Best Of: Perfection vol. 1

17 Feb 2020

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)

Pardon My Interuption - 3/23/2014 - IPPV #2

We are lined up in a pitch black room, the one you’d expect to see in some CIA interrogation scene, lonely table single light overhanging but this light is spotlighting the focal point of this table and our camera- a Glencairn Whiskey Glass that is half filled with a brown liquid.

This has our full attention as it is all we can see as it is all we are meant to see. A hand comes from the darkness behind the glass; it feeds the steam through its middle and ring finger of the right hand. This hand in particular is too flawless, not a speck of dirt under any nail, an almost shimmering gloss to them…clearly manicured yet masculine- if you can believe such a thing.

Voice In The Void: Dalmore Selene 1951….

The glass is now lifted gently back into the darkness as we can hear a deep inhalation of the scotch through the nostrils for its aroma. An “ahhh” of refreshment as the glass now returns back where it started from.

VITV: I would ask if you have ever had it, however I know what the overwhelming response will be. That either one or all of you will bolster you’ve had better. And do you know why?

That hand of nail buffering skill now taps its fingers against the hardwood table, right beside the glass of scotch.

VITV: Because I said I drink Dalmore Selene '51. As false as it is that anyone in this organization drinks a finer scotch whiskey than I, it’s not false that I set the precedence. Always have, always will. It’s actually a simple little fact- I wield excellence and the excellence I wield is always envied.

A lift of the glass again, this time it’s gone for a little longer and set back down empty.

VITV: …Envied just like this scotch. People yearn to taste it, ‘what does a twenty-four thousand dollar bottle of scotch tastes like’ they ponder as they flip a burger- a skill most of this roster would have difficulty doing. Those burger flippers, your distant cousins in the family tree of job importance, will never taste this scotch even though they will always envy and yearn for it.

Now both hands are cusped around the glass, fingers tapping against it.

VITV: The point for all of you inept viewers is that no matter how much you envy, yearn, or want something you can’t always have it. You can’t just ask and then receive...unless you’re me of course…then the world is your oyster...a very expensive oyster.


VITV: But you aren’t yours truly, so...why even entertain the thought? Why insult yourself because you weren’t good or great...or even more true...mediocre? It's nothing to beat yourself up over not many will ever reach my level of….Perfection…..

And in a flash the room is no longer dark, it’s a large plain white room fully lit. At the table sits Perfection, AKA, James Witherhold Immortal Wrestling Federation’s first and last company champion. He’s been MIA from wrestling over a year, still, he dawns a fine suit, wonderfully combed and conditioned blonde hair, and that smile…fucking dapper.

PERFECTION: ...pun intended.

PERFECTION: Here's a simple closing for such simple people. Johnny Walker will never rise to same level as my Selene '51 just like none of you will raise equal to me. can either accept those realities or get run over by them.

A smile across those lips exposing a perfectly white smile which is also neatly aligned.

PERFECTION: And I hate road kill.


Perfection vs. Wülfric - 4/6/2014 - Wrestleshow #10

Blackfront: Hopefully we'll have more on that developing story before the end of the show. But for now it seems we will move into action as our new opening match is about to get underway.

The camera pans to the top of the stage.

♪ Years spent in torment
Buried in a nameless grave ♪

The fans give a mixed reaction as Ozzy Osbourne howls out into the arena, which is plunged into darkness, save for the clusters of camera flashes which now go off.

♪ Screams break the silence
Waking from the dead of night
Vengeance is boiling ♪

Pulsating lights give the lively crowd a stop motion quality as Wülfric punching the air and snarling, tears the curtain back and pounces onto the stage, further dividing the fans.

Ace: I was always told werewolves only exist in fairytales, Jason, but looking at Wülfric, I think I was lied to!

Blackfront: This guy is an animal, Tommy. Look at those chops -- this guy could give Wolverine a run for his money!

Wülfric stalks his way to the ring, tracked by a white spotlight. He barges through the mass of tentacle-like arms of the fans as they try to touch him.

Announcer: Currently making his way to the ring, standing five-feet, niiine inches tall and weighing in at two-hundred forty-five pooouuunds...

He climbs the steps and darts through the ropes, turning his back on the hard cam to face the opposite side of the arena, continuing to shadow spar.

Announcer: WWWÜLF--RIIIC!

The Big Bad Wolf snatches his hood off and turns around to glare into the hard cam, throwing his arms up into the air in dominance.

The sounds system begins to play the opening riffs of “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween.

Announcer: His opponent. hailing from Los Angeles, California...

The crowd immediately responds with jeers a boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain raising his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

Announcer: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds.... PERFECTIOOONNNNN!!!

♪ There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy♪

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites. Perfection enters the ring.

♪ Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle.

Blackfront: Perfection, a former World Champion, making his debut here.

Ace: The fans may be booing, but that only means they know who this guy is. A good acquisition for the UTA.

The bell sounds.

Blackfront: There's the bell to get things going.

Ace: You've got to wonder how these two men are coming into this match. They expected not to go on this early. Are they prepared?

Blackfront: That's a good question Tommy. I guess we'll find out now.

Both men take off.

Blackfront: Here we go. Wülfric waste no time coming forward with his arm extended. Perfection ducks the clothesline.

Both men turn to face each other.

Blackfront: Perfection with a couple stiff right hands to the jaw of Wülfric.

Ace: That's got to hurt his hand more than Wülfric's face.

Blackfront: Wülfric is unaffected. Perfection now runs back, off the ropes.

As he returns, Perfection attempts to knock Wülfric down, but he doesn't move.

Blackfront: Perfection heading to the left, off the ropes again.

Ace: Wülfric doesn't budge. He is built like a brick house.

Not giving up, Perfection shoots across the ring again. This time as he returns, Wülfric turns around throwing an elbow up, catching him in the face and sending him to the mat.

Blackfront: Perfection hits the canvas hard.

Ace: Wülfric's elbow hit his face hard. That's like a bicycle hitting a bus.

Wülfric bends over and grabs Perfection by the head, pulling him halfway up before bringing a big forearm down across his back.

Blackfront: Wülfric in control.

Perfection goes to one knee. Wülfric comes forward with a kick meant for his face, but Perfection moves to the side. He quickly comes forward and up, wrapping his arms around Wülfric's waist.

Blackfront: Perfection lifts with all of his might.

He struggles but gets Wülfric up and over.

Blackfront: Saito suplex by Perfection!

Ace: I don't know how he did it, but he got Wülfric off of his feet.

Blackfront: Perfection dropped Wülfric directly on his neck.

Wülfric holds his neck as Perfection rolls over and gets to a knee, looking at the downed Wülfric. He runs back and hits the ropes as Wülfric begins to get up.

Blackfront: Perfection with a shining wizard!

Ace: Perfection making an impressive debut here against Wülfric.

Blackfront: Quick pin attempt by Perfection.

The referee drops to begin his count.

Blackfront: Kick out at two.

Ace: Wülfric is a beast of a man. Although Perfection has been impressive, it is going to take more than that to put him away.

Perfection quickly gets up, knowing he can't slow down now. He runs and hits the ropes again as Wülfric rolls over and begins to push his way up.

Blackfront: Perfection with a clothesline... Wülfric ducks.

Both men turn to face each other.

Blackfront: Boot to the stomach of Perfection. Wülfric grabs him, lifts up and twist... spinebuster!

Ace: The sheer power of this man is incredible!

Blackfront: Wülfric now with the pin. Perfection somehow able to kick out at two.

Ace: Both of these guys are great performers Jason. I wouldn't doubt they make huge impacts here in the UTA.

Blackfront: ou're right there. But for tonight, only one man can win.

Ace: Unless they both get counted out or there is a double disqualification.

Blackfront: Well, yea.. but.. nevermind Tommy.

Ace: I know, I blow your mind.

Perfection holds his lower back as Wülfric pushes his way up. He is a little bit more sluggish than he was before and you can tell his knees are in pain from the many years of abuse and hard living.

Blackfront: Wülfric pulling Perfection to his feet. Grabs an arm, huge Irish whip into the corner.

Ace: That is not where you want to be in a match with a man like Wülfric.

Blackfront: Wülfric runs... big splash!

As he connects, Wülfric stumbles back a bit, obviously his knee joints still hurting as he leans on the ropes. Perfection falls face forward to the mat.

Blackfront: Wülfric aggressive as always, grabbing the left leg of Perfection and lifting it. He drives that knee right into the canvas.

Perfection grabs his knee and rolls to his back. Wülfric lifts Perfection's left leg up and holds it for a moment.

Blackfront: Boot to the inside of the knee of Perfection.

Ace: Wülfric smart, working the leg of Perfection.

He bends down, grabbing the right left of Perfection, lifting it up as well and waiting for a moment before leaning back.

Blackfront: Wülfric with a slingshot!

Perfection is launched up and forward. He lands on the top rope, which bounces him up and backward. He flails as his body turns.

Blackfront: SPEAR! Wülfric hits the spear!

Ace: That was hard enough it may have cracked the ribs of Perfection!

Blackfront: Wülfric with the cover...

The referee drops to count but Perfection is able to get his foot on the rope.

Blackfront: Perfection somehow able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the count.

Wülfric gets up and begins complaining to the referee. Perfection grabs the ropes and pulls himself up behind before coming down, chopping the brittle knees of Wülfric who goes down hard.

Blackfront: Smart move by Perfection.

Perfection pushes up, pulling his opponent's legs up with him.

Ace:it looks like he's going to use Wülfric's bad knees against him.

He steps in and drops down, locking in a figure four leg lock.

Blackfront: Perfection has locked in the Picture Perfect! Wülfric has to tap, his knees can't take it!

Wülfric begins to slap the mat and the referee quickly calls for the bell.

Announcer: Your winner, in fourteen minutes and seven seconds... PERFECTION!!!!!

Blackfront: Hard fought match by Perfection, but he earned his debut win tonight.

Ace: he sure did Jason.

The referee holds Perfection's arm in the air as he celebrates.

Perfection vs. Madman Szalinski - 8/24/2014 - Ring King 2014

Blackfront: It has all been leading up to this folks. Three months since Madman Szalinski captured the UTA Championship. Three months, superstars such as Perfection have clawed and fought their way to try to be in the place he is right now.

Ace: If anything, Perfection fought the hardest Jason!

Blackfront: I will have to say, from everything, Perfection may have had the most adversities getting to where he is.

Ace: May have?! He wasn't even allowed to be in the tournament when it began as he was shipped off to VCW and held back by the suits. Perfection refused to stay down, he fought back, and look where he is now!

Blackfront: Yea, thanks to locking himself away in a pod during the chamber, then using a chair to take out Yoshii, Perfection is here. But now that we are on the grand stage, can he get past a more determined than ever Madman Szalinski?

Ace: Can he? Perfection is so determined to win this match, he is here against doctor's wishes. Look at that cast on his arm! You didn't see Madman getting back in the ring two weeks after he won the title, did you?

Blackfront: He was in a coma...

Ace: Excuses, excuses.

The sound system begins to play the opening riffs of Perfect Gentleman by Helloween.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first. hailing from Los Angeles, California...

The crowd immediately responds with jeers and boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain raising his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

Announcer: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds.... PERFECTIOOONNNNN!!!

♪ There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy♪

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites. Perfection enters the ring.

♪ Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle to await the start of the match.

As the hi-hats count off four to start off Dr. Wily Part One, Madman Szalinski jumps out from behind the curtain. Ariel Shadows calmly walks out behind him as he screams some random words out to the fans.

Grasping his hand, Ariel calms Madman down and the two make their way down the aisle. The couple slaps every single hand that reaches out over the railing.

Announcer: From The Fire Fields....

Szalinski rolls into the ring, standing up to hold the ropes for Ariel. Ariel leaps onto the ring apron, then steps through and into the ring.

Announcer: Being accompanied to the ring by Ariel Shadows, weighing in at on hundred and eighty-seven pounds...

Madman runs to the closest turnbuckle, jumping up to the middle rope. Holding his hands out, he begins to play an invisible "controller", mashing buttons briefly before dropping the "controller" and raising his fists into the air.

Announcer: The United Toughness Alliance Champion.... MADMAN SZAAAAAALINSKKKKKIIIIII!!!

Jumping down from the corner, Szalinski briefly kneels in the corner, head bowed to the turnbuckles, and falls quiet for a few seconds before hopping to his feet and turning remove the title from around his waist and hand it to the referee.

Blackfront: This is going to be a tough one. Madman Szalinski is the champion, but Perfection has a longer reach and outweighs Madman Szalinski greatly. It’s your typical Power Versus Speed in this one.

The ref raises the belt high over his head, the gold glinting in the lights as the bell rings. The ref hands the belt off to the stage hand.

Blackfront: Here we go ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for! A sixty minute Iron Man Match!

Ace: If Madman lives that long!

Blackfront: Oh come on.

Both men circle one another, Perfection slapping his shoulders before locking up. Immediately Perfection gains the upper hand, putting Madman Szalinski into a side head lock. Perfection wrenches on Madman before Madman moves Perfection toward the ropes and then Irish whips him into the ropes. Perfection returns and Madman leap frogs over him, Perfection hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and as he returns Madman Szalinski falls to his back and lifts Perfection up into the air, sending him down to the mat.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski illustrating his speed here! Using his leg strength to knock him to the mat.

Ace: Perfection went down with that one.

Madman Szalinski gets to his feet as Perfection does and quickly jumps into the air, dropkicking him into the corner.

Blackfront: Perfection in the corner now after an impressive drop kick.

Ace: That's OK. There's still fifty nine minutes plus to go. Let that masked idiot use up all of his steam early.

Madman Szalinski then gets up and makes his way to the corner of the ring. He grabs Perfection around the head and then sends him over his should with a snapmare. Madman Szalinski then grabs Perfection around the back of the head with a reverse chin lock.

Blackfront: Reverse chin lock by Madman Szalinski. Wonderful placement here by Madman Szalinski, he knows his way around the ring. Perfection stuck in the center of the ring, with nowhere to go.

Madman Szalinski wrenches back on Perfection’ head, Perfection wincing from the pain. The referee gets down and checks on Perfection, and Perfection shakes his head. Perfection then slowly gets to his feet, one foot at a time and then elbows Madman Szalinski in the gut twice, before Irish whipping Madman Szalinski into the ropes.

Blackfront: Perfection out of the hold, he sends Madman Szalinski into the ropes.

As Madman Szalinski returns, he kicks Perfection in the gut, causing him to bend over. Madman Szalinski then hooks his arms and DDTs him to the mat.

Blackfront: Impressive DDT by Madman Szalinski.

Ace: I'm not impressed at all.

Madman Szalinski then gets up and charges the ropes. He jumps up on the middle rope and then jumps off, moonsaulting onto Perfection.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski pulling out all the tricks tonight!

Ace: He knows there is no other way he'll be able to beat the Ring King!

Madman Szalinski then covers Perfection, going for the pin.

Blackfront: We’ve got a quick pin here as Madman tries to get the first pin of the match... No.. kick out by Perfection

Ace: Madman Szalinski trying to go for the easy pinfall but Perfection aint having any of it!

Madman Szalinski gets up, frustrated, then quickly reaches down and gets Perfection in a Boston crab.

Blackfront: Submission move here by Madman Szalinski.

Ace: But Perfection is too close to the ropes!

Perfection reaches out and grabs the bottom rope, and the referee immediately steps in to break the hold. He counts, 1…2…3… Madman Szalinski breaks the hold. Madman then drags Perfection by the leg and goes for another pin in the center of the ring.

Blackfront: Another pin by Madman! A count of two and kick out.

Frustrated Madman Szalinski pushes down Perfection’ raised shoulder and goes for another pin, yelling at the ref.

Blackfront: Yet another! Madman needs to slow down and work Perfection.

Ace: Nah, let him play. Perfection will get the upper hand and destroy him the rest of the match.

Madman Szalinski gets up frusterated. He turns around, just as Perfection gets to his feet. Perfection rises with an uppercut, hitting Madman Szalinski clean in the jaw and knocking him down to the mat.

Blackfront: Massive uppercut by Perfection!

Ace: it was a perfect uppercut! Ha! you see what i did there? Perfect uppercut!

Blackfront: Yea, yea.

Perfection shakes his head to get the combwebs out and then goes to Madman Szalinski and brings him to his feet. Perfection then lifts his left arm, measures up a bunch and punches Madman Szalinski above the heart.

Blackfront: Heart punch by Perfection.

Ace: A dangerous move, if done properly it could stop the heart! That was great! Cause him to have another heart attack and lets go home!

Ariel screams, showing legitimate concern as her husband could very well die from a punch to the heart.

Madman Szalinski holds his chest, stumbling away from Perfection to the other side of the ring. Perfection follows him, then toss him into the ropes. As Madman Szalinski returns Perfection charges him and jumps in the air knocking him to the mat with a running shoulder block.

Blackfront: Running shoulder block by Perfection! And Perfection has momentum.

Ace: The force of that shoulder block was impressive!

Perfection gets up, raises his arms and the fans boo. Perfection then makes his way to a corner and climbs up to the top rope. Perfection then raises his arms again to more boos.

Blackfront: Perfection wasting time here.

Ace: Wasting time? They have a LOT of time left Jason.

Perfection turns around and climbs up to the very top, taking his time and making sure he has his balance. He then jumps off, hitting Madman Szalinski with a lhuge egdrop.

Blackfront: Perfection stepping out of his comfort zone with the leg drop off the top rope!

Ace: I didn’t even know Perfection was capable of such a thing. He got some serious height with that one. I love it!

Perfection then turns Madman Szalinski onto his back and then goes for the pin, hooking his leg.

Blackfront: We’ve got a pin by Perfection...

The referee drops down and begins to count.

Blackfront: Kick out! That was a close one. 2 and 8 tenths of a second!

Ace: That was a slow count!

Perfection gets up, breathing heavy. He reaches down and grabs Madman the head. As Madman gets up he punches Perfection in the gut, following up two times more times before running off the ropes for momentum and returning. As he returns Perfection reaches up and grabs Madmans neck, slamming him to the mat.

Blackfront: Spinning neck breaker by Perfection!

Ace: That was NOICE.

Blackfront: Nice?


Perfection gets to his feet then reaches down and brings Madman Szalinski up to his. Perfection then promptly wraps his hands around Madman Szalinski, and picks him up, squeezing with all his might.

Blackfront: Bear hug by Perfection! He’s trying to squeeze the life out of Madman Szalinski!

Ace: The strength of this guy is no joke. I think I just hear Madman Szalinski’s cartilage snap!

Madman Szalinski flails his arms, as the ref gets in his face, asking him if he would like to submit. The crowd buzzes as Szalinski continues to flail around. Madman then reaches up and punches Perfection, then once more before the hold is broken.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski is out of it! And look at him go!

Madman Szalinski runs off the ropes and as he returns he jumps up wrapping his legs around Perfection head and then sending him to the matt.

Blackfront: Hurricanrana by Madman Szalinski.

Madman Szalinski slowly gets to his feet, and soon after Perfection gets to his feet as well. Szalinski charges Perfection, but Perfection bends over and lifts him up over the top rope.

Blackfront: Perfection saw that one coming.

Ace: But what he doesn’t see is that Madman Szalinski landed on the ring apron!  Here he comes! Turn around!

As Perfection starts to stagger toward the center of the ring, Madman Szalinski quickly gets back in the ring. He grabs Perfection from behind and slams him to the canvas. Madman Szalinski runs toward the corner. He grabs the ropes and leaps up on the top. He turns and with more ease than Perfection head, he dives with a flying elbow.

Blackfront: Flying elbow from Madman Szalinski!

Ace: This guy is as agile as a cat, and unfortuantly has just as many lives.

Madman Szalinski then crawls over Perfection for the pin.

Blackfront: Pin by the champion.. this could be the first pin fall of the match.... NO! Kick out by Perfection!

Ace: Perfection just barely got out of that one Jason.

Madman Szalinski gets up and then brings Perfection to his feet. Madman tries to Irish Whip Perfection into the corner but Perfection holds his ground. Perfection then grabs Madman and tosses him into the corner, the result of which sends Madman through the top and middle rope and right into the steel ring post.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski just collided with the ring post! That’ll hurt your shoulder, won’t it?

Ace: Sure. Sure it will.

Perfection raises his arms and the fans boo as Madman Szalinski crawls out from the ropes grabbing his arm. He makes his way into the center of the ring and Perfection promptly clotheslines him to the mat.

Blackfront: Huge clothesline by Perfection, he flattened Madman Szalinski with that one.

Ace: What he should do now, is work the arm!

Perfection stomps Madman Szalinskis arm before bringing him to his feet. Perfection then hooks Madman’s head under his arm, tossing his other arm over his head. Perfection then grabs Madman’s trunks and lifts him over his head, falling backward, slamming him to the mat.

Blackfront: Textbook suplex by Perfection!

Ace: it was a PERFECT suplex! Ha! you see what i did there again?! Perfection! Cause his name is Perfection!

Blackfront: Oh shut up.

Perfection keeps his hold on Madman and brings him up to his feet. Perfection then lifts him again and slams him back to the canvas.

Blackfront: Another suplex by Perfection!

Ace: Just linking those moves together Jason. That's how a champion should work.

Perfection then crawls over Madman Szalinski and goes for the pin. The ref slides to the mat for the count.

Blackfront: We’ve got a pin by Perfection!

Madman somehow kicks out yet again.

Ace: Woah that one was close.

Blackfront: Awfully close, Ace.

Madman Szalinski, in an effort to get away from Perfection quickly rolls out of the ring. When he lands on the outside he leans back grabbing his back and breathing heavy. Perfection follows in pursuit, climbing out of the ring, but as he reaches Madman, Madman reaches up and punches him promptly in his face. Madman then grabs Perfection and slams him face first into the commentators table.

Blackfront: Perfection just went face first into our table!

Ace: Madman Szalinski letting Perfection get up close and personal! I love it! You can smell the sweat on these guys!

Blackfront: You like the smell of man sweat?

Ace: Uh… what?! No… no… absolutely not. . . .

Madman Szalinski then grabs Perfection but Perfection raises an elbow and elbows Madman promptly in the gut. Perfection then tries to whip Madman into the steel steps, but Madman Szalinski reverses it, tossing Perfection into the steps instead. The fans go nuts at the sound of Perfection barreling into the steps.

Blackfront: And there goes Perfection! He just went right into the steel ring steps!

Ace: Madman Szalinski has got to cease this opportunity and get Perfection back in the ring. You can’t pin a man outside of it. But, he is an idiot, so why am I even thinking he'd do anything else?

Madman Szalinski picks up Perfection and tosses him into the ring. Madman then climbs to the apron and heads to the turnbuckle. He begins to climb from the outside and perches on the top, waiting for Perfection to get to his feet. When he does, Madman Szalinski jumps off for the body splash but Perfection catches him. Perfection then throws him back, slamming him to the canvas.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski went for the body splash there but Perfection caught him and took him to the mat with a fallaway slam.

Ace: Did I mention this guy was strong? Madman Szalinski may not weigh as much as some of the other guys, but he certainly isn’t as light as a feather!

The crowd goes crazy as the referee looks around and sees both men on the mat. He starts to make the count. 1. . . 2. . . 3. . . 4. . . Perfection slowly gets to his feet, breathing heavy as Madman Szalinski crawls to the ropes trying to pull himself up. Perfection aids him by grabbing his mask and pulling him to his feet. Perfection then kicks Szalinski in the gut and then places his head between his legs. He then lifts him into the air and slams him to the mat.

Blackfront: Powerbomb by Perfection! Madman Szalinski is down!

The crowd boos as Perfection runs a thumb across his throat, signaling this could be the end and the first pin fall is coming.

Blackfront: It looks like Perfection is going to go for the first pinfall here yet again.

Perfection then brings Madman to his feet and lifts him up into the air slamming him to the canvas.

Blackfront: Huge powerslam by Perfection!

Ace: t was a perfect pow...

Blackfront: WE GET IT!

The crowd buzzes, The referee gets down to the canvas to make the count.

Blackfront: Perfection has the legs hooked.

The referee's hand hits the canvas for the third time and the bell rings.

Blackfront: Perfection did it! he has scored the first pin fall of this match!

Ace: If this was a normal match we'd have a new champion Jason!

Announcer: The winner of the first pin fall.... PERRFECCCTTTIIOOONNN!!!!

The referee has Perfection get back, allowing Madman to slowly get up so that the match can resume. After a few moments, the referee checks on Madman who says he is ready to continue.

Blackfront: The action continues as both of these men are looking to walk out of here the UTA Champion, but only one will!

Perfection mocks Madman, telling him to bring it.

Blackfront: Here we go, they lock up.

Perfection takes charge, placing Madman in a side headlock before dropping to the canvas and applying pressure.

