Wrestleshow ep 18

25 Apr 2017

Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina (seats 23,500)

Two Weeks Ago

The words "Two weeks ago" appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen, along with the WrestleUTA on Hulu logo.

Fade in on Mikey Unlikely and the WrestleUTA Champion, Kendrix, sharing a GLUEFIST in the middle of the ring.

Ace (V/O): The boss is here!

Blackfront (V/O): I had heard that tonight was his birthday!

Fade to Scott Stevens lifting Dylan Daniels up at the conclusion of their match.


♫"Partyman" by Prince♫ plays, to a montage of Jestal dancing with the fans...

...slowly replaced by ♫"Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osborne♫...

Jack Harmen (V/O): My name, is Jack Harmen. I’m a twenty-five year veteran of this sport, already a Hall of Famer… and I’ve come here to take that UTA champi--

Blackfront (V/O): Hall of Famer Jack Harmen is finally here!

Jack Harmen (V/O): - is that plastic?

Fade to CRIMSON LORD in the middle of the ring.

Crimson (V/O): I came here... to get my hands on you, Harvey!

Fade to KENDRIX, title belt over his shoulder.

Kendrix (V/O): But JFK is slightly confused as to why you've been granted TV time in MY ring... to whine and complain like a big baby?

Fade to MIKEY UNLIKELY, on the entrance ramp, with ♫“Blunt Blowin'" by Lil' Wayne♫ playing softly in the background.

Mikey Unlikely (V/O): I got it! Crimson Lord and Andy Murray, will be in a tag match tonight. Let's see who should I put you guys against…THE Jay Harvey, and Jesse Fredricks Kendrix!

Fade to IMPULSE, landing the Sudden Impact on Jestal.

Impulse (V/O): Chris Ross... you better run.

Fade to THE Jay Harvey, bringing a chair down on Crimson Lord's skull.

Blackfront (V/O): My god... Jay Harvey is an animal!

Ace (V/O): It's beautiful!

Blackfront (V/O): Someone put a stop to this!

Fade to black.

Mikey Unlikely (V/O): It's beautiful! You shouldn't have!

FADE IN on the WrestleUTA fans, going crazy as the camera pans frenetically over them, finally settling down on Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace at ringside, behind their table, looking right into the camera.

Blackfront: Ladies and gentlemen, we are at GROUND ZERO for WrestleUTA on HULU! My name is Jason Blackfront, and I'm joined, as always, by Tommy Ace, and Tommy, we've got a massive main event tonight! THE Jay Harvey will defend his Legacy Championship against Jestal!

Ace: Jestal's got the right idea, Jason, but THE Jay Harvey is a hot animal machine, and he's gonna be holding onto that belt for a long, long time!

Blackfront: In addition, you saw it on our last episode, but JACK HARMEN, the legendary athlete and World Champion practically everywhere he's appeared, will make his WrestleUTA debut against Scott Stevens! These two men certainly had a clash last time out, and they'll get a chance to prove their mettle here tonight!

Ace: They've managed to get themselves a no holds barred match, Jason... and Stoovins might've bit off more than he can chew in a match against a self-professed 'Lunatic'!

Blackfront: In addition, we've got WrestleUTA Hall of Famer Crimson Lord taking on Dylan Daniels, but first up...

Chris Ross vs Theo Baylor

Ace: Damn right! The Boss is back tonight!

Badlands by Mayday begins to play over the loudspeakers and the fans erupt into a chorus of boos. Chris Ross appears on stage dragging a large wheeled trash can.

Blackfront: Is that a garbage can Ross is hauling with him?! What did Mikey demote him to Ron Hall status?!

Ace: No he didn’t! You don’t question The Boss!

Ross walks down the ramp and sets the trash can down ringside before he slides into the ring and rips the microphone out of CH Jordan’s hands.

Ross: You know the routine…. We go through this every time I get in this ring!

Jordan promptly rushes out of the ring not wanting anything to do with The Boss. Ross smiles raising the microphone and smiles.

Ross: Ladies and gentlemen you have the pleasure of witnessing more than a man tonight! What you are witnessing is a guaranteed future hall of famer, a future world champion, and the best thing to happen in the UTA! I am The Keystone State Killa! And I am THE BOSS!

The fans boo louder and louder as Chris tries to speak.

Ross: Please people! Hold your cheers until it’s over! I’m from the streets of Harrisburg! I am Chris The Boss Ross!!!!! And I might as well declare myself the winner right now because my opponent is a total nobody that really would anyone miss if he were to get fired? I don’t think so!

The Boss laughs a little as the fans continue to show their displeasure.

Ross: So here is how this is going to go. Seeing as how I am The Boss… I officially cancel my opponent’s entrance!

Blackfront: He can’t do that!!!

Ace: Are you going to try and stop him?! He is The Boss ya know!

Blackfront: What?! Are you insane?! Just because you call yourself The Boss doesn’t mean you literally are!!!

Ross: Come on out loser! Let’s get the inevitable over with!

Chris Ross drops the microphone as Theo Baylor walks out to the only sound made from the fans. No music or anything. He looks around awkward clearly unsure of how to feel before he slides into the ring. The Boss lets out a yawn looking at his invisible watch.

Blackfront: I can’t believe this! Theo Baylor literally walked out here to complete silence!

Ace: Oh who cares! Theo Baylor has won like one match since he came here!

Blackfront: That doesn’t mean anything! The Dibbins Brothers hardly win any matches yet they’re beloved by the fans!

Ace: You’re only reinforcing the world’s waddle to Idiocracy……

The bell is rung and Ross walks to the middle of the ring and without saying a word Ross gets in Baylor’s face. The two face off talking trash at eachother before Baylor shoves Chris Ross. The men grapple up and after a brief struggle The Keystone State Killa breaks the grapple and slaps Baylor across the face!

Blackfront: Oh come on! This is downright disrespectful!

Ace: He just slapped him! LIKE A BOSS!

Baylor holds his face and runs at Ross who immediately grabs him and throws him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. The Boss immediately lifts Baylor up and grabs him from behind and throws him back with a german suplex keeping his hands clasped. Ross rolls and keeping the hands clasped he slams Baylor down with a tiger suplex. He rolls again and finishes the chain with a dragon suplex bridging for the pin!



Baylor kicks out and The Boss casually perches on the top rope lying on his side pretending to fall asleep like he’s tired. Theo slowly gets up and The Boss grabs him in a reverse suplex position. Ross lifts him up and slams him down stomach first across the top rope in a reverse suplex.

Blackfront: Oh god! Theo baylor may have broken ribs from that move!

Ace: Oh please this match has been over before it even started!

The Keystone State Killa bounces off the ropes and cracks Baylor with an elbow sending him off the ropes and crashing to the floor outside of the ring. The Boss follows him outside and helps Baylor to his feet. Ross suddenly whips Baylor where he crashes right into the trash can Ross set ringside. Baylor does a flip over it and lets out a groan of agony holding his knee.

Blackfront: What the hell?! Is that even legal?!

Ace: He didn’t hit him with the weapon Blackfront! Not Ross’ fault Baylor accidentally ran into it!

Blackfront: Ok I call BS on that statement!

The referee has started a 10 count for both men outside of the ring. Ross grabs Baylor and lifts him up before he tosses him back into the ring. The Boss sets the trash can back up before he slides into the ring in time for Baylor to get to his feet. Ross Runs and punches him in the back of the head knocking him down.

Ace: That’s it! We all know what comes after The Knock Out Game!

Ross grabs Baylor by the arms setting a foot on the back of his head.


The fans let out an audible groan as Theo Baylor is driven face first into the mat with a brutal curbstomp. The Boss turns Baylor over and goes for the cover….


Ross suddenly gets off Theo Baylor shaking his head.

Blackfront: What the hell is Ross doing?! He has the match won!

Ace: I….. I don’t know actually….

Ross suddenly grabs Baylor and rolls him out of the ring. He follows and hoists his opponent to his feet dragging him to the trash can. The Keystone State Killa flips the lid open and suddenly bends Baylor over the can and grabs him by the legs and dumps him inside the large wheeled bin!

Blackfront: Oh no!!!!

Ace: And Ross just put Theo Baylor out with the trash!!! Oh god can you imagine what it must smell like in there?!

Chris Ross slams the lid shut and slides back into the ring brushing his hands as the referee starts the 10 count.


The referee calls for the bell and Ross retrieves the microphone he used earlier.

Ross: Yeah yeah spare us the announcement! I already declared myself the winner before the match even happened! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have shit I need to say!

Blackfront: Yeah like why are you now walking around with a trash can!

The Boss nods his head and smiles.

Ross: I was doing some thinking and seeing as how I wasn’t booked last show which by the way that’s why the ratings absolutely tanked…

The fans boo as the boss continues his tirade.

Ross: Hey all of you are only angry because I’m right!

Blackfront: He’s probably only mad because he didn’t get invited to Mikey’s birthday party!

Ace: I’d be mad too!

Ross: But as I was saying I sat at my home in Harrisburg and I decided to watch the show…… And I have come to the conclusion that the entire roster is nothing but trash! You all can start calling me the UTA’s resident garbage man because I’ve already pitched out two wrestlers and a referee! Here is the deal UTA!

Chris Ross clears his throat before continuing.

