Livewire Ep 5

27 Apr 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )


The screen is black. An overlay of a Play button sits in front of you as you are used to with every streaming media site you see on the internet. It's now time for the much anticipated, next episode of Livewire....

As you click the button, the stream loads. The United Toughness Alliance logo comes across the screen in a metallic outline, before it begins to shake. An electronic charge outlines the logo before it begins to break apart.

Finally, the logo explodes and the Livewire logo burst through. It pulsates as if to signify a heart beat before fading out. We are welcomed to an outside shot of downtown Seattle, WA. Busses drive by, people cross streets.

The Space Needle stands tall over the horizon before we fade into a shot of the world famous EMP Museum followed by a trip on the water in one of the tourist filled Duck Tour boats. Finally, we are outside the 42 floor Fourth & Madison building where the UTA host it's offices and new studio. We get a shot of the reception area, welcoming us to the floor.

We get different shots of the office with different superstars in inaudible situations, smiling, laughing, and spending time with the staff of the UTA. These are the people that keep things going. Finally we get a wide shot of the Livewire studio. The camera moves in to sit on Jennifer Williams and 'Rumor Man' Stan Davis, sitting at the Livewire news desk.

Stan: Welcome back everybody to the new, bi-weekly, thirty minute show.. Livewire. I'm Stan Davis, known to you as the Dirt Sheet's Rumor Man Stan. Sitting beside me is the lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan, I'm glad to be here.

Stan: Tonight we're going to hear from some of our superstars about their upcoming matches as we head into the next exciting edition of Wrestleshow.

Williams: It's exciting times to be apart of the United Toughness Alliance as we continue on to reclaim out spot at the top of professional wrestling world.

Stan: That's right Jennifer. The UTA at one time was the largest promotion in the world, but after years of legal battles following the untimely passing of Eddie Peterson Sr., we once again return to set the professional wrestling world on fire.

Stan: Lets head over to correspondent Jamie Sawyers who is standing by with the UTA Champion, Sean Jackson.

Williams: How exciting Stan!

Talking to the REAL World Champion

Talking to the REAL World Champion

The camera comes to life with UTA reporter Jamie Sawyers standing backstage. Dressed in his usual suit and tie, he clears his throat and begins setting the state for his interview.

Sawyers: Ladies and gentlemen, the new UTA World Heavyweight Champion, The Mental Rapist Sean Jackson.

With that, Sean Jackson and Vanessa steps into view. Sean Jackson is dressed in a dress shirt and slacks, with the NWA world heavyweight title slung over his shoulder. Vanessa is dressed in a low cut white dress with a split running up the leg. Her jet black hair hanging over both shoulders.

Sawyers: Now Sean, first off, congratulations on becoming the UTA world heavyweight champion.

Sean nods, a smile forming on his face.

Jackson: Thank you Jamie. It's about time UTA finally recognized me as the only legitimate world heavyweight champion.

Sawyers: Well Sean, and again congrats on being named the UTA world heavyweight champion. But....

Ah, the power of that one little word. It's that one little word that causes the smile to leave Sean's face and is replaced with a completely different look.

Sawyers: The problem I have is that you didn't beat Abdul bin Hussain inside of the ring to become the champion. In fact, Abdul wasn't even in the arena and to....

Jackson: Whoa, whoa, whoa there Sawyers. Where in the hell do you get off trying to minimize what I did at Wrestleshow?

It's safe to say that Sean Jackson is about to blow a gasket. As far as he's concerned, Jamie Sawyers was about as qualified to criticize his winning the world title as one of those Seattle potheads.

Jackson: Where do you get off trying to criticize anything?

Sawyers: Look Sean, I'm not trying to criticize anything. I'm just merely pointing out that championships are supposed to be won and lost in the ring....

Jackson: What in the hell are you talking about? Did you get into some of Madman Szalinski's stash?

Sawyers shakes his head no.

Jackson: You must have because that title was won and lost in the ring. Abdul bin Hussain was too much of a coward to show up in Seattle for Wrestlshow, so he was stripped....

Sean is now pointing a finger into the face of Jamie Sawyers.

Jackson: By Mr. Wingate. Then because Madman and myself were already there, in the ring. He decided that the two of us would fight to see who the world champion would be.

Slowly, the smile comes back.

Jackson: And we all know how that came out, don't we?

Sawyers: While it may be true that you defeated Szalinski to be called the UTA world heavyweight champion, the true world heavyweight title is still in the possession of Abdul bin Hussain.

Again, the smile disappears.

Jackson: That's only because Hussain has been too scared to step foot into a UTA ring. Matter of fact, he's been too scared to even enter an arena where I'm standing. But, at Wrestleshow, Hussain has no choice but to step into the ring with me....

Sean turns his attention from Sawyers and looks directly into the camera.

Jackson: Isn't that right Hussain? For the first time since I arrived in UTA, you have to summon the guts to walk down that aisle, step between the ropes, and once again face the most dangerous man in professional wrestling.