Blackfront: Perfection in charge again as he tries to slow the pace down now, applying that side headlock to Madman Szalinski on the canvas.

Ace: All he has to do now is hold him there for another forty five minutes and we have a new champion!

He applies more pressure, almost resting in the center of the ring.

Blackfront: Madman is unable to get free. He needs to conserve his energy and wait for the perfect moment.


Blackfront: Really Tommy? Really?

Perfection continues to just hold the champion down, tightening his lock.

Blackfront: Perfection now holding Madman Szalinski in that headlock for over a minute, keeping the pace.

Madman begins to try and get up. Perfection, keeping the lock in place, comes up with him. He tightens it even more.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski still unable to get free.

Ace: He has no place to go!

Madman reaches behind Perfection, and begins to lift. The fans start screaming as he is able to get Perfection up just a bit, but Perfection just rolls down, bringing Madman over with him and right into a tighter headlock on the canvas.

Blackfront: Madman had tried to escape but just couldn't.

Madman tries to roll over, but Perfection rolls with him, tightening the hold again.

Blackfront: Madman trying to find the right moment to get free.

Ace: There is no right moment. Just fade out!

Madman is able to push up to one knee, forcing perfection to stand with him, still holding his head.

Blackfront: Perfection refusing to let go as Madman tries another effort here to get free.

Madman just stays on one knee. he tries to hit Perfection, but he just moves, tightening the headlock even more as he does.

Blackfront: Perfection just retching this headlock now.

Madman pushes to a standing position. perfection doesn't let go. The Champion throws his arms up, placing his hands on Perfections face and trying to push him away.

Blackfront: Madman unable to get out of the headlock, but now pushing Perfection back.

Perfections goes into the ropes, and with just the right momentum, Madman is able to get him to let go and sends him across the ring.

Blackfront: Perfection sent across the ring. one the return... Madman Szalinski is there.. big hip toss!

The fans scream as Perfection goes over.

Blackfront: Szalinski back on his feet and rushes Perfection.

Perfection throws his legs up, kicking Madman back. Madman runs again, but Perfection rolls over and leaps up, grabbing his head, and pulling him over and back to the canvas.

Blackfront: Perfection still in full control.

Ace: As he should be.

Madman puts his legs up and places them around Perfections head, squeezing until he lets go.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski able to get free, now holding Perfection in a head scissor.

Madman Szalinski squeezes, now on the giving end of what some would refer to as a rest break.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski applies more pressure here, wanting to wear Perfection down.

Perfection grabs Madman's feet and begins to try and get free.

Blackfront: Perfection over powereing Madman, who is still worn down from the first portion of this match.

As he gets free, perfection quickly rolls up and to his feet.

Blackfront: Perfection begins to stomp the champion.

Perfection continues to attack Madman with a series of vicious stomps. He then reaches down and yanks Madman Szalinski to his feet by the mask.

Blackfront: Knife edge chops by Perfection, leaving Madman Szalinski's chest glowing.

Ace: Guess what?

Blackfront: What?

Ace: Those were perfect chops!

Blackfront: Seriously, I need a new broadcast partner.

He grabs Szalinski's arm.

Blackfront: Hard whip, sending Madman Szalinski into the ropes.

Perfection runs forward, throwing his arm out.

Blackfront: Szalinski ducks the clothesline attempt on his return.

Madman leaps to the second rope and leaps up as Perfection turns.

Blackfront: Moonsault!

However, Perfection catches Madman Szalinski, braces him and runs, falling forward.

Ace: Madman Szalinski flattened like a tortilla!

As Perfection gets to his feet, he throws both arms out and lets out a dominating yell.

Blackfront: Perfection jumps over Madman Szalinski, off the ropes, dropping a knee across the chest of his opponent.

Perfection uses the ropes to pull himself up before leaning over them and grinning to the booing crowd.

Blackfront: Perfection seems to feed off of this heated crowd.

Ace: Haters gonna hate Jason.

He moves from the ropes and towards Madman Szalinski, lifting his left leg up.

Blackfront: Kick to the inner thigh of Madman Szalinski.

Perfection picks the right leg up, and brings his boot down the middle.

Blackfront: Now that is uncalled for!

Ace: What? What'd he do?

Blackfront: What'd he do? Come on.

Madman Szalinski holds himself, rolling over face into the mat, as Perfection grabs him by the head, and violently pulls him to his feet.

Blackfront: Perfection directs Madman Szalinski to the corner, introducing his face with the top turn buckle.

Madman Szalinski's head bounces off of the turn buckle. He stumbles back and turns around to receive an European uppercut from Perfection.

Blackfront: Perfection continues to dominate this championship match.

Perfection charges Szalinski, throwing his boot up. At the last moment, Madman Szalinski moves, causing Perfection to put his leg through the middle of the ropes and become temporally entangled in them.

Blakfront: This could be Madman Szalinski's chance.

Ace: Move Perfection! Move!

Madman Szalinski crawls a few inches and pushes his way to his feet, as Perfection is able to regain proper footing.

Blackfront: Both men meet yet again for a proper lock up. Perfection is quickly able to regain control and place Madman Szalinski in a side headlock.

Perfection applies pressure to Szalinski, however, he is able to slide out of the lock behind him.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski with a vertical jump, standing dropkick to the back of Perfection.

Perfection is sent forward into the ropes, as he hits them and is shot backwards, Madman Szalinski runs, leaping to the second and jumping off with an elbow. However, Perfection is able to hook his arm in and in one motion carry him over to the mat and into an arm bar.

Blackfront: Quick thinking by Perfection may have gotten this back on track. He applies pressure to Madman Szalinski's arm.

Ace: Perfection is just showing what all he will bring when he is the next champion!

Madman Szalinski throws his legs forward, and uses the momentum to stand up, twisting out of the arm lock that Perfection had applied, while at the same time twisting Perfection over and to the mat. The fans cheer at the action.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski to the ropes, he grabs the top, pulls himself up and forcefully leaps to the second, bouncing off with momentum. Madman Szalinski crashes down across Perfection and the referee goes to count. Kick out at one.

The crowd screams as both men begin to get to their feet.

Blackfront: Perfection grabs the arm of Szalinski, Irish whip into the ropes. Madman on the return, he leaps with a double leg sitting drop kick, Perfection ducks and lifts. Quick thinking by Perfection as he throws Madman Szalinski to the canvas.Powerbomb!

Ace: I'm loving every moment of this!

Major crowd heat resumes as Perfection pulls Madman Szalinski to his feet.

Blackfront: Chop by Perfection, followed by another, and another. Madman Szalinski now leans back and comes forward with his own.

Perfection grabs his chest.

Blackfront: Swift kick to the side of Perfection's legs by Madman Szalinski. Perfection to one knee. Madman Szalinski runs past him, off the ropes, soccer style kick to the back of Perfection's head.

Perfection falls forward to the mat, holding his head. Madman Szalinski leans over him, and bends down. Perfection throws a leg up, kicking Madman Szalinski in the face.

Blackfront: Perfection quickly able to get to his feet. Don't count him out yet folks. He turns Madman Szalinski around, whip, no, reversed. Perfection sent towards the corner.

Madman Szalinski runs behind him. As Perfection gets to the corner post he grabs the top rope and leaps up. Madman Szalinski crashes through the post as Perfection lands behind him.

Blackfront: Perfection takes advantage of the situation, grabs Madman Szalinski's head, inverted DDT!

Szalinski appears dazed, but is still able to roll over and get to his feet.

Blackfront: Both men up again. Perfection rushes Madman Szalinski. Szalinski sidesteps, lifting Perfection and sending him now crashing into the corner post.

Perfection bounces off of the turnbuckle, Szalinski runs and grabs the top ropes, throwing his legs up behind him, wrapping them around Perfection's neck. He legs go, swinging around.

Blackfront: Hurricarrana!

Madman hits the mat, and rolls up to his feet. He runs across the ring, and bounces off the ropes.

Baseball slide by Madman Szalinski!

Madman Szalinski gets to his feet and raises his arms to the crowd, getting them pumped. As the fans cheer he climbs the nearby turnbuckle.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski going for a high risk maneuver.

He carefully aims, before leaping, flipping in the air.

Blackfront: 450 Splash!

The crowd goes insane as Madman Szalinski quickly covers his opponent and the referee drops.

Blackfront: He hooks the leg. One.. two...

The referee's hand hits for a third time and the bell sounds.

Backfront: He did it! he did it! the champion wins the second pin fall of the match! 

Ace: That was a fluke! Perfection would have already been champion if they hadn't found another way to screw him by making this an Iron Man match!

Announcer: The winner of the second pin fall..... MADMAN..... SZALLLINNNSSSKKKKIIIIIII!!!!

Blackfront: Madman has now evened the score, but you have to wonder, how much gas does he have left in the tank?

Ace: He's running on empty while we all know Perfection is running off the electricity of becoming the new UTA Champion!

The Champion rest as the referee checks on Perfection. After a few moments Perfection is back to his feet.

Blackfront: These two men have been giving us their all as we get closer to the end of the match and possibly a new UTA Champion.

Ace: There's no possible to it, perfection will do this!

Perfection assures the referee he's ready and the signal is given to continue.

Blackfront: Here we go. They lock up yet again tonight. Perfection taking control, putting Madman Szalinski into a headlock.

Ace: You've got to appreciate Perfection working the different parts of Madman, and trying to keep the pace slow. It's brilliant.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski is able to escape, stomping the foot of Perfection.

Szalinski rolls around behind Perfection, wrapping his arms around the waist of the Ring King.

Blackfront: Belly to back by Madman Szalinski.

Perfection tries to rip Madman's fingers apart. Finally, he is able to slip his own fingers in and begins to pull Madman's hands to the sides.

Blackfront: Perfection trying to escape the grasp of Madman Szalinski.

Ace: He is almost free.

Perfection holds Madman's arms up and to the side on each side. He begins to twist around as he bends down, still holding onto Madman's hands. All the way around now, he still holds the hands of the champion who is arched backward, his head toward Perfection.

Blackfront: Perfection now in control.

Ace: He's been in control of this entire match!

Perfection yanks back, collapsing Madman to the mat. He quickly takes off, running forward. He jumps over Szalinski then leaps up to the second rope, grabbing the top and throwing his legs out. However, Madman Szalinski rolls out of the way.

Blackfront: Perfection sees Madman Szalinski in time to catch himself and land on his feet.

Ace: Quick thinking by Madman and an even quicker reaction by Perfection.

Perfection turns around and steps forward as Madman rolls up to his knees and in one movement, catches Perfection into a fireman's carry, slamming him to his opposite side and leading into an arm bar.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski stretching the arm of Perfection.

Perfection pushes up and twist his arm, using Madman's gasp to pull him into a side knee. As Szalinski bends over, Perfection spins around with a back kick into the knees of Madman.

Blackfront: Madman collapses after that kick to the back of his knees.

Ace: The back and forward so far has been great. I am just ready for Perfection to get another pin and take this one home!

Blackfront: Perfection runs past Madman Szalinski who is on his knees. Perfection off of the ropes and on the return.

As Perfection goes for a shining wizard, Madman quickly springs up, wrapping his arm under Perfection's leg and taking him over.

Blackfront: Dragon screw leg take down by Madman Szalinski.

The fans go crazy. Perfection rolls over quickly and pushes his way up as Madman gets up as well.

Blackfront: These two men are hot tonight. They men charge each other.

Madman ducks down as Perfection leaps over him.

Blackfront: Leap frog by Perfection. Both off of the ropes again.

As they return, Perfection stops and shoots his leg up for a super kick. Madman Szalinski sees it in time and is able to stop his in motion run, with his head pulling back in almost cartoonish fashion, just inches away from the foot of his opponent.

Blackfront: Perfection went for the super kick and almost ended this pin fall.

Szalinski spins to his right and ducks down, while going behind Perfection. He steps up grabbing Perfection quickly and lifting him up and back.

Blackfront: German suplex by Madman Szalinski!

Perfection hits the mat and rolls to his stomach, quickly scurrying back on the mat, keeping his eyes on Madman who turns over and gets to a knee.

Blackfront: Perfection pushes up, runs toward Madman. Szalinski springs to his feet.

As Perfection charges, he stays semi low. Szalinski charges as well.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski leaps....

As he jumps over Perfection, he slides down head first, grabbing around Perfection's waste and pulling him over with him.

Blackfront: Sunset flip into a pin by Madmand Szalinski!

Ace: NO! Slow him down!

The referee drops and begins to count as Perfection kicks his feet.

Blackfront: Kickout at one. Perfection escaping a potential bad situation.

Ace: Madman Szalinksi keeps getting these burst of energy. It's frustrating. No one should be able to come back this much!

Blackfront: Perfection holding his own though, showing why he is the Ring King.

Both men once again roll over and shoot up, running toward each other. Perfection leaps up, turning side ways.

Blackfront: Cross body by Perfection!

As they hit the mat, Perfection quickly hooks Madman's leg.

Blackfront: Perfection now going for a pin.

Ace: These two men are really wanting to put each other out.

Blackfront: Kickout at two!

Ace: That was close.

The fans are cheering as both men continue to put on a great match. They both get to their feet yet again. Perfection quickly moves forward with a kick that Madman Szalinski catches.

Blackfront: Madman catches that kick attempt by Perfection.

Perfection looks surprised for a moment and then spins around, connecting with the head of Madman Szalinski.

Blackfront: Enziguri by Perfection!

Ace: He almost took his head off.

Perfection quickly pushes up and runs to the corner.

Blackfront: Perfection climbing the corner.

Ace: Going for a high risk move.

Blackfront: He leaps...

Ace: Perfection is flying have way across the ring!

Perfection comes down with a flying headbutt, that connects.

Blackfront: What a headbutt!

Ace: It was a pe..


Perfection quickly pins Madman Szalinski again.

Blackfront: He may have it.

Ace: I don't know how Madman can continue.

Blackfront: I don't know how Perfection was able to fly so far.

The referee's hand hits the mat.

Blackfront: Kickout in just a split second before the three!

The fans are on their feet. Perfection can't believe that Madman Szalinski kicked out again. Ariel is in disbelief outside of the ring as well.

Blackfront: This match certainly.... wait!

As Perfection begins to get up, Madman Szalinski sits up, wrapping his arm around Perfection's head, and pulling back, locking his legs around the waist of the Ring King.

Blackfront: Guillotine choke!


Blackfront: He's got the Deathtrap locked in!

Madman Szalinski laughs manically as he pulls tighter. Ariel is jumping up and down on the outside as the referee watches closely.

Blackfront: Perfection has to tap! he has to!

Ace: No regular man can withstand that!

Perfection tries to get away, but he just allows Madman to get a tighter hold.

Blackfront: Come on Perfection, tap!

Suddenly the crowd begins to boo and the camera shifts to show Sean Jackson running down from the back.


Blackfront: Oh no, things just turned bad for the champion!

Madman sees Jackson and lets go of Perfection. Suddenly the fans begin to cheer and we see La Flama Blanca now running from the back.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca coming down to stop Jackson!

Madman gets up and rushes the ropes, yelling at Jackson. He leaps out of the way as Sean slides in. However, La Flama Blanca is right behind him.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca in as well. Jackson charges The Champion.

Madman runs and slides under Sean Jackson's legs. He quickly gets on his hands and knees as Sean turns around. La Flama Blanca runs and leaps, using Madman to launch himself up with a kick to the face of Sean Jackson. The fans go crazy and are all on their feet.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca and Madman taking the former champion down!

Ace: Are you serious?

Sean rolls out of the ring. Behind the, Perfection is starting to get to his feet. Madman and Blanca bring it in for a hug, before La Flama Blanca turns and runs toward the ropes. He leaps through the middle and crashes into Sean Jackson on the outside. The crowd, still unable to sit down, get even louder.

Blackfront: Perfection up behind Madman Szalinski.

Perfection grabs Madman's arms, and twist around, turning Madman around as well before dropping down.


Ace: YES!

Blackfront: Perfection turns the champion over and covers!

The referee drops down and begins counting again. As his hand hits the canvas for the third time the bell sounds.

Blackfront: Perfection is now up two to one with not much time left in this match!

Ace: I told you! I told you! This is out new champion!

Outside of the ring, Sean Jackson and La Flama Blanca are starting to stir.

Announcer: The winner of this fall via pin fall..... PERFECCCTTTIIIOOONNN!!!!

The referee checks on the champion.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski needs to get to his feet and get this match going again before time is up.

Ace: How can he after that? He's done. That's it. We have a new champion!

Outside, Sean Jackson sends La Flama Blanca into the barricade.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson tearing La Flama Blanca apart on the outside here. Jackson, as you know, recently formed some sort of bond with Perfection.

Ace: It was only natural. The two best in the business, together!

The fans begin to scream again, this time as CBR heads out of the back and down the ramp.

Blackfront: What's CBR doing here!

He gets to the ring and runs around toward where Jackson is stomping La Flama Blanca. Sean sees him and quickly jets around the other way.

Blackfront: CBR out here to save La Flama Blanca! The numbers game is even again!

CBR bends down and begins to check on La Flama Blanca. In the ring, Madman is getting up. However, Sean Jackson slides in.

Blackfront: Jackson back in the ring!

Ace: No one will be able to stop those two!

Blackfront: I'm not so sure about that! the undefeated Internet Champion now in the ring and standing side by side with Madman Szalinski! All hell is about to break lose!

CBR looks over at Madman, verbally checking on him. Madman nods his head then they both run toward Jackson and Perfection.

Blackfront: The two champions on th... what?!

CBR just stops as Perfection and Sean Jackson grab Madman Szalinski and lifting him together before throwing him forward and to the canvas.

Blackfront: What's going on?!

CBR just cracks a smile. He tilts his head as he looks down at The Champion. Bending down, CBR grabs Madman by the mask and yanks him up.

Blackfront: The Internet Champion lifting Madman Szalinski onto his shoulder... he runs and leaps! POWERSLAM! MY GOD! CBR IS WORKING WITH PERFECTION AND SEAN JACKSON!


The referee starts calling for the bell.

Blackfront: Wait!

He yells out to the announcer.

Announcer: The winner of this pin fall by disqualification.... MADMAN... SZALINSKIIIII!!!!!

Blackfront: Madman now even with Perfection, but there is no way he can come back now. He just can't!

CBR, Sean Jackson, and Perfection grab each other's hands and raise them high in the sky, showing their pride of putting one over the champion.

Blackfront: This is disgraceful.

Ace: This is amazing!

Perfection directs CBR and Sean Jackson to let him finish the match. They nod and both head to the ropes, exiting to the outside where la Flama Blanca is still unconscious. In the ring, Perfection stalks Madman who is trying to get up, but his body just not letting him

Blackfront: The score is even and the clock is almost on zero. Madman is down. All Perfection has to do is get the match resumed and pin him.

Perfection trying to grab Madman, but the referee pushes him back, saying madman needs more time. Perfection yells but steps back. outside of the ring, Sean Jackson and CBR stare at Ariel who is obviously afraid.

Blackfront: What a night this has been.

They begin to walk toward Ariel who begins to scream as she backs away.

Blackfront: You animals! What are you going to do?!

She begins pleading for them to stay away. Suddenly, from out of the crowd we see a woman jump.

Blackfront: It's Kathryn Velmont Thomas! What is she doing out here?!

Ace: Does she think she can protect Ariel from Sean Jackson and CBR? Really?

KVT pushes Ariel back, standing in front of her. Sean Jackson and CBR just look at each other and laugh.

Blackfront: Kathryn Velmont Thomas may have had her match canceled tonight, but she is about to make up for it as she comes to the aide of Ariel.

She gets into a  defensive position and just waits. Jackson and CBR close in as Perfection watches from the ring with approval, not minding that Madman is on a knee and trying to gather his bearings.

Blackfront: This is just sick. Those men need to stay away from those women.

Ace: You want to be out here with the guys, expect to be treated the same way Jason!

CBR and Jackson each move to the side of the two women who are now back to back.

Blackfront: The most uncomfortable moment in UTA history about to pop off!

Suddenly, KVT turns to Ariel's back and smiles.

Blackfront: Oh no...

She taps Ariel on the shoulder. As Ariel turns, KVT kicks her in the stomach and follows up with a DDT on the floor outside of the ring. The fans begin to shout their displeasement.

Blackfront: it wa sall a rouse! It was all a rouse! Kathyrn Velmont Thomas.. she's.. she's apart of this... this...

Ace: This Dynasty! I mean you have the greatest in the business together, as one! it's the dream team!

Perfection just claps with approval inside the ring. He turns just as madman takes off.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski leaps!

As he flies with his legs out, Perfection grabs him in mid air and drops to two knees, slamming Madman back to the canvas. Perfection lifts Madman's legs and pushes forward, keeping his shoulders on the canvas. The referee drops and begins to count.

Blackfront: No! Not with just twenty seconds to go! No! this can't be!

Ace: It can and it is! It's a wonderful night!

The referee's hand hits the canvas for the third time and the bell sounds yet again.

Ace: He's done it! He's done it!

Blackfront: I hate to say it, but I think you are right! All perfection has to do is wait the timer out. It is carnage! La Flama Blanca and Ariel are out on the floor! Madman is out in the ring! This is terrible!

Announcer: The winner of the this pin fall.....

A loud buzzer begins to buzz.

Announcer:.. and this match... the NEW... UTA CHAMPION.... PERFECTTTIIIOOONNN!!!!!

Blackfront: My lord, no! What has happened?! This can't be!

Sean Jackson CBR, and KVT all three slide into the ring. They all grab Perfection and begin to celebrate. A few moments later the referee brings over the title belt and hands it to Perfection, who snatches it away. They then hoist Perfection up on their shoulders as he holds the title close and the fans are all booing heavily.

Blackfront: This is a dark night for the UTA. This is a dark night for Madman Szalinski and his wife, who is unconscious outside of the ring with La Flama Blanca. There is no good that will come from this... this... this group of just evil individuals.

Ace: I can die a happy man! This is the most wonderful day of my life!

Blackfront: You're disgusting Tommy, just disgusting.

Suddenly, a large series of pyrotechnics begin to go off as the group continues to celebrate the new champion. The fans throw trash to show their displeasement.

Blackfront: What a night this has been folks, but it is now over, and not soon enough. We can only hope these... these animals explain themselves and that Madman, Ariel, and La Flama Blanca are all alright after this assault.

The supergroup continues to celebrate in the ring.

Blackfront: I'm Jason Blackfront...

Ace: ... And I'm Tommy Ace...

Blckfront: Thank you for tuning into Ring King right here on pay per view! We'll see you next week on Victory!

Perfection holds the title high up as we zoom in on the group and the copyright comes up before fading to black.

Show Intro - 3/8/2015 - All or Nothing 2015

We fade into the backstage area of the Scottrade Center facing a set of double doors. One of

Within a few steps the camera moves back and off to the left, revealing James Wingate and UTA Commissioner ‘Cool’ Cancer Jiles standing in his way. Jiles steps forward with his hand out blocking Perfection’s path.

Jiles: Well, it seems this is the end of the road for you, buddy!

Perfection stares at Jiles before readjusting his eyes on Wingate.

Perfection: All or Nothing….

Wingate: That’s right.

Perfection: You contracted me for thirty wrestlers...and then make it fourty? That’s how you want to do your business, huh?

Wingate leans in towards the champ.

Wingate: Sounds like someone isn’t up to the challenge?

Perfection smirks before pulling the title off his arm, he begins to move it towards Jiles who he stares at intensely. Perfection instead hands the UTA Championship towards Wingate while keeping his focus on The Commish.

Wingate: Good luck in All or Nothing, James.

Perfection walks past them slamming his shoulder into Jiles as he goes past.

Jiles: Yeah, good luck tonight, EX-champ!...Man, how COOL was that, boss?!

Wingate shakes his head as the camera then follows Perfection walking away. He is then shortly joined by La Flama Blanca and Sean Jackson; all three walking down the corridor title-less.

Cameras cut to a All Or Nothing promotional video.

Voice Over: All Or Nothing… a Fourty person over the top rope match to decide every title in the UTA. Who will turn to dust and who will turn to gold?

Clips of past UTA matches pass your eyes. Some of the biggest stars in the business.

Voice Over: The winner of this match doesn’t just walk out with the UTA Championship, they take one step towards becoming a legend. Who will shock the world at All Or Nothing?

The UTA logo appears proudly on your screen.

Voice Over: St. Louis, Missouri… are you ready? Is the UTA ready?

Pyrotechnics go off as the fans inside the Scottrade Center go bonkers. The lights come up as the cameras pick up the signs and faces of the UTA faithful in St. Louis.

Blackfront: Welcome everybody!

We come to a two shot of Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace behind their commentary table by ringside.

