Rolling Thunder I

13 Apr 2014

Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (seats 21,600)

BennyV v. Gunner Granderson

Gunner and BennyV are waiting on the bell when…

 "Cult Of Personality" Hits, Fog rises over the top of the ramp. One fire work (red) lands at the top of the ramp in the fog and pyros explode up from the smoky fog. Once the pyros stop, Tommy Lipton wearing a black trench coat walks down the ramp, mic in hand, and Gunnar’s eyes are filled with shock! Tommy then runs and slides under the bottom rope and hits all four turnbuckles and raises one arm swiftly over his head. Once he's off the last turnbuckle he then bounces off the rope jogs and stops center ring and raises his arms high for the fans mixed reaction. 

Gil Parquet: It can’t be!

Lucius Cashmere: Isn’t he retired?! 

Gunnar looks confused and mouths a few words off at Tommy.
Tommy looks as though he is about to talk.


Tommy Lipton cracks Gunnar across the face with the mic and then turns and grabs BennyV, Lipton irish whips BennyV into the ropes and on the rebound catches BennyV with a powerslam! BennyV gets up quick and is met with a quick Lipton Slam V2 (Rock Bottom). 

Gil: Tommy Lipton is on fire!

Gunnar now up strikes Lipton from behind and Tommy turns to meet Gunnar face to face as they punch it out, Tommy wins with a quick uppercut that sees Gunnar stumble into the corner and Tommy then hits a corner clothesline and then Tommy goes for a kick to the mid section but Gunnar shakes his head and yells “No Way Tommy!” Gunnar drops Tommy’s leg and goes for a GCG but Tommy pushes Gunnar into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline! Tommy looks at BennyV who is starting to get up and then Gunnar grabs Tommy and attempts to lock him up in a full nelson. 

Lucius: Oh here comes the two on one!

Gil: Well Tommy opened himself up for this with an attack on these two men!  

Gunnar holds Tommy as BennyV now up lays some punches to Tommy’s gut. The two men set up for a tag team suplex and hit it! 
Gunnar drives an elbow down on the heart of Tommy and BennyV follows up with a leg drop! Gunnar smiles and picks Tommy up mouthing some more words before smashing Tommy in the face with his forearm! Gunnar holds Tommy for BennyV to strike! A few more punches from BennyV and finally Tommy slips out of the hold just as BennyV goes to lay in a drop kick and BennyV kicks Gunnar instead! BennyV spins around and Tommy dragon whips BennyV hard over the top rope. Gunnar quickly up goes for a second GCG but again fails and Tommy lands a hard kick to the chest of Gunnar dropping him onto his knees. Tommy lays 3 kicks on Gunnars chest and then a bounce off the rope big boot across Gunnar’s face. BennyV looks on from the outside but decides not to reenter the ring. However, Tommy sees him and exits the ring. BennyV decides to hold his ground and rushes Tommy and drives Tommy hard into the guardrail! BennyV lands a DDT and looks happy with himself. BennyV grabs Tommy and looks to be going for the Delta-Beta!

Gil: Tommy’s debut will be short lived if BennyV hits this! 

Lucius: You are right Gil, and I think it’s over! 

Tommy slips off BennyV’s shoulders and swings him around and hits BennyV with a ‘V2’ onto the steel steps. 

Gil: NO WAY! NO WAY! And it looks like Tommy took a huge bump hitting the ‘V2’ as well and it shows as he slowly gets back into the ring! 

 Gunnar is already up and drives Tommy into the buckle with a hard running shoulder! Gunnar starts landing hay makers and then lifts Tommy up for a suplex and slams him! Gunnar sets up for the GCG again but can’t commit and Tommy drops Gunnar with a reverse DDT!
 As Gunnar starts to get up, Tommy runs hops onto the second rope and twists around to meet Gunnar with a flying knee to the face.
Tommy reaches for the mic.  

Gil: He better keep his eyes on Gunnar who looks to be fuming!  

TL: Some of you are happy to see me, some of you are not.

Tommy points to Gunnar who is now back on his feet, somewhat off balance and Tommy drops the mic and hits Gunnar with a quick kick to the mid section and a CIB (Canadian Ice Breaker aka Stunner). Tommy picks up the mic as Gunnar rolls around in pain. 

Lucius: Tommy stuns Gunnar and that looks to be a TKO! 

TL: Gunnar here sure doesn’t look too happy I chose this moment to debut. I walked into this ring to make a statement. A ring he and every other member in the locker room will soon learn belongs to Tommy Lipton!

