Wrestleshow ep 21

6 Jun 2017

1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland (seats 13,500)



The pyros go off all over the stage and the fans erupt as we come live from darkness. Signs and raised hands surround the arena.

The WrestleUTA on Hulu theme plays until we come to our normal announce team.

Blackfront: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of WrestleUTA on Hulu! I’m Jason Blackfront, and with me is my partner, Tommy Ace! Tommy how big is tonight!?

Ace: Jason! We are two weeks ago from Absolution! Live on Pay Per View! We’re going to see a ton of action tonight we have four matches lined up!

Blackfront: That we do! We have Michael Byrd taking on Luke Dibbins in a revenge match from last week.

Ace: Not only that but we have Scott Stevens vs Bobby Dean! I don’t know what’s going to make me vomit more, Bobby Dean’s body, or Stevens “ughhhh I’m so sooowwwy” Speech. BLAH!

Blackfront: Crimson Lord in one on one action with Dexter Poindexter.

Ace: Are the paramedics standing by!?

Blackfront: Coming up first however we have the FORMER WrestleUTA Legacy Champion Jay Har…

Ace: THE Jay Harvey! And He was robbed! Crimson Lord is in DEEEP trouble tonight!

Blackfront: We’ll see Tommy, Harvey goes up against Dylan Daniels. Daniels coming off a big win last week looks to capatlize and pin another of the top stars here!

Ace: Not going to happen Jason!

Blackfront: All that and more tonight folks! Thanks for tuning in! Let’s get underway!



That's Strange.

That's Strange

We open to the crowd and their signs as the camera pans across the cheering faces. The fans are beyond excited. The camera does a full 360 pan before cutting to another camera at ringside that stops on our commentary team.

Blackfront: Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to WrestleUTA Episode 21. The noise here tonight is deafening in the 1st Mariner Arena, here in Baltimore, Maryland. With me as always is my broadcasting partner, the one and only, Tommy Ace!

Ace: We’re just two weeks away Absolution and just like everyone else in the Verizon Center, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us here tonight!

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫


The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view. Dressed to the nines in a tailor made Navy suit, burgundy shoes, white shirt (top three buttons unbuttoned, obvs), customary bug eye shades and WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder, Kendrix looks over at each end of the stadium with his trademark smirk greeting the barrage of boos being sent his way.

Blackfront: Jessie Fredericks Kendrix, the WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Champion is just two weeks away from defending his title against The King, Andy Murray.

Ace: What better way to start the show than to be graced by our Champion, by our Chosen One, Jason!

As the tracks marching drumming pace picks up, Kendrix carefully removes his bug eye shades and places them in his inside jacket pocket before making his cocky stride down toward the ring. As he does so, a replay hits the screen showing Kendrix blind siding Murray during his interview with John Laver on the last episode.

Blackfront: Kendrix looking confident as always and I guess he would be having cowardly attacked Andy Murray from behind two weeks ago.

Ace: You’ve gotta have eyes in the back of your head, Jason, as a champion, you’ve gotta do everything you can to gain an advantage.

The replay shows Murray being suplexed back first into the concrete wall.

Blackfront: What a hideous sound that was! You can call it any way you like but that is not what I expect from our champion, Tommy.

As the replay ends the feed picks out Kendrix in the middle of the ring, his arms folded and mic in hand looking up at the Giant Screen in the arena with a huge smile on his face admiring his handy work. As the boos register, he faces out at the crowd and holds his free hand out at the screen.

Kendrix: Ladies and Gentlemen, that right how you take care of business!


Taking a moment to chuckle over a moment he’s clearly chuffed of, Kendrix places his free hand through his hair before placing it over his other wrapped round the mic and slowly lifts it in front of his mouth.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?!


Simply rolling his eyes accompanied by a rye smile through expectation of the reaction he calmly walks towards the centre ropes and comfortably rests his arms over the top rope.

Kendrix: Now, JFK knows, he may have gone a teensy little bit too far two weeks ago when he crashed Andy Murray’s a hundred year old back against that very concrete wall you guys just saw.

Blackfront: You think?!

Jessie holds his index finger and thumb close together and grits his teeth in admittance of maybe going slightly too far.

Kendrix: Maybe just a little bit, my bad.

Andy Murray, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!
Andy Murray, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!
Andy Murray, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!

Kendrix looks out at the crowd, the smug look leaves his face as the crowd chant the name of the number one contender. However, it’s only momentary as the same look returns across his face.

Kendrix: That’s right, thank you all for reminding me. It wasn’t JFK’s fault that he suplexed your hero into that concrete was Andy Murray’s!


JFK laps up the boos and nods his head, widening his eyes at the revelation.

Kendrix: Seriously guys, it’s all his fault. You see, I approached Andy earlier that night, like a man to discuss putting on the greatest, bestest, totally obvs most amazing possible show we could put on for you bellends, even though none of you deserve it…

Fuck You Kendrix, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!

Fuck You Kendrix, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!

Kendrix: That’s right, Thank You Kendrix, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap! But no need to thank me just yet, hold your applause! You don’t talk until I’ve finished, which, let's be honest, won’t be for a while!

Blackfront: Great.

Ace: Shut up Jason, he’s not done talking yet!

Walking back to the centre of the ring, lapping up the disgruntlement around the arena, Jessie shakes his head disappointedly before adamantly raising it and bringing the mic back up.

Kendrix: Like the true, handsome, sexy but most importantly HUMBLE...Champion that he is, I decided to give the challenger the time of day to think up a stipulation to spruce our match up a bit. You know, what with me having not only already BEATEN Andy Murray but also having to carry the card all by myself at the Pay Per View.

Blackfront: This young man is as arrogant as they come folks. Total disregard for a legend like Andy Murray as well as the rest of his colleagues.

Kendrix: But nooooooo! Andy Murray couldn’t return the RESPECT I showed him by engaging in professional dialogue. Nah, bruv! Andy disrespected me by declaring that he just wanted to have another simple one on one wrestling, you see, this is really all his fault.

Ace: That Murray’s so disrespectful. He could have chosen a No DQ match!

We Want Andy, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!

We Want Andy, Clap Clap, ClapClapClap!

Kendrix: Well unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news for you, bruvs! I have it under a very trustworthy source, that not only will The King not be here tonight but unfortunately, and believe me when I tell you all, I take no joy out of what I’m about to say...

He lowers his head as if devastated, wiping away a fake tear from his eye.

Kendrix: ...oh, I’m so emotional right now. I don’t, I don’t think I can tell you all, has someone got a tissue?

Ace: Quick, get JFK a tissue, Jason!

Kendrix takes ahuge gulp as if fighting back the tears, raises his head and splashes a huge grin across his face.

Kendrix: Oh wait, I totally can tell you all….ANDY MURRAY WON’T MAKE ABSOLUTION!


Blackfront: What?! That can’t be!

Ace: Serves him right, it’s all his own fault!

Kendrix grabs his title from off his shoulder and holds it high in the air for everyone to see.

Kendrix: But don’t worry folks, your WrestleUTA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...will be at Absolution to sign autographs for your fat, ugly little kids instead...innit?!

Kendrix Sucks, Kendrix Sucks!

Kendrix Sucks, Kendrix Sucks!

♫ “Hail To The King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes ♫

Blackfront: Ohhhh boy!

The pop is instantaneous. Andy Murray walks out onto the stage, looking like he can’t believe what he’s hearing. Dressed casually, the Scot wastes little time before raising his microphone to his lips.

Murray: I’m sorry, what?!

His face twists with confusion. Kendrix looks incredibly frustrated in the ring.

Murray: “Andy Murray won’t make Absolution?” Are you out of your mind, laddie, or just lying to yourself?

Ace: Ahhh, shaddup!

Andy shakes his head. He’s halfway down the ramp now.

Murray: I’m a professional, mate. I make my appointments. My right shoulder was damn near falling off the last time we wrestled - it’ll take more than a little backstage beatdown to stop me coming for that pretty little belt of yours.

The crowd pop at the prospect of the match. Murray reaches the bottom of the ramp, then hops onto the apron, showing no hesitation in approaching the WrestleUTA Champion.

Murray: If that stunt two weeks ago was supposed to slow me down, I’m afraid you failed. You think I’m gonna let a few scrapes and bruises deny these fans the satisfaction of seeing me boot your little head clean off your shoulders? Lord no! I’ll tell you one thing, though: you may not have put me out of action, but you damn sure pissed me off…

The King gets a little closer.

Murray: So why wait until Absolution? Why don’t we settle this score TONIGHT, in our main event!

The crowd lose it.

Blackfront: Oh man! Kendrix vs. Murray… tonight?!

Murray: How about it, buddy? Sounds like my friends here wanna see it happen…

Murray drops the mic to his side, and waves for Kendrix to come on up the stage. Suddenly…

OSV: Did someone say….main event!?

WrestleUTA owner Mikey Unlikely shows up on the tron above Andy Murray. The fans give a mixed reaction. Mikey sits behind his desk, smiling in his best dark blue suit.

Unlikely: Listen, Andy…. Kendrix, No one want’s to see the two of you tangle up for the belt more than me…. As a matter of fact, I could watch that match every night! While at the same time I need to protect my Absolution Main Event!

Kendrix smiles in the ring, knowing he won’t be facing Andy Murray tonight by the tone in Mikey’s voice.

Unlikely: But this gives me a hell of an idea!

Mikey pulls a piece of paper from his desk and reviews it.

Unlikely: It looks like neither of you are scheduled to compete tonight… oh look! Neither are Impulse and Chris Ross!  What a wild coincidence!

Blackfront: Where is Mikey going with this?

Ace: Shhhhh.

Unlikely: I’m thinking we have ourselves a little tag team match action!?