Blackfront: We’d like to thank those of you watching All Or Nothing on Pay Per View in North America and across the world. I’m Jason Blackfront as always with my play by play partner, Tommy Ace. Tommy, can you feel it?

Ace: There’s something in the air, Jason. I can’t wait to get tonight started!

Blackfront: I know the feeling. Earlier today the UTA cameras caught many of the UTA champions handing over their respected titles.

We cut to earlier recorded footage… Bechdel Kush is seen handing her UTA Wildfire Championship over to Cancer Jiles. She gives it one last kiss before putting it in the hands of Jiles.

Blackfront: There’s Kush handing over the Wildfire championship… Zhalia Fears as well, handing her Prodigy title over.

Ace: This might be the last time some of these UTA stars hold gold in the UTA.

Blackfront: I’m ready for All Or Nothing… aren’t you?!

Ace: Yes! Let’s…

Short Change Hero by the Heavy begins to play.

Ace: Yes!

Blackfront: We apparently are going to hear from Dynasty right off the bat.

Ace: About damn time!

Sean Jackson walks close to the barriers talking smack to the fans near by and purposely them opens and we get a glimpse of the evening parking lot, more importantly our current UTA Champion Perfection walks in, full suit, UTA Championship belt glistening in the corridor lighting.

Blackfront: We just opened the show…

Ace: So? Not soon enough!

Blackfront: Well, I guess we are looking at the former UTA Champion as of tonight. All Champions had to vacate the titles prior to the main event this evening.

La Flama Blanca walks straight down the ramp pointing and yelling at the camera, most if not all is inaudible do to the music and booing in the arena.

Ace: Poor La Flama Blanca.

Blackfront: Yes, that also means that the other half of the Tag Team Champions, La Flama Blanca, no longer has a UTA belt.

Ace: So disgusting, backstabbing people in management! What is this world coming to?!

As the opening riffs begin La Flama Blanca and Sean Jackson walk out on the stage ramp walking in tandem as Perfection brings up the rear. The three men head down towards the ring.

Blackfront: It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Dynasty together at full strength.

Ace: I bet they all have a lot to say.

La Flama Blanca slides into the ring while Perfection stands on the outside still being booed by the fans. Sean Jackson walks up the ring stairs and enters in through the top and second rope.

Ace: No respect for Dynasty from these Missouri mouth breathers.

Blackfront: Shut up, Tommy.

Perfection grabs at the middle rope, bringing himself to the ring apron. He joins his Dynasty-mates in the ring and slides against the nearest turnbuckle before motioning LFB to get the mic and kick things off.

Blackfront: Could we be looking at three of the final six? The final six who will fight it out to see who lands where, later tonight in the All Or Nothing Match?

Ace: I’m hoping so!

La Flama Blanca walks to the corner and asks for a microphone. He taps on it to make sure it’s live. Before he can even get a word in the fans let the group have it.

Fans: You three suck! You three suck! You three suck!

Sean Jackson grows angry and begins to yell in the ring. Perfection pops out of the corner and puts his left hand on Jackson’s shoulder and pats him on the upper chest area with his right hand. La Flama Blanca turns back to the group and says something to them.

La Flama Blanca: It’s obvious… that you guys don’t know the meaning of that word. Dynasty does nothing but win. Dynasty saves these UTA TV tapings from going straight into the toilet. We’re the only reason the UTA is on Pay Per View. Now… I know Dynasty has undergone...some changes. We are still strong. We are still feared. Dynasty… is making moves.

The Luchador takes a few steps back and passes the microphone to Sean Jackson. The Mental Rapist has the floor.

Jackson:  Despite your best efforts Wingate, Dynasty is STILL the driving force behind ALL of the success you enjoy.  You have managed to surround yourself with glad handed empty suits who tell you what you want to hear….

Sean momentarily stops talking while boos rip through the arena.

Ace:  Listen to disrespect.  They should be thankful that Dynasty even takes the time to notice them.

Blackfront:  Can you get any more nauseating?

Ace:  What?

Jackson:  Especially that Dynasty wannabee Cancer Jiles.  Well Wingate, once again your little plan to foil Dynasty is going to fall by the wayside.  Because not only are we going to retain the UTA championship, but we’re going to retake our Legacy championship, as well as the Wildfire...and there won’t be a damned thing that anyone on your roster can do to stop it.

With the utmost of respect, Sean passes the microphone over to the UTA champion Perfection.

Perfection: How quaint, Ungratefuls.

James walks across the entire ring with his hand pointed towards the audience.

Perfection: It would seem management thinks the only way they can take that UTA Championship belt off of us…

James pauses. to put EVERYONE against us!

The crowd boos; not of the idea that everyone is against Dynasty, but that Dynasty knows they are that much better than everyone.

Perfection: Once again James Wingate will fail right here in cop-killing St. Louis!

The crowd erupts into boo’s.

Blackfront: That’s just too far.

Perfection: It’s a shame! A shame that THEY feel they can try and plant a rift between this friendship, between Dynasty. A shame that the rest of the roster doesn’t understand what great competition is!

Ace: Speak the truth champ!

Perfection: Great competition, Ungratefuls, is proving you should hold that belt I just turned in even if it means fighting the very people that helped you earn it!

All three Dynasty members nod in agreement.

Perfection: Tonight, the challenge is on all three of us to prove that we are not only better than everyone outside of Dynasty...but to see who is better amongst friends! A lot of things were said over the last few weeks, but tonight you Ungratefuls will witness “The Gold Standard” of competition!

Blackfront: More delusions by the delusional.

Ace: It’s the truth! What is better than friendly competition?!

Perfection: Tonight you will watch three of the greatest athletes in this industry fight for the UTA Championship!

Perfection lowers the microphone before walking to the ropes and leaning over them, the camera closing in.

Perfection: One of us will walk out with that belt and you, James Wingate, will have burned another WILDCARD with this All or Nothing match!

He nods looking off to the left and mouths off to a person in the front row, off microphone range. Perfection finishes whatever he was arguing about before pulling the mic to his lips. He points at LFB, Sean Jackson, and then to himself.


Perfection spikes the microphone onto the canvass and ushers towards LFB and Jackson to exit the ring.

Blackfront: Oh no.

Ace: Oh yes!

Blackfront: It can’t be!....

3 Months - 8/24/2014 - Ring King 2014



We roll to a video package, starting with Wrestleshow #15....

Ace: Tonight Jason, we move forward as the Ring King 2014 Tournament begins!

Blackfront: That's right. Tonight will be the first round in the tournament that will see the winner go on for a chance to capture the UTA Championship. A title in which we do not know the future of as we sit.

Ace: Lets take a look at the brackets.



Blackfront: The line up for tonight's show alone is one that will ensure a show that may be bigger than anything we've done before!


Perfection smile begins to fade to more hostile as he is starting to walk towards the camera and approaching close to Jamie Sawyers.

Perfection: This company, this mockery of intelligence….will…not….stand…if you want me down in VCW, FINE. I’ll go down and serve my little punishment but that isn’t going to stop me from getting what belongs to me! That won’t stop me from getting through these gates one week and making it known who the one being screwed around here is!

The guard asserts his position, not letting Perfection through.

Perfection: I’ll find my way to the championship Ring King or not, I WILL have my moment to grab MY belt and if that means breaking every single athlete in VCW until they kick me back up to UTA for insubordination ….SO BE IT!

Perfection jams the microphone so hard into the chest of Jamie Sawyers that we can hear the thump through the pickup. Perfection nods at the security guard almost asking him to get involved and begins to walk backwards a few steps before turning around and heading towards a parked limo nearby.

Sawyers: Wait! So does that mean you plan to cause harm to VCW stars? Are you returning back to UTA? Who is your first intended target?!....Perfection!

The camera turns back to Saywers who is obviously being ignored at a distance.

Sawyer: Back to you guys!


Blackfront: Sean Jackson once again, struggling, but able to lift Yoshii to his feet.

Jackson grabs Yoshii's left arm, pushes him back and yanks back himself.

Blackfront: Irish whi... reversed! Yoshii sends Sean Jackson into the corner!

Jackson hits the corner hard, his body jolting forward from the impact. Yoshii yells and runs.


As Yoshii hits, he steps back, and watches as Sean Jackson falls face first to the mat.

Ace: It's like a tree being cut down!

Yoshii walks over, using his foot to turn Jackson over. Once Sean is on his back, Yoshii puts a foot on his chest and motions for the referee.

Blackfront: Yoshii looking to put Jackson away!

The referee drops and begins to count.

Ace: Wait.. is he doing it?

The referee's hand hits three just as Sean Jackson gets his arm up.

Blackfront: Did he make it?

Ace: I don't know.. it was close...

The referee begins calling for the bell which begins to ring.

Announcer: The winner of this match... YOSHIIIIII!!!!!!!

Jed Dye enters the ring and begins jumping up and down in celebration. Until he notices Sean jackson who has already gotten up and moved to the corner, using the ropes to hold himself up, watching the two celebrate with a look of hatred on his face.

Ace: I think that's your que to exit guys. Jackson is not happy at all.

Blackfront: Yoshii, the former UTA Internet Champion will advance to the next round of the Ring King tournament to face the winner of the main event tonight!


Yoshii drops the blindfold in terror, unsure what he just grabbed. La Flama Blanca looks around at the crowd, turns and sees Yoshii. He quickly leaps to his feet, runs, and jumps through the air.


Yoshii is sent into and over the top rope, crashing to the ground below. Jed Dye jumps back, his face filled with fear and shock. the referee yells at la Flama Blanca that he needs to be re-blindfolded, but La Flama Blanca in the zone runs. he leaps to the top rope and uses it to shoot himself over, landing on top of Yoshii on the outside. the fans begin to scream Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca forgetting the stipulation and taking a huge high risk move that paid off!

Suddenly the bell begins to sound.

Blackfront: Wait.. what?!

Ace: That idiot ignored the referee, that's what!

The referee quickly gets out of the ring and runs over to the time keeper table, telling orders at the announcer.

Announcer: Due to disqualification by way of La Flama Blanca continuing after having his blindfold removed... the winner of this match... YOSHIIIIIII!!!!!

Jed Dye umps up and down, almost skipping over to Yoshii who begins to get to his feet while wobbling, removing his blindfold, shocked. La Flama Blanca just sits on his knees, his head hung in disappointment.


We are backstage in Perfection's locker room, fresh off his suspension he sits with UTA's columnist Ryan Harris out of focus. The camera is set on Jennifer Williams, UTA's backstage interviewer, she stands facing us as Perfection seems to be finishing a one on one with Harris.

Williams: Live backstage right now trying to see if I can get a few words with returning wrestler, Perfection.

She steps a little off to the side as the camera focuses now on Harris and Perfection, we can catch the final moments of the one on one.

Harris: Some would say that you have no right to demand a shot at the title, what do you say to those people.

Perfection: I say they have no right wasting oxygen on brain cells clearly not working.

Harris: Alright, Perfection, thanks for your time.

Harris stands up and now Jennifer Williams moves in for the kill, camera coming close as she sits where Ryan Harris has left. Perfection looks at her half rolling his eyes and then half checking out the bare legs she crosses in a skirt.

Williams: Perfection, it has been over a month since you've appeared on Wrestleshow or in the UTA. During that time Mr. Wingate sent you down to our development league Valor Championship Wrestling, for a lack of better term, reeducation. How does it feel to be back and not only that be in a Wild Card match for Ring King?

Perfection smirks a little folding his arms

Perfection: First of all, Jennifer, I'd say that is a lack of a better term. I was sent to VCW not because I need to be reeducated but because someone upstairs doesn't see raw talent when it's handed to him! Because someone upstairs thinks I need to earn my way to a title shot. Funny isn't it?

Jennifer now looks at Perfection a little confused

Williams: What's funny?

Perfection: That in one show, James Ranger has given me a contention match for the Internet Championship of VCW while your boss tries every trick up his sleeve to jack me around! One week I carry CBR in VCW in a tag team match the next week I'm headlining Anarchy- which will be live for purchase on Pay Per View.

Williams nods in agreement as Perfection points at her microphone, she again gives him a confused stare as he now reaches towards her microphone.


He quickly gets to his feet, still favoring that arm. Behind him, Perfection uses the table to pull himself up. Groggy, he continues until he is standing.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca rolling into the ring now as Perfection follows.

As Blanca begins to get to his feet, perfection slides into the rope. La Flama Blanca sees him and waits.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca waiting.. Perfection to his feet...

Blanca shoots forward, throwing his leg up.

Blackfront: SUPERKIC...

Perfection quickly drops down, grabbing La Flama Blanca under his leg, and whipping him to the mat, rolling La Flama Blanca over and into a pin. Perfection uses his legs to push down and hold La Flama Blanca down as the referee drops to count.


La Flama Blanca kicks but it's too late as the referee's hand hits the mat for the third time and the bell begins to sound. The fans begin to boo.

Blackfront: Perfection pulling off a surprise victory here tonight securing his spot in the upcoming Wild Card match. Boy, that's got to really tear La Flama Blanca's spirits down. he wanted to advance so badly.

Ace: Well, want in one hand and sh...

Blackfront: TOMMY!

Announcer: Your winner as a result of a pin fall.... PERFECCCTTTIIIONNN!!!

Perfection's music begins to play and he leaps to his feet celebrating. La Flama Blanca just rolls over and sits up, ahnging his head.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca brought it tonight, but it just wasn't enough. You have to feel bad for the guy.

Ace: No you don't Jason. He just isn't the better man, ever.

Blackfront: Now that's not true at all Tommy.

Perfection continues to gloat, shouting how he is the best in the UTA as we fade away from ring side.


As Yoshii moves backward, CBR falls, twisting in the motion and lands on his back when he hits the mat. Yoshii looks out to the crowd who has a very loud Yoshii chant going.

Blackfront: these people love Yoshii. Jed Dye may be questionable, but Yoshii is someone the fans can get behind. Especially facing a self centered, egotistical jerk like CBR.

Ace: Wait, what is this idiot doing now?

Yoshii, over by the turnbuckle now, begins to climb it.

Blackfront: Yoshii, almost six hundred pounds of man, is CLIMBING THE TURNBUCKLE!

He gets to the second rope where he always does his Bonzai drop and pauses... before looking out and taking the power of the fans energy to climb up higher...



Jed Dye frantically runs around the ring yelling No, but it's too late.. Somehow, some way.. Yoshii has made it to the top turnbuckle. Even more amazing, somehow, someway... he begins to stand up, keeping his balance.

Blackfront: I have never see.... HOLY HELL!!!!


Yoshii clinches his fist, bends his knees a bit and leaps backward as he trows his legs out and yells BONZAI! The roof may as well have came off from the reaction.

As he lands, and he does.. hitting his mark of CBR's chest.. it happens...

All four ring post buckle and fly out, and the ring crashes under his weight violently to the floor.

Blackfront: CBR has to be dead!

Ace: Did that really happen or did I get into the wrong brownies backstage?

The fans now go into a Holy Shit! chant. Yoshii is jolted to the side, off of CBR who holds his chest and is kicking in pain. The referee has been tossed to the side of the ring and had fell out as it crashed.

Blackfront: What carnage. What devastation. Never before have I witness something of this magnitude.

Ace: I'm not even playing, someone needs to check CBR, I think he may be dying!

Blackfront: There is no way this can continue! None what so ever!

Ace: Does this mean we have a fatale four way on the next show?

Blackfront: I don't know what this means other than the future of CBR may be in more doubt than that of Madman Szalinski.

The referee uses the side of the ring to pull himself up. he motions to the time keeper to sound the bell, which he does.

Blackfront: The referee is calling this one, it's over. There's no way to continue.

Ace: How did that baboon do that? What made him think that was even remotely a good idea?

Blackfront: History has just been made folks!

Medical staff begin running down from the back, it's all out chaos as they hit the ring checking on CBR. Jed Dye quickly enters and begins scolding Yoshii who has yet to move either.


Teller is sent up and back, hitting the turnbuckle then falling to a sitting position. La Flama Blanca points to the chamber hanging high and the crowd pops.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca running to the opposite corner... He sets up... runs...

Blanca leaps and throws both feet out, catching Conrad teller in the face.

Blackfront: He connected fully!

Ace: Seriously, what does it take to put this guy out?

La Flanca Blanca rolls over and pushes up to his feet. He grabs Conrad's feet and yanks him away from the corner.

Blackfront: Blanca pulling Teller from the corner, I think he may be going to end this one now!

From the crowd we hear a rumbling. La Flama Blanca begins to climb the turnbuckle, looking to put an end to the match. The camera catches someone leaping over the barricade.

Blackfront: That... that's Perfection! What's he doing out here? He's supposed to be getting ready for the chamber tonight!

Blanca, standing on the top of the ropes, prepares for his 450 Splash entitled the Ay Dios Mio. Perfection, quickly, runs up the steps to the apron. La Flama Blanca looks over, seeing him and almost loses his balance.

Blackfront: Perfection is out here to distract La Flama Blanca. But why?

Ace: Maybe he wants Blanca out of the chamber since Conrad obviously isn't as tough as he looks and I thought he was. He can't even put down a masked idiot like Blanca.

The referee runs over and begins to yell at Perfection on the apron. perfection throws his hands up as to say he's not out to cause trouble. La Flama Blanca turns his attention back to the downed Conrad in the ring. Perfection grabs the top rope and begins to shake it like crazy before leaping to the floor. La Flama Blanca begins to swing his arms and falls forward, slipping in the air and landing back first to the mat. The fans begin to boo.

Blackfront: Oh come on! He caused La Flama Blanca to fall!

Ace: He never touched him Jason!

Perfection just grins as he walks around the ring, pulling away from outreaching fans. As he gets to the stage, Perfection walks up backwards, watching Conrad Teller, who has no idea what happened, rolling over, arm stretched out, and laying it across La Flama Blanca.


Abdul Ahad pushes himself up. As he heads toward Yoshii, CBR reaches out, grabbing his feet and yanking him down.

Blackfront: CBR STOPS ABDUL AHAD! He may not be aware that a pin is in motion!

The referee hits the mat for the third time.

Blackfront: This one is over! What was that about you guaranteeing Yoshii would not win?

Ace: I never said that.

Blackfront: You most certainly did.

Ace: Nope. I don't recall.

Announcer: The winner of this match and Ring King finalist.... YOSHIIIIII!!!!!!

Jed Dye slides into the ring and jumps up and down as he hugs Yoshii who has gotten to his feet.

Blackfront: Yoshii is the Ring King Finalist. The former Internet Champion is one step closer to becoming the two thousand and fourteen Ring King as well as have his first UTA Championship match!

Ace: He still has to get past the winner of the main event tonight if he wants to do that, so lets not jump ahead of ourselves Jason.

Yoshii and Jed Dye exit the ring and celebrate as his music dies down. Inside of the ring, Abdul Ahad and CBR are both up yelling at each other.


Conrad Teller gets up and throws his arms up. As he turns around he does just in time to see Sean Jackson runs toward him. Jackson bends down, lifts Teller on his shoulder and leaps up and back in one swift movement.

Wingate: Samoan drop by the former UTA Champion!

Szalinski: Good timing there. Let Conrad take Tobias out then take Conrad out.

Behind them, the referee assist Tobias Devereux out of the main chamber door before it's closed and locked back. The lights begin to flash over the pods once again.

Szalsinki: Who's it going to be?

The light stops on top of Perfection's pod.

Wingate: Ok, it's time for a reality check now as Perfection is next in.

The pod opens and Perfection doesn't move. He points to his head and smiles.

Szalinski: Too funny. Perfection, waiting in the pod as Jackson and Teller are in the ring.


As Sean Jackson steps back, Conrad Teller falls forward and hits the mat. Jackson turns him over and quickly covers.

Szalinski: If you're Perfection, you have to be worried. If Jackson gets this pin, it's just bth of them until another pod opens.

Wingate: And the former UTA Champion gets the three count. Conrad Teller has been eliminated.

Sean Jackson gets up to his knee and just looks across at Perfection who's eyes grow wide.

Szalinski: Perfection knows he's in trouble!

Perfection tries to grab the corner of his pod door and pulling it tighter as Jackson stands and walks slowly his way. Behind him, Teller is helped out of the main door. Suddenly the lights begin to move over the pods. Jackson stops and waits.

Wingate: Perfection almost seems relieved.

Szalinski: Wouldn't you be?

The light stops over the mystery opponent cell. Sean Jackson's eyes open wide as he steps toward it and waits.


Perfection looks cautiously from outside of the ropes before slowley entering back into the ring. He walks over, slowly, to the hole and looks down. Perfection looks back up and around, holding his arms up as to show he has no idea where they went.

Szalinski: If they don't get back into the ring, does the match never end?

Wingate: I would assume it would be a forfiet?

Szalinski: You're the boss, your rules.

Wingate: I trust my officials Madman.

The lights begin to flash over the pods once more landing on the final pod. It begins to open and Will Haynes is ready.

Wingate: The Thrill itching to get into this, in probably the best spot of the match!

As he gets out of the pod and enters the ring, Will Haynes charges Perfection, trying to tackle him immediately to the mat.

Wingate: Will Haynes hot out of the gate looking to end this quick and regain his much needed momentum, however Perfection is ready for him and hammers down on the back of his head with a double axe handle.

He hits another and then grabs him by the head, slamming him head first into the nearest turnbuckle.

Wingate: Perfection gives Will Haynes a face full of turnbuckle.

Szalinski: The Thrill came into this thing ready to go, but so was Perfection after avoiding the match until now, and now The Thrill finds himself in a bad position here.

Will Haynes’s head bounces off the turnbuckle and as he turns Perfection tackles him into the corner.  Holding onto the middle rope on either side of Will Haynes, Perfection shoulders him in the gut multiple times.

Wingate: I have to admit, Perfection wants to win this one.


Will Haynes stops the run with his hands and pushes off of the pod, jumping backward with an elbow catching Perfection directly in the face. The fans pop like crazy.

Wingate: Will Haynes once again able to stop the assault!

He quickly gets to his feet, still favoring that arm. Behind him, Perfection uses the ropes to pull himself up. Groggy, he continues until he is standing.

Wingate: Will Haynes dropping down and rolling into the ring now as Perfection follows.

As The Thrill begins to get to his feet, perfection slides into the rope. Will Haynes sees him and waits.

Wingate: Will Haynes waiting.. Perfection to his feet...

The Thrill shoots forward with a kick. Perfection quickly drops down, grabbing Will Haynes under his leg, and whipping him to the mat, rolling Will Haynes over and into a pin. Perfection uses his legs to push down and hold Will Haynes down as the referee drops to count.


Szalinski: He's going to do it!

Will Haynes kicks but it's too late as the referee's hand hits the mat for the third time. The fans begin to boo.

Wingate: I.. can't... believe it!

Suddenly, Sean Jackson's arm reaches up and he begins to pull himself out of the hole. A crimson mask of blood covers his face. Perfection looks at him in amazement.

Szalinski: Whoah! Jackson is ba...

Behind him, The Spectre raises up, grabbing his head and laughing sadistically as he pushes Sean Jackson back into the abyss. The referee runs over and looks into the hole. He gets to the mat and puts his head down inside. A few moments later he gets up and starts calling for the bell.

Szalisnki: I have to say it, one more time, and I hope we don't get fined, but.. GOD... DAMN... SON.

Perfection has his hand raises by the referee.

Announcer: The winner of this match and Ring King Wild Card finalist.... PERRRRFEEECCTTTIIIOOONNN!!!!

Perfection just stares at James Wingate through the chamber, and smiles.

Szalinski: I think he's staring at you Boss.

Wingate: Yea, I can see that.


The bell sounds.

Blackfront: Here we go, the main event of the night. One of these men will be named Ring King and go on to face Madman Szalinski at the pay per view, and one man will not. I can say, the performance of both of these guys in the last two months, no matter who wins, they both have told a story like no other.

Ace: I've got to admit, whomever loses I still see getting a shot at the title in the near future. I'm with you Jason, that these two have been the superstars of the last three months.

Blackfront: Perfection doing what he does best, mouthing off to Yoshii. He does realize the man is more than double his size right?

Ace: Look, when you're as good as Perfection, it doesn't matter.

Perfection pumps his chest out and steps in, standing toe to toe with the enormous Yoshii who just tilts his head to the side and looks at Perfection.

Blackfront: He does have a set of brass on him.

Outside of the ring, Jed Dye yells at Yoshii to get him. Perfection steps to the side and yells at jed Dye.


Perfection sees his opportunity and strikes, quickly moving back into the ring. He runs and leaps up on Yoshii's back, throwing his arms around Yoshii's head and wrapping his legs around him as best as he can.

Blackfront: Perfection seized an opportunity and is now trying to apply a sleeper hold on Yoshii who seems to not be able to get him off of him.

