Livewire Ep 4

13 Apr 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )


The screen is black. An overlay of a Play button sits in front of you as you are used to with every streaming media site you see on the internet. It's now time for the much anticipated, next episode of Livewire....

As you click the button, the stream loads. The United Toughness Alliance logo comes across the screen in a metallic outline, before it begins to shake. An electronic charge outlines the logo before it begins to break apart.

Finally, the logo explodes and the Livewire logo burst through. It pulsates as if to signify a heart beat before fading out. We are welcomed to an outside shot of downtown Seattle, WA. Busses drive by, people cross streets.

The Space Needle stands tall over the horizon before we fade into a shot of the world famous EMP Museum followed by a trip on the water in one of the tourist filled Duck Tour boats. Finally, we are outside the 42 floor Fourth & Madison building where the UTA host it's offices and new studio. We get a shot of the reception area, welcoming us to the floor.

We get different shots of the office with different superstars in inaudible situations, smiling, laughing, and spending time with the staff of the UTA. These are the people that keep things going. Finally we get a wide shot of the Livewire studio. The camera moves in to sit on Jennifer Williams and 'Rumor Man' Stan Davis, sitting at the Livewire news desk.

Stan: Welcome back everybody to the new, bi-weekly, thirty minute show.. Livewire. I'm Stan Davis, known to you as the Dirt Sheet's Rumor Man Stan. Sitting beside me is the lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan, I'm glad to be here.

Stan: Tonight we're going to hear from some of our superstars about their upcoming matches as we head into the next exciting edition of Wrestleshow.

Williams: It's exciting times to be apart of the United Toughness Alliance as we continue on to reclaim out spot at the top of professional wrestling world.

Stan: That's right Jennifer. The UTA at one time was the largest promotion in the world, but after years of legal battles following the untimely passing of Eddie Peterson Sr., we once again return to set the professional wrestling world on fire.

Williams: Also on tap Jason Blackfront will be interviewing UTA owner, James Wingate.

Stan: But first, lets head over to correspondent Jamie Sawyers who is standing by with one of the latest signees to the UTA.

Williams: How exciting Stan!

Blanca Wants the Win

Blanca Wants the Win

We move to the back where Jamie Sawyers is standing.

Sawyers: I'm Jamie Sawyers and here with me is the newly acquired Lucha Libre star from Mexico, La Flama Blanca.

The camera pans out to get both Sawyers and La Flama Blanca in the shot. Both standing in front of a UTA Livewire backdrop. 

Blanca: Thanks for having me Jamie. 

Sawyers takes a glance at his note cards.

Sawyers: What took so long for you to sign with the UTA, Blanca? Lots of rumors about a possible signing with another promotion. Maybe you needed to rehab your injury more? Tell us what it was.

He chuckles.

Blanca: I'd be lying if I said my shoulder didn't have something to do with it. My agent Marcos Cruz and I had discussions with many top organizations and the United Toughness Alliance gives me the best opportunity. These things take time. It's not as easy as people think it is.

Sawyers: I'll get right to it with this next one… Tobias Devereux, he was involved in a backstage altercation at Wrestleshow 10. He spent the rest of that night and more in the hospital after a savage attack from Roscoe Shame. Now you both make your Wrestleshow debuts against each other. 

Blanca: Yes

Sawyers: Are you winning this match?

Blanca: Wow. Do you expect me to say no?

Both of them laugh

Sawyers: Be honest now. I know you are a humble person, do you see yourself on the wrong side of the decision April twentieth at Wrestleshow?

Blanca looks at the ground and gathers his thoughts.

Blanca: If I have a mistake free match I will come out victorious. He's a submission expert. I'll have to use my speed and agility to my advantage. 

Sawyers: You can never breathe easy against Devereux or around you for that matter.

Blanca: I do plan on winning. I do plan on being a contender for one if not both of the UTA titles. Hell they might even need to make a belt for me!

Sawyers: Well La Flama Blanca, I thank you for making an appearance. Definitely come back because we'd love it if you did. Good luck in your United Toughness Alliance debut at Wrestleshow, Easter Sunday April twentieth at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Thanks again Blanca.