Ross: Starting tonight I’m performing a spring clean up and one by one I am pitching out each and every piece of garbage in the back there! This place is starting to stink and I’m sick and tired of sitting here being treated like I’m just some second rate talent! And I’ll tell you who the biggest piece of garbage roaming around back there is! Impulse!!!

The fans erupt into cheers when his name pops up.

Ross: Oh shut the hell up! You only like him because he caters to your children and probably does enough make a wish foundation time to make me want to puke! Listen here Impulse! I heard what you had to say and quite honestly I have a harsh reality check to give to you! You can belch on about how you won and how you managed to pin my shoulders for a 3 count…. But here is the reality Impulse… Are you listening?

The Keystone State Killa smiles looking at the camera.

Ross: I STILL KICKED YOUR ASS!!!! I hate to inform you but on the streets of Harrisburg a three count means nothing! I walked out under my own two feet and guess what fruit cup... You left that arena in an ambulance a broken man! Any loser can win with a three count! See what I just did?

Ross points at the trash can outside the ring.

Ross: I just won with a ten count! So you still want to fight me? Well that’s perfectly fine by me! The only difference is that this time I’m finishing the job and when I’m done you’re going on a trip straight to the dump where all the other no talents belong!

Ace: He’s right, you know!

Before Chris Ross can continue his blistering rant, the music starts and the fans begin to cheer.

“Revolution” by SIRSY.

Ace: Well, this was a good time for me.

Impulse walks out of the back, microphone in hand, to a huge ovation. The cheers are loud enough to drown out anything Chris Ross says, so he reluctantly stops talking for a few seconds.

Blackfront: Ladies and gentlemen, we can tell you without hesitation, this is the first time Impulse and Chris Ross have seen each other since No Love Lost! I don’t know if Mikey Unlikely intentionally booked them to appear on alternating shows to try and ease their bad feelings, but he had to know that after Ross attacked Calico Rose, Impulse wouldn’t forget!

Ace: Please… Mikey just wants the higher ratings from having The Boss on the screen!

Ross lowers the microphone and puts a hand to his hip laughing.

Ross: I knew something stunk around here and it wasn’t me!

Impulse laughs a fake laugh, and makes a show of clapping his hands.

Impulse: That’s good, Chris… real good. I think if you ever wash outta this business, you’ve got a great future as a comedian. I can see it now: Comedy Hack Chris Ross’ Guide to Incredibly Obvious Insults.

The fans laugh, Chris Ross looks initially agitated, but he recovers after just a moment.

Impulse: You’ve got a reality check for me, Ross? I’ve got one for you: you’ve made a very serious mistake.

The fans cheer at that, but Impulse’s quiet delivery makes them stop quickly.

Impulse: What we do here is wrestle. What we do here is battle it out between the bells, Ross… we’re professionals, and we act like professionals. But you? The cowardly cheapshots at No Love Lost, the Trashcan Man routine with Baylor?

He pauses.

Impulse: You’re a rank… arrogant… amateur.

Ross laughs before raising the microphone.

Ross: First of all don’t clump me in as “We”! You may be a so called professional and love sucking up……...

Impulse: Shut your mouth.


Impulse doesn’t continue, but he starts to walk to the ring.

Ross: Oh you want to cut me off?! Yeah walk to the ring here and see what happens! Maybe it’ll be you sharing a hospital bed with Cally next!


Blackfront: Do you really think it was smart to remind Impulse of what he did to his girlfriend?

Impulse stops, about ten steps from the ring, and the camera catches his white - knuckle grip on the microphone.

Impulse: If you’re still in the ring when I get there… you’re gonna be sorry.

The Boss crosses his arms and chuckles.

Ross: Oh what? You still angry over that?! Oh my god get over it you giant baby you! I hate to inform your happy meal eating ass but I got another reality check for you! IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!!!

Ross points at Impulse who is seething with rage.

Ross: You were the dumb ass who brought her out there to begin with! Let’s be honest here Impulse if I didn’t do it then someone else probably would have! Have you listened to how annoying she is?!  As far as I’m concerned she was merely another piece of trash on the curb! AND I TOOK HER OUT!!!

All the while, Impulse continues to walk to the ring.

Blackfront: Time’s ticking, Tommy!

Impulse pulls himself up to the ring apron, and he leans his arms on the top rope.

Impulse: Last chance to run, Ross… if I was you…

He laughs.

Impulse: I wouldn’t be.

Ross walks over and gets in Impulse’s face.

Ross: THE BOSS…. HAS… SPO…..



Chris Ross drops to his knees, and he looks to be having trouble finding the ropes as he holds his hand on the side of his head. Impulse calmly enters the ring while a replay shows that he bell clapped Ross right on the ear, clearly throwing off his hearing and equilibrium on impact.

Ace: Can we get some security down here? The BOSS just got jumped!

Impulse lifts Ross up and spins him around, hooks him under the arms, and sends him up in the air with a straight - back belly to belly suplex! Chris Ross lands on his head and chest, and he scrambles towards the side of the ring!

Blackfront: Poetic Justice for what he did to Cally!

As he grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, Ross senses Impulse moving in again and he fires an elbow backwards, catching the Marathon Man in the chest and giving himself precious seconds to gather his wits. He turns and fires a hard right hand, but he misjudges the distance by about two inches, and his knuckles barely graze his opponent. Impulse, sensing Ross was rapidly clearing his vision, he grabs him by the wrist and arm and locks on The Message, forcing Ross to the mat!

Blackfront: There’s no referee, no bell, and no rope break here! Ladies and gentlemen, that double wristlock is a legitimate power move that could break Chris Ross’ arm if applied too forcefully! Can we get security down here?

Ace: I already asked them! They’re biased!

Finally, however, security rushes to the ring to separate the two men, despite the incessant “LET THEM GO!” chant from the fans. Ross holds his arm in pain, but his mouth remains as rapid fire as ever, talking trash to Impulse from between five security guards. Impulse does not move, and does not try to get around security; they therefore do not attempt to restrain him any more than they are just keeping the two athletes separated.

Blackfront: We’ll be right back, WrestleUTA fans! Give us a minute to clear the ring and the action will continue, but… my goodness, things are heating up!

Ace: Did they ever stop?


Bathing in Blood

As we cut from ringside to backstage we see UTA’s interviewer, Jamie Sawyers, standing next to Scott Stevens?

Sawyers: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time…..Scott Stevens.

Sawyers says with a brief pause as Stevens comes into view wearing goggles, a swimming cap, a snorkel and flippers while carrying a bucket full of goodies.

Sawyers: Scott?

Stevens: Yeah?

Sawyers: What is all this?

Sawyers asks pointing at all the ridiculousness that Stevens is wearing.

Stevens: This?

Stevens points to his bucket.

Sawyers: Everything!

Sawyers says as he moves his hand up and down.

Stevens: This is just the stuff that will be needed for my Blood Bath match later tonight?

Stevens replies and Sawyers shakes his head with a sigh about what he’s going to ask next.

Sawyers: Goggles?

Stevens: Yep.

Sawyers: How so?

Stevens: They are needed to keep the blood from getting in my eyes and blinding me.

Sawyers: The swimming cap?

Stevens: To keep the blood from getting into my freshly cut hair.

Stevens says and Sawyers shakes his head.

Sawyers: Flippers? You need freaking flippers?

Stevens: Of course, how else am I going to swim in a pool of Jack Harmen’s blood?

Stevens asks as he looks at Sawyers flabbergasted for not knowing this whose frustration is building.

Sawyers: that a luffa?

Stevens: Why yes it is. Your vision is impeccable.

Sawyers: Why do you have a luffa?

Sawyers asks as Stevens pulls the luffa from the bucket.

Stevens: To reach those hard to reach places on my body after I bathe myself of Harmen’s blood. I even got soap and a washcloth in here as well…..

Stevens says and Sawyers has had enough of the Texan’s antics.

Sawyers: Apparently you aren’t taking this match seriously as you take on Jack Harmen, a UTA Hall of Famer, in a match where there are no disqualifications and no count outs. Basically anything goes!

Sawyers yells and Stevens jovial expression slowly fades.

Stevens: What did you say?

Sawyers: That you aren’t taking this match with Jack Harmen seriously…..

Stevens: After that.

Sawyers: That the match is anything goes?

Stevens: Before that.

Sawyers: He’s a Wrestle UTA Hall of Famer?

Stevens: Bingo.

Stevens says as he grabs the microphone from Sawyers and looks him directly in his eyes.

Stevens: Let’s get one thing perfectly clear when I say that Jack Harmen is not a UTA Hall of Famer.

Sawyers: But he was inducted into the Hall by James Wingate….

Stevens holds up his hand and stops Sawyers from talking as he chuckles.

Stevens: Harmen is a Hall of Fame talent, but he isn’t a UTA Hall of Famer. I mean what has he done in UTA?

Stevens asks and Sawyers can’t think of an answer.

Stevens: Exactly, he’s done absolutely nothing in Wrestle UTA. My UTA career is more worthy of a first ballot Hall of Fame vote than his. I mean his debut match is against me and last show he wants to use me to get himself over as he interrupted my planned ass whooping of Jestal to challenge me.

Stevens reminds the people.

Sawyers: However, it seems you aren’t taking him seriously. You seem to be clowning around to me.

Sawyers says to the Texan who shoots him a look.

Stevens: I’m taking this match very seriously. You think I’m not taking the words of a man who wants to bathe in my blood seriously?

