Wrestleshow ep 25

22 Aug 2017

Canton Memorial Civic Center, Canton, Ohio (seats 5,500)


The scene opens to a raucous crowd. As we pan across the screaming fans the camera finally comes to rest upon Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace.

Blackfront: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the twenty fifth episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu. I'm Jason Blackfront and joining me is my broadcast partner, Tommy Ace.

Ace:  Thanks Jason, it’s good to be here once again at another WrestleUTA event!

Blackfront: Yes indeed, tonight we have a number of WrestleUTA Superstars going head to head with what owner Mikey Unlikely calls “Blasts from the past”.

Ace: That’s right, we’ve got three big matches tonight where we know one superstar, but we don’t know their mystery opponent! I love the mystery and intrigue!

Blackfront: Could it be former Dynasty members? Machine Members? Or even WTFC members? Could it be a former champion? Who knows! What we do know is we have a huge tag team main event for you tonight!

Ace: Yes we do Jason! The Boss himself, Chris Ross teams up with Scott Stevens to take on Impulse and our Legacy Champion, Jack Harmen! I can’t wait to watch the Boss wipe Harmen all over this mat!

Blackfront: Keep in mind as well, our WrestleUTA champion and the #1 contender are both in the building tonight! Anything can happen here folks!

Ace: Only on WrestleUTA on Hulu!

Blackfront: Let’s get right to the action, coming up first we have Lisil Jackson, the jamaican inspiration, taking on a mystery opponent!

Cut to ringside.

Lisil Jackson vs ?????????

Lisil Jackson vs ??????

Well this should be an interesting match…

Ace: Yawn!!!!!!

Blackfront: Really Ace?

Ace: It’s a Lisil Jackson match. I should’ve brought my pillow…..

The fans erupt into cheers as Better Must Come by Geego starts to play over the loudspeakers. Lisil Jackson walks out to some colorful pyros going off.

Jordan: Making his way to the ring from Kingston Jamaica! He is The Jamaican Inspiration… Lisil Jackson!

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping hands with a few fans on his way to the ring.

Ace: Uggggggh did I mention how much I absolutely hate Lisil Jackson?!

Blackfront: Aren’t you supposed to be unbiased?

Ace: Unbiased my ass! I can’t stand this guy! His stupid accent and that theme song is enough to make me want to jam a pencil into my ear and rupture my eardrum!

Blackfront: Tell us how you really feel Ace!

Jackson sets his fedora on the ring steps with his gold chain before he slides into the ring posing for the fans awaiting his opponent.

Blackfront: Now this is the interesting part. It’s a mystery who his opponent will be tonight.

Ace: Who cares?

If You Want Peace…. Prepare For War by Children Of Bodom begins to play on the loudspeakers as Lew Smith comes out.

Jordan: And his opponent! From Frimley England…. Lew Smith!!!!

Blackfront: Wow!!!! This is going to be interesting! A clash of two martial arts combatants!

Ace: Lew Smith?! Really!? You know what if you need me I’m going to go take a piss….

Blackfront: Ace!? Where are you going!? Get back here!

As Lew Smith slides into the ring the sound of Ace taking his headset off is heard.

Blackfront: Folks my colleague literally has left me high and dry and I think he’s literally going to the bathroom right now. I am quite interested to hear what Mikey is going to have to say about his actions here!

The bell rings and immediately the two men shake hands in a form of respect with the fans cheering the display.

Blackfront: Good show of sportsmanship here…. Don’t blink because this one may be over quick!

Both men immediately take a combat stance and the tension in the air is thick as they circle the ring. Smith is the first one to go on the attack throwing a leg kick clipping Jackson who responds with a right hook himself.

Blackfront: Folks this isn’t going to be a traditional match. We’re looking at what may very well be a straight up fight!

Lew Smith goes for another kick but Jackson catches it and wastes no time driving him down to the mat. Jackson gets on top of Smith who immediately goes for an arm trying to lock in an arm bar.

Blackfront: Lew Smith with an early submission attempt!

Lew tries for the submission but Jackson expertly defends turning and backing away allowing Smith to get back to his feet. The two nod at each other before Jackson throws a kick right to the body of Smith.

Blackfront: Ohhhhhh! What a kick!

Smith is clearly hurt and Jackson rushes in throwing punch after punch into the side of his head before he slams a knee right into his stomach. Smith pushes Jackson away. Lisil rushes in and Smith cracks him right in the head with a roundhouse kick dropping him!

Blackfront: Lisil may be out from that shot!

Lew Smith dives in on the attack and Lisil pulls him in and locks in a triangle choke! Smith manages to wriggle free from the submission. The Jamaican Inspiration is back to his feet again and the fans erupt at the display.

Blackfront: This is about as legit of a martial arts match as we have here!

Lew goes in for a takedown and with a loud crack Lew Smith is met with a brutal knee right to the face. Smith immediately goes down and Jackson pounces beginning to rain elbow after elbow into the face.

Blackfront: What a knee!!! Smith appears to be out cold!

After several unanswered shots The referee pulls Jackson off him and the bell is rung.

Jordan: The winner of this match due to knockout…. The Jamaican Inspiration Lisil Jackson!!!!

The fans cheer loudly as Lew Smith has blood trickling down his face from a cut in his forehead. Lisil Jackson jumps to the top rope celebrating the victory.

Blackfront: Very impressive display from Jackson here! Oh hey nice of you to finally join me!

The sound of Ace putting his headset back on is heard.

Ace: Is it over?

Blackfront: Yes….. It was quick but action packed!

Ace: Good! Let’s move on to something actually entertaining!

Blackfront: Don’t go crying to me if Mikey decides to fire you.

Built on the Shoulders of a Monster

Built on the Shoulders of a Monster.

Death Dealer by TNG ♫

The fans quickly change their tune and reaction to Crimson Lord theme. Crimson steps out from the back. He has brown timberland boots, with a pair of black denim jeans a blue denim vest with a purple hoodie covering his face. The seven footer walks to the ring no fancy pyro, or flashy intro.

Blackfront: These fans here in Canton Memorial Civic Center show their utter dislike for this man who in a few short weeks will go One on One with Lisil Jackson!

Ace: Lisil signed his death warrant two weeks ago. Crimson is the type to collect.

He reaches the bottom of the ramp and slowly pulls his hood back. Crimson’s beard continues to grow longer over the weeks still real shaggy though.  His hair continues to grow on his head. He pulls himself up to the apron and then steps over the top rope and looks out into the sea of fans with their negative reaction to him.

Blackfront: Crimson has left a path of destruction in his wake since Absolution.

Crimson walks over to the timekeeper motioning for a microphone from the ring. Jordan gets up and hands a microphone to him. Crimson takes it and walks to the center of the ring while removing the divider from the microphone. Crimson sniffs the air for a moment and quickly holds his nose.

Crimson: You smell that?

Crimson walks over to Jason and Tommy from in the ring.

Crimson: Jason, Tommy tell me you guys smell that?

Blackfront: Smell what?

Ace: You know Crimson now that you mention it there has been a faint odor in the building.

Blackfront: What are you going on about now Tommy!

Crimson walks away from the announce team and continues to smell in the ring. He walks over to the turnbuckles and sniffs them for a moment shaking his head. He takes a whiff of the ropes for a moment and shakes his head.

Blackfront: What is this maniac doing, there is no smell in here.

Tommy joins in on Crimson’s trying to find the source, now sniffing around his area.

Blackfront: What the hell are you doing now!

Ace: I smell it too Jason, maybe you need some sinus medication.

While Tommy tries to find the scent Crimson mentioned, Crimson is on his knees trying to see if maybe the mat is where the scent s coming from. After a few sniffs he shakes his head. He puts his hands on his hips for a moment. The fans clearly are bored to tears at this point. Crimson exits the ring and the fans begin to cheer. Crimson smirks at the crowd and shakes his head, before looking under the ring. While on one knee he takes a few whiffs and shakes his head, he stands up and puts his hands on his hips baffled at the mystery.

Blackfront: So you found nothing Crimson, maybe it's in your head.

Crimson slides in the ring, and picks up the microphone and stands in the middle of the ring still sniffing around and just can’t seem to find where the odor is coming from.

Crimson: Ok, that's going to bug me all night let me try one more time.

