Wrestleshow ep 17

11 Apr 2017

Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, South Carolina (seats 15,951)

Two Weeks Ago

The words "Two Weeks Ago" appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen with the WrestleUTA on Hulu logo.

Jesse turns in a circular motion holding his index finger out in front of him.

Kendrix: All of you BELLENDS thought that big confused psycho, Crimson Lord, was gonna take MY WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Championship away from JFK.

His smug grin comes to a halt with a look of apparent disappointment on his face.

Kendrix: You know, JFK hates to be that guy. I mean, I hate to say I told you so but…

Cut to…

Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes hits.

Blackfront: Oh, thank God!

The crowd do their thing with the cheering and the clapping…

Murray: Now I don’t mean to be rude, laddie, and forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any one of these good people paid their money to come and listen to your masturbatory, self-congratulating self talk us to sleep for 30 minutes.

A big cheer. Murray’s at the bottom of the ramp, and he quickly rolls under the rope, standing a comfortable distance away from the UTA Champion.

Murray: No, chief - these people paid to see a fight, and seeing as neither of us are booked tonight…

Blackfront: Ohhh boy!

Murray: And you still have something I want…

The King smiles.

Murray: How about it, bruv?


Blackfront: Crimson with a devastating corkscrew piledriver, Lord not wasting anytime he has Rojo by the back of the head.


Ace: Good night Dragon.

He shouts and quickly locks in the dragon sleeper on Rojo. Dragon tries to hold on but eventually can no longer resist the pain and taps.

Death Dealer by The Engima TNG plays once more♫

Jordan: The winner of the match by submission “THE PERFECT WEAPON” CRIMSON LORD!

Cut To…

Crimson: Harvey!....

Crimson looks back at Zoey for a second, his eyes slowly look toward the entrance as he raises the stick once more to his mouth.

Crimson: Jay if you do not bring your ass out here right now, there will not be a place back there for you to hide!


The Texan glares back at him before Mikey chuckles and continues.

Unlikely: Not quite bruv, but I like where your head's at! Tonight is a gift for two reasons, Number one, you two are in the main event! The upper echelon! The TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN BABY! It’s high profile! The big lights are on, and it’s up to the both of you to show that you deserve it! That’s why I went ahead and made it a LADDER MATCH!

Both men’s eyes widen. Harvey looks upset at first.


The fans explode inside the arena. Mikey holds up two fingers before reaching down under his desk and lifting something into view.

Unlikely: And secondly… This will be hanging high above the ring, and the first man to get to it, will be the rightful owner and NEW CHAMPION!

From under the desk, Mikey reveals a newly designed WrestleUTA Legacy Championship. Once more the fans erupt in Columbia, South Carolina.


Impulse’s eyes narrow as he glares at Jamie Sawyers, but he slowly softens and a smirk forms.

Impulse: I’ve always shown my opponents respect. Even the worst of the worst, the SARS the Clowns, the JJ DeVilles, the Curtis Penns… our issue takes place between the ropes, and between the bells. For the most part, that’s also been reciprocated. Not to say that JJ and I showed personal respect, for example - but when we actually got in the ring, the bell was the end of it. Either I won, and my opponent backed off until the next battle, or I lost, and my opponent realized he won the day. But to jump me after the bell and attack Cally, when she’s clearly not a threat to you…

He leans forward.

Impulse: I’ve always shown my opponents respect, but I’ll tell you, Jamie… Chris Ross just did the worst thing he could - he’s no longer my opponent. He’s my enemy.


Mikey puts his hand out in front of him, trying to calm the seven footer down.

Unlikely: Listen Bruv, I can’t have you wandering these halls like a raving lunatic. You have to understand I have to have a million things running at once, to make this show work. If you’re back here causing a scen, it can slow things down.

Crimson: I am not your Bruv, if you have a problem with me wandering these halls it's quite simple. Tell me where Jay Harvey is?

Unlikely: Actually it's THE Jay Harv…

Crimson quickly interrupts him.

Crimson: It’s going to be THE Dead Man when I get my hands around his neck!

The fans cheer loudly, Unlikely again motions for Crimson to calm down.

Unlikely: Listen, Crimson I can not have you interfering in a very important match tonight. I do not want any interruptions with reactivating the Legacy Championship.

Crimson crosses his arms clearly not impressed.

Unlikely: So I am going to ask you respectfully, I am going to give you two choices here tonight.

Crimson’s clicks tongue against his teeth.

Unlikely: You can either leave the show on your own free will….OR

Security walk into the picture, Crimson clearly does not look too impressed. Zoey on the other hand voices her concerns toward her father.

Zoey: Dad let's go, we do not need any trouble.

Crimson looks down at her then back at Mikey.


The Boss laughs as he jumps down the dock and grabs Dexter.

Ross: Come on fruit cup! You’re fine! Walk it off!

He says as he spots what he was looking for.

Ross: There it is!

The Keystone State Killa says as he throws Dexter over his shoulder and walks over to a dumpster. The front of it says “Keystone State Killa Trash Collection”.

Ross: Welcome to your new home! Say hi to Lew Smith for me!

He says before he throws Dexter into the dumpster with a simple heave. Ross brushes off his hands laughing as suddenly Ivy runs into the picture.


Ace: I don’t blame Jestal, would you want to breathe into that mouth smelling of cheap beer and cigarettes?

The Jester slides in the ring and back out, he picks up Luke who clearly is out cold somehow. He puts him back in the ring. He gets back in the ring and skips around laughing as the ref checks on Luke. Jestal stops and looks at Luke. he slowly approaches him in a stalking he reaches him he locks in The KillJoy!

Blackfront: Luke is in by way no means in the condition to try and get out of Jestal’s finishing move.

Ace: Good then maybe we can move to the part of the show that involves actual wrestling.

Luke clearly is in a lot of pain, he taps repeatedly and the ref quickly calls for the bell.

Blackfront: That’s it, Jestal defeats Luke Dibbins, but what happened under that ring?


Ace: This guy, is a genius what a perfect way to make these somber guys in the back happy once more.

The camera catches Luke with a giant plastic lip prop in his mouth. The plastic lip has a full teeth ear to ear grin on it.

Blackfront: You have got to be kidding me that is his solution?

Tommy laughs along with Jestal.

Ace: That’s hilarious.

Blackfront: Unbelievable! If he actually thinks he is going to get a pair of plastic teeth in Stevens mouth this guy clearly has lost his damn mind!

Ace: Stevens is in need of a mood adjustment, I think if anyone can do it Jestal could.


Blackfront: This is a war!

Jay Harvey grabs Scott Stevens by the back of the head and slams his face down on the top step of the ladder.

Blackfront: Oh no…

Jay Harvey uses all the power in his legs to somersault over the top of the ladder as well as his opponent and Powerbombs Scott Stevens down to the mat. Harvey stays on his feet and falls back onto the ladder that is still standing upright. The crowd has officially lost it.




Blackfront: I can’t believe… I can’t believe what I just saw.

Ace: For the first time in my career… I’m speechless.

Blackfront: That really is a first.

The replay of the Powerbomb rolls and the crowd continues to chant. When we go back to live action we get a close up of Scott Stevens who appears to be unconscious. Jay Harvey snarls as he pushes himself up off the ladder. He turns and starts climbing the ladder. The fans are torn with their hatred for Harvey and the amazing display they were all witness to. Harvey goes up rung by rung. He gets close to the top step and grabs at the Legacy Championship. He has it in his hands and unhooks it from the wire. The bell sounds bringing the match to an end.

Jordan: Your winner and NEW WrestleUTA Legacy Champion… “The Natural One” THE Jay Haaaaaarveyyyy!

The crowd seems to be stirring and starts to cheer as a large figure moves through them.

Blackfront: It’s Crimson Lord!

Ace: What’s he doing here?! Mikey told him to leave!

Crimson Lord puts one leg over the barricade and then the other. He rushes to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Harvey turns and him and Catalina just narrowly get out of dodge. Lord is upright and going crazy. Harvey and Catalina scamper down the aisle.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord almost had Jay Harvey!

Harvey holds his Legacy Championship close to him as Catalina has her arm behind his head and around his shoulders. The two have their eyes on Crimson Lord. We cut to a camera that’s locked on Crimson Lord. Crimson stands on the bottom rope and points his finger out at Harvey.

Crimson Lord: I’ll get you! Your ass is mine, Harvey!

We go back to the entrance ramp to Harvey and Catalina.



Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy!

The WrestleUTA Champion Kendrix steps out of the car holding the baloons, quickly followed by the WrestleUTA owner, Mikey Unlikely.

Ace: The boss is here!

Blackfront: I had heard that tonight was his birthday!

Ace: Heard!? I ordered him a special gift just last week! I hope it arrived in time!

Mikey fixes his tie and smiles wide.

Unlikely: Tonight is going to be a great night!

Jesse turns to his best Bruv and nods.

Kendrix: Well let me be the first to say it. Happy Birthday bruv!

Mikey and JFK share the now signature “Gluefist!”

Kendrix: I know i'm empty handed now but JFK’s gift for you will be with you later tonight…got a Prime membership, innit bruv?!

The WrestleUTA owner brushes off his buddy, who looks slightly worried and immediately pulls his cell out of his suit pocket touching his index finger to hurriedly, almost panicky, operate an app.

Unlikely: Oh Bruv! You didn’t have to get me anything! But I’m glad you did! I can’t wait to see what everyone got me! It’s my Birthday dammit! What are you doing with your phone?

Kendrix looks back at his Bruv pointing back at his cell.

