Thursday Night Rage #6

27 Mar 2014

Louis J. Tullio Arena, Erie, Pennsylvania (seats 7,938)

Fill and Jester v. Hex Girl and David GS

The lights go out in the arena as Hex Girl comes out on the stage covered in her green half cape she holds for a moment and the stage erupts in flames blocking her from view for a moment when the flames vanish she is minus the cape. A hardened look on her face she walks down the ramp with purposeful determination. She slides into the ring and is ready to tear into her opponent..

David GS follows suit behind Hex Girl. As David reaches the ring the lights Fill shows up under the jumbotron a few seconds after the song hits.He looks at the ring with fear in his eyes as if he is wondering whether he can take it.

He walks down to it talking to himself at moments even stopping and talking to himself.He enters the ring when the vocal starts singing "I want to be free of everything" and at the same time Fill screams "This stress is killing me" and makes an angry look at the crowd and then at his opponents

the lights Dim as Jester's music hits and the crowd pops but Jester fails to come out. Fill looking to the ramp awaiting his partner as the ref signals the bell, at which both Hex and David jump on Fill.

Fill tries to fight them both as David then turns to Hex Girl and grabs her and tosses her thru the ropes out to the cold hard concrete as he lands hard. David turns and lifts Fill up into the air via a gorilla press and drops Fill onto Hex Girl. Fill staggers as Hex Girl stands up and attempts to grab Fill but gets yelled at by David who is standing on the apron looking down at them both. David grabs Fills head and brings the man back into the ring over the top ropes.

David hits a Spinout Fireman's Carry Facebuster. Fill is on the mat as David smiles as he grabs Fill again and hit's a Snap Dragon Suplex. David stands up again quickly as Hex girl starts to make her way to the apronyelling at David to tag her in.

David scoffs at her as he grabs fill yet again, with a High-Angle Scoop Side Piledriver.. David then grabs fill from the mat and brings him up into a Vertical Single-Underhook Suplex dropped into a Falling Ganso Bomb and goes for the cover..


Announcer: Your winners...David GS and Hex Girl!

Matty Frederickson v. Lew Smith

Announcer:: Now coming to the ring from Oakland California weighing in at 101 pounds is Matty Frederickson!

"Check Your Game" by Ice-T starts up as Matty walks out from the back,  he then dances a bit to his music, and pops his Raiders jersey, high fives the crowd on his way down to the ring. as he walks up the stairs and makes his way into the ring. the ref checks Matty as "If You Want Peace...Prepare For War" by Children Of Bodom starts up

Announcer:: And his opponent weighing in at 216 pounds, Lew Smith!

Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro. Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar. Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!". The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint. The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the centre to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics, he removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring. Clicking his neck, shoulders and fingers, he assumes a stance, ready to fight. He hops onto the ring apron and climbs thru the ropes and looks at Matty as both men start to stare at one another. The ref check Lew and then signals for the bell!

Lucius Cashmere:: All Right Folks here we are for the next match of the night.

Gil Parquet:: We have two gentlemen that have both lost their matches. One say's it's on purpose. the other....

 Lucius Cashmere:: That's right Gil, hopefully We'll have a real winner tonight.

Both men circle each other sizing each other up as Matty take the first shot with a running haymaker but Lew ducking the move counters by grabbing Matty by the shoulders and pulls Matty back to the mat. Matty rolls with his quickness as he turns to Lew and goes in for the tie up. Lew hit's a European uppercut and Matty stumbles back a few steps as Lew rushes in with a shoulder block sending Matty into the ropes. Matty bounces back right into a clothesline!

Gil Parquet:: Well it looks like Lew is on a mission!

Lucius Cashmere:: That he is. I think Matty is use to smaller opposition.

Matty rolls up as Lew waits, Matty shakes his head as Lew launches a all out attack, starting wth a knee lift to Matty's gut. As Matty falls down Lew hits with a double axe handle blow to Matty's back. Matty drop to the mat as Lew jumps down and goes for a arm breaker. Matty tries to stop the hold but fails as Lew get's it fully applied. Lew pulls back creating more pain for the smaller man. the ref drops down watching for a shoulder to drop or a tap out.

Lucius Cashmere:: Well f I was Lew I would of tried that in the middle of the ring.

Gil Parquet:: Well you're not! but it looks like Lew is going to end this quickly!

Matty starts to reach over to the bottom rope as Lew applies the hold even more. Finally after a few moments of dropping a shoulder close to the mat, Matty reaches for the ropes as the ref signals to Lew to break the hold. he does and starts up as the ref checks on Matty as Matty waves the ref off.

Matty looks at Lew as the both go in for a tie up. Matty swing around and gets Lew into a arm breaker and rotates the arm as Lew cringes in pain. Matty then lifts the arm up and pulls it hard down as it pulls Lew's shoulder down. Lew reaches behind himself to grab Matty but fails and receives another rotation of his arm. Lew then drops his shoulder and reaches in between his legs and grabs Matty's leg and lifts breaking the hold, Lew then hit's a Enzuigiri on Matty, who falls to the mat like a bag of flour.

Lew then stands up and waits as Matty stands up shaken by the blow, Lew takes the chance to hit five quick but staggering blows with some kicks to Matty's stomach. followed by a suplex. Matty is down near the ropes. Lew get's onto the ropes and hit's a backflip with both knees tucked in and lands on Matty's back and pops up back onto his feet.

Lucius Cashmere:: OH MY GOD! The Ritual Mist!!!

Gil Parquet:: Say good night Lucius.

Lucius Cashmere:: Good night!