As for the locker room, this is a new Federation, however I am not new to this game. Those who do know me know that I am not only a strong mother … In the ring but one of the most vicious SOB’s to date!
Some men that do know me, and fear the name Tommy Lipton may decide that they wish not to take any part with facing me in this very ring, thus they will tuck their tails between their legs and depart. 
Those that do not, do not because they know I bring the best competition to them and more than less get the best competition out of them as well!

As for those that do not know the name Tommy Lipton, you will learn it soon enough as THIS…  This is just the beginning.

…… Tommy looks at Gunnar and Tommy smirks before exiting the ring. 

Gil: Well there you have it, Tommy Lipton, the newest member of our locker room!    


Rodney Marney Awarded VCW Internet Championship (Non-Match)

Pre-Rolling Thunder, James Ranger had announced that Rodney Marney was handpicked to be VCW's Internet Champion after GEW Wrestler Fill was unable to compete for said match against Rodney Marney.

Hex Girl v. Azrael Khaine

Mary: Tonight, live at Rolling Thunder! We bring you the long awaited, steel cage match between Hex Girl and Azrael Khaine for the VCW Wildfire Championship!
The crowd erupts with cheers.
Mary: First to enter the ring, weighing in at 115 pounds, The Wiccan Wonder, Hex Girl!
Hex Girl comes out on the stage covered in her green half cape she holds for a moment and the stage erupts in flames blocking her from view for a moment when the flames vanish she is minus the cape. A hardened look on her face she walks down the ramp with purposeful determination. She slides into the ring and is ready to tear into her opponent.
Mary: And now, weighing in at 169 pounds, The Emerald Phoenix, Azrael Khaine!
Azrael appears wearing only a hood. Journey Through The Decade plays. Flames erupt and Azrael appears clad in his wrestling gear and wearing the Green Phoenix mask as he charges to the ring and jumps over the top rope and into a roll and comes upon one knee staring at his opponent.
Mary: And finally, the lowering of the steel cage!
The steel cage slowly descends from the ceiling and surrounds the ring. Hex Girl and Azrael preparing for the bell.
Gil: Oh my goodness! These two are ready to go! Wasn't the lowering of the cage just majestic!
Lucius: Sure, sure. Not like it's the best bit about the match.
Gil looks over at Lucius before returning his focus to the match.
Gil: Both have been waiting for this match eagerly and now the time has come to prove who will be the top wrestler for this title.
Lucius: The Wildfire Championship has no time for majestic lowering of cages! It's all about brutality and hardcore wrestling here, Gil! Know your stuff!
Gil: This is going to be a brutal match!
The ref signals to ring the bell.
Azrael and Hex Girl start circling each other, without hesitation, Hex Girl makes the first move and goes in for the grapple. Azrael, taken by surprise at the speed of her movements, fumbles and gets into a weak position in the grapple. Hex Girl twists him into an arm lock and pushes down so he is bent over. She gives a couple of elbow shots to his back before one last powerful one to knock Azrael to the floor.
Gil: So early on, she's going for it! What a fierce wrestler!
Hex Girl picks Azrael up and throws him towards and over the ropes where he is sent cascading down to the ground, still holding his back from Hex Girl's elbow strikes. She follows quickly and slides under the bottom rope, picks Azrael up again and throws him against the cage.
Lucius: Ouch, that had to hurt.
Azrael lays on his hands and knees and Hex Girl uses him to jump up onto the cage. Already getting a boost, she makes a quick dash to the top.
Gil: She's going to do it!
She smiles as she successfully pulled off the move, but loses her footing. Her leg drops and hangs for a few moments. By this time, Azrael recovers and gets up, looks around and notices her above him. He jumps up and pulls on her leg with his body weight.
Lucius: And down she goes!
Hex Girl hitting the ground hard, relieves a huge scream of pain as her body flops to the floor. Azrael picks her up and rolls her into the ring.
Gil: It's not over yet!
Lucius: Brutal performance so far!
Azrael climbs up and bounces off the top rope to land a leg drop to her head. The crowd scream 'ooh' as the sound of his leg connecting with her head echos throughout the hall.
Gil: Oh! Did you hear that! Sounded like he cracked her skull!
Hex Girl, holding her head, rolls around and tries to get to the ropes to pull herself out of the ring to give her time to recover. Azrael, having other plans, grabs her leg and pulls her towards the center and gives a nasty blow to her back with a few kicks.
Lucius: Looks like having a quick start led to her demise!
Azrael contemplates going for the pin but instead runs and uses the top rope to catapult himself onto the cage.
Gil: Wow! Did you see that!? He's already half way up!
Azrael climbs for a short bit before looking back.
Gil: What's this!?
Azrael pushes off and goes for an elbow drop from half way up the cage.
Gil: Is he mad!?
Lucius: No, he's hardcore.
As Azrael gets half way down, Hex Girl miraculously recovers and moves out the way. Azrael, at the last minute spotting Hex Girls' move, moves in a way to land safely, but hard. With Azrael on the floor Hex Girl grabs him and pulls him up. She jumps up on his shoulders and drops him to teh ground, performing a Pentagram Choke.
Gil: Clearly it's all over now!
Azrael struggles and flails his body about. Eventually he manages to hit the ropes, the ref breaks up the submission.
Lucius: That was a lucky one for Azrael, it would've been all over if he wasn't as small as he is.
Hex Girl rolls over and hits the floor in disappointment. She gets up and sees Azrael resting on the mat. She gets up and looks for the top ropes and tries to use them like Azrael did.
Gil: We could potentially have a winner here!
Hex Girl looks and tries to find the confidence to jump. Just as she's about to she's grabbed by Azrael.
Gil: It can't be! He was down and out but-
Azrael spins Hex Girl and runs for the top rope, he bounces off them and hits a hurricanrana.
Gil: Rise from the Ashes! Rise from the Ashes!
Lucius: And when everyone thought he was out of the game, he rises the challenge and find the energy to finish her off!
The crowd goes nuts to see such a move be performed at high speed. Azrael goes for the pin as Hex Girl body lays flat.
Azrael gets up and lifts his hands into the air as Hex Girl lays almost lifeless on the mat. The ref checks on Hex Girl as Azrael heads for the cage and climbs it slowly and makes it over and drops down. Running up the ramp and celebrating.
Lucius: Insult to injury, but a great match nonetheless.
Gil: We've completely forgotten the whole reason for the match! Azrael Khaine is the first VCW Wildfire Champion!
Mary: Here is your winner and the new VCW Wildfire Champion...AZRAEL KHAINE!
The crowd cheers as Azrael receives his title.