Jackson: You'll have no choice but to bring that championship belt to me. To humble yourself before the TRUE world heavyweight champion, by getting down on your knees and begging for forgiveness...

Sawyers: Forgiveness Sean?

Jackson: Yes, forgiveness Jamie. Forgiveness for actually trying to convince people that he was EVER the world heavyweight champion.

Sawyers: Well Sean, wasn't it you who claimed that champions won and lost titles in the ring?

Again, Sean shoots Jamie Sawyers a look.

Jackson: Just what exactly are you trying to imply there Sawyers?

Sawyers: It's just that I believe your stance is a bit hypocritical?

Jackson: Hypocritical? what in the hell are you talking about?

Sawyers: Look Sean, I'm just going to come out with it. When you walked away from the NWA, you took the world title with you.

Jackson: You're damn right I did. I left with the title because Brad Batee tried to strip me for no reason.

Sawyers, thinking that the trap had been sprung, continues.

Sawyers: Well Sean, isn't that the same thing that has happened in this case?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Jamie Sawyers has taken it upon himself to compare Sean's situation with Abdul's.

Jackson: First off you little burn out, I want you to pay REAL close attention because I'm only going to say this once.

Again, Sean is pointing his finger into the face of Jamie Sawyers.

Jackson: I didn't bail on the NWA, the NWA bailed on me. I was there, each and every freaking day, doing my part as the world champion. I did promos, I did autograph sessions, and when the boss told me to be somewhere, I was there.

Sawyers goes to say something, but is cut off.

Jackson: Oh no, you've said your piece and now I'm talking. I didn't blow off the boss anytime I felt like it, but because no one on the roster could beat me...


Jackson: No, scratch that. Because not one of Batee's *boys* could beat me for the belt, he decided to strip me. Well, that's when I decided to leave with the belt because it was obvious that the NWA breeched it's contract with me.

Sawyers: Look Sean....

Jackson: Shut up Sawyers. No, you're going to listen to what I've got to say. Now then, where was I? Oh yes. Because the NWA breeched it's contract, I left and came here. Now then, where my situation is different from Hussain is this. He refused to show up in Seattle, so he was then stripped.

Sean then turns his attention from Sawyers and once again, back to the camera.

Jackson: Which leads me once again to Wrestleshow. Hussain, you want to prove that you can be the world champion. Then by all means, drag your ass on down to the ring and prove it like a man. At least at Wrestleshow, Madman Szalinski showed enough guts to fight for the opportunity to call himself a champion. He might have gotten his ass handed to him, but at least he didn't act like a coward...

Suddenly Vanessa leans forward and whispers something into Sean's ear, causing him to stop. After a few moments, he completely changes his train of thought and shifts gears.

Jackson: Speaking of you Szalinski. At Wrestleshow, you will be acting in the capacity of the special referee. You will be charged with calling the match right down the middle, and without prejudice. Now granted, if you don't have the first clue about how to referee a championship match, then my suggestion is for you to go out and get a dummies guide to referee a wrestling match.

You can see Sawyers head lower slightly, as if to take offense to what Sean Jackson is saying.

Jackson: Then after looking solely at the illustrations, and you're still confused, take this one piece of advice. When Abdul's shoulders are on the mat....

Sean starts slapping one hand into the other as he counts. It is obvious he's attempting to mimic a ref's three count.

Jackson: You count 1...



Jackson: And then, you raise my hand in victory. I mean it's so easy, even a burn out like Jamie Sawyers can do it.

Sean looks over at Sawyers.

Jackson: Isn't that right?

Before Jamie gets a chance to say anything, Sean Jackson walks out of the shot, leaving Sawyers alone with Vanessa.

Sawyers: Now that wasn't neccessary.

Vanessa: Of course it was Jamie. You should have known what Sean's response was going to be when you tried to tie in that whole NWA situation.

Sawyers: Look Vanessa, I was....

Vanessa: Just trying to be a reporter? we know. But had you done your homework properly instead of just seeing an opportunity to drop a pipe bomb, you would have seen the difference in between both situations. But no, you decided to take a shot at the REAL world champion and it backfired. At Wrestleshow, you may or may not get another chance to interview Sean. If you do, then you had better have your act straight....

The evil Jezebeth moves uncomfortably close to Jamie.

Vanessa: Because if you EVER come at Sean like that again. He won't be held responsible for his actions, and neither will I.

With that Vanessa walks away, leaving Jamie Sawyers to stand by himself.

Shop Zone

Shop Zone

We get move to an area where there is a ton of merchandise lined up. The camera pans over it with a 1-800 number in tow as Stan Davis' voice goes over the shot.

Stan: The UTA Shop Zone has all of the stuff you need as an UTA fan. From T-Shirts to action figures and more. Order online today for ten percent off or by dialing the one eight hundred number below. Free shipping on all orders over fifty dollars.





Back in the Studio

Back in the Studio

We return to the studio with Stan Davis and Jennifer Williams standing by.