Kendrix: Oh, uh...just, you know, checking the tracking system on where that damn present that JFK DEFINITELY bought you in plenty of time is at...

Mikey let’s out a celebratory yell and pumps his fist. His cell phone rings and he pulls it from his pocket and puts it to his ear.

Unlikely: This is Mikey!

He waits a beat. JFK looks relieved.

Unlikely: Excellent! Yes, bring it right into the back of the building, I’ll have my guy from catering waiting for you! Great!

He hangs up the phone and turns back to JFK, who rather guiltily covers his cell.

Unlikely: The cake is almost here! Let’s go!

Kendrix pops his cell into his suit jacket and adjusts the WrestleUTA World Title on his shoulder, looks up at the balloons and smiles. The pair walk into the arena as the scene fades.

Scott Stevens vs Dylan Daniels

As we head back to the ring, Quality Control by Jurassic 5 is playing as Dylan Daniels stretches in the ring.

Jordan: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Dylan flexes beside Jordan.

Jordan: Introducing first, from Seattle.... DYLAN... DANNIIEEELLLSS!

The fans boo as Dylan shakes his fist in the air and smirks.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels is looking to make an impact here in Wrestle UTA and he could do that here tonight.

Ace: I’m going to be the first to tell you that I got the inside scoop and Daniels will win here tonight.

Blackfront: Inside scoop? Please tell me it isn’t your Uncle Vito is it?

Ace: You don’t bad mouth Vito!

Dylan Daniels rests in the corner awaiting his opponent.

 “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play and a chorus of cheers fills the arena.

Jordan: Introducing at this time, coming to us from the Great State of Texas, by way of Houston, Texas. Standing at six feet, six inches, and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six STEEEEEEEEEEEVENSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Stevens makes his way to from the back and to the top of the ramp and he stares at his opponent.

Blackfront: Stevens came up short in becoming the new UTA Legacy champion, but a win here tonight puts him back on track to contend for the Legacy or World championships.

Ace: I told you Daniels is winning and I got a hundo guaranteeing it happens.

Blackfront: I’ll take that bet.

Ace: You’re on.!

As Stevens makes his way towards his corner he stops at the ringsteps and stares at the rowdy crowd in attendance. Stevens salutes his faithful before rushing up the stairs and into the ring.

Blackfront: One has to wonder if Stevens is one hundred percent after the ladder match.

Ace: It doesn’t matter if he’s a fifty or one hundred the Scorpion goes down tonight!

The official checks both men and signals for the bell.

Blackfront: There’s the bell and we’re underway!

Stevens and Daniels come to the center of the ring and lock up but Stevens uses his size and strength advantage and throws Daniels to the canvas. Dylan slaps the mat and gets back up to his feet and locks up with the Texas native but is thrown back down to the canvas.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels is going to have to come up with a new strategy as Stevens clearly is one of the strongest wrestlers to ever grace a UTA ring.

Ace: Dylan keeps slipping from all that oil Stevens greases himself up with. No one shines like that normally.

Dylan complains to the official about something and he makes his way over to Stevens.

Blackfront: What’s this?

The official asks Stevens and the Texan shakes his head no but the official begins to check his arms.

Ace: I told you, Stevens is a cheater! DQ him!

After his examination, the official can’t seem to find anything wrong but this is the opportunity Daniels had hoped for because as soon as the ref steps aside he pounces on the Texan with a sucker bunch that staggers the former Wildfire champion.

Blackfront: Cheap shot from Daniels.

Ace: Cheap? That shot was well worth the price of admission.

Daniels quickly grabs Stevens and whips him but the Texan uses the momentum to reverse the attempt instead. Stevens bends over looking for a back body drop, but Dylan turns it into a swinging neckbreaker.

Blackfront: Neckbreaker by Daniels and he’s on the attack!

Ace: Told you, Uncle Vito never lets me down.

Daniels continues his assault with boots to the face before driving a stiff knee to the side of the face.

Blackfront: That loosened a tooth…cover!

Daniels take advantage of the stunned Texan and hooks the outside leg.



Stevens kicks out with authority.

Ace: Slow count ref!

Dylan looks at the ref before getting to his feet and reaches down to pick Stevens up but the Texan shoves him back trying to regain his coherence. Daniels with a boot to the face stuns Stevens long enough for him to pick him up. Dylan looks to whip Stevens into one of the corners but the Texan reverses it sending Daniels crashing into the turnbuckle instead. Stevens looks at Daniels and measures him before extended his arms and acting like his has two guns and shoots them at Daniels.

Blackfront: Stevens rushing full steam ahead.

As Stevens approaches he jumps into the air looking for the Stinger Splash but Dylan moves out of the way.

Ace: Suck on that!

Stevens hits the top turnbuckle and staggers back.

Blackfront: Stevens could be hurt here.

Ace: Good.

Daniels rolls Stevens up.



Daniels puts his feet on the ropes.

Blackfront: Feet on the ropes! Feet on the ropes!

Ace: I don’t see a thing.



The official stops his cadence as he sees Dylan with his feet on the ropes.

Ace: What the fuck?!?!?!!?? Fire this guy Mikey!

Dylan and the referee get into a heated argument and unbeknown to Dylan the man from Texas his back on his feet and is pissed off. Dylan slowly turns around and his eyes go wide as his head is decapitated from his body as he is turned inside out from a Texas size lariat.

Blackfront: That’s it Dylan is dead.

The official goes to check on Daniels but Stevens shoots him a look which causes him to think twice. Stevens picks up Dylan and puts him between his legs. He reaches down and lifts Dylan into the air and starts running before throwing him across the ring into the corner.

Blackfront: Powerbomb into the corner from Stevens.

Ace: His neck! You see that whiplash?!?!?!?!?

The whiplash effect causes Dylan to stumble forward to a waiting Stevens and Scott quickly grabs him and spins around tossing him back into the corner with a T-bone suplex. Stevens watches as Dylan slides down the turnbuckles like a fly sliding down a window after being crushed and pulls him back to the center of the ring.

Blackfront: What’s Stevens going to do now?

Stevens hooks Daniels and snap suplexes Dylan into the corner.

Ace: I can’t watch this.

Stevens holds his index finger high into the air to signal one final move and the crowd goes wild.

Blackfront: Stevens looking to finish Dylan Daniels right here and the crowd loves it.

Ace: The people are sick and rabid idiots!

Stevens picks up Daniels and sits him on the top turnbuckle and grabs him around the head. Stevens starts to run taking Daniels with him.


Stevens covers Daniels and the referee could count to a million because Dylan Daniels is out cold.

Blackfront: Time to pay up Tommy!

Ace: We never shook on it! It doesn’t count.

Blackfront: Cheap mother……

The banter between the announcers is interrupted as “Partyman” by Prince begins to play, quickly taking Stevens attention from his victory.

It's a Celebration!

It's A Celebration!

Stevens, bounces back with a….

♫Partyman by Prince begins to play, quickly taking Stevens attention from his victory.

Ace: What the?

"Gentlemen, let's broaden our minds!


Scott looks toward the entranceway, as pyro explodes from it. Jestal has appeared on the tron dancing back and forth.

Blackfront: What in the world is this clown doing?

Ace: Looks like dancing, he did say he was going to inject the

WrestleUTA with some fun.

All hail, the new king in town

Young and old, gather 'round (yeah)

Black and white, red and green (funky)

The funkiest man you've ever seen

Tell you what his name is

The backstage area starts to empty out with what looks to be party goers. Some have T-Shirts that say Happy Birthday Mikey Unlikely. Others have the word “Congratulations” on their shirts.

Blackfront: What are all these people doing out here, Stevens seems a bit taken back by all this and so am I.

Ace: Its a party Jason, lighten up especially Scott who is probably the biggest grouch in the WrestleUTA.

Partyman, partyman

The guys and girls surround the ring throwing streamers out into the crowd. Stevens does not look very enthusiastic.

Blackfront: These fans seem to be enjoying this I guess you can say a party for Stevens.

Ace: Look at all this effort to livin up the dismay part of the show, and Stevens refuses to lighten up...this is great!

Rock a party like nobody can

Rules and regulations, no place in his nation

Jestal throws colorful confetti up in the air where he is backstage blowing on a kazuu.

Blackfront: Looks like Jestal has spared no expense to put on a show for the fans here in the Ben Secours Wellness Arena.

Ace: Get use to it, tonight's show is about having a good time. With our boss’s birthday bash, and now this plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Partyman, partyman

The ring post suddenly fire up confetti, then followed by a streamer of pyro. Scott looks around the ring completely baffled at all this.

Blackfront: All this effort to put on a party and Scott clearly has been taken out of his element.

Ace: You sound surprised, I don’t think Stevens has ever enjoyed anything.

Party people, say it now, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Somebody holler if you want to party

"Ladies and gentlemen, no pictures, please!"

Get it up, oh yeah

Balloons begin to fall from the ceiling as they hit the ground, you can hear countless balloons being popped by the fans in the Wrestlezone. Stevens stares at Jestal on the tron with a cold look.

Blackfront: A cold look coming from the man, who I guess this party is for Scott Stevens.

Ace: For pete sake Scott lighten the hell up!

Partyman, partyman

Jestal is now doing hip thrusts in front of the camera, with a ear to ear grin across his face.

Get it up, get it up

"Oh, I love purple"

A woman steps from backstage with a multicolored package with a red bow on it. She begins to make her way down to the ring. Scott raises a eyebrow as she approaches.