Xander Hayes v. David GS v. Matthew Miguel v. Lew Smith

Lucius: Ladies and is now time...for the main event.

Gil: The crowning of the top dog of this company!

Mary: This match is scheduled is a fatal four way elimination match...and it is for the vacant VCW Championship!

The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena, then "Dance of the Crazy Pill by X starts to play. 

Mary: From Chicago Illinois, weighing at 185 pounds….XANDER HAYES!

Lucius: This man truly deserves to be locked up. Months spent dominating the locker room...

Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck.

Gil: To be fair, he is truly the man to beat.

Lucius: Have you seen what he has done to Hector?!

Gil: I’m sure there has been no harm done to him.

Lucius: Xander has been looking to break down Matthew Miguel these few months folks and to say the least I believe Matthew has had enough of the games.

 He then starts to talk to the bear as he nods and makes his way to the ring. As he slides under the bottom rope he places Teddy in the corner and pulls out the glow sticks as he starts to put on a show for the fans. He then stops and walks to where Teddy is and sit's down and waits for the match to start, talking to Teddy.

The ref check Xanders over as Mary awaits David GS’s theme music.

and nothing plays.

Lucius: In this match, we are suppose to be expecting the arrival of David GS, who is also scheduled to be in this match for the VCW Championship, it seems that he has not come out.

The ref leans over the ropes talking to the timekeeper, leans back and looks toward Mary, explaining to her something.

Gil: Doesn’t bode well i am sure.

Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro, the fans lighting up at the arrival of Lew Smith.

Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar. Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!". 

Mary: From Frimley, England….weighing 216 pounds...he is the Ominous Angel.. 

The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint. 

The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the centre to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics, he removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring. Clicking his neck, shoulders and fingers, he assumes a stance, ready to fight.


Lew Smith stands confidently as he walks towards Xander. The ref stands between them as the two exchange words.

Gil: Though Lew only arrive this past month, he has without a doubt shown more promise.

Lucius: The question is can he follow through with that push?

Gold on the Ceiling” from the Black Keys hits, and the fans explode into roaring cheers. As the chords continue their distinctive sound, however, Matt doesn’t make his way from the curtains. After a long moment, the crowd’s cheers die into some confusion.

In the ring, Xander Hayes cocks his head and leans on the rope, looking up the ramp. Lew Smith takes a few steps back.

Gil:: “What the hell?”

Lucius::  “I’m… not sure, Matthew is scheduled to compete tonight, but is he a no-show?”

