Recap Wed. 1.29.20

29 Jan 2020

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)


The Pandemonium intro video begins to play, then pauses and starts to rewind back moving to the closing shots of the last show, all in reverse. It stops to the sound of a record scratch.

Bursting through the screen is the Recap Wednesdays logo.

We see a series of shots from past FWF shows, all speeding through in reverse before we fade to Michael Decker sitting in front of a FWF banner.

Decker: Welcome everyone to Recap Wednesdays here on FITE!

He smiles.

Decker: Tonight we'll bring you two exciting matches from the FWF archives as well as new, original, exclusive content from FWF wrestlers. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.. Recap Wednesdays!

The scene reverses in a fast speed until the screen goes dark and we transition.

Lost Vegas

The scene opens up backstage. Melissa Diaz, standing with a mic in one hand and the other hand on her hip, looks nothing short of pissed off. She raises the hand off her hip to check her watch and releases a frustrated groan.

Impatient foot-tapping commences.

Diaz: First he acts like I’m not even there, chasing after that stupid box… then he loses his mind and ruins what was at least a workable spot… and now he completely flakes?!

Melissa drops her mic and raises her hands up hopelessly.

Diaz: I can’t. I swear, if they ask me to interview this buffoon one more time… I don’t care if he’s the Champ! I’m done!

As Melissa continues to pace in front of the FWF interview banner, semi-psychotically muttering to herself, a scrawny looking dude with a beard bursts through the door.

For a fleeting moment you see a glimmer of hope in Melissa’s eyes, only for it to fade as fast as it manifested. She drops her head.

Diaz: Oh it’s just you…

The hoodie wearing, poster boy millennial clears his throat.

Rumor Man Stan: Not the first time, won’t be the last time.

Melissa eats the smirk before it can grow across her face.

Diaz: Please, I don’t need any bad news right now.

RMS shakes his head.

Stan: Not bad… well, if you’re one of us it’s not bad. Potentially real bad for FWF, though.

Melissa’s face twists up.

Diaz: You know we work for FWF, right?

Stan: I contract. Don’t like to be held down by the man, ya know?

If Melissa shook her head any harder she’d get whiplash.

Diaz: What do you want? I’ve got to go make sure my next interviewee is actually showing up tonight. This extra show… ugh!

Stan: Well, I’ve got some dirt on your missing date.

Melissa does not look impressed at the awkward attempt at humor.

Stan: Rumor has it, an abnormally large, mountain of muscle has been spotted all over Vegas since we moved here. I’ve got reports from casino workers, strip club bouncers, a patron at that Bodies: The Exhibition thing… you should check that out, weird as all get out. Apparently this individual was kicked out after he wouldn’t let security check the context of what appeared to be a tool box of some sort… Heck I even have one patron claiming she really liked the newest entertainer at Thunder from Down Under… and she was especially interested in what was under his big, gold belt…

RMS takes a second to catch his breath.

Stan: And then the trail went completely dry. As of this past weekend. Nothing, nada, zilch!

Melissa’s eyes start to roll… then it hits her. To be fair, she wasn’t hired for her smarts.

Diaz: So you’re saying Lunchbox Larry…

Her eyes widen as her focus narrows onto the Rumor Man.

Diaz: Is lost…

A somewhat maniacal smile begins to spread across her face.

Diaz: In Las Vegas?!

RMS nods in trepidation.

Diaz: Well then what are you doing here?! Get back on those streets. FWF’s Champion is AWOL a week before his first actual title defense. Finally something exciting is happening at this place that’s not a bite-happy half zombie or a crazy, old guy with a chicken bat!

RMS tilts his head as if expecting Melissa to continue.

Diaz: GO!

RMS suddenly jolts to life. He nods, quickly turns around, and rushes out the door. The scene fades to the view of Melissa Diaz taking out a hand mirror to check her makeup.

Lunchbox Larry vs. Chad Chaos - Pandemonium II (11.24.2019)

Chad Chaos is already in the ring as we pan in. He can be seen yelling at the booing fans. Outside of the ring, Lexia nd Blaze Havoc of Circle of Violence can be seen. 

