Livewire Ep 1

2 Mar 2014

4th & Madison - Floor 37, Seattle, WA (seats )


The screen is black. An overlay of a Play button sits in front of you as you are used to with every streaming media site you see on the internet. It's now time for the much anticipated, debut episode of Livewire....

As you click the button, the stream loads. The United Toughness Alliance logo comes across the screen in a metallic outline, before it begins to shake. An electronic charge outlines the logo before it begins to break apart.

Finally, the logo explodes and the Livewire logo burst through. It pulsates as if to signify a heart beat before fading out. We are welcomed to an outside shot of downtown Seattle, WA. Busses drive by, people cross streets.

The Space Needle stands tall over the horizon before we fade into a shot of the world famous EMP Museum followed by a trip on the water in one of the tourist filled Duck Tour boats. Finally, we are outside the 42 floor Fourth & Madison building where the UTA host it's offices and new studio. We get a shot of the reception area, welcoming us to the floor.

We get different shots of the office with different superstars in inaudible situations, smiling, laughing, and spending time with the staff of the UTA. These are the people that keep things going. Finally we get a wide shot of the Livewire studio. The camera moves in to sit on Jennifer Williams and 'Rumor Man' Stan Davis, sitting at the Livewire news desk.

Stan: Welcome everybody to the new, bi-weekly, thirty minute show.. Livewire. I'm Stan Davis, known to you as the Dirt Sheet's Rumor man Stan. Sitting beside me is the lovely as ever, Jennifer Williams.

Williams: Why thank you Stan, I'm glad to be here and to be apart of the inaugural episode of Livewire.

Stan: Tonight we're going to hear from some of our superstars about their upcoming matches as we head into the Internet Pay Per View go home show in just one week.

Williams: It's exciting times to be apart of the United Toughness Alliance as we continue on to reclaim out spot at the top of professional wrestling world.

Stan: That's right Jennifer. The UTA at one time was the largest promotion in the world, but after years of legal battles following the untimely passing of Eddie Peterson Sr., we once again return to set the professional wrestling world on fire.

Williams: Also on tap we take a look back at the last week in the UTA as well as have a special announcement from the owner of the United Toughness Alliance, James Wingate.

Stan: Big news is coming and you will hear it first... here on Livewire. But first, lets head over to correspondent Jamie Sawyers who is standing by with UTA newcomer, and very interesting personality.. Wülfric.

Williams: How exciting Stan!


Wulfric Seg

Wülfric Interview

The camera cuts Jamie Sawyers standing in front of set specifically made for Livewire interviews.

Sawyers: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Livewire. I'm Jamie Sawyers, and my guest at this time is UTA newcomer, Wülfric.

Wülfric enters the shot from the left. Dressed in a generic black WrestleUTA shirt and brown leather jacket, he walks with his head down and hands on his hips. He turns to face the camera, though he continues to look down at the ground, deep in thought. His broad shoulders heave as he sighs wearily.

Sawyers: Welcome Wülfric to Livewire. Thank you for joining me tonight.

Wülfric: I’m not gonna mince words; I don’t wanna be here.

He raises his head, but directs his gaze to the side. His left eye is a slit, eyelids almost forced shut from the purple swelling surrounding them. The corner of his bottom lip is scabbed over. He runs a bloody-knuckled hand through his grey hair and shakes his head.

Wülfric: But apparently this is where the money is.

He stares directly into the lens through his one good eye as Jamie Sawyers looks at him nervously, unsure where Wülfric is going with this.

Wülfric: If I can make a few extra bucks just by dragging my old ass out of bed at some unsociable hour to tape these little interviews, then so be it.

Wülfric rubs the wild, grey chops sprouting from his jaw as Jamie continues to hold the microphone up.

Wülfric: Truth be told, I was surprised to find out Max Burke is going to be here doing exactly what I’m doing right now. But I’m willing to bet that, unlike me, money isn’t his motivation. No, Max is in it for something else.

A hungry look takes over his eyes.

Wülfric: You have values, don’t you, Max? Respect, honor and tradition. All things instilled in you by your elders. Your father was a promoter, and he himself learned everything he knew from his old man -- your grandfather. Your uncles all wrestled and it was one of them that trained you. Did a damn good job of it, too, from what I hear. This is in your blood. It’s your inheritance. It’s your dynasty.

He scoffs and shrugs his shoulders.