The fans in the arena cheer loudly! Andy Murray even get’s his smirk on, seeing as he may get his hands on JFK.

Blackfront: What! We’re going to see Impulse and Andy Murray vs Kendrix and Chris Ross!?

Ace: I hope so!

Unlikely: Yes, that sounds terrific! Let’s go ahead and make the match! Tonight! Right here on Hulu! WrestleUTA MAIN EVENT! WrestleUTA Champion Jesse Fredricks Kendrix AND HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER ANDY MURRAY!

Ace & Blackfront: WHAT!?

Everyone in the arena loses their collective shit.

Unlikely: Versus the tag team of Impulse and Chris Ross!

Mikey smiles wide. Suddenly the happy feeling from the two athletes bleeds away and both are pretty unhappy.

Unlikely: Good Luck guys! I think it’s going to be a great match! I’m looking forward to watching the two of you attempt to coexist! Here’s to another great episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu!

With a salute Mikey signs off and the screen goes dark. Kendrix and Murray share a look between them, both of discontent and anger. The WrestleUTA on Hulu theme comes on as Kendrix leaves the ring and Andy Murray heads backstage.



THE Jay Harvey vs Dylan Daniels

“Quality Control” by Jurassic 5 begins to play over the sound system. Dylan Daniels emerges from the curtain and gets no love from the fans.

Jordan: This match is our opening match and it is set for one fall with a fifteen-minute time limit… first, coming to the ring, hailing from Seattle, Washington.

Daniels begins walking down the aisle. He looks around the sold out arena as purple and black lights swirl around the crowd.

Jordan: Ladies and gentleman… He is Dylan Daaaaanielllls!

Daniels starts jawing with a fan at ringside as he stops on the ring steps.

Blackfront: Again, thank you for tuning in, folks. We are kicking tonight off with a match between Dylan Daniels and the former WrestleUTA Legacy Champion “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey.

Ace: I really wouldn’t want to be in Daniels’ shoes tonight, for two reasons… Harvey is pissed after losing his Legacy Championship and Daniels has tiny feet.

Blackfront: How do you know that?

Ace: I spoke to Jay Harvey earlier today and he was not a happy camper.

Blackfront: Nevermind.

Daniels comes to his corner and awaits his opponent. “Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins to play through the P.A. System. The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain. In a matter of moments “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp behind her. Harvey stops on the top of the ramp, a look of rage covers his face. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Jordan: Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina… Standing at Six Foot-Four inches and weighing in at Two Hundred-Thirty Three pounds...

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps. He slowly enters the ring as Catalina walks around the ring.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey looks to be all business here tonight.

Ace: I hope Dylan Daniels has a good life insurance policy.

Jordan: He is accompanied by the lovely Catalina… He has informed me to refer to him as “the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth”... “The Natural One” THE Jaaaaaaaaaay Haaaaaaarrveeeeyyyyy!

Jay Harvey comes to a halt in his corner. “The Natural One” wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

Blackfront: Last time we saw THE Jay Harvey he was on the wrong side of the decision, losing his Legacy title.

Ace: Jason… you need to pipe down. Crimson Lord SCREWED Jay Harvey and cost him his title. Harvey had that match won. It was in the books-

Blackfront: Crimson Lord has been attacked and finally he has turned the tables on Harvey. Payback is a bitch.

The bell sounds and Harvey immediately goes on the attack. Harvey rushes Daniels, slamming his forearm into Dylan’s head. Daniels is knocked back and is pushed into the corner by Harvey. Harvey lands a fury of elbow strikes to the temple of Dylan Daniels. Harvey switches it up and connects with boot stomps to Daniels’ midsection. Harvey now puts his left boot to Dylan’s throat causing the referee to start his Five Count. Harvey stops at four allowing Daniels to escape the corner. Dylan is holding his throat, fighting for air. Harvey stalks Daniels, sending a stiff kick to the back of Daniels’ left leg. Daniels hunches over and gets a vicious knee strike to the ribcage from Harvey. Harvey pushes Daniels into the ropes and sends him across the ring by way of an Irish Whip. Harvey goes to the middle of the ring and drops his head. Daniels stops in front of his opponent and kicks Harvey in the chest. Harvey stumbles back, grimacing in pain. Daniels hits the ropes and comes at Harvey with a Lariat. Harvey ducks the Lariat attempt and sends Dylan Daniels crashing to the mat, head first from a Snap Dragon Suplex. Catalina is seen on the outside of the ring thoroughly enjoying the action inside the ring.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey just dominating this match.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey is a man on a mission and from the looks of it… Dylan Daniels is paying the price.

Jay Harvey has his eyes locked on Dylan Daniels. Harvey stands crouched by the ring ropes. Harvey pulls down his right knee pad, exposing his bare knee. He starts beckoning Daniels to get to his feet. Daniels slowly rises up, now kneeling trying to push himself further up with his hands. Harvey runs full steam at his opponent, connecting his knee to the left side of Daniels’ skull. Daniels appears to be out cold. The fans can sense the end and boo Harvey.

Ace: Wake Up Call!

Blackfront: That’s usually the prelude for what Harvey calls “Game Over”.

Ace: You know why he calls it that? Cuz when he hits it, it’s GAME OVER! Hahaha! Smart isn’t it.

Blackfront: Whatever, Tommy.

Jay Harvey grabs Dylan Daniels by the hair, mouthing something to Daniels. Harvey slaps Daniels in the face causing the fans to boo again. Harvey lifts Daniels up on his shoulders and proceeds to turn to face the sold out WrestleUTA crowd. Harvey finally sends a Knee Lift to the chin of Dylan Daniels. Harvey goes for the pin and doesn’t bother to hook the leg.




Harvey quickly gets to his feet and walks passed the referee.

Jordan: The winner of the match by pinfall… “The Natural One” THE Jaaaaaay Haaaaarvey!



Two Weeks Ago...

Two Weeks Ago...

Jay Harvey angrily walks toward the ring ropes. He waves his hand, calling for something.

Harvey: Gimme a mic!

C.H. Jordan walks to the ring apron and hands Harvey his microphone. Harvey is heard breathing hard as he walks around the ring. His head is down for a moment before raising it, looking out into the crowd.

Harvey: Cut the music!

His music dies out and the fans boo the victorious Harvey. Harvey continues to try and catch his breath. He walks to the center of the ring and stops.

Harvey: Two weeks ago… Two weeks ago I was well on my way to defending the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship. It was… Game Over for that washed up hack Jack Harmen. Then… the lights went out and that Seven Foot neanderthal Crimson Lord laid me out.

The crowd cheers “The Natural One’s" remarks. Harvey doesn’t seem to enjoy their jubilation.

Harvey: Crimson Lord STOLE from me. This savage has destroyed my car and now he made me lose my title. The title I climbed the ladder for. The title I earned and defended like the fighting champion I strived to be.

Harvey begins pacing the ring.

Harvey: This is going to stop and I… am going to put a stop to it. Crimson Lord, I hope you’ve had fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed the games because they’re coming to an end.

Ace: Crimson Lord has gone too far.

Blackfront: Have you forgotten how all this started?!

Ace: Oh hush!

Harvey: At Absolution… you and I will settle this. I started this and I’m going to finish it.

Harvey’s music begins to play. He walks toward the ring ropes and makes his exit from the ring. Catalina waits for Harvey and the two begin walking back up the aisle.

Blackfront: Looks like THE Jay Harvey has challenged Crimson Lord for a match at our next Pay Per View.

Ace: If Crimson Lord is a smart man, he’ll stay clear of THE Jay Harvey. That man is determined to get his revenge.

Blackfront: I’m certain Crimson Lord will accept the challenge.

Ace: Crimson Lord never won any IQ tests, you know.

Blackfront: I know for a fact Crimson Lord has been waiting for his one on one showdown with Jay Harvey for months.

Ace: It’s going to be two brutes going head to head. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Blackfront: Oh, most definitely, Tommy.

Cameras continue rolling on Jay Harvey and Catalina. They both stand on the top of the entrance ramp.

Blackfront: Stay with us, folks. Still more WrestleUTA on Hulu after this!

We cut to commercial.


Commercial 1

Michael Byrd (w/ David Hightower) vs Luke Dibbins (w/ Duke Dibbins)

Michael Byrd vs Luke Dibbins

We’re greeted by the scene of the ring and the fans before “Half Crazy” by the Barr Brothers hits. The fans begin to cheer, as the #Brousins make their way out. The sound of a small engine is heard before out roll the Dibbins brothers on a 4 wheeler.

Blackfront: Well folks, this matchup was made after last weeks interference cost Duke Dibbins the match!

The replay on the tron shows the incident in question. While the announcer does his introduction

C.H. Jordan: Luuuuukkkeeeeeeee DIBBINNNNNSSSSSS!

The four wheeler stops at the ring and the pair dismount. THe fans cheer as they climb into the ring and stand on the turnbuckles waving at everyone with both hands.

Ace: Why do people like these idiots?

“Dislocated Boy” by Joe Bonamassa hits the PA and the newly formed team and their manager head through the curtain and onto the stage. Jamie Sawyers suit is powder blue tonight.

C.H. Jordan: And his opponent, hailing from Dallas, Texas. He weighs in at 248 lbs. Being accompanied by David Hightower, and Jamie Sawyers! He is “Main Event” MIIIIIIICHAEL BYYYYYYYYYYRD!

Coming down the ramp Jamie Sawyers is in the ear of Byrd the whole way. They look into the ring at the DIbbins.

Byrd hops on the ring apron and taunts at the Brousins, while the referee tries to get Duke to leave the ring. Finally he does, Hightower and Sawyers remain outside and the referee checks both mens boots and tape for weapons. He signals for the bell and we’re off.