Crimson sniffs once more, and this time seems to pick up where it's coming from. His eyes lighten up until they look out into the crowd with disgust.

Crimson: That's where it's coming from. I am right here in the cesspool of Canton, Ohio!

The crowd quickly turn to utter hatred for Crimson, with a chorus of negative reaction. Crimson closes his eyes just embracing all the hatred for him.

Ace: He is right I thought I smelled something fishy when we arrived here.

Blackfront: You both are utterly disgusting people!

Crimson: More…

Again it would seem Crimson wants to continue to troll this capacity crowd here in Canton. Egging them on to boo him louder with each “More” statement.

Crimson: Ah, it's a good thing I came prepared tonight.

Crimson reaches into his jacket and pulls out a face mask. Quickly getting a even more loud negative reaction from the capacity crowd here in Canton. Crimson puts the mask on. He looks relieved for the moment, he puts the microphone to his mouth.

Crimson: Excuse the muffled sound but you guys stink. This is the only way I can tolerate your stench.

The fans have not stopped at this lack of utter disrespect for them.

Crimson: Now to the moment at hand at Lasting Legacy I will take Lisil’s peanut size head and smash it! I have to say I will give you a lot of props boy you can sure take a beating and keep coming. But sadly in your case heart is only going to get you so far. Eventually I will reach into your chest and rip your heart right out! It amaz..

The fans seem to really not care what Crimson has to say. The boo’s throughout the arena are deafening. Especially since he continues to troll them with a face mask on.

Crimson: It's funny, how quickly you people can change, you guys do know I built this company right? I carried this son of a bitch on my shoulders for years. If it wasn’t for me, guys like Lisil Jackson, and the rest of the guys in the back would not be able to come out here and perform for your ignorant asses! If it were not for me you people would not be able to sit there and stuff your fat asses with hot dogs and pizza and be entertained every show. I did that for you..ME!

Blackfront: This is not all about you Crimson, jesus the ego of this guy has grown 100x.

Crimson: NO one in this company can walk out here and say that...NO ONE!

On que….

♫ Gold Medal by Tha Trademark♫

The fans come to their feet as the UTA’s resident janitor comes walking out to the ring.  He's not dressed in uniform but in khakis and a loose unbuttoned dress shirt.

Crimson slowly tenses up as a legend in his own right and one of the founding fathers of WrestleUTA makes his way to the ring.

Blackfront: How about him?

Ace: You can't be serious, what did he do, sweep up the messes in every arena?

Crimson slowly removes his mask as a legend and foundation block himself of the WrestleUTA makes his way to the ring.

Blackfront: Crimson is not the only legend to have been made from the WrestleUTA Tommy!

Crimson clearly knows he is full of it, but is more aggravated that his old nemesis had the gall to come out here above all else.

Blackfront: Ron takes another microphone from Jordan and makes his way into the ring. The look on Ron’s face looks to be that of disappointment.

Ace: it's more like What have I done? Why would I get in the ring with a man totally not in my league!

Ron gets in Crimson face, waiting for the crowd in the Civic Center to die down with their roars for The Southern Rebel.  Ron lowers the mic and calmly stares Crimson down.  He slowly raises the mic to his mouth and speaks.

Ron:  You're really not going to go down this path are you?  

Crimson:  Who the hell are you to lecture me about anything?

Ron:  A friend… and as a friend, I may be the only person left in that locker room that can or is willing to talk sense to you!

Crimson mockingly responds to Ron

Crimson: You're going to try to appeal to my emotions? What to get me to see the error in my ways?

Ron:  No Scott.  I'm going to do two things. First, use logic and two, speak the truth to you and that to a man is never pretty.  

Ace: Does Ron have a death wish? Go scrub a toilet out or something.

Crimson takes a moment to gather himself

Crimson: You know something Ron, we have been through wars all over this country, hell across the oceans. Frankly, I lost all respect for you when I saw what you subjected yourself to when you came back into MY company….

Crimson looks from Ron for a moment. Then quickly back at him. Ron seems undaunted by the reality of the situation.

Crimson: “The Southern Rebel” Ron Hall everyone's favorite...JANITOR!

Crimson snickers as he walks from Ron he turns slightly toward him.

Ron: We're gonna play that card?  Yes. I got demoted. Yes I swallowed my pride and did what I had to do to make sure this promotion that I love, that I...

Ron points at his chest

Ron: ...gave way more of my time, blood, sweat and tears to than you ever thought about!  To make sure it didn't go up in flames!  When a challenge showed up at my door, I took it on and answered back unlike you!

Crimson:  Excuse me?  I ran? From what?

Ron:  Do I need to air it all out here? Do we need to make this public, because I have no problems doing it if that is what gets through your thick skull!

Blackfront: This could get ugly fast.

Crimson seems to realize what Ron is talking about.

Crimson:  I would be really careful about what I say if I were you Ron.

Ron:  Or what?  

Ron steps towards Crimson as if his demeanor has invited his confidence.

Ron: You're going to kick my ass? Oh wait, you've done that, I've kicked yours too. You going to bust me open? Done that too.  

Ron holds his hand up for a second.

Ron: Please don't tell me you're going to end my career.  You've tried that before too.

Crimson steps away and chuckles at the thought of what Ron has said. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation. They want to see who will flinch first.

Crimson: You know every now and then we see shades of your former glory days, but those times seem to be very short lived. Just flashes in the sky. Like a bolt of lightning…..but unlike the destructive capabilities of a bolt of lightning you fizzle out before you hit the ground.

Crimson gets in Ron’s face once more.

Crimson: So here is where you have a choice to make. You can walk out of this ring, go in the back and mop up the rest of your career in a bathroom stall, or…

Crimson puts his hand upward raising his eyebrows. Before looking coldly at Ron.

Crimson: I take old yeller out back and put him out of his misery right here tonight! The choice is yours Ron make the right choice.

Ron: So apparently… talking about this isn't going to work.

Ron thinks about it for a moment, knowing that look in Crimson’s eyes all too well. He puts his hands up after dropping the microphone and nods. Crimson snickers a bit as Ron begins to exit the ring. Crimson looks out into the crowd laughing at Ron and them, but just as he looks back at Ron!

Blackfront: COUNTRY CHIN MUSIC! Ron Hall just planted Crimson Lord with Country Chin Music! Crimson is out too my god listen to these fans their on their feet!

Ron looks at the microphone then his nemesis on the mat, he bends down at picks up the microphone and looks down at Crimson.

Hall: If I can't reason with you, maybe I can beat it into you!  You wanna take another crack at putting me down?  Fine!  You and me one more time! Two of the UTA’s originals in this ring right here TONIGHT in Canton, Ohio!

Hall drops the microphone, to a huge reaction from the crowd!

Blackfront: Whoa! The last two remaining UTA Originals will meet one last time in the ring TONIGHT!

Ace: Crimson might be down now, heaven help the janitor when he wakes up!

The Boss of What Exactly?

The Boss of What, Exactly?

As we cut to the backstage area we notice resident WrestleUTA Interviewer, John Laver, with Scott Stevens who appears to be in a foul mood as he his pacing back and forth like a caged animal waiting to pounce at any given second.

Laver: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest…..ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John screams like a little girl as Stevens snatches the microphone from his hands and shoves him to the ground.

Stevens: Chris…….

Stevens says slowly as hatred seeps through his tone.

Stevens: Fucking……

Stevens grips the microphone tightly and his hands tremble with fury.

Stevens: Ross!

Stevens finally shouts before trying to compose himself but his eye and cheek twitch trying to hold back the rage burning inside of him.

Stevens: You said, “Look at me while I’m distracting you.”

Stevens repeats what Ross yelled to Harmen in their Title match last show.

Stevens: Well I’m looking directly at you boy!

Stevens says as he points towards the camera.

Stevens: You cost me the Legacy championship and you actually think I’m going to let that slide?

Stevens says shaking his head no.

Stevens: You want to be a big shot by putting your nose in things that will never concern you like championships and main events. I had Jack Harmen fucking beat in the middle of that ring and you cost me my moment!

Stevens shouts as he points at himself.

Stevens: You call yourself the Boss and maybe that’s true because our esteemed owner seems to be scared to do anything to you for costing me a victory which is ok since I’m going to do something about it myself.

Stevens says with a smile.

Stevens: You fucked with the wrong person and you are going to find out why I am called  El Jefe de jefes, when I whoop your ass tonight!