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall...


Announcer: ... with a ten minute time limit and is a FWF Championship tournament match!

The crowd cheers.

Announcer: In the ring already, and accompanied by Blaze and Lexi Havoc.. representing the Circle of Violance... he is.. CHAAADDD... CHHHAAOOOSSS!!!

Chaos raises an arm up and the fans continue to boo him. He runs his hand under his chin in derogatory motion. Lexi and Blaze yell at the front row fans.

Announcer: His opponent...

"Old Town Maine" by Lucas Deely begins to play.

Announcer: Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and ninety-seven pounds..

Lunchbox Larry steps out from behind the curtain to fan cheers.

Announcer: LUNCHBOX.... LAAAARRRYYY!!!!!

He begins toward the ring.

McTaggert: This should be an exciting match up here folks as the big man, Lunchbox Larry, makes his FWF debut in hopes to beat Chad Chaos and move on to possibly face for the FWF World Championship.

Decker: Come on Alan, how can you count out a guy that has Chaos in his name? It should be insanity!

McTaggert: No one is counting Chad Chaos out, but listen to these fans, this is Lunchbox Land.

As Lunchbox Larry enters the ring, over the top rope from the apron, he moves to the center and raises his arms in the air again. Cheers fill the venue.

McTaggert: We already know that moving forward is Dick Fury, Jace Wheeler, and Stalker. Which one of these two.. WAIT!

Chad Chaos runs, slamming a forearm into the back of Lunchbox Larry. Outside of the ring, Lexi and Blaze clap approvingly.

McTarggart: The bell hasn't even sounded yet!

Decker: He's bringing the chaos!

The referee calls for the bell to sound as Chad Chaos turns Lunchbox Larry around and begins to deliver multiple blows to his stomach area.

McTarggart: Rights and lefts to the midsection of Lunchbox Larry as Chad Chaos pushes him into the corner here early in the match.

The referee quickly moves into place and begins to warn Chaos to bring Larry out of the corner as he begins to count.

McTarggart: Lunchbox Larry fighting back now with a stiff forearm to the face of Chad Chaos.

Decker: Hey now! Referee, watch him! He's cheating!

McTarggart: Cheating? How?

Decker: He just is!

Larry pushes Chad Chaos back before turning him around and slamming him into the same corner.

McTarggart: Lunchbox Larry now with his own devastating rights and lefts.

Decker: Get him out of that corner ref!

As the referee counts on Larry, Lunchbox grabs the arm of Chad Chaos and pulls back with force, sending him across the ring.

McTarggart: Chad Chaos sent with a whipped into the adjacent corner.. Larry following..

As Chad Chaos approaches, his body turns and he goes back first into the corner. Lunchbox Larry follows close behind hitting full force, crushing Chad Chaos. Lexi can be seen cringing with the hit.

McTarggart: The big man using that size of his to slow Chad Chaos down.

Decker: You can't stop the chaos! Come on Chad.

As Larry backs away, Chad Chaos slides down the corner, into a sitting position. 

McTarggart: Chad Chaos may have started this one strong, but Lunchbox Larry has taken full control.

Decker: Someone needs to check his lunch box for PED's!

As Larry stomps away at Chad Chaos, Lexi Havoc leaps to the apron, causing the referee to turn his attention to her.

McTarggart: Come on now!

Lunchbox turns to look at the commotion. As he does, Blaze Havoc reaches in under the bottom rope and grabs his foot, pulling back. However, Larry doesn't fall. He just turns around.

McTarggart: CoV attempting to play the numbers game here.

Decker: If the referee doesn't see it, it's ok!

McTarggart: That's not how this works at all.

Placing his hands on the top rope, Lunchbox leans over yelling at Blaze. The referee tries to go back to the match, but Lexi keeps his attention on her. Chad Chaos, who has come to a bit, creeps out of the corner and behind Lunchbox.

McTarggart: Turn around referee!