The two competitors circle the ring staring at one another.

Blackfront: Byrd looks focused here tonight partner. Luke as well! Wait..

Luke turns away from his opponent just long enough to turn to the fans and yell out “You gotta be kitten me!” As he does Michael Byrd takes full advantage, running at Luke and dropping some forearms on his back of the West Virginia, hillbilly. Byrd forces him into the corner before peeling off a pair of right hands to the face. Luke wasn’t ready for this. Byrd hits a few kicks to the midsection, bending Dibbins over. Byrd grabs the head of Dibbins and lifts it before applying a choke and shoving him hard into the turnbuckle. Referee Willie Anderson is in there and begins his five count, which Byrd breaks at the last second with his hands up innocently.

Ace: Ha! That’s how it’s done Jason! Byrd will make short work of Duke tonight.

Blackfront: It’s Luke…

Ace: Does it matter!?

As Luke is on hands and knees now struggling to catch his breath, Byrd drops a few kicks and a knee into the ribs of the Dibbins Brousin. Byrd begins to pick up Dibbins but Luke takes a few wild swings and connects with one into the gut of Michael. Byrd retaliates with a hard right hand shot to the face that puts Duke back on the defensive. After he backs him into the ropes, Byrd shoots him off the other side. On the return, Byrd drops to a knee and shoves his shoulder into the gut of Dibbins, once again trying to give him difficulty in breathing. Byrd off the ropes and comes back and lifts a leg, but Dibbins recovers and finally gets his first real shot in of the match. A vicious forearm that drops Byrd to the mat with a hard thud. The fans “Ooooooh”

Blackfront: Ouch! What a blow by the big man!

Ace: That one hurt MY jaw Jason!

Like a ball of fire Luke begins on the offensive. Some very wild and sloppy punches are thrown and well over half land flush. Byrd is trying to get up through the barrage of strikes but cannot. Instead he rolls out of the ring to the boo’s from the crowd.

Ace: Wait! He’s over there with Duke!

Blackfront: Duke Dibbins is walking towards Byrd with his mouth running.

Ace: When aren’t they running their mouths!?

Blackfront: Woah-oh-oh! Not so fast! David Hightower rounds the turnbuckle and backs Duke down. He gives Byrd space and allows him to get back in the ring after the quick breather. Luke was ready for him and picks him up and delivers lefts and rights in succession. Now Byrd is the one who gets irish whipped, Byrd comes back and gets lifted into a hip toss...Luke catches him in midair, lifts and slams down hard with a powerslam variation!

Ace: Woah! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Dibbins hit a real move!?

Blackfront: That was impressive Tommy, I must admit. Keep your eyes on the outside though we have 3 people running around between Hightower, Sawyers, and Dibbins.

Luke crawls over for the pin attempts.



Luke slaps the mat frustratingly. He allows Byrd to stand with the assist from the ropes but gives him no time to think as he comes running with the clothesline that sends Byrd up and over the top rope and falling to the outside.

Luke returns to the center of the ring and in an act of flowing adrenaline, screams out to the crowd who respond in kind. Byrd slowly gets up, and circles the ring back to Jamie Sawyers, who begins to whisper in his ear. Byrd nods and wipes the sweat from his forehead. After the conference is over, Byrd collects himself and slips back in the ring at the count of seven from official Willie Anderson. The two come at one another and tie up in the middle of the ring. Byrd quickly rakes the eyes and breaks the hold, knowing the larger Brousin has quite a bit of upper body strength. Luke goes to the ropes to find his balance but a quick ankle placed kick from Byrd trips him up and he falls to his knees. Willie Anderson is pulled to the center of the ring by Michael Byrd who’s asking about Luke pulling his hair. They begin a back and forth, and meanwhile…

Blackfront: Hey now! Jamie Sawyers is using that middle rope to choke Luke Dibbins! That’s not legal!

Ace: Anything behind the referee’s back is legal Jason, don’t you know that by now!?

After a few seconds David Hightower walks over to where Luke is positioned on the ropes. Hightower hops up on the ring apron, walks a few steps and drops his large boot right across the back of the head of Luke Dibbins. Duke see’s this from across the ring and wastes no time.

Blackfront: Here comes Duke!

From around the ring comes the much smaller hillbilly “brousin”, He reaches David Hightower and with a clothesline of the leg, sweeps him from the ring apron. Hightower falls to the floor with a loud thud, before getting up and chasing down the much faster Duke Dibbins.

Ace: Ol’ Willie style is gonna have trouble keeping this one in control.

Blackfront: One referee to five people, you’re not kidding partner!

Byrd walks past the referee in the ring now, breaking the distraction and grabbing the back of Luke’s head pulling him to standing position. He hooks him for a suplex.

Blackfront: He could be going for that new move we saw a few weeks ago!

Dibbins stomps the foot of Byrd, grabs the arm and spins out of the suplex, turning it into a short arm clothesline that drops Byrd to the mat. On the outside of the ring Jamie Sawyers is losing his mind, slapping the ring apron. David Hightower returns to his side.

Luke takes a moment to rest as Byrd gets up on the other side of the ring. Byrd uses the turnbuckle to get up. A charging Luke Dibbins catches him in the back with an avalanche against the turnbuckle.

Ace: Oh no! That could have caved in his chest as fat as Dibbins is!

Blackfront: A devastating maneuver!

Byrd staggers out of the corner and Luke catches him flush.

Blackfront: DUI! That’s Luke’s cutter! This one could be over folks!

Luke pulls Michael Byrd to the center of the ring and hooks the leg. Referee Willie Anderson slides into position.




Blackfront: OH MY! David Hightower just slammed that steel chair into the back of Luke Dibbins! OH NO! AGAIN!

Ace: This is why you don’t bully people Jason, this is what happens to you!

The Referee calls for the bell right away.

C.H. Jordan: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification…. LUUUKKEEEEEE DIBBINNNSSSSSSS!

Blackfront: Inside the ring right now, Luke doesn’t feel like much of a winner! In fact he’s in trouble! Wait here comes Duke!

Ace: It’s a flying Hillbilly!

Duke Dibbins flies off the top turnbuckle and hits a dropkick that knocks David Hightower to the mat. The chair falls to the ground. Duke hops up and grabs it, reeling back and threatening all three guys. Sawyers grabs his boys and exits the ring after thinking things through. The fans are cheering loudly.

Ace: He’s coming over here!

Sawyers walks past commentary and grabs a microphone before turning his attention back to the ring, where Luke is back on his feet albeit arched over holding his back.

Sawyers: You BOYS just don’t know when to quit do you!? You two backwood hicks think you can take these two finely tuned athletes out!? DO YOU!?

Duke swings the chair in the air. Still ready in case Byrd and Hightower decide to hop back in.

Sawyers: I say we settle this at the Pay Per View! The Dibbins vs Hightower and Byrd! Tag Team Match! Two on two! Then we will see who comes out on top!

Luke looks over to Duke, they share a quick nod before turning and nodding excitedly to Sawyers.

Sawyers: Good! It’s done! We will see your cousin lovin asses in D.C.

The fans boo but it’s quickly drowned out by the theme song of the Dibbins Brousins who stand tall in the ring. “Half Crazy” by the Barr Brothers rings out and the former hardcore champs check on one another.


Absolution what a JOKE!

Absolution what a JOKE!

The tron shows an eerie scene of a carousel going around in circles, with flashes of close up horses on the ride with half their face melted off. A heavy rain pours from the skies, as a creepy carousel soundtrack plays.

The video shows flashes of scary clowns while the carousel spins. The music abruptly ends the carousel slowly stops

A creepy laugh is heard in the distance, while the view changes to the sky and bolts of lightning fill the air. The view stares at the storm for a few moments before slowly panning down to Jestal sitting on a yellow and blue ball. His face makeup smeared in a downward fashion most likely from the rain. His hair is drenched and falls over his face about eye and ear level. The Mad Prince is looking down as he begins to speak.

Jestal: I can not get that horrible picture from my eyes.

The video shows a replay from Episode 20 of WrestleShow..


Harmen drops the rubber chicken into the barrel. It must have been covered in gasoline, as the flames flicker and rise. Dark smoke fills the backstage area, as Harmen can’t contain his smile.

Video fades back to Jestal.

Jestal: You Jack Harmen KILLED MY BEST FRIEND!

The clown quickly looks up as drops of water fly from his face and hair, the clown points at the camera.

Jestal: YOU TOOK MY SMILE!....

Jestal lowers his arm to his sides once more and slowly lowers his head back down, with a eerie chuckle for a second.

Jestal: So I find it only fair that I take YOURS!

Jestal slowly turns his head to the side looking out into the forest beyond the circus.

Jestal: Then there's you Scott Stevens, acting all good and wholesome to the duckies out in the Wrestlezone. I have not forgotten about you, the accomplice to Clucky’s demise.

Jestal slowly turns his head back to the front while the camera gets a close up of his face. The clown slowly looks up with a eerie expression.

Jestal: You want to kick my ass? Fine, I however don’t want to just do the same to you, I want you as well as Jack at Absolution! You both are going to see a side of me that no one in the WrestleUTA has seen. You both took something from me and I will take something from you two!

The camera slowly moves back as Jestal slowly shakes his head.

Jestal: So I leave you with this challenge Jack, and Scott the accomplice and the murderer. Show up at Absolution, and face The Mad Prince!

Jestal pauses for a moment slowly looking up and straight ahead.

Jestal: Put the shiny on the line Jack, Stevens bring your do-gooder ass as well, but know this  “You both will have no Absolution, in fact a Absolution for you two will be nothing more than a JOKE!”