Blanca: We'll do it again soon. 

We fade.


Waxing (and Waning) on Perfection

Waxing (and Waning) on Perfection

We fade into what appears to be grainy footage from a mountain. On it stands the Kung Fu Mechanic. In his left hand he holds his wrench, his right rests by his side. After a few moments it is clear that he is looking down from the Rockies. Those dark, rocky formations slept in stark contrast to the snow that blanketed the long resting giants.

Yet he stood there, looking down at the city of Denver. 

McDonald: My name is Elvis McDonald.

He grins, turning his head slightly toward the camera as he continues to gaze downward.

McDonald: I’m no prophet and I will never claim to be; but I have attained wisdom that extends far beyond Perfection. The truth is that both the person and the ideal were ill-conceived long ago by parents who exhibited little forethought when making life decisions. Perhaps had they done so, one of them would not be living and, invariably, failing to live up to the other.

His gaze remains transfixed upon Denver, the city in which he will have his contest versus Perfection.

McDonald: It is not Perfection’s fault, and I refuse to blame the man. He didn’t have anyone to tell his punk ass that he was naming himself after ideas conceived in and by social retardation. His parents, pursuing their own definition of perfection, no doubt neglected him and left him to his own devices. Except for, of course, when they would punish him for not being as perfect as they were.

The Kung Fu Mechanic shakes his head. He laughs in a pitying context.

McDonald: I have travelled long and far in pursuit of my own idea of perfection: The ancient knowledge and secrets of Kung Fu. But this ain't about me. First hand I can tell you that high society's idea of perfection don’t matter. From Bangkok to Los Angeles, it's the same cycle, repeated infinitely by generations. Rich parents, cold and perfect, making cold and perfect children, who grow up equally inept in all facets of anything beyond instant and self-gratification. They failed to teach their children any principles beyond that of personal economics. They deprived them of attention so that it’s the only thing they’re ever taught to strive for.

Elvis clinches his fists...

McDonald: It’s no surprise they turn out children who grow up to be Perfection. What’s surprising is the man believes he is inherently unique.

He frowns, turning to the camera and pointing at it violently, now speaking directly to his opponent.

McDonald: Man, let me tell you something. There’s a million Perfections running around, many in this exact same industry, talking the same shit out their mouth that you be talking. It’s the rhetorical ramblings of childhood insecurity manifesting itself into a grown ass man posturing for attention.

The Kung Fu Mechanic just sighs and shakes his head.

McDonald: It’s a complete, systematic farce. But like I said, I can’t blame you.

He wipes his hands clean, so to speak, employing the cliché clapping motion.

McDonald: So one week from today, I’m gonna take your education into my hands. I’m gonna teach you everything else you need to know, everything your parents neglected to teach you. Through Wing Chun. Through Fuji White Crane style, I will begin the lessons that you so desperately need: Soul Power. Disco. Discipline. Contentment. Restraint.

Elvis turns back to looking down at the city of Denver and its beautiful surroundings.

McDonald: And through these lessons in true perfection, I will make you a better, more perfect man. Through these ideals, through the punishment I bring you, I will make you a better rounded global citizen.

He shakes his head one final time, turning away from his gaze and back to the camera.

McDonald: You will come to thank me, Perfection. Long after you’ve dropped the bullshit name.

Elvis' eyes narrow and he walks away from the camera.

McDonald: This I promise you.

The scene fades to black almost instantly. But his vow echoes long after the scene is cut.

The Fall

The Fall

The camera fades in; positioned slightly off angle, to the sight of a dimly lit room. Twelve candles placed in a circle sit in the center of what appears to be an battered wrestling ring, their light illuminating just enough to make out the image of a silhoutte approaching, as Lyra Starchild seats herself inside the halo of light.

Starchild: Beyond the light, beyond the infinite, is a vast universe unfathomable to even the limitless mind is waiting. Each tiny speck of light seen in this planets sky is a figment; it is a manifestation, of a time when that singular point existed.

Slowly spreading her arms open, the tips of her fingers falling to rest near the tips of the flames, the Starchild closes her eyes and inhales deeply; taking a moment to gather her thoughts, before opening her eyes wide and focusing intently into the camera.