Decker: No, Don't!

Chaos slides his arm under the legs of Lunchbox Larry, rolling him backward.

McTarggart: School boy by Chad Chaos!

Lexi quickly leaps off of the apron. As she does, the referee turns to see the pin attempt. Springing into action, he leaps down and begins his count. The fans boo. As his hand comes down for a third and final time, Lunchbox Larry gets free and the fans turn their jeering into cheering.

McTarggart: Almost caught with that schoolboy, but kick out by Lunchbox Larry.

Decker: That was three!

Blaze and Lexi can't believe it. But neither can Chad Chaos who rolls over and pushes to his knees. He hits the canvas in anger and gets to his feet as Lunchbox Larry is on his hands and knees.

McTarggart: Chaos rushes Larry.. rising knee to the face of Lunchbox!

Lunchbox Larry is sent over to his back.

Decker: YEA!

Chad Chaos instantly mounts Lunchbox and begins to punch him with aggressive rights and lefts as Lexi and Blaze root him on from outside of the ring.

McTarggart: Chad Chaos with the upper hand now, as he causes lunchbox Larry to cover up.

Dexter: Bring the violence!

The referee gets down, yelling for Chad Chaos to let up. This distracts him long enough for Lunchbox Larry to get an elbow in, taking Chaos to the canvas.

Dexter: The referee is in cahoots with Larry!

McTarggart: No. Our official here trying to maintain authority over what looks to be becoming more of a brawl, than a wrestling match.

Lunchbox Larry pushes to his feet, pulling Chad Chaos with him. 

McTarggart: Cho trying to fight back, but the larger Lunchbox Larry able to deflect.

Larry pushes Chad back and into the ropes, using them to send him across the ring.

McTarggart: Chad Chaos off of the ropes and on the return.. Larry lifts his leg.. big boot catches Chad Chaos!

Dexter: Someone needs to check that for foreign objects!

Chad Chaos hits the canvas hard as Lexi and Blaze both leap to the apron, yelling. Lunchbox takes off, charging the two.

McTarggart: Lunchbox Larry knocking the Circle of Violence off the apron!

Lexi and Blaze hit the floor as Larry clotheslines them both. Behind him, Chad Chaos begins to get to his feet. Larry turns and see him.

McTarggart: Larry cocking that hand... he runs..

Larry leaps up and brings a big Superman punch that connects.

McTarggart:  Knuckle sandwich!

Decker: He got nocked out!

Lunchbox Larry covers Chad Chaos. As he hooks the leg, the referee slides into position and counts. Hitting three, he calls for the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... LUUUNNCCCHHBBOOOXXX LAAARRRYYY!!!

McTarggart: Lunchbox Larry moves on to the next round.

Decker: Even with Blaze and Lexi, Chad Chaos still couldn't do it.

McTarggart: Larry may be a force to be reckoned with.

Larry celebrates in the ring for the cheering fans can see.

Jarvis Valentine Drops In

“I don’t know when people are going to start listening,” says a man sitting at a computer with his back turned to the camera.

“It is so clear, this, this virus is the “Black Swan” everyone has been talking about and this is going to crash the global financial world as we know it,” he says anxiously. 

“Man, you are on crack brother,” says another voice walking in from another room. 

The man sitting at the computer turns around to reveal a middle-aged face with a big beard. “Ryker!” he says before quickly getting out of his chair to walk over to give the man who just walked in a hug. 

“You know,” he continues. “The media is covering this entire thing up - more like the Chinese government - but, they knew about this earlier this month and still, had a buffet for over forty-thousand people.” 

“Oh Mr. Jarvis Valentine, you always have been into those crazy stories haven’t you,” Ryker asks.

“Crazy stories,” Jarvis echoed. “Those crazy stories are the actual stories that you want to listen to and follow, because all this bullshit you see on TV like CNN or Fox, IS fake news,” Jarvis pauses. “Want a beer?”