Stevens says before dropping the mic and exiting the area.

Closed Captioning Provided by...

Closed Captioning Provided By...

The scene turns backstage where John Laver is standing in front of the UTA backdrop.

Laver: We have breaking news scheduled for Lasting Legacy! I’ve been told that my next guest is set to defend his Legacy championship… Wait… you’re not Jack Harmen...

Ross (offscreen): Just introduce me already you twerp!

Laver shakes his head letting out a sigh.

Laver: Chris “The Boss” Ross!

Chris Ross steps into the picture with a blank look on his face.

Laver: Now Chris… This whole thing between you and Jack Harmen… Why? Why is there this animosity between the two of you?

Ross looks at Laver taking the microphone from him giving him an amused smile.

Ross: Why? Why?! It’s quite simple really! Jack Harmen has something that I want! That gold he oh so smugly carts around!

Laver looks at Ross kind of surprised. Almost like he was expecting a more complex answer.

Laver: Really? That’s it?

Ross: Yeah! That is it! He wants to call himself a champion when he’s acting like he’s some sort of drugged up fruit loop!? Harmen to me is nothing but a walking cartoon character come to life. People like him because he makes goofy faces and makes all the little kiddies laugh!

The Boss laughs shaking his head before his face turns serious.

Ross: But you see… I shown Harmen why he isn’t a real champion… I shown him why I’m better than he ever will be! I gave him a personal tour of Hershey and I gave him a life lesson of how I rule the streets! He just happened to be walking in the wrong area at the wrong time. Chalk it up to being just another victim of circumstances. That’s how things are in the 717!

Just then, sauntering in from the opposite side of Chris Ross, is Jack Harmen. He’s chewing a large wad of gum and slaps the Legacy title against his shoulders. He doesn’t even give Ross a look, as he stares ahead at the camera. The Boss smiles almost like he wants to laugh.

Ross: Well well well look at what the cat dragged in!

Jack Harmen: What am I in that analogy? A dead bird? Please. I’m the Legacy champion. Also, what is he doing here? This is my talky time. UTA production team, can you mute his mic and only display subtitles? His voice is grating and I’d rather just read what he says.

Ross laughs shaking his head.

Ross: Oh I’M SOOOO SORRY!!!!!! Listen chucklenuts! No one wants to see another episode of the Jack Harmen comedy hour! So why don’t you take your outdated jokes and your unfunny comedy books and get the hell out of here mother fu…….

It’s then Ross’ microphone is cut off. The Keystone State Killa taps the microphone trying to speak into it. Harmen frowns as he tries to listen, unable to hear. He looks down at the bottom of the “screen” and sees nothing. Yet for those folks at home, the UTA production team DOES display closed captions of the following:

Ross: Turn my mic back on you fu--

Another beep, and Ross’ mic turns back on.

Jack Harmen: I didn’t think that through. I gotta watch that later on playback. Listen, Ross…

The camera zooms in as Chris Ross begins his rant, leaving Jack just off frame.

Ross: No you listen! You want to be all fun and games like your some clown farting out bubbles but let me give you a reality check. I already beat the crap out of you and left you in a heap at Hershey Park! What makes you think I won’t do that again huh? What makes you think……

Ross’ microphone is suddenly cut off again and more words appear on the bottom of the screen.

Ross: I am a mediocre wrestler who has to resort to street thug tactics because I have a small penis!

Ross looks around aggravated beyond words. He starts yelling into the microphone as more words appear on screen.

Ross: Oook oook oook! Me Ross! Me Angry!

The camera pulls back to reveal Harmen viewing a closed circuit feed on his cell phone. He smiles, and shows the last exchange to Ross as a screen grab, which only further infuriates him.

Jack Harmen: You also said you had a small penis.

Ross grabs the microphone from Harmen ripping it out of his hands frustrated.

Ross: Oh yeah real funny! Pretty tough talk coming from someone that got a….

And almost like it was on cue, Ross’ microphone is shut off and more words appear on the bottom of the screen.

Ross: Jack Harmen is the best champion ever! I wish I could be as manly and have the sex appeal that he has! I am a pathetic loser and a virgin! That’s why I still live in my mom’s basement and play World Of Warcraft all day! Please forgive my Mountain Dew breath! That’s why my shorts are neon green! I eat grass instead of salad.

At this point Ross’ fury subsides long enough for him to realize his mic had been turned off. Now so painfully sick of the jokes, Chris Ross’ eyes flash red before he turns and beams Harmen in the side of the head with the butt of the microphone. Lavar quickly absconds as Ross jumps on top of the downed Harmen. His mic cuts back on as he begins to pound the microphone tip into Harmen’s skull. After the fourth blow, the mic is again muffled, but not by the production crew. In fact, a faint hint of static remains as the microphone itself had been broken. It’s here where numerous UTA security flood the scene, grabbing Ross by his waist and lifting him off and away from the fallen Legacy Champion.

Chris Ross gives amazing resistance, standing in place once he gets his feet on the ground. He keeps shouting, no longer needing a microphone to be heard.

Ross: You and me Harmen! No more jokes! No more games! Put that belt on the line in a STREET FIGHT and let’s do things like we do it on the streets of Harrisburg! 717 REPRESENT!

Harmen winces, rubbing a bit of blood from his nostrils as he kneels to a ready position. He can only smile and nod as Chris Ross is finally drug away with the addition of another three security guards to the rugby pile.

Jack Harmen: SOUNDS FUN!

Harmen finally frowns.

Jack Harmen: Wait. Why does he keep shouting about Airplanes?

Crimson Lord vs ????????????

Crimson Lord vs ??????

Death Dealer by TNG ♫

Jordan: Coming to the ring at this time.....from Chicago, Illinois!

The fans quickly change their tune and reaction to Crimson Lord theme. Crimson steps out from the back.

Jordan: Standing Seven Foot and One inch...weighing in at Three Hundred and Forty-Eight pounds! "The Perfect Weapon" CRIMSON LORD!!

He has brown timberland boots, with a pair of black denim jeans a blue denim vest with a purple hoodie covering his face. The seven footer walks to the ring no fancy pyro, or flashy intro.

Blackfront: Earlier tonight Crimson Lord came face to face with Ron Hall, let's take you back earlier tonight.


Crimson: So here is where you have a choice to make. You can walk out of this ring, go in the back and mop up the rest of your career in a bathroom stall, or…

Crimson puts his hand upward raising his eyebrows. Before looking coldly at Ron.

Crimson: I take old yeller out back and put him out of his misery right here tonight! The choice is yours Ron make the right choice.

Ron: So apparently… talking about this isn't going to work.

Ron thinks about it for a moment, knowing that look in Crimson’s eyes all too well. He puts his hands up after dropping the microphone and nods. Crimson snickers a bit as Ron begins to exit the ring. Crimson looks out into the crowd laughing at Ron and them, but just as he looks back at Ron!

Blackfront: COUNTRY CHIN MUSIC! Ron Hall just planted Crimson Lord with Country Chin Music! Crimson is out too my god listen to these fans their on their feet!

Ron looks at the microphone then his nemesis on the mat, he bends down at picks up the microphone and looks down at Crimson.

Hall: If I can't reason with you, maybe I can beat it into you!  You wanna take another crack at putting me down?  Fine!  You and me one more time! Two of the UTA’s originals in this ring right here TONIGHT in Canton, Ohio!

Ace: Ron is going to pay dearly for that in just a few minutes!

He reaches the bottom of the ramp and slowly pulls his hood back. Crimson’s beard continues to grow longer over the weeks still real shaggy though.  His hair continues to grow on his head. He pulls himself up to the apron and then steps over the top rope and looks out into the sea of fans with their negative reaction to him.

Blackfront: Crimson ready for a war as these two face off one last time.

Crimson has removed his entrance gear and is pacing back and forth in the ring seething at the mouth waiting for Ron.

♫ Gold Medal by Tha Trademark♫

The crowd in Canton comes to it's feet for the WrestleUTA Hall of Famer. A loud blast of pyro goes up as Ron comes walking out to the ring dressed in a black “Property of WrestleUTA” T Shirt and blue jeans.

Ace: This man had no right to come out here and interrupt Crimson Lord. Look at him hiding in that corner, look at the fear in his eyes! You can see he’s having second thoughts.