Jed Dye grabs his hair and yanks it in distress, not able to comprehend how ignorant Yoshii is.

Blackfront: Yoshii trying to to grab Perfection who is on his back, but unable to.

Perfection continues to hold on as Yoshii swings his arms and stumbles around.

Ace: I can't believe how glorious this is!

Yoshii stops struggling. He reaches back and grabs the legs of Perfection, who's eyes grow again.

Ace: Oh no.


He turns around as Perfection uses the ropes to begin pulling himself up. A glazed look covers his face. it quickly turns into horrified as he sees Yoshii running toward him.


Ace: No! Please be OK!

The fans go crazy as Yoshii steps back, and Perfection slides to a sitting position yet again.

Blackfront: Yoshii runs... big kick to the chest of Perfection!

Perfection's chest looks as if it almost caved in, as every bit of air rushes out of his body and he goes limp.

Blackfront: Yoshii grabbing the leg of Perfection... he's dragging him away from the corner. We've seen this one before! I think it's almost over. We might have our Ring King here in just a few moments!

Ace: Get up. Oh please, get up! Where's Sean Jackson!

Blackfront: Still looking for Spectre I'd assume.

Yoshii begins to climb the turnbuckle. Jed Dye runs like a bat out of hell around the ring, cheering his client on.

Blackfront: Yoshii is on the second rope.. we've seen this countless times. Perfection is out cold! We have our winner once he does it... There he goes!!!! Yoshii leaps backward!!! YOSHII BOMB! YOSHII BOMB!!! YOSHII BOMB!!!


Blackfront: Your two thousand and fourteen Ring King is....

The referee's hand raises the third and final time....

Blackfront: YOSH-

Perfection throws is leg up and over the rope, barely making it in time. If only Yoshii would have landed a few inches further back.

Blackfront: NO!!!!

Ace: YESSS!!!

Blackfront: No one can believe it! Yoshii can not believe it! Jed Dye can not believe it! I can not believe it!


Once up, Perfection takes a deep breath, wincing as it hurts to do so. Suddenly, he shakes his head and runs toward the group of people.

Blackfront: perfection runs... right hand to the side of Jed Dye's head! He didn't see it coming!

Jed Dye twist and flies from the apron, hitting the floor hard. Yoshii yells and charges forward, but accidently slams into the referee along the way. he stops and looks down as the referee falls, hitting the canvas.

Blackfront: Yoshii takes out the referee!


Blackfront: It was an accident!

Ace: Was it Jason? Was it?

Yoshii looks at the referee with such sorrow, then down at Jed Dye with even more concern. Perfection drops to his knees, and with his good arm brings it up, catching Yoshii between his legs. Yoshii's eyes grow big and he stumbles around and away from perfection, who drops and slides out fo the ring.

Blackfront: The referee is down and Yoshii suffers a low blow. This is the man you want as your Ring King Tommy?

Ace: YES!

Perfection steps over the barrier and threatens a fan to move. He grabs the fan's chair and heads back over the barrier.

Blackfront: Despicable.

Perfection slides back in the ring with the chair, and gets up. You can tell one arm is hurt bad as his face shows it lifting the chair. He swings, hitting Yoshii right across the back. The big man flies forward and down, hitting the canvas.

Blackfront: I'm embarrassed for us right now. This is not right.

Ace: But it works!

Perfection brings the chair down across Yoshii's back again, followed by another. He lays it on top of Yoshii's head and looks around.

Blackfront: Oh now,w hat is he going to do?

Ace: YES! DO IT!

Perfection runs past Yoshii, hits the ropes, and on his return drops, sliding feet first into the chair leaned across Yoshii's head. The fans boo. Trash begins to fly.

Blackfront: I can't believe this.

The referee starts to move and Perfection quickly slides the chair out of the ring. He begins pushing Yoshii with all of his might, trying to turn him over.


Perfection lets out a loud yell as Yoshii begins to turn, finally falling on his back. Perfection quickly covers him, yelling at the now awake referee.  The referee scoot sover and raises his hand.

Blackfront: Very slow count, but I think Yoshii is out.

Ace: I know he is!

The referee raises his hand again, Perfection yells to hurry, but the referee is still hurt.

Blackfront: Just one away from three!

The referee raises his hand one more time. The boos are incredible as it comes down and strikes for a third time.


Blackfront: he did it alright.

The bell begins to sound and Perfection smiles. The referee, now on his feet, helps Perfection up, raising his hand.

Announcer: The winner of this match by pin fall... the two thousand and fourteen Ring King... and the man who will go on to face Madman Szalinski for the UTA Championship.... in a....

Announcer:... sixty minute... IRON MAAAANNNN MAAAATTTCCCHHH....

Blackfront: WHAT?!


Perfection's eyes grow yet again as he can't believe what he just heard.


Blackfront: perfection can not believe what he just heard, and neither can I. We heard rumblings of a stipulation already being chosen, but an Iron man match at Ring King?!

Ace: After what he went through tonight? That's not fair!

Blackfront: No, using a chair on Yoshii is not fair!

Perfection's music cues up, and holding one arm against his body, his other raised, he knows the toughest match of his career is coming in two weeks.

All or Nothing Over the Top Rope Match - 3/8/2015 - All or Nothing 2015


The view changes to show our beloved ring announcer standing at center ring.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is the main event of the evening and is set for one fall and there is no time limit.

The fans begin to go crazy.

Announcer: The match will start with two competitors. Every two minutes there after, another superstar will enter the ring until thirty superstars have entered.

The fans continue to scream.

Announcer: A superstar is eliminated only when they exit the ring, over the top rope and both feet touch the ground.

The lights are dark as the piano melody tinkles through of the beginning of the infamous theme song of Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Announcer: Hailing from the fighting city of Chicago, Illinois....

Once the electric guitar kicks in, flashing lights in alternating white and green pulsate through the arena with a gold spotlight on Leyendo De Ocho at the entrance curtain.

Announcer: Standing five-feet, eight-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred and eighty-eight pounds. Here is at the number one position... LEYENDAAAAA DEEEEE OCHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The fans cheer when his name is announced head down, hands forming the shape of a triangle at chest-height. He marches to the ring, pumping up the crowd and high fiving fans like a house of fire.

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho was placed into the number one spot when he was the first to be eliminated in the All or Nothing Lottery Match several weeks ago.

Ace: He lost then and he'll lose now! There is no way he makes it from the number one spot all the way through twenty nine others!

Blackfront: I agree, the odds are stacked against him. But if anyone can do it, it's the eight bit prodigy!

His music fades as he enters the ring.

Immortal by Eve to Adam begins to play. The crowd pops as Joshua Jones steps through the curtains. His face is an emotionless mask. He trembles visibly as he struggles to maintain his composed and stoic look.

Blackfront: It's Joshua Jones! Joshua Jones is the number two entrant in the twenty fifteen All or Nothing match!

Ace: Well, we know who else isn't going to win.

Blackfront: You're always too negative Tommy.

A few seconds later, Joshua's energy gets the better of him. He explodes into the air. As he lands, he breaks into a run.

Announcer: Hailing from Piedmont, California.

Joshua slides under the bottom rope before springing to his feet. He adds a second jump for good measure.

Announcer: Standing at six feet one inch and weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds...

Joshua runs to the near ropes, bounces off them, and keeps running. He hits the opposite ropes at full speed, again rebounding and continuing to run.

Announcer: The second entrant into tonight's All or Nothing match.... JOSHUA.... JOOONNNNEEESSS!!!!

Joshua jumps onto the middle rope, but instead of launching himself into the air, he grabs the top rope with both hands, killing his momentum. Standing on the middle rope, he nods several times.

Blackfront: And the crowd here is going bananas as we kick off the most anticipated match of the year so far!

Joshua pushes himself away from the ropes. He lands on his feet, still nodding. He makes his way toward his corner, bouncing with each step.

Blackfront: These two will go at it for the next two minutes, when the third entrant will come into the ring. Tonight is a night of amazement and surprises.

Ace: It is going to be spectacular Jason! Especially when Dynasty walks out with all three of the top titles!

Both men Move toward the ring as the bell sounds to begin the match. They shake hands before beginning to circle in a ready stance.

Blackfront: T-Minus two minutes until number three enters. Until then, Leyenda de Ocho and Joshua Jones have the ring to themselves. They tie up in the center of the ring...

Jones leads the dance with an Irish whip towards the ropes

Blackfront: Ocho reverses, Jones sent toward the ropes.

Jones leaps to and springboards off the center rope and flies at LDO with a cross-body.

Blackfront: Springboard connects!

Jones instinctively goes for a pin, but after about 2 seconds he realizes there's nobody counting, and then slaps himself in the face and gets up.

Blackfront: The only way to win is to throw your opponent over the top rope and both of their feet touch the floor.

Ace: And here I thought he had this.

Blackfront: Jones running on instinct as he gets up and pulls LDO to a vertical position. Jones goes for an elbow, but is blocked by LDO, who returns fire with a couple punches to the gut.

Jones doubles over.

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho runs for the ropes.. on the return... he LEVELS Jones with a swift dropkick!

LDO rises quickly and paces the ring, waiting for Jones to get up...

Blackfront: Jones starts to rise. Leyenda getting ready... he charges and goes for a rising knee - NO! Jones quickly dodges to the side! LDO goes running for the ropes, and Jones follows - HUGE clothesline onto LDO - he flips over the top rope!

Ace: Ocho's about to leave this party early!

Ocho grabs the middle rope, and swings his legs around under the bottom before rolling back in.

Blackfront: Not quite! LDO manages to grab the middle rope and pull himself back in!

Jones begins pacing again and psyching himself up... he pulls LDO vertical. Grabbing his arm, he Irish whips Ocho towards the ropes and runs in the opposite direction.

Blackfront: LDO ducks under a leapfrog... Jones leaps up, springboards off the opposite ropes... BIG forearm smash on Leyenda de Ocho!

Jones gets to his feet quickly and begins circling LDO, stomping him repeatedly.

Blackfront: Cake Walk on Leyenda de Ocho.

Ace: Sure looks like he's just stomping him to me.

Joshua Jones looks around the ring, his eyes finding the corner turnbuckle. He looks back at LDO, who is still laying on the canvas, then back at the corner.

Ace: He isn't going to do what I think he is, is he?

Blackfront: He looks to be heading to the turnbuckle.

Ace: This idiot knows it's better not to put yourself to where you can easily fall out of the ring, right?

Blackfront: Jones climbing the turnbuckle.

Ace: I guess not.

As Jones reaches the top, he stands, gathering his balance. Leyenda de Ocho begins to push up to his feet.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones sizing Leyenda de Ocho up...

Ace: That shouldn't be too hard. it's small.

Blackfront: HE LEAPS! CORKSCREW MISSILE DROPKICK- NO!!! Ocho counters!

Leyenda de Ocho grabs Jones' legs midair and yanking him hard to the canvas.

Blackfront: The 8-bit Legend getting pumped up. Joshua Jones begins to stir, sitting up... Leyenda de Ocho runs... off of the ropes and on the return... SHINING WIZADO! SHINING WIZADO!

The fans go crazy for Leyenda de Ocho but go even crazier when the count down clock begins.




Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho now pulling Joshua Jones to his feet.



Blackfront: Jones sent into the ropes. On the return... LDO leaps up, grabbing Joshua Jones by the head and falling back.. HUGE DDT!



The snappy drum solo from Clap Your Hands by They Might Be Giants starts playing. Then as the bass line kicks in, we hear:


Uncle Rocky leaps out from behind the curtain! Colorful pyros go off in the ceiling and rain rainbow confetti onto the entrance ramp. Uncle Rocky does a few doofy dance moves while the crowd BOOs the Bombastic Brawler.

Blackfront: Coming in at number three is Uncle Rocky!

Ace: This idiot again. After what he did in the last battle royal he was apart of, I'm surprised they are even letting him near this match.

Blackfront: He's carrying a gift bag with him. What does he have up his sleeve?

Ace: I don't know, but I doubt it's going to be good for anyone in that ring.

Rocky starts stepping rhythmically towards the squared circle. Inside the ring, Leyenda de Ocho holds Joshua Jones' leg up, before he drops an elbow to his inner thigh.

Blackfront: LDO continuing to work on Joshua Jones as Uncle Rocky slides into the ring.

Rocky pops up. Leyenda steps over Joshua and motions for Rocky to bring it. Uncle Rocky throws his hand down to the side and bring sit up and across ina  big wave as he says HELLO FRIEND! Leyenda de Ocho just points at Rocky and shakes his head as if asking the crowd Who is this guy?

Blackfront: Three of forty superstars who will enter this match are now in it.

Ace: Two and a half. I think Jones is down for the counter.

Joshua Jones lays near the edge of the canvas, holding his leg as Leyenda de Ocho steps toward Uncle Rocky. Rocky puts his finger up, before holding the gift bag up. Ocho looks curiously at it.

Blackfront: The gift bag seems to be for Leyenda de Ocho.

LDO shakes his finger, telling Rocky he isn't falling for any of his tricks.

Blackfront: LDO showing his smarts here.

Uncle Rocky nods, agreeing it looks funky. He places a finger up as if he has an idea and then reaches into the gift bag.

Blackfront: Ocho being very cautious.

Uncle Rocky pulls something from the bag and holds it for Leyenda de Ocho to see. As the camera gets a closer shot, we can see a classic Game Boy that has been decorated to match LDO's ring attire.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky brought a game boy for LDO.

Ace: It's an Ocho Edition! I didn't even know you could still find those things!

LDO stands with his hands on his hips and smiles. He mouths Thank You before stepping forward with his hand out. Uncle Rocky reaches forward with the Game Boy, but just as he is about to give it to LDO, he pulls back his hand and shoots forward, slamming the brick of a game system into the forehead of Leyenda de Ocho, sending him back first to the canvas. The fans boo.

Ace: I knew you couldn't trust Uncle Rocky!

Blackfront: You know, for a moment I thought we were going to see a different side of Uncle Rocky. I was wrong.

Ace: As you usually are Jason.

LDO holds his head as he rolls over and begins to get up. Uncle Rocky pulls his arm back like a quarterback before chunking the classic Game Boy right at LDO's forehead, catching him.

Ace: Flying video games to the face!

Leyenda de Ocho stumbles back as Uncle Rocky comes forward.

Blackfront: Rocky with a boot to the gut of Leyenda de Ocho, grabs his neck.. swings.. NECKBREAKER!

The fans boo as Leyenda de Ocho hits the canvas. Rocky grabs the Game Boy from the canvas as he gets to his feet. Across the ring, Joshua Jones is using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Rocky stands over Leyenda de Ocho pretending to play the game in a mockingly way.

Blackfront: No respect by Uncle Rocky. None at all.

Rocky walks over to the ropes and lifts the Game Boy up, throwing it hard down from inside the ring to the floor below. As it hits, it bounces up slightly and slides away.

Ace: It didn't even hurt the Game Boy! Those things were made like tanks!

As Uncle Rocky turns around, he sees Joshua Jones running toward him. His eyes grow large as he backs into the ropes.

Blackfront: Jones running.. clothes....

Uncle Rocky pulls the top rope down as he drops. However, Joshua Jones had anticipated this as he brings his arm down and leaps, throwing both feet forward.

Blackfront: Double leg drop kick by Joshua Jones that catches Uncle Rocky in the face!

Rocky's body crumbles and he rolls to the edge of the ring apron. Joshua Jones rolls over and pushes up, his arms in the air.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky thought he was going to make the first elimination of the night there

As Joshua Jones turns around, he is caught with a spinning heel kick by the now standing Leyenda de Ocho.

Blackfront: LDO with a spinning heel kick taking Joshua Jones off of his feet.

LDO heads over and grabs Uncle Rocky, beginning to pull him up.

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho pulling Uncle Rocky to his feet.

Ace: Can you believe we still have thirty seven more people in this match?

Blackfront: Non stop action coming your way right here on All or Nothing.

Ocho pushes Uncle Rocky into the ropes, suing them for momentum as his sends him running across the ring.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky off of the ropes. Leyenda de Ocho charges forward, leaps, another spinning heel kick taking Rocky off of his feet!


Ace: We're about to see who is number four!

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho now toward the ropes, he leaps... senton onto Rocky!




Blackfront: The 8-bit Legend now pulling Joshua Jones up.




Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro of If You Want Peace...Prepare For War by Children Of Bodom Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar. Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colors that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!". Lew Smith burst from the back and down the ramp.

Blackfront: Number four in the All or Nothing match, the former VCW Champion... Lew Smith!

Ace: Seems like dream team pulled the first four numbers.

Blackfront: There's no reason for that.

Smith slides into the ring. he pops up and comes forward, slamming a forearm into the side of Leyenda de Ocho's head, causing him to let go of Joshua Jones.

Blackfront: Forearm now to Joshua Jones. Lew Smith comes around... palm strike to the chest of Leyenda de Ocho!

LDO grabs his chest as Lew Smith spins around and strikes Joshua Jones in the chest as well.

Blackfront: The former VCW champion coming in strong.

Ocho, still holding his chest looks up at Lew who comes toward him. Smith takes a swing at Leyenda de Ocho's head, but misses as Ocho ducks down and slides behind Lew.

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho using his speed to quickly getting out of harms way.

Lew turns quickly toward Ocho. As he moves in for the attack again, Leyenda de Ocho side steps and jets toward the ropes. Lew, once again finding himself needing to turn toward his opponent, does so just in time to see Leyenda de Ocho leap to the second rope and use it to launch himself with a quarter turn moonsault.

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho caught by Lew Smith.

Ace: This isn't good for LDO.

Blackfront: Lew Smith drops Leyenda de Ocho across his knee for a vicious back breaker.

Leyenda de Ocho holds his back in pain on the canvas as Lew Smith springs back into action, coming down with a devastating stomp.

Blackfront: Lew Smith in complete control. I'm unsure if Leyenda de Ocho will be able to withstand much more from the former VCW Champion.

Smith reaches down, lifting Leyenda de Ocho up by his head and left arm.

Ace: Leyenda de Ocho now back on his feet. Lew Smith follows up with a series of knife edge chops to his already glowing chest.

Smith strikes again, this time Leyenda de Ocho moves slightly to the side, catching his arm and using his own momentum, to drag Lew Smith over. The fans cheer wildly.

Blackfront: Leyenda de Ocho with an arm drag, trying to regain some control.

Lew rolls over and pops up as quickly as he was taken down. He burst forward and into yet another arm drag by the waiting Leyenda de Ocho.

Blackfront: Another arm drag. Leyenda de Ocho now starting to build an offense. Can he turn this around?

Both men get up. Ocho quickly shoots forward with a kick of his own.

Ace: Lew Smith catches the foot of Leyenda de Ocho. It was a good tr... Ocho turns it into an Enziguri!

As his foot connects with the side of Lew Smith's head, Smith lets go and falls to the side, hitting the canvas.

Blackfront: Spot on kick by Leyenda de Ocho who may have changed the tides here.

Ocho runs toward the ropes. As he gets closer, Uncle Rocky shoots up, grabbing the top rope yet again, and pulling down. Ocho flies right over the top, slamming down to the floor out side.


Blackfront: Uncle Rocky making up for earlier by earning the first elimination of the match as we get ready for the next entrant her ein the All or Nothing Match.



Blackfront: Uncle Rocky now yanking Joshua Jones up by his head.

He drags him across the ring toward the corner. Once he has Jones in the corner, Rocky throws his foot up into Joshua's throat, holding the top rope for leverage.





Without notice the arena becomes a party of flashing strobes and moving spotlights of many colors. The stage lights up from underneath as the video screen goes through an inspirational montage of sweet cars, flying dollar bills, fat booties bouncing. The PA ratchets up with a scientific sounding noise that reaches the apex as KING replaces the bouncing booties. All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled kicks on over the airwaves.

Ace: Good God! What’s happening to my ears!?

Blackfront: It's our next entrant! Pin Smith, who earned his shot to be in this match just a little while ago.

Pin Smith, dancing around on the stage from side to side, engages the crowd like he always does. Throwing his hand up, as the song indicates, and bouncing up and down, also indicated by the song. The Real Deal starts toward the ring with a beaming smile on his face, taking the time to slaps hands and receive the welcoming wishes from wrestling’s greatest fans.

Blackfront: Inside the ring here, Uncle Rocky with a massive chop across the chest of Joshua Jones whom is still in the corner. Lew Smith grabbing the shoulder of Rocky, turns him around.

Lew slams an elbow into the forehead of uncle Rocky, causing him to stumble backward, landing on Joshua Jones. Lew Smith looks back and runs toward the center of the ring. Once he gets there, he stops, and turns.

Blackfront: Smith takes off... he leaps.. BIG SPLASH!

Lew comes down hard across Uncle Rocky who crushes even more into Joshua Jones. As he backs away, both men come forward and fall to the canvas.


Blackfront: Lew Smith taking out two men at once with that splash.

Pin Smith slides in under the bottom rope.

Blackfront: Pin Smith now in the ring here.

Ace: The two Smiths!

Blackfront: No relation of course.

Pin moves in quick with a big boot attempt but misses Lew Smith completely as he ducks. Pin Smith charges Lew Smith again and is sent to the canvas with an arm drag takedown.

Blackfront: Arm drag takedown sends Pin to the canvas.

Pin Smith snaps back up. Lew Smith now lands some hard lefts pushing Pin in the corner. Working his mid section with combinations.

Blackfront: Lew Smith taking it to Pin.

Pin tosses Lew into the corner. He throws Lew’s arms behind the top rope.

Ace: Knife Edge Chops! I love those!

Pin begins taking lew to town with the knife edge chops. Pausing in between.

Blackfront: Pin lands a head butt on Lew chasing him from the corner.

Lew Smith walks towards the ropes leaning his body across the top rope as he walks. Pin sends Lew into the ropes and across the ring. Lew comes back at Pin and flips around putting his legs around the waist of Pin. Pin raises Smith up and slams him face first to the canvas.

Blackfront: Big time reversal by Pin Smith!

Ace: That's how you bring it right there!

Pin goes on the attack kicking at the knees of Lew Smith. Pin picks up the right leg of Lew Smith and smashes it into the canvas.

Ace: Smart move. Take Smith’s legs out of the equation and he can't use them.

Pin smashes the same leg into the canvas again.

Blackfront: Still working that leg of Lew Smith.

Pin grabs one of Smith’s legs and locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab.

Blackfront: Smith is in the middle of the ring. No where to go.

Ace: Well, this is just stupid. he can't submit. You have to throw him over the top rope to win!

Lew Smith slams his hands on the canvas in pain. Pin Smith leans back further putting even more strain on the lower back of Lew Smith.




Blackfront: I'm not sure how much pain Lew Smith can continue to take. Pin Smith not letting go!

Uncle Rocky can be seen laying on the canvas and digging into his singlet.

Ace: What is that idiot doing?



Rocky begins to push up.


The lights go out in the arena, as Lindsey Sterling's Crystallize begins to filter through the PA system. A bright white light cuts through the darkness, illuminating the entrance. As the song continues, a white cloud rises ominously from the stage, and as it lifts, it reveals the man called simply Paladin.The lights come back up as he begins down the ramp.

Blackfront: Rocky to his feet, he's got what looks to eb brass knucks on his hand!

As Pin Smith leans back and lew Smith screams in pain, Uncle Rocky comes forward, slamming the knucks into the back of Pin's head. He lets go and is jolted forward, stumbling before falling to the canvas.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky with those brass knuckles to the back of Pin Smith's head!

He begins to shove them back down into his singlet. Once he removes his hand, he looks out to the booing fans and ask What did I do?! Shrugging it off, Rocky turns around to see Paladin standing right behind him. Full of surprise he stumbles backward.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky wasn't expecting to see Paladin.

Ace: I was hoping we wouldn't.

Blackfront: Paladin right a big right, rocking the side of uncle Rocky's head. Another.. Another... Uncle Rocky is reeling now.

Paladin pushes him into the ropes, using them to shoot him forward where Joshua Jones has now gotten up. Jones bends down, and grabs Rocky, lifting him up and over.

Blackfront: Right into the grasp of Joshua Jones... back body drop!

Paladin comes forward, grabbing the arm of Joshua Jones. He pulls back, whipping him across the ring.

Blackfront: Paladin sends Joshua Jones across the ring. Off of the rope and on the return... leap frog. Off the ropes again... Paladin catches Jones with arm drag.

Both men quickly roll over and get to their feet. Joshua charges Paladin again.

Blackfront: Paladin with another arm drag taking Jones over. Both men quickly back up. Jones forward, leaps up.. legs around the neck of Paladin... standing hurricarrana!

As Paladin hits the canvas back first, he rolls up to his feet, leaps to the nearby ropes, and springboards back, elbow out, which catches Joshua as het gets to his feet.

