Wrestleshow ep 16

28 Mar 2017

Florence Civic Center, Florence, South Carolina (seats 10,000)


We open to a black screen, the words "Two Weeks Ago" appear in the lower right hand corner. The first image we are presented with is the No Love Lost stage and it's opening fireworks. We quickly fade into the action while the Pay Per Views theme song "Trapped" by The Word Alive plays in the background.


Dexter keeps his hand up. Jestal is in shock, Dexter begins his attempt to get to the ropes. The more energy he puts out the slower he is able to get to the ring.

Blackfront: Come on Dexter reach! The heart of this young man will not allow him to give up!

Dexter is about to get to the ropes and suddenly goes lifeless.

Ace: So much for heart looks like Dexter has passed out.

McLendon checks on him and quickly rings the bell. Dexter seems to have passed out from the pain.


Harvey: So tonight… LIVE on Pay Per View… The first ever “THE Jay Harvey Open Challenge”.

Harvey pulls the microphone from his face and looks proud of himself. Catalina claps behind him, loving every second.


Out of nowhere "Gold Medal" by Tha Trademarc blasts out the P.A. System and the Philips Arena goes berzerk. Harvey’s eyes go wide.

Blackfront: The Southern Rebel!

Ace: He’s a janitor! He retired!

Blackfront: Ron Hall is coming to the ring!


Harvey gets the attention of the Referee who now has his back turned to Hall. Catalina grabs the middle rope and gets to the ring apron. She low blows Ron Hall who bends at the hip, holding his groin in pain. The crowd boos her interference.

Blackfront: Damn her!

Jay Harvey realizes what has occurred and rushes to Ron Hall. Harvey lifts Hall up and has in in a Fireman’s Carry.

Blackfront: No!  Not this way!  

Ace: Oh shut up, Jason! Game Over for the Has Been Hall of Famer!

Harvey tosses Hall up into the air and cracks him in the face with a vicious Knee Lift. Hall hits the mat and Harvey drops down for the cover.

Referee: One! Two! Three!


Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell - “Heavy Is The Head.”

Ace: WHAT?!

Blackfront: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Immediately recognising the music, Andy Murray grins.

EVERYONE in the building immediately leaps to the feet out of shock more than anything else. They know exactly who this song belongs to.


Blackfront: I’M IN SHOCK, TOMMY!


It starts with fans in the first few rows, then slowly creeps through the rest of the building. Eventually, Tommy Ace catches on.

Ace: Wait a goddamn minute…

When “Eric Dane” stops at the bottom of the ramp, cups his hands, and yells out “LITTLE BRUISES,” everyone in the building realises what’s going on.

Ace: That’s not Eric Da--

Blackfront: It’s Jack Hunter!



With Hunter on his feet, Andy leans down and pulls him onto his shoulder.

Blackfront: Here it comes!

In one quick snap, Andy drives him down into the mat, compressing his head, neck, and shoulders.

Ace: Highland Hangover!

Blackfront: And the immediate cover!





The Boss pulls back both of his arms and places a foot on the back of his head.


Ace: THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!

Impulse’s eyes are closed in pain, but a close up shows him taking deep, measured breaths.

Blackfront: Wait, what?

Ace: That’s gross!

Out of nowhere, Impulse’s shoulders both ‘twitch’ a bit. We can’t really describe it any better, but he’s able to move his head to throw Chris Ross’ foot from the back of his head! Ross falls forward and loses his grip, but Impulse rolls over and hooks Ross under his arms with his ankles and rolls him backwards, hooking him around the legs! Shoulders are down!




The bell rings, as the fans explode in cheers!


Blackfront: What is Ross doing?!

Ace: I…. I don’t know!

Impulse is going ballistic in the corner trying to get out but he can’t go anywhere cuffed to the rope. The Keystone State Killa looks at Impulse and casually waves at him as he drags Cally to her feet onto her knees in front of the chair. Impulse stops and takes a breath, and he starts to pull at the handcuff, as if he’s trying to pull it over - slash - through - his own wrist!

Ace: Oh my god…. He’s not…..

Ross grabs Cally by the arms…..

Blackfront: NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!

He sets his foot on the back of her head…Impulse’s hand is starting to openly bleed.


The entire arena lets out a scream of horror as Ross drives Cally face first into the seat of the chair with a curbstomp.


Stevens grabs Hightower by the back of his jeans and tosses him over the top rope and holds onto the chain causes the Big Dog to grasp at the chain as he hangs there.

Blackfront: Stevens just used Closing Time on Hightower and the Big Dog is trying to get free.

The fight from Hightower slowly begins to fade as his breathing begins to grow shorter and shorter and his eyes slowly roll until the back of his head as he goes limp. The referee quickly checks him as he shakes his arm and quickly signals for the bell.

Jordan: And your winner of the match by technical STEEEEEEEEEEEVENSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Blackfront: Stevens did it! He did the impossible!


Crimson continues his walk toward the ring.

Blackfront: I think JFK’s plan was to get inside the head of Crimson Lord, however, I don’t think it worked out quite the way he wanted it too.

Ace: Can anyone truly manipulate a man whose mind is a box of marbles?

Jordan: Coming to the ring first is the challenger… weighing in at three-hundred and forty-eight pounds...from Chicago, Illinois….. “The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

The fans roar in excitement once more at the announcement of Crimson Lord from Jordan.


Blackfront: Cocky, arrogant, confident, are just some of the words being used to describe the first WrestleUTA Champion of the Mikey Unlikely era, ever since he stepped foot in the industry...but as of two weeks ago, some are suggesting that the champ is a desperate man after what he did to Zoey.

Ace: Desperate? I beg to differ, Kendrix has just shown he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done! It’s one thing to become Champion, it’s quite another to remain Champion.

Having made his way to the ring, Kendrix hops onto the second turnbuckle, furthest from the ramp.



Crimson steps back confidently into the centre of the ring as the arena stands in anticipation. Crimson twists his body slightly to the left…

Blackfront: Kendrix has got a hold of Brooks’ shirt Crimson’s stumbling back…

Murmuring from a section of the crowd can be heard as Crimson stumbles off balance back first toward the