I rock the party, I rock the house

I rock the whole world, north, east and south

In the west, seventeen horns blowin'

Blackfront: Who is this young lady coming down the ring?

Ace: Oooo laaa Laa, I got to ask if Jestal does parties in his off time.

The party goers begins to head back to the backstage area still hyping the crowd with confetti and streamers.

Partyman, partyman

Blackfront: Seems, this crowd is leaving the ringside leaving this young lady with a present in her hands, I shudder to know what could possibly be in there if it's coming from that jester.

Ace: Give me a break Jason, you and Stevens clearly need to lighten up. Not everything Jestal does for people is rude.

The woman walks the apron after setting the package down. She steps through the bottom and middle rope and reaches down for the package. The song slowly begins to fade out as she walks over to Scott.♫

Stevens stares at the woman, as Jestal blows the kazuu one more time before staring at Stevens with a goofy smile.

Blackfront: It appears we're finally going to get some answers on the deal with all this.

Ace: Jesus your dense it's called adding some enjoyment to this company.

Jestal: Why hello there Scotty!

The Texan slowly looks up at the tron at the smiling jester.

Jestal: Let me be the first to finally congratulate you!

Jestal begins to clap as Scott raises a eyebrow. The jester looks out into the crowd trying to encourage them to join in.

Blackfront: Congratulate him for what?

Ace: He did just win a match.

Jestal: Come on duckies clap for Scott Stevens, He finally did it.

Some in the crowd go along with the clown others just stand their baffled. Jestal continues to clap for a few more seconds.

Jestal: I got to say Scotty, after the tournament, you told everyone you would be a champion, and you know what that's the kind of positive attitude this places needs. Not to mention a lot of their frowns turned upside down.

Jestal winks at Stevens who turns to the clown now ignoring the pretty girl holding a present.

Jestal: So I threw this party to celebrate you becoming a champion!

Blackfront: Champion?

Ace: Ok, maybe Jestal didn’t see THE Jay Harvey beat this scrub in the ring two weeks ago. Champion Scott Stevens is far from that.

Stevens once again seems a bit baffled at what Jestal is talking about.

Jestal: I talked to the birthday boy earlier today. He approved me giving you what you deserve.

Blackfront: Giving him what?

Ace: Clearly, that's what the present was for, I am curious myself as to what our new Fun Director has in the box.

He raises his hand to the girl with the present.

Jestal: Here it is Scotty, the thing you have earned. I can tell you're excited to see what good old Jestal WrestleUTA’s Fun Director has for you….go on open it..

Stevens looks back at the girl who smiles with a warm gesture at him. He then looks back at Jestal who has a cheesy smile on his face.

Blackfront: Scott being extra cautious here.

Ace: Just open it, stop being so scared.

Scott walks over to the girl and she hands him the present, smiles once more at him, and winks at him before exiting the ring and head up the ramp. Scott still being extremely cautious. Jestal in a inaudible manner using his body language urging Scott to open the present.

Scott looks out into the fans as they seem just as curious to see what is inside the package. Stevens slowly removes the lid from the box, and looks inside the box. The camera quickly catches the expression on Steven's face. His eyes have widened his teeth clenched against each other.

Jestal: Now come on Scotty, you should be happy..

Blackfront: Whatever is in there Scott does not like it apparently.

Stevens reaches into the box and pulls out a five year old plastic championship belt.  

Blackfront: What the?

Ace: Its a championship belt fans buy at the souvenir store, what a thoughtful gift.

Jestal: See now you can be exactly like the rest of these dip spitting jackholes ….a CHAMPION!

Jestal laughs hysterically as Stevens looks like he is about to explode while the fans erupt in boos for Jestal.

Blackfront: The nerve of this clown!

Ace: Nerve? It's brilliant, that's about as close to a championship Stevens will ever be. All Jestal did was make his dreams come true.

Jestal starts falling over laughing as Stevens quickly looks up at the tron before Jestal knocks the camera man over laughing so hard and the tron goes to snow.

Which oddly, is when a bit of white powder snow begins to gently fall from the rafters, down the entrance ramp and even into the ring. Stevens looks up, confused, trying to exit the ring.

♫”Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne♫

The UTA crowd rises to their feet in anticipation as Ozzy’s opening lyric echoes throughout the arena. After the guitar rift kicks into high gear and smoke billows out of the entranceway, Jack Harmen steps out onto the ramp. He’s wearing a UTA t-shirt and black jeans as the corner of his mouth upticks in a smile. He tosses one hand up in his signature devil horn taunt to cheers before making his quick strides to ringside.

Blackfront: We heard it weeks ago Ace, but Hall of Famer Jack Harmen is finally here!

Ace: Never stepped in our ring, boy’s gonna be in for a rude surprise!

Harmen climbs the ring steps and looks around to the cheering crowd, and then turns to Stevens, who is utterly confused in the ring. Harmen steps into the ring, and makes a cutthroat motion meant for the sound crew. He walks to the far side of the ring and shouts, as the timekeeper tosses him a microphone. Harmen taps on it once as the music dies down.

Jack Harmen:  

“Wel-come Jack! Wel-come Jack!”

Harmen doesn’t take his eyes off of Scott Stevens, and particularly seems to be eyeing the toy plastic belt in his hands.

Jack Harmen: My name, is Jack Harmen. I’m a twenty-five year veteran of this sport, already a Hall of Famer… and I’ve come here to take that UTA champi--

Harmen points purposely toward Steven’s belt. He pauses, mouth agap.

Jack Harmen: - is that plastic?

Stevens blinks. He looks down to the belt, and back to Harmen, nodding. Harmen sighs, rubbing the bridge of his temple with his head in his hands.

Jack Harmen: That’s what I get for listening to a freaking clown. (aside) I thought he was part of the production crew! I really need to pay attention more.

Harmen squints, staring down Stevens.

Jack Harmen: But this doesn’t have to go to waste. Scott Stevens, I’ve heard your name for the past few years, and I’ve never had the pleasure of introducing myself to you. So, what say you, Scotty. How about we become blood brothers? Bathe in the glow of violence together. Next week. The first one on one encounter of Jack Harmen, and Scott Stevens. Whattya say my good man?

Harmen extends his hand to Stevens, attempting to seal the deal with a handshake. He nods as Stevens hesitates, and takes the microphone from Harmen.

Scott Stevens: NO!

Stevens bellows as the crowd boos the potential dream match as Harmen shouts “Hey! That’s my microphone!”

Scott Stevens: How do I know you’re not with that buffoon giving me this?

Stevens points to the plastic belt and Harmen tries to assure the Texan he isn’t with Jestal, and Stevens doesn’t look convinced.

Scott Stevens: Really now? Jestal threatens to inject some fun into me and you want to bathe in the glow of violence? Seems rather coincidental don’t you think?

The Texan says as he gets nose to nose with Harmen and the crowd goes wild as the two size each other up.

Scott Stevens: On second thought, maybe bathing in your blood is what I need. Maybe, I do need to have some fun as Jestal says and whooping your ass might be the right amount of fun I just need.

Stevens says as the crowd goes wild and Stevens tosses the mic back to Harmen as he begins to leave. The microphone bounces off Jack’s chest as he refuses to catch it, shouting “I don’t want it back!” He sighs, leaning down to pick the microphone back up. As he raises it to his lips, static fills the big screen tron, as Jestal returns, cackling into the night. Harmen attempts to speak, but his microphone has been silenced, as Stevens fumes at the laughing clown looking down on both men.

Patty Cake.

Patty Cake

The scene opens to catering. The usual spread is put out as normal, we see hot plates, and catering dishes, even baked goods at the end of the table. Finally we hear some commotion, the camera turns as Mikey is directing traffic. He has now removed his suit jacket and using both arms is waving in a giant package. The large package is on a table with wheels and is being wheeled to the center of the room.

As it nears we see with absolute clarity that it is an enormous birthday cake for Mikey Unlikely. Mikey’s face is screen printed directly onto the cake which appears to be about 10 feet square.

Unlikely: Keep going, keep going…. Over to the right just a bit…. PERFECT!

They stop the table, and Mikey smiles once more. He stretches his arms across the length of the Cake and breathes deeply. Clearly satisfied with himself. The workers give Mikey something to sign, he does so on the first passerby’s back and hands it back to the man, who then leaves.

Unlikely: Yes! This is going to be brilliant!

Enter the WrestleUTA World Champion, Jesse Fredricks Kendrix!

Kendrix: Oi Oi!

Kendrix has his arms full quite literally as he holds a giant rectangular gift. It seems light, but awkward. He brings it over, and sets it next to the cake.

Kendrix: Your gift, that I totally ordered last tuesday and not an hour ago, is finally here bruv!

Mikey looks it over and his eyes go wide excitedly. He cannot wait any longer as he rips into the red and black wrapping paper. He peels off a very large piece on the front of the object and it is revealed.

Kendrix: It’s a HUGE Mikey Unlikely poster! This one is from your time on “Crow’s Alley!”

The image is of Mikey in full character for a role he recently played on a Hulu original series. Mikey’s face with a large western hat over his head and a scar over one eye.

Kendrix: It’s a birthday poster! I thought we could set it up back here by the cake, and everyone can sign it with love as they come through!

Mikey wipes a fake tear from his eye and punches his former tag partner on the shoulder lovingly.

Unlikely: It’s beautiful! You shouldn’t have!

Kendrix: But I did! And look! Let JFK be the first one to sign!

Kendrix takes a marker from his pocket and flips it over in his hand, removing the cap. He stretches over the poster and writes a small message.