Stan: Just moments ago the new UTA Champion, Sean Jackson, vowed to defeat Abdul bin Hussain at the upcoming Wrestleshow. But you have to wonder, how will Madman Szalinski being the special guest referee play into the match?

Williams: It certainly is a wild card Stan, but I honestly believe Madman Szalinski will be fair and impartial as the special guest referee.

Stan: He does have a strong sense of integrity, but to play the Devil's Advocate, these are two men whom have on separate occasions caused Madman Szaslinki matches and, well, the chance to be the UTA Champion.

Williams: There will be no love lost when Madman puts the stripes on, but that will help enforce even more him calling it down the middle

Stan: You may be right Jennifer.

Stan holds his hand up to his ear, listening into his headpiece.

Stan: Well, it seems that backstage right now we have one of Valor Championship Wrestling's superstars.

Williams: here, live at the Livewire Studio?

Stan: Yes. Xander Hayes is backstage. Lets cut to him now.

Insanity has Come

Insanity Has Come

We see Xander Hayes in the back wondering around looking like a fool asking people where the hell he's at while he clutches Teddy like a child holding on to their stuffed animal. X walks into a corner and looks at the headless bear.

X: I know they said to meet them here but.. I know Teddy it's j.... yea Jamie Sawyers or something... look blasted bear I know you're the brains while I'm the crazy one hahahaha..

X shrugs as he turns around and starts to act like a jet as he starts to run around the area looking and making noises close to a jet. He runs into a man holding a mic as X falls apart and starts to scream..

X: AAAAAHHHHHHHH We're going down, I repeat going down. Mayday, Mayday..

Jamie looks at X with a bemused yet quizzical look..

Sawyers: Um Xander Hayes?!?!?!

X looks up and smiles as he hugs Jamie... Jamie then get's disgusted with x and try's to shove the green haired freak away.

Sawyers: I am guessing so.. Um ok then... Well Folks I'm here with Valor Championship Wrestling's Xander "X" Hayes.

X waves as he looks at the camera and hugs Teddy.

Sawyers: So Xander, um how are you and I have to know what's with the headless bear?

X smirks as he looks at Teddy and nods.

X: Yes teddy be nice to Jamie...

I'm great to be here in UTA.. sorta seeing what the real federations out there look like since my long absence. And this is Teddy my manager.

X laughs as he looks at the bear again and snickers. Jamie looks at X a bit more stand offish while X starts to sing to the bear.

Sawyers: so uh.. Xander Can you tell me what it's like in Valor and all the low down scoops..

X: Well Jamie I'm sorry to have to run into you but man this place is huge.. I mean it reminds me of walking into James Rangers wife hahaha.. but Valor Championship Wrrestling  is a great place to help teach the next generation in wrestling, sorta here to train them and mold then into mold hahaha, but seriously I'm glad we have some more exposure here. sorta get the word out to the people and party like it's 1599 hahaha.. but really I'm ere to be the king of hardcore, show these little up starts what it's like to bleed. then if they can beat me then they can move up onto bigger and better things ya know what I mean Verne?

Jamie nods and just looks lost while X continues.

X: But it's great to be here I wanna meet Peaches, cause well peaches is yummy and well it'd be a great snack here hahahaha.

Sawyers: Um you know Peach is a dog..

X: Ya that makes her choices on who's going to win.. haha I'd love to see what that silly mutt thinks about someone that's as crazy as a fox... what does the fox say?

Jamie just looks aghast while x starts to laugh and wanders away..

Sawyers: Well there you go folks Valor Championship Wrestling's man Xander Hayes...

Peach's Predictions

Peach's Predictions

An infographic displaying Madman Szalinski's loveable puppy, peach, displays on the screen. A voice over of Stan Davis begins to play.

Stan: You loved Peach's predictions here on Livewire, now catch her calling the winners to your favorite superstar's matches right on in our new, convenient, webisode page.

We get an interactive tutorial showing us the front page of, and clicking on the event menu and then "Webisodes" to find Peach's predictions.

Stan: Every other week, before Wrestleshow, tune in for another exciting edition of Peach's Predictions, exclusively on



We return once again to the studio with Stan and Jennifer, both standing by.

Williams: Interesting look at some of the new faces here in the United Toughness Alliance.

Stan: I wonder if Peach and Teddy will ever meet?

Williams: Some strange managers here in the UTA and VCW.

Stan: Just another reason why our variety of superstars keep the UTA and VCW on top of the professional wrestling world.

Williams: How about Sean Jackson? Will he stand by his word and defend the championship against Abdul bin Hussain on Wrestleshow? Will Madman Szalinski actually be impartial?

Stan: More questions that hopefully we will get answers on next Sunday. For now though, we are are out of time. Until next time, I am Stan Davis.

Williams: And I am Jennifer Williams.

Stan: Thank you for tuning into another edition of Livewire!

Williams: We'll see you next time!

The copyright comes up as the screen fades to black.

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