Starchild: This time, this inexplicable label for the movement of objects through space, is meditated upon by those who designed its parameters; they place their faith upon its guiding system and plan their lives according to its numerical structure, but the reliance upon it was never the intention of its creators; rather it was a way to maintain normalcy in an otherwise chaotic existence.

Rising to her knees, Lyra begins to rotate around the interior of the illuminated circle, pausing momentarily upon each of the twelve candles, ticking her tongue as she passes by each one.

Starchild: Time is a focal point for control, a way to retain sanity in as an ever changing; ever moving, object in motion. Sometimes, time represents more than just a methodical control system, it represents a moment... a point in existence... it represents the fall. For after all, all objects set into motion must remain in motion until they are otherwise interrupted.

On the second revolution around with each pause a flame is snuffed out, until only one remains positioned directly in front of the camera, her eyes focusing upon the solitary light.

Starchild: But time, motion, progression; these ever churning wheels CAN stop, you cannot deny this Darian; for it has been witnessed by us both. It has been a catalyst for us both, in more ways that I believe you are prepared to understand. In the aftermath of our decent we have both found ourselves within an unfamiliar territory. Just as those moments are forever engrained into my memory, I too must ask you to recollect; the moment that it all stopped,the moment of the fall, did you feel the loss of control?

The camera begins to zoom in upon the final flame, while Lyra lowers herself towards it; her words becoming no more than a whisper, as if speaking a confession to the last remaining light.

Starchild: I have since learned that control is an unnecessary mechanism, it distorts the inevitible, its an illusion maintained through fear and Darian Dumont will be the first to witness what this means, but you must understand that I hold nothing against you.  I too know what it feels like to spiral out of control; plummeting towards the ground with no safety net to catch you, time stops and you find yourself questioning all that you once where.. Yet this fall, this loss of control, it can either shatter you to pieces or rebuild you over time.

With her finger out, positioned right above the tip of the flame, she flashes a smile towards the camera.

Starchild: Time, yes, time.. unfortunately for you, Darian, your time is no longer valid; because a being with greater understanding of such mechanisms has chosen to rebuild itself in the heart of this place, and now time; for everyone, is about to meet its interferrence. Welcome to humanity's fall.

With a tiny breath, the flame is extinguished, and the camera fades to black.

Interview With James Wingate

Interview With James Wingate

We now move back to the studio. But this time we come to a set we have not seen before. Jason Blackfront and James Wingate both site in chairs near each other, with two ferns slightly behind them.

Blackfront: Welcome everyone, I'm Jason Blackfront. With me today is the owner of the United Toughness Alliance, James Wingate. Thank you for being here Mr. Wingate.

Wingate: It's no problem Jason, thank you for having me.

Blackfront: You're known for staying behind the scenes for the most part.

Wingate: Why yes, I feel as a promoter it's my job to deliver exciting and quality entertainment to the fans while putting the spotlight on the talented superstars here in the UTA.

Blackfront: As a former professional wrestler, you must feel the pressure to be apart of the shows?

Wingate: Not at all. Too many wrestling promotions revolve around the promoter. He's always sticking it to the talent and playing the over the top bad guy. I feel that we have a talent pool for a reason. Anytime I'm on the screen, it takes away from them, thus hurting the UTA as a whole. People pay to see them perform, not be take their time away.

Blackfront: Today I wanted to discuss some sensitive subjects that's been on the minds of many of our fans.

Wingate: I'll pull the curtain back a bit for you Jason. Fire away and I'll answer as well as I can.

Blackfront: Lets start with the first name that pops to mind when fans think about major talent movements. Shawn FX. It appeared he had sustained an injury, but before returning, asked for his release, which was granted. What can you tell us about that?

Wingate: Unfortunately, Shawn FX had creative differences as well as an ego. It'd be easy for me to sit here and bad talk the guy, but in reality I like him. He's a great performer and was the number one person in the promotion when we returned.

Blackfront: He did seem to get pushed to the moon.

Wingate: For good reason too. Honestly, it came down to Shawn not looking at the entire picture in the story we were telling. He felt a non main event between him and Chance Von Crank was a disaster and refused to discuss it with me when asked.