Blackfront: Paladin out of the hurricarrana into a springboard elbow smash! What agility!

Joshua rolls back and to his knees, rubbing his chin as Paladin spins around into an offensive stance.

Blackfront: The fans are on their feet for these two already, live, on pay per view!

Joshua stands up and nods toward Paladin, before both men begin to circle.

Blackfront: Show of respect by Jones as we get ready to continue.

They lock up.

Blackfront: Locking up. Joshua pushing back and taking control. Jones rolls around Paladin. Belly to back.

Paladin stomps the foot of Jones.

Blackfront: Paladin, rolls around, now behind Jones.

Paladin drops to his knee, grabs the leg of Joshua Jones and raises back up, yanking Joshua's leg so he falls to his hands on the canvas as Paladin stands up.

Blackfront: Ankle Lock!

Ace: These idiots and their submission moves! THROW HIM OVER THE DAMN ROPES!




Uncle Rocky begins to push up as does Lew Smith. Pin Smith continues to lay, holding his head as Paladin wretches the ankle of Joshua Jones.







Suddenly the lights go out in the arena and turn a shade of blood red as Out of My Way by Seether begins to play over the loudspeakers. Brandy Sutton walks out and stands closing her eyes clenching her fists as the lights return.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton the first woman in this match tonight at number seven.

Paladin lets go of Joshua's ankle and heads over to Uncle Rocky who is now fully up.

Blackfront: Paladin now rocking Rocky with those fist.

Lew tries to take a step, but crumbles as his leg can't keep him up.

Blackfront: Lew Smith still feeling the effects of that injured leg. Paladin grabs the back of Uncle Rocky's head, he shoots him forward into.. over the top rope!

As Paladin sends Rocky over and turns back to the match, he misses Uncle Rocky grabbing the ropes and rolling back in under the bottom. As he gets up he runs forward, throws his arm around Paladin's neck and bends forward pulling Paladin onto his own back before dropping to his knees.

Blackfront: Inverted headlock back breaker by Uncle Rocky!

The fans boo Rocky. Brandy Sutton rolls into the ring. As she stands up, Uncle Rocky gets up and runs forward, arm out, slamming into her chest and sending her over the top rope.


Ace: That was great!

Sutton slaps the floor ont he outside of the ring as Uncle Rocky points and laughs at her from inside. He turns and heads over to lew Smith, pulling him up.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky now lifting Lew Smith to his feet.

Ace: This could be a clean sweep for uncle Rocky! At least until Dynasty gets here!

Rocky places Lew's upper body over the top rope and grabs his feet, lifting. lew grabs the top rope and holds onto it with all his might, trying to fight Rocky off.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky looking to eliminate Lew Smith now. Here comes Joshua Jones!

Joshua charges Uncle Rocky causing him to let go of Lew Smith.

Blackfront: Jones with a flurry of fist to Uncle Rocky.

Lew Smith holds the top rope, trying to keep himself up as his legs are weak. In the opposite corner, pin Smith uses the ropes to begin getting up himself.

Blackfront: Paladin right rights and lefts into the midsection of Uncle Rcoky who is backed into the corner. Joshua Jones now joining him. Both men teaming up on Uncle Rocky.

Ace: Isn't it every man for himself?

Blackfront: Temporary alliances can happen.

Pin Smith heads forward yelling at the two. They look back, see him begging for Rocky. They nod and both grab an arm of Uncle Rocky before yanking back and sending him out of the corner.

Blackfront: Uncle Rocky sent out of the corner. Pin Smith comes forward... BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Uncle Rocky goes down!

Pin drops to a knee, grabbing Rocky's head and begins to punch him in the face.

Blackfront: Pin Smith extracting revenge for those brass knuckles to the back of his head earlier.




Paladin and Joshua Jones head over and begin stomping Uncle Rocky as Pin Smith begins to get up.

Ace: I guess Uncle Rocky has no good friends in this match!

Blackfront: He did this to himself! Brass knuckles! Game Boys! Uncle Rocky has had this coming!






Got up this morning by Sage Francis begins to play and the fans get on their feet.

Blackfront: Oh.. it can't be! Is it?! Is it?! IT IS!

Log Habben steps out to the stage and the arena explodes


Ace: Who cares about this idiot?

Blackfront: Apparently the fans do!

Log begins down the ramp and toward the ring.

Blackfront: The number eight participant in the two thousand and fifteen All or Nothing match is Log Habben!

Log slides into the ring and comes forward, instantly attacking Paladin. After a few hard shots, he moves over and slams his fist into Joshua Jones, then finishes with a couple of hard shots to Pin Smith. All three men hit the canvas.

Blackfront: Log Habben taking names and kicking asses!

Log throws one arm up and screams to the fans, LOG HABBENS! They cheer along with him. He stomps toward lew Smith who is still trying to just stay up near the ropes.

Blackfront: Log Habben now with a couple shots to Lew Smith.

He bends down and grabs Lew's legs, beginning to lift him.

Blackfront: Log Habben looking to eliminate Lew Smith.

Uncle Rocky crawls slowly across the ring. He begins to push up.

Ace: Uncle Rocky is still in this!

Pin Smith, Joshua Jones, and Paladin all each begin to get to their feet as well.

Blackfront: Eight people have entered this match, and six still remain. It can be anybody's match.

Lew continues to fight Log, coming forward with a punch that causes him to lose his grip.

Blackfront: Lew Smith safe for now as this match continues.

Log grabs his forehead and stumbles back as Lew watches him. Lew looks forward to see Uncle Rocky running toward him. Smith bends down and grabs Uncle Rocky, sending him up and over, and tumbling to the floor.


Ace: Is this the Twilight Zone or something?!

Lew drops to a knee, still unable to stand on his own accord. Paladin and Pin Smith fight in one corner as Joshua Jones takes Log Habben to another.

Blackfront: Five men remain as the ninth entrant is due to arrive at any moment. Still another thirty one after him or her.



Ace: What was Jiles thinking when he made this a forty person match? This is insanity!




Lew Smith pulls himself up again, limping over and joining Joshua Jones as they exchange blows with Log Habben




A slow drum beat begins from the PA system, repeating itself as the crowd dies down to hear it. The Utatron flickers into life, fading in with the image of a hill, cloudy blue skies above and a large steel Claymore sword buried into the grassy surface. A Scottish flag sits behind it, the wooden pole deep in the soil as well, waving effortlessly in the wind.

And suddenly, the sound of the rich violin bursts into the silence, playing its quick repeating verse as Promentory by Trevor Jones begins to play.

As the violin repeats itself, from the back slowly steps the figure of Lamond Alexander Robertson, a bright smile on his face as he taps his foot to the music. Coming onto the stage, Robertson turns slowly, taking in the lights, the rafters and shear production value of the show, arms outstretched in the moment as he turns back to face the ring and the crowd.

Blackfront: Lamond Alexander Robertson is the ninth man!

Ace: This guy here has really good odds in Vegas of leaving as a champion after Dynasty. But his early entry worries me.

Blackfront: Robertson now wasting no time as he heads toward the ring!

Robertson slides into the ring.

Blackfront: Lamond Robertson heading over and pulling Lew Smith away from Habben. Robertson grabs the back of his head... SMITH OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH FORCE!

Ace: The strength!

Blackfront: Robertson now grabs Joshua Jones.. lifts... SPINEBUSTER!

Ace: Yes!

Log Habben comes out of the corner toward Lamond, who catches him, spins Log around, and shoots him over the top rope, crashing to the floor outside.

Blackfront: Log Habben has been eliminated!

Out of the other corner Paladin charges Robertson.

Blackfront: Paladin on the move, Lamond catches him.. POWER SLAM!


Blackfront: Lamond back to his feet. He runs... leaps up, knee to the gut of Pin Smith in the corner!

As he steps back and pin stumbles forward, Lamond grabs the back of Pin Smith's head and swings him around, throwing him over the top rope.

Blackfront: PIN SMITH IS GONE!





Lamond grabs Paladin by the head lifting him up.

Blackfront: Lamond Alexander Robertson looking to clear the ring.

Ace: He could really make it all the way if he keeps this up! This is great Jason!





Emily Koresh doesn't even wait for her music as she burst down the ramp.

Blackfront: Number ten, Emily Koresh!

Ace: the UTA's queen of extreme!

LAR holds Paladin in the ropes, trying to lift him over as Emily slides in.

Blackfront: Koresh quickly leaping on the back of Joshua Jones as he tries to get to his feet.

Ace: Watch out, she's a biter.

Joshua reaches back, securing Emily's neck as he stumbles over to the ropes. Leaning into them, he uses his strength to flip her over his shoulder and out of the ring, crashing to the floor.

Blackfront: Emily Koresh is gone! Joshua Jones still in this after entering in at number two.

Ace: So far the women are not having any luck staying in this one.

Blackfront: Jones grabs the shoulder of Robertson, turning him around. Big right hand.

Paladin comes forward slamming a forearm into the back of Lamond. Robertson pushes Joshua away from him. He comes back with an elbow into the face of Paladin.

Blackfront: Lamond Robertson fighting back as only three remain.

LAR comes forward, hitting Joshua Jones with a big clothesline. He leaps throwing his arms out and letting out a loud war cry. As he turns, Paladin comes forward, raising his arm and catching Lamond with a European uppercut. He stumbles back, leaning on the ropes.

Blackfront: Paladin slowing Lamond down.



Blackfront: We get ready for the next person to join this match as one fourth of it is over already.









The big screen goes black. In #97Red the word BEST flies in and begins to flicker. The High Octane Wrestling logo burst through and begins to spin before exploding to reveal the name... MIKE BEST.


Ace: The rumors were true!

Red pryos begin to fire. We can see a shadow emerge through the smoke. As he steps into view, we see him.

Ace: Wait.. what the....?

Blackfront: It's.. it's... a...

Ace: It's a midget! Midget Mike Best is here!

Blackfront: I believe they like the term Little people Tommy.

Ace: What a let down!

Midget Mike Best makes his way down the ramp, mimicking Mike Best's mannerisms. Inside of the ring Paladin is trying to eliminate Lamond Alexander Robertson still. Joshua Jones pushes himself up.

Blackfront: Lamond Alexander Robertson with a shot that sends Paladin back, saving himself from elimination.

Midget Bike Best walks up the steps and the fans boo as he raises his arms up before entering the ring.

Ace: Sure took him long enough to get to the ring.

Blackfront: Mike Best... errr... the... umm..

Ace: Midget Jason. He's a midget. Midget Mike Best is in the ring now is what I think Jason was trying to say.

Paladin steps forward. Midget Mike Best reaches up and taps him. As Paladin spins around, Best stays behind him. Paladin looks around, not seeing anyone. he grabs the top rope and looks over it to see if the perpetrator is there. As he does, Midget Mike Best runs forward, and grabs his legs, using him leaning on the ropes for leverage to slip Paladin up and over.


Ace: Midget Mike Best has eliminated Paladin!

Blackfront: Where down to Best, Jones, and Robertson!

Ace: look! Midget Mike Best with a shot to Joshua Jones' crotch! HA!

Joshua grabs his groin and drops to his knees. Midget Mike Best runs back, hitting the ropes.

Blackfront: Best on the return, rising knee to the face of Joshua Jones!

Ace: I love this! Mike Best is in the UTA!

Blackfront: Not quite Tommy.




Lamond Robertson grabs Midget Mike Best. Best pulls away and comes forward with a head butt into the crotch of Robertson.

Ace: That's the BEST move ever!

Lamond stumbles forward, holding his arm down across his groin while using his other to hold the top rope as he steps forward.






AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap begins to play. The fans leap to their feet as High Octane Wrestling's John Sektor steps out.

Blackfront: The Gold Standard! The Gold Standard! John Sektor!

Ace: Mr. Mustache!

Blackfront: John Sektor is set to face the real mike Best in a last man standing match on March tenth at High octane Wrestling's March to Glory in Mexico City. But tonight, he is here at All or Nothing!

Sektor points to the ring at Midget Mike Best who is yelling for him to bring it. The fans go crazy as John Sektor takes off down the ramp.

Blackfront: Sektor slides into the ring and attacks the mini version of Mike Best!

Ace: The midget.

Blackfront: You are disgustingly rude Tommy.

John slams his fist down into Midget Mike Best's head several times before grabbing his neck, and bending down to hook into his trunks.

Blackfront: John Sektor lifts Best...

He steps back toward the ropes, and drops Midget mike Best over the top rope, letting him fall to the floor.

Blackfront: Sektor eliminates Best with a suplex over the top rope!

The fans go insane.

Blackfront: I can not believe my eyes. John Sektor in a UTA ring!

Ace: He wont be able to do that to the real mike best at march to Glory! I'll tell you that much!

Blackfront: John Sektor now with a forearm to the back of Lamond Alexander Robertson as this match continues.

He turns Lamond around and hits him with a right.

Blackfront: Lamond Robertson returns the favor with his own right. Sektor with another.

He quickly grabs Lamond from the front, and lifts while leaning back.

Blackfront: John Sektor with a belly to back suplex!

As he rolls over and gets up, John Sektor turns just in time to see Joshua Jones run forward and leap.

Blackfront: Drop kick by Jones! John Sektor meets the canvas.

Jones quickly gets to his feet and runs toward the corner, beginning to climb. Lamond Alexander Robertson begins to push up to his feet.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones going up top now, which may be a mistake as Robertson is now on his feet.

Lamond heads over toward Jones who kicks him in the face as he approaches. Robertson grabs his face and turns as he stumbles away from the corner. Joshua leaps, grabbing Lamond's head as he comes forward.


The fans go crazy.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones has been in this since the beginning. You know he has to be tired.





Jones rolls over and gets to his feet. Robertson begins to push up as well.




Blackfront: Lamond and Sektor on their feet as this match continues.


The lights go out in the arena as Knife by Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip blares out over the PA System. Lights flash black and white as Kendrix emerges from the back and begins down the ramp.

Blackfront: Kendrix on his way to the ring now. This young man has been quite impressive since coming into the UTA.

Ace: He sure has. I'm quickly becoming a Kendrix fan.

Blackfront: Robertson charges Jones with a spear. JOSHUA MOVES!

Lamond Alexander Robertson slams should first between the turnbuckles and into the post.

Blackfront: Jones grabs Lamond Alexander Robertson from behind... belly to back suplex!

Kendrix rolls into the ring. As he does, he comes behind Joshua Jones locking him into a side head lock.

Blackfront: Kendrix quickly taking control.

Kendrix shoves Jones into the ropes following with an Irish whip.

Blackfront: Kendrix misses the lariat. Jones into the ropes again.

As Jones rebounds, Kendrix dips his head and Jones goes for the boot to the chest only to have his foot caught by Kendrix.

Blackfront: Kendrix catches Joshua's foot.

Kendrix looks proud of himself as he holds that right boot and the fans are giving him heat for being arrogant.

Blackfront: Kendrix is really coming into his own as the fans are throwing hate his way due to being overconfident.

Suddenly, Jones leaps into the air for a back flip, and kicks Kendrix in the chin with the left foot as it passes by. The crowd erupts.

Blackfront: Jones catching Kendrix off guard!

Ace: Was that even legal?

Blackfront: It sure was! Now Jones has Kendrix reeling!

Kendrix rubs his chin and looks angry. He takes off to rush Jones, who answers with a perfectly timed drop kick, sending Kendrix to the canvas.

Blackfront:  Drop kick!  What elevation from Jones on that move!

Kendrix again to his feet quickly, but just in time to get hit by a rolling koppo kick to the head, sending him tumbling to the canvas again.

Blackfront:  Jones is on a roll!  He has total control.

Ace: Where is this burst of energy coming from?!

Jones heads over and he pulls Kendrix up, grabbing him around the waist and lifting for a textbook belly-to-belly suplex.

Blackfront: Jones doing whatever he wants now!  That suplex looked almost perfect!




Joshua looks at the crowd with a smile and runs toward his downed opponent, leaping into the air for a running shooting star press that lands with precision.

Blackfront: He hits a running shooting star press!









The sounds of Sexy Boy by Air causes some murmur amongst the UTA crowd in attendance.. The screen plays a series of images of a male silhouette posing in various angles in front of a camera. Before long, the confusion from the fans begin to settle down as none other than ‘Romeo’ Ruster Reno casually steps out from behind the curtains. A  grin spread across his face as he re-enacts the same poses from the big screen above.

Ace: Here he is. The former Model of the Year!

Blackfoot: Making his in ring debut tonight, Ruster Reno looking to take it all home.

Reno takes his time as he makes his way down the ramp, taking every opportunity possible to acknowledge a female member in the crowd. He pauses a few times to taunt some of the male fans, pointing at his abs as he does so.

Blackfront: Inside the ring Joshua Jones trying to eliminate Lamond Alexander Robertson.

He tries to lift Robertson over the top rope, but he holds tight with his good arm. Kendrix rolls over and begins to push himself up as Ruster Reno walks up the steps, across the apron, and then enters the ring.

Blackfront: Reno attacking Joshua Jones.

Ace: Go for the weakest link. I can dig that.

Blackfront: Weakest link? Joshua Jones has survived twenty five minutes of this match so far.

He grabs the arm of Joshua Jones, twisting it back behind him.

Blackfront: Wrist lock by Reno.

Jones lifts his arm up and twist around, bringing his right hand forward, hitting Reno who lets go. However, Joshua grabs his wrist and pulls him forward into a rising knee. Joshua steps back a step and comes forward, leaping up and over Ruster Reno grabbing his waist as he does.

Blackfront: Sunset flip by Joshua Jones... Reno rolls through and up to his feet. Jones up now as well. Jones runs, Reno drops... Fireman's carry into an arm bar by Ruster Reno!

Ace: What do you know?! This guy can wrestle!

Blackfront: Sure seems like he can!

Ruster applies more pressure. Joshua Jones lets out a yelp as Ruster continues to hold him. Lamond Alexander Robertson heads over and as Ruster Reno holds Joshua Jones, he brings a boot down to his midsection.



Lamond Robertson and Ruster Reno working together as Roberston brings those boots down to Jones who has nowhere to go. Kendrix, who is now up, heads over and from behind throws his arm around the neck and head of Ruster Reno, pulling back. As Ruster lets go of Joshua, Kendrix throws an arm up under his.

Blackfront: Kendrix with a sleeper hold on Ruster Reno!



Lamond Robertson grabs Joshua Jones and begins to pull him up. As he rises, Jones comes forward with a fist to the gut of Robertson.



Blackfront: Who is next?

Ace: We're about to find out!

Doomsday Jesus by Black Label Society begins to play and the fans go nuts.

Blackfront: Is it really him?! IT IS!

Frank Dylan James stomps out from the back of the curtain, chair in hand. He holds the chair up high to the fans and keeps it there as he stomps down the ramp like a crazy man.

Blackfront: Frank Dylan James is here!

Ace: And he has a chair!

The referees quickly swarm, trying to stop FDJ from moving forward with the chair. However, they all leap back as he swings the chair wildly. He continues to swing it, hitting the guardrail as he continues on to the ring. James throws the chair up and over into the ring where it hits the back of Kendrix's head, causing him to release Reno.

Blackfront: Frank Dylan James in the ring now!

He stomps over picking the chair up.

Blackfront: Someone needs to get that chair away from him!

He begins to swing it at anyone who moves. Everyone tries to stay out of his way.

Blackfront: Lamond Alexander Robertson charges Frank Dylan James...


The chair comes down across LAR's head, sending him to the canvas instantly.


FDJ lifts the chair bringing it down across Kendrix who is still out of it a bit from being hit by the chair when it flew in.

Blackfront: It is anarchy!

Ace: Like only Frank Dylan James can bring!

Joshua Jones gets to his feet. FDJ lifts the chair up and runs forward. Joshua Jones leaps up and spins.


The chair slams back hitting FDJ in the face. He stumbles back and into the ropes. Joshua Jones runs back hitting the ropes. As he returns he leaps up.




Ace: Joshua Jones may have just saved this match for everyone in it!

Blackfront: We still have five in this as this match cont.. wait, where is John Sektor?

Ace: you know, I have not seen him in a while.

Blackfront: Was he eliminated?

Ace: No. Where is he?

Then it's reveled. We see Sektor crawl out from under the apron. he watches Joshua Jones inside the ring who makes sure Frank Dylan James doesn't head back in.

Blackfront: He was hiding under the ring!



Sektor slides in and quickly gets to his feet. He runs toward Joshua Jones, grabbing his legs from behind and lifting. Joshua Jones goes up and over the top rope as Sektor turns. Jones comes down, grabbing the ropes and keeping his feet barely from touching the floor. He pulls himself back up and over.

Blackfront: Skin the cat by Jones!



Change (House of Flies) by The Deftones plays as the fans are booing as Marie Van Claudio begins down the ramp from the back.

Blackfront: The first lady of the UTA is here!

Joshua Jones turns John Sektor around and kicks him in the gut.

Blackfront: Jones grabbing the back of John Sektor's head... he throws him over the top rope! John Sektor is eliminated!

Marie Van Claudio gets into the ring joining Joshua Jones, Lamond Alexander Robertson, Kendrix, and Ruster Reno.

Blackfront: At number sixteen, Marie Van Claudio is one of five superstars left in this match. eleven others no longer with us.

Ace: Jeez Jason. you make it sound like they are dead.

Ruster Reno begins to stomp Lamond Alexander Robertson who is on his hands and knees as Joshua Jones heads over to them. Kendrix runs at MVC who side steps him.

Blackfront: Claudio with the side step. Kendrix into the ropes, MVC runs after him... MARIE FAN CLAUDIO ELIMINATES KENDRIX WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

Ruster Reno turns from LAR as Joshua Jones continues to work him. He walks over and slaps Marie on the bottom. She turns with a full force slap across his face.

Blackfront: MVC not liking Ruster Reno's attempt to be sly.

Ruster holds his check and smiles, blowing a kiss at Marie Van Claudio. She is enraged and comes forward, raising a knee up into his groin.

Ace: Ruster Reno just went down quicker then Jade Justice in the locker room!

Marie Van Claudio grabs Ruster's head as he sits on his knees holding himself, and brings her knee into his face. As he collapses to the canvas she stands over him pointing down and yelling.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio now stepping on the crotch of Ruster Reno, grinding her foot.

He begins to scream. She lifts her foot and brings it down hard.

Ace: Oh, this is hard to watch!




Blackfront: Marie Van Caludio trying to lift Ruster to his feet.

She struggles a bit, but is able to get him up. Turning Ruster around, she pushes him toward the ropes. He grabs onto the top to stop himself, and comes back with an elbow to her face. The fans instantly boo louder than they have the entire night.

Blackfront: Direct contact to Marie's face by Reno. That is uncalled for.

Ace: uncalled for?! She is a superstar. That is what happens. Did you not see how she viciously attacked him?!

Reno grabs Marie's hair, and yanks her up and over by it to the canvas. The fans continue to boo loudly. Joshua Jones heads over and begins to punch Ruster with a series of closed fist.


The lights go out completely.

Blackfront: What's this?!

As they resume, Nigma is in the ring.

Blackfront: It's Nigma! It's Nigma!

Ace: You say that like anyone cares.

The camera cuts to show Travis 16 sweeping with a huge broom from behind the curtain. He begins to get the edges of the stage.

Ace: Hey idiot! We're trying to have a show here!

Inside the ring Joshua Jones is stomping Ruster Reno who is now in the corner. Nigma grabs Lamond Alexander Robertson and lifts him to his feet.

Blackfront: Robertson brings his arms up knocking Nigma's away. Big right hand, now he grabs his head... NIGMA IS THROWN OUT!

Ace: As quickly as he came, he is gone!

Marie Van Claudio uses the ropes to begin to pull herself up. As she turns, Lamond Alexander Robertson comes forward with a clothesline, sending her up and over the top rope.


Lamond Alexander Robertson lets out another war cry as he runs forward, throwing a boot up that connects with the face of Joshua Jones.

Blackfront: Robertson is a man possessed! He yanks Ruster Reno to his feet.

Lamond throws Ruster with force into and over the top rope.

Blackfront: RENO IS GONE! There are only two men left!

Ace: Yea, but we are about to have the eighteenth superstar enter!





LAR moves over and grabs Joshua Jones' head, pulling him up.






The arena lights dim as Thunder Underground by Ozzy Osbourne fills the arena. A few seconds later, Mr. Fantastic emerges onto the stage. He slowly surveys the crowd, looking left and right, nodding his head and offering a confident smirk in recognition of their response.

Blackfront: Mr. Fantastic on his way to the ring now.

Ace: Ugh! Why is he still here?! Go wherever Spectre did!

Lamond boots Joshua in the gut as he is heald up by the turnbuckles. He then grabs Joshua's head, and yanks back, flipping him up and over, crashing to the canvas. Fantastic rolls into the ring and gets up quickly as lamond turns.

