Wrestleshow #9

23 Mar 2014

Staples Center, Los Angeles, California (seats 20,000)


It's that time of the week, the time you get all sorts of excited. It's time for the United Toughness Alliance streaming directly from No matter if you watch it on your computer, your smart phone, or your smart television device you wouldn't miss this for the world!

Excitedly you press the 'play' button. Before the show begins we get a word from our sponsor.

As the advertisement ends, the screen momentarily goes black. The United Toughness Alliance logo fades in for a few moments before we are treated to a shot of the sold out Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Hanging over the ring is a devastating and monstrous looking steel cage.

As the camera pans across the screaming fans, we are greeted with several shots of signs that they are holding high.



I <3 LOG!



The camera pans down and across to the top of the stage with multiple video panels displaying the UTA brand and pulsating to a remixed version of Eminem's You Don't Know featuring 50 Cent, Llyod Banks, and Cashis.

A series of colorful pyrotechnics arranged along the edge of the stage begin to fire off, followed by a smaller series around the edge of the panels and above. To cap it off, one larger final explosion excites as it fires off from the four corners of the stage. The crowd goes absolutely bonkers.

We fade to the commentator table ringside where Jason Blackfront and new play by play announcer, Tommy Ace sit, headsets on and a look of excitement on their faces. The fans in the front row behind them wave to their family and friends back home as the voices of the UTA welcome us to another edition of Wrestleshow.

Blackfront: Welcome everybody to another exciting edition of the United Toughness Alliance's Wrestleshow! As always, I'm Jason Blackfront. Joining me tonight, my broadcast partner... Tommy Ace!

Ace: Thank you Jason, it's good to be here.

Blackfront: Tonight, we are live right here on for another special pay per view pre-show.

Ace: The crowd is going crazy here in the Staples Center Jason!

Blackfront: Yea they are. Remember folks, if you haven't ordered it yet, you still have time. Immediately following Wrestleshow, the pay per view begins and you can only see it here on for the low price of Thirty Nine Nighty Five.

Ace: You can't beat that Jason!

Blackfront: No you can't. Tonight for free here on Wrestleshow, The Canadian Superstar, CBR, will face Max Burke in one on one action.

Ace: Originally the number one contender's match was scheduled for the pre show, but has since been moved to the pay per view.

Blackfront: Yes, five me in the match, tag team rules. Once a pin fall as been gained, that man is eliminated. You can tag in any other superstar. The final two men in the ring are competing for a number one contendership. The man who gets pinned, will get a guaranteed Internet Championship title shot while the winner will get a guaranteed shot against either Madman Szalinski or Abdul bin Hussain for the UTA Championship.

Ace: You can't beat that. if you make it to the final two, it doesn't matter. You get a shot at a title! Guranteed!

Blackfront: Also tonight, Yoshii and Frank Dylan James will meet in an Internet Championship title match. Which of these two monsters will walk out a champion and will the other even be able to walk?

Ace: After James took Jed Dye to the back on the last Wrestleshow and beat him unconcious, Yoshii is more determined than ever. But he needs to make sure his feelings don't get the best of him if he wants to leave the champion.

Blackfront: In our main event, an audible of sorts after Doctor EMO was injured, Madman Szalinski will meet Absul bin Hussain in that twenty foot tall steel cage hanging over the ring.

Ace: Jason, if you look closely, there is no door. I have also been told the referee will be OUTSIDE of the ring. The only way to win and leave the United Toughness Alliance champion tonight is climb over the steel cage and drop to the floor.

Blackfront: It will certainly be brutal to say the least! All that and more, tonight live.. on pay per view!

We fade to a two minute hype video for the pay per view, recounting the events leading to tonight's show.

Canadian Prime

Canadian Prime

In a lockeroom, Claude Baptiste Ranier sits, taping up his right hand.  The Canadian Star wears his purple ring gear, elbow pads, knee pads, trunks and a sleeveless CBR t-shirt.  Noticing the camera, he looks up.