Stevens asks Sawyers who’s trying to speak but is cut off once again.

Stevens: It’s no coincidence that Jestal and Harmen are in cahoots because you have that idiot clown trying to get under my skin with stupid celebrations and idle threats and then you have Harmen show up wanting to hurt me. When Harmen said the things he said he gained my full attention as now I have two problems to deal with.

Stevens says looking around a bit.

Stevens: What people tend to forget is that I have made a career in hurting people whether it was in Japan competing in the death matches or recently in the Windy City in the land of High Octane. You think the scars on my body were caused by swimming in a pool?

Stevens asks as he shoves Sawyers out of the frame and looks directly into the camera.

Stevens: Tonight, you will see blood, lots of it, but it won’t be mine. I’m going to end Jack Harmen’s UTA career before it even begins because that five bucks that Jestal paid him just isn’t worth it. I’m the guy you don’t want to mess with and Harmen is going to find that out tonight.

Stevens says as he drops the microphone and leaves.

Keep The Change.

We open up in the backstage loading area of the Greensboro Coliseum. “Earlier Today” appears at the bottom corner of your screen. Within seconds a black Two Thousand-Seventeen Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe comes into view. The passenger door opens and Catalina exits the vehicle. The driver’s door opens and WrestleUTA Legacy Champion “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey steps out of the Phantom Coupe in a fine designer suit. Catalina closes her door just before Harvey closes his. Harvey presses a button on the car’s fob device and the trunk opens.

Harvey pulls out his and Catalina’s travel bags from the trunk. Catalina takes hers and the two begin walking from the vehicle. A WrestleUTA staff member comes into the scene.

Staff Member: Mr. Harvey…

Harvey: Ah good-

Harvey hands the staff member the fob for his vehicle.

Harvey: Now do YOUR Legacy Champion a favor… I need my brand new Rolls-Royce washed, waxed, detailed… the whole nine yards.

The staff member looks down at the fob in his hand, puzzled by what’s going on. He goes to say something but Harvey cuts him off.

Harvey: When you come back to the arena make sure you don’t park it next to any P.O.S. car. I don’t want anyone to dent or scratch my Phantom. I can’t have someone salivating all over my fresh wax job. This car was a half a mill.

The staff member still looks confused. Harvey seems to have a light bulb go off. He goes into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet.

Harvey: Here’s a hundred, kid. Keep the change.

Harvey goes to hand the staff member the hundred but pulls it back.

Harvey: Don’t go joy riding either. If anything happens to that car…

Harvey finally hands over the hundred dollar bill.

Harvey: Thanks, kid.

Harvey and Catalina exit the scene leaving the staff member looking off in the direction of the two.


Crimson Lord vs Dylan Daniels

As the camera sits pointed at the top of the stage. 'Quality Control' by Jurassic 5 starts to play. Dylan Daniels steps out with the hood of his jacket on his head. He raises both arms before throwing them down, taking the hood off and continues to the ring. He slides in and leaps to his feet. Quickly Daniels runs to a turnbuckle and raises an arm to the fans before jumping down and running across to the opposite post, doing the same thing.

Blackfront: If Dylan Daniels is nervous about facing Crimson Lord tonight, he isn't showing it.

♫“Death Dealer” by The Enigma TNG begins to play. Crimson Lord walks from behind the curtain to a roar from the capacity crowd here in the arena! Crimson is followed by his daughter Zoey. The fans begin their dual chants which seem to have become the norm for a Crimson Lord Match now...


The lights continue to flash on and off rapidly as Zoey and Crimson Lord make their way to the ring.


Jordan: Weighing in at three-hundred and forty-eight pounds...from Chicago, Illinois….. “The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

The fans roar in excitement on the announcement from Jordan.

Blackfront: The fans here in the Wrestlezone, clearly are behind Crimson, it amazes me how much they are behind this man.

Ace: Of course they are, they're not very bright.

Crimson continues his walk toward the ring.

Blackfront: Sooner or later Crimson is going to get his hands on Jay.

Ace: Please, THE Jay Harvey is far too smart for this big goof to ever pull a fast one on him.

Jordan: Weighing in at three-hundred and forty-eight pounds...from Chicago, Illinois….. “The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

The fans roar in excitement once more at the announcement of Crimson Lord from Jordan.


Crimson grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron. Stepping over the top rope and into the ring he walks to the center and removes his jacket and skull cap, throwing them toward the ropes. Zoey skips around the ring slapping hands with fans before moving to Crimson’s corner. ♫

Dylan circles Crimson, as the bell rings. Crimson watches Dylan with his eyes turning as Dylan gets out of his peripheral sight. Dylan looks out into the crowd for a moment and then locks up with Crimson. The two struggle for the advantage Crimson pushes Dylan into the corner. The ref quickly gets in between them and Crimson slowly backs off with his arms in the air. Dylan rubs his arms for a moment and steps out of the corner. The two lockup once more, again struggling for the advantage.

Blackfront: Crimson has yet to get a hold of Harvey, two weeks ago Harvey continue to keep CL from getting his hands on him.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey is playing Crimson like a fiddle.

This time Dylan gets CL in the corner and the ref is there yet again. He separates the two again and Dylan raises his arms as he backs away...suddenly gives a cheap shot to Crimson. His head jerks to the side, as he rubs his jaw. Dylan turns around gloating, but when he turns back around Crimson cold clocks him square in the jaw knocking Dylan down.

Blackfront: Not a very smart move by Dylan there Tommy.

Ace: Sadly, no the sucker punch and then gloating about it with a guy like Crimson clearly a bonehead move.

Daniels quickly scoots to the corner, begging Crimson to give him a minute. Crimson stalks him, but as he gets in range Dylan grabs some tights and pulls CL into the turnbuckle. The seven footer holds his head stunned a bit. Dylan quickly hops on the second turnbuckle and jumps off with a double axe handle. Crimson staggers a bit backward, but still on his feet.

Blackfront: Dylan looks to have the big man reeling here!

Dylan irish whips Crimson into the ropes and as the big man returns he tries a leapfrog. Crimson catches him in mid air falling forward into a spinebuster! Crimson apparently not done grabs Dylan’s legs and falls backward. Daniels neck hits the top rope and on his way back down Crimson lifts his knees. Dylan’s lower back slams into the knees of Crimson. CL sits up and turns the move into a pinfall.

Blackfront: A nice series of moves by Crimson ending with a pinfall could he have it right here?


Dylan holds his back in pain as Crimson gets up and looks at the ref questioning the count for a moment. Zoey continues to entertain the fans as they cheer on the seven footer. Crimson picks up Dylan and scoops him up, DD slides to the back of Crimson, and nails a codebreaker on the back of Crimson. Finally taking CL off his feet. Dylan quickly goes for a cover...but the ref can not even get down for the count before CL tosses DD off of him.

Blackfront: Sooner or later Crimson is going to get his hands on Jay and frankly I have a feeling those two are going to be bloody before it's over.

Ace: Only blood coming from  those two ever meet will be that of Crimson Lord!

Crimson gets to his feet, Daniels tries to kick CL but Crimson catches the foot spins him around and hits a belly to back suplex on Daniels! Crimson picks up Daniels and sets him up into a powerbomb. He drops DD on his head, he holds onto his legs and lifts him back up and falls forward into a spinebuster! Crimson goes for the cover!

Blackfront: That impressive Wheelbarrow Spinebuster Crimson has been using lately into a cover here this could be all she wrote here folks!


Crimson looks a bit stunned at the resilience of Dylan. He gets to his feet lifting Dylan up and irish whips him into the corner he charges in and Dylan is able to get out of the way in time. He moves around CL and dropkicks him in the back sending Crimson back into the turnbuckle. He then quickly transitions into a school boy pinfall!


Blackfront: Not even close for Dylan!

Ace: If it were the most marvelous man in there right now that would of been it for Crimson.

Dylan, puts his hands through his hair he gets up and picks up Crimson from the mat. Crimson quickly reacts and pulls Dylan off his feet leg first. He grabs a hold of Dylan’s legs once more in a wheelbarrow fashion. He lifts him off the ground as DD’s momentum reaches Crimson he releases Dylan’s legs and turns DD’s momentum into a stunner!

Blackfront: What a move by Crimson a Wheelbarrow Stunner!

Ace: Not going to lie that was impressive.

Daniels falls back into the turnbuckle Crimson quickly goes back on the attack unload with a flurry of punches and forearm shots up and down Dylan’s body. He grabs the back of Daniels head and tosses him out of the corner he walks to the down Daniels and looks out into the crowd for a response.

Zoey points at the Innocent side clearly overpowering the Guilty side. Crimson lifts DD up, but before he can get the Final Judgment locked in Dylan tries to irish whip Crimson into the corner, CL reverses it and sends Dylan into the corner. Dylan staggers out and Crimson lifts him up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He pushes his feet up over the top of his head, turns into Daniel's body moving to the other side of his body and turns into a neckbreaker!

Blackfront: Final Judgment: Innocent!

Ace: Stick a fork in Dylan he is done.

Crimson gets up and takes a knee and places his right hand over Dylan.


Bell rings…. ♫Death Dealer hits the PA, as Zoey walks up the steps and enters the ring walking over to her father raising his hand in victory.

Jordan: The winner of this bout “The Perfect Weapon” Crimson Lord!!!    

