down at Tommy Lipton.]

Hex Girl v. Rodney Marney

F.L.A.G by Emilie Autumn  begins to play as the fans begin to cheer.


Hex Girl comes out on the stage covered in her green half cape she holds for a moment and the stage erupts in flames blocking her from view for a moment when the flames vanish she is minus the cape. A hardened look on her face she walks down the ramp with purposeful determination. She slides into the ring and is ready to tear into Rodney Marney. 

Lucius: During commercial break, Rodney Marney and his manager, Ringmaster Kennedy had came out to rather fierce fanfare.

Gil: Fierce? Those fans were chanting Hex Girl as they came down.

Lucius: Needless to say, Hex could become the next VCW Internet Champion..

Gil: Not if Ringmaster Kennedy has anything to say about it.


The ref displays the championship belt to both Rodney and Hex, then displays it to the fans in attendance. He signals for the bell as he hands the belt to the attendant outside the ring.


Hex feigns going for a lock up as Rodney lunges at her with attempt with a bear hug. She ducks underneath, turning on her heel.


Hex immediately takes to Rodney's shins, connecting with three kicks to his left shin. Rodney lunges at her again, but she dodges out of harm's way. Ringmaster Kennedy shows her displeasure as Rodney gets frustrated.


Gil: Hex taking advantage of the difference in weight, but speed as well.


Lucius: Hex uses Agility! Its super effective!


Hex hits the ropes running, coming off of them, she baseball slides underneath him, jumps up and dropkicks him in the back, causing him to fall face down. She rallies the fans as she hits for the ropes again..


She comes back as Rodney gets to one knee, connecting with a Shining Wizard, bringing the champion down. She goes for the pin...




Ringmaster Kennedy gets on the ring apron, the fans beginning to boo.




Hex Girl gets pushed off as Rodney kicks out. She quickly gets up, connecting with a swift kick to Rodney's face, stunning him. Ringmaster begins yelling at Hex, which only causes her to fixate on her. 

Gil: Trouble on the horizons!

Lucius: My precious Ringmaster! Run before its too late!

The fans get excited as Hex approaches Ringmaster as she continues to talk trash to the challenger. Rodney is coming to, slowly rising as Hex argues with Ringmaster, who seems to be stalling for time. 


Hex seems to catch the gist of what's going as she sidesteps the charging Rodney, who stops short of connecting with Ringmaster, who looks furious she got tricked in turn. Rodney only manages to turn around to face Hex when she connects with Nut Punt.

Gil: Victory is within her grasp!


Lucius: That move should be banned!


Rodney is down and clutching for dear life as Hex Girl goes for the pin. The fans ecstatic, as the ref goes for the pin.










THR~Hex gets pulled out of the ring by Ringmaster Kennedy. As soon as Hex turns to face her, she gets slapped in the face. The ref seeing this, signals for the bell as Ringmaster smirks in delight.

Gil: The hell!?


Lucius: That's right! Keeping the gold where it belongs!


Ann: The winner of this match as a result of disqualification...HEX GIRL~!


Hex looks on in utter disgust as Ringmaster backs away, grabbing the VCW Internet Championship belt and sliding into the ring to stand next to Rodney as he slowly stands up. 


Hex Girl can only burn holes into them as Rodney gets his hand raised by Ringmaster Kennedy along with the belt being raised by her.

Dick Fury v. Lew Smith

The bell rings promptly as the fans take their seats. Ann Reggis is standing in the center of the ring. 

Ann: This match the scheduled main event...introducing first.


"My Dick" by Mickey Avalon begins to play, the strobe lights in synce with the rhythm, the arena lights dim to a single spotlight as Dick Fury appears on the entrance ramp, posing erotically for the cameras flashing.


Ann: From Hollywood, California, weighing in at 218 pounds...he is the SUPERB...DICK FURY!






Dick takes his time to the ring, absorbing the attention like a sponge. He stops short of the ring, turning in place to show off his body, striking a pose as he does so. 






Dick finally decides to walk over to the steps, climbing them quickly as he steps into the ring. He again takes to the center, winking at Ann in the process as he strikes a pose, providing all a view of him to see.