CBR: Come to watch a real man prepare?

Whoever is behind the camera seemingly doesn't respond.

CBR: Of course you have.  And what's more, you've come to see the man who's going to steal the show tonight. Forget Abdul, Jackson, Madman and all those other pretenders, you're looking at the real deal.

Claude gets to his feet, throwing some elbows into the air with both arms, slamming his hand into each elbow pad as they come round.

CBR: You know, I get it. James Wingate and everyone else in management is nervous. Nervous about what the Canadian Upstart could do to their precious superstar roster in a matter of weeks. They see me, a good looking, well put together wrestler...and I mean that word with every letter...W-R-E-S-T-L-E-R, with an abundance of god given talent.  A superstar in every sense of the word, and they're scared.  Why are they scared? They're afraid I will pull the drapes down around them, open the curtains and show the role what a farce this professional wrestling industry has become.  

His face almost looks disgusted.

CBR: Dogs running around predicting matches, old men stepping into the ring with primed athletes, skiing professionals trying to fight and 500 pound oversight mastodons running around, or at least trying to, all chasing the dreams of what they once watched on TV. Well, you know what? It's all BS. A pure wrestler like me should never be on a pre-show.

CBR turns no takes a bottle of water, pouring some of it over his face and letting it drip down his hair and body.

CBR: But I'm focused for tonight. Max Burke, I've watched your tapes, seen your matches.  I'm ready for you. The question is, is the world ready for CBR? Is the world ready for a true Canadian symbol? It's been too long since Canada ruled the wrestling universe...too long since the fires of great wrestling dynasties burned out.  I'm here to light those fires again and take my, our, god given rightful spot at the head of the table.  

He stares directly into the camera.

CBR: UTA, take notice...Canada is not taking scraps anymore.  The Canadian Star is here to shine and will show you why I am that once in a generation, federation subjugation.  Now, I've got a match to win.

With that, Claude puts the water down, dries his hair and sweat and leaves his lockeroom.  

Pray to Allah

Pray to Allah

We head to the back where Jamie Sawyers is standing next to the UTA Champion, Abdul bin Hussain, in front of an UTA backdrop. Hussain wears the title around his waist proudly.

Sawyers: Tonight Abdul, you will face Madman Szalinski inside of a steel cage for the UTA Championship. What are your thoughts going into this match?

The champion turns and looks at Jamie.

Hussain: My thoughts? My thoughts? By the grace of Allah I have been champion for forty two days. By the grace of Allah, I will continue to be champion after tonight.

He turns to the camera and raises both arms, looking to the sky and speaking in Arabic. Hussain lowers his arms and looks directly into the camera.

Hussain: This match is nothing more than a plot by petty infidels to remove me from power, much like when for no reason, the Americans invade Iraq and unjustly removed Saddam from power.

He looks disgusted and upset.

Hussain: I have seen the programs, and have seen the pushing of Madman Szalinski by the UTA as the next champion. This is nothing more than Mir propaganda by those afraid to have a true champion who, through the words of Mohammed, speaks the truth.

Jamie stays silent as the champion continues.

Hussain: Madman, tonight you will be awaken. Tonight your eyes will be opened and the spirit of Allah will overtake you. Tonight, you will pray to him and as Doctor EMO has, you will fall. There is only one Allah, there is only one...

He looks deeper into the camera.

Hussain: Abdul bin Hussain... the UTA Champion...

Hussain walks off as Jamie turns to the camera.

Sawyers: There you have it folks, the UTA Champion is confident and ready as he defends his title tonight in the main event of the pay per view. Back to you Jason and Tommy.

CBR vs. Max Burke

The arena quiets down as the house lights drop out and a chilling blue light filters through the crowd. The soft opening guitars of Limp Bizkit's 'Behind Blue Eyes' begin to ring out as 'Pro Wrestling's Pedigree' Max Burke steps out on to the stage.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first... He is hailing from Dorchester, New Brunswick..