Blackfront: Crimson looking very impressive here tonight, I can not wait until he finally gets Harvey one on one in that ring. It will tear this house down for sure!

Ace: It surely will be THE Jay Harvey’s greatest victory here in the WrestleUTA!

Crimson and Zoey head to the back, Zoey slaps a few of the fans hands. Before catching up to Crimson on top of the rampway.


The show shifts to Jon Laver in your typical suit with microphone in hand.

Laver: Tonight, THE Jay Harvey will take on this man at this time.

He raises his arm to the side in a motioning gesture, Jestal steps into the view with Clucky in hand laughing as usual.

Laver: I got to say your actions two weeks ago was clearly uncalled for!

Jestal looks at Jon while he points to his chest shocked.

Jestal: Actions...I told the world..

He looks at the camera.

Jestal: That this place needed a injection of fun and a overall mood adjustment. Stevens has proved to be a tough nut to crack…

Jestal looks at Clucky as Jon looks down at Clucky as well.

Jestal: I guess I will just have to  shattered that nut tonight.

Jestal laughs again. Laver just shakes his head.

Laver: I just do not see what your fascination with that duck..

Jestal interrupts him.

Jestal: Clucky is a chicken! I do not go around here saying..

Mocks Jon

Jestal: There goes Jon look how lean he has gotten.

Jon clearly is not amused by that remark, being of a heavy stature himself.

Larver: ..Alright let's get to the point tonight you face the WrestleUTA Legacy Champion THE Jay Harvey. What are your thoughts on your match up tonight?

Jestal glares at the tv with a serious look on his face.

Jestal: Tonight I show the world that this clown, is just not here to laugh and play games with people but to become a champion…

Jestal has a ear to ear grin before finishing his sentence.

Jestal: Unlike Scott Stevens.

Jestal laughs hysterically, Jon is clearly not amused at all.

Laver: So I have to ask you what is your relationship to Jack Harmen? He told the Wrestlezone you were the one who sent him out there during your attempt at cheering up Stevens.

Jestal puts his hand on his heart for a moment staring at Jon.

Jestal: What goes on between me and the great Jack Harmen is between us not a matter of fact not once have I seen you smile during this interview.

Laver just stands there obviously with his body language he never wanted to conduct this interview.

Jestal: I see well maybe a present will lift your spirits, after all I am the Fun Director of the WrestleUTA.

Jestal reaches into his jacket for a moment.

Laver: I do not need any of YOUR gifts Jestal. We all have seen how generous you are.

Jestal stares at Larver for a minute then grabs his head and puts his hand over his mouth pulling him down to eye level.

Jestal: I suggest you not reject my gift to you, or I will snap that fat arm of yours and beat you senseless with it. You leave this in if you value your physical health.

Jestal lets go of Laver who is horrified but the plastic teeth grin say’s something else. He looks back at the Wrestlezone clearly embarrassed.

Jestal: Now that I have lightened up stuffy Jon Laver here..

He slaps Jon on the back of his shoulder.

Jestal: TONIGHT, my lovely duckies out there in funland. I will show Stevens how to become a champion!

He looks at Jon still with the plastic teeth in his mouth.

Jestal: Now remember Jon should you have a frown again, I’ll prescribe you more FUN injections.

Jestal pats a clearly not amused Jon on the back once more and walks off camera. Jon spits the teeth out and looks down at them and then out into the Wrestlezone.

I'm Your Legacy Champion...

Cameras pan around the sold out crowd in the in the Greensboro Coliseum. Fans are going ballistic trying their best to get their signs on TV. We cut to the ring where WrestleUTA Ring Announcer C.H. Jordan stands with a microphone.

Jordan: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome “the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth”, “the man who climbed the ladder”, “the legacy who holds the Legacy”... “THE WrestleUTA Legacy Champion”... “The Natural One” THE Jay Haaaaarvveyyyy!

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins to play over the arena’s sound system. The loud boo resonates out throughout the city of Greensboro. The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She’s dressed in a sexy black low cut dress. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp wearing another fine designer suit with his WrestleUTA Legacy Championship draped over his shoulder.

Blackfront: THE WrestleUTA Legacy Champion is gracing us with his presence.

Ace: We should all be lucky to be witnesses to that man’s greatness!

Harvey lifts the title off his right shoulder and raises his arms into the air holding the Legacy title high. Catalina applauds her man. The crowd boos as the two begin walking down the aisle.

Blackfront: As we saw earlier tonight… Jay Harvey arrived here in his brand new Rolls-Royce.

Ace: Correction, Jason… it’s a Rolls-Royce Phantom. THE Jay Harvey told me it was a gift to himself for just being so damn marvelous.

Blackfront: I’m sure it was, Tommy.

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips, shaking her ass in the process.

Ace: Get a load of that.

Blackfront: That new Legacy title is gorgeous.

Ace: Yeah… that’s what I was talking about.

Jay Harvey enters the ring and slowly walks toward the center of the ring. He has a big smile on his face as he adjusts the title on his shoulder. The fans continue to boo him and he doesn’t seem to care. He continues walking and signals C.H. Jordan to hand him a microphone.

Blackfront: The last time we saw Jay Harvey he and WrestleUTA World Champion Kendrix brutally beat down Crimson Lord and Andy Murray.

Ace: They both had it coming. Tired of their schtick.

Harvey looks out into the crowd as they continue to show their hatred for him. He holds the microphone to his lips.

Harvey: Is that any way to treat your WrestleUTA Legacy Champion?

The crowd loses it.

Harvey: Really? I defeated a Hall of Famer right in the middle of the ring and… you boo?

Harvey shakes his head and looks around the arena.

Harvey: I mean I gave you people the match of my life when I defeated Scott Stevens. I climbed the ladder and won this title on my shoulder.

Blackfront: Is he serious?

Ace: Shush!

Harvey: I forgot… I’m in SOUTH Carolina. The combined IQ of this entire arena is less than the number of fingers on my right hand. Haha.

Harvey and Catalina are enjoying themselves as the crowd continues to hate Harvey’s guts.

Harvey: Now… take a good look at YOUR Legacy Champion. I wear the finest suits, ride the finest automobiles, have… the most gorgeous woman on my arm.

Catalina puckers her lips as she stands next to Harvey.

Harvey: You don’t have to like it but you all have to accept it. I AM YOUR WrestleUTA Legacy Champion.

The crowd continues to boo the man standing in the center of the ring. Harvey now begins pointing at random fans in the sold out crowd.

Harvey: I’m your Legacy Champion… and your’s… and your’s…

Blackfront: He’s so full of himself.

Ace: I love it! He’s your Legacy Champion too, Jason.

Blackfront: Don’t remind me.

Harvey: Tonight I put my title on the line. Tonight I once again show every savage in this arena and all you pieces of trailer trash watching at home why I AM… THE WrestleUTA Legacy Champion. Once again… I will make someone’s career relevant.

We go to shots of the crowd before going back to the ring.

Harvey: Jestal… what can I say about you? You are a bozo... You beat up a nerd... You have a best friend who is a rubber chicken…

Ace: Spot on!

Harvey: You have never and will never face anyone the caliber of THE Jay Harvey ever again. So when you’re on your back, spitting up countless teeth you will know… it’s GAME OVER for you and any chance you EVER had of winning the Legacy Championship.

Static is heard over the sound system. Jay Harvey’s brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe sits dead center on the big screen. We zoom out to see Crimson Lord. The crowd erupts. Jay Harvey looks at the big screen, unsure of what’s going on. Zoey quickly appears in front of the camera as Crimson admires the Rolls.

Zoey: Hi Jay!

She waves at the taken back Jay and Catalina in the ring. She looks over to the car, as Crimson slowly turns his head toward the camera now with a cocky smirk toward Jay and Catalina.

Zoey: So, first of all let me be the first to congratulate you…. not only for being a champion but showing me and my father that the only way you can truly show your dominance over him is by use of a steel chair…..

She claps for Jay who grows concern with CL standing by his pride and joy.

Blackfront: Uh oh...

Ace: No, he wouldn’t dare!

Crimson bends over and lifts up an axe. He looks at the sharp blade for a moment then back at Jay who now is shaking his head. Harvey extends his arm in a “stop” gesture. Catalina looks up at the big screen and her jaw drops.

Blackfront; I don’t think Crimson has any good intentions with that fire ax, Tommy.

Ace: Someone get back there, and stop him. That's a half a million dollar Rolls-Royce!

Harvey: Don’t you dare! That car is worth more than your life!

Zoey: Now let my dad show you how he uses weapons.

Harvey: No! No!

Crimson quickly swings the ax at the tire, a loud cheer is heard as air quickly releases from the tires. Crimson starts to move around the vehicle swinging at the Phantom and putting hole after hole into the expensive detailed car. We go back to Jay Harvey in the ring who looks at the big screen in horror. We cut backstage where Crimson moves to the front and swings with both hands and pierces the top of the hood. He then leaves the ax sticking out of the hood. Crimson walks off camera as Zoey was pointing to something else off camera.

Harvey: You son of a bitch! You goddamn son of a bitch!

Harvey is enraged. He’s turned a red color. Crimson returns to live television with a sledgehammer now, he begins to put dents all over the car, and smashing the side windows and rear window and leaving a huge gaping hole in the windshield. Crimson tosses the sledgehammer off camera, and with his boot kicks the side mirrors off each side of the car. We go back to Harvey in the ring. Spit flies from his mouth as he speaks.