“Happy Birthday to the bestest bruv in the whole world a bruv could ever have, Jesse Fredericks Kendrix, OBVS!!!”

Unlikely is all smiles here, clearly this is going exactly as planned.

Unlikely: Amazing, thanks so much Bruv! You want a piece of cake!?

Mikey begins to cut a square off the end of the cake. JFK looks at the cake then back to Mikey.

Unlikely: It’s really good!

JFK puts out his hands.

Kendrix: Nah Bruv, I shouldn’t being in tip top shape and all, that’s a lot of empty cal…

Mikey thrusts the tiny plate and cake into his hands.

Unlikely: But… it’s my birthday!

Kendrix weighs his options, even looks over at the trash can. Slowly he cuts a piece off and bites into it. Kendrix feigns enjoyment.

Kendrix: Mmmmmmhmmmm sooo good, bruv!

He says with a mouthful of cake.

Unlikely: BEAUTIFUL!

Mikey turns to clean the knife off and JFK tosses the entire piece of cake in the garbage. As Mikey turns around JFK pretends his mouth is completely full.

Kendrix: This is the best cake ever! Going to have to get another piece later on in the night…

Mikey begins to cut a second piece for JFK who panics, and looks for escape.

Kendrix: Look bruv, gotta scoot, big business being WreslteUTA champion and all…

Mikey looks disappointed but understands. He nods and the two share an unprecedented SECOND “GLUEFIST!” of the evening. The Owner of WrestleUTA stops interviewer Paul Stewart as he’s passing by the cake.

Unlikely: Paul! Paul! Hey man! You want a piece of cake!?

Paul holds a hand up and shakes his head. Mikey gets a little defensive.

Unlikely: Fine! Whatever! Just go let everyone know it’s my Birthday dammit! CAKE FOR EVERYONE! SPREAD THE NEWS PAUL!

He nods and hurries off as Mikey admires his poster and cake.


David Hightower vs Duke Dibbins

“Half Crazy” by The Barr Brothers plays over the loud speakers, and it signals the arrival of the brousins themselves. Luke and Duke Dibbins step out onto the stage and start making their way to the ring.

Blackfront:: Say what you will about The Dibbins Boys, but they definitely have their fair share of followers!

Ace: Their intellect level certain speaks to a big chunk of our audience, Jason.

Jordan: Introducing first, from Beaver, West Virginia…

The un-dynamic duo reach the ring and roll beneath the bottom rope. Duke stands right up and raises both arms high into the air. It doesn’t take long before Luke takes his place outside the ring.

Announcer: Weighing in at 185 lbs. He is “Drunk Knuckles”....DUUUUKKEEEEE DIBBBIIIIINNNSSSSS!!!

“Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play and David Hightower walks out onto the stage making an angry face. The fans boo loudly as he looks around.

Blackfront: Hightower is back folks! He hasn’t been seen since Scott Stevens hung him from the top rope at No Love Lost.

We can see visible dark marks on the neck of Hightower.

Ace: And he looks pissed! I would not want to be Duke tonig….well, to be honest I never want to be a Dibbins...When that day comes Jason, you need to take me out to pasture and put me down!

David walks down the ramp staring down the West Virginia redneck.

Ace: This might be the two worst smelling wrestlers we have Jason!

Blackfront: Two of the most dangerous as well!

Ace: Dangerously dumb!

Jordan: ANNNNND HIs opponent. From West Memphis, Arkansas, weighing in at 250 lbs. He is the “Toughest Dog in the Yard” DAVID HIGHTOWEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!

Hightower takes his time around the ring as a very brave fan tries to bark at him. Hightower stares the young man down before slowly climbing the steps and stepping through the ropes. The referee checks with both men.

The bell rings and we are underway.

Ace: This shouldn’t take long!

Blackfront: Well don’t look now, but it appears Duke Dibbins is confident in his ability, look at him!

Dibbins comes out of the corner talking and bobbing his head. Hightower watches him but doesn’t move at first. Duke lifts an arm, wipes his hand through his greasy hair, and flexes in the direction of Hightower. David Hightower just stares at him without moving once more. Finally Duke loses his patience and heads toward Hightower, finally prompting a response from the bigger man. David Hightower swings at the mouthy Dibbins, but Duke ducks underneath and fires back with a few right hands of his own. Hightower eats three shots but it hardly phases him. Hightower grabs Dibbins with both hands and tosses him into the corner, now firing away and connecting with his own shots. Each one sends Duke backwards into the turnbuckle. After a few seconds the referee begins to tell Hightower to open his hands for the shots. Hightower turns and goes after the referee who is quick to flee. Hightower turns back around to face Dibbins and Duke comes running trying to surprise the “Toughest Dog in the Yard” but catches a clothesline for his trouble. Dibbins quick to get up but Hightower follows up with a kick to the gut before irish whipping him into the ropes. On the return David drops for the back body drop. Duke stops in his tracks and drops an axe handle across the back of David. David stands up and Duke hits a dropkick, it throws off the balance, but he doesn’t leave his feet. Duke finally getting some momentum, stands back up, runs off the rops and comes back. Hightower lifts and drops him with a samoan drop that shakes the ring. Hightower sits up, looks at Dibbins on the ground, snarls, and lifts him by the mullet. Once on his feet, grabbing Duke by the neck he sends him over the top rope and to the outside of the ring!

Ace: Watch out! They are coming out here!

Blackfront: Duke Dibbins throwing everything he can at David Hightower here but cannot find the advantage very long. David’s raw power is really keeping him in control!

The referee starts his count as Hightower watches Duke writhe on the ground before working his way up to his knees. Hightower breaks the count early on, and goes outside after his opponent. Duke stands up, turns around, and catches a big left hand to the face. This dazes the West Virginia native, Hightower grabs him by the mullet and slams his face off the ring apron. Hightower waits a beat and does the same thing again, once more bouncing the skull off the edge of the ring. The referee now, having had enough goes outside and tries warning David. Hightower turns, looks at the referee and walks towards him. The referee flees and dives into the ring, now starting his count over, and making sure to keep his distance from the Toughest Dog in the Yard. Hightower turns back and grabs Dibbins, lifts him up and walks to the fan guardrail. Hightower lifts and moves out of the way as Duke comes down throat first across the steel. Duke falls to the floor and chokes as he tries to regain his breath. Hightower finally reaches up for the ropes, and pulls himself onto the apron and into the ring.

Blackfront: This assault on Duke Dibbins is relentless.

Ace: Where’s his brother at!?

Blackfront: You mean his Brousin!?

Ace: Brother, Brousin, Cousin, Pet… it doesn’t matter what he is, why isn’t he helping!?

The camera cuts to Luke who is halfway up the ramp to the stage. He’s currently arguing with a fan over the fans beer. It appears Luke wants the beer from the fan but he’s not willing. Luke sticks one foot over the guardrail and the fan takes off! A disgruntled Luke steps back to his side of the barrier and looks around for more beer holding patrons.

Duke finally has recovered as the referee's count hits eight. He makes his way to the ring apron, and pulls himself to his feet. Hightower comes back at him, ready to continue the beating but a quick thinking Duke Dibbins, pulls the head of his opponent down, throat first across the top rope. David bounces back and struggles in the ring as Duke gets up quickly and climbs to the top rope.

Blackfront: Finally an opening for Dibbins, now let’s see what he can do with it!

Ace: Probably nothing!

Duke dives as Hightower turns around.

Blackfront: Diving double ax handle smash! Duke takes down Hightower!

Ace: WHAT!?

The fans cheer as Hightower holds his head and rolls to his knees. Duke doesn’t waste any time. Punch, kick, punch, kick, punch, kick. Duke lays into each shot, and David reals on his knees. Duke picks up David, pushes him into the corner, and looks the opposite direction. After measuring the the distance, Duke turns and irish whips David Hightower into the opposite turnbuckle, the reversal by David, send Duke instead, and with a lot of force. Duke hits the corner, and David follows up by running at him and attempting a body splash. Duke moves just in time! The fans are going nuts. Duke runs off the ropes and comes back with a forearm to the back of the head of his opponent. Hightower bends over and holds his head, Duke jumps on his back and locks it in…

Blackfront: The Chick’n Wang! He’s go that crossface chickenwing locked in! He’s trying to make David Hightower tap!

Ace: No way! No way! This can’t happen!

David struggles around the ring, trying to shake off the much smaller wrestler. Finally he figures the fastest way to do it is to go backwards. Hightower stops square in the middle of the ring, jumps up and lands hard on his back, squashing Duke and releasing the hold. Hightower chokes and wiggles his arm trying to recover from the submission hold. Duke clutches his stomach and tries to regain his breathing. David makes it to his knee, see’s Duke laying in the middle of the ring and Hightower hits the ropes!


Blackfront: Hightower with that giant knee drop to the face of Duke Dibbins! And now the cover!

Ace: Formality Jason!




The referee signals for the bell and this one is over.

Jordan: “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall, DAVID HIGHTOWEEEEEEEERRRRRR!”

Blackfront: Hightower is back to his winning ways after that one, and I’m not sure anyone wants to cross paths with this man.

Ace: I sure don’t. He just made a Duke pancake in there, with Dibbins face!

Luke finally finds his way to the ring and helps his brother out and to the back as Hightower takes in the boo’s from the live audience. Finally he steps through the ropes and heads to the top of the ramp while his theme song belts away. Hightower doesn’t look pleasded.


Reality Struck

Reality Struck!