As Dick's theme music fades away, "If You Want Peace...Prepare For War" by Children Of Bodom kicks in, the fans immediately beginning to cheer.Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro. Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar.





Ann: From Frimley, England...weighing in at 216 pounds...

 Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!".

Ann: He is the Valor Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion..The Ominous Angel...LEEEEEEW SMITH!

The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint.


Gil: Lew Smith has a large order in front of him: Defeat Dick Fury and prove that he is the most dominant champion of the three tonight.


Lucius: The most dominant?! Xander's fought to a standstill and Rodney is still holding his belt....i think you got confused somehow.


Gil: Rodney retained his belt, but he didn't keep it fair and square. I know Lew will come out a fighting champion...and walk out a victor tonight.


The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the centre to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics, he removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring. The VCW Heavyweight Championship belt shines brightly around his waist as stares down Dick Fury, who stares off into the arena, clearly not impressed.


Gil: Clearly their dispute on Dick Fury's webshow is over from the way Dick's acting.


Lucius: Dispute?! Dick clearly stated he doesn't see why Lew is the top champion and he is here to prove why Lew should not be the champion.


As Lew hands the ref his championship belt, Dick walks towards the center of the ring, extending his hand in a gentlemanly manner as the ref stands inbetween as Lew approaches slowly. He ponders it for the moment, before reaching out...




Only to get slapped in the face.


Gil: Major show of disrespect to the champion


Lew Smith rubs his face as he turns away, before swiftly turning around with a hook, connecting to Dick's face. The fans start to get rowdy as Lew continues the assault, pressing Dick against the ropes. He irish whips Dick across the ring, following behind. He lands flat as Dick hits the ropes but Dick lionsaults from the ropes onto Lew, shifting his body to collegiate wrestling style, grabbing ahold of Lew and pinning down to the ground.


Dick continues the collegiate style, keeping Lew grounded as he controls the pace of the match, before finally standing up and proceeding to slap Lew's forehead, mocking him as he does so.


Lew stands up as Dick steps away, they circle the ring  as Dick winks at Ann on the outside, making her blush. He looks back at Lew as he approaches him, locking up in a test of power in the center of the ring. 


Dick gains traction as he pushes Lew back to the corner behind the champ. He pins Lew into the corner, refusing to back off as the ref begins his count.















Dick lets go, backing away as the ref stands between the two briefly, he mockingly kisses at Lew, who pushes the ref out of the way, only to be reversed into an irish whip, Lew bounces back, connects with an flying elbow, knocking Dick down. The fans rally behind Lew as he hits the ropes again as Dick rises up, Lew knocks him down with a clothesline.


Lew grabs ahold of Lew, the fans feeling it as he begins to connect with his signature Raging Angel of six knee strikes to the stomach of Dick's. He goes to follow it up with a suplex, but Dick shifts his body weight, allowing to land on his feet, spinning Lew around, kick him in the gut, and connect with a vicious snap DDT.  The fans boo loudly as Dick licks his lips as he stands up.


Dick grabs Lew, the hair, shoving him between his legs as he motions for the belt around his waist, he grabs ahold of Lew's arms, but as it looks to be the end, Lew summons his strength to power Dick up and over. 


The fans get excited as Lew looks to lock in Heaven's Judgement, bu as he grabs ahold of Dick, he gets kicked in the gut...


Lucius: Super Swinging Neckbreaker!


Gil: Goodnight Champ!


Dick covers, yelling at the ref as he makes the count!














The fans boo louder than before as the bell is rung. Dick doesn't even wait for the ref to raise his hand as he rolls out of the ring. 


Ann: Your winner of the main event...Superb D-

Dick grabs Ann, locking a passionate kiss upon her before gently separating. He grabs Lew's Championship belt as he rolls back into the ring. He locks it around his waist as the boos get louder as Lew is coming to.


Lucius: Trouble on the horizon for our top champion!


Gil: Trouble...more like he's gotta defend his championship against that man...Dick FURY~!


Lucius: Well folks this troubling for the fans of Lew Smith, but catch ya next time!







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