Harvey: I want that piece of garbage arrested!

Crimson stares at the damaged priceless car. And it looks like he has another idea. He again walks off camera. Zoey’s eyes widen with excitement she looks back at Harvey with his hands on his head.

Zoey: Oh, you are going to like this Jay...

Blackfront: What is Crimson getting?

Crimson comes into view once more this time with a gas tank strapped to his back and a large gun with a small flame coming from it.

Ace: He has a FLAMETHROWER! Where the hell is security!

Crimson puts some black protective glasses over his face, he pumps the gas a bit as brief fireballs erupt from the gun. He looks at Harvey with a smirk which slowly turns to a disgusted look he pulls the trigger back holding it as a stream of fire blasts from the gun setting the Rolls-Royce a blaze. Crimson gives it a few more streams of steady flame. We go back to Harvey in the ring and he’s covering his eyes to not have to watch any more of the horror on the big screen.

Blackfront: I think Jay Harvey is gonna cry.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey has never cried!

Crimson Lord stares at his work for a moment before removing the tank from his back he grabs Zoey as they rush off camera….a few seconds later the car EXPLODES! Harvey looks on horrified as Crimson and Zoey slowly step back into the picture with the car ablaze Crimson looks back at a seething Harvey in the ring.

Ace: Someone call the fire department! This is out of control!

Crimson takes a deep breath with his eyes closed embracing the smell of burning steel and rubber.

Crimson: Hmmm, suddenly I feel so much better...

Crimson and Zoey walk off camera showing the car burning in the background. We cut back to the ring and Jay Harvey bolts from the ring and runs back down the entrance ramp. Catalina isn’t far behind. We go to Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace.

Blackfront: Tommy… this feud between THE Jay Harvey and Crimson Lord is-

Tommy Ace cuts Jason Blackfront off before he can finish his thought.

Ace: It’s ridiculous. Crimson Lord is a monster. He’s destroyed Jay Harvey’s half a million dollar Rolls-Royce. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police didn’t get involved at this point.

Blackfront: You don’t think Harvey has deserved that?

Ace: No! No man deserves that, especially not the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth. Crimson Lord needs to be locked up behind bars or in a little white room. He’s a danger to everyone in this arena and quite frankly… I don’t feel safe, Jason.

Blackfront: Well… the show must go on. Stay with us, folks. There’s still more to come, next on WrestleUTA on Hulu!


Jack Harmen vs Scott Stevens

Blackfront: This next match is one I’m certainly excited about. The first one on one encounter in the long and storied careers of Scott Stevens, and Jack Harmen.

Ace: I don’t get all the hooplah. But what I do know, is this is now a good ol’ fashion 90s hardcore match! Bring on the chairs, the tables, the flame throwers!

Blackfront: I think you’re getting carried away Ace. This isn’t a blood feud.

Ace: But… But… blood brothers requires blood. We need a sacrifice, and we’re going to get it when these two beat the tar outta each other! I can’t wait!

“Hellraiser” by Motorhead loudly invites this crowd to cheers, as the arena lights darken only to be reilluminated by lasers and spotlights. Scott Stevens emerges onto the entrance way, sneering out to the crowd before making a swift walk to the ring. He reaches out and fist bumps a few fans extended hands, but not as many as usually.

Blackfront: Stevens has been distracted ever since Jestal arrived on the scene. Now, he’s got to deal with UTA’s newest signee, a man who promised that there would be blood.

Ace: And you don’t want to disappoint me!

Stevens climbs the steel steps, and slips into the ring as Jordan stands front and center.

Jordan: Introducing first, from the Great State of Texas, standing at six feet six, two hundrend and fifty-six pounds, he is SCOOOOTTTT…. STEEEEEEVEEEENNNS!

Stevens grips his fists and cracks his knuckles as he stares toward the entranceway. His music slowly dies out.

A light fog envelops the entrance ramp as “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne rings out over the pa system. The UTA crowd rise to their feet in anticipation as the opening line echoes out, and Jack Harmen steps out onto the entranceway. His manager Mary-Lynn Mayweather, a tiny petite redhead dressed in a red skirt suit follows, only for Harmen to shake his head and send her to the back. Jack turns to the UTA crowd and raises his hand in his trademark devil horn taunt, only for the cameras to catch…

Blackfront: Is that… barbed wire?

Ace: YAY! Interesting!

Blackfront: Jack Harmen has already raised the stakes and the match hasn’t even begun!

Harmen stomps down to the ring, slapping fans with his one non-barbed wire covered hand. He tries to get both sides of the rampway, but has to miss a few. He makes his way to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. The ref immediately steps in front of Harmen’s path, telling him to remove the barbed wire. Harmen protests, shouting, “But it’s a hardcore match!” In that case…

Blackfront: Scott Stevens jumps the bell! He caught Harmen with a vicious right that sends the Lunatic back into the corner. This is a new side of Stevens we’re seein’ here Ace.

Ace:  Can’t say I don’t appreciate it.

Stevens hits a few more rights on Harmen as he tries to defend himself in the corner. Stevens hooks Harmen and irish whips him to the far side, as Harmen hits the turnbuckle sternum first. He bounces out, clutching his chest, only for Stevens to lift and toss Harmen HIGH in the air in a flapjack. As Harmen tries to land on his feet...

Blackfront: Debbie Does Dallas! An enhanced version as Stevens hits Harmen with a european uppercut out of that flapjack!

Harmen rolls out of the ring, clutching his chin, trying to regroup. Stevens doesn’t give him the time, sliding out himself and then shoving Jack from behind, chest first into the turnbuckle post. Harmen tumbles and rolls to the guardrail, as Stevens charges and catches him with Don’t Mess with Texas (Running Knee Trembler), sandwiching him against the guardrail. Stevens hooks Harmen and tosses him into the ring. As Harmen rolls, all the way to the other side and the corner ropes, Stevens searches under the ring.

He pulls out a chair and tosses it into the ring.

And another.

And another, another, another. The UTA crowd cheers with every chair thrown.

Ace: Well, Harmen wanted this.

Blackfront: Not sure if he expected this vicious streak in his first match in UTA.

Ace: Could very well wind up being his last.

Harmen reaches down and grabs a steel chair as Stevens slides in. The two men size each other up, and each swing, their steel chairs clattering against each other. They try again, the vibration tingling up their arms as Harmen drops his chair from the impact. Stevens goes for a wild swing, but Harmen ducks and rolls underneath. He keeps the momentum going, running off the far side, and charges toward Stevens.

Blackfront: Locomotive! Ducked by Stevens! That kick has knocked countless men unconscious.

Ace: But not tonight!

Stevens grabs Harmen by his wild hair from behind and slams him back first onto the mat and the pile of steel chairs he threw in. Stevens off the far ropes, and leaps for a body splash, but Harmen rolls out of the way. Stevens eats steel, as Harmen rubs the back of his head and rolls to the ring apron. Stevens clutches his chest, wind taken from him as he stumbles to his feet. He turns to Harmen, and doesn’t have time to react as Jack springboards off the top rope and catches Stevens in a Lou Thesz Press, followed up by a flurry of barbed wire assisted right hands to the face.

Ace: No! What are you doing! Keep punching him!

Blackfront: Harmen got his shots in and now he’s lining Stevens up. He’s worse for the wear so far, might be trying to bide time to recover from Stevens’ initial assault.

Stevens recovers as Harmen picks up a steel chair. Harmen tosses the chair at Stevens, who catches it. Stevens holds it, as Harmen just punches it. He winces in pain, clutching his fist and shouting “Why would I do that!” before Stevens clocks Harmen in the back. Harmen tumbles, and Stevens takes the opportunity to slam the steel chair three more times into Harmen’s back, before turning him over for the cover.



Harmen barely gets a shoulder up. Stevens doesn’t look pleased, and grabs Harmen to his feet by his hair. Belly to belly suplex onto the steel chair pile. Stevens on top for another pin.



Kickout, just barely. Harmen, groggily, begins to try to turn the pile into a more flat and widened section, as Stevens grabs him by his hair again. Wild right hand by Harmen is ducked, and Stevens hits him with a German Suplex in response. Harmen misses the chairs as he falls, and back rolls into the corner. He slowly pulls himself up, using the middle ropes and then the top, as Stevens charges and hits a huge splash. Stevens with an irish whip, Harmen having to stomp on chairs as he’s thrown to the other side of the ring. He hits the corner hard. Stevens reaches down and grabs a fresh steel chair, and sizes up Jack, as Jack is groggily fiddling with something in the corner. Stevens chairs, and leaps.

Blackfront: Harmen dodges, and he has the protective padding from the turnbuckle post as he does! Stevens slams himself chest and steel chair first onto the top turnbuckle!

Ace: Jeez. That sound was sickening. I love it.

Harmen tries to remove the steel padding from his hand, but the barbed wire has caught it and he can’t swat it off. Now, it just looks like his fist is a turnbuckle post. The chair Stevens held fell over the top rope and clatters on the outside. Harmen grabs Stevens’ by his neck and drags him out of the corner…

Blackfront: Cold snow onto those chairs! That elevated lifting neck palmed ddt just slammed Stevens’ face first onto that unforgiving steel!