Jestal waves his at the camera with just his fingers with no thumb as the video fades to black

Commercial 2

Crimson Lord vs Dexter Poindexter

♫His world by Zebrahead begins to play over the loudspeakers and he walks out hand in hand with his girlfriend Ivy. They walk down the ramp hand in hand and stop in front of the ring. Ivy talks with Dexter giving him a pep talk before the match. Dexter smiles sliding Ivy's face mask down and kissing her softly before he slides into the ring and gets ready for the match.♫

♫“Death Dealer” by The Enigma TNG begins to play. Crimson Lord walks from behind the curtain to a roar from the capacity crowd here in the arena! Crimson is followed by his daughter Zoey. The fans begin their dual chants which seem to have become the norm for a Crimson Lord Match now...


The lights continue to flash on and off rapidly as Zoey and Crimson Lord make their way to the ring.


Jordan: Weighing in at three-hundred and forty-eight pounds...from Chicago, Illinois….. “The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

The fans roar in excitement on the announcement from Jordan.

Blackfront: The man that has been on a mission get his retribution against Jay harvey for costing him the WrestleUTA World Championship!

Ace: Please, The Chosen One had this nutcase beat, what I want you to bring up is the travesty that happen two weeks ago.

Crimson continues his walk toward the ring.

Blackfront: Travesty? Oh you mean the karma that came back and caught up to Harvey, and his days as a champion ending?

Ace: Exactly, if it weren’t for this seven foot goof Harvey would have beaten Harmen and still be our Legacy Champion!

Jordan: Weighing in at three-hundred and forty-eight pounds...from Chicago, Illinois….. “The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

Blackfront: Way I see it Tommy, Harvey cost Crimson a championship, all Crimson did was return the favor.

Ace: I blame Virginian brain surgeons and their horrible law system, Crimson should've still been rotting in jail for destroying a half a million dollar car!

The fans roar in excitement once more at the announcement of Crimson Lord from Jordan.


Crimson grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron.  He stares at Dexter across the ring, He looks down at Zoey, Dexter dashes at Crimson and baseball slides Crimson’s feet from under him! Crimson’s jaw slams against the apron.

Blackfront: Dexter, has quickly taken advantage over Crimson, given the size between the two, Dexter will need to try and keep Crimson off his feet.

Ace: Let's be real here Dexter looks like a child next to Crimson.

Crimson quickly holds his mouth, Dexter quickly tries to stay on the offense goes off the ropes and suicide dives through the ropes into Crimson! He slams the seven footer into the barricade!  Dexter staggers to his feet holding his head for a moment, Crimson has his arm draped over the barricade. While trying to remove his jacket. Dexter grabs the back of Crimson head and slams it into the apron. Crimson staggers back, Dexter clearly feels real confident in his chances now. He tosses Crimson into the ring following behind him, and the match officially begins.

Blackfront: Dexter trying to stay on the offense here, taking every advantage he can get.

Ace: He better not take a breather that's exactly what not to do when it comes to Crimson Lord.

Dexter drops a elbow into the back of Crimson’s head, followed by a few stomps. Dexter realizing his blows are starting to not affect Crimson anymore. He looks at the turnbuckle and quickly runs to it and climbs the top rope just as Crimson holds his head and turns around. Dexter flies off with a double axe handle Crimson catches Dexter in mid air in a chokeslam and spins him to the opposite side, with his forearm resting on Dexter’s horizontal body in mid air, Dexter falls back first into Crimson bent knee.

Blackfront: ..ANNDD Crimson caught him, in a move he calls “The Hollow Point!”

Ace: Let’s see what kind of man you are Crimson and accept THE Jay Harvey’s challenge for Absolution. Just so I can watch The Natural One beat the hell out of you properly!

Crimson covers hooking the leg.




Crimson quickly gets up and takes his skull cap off and throws it down at a motionless Dexter, clearly upset with the offense of Dexter while the ref raises his hand! Zoey enters the ring and raises Crimson’s arm once more as he stares down at Dexter breathing heavily with spit flying from his mouth.

♫Death Dealer plays on the PA

Jordan: The winner of this bout “The Perfect Weapon” Crimson Lord!!!    

Blackfront: I have no doubt Crimson will accept that challenge Tommy, and the utter hatred Harvey and Crimson have for each other should make for a hell of a barn burner!

Ace: We both know the outcome too THE Jay Harvey will take his rightful place as the victor!

Crimson and Zoey exit the ring and head to the back, Zoey slaps a few of the fans hands. Before catching up to Crimson on top of the rampway. ♫

A New Legacy

A New Legacy

FADE IN backstage, as the daughter of Bobby Dean, Brittney-Jean Dean stands in front of a waving UTA flag. She’s dead center in the frame like a Wes Anderson movie. She talks directly to the camera, smiling.

Brittney-Jean Dean: Fans of UTA, it’s my pleasure to bring to you, your newest Legacy champion (cheers), Jack Harmen.

The camera zooms out to reveal Jack Harmen just over Brittney’s shoulder. He’s chomping away on a half chewed to oblivion straw while wearing his official UTA themed “Flyin’ High” t-shirt. He smiles and adjusts the Legacy title on his shoulder, before blowing on it and polishing it with his clover green gloves. Behind him, dottling away in her clipboard is the Tiny Attorney Mary-Lynn Mayweather. She wears her finest red skirt suit, emerald framed glasses, and the brightest of smiles.

Jack Harmen: You’re not gonna introduce my representation, my manager, and most importantly, my protege? Mary-Lynn Mayweather, why don’t you curtzie for the camera.

Mary-Lynn squints her eyes, and then shakes her head no. She returns to her clipboard.

Jack Harmen: Yeah whatever. I’m the champ. Did you tell them I’m the champ now? Cause I’m the champ.

Harmen winks and clicks the corner of his mouth toward Brittney, who is taken aback by a moment. He then loses his own gaze inside of his title once more while he polishes it.

Brittney-Jean Dean: Congratulations are in order for your championship victory…

Jack Harmen: Darn tootin’!

Brittney-Jean Dean: … But you had to yet again have help, this time in the form of Crimson Lord, exacting some revenge on the previously undefeated champion, THE, Jay Harvey, to win your match.

Harmen stops chewing on his straw, and can’t hide his disdain.

Jack Harmen: Careful. That's a run on sentence...

Brittney-Jean Dean: Much like your match with Scott Stevens when Jestal interfered.

Jack Harmen: … and that's just a fragment.

Brittney-Jean Dean: There are those who say, even with your storied career outside of UTA… you don’t deserve to be Legacy champion.

Harmen’s eye twitches.

Jack Harmen: Listen, anyone on any given night can win a championship. Anyone can become a champion. It’s what you do as a champion that matters. And for all the slack THE Jay Harvey received for his more, undesirable qualities, he was a fighting champion. I promise to be the same.

Brittney-Jean Dean: And yet, tonight, you are not scheduled for a match. What gives?

Leaning into frame is the Tiny Attorney, who lowers Harmen’s mic from his lips and speaks into it himself.

Mary-Lynn Mayweather: My client doesn’t have to answer such line of questioning.

Mary-Lynn looks sternly at Brittney, who steps back a moment. It’s Harmen, who defuses the situation.

Jack Harmen: It’s a fair ask Mary. Listen, I didn’t expect to be in a title match last episode, and the rest of UTA didn’t expect me to win. But here we are. So I’m going to do everything within my power to defend this title at not only Absolution, but on absolutely EVERY episode of Wrestle UTA on Hulu. Cause hey, I’ve not only got to prove to the fans, but myself, that I deserve this LEGACY.

Harmen holds the Legacy title up off his shoulders.

Jack Harmen: Go ahead. Ask me about Jestal.

Brittney-Jean Dean: Speaking of…

Jack Harmen: I accept.

Cheers from the UTA crowd.

Jack Harmen: At Absolution, I will defend this Legacy title against both the Man Clown Prince Jestal, and the Hero of the Hardcore, Scott Stevens. I talked to Mikey. Said he's down. Thinks there's money to be had. Any follow up questions?

Brittney nods, continuing her line of questioning.

Brittney-Jean Dean: Last week, you destroyed Clucky…

Jack Harmen: Hold on, hold on. I just announced I'm defending the Legacy title, and you want to talk about a rubber chicken? This title is the only thing that matters. Not Jestal’s blood feud about a false poultry God, not Steven’s arc of penance and solace. Long after we’re all dead and buried, dust in the wind, this Legacy will live on. THIS, matters.

Harmen holds up the championship. His voice is breathy and heated.

Jack Harmen: So come one come all! Challenge the greatest show on earth. TRY, and take my shiny, TRY, and dethrone your Lunatic. For I need no Absolution, I have no penance to shed. I am a legend holding a Legacy. Yet so often the legacy has tainted the soul of the legend, of making a good man wrathful. I can’t predict the future, I have no regrets of my past. But I ask you this, to make sure I never face absolution, true absolution, Jestal and Stevens… I beg of you… no I plead of you, PLEASE.

Harmen steps forward, grabbing the camera by the sides, yanking it off the cameraman’s shoulder. He tilts the camera to a dutch tilt, his eyes bugged out and almost bloodshot.

Jack Harmen: TRY ‘n’ STOP ME!

Jack drops the camera, and the scene is engulfed in television static.

Commercial 3

Scott Stevens vs Bobby Dean

"You're the Best Around" by Joe Esposito blares throughout the arena and the fans come alive as the Beautiful One appears from backstage and at the top of the ramp. The crowd goes wild at the sight of Bobby Dean and he raises his hand to acknowledge his admiring audience.

Ace: Is he out of breath?

Blackfront: I think so.