Wülfric: Sorry, kid, but this business ain’t quite so near and dear to me. I do this for the pay check at the end of every month. I bet that really pisses you off, doesn’t it?

The corners of his mouth twist into a toothy sneer.

Wülfric: It really pissed Roscoe off, too. He’s a natural athlete just like you. But I proved the world wrong when I took his ass to school. Now you may be asking yourself, Max, just what the hell can old Wülfric possibly teach you!?

Deadly serious, he stops smirking and stares into the camera through his feral eyes.

Wülfric: Buckle up, kiddo. You may be able to run circles around me in that ring, but I’m gonna teach your ass a thing or two at Wrestleshow. I ain’t gonna be showing you headlocks or takedowns… no, I’m gonna give you a crash course in the school of life!

He growls and stalks off the set. Jamie Sawyers turns back to the camera and raises the microphone back to his own mouth.

Sawyers: Well, there you have it. Strong words from Wülfric. Back to you guys in the studio.


Re-Righting Some Wrongs

We head back to the main studio with Stan and Jennifer.

Stan: Thanks you Jamie. It will be exciting to see Wülfric in action again after a great match against Roscoe Shame on the last Wrestleshow.

Williams: In just a few moments, Wülfric's opponent for next Sunday will join Jamie Sawyers as well to give his view on the upcoming match.

Stan: But first, lets take you to last Sunday. Over the last few weeks, Commissioner Kevin Hawk has steadily been using Wrestlshow as his own personal playground, puppeteering events to once again be the center of attention as he was when he was an active competitor.

Williams: Finally, enough was enough for James Wingate who showed up on Wrestleshow to put an end to the powertrip before it could go any further.

Stan: Lets take you back to one week ago.

[Last Week on Wrestleshow]

We head into the office of Kevin Hawk where he is sitting nervously. We soon know why as the CEO and owner of the United Toughness Alliance, James Wingate Jr., steps into the scene. He sits down in the chair in front of Kevin's desk and just looks at his commissioner in silence.

Hawk: Mr. Wingate... Welcome.

James just looks at him, clasping his hands together.

Hawk: How can I help you?

James changes how he is sitting and taps the desk.

Wingate: How can you... help me?

Kevin gulps.

Wingate: Here's the deal, I put you in charge because you are a hall of fame member and have been a good friend of the family for a long time.

Hawk: We go way ba...

Wingate: Don't interrupt me.

Kevin's nervousness gets worse.

Wingate: In just six shows, just six... you have managed to allow the top face of the company leave, granting him his contract release request.

Hawk: Well, I..

Wingate: Shut up.

Hawk: Yes sir.

Wingate: You have also almost let one of our top drawing people go. I had to personally talk to Crank for him to stay.

Hawk: Well, I did assign him Johnny Legend to help keep him in check!

James just looks at Kevin.

Wingate: I told you to do that and I made the call to Legend.

Kevin gulps.

Wingate: You allowed a group of men with the egos the size of the State of Texas to run amok backstage, giving them an undeserved spotlight.

Hawk: Well, the four way...

Wingate: The four way was a stupid idea Kevin. You give two men a shot at a championship title when you just got done... it doesn't even matter, it was stupid and it's been fixed.

Kevin just bows his head and stares down.

Wingate: Those are the type of people you let go Kevin, not your top earners. Not the guys who put people in seats.

He stops and stares at Hawk until he looks up at his boss to show he is listening.

Wingate: I don't want you coming out of this office tonight. Your job is to manage the show, not put yourself.. or a damn agent in front of the camera every chance you get.

Hawk: Yes sir.

Wingate: Your time as a wrestler is up. Your job is to stay here, behind the scenes, and make the important calls. Do we have an understanding?

Hawk: Yes sir.

Wingate: Now, I've handled the trio issue and put two rightfully deserving people into the main event. I expect you to not screw up any more. Got it?

Hawk: Yes sir.

Wingate: And keep Payne off the screen. He is an agent, his job is in the locker room.

Hawk: No problem sir.

At that moment Seth Payne burst into the office, a box in hand.

Payne: Hey Kevin, I got that thing you wanted for when we go out to the ring tonight.

Kevin makes a signal for him to shut up but it's too late as James turns and looks at Seth.

Payne: Umm... Boss.

Wingate: Get... OUT!

James stands up and points at the door as Seth backs away and exits as quick as he came. Wingate turns back to Kevin.

Wingate: I've got a plane to catch to Chicago...