Blackfront: I beg to differ on that partner.  I've known both of these men for years and Ron has that look of all business here tonight. He knows this is a big game situation. He’s stepping up because someone needs to stop Crimson, he has been a loose cannon for weeks now.

Jordan: And his opponent... from the Heart of the Appalachian mountains, he weighs in at 225 pounds. “The Southern Rebel Rooonnn. Hallll!

Ron stops at the foot of the ring steps and looks up and into the ring. His eyes lock with Crimson’s.  Hall stands on the bottom step for a moment, realizing what he's about to have to do.  Ron throws his shirt into the crowd and comes up the steps to enter the ring, taking extra care to make sure Crimson doesn't try to rush him as he enters.  Hall stands in a far corner away from Lord, almost as if he's content to make the big man wait.  

Ace: Think what you want, but I say Ron is scared to death. He needs to apologize, and make a run for it.

Blackfront: That's not going to happen. Ron may go down, but if history has taught us anything, it will be fighting.

Crimson holds his jaw, moving it to the side, while keeping his eyes locked on Ron.

Ace: You mean on a stretcher, to the nearest morgue right?

Blackfront: We're all about to find out together. This will not be pretty. These two have spilt a lot of blood and broken a lot of bones all over the world, and I don't expect this to be any different.  Someone is very likely to get hurt and get hurt very badly...

Ace: Speaking of Mr. Unlikely, just how happy do you think he's going to be when Crimson eliminates this problem for him? Just think of what Crimson stands to get, a pay raise, a paid vacation… another Hall of Fame enshrinement.

Blackfront: Will you be serious!?  We don't even known if Lord can do it.

Ace: I know he can, and he will.

The ref motions for Ron to come out of the corner and to the middle of the ring.  The anticipation builds as Hall steps to the middle of the ring, undaunted by the monster waiting for him.  Hall and Lord are standing toe to toe.  The difference in height obvious, Lord looks down at Ron, every muscle in his body tensing as though a hungry dog, eyeing a steak. Ron looks up undaunted. The look on his face shows that this may be a long night, but he has no plans on making it easy for his long time rival.

Audience: Clap… clap… clap… clap.. clap.. clap.. clap. clap. clap. clap. clap!

Blackfront: Who's going to move first?

Ace:  Who's going to flinch? You can tell they don't exchange Christmas cards.

Crimson steps back, not taking his eyes off Ron.

The bell rings..DING

Blackfront: Here we go both men circling each other.

The both lock up in a collar arm lockup!

Ace: Both guys fighting for position here, but Ron should know better. You’re not going to overpower Crimson Lord.

The two continue to jock for positioning, with Crimson suddenly, easily pushing Ron into the corner. The referee is right there trying to break the lockup but it is in vain as Crimson and Ron continue to try and fight for dominant position.

Blackfront: With the bad blood between these two, this is going to be a tough task for Brooks tonight.

Brooks starts to count as nothing else has worked, this makes Crimson finally release the hold. He steps away for a second as the ref gets between them, both men now with their hands up in the air, Brooks looks back at Ron for a second to admonish him and Crimson pounces and throws a punch. Ron quickly dodges out of the way but James isn't as lucky and he stumbles out of the corner. Ron gets in front of Crimson and unloads with a flurry of punches mixed with a few kicks.

Ace:  Ron is rocking Crimson in the corner! How is this possible!?

Crimson quickly retaliates and shoves Ron out of the corner. Ron tumbles backward in a somersault on the mat and Crimson charges in!

Blackfront: Ron quickly rebounds and arm drags Crimson over, holding the arm into an armbar! Crimson looks extremely frustrated here. Ron trying to keep the momentum on his side.  

Crimson slaps his shoulder a few times. He fights his way to his feet. Crimson manages to reverse the armbar, forcing Ron to retaliate just as fast. He grabs Crimson wrist and pulling him forward throwing Crimson into the corner!

Ace:  Ron is asking for it here.

Ron shakes his arm, but doesn't rush in after the monster. Crimson sits in the corner holding his arm for a minute, a bit taken back and thinking of his next move as he slowly gets to his feet.

Blackfront: Ron has had control of the match. Crimson hasn’t been taken out of his element for a while.

Ace:  Ron keeps poking the dog with a stick, he hasn't done any real damage here so far.  

Blackfront: Ron is trying to control the pace of the match and not let this become a slugfest.  He knows he cannot go toe to toe with a man twice his size.

The two circle once more ready for another lock up.

Ace:  There we go CL with a vicious knee lift to the gut! Get him Crimson!

Crimson pushes Ron into the ropes and irish whips him over to the opposite ropes. Crimson tries for a back body drop. Ron quickly slams on the breaks and delivers a punt to the face of Crimson sending the seven footer back. Crimson is stunned for a minute and Ron on pure instinct goes for the kill.


Ace: NO! Crimson grabbed Ron’s foot!

Ron is shocked but only for a moment.  Crimson stands there with Hall’s foot and a evil smile but just as fast he leaves his feet and cracks Crimson in the back of the head with an enziguri!

Blackfront: Crimson is rocked yet again!

Crimson stumbles backward, but before he can get his footing Ron charges with a clothesline sending Crimson up and over the ropes!

Ace:  Crimson lands on his feet, but stumbles back into the barricade. How is this happening? He is a damn janitor for christ sake!

Crimson holds the back of his head, but Ron launches himself over the top rope in a flying crossbody sending the monster to the ground. Ron gets up and hypes the capacity crowd up here in Canton!

Blackfront: The fans here in Canton firmly behind Ron here tonight. Crimson has been taken completely out of his element here. Hall has been in complete control almost since the bell rang.

Ron moves in on Crimson delivers a few knee lifts to the jaw of Crimson each one rocking the big man back. Crimson shoves Ron off of him finally and staggers around the ring with Ron in close pursuit.

Ace: Crimson look out!

Ron runs to the steel steps and hops on them and launches himself at Crimson with a flying forearm….Crimson quickly turns around and gets a stinger uppercut in mid flight. Crimson shakes his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Ron is now on the floor outside the ring on all fours holding his jaw.

Blackfront: Brooks is trying to get these two in the ring, he is at a seven count.

Ace:  I don't think they're paying attention.

Crimson picks up Ron and spins him in a circle and throws him right back at the steel steps! Ron’s knees slam into the steel steps flipping the Hall of Famer over the steps!

Ace:  Crimson has gotten back in the ring breaking the count but quickly returns outside. Smart move to break the count, Ron your little flurry of offense is over welcome to the School of Pain.

Crimson lifts Ron up and snake eyes him onto the barricade. Crimson turns around shouting out into the fans who show their utter disgust for this man.

Crimson: I am the one! I built this company! ME!

Blackfront: Not this again… It wasn’t just you Crimson!

Ace: You should brush up on your UTA history Jason. This man carried this company on those massive shoulders of his for years!

Blackfront: And what, everyone else was along for the ride?

Crimson pulls Ron up and leans him against the barricade and delivers vicious knee lifts to his gut! Ron stumbles forward to his face. Crimson walks over to the announce table now yelling at Jason and Tommy.

Crimson: You both should be grateful you have a job!

Blackfront: Oh, come on Crimson, get over yourself already!

Crimson: What!

Crimson slaps Jason’s headset off, while shouting at him pointing to his chest.

Crimson: You little maggot, how dare you!

Ace: Thanks Crimson. Someone finally knocked some sense into Jason!

Crimson thoroughly disgusted with Jason as he tries to put his headset on. Crimson has completely forgotten about Ron. Crimson is now jawing with Jason and some of the fans but doesn't see the Hall of Famer is back up or is charging at him. Crimson turns around just in time for Ron to launch himself at the Hall of Fame Monster with a diving clothesline knocking the seven footer down. Ron gets up and stares down at Crimson shouting back at him for a moment. Hall then gets in the ring and back out again breaking Brooks count.

Jason tries to straighten his headset and return to his position.

Blackfront: I’ll tell you one thing, I am just trying to do my job here. I don’t need the abuse.

Ace: Well, next time you should not lie to him and tell the truth.

Blackfront: The truth! Tommy this man has spent the majority of tonight claiming he is responsible for WrestleUTA being what it is now because of him. That is just not a fact!