The commentators say as Dean lowers his arm as he is huffing and puffing already before he starts his long and scenic journey to the ring.

Ace: Well it’s going to take him half an hour to get to the ring.

Blackfront: That’s not nice, Bobby Dean was once a tremendous athlete back his his prime.

Ace: You said the magic words, use to be, and now Stay Puft there can’t even get motivated to wrestle unless he’s given a whole cake before his matches.

Blackfront: Rumors have it that the reason why Bobby Dean hasn’t been around is his food surplus was becoming an expensive problem.

As Bobby Dean struggles to climb the ring steps, “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play and the crowd goes berserk as Scott Stevens appears on stage.

Blackfront: Stevens makes his return to a Wrestle UTA ring for the first time since he was suspended many weeks ago. Listen to this crowd, they are showing him how much they missed him.

Ace: He shouldn’t even be here.

Blackfront: What do you mean?

Ace: I think Mikey didn’t handle Stevens right, I think he let his greed cloud his judgement. Stevens is money, but money doesn’t excuse the fact what he did.

Blackfront: Stevens apologized for his actions last show.

Ace: Please, he was forced to do that.

As soon as Stevens enters the ring the official calls for the bell and immediately Bobby Dean calls for a time out, but as you know there are no time outs in wrestling as Stevens rushes over to Bobby Dean’s corner and jumps midair to deliver a Stinger Splash. Stevens follows up the attack with some knife edge chops to the pasty chest of Dean. Stevens continues the assault as Dean’s chest begins to turn red. Stevens hits an European uppercut and rocks the big man. Bobby bounces of the ropes and stumbles forward to Stevens who lifts him up and goes to body slam him but Bobby’s massive girth and gravitational force nullifies Stevens’ massive strength as the Beautiful One falls on top of Stevens for a two count as the Scorpion kicks out by the skin of his teeth.

Blackfront: That was close!

Ace: Not close enough.

Blackfront: Stevens is one of the strongest wrestlers on the roster but even he has his limits.

As Bobby Dean struggles to get to all fours, Stevens is already on his feet and running the ropes to deliver a vicious running knee to the side of Dean’s face. Stevens holds up a finger and tells the crowd he’s going to do it again once again and Stevens drives that metal knee brace into the side of Dean’s face once again before going for a cover.

Blackfront: Don’t Mess With Texas and that’s all she wrote!

The official counts to three and signals for the bell as Stevens is announced as the winner.

Blackfront: Stevens is victorious on his return and he doesn’t look to have any rust on him at all.

Stevens walks over to the nearest camera and has a few words for a certain someone.

Stevens: Take not because that’s going to be you Jestal.

Stevens says as he exits the ring and heads to the back.

Absolution Video Package

Absolution Video Package

The fans look to the tron and see a video package beginning to play at the bitter rivalry between THE Jay Harvey and Crimson Lord..

The title fades in

“WrestleShow January 10, 2017”

    #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

            fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..

Crimson Lord begins to get up and head over towards Hightower, but that's when THE Jay Harvey slides back inside the ring behind him and immediately takes the giant down with a chop block to the back of the leg. Crimson Lord hits the mat like a ton of bricks. Harvey, ever the opportunist, picks up the same leg, and drops and elbow to the inside of it. He follows up with two more before moving the leg to the ropes.

He places his foot on the ropes, hops up and slams down on the ankle of Crimson Lord.

Lord reaches out in pain for the ankle but Harvey is setting him up again! He puts the foot back, bounces and drops! Harvey now being booed by the crowd, does a circle in the ring and barks back at the fans. He then walks back over to Crimson Lord who still is holding his ankle. Harvey stomps his shoulder then sets up the foot one more time. He places the foot on the rope, he jumps, and…


The title fades in

“No Love Lost March 5, 2017”

    Crimson Lord Vs Kendrix(c)

fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..


Crimson steps back confidently into the centre of the ring as the arena stands in anticipation. Crimson twists his body slightly to the left… Murmuring from a section of the crowd can be heard as Crimson stumbles off balance back first toward the ropes as Jesse holds on at the collar of the Official’s shirt, dragging Brooks along with them.

The ref is counting at Jesse to release his grip around his collar but the Champ holds on for dear life. Off balance, as Kendrix squirms and the ref tries to free himself away, Crimson releases JFK’s ankles, now dangling down CL’s back, and reaches out for the ropes to regain his balance. Crimson stumbles forward, loosening his grip on Kendrix’s neck who in turn releases Brooks who stumbles around gasping for air tending to his throat.

Blackfront: What the hell?! Harvey struck the skull of Crimson with the belt…

With the ref’s back turned, tending to his throat, Jesse twists around in one motion, grabs Crimson by the back of the head and brings the Challenger’s face down hard towards his raised knees as the two drop down hard to the canvass. Kendrix pops back up off the canvass and desperately crawls across to the body of the fallen Crimson…


Jay Harvey makes his way to ring announcer’s table and picks up a folding chair. Jordan moves out of the way as Harvey slides under the bottom rope. ♫

Blackfront: Jay Harvey cost Crimson Lord the WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Championship!

The Atlanta crowd is booing louder than they have all night. Harvey sets up shop in the nearby corner, he gives the chair a long look. The ref follows Kendrix who rolls himself off of Crimson Lord, to try and raise his hand in victory.

Crimson is just coming to and Harvey is waiting for him to get to his feet. Crimson slowly rises. Zoey waves her arms up at her father from ringside, trying to warn her Father, but when he finally gets vertical his back is to Harvey who swings the steel chair, hitting Crimson Lord on his upper back. Crimson falls down to his knees in pain. Jay Harvey rotates around Crimson now facing him.

Harvey unleashes a sickening chair shot right to the center of Crimson Lord’s forehead. It rocks Crimson, sending his eyes back into his head. Crimson spits out of his mouth as a little clings to his chin. Jay Harvey has a look of hatred on his face. He says something to Lord but microphones around ringside can’t pick it up. Harvey raises the chair up to his face and gives it a kiss before connecting again to Crimson’s skull. Crimson Lord falls down to the mat and appears unconscious.

Jay Harvey looks down at Crimson Lord and spits on the mat. He raises the steel chair in the air as the boos rain down on him.

The title fades in

“WrestleShow March 28, 2017”


fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..

Zoey takes the microphone from Jordan, with a brief smile. She walks up the steps and enters the ring. Crimson has not moved from the center of the ring, breathing heavily looking down at the mat. Zoey walks over to her father and hands him the microphone. He takes it from her, and pulls the WrestleUTA divider off the microphone. He looks up as beads of sweat drip off his nose and chin.

He raises the microphone to his mouth as his music cuts off abruptly.♫

Crimson: Harvey….

The fans in the Colonial Life Arena show their dislike with a chorus of boos upon hearing that name.

Blackfront: The very man that cost Crimson Lord the World Title.

Crimson: Harvey!....

Crimson looks back at Zoey for a second, his eyes slowly look toward the entrance as he raises the stick once more to his mouth.

Crimson: Jay if you do not bring your ass out here right now, there will not be a place back there for you to hide!

Crimson faces the entranceway once more walking to the ropes he leans over the top of them.

Crimson: Boy I am not someone you want to keep waiting, walk your ass out here and FACE ME!

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins to play, Crimson quickly drops the microphone as the fans get to their feet staring at the entranceway. Crimson has opened the ropes for Zoey to exit the ring. As she does Crimson begins to pace back and forth like a rabid dog.

Jay’s theme continues to play, and still no appearance of “The Natural One”, Crimson has stopped pacing and stands in the center of the ring with his icy glare toward the entranceway.

“Natural One” abruptly ends, Crimson picks up the microphone from the mat.

Crimson: HARVEY!......If that is the way you want to play it, I’ll find you backstage and mark my words I am going to break you in half!

The title fades in

Later that Night…

fades out

The fans cheer as they see Crimson Lord backstage, with Zoey.

Crimson: HARVEY!

He passes a table and pushes the contents on the table off, before opening a door and looking inside

Crimson: HARVEY!

Crimson closes the door and continues to storm the hallway in search of “The Natural One”

Crimson: HARVEY!

He looks down a hallway.

Crimson: HAR..

Before Crimson can say Jay’s name fully. Someone apparently in front of him has caught his attention. The camera pans to the owner of WrestleUTA Mikey Unlikely.

Crimson: You are in my way Michael.

Mikey puts his hand out in front of him, trying to calm the seven footer down.

Unlikely: Listen Bruv, I can’t have you wandering these halls like a raving lunatic. You have to understand I have to have a million things running at once, to make this show work. If you’re back here causing a scene, it can slow things down.

Crimson: I am not your Bruv, if you have a problem with me wandering these halls it's quite simple. Tell me where Jay Harvey is?

Unlikely: Actually it's THE Jay Harv…

Crimson quickly interrupts him.

Crimson: It’s going to be THE Dead Man when I get my hands around his neck!

The fans cheer loudly, Unlikely again motions for Crimson to calm down.

Unlikely: Listen, Crimson I can not have you interfering in a very important match tonight. I do not want any interruptions with reactivating the Legacy Championship.

Crimson crosses his arms clearly not impressed.

Unlikely: So I am going to ask you respectfully, I am going to give you two choices here tonight.

Crimson’s clicks tongue against his teeth.

Unlikely: You can either leave the show on your own free will….OR

Security walk into the picture, Crimson clearly does not look too impressed. Zoey on the other hand voices her concerns toward her father.

Zoey: Dad let's go, we do not need any trouble.

Crimson looks down at her then back at Mikey.

Crimson: So what you think I am suppose to be intimidated by security.

Zoey: DAD!

Zoey gets in front of Crimson.

Zoey: We are leaving Mikey.

Crimson clearly does not agree with that decision.