Standing clad in black tights with 'BURKE" written across the back and tall black shiny boots and knee pads, he raises his arms in the air with an angry look on his face. He wears his leather jacket with a hood covering his head. He lets out a small smile as the crowd boos and then starts to slowly walk down the ramp as the lyrics kick in.

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes ♪

Announcer: Standing at six foot tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds....

The crowd continues to boo as Max slowly walks passed them. He turns to them and raises his hand in a threatening back hand manner and then chuckles to himself when a few of the fans jump back in fear.

Announcer: He is.... MAAAXXXXX.... BUUURRRKKKEEE!!!!!

He walks up the steel steps and stops for a moment, staring straight up at the sky. He lifts his arm and points to the sky, his ode to his Uncle Ben, and then very quietly slips into the ring between the top and second rope.

♪ But my dreams they aren't as empty
As my conscience seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That's never free ♪

He jumps up on the top rope and squats up there for a moment, before lowering the hood off of his head. He jumps back down into the ring to a chorus of a few more boos.

Blackfront: The fans not showing much love to Burke.

Ace: A win over CBR tonight could change all of that.

Max slips off his hooded jacket and hands that over to the referee before leaning up against the ropes and waiting for the bell. 

Blackfront: This should be a good match to kick the show off tonight. CBR seen before the match, determined to come out the victor and show why he should have not been on the pre-show.

Ace: All I heard is someone crying. He should be happy to even be in the UTA Jason! He needs to go back to Canada!

Blackfront: The UTA actually has a rich Canadian history, at one time even having a Canadian Championship title held by John Bailey for over a year.

Seek and Destroy by Metallica hits the PA system as the Canadian flag appears on the main video screen. Red lights fill the arena and from the back, CBR comes into view.

Announcer: Coming to the ring, hailing from Montreal, Canada... Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and fifty seven pounds...

Wearing his trademark purple and white robe, with purple tinted shades, he makes his way down to the ring, arms raised to the fans in a 'look at me' pose.

Announcer: He is... The Canadian Star... C..B..RRRRRRRRR

He flings the robe off and takes the steps to the apron, slowly getting into the ring. Once inside, CBR raises his arms, flexing to show off his physique. He takes off his shades and stretches his rut arm, preparing. 

Blackfront: CBR's physique is amazing.

Ace: He has the body of a champion, it's only time until he has the belt to go with it.

The bell sounds to start the match.

Blackfront: Here we go as the bell rings to kick this match off. Both men circling.

Ace: I've got goose bumps Jason!

Blackfront: Quick collar to elbow tie up by the competitors. CBR using his size advantage to gain control early as he shoves Max Burke to the mat.

Burke lands on the mat, quickly rolling over and pushing up. He charges CBR.

Blackfront: CBR ducks a clothesline attempt by Max Burke.

Both men turn around, with CBR quickly wrapping his arms around the waist of Burke. He lifts and leans back.

Blackfront: Belly to belly suplex by CBR!

Ace: That was beautiful.

As Burke lands, he rolls over and gets up again. Once again he charges CBR.

Blackfront: CBR catches Burke with an arm drag. Burke up again, he rushes CBR... another arm drag.

Ace: CBR is bringing it tonight.

Blackfront: Yes, but you can't take anything away from Max Burke who is on his feet yet again!

Ace: You can't keep Burke down. I love this guy.

Max Burke runs at CBR again. CBR bends down to catch him, but Burke stops in front of the Canadian Superstar, and swings his arm down and up hard, catching CBR under the chin.

Blackfront: Heavy European uppercut by Max Burke!

Ace: That will make you see some stars.

CBR stumbles back, swinging his arms. Max Burke goes for another clothesline.

Blackfront: Burke going for a clothesline, CBR able to catch his bearings and duck.