He points his finger into the face of Kevin Hawk.

Wingate: Do not screw this up.

Hawk: Yes sir.

James fixes his tie before turning and leaving the room. Kevin Hawk sits in silence as we fade out.

Born To Wrestle... Bred To Win

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Max Burke is standing next to Jamie Sawyers in the interview area of the Livewire studio. Confidence oozes from Burke. The smirk on his face reeks of overconfidence actually. He’s dressed casually in a pair of dark wash blue jeans, and a crisp white shirt rolled up to his elbows. A pair of Ray Bans shade his eyes.

Sawyers: I am here with Max Burke who will debut against Wülfric next Sunday right here on during Wrestleshow.

Jamie puts the microphone in front of Max, who steps in and grins.

Burke: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Big bad wolf, big bad wolf? Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

He pulls the microphone from Jamie, who seems shocked, before cotninuing.

Burke: Wülfric, your bark is no match for my bite. You can huff and puff all you want, but I'll stop you in your tracks at Wrestleshow at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Sometimes, it's a necessary evil to take that lame animal out to the pasture and put it out of its misery.

Burke removes his Ray Bans, and places them in his shirt pocket. He brushes his hair from his face. The camera zooms in slowly for a tighter shot of the UTA newcomer.

Burke: Don't get it wrong Wülfric. I can see you're a fighter. It's etched all over your face. You've got years, and years on me. You can see that intensity in your eyes. You may be a fighter. You may have the world experience on me.

He looks briefly at jamie and then back at the camera.

Burke: But, where you are a fighter... I am a professional wrestler. Where you have the world experience... I have the professional wrestling experience. You slugged out a win last time against Roscoe Shame. It wasn’t pretty, but I’ve got to admit it was effective. You’re a clubberin’ type of guy. All I have to do is stay away from those big ol’ ham hocks of yours, and I think I’ll be just fine.

Jamie reaches for the microphone, but Max ignores him.

Burke: Hell, if you really want to scrap we can scrap too. I’m not afraid of a good old fashion brawl, but I’m not bringing a knife to a gunfight. I’ve got more weapons than you. I may be a young pup compared to you, but I've been filled with decades of professional wrestling experience. I’ve been all around the world to hone my craft before I even started wrestling professionally. You see, I was born to wrestle... and bred to win. It’s in my veins... it’s in my blood. See you in San Antonio oldtimer.

He tosses the microphone back to Jamie Sawyers before walking away from the set. Jamie looks confused as we fade.

Peach's Predictions I

Peach's Predictions

Instead of going back to the studio, we are taken to a shot of Madman Szalinski and Peach in an unfurnished conference room. Beside them is a table with several colored bones sitting on top of it.

Madman: It’s ya boy, Madman Szalinski…

Peach: BARK! BARK!

Madman: That’s right, Peach. It’s time for...Peach’s Predictions!


Madman: Ight, this is how it works. Ready, Peach?

Peach: RUFF!

Madman: We’ve got these two rawhide bones, Peach’s favorite, exactly the same. What’s the difference? One is dyed red, and the other dyed blue. Now, we’re going to take each match on Wrestleshow next week, like this…

A placard appears on-screen with the first match for a few seconds and disappears.

Sianzo vs. Log Habben

Madman: Now, you see how one name was red and one name was blue? You see where this is going?

Madman holds the two rawhides out towards Peach.

Peach: RUFF!  

Peach jumps up onto her hind legs, falling back onto her ample posterior with her front paws still up in the air.

Peach: BARK! BARK!

Madman throws them out into the middle of the room. Peach drops down, sniffing around at both bones for a while before choosing the blue one, bringing it up to Madman with her tail wagging.

Madman: Good girl. See how easy it is? Now rinse, lather, and repeat until we’re out of hot water...or matches on the show, I don’t know…

Wülfric vs. Max Burke

Both bones are tossed out. Peach runs right for the red one, tripping over it and falling over.

Madman: Wow. Think it’s clear who she picked to win that one…

Esteban Awesome vs. CBR

Peach takes her time to sniff around and flip each bone over with her nose. Finally, she grabs the blue one, bringing it to Madman and laying down.

Madman: Hmm...interesting selection, fuzzball.

Sean Jackson vs. Dr. EMO

Peach grabs the red one first, then drops it after bringing it halfway to Madman. She goes for the blue one next, carrying it a similar distance. Peach looks back and forth at the two bones before taking the red one the rest of the way up, then going back over and laying down in front of the blue one

Madman: She had some trouble on that one…I know, puppy. I know.