Ron has mounted Crimson and is unloading on the seven footer. Brooks has had enough of both men outside the ring and has exited the ring and barking for them to bring it inside the ring!

Ace:  Guess James has had enough of these two ignoring the rules.

Ron gets off Crimson and acknowledges James with a glare and picks up Crimson. CL quickly responds with a handful of pants and tossing him backward Ron face slams into the steel post. Crimson pulls himself to his feet. James is still trying in vain to bark orders to Crimson about getting it in the ring. Crimson waves him off and walks over to the Spanish broadcast table and starts to pull the equipment out. The team quickly leave their positions.

Blackfront: Crimson clearly has no good intentions in mind, Ron has stagger to his feet and rolls back in the ring.

Crimson finishes clearing off the table turns around and notices Ron has returned to the ring. He slides in as Ron holds the side of his face. Crimson moves in but Ron doesn’t back down and the two engage in trading fist, with the momentum quickly moving back and forth to Crimson and then Ron.

Ace: Ron is knocking Crimson back, come on Crimson fight back!

Crimson rakes the eyes, and tries a clothesline, but Ron instinctively ducks and Crimson loses his balance. Crimson turns around and Ron is poised!

Blackfront: Country Chin Music!

Ron launches his kick, Crimson quickly blocks the kick and throw Ron’s foot back down to the mat he kicks Ron in the gut and throws Ron’s head into between his legs. Ron is lifted up into a powerbomb, but unloads with punches on the top of Crimson’s head. Crimson loses his grip and Ron on his way back down to a vertical base, transitions into a DDT!

Ace: Damn it! Come on Crimson!

Ron goes for the cover.




Blackfront: Ron almost had Crimson there!

Crimson slowly gets to his feet, Ron now starting to feel the effects of exhaustion falls in the back into the corner. He takes a few breathes and hops up to the second rope. He launches himself at Crimson as he turns around.

Ace: IMPALER DDT! What a counter by Lord!

Crimson gets to his feet as Ron lies on the mat face first. Crimson once again pointing to his chest. He now uses his foot to kick Ron while shouting at him tauntingly

Crimson: You did not build this company I DID!

Crimson picks up Ron and slaps his hand across Ron’s throat.

Blackfront: Crimson might be going for The Hollow Point here fans!

Ace: Finally put this janitor in his place!

Crimson lifts him up and again, Ron reverses the chokeslam portion of the move in mid air.  He floats to the back of Crimson. CL enraged, turns around…


The fans rises to their feet, as Ron finally hits Country Chin Music!

Blackfront: Superkick!  Crimson is still on his feet, Ron can’t believe it!

Crimson staggers back and forth reeling from the superkick. Ron looks around a bit stunned, he sets up for another…


Ace: That’s two superkicks, and Crimson is still on his feet!

The momentum of the second kick made Crimson step backward but still in a leaning back and forth pose. Ron is taken back a bit he exits the ring and begins to climb to the top rope. He slowly gets his balance and stands upright. Crimson stops staggering and finally falls but right to the ropes!

Blackfront: Ron loses his balance! OH! Ron is straddling the ropes, both men looks to be on “E”.

Crimson, gets his bearings Ron is slouched over still feeling the effects of falling on the turnbuckle. Crimson exits the ring and walks the apron. He begins to throw a few punches to the back of Ron’s head, stunning The Rebel. Crimson steps on the first turnbuckle. Ron is starting to fight back with elbows as he gets his balance with the second rope. The fans are on their feet waiting to see what is going to happen.

Ace: They're both trying to battle for position!

Crimson finally begins to gain the advantage. He grabs Ron by the chin as he climbs to the second turnbuckle Ron is being bent backward  as Crimson grabs the back of Ron’s jeans…

CRACK! The sound of the Spanish table being obliterated!

Blackfront: Jesus! Crimson just tossed Ron from the top rope belly first right into the Spanish broadcast table!

Ace: Ron is lifeless on the broken table. Crimson is laughing! I love it!!  Ron may finally be done!

Blackfront: This man has no heart!

James has his hands running through his hair as he looks on at Ron motionless on the table.


The replay shows in a split screen showing Crimson Gorilla Pressing Ron from the second turnbuckle. Ron’s stomach is facing toward the ceiling. The slow motion gets slower as Crimson throws Ron from the top belly first into the spanish announce table.

Ace: You provoke a monster, this is what you get!  

Blackfront: This is too much! This is not a wrestling match, this is attempted murder!

Several WrestleUTA suits are running out from the back two are seen kneeling over the prone body of the Hall of Famer. Crimson Lord hops off the apron and starts to walk over to Ron’s prone body.

Ace: Here we go! The end of a has been career!

Blackfront: The medics are trying to check on Hall and see if he's ok.

No one notices Crimson grabbed a chair.

Ace: The match isn't over yet!

James Brooks hops down between Crimson and the medics warning him to stop.

Crimson ignores the warning of James, and walks over to what is left of the table, the medics try to wave him off but Crimson with a swipe of each hand pushes the two to the side.  He stands over the prone body of Hall and the boos have built to a deafening crescendo.

Blackfront: Crimson, you've made your point!

Ace: He's not done yet!!

Crimson savagely unloads with several chair shots, each CLANG! or WHACK! seemingly louder than the last. Ron tries to roll out of the way but just seems to end up more in the line of fire. James quickly calls for the bell.


Blackfront: Crimson stop! That's enough, you've made your point!

Several WrestleUTA officials rush down to the ring and get between Crimson and Ron.


Lord stops for a moment, the chair now a bent pile of metal in his hands and looks at the battered body of the UTA’s resident janitor.  The suits finally push him back just enough to separate him from his most hated rival.  Crimson looks ready to leave, but not before he raises the chair and lets out a bellow of triumph resulting in another chorus of boos in the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jordan:  Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the match… as a result of a disqualification….  The Southern Rebel Ronnnnn Halll!

A weak chorus of cheers goes up as Ron is being helped to his feet showing the effects of the beating he's just taken.

Ace: What a crock! Crimson was the last man standing!

Blackfront: He's lucky he's not going to jail for what he did.  

Ron is being shown being helped to the back by officials.   

Blackfront: We’ll be right back.


And It Scares You.

And It Scares You...

The scene opens to the fans booing loudly. WrestleUTA owner Mikey Unlikely stands in the middle of the ring, no music, no ridiculousness, no lights, no hoopla. He stands in a fine suit, with the microphone in hand in front of a large table with a black cloth over it. Cameras zoom in on a black book, the contract to be signed and two microphones. We go back to Mikey who smiles and brings the microphone to his lips.

Unlikely: Thank you, thank you… thank you for that warm round of applause! Haha!

The fans continue to boo but Mikey doesn’t seem to notice.

Unlikely: At WrestleUTA’s next Pay Per View “Lasting Legacy” two of the biggest stars in WrestleUTA and the world… will go head to head for the most prestigious prize in our industry, the WrestleUTA World Championship.

The crowd cheers and Mikey gives the sold out arena a few seconds.

Unlikely: We are here to sign the contract to make that match official.

Mikey opens the book on the table and takes a pen out from his pocket.

Unlikely: Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the challenger…

The crowd erupts in a giant boo because they know who is on his way to the ring.

Unlikely: THE Jay Harvey!

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins playing over the sound system The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp. Both are dressed for this significant event. Harvey is dressed in a fine blue suit and white dress shirt and Catalina’s dress matches the same color scheme. Harvey raises his arms into the air as he winks at Catalina. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Ace: There he is, Jason! Our NEXT WrestleUTA World Champion!

Blackfront: Jay Harvey became the Number One Contender for the WrestleUTA World title after defeating Crimson Lord at Absolution.

Ace: Isn’t he marvelous?! Isn’t this marvelous?!

Blackfront: So he claims.

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips.

Ace: What a marvelous entrance… Blackfront I’m gonna let you talk for a minute.

Blackfront: How kind of you. Well, Jay Harvey has made his claim that he is deserv-

Ace: Shut up, Jason! This is too marvelous for you to ruin!

Jay Harvey walks to the center of the ring and shakes the hand of WrestleUTA owner Mikey Unlikely as does Catalina. The crowd is seen giving him “thumbs down” gestures and even cruder. Harvey doesn’t care as he is all smiles.

Unlikely: And now… The Champion… Andy Murray!