We once again open up to catering, and this time, the scene has not changed much. The camera pans across the large Birthday cake to find only a small corner of it is missing. Much of the cake remains in place. Mikey sits in a steel chair next to the cake, his head in his hands, and his arms resting on his knees. He looks distressed.

The camera pans to the birthday poster and no one but JFK has signed it except for one small signature in the corner.

“<3 Bobby Dean”

The scene zooms out from the cake and poster and we see Bobby Dean sitting at a long table. He is finishing off a piece of cake. In front of him sits 4 empty plates, plus the one he is working on. Clearly Bobby Dean is the only person interested.

Mikey looks around waiting for someone to show up…finally with a heavy sigh he stands up and looks around again.

Unlikely: Where is everyone!?

Bobby Dean gets up from his seat and adds the empty plate to his ongoing pile. He heads towards the cake and starts slicing a sixth piece. Finally Mikey loses his cool.

Unlikely: Really Bobo!? SIX!? You need SIX PIECES!? This is for everyone…

Dean looks taken aback. He looks around the room himself and then back to Mikey.

Dean: Well, where is everyone!?

The WrestleUTA owner shrugs.

Unlikely: No clue! But you need to save some! This is ridiculous…

Mikey knocks over the poster and walks off muttering.

Unlikely: I really need to change my image…


King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain

♫Death Dealer by The Engima TNG; Crimson Lord's theme song begins...

The lights flash on and off rapidly, as the fans erupt when Zoey skips from behind the curtain toward the left side of the stage. She smiles and waves at the fans for a moment then she turns around and skips the other side of the stage and waves at that side of the fans. She then turns and skips to the front of the stage

Crimson Lord walks from behind the curtain. He walks toward Zoey, who looks up at him for a moment and starts to skip to the ring.

Blackfront: Here comes Crimson Lord. two weeks ago he nearly got his hands on our new Legacy Champion Jay Harvey

Ace: THE Jay Harvey, your Legacy Champion.

Crimson continues walking toward the ring. As he reaches it he looks into the ring for a moment while Zoey skips around the outside of the ring, slapping hands with the fans as she does it. Crimson heads for the steel steps, slowly walking up them to the apron. Zoey skips to the steps walking up them to the apron.

Blackfront: It appears the seven footer has something to say.

CL steps on the bottom rope and pulls the middle one up for Zoey to access the ring. She skips to each side of the ring ropes blowing kisses to the fans. CL Steps over the top rope and faces the announce team.

Jordan: Ladies and gentlemen ”The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMSON LORD!

Crimson walks over to the other side of the ring and motions for a microphone. Zoey hops on the top turnbuckle and watches Crimson slowly steps to the middle of the ring removing the WrestleUTA separator from the microphone and tossing it outside the ring. He looks out into the fans cheering him on.

Crimson: So last week, I called out you..

Points to the camera.

Crimson: Jay Harvey!

Fans boo loudly upon hearing the name of the NEW Legacy Champion.

Crimson: So what did you do? You tucked your tail between your legs and hid in the back. So since you had no desire to face me eye to eye, I searched the Wrestlezone high and low for you Harvey. Until our owner decided to kick me out of the Florence Civic Center.

Fans show their displeasure.

Crimson: If you thought that kicking me out of the building was going to stop me Michael you were wrong! I came…

Closely puts his index finger and thumb close together.

Crimson: To getting my hands on you Harvey, until again you showed exactly what kind of man you are and ran!

Crimson paces for a moment listening to the fans show their dislike for the new Legacy Champion.

Crimson: But tonight is a different night, a different venue...SO..

He looks toward the entranceway.

Crimson: How about you show, all these fans and the guys in the back that you truly are not just a chicken shit! How about you walk yourself down to this ring, steps through these ropes and face me right HERE in…Greenville, South Carolina TONIGHT!

Fans erupt in cheers.

Crimson: I know you're back there and if you're worried about, losing your championship just as quick as you won it..I’ll do you a and me, tonight in a non-title match. At this point Harvey it's not about a championship...championships can be won and lost, but what will stick out in your eyes is a blemish on that all so clean streak you got going on since arriving here..

Fans continue to express their approval.

Crimson: So come out here Harvey, show me and everyone else that you got the balls to acc….

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip hits the PA System.

The lights go out in the arena interrupting Crimson mid sentence before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view, dressed in ring tights and the brand new Chosen One t-shirt, holding his pose with his back facing the ring.

Blackfront: Well this isn’t the man Crimson was after, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind getting his hands on Kendrix.

Ace: Why would you say that Jason? What has JFK ever done to Crimson Lord?

Blackfront: You’re kidding me, right?

As the track's marching style drumming picks up he slicks his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he hops round to reveal a smug smirk on his face.

Ace: The only thing Kendrix ever did to Crimson Lord was beat him at No Love Lost.

Blackfront: Yeah, you conveniently left out the attack on his daughter, oh and the assist from Jay Harvey.

Proudly revealing the WrestleUTA Title around his waist to the less than adoring reception from either side of the arena, he then focuses his gaze on Crimson, the smug look from his face is replaced with one of confusion. He lifts his free palm to his mouth and pats it. As he brings the mic in his other hand to his mouth♫, his yawning echoes around the arena.

Kendrix: Hoooiiii, Listen...Yeah?


Blackfront: Must have been a late night for the champ.

Kendrix looks out momentarily at the crowd, holding his index finger to his lips before refocusing on CL.

Kendrix: Oh excuse JFK, he almost fell asleep listening to you in the back, Crimsy.

Ace: Haha! Crimson almost put the champ to sleep, Jason!

Seemingly shaking off the tiredness, Kendrix’ eyes open wide, focussed.

Kendrix: Now, pardon my interruption know JFK, he’s not usually one to come on out here in front of all these bellends and speak his mind…

Blackfront: Well, I’m pretty sure no one has ever met that JFK, he sounds like a treat.

Kendrix takes a few steps down the ramp before coming to a stop and holding the palm of his hand to his forehead.

Kendrix: ...But JFK is slightly confused as to why you’ve been granted TV time in MY ring…

Jesse points his thumb back onto his chest before pointing back up at Crimson.

Kendrix: ...To whine and complain like a big baby?

Crimson rests his arms on the top rope, his eyes widened at Jesse’s description. The champ holds his hand out wide by his side out at the UTAverse.

Kendrix: Bruv, don’t get JFK wrong...These people all know you used to be the champ around here once upon a time and you remain to this day an absolute LEGEND, not only in this company, but in this business.

The fans pop for Lord.

Kendrix: But when are you gonna learn? JFK thought that you would have got the message when he BEAT No Love Lost to retain his WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Title.

Kendrix slaps the plate of the belt around his waist, dastardly chuckle to boot.

Kendrix: Nobody gives a damn about what you have to say anymore, bruv...Nobody! Everyone knows that you’re just whining and bitching about Jay Harvey to deflect attention away from the simple fact…

The shot focuses on a calm and less than impressed look on Crimson’s face, the Giant inaudibly mouths “what’s that, kid”.

Kendrix: ...That you couldn’t beat the Chosen One.


Kendrix: You can make up all the excuses in the world, bruv. Jay Harvey, the weather up in Giant Land, JFK’s mum and dad for having the best egg and sperm combo the world has ever seen...

Jesse points in the direction of Zoey.

Kendrix: You can even blame your emo daughter for not being by your side to support you from the start in the biggest match of your career because JAY...EFF...KAY….kicked her right in her hot mouth.


Blackfront: Below the belt, Zoey looks ready to rip JFK’s eyes out right now.

Kendrix: Don’t worry toots, JFK is still up for it.

Jesse winks up at her, Zoey looking like she’s about to vom.

Kendrix: All the excuses, all the whining, it won’t detract from the fact that your time, Andy Murray’s up. When are you guys going to realise that you’re too old? You’re both DONE. Go home, retire, spend your twilight years with your families. You don’t need to worry about this place. We’re in the Mikey Era now. The likes of Jay Harvey…

He unbuckles the title from his waist and raises it high in the air for all to see.



Kendrix: Are taking this company into the future and onto...

Crimson: Listen... yeah..

As the crowd pop, Kendrix angrily points his finger up at CL for using his opening line, he steps back and forward frustrated.

Blackfront: Thank you, Crimson.

Ace: Hey, you can’t interrupt the champ like that?!

Crimson: I am glad you came out here tonight, since clearly, Harvey is afraid of me….and it seems you still have a pair after the beating I gave you at No Love Lost. How about this you and me…

Fans cheer

Crimson: In this ring tonight for the WrestleUTA Championship!

Huge ovation from the crowd, Kendrix looks over to both sides of the arena before shaking his head back up at Crimson.

Crimson: I get it, you're afraid…..Hell kid, I would be too. Had it not been for Harvey, you wouldn’t have that championship right now.

Blackfront: The sold out Ben Secours Wellness Arena agreeing with everything Crimson is saying here

Kendrix angrily puffs his cheeks out and runs his hand over his head before stepping forward and bringing the mic up.

Kendrix: You want JFK?! Everyone knows I can beat you all by myself, you bellend!

Crimson: Then show me kid!

The crowd picks up as Jesse dumps the mic to the ground and removes his t-shirt.

Blackfront: Kendrix isn’t backing off here, are we gonna have a title match right here right now folks?

Ace: No JFK, what are you do…

Zoey quickly exits the ring, as Kendrix steps through the ropes, showing no fear he gets right up to a face to face confrontation with the seven footer.

Kendrix trash talks Crimson, the audio is unable to pick up exactly what he is saying to Crimson. The seven footer continues to stare down into Kendrix eyes. The champ raises the title once more in front of Crimson’s face, pointing at his chest. Crimson stare slowly looks toward the title to the right of him then slowly back to Kendrix.