Crimson: Speak for yourself child, I am going to find Harvey…

Zoey quickly turns around and raises her voice once more at Crimson.

Zoey: Enough, we are leaving. I don’t need you going through another scene with the law.

Zoey walks past Crimson grabbing his arm and pulling at him. He does not budge, and stares at Mikey.

Crimson: Give this message to Harvey, the next time I see “The Natural” your toy soldiers will not be able to pull me off, when I get my hands on him.

Crimson turns around and follows Zoey. Mikey looks at the security.

Unlikely: Make sure he leaves. I’m serious!

Mikey walks off camera as the security follow where Crimson and Zoey walked off.

The title fades in

End of the Night..

fades out

The crowd seems to be stirring and starts to cheer as a large figure moves through them. Crimson Lord puts one leg over the barricade and then the other. He rushes to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Harvey turns and him and Catalina just narrowly get out of dodge. Lord is upright and going crazy. Harvey and Catalina scamper down the aisle.

Harvey holds his Legacy Championship close to him as Catalina has her arm behind his head and around his shoulders. The two have their eyes on Crimson Lord. We cut to a camera that’s locked on Crimson Lord. Crimson stands on the bottom rope and points his finger out at Harvey.

Crimson Lord: I’ll get you! Your ass is mine, Harvey!

We go back to the entrance ramp to Harvey and Catalina.

Harvey: Not tonight… or any night!

The two laugh as Harvey holds his Legacy title above his head. We go back to the ring and Crimson Lord who has his eyes glued on Jay Harvey.

The title fades in

“WrestleShow April 11, 2017”

    King of the Mountain

fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..

Jay points at himself surprised, Crimson quickly nods. The Natural One quickly removes his jacket as he walks to the ring removing his tie, then his buttoned up shirt. He gets to the apron and climbs up the apron. Crimson steps back motioning for him to get in the ring. Jay steps through the ropes...then suddenly pulls his leg back to the apron and hops off the apron. Crimson clenches his teeth and starts to head toward Harvey, while the Legacy Champ slowly backs up the rampway.

Kendrix quickly chop blocks CL from behind. Sending the seven footer down. JFK begins to stomp on the downed monster. Jay without hesitation quickly slides in the ring and joins in on the assault of the seven footer. Zoey looks on in despair. Catalina makes her way down to the ring with a big smile on her face. She reaches the ringside area, drops the Legacy title on the floor and goes under the ring, pulls out a chair and hands it to Jay. Zoey notices it and runs around the ring, Catalina sees her. The two women get face to face.

Jay slams the chair across Crimson’s head, Harvey motions for JFK to get him up again. JFK sits Crimson back up. Jay readies for another swing at CL, Outside the ring the fans watch Zoey and Catalina now rolling around on the floor fighting. Mid swing from Jay, the crowd erupts as Andy Murray rushes from the backstage area!

Andy slides into the ring and swings at at Jay, cracking him on the jaw. Jay quickly rolls out of the ring Catalina has finally gotten away from Zoey. JFK mouths something at Andy and charges and he is met with a big boot right to the face! JFK quickly rolls out of the ring, Zoey quickly slides in the ring and checks on Crimson.

Jay, Jesse and Catalina regroup Jay holding his lower back and JFK holding his head. Andy motions for them to get in the ring. The Champions do not look very pleased as they trash talk Andy. Crimson has slowly gotten to his feet, holding his head staggering around for a bit before he gains his composure and looks out at The Champions next to Murray.

The title fades in

End of the night in the Main Event..

fades out

Crimson Lord walks around the ring for a few seconds before Power Slamming Kendrix down to the mat. Crimson Lord looks pumped up and the crowd is eating it up. A camera along the outside of the ring catches Jay Harvey going over to the Announcer’s table. He yells at C.H. Jordan to get up and grabs Jordan’s steel chair. We go back to the action in the ring. Crimson Lord is sitting in wait wanting to set up Kendrix for the Final Judgement: Guilty. Jay Harvey slides under the bottom rope and waits behind Crimson Lord. Harvey motions for Crimson to turn around.

Jay Harvey cracks Crimson Lord in the skull with a steel chair. Referee Levi Jones calls for the bell ending the match. Lord stumbles around the ring before Harvey connects once again with the steel chair. Crimson Lord drops to the mat. Andy Murray is up and goes after Jay Harvey. Harvey hits Murray in the left arm with the steel chair. Murray drops down to the mat and Harvey swings the chair again, connecting flush with Murray’s arm.

The bell continues to ring and other WrestleUTA Referees run from the back. The Referees get into the ring and try their best to stop Jay Harvey and Kendrix.

Kendrix and Jay Harvey both stand tall in the ring. The crowd boos them both and they love every second of it. Harvey looks down at Crimson Lord’s unconscious body. Kendrix looks down at Andy Murray and jaws at him.

The title fades in

“WrestleShow April 25, 2017”

    I am your Legacy Champion

fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..

Static is heard over the sound system. Jay Harvey’s brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe sits dead center on the big screen. We zoom out to see Crimson Lord. The crowd erupts. Jay Harvey looks at the big screen, unsure of what’s going on. Zoey quickly appears in front of the camera as Crimson admires the Rolls.

Zoey: Hi Jay!

She waves at the taken back Jay and Catalina in the ring. She looks over to the car, as Crimson slowly turns his head toward the camera now with a cocky smirk toward Jay and Catalina.

Zoey: So, first of all let me be the first to congratulate you…. not only for being a champion but showing me and my father that the only way you can truly show your dominance over him is by use of a steel chair…..

She claps for Jay who grows concern with CL standing by his pride and joy. Crimson bends over and lifts up an axe. He looks at the sharp blade for a moment then back at Jay who now is shaking his head. Harvey extends his arm in a “stop” gesture. Catalina looks up at the big screen and her jaw drops.

Harvey: Don’t you dare! That car is worth more than your life!

Zoey: Now let my dad show you how he uses weapons.

Harvey: No! No!

Crimson quickly swings the ax at the tire, a loud cheer is heard as air quickly releases from the tires. Crimson starts to move around the vehicle swinging at the Phantom and putting hole after hole into the expensive detailed car. We go back to Jay Harvey in the ring who looks at the big screen in horror. We cut backstage where Crimson moves to the front and swings with both hands and pierces the top of the hood. He then leaves the ax sticking out of the hood. Crimson walks off camera as Zoey was pointing to something else off camera.

Harvey: You son of a bitch! You goddamn son of a bitch!

Harvey is enraged. He’s turned a red color. Crimson returns to live television with a sledgehammer now, he begins to put dents all over the car, and smashing the side windows and rear window and leaving a huge gaping hole in the windshield. Crimson tosses the sledgehammer off camera, and with his boot kicks the side mirrors off each side of the car. We go back to Harvey in the ring. Spit flies from his mouth as he speaks.

Harvey: I want that piece of garbage arrested!

Crimson stares at the damaged priceless car. And it looks like he has another idea. He again walks off camera. Zoey’s eyes widen with excitement she looks back at Harvey with his hands on his head.

Zoey: Oh, you are going to like this Jay…

Blackfront: What is Crimson getting?

Crimson comes into view once more this time with a gas tank strapped to his back and a large gun with a small flame coming from it. Crimson puts some black protective glasses over his face, he pumps the gas a bit as brief fireballs erupt from the gun. He looks at Harvey with a smirk which slowly turns to a disgusted look he pulls the trigger back holding it as a stream of fire blasts from the gun setting the Rolls-Royce a blaze. Crimson gives it a few more streams of steady flame. We go back to Harvey in the ring and he’s covering his eyes to not have to watch any more of the horror on the big screen.

Crimson Lord stares at his work for a moment before removing the tank from his back he grabs Zoey as they rush off camera….a few seconds later the car EXPLODES! Harvey looks on horrified as Crimson and Zoey slowly step back into the picture with the car ablaze Crimson looks back at a seething Harvey in the ring. Crimson takes a deep breath with his eyes closed embracing the smell of burning steel and rubber.

Crimson: Hmmm, suddenly I feel so much better…

Crimson and Zoey walk off camera showing the car burning in the background. We cut back to the ring and Jay Harvey bolts from the ring and runs back down the entrance ramp. Catalina isn’t far behind.

The title fades in

“WrestleShow May 9, 2017”

    Put it in a LockBox

fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..

Crimson and Zoey pass a few WrestleUTA trucks, before coming face to face with the police.

Police Officer: Mr. Lord we have a warrant for your arrest.

Zoey: What is the charge?

Police Officer: Miss, it's for a vandalization of a vehicle….

He pulls out a pad and flips a couple pages, until he reaches the page of the report.

Police Officer:  A 2017 Phantom Rolls-Royce, owned by a Jay Harvey.

Zoey looks at Crimson, who slowly smirks.

Crimson: Isn’t this nice, now he needs Richmond’s finest to fight his battle for him.

He extends his palms upward toward the police without any resistance. The cop puts his pad away and pulls out his handcuffs. They cuff him and start to usher him out of the building with Zoey following behind him.

The sound of clapping is heard. The camera pans to the left as THE Jay Harvey walks into the picture. Catalina isn’t far behind him, holding his Legacy title over her right shoulder.

Harvey: Justice is FINALLY being served! I love it!

Crimson Lord curls his lip as his eyes lock on his nemesis. Harvey continues clapping as he gets mere feet from Crimson Lord.

Harvey: Maybe a few nights behind bars will teach you a lesson! You do the crime and you do the time! Haha!

Officers start to escort Crimson Lord from the arena and Harvey continues to follow, continues to harass.

Harvey: You’re lucky these fine officers are here… otherwise I’d-

One officer turns and halts Harvey.

