Main Stream 2/3/01

3 Feb 2001

Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York (seats 51,000)


The  Saturday credits roll up as the camera changes to show the arena jam packed for what is the last Saturday Night Mainstream. Suddenly, Durus Dandom's music blares and he comes out followed by Unexposed. The bellrings and the two begin their battle. The two know each other's moves pretty good as block and reverse each other the first few minutes of the match. Unexposed catches Dandom with a clothesline who sweeps Unexposed down too. The two men get to their feet and begin to exchange punches. Dandom brings Unexposed down  with an armdrag followed by another. Dandom hit's a double under arm suplex for the pin. The show cuts to commercial.

  As the show comes back A.C Smooth makes his way to the ring followed by Brian Ironside. The bell rings and they go at it. Ironside takes it off first by slamming smooth hard with big lefts and rights. Ironside knocks Smooth to the canvas with an uppercut. Ironside climbs the turnbuckle and waits, Smooth gets to his feet, ironside jumps, Smooth sidesteps and slams Ironside in the gut he runs hits the ropes and on the return jumps and deleivers a running bulldog to Brian "Ironfist" Ironside. Smooth picks Brian up by the head and the two begin exchanging fist again. Ironside catches Smooth with a t-bone suplex for a giant crowd pop. He goes up the turnbuckle and again and executes a big splash but Smooth rolls out of the way leaving Ironside to crash into the canvas. Smooth turns him over and hooks the leg for the one two three. The camera goes to the back showing Spectre talking to Devon Lynch. Michael Owens and Bryan Fury run up and attacck the two. It is an all out brawl before security runs in and breaks it up sending the show to commercial. As it comes back Riskbreaker is in the ring with ron hall.

    The match starts off, Riskbreaker showing some good moves but Hall, the vetern, blocking a right hand and turning the match over into his control. Hall hits a County Chin Music and pins riskbreaker for one two..and to EVERYONE's surprise Riskbreaker kicks out!!! Hall has a astonished look on his face, No one kcks out of Country Chin Music.They get to their feet and Riskbreaker whips Hall to the ropes and over. Riskbreaker follows to the outside and gets a table to everyone's enjoyment. He sets it up inside the ring and brings hall in. Riskbreaker takes Hall up to the top turnbuckle setting him up for the Ultimate Clout, He deleivers it sending ahll through the table. Riskbreaker pins him for a one, two, and a big kickout by hall!!! Riskbreaker looks amazed. The two get to their feet and battle it out, rights and lefts. Hall trys to hit another country chin music but Riskbreaker sidesteps grabs his leg and throws him down followed by a pin for the one two three. Riskbreaker wins in an upset victory. The camera goes to the back. Eddie Peterson is talking to nata the Greata. He tells him how Reckless Youth was Injured on the special Friday Night Rampage and wont be able to compeate. He then begins to tell nata how he needs to quit using the Europeon Title in refrence because there isn't one anymore and there wont be one again. Nata leaves mummering somethign about "We'll see". As the show goes to commerical.

    The show returns. Devon Lynch comes out to the ring. The Hardcore Champion Crimson Lord follows. The bell sounds and they both go at it. Lord getting the upperhand fast delievering some hard blows before sending Lynch tothe outside. Lord follows to the Outside he pulls a table out from underneath the ring and sets it up. Crimson Lord picks Lynch up as if he was going to powerbomb him through the table, Lynch reverses it by A hurricarana landing BOTH men throuhg the table. They lay down for a bit but finally get back to their feet. Both men begin battling again. Lord gets lYNCH OVER BY THE ANNOUCERS TABLE AND SETS HIM UP ON IT, THE MATCH FINISHES BY lORD ddting Lynch through the table and getting the pin. The show ends as the camera zooms in on Devon Lynch laying unconicous.

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