Lew rolls Matty over and goes for the pin.




the ref then stands and grabs Lew's hand and raises it up in victory.

Announcer:: and you're winner Lew Smith!!!

Matthew Miguel and XeRo v. Rodney Marney and Azrael Khaine

Announcer:  Ladies and gentleman the following is a Tag Team match! 

As Rodney Marney and Azrael Khain are both introduced seperately, with all of the fanfaire and music and pyro that would be expected, the focus from the commentary staff for the people at home is the ongoing story between Matthew Miguel and the special guest referee Hayes. 

Gil:  The dichotomy between Rodney and Khain is huge. Look at the size of Rodney compared to Khain - 

Lucius:  Speaking of these guys, are you starting to get the sensation that our company is some type of asylum? I mean, how many freaking lunatics do we have around here? 

Gil:  And the grandaddy of this lunacy is the special ref tonight! 

Lucius: Yes! They call him X. And Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t heard, he still has Matthew Miguel’s trainer locked up in that cage. 

Gil: I’m starting to think that if this goes on much longer, young Matt will be the next to go off his rocker around here! 

*A video package is shown highlighting the events of the past few weeks with X and Matt, including the kidnap of Hector. It ends with a slow motion shot of X’s insane laughter.*

Back in the ring, X leans against the corner turnbuckle laughing at the giant tron screen as Khain and Marney discuss their strategy. By this point Xero is in his corner, and he studies the other two athletes with a grin. 

“Gold on the Ceiling” hits and the fans explode into cheers. Matt’s normal slow intro, surrounded by the cameras of his MTV reality TV show, is replaced by the man charging down the ramp at full speed. 

Gil: Uh-oh! 

Lucius:  Miguel looks like he hasn’t slept in days! 

Gil: I think he has only one plan tonight! 

Miguel hits the ring, and appears to go right toward X!  Xero catches him early, pushing him back toward their corner. The two seem to argue, Matt pointing at X (who is laughing and pointing back) and the crowd is on it’s feet roaring, wanting blood. Xero finally seems to get some sense into Miguel, and they proceed to their corner. X stands in the center of the ring, holding his arms wide, as if to ask ‘are you sure?’ Then he shakes his head, and calls for the bell. 

Lucius: Well maybe we’ll get a match tonight after all! 

Matt is in the ring, but leans close and whispers into the ear of Xero, who continues to grin, and breaks into a quick laugh. 

Gil: Some strategizing going on… I wonder what Matt’s got up his sleeve? 

As soon as the bell rings, Matt takes off, charging toward the much smaller Azrael Khaine! The strange thing is that Xero ALSO takes off, charging along the ring apron toward Khaine’s partner, the massive Carney. In the ring, Azrael rolls under the clothesline of Miguel, bounds off the rope, ducks another clothesline and is heading toward his partner…  but on the ring apron, Xero leaps through the air with a scintillating body tackle that sends him sailing over corner post and into Rodney! Both the athletes fall from the apron and out onto the mat outside! 

Lucius:  Highly unusual tactics from Xero! The bell JUST rang and he’s already attacking the other illegal man! 

Khaine skids to a stop, staring incredulously at the pair of other wrestlers, now outside the ring struggling to get to their feet. He has just a moment to look confused before he’s tackled hard in the back by Matthew Miguel! He’s driven hard into the ropes, and pulled back with the momentum into a technically perfect roll up pin! 

X laughs at the tactic, and drops for the count… 




He brings his hand down suddenly for the 3, but pauses just before it slaps the mat.  Matthew reaches out suddenly,  quickly slapping his own hand down over X’s, and shoves it into the canvas for the three count!! 

3!! (Matt Miguel shouts this along with the crowd) 

X pulls his hand back like he was burned, sliding to his feet and shaking his head. As the crowd cheers, Xander makes a constant “no” gesture with both arms, cutting them through the air like an ‘X’. The bell rings, and Xander looks over to it with sudden rage.  Xero stands there, small hammer in his hands, and then shrugs, still laughing. That’s when Rodney dives over the barricade and tackles Xero, the pair starting to brawl. 

Lucius:  That…. was bloody BRILLIANT! What strategy by the rookie Matthew Miguel! 

Gil:  When in the madhouse, act like a madman right!? Matt Miguel basically got Xero to take out Khaine’s partner right as the bell hit, distracting his own opponent, and then catching him with a sudden roll up pin for the surprise. 

Lucius: On top of that, he knew X wouldn’t hit that last count, so he was prepared to do it for him!  With Xero already outside, of course he’d have told him to ring the bell! 

Gil: This is… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this! 

In the ring Matt Miguel is in the face of X, grinning as the madman fumes. They are nose to nose, the crowd roaring and on it’s feet, when Azrael shoves Matt to the canvas and gets in Xander Hayes’ face, clearly upset with the outcome of the match.  X |BLEEP|s his head to the side, and boots the Emerald Phoenix in the gut hard. As the crowd cheers for the bedlam, he pulls him into a pumphandle position, lifts him, and plants him hard into a sit-out power bomb!! 

Gil:  The Rolling X! The Rolling X onto Azrael Khaine! 

Lucius:  And Matt’s out of the ring! 

Matt backs up the ramp, pointing at X and smiling, as X stands on the ropes, pointing and shouting at the young superstar. 

Gil:  I was expecting that Matt would take the opportunity here to lay a beating down on Xander Hayes, but no… he’s playing freaking mind games!! 

Lucius:  I’m not sure I’d want to play mind games with Xander Hayes! 

Gil:  Good idea or not, this was certainly not expected! 

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