Blackfront: And we're off... Fantastic goes for the leg.
Robertson on the canvas after a hard takedown from Mr Fantastic. Fantastic quickly executes an armbar.
Blackfront: Fantastic lets go of Robertson. Back on his feet.
Ace: Fantastic looks like he's going to hit the ropes, Jason.
Fantastic stands with his knees bent a few feet behind Robertson. Lamond pulls himself up to his feet by using the ring ropes. Mr. Fantastic hits the ropes and comes back at his opponent.
Ace: Robertson with the scoop slam out of nowhere.
Blackfront: Robertson wasting now, grabs the arm of Mr. Fantastic, holding it tight.
Robertson has Fantastic in the middle of the ring. Robertson pulls back on Mr. Fantastifcs arm, continuing the lock on the shoulder. Robertson gets pleasure from hearing the boos.
Ace: Robertson, smartly has Fantastic in the middle of the ring. Do as much damage as possible then get him to the ropes.
Fantastic slowly begins to get up to his feet. Robertson puts a stop to it and smashes his forearm and elbow down on Mr. Fantastic's back and shoulders.
Blackfront: Mr. Fantastic unable to get up.



Robertson lands a boot to the back of Mr. Fantastic's head. Robertson wraps his arms around Fantastic's waist. In doing do so he tries to German Suplex Fantastic but he blocks the attempt.
Blackfront: Fantastic blocks an attempt at a German Suplex. Fantastic now breaks Robertson's grip.
Fantastic takes Robertson's arm and he turns it over. He goes behind his opponent and secures a hammerlock. He pulls up on the wrist causing Robertson to slap at his arm to alleviate the pain. Robertson brings both men over to the ropes and grabs the top rope and holds it.






What ya Life Like by Beanie Sigel begins to play. The eerie sounds of a prison door closing welcomes the sinister horns as Apollo Cain bursts through the curtain. The fans get on their feet.


He jolts down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Blackfront: The Black Hulk to his feet. he grabs Lamond, now rocking him with those big right hands. Apollo Cain is back!

Apollo lifts Lamond up on his shoulders, dumping him ver the top rope and down to the floor.


Mr. Fantastic comes over and brings a forearm across the shoulder of Apollo.

Blackfront: Another forearm by the hall of famer. He grabs the arm of Apollo... Cain sent running into the corner.

He hits it hard, jolting forward. Fantastic follows up with a  clothesline.

Blackfront: Mr. Fantastic with a clothesline, taking Apollo Cain down.

Fantastic holds the top rope and begins to stomp Apollo. Joshua Jones comes from behind, turning him around.

Blackfront: Jones now with a heavy right... Another...



Blackfront: Fantastic fights back. Side knee to the midsection of Joshua Jones. Fantastic grabs his head, pulling back and sending Joshua to the canvas.







Gold Medal Tha Trademarc  begins to play and the fans go crazy.

Blackfront: Ron Hall is here! It's Ron Hall!

Ron Hall comes out, throwing his arms up and taking it in. He points at the ring and begins to head down. As he does, Travis 16 sweeps up toward him. Hall tries to pass, but Travis moves to the right, then they repeat to the left.

Ace: Get that idiot out of here!

Ron stops and yells at Travis who screams back I'm just trying to do my job! Hall waves him off and begins around him. Travis sticks the broom out, causing it to hit Ron's shins. Hall turns around and clocks him with a right. The fans go crazy. Ron looks down at Travis 16 who is sitting on the ramp looking up before he turns to start back down.

Blackfront: Travis 16 knocked down by Hall... he's getting to his feet!

Travis 16 runs behind Ron with the broom. He stops and swings, cracking it across Ron's back. Ron goes to a knee as Travis 16 gets behind him, bringing the broom from behind across his throat and yanking back. The fans boo.

Ace: This fool is deranged!

He screams as he pulls back. Officials and agents run from the back, trying to get Travis 16 to release Hal. Inside the ring, Mr. Fantastic, Joshua Jones, and Apollo Cain continue to exchange punches.

Blackfront: It appears they have gotten Travis 16 away from Ron Hall, but the damage may be done already!

Hall on his hands and knees holds his throat as the officials pulls Travis 16 back, kicking and screaming He hit me first! he hit me first!

Blackfront: Ron Hall attacked before even making it to the ring.

Ace: By the damn janitor!

Hall is helped up. The officials check on him. He waves them off saying he is fine and takes a step toward the ring. But then he stops, turns and runs up the ramp. The fans go crazy as he leaps up and through the crowd of Zebras to land a punch on Travis 16.






Hall disappears into the back with the group of officials and Travis 16. Inside the ring, Apollo Cain lifts Mr. Fantastic up, throwing him over the top rope.






The snappy drum solo from Clap Your Hands by They Might Be Giants starts playing.


Robot Pete leaps out from behind the curtain, and immediately shoots sparklers from his antenna! This is answered by by a kaleidoscope of colorful pyros that spit huge clouds of rainbow confetti all over the entrance ramp.

Blackfront: Robot Pete is the next entrant!


He starts stepping rhythmically towards the squared circle, amidst a chorus of BOOs. Robot Pete pulls a banana out of his chest compartment and tries to give it to a child in the audience, but a concerned parent quickly pulls the child away.


Ace: It must be amateur hour now!

In the ring, Apollo Cain stretches Joshua Jones' arms as he sits on the canvas.

Blackfront: Apollo Cain working the arms of Joshua Jones now, placing his knee into his back and applying pressure.

Robot Pete heads up the steps and enters the ring. he walks over in front of Joshua Jones and Cain, waving big toward them as his monitor displays HELLO FRIENDS! Apollo releases Joshua, pushing him down to the side and standing up. Jones holds his arms in pain.

Blackfront: Apollo Cain walking up to Robot Pete.

Cain looks at Pete and smirks. Pete's monitor changes to say You sure are black! It quickly changes to say AUTOCORRECTING before landing on You sure are big! Apollo, taken about, screams WHAT THE [CENSORED] DI YOU JUST SAY?!

Blackfront: Apollo Cain shoves Robot Pete back. Pete comes forward with a clothesline. Cain ducks.. lifting up, with Robot Pete on his shoulders! WHAT STRENGTH! I don't think anyone has ever lifted Robot Pete up! HE SLAMS HIM DOWN!

Apollo yells down at Robot Pete angrily before going down and grabbing his monitor, trying to pull it off with all of his power.

Blackfront: Cain is livid! trying to rip the head off of Robot Pete!

Ace: It's a damn helmet! It's a guy in there!

Cain brings a forearm down across Pete's chest before begin ing to pull more. Robot Pete kicks and tries to grab at Apollo's hands. Cain screams as he yanks back, finally ripping the monitor off. Latches and other various parts fly as he falls back.


Ace: Helmet.

Cain gets up, and slams the monitor down with all of his force over the ropes and to the ground. It cracks, parts flying everywhere. The crowd is stunned as they see a man with burns all over his face trying to cover up.

Blackfront: My lord... Pete has been exposed.

Apollo reaches down, violently grabbing Robot Pete's head and sending him hard over the top rope, and down to the floor. Pete's head hits the broken monitor instantly causing a gash in his forehead. Apollo holds onto the top rope and screams at Pete from inside the ring.

Blackfront: Apollo Cain has eliminated Robot Pete!

Joshua Jones runs behind Cain, grabbing his legs and lifting up, sending Cain up and over.


Ace: For now.







Jones rest in the corner, waiting for the next person.






Huge cocking noise is heard followed by a shotgun blast booms over the arena....

"Shock N Rolla..."

"Here 2 Show Ya..."

"Cocked Back... And.. Loaded!"

"Chance Von Crank"

His music can be heard as The Trailer Park Prodigy and his half self emerge from behind the curtain. Everyone in the arena immediately begins to boo, and a CVC Sucks! chant breaks out throughout the crowd.

Crank turns ever so often to each side of the crowd, simulating masturbation out in front of his body and his famous Aw Ski Ski after a few simulated strokes, signaling he`s finished.

Blackfront: It's Chance Von Crank!!!

Ace: And he's still hated as much as ever!

He slides through the ropes as he reaches the top of the steps, throwing his "Trailer Park Prodigy" shirt into the crowd just to have it tossed back at Chance who is now heading for the turnbuckle, climbs up holding his arms high amongst all the boo's and Screw You CVC! chants.  He leaps back to the canvas.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank and Joshua Jones are about to get it on.

Crank pushes Joshua in the chest. The shove sends him back a step or two, but he quickly recovers and gets in Crank’s face. The crowd buzzes in excitement.

Blackfront: Come on Chance, can't you just be civil for two seconds?

Ace: Well, this is a wrestling match Jason. Why should he not be aggressive from the get go?

Blackfront: He doesn't have to be a jerk though.

cVc pushes Jones again, but this time Jones retaliates with a push of his own, the force of which sends cVc immediately to the mat. The fans go crazy

Blackfront: Joshua Jones is as tired of Chance Von Crank's cockiness as everyone else is.

Crank quickly gets to his feet, shocked, as Jones then motions for Chance to come at him. Crank complies, the two men locking up in the center of the ring. The two struggle for the upper hand with Jones quickly gaining it, using his strength to bend Chance Von Crank backward toward the canvas.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank sent off of his feet again.

Ace: Crank is a master of the mind game, just give him time and he'll play with Joshua's head.

Chance Von Crank then uses his strength to straighten back up and quickly rises with a knee to the gut of Jones, the blow causing Jones to expel a breath of air and bend at the waist. cVc raises his right arm and comes down with a forearm smash against the back of Jones’s head.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank now in control.

Ace: He just needed to re-evaluate the situation, that's all. But now he needs to continue if he plans to capitalize.

He raises up for another, and yet another, each blow ringing out through the arena.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank working the back Joshua Jones.

Ace: Focus on one area, and use that against him later with something larger.

Crank grabs his arm and Irish whips Joshua Jones into the ropes. As he returns, cVc drops to the canvas, Jones jumping over him to the other side of the ring. Jones then comes off the ropes on the other side of the ring. As he returns this time, he lifts a foot and kicks Crank square in the head.

Blackfront: Big boot from Joshua Jones, and Chance Von Crank is down!

Ace: The fans are loving it as support for Joshua Jones can be heard throughout the crowd.

Blackfront: This is definitely an anti-Chance Von Crank crowd tonight.




Joshua pulls cVc to hs feet. Crank brings a fist up, catching the tired Jones in the head.

Blackfront: cVc sends Jones into the ropes. On the return... swinging neck breaker by Chance Von Crank.








My Dick by Mickey Avalon begins to play and the crowd goes crazy. Dick Fury burst out of the back and starts down the ramp.

Blackfront: It's Dick Fury! It's Dick Fury!

Ace: We're finally going to see who has the most mullet power! Fury or Crank!

Fury slides into the ring and gets to his feet. He and Chance Von Crank instantly begin exchanging blows

Blackfront: This is a meeting no one thought we'd ever see!

The two exchange lefts and rights. Chance Von Crack pushes Fury into the ropes as they both battle it out, trying to get the other over.

Blackfront: Both men trying to eliminate the other.

Joshua Jones pushes up to one knee. he looks and sees them fighting by the ropes and quickly rushes forward. they both turn as he throws both arms out.


Ace: Wow!

Joshua Quickly gets to a corner and kneels down, resting.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones has been in this since the number two spot. He has now eliminated six people tying Lamond Robertson with the most eliminations.












A remixed version of Eminem's 'We Made You' begins to play and the fans go crazy. Doozer emerges from the entranceway. He slowly begins down the ramp, limping from his injuries.

Blackfront: Doozer victorious earlier against David Hightower must be in a lot of pain.

Ace: Good.

Joshua watches Doozer as he walks up the steps and across the apron. He continues to show pain as he enters the ring. Joshua stands up and takes off.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones wasting no time. He wants to eliminate Doozer before the next entrant to better his chances for staying in this match. Forearm across the back of Doozer

Jones brings a swift kick across and into the legs of Doozer.

Blackfront: Another kick, and another. Joshua Jones grabs Doozer's head, and brings him over with a headlock take down.

Jones gets to his feet and runs back, hitting the ropes. As he returns he brings a knee up and into the back of Doozer who is sitting up. Doozer lets out a yell of pain.

Ace: How is Joshua Jones even still have any energy?!

Blackfront: I'm not sure, but he is now pulling Doozer up by his head.

Doozer throws his arms up, knocking Jones' arms away and comes forward with a right hand.

Blackfront: Doozer fighting back. Another big right followed by a boot into the gut of Joshua Jones.

He grabs Joshua's arm and sends him hard into the turnbuckle. As he hits, he bounces back, hard. Doozer runs forward and leaps up, with an elbow that catches Joshua in the head.

Blackfront: Doozer takes Jones down!





Blackfront: Doozer lifting the leg of Joshua Jones... boot to his inner thigh. Another!






The White Buffalo & Forest Ranger's hit Come Join the Murder begins to play. Emerging from backstage comes the chiseled, mountain of a man, or more so a beast. Black boots strapped up to just past his ankles, military height. Black lightweight gym shorts would be the only thing dressing his posterior, as he bounced side to side while his icy blue orbs stared down the aisle directly into the ring. His nostrils flared, as he snorted and slid his MMA-gloved fingerless hands over his buzz cut blonde hair....

Blackfront: Brian Styles is here!

Ace: That's a big scary man right there!

Blackfront: It sure is Tommy.

Styles walks down the ramp, never taking his eyes off of the two in the ring. Doozer stomps Joshua Jones one more time before dropping his leg and getting ready for Styles. Brian leaps from the floor to the apron letting out a yell before stepping into the ring through the ropes.

Blackfront: Doozer takes off! Heavy hands coming down as Brian Styles covers his face.

Brian Styles blocks the shots before running forward and taking Doozer down. He mounts him and begins to send shocking lefts and rights into the head of Doozer who tries to cover up.

Blackfront: That MMA background coming into play early.

Styles gets up, pulling Doozer with him. He grabs Doozer's head and sends him up and over the top rope.


Joshua Jones rolls over and begins to crawl away. Brian Styles heads over, reaching down and grabbing him by the waist, pulling him to his feet.

Blackfront: Styles has Jones. German suplex! He doesn't release! ANOTHER! STILL HOLDING ON! A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX TO JOSHUA JONES!

As Brian releases this time, Jones slides across the canvas. Brian Styles stomps toward him, mounting Joshua from behind. He puts his arms under Joshua's and pulls back as he sits on Jones' back. Joshua screams in pain.

Blackfront: Brian Styles dominating right now.





Styles lets go of Joshua Jones and stands up. He walks toward his head, and places his boot on Joshua's skull before kicking it.

Blackfront: No regard for Joshua Jones' health.

Ace: Joshua better hope the next person out can save him.





As Styles playfully kicks Joshua's motionless head again White Rabbit begins to play. Zhalia Fears charges from the back and the fans go crazy.

Blackfront: No! Zhalia! please stay out!

Ace: Yep. We're about to witness someone get murdered.

Blackfront: The first reigning champion to enter the match slides in. She rushes Styles.. leaps up.. HE CATCHES HER BY THE THROAT!

As Brian holds Zhalia up by her throat, she kicks her feet. Joshua tries to crawl forward and get up, but falls back to the canvas, spent.

Blackfront: Please! put her down!

Brian tosses Zhalia like a rag doll into the corner. He runs toward her full speed. She grabs the top ropes and uses them to pull her self up and throw a foot out, catching Brian in the face. The fans go crazy.

Blackfront: Zhalia Fears able to stop Styles momentarily.

He turns and runs toward her.

Blackfront: Zhalia ducks out of the way, rolling up back to her feet.

Brian stops himself before hitting the turnbuckle. Fears turns and watches him. As he runs toward her again, arms stretched out, she ducks, rolling behind him.

Blackfront: Zhalia able to avoid Brian Styles. She jumps.. dropkick to the back of his legs!

Styles goes down to a knee. Zhalia moves back, turns and runs toward him. She leaps over Brian Styles grabbing his head as she flips pulling it forward as she moves in front of him. As she lets go his upper body is sent down and then back.

Blackfront: Fears using her quickness to gain the upper hand.

Ace: This is suicide.

Joshua begins to push himself up. Zhalia quickly heads over, helping Jones up with concern. Brian slaps the canvas and gets to his feet. As he does, he runs toward the two, throwing his arms out and taking them both down with force.

Blackfront: Double clothesline by Brian Styles!





Styles grabs Zhalia, pulling her up to her feet.






As Styles slams Zhalia down in the ring, the stage lights in the arena begin to turn a combination of red and gold as the opening guitar riff of I by M.O.P. begins to play through the arena. Graham Clauson burst from the back and down the ramp.


Ace: Yippee do dah.

Blackfront: Clauson slides into the ring. To his feet. Lets and rights rocking Brian Styles. The Last Shoot King with big rights now into the mid section of Brian Styles who is up against the ropes.

He runs back, turns, and runs forward with his foot up, catching Styles in the face sending him over the top rope. The fans go crazy

Blackfront: Graham Clauson with the elimination!

He throws his arms up, as he turns he sees Zhalia Fears who says I'm Sorry Graham before running forward with a clothesline, connecting, nd sending him over the top rope.


Joshua Jones uses the ropes to begin pulling himself up. he looks around only seeing Zhalia who herself sees an opportunity. She runs forward at Joshua as he raises up.

Blackfront: Jones bends down, grabs Fears... UP AND OVER! ZHALIA FEARS IS GONE!

Joshua breaths heavy, waiting.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones nearing fifty two minutes in this match.












Cameras pan around the sea of anxious people who are cheering loudly at the showing of respect towards the USA. Suddenly, the cheering ceases as the loudspeakers crackle, all attention devoted to these very special proceedings. A large American Flag unfolds from the rafters and hangs majestically over the ring area, each ear expecting to hear the immortal “Star Spangled Banner”.

The big screen starts to show all sorts of American iconic sites. Children playing in the streets, baseball matches, troops in the Middle East. Those images dissolve into footage of various terrorist attacks from around the world including 9-11 until, finally, the Iraqi flag with two scimitars underneath fill the screen. This soon gives way to a hooded figure. The scene pulls back to fill the whole screen with this figure having sprawled at his feet American soldiers.

As Call to Pray by Seether begins to blare loudly through the arena, it is eerily evident that this wouldn’t be a time for celebration. Outraged and appalled, the almost speechless fans erupt in hatred all at once.

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

The fans begin booing nearly to the point of an inverted standing ovation. The noise from the fans is deafening with the ferocity of the boos. The roving arm of the cameras picks out people in the crowd. As they realize there on the screen they hold the signs higher. Ice Blue strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The curtains at the top of the ramp way parts and Abdul bin Hussain emerges.

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain is the next man out.

Ace: Joshua Jones is screwed.

Abdul makes his way down the ramp finally arriving at the ring. He heads up the steps and enters in.

Blackfront: Both men charge each other. Hussain with a shoulder block.

Hussain hits the ropes quickly and leaps over Jones who lays on the canvas, he bounces up and lands a dropkick on Hussain’s chin. Jones gets back to his feet at the same time as his opponent and lands another dropkick on Hussain.

Blackfront: Joshua Jones somehow still mustering up strength to continue! Jones bounces off the ropes and slams down on Abdul bin Hussain with an elbow drop.

The fans go crazy.

Blackfront: Jones going for another elbow drop.. Hussain moves!

He pushes up to his feet. As Joshua begins to get up as well, Abdul runs forward and leaps with his leg extended.


Abdul bin Hussain gets to his knees, throws his arms out and looks to the sky as the fans boo.

Blackfront: Could Abdul bin Hussain once again reclaim gold tonight?!

Ace: Well, we already know that there will at least be a new Prodigy Champion. He still has the other champions to get through!




Abdul begins to get to his feet, puling Joshua Jones up with him. He grabs the back of Joshua's head and with force sends him into, up, and over the top rope crashing to the floor. The fans instantly boo.

Blackfront: Wow. Joshua Jones has been eliminated. Fifty three minutes and two seconds in the match. Simply amazing.





As the familiar notes of Pomp and Circumstance by Sir Edwin Elgar play throughout the arena, Gentleman Jack steps out into the light, robe hitting the floor, with a confident (some might say arrogant) grin upon his face.

Blackfront: The Legacy Champion! Gentleman Jack is here!

As he enters the ring, Gentleman Jack places his left arm behind his back and comes forward with his right extended, moving his left over and forward as he and Abdul bin Hussain lock up.

Blackfront: Collar to elbow tie up as we get started. Abdul bin Hussain takes control as he moves around behind Gentleman Jack.

Jack grabs the left arm of Abdul and lifts it up as he turns around and twist Hussain's arm simultaneously extending it out and straight.

Blackfront: Pressure on the arm of the former UTA Champion.

Hussain grabs the hand of Gentleman Jack trying to pry his grip away, but just allows for Jack to use his other hand to jerk Abdul's arm a few times.

Blackfront: Gentleman Jack working the arm of Abdul bin Hussain.

Ace: Working it? He's trying to dislocate it.

Blackfront: It's difficult to go up against Gentleman Jack with his technical expertise.

Jack pulls Abdul's hand far over to the right before coming up and over hard to the left, sending Abdul bin Hussain to one knee as he continues to hold.

Blackfront: Gentleman Jack continuing to control this match.

Abdul uses his free hand to hold onto Gentleman Jack's arm and push from his knee to a standing position, still in Jack's grasp. Abdul bin Hussain is able to use his free hand to finally get control of Gentleman Jack's hand, pulling it away from his own. As he does, he places all of his weight and uses the momentum of turning around to twist the arm of Gentleman Jack which in turn sends Jack flipping over front ways and landing on his back on the canvas.

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain gaining the upper hand as he sends Jack to the canvas. Abdul bin Hussain with Gentleman Jack's left wrist secured, leaning into his ribs.



Ace: Abdul bin Hussain is a former champion for a reason. He knows his stuff and if there is anyone who can match up with Gentleman Jack skill wise, it's that man right there.

As Hussain leans into Jack, The Gentleman turns his body over, still with his wrist in the hands of Abdul, and pushes back up to his feet.

Blackfront: Gentleman Jack up to his feet now.

Abdul rotates Gentleman Jack's arm up and over hard and with enough force and momentum, Jack does another flip over and lands to the canvas.

Blackfront: What power by Abdul bin Hussain!





Abdul bin Hussain quickly grabs the left arm of Gentleman Jack who is trying to get to his feet, placing his right hand on the shoulder of Jack who is on knee, and pressing down with all of his might. You're the Best Around begins. As it does the fans cheer.

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain still in control. Gentleman Jack pushing his way up now. Using his free hand he grabs Abdul's head, pushing him back and toward the corner.

Bobby Dean makes his way to the stage and holds his arms up, taking in his cheers before starting down the ramp.

Ace: These guys are showing the boys in the back some great back and forward wrestling here tonight on Pay Per View.

Blackfront: That they are Tommy.

As he presses Abdul into the corner, Gentleman Jack holds his forearm now across the face of Hussain who releases his hold and holds his arms semi up.

Blackfront: Jack not underestimating Abdul bin Hussain tonight as he continues to control this match.

Gentleman Jack backs up, letting Abdul go, before coming forward with with a hard hitting elbow to the side of Abdul's head that pops throughout the arena. Bobby Dean, still just half way down the ramp stops, placing his hands on his knees and taking a breather.

Ace: Wow Jason. Did you hear his elbow connect with Abdul's head?

Blackfront: Gentleman Jack not holding back tonight, and I do not blame him.

Abdul bends down as Jack grabs his head and pulls him out of the corner.

Blackfront: Gentleman Jack raising that right arm, and brings it down with a hard elbow into the upper shoulders of Abdul bin Hussain sending him to one knee.

Ace: He is showing that in the ring, Gentleman jack is aggressive and mean.

Abdul drops to his hands and crawls forward one time as Gentleman Jack shakes his arm, obviously feeling a bit of pain from how hard he has been putting his elbow into Abdul bin Hussain.



Blackfront: Gentleman Jack pulling Abdul bin Hussain to his feet.

He steps back, closes his fist and stomps as he comes forward with a gentleman's fist to the face of his opponent. Abdul falls back to the canvas on his rear rolling over while reaching out.

Blackfront: Closed fist by Gentleman Jack as the referee warns him. It's hard hitting punches like that, that have made Gentleman Jack so successful here in the UTA.



Gentleman Jack stomps as he moves forward, grabbing the head of Abdul bin Hussain as he starts to get up. He pulls Abdul to his feet, immediately grabbing him in a high headlock, retching his neck a few times.

Blackfront: Headlock by Gentleman Jack as he continues to keep Abdul bin Hussain subdued.