Stevens kicks out. Harmen slams his turnbuckle pad covered, barbed wired fist into the mat in frustration. He stands to his feet, then walks to the far corner. He holds the top rope, leaning down, sizing Stevens up.

Blackfront: I think Harmen is sizing Stevens up for his patented Locomotive Ace.

Jack Harmen uses his free hand to tell Stevens to get back to his feet, and once he does.

Blackfront: Harmen charges… REMEMBER THE ALAMO! Stevens counters with a superkick, and falls back first onto Harmen!



Thr-NO! Harmen barely gets a shoulder up! Stevens can’t believe it, and he can’t believe what he next sees.

Blackfront: Oh holy jeebus, what is that clown-shoes doing out here!? He has no right!

Ace: That is Jestal, setting up a table bridging across the apron and the guardrail. I think it’s pretty obvious what he’s doing here. He’s got those weird smiling ruby plastic lips, hell, he’s wearing one right now!

Indeed, the crowd boos as Jestal sets up the table. He smiles toward Stevens, who’s staring at him in exasperation. Stevens stands and rushes toward the ropes, as the referee steps in his way, pointing him back to his opponent. Jestal simply smiles with those fake ruby lips, and waves. Stevens looks livid, trying to bullrush out of the ring to attack, only for the ref to hug him and keep him from exiting the ring.

Until Jack Harmen rushes up from behind, and catches a distracted Stevens by lifting and tossing him over the top rope.

And through the exact table Jestal just set up. 

The crowd oohs and awhs as Harmen collapses back onto the mat, clutching his head from Steven's superkick. The crowd turn to boos as Jestal ignores them. He lifts up Stevens, who's dazed and confused. Jestal props Stevens up against the guardrail.

He takes a few moments to laugh at Stevens, and pulls out Clucky. They two look at each other, and then back at Stevens, letting out a large guffaw belly laugh. Stevens throws a wild right to defend himself, looking to tee off on Jestal with all the strength he had left. Jestal ducks, as the official shouts in the ring, and Jestal turns, striking Stevens square in the head with Clucky.

Ace: Welcome to KFC Scott Stevens!

Blackfront: Jestal is just destroying the integrity of this match! Harmen's down, he doesn't realize Jestal hit Stevens with that loaded rubber chicken!

Ace: It has a name.

Blackfront: And I won't be saying it.

Jestal grabs Stevens and throws him back into the ring as Harmen recovers and stares at him, shouting, “What the hell!” Jestal cackles and laughs at Jack, tossing his head back in wild glee, before flipping his own body over the guardrail and rushing from the scene of the crime, rubber chicken in tow.

Blackfront: I don’t think Harmen knew Jestal had even set up that table! Nor that Jestal continued the assault after Harmen tossed Stevens over! That superkick REALLY rang his bell.

Ace: Are you serious? He’s a twenty five year veteran. He has ring presence. He knew exactly what he was doing, because he’s working with that clown prince of nuisance!

Blackfront: You’re inferring.

Ace: I’m just not blind. You can turn your back on the signs, but I’m looking at it front and center Blackfront.

Harmen shakes his head, none-too pleased. He looks at the fallen Stevens, and then grabs a steel chair. He climbs up the top turnbuckles, and looks around at the confused crowd.

Blackfront: Five and a half star frogsplash! Steel chair assisted! That might even be a six star!

Ace: Harmen is obviously capitalizing on Jestal’s distraction. C’mon Blackfront. Will you admit it now?

Blackfront: Oh shut up Ace. Harmen’s hooking both legs for the cover.




The crowd cheers as Jack Harmen has his hand raised by the official. “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne rings out over the pa system, as Jack looks around the arena, searching for Jestal in the crowd. It’s just a sea of faithful fans, and Harmen shakes hishead, rubbing the bridge of his temple.

Blackfront: Harmen may have won the battle, but this war is not finished. And there may be a mad clown involved in the crossfire.

Ace: Captain. Oblivious here doesn’t want to admit this war is a handicapped one.

Blackfront: Would you stop it!

Ace: Only when you open your eyes you blind fool

Looking for Jestal

The image suddenly cuts to another part of the arena where a commotion is going on.

Voice: JESTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A voice booms loudly as various things are being thrown around before Scott Stevens comes into view and pissed off is an understatement.

Stevens: WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Stevens continues to shout as he kicks over a trash can.


Stevens says as he opens a door and looks inside before slamming it. Stevens continues walking down the long hallway until he comes across one of the members of the ring crew. Stevens makes his way over to the man and spins him around.

Stevens: You seen Jestal?

Stevens asks calmly as he tries to hold back his anger. The man shakes his head no, and the Texan doesn’t like the answer as his eyes get wide and his face gets even redder.

Stevens: DON’T LIE TO ME!

Stevens yells as he grabs the man by his shirt with both hands and pulls him in closer.

Stevens: I know that piece of crap came this way. I can smell his stench all over you, and if you are keeping me from him that is going to be bad for you.

Stevens says as he punches the man in the stomach knocking the wind out of him as he falls on the floor.

Stevens: I’m going to ask one more time, where is Jestal?

Crew Member: I don’t know!

The man yells as he slides on the cold, concrete floor to try and get away from the Texan.

Stevens: Not the answer I was looking for.

Stevens replies as he stalks the man. Stevens stops and sees something on a crate and picks it up, a lead pipe. A sadistic smile comes over the face of Stevens as he lets it slide on the concrete beside him. Stevens catches up to the man and steps on his leg.

Stevens: This is what happens when you protect Jestal. I want you to tell him that when he visits you later in the hospital.

Stevens says as he points the pipe in the man’s face before slowly raising it up above his head. As Stevens is about to swing for the fences a platoon of referees and security guards rush to the rescue telling the Texan to get back as the Head of Security approaches Stevens.

Head of Security: Because of your actions here tonight Mr. Unlikely has informed me to tell you that you’ve been banned from the building for the rest of the night, and if you don’t comply there will be hell to pay.

The Security Chief informs Stevens who throws the pipe onto the ground before backing away.

Stevens: We will see about that.

Stevens says with a chuckle as the scene fades to commercial.

You Have My Word.

“Hail To The King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes.

Cue: big-time pop.

Blackfront: Looks like we’re set for an impromptu appearance from the would-be number one contender, Tommy!

Ace: Oh, goodie! I can barely contain my excitement!

The hour may be late, but Andy Murray is heading to the ring regardless. Decked-out in casual attire, The King strolls onto the stage calmly and confidently, but with a look of focus in his eyes. He makes his way to the ring with little fanfare, slapping a few hands as he goes, before rolling under the bottom rope.

Blackfront: A quiet night from the Scot, but it’d be extremely unlike Murray to go a whole event without saying something.

Ace: Yeah, that’s the guy’s probably - he just can’t shut the fuck up for five minutes. His incessant bleating is really grating, Jason, and I’m tired of hearing about his title aspirations.

Blackfront: You don’t think he has a case? Kendrix has continually avoided the issue since the pay-per-view, and his last victory over Murray came with a huge asterisk.

Ace: He tapped him out fair and square, pal. Frankly, I don’t think Andy has any kind of case, and he didn’t exactly put up a good argument in last week’s DQ loss. Suck it up and earn yourself another shot: until then, kindly take your place at the back of the line.

The UTA crowd definitely don’t share Tommy Ace’s viewpoint, because they greet the big man with rapturous applause. Andy isn’t in any mood to fuck around, however, and raises the microphone as soon as it’s thrown from the technical area.

Murray: Evening, lads…

Cheap pop? Sure, let’s do it. Andy takes just a few moments to soak it in.

Murray: Let’s get right down to business.

A pause.

Murray: I’ve been sitting backstage tonight, watching the show, trying to put a plan together. Everybody knows what I’m after at this point, but I’ve never been one to play cat and mouse games to reach my destination. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what our esteemed champion seems to want to do…

A big round of jeers for Kendrix.

Ace: C’mon, people! Show some respect for the champ!

Murray: After he and Jay Harvey took the coward’s way out last week, I’m about at my wits end with the guy. It’s men like him that made this business a joke by taking away the spirit, heart, and fire that it was built on. Twenty years ago, when I was cutting my teeth, there was no such thing as short-cutting your way to the top. You couldn’t just grab a handful of tights, swing a couple of chairs, and luck your way into a world championship. You earned it through skill, grit, and determination: something that seems to be lost on men like Kendrix.

Another chorus of boos for the Englishman. Murray paces around the ring a little bit, finding his comfort zone.

Murray: If men like him are “the future,” and men like Crimson Lord…

Biiiiiiiig face pop.

Murray: … and myself…

Another one.

Murray: … are the past, then god help us, because this sport’s going down in flames.

Ace: Oh quit your whining, Murray! Wrestling has evolved beyond you! Accept it, and move on with your life!

Blackfront: He’s got a point, Tommy…

Murray: Now don’t get me wrong - I can’t deny the talent in men like Kendrix and Harvey. They’re fantastic wrestlers, and I’d never take that away from them. Unfortunately, until they’re able to prove to me that they belong at the top of the mountain on the strength of their work alone, I’ll never hold them to the same level of esteem as a Crimson Lord, a Jack Harmen, a BR Ell--

Andy stops himself mid-sentence, then smiles.

Murray: Just kidding.

Blackfront: Shout-outs to Brellis, though.

Ace: … who the hellis is Brellis?

Blackfront: A guy with a story to tell, Tommy.

