Rampage 12/28/00

28 Dec 2000

Dallas Convention Center Arena, Dallas, Texas (seats 7,428)


The screen dims black. Noises of screaming fans are heard suddenly with giagantic green pyro blast the lights come up and the Thursday Night Rampage stage is seen. Suddenly the Thursday Night intro video begins to play to it's new intro music "This Town" by Human Waste Project w/Jonathon Davis. The video ends and the camera surfs across the crowds heads showing signs. The lights dim grey as POD's Southtown hits the PA system. JD steps out from the back and raises his arms, the crowd pops unbelievbly. JD begins his walk to the ring down the ramp, fans screaming and hollering. JD walks up the steps and enters the ring under the top rope. His music fades and the lights turn normal. The lights go out and a single bell tolls. Hells Bells by AC/DC comes over the speakers and Michael Owens glides through the curtains. He takes a drink from his water bottle then dumps some over his head before throwing it into the crowd. He walks down to the ring and bows through the second ropes.

The music calms down and the fans are roaring as the bell rings and good old Jason Blackfront begins his commentary.

BLACKFRONT: Well folks, just four days away from Black Horizon and we are seing what was originally a match for the pay per view, JD versus Michael Owens. These two great athletes lock up, JD switches the hold to a headlock, Owens pushes him off, JD toward the ropes hits them stumbles back, Owens underneth with a schoolboy rollup, Gets a one count before the kick out. Do you hear these fans? They are going nuts. This Sunday, Black Horizon should be a hit. Both of these men will be competeting in...whoa clothesline by JD sending Owens down quickly... Both men will be competing this Sunday in key matches. JD picks Owens up by the hair, drags him over to the turnbuckle. Michael Owens head repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Owens throws his arm to catch the turnbuckle from hitting it again, twist and grabs JD's head sending his forehead into it. JD stumbles back again, Owens grabs his neck and head, NECKBREAKER!! Micheal gets up and climbs the turnbuckle. He waits, JD pushes himself up a little at a time, he turns around and looks up just in time to see Owens jump with a double axehandle. JD sidesteps and throws his knee up to hit Owens in the gut on the way down.

                     Michael grabs his stomach as he lays on the canvas. JD smiles in approvel before stomping Michael. JD with a cover, gets a one count but did not hook the leg. JD grabs Owens hair again and pulls him to his feet. Face shot, face shot, gut shot, uppercut by JD. Owens goes down again. Quick cover and hook of the leg by JD, the ref calls ropebreak as Michael owens leg landed on the bottom rope. This match is a non stop thrill ride so far fans! JD looks aggrivated. He gets into the refs face yelling, as Owens gets on his knees and delivers a low blow from behind! LOOK at JD's face!! He grasp his private areas and falls to his knees. Owens grabs JD's neck putting him into a sleeper hold. The ref checks JD's arm. Falls once, falls twice, falls the last JD throws it up, He pushes himself to his feet owens still clinging on from behind, Elbow to Owens gut, another, he lets go, JD twist around and goes for a short clothesline, But Michael ducks turns around as JD does and delievers a kick to the stomch floowed by an underarm hook ddt. Turns JD over, and we have a three count. Michael owens is victorious!! Lets look at the replay... Shows owens duck the clothesline and turn around with JD to hit the double underarm ddt... It startrd quick but was a good match on both mens part. I'm sure this isn't the last we see of JD and Michael Owens anytime soon.

The camera goes to the back. It shows Sebastion Bush and Candy on their way to the ring before going to commerical.


<-----------------------------LONG ANNOYING COMMERCIAL BREAK---------------------------->

As "The Suck for Your Solution" by Marilyn Mason echoes throughout the arena, a dense cloud of blue smoke rolls out from the enterance way.  Kinfe Habte emerges Fans boo loudly as the Spawn member and one half of the UTA tag team champions walks down the rampway. He slides into the ring as the smoke clears and the music fades. Suddenly lights begin flashing and Money by Pink Floyd starts up. The fans go nuts as Sebastion "Cr0nic" Bush steps out with his valet Cnady. He begins his desent to the ring.

BLACKFRONT: It seems the gorgous Candy has returned after being injured weeks ago by Hardcore Sandy!!

They get to the ring. Bush steps on the first step of the steps he motions for Candy to return to the back and she does. Bush Steps in the ring under the top rope. And gets ready.


The bell tolls so to say as the two men lock up.