Ace: Gentleman Jack may not be a fan favorite, but this crowd is behind him tonight as he systematically destroys Abdul bin Hussain.



Hussain begins to push back, pushing Gentleman Jack toward and into the ropes. Perfect Gentleman by Helloween begins to play. Perfection steps out from the back toa  chorus of boos before starting down the ramp.

Blackfront: The UTA Champion is here! His hopes? To retain the title live tonight!

Perfection stops about 2/3 the way down and stand sin front of a panting Bobby Dean. He shakes his head and laughs before turning and continuing to the ring.

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain free now as he uses the ropes to send Gentleman Jack across the ring. Jack off of the opposite side. Leap frog by Abdul bin Hussain!

Ace: Whoa!

Blackfront: Jack hits the ropes again. One the return, back elbow by Abdul bin Hussain sends him down!

The fans boo. Perfection wipes his feet off and heads up the steps and across the apron, standing outside the ropes watching the two inside.

Blackfront: Abdul bin Hussain grabs the arm of Gentleman Jack pulling him back to his feet. Twist the arm up and over, sliding in sideways and lifting... Side Russian Legsweep by Abdul bin Hussain.

Abdul lifts Gentleman Jack back up, grabbing the back of his head. He attempts to force Jack toward the ropes, but Gentleman Jack uses his superior strength to half his attempts before grabbing the back of Abdul's head, and coming around, sending him hard into the corner back first.

Blackfront: Abdul bun Hussain hard into the corner. Gentleman Jack charges him... Abdul lifts his feet and catches Gentleman Jack in the face! Hussain now charges Jack.. who catches him, lifts him up and over, back body drop by Gentleman Jack!

The fans cheer. Perfection moves into the ring and stays near the ropes, sliding across them to the corner, his eyes never moving from Jack and Hussain.

Ace: Quick thinking by The Gentleman may have just saved him. Perfection watching these two as they continuing, waiting like a snake to strike at the perfect opportunity. THAT is why he is champion Jason!

Gentleman Jack lifts the left arm of Abdul bin Hussain and pulls it back and he places his feet into Abdul's left shoulder blade and drops to the canvas, pulling his arm back while pressing with his feet.

Blackfront: Excruciating submission move there.

Ace: Jack knows a million of them, but a submission will not end this match!

Jack continues to press into the shoulder blade of Abdul bin Hussain and he pulls back on his arm. After a few moments, Gentleman Jack releases the pressure from his feet, and begins to stand up pulling Abdul's arm with him.

Blackfront: Still holding that arm, Gentleman Jack now with several stomps to the inside of his shoulder. Abdul bin Hussain back on the canvas.

Gentleman Jack pulls Abdul's arm further up as he spins around and stomps his shoulder one more time before letting go.

Blackfront: Gentleman Jack continues to work the arm of Abdul bin Hussain as he lifts it again. Pulling back... knee right into that shoulder blade form behind.

Perfection continues to watch, his fingers moving as he begins to get ready.




Bobby Dean takes a step up to the first step, holding onto the corner post and breathing hard. Inside the ring, Jack lets go of Abdul bin Hussain. As he does, he turns to see Perfection shoot forward.

Blackfront: Perfection with a running elbow to the head of Gentleman Jack!

Jack rolls over and gets back up. As he does, Perfection comes forward with a boot to his face.





Genghis Tron "Board up the House [Renholder Remix] plays. Crimson Lord steps from the back and the fans go nuts. inside the ring, Perfection grabs Gentleman Jack's head, helping him up. He grabs the back of his head once up and sends Jack into, up, and over the top rope.


Bobby Dean pulls the top rope down and places a foot over it. As he places his other foot over, perfection runs forward and knocks him out with force.


Ace: He broke the record!

Blackfront: Bobby Dean eliminated in one second of entering the ring!

As Crimson Lord continues down the ramp, Abdul bin Hussain charges Perfection from behind.

Blackfront: Perfection side steps.. ABDUL BIN HUSSAIN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Crimson Lord walks across the apron and looks at perfection standing by himself in the ring. perfection yells for him to get in.

Blackfront: The UTA Champion looking to retain tonight. We already know we are guaranteed to have a new Prodigy and Legacy Champion!

Ace: La Flama Blanca and Sean Jackson needed titles, that's why Jason!

Crimson steps over the top rope and into the ring. He walks toward perfection who just stands, chest out, looking up at the Hall of Fame member.

Blackfront: It's about to explode here as these two will meet in singles action for at least the next minute or so.

Perfection and Crimson Lord exchange words. Finally, Perfection comes across the face of Crimson with an open handed slap. Crimson's eyes grow large and he brings a fist up and forward.

Blackfront: Perfection ducks, now coming forward with a right, another. The UTA Champion shocking Crimson Lord with each punch.

He backs Crimson up into the ropes, grabs his arm and yanks back.

Blackfront: Whip by per- NO! Crimson Lord reverses. Perfection sent across the ring. On the return now, BIG BOOT BY CRIMSON LORD!

Crimson bends down and grabs Perfection by the throat with his two big hands. He lifts him up high. Perfection struggles a bit before spitting into the eyes of Crimson Lord who drops him to the canvas. Perfection quickly comes up and forward with a chop block to the knees of Crimson Lord, sending him stumbling forward, and down.




Blackfront: Perfection not wasting anytime as he lifts the knee of Crimson Lord and drives it into the canvas! Again!







Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play as David Hightower heads out. He limps quickly down the ramp.

Blackfront: David Hightower is number thirty three!

Ace: This guy just does not get enough punishment, does he?

Blackfront: Perfection driving that knee into the canvas again.

David slides into the ring. perfection drops Crimson's leg and runs forward, meeting him with a clothesline that sends him up and over the top rope.


Ace: Check please!

As Perfection turns back to Crimson Lord, he sees him on his hands and knees. The champion heads forward. Crimson Lord pushes up quickly and runs forward, grabbing Perfection by the gut and lifting him up.

Blackfront: It looks like Crimson Lord is looking to eliminate Perfection now!

Ace: NO!

Crimson lifts Perfection over the top rope. Perfection's feet hit the edge of the apron. he holds onto the top rope as much as he can as Crimson Lord tries to push him off.

Blackfront: Perfection just moments away from being eliminated!

Crimson lets up just enough to reposition himself, but it gives perfection the chance he needs. Holding onto the ropes, Perfection comes through the middle hitting Crimson in the gut. He then enters in between the ropes, and grabs the leg of Crimson Lord, lifting.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord holding onto the top rope as Perfection is looking to eliminate him.





Blackfront: Perfection struggles.. but he lifts.. Lord going up...






The air raid siren sounds off as Apex Predator by OTEP starts up. The Second Coming shoots down from the back.

Blackfront: The Second Coming! Perfection is ready!

Second Coming slides into the ring and pops up.

Blackfront: Here we go. Perfection quickly moves in to grab The Second Coming. Second Coming ducks under his arms.

The Second Coming takes off in a sprint behind Perfection, hitting the ropes and returning as Perfection turns.

Blackfront: Second Coming on the return, baseball slide underneath the legs of Perfection. Second Coming to her feet behind Perfection, quick standing drop kick to the back of Perfection!

Perfection is sent stumbling forward, and into the ropes. As he shakes it off and turns back around, Perfection comes forward toward Second Coming with a punch. She leans down and comes up grabbing under his arm while throwing her body weight into the move, and swiftly tossing him over to the canvas.

Blackfront: The Second Coming with one of those quick thinking take downs she is known for.The Second Coming quickly continuing her assault. She leaps to the middle rope as Perfection is getting to his feet.

Perfection wobbles as he gets up, not seeing The Second Coming jumping.

Blackfront: Moonsault to a cross body block by the masked woman!

As they hit the canvas, The Second Coming is sent sliding away from Perfection but quickly gets back up. She runs to the corner turnbuckle as Perfection begins to get up himself.

Blackfront: The Second Coming climbing the turnbuckle.

Ace: Knock her off! Here's your chance!

Perfection is up and stumbles toward the corner as The Second Coming stands on top, turning to face him.

Blackfront: The Second Coming leaps, she catches Perfection by the neck with his legs... hurricarrana!

The crowd goes crazy.

Blackfront: Second Coming may have this one won folks!



Perfection rolls to the side of the ring and slides to the floor. He holds himself up by the edge of the apron while holding his neck.

Blackfront: Perfection taking a breather outside of the ring, trying to reevaluate the situation.

Ace: That's what you have to do. This may be his only chance to slow down The Second Coming.... or not.

The Second Coming runs toward the ropes and leaps into another baseball slide, this time under the bottom rope in Perfection' direction.

Blackfront: Perfection moves.

Perfection catches the legs of The Second Coming and yanks her hard under the bottom rope, letting go and sending Second Coming back first into the floor on the outside.



Blackfront: Quick thinking by Perfection. This may be what he needs. But these two MUST get back into the ring!

Perfection shakes off the stars he had been seeing, and bends down pulling The Second Coming up by her head.

Blackfront: Hard whip by Perfection, sending The Second Coming into the steel steps.

Second Coming lays on the floor near the steps holding her shoulder as Perfection walks over, bends down and pulls her to her feet.



Blackfront: Perfection pulling Second Coming toward the barricade.

v/o: St. Louis, Can you feel it, coming in the air tonight?

In the Air Tonight begins to play and Sean Jackson steps out.

Ace: Business is about to pick up! Sean Jackson is joining Perfection!

Perfection lifts The Second Coming up, picking her up and tossing her down, stomach first on top of the barricade. She slides down to the floor holding her mid section.

Blackfront: Perfection picking The Second Coming up again, taking her over to and rolling her into the ring.

As Perfection gets to his feet after following into the ring, he picks The Second Coming up once again.

Blackfront: I'm not sure if The Second Coming can come back from the damage done already.

Ace: Good.

Blackfront: The Second Coming sent toward the turnbuckle, Perfection follows closely...

Second Coming grabs the top ropes as she reaches the corner and pushes up, allowing Perfection to crash hard into the turnbuckle with his shoulder as Second Coming lands on her feet. Jackson slides into the ring.

Blackfront: The Second Coming in a position she does not want to be in.

Ace: I dunno Jason. I hear she loves being double teamed by two men.

Blackfront: Really Tommy?

Ace: Yep! that's what I heard!

Blackfront: You're sickening.

Perfection nurses his shoulder as he and Sean Jackson walk slowly toward the Second Coming.

Blackfront: Second Coming like an animal being backed into a corner. The faces of Dynasty filled with sick, sadistic smiles.

Second Coming shoots forward, taking a swing at perfection who moves. Sean Jackson grabs her from behind and lifts her by her waist as she kicks. Perfection instructs Jackson who places Second Coming's feet on the canvas and adjust his hold to filmy hold her arms.

Blackfront: Second Coming needs help and quick.

Ace: No one is going to help her! She's all alone!



Blackfront: If this is anybody but La Flama Blanca, they need to do the right thing!

Perfection comes forward with a punch to the gut of The Second Coming as Sean Jackson laughs.

Blackfront: They are just toying with her. I can't watch!

Ace: I can!



Second Coming tries to break free. As Perfection comes close again, she throws a foot up catching him the face. The fans cheer as he stumbles back into the ropes.

Blackfront: Jackson loosing his grip.

The Second Coming is able to get free, and brings an elbow into the gut of Jackson.



The beginnings of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys begins to play as the fans climb to their feet. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

Blackfront: It's Will Haynes! Will Haynes is next!

Haynes jets down the ramp. Inside the ring, Second Coming turns and throws a fist into the face of Perfection. She spins around and hits Jackson. Perfection comes forward, running. He leaps.


Haynes slides into the ring.

Blackfront: The THRILLmaker is here!

He shoots up and starts landing punches to Jackson himself.  Perfection comes forward with a stiff clothesline, taking Haynes down.

Blackfront: Perfection and Jackson angered, both stomping away at Will Haynes. it's a massacre.

Ace: Dynasty showing why they will walk out all with gold tonight!

Blackfront: With only four more to come, two of the superstars left will leave empty handed while the last six will walk out with some form of gold! The stakes have never been higher!

Ace: That's why this is All or Nothing!

Jackson bends down and grabs Will Haynes, Lifting him up. As he does, he places Haynes' head between his legs.

Blackfront: Jackson lifts Haynes... he runs.. throws.. HAYNES THROWN HARD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE BY SEAN JACKSON!

Ace: The brutality! I love it!

Blackfront: I'm sure you do.

Perfection points at Second Coming, then at the opposite turnbuckle. Jackson just smiles.

Blackfront: My God... Not again.

Jackson bends down and grabs The Second Coming by the head.





Jackson lifts Second Coming up, running forward and throwing her across the ring into the other turnbuckle. She hits hard and collapses to the canvas.





The crowd goes nuts as the loud voice of Brian Johnson cuts through the crowd noise as he screamed, beginning the hard-rocking riffs of AC/DC's TNT. As the pyro explodes, the figure of "Too Cool" Chris Hopper steps out from behind the curtain.

Blackfront: Chris Hopper is here!

Hopper begins to run down the ramp as perfection directs Sean Jackson to a ready position. Second Coming and Will Haynes still lay on the canvas, holding their backs. Hopper slides into the ring and is instantly stomped by both Jackson and Perfection.

Blackfront: Hopper fighting through the stomps to try and get to his feet. He runs forward, big boot to Perfection's face!

Ace: No!

Jackson rushes hopper who throws a boot up into his gut before turning and leaping up while grabbing Sean Jackson's head and falling.

Blackfront: ICE BREAKER TO SEAN JACKSON! ICE BREAKER! Jackson and perfection both down!

Chris Hopper makes sure they are both down and heads over to Second Coming.

Blackfront: Chris Hopper helping Second Coming up.

Ace: Jesus. These two need to get a room already.

Second Coming pulls away from Chris Hopper.

Ace: Don't you get it Hopper?! She doesn't like you either!

Blackfront: Second Coming still not over being kicked in the face by Chris Hopper in the All or Nothing lottery match.



Second Coming runs past Hopper, and brings a foot up and into the mid section of perfection as he is trying to get back up.



She runs and hits the ropes, as she returns she leaps up and comes down with a  leg drop across the back of Perfection's shoulders.

Blackfront: Second Coming wanting to do as much damage as possible to Perfection and walk out tonight, the champion.




2020 by SOL, rings out through the arena, the lights turn a dark green, just as the beat picks up, Mikey Unlikely appears from behind the curtain. He is wearing his wrestling gear, including a entrance jacket with the hood over his head.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely is here!

Ace: Why are you excited Jason? He is the most Unlikely to win!

Unlikely runs down the ramp, ripping his jacket off as he does.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely in the ring going right for Chris Hopper. Unlikely unloading on Hopper.

Second Coming begins to pick Perfection up, who reaches forward, grabbing her legs, and yanking back.

Blackfront: Perfection pulling the legs from out under Second Coming.

As he stands, he holds her legs. Stepping in, Perfection pulls her leg over and drops down.


Haynes pushes up to his feet and runs toward hopper and Unlikely. however, Jackson is up and catches him.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson catches Will Haynes from behind... sleeper hold on Haynes!




Blackfront: Hopper with a boot to Unlikely's gut.. ICE BREAKER! ICE BREAKER!

Hopper kneels down, looking at who is left in the ring and smiles as he pushes up.

Blackfront: Hopper runs... boot to the head of perfection, causing him to release his hold on Second Coming!







Down by Yelawolf begins to play. Hot from the back runs La Flama Blanca.


Blackfront: Hopper now with rights to the side of Sean Jackson, causing him to let Will Haynes go! La Flama Blanca slides into the ring. He stomps Unlikely. He stomps Second Coming. Hopper turns... La Flama Blanca shoots forward... SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK!

The kick hits so hard that Hopper is sent back and into the ropes.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca runs... another superkick to Hopper! HOPPER GOES OVER! HE IS GON!

The fans boo loudly. La Flama Blanca checks on Perfection and Sean Jackson. Mikey Unlikely begins to push up.

Blackfront: Blanca sees Unlikely.. he shoots forward... SUPERKICK! UNLIKELY SENT OVER THE TOP WITH SUCH FORCE!


Blackfront: You are looking at five of the last six people left in the ring! Everyone in front of you and the number forty entrant, will walk out a champion!

Kush heads out from the back.

Ace: What is that dummy doing?

Blackfront: Kush is the number forty entrant, but the bell has signaled for her to come yet. I think she wants to get the party started early.





Second Coming starts to get up. As she does, Jackson grabs her by the back of the head and drags her across the ring.




Blackfront: Sean Jackson throws Second Coming into.. NO! OVER THE TOP ROPE!

She flies down, crashing on top of Kush.

Ace: HA! She had a soft landing!

Blackfront: So rude.



Blackfront: Kush already out here, but on the floor outside of the ring with Second Coming. All forty entrants have arrived. Second Coming the first person to earn a championship tonight, one half of the new UTA Tag team Champions.

Ace: If that's how you earn a title, I think I'll do without.

La Flama Blanca lifts Will Haynes to his feet, dragging him over to the ropes.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca looking to eliminate Will Haynes now and leave only Dynasty and Kush left.

Kush slides into the ring and runs toward Sean Jackson.

Blackfront: Kush attacking Jackson. Looks like Perfection is going to help La Flama Blanca.

Perfection lifts, but Haynes holds on tight. He steps back. Blanca continues to try and get him over. perfection looks back to see Jackson pre-occupied, he then looks at Blanca and moves forward, grabbing La Flama Blanca's legs with Will Haynes, lifting both men up and over the top rope. As they drop, Haynes catches the ropes and rolls back in under neath.


Ace: I can't believe it! He accidently got Blanca instead of Haynes!

Blackfront: That was no damn accident!

La Flama Blanca stares up from the ground as Perfection heads toward Jackson and Kush thinking he eliminated both men.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson and perfection both have Kush now.. they send her forward... up and over.. Kush is going over.. SHE PULLS PERFECTION WITH HER! SHE PULLS PERFECTION WITH HER! Kush hits first, but perfection lands on the ground. he is out! Perfection will NOT be the UTA champion any longer!


Blackfront: Jackson is shocked. it is he and Will Haynes as the last two men standing. And if you haven't caught up.. Joining the Second Coming as UTA Tag Team Champion.. LA FLAMA BLANCA.

Ace: This can't be real! this can't be life!

Blackfront: New Prodigy Champion, former Wildfire champion.. KUSH! And now, former UTA Champion, holding the Wildfire Championship.. PERFECTION!

Ace: This is the most insane turn of events I have ever seen. I can not believe it.

Blackfront: Either Sean Jackson or Will Haynes will walk out, UTA Champion!

Ace: Come on Sean!

Blackfront: These two met recently and Haynes was able to put Sean Jackson down. Can he do it again here tonight? He're about to find out.

Both men circle and lock up. Jackson puts a side knee into the gut of Will Haynes. He grabs the back of his head and directs him to the corner, throwing him back first into it.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson taking control early.

Ace: It's easy to do when you catch the other guy off guard.

Blackfront: Jackson following up with hard jabs to the gut of Haynes as he has nowhere to go from that corner.

Will blocks a jab from the former champion and comes right up with a boot to the gut of Sean Jackson followed by another.

Blackfront: Those kicks delivered with accuracy from Will Haynes as he is fighting back against Jackson.

Haynes steps back and comes forward with a heavy backhanded chop into the chest of Sean Jackson, who lets out a yell as he is hit. Haynes follows up with another.

Blackfront: Heavy chops from the newcomer here as he continues to work Sean Jackson.

Haynes grabs the left wrist of Sean Jackson and pushes him tight into the corner, before yanking back and whipping Jackson hard across the ring. Sean goes full force toward the other turnbuckle with Will following behind. As Sean hits the corner, he bounces back hard and turns in time to see Haynes leap and twist.

Blackfront: Spinning heel kick by Will Haynes!

Sean Jackson hits the canvas hard.

Ace: Will Haynes has been on an impressive streak as of recent. But Ihe just don't think the THRILL will be able to put Jackson away tonight.

Sean Jackson holds his ribs as Will Haynes rolls over and pushes to his feet. He looks at Sean Jackson, sizing up his position before running toward the ropes. He leaps up to the top, catching himself with perfect balance. As he leaps backward into the air he flips, landing perfectly.

Blackfront: Moonsault! He hit his mark.

Haynes gets to his feet, pulling Jackson with him. He pulls Sean Jackson along with him, putting him head first into the top turnbuckle.

Blackfront: Will Haynes still in control as the fans begin to back him here in this match. He has the chance of a life time tonight to walk out the top champin in the UTA.

Jackson turns around as Haynes grabs him by the thighs and lifts him up.

Blackfront: Will Haynes lifts Jackson, runs forward and slams him into the turnbuckle!

As they hit, Haynes steps back, still holding Jackson. He goes to run him into the post again, but Jackson brings a fist down into his forehead causing Will to drop Jackson.

Blackfront: Jackson able to stop the assault, but can turn it around?

Jackson on his hands and knees looks up. Will shakes off the stars before coming forward with a rising knee to the face of Sean Jackson, sending him to the canvas.

Ace: Still in control, Will Haynes is shutting Sean Jackson up here tonight.

Will runs over and climbs the turnbuckle. As he reaches the top he turns around. Once he has his balance, he leaps down with a double foot stomp connecting on Sean Jackson.

Blackfront: Will Haynes stomping Sean Jackson.

He bends down and grabs Sean Jackson, lifting him. However, Sean Jackson grabs the THRILL around the waist real quick, lifts and throws him backward.

Blackfront: Belly to belly by Sean Jackson!

Haynes grabs his back as he slides across the canvas. Jackson breaths heavy as he lays, giving himself a moment. Will sits up and pushes to his knees, sitting on them and looking out tot he crowd. Behind him, Jackson sits up. He sees Will and gets to his feet. Haynes slowly starts to lift as Jackson takes off raising his knee. and slamming into the back of Will Haynes's head. The fans get out of their seat as Simon is seen heading down from the back.

Blackfront: GAME CALLED DUE TO DARKNESS! WAIT! Iit is Simon! The man who put away both the Good Reverend and brother Judas earlier tonight ina  casket match! What is he doing here?!

Ace: No! No! No!

Simon slides into the ring and the fans go crazy. Sean Jackson quickly drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring as Simon chases him across the ring. he stops at the edge and looks over to Jackson outside of the ring who yesls at him.

Blackfront: Simon has already ended the reign of one terror tonight, now looking to do the same by getting rid of Sean Jackson's championship hopes!

He bends down and checks on Will Haynes.

Blackfront: Simon helping Haynes to his feet. Could he be the newest member of WTFC?!

Ace: This is bull!

Sean Jackson slides in behind Simon, who turns to face him. Jackson puts the halt on reach quick, throwing his hands up. Will Haynes shakes it off and passes Simon heading toward Jackson. however, Simon reaches out and grabs his arm, pulling it back causing Haynes to yank back and into Simon's grasp. He lifts Will Haynes up with one hand and then slams him down hard into the canvass.


Sean Jackson smiles huge as he walks forward and embraces Simon.

Blackfront: Will Haynes is left in the ring with two members of Dynasty! Only one in this match! Dynasty will retain rights to the UTA Championship!

Jackson and Simon lift Will Haynes up, and together they end him up and over the top rope. The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of the 2015 All or Nothing match... and NEEEEWWWW... UTA CHAMPION...... SEEEANNN JAAACCCKKKSSSOOOONNN!!!!!

We see Cancer Jiles heading from the back, a title in hand.

Ace: Cancer Jiles coming to congratulate Sean Jackson himself!

Blackfront: This is sickening. How can Jackson live with himself?

Ace: Easy. He goes to sleep and wakes up with gold.

Sean whispers something to Simon who heads tot he ropes, and exits the ring as Cancer Jiles makes his way up the steps and across the apron.

Blackfront: Jiles entering the ring with that title and a mic.

The Commissioner lifts the mic that is in his hand.

Jiles: Sean.. i hopped to come out here and congratulate some one who earned this... But what i just saw was despicable!

Jackson snarls at Cancer.

Jiles: Don't worry, it's yours. You won it...

He steps forward.

Jiles: But you did not earn this.

Jiles steps back and looks at the belt. We see a close up of it, it is not the title Perfection had turned in.

Jiles: Sean.. I am retiring the UTA Championship.

Ace: WHAT?!

Jiles: And instating the UTA World Championship.

Ace: YES!

Jiles: So, with every bit of displeasure I have, I prresent to you.. The new UTA World Championship Title.

He hands the title over to Sean Jackson who grabs it from him and holds it in his hands, looking down. Jiles drops the mic and turns, walking away.

Blackfront: Cancer Jiles unhappy that he had to do that, and I have to say, so am I. But you are, looking at the top champion of the UTA right now. Sean Jackson.