The champ turns from Crimson quickly dropping the title in mid motion he throws a fist. Crimson blocks it, and the two begin to unload with lefts and rights, the Wrestlezone roars in excitement as they all stand on their feet. Crimson throws a haymaker, and Kendrix ducks it on his way he picks up the WrestleUTA World Title from the ground, he turns back at Crimson launching himself with the title in his grasp.

The camera catches Crimson’s eyes as he quickly has regained his footing and his eyes looking to the right.

Blackfront: Crimson quickly turns around..3rd Eye!

Kendrix, could not get the belt to strike Crimson first and he is flipped in a one eighty in the air by a spinning lariat by Crimson. Crimson looks down at JFK holding the back of his head rolling back and forth on the mat….

♫“The Natural One” hits the PA, Crimson attention quickly turns to the entranceway. JFK stumbles toward the ropes trying to shake off the fall. Jay Harvey steps from behind the curtain Catalina by his side. She holds the New Legacy Championship for Jay. Harvey stops for a moment while Crimson is trash talking Harvey motioning for him to get in the ring.♫

Jay points at himself surprised, Crimson quickly nods. The Natural One quickly removes his jacket as he walks to the ring removing his tie, then his buttoned up shirt. He gets to the apron and climbs up the apron. Crimson steps back motioning for him to get in the ring. Jay steps through the ropes...then suddenly pulls his leg back to the apron and hops off the apron. Crimson clenches his teeth and starts to head toward Harvey, while the Legacy Champ slowly backs up the rampway.

Blackfront: Look out Crimson!

Kendrix quickly chop blocks CL from behind. Sending the seven footer down. JFK begins to stomp on the downed monster. Jay without hesitation quickly slides in the ring and joins in on the assault of the seven footer. Zoey looks on in despair. Catalina makes her way down to the ring with a big smile on her face. She reaches the ringside area, drops the Legacy title on the floor and goes under the ring, pulls out a chair and hands it to Jay. Zoey notices it and runs around the ring, Catalina sees her. The two women get face to face.

Blackfront: Look out Crimson!

Jay slams the chair across Crimson’s head, Harvey motions for JFK to get him up again. JFK sits Crimson back up. Jay readies for another swing at CL, Outside the ring the fans watch Zoey and Catalina now rolling around on the floor fighting.

Mid swing from Jay, the crowd erupts as Andy Murray rushes from the backstage area!

Blackfront: And here’s the cavalry!

Andy slides into the ring and swings at at Jay, cracking him on the jaw. Jay quickly rolls out of the ring Catalina has finally gotten away from Zoey. JFK mouths something at Andy and charges and he is met with a big boot right to the face! JFK quickly rolls out of the ring, Zoey quickly slides in the ring and checks on Crimson.

Jay, Jesse and Catalina regroup Jay holding his lower back and JFK holding his head. Andy motions for them to get in the ring. The Champions do not look very pleased as they trash talk Andy. Crimson has slowly gotten to his feet, holding his head staggering around for a bit before he gains his composure and looks out at The Champions next to Murray.

Ace: Goddamnit! Why’d that big geek have to come out and spoil the fun?!

Blackfront: It’s a good job he’s here, Tommy! If he wasn’t, Crimson was in trouble!

Ace: Exactly! Fun!

♫“Blunt Blowin by Lil Wayne” Everyone’s attention is taken to the entranceway as Mr. Unlikely steps from behind the curtain with a decent pop from the crowd.

Mikey motions for the music to be cut.♫

Unlikely: Well, look what we have here...Four of WrestleUTA’s biggest stars in one ring! I love it! In fact it gives me a GREAT idea for our Main Event here in the Ben Secours Wellness Arena!

Mikey ponders what to do as the fans roar in excitement. Mikey looks back at Crimson and Andy in the ring.

Unlikely: I got it! Crimson Lord and Andy Murray, will be in a tag match tonight. Let's see who should I put you guys against….

Lots of fans point at The WrestleUTA Champions.

Unlikely: I got it! Crimson Lord and Andy Murray Vs The Dibbins Brousins! !

The Champions chuckle but the fans quickly change the tune with a chorus of boos. Mikey looks out into the crowd confused for a moment.

Unlikely: No? Well, I guess it will be a Birthday surprise from me to you! ...Crimson Lord and Andy Murray Versus…..

Mikey looks down at The Champions who can see that look coming from the owner. JFK, Harvey, and Catalina quickly shake their heads up at Mikey.

Unlikely: THE Jay Harvey, and Jesse Fredricks Kendrix!

The crowd erupts as a distraught JFK holds his hands to his head following his fellow Bruv’s decision, as Jay and Catalina look equally displeased. Meanwhile in the ring, Andy and Crimson grin while Zoey hypes the crowd at the announcement.

♫“Blunt Blowin by Lil Wayne” plays once more while Mikey drops the microphone from his mouth. He rubs his fingers together symbolizing “money”. ♫

Blackfront: Ohhhh man! What an announcement, what a match!

Ace: I guess we have ourselves a main event.

Blackfront: We sure do, Tommy! The two most popular wrestlers in the company going up against the two most hated? Sign me up!

Impulse vs Jestal

♫”Dancing Mad”♫ plays over the sound system as the fans generally boo, but a few demented souls cheer for the Mad Prince.

Blackfront: I’m not sure how this is going to shake out, Tommy! Jestal is unorthodox, and that may give him an edge when it comes to ring psychology, but Impulse is a master mat magician and he’s certainly not in the best state of mind these days. He could be looking to take it out on the Mad Prince.

Ace: Are you kidding me? Jestal’s got this one in the bag. He’s got an opponent who’s smaller, weaker, and less entertaining to me.

Blackfront: … Okay, at least two of those are personal opinions, and as far as ‘smaller’ goes, Impulse is taller and more muscular. Jestal is fat.


Jestal enters the arena, laughing as hard as he can, and he walks to the ring holding a remote control of some sort in one hand and Clucky in the other. He stalks his way to the ring, ignoring the fans’ boos and catcalls around him.

Blackfront: For all his ridiculousness, Jestal is a competent, dangerous wrestler, and with Impulse coming back from an injury and likely not in the right state of mind after what happened at No Love Lost, Jestal could easily steal one if Impulse isn’t careful.

Ace: Please. I like Jestal, and I think he’s a fun wrestler to have here in WrestleUTA, and I think Impulse is an arrogant jackass and I’m on Team Chris Ross all the way, but… I lost my point somewhere.

Blackfront: At No Love Lost you seemed like you were against his treatment of Calico Rose.

Ace: … Well, she’s annoying as hell, but does that warrant a broken skull?

♫”Revolution” by SIRSY♫ replaces Jestal’s theme, and the fans come to life even louder than they were, and cheering as loud as they can for the Marathon Man.

Blackfront: On the flipside, Tommy… Impulse may very well be the best pure wrestler in WrestleUTA today, and quite possibly in the entire industry! If he’s got his focus, what does Jestal have to do to get past Impulse?

Ace: …

Blackfront: Well?

Ace: … I’d rather not say something nice about him.

Impulse enters quickly and makes a beeline for the ring; he evidently has no interest in the pageantry tonight. No jacket, no T-shirt. He brushes past the referee and starts right for Jestal!

Blackfront: What’d he say, Tommy?

Ace: I think it was ‘Ring the damn bell.’

Impulse raises his arm, but Jestal rolls to the outside to a chorus of boos as the bell sounds! He retrieves a microphone from the timekeeper, but keeps his distance.

Jestal: Hold it! Hold it hold it.

The referee counts, but Impulse holds up his hand; he evidently wants to let Jestal have his moment.

Jestal: I know you’re feeling sad, Impulse, but don’t worry. Calico Rose might not be here, but your good buddy Jestal wants to turn that frown…

And he actually makes a ‘smile’ gesture with his hands.

Jestal: ...upside down!

Blackfront: Impulse, still with a hardened look on his face, he steps back to allow Jestal to do his thing!

Ace: That’s pretty dumb on Impulse’s part.

Jestal reenters the ring, and tosses something to Impulse. It’s small; barely caught by the camera. Impulse catches it and looks at it, and looks confused at Jestal.

Jestal: I knew you’d miss her, so I went back after your match against Chris Ross, and looked for a sign. That right there… is a piece of Calico Rose’s skull.

Blackfront: WHAT?!?

The fans buzz in a mixture of surprise and disgust. For Impulse, he’s not sure what to make of it.

Jestal: Well… to be fair it was a ways after your match, it might just be a pebble. But I’ve heard her talk… it might fit.


Blackfront: Impulse with a sudden forearm to the face! And a second! You can’t blame him for that, Tommy!

Ace: No, Jestal should’ve seen that coming. But I guarantee you that little pebble skull piece reeks of pot and patchouli. You’ve seen her, she’s a total hippie.

In the ring, Impulse rocks Jestal back more, into the corner, and he whips the mad clown across the ring. Follow up with a clothesline - NO! Jestal steps out of the corner and drives his shoulder into Impulse’s chest, stopping his momentum and dropping him to the mat!

Ace: Too impulsive, too aggressive.

Blackfront: Did you just add that because you called Impulse... impulsive?

Ace: ...Shut up.

No sooner does Impulse hit the mat, Jestal grabs his formerly injured hand by the wrist and twists it around, and he drives a knee into Impulse’s forearm to wrench his wrist back even more.

Ace: Did he come back too soon?

