Thursday Night Rage #7

1 May 2014

Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (seats 18,150)

Opening and Introduction

James Ranger addresses Azrael Khaine, Rodney Marney, and Lew Smith

Xander Hayes v. Azrael Khaine

Lucius: Oh shit!

The lights go out as the giant screen lights up with a headless Teddy bear fills the screen as the neon green lights start to flash around the arena. then "Dance of the Crazy Pill by X starts to play.

The VCW and Internet Champions respectively step out of the ring with James Ranger as Azrael stands firm in the center of the ring.

Out walks X wearing his big baggy black cargo pants and a Chicago Cubs jersey that is black and green in color. He's holding a headless Teddy bear with green glow sticks sticking out the bears neck. He then starts to talk to the bear as he nods and makes his way to the ring.

Gil: The fact that James Ranger made this match an official match for the VCW Wildfire Championship...and with this opponent!?

Lucius: Circumstances granted, what choice does he have? He's planning to unify two of the championship within a month's time..we just signed into WeWA. 

Gil: What the hell does that have to do with giving THIS nut the chance to become champion?!

As he slides under the bottom rope he places Teddy in the corner and pulls out the glow sticks as he starts to put on a show for the fans. He then stops and walks to where Teddy is and sit's down and waits for the match to start, talking to Teddy.

Lucius: No matter what you think...of all people to get the first crack at the champion.

The bell is rung the moment Mark clears both men and gets word that they're ready.

X looks at Azrael and starts to laugh at the smaller man. they go in for a tie up but X dodges as he starts to laugh and walks over to Teddy and starts to have a conversation, Azrael looks confused as he slowly walks to X. X slides out of the ring and laughs again as the crowd is starting to boo at X.


X then slides in as Azrael jumps on X by stomping a mud hole in X's back.. Azrael steps back to allow X to stand up, but X jumps and hits a spear azrael doubles over as X picks the man up and walks him over to the turnbuckles and starts to slam his head into the top buckle.


X then smirks as he grabs azrael by the mask and slams him backwards into the mat, X then jumps on Azrael and puts the man into a arm bar and starts pulling, as Azrael starts to tap out X keeps appling the pressure until you hear a dull crack. x stands looking at Azrael as he writhes in pain.

Lucius:  Sweet jesus! Xander just broke Azrael's arm!

Gil: Ring the damn bell already! Clearly he can't compete now!

The ref notices that Azrael is screaming in pain as he taps out to the arm bar. The fans begin booing loudly as Xander lets go, rolling out of the ring to grab the Wildfire Championship.


John: Your winner and by submission....and the NEW VCW Wildfire Champion...XANDER HAYES!

Gunnar Granderson v. Tommy Lipton

Gil: And welcome back folks as its currently Tommy Lipton versus Gunnar Granderson.


Lucius: Another moment of intense is sure to follow here folks.


Gunnar and Tommy lock up, Tommy visibly showing no constraints as he starts to push Gunnar to the turnbuckle. He connects with a vicious hook to the stomach, following it up with another hook, as Stephen begins come over to intervene, but flinches as Tommy looks in his direction.

Lucius: Clearly Tommy here doesn't want this moment to go to waste. He's got a score to settle.


Gil: From the looks of it, its more than a score.

Tommy gets an eye poke from Gunnar as Tommy steps away rubbing his eyes. Gunnar goes to whip Tommy, but he reverses it into a DDT.


Gil: Tommy with the pin!


Tommy covers as Stephen makes the count.








John: And the winner of this match...Tommy Lipton~!


Gil: A rather short match.


Lucius: That is what happens when you don't have a strong rival in the ring.

Hex Girl v. Rodney Marney w/ Ringmaster Kennedy

Rodney leans against the ropes as his manager gives him instructions as Hex Girl stands patiently on her side of the ring. Mark motions for the Kennedy to step off the turnbuckle as Hex Girl sizes up Rodney.


Rodney mockingly gestures for a lock up, Hex Girl goes for, but ducks as Rodney tries to bear hug her. She proceeds to connect kicks to his left shin three times before dodging a near grab by Rodney.


Hex circles the ring with Rodney, who staring her down as charges at her, stopping at the last second as she sidesteps him and repeats the kicks this time to his right shin. He manages to grab her right leg as he was bouncing of his shin, a look of shock on Hex's face.


The fans begin to boo as Rodney clotheslines her, knocking flat on her ass as he listens to Kennedy tell him to pin her. Mark goes for the count.







Hex kicks out much to the relief of the fans in attendance. Rodney scratches his head as his manager stomps up and down outside the ring. Hex rolls away as Kennedy motions to Rodney to come here. 


As the two discuss strategy, Hex gets up to her feet, using the ring post as support as she grabs on to the padding. Mark is seen telling Kennedy to step away from Rodney as Hex has removed the padding away. As she positions herself between the exposed ring post and Rodney. 


She steps out a bit as Rodney lunges for her, going for a toe hold trip that catches the man on the exposed buckle, causing intense pain as she connects to be a kick to man's jewels....


But the ref witnessing it sees it connect to the inside of his thigh, it still has the profound effect needed as Rodney yelps and groan in pain. Hex readies herself as she rolls him up for the pin...


Mark starts the count...




Hex applies pressure around the injuried thigh and jewels..




Kennedy begins to freak out..




The bell rings as Hex hops away as Kennedy gets into the ring, a look of hatred on his face as she rolls out of the ring, with Mark not far behind her.


John: The winner of this match...HEX GIRL~!


Matthew Miguel v. Joseph Rogers

Joseph is already in the ring, pacing as he awaits his opponent..



Matthew and Joseph lock up, an intense power struggle ensues as one tries to gain leverage against the other.


Matt connects with knee to the gut, following it up with a snap suplex in the center of the ring. He grabs Joseph, whipping him to the ropes. Joseph hits turns around as he hits the ropes. 



He goes for a clothesline, but Matthew ducks. Joseph goes again to turn around and comes back, but Matthew is ready..


Matthew ducks the second attempt, but grabs ahold of Joseph for the momentum, lifting him up and high...



Matthew connects with the Dream Killer, landing on top of Joseph for added damage. He goes for the pin, Stephen slides over for the count.










David GS v. Lew Smith

Gil: This is it folks. Tonight's main event!


Lucius: But there is hardly any reason to have this match. Our top champion has no need to face someone who has not been seen or heard of for the past two weeks. 


John: This match is the main event of tonight's event...and it is for the VCW Championship!




The bell rings as the two wrestlers immediately take to circling each other. Lew takes the chance to go at David GS, locking up and forcing him to the corner. The ref goes over to break it up, but Lew steps before cross-chops him hard across the chest.


David GS tries to get away as Lew Smith connects with another cross-chop. As David steps away, Lew grabs him whips him to the opposite of the ring, running right behind him as he connects with a splash. 


He turns David GS around, immediately laying it into him with five right knees to his stomach. The fans roar as David is set up into a suplex.


Lew bridges the suplex into a pin, Tony slides over for the count....










The bell rings as Lew releases the pin, hopping up quickly as he motions for his championship.


John: The winner and STILL your VCW Champion....LEWWWW SMITH~!



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