The music cuts, and the giant screen above the ramp cuts to footage of another location. Matthew Miguel, wearing a hoodie and jeans, is being followed by cameras through some type of dark corridor. He looks back over his shoulder, a genuine grin on his face.

Matt Miguel: “Oh hello, X. Heya Fans.”

A mixed reaction from the crowd.

Matt Miguel: “I’m sorry I couldn't attend tonight - and really sorry to deceive everyone with that promo. See, I’m not really a whiney chump. I don’t, by nature, cry and worry and seriously, I don’t like to complain. Nah, I’m not that guy. I’m the guy who finds solutions.”

He nods to the left, and the camera leans that way - revealing a cage with Hector, his trainer in it. The lights are dim, and Hector has seen better days.

Matt Miguel: “Sorry Xander. I’m not in the match tonight. So enjoy your fight… to my fans, I’m particularly sorry. But if you back me, you back me. And you know I can’t just let this go.”

He gives X a thumbs up, and turns the corner to head to the cage. Carrying a bolt cutter, he grins as he sees Hector look up with hollow eyes.

Hector:  “You? What the hell are you doing here?”

Matt slows, lowering the bolt cutter.

Matt Miguel: “I”m here… to free you.”

Hector: “Free me? Jesus Christ boy, are you truly an idiot?”

Matt stares at him blankly, confused.

Hector: “You think I’m some princess for you to come free? Like I’m some Sally who can’t knuckle his way out of a jam? Son I’m from the old world. I got this under control.”

Matt Miguel stares at him incredulously: “You… got this under control? Old man are you ****ing nuts? He’s been shocking you, torturing you…”

Hector: “I spent a year in a Korean POW camp, son. I can teach you more about torture than you ever even heard of.” *he spits off to the side* “Now piss off. I’m trying to get some rest.”

Matt shakes his head, and steps forward anyway. With lightning speed, Hector grabs the bolt cutters and rips them from his hands - then tosses them out of the cage. Matt follows the action with his eyes, but is so surprised he misses the punch to his throat until it’s too late. Matt staggers backward, letting out a gasping cough.

Hector: “I said piss off, runt.”

Matt clutches his throat, coughing, “Christ, Hector. You could have killed me… you serious? You want to stay in this funhouse?”

Hector just stares at him coldly, and spits again.

Matt Miguel: “Okay. Fine. But this is it. This is me. I’m done worrying about you - I’m done fighting for you. This is your get out of jail free card, old man. Take it if you want it, but you won’t get another.”

Hector sits down with a grunt, and lays back lacing his hands beneath his head.

Matt turns, clearly shaken, and puts his hand over the camera - which cuts immediately to a black screen.  In the arena, X stares at the screen grinning. He backs up, hopping in place, preparing for his match. It appears Hector was there to stay.

Gil: My God..

Lucius: It seems Matthew has lost an ally and that Xander has gained one.

Gil: Xander is about to be in a world of hurt..

As Gil says this, Lew quickly grabs Xander from behind with a schoolboy pin. The ref immediately signals for the bell as he slides over to the pair.



X kicks out, the fans roaring their support for Lew as he immediately gets up, grabbing the fiendish veteran by the head. He slams X on the turnbuckle post once before whipping him to the opposite side of the ring.

Lucius: It seems this match will start without either Matthew or David GS, leaving this match to be decided as a one on one.

Gil: Well if anyone seems to approve of this..its the boss.

As if on cue, eliciting a roar of cheers and boos, James Ranger appears on the entrance ramp. A mere minute and Rodney Marney and his manager, Ringmaster Kennedy stand alongside him. The VCW Internet Championship secured firmly around Rodney gleams bright. James Ranger simply rubs his forehead in frustration as he turns around and walks backstage. Rodney and his manager take a few more minutes to observe the match, then take their leave as well.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Lew executes a snap suplex on X, then proceeds to rally the fans, to which they lend their support loud.

Gil: This match is already in Lew’s favor. 

Lucius: Stating the obvious there Gil.

Lew whips X over to the turnbuckle, following it up with clothesline, causing X to stumble out as Lew backs away. He grabs ahold of X, beginning to knee him in the gut six times. He follows it up with a german suplex in the center of the ring. The fans fully behind him as he goes for the pinfall.





Mary: The winner of this match…

Lew stands up proudly as the ref grabs the VCW Championship belt..

Mary: And THE VCW Champion...LEW SMITH!

Gil: He’s done it! 

Lucius: We have our champions, but mainly we have our top champion crowned tonight! A strong showing of Lew here tonight.

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