Blackfront: Impulse trying to roll through, but Jestal has him locked in tight!

The fans cheer loudly for Impulse, as he tries to roll in all directions to gain some sort of leverage over Jestal’s hold, but the Mad Clown has him locked tightly!

Ace: Just give up and go home to your hippie!

Finally, after what seems like an eternity (but is likely just a few seconds), Impulse rolls to his side, folding his trapped arm between Jestal’s leg and his own chest, and hugs his leg with his free hand! He muscles his lower body up just enough to swing his legs, locking his ankles behind Jestal’s neck and squeezing tight!

Blackfront: Incredible core strength by the Marathon Man, he might’ve found a way out of this!

Ace: Took him long enough. Seriously, a wristlock?

Jestal hangs on as much as he can, but his face is turning bright red under the white greasepaint, and after nearly a minute he lets go and flails backwards for the ropes, steadying himself.

Blackfront: Impulse kips up! He’s holding his wrist, however, and I think there might be some damage! Jestal pulls himself to his feet and turns - SUDDEN IMPACT!

The boot lands squarely in Jestal’s chin, and he falls backwards like a tree in a forest. Impulse drops to his knees and hooks a leg, rolling over him!




The bell rings as he climbs to his feet, and the referee raises his hand in victory.

Blackfront: Impulse still favoring his hand, I think he knew Jestal had an easily exploitable weakness and he wanted to find a way to end it before he had the opportunity.

Ace: Lucky shot.

Blackfront: Lucky or not, Impulse with a successful return, and… he’s got that microphone that Jestal dropped!

Ace: Why does he need to talk?

In the ring, Impulse takes a deep breath as he puts the microphone to his lips. Jestal has regained enough of his senses to sit up, but he wisely rolls to the floor as his eyes meet his opponent’s .

Impulse: Chris Ross…

At the mere mention of his name, the fans boo mercilessly. Impulse lets them, and waits for them to die down before he speaks again.

Impulse: You’d better run.

He hands the microphone to the referee, exits the ring, and leaves without giving Jestal a second look.

Blackfront: Wow! Short and to the point!

Ace: Just like your love life.

Blackfront: We’ll be right back--HEY!

I Promise You That.

I Promise You That!

We open up in the locker room area. WrestleUTA backstage announcer Jamie Sawyers looks dapper in a new black suit and matching tie. He gets his cue and begins.

Sawyers: Ladies and gentlemen… my guests at this time-

Sawyers is interrupted by THE Jay Harvey almost immediately. He is dressed in his ring gear for his upcoming Tag Team Match. Catalina is just behind him wearing a sexy, see-through black number.

Harvey: Who are you? Where’s Paulie?

Catalina: We like Paulie…

Sawyers doesn’t know how to react.

Sawyers: I’m Jamie Sawyers…

Harvey: And? I’m THE Jay Harvey-

Harvey holds up his WrestleUTA Legacy title.

Harvey: I'm the most marvelous man to grace God's green earth... and I’m THE WrestleUTA Legacy Champion.

Sawyers goes to speak but again is stopped by Harvey.

Harvey: You know what? Your job is done here. I’ll take this-

Harvey grabs the microphone from Jamie Sawyers and then points to the door.

Harvey: You can see your way out…

Sawyers looks shocked and gets shooed away by both Harvey and Catalina.

Catalina: Who was that guy?

Harvey: I don’t know…

Harvey looks straight ahead of him and locks eyes on the camera rolling in front of him.

Harvey: I’m gonna make this short and marvelous… Crimson Lord, I’m going to continue making your life as miserable as humanly possible. Tonight will be no different. Andy Murray, you should have minded your business.

Harvey moves in closer to the lens.

Harvey: That good guy schtick is gonna get you hurt tonight… I promise you that.

Harvey and Catalina remain in the center of your screen before the feed fades and we move on with the show.


Who Went Where?

Who Went Where!?

We open to the backstage area, walking down an empty corridor appears to be a distraught Jamie Sawyers. He walks quickly and intently, muttering under his breath.

Sawyers: This is bullshit…

He rounds a corner and undoes his tie.

Sawyers: Been here for YEARS, and they keep treating me this way…

He begins to unbutton the top buttons on his dress shirt, revealing a white tshirt underneath, but doesn’t take off the overshirt.

Sawyers: I should have known when Mikey took over that this place would be like this, just like they used to treat me…

He undoes his cuffs.

Sawyers: Well no more…

The WrestleUTA interviewer reaches a locker room. The camera lands on the door and sees the nameplate.

“David Hightower”

Jamie Sawyers knocks twice very loudly, before cautiously walking I shutting the door behind himself.



Tag Team Main Event

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins playing over the arena sound system. The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp. Harvey raises his arms into the air as cameras zoom in on the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship around his waist. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Jordan: Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina… Standing at Six Foot-Four inches and weighing in at Two Hundred-Thirty Three pounds...

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips, shaking her ass in the process.

Ace: There’s our Legacy Champion!

Blackfront: Indeed, Tommy. Jay Harvey took on Scott Stevens. Harvey was able to climb the ladder and remove that title he now wears around his waist.

Jordan: He is accompanied by the lovely Catalina… He has informed me to refer to him as “the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth”... “He is the man who climbed the ladder”... The WrestleUTA Legacy Champion, “The Natural One” THE Jaaaaaaaaaay Haaaaaaarrveeeeyyyyy!

Jay Harvey raises the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship up in the air as the crowd boos him. He hands the title over to Referee Levi Jones. Harvey comes to a halt in his corner and gets one last kiss from Catalina before she exits the ring; “The Natural One” wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

The lights go out in the arena as the opening lead up to "Let 'em come" by Scroobius Pip blares out over the PA System. Lights flash black and white as the camera pans the center of the stage by the ramp, we immediately see Kendrix appear at the top center of the stage with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #JFK t-shirt, green and gold ring tights with green boots.

Blackfront: Here comes the WrestleUTA World Champion.

Ace: This might be one of the greatest tag teams ever put together.

Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, revealing his trademark Bug Eye Shades and sporting a smug smirk on his face.

Blackfront: You could be right, Tommy. How often do two Champions get teamed up in a match like this?

JFK puts his weight on his left foot as he spins around quickly to face the stage and begins to make his way down the ramp slowly towards the ring, showing off the WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Title around his waist.

Jordan: Hailing from London, England...

He gets to the ring, walks up the steps, looks back at the crowd shaking his head looking disgusted before stepping through the middle rope into the ring.

Jordan: Standing at Six feet, Two inches tall and weighing in at Two Hundred-Eighteen pounds...

He climbs up onto the 2nd turnbuckle in the corner closest to the entrance ramp. Looking around at all the fans shaking his head with a disapproving look on his face he looks down proudly at the #JFK logo on his shirt.

Announcer: JFK...KENDRIX!

Kendrix raises his head up proudly, beating his right fist twice to his heart before opening his arms out wide while shouting out words that can't be repeated on TV while making a "wanker" sign with his fist and pointing at the fans with the other hand.

Blackfront: Both men have their ties to WrestleUTA Owner Mikey Unlikely. Let’s see if they can coexist tonight.

Ace: I have no worries. The Champs are the Champs for a reason.

Kendrix takes his shirt off and looks like he's ready to chuck it into the crowd. Instead, he chuckles to himself and just leaves it in the corner of the ring. He jumps down, turning round in one motion and walks to his corner. He and Jay Harvey begin conversing.

Blackfront: The crowd letting JFK and Harvey hear it.

Ace: They’re all just jealous!

“Death Dealer” by The Enigma TNG begins to play. Crimson Lord walks from behind the curtain to a roar from the capacity crowd here in the arena! Crimson is followed by his daughter Zoey. The fans begin their dual chants which seem to have become the norm for a Crimson Lord Match now...


The lights continue to flash on and off rapidly as Zoey and Crimson Lord make their way to the ring.


Blackfront: Crimson Lord is all business as he walks down the ring.

Ace: He looks a little blocked up. He probably should have a Bran Muffin.

Crimson continues his walk toward the ring.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord hopes to finally get his hands on one, Jay Harvey.

Ace: My advice to Crimson Lord… Hope in one hand and crap in the other-

Blackfront: Jesus, Tommy.

Ace: What?

Jordan: Weighing in at three hundred and forty-eight pounds...from Chicago, Illinois….. “The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

The fans roar in excitement once more at the announcement of Crimson Lord from Jordan.


Crimson grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron. Stepping over the top rope and into the ring he walks to the center and removes his jacket and skull cap, throwing them toward the ropes.

Blackfront: The crowd is on their feet.

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes hits, and the crowd do their thing. The house lights cut, but multi-coloured spotlights start swirling the stage as the song runs through its organ-based intro, and the anticipation builds.


A huge pyrotechnic explosion as the track kicks in. The lights come back up, and Andy Murray is stood at the top of the ramp, gazing out at the crowd, smiling broadly.

Blackfront: Andy Murray has been looking to get his hands on Kendrix for some time now.

Ace: Look, Jason… Murray is a loser and he’s sore he doesn’t have what JFK does.

Blackfront: The WrestleUTA World Title.

Ace: I meant a good hairline but that too. Haa!

Jordan: Introducing from Aberdeen, Scotland… He weighs in at 280lbs… “THE KING”... ANDYYYYYYYY MURRRRAAAAAYYYYYYY!

A tremendous reception as Murray’s name is read out. He starts making his way down to the ring, slapping hands and bumping fists on one side, then doing the same on the other. Eventually, Murray reaches the bottom of the ramp, hops up onto the apron, and throws both arms in the air.