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes hits, and the crowd do their thing. The house lights cut, but multi-colored spotlights start swirling the stage as the song runs through its organ-based intro, and the anticipation builds.


A huge pyrotechnic explosion as the track kicks in. The lights come back up, and Andy Murray is stood at the top of the ramp, gazing out at the crowd, smiling broadly.

Blackfront: And here comes the champion, as bright and confident as ever!

Ace: By "bright and confident" you mean "mind-numbingly boring," correct?

He starts making his way down to the ring, slapping hands and bumping fists on one side, then doing the same on the other.

Ace: Man, I can't wait to see the smile get wiped from that goof's face. 

Blackfront: That'll be a tough task, Tommy. We're talking about a man who may just be the best wrestler on the planet at the moment. He has won every battle cleanly and fairly, unlike Mr. Harvey.

The King finally enters the ring, still full of swagger. He takes his position across from Harvey.

Murray [un-mic'd]: Alrght, mate?

Unlikely: Now gentlemen you are both here-

Mikey is cut off by Harvey and it causes the crowd to roar.

Harvey: Excuse me, sorry…

The sold out crowd starts chanting “Andy Murray” at the top of their lungs. This puts a sour look on Harvey’s face.

Harvey: Excuse me, Mr. Unlikely. I’m sorry to interrupt but… I’d like to say something if I could?

Mikey tells Harvey to go ahead. Jay Harvey wipes his lips and paces around the ring, finally laying eyes on Murray.

Harvey: You know Andy… You and I, we aren’t that different from each other.

Murray wants to see where Harvey is going with this and keeps from rolling his eyes.

Harvey: I know when you look at me you see what you used to be.

The crowd shows their displeasure with Harvey’s words. Murray looks amused.

Harvey: You see a man in his prime. You see the future… and it scares you. You look at me the same way those old timers looked at you. With a look of self-doubt because you know at this point in time… you can’t hang with me.

The crowd bellows while Murray smirks.

Harvey: I know, these people in the arena now, the world watching us right now… and you yourself know I’m walking out of Lasting Legacy with the WrestleUTA World title.

The Champ grabs a microphone from the table in front of him.

Murray: Don't flatter yourself, darling - you're not that scary.

The crowd chuckle along with the champion. Jay Harvey, however, is unamused.

Murray: You're right, Jay: you are a man in your prime. You're a helluva godamn wrestler, in fact, and that's great. I didn't come to this company to fight shlubs, but to fight the best in the world, and on your day, you're certainly in that category.


Murray: But there's one thing you're wrong about -- we are NOTHING alike. I win fairly, honourable, and justly. You win by taking shortcuts. At Lasting Legacy, that won't be an option. You can coat this in all the bluster you want, but at the end of the day, you know you're in there for someone who won't step in your traps, won't fall for your bullshit, and won't go down without one hell of a fight.

Harvey tosses the table causing it to bounce on the top rope. The two men are nose to nose and WrestleUTA owner Mikey Unlikely is staying clear. Mikey can’t stop what is about to happen, no one can.

Blackfront: Mikey needs to get out of dodge.

Ace: This place is going to explode!

The fans are on their feet, dying to see the two men who will fight for the WrestleUTA World title come to blows. Both men jaw at each other and the tension is so thick it can be cut with a knife. Out of nowhere, Murray is dropped to a crouching position. Catalina is seen behind Murray, who was the victim of a low blow. Harvey jumps on the opportunity and hits the ropes.

Ace: Wake Up Call for Mr. Murray!

Blackfront: Damnit! That jezebel!

Andy Murray is down and out. The crowd is in shock. Harvey removes his suit jacket in a fury. Catalina is clapping with a smile on her face, enjoying her handy work.

Blackfront: Someone needs to stop this!

Harvey forces Murray to his feet. Cameras get a glimpse of Murray with blood on his mouth. Harvey is a wild man bouncing off the ropes once again, knocking Murray in the temple with another vicious knee strike. The crowd is incensed by the display but Harvey shows no signs of stopping. He picks up Murray by the hair and taunts the Champion.

Harvey: This?! This is our champion?!

Harvey yanks Murray back vertical and lifts him up across his shoulders. Harvey turns to face each side of the crowd while having Murray in a Fireman’s Carry. Harvey pushes Murray up into the air and lands a devastating Knee Lift to Murray’s face. Murray is down and he isn’t getting up. Harvey admires the carnage he has done with a large smile on his face. Harvey looks up to glare at the crowd. The crowd couldn’t hate Harvey anymore at this point.

Blackfront: We get the point!

Ace: Harvey is sending a clear message to Andy Murray, Jason. That message… “I’m the NEXT WrestleUTA Champion”.

Harvey walks a few steps and bends down to pick up the contract, the reason the men were here in the first place, in case you forgot. Harvey grabs the pen that lay inches from the contract. Harvey puts his “John Handcock” on the document and then looks down at Murray.

Blackfront: Harvey has signed the contract but Murray is unconscious! How is he gonna sign?!

Ace: I think we are going to find out.

Harvey kneels down and gets close to Murray. He yells at his fallen opponent and turns back toward Catalina. The two share a laugh for a moment. Harvey opens up the contract and puts it down on the mat. Harvey grabs a handful of Murray’s hair and smashes his face down onto the contract. Cameras are close enough to catch the sight of blood almost splattering off the paper, onto the canvas. Cameras get a tight shot of the contract that has both Harvey’s signature and Murray’s blood.

Ace: That’s one way to sign your name! Haha!

Blackfront: Jay Harvey seems to have the upper hand but Andy Murray is going to come back and, and… kick Harvey’s ass!

Ace: Murray might not even make it to Lasting Legacy!

Harvey picks up the WrestleUTA World Championship and slowly raises it into the air. The crowd just take any more of Harvey’s shit but Harvey just doesn’t care. Harvey drops the belt down beside Murray as his music hits the sound system. Harvey and Catalina are front and center in the middle of the ring.


Legendless Part 1


We return to Jason and Tommy at ringside.

Blackfront: It's been a hell of a night ladies and gentlemen. In two weeks we will be coming to you once more on Pay Per View from Columbus Ohio, at the Ohio Expo Center. As WrestleUTA will present Lasting Legacy!

A Video screen of Scott Stevens Vs Iron Terror appears on the screen

Ace: Scott Stevens will take on newcomer Iron Terror!

The tron changes to Crimson Lord Vs Lisil Jackson

Blackfront: The Jamaican Inspiration will take on a man that has been on a warpath as of late in Crimson Lord!

Tron shows for the WrestleUTA Championship

Andy Murray Vs Jay Harvey

Ace: In our main event THE Jay Harvey will take on Andy Murray for the WrestleUTA World Championship!

Blackfront: Earlier tonight we got ourselves another match added to the card.


The tron shows the exchange, and Jack making a fool out of Ross by muting his microphone and then add libing him talking in subtitles. Ross finally lost his cool and violently attacked the champion with the microphone. With Ross shouting he wanted jack in a Street Fight.

Blackfront: Mikey quickly made it official soon after..

Tron shows Ross and Harmen

Street Fight for the Legacy Championship

Chris Ross Vs Jack Harmen

Ace: The Boss is going to show Jack Harmen that his little childish jokes are going to cost him dearly.

Blackfront: Mikey plans to have another match planned for Lasting Leg..

Jason stops mid sentence hearing something in his headset.

Blackfront: Fans I am being told there's a commotion backstage...can we get a camera back there?

Ace: Look at this…

The tron shows Crimson to a chorus of boos and screaming coming from the floor. The camera pans down Crimson who has a lead pipe in his right hand. Medical staff have surrounded whoever is screaming.

Blackfront: Oh for the love of all, hasn’t this man done enough tonight!

The camera catches who is the victim, and its...

Ace: Ron Hall! I guess Crimson wanted to make sure Ron never returned!

Blackfront: This is sickening, look at Ron’s sides Tommy, my lord did Crimson just slam that pipe into Ron’s rib cage…?

Ace: It appears so Ron’s side is black and blue, he may have broken Ron’s ribs.

Crimson drops the pipe as it clangs against the floor. Security have now rushed to the scene and have gotten between Crimson and Ron. The look on Crimson’s face is nothing but a blank cold stare down at the screaming Hall of Famer.

Blackfront: A reckoning is coming for you Crimson, and I sure hope that reckoning is named Lisil Jackson!