Murray: People like Kendrix claim that time has passed my generation by, and that the sport no longer has a place for us. I think he’s wrong, and judging by the reaction tonight, so do all of you…

The fans cheer their agreement. A few chants break out, but nothing major: most are content to just let the man speak.

Murray: All I ask is that this bell-end finds confidence in his convictions, puts his money where his mouth is, and shows the world that he isn’t full of shit by putting the UTA Championship on the line...


Murray: … and facing me in one-on-one competition, one last bloody time.

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫ hits the PA System.

Ace: Oh, thank the Lord, an end to Murray’s ramblings.

Blackfront: Speaking of someone who actually does ramble on and on...

Murray’s attention swings over to the stage, a wry smile across his face as JFK’s music hits and Video package lights up on the big screen. Stepping out onto the stage, dressed to the nines in a dark grey suit and navy shirt number, Kendrix comes to a halt at the centre of the stage, shaking his head up at The King out in front of him by the rampside ropes. Mic in hand, he brings it up to his mouth but quickly lowers it.

Blackfront: The crowd here venting their displeasure at the sight of the champion.

Kendrix raises an acknowledging finger, gesturing for a moment of the crowds time. Proceeding to unbutton his suit jacket, he rather exaggeratedly holds one side out before doing the same with the other to reveal the WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Title around his waist.

Ace: Doesn’t our champion look a million bucks, Jason?

Blackfront: He looks like a rather arrogant young man, Tommy.

Jesse’s smug grin vanishes upon raising the mic back up to his mouth, game face back on.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?!


Ace: Listen, you idiots!

Kendrix looks around the arena soaking up the atmosphere he is more than accustomed to in his presence before returning his gaze out at Murray in front of him, twirling his index finger around by the side of his head.

Kendrix: Andy, bruv. We’ve already done this. We’ve already had this chat, remember? JFK knows you’re getting on in the years but didn’t realise the forgetfulness kicks in that early in life.

JFK looks out at Murray and then the crowd over to his left with a pitying look on his face before returning his attention to the scot in the ring.

Kendrix: Bless, you’ve forgotten as well haven’t you. You’ve forgotten who I am. Well let me remind you. I’m the guy who won an entire tournament, capping it all off by making YOU...tap out like a little win this.

He removes the belt from his waist and raises it above his head before draping it over his shoulder.

Kendrix: Here’s the deal, we can do this as many times as you like, bruv. You can talk about asterisks, you can moan about your shoulder as much as you want. Honestly? You’re coming across as a bitter old man.

The champ leans forward to emphasize his last point towards Murray before arching his back up straight and pointing his free thumb upon his chest.

Kendrix: While I, on the other hand can simply continue to respond by claiming you’re going senile, when are you receiving your retirement funds, etcetera etcetera, repeat repeat.

JFK takes a few steps down the ramp, ignoring the abuse from the fans by the barrier, his gaze fixed squarely on Murray.

Kendrix: Here is the cold, hard, honest truth Andrew. No jokes, just simple facts. The reason your shoulder was fucked when I beat you for MY because you’ve been in this game for so very long...TOO LONG. Think about it, all the matches you’ve had in your esteemed, dare JFK say it, Legendary career...TIME...has simply caught up with your body.

The shot switches to Murray, who looks utterly fed-up with Kendrix’s bullshit, and urges him to hurry along. The camera then moves back to the champ who takes a couple of more steps forward mid way down the ramp.

Kendrix: JFK on the other hand, well...his career started just a few years back and as you can clearly see.

He holds his arms out by his side before returning the mic to his mouth.

Kendrix: My Body is in pristine condition...seriously bruv, look at it.

Ace: Look at that body, Jason!

Jesse throws his free hand out at Murray and back on himself.

Kendrix: There’s what? Fifteen or so years between us? Maybe twenty? Whatever it is...the cold hard truth of the matter old man is that your shoulder injury was your body trying to tell you something. But you didn’t want to listen to your body did you, Andrew? So just like JFK made you listen at the final of the WUTASOSWTT...Jaay Eeeef going to make you listen to him now...

He holds the title up at Murray in front of him.

Kendrix: Andy Murray versus Jesse Fredericks Kendrix 2.0…

The crowd begin to stir in anticipation...

Kendrix: NOT going to happen.

The boos ring out as the shot focuses back on The King, who to be fair to him, doesn’t look the least surprised at the champ’s announcement.

Kendrix: I’ve already beaten you fair and square Andrew. You’re done, it’s over. The Mikey Era doesn’t evolve around you. It’s time for the new generation to try...and take MY Wrestle UTA World Heavyweight Title from me!

Jesse drops the mic and turns his back on Murray beginning his walk back up the aisle.

♫“Blunt Blowin by Lil Wayne” hits the speakers stopping Kendrix dead in his tracks as Mr. Unlikely steps from behind the curtain following a mixed reaction from the crowd. Mikey is in his finest suit and aviator shades. He holds up a hand for JFK to stop on the ramp.

Unlikely: Whoa, whoa, whoa…. We’re not done here. Is it just me or does everyone forget who the man in charge is around here?

The fans cheer for Mikey’s interruption.

Unlikely: Listen Bruv, As it stands right now, Kendrix did defeat Andy Murray in the tournament finals of the WUTASOSWTT. He did so by making Andy Murray tap out...definitively.

Kendrix smiles, nods and appreciates his bruvs clarity on the situation.

Unlikely: Now that said… It WAS a hell of a match! I for one, would LOVE to see it again!

The fans erupt and start chanting for Murray. Mikey waits for the crowd to die back down before continuing. His fellow Bruv, meanwhile worriedly shakes his head up in Mikey’s direction.

Unlikely: As a bright businessman I’m always looking for ways to make this company, and let's be honest, to make me...more profitable. AND seeing as we have an open Main Event at our next LIVE pay per view, I’m willing to consider just about anything at the moment… Including Andy Murray vs Jay Eff Kay!

Ace: WHAT!? Has Mikey lost his mind!?

Blackfront: On the contrary Tommy! I think he’s finally found it!

The WrestleUTA faithful are on their feet. Kendrix is running up the ramp with a confused look on his face. Asking his former tag team partner… “WHY!?” Andy Murray eggs on the chants that have broken out across the arena.


Mikey smiles a bit and holds up one finger in front of the champion. The challenger is ready to go now.

Unlikely: BUT you’re going to have to earn it Murray!


Ace: HA! Here we go, the ol Mikey bait and switch! I knew he had Something up his sleeve, who would just give Andy Murray a title shot?

Blackfront: A rational human being for one!

Ace: Classic Mikey!

Finally a look of relief crosses the face of the champion. He holds the belt a little higher and puffs his chest out and turns to face Murray. Once more confident in his partner's plans.

Unlikely: So here is what I propose… Andy Murray proves himself in the main event of the next WrestleUTA on Hulu. You win that match, and you will become the WrestleUTA World Championship Number One Contender and earn your match at Absolution!

Kendrix looks back at Mikey once more, with an eyebrow raised. Andy begins to nod to himself before squinting a bit at the pair of bruvs.

Murray: You’ve said that before. Remember Jack Hunter?

He doesn’t wait for a response.

Murray: One more bloody hoop to jump through, eh? And if I win, what’s going to happen? You gonna find another loophole to screw me out of a shot you’d already promised me? Do I have to wrestle an idiot dressed as Eric Dane again? Maybe Carny Sinclair in a La Flama Blanca mask this time?

He shakes his head.

Murray: I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, boss. Chances are I could probably throw you pretty far, actually, but you know what I mean.

Unlikely nods, He expected this.

Unlikely: Listen to the words I am saying. Last time I promised you a “Big match” on the PPV. That’s EXACTLY what I did for you, and lemme be the first to was an instant classic. Now i’ve had my fun at your expense but i’m the first to admit when someone is busting their tail so Andy Murray….I see you!

He points to Andy from the stage lovingly. The ever cautious Murray doesn’t return the gesture.  

Unlikely: This time I’m promising you the “Title shot”. You proved yourself by beating everyone I’ve put in front of you, You’ve proven yourself against Theo Baylor, against Jack Hunter, hell even did me a favor when you beat Charles Wingate! So you and I both know you’re ONE OF the best wrestlers in the world… What I don’t know… is that you are THE BEST, Like Kendrix here has proved time and time again.

Kendrix slaps at his chest pridefully.

Unlikely: So what I am offering you is an opportunity, take it or leave it, it’s the best shot you have! Next week I’m putting you in a Gauntlet. You have my word, if you can defeat not one, not two, but three men in the span of one match. Then you’ve earned your World Title Match. If you lose… You will open every show from here to Timbuctoo against Bobby Dean until that contract you signed runs up.

Murray: Then I guess I don’t have much of a choice, o’ great, benevolent leader…

Though still not entirely trusting of Mikey Unlikely, Andy turns to face JFK directly, then raises the microphone.

Murray: DEAL.

And the mob goes wild.

♫“Hail To The King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes.

Blackfront: One last chance for Andy Murray, if he succeeds, we’ve got Kendrix v Murray 2.0

Ace: And if he fails to win the gauntlet, he’s up against Bobby Dean forever, haha!

The shot switches to a conflicted looking JFK who steps back, shakes his head and delivers his trademark smirk, but it’s not entirely convincing.