BLACKFRONT: Kinfe Habte taking early control by twisting out of the lock up and changing it into a arm lock takedown. Kinfe grabs behind him and gets ahold of Bush's leg, placing him in a submission hold. Ahhh Bush seems to be in pain as his Arm and Leg are being pulled as in if they where about to come out of their sockets!! He is not giving up though!! I tell you this, Sebastion Bush is a good guy who puts his heart into this sport. Plus he is teamed with two of the biggest stars in the UTA, Ironfury. Habte finally breaks it!! I guess he gave up on Bush tapping out!! Habte stomps Bush angerly. Kinfe pulls Bushes leg up by his foot and jams his knee hard to the canvas. Habte helps the hurt Bush up. Hard Irish Whip into the turnbuckle. Habte follows up with VERY hard chops to Bush's chest. Now  sets Sebastion up on the top rope, Steps up and grabs Bush's trunks, SUPERPLEX!!! It's gotta be over now!!! Kinfe not going for the pin!! He picks the semi-concious Bush up and hits him with a giagantic Suplex!! Here comes Brian Ironsie down the ramp!!! He has a chair in hand!! Ironside in the ring, Chair shot knocking Kinf down who rolls out of the ring. The ref calls for the bell. Ironside with a chair to the ref!! Bush didn't win but thanks to his friend and partner he will hopefully be able to walk after tonight. It was all Habte showing why you don't step in the ring with Spawn or the LOD.

The camera cuts to a promo for this Sundays Black Horizon. Then goes to the back outside the Spawns dressing room. The strange laughter that has been reported is heard through the door as the show goes to commerical.

<--------Another long ass commercial stopping your enjoyment of this great show--------->

The screen comes back with Hardcore Sandy walking through the back with her hardcore belt in which she drops when out of nowhere Tatsumi Tyger Tanka runs and attacks her. The bell is heard and a ref steps into the cameras view.

BLACKFRONT: Tyger karate chopping Sandy. Now a powerful side kick knocking her up against the wall. Tatsumi grabs the champions hair and uses it to throw her across the hall into another wall. Tyger runs up and kicks her in the she grabs his foot and drops him to the gound. Sandy grabs a near by mop and begins assulting Tatsumi with it. The challenger is having the life beaten right out of him by an over agressive Sandy.

Eyedea walks up and crosses his arms watching the match happen

BLACKFRONT: It seems Tyger and Sandy have an on-looker. Sandy continues to beat Tyger with that mop. It has to be somewhat illegal to continue to hit someone with a hard mop handle repeatedly without giving up any. Hell isn't she tired by now?

Eyedea just smirks and shakes his head before walking off

BLACKFRONT: Sandy seems to have knocked Tyger out cold! She drops the mop, now is bending down...SHE IS GOING TO UNMASK TATSUMI TYGER TANAKA!!!!..... He was playing possum!! Somehow Tatsumi got the strength to punch her in the face and push her off. Tyger slowly gets to his feet. Sandy runs at him, Tatsumi backbody drops her on the hard floor. Tanaka picks up the mop and slams it accross Sandys stomach HARD ENOUGH TO BRAKE  IT!!! My god! She may be bleeding enternally!Tyger walks over and grabs a table that was leaning up by the wall, he sets it up beside Sandy. Tyger pulls sandy up by her head, some more chops to her chest, now lays Hardcore on the table. Tyger stands up on the table with her, he pulls her up in piledriver positsion!! There they go piledriver through the table onto the hard floor in the back!! He pins her, one, two, HERES THE MAN IN BLACK!!! He has just hit Tyger from behind with a baseball bat to break the count!! The man in black pulls Tatsumi up, POWERBOMB!!! ON THE HARD FLOOR!! He places Sandy over Tatsumi Tyger Tanka for the one two three. The Man In Black picks Sandy up, he sets her up for a powerbomb, pulls her up, but his knee wobbles and he has to set her down. He looks to be in pain and is walking away, leaving Tyger possibly seriously injured and Hardcore Sandy still the champion. We'll be right back!!!

<----------You know the drill, commercial time, damn theres alot of these this show, does the UTA need money that bad to sell this much commercial time?-------->

The Camera cuts to the back where Mr. Fantastic is standing

Devon Lynch walks up. He is bandaged up a bit and walking like he's hurt.

FANTASTIC: What the hell happened to you?

LYNCH: Oh they let Aunt Martha out of her cage for Christmas and she waddled up behind me and thought I was turkey I guess. You remember Aunt Martha from New Years last year?

FANTASTIC: looking worried about Devon's mental stability Yeah, big women. I gotta go Devon.