Blackfront: Yes, at the first pay per view. They would have met in the second or third round of the tournament.

Wingate: That's what the viewer was presented with. Unfortunately, instead of thinking business, FX looked at the show as a fan. In reality, we would have debuted a mini Shawn FX to face Midget Von Crank in that match, with both men representing their associate. Before I could explain the rest of the creative process, FX refused to return calls, and well, I granted his release.

Blackfront: Couldn't you have forced him to fulfill his obligations?

Wingate: Why? Look, if someone is unhappy performing for the fans who love them, they wont be at their best. You don't want that spot, there is always someone else who will. Simple as that.

Blackfront: You mentioned Chance Von Crank. One week, the rumor mill is rumbling that he is leaving, but then he isn't. The next week, he is gone. Once again a top star, released upon their request. What can you tell us about that?

Wingate: Chance Von Crank had bad blood with High Octane Wrestling and Lee Best. Obviously, we accepted a contract offer to air Wrestleshow on High octane Television. For whatever reason, Crank felt that meant he would need to interact with HOW and Lee Best.

Blackfront: Would he have had to?

Wingate: Never.

Blackfront: Did you explain that to him?

Wingate: Multiple times. Previously, he had threatened to leave over not wanting to work with Drew Stevenson, but we worked that out. Then he blew up backstage at an event about the HOTv thing again. Enough was enough and I sent him home.

Blackfront: So he didn't ask for his release?

Wingate: He would have, but I terminated him before. You don't threaten other superstars, and you sure as hell do not talk the way he did to the guy who signs your checks and put you in the top spot.

Blackfont: It seems the top spot has had bad luck.

Wingate: Not now. I want to go on record to say that Abdul bin Hussain, Sean Jackson, and Madman Szalinski are three of the most humble performers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Blackfront: You mentioned Drew Stevenson. Stevenson was the front runner of the group, The Jokers Wild. What can you tell me about that situation.

Wingate: Honestly, not much. Those guys have a bad reputation. I knew that going in. We had some serious discussions after the pay per view, and felt it was better if we just parted ways. I'm close to all three of those guys. I would rather save that friendship then let it turn into more heat on them as a group, or hurt our friendship. They are very talented guys and I hope one day to have them back for a run.

Blackfront: They now are behind Missouri State Wrestling.

Wingate: Great promotion. I wish them all the luck.

Blackfront: Lets move to the now. The second internet pay per view is over. We are taking Wrestleshow to HOTv and you just signed Valor Championship Wrestling as the official developmental promotion of the UTA. Tell me, what does twenty fourteen have in store for the fans?

Wingate: A lot Jason. We are rapidly expanding, and edging ourselves into a position to be the top promotion in professional wrestling like we were in the late nineties and early two thousands. By the end of the year, expect those who have yet to give us a chance to be kicking themselves for not doing so earlier.

Blackfront: Well, that's all the time I have today. I want to thank you again for taking the time to talk with me.

Wingate: No problem Jason, I enjoyed it and hope we can do it again soon.

Blackfront: Catch Mr. Wingate next weekend live on Wrestleshow as he gets Madman Szalinski, Sean Jackson, and Abdul bin Hussain in the ring. It is sure to be explosive. Back to you guys in the studio.

We fade back.



We return once again to the studio with Stan and Jennifer, both standing by.

Williams: Interesting look at some of the new faces here in the United Toughness Alliance.

Stan: I also enjoyed the owner pulling back the curtain a little bit and letting us in on items we usually would not be privy to.

Williams: Mr. Wingate is a very down to earth guy. Always a pleasure hearing him speak.

Stan: Next Sunday the fans will be let in on James Wingate, the character, more as he spices up the UTA Title scene.

Williams: I wonder what Mr. Wingate plans and how that will play out

Stan: More questions that hopefully we will get answers on next Sunday. For now though, we are are out of time. Until next time, I am Stan Davis.

Williams: And I am Jennifer Williams.

Stan: Thank you for tuning into another edition of Livewire!

Williams: We'll see you next time!

The copyright comes up as the screen fades to black.

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