“Sure.” Ryker replied

Jarvis and Ryker walk out of the office and through a living area before getting to the kitchen. He opens the fridge and pulls a couple keystone ice out. Ryke again chuckles a little before Jarvis leads Ryker out onto the back porch overlooking Jarvis’s hometowns wastewater treatment plant. .

“What brings you to town Ryk,” Jarvis asks as he takes a swallow of his beer before leaning on the railing.

“First off, love the view bud.” Ryke says beginning to laugh.

Jarvis smiles and puts his arms out as if he was taking in the smell.

“On a real note though,” Ryker began. “I heard you were about to get back into the ring.I had to come by and ask about it. Last time I knew, you were holding a belt in another place, but I also heard that place closed the doors.”

Jarvis finishes his beer before walking inside and grabbing another two.

“Yea man,” Jarvis said. “I have been feeling the need to get back into the ring ever since that place did close. You know, I never got my final pay from the piss-poor production of a company. Here though, here in FWF man, I feel like this is going to be fun.”

Ryker takes a swallow of his beer before making a disgusted face.

“That’s awesome man.” he said. “I’m happy for you. When is your first match?”

“That has yet to be decided,” Jarvis said with a smile on his face. “However, I do know one thing and that is, you are coming with me.”

“What?” Ryker said excited yet confused

“This will be a great thing for you man,” Jarvis explained. “You are still a single man Ryke and look at you. -They both look at Ryker and shrug their shoulders in agreement - You are built like a beast. Who knows, maybe you get introduced to a couple people and bam, your hired.”

Jarvis puts his finger on his lips for a second before raising his arms again and screaming YES. He turns around quickly to face Ryker.

“What the hell is your problem now Jarvis.” he asks.

Jarvis gets within an inch of Rykers face.

“You, Ryker Valentine and me, Jarvis Valentine will do what we were meant to do from the beginning. That my brother, is winning tag team gold!”

*This has been a paid presentation by the Valentines*

Getting to know Sara Pettis

We are taken to the middle of the FWF ring, in the the middle of FWF Studios, with no fans in the building. There we see backstage correspondent Melissa Diaz sitting across from Sara Pettis, former multi time World Champion and wife of The Raging Dead. 

Diaz: Sara, thanks for joining me today. We tried to reach out to your husband… but… well...

Pettis: He's in a bit of a weird place right now. It's just best for everyone if I'm here on his behalf. 

Diaz: Understood. Would you mind telling our viewers a little about yourself, for those watching who may not be familiar with you?

Pettis: For anyone living under a rock? Ha ha. Sure. I am the daughter of Amp and Ice, two legends who were simply ahead of their time. My mother raised me by herself until I was adopted by my soon to be step father Will Schorg… known in pro wrestling as Aj Nin Red Rum. Together, they had twin sons… Chris and Ricky. When our mother passed, Will did his best to raise the three of us by himself. He saw the same fire in my eyes as he saw in mom's, and began training me as a teenager. By the age of 20, I was already [REDACTED] World Champion. Along the way I worked closely with another one of Will's proteges… the man you now as Raging Dead… Nathan Gust. Our friendship turned into a romantic relationship and… in time… we had a daughter. We were both opposed to marriage… until I proposed to him in 2012. We were married shortly after in a small ceremony. By then, I was done actively wrestling and focused more on our training academy. Fast forward to late last year… and we decided to give wrestling one last shot.

Diaz: I saw that you recently returned to the ring. What was it like after being out of the ring for so long?

Pettis: Wrestling is in my blood. Literally. Getting back in the ring felt like I never left. I'm still able to compete at the same level, and I'm just as focused on being the best. 

Diaz: Where are you currently working?

Pettis: I am devoting all of my time to Showtime Championship Wrestling, a new promotion located in Los Angeles. 

Diaz: Ah, yes. SCW. Did I hear correctly that you have some kind of management role there as well?

Pettis: Word travels fast. Yes, a huge one, in fact. Nathan and I are minority owners of the company. The majority owner is a wealthy oil tycoon turned entertainment mogul… Tex Zillionaire. Silly name, I know. He's so rich that he legally changed his name. SCW was our brainchild that we discussed starting up for years. Last year… we put out feelers for investors… and my sister Jane connected us with Tex. 