Fantastic walks off leaving Devon confused as the camera cuts to the main stage. Outlaw Torn by Mettalica begins and the fans go wild as Brian Ironside steps out. He runs down the ramp with his arms out slapping fans hands. Brian slides into the ring and points up at the lowering cage before runnning to a corner, climbing the turnbuckle and holding his arms to the crowd. "Memphisto"  by Depeche Mode beginns as The World Champion Spectre steps out


Spectre begins down the ramp. He walks around the ring and undoes his belt placing it on the timekeepers table. The cage lowers more. He walks over and lifts up the ring apron seeing if theres anyone underneath. Spectre drops the apron looks around shrugs and walks over to the steps. He steps up very slowley watching Brians every move. He points to the belt and motuhs how Brian will never touch gold. Spectre steps over the top ropes and stands waiting. The cage hits the ground enclosing both men in. The only way to win an UTA cage match is by being the first man to climb over the top and hit the ground. There are NO doors in an UTA cage, wwf guys of the past are pansies.

BLACKFRONT: Here we go, three days away from the pay per view and we are having a match that may impact everything we thought was going to happen!! Both men are just staring at each other knowing that the is no where to go, no escape the metal of the cage. Spectre points at his head and mouths I'm in your head, you can't win, it is impossible Finally Brian runs at Spec but the champion just puts a big boot up knocking Brian on his ass. Spectre is a good foot taller then Brian and hass a well over fifty pound advantage. Spectre picks Brian up and whips him across the ring, Brian Ironside on the return slides UNDER Spectres legs pops up and turns around, runs behind Spectre, BULLDOG ON THE BIG MAN!! Brian quickly gets up and runs to the cage, he is climbing!!! Spectre on one knee getting his composure back. He gets fully up and runs to the side of the cage and reaches for ironside who is already too far up to grab. Spectre grabs the cage and begins shaking it, Brian holding on for dear life, he finally his shooken loose and falls to the canvas. Spectre turns around, blatent choke on Ironside who is down trying to break free. Spectre lets loose smiles then begins choking Ironside again. My god, he is laughing his Sadistic laugh while trying to KILL Brian!!

             Spectre still holding on to Brian's throat picks his head and neck up and slams it hard to the cavas. Spectre gets up and walks over to the cage. He begins to climb. Brian Ironside is motionless!!! Spectre is almost at the top!!! Wait!! He looks down at Ironside, ELBOW DROP FROM THE NEAR TOP OF THE CAGE BY THE HUGE SPECTRE!!! If  Ironside wasn't hurt before he is now!! I think even the champion hurt himself, he is holding his arm closley. NO! He was pulling a forien object out of his wristbands! It's a..a...I don't have a damn clue on what it is actually. NOW I KNOW!! Spectre just sprayed pepper spray into Brians eyes!! He is clinches his face as it burns like the fire of hell!!! Spectre gets to his feet and gives another sadistic laugh. He begins walking to the cage again, BUT WHAT'S THIS? Brian Ironside still half blind and three times as hurt gets to his feet and is walking behind the champ. Spectre turns around sprays more pepper pray in his eyes drops the container and..yes...the Gullotine!!! His version of a hanging neckbreaker!! Specre begins to climb the cage!! He is at the top, Brian is somehow getting to his feet, Spectre is over and climbing down. Brian going up the side of the cage. Him and spectre or facing each other through the cage halfway up and halfway down, Spectre laughs as Bryan holds on by one arm as he pulls...handcuffs out of the pocket of his trunks, with a swift quick move he throws his hand thru the nice-sized cage hole and clicks one side on Spectres hand, Spectre realises whats going on to late as Brian clicks the other side to the cage and begins to climb up!!

             No longer is Spectre smiling but freaking out, he can't get the cuffs undone as Brian is at the top of the cage. He raises his hands up as he straddles the cage with his legs, the fans are going nuts.Brian is begining down as spectre is still holding on trying not to let go in fear of being seriously injured by the jerking of falling and being caught by the cuffs. Brian is on his way down. Look it's Shasta King from the audiance!!! He begins to climb the cage!!! He is going right at Brian who is hurring back up and is now over the cage back in the ring area. Shasta king is now also in the ring area, he drops to the canvas. King goes straight for ironside grabs him with both hands around his neck and slams him hard to teh canvas. Spectre is on the outside hanging still apparntly trying to squeeze his big hand through the handcuss hole with no luck. Shasta "The Mind Bender" King now stomping Ironside over and over. Here comes Mr. Fantastic running down the ramp!! He climbs up to where Spectre is hanging and hands him something. Now Fantastic on his way up the cage. It is now two Spawn members in the cage assulting Ironside!! Spectre is on the outside..picking the lock? For such "magical" guys they sure can't break handcuffs worth shit. Spectre has done it!!! The handcuffs is off and he drops doen to the floor!! The bell rings, Spectre retians the belt!!! The cage is raising, Spectre holds his wrist.Now Fantastic and Kind slide out of the ring, both men grabing a hand of Spectre and raising it in victory.

The camera pans in on Specte giving the number 1 finger up saying he is number 1 then on Brian Ironside laying bloody and unconcious in the ring before fading to black.

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