Ace: I would like to see him try at Lasting Legacy, he will end up just like Hall here tonight.

Kendrix vs ??????

Kendrix vs ??????

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip hits the PA System. ♫

The lights in the arena go out momentarily before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly twists around to face the crowd, Bug Eye shades as well as his trademark smirk etched across his face

Jordan: Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds…

Blackfront: Kendrix, fresh off of a victory against Michael Byrd  had some choice words for Impulse two weeks ago, seems to have taken offence to the Marathon Man’s claims on how he goes about his business in the ring.

Ace: Damn right, Jason! How can Impulse critique the JFK after all the success he’s had in this business. Impulse can learn a thing or two from Kendrix, that’s for sure.

Having made his way to the ring, Kendrix hops the middle turnbuckle, beats his fist to his heart.


Hopping off the turnbuckle and back to the mat, Jesse discards his shades and “JFK” t-shirt to a ringside hand. Standing in the middle of the ring, facing the stage, he casually, confidently, holds his hands out wide by his side awaiting his mystery opponent to emerge.

♫”Love Made Me” By Vixen hits the PA System. ♫

Blackfront: That’s Marie Van Claudio!

Kendrix holds his hand to his head, mouth open wide and waving the palm of his hand back at MVC, apparently in fear, but it all looks a little forced and exaggerated as Marie Van Claudio poses for the fans and makes her way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside.

Ace: I think JFK is a little worried about this match up, Jason.

Blackfront: I think he’s a horrendously bad actor but what is genuine is that Marie Van Claudio looks ecstatic to be back in WrestleUTA and she looks better than ever!

Ace: Easy, Jason, where’s your professionalism?

Blackfront: You’re talking to me about professionalism?

MVC poses for the fans on the apron as she makes her way through the ropes. She eyes, Kendrix, focussed and ready for action. JFK though holds a palm out at her, gesturing for a moment as he collects a mic from the time keeper. As the two meet in the centre of the ring, Jesse smiles at his opponent.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah Mary.


MVC is caught by the camera, defiantly mouthing her actual name back at Kendrix.

Kendrix: Before we get going with one of the most highly anticipated match ups of alllll tiiimmmeee...JFK would personally like to thank Mikey Unlikely, his bestest friend in the whole world AND more importantly the owner of this great company, for providing him with the toughest mystery opponent that JFK could face this evening ahead of my match at Lasting Legacy with Impulse.

Kendrix takes his eyes away from MVC as he turns to face the murmuring crowd and walks toward the ropes.

Kendrix: No, seriously, you BELLENDS need to show this woman, this UTA LEGEND some respect, innit?! Not only is she a UTA LEGEND...SHE HAS HER VERY OWN SERIES OF SUPER HOT YOGA DVD’S!

Jesse opens his mouth wide and nods his head feigning an impressed look. He walks over to the corner and directs his attention at the entrance way, pointing out.

Kendrix: Thank you Mikey, for proving to the world and more importantly, that inherit loser of a performer, Impulse...that you hold no favouritism to JFK by giving me one hell of a competi…



Blackfront: Running Dropkick to the back of Kendrix, his head bounced right off the turnbuckle, roll up!

Ace: NO!



Blackfront: KICKOUT! What an embarrassment that would have been for the former champion. MVC is not taking any crap and she’s certainly not waiting around here!

Kendrix swings for MVC but she ducks under it, grabbing the back of JFK’s head and pulling him down to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. Pulling her knees to her chest she kicks them out and pops her torso straight up in one fluid motion.

Blackfront: MVC feeding off this crowd here and she’s going up top.

Ace: Get up JFK, what the hell is happening?!

With her back to the canvas on the top turnbuckle, MVC takes flight twisting her body up and over but she’s met by the raised knees of Kendrix.

Ace: Oh thank god!

With MVC holding her stomach and writhing around in pain, Jesse knocks the cobwebs out. Seething, he grabs her firmly by the hair, lifts her up and knocks her back down HARD with a short arm clothesline.

Blackfront: My God, Kendrix nearly took her head off there.No remorse whatsoever.

Ace: GOOD! This is what you have to do when one of the toughest mystery opponents in the world is bringing their very best game to you, Jason.

Blackfront: He was taking her lightly from the moment she came through the curtain, Tommy!

Kendrix, licking his lips and throwing his hand through his hair, holds MVC up by the hair once more, looks out at the crowd with that trademark smirk and whips her into the corner. He doesn’t wait around this time as he immediately follows it up with a running jumping knee to the side of Marie’s temple, leaving his knee there as he grins out at the crowd.

Blackfront: That sick grin. MVC’s in trouble now.

Dropping down to the mat, Kendrix steps back as MVC gingerly hobbles out of the corner. Stalking his opponent, he waits, steps back as she meets him in the centre of the ring, blows her a kiss and grabs her head, brings his knees up to her face and drops down.


Blackfront: That’s all she wrote.

He places a solitary boot on her chest and orders the ref to count.




Blackfront: That son of a…

Ace: Mouth, Jason!

The ref stares up at Kendrix, perplexed as to why he lifted his boot off of Marie at the very last second.


Ace: HAHA!

Blackfront: She did not kick out, folks. Kendrix is toying with MVC, and here we go, Kendrix Kross!

Jesse relentlessly wrenches MVC’s neck back as far as he can without breaking her in half as she immediately taps out for mercy.


Jordan: The winner of this match by submission...JAAYYY EFFF KAAAYYYY...KENNNDDRRRIIIIIXXX!

Rising to his feet, Jesse wipes his brow and throws the sweat down on MVC who’s being checked on by the ref. Kendrix looks down at him.


Blackfront: Another win for Kendrix but he will face a much sterner test when he meets Impulse at Lasting Legacy in two weeks time.

The ref does as he’s told and Jesse immediately removes his hand from the ref’s grasp as he exits the ring through the middle rope, drops down to the outside and looks into the ringside cameraman’s lens.

Kendrix: That was hard. Thanks for the tough test Mikey. Suck on that Impulse! That’s you in two weeks, bellend!

The shot switches back to MVC who’s being helped up to her feet by the ref before the shot fades out.


Fuck Jay Harvey

Fuck Jay Harvey


A UTA backdrop.

Big Jon Laver's chilling with a microphone and shit. You know the drill.

Laver: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the WrestleUTA Champion himself -- Andy Murray.

In walks big bloody Andrew from just outside the shot. The fans do a pop, of course. He's all kinds of fucked up from earlier in the evening: still bloodied up, hair discheveled, the works.

Oh, and he looks like he wants to tear someone's head off.

Laver: Mr. Murray, we are just two weeks away from your big title fight with the long-time number one contender, Jay Harvey. How are you feeling You've obviously dealt with men of Harvey's ilk in the pa--

Andy puts a hand up, stopping the interviewer.

Murray: You're right; I have. Pardon the interruption, Jon, but I can buy and sell men like Jay Harvey. They're a dime a dozen. Him, Kendrix, Ross. What changes but the name?

He pauses.

Murray: Now don't get me wrong - I'm not taking anything away from the man's ability. He's an outstanding all-rounder, and his complete lack of conscience means he's willing to go to lengths than guys like me simply are not. But therein lies my problem with Jay Harvey: no spine. He calls himself 'The Natural One?' I call him a coward.

The champ's getting into it now. His decible increases with the tempo.

Murray: I'm done playing nice with this guy. Jay Harvey!

Up goes the volume again. 'The King's' looking directly into the camera now, talking straight to his future opponent.

Murray: You've torn down my abilities, belittled me before the audience, and spat on my legacy at every opportunity. That's fine. Insults bounce off me like bullets to Kevlar, brother. I can deal with all that.

He points a finger.

Murray: What I can't abide is what happened tonight! You think you're beyond reproach. You think that you can do and say whatever you please without conseuqneces, but in two weeks time, laddie, you're going find out just how wrong you are.


Murray: I've spent quarter of a century grinding my body to dust to uphold this business' honour, and made a living out of booting disrespectful arseholes like you to the kerb. This business doesn't belong to you, and it doesn't owe you shit. Realise this now or you'll be leaving the pay-per-view with more than just a bruised ego.

He turns back to Laver.

Murray: My name is Andy Murray, and I'm not just the WrestleUTA Champion - I'm a goddamn standard-bearer. And Jay Harvey? FUCK Jay Harvey.