Diaz: Wait. You have a sister?

Pettis: Well, step sister. Will had two kids from a previous marriage… Jane and Kevin. Both of them work for SCW… along with Jane's husband Nick Kincaid… and my brothers... Chris and Ricky.

Diaz: SCW seems like a real family business then. 

Pettis: Absolutely. It's weird working with the whole family… but we've already made something special. We just had a show last night in LA. Chris, Nick and I competed in singles matches… part of the World Title Tournament. Nathan was in a six man tag match. It was a great night. 

Diaz: Wait. Raging Dead wrestled in SCW last night?

Pettis: Well… yes and no. It's a weird situation because he insists on being himself there… and there's… another… Raging Dead in SCW. She's just as vicious as the one who appears in FWF. 

Diaz: Diaz: SHE?!

Pettis: Yeah… I told you it's a weird situation…

Diaz: Sounds like it. Where can fans check out previous and upcoming shows?

Pettis: Everything can be found at 

Diaz: Wonderful. I'm being told we're out of time. Thanks again for coming in. You help humanize the man we know as Raging Dead. 

Pettis: Oh, no, Melissa. There's absolutely nothing human about Raging Dead. When he's here… he's no himself. He's something… else. It's no exaggeration when he is called a monster. Raging Dead is the combination of every ounce of evil my husband has in his soul… and then some. When he goes to… that place… nobody is safe. Not Michael Byrd. Not Jace Wheeler. Not Lunchbox Larry. All their base… are belong to-----

Like last week on Pandemonium, the lights suddenly go out. When they return to normal, Sara is nowhere to be found… leaving Melissa confused… as the scene fades to black. 

Raging Dead vs. Brandon Moore - Pandemonium III (12.4.2019)

We return ringside. "Tera-fied" by Static-X begins to play.

Announcer: The following contest is your main event and is scheduled for one fall with no time limit!

The fans cheer.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring first, from St. Louis, Missouri...

Brandon Moore steps out from the back.


McTaggert: Brandon Moore making his debut here tonight, in the main event none-the-less.

Decker: If you're going to do it, do it like this.

Moore walks up the steps and begins along the edge of the apron.

McTaggert: A win here in his first match could really put Brandon on the map here in the FWF.

After entering the ring, Brandon heads to a nearby turnbuckle, climbing to pose to a fan base that knows him by name already and show it.. by booing. As his music is interrupted by "Rage 25/8" by Z Mann Zilla, Brandon hops back down to the ring and continues to get ready.

Announcer: His opponent... from Ozone Park, New York....

Raging Dead burst through the curtains. He leaps out, yelling and snarling. 

Announcer: THE RAGING.... DEEEAADD!!!

As "Rage 25/8" continues, Raging Dead starts down the ramp, bobbing his head to the beat. Inside of the ring Brandon Moore doesn't look impressed.

McTaggert: Raging Dead making a name for himself in our sport, now here in the FWF.

Decker: So.. is he like.. dead or something?

McTaggert: Raging Dead is a unique specimen both in and outside of the ring.

Decker: Yes. But does he breath?

Raging Dead places his hands on the edge of the ring, looking in with his white face, staring intently at Brandon Moore, who seems slightly confused if not concerned.

McTaggert: Mind games here early.

Decker: Is it mind games or just a really creepy guy out here making eyes with Brandon Moore?

Raging Dead with a half smile, half snarl before rolling into the ring. He quickly rushes Brandon Moore, moving Moore backward and into the corner blocking himself. The Raging Dead just snarls at him as the referee gets in between the two.

McTaggert: The Raging Dead in the head of Brandon Moore.

Decker: In his face is more like it.

The referee pushes Raging Dead back, informing him he needs to wait for the bell. 

McTaggert: The referee needing order here before we can begin.

Decker: He needs something alright, to officiate this match.