Officer: Sir, if you continue to get in the way of me and my other officers, I’m going to have no choice but to arrest you for obstruction.

Harvey puts his hands up and slowly walks backward. Crimson Lord and his police escort leave the scene, leaving Harvey and Catalina dead center. Both have smiles on their faces.

The title fades in

“WrestleShow May 23, 2017”


fades out

The tron has a replay of the events that transpired that night..

The crowd is drenched in darkness. The fans in the crowd turn on their flashlights. Within seconds the lights turn back on and Crimson Lord stands inside the ring.

Blackfront: It’s Crimson Lord! It’s Crimson Lord!

Ace: Run Jay! Get out of there!

The crowd explodes causing Harvey to turn around. Harvey’s jaw drops to the mat. Harvey takes one step towards Crimson Lord and is immediately picked up and put in a Piledriver position. The crowd continues to go insane as Crimson Lord puts Harvey down to the mat with the Final Judgment. Crimson Lord stares into the unconscious face of Jay Harvey. Crimson stands up continuing his stare at his nemesis.

Crimson Lord grabs the left arm of Jack Harmen, dragging his bloody unconscious body from the corner over to Harvey. Crimson Lord drops Harmen’s arm on top of Harvey’s body. Crimson Lord puts his right leg over the top rope and then his right. He drops to the floor continuing to look towards the ring. Referee Levi Jones is finally coming to, crawling to make the count.

Ace: What a disgrace! Not like this!

Blackfront: Crimson Lord just cost Jay Harvey his Legacy Championship!




The bell sounds bringing an end to the Legacy Title match. Cameras cut back to Crimson Lord as he continues his march up the entrance ramp. Crimson has an evil smile on his face.

Jordan: The winner of the match… and NEW WrestleUTA Legacy Champion… Jaaaack Haaaarmen!

The tron fades in to Crimson Lord with Zoey in a backstage area, the crowd quickly erupts in cheers for the legend..

Crimson: Harvey at Absolution you will have your chance to try and “kill me.” So put those big boy pants on and bring everything you have because, I have waited too long to wring your scrawny little neck!

Crimson and Zoey walk off the camera while the crowd erupts in cheers for the match now officially made between Jay Harvey and Crimson Lord.

Commercial 4

Kendrix & Andy Murray vs Chris Ross & Impulse

: Time for things to boil over, Tommy!

Ace: Boil? You mean ‘Time for The Boss to boil two losers and THE CHAMP to dry ‘em out!’

Blackfront: ...Did that make more sense in your head?

Ace: ...A little.

Jordan: This next contest is our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING… and it is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, with a sixty minute time limit!

The fans all around the arena pop huge all around the arena at the announcement of ‘The Main Event,’ with a not-insignificant amount of them chanting “HAIL TO THE KING!”

Jordan: Introducing first…

♫”Badlands” by iMayday!”♫ and the fans let their displeasure be heard.

Jordan: From Harrisburg, PA, and weighing in at 250lbs… He is ‘THE BOSS…’ CHRIIIIIIIIS… ROOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS!

Blackfront: Would you please sit down?

Ace: Everybody gets to their feet for The Boss, baby! Ouch!

We cut to the commentary table, where Tommy Ace is holding the back of his head with one hand and a nearly full water bottle with the other. He looks behind himself.

Ace: Okay… no more commentary until whoever threw that fesses up.

Instead of fessing up, twenty more people start to throw cups and various trash, until Blackfront pulls him back to his chair.

Blackfront: Feel better?

Ace: I do not.

Blackfront: Chris Ross seems to be getting much of the same, Tommy! He’s a capable and dangerous wrestler, but his attitude has been as much of a hindrance at times as it has a boon! Who knows what might’ve happened in that number one contenders’ match if he hadn’t managed to unite his three opponents against him?

A few brave fans reach out to grab at Ross, but he pulls away and spits in their direction. Finally, reaching the ringside area he steps to a particularly vocal fan at ringside and points at his own chin, daring him to take a swing.

He does, but Ross steps backwards and laughs, and flips the fan off.

Blackfront: The Boss, ladies and gentlemen… making friends.

Jordan: And his partner…

♫”Cannonball” - SIRSY♫

Like day and night; the fans come to life in the loudest of ways.

Jordan: From Washin--

The introduction suddenly cuts off as Chris Ross pulls the microphone from Jordan’s hands.

Blackfront: Way to be a man, Ross - picking on the ring announcer.

Chris Ross: You don’t say his name, Jordan… you don’t announce him. He doesn’t deserve it.

With that, the boos fill the arena as Chris Ross moves to hand the microphone back to Jordan, but drops it at the last second. Fortunately for the mood of the fans, Impulse enters at that moment, and he power walks to the ring, mostly oblivious to the fans.

Blackfront: You can like him or dislike him, but Impulse has been clear about his dislike of Chris Ross’ attitude, more than anything, and the way he bullies people around him.

Ace: Was there supposed to be a counterpoint to disliking him?

Sliding under the bottom rope and immediately up to his knees, Impulse keeps his eyes locked on Chris Ross. Ross stands, arms folded, unconcerned.

Blackfront: We’ve got a staredown! It’s an Absolution preview right in front of us!

Both men move nose to nose, and neither of them flinches! Finally, the referee steps between them to try and maintain some order before the bell.

It doesn’t work. Fortunately, the soundman has just what the doctor ordered.

♫ “Hail To The King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes ♫

A biiiiiiiiiiiiiig pop reverberates around the arena. It doesn't take long before the customary introduction gives way to the lumbering, bluesy rhythm, and Andy Murray steps out onto the stage. There’s an air of confidence about him as usual, but his expression’s a little less laid-back, and a lot more focused tonight.

Blackfront: I don’t think Andy Murray’s best pleased about having to team with Kendrix tonight, but he’s a professional. He’ll come out here and fight to the best of his ability regardless.

Ace: Pffft! If he stays out of JFK’s way, they might have a shot at winning this!

Jordan: … aaaaand their opponents! First, making his way to the ring from Aberdeen, Scotland, he weighs in at 280lbs… ANDY MURRRAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!

The King reaches the bottom of the ramp and climbs in through the top and middle ropes. He gives Impulse a nod of approval, but completely blanks Chris Ross.

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring. Wearing an official, JFK t-shirt along with his trademark JFK green and gold ring tights with green boots, the self proclaimed “chosen one” holds both hands high above his head, shoulder width apart, index fingers pointing to the sky with his feet planted slightly apart.

Ace: There he is Jason, the man, the chosen one, who's going to walk out of Absolution with that same belt you see wrapped around his waist.

Blackfront: Yeah, well we’ll see if you’re right soon enough partner, I’m sure Andy Murray doesn’t agree with you there.

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting his Armani sponsored Bug Eye shades as well as a smug smirk on his face. Turning fully, Kendrix taps both his hands on the UTA World Heavyweight Title.

Blackfront: The final man in this interesting tag team match up. The man who ambushed his partner from behind only two weeks ago. You gotta wonder if these two can co-exist?

Ace: Honestly, I don’t think either of these two teams, and I use the word “team” very loosely, Jason, can co exist. This is gonna be great!

Jordan: Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 218lbs…

Having held the title up at both sides of the ramp, obnoxiously laughing his head off in the process and having made his way to the ring, Kendrix hops onto the second turnbuckle,

Jordan: He is the Wrestle UTA World Heavyweight Champion...This is…… KEEEEEENDRRRRIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXX

JFK bumps his fist to his chest before holding his arms out wide by his side. He twists around down to the mat, hopping from one foot to the other, discarding his shades and t-shirt, he points over to Impulse and Ross, shouting something inaudible in their direction before walking over to Murray.

Blackfront: Looks like Kendrix is demanding he starts the match up folks.

Ace: Of course he is. Murray is so lucky to be on his team, he gets a close up of how the chosen one does his thing!

Kendrix removes the title from his waist and raises it right in front of Murray’s face. With a roll of the eyes, The King simply smiles and holds his hands up, backing up into the corner, holding his hand out to give JFK the floor. On the opposite end of the ring, Chris Ross and Impulse look like they’re having an argument about it.

After far too long, the referee approaches them and tells them that they need to choose someone to start, or they’ll forfeit the match. Ross steps in front of Impulse and forcefully tells the referee that it’s him. The referee looks back and forth between Ross and Impulse, and he exhales sharply. Impulse looks out into the crowd and raises his arms, asking them to weigh in.

LET’S GO IMPULSE! *clap clap clapclapclap*
LET’S GO IMPULSE! *clap clap clapclapclap*
LET’S GO IMPULSE! *clap clap clapclapclap*

That’s good enough for the referee, who orders an incensed Ross out of the ring!

Blackfront: Well, looks like it’s gonna be Kendrix and Impulse to get us off and underway in this one. The ref signals to the timekeeper...


Blackfront: And we’re underway...oh, what a surprise, Kendrix has just tagged Murray in.


Having slapped Murray on the shoulder, Kendrix puts his arm around The King and points him towards Impulse, standing hands on hips and shaking his head at the champ, in the middle of the ring.


Ace: Haha! Yes, now this I like. I’d just love Murray and Impulse to kick the living hell out of each other! Thanks JFK, what a thoughtful champion we have, Jason.

Murray shrugs Jessie’s arm off of his shoulder, leaving the champ left with his mouth open looking bewildered. Ignoring him, Murray is quick to get into the ring.

Blackfront: Murray doesn’t look surprised one bit at what Kendrix just did, almost as if he expected it.

Ace: How rude! He should have thanked JFK for letting him go first!

The crowd pick up and applaud faster and faster as Impulse and Murray begin to circle each other.





Both crowd favourites take a moment to take in the reception before going straight into the lock up.