The WrestleUTA Champion takes his leave. We cut elsewhere.

Legendless Part 2

Legendless Pt. 2

The shows moves to the parking lot as a ambulance sirens blare as a ambulance takes off out of the parking lot. The camera pans back to see Crimson Lord, immediately met with boos from the crowd in canton. Crimson is waving as the ambulance disappears into the night.

Blackfront: Fans we hope to have a update on the condition of Ron in the coming weeks.

Crimson turns around and out of nowhere the sicks chair shot sound pierces the silence of the night. Crimson turns around falling to his knees.

Ace: What the..

Lisil comes into the picture, sporting a massive dent in the chair.

Blackfront: Lisil Jackson!


Jackson starts to slam the chair across Crimson’s back shot after shot in almost like a deja vu of Crimson assaulting Ron earlier.

Ace: Somebody get out there and save Crimson, this maniac is out of control!

Blackfront: Maniac!? Give him some more Lisil Crimson has been needing his ass kicked all night...payback is a bitch!

Lisil continues to rain chair shots. Crimson slowly gets up after every slam across his back. The ravage chair is tossed aside. Crimson slowly begins to get back to his hands and knees.

Ace: After all that Crimson is still getting up, this man is not human!

Lisil grabs another chair off the wall. Crimson is on his knees with his head down.

Blackfront: Is he laughing?

Lisil himself can’t believe it, Crimson quickly looks over his shoulders, sporting a nasty gash on top of his head. He slowly pulls himself to a vertical base slowly. He turns around staring down at Lisil.  

Ace: Now do you see the man you will face Lisil, I bet you're second guessing goading him on now aren’t you!

Lisil taps the chair on the floor once more but before he can strike the sadistic smiling Crimson Lord. Security, and staff have rushed to the scene and stand between the two. Lisil drops the chair on the ground staring back at the Crimson’s face covered in blood. Lisil stares back with a determined and focused look. Ready to defeat the monster at Lasting Legacy

Chris Ross & Scott Stevens vs Impulse and Jack Harmen

Chris Ross & Scott Stevens vs Impulse & Jack Harmen

Well folks, it’s our main event before the go home show, and these four volitle individuals have had a few unique interactions the past few weeks.

Ace: Impulse and Harmen had their match where they both lost.

Blackfront: And won.

Ace: Come-See, Come-Sah, and Ross and Harmen have been at each other’s throats, including a brawl last show at Hershey park.

Blackfront: Not to mention Stevens’ new destructive personality, mixed with his interactions with the LEgacy champion Harmen … Just last show, Stevens lost another shot at the belt, and some might blame Chris Ross for that.

Ace: Some? I bet Stevens does. Guy failed to distract the champ, didn’t allow Stevens to capitalize, and then they knock heads only for Stevens to lose? C’mon. If that didn’t happen, Scott Stevens would be Legacy champion, RIGHT NOW!


As the opening chords of Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne ring out over the pa system, a light fog circles by the entrance ramp. Jack Harmen quickly emerges, raising the Legacy championship high above his head. Mary-Lynn Mayweather is there, just over his shoulder, clapping, as the crowd pops for the champion.

Blackfront: There he is, our champion!

Ace: Maybe your champion. He’s not my champ!

Their pops would be short lived, as Chris Ross rushes out from the backstage area with a chair, and cracks it over the back of Jack Harmen.

Blackfront: Chris Ross just laid out the Legacy champ!

Ace: And now he’s just doing a number on the back of the Lunatic. You better get your ass outta there Mary!

Indeed, Mary scatters away toward the ring, heading to the time keeper’s table. Chris Ross takes the steel chair and wraps it around Jack Harmen’s ankle. He begins to taunt the fallen Lunatic with inaudible angry shouts, and raises his boot high.

Blackfront: SUDDEN IMPACT! Impulse just came out and made the save and kicked Chris Ross’ head clean off it’s shoulder! He just saved the Legacy champion!

Ace: Ross tumbles down the entrance ramp, disorientated and discombobulated. Man, I bet he hears ringing in his ears for the next five days.

Impulse reaches down and helps Harmen to his feet. The crowd pops as the two effectively shake hands (and do not form Dynasty). Their friendship would be short lived, as Scott Stevens rushes from the backstage area, clocking both men with a vicious double clothesline. Harmen in particular backflips from the momentum of the blow, landing with a thud on the entrance.

Blackfront: This match hasn’t even started and it’s all out bedlam!

Stevens marches toward the ring, grabbing Harmen and tossing him into the side guardrail. Chris Ross recovers, and Stevens turns, laying HIM out with a brutal shoulder block.

Ace: They’re supposed to be partners tonight Blackfront!

Blackfront: Stevens not happy with Ross’ involvement last week I bet.

Stevens heads back to Harmen, who’s hanging on the barricade. He begins to lay in on the Legacy champ with rights and knife edge chops. After a volley, Stevens turns and eats a Chris Ross spear, sending Stevens, Harmen, and Ross flying up and over the barricade and into the crowd. Stevens lands on his feet as Ross and Harmen tumble into the crowd. Stevens tosses his hands up in victory, before being speared from behind and into a production setup of speakers. Half of the PA system is abruptly cut from the impact.

Ace: IRON TERROR FROM THE CROWD! It’s like he planned this all along!

Blackfront: It’s the Lanzarse from Iron Terror, and down goes Stevens. He’s fuming and standing over him, a bit of payback and vengeance, if however so small!

The crowd pops as the Iron Terror stands over Stevens. Meanwhile, Chris Ross and Jack Harmen have recovered, and are just trading blows back and forth throughout the crowd. A pure six brawl as the UTA security begins to flood the crowd. They part the seas for Ross and Harmen, all the while trying to break the two apart. Both men take shots at security as they’re brawling. Harmen tossing the security guards away like in a mosh pit, Ross actually taking the security to fist city, before both men reconvene on each other with a flurry of unquenching rights and lefts.

Ace: Our security is really earning their paycheck tonight, eh?

Blackfront: They’ve separated the Iron Terror and Stevens, and Harmen and Ross are just brawling into the crowd, our camera crews are trying to keep up but they’re just too fast for us!

Ace: And now Impulse, that guy’s standing in the ring, the only man of the four to actually reach ringside. We can’t still have a match, can we?

Impulse stares out toward the sea, watching Ross and Harmen disappear from the crowd to the backstage area. Our official walks to Impulse’s side, and lets him know of the decision to toss this match up out. Pulse nods, understanding.

There’s a large swell of concern from the UTA crowd, as Pulse turns around…

Blackfront: OH GOD!

... and NARROWLY avoids a wicked chair shot from the appearing out of nowhere Kendrix.

Ace: It was only a matter of time! The true CHAMP, is HERE!

Pulse ducks the blow to cheers, as Kendrix swings so wildly the chair flies out of his hands when he misses. He turns to meet Pulse…

Blackfront: SUDDEN IMPACT!

Ace: NO! Kendrix bridges back to avoid the superkick. He’s scrambling and sliding out of the ring! The surprise advantage no longer his.

Indeed, Kendrix barely gets away from Impulse and begins to walk back up the rampway, saying things like “It can wait bruv,” as he back peddles. Impulse walks to the entrance ramp side of the ring, and opens the middle and top ropes up by sitting on them. He invites Kendrix back into the ring, as Kendrix shakes his head, looks at his watch, and says “It’s not the time.” The UTA crowd boo this sentiment.

Blackfront: While it might not be the right time for Kendrix to confront Impulse… it’s the right time to end our show!

Ace: Awh! We were finally getting a decent amount of violence here!

Blackfront: Folks, join us next like on Pay Per View. Harvey Murrey, Kendrix Pulse, Ross Harmen, it’s gonna be a stacked card--

Suddenly, the satellite feed for the video turns to STATIC. All we can hear is the announce team, and a scuffle.

Blackfront: Oh GOD! Ross and Harmen are where?!

Ace: I think they’re in the production truck…

Now, accompanying the static, is a dead mic tone, followed by one of those EMERGENCY BROADCASTING videos. It’s a picture of Bobby Dean eating an entire wedding cake while dressed as the bride, with the words “Sorry,” and “Technical Difficulties.” written  above and below the image. It’s the last image we see as the broadcast ends… and it’s burned into your mind forever

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