Frank Dylan James vs. Roscoe Shame

Peach sniffs at the red one, jumping back.

Peach: WHINE!

Peach drags the red one to Madman very slowly with her tail tucked down, then backs away whimpering. Madman pets her, calming her down.

Madman: It’s okay, fuzzball, he’s not going to mess with us. I’ll sic Ariel on him.

Peach: BARK!

Abdul bin Hussain vs. Yoshii

Madman: I sure hope these bones are halal. And let’s go ahead and do this know, for realism!

Madman replaces the blue bone with a much larger one, still colored blue. When he throws it down, Peach jumps back. Peach approaches it, using her body to push it around the room towards Madman. She also goes to the red one, sniffing around it and carrying it around a bit too. Finally, she brings the red bone towards Madman.

Madman: Okay, puppy, you got one more...

Chance Von Crank & IM Hate vs. Madman Szalinski & Lucius Jones

Peach pees on the red bone, then runs off camera as Madman gives chase, yelling the whole way.

Madman: Come back Peach!

We fade.



The Announcement

We return to the studio with jennifer and Stan.

Williams: I absolutly love Peach. She is so cute.

Stan: Madman Szalinski's dog Peach as over with the fans as he is here in the United Toughness Alliance.

Stan pulls an action figure out from under the desk and the camera zooms in on it to show it is a Madman Szalinski figure.

Stan: Have you seen the new series of action figures just released Jennifer? Here I have Madman Szalinki's.

She looks and points at it.

Williams: Right there, it comes with it's own version of Peach. Isn't that cute.

He sits the action figure to the side.

Stan: Along with Madman, you also get UTA Champion Abdul bin Hussain, Doctor EMO, Frank Dylan James, Chance Von Crank and several other figures. The eight figure set is a must have for any true UTA fan.

Williams: That is just so cute that his comes with Peach.

Stan: Well, next up Jennifer we are going to go to the United Toughness Alliance owner and CEO James Wingate who has a huge announcement.

Williams: One more reason to tune into Livewire every other week. The exclusive information that you can only get here first.

Stan: Lets take you to Mr. Wingate who is standing by in his office now.

We move to a shot of James Wingate sitting behind his desk in his office. His elbows are on the desk, his hands clasped together. James smiles and re-adjust himself before starting.

Wingate: I am James Wingate, and the United Toughness Alliance has been close to my family since it's inception. Throughout the years, the UTA has been a global phenomenon and leader in professional wrestling.

He straightens up, proud.

Wingate: Tonight, I am proud to announce that as we continue to push forward on our return to the top, that we have signed an exclusive television network deal.

He smiles.

Wingate: Yes, Wrestleshow will be moving to High Octane Television sometime after out upcoming Internet Pay Per View.

He pauses.

Wingate: The wrestling themed network was the perfect choice for our first venture back into network television as it is seen in homes all over the world.

James pauses again.

Wingate: Wrestleshow will air, live, every other Sunday on High Octane Television with an encore presentation the following week. In our deal, we will continue to stream Wrestleshow right here on with a minor tape delay. Livewire and pay per views will still also be found right here on this site.

He stands up, using his hands as he speaks.

Wingate: This is a new era for the United Toughness Alliance as we join promotions such as High Octane Wrestling, New Edge Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling X right on High octane Television. I am glad to have you along for this fun and exciting ride. Thank you for being a fan of the United Toughness Alliance and God bless.

He smiles once again before putting his hands in his pocket as we fade.



We head back to the studio with Jennifer and Stan.

Stan: Very exciting news there from James Wingate announcing the network television deal with High Octane Wrestling.

Williams: Even more exciting, he announced that Wrestleshow will air live.

Stan: That's right Jennifer, and if the past tells you about the UTA airing live, anything can happen when the cameras are rolling live. Exciting times ahead Jennifer for the superstars of the United Toughness Alliance!

Williams:  Well Stan, that's all the time we have for tonight here on Livewire.

Stan: Look for more news and rumors on the Dirt Sheet after we go off the air. From the UTA Studio here in Seattle, Washington... I'm Stan Davis...

Williams: ...and I'm Jennifer Williams...

Stan: Thank you for tuning into Livewire! We'll see you next week at Wrestleshow!

Williams: Goodnight everybody!

The credits begin to roll before we fade to black and the stream ends.

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