Jestal vs THE Jay Harvey

♫Jestal’s Theme hits the PA, to a chorus of boos as The Mad Prince steps from behind the curtain. Clucky firmly clutched in his hand, he makes his way toward the ring.

Jordan: Coming to the ring at this time….weighing in at 260 pounds….

Blackfront: This is for the Legacy Championship folks and Jestal better take it serious if he wants to be a champion.

Ace: Don’t worry Jestal will prove here tonight to Scott Stevens how to become a champion! It won’t be easy because unfortunately for him THE Jay Harvey holds that coveted prize at this moment.

Jordan: ...from The Funhouse……”The Mad Prince”...JEEESSTTAALLL!

As Jestal walks down the aisle, making fun of a few fans before reaching the ring. The Jester enters the ring setting Clucky in the corner.♫

♫The WrestleUTA logo appears dead center of your screen. “Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins to play and the crowd erupts in a giant boo. We go to the entrance ramp as the song is in full swing and Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp. The WrestleUTA Legacy title rests proudly around his waist. Harvey stands on the top of the ramp with his head down. He picks his head up and has a look of pure hatred. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Jordan: Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina… Standing at Six Foot-Four inches and weighing in at Two Hundred-Thirty Three pounds...

Blackfront: Jay Harvey does not look happy.

Ace: Would you be happy if some seven foot moron ruined your Five-Hundred Thousand dollar Rolls-Royce? The answer is no.

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips, shaking her ass in the process.

Ace: I’d hate to be Jestal right about now. Jay Harvey looks angry and I have a feeling Jestal is going to feel the brunt of that anger.

Blackfront: You may be right, Tommy.

Ace: I’m always right!

Jordan: He is accompanied by the lovely Catalina… He has informed me to refer to him as “the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth”, “the man who climbed the ladder”, “the legacy who holds the Legacy”... He is the WrestleUTA Legacy Champion, “The Natural One” THE Jaaaaaaaaaay Haaaaaaarrveeeeyyyyy!

Jay Harvey comes to a halt in his corner and gets one last kiss from Catalina before she exits the ring; “The Natural One” wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

Ace: This just proves the type of man that THE Jay Harvey is. His car has been utterly destroyed and here he is, about to smack this bozo looking fatty around to retain his title.

Blackfront: You just love to hear yourself talk don’t ya?

Ace: You know I do.

The bell sounds and immediately Jay Harvey rushes Jestal. Harvey lands a forearm shot that knocks Jestal back towards the corner. Harvey continues the attack with lefts and rights. Harvey is almost foaming at the mouth. Referee Levi Jones starts a Five Count and soon breaks the action up. Jones warns Harvey about the closed fists. Harvey jolts toward Jestal but the clown moves from the corner. Harvey is now pinned in the corner and Jestal goes on the attack. Jestal lays a few forearms shots and is soon shoved away by the much taller Harvey.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey showing off his strength.

Ace: Kind of like when Jay used to push around those fat kids in grade school.

Blackfront: What?

Jestal charges in with a Body Splash, but Harvey evades the attack. Jestal smashes into the turnbuckle and slowly moves backward right into a Snap Dragon Suplex. Harvey makes the bridge and goes for a pin attempt but Jestal kicks out before the referee can make a one count. Harvey transitions and locks Jestal in a Side Headlock. Harvey looks out into the crowd with a smile on his face. Harvey keeps wrenching the hold tighter and tighter around the head and throat of his opponent. Jestal tries fighting with all his might to get to a vertical base. Harvey is able to snap Jestal back down and the two are both on the mat with the Headlock still on.

Harvey: I’m the master of the Headlock!

The crowd boos Harvey’s remark. Harvey tries his best to keep his clutch on his opponent. Jestal again is fighting to get to his feet. Harvey and Jestal both get vertical. Jestal brings the two men backward toward the nearby ropes. Jestal uses his weight advantage to his benefit and pushes Harvey away, which sends Harvey running across the ring and into the ropes. Jestal acts quickly and catches Harvey in a Hip Toss. Jestal keeps control of Harvey’s arm as he transitions into a Hammerlock as both men are on the mat.

Blackfront: The action going back and forth in the early goings of this match.

Ace: I don’t even know why that idiot clown even bothered showing up… He can’t beat THE Jay Harvey!

Jay slaps his shoulder a few times and slowly gets to a vertical base. He spins and reverses the hammerlock, Jestal slaps his arm a  few times and drags Jay to the corner and walks up the turnbuckles and flips over holding on and arm dragging Jay to the mat, Jay gets up a bit shocked at Jestal’s abilities. The two stare at each other before circling once more. Jestal rushes Harvey but is taken down to the mat by a Drop Toe Hold. Harvey moves fast and slides over the top of Jestal’s back and goes for a submission maneuver. Harvey locks in a Chicken Wing Over the Shoulder Crossface. Jestal is in the middle of the ring and he’s screaming in pain.

Ace: The Bitter Pill!

Blackfront: Tapping out would be a bitter pill to swallow...

Ace: Tap you stupid clown! I hate clowns!

Jestal struggles to free himself from the hold. Jay locks it in even more with each attempted. Jestal clearly is on his last leg and reaches in between his legs and grabs a hold of Jay’s foot and pulls forward. Jay loses his grip on his submission, Jestal quickly grapevines Jay’s legs and pulls Jay up by his arms he wraps his leg over the back of Harvey’s neck and chicken wings the arm behind Jay’s back!

Blackfront; KillJoy! Jay is in shock! This is unbelievable! We could have a new champion here!

Ace: What in the world he can’t do that to THE Jay Harvey!

Now the tables have been reversed and this time Jay is the one screaming in pain. Catalina looks on clearly concerned. Harvey refuses to quit, and slowly crawls toward the ropes. He reaches for them but can not get them. Catalina notices the ref’s position as he checks on Harvey asking if he wants to give up. She quickly pushes the bottom rope inward allowing it to be reachable. Harvey grabs it, the ref looks and quickly tells Jestal who saw the whole thing to break the hold. Jestal refuses and continues to apply pressure the referee begins to count for him to break the hold.

Referee: One… Two… Three...Four…

Jestal enraged releases the hold only to get up and yell at the referee pointing at Catalina.

Blackfront: Would Jay have tapped? Catalina clearly interfered here, and now the referee is forced Jestal to break the KillJoy!

Ace: It ain’t cheating unless you get caught, Jason. Boo hoo clown!

Amongst the argument, Jay slowly tries to get his bearings holding his right arm. Jestal continues to argue with the referee, until he shoves him aside Jay quickly nails a impressive standing dropkick. The momentum knocks Jestal through the middle and top rope to the floor. Jestal slowly gets to his feet aggravated by the officiating.

Blackfront: Jestal not happy with Jay Harvey or Referee Levi Jones.

Jestal paces back and forth clearly not in a laughing mood anymore, as he stares coldly toward the two men in the ring. The jester appears to have snapped he grabs Clucky sitting in the corner. He gets a knee up to the apron, but a hand comes from under the ring. Jestal looks shocked as he is pulled off the apron and suddenly pulled off his feet and dragged under the ring. Jay and the referee look around, Jay’s concern quickly ends as now he demands the ref to count out the challenger.

The ref really can not argue with Harvey’s demands. He begins his count…

Referee: One… Two…

Blackfront: What’s going on here, Tommy?

Ace: I have no clue, Jason. I thought I saw a hand or something.

Jay clearly impatient with the ref slow count argues with him breaking the count. After a minute of arguing The ref restarts his count and Jay is livid.

Referee: One… Two… Three...

Jestal slowly crawls out from under the ring his makeup smire off on the side, he crawls to the barricade using it to pull himself up.

Ace: I really don’t want to know what was under that ring.

He quickly looks over at the apron and rushes into the ring. The expression on Jestal’s face is that of terror. He continues to look down outside the ring shaking his head he turns around and gets put into a Fireman’s Carry position.


Harvey has a smile on his face and then uses his strength to push Jestal up off his shoulders and Knee Lifts his opponent in the face. Jestal drops to the mat and Jay Harvey goes for the cover. He hooks one leg and counts along with the Referee.

Referee: One! Two! Three!

♫“Natural One by Folk Implosion hits the sound system and the crowd starts to boo.

Jordan: The winner of the match by pinfall and... STILL WrestleUTA Legacy Champion “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey!!

Harvey snatches his hand from the ref, his right arm bent slightly still feeling the effects of the KillJoy. Catalina enters the ring and raises his arm. The ref hands him the championship and he quickly sntaches it from the ref. Harvey climbs the turnbuckles raising the championship high above his head to a chorus of boos.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey wins another one.

Ace: What was going on under the ring?

Blackfront: I have no idea...

The apron under the ring begins to move, and out crawls Scott Stevens and he has Clucky in his hands. He has a smirk on his face as he heads up the entranceway with Jestal’s best friend in his clutches.

Ace: Wait a minute here he was banned from ringside!?

Blackfront: Scott found a way to get involved in this match, and it appears he finally got his hands on Jestal. He is even leaving with a souvenir!

Ace: Mikey better do something about this a suspension, fine, something not only did he disobey an order he is now a THIEF!

Cameras cut to Jay Harvey and Catalina walking up the entrance way. We stay on them as the WrestleUTA and Hulu logos appear at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Blackfront: Were out of time here folks, good night!

We soon fade out on the WrestleUTA Legacy Champion and go to black.

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