CBR turns around and before Max Burke can turn, he slides up under him, placing his arms under Burkes and locking his fingers in behind his head.

Blackfront: CBR locks Max Burke in with a full nelson.

Ace: Come on Max! get free!

Blackfront: Max Burke is struggling, but CBR's strength is just too much for him to get away.

CBR lifts Burke up, and slightly moves to the right as he brings Burke down, slamming him into the mat.

Blackfront: Full nelson slam, and I think Max Burke is finally down for a bit.

Burke lays on the mat holding his head as CBR lifts Burke's left leg, holding it up.

Blackfront: CBR with a stomp to the inside thigh of Max Burke, followed by another.

Ace: This can't be good for Max.

Blackfront: Not at all.

CBR turns Burke over to his stomach, lifts his leg back up and drives his knee hard into the mat.

Blackfront: CBR working that left leg of Max Burke, trying to render his knee unusable.

Ace: As much as I hate to admit it, this is a good tactic. Take Max Burke's legs out and he can't stand. It is hard to win a wrestling match if you can't stand.

CBR bends down, grabbing Max Burke by the back of the head, lifting him up. Burke winches as he stands on his left leg.

Blackfront: Max Burke barely able to stand. However, I don't think CBR plans on keeping him up for very long.

CBR grabs the arm of max Burke, and whips him hard into the corner post.

Blackfront: Max Burke hitting that turnbuckle with force.

CBR runs toward Burke, who throws his leg up, catching him in the face with his foot.

Blackfront: Foot to the face of CBR.

Ace: Yes!

CBR holds his face as he steps back, turning away from Max Burke. Burke charges forward toward CBR, but his knee gives out and he drops down, grabbing it in pain.

Blackfront: The damage done to that knee of Max Burke. It may be too late for him to come back.

Ace: No!

CBR turns back toward Max Burke, seeing him on the mat. He stomps over angrily, grabbing the hurt leg of Max Burke and using it to pull him to the middle of the ring.

Blackfront: He could hyper extend that knee, using it to pull Max Burke's entire body weight!

CBR continues to hold the leg up, looking out to the crowd. He steps in and twist around before falling back to the mat and pulling back.

Blackfront: Figure four leg lock by CBR!

Ace: Donb't give up Max! Don't give up!

As CBR applies pressure, Max Burke yells in pain while slapping the mat and trying to fight.

Blackfront: He's in the middle of the ring, there is nowhere to go.

Finally, Max Burke begins to slap the mat and the referee quickly calls for the bell to ring.

Blackfront: Max Burke just couldn't hold on There was too much damage done to that knee.

Ace: He didn't give up! he was just.. just... His hand slipped! If he could have gotten a good grip on the mat, he could have pushed up and reversed it!

Blackfront: Sure Tommy, whatever you say.

CBR's music begins to play as the referee holds his hand up high.

Announcer: The winner of the match via submission.... The Canadian Superstar... C.... B... RRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Blackfront: Big win for CBR on tonight's free pre-show before the pay per view.

Ace: I hope this isn't the tone for the whole night. Max Burke was robbed!

Blackfront: Are we watching the same match Tommy?

Burke continues to hold his hurt knee as CBR stands on the corner turnbuckle, still celebrating his win. He makes the universal symbol of wearing the title belt as we fade away.



The camera moves back to Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace behind their table.

Blackfront: In just a few minutes, the pay per view stream goes live right here from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. If you haven't purchased it yet, don't delay. You don't want to miss a moment of the action.

Ace: Ordering is easy. Just click the banner on either side of the website where it says purchase. Use your credit card or Paypal and in just moments, you can have access to tonight's huge event.

Blackfront: That's all we have for tonight's special edition of Wrestleshow. We will be here with you during tonight's pay per view broadcast. Order now!

The copyright logo comes across the screen and we fade to black before the the page redirects you to a PPV order screen.

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