Blackfront: Test of strength here but it's the bigger man who forces Impulse back into the corner.

The ref makes the count of four and Murray breaks the hold, taking centre stage in the ring, giving Impulse space to make his way out of the corner to meet him in the middle.

Blackfront: Both men circle each other once more, looking for an opening, there's the lock up and Murray is quick into the headlock.

Impulse tries to free his head but The King has it in solid. Fighting through it, Impulse’s momentum brings Murray back with him onto the ropes. Pushing forward, the Marathon man father's enough momentum to push Murray away to the opposite side.

Blackfront: Murray on the return, Impulse drops to the mat. Murray comes back off the other side and met by a beautifully timed drop kick from Impulse.

The crowd pop as Impulse stares down his opponent, who holds his jaw but doesn't take his eyes off of the Marathon Man.

Blackfront: Huge amount of respect between these two men. We've got ourselves a proper  wrestling match right here...hey wait a minute.

As the two circle each other, Chris Ross slapped the back of Impulse and tags himself in.

Ace: Yes! Enough of this mutual respect business going on between these two. It's time for The Boss to show you how it's really done, Impulse!

The ref calls the tag as Ross points over Impulse’s shoulder, demanding that he exit the ring into his corner. Finally putting his mind to the task at hand Ross turns and makes towards Andy Murray but the Scot catches him in an under-arm scoop slam.

Blackfront: Ross quickly up to his feet but walks straight into another under arm. Murray taking it to The Boss.

Ross crawls over to the free corner, pulling himself up. Murray meets him soon after with a running clothesline forcing Ross to stumble out and make his way toward impulse.

Blackfront: Ross looking for the tag but Murray is hot on his heels, whipping him back into the corner.

The Scot charges once more but Ross gets his feet up, catching Andy perfectly in the jaw, forcing The number one contender to stumble away.

Blackfront: Oh! Ross wasting no time and clobbers Murray from behind, forcing the big man down to one knee.

Ace: Ross isn't messing about right now, he's clobbering away at Murray and Kendrix is loving every second of it!

Murray stumbles back up to his feet but he's caught by a kick to the gut and an uppercut to the jaw. Ross whips Murray to the ropes.

Blackfront: Kendrix made the blind tag!

On the rebound, Murray isn’t able to stop his momentum before he runs into Chris Ross’ backdrop, but he’s able to push off and land on his feet with The Boss behind him! Ross spins him around and cocks his fist back --



Unfortunately, that’s all the Champion gets, because Ross’ boot is tangled in the middle rope on the landing.

Ace: Is it time for them to join forces and eliminate Murray?

No, because Andy Murray is too smart for that - as Kendrix lifts Ross, he exits the ring, out of the line of fire.

Blackfront: The Champ lifts Ross, and he sends him into the ropes - Impulse blind tags him!

Ace: That’s not fair!

Blackfront: Fair or not, it’s legal!

Ross ducks the clothesline attempt that Kendrix throws at him, but is unable to sidestep the standing dropkick that puts him to the mat! Impulse with a top rope bulldog, he spikes the Champion’s head into the mat!

Ace: What kind of man attacks a man from behind?

Blackfront: It’s Kendrix and Chris Ross’ faults for not having the ring awareness, Tommy!

Impulse lands hard from the bulldog as well, but he rolls backwards and covers!




A split screen instant replay shows exactly what the hell. Just as Kendrix was draping his foot over the bottom rope, Chris Ross pulls Impulse off the Champion and starts to yell at him, something about ‘stealing my thunder.’

Blackfront: You got tagged out, Ross, get over it!

Ace: You don’t talk to The Boss that way!

Fortunately for this particular fight, the referee has the power to send Ross out of the ring as the non-legal man.

Ace: He’ll pay.

Meanwhile, Impulse scoops the Champion and lifts him up, and sends him into the ropes. Kendrix reverses!

Blackfront: Chris Ross just blind-tagged Impulse!

Ace: Well that’s not gonna sit well!

Impulse scowls on his way out of the ring, but accepts the decision nonetheless. Ross makes sure to give him a shove on his way out, before flexing.

Blackfront: This distraction is gonna cost Ross!

It sure does. Kendrix doesn’t discriminate on who he’s attacking, and jumps The Boss from behind. He boots him down to the ground, then stomps away, blowing a kiss to Andy Murray in the opposite corner. Eventually he takes a like and starts grinding a way on it with a series of holds, but Ross powers his way up.

There’s a quick grappling exchange, with Kendrix getting the upperhand, but Ross eventually backing him into the corner. A couple of stiff shots follow, before Kendrix takes the decision to have a breather, smacking Murray’s hand on his way out of the ring.

Ace: That’s one way to make an exit!

Andy Murray comes inside, and blatantly ignores Ross’ posturing. He wins a lock-up, then whips him to the corner, following up with a clothesline. Ross stumbles out quickly, however, booting Murray in the gut, pushing him away, and shouting something incredibly stupid. Because he is incredibly stupid.

Blackfront: A heated exchange there! And now the grappling continues!

Murray and Ross continue jostling in the ring, with Ross applying brute force, and Murray going for technique. The Boss initially gets the upperhand, but Murray leverages out of it, only to get a boot to the gut when he tries to transition. Chris works him over a little bit, landing a couple of strikes, but The King slips out of an attempted suplex and plants him with a German.

Andy takes some time to recover on the mat before eventually rising back up. With the referee’s vision blocked by Murray’s giant frame, Ross is able to pull-off a sly eye gouge, before rising up, slapping Murray across the face, and downing him with a leg-sweep STO. The Boss stands tall over the Scot, mouthing-off at him, with the microphones picking none of it up.

Ross goes to up the tempo, whipping Murray off the ropes, and catching him with a big boot on return. It catches Andy in the chest, and he stumbles backwards against the ropes. Ross makes the mistake of launching into a reaches charge, however, eating a European Uppercut. Andy comes forward, scooping him off the ground, then...


Both men are down on the mat. Murray is the first one to show signs of life, though he’s not exactly enthused about the prospect of tagging Kendrix into the match. He crawls towards the corner, however, knowing that a tag is better than a loss. Ross, meanwhile, finally started reviving, and scrambles towards the ropes.

The Boss helps himself to his feet by grabbing the middle rope, when Impulse reaches over the top and taps him on the shoulder!

Ace: Blind tag!

Impulse charges into the ring. Ross turns to the referee, starting his protests immediately, but it’s no use. Impulse meets Murray as he’s getting to his feet, then pulls him round by the shoulder...

Blackfront: SUDDEN IMPACT!

A perfectly-executed Superkick catches Murray right below the jaw, and he immediately falls to the mat!

Ace: So much for the buddies!

Blackfront: They’re both trying to win a match here, Tommy!

Impulse instinctively goes for the cover on his apparent friend, before something pulls him away before the referee can even make a one count. It’s Chris Ross, and he quickly yanks The Marathon Man to his feet, slapping him hard across the cheek, before doubling him over, and hitting a brutal Tiger Suplex!

Blackfront: Wait! Why’s The Boss attacking his own tag partner?!

Ace: I’d attack you too if you were as goofy as Impulse, Jason!

The Boss mouths something that the cameras don’t quite pick up. He then stands back up, shaking his head, before stomping across the ring and climbing through the ropes.

Blackfront: He’s leaving! Ross is heading up the ramp!

Ace: And Kendrix is still alive, bay bay!

Blackfront: Here comes the champ!

Taking full advantage of the moment, JFK charges into the ring, hastily yanking a dazed Impulse up from the mat. He doesn’t hesitate for a single moment before leaping up, then drilling him with the double-knee facebuster!


JFK hooks the leg.




Blackfront: Kendrix and Murray win!

Ace: Yeah, no thanks to that Scottish goon!

Grinning broadly, Kendrix pulls himself up from Impulse’s fallen body. He rises to his feet, grabbing the UTA Championship from the referee.

Ace: What, wasn’t Murray the legal man?

Blackfront: Let’s take a closer look!

A quick replay appears in the inset box, showing JFK covertly tapping Murray’s shoulder just as Impulse hit the Superkick.

Ace: Ha! See! This guy’s a genius! What a move!

Jordan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners via pinfall, the team of ANDY MURRAY and the WRESTLEUTA CHAMPION… KENDRIIIIIIXXXXXXXXXX!

JFK hoists his belt proudly in the air. Behind him, Murray clambers to his feet, still a little dazed.

Blackfront: They weren’t exactly a cohesive unit, but they got the job done. JFK and Andy emerge victorious, and Absolution is our next stop!

Ace: Where’s this big dopey bastard going?!

Andy’s got a palm pressed into his aching head. He stumbles blindly towards the middle of the ring, oblivious to what awaits him, but Kendrix catches him in his peripheral vision…

Blackfront: LOOK OUT!


The WrestleUTA Championship catches the Scot right in the forehead, and he tumbles like a ruined tower.


Blackfront: Kendrix just blasted Murray with the belt!

Jeers fill the arena immediately. A grinning, triumphant Kendrix plants his boot in his number one contender’s chest, then raises the title above his head, flexing his superiority.

Blackfront: My God, Tommy! Is this a sign of things to come at Absolution?!

Ace: You know it, baby! That’s why Kendrix is The Chosen One, and that’s why he’s the champ! Don’t expect that to change in two weeks time!

Blackfront: An ominous sign for WrestleUTA’s resident Scot ahead of the biggest match of his UTA career, but folks, we’re running out of time here!

Ace: Remember this moment, Jason! Bask in it! Celebrate it!

Blackfront: Goodnight.

The copyright logo appears in the screen’s bottom right corner. Slowly, the feed fades away, focusing on one last, enduring shot of the victorious UTA Champion…


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