Jackson walks over and begins to climb the turnbuckle as the fans boo. he holds the title in close before raising it high over his head. Boos come through out the arena.

Blackfront: The fans feel that Will Haynes was cheated tonight, and quit frankly so do I. But as we come to an end, there stands the champion. For all of us at the UTA, we want to thank you for tuning it tonight for All or Nothing! Good night!

The camera zooms in on Jackson holding the title high as the copyright comes up and we fade to black.

Perfection vs. Pin Smith - 5/31/2015 - Black Horizon 2015


Back at ringside and the fans are plenty warmed up from the earlier action, ready for the next big match of the evening. The cameras are currently on the first choice commentary team of Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace.

Blackfront: What a show it's been so far, folks. And it's only going to get better. Next up is our Wildfire championship match, pitting champion Perfection against the challenger Pin Smith. This match has been surrounded in controversy ever since Perfection returned and the title was HANDED back to him by James Wingate..

Ace: Because he never lost the title. I don't understand why people give Perfection so much heat for that..

Blackfront: Well, because he was stripped of the title and it has since been occupied by another Wrestler. You have to admit, putting a title on somebody without it being contested in a competitive match is going to cause a debate..

Ace: People can debate all they want. It all comes down to the fact that Perfection is the champion, he's won plenty of titles competitively in the past to justify it and nothing anybody says or does is going to change it.

Blackfront: Well Pin Smith might be able to do something about it. That young man has come on leaps and bounds in recent weeks. His performances in the ring have earned him this title shot and you can bet your bottom dollar he's going to give it his all.

Ace: Peh..on one leg in a submission match? I doubt it..

Blackfront: Well we'll get to that in a minute, but we're about to go the ring where Johnathan Franklin is in position and ready to introduce the competitors.

The camera switches to inside the ring where, indeed, Johnathon Franklin is poised and ready with a microphone.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled to be a SUBMISSIONS MATCH...


Announcer: ..and is for the WILDFIRE CHAMPIONSHIP!


Blackfront: Must say, it's nice to hear the fans excited for a Wildfire title match again. I was beginning to fear that the 'curse' was real.

Ace: Yeah..thank Perfection!

Announcer: The rules of the match are simple. In order to win, one competitor must make the other tap out or SUBMIT!

Ace: I know there's some dumb people in Texas...but everyone knows what submission match means right?

Without notice the AT&T centre becomes a party of flashing strobes and moving spotlights of many colors. The stage lights up from underneath as the video screen goes through an inspirational montage of sweet cars, flying dollar bills, fat booties bouncing. The PA ratchets up with a scientific sounding noise that reaches the apex as KING replaces the bouncing booties. "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled kicks on over the airwaves.

The fans erupt into cheers of support as Pin Smith steps out behind the curtain. His knee is heavily bandaged, and taped up, and its pretty obvious that he's struggling to walk.

Blackfront: Here comes the challenger and you may notice that his leg is pretty strapped up there. That's because a couple of weeks ago Perfection had his Dynasty buddy, CBR, attack that leg with a lead pipe. Now let's call a spade a spade here Tommy..

Ace: Man, you're talking to the ACE of spades right now. I'll say it..Perfection is SMART! He had a plan the moment he found out Pin Smith was his opponent. Perfection is a submission specialist, he uses the figure four..he busted up this duded knee and made the match a submission match. This is dog eat dog and Perfection is smart enough to give himself any advantage he can get. Say somethin!

Pin puts on a brave face as he walks down to the ring with purpose, high fiving the fans and getting them even more pumped and behind him.

Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger...Hailing from Rochester, New York...standing at six feet and six inches and tipping the scales at two hundred and twenty pounds..KING PIN...SMITH!!!


The crowd roar at the mention of his name, whilst he gingerly climbs up the ring steps, instead usual dance style ascension. Ducking under the ropes he walks off his leg, circling the ring and stretching it out carefully.

Blackfront: Pin wisely not taking any risks with that leg of his. Usually his entrance is full of energy and showmanship but that injury of his is preventing him from doing that.

Ace: Man..Perfection is gonna rip that thing clean off. You talk about smart? Smart would be not trying to be a hero, and tapping out the first time Perfection locks that thing up!

“Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween begins to play.

The crowd immediately responds with jeers and boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain, wearing his Wildfire championship around his waist and raising his arms, accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

Ace: Would you listen to these Ungratefuls?

Blackfront: That term gets used enough by Dynasty without you using it as well. And they're not ungrateful..they just want to see a fairly contested match for the Wildfire title, and Perfection has already deprived them of that.

Ace: Hey..all wrestlers wrestle with injuries..Pin could have pulled out of this match if he wanted to but he's here, because he believes he can still win and Perfection still has to get the job done.

Blackfront: Fair point..

There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy.

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Announcer: And his opponent..Hailing from Los Angeles, California

And I'm talking with my eyes
and I walk in different styles

Announcer: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds..he is the CURRENT reigning and defending UTA Wildfire champion..

I'm a genuine man

Perfection grabs the middle ropes and leans over it, yelling at the fans in the front row.

Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am




Blackfront: So here we go, the participants are here, the title is here..all we need now is the bell to ring. Pin Smith you might notice has a considerable height and reach advantage but Perfection is matching him in terms of weight, so will be interesting to see how that works out. As well as Pin's obvious knee injury.

The referee takes the title from Perfection who smugly leans against his corner. He allows Pin Smith to get a look at it before holding it up to the crowd. He then signals for the bell.


Perfection runs his hands through his hair and strolls out of his corner, but Smith comes flying at him, slamming an elbow across his jaw and hammering away at him with rapid right hands. The crowd burst with excitement at the instant offensive from Pin Smith!

Blackfront: Smith FLY'S out of the gate, catching the champion off guard and looking to get the early upper hand.

Ace: What a cheap way to start a title match..

Perfection is on the ropes, covering his head defensively as Pin Smith hits him with everything he's got. Perfection finally manages to duck on of the shots and swoop behind Pin, but Pin turns on a sixpence and nails him again with a spinning elbow smash!

Blackfront: Oof, Perfection felt that one..looks out on his feet.

Pin see's Perfection staggering and runs full pelt, taking him down to the canvas with a football tackle. The crowd pops at the high intensity move and Pin gets a cheer as he waves his arms at the crowd.

Flipping Perfection over, Smith holds up his right leg and looks around at the crowd, before attempting to lock in an ankle lock. Perfection screams and pushes his body off the canvas, before quickly tucking in his chin and rolling through the move. This causes Smith to run to the ropes and as he turns around, Perfection is waiting to deliver a dropkick, straight to the KNEE!

Ace: And just like THAT, Perfection is back in the game..

Blackfront: That knee of Smith was always going to be a target and he's really going to struggle in this match.

As Pin screams and holds his knee on the canvas, Perfection takes a second to shake off the cobwebs. Smelling an opportunity, he heads over to Pin and grabs hold of his leg, viciously stomping on the inside of the knee. The crowd boo's and Pin screams with every kick, trying to reach forward to protect it but being forced to drop his head back to the canvas with each kick.

Perfection then decides to drop an elbow to the inside of the knee, following it up with an inside leg lock.

Blackfront: First submission of the match, folks. This could be over quick depending on how badly tore up that knee is..

Ace: Like I said earlier..if Pin is smart he'll tap out now and whilst he's still got a leg to heal..

Perfection sticks out his tongue to the crowd as he listens to the yells of agony from Pin. Pin leans forward to try and grab perfection but he just applies more pressure, forcing Smith to cover his eyes as the pain becomes too unbearable. Perfection lets go for a second so that he can punch the knee a few times before locking it back up.

Pin raises his hand and shakes it, but decides to grit his teeth and lean forward. The crowd cheer with hope as he grabs Perfection by his golden hair, pulling back his head and giving him a few quick punches across his jaw.

Blackfront: Perfection breaks the hold!

Perfection holds the face he loves so much as Pin hobbles to his feet, barely able to put the weight on his bad knee. Perfection turns and Pin lifts a hand, but Perfection kicks out viciously, straight on the joint!

Ace: BAM! Perfection is in complete control..

Blackfront: This is proving to be a real struggle for Pin. But in my eyes he's an inspiration for even entering the ring tonight..

Pin holds his knee on the canvas and Perfection wastes no time going back to it. He grabs Pin by his foot and lifts his body off the canvas, slamming his knee back down hard.

Blackfront: Gawd! This isn't easy to watch...he's picking that leg apart bit by bit.

Perfection does this a further two times, causing louder yells of pain from Smith with each. Perfection continues to smirk proudly, grabbing hold of the bandage and strapping and beginning to yank it off aggressively. Pin tries to stop him but Perfection steps back and kicks him in the head, going back to work on removing the dressing. The crowd shower him with hate as he does it.

Backfront: Now he's removing the small shred of protection that Pin has on his knee. The challenger is in serious trouble now folks.

Ace: Perfection is an inspiration right now, Jason. He's showing any budding wrestler how to really capitalise on an advantage like he has.

With all of the strapping removed, Perfection picks up the injured leg of Smith and begins to drag him by it across the ring to the corner. He then slips under the ropes to the outside and pulls Pins legs through the ropes and parallel with the turnbuckle. The crowd at ringside yell abuse at him as they know what he is planning.

Blackfront: Oh COME ON, don't need to do this!

Perfection laughs as Pin shakes his head, whilst he holds his leg out. He then proceeds to swing his knee against the ring post, causing a sickening sound of bone meeting metal.


Ace: DING!

Blackfront: Good lord...Folks, if you were wondering why the referee isn't counting Perfection out, it's because this match can ONLY end in a submission victory.

Ace: That mean weapons are legal?

Blackfront: Oh GOD, I hope not..

Pin whimpers as he holds his knee, his feet dangling over the side of the ring apron. Perfection taunts the ringside ticket holders, enjoying his dominance over the challenger.

Perfection then goes back to the leg, only this time he crosses Pins 'good' leg across his bad knee and begins to lock in a figure of four leg lock, hanging down with all his bodyweight applied to the leg.


The whites of Pin's eyes have never been clearer as he screams at the top of his lungs. The referee deams the move to be illegal and begins counting..




Perfection keeps the hold locked in..


He finally lets go and Pin instantly reaches forward to favor the injury. The crowd just continue their heavy droning of hate as Perfection now has a vicious look in his eyes.

Blackfront: Perfection isn't going to stop until that knee gives Pin no choice but to submit.

Ace: It's just a matter of time Jason..

Perfection goes back and grabs his leg again.

Blackfront: Oh not again..

But Pin kicks his leg out, pushing Perfection backwards and causing him to trip. As he does so the back of his head meets the barricade.


The crowd is overjoyed as Smith finally catches a break in the match.

Blackfront: GOOD-LORD! Perfections head just bounced off the barricade! He could be out!


Perfection lies on the outside of the ring, holding the back of his head and kicking his feet as the sting radiates through his skull. Pin meanwhile is pulling himself up via the ropes, really struggling to put his foot down. The fans are clapping to give him some momentum and encouragement as he tests it out, wincing and grimancing with each attempted step.

Blackfront: If Pin can shake this off he could have a chance of capitalising here because Perfection has well and truly had his bell rung.

Perfection has pulled himself up on the outside, but his legs look like rubber as he clings onto the barricade.

Inside the ring, Pin holding the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, glaring at Perfection with hate as he grits his teeth. Perfection takes a step forward from the barricade and Pin starts to run, still limping as he moves as fast as he can.

Blackfront: What's he doing?

The crowd gasp as Pin vaults the rope with a suicide dive, smashing his forearm across Perfections face!


The fans stamp their feet with approval as Pin risks his own health. The moves causes arguably more damange to Pin as he rolls around the outside clutching his knee.

Blackfront: Pin adding to his own injury with that high risk move there..

Ace: What an idiot..he's never gonna win the title like that!

Pins face is red with agony as he pulls himself up. At the same time, a still groggy Perfection is also pulling himself up. Pin grabs him and tosses him back into the ring, limping towards it and climbing in after him. Perfection gingerly gets to his feet, but the challenging comes up behind him and takes him down with a boddy scissors and rear naked choke hold!

Blackfront: Pin has the submission locked in!

Ace: Come on Perfection!

Perfections arms move all over the place in desperation as Pin wrenches back on his head. He rags it continuinsly, alternating the pressure to make the pain in Perfections neck pulse, before giving it a good long stretch. The fans excitment builds and builds as Perfections hand hovers above the canvas.

Blackfront: He's ready to tap! We could have a new champion!

Perfection moves his hand away from the canvas and begins searching around his body, finding one of Pins legs which is wrapped around him. This just so happens to be the injured leg which he grabs hold of and pulls up towards his own sternum!


Pin immediately lets go of Perfections neck and throws his head back against the canvas, yelling out as Perfection turns the hold into an inside leg lock.

Blackfront: There may have been some luck involved in that..but GOD DAMN..that was impressive!

Ace (Golf Clapping): It was PERFECT!

The fans boo as Pin raises his hand, looking ready to tap.

Blackfront: You've given it everything you could shame in giving up now. Think about your future!

Ace: Yeah TAP you idiot!

Pin holds his breath and pushes his body off the canvas, shuffling as quick as he can and lunging his hands towards the ropes.


The fans cheer but only briefly as Perfection keeps the hold locked in..





He finally breaks the hold and Pin gasps in relief, once again clutching his knee. Perfection brushes the referee aside as he tries to warn him and yaks Pin up to his feet. He picks up Pins bad leg and he hops on his good one, before jumping up and smacking Perfection in the side of the head with an Enziguri!

Blackfront: OOF! He felt that one..

Perfection stumbles across the ring holding his head whilst Pin pulls himself back up. He then hobbles to the centre of the ring and Perfection charges at him, but Pin rolls through on him and locks him into a SINGLE LEG CRAB!

Blackfront: SINGLE LEG CRAB! marking out for this move right now!

Ace: I'll tell you who isn't...ME!

Perfection yells as Pin keeps the move locked in, yet again instinctively raising his hand as that battle of 'fight or flight' begins to start inside his own head.

Instead he plants it down and pushes his body off the canvas with all of his upper body strength, and impressive commando rolls, bring himself under Pins legs and causing him to fall back on his back. Before Pin can react he has both of his legs spread wide and gives him a swift stomp to the knee before locking in a..


The crowd may boo, but Perfection has his old trusty figure of four leg lock tightly applied and Pin Smith is dead centre of the ring.

Blackfront: The challenger has no where to go..and once again all the pressure of this move is being applied straight to that injured knee.

His screams are uncomfortable to listen to as Perfection arches his spine to apply maximum pressure. The challenger raises his hand above the canvas..

Ace: This is it..



Pin closes his eyes..

Blackfront: No he's just banging his hands on the canvas!


In spite of Blackfront's protests..Pin clearly has not yet tapped and is merely banging his hands in pain as he can't stand the pain.  

Pins eyes soon turn almost manic as begins to turn his hips, using his good leg to try and relieve some pressure.

Blackfront: Gotta admire the challenger here for trying to fight on and get out of this move..

Ace: Don't listen to this guy, kids. If you get a bad injury do the sensible thing and forfeit the match!

Perfection is gritting his own teeth now, and looks around at the crowd who are beginning to cheer Pin as he tries to flip the move over on himself.

Blackfront: Pin trying to reverse this figure of four leg lock, his only realistic chance of escaping this hold...AND HE'S DONE IT!

Perfection screams as Pin manages to the flip them both over, and now the pressure is being applies to Perfection.

Ace: WHAT!

Perfection pulls at his own hair and punches the canvas as Pin applies the pressure. The crowd are ready to explode as the end draws near for Perfection. But, suddenly, Pin's chest collapses to the canvas and brings his own knee up to chest, clutching it for dear life.

Blackfront: Pin being forced to release the hold as the move is clearly still applying pain to his knee..

Perfection crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself up, stretching out his leg for a second before turning and seeing Pin Smith struggling with his leg. He sneers at him before charging over to his challenger and grabbing hold of his head. With Pin on one knee, he spikes his head into the canvas with a DDT.

Blackfront: DDT from the champion there, and he looks out cold!

Ace: Gonna be difficult to protect that knee when you're unconscious.

Pins eyes are open but they are looking glazed as he stares out of the ring. Perfection, meanwhile, slowly walks around him, eyes locked onto his injured leg. He decides to pull Pin up to his feet and then moves around to his side, lifting him up by his bad leg and dropping his knee across his own thigh.

Blackfront: OH! Perfection using that shin breaker but landing it on Pin's knee..

Pin rolls out of the ring, almost crying by this point as the pain becomes more intense with every blow and hold it endures. Perfection looks to want to keep the momentum going, rushing out of the ring to follow him. He laughs as he watches him trying to hop towards the barricade to support himself.

Ace: You know, Perfection has been in control for most of this match. That is proof that Pin Smith was no where near ready for a match or opponent of this calibre..

Blackfront: I disagree, Tommy. I think the heart he has shown tonight more than proves that he deserving of a match like this..

Perfection turns Pin around on the outside, kicking him sharply to his knee and causing him to yelp like a dog as he falls down to it. He then gives him a swift elbow across the jaw for good measure.

He mouths off at the crowd for a second as they hurl abuse at him, before turning to the steel ring steps and picking up the top layer.

Ace: I guess that question about weapons is about to be answered..

The referee leans over the ropes and warns Perfection as he holds the steel steps in his hands, but he just turns and tosses them to the side. What he does instead is drag Pin smith over to the bottom layer, lying his bad leg over it and stomping on it a few times.

Blackfront: This is getting sick..

Perfection leans down and lifts up Pins head, nailing him with a few stiff rights before pulling away. He walks over to the announce table and climbs on top, standing all over Blackfront's notes..

Blackfront: HEY! WATCH IT!

Ace: Don't you talk to him you ungrateful!

Perfection looks around at the crowd with a smirk as he stands on top of the announce table, pointing down at Pins leg which is in a perfect position across the steel steps.

Blackfront: Don't do this, son! You've done enough..

Perfection then flies through the air, throwing out his elbow and landing...

straight on the steel steps!!



Blackfront: OH MY GOD! Pin moves out of the way and Perfection drops that elbow right into the STEEL!

Perfection rolls all over the outside, screaming and clutching his elbow.

Blackfront: Perfection has seriously hurt that elbow! The odds may have been evened!

Ace: Postpone this match, right now!

Pin is up on one leg and looks around at the crowd, wide eyed and confused as to what just happened.

Blackfront: Perfection took a risk and it may prove to be costly.

The crowd cheer him on to take advantage as Perfection is still screaming in agony. Pin then wastes no time limping over to him, pulling him up and grabbing hold of his arm..

Perfection looks at Pin like a deer trapped in headlights and shakes his head, but Pin throws the elbow straight into the ring post!

Ace: GAH!

Blackfront: The tables have turned!

Pin grabs his arm again and punches him in the mouth as he tries to fight back, smashing the elbow back into the ring post!

Ace: Oh COME ON!

Blackfront: Don't even try to say anything about this, Tommy. You've been cheerleading Perfections game plan all night..

Pin looks around at the crowd with renewed confidence as they cheer for him.


He answers the calls of the fans, grabbing the arm again and throwing the elbow against the steel.

Perfection screams and runs away around the outside of the ring, clutching the elbow for dear life.

Blackfront: Pin Smith has a window of opportunity to win this match and win the title now. But can he capitalise on it?

Ace: Perfection will shake it off and get the job done. Don't even worry about it..

Pin limps up behind Perfection, clubbing him between his shoulders and throwing him back into the ring. He climbs in after him and Perfection charges at him, but Pin takes him down with a arm drag takedown.

Blackfront: Arm drag takedown to the bad elbow!

Perfection gets straight back up but his face is visibly filled with pain as he shakes off his arm. He throws a punch with his good arm but Pin blocks and hits one of his own, before grabbing the bad arm and taking him down single arm DDT. Perfection clutches his elbow whilst Pin Smith checks his knee for a second.

Blackfront: Both men are now wounded but the challenger is finally in a position of control..

Pin hobbles back over to the champion flips him onto his front, pulling out his bad arm and straightening it out. He presses his knee over the joint and hyper extends it for a second before lifting his own legs high into the air..

Blackfront: No, think about what you're doing..

He lands his knee across the elbow and its like a bomb's gone off in the ring as both men rolls all over it, holding their respective joints.

Ace: Well, I think the answer to the question over who the SMARTER competitor is has just been answered..

Blackfront: I think maybe Pin isn't thinking too clearly right now. Either way he's just hurt himself as well as his opponent.

Perfection rings out his arm as he's back on his feet, whilst Pin Smith is back to trying to put his weight on his bad knee. Perfection rushes over to him and throws a punch, but Pin catches his arm, steps over and takes him down with an armbar takedown!

The fans jump to their feet!

Blackfront: ARM BAR LOCKED IN!

Ace: NO!

Perfection yells in agony as Pin stretches and hyper extends the bad elbow. The champion's hand hovers over the canvas and the referee is right in his face, asking him the proverbial question..

Blackfront: He's got to tap! We're gonna have a new champion!

The cheers are deafening as Pin wrenches on the arm now, doing everything his can to make the champion submit. Perfection manages to turn his hips slightly, and begins to punch Pin in the bad knee.



The crowd drone with sounds of disappointment as Pin is forced to release the hold. But the damage has been done, Perfection is clutching his arm for dear life.

Blackfront: Gotta give it to both of these men in this match. Perfection has been on point since the beginning and tenacious in his approach, whilst the challenger has had to dig deep just to keep going on this match.

Perfection and Pin make it back to their feet at the same time but, of course, Perfection is standing a lot easier. They both spot one another  and nod..

Blackfront: Little bit of mutual respect being show here..

The walk towards one another but Perfection instantly lands a drop kick to Pin's knee..

Blackfront: And it was short lived!

Ace: Respect is being shown, Jason. Perfection respects that Pin has a chance to beating him if he doesn't keep up this offense!

The fans are booing Perfection out of the arena as he mercilessly begins to kick Pin's knee apart again. He then tooks his boot under his arm and flips him over, locking in a single leg crab of his own!


Pin screams agan and shakes his head as the referee gets in his face. Perfection tries to push down onto the middle of his back but Pin uses all of his upper body strength to keep his sternum off the canvas, to relieve as much pressure as possible.

Blackfront: Pin again in a tight spot here..

Pin begins to crawl, using his long arms to drag himself and Perfection slowly across the ring. Perfection tries to walk him back to the middle but Pin is too strong on this occasion, stretching his arms as far as he can and just about catching the ropes.


The fans cheer and Perfection collapses forward with exhaustion.

Blackfront: There's just no quit in this kid, Tommy.

Ace: He's got more guts than brains, because that leg is gonna be rendered useless when this match is over.

Perfection slams his hand on the canvas in frustration, crawling to the opposite side of the ring and pulling himself up. Pin pulls himself up on the other side and limps over to the centre, where Perfection ducks a punch, bounces off the ropes and takes Pin down with a chop block to the back of the knee.

Ace: Chop block!

The fans boo as Pin goes down in a heap and Perfection flips him over, spreading the legs and circling around the bad knee..

Ace: Here it comes!

But as Perfection turns, Pin uses his good leg to push him away, sparking some hope from the crowd. Perfection turns and charges back towards Pin who takes him down by the bad elbow with a Fujiwar armbar. He then quickly moves his body over the back of Perfection and locks in a double trap armbar (Rings of Saturn).

Blackfront: Smith has a double trap armbar locked in! Perfection has nowhere to go and no way of escaping and that elbow is about to break!

The fans are shaking the roof of the AT&T arena as Perfection screams. The referee is lying in front of him and asking him the question. Perfection begins nodding his head vigorously..

Blackfront: Is he..

The referee jumps up and begins waving his hand..





Pin lets go of the hold and collapses on his back, completely exhausted...whilst Perfection rolls away and clutches his elbow.



Announcer: Your winner of the match via submission...and NEW..UTA WILDFIRE CHAMPION....KING...PIN...SMITH!!


Pin can't believe it as he pulls himself up to his feet. He limps forward, his face full of emotion as the referee hands him the belt. He gazes at it in disbelief for a second before raising it in the ear and letting out a tremendous roar as the referee raises his arm in victory!

The fans cheer wildly and he ducks under the ropes to go and celebrate with the fans, still hobbling.

Blackfront: What a courageous as valiant victory by Pin Smith tonight. Perfection dominated for most of the match and really tore that leg apart. But Pin found enough strength and capitalised at just the right moment.

As Pin celebrates on the outside with his new championship, Perfection argues with the referee as he holds his arm.


Blackfront: I think the referee did see something and enough to make him rule this decision. Perfection took a big risk earlier and hurt his elbow, and that's what's cost him.

Blackfront: He was never going to be happy with a loss, Jason. But there's no changing this result now..and folks I'm being told we need to head backstage..

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