Blackfront: Here’s hoping Andy finally gets a piece of JFK again tonight… he certainly looks up for it.

Having basked in the glory for a few seconds, Murray eventually climbs into the ring, then walks over to the other side. He salutes the fans on that edge of the arena before then peels his ring jacket off, his shoulder problems far behind him.

Jay Harvey stands inside the ring and sees Crimson Lord licking his chops across from him. The bell sounds and we are underway.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord is finally going to get his hands… of course.

Jay Harvey extends his hand and tags in Kendrix. Harvey looks right at Crimson Lord as he laughs.

Ace: I love it! More mind games from the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth!

Kendrix gets into the ring and Andy Murray slaps Crimson Lord on the shoulder. Murray steps through the ropes and mouths something at Kendrix.

Blackfront: Looks like we will have Andy Murray and Kendrix starting us off…

Ace: Excellent! We get to see JFK pull this old bastard apart again!

Blackfront: The shoulder’s healed, Tommy…

Ace: Sure it has, Bubba.

Blackfront (deadpan): My name is Jason.

Ace: ...

JFK and Andy Murray circle each other in the middle of the ring. The crowd is hot. Kendrix and Murray tie up for a moment before JFK lands a knee to Murray’s gut. Murray clutches the point of impact and moves away from his opponent. Kendrix lands several shots to Murray’s back. Kendrix pushes Murray into the nearby ropes and Irish Whips him across the ring. Andy takes control of his momentum on the return, however, and tackles Kendrix to the ground.

Blackfront: These two men have a lot of history with each other, Tommy.

Ace: That's right, JFK defeated Andy Murray to become WrestleUTA World Champion.

Blackfront: And one-hundred percent Andy Murray still wants another crack at Kendrix and the gold.

Kendrix grimaces in pain as Murray seizes him with a straightforward shoulder lock. Kendrix slaps at his shoulder as Murray looks out into the crowd. Jay Harvey is seen on the ring apron looking on. Kendrix powers up but is quickly put into a Headlock and snapped down to the mat. Murray pulls his grip tighter around the head of JFK. Murray continues to put strain on the neck and head of his opponent. Referee Levi Jones is right in the middle of the action, asking Kendrix if he wants to give up. Kendrix pushes himself up with both arms. He and Murray get vertical. Kendrix brings the two forward toward the ropes close to Harvey. Murray’s back is to the tag as Kendrix sends Murray running across the ring. Murray bounces off the ropes as Kendrix hits the deck. Murray jumps over JFK’s laying body and gets a kick to the back from Jay Harvey. Harvey gets into the ring and starts bashing away on Andy Murray’s back.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey going to work on Andy Murray.


Harvey grabs the left arm of Andy Murray and tries to yank it out of the socket. Murray lets out a scream as Harvey yanks down on the left arm of The King once again. Murray connects with a hard right forearm, causing Harvey to stumble back releasing Murray’s left arm. Murray goes for a Clothesline but Harvey ducks it. Harvey then grabs Murray’s left arm and is able to hit a Double Knee Armbreaker. Andy Murray is in pain. He rolls to the outside of the ring as Harvey gloats to the displeasure of the crowd and Murray’s tag partner.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey going after that left arm of Murray.

Ace: Harvey is a smart man. He knows that shoulder of Murray’s is still vulnerable.

Harvey points over at Crimson Lord and mouths something to him that causes Crimson Lord to get into the ring. Referee Levi Jones quickly rushes to Crimson Lord yelling for him to get back to his corner and get out of the ring. We switch to a camera on the outside of the ring that is following Kendrix as he makes his way to the injured Murray. Kendrix grabs Murray and slams him back first into the barricade. Murray arches his back as the fans along ringside get their camera phones out and take pictures of the action. Kendrix lands a few quick jabs to Murray’s shoulder before throwing Murray back into the ring. We go back to a camera filming the action in the ring as Crimson Lord finally steps through the ropes and back on the ring apron. Jay Harvey has a smile on his face as he stalks his opponent. Harvey lands several vicious knee strikes to the left shoulder and arm of Andy Murray. Jay grabs Murray’s left arm and brings him to his feet. He raises Murray’s arm into the air and twists it, cinching in a Wristlock. Harvey forces Murray into the corner

Blackfront: Tag made and the champ is back in. Harvey and JFK are working well together so far.

Ace: Of course they are. Harvey and Kendrix hold all the gold here in WrestleUTA!

Harvey keeps Murray’s arm up allowing JFK to land a boot to Murray’s midsection. Murray doubles over as Kendrix lunges towards the far ropes and back, drops back first to the canvas and throws a punch to the side of Murray’s face, sending The King stumbling over to the opposite turnbuckle. Jesse, back to his feet, follows him all the way and delivers a knife edge chop to Murray’s chest. Jesse follows up with two more chops. With Murray clutching at his reddened chest, JFK makes his way to the center of the ring and poses for the fans.

Blackfront: Murray in a bad way here but JFK’s desire to taunt the crowd here is giving the giant Scot a chance for the tag.

Kendrix notices Murray making his way over to Crimson and charges toward Andy, however, he’s picked up and sent crashing down back first via a vicious Spinebuster down to the canvass. Both men lie on the mat. The wind knocked out of Kendrix and Murray recovering from his sudden burst of energy. Crimson Lord repeatedly bangs the palm of his hand down upon the top turnbuckle as Zoey slams her hands down onto the edge of the ring, the crowd clapping along in unison, urging Murray to make the tag.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey now entering the ring…

Jay Harvey runs toward Crimson Lord and cracks him with a Dropkick. Crimson Lord drops from the apron and crashes to the ring floor. The crowd erupts in a giant boo as Crimson Lord attempts to get back up to the apron and enter the ring. Referee Levi Jones begins arguing with Crimson Lord while behind his back Jay Harvey goes after Andy Murray but has his first strike blocked. Murray lands a few shots before Harvey ducks under a swinging right and hits the Cold Truth. Murray is laid out after the Swinging Reverse STO. Harvey drags Kendrix and puts him on top of Murray. Harvey goes to his corner as Referee Levi Jones turns back towards the action in the ring.

Blackfront: They’re gonna steal a win!

Ace: Count Ref!

Referee: One! Two!

Murray kicks out just before Three and the arena explodes. Jay Harvey can’t believe that Murray kicked out. Kendrix begins crawling on all fours toward his corner. Harvey extends his arm trying to get the tag from his partner. Murray now begins stirring. Kendrix gets to Harvey and they exchange a tag. Harvey rushes into the ring and grabs Murray’s leg, stopping him from getting a tag to Crimson Lord. Harvey continues to hold Murray by the foot, bringing him close to the center of the ring. Murray rolls onto his back, catching Jay with a stiff up kick to the jaw, sending him crashing down. Both men are down and the crowd is loving the action.

Blackfront: Andy Murray needs to tag in Crimson Lord.

Ace: Harvey is going for Kendrix…

Andy Murray gets closer and closer to his corner. Crimson Lord extends his body as much as he can trying to get the tag. Jay Harvey is seen crawling to his corner. Kendrix looks shaky but is looking for the tag. Referee Levi Jones has his eyes on both corners. He makes the gesture for a tag as Harvey tags in Kendrix. The crowd goes wild as Murray finally gets the tag to Crimson Lord. Crimson puts one giant leg over the top rope and now the other. Kendrix is immediately knocked to the ground by Crimson Lord. Kendrix gets back up and is once again knocked to the ground. Crimson Lord picks up Kendrix and has him up in the air in a Gorilla Press position.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord has the Champ up...

Ace: Oh no!

Crimson Lord walks around the ring for a few seconds before Power Slamming Kendrix down to the mat. Crimson Lord looks pumped up and the crowd is eating it up. A camera along the outside of the ring catches Jay Harvey going over to the Announcer’s table. He yells at C.H. Jordan to get up and grabs Jordan’s steel chair. We go back to the action in the ring. Crimson Lord is sitting in wait wanting to set up Kendrix for the Final Judgement: Guilty. Jay Harvey slides under the bottom rope and waits behind Crimson Lord. Harvey motions for Crimson to turn around.

Blackfront: NO!

Jay Harvey cracks Crimson Lord in the skull with a steel chair. Referee Levi Jones calls for the bell ending the match. Lord stumbles around the ring before Harvey connects once again with the steel chair. Crimson Lord drops to the mat. Andy Murray is up and goes after Jay Harvey. Harvey hits Murray in the left arm with the steel chair. Murray drops down to the mat and Harvey swings the chair again, connecting flush with Murray’s arm.

Blackfront: This one is over, and my god, Jay Harvey is an animal!

Ace: Don’t you talk about our Legacy Champ like that!

JFK is back in the action as he mounts Andy Murray and begins raining down fists.

Blackfront: This is brutal, Tommy! Absolutely brutal!

Ace: No it’s not! It’s beaauuuuuutiful!

Blackfront: The match is over! Someone put a stop to this!

The bell continues to ring and other WrestleUTA Referees run from the back. The Referees get into the ring and try their best to stop Jay Harvey and Kendrix.

Blackfront: Finally… The WrestleUTA Referees trying to bring some order.

Kendrix and Jay Harvey both stand tall in the ring. The crowd boos them both and they love every second of it. Harvey looks down at Crimson Lord’s unconscious body. Kendrix looks down at Andy Murray and jaws at him.

Ace: The Champs have reigned supreme tonight!

We stay on Harvey and Kendrix as the WrestleUTA and Hulu logos appear at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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