Raging Dead holds the ropes as he leans forward in his corner, staring across the ring at Brandon Moore in his. Finally, the referee calls for the bell to start the match.

McTaggert: Here we go!

Raging Dead burst out of his corner and toward Brandon Moore who quickly drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring.

McTaggert: Moore unable to figure out how to address his seemingly undead opponent.

Decker: I mean, come on, he did the best anyone could have when you have a lunatic running after you.

Raging Dead holds the top rope, yelling at Brandon Moore as the referee begins his count.

McTaggert: Raging Dead now exiting the ring himself.

Decker: The chase is on!

Raging Dead chases after Brandon Moore who turns the corner around the ring and quickly slides back in under the bottom rope. Raging Dead follows suit and is met with a series of stomps to the upper back by Brandon Moore.

McTaggert: Brandon Moore trying to capitalize on the situation here early.

Decker: Smart move if you ask me.

Brandon turns to the fans and gloats as they boo. As he does, Raging Dead rolls over to his back. Turning back around, Moore goes to stomp again. However, Raging Dead grabs his foot and yanks him down to the canvas before latching onto his ankle with his teeth.

McTaggert: Raging Dead BITING the ankle of Brandon Moore!

Decker: Do something ref! That can't be sanitary!

McTaggert: Nor legal.

The referee reaches down as he warns Raging Dead, but has to pull his own hand back as Dead bites at him.

McTaggert: Our official almost losing a finger himself there.

Raging Dead pushes his way to his feet as Brandon Moore grabs his ankle in pain.

McTaggert: Raging Dead hanging over the top rope taking in the fan excitement.

Decker: Spreading disease is more like it. 

Raging Dead continues to lean on the top rope, growling out to the screaming crowd as Brandon Moore gets to his feet. He winces in pain as he puts his bitten ankle down. Dead turns and sees Moore up, who in turn opens his eyes wide as they lock with Dead's.

McTaggert: Brandon Moore doesn't look excited to see The Raging Dead is still in the ring.

Decker: Would you be?

Raging Dead rushes Moore, leaping up. As he does, his legs wrap around Brandon's waist and his arms around the shoulder's of Brandon. Moore stumbles around with Raging Dead locked onto the front of him, who in turn opens his mouth wide and clamps down on Brandon's neck. Moore lets out a blood curdling scream.

McTaggert: He's locked onto Brandon Moore again!

Decker: I can't watch this.

Brandon falls backward, hitting the canvas hard and screaming even louder as Raging Dead refuses to let go. The referee grabs Dead around the waist, and pulls him back, causing him to bite even harder. Brandon Moore kicks and screams before finding relief in Raging Dead letting go. The referee yanks back once more and Raging Dead releases his hold on Moore, both falling backwards.

McTaggert: The referee saving Brandon Moore there.

Decker: He would have called for the bell already if he was really wanting to save him.

Raging Dead breaks away from the referee and scrambles back toward Brandon Moore, who quickly turns over and crawls with authority to the edge of the ring, rolling out. Raging Dead leaps to his feet, then the second rope, holding onto the top rope with one hand as he stretches his arm out with the other toward Moore.

McTaggert: Brandon Moore is retreating!

Decker: Any logical person would.

Moore runs up the ramp and to the back as The Raging Dead looks on. The referee starts his count.

McTaggert: I don't think he's coming back Michael.

Decker: Why would he? Raging Dead is a maniac!

The referee reaches ten and calls for the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this match via count out... THE.. RAGING... DEEEAAADDD!!!

"Rage 25/8" starts to play as The Raging Dead leaps back down to the canvas before running to the corner. He crawls up quickly and raises both arms before banging his head to the funky beats of Z Mann Zilla.

McTaggert: Raging Dead with a victory in his FWF debut here. Folks, that may have been the most interesting thing we've seen so far!

Decker: The most disturbing I can tell you that!

McTaggert: If you're in the back watching this, what do you do?

Decker: Get up to date on your shots, first thing.

The camera settles in on Raging Dead celebrating as the copyright comes up before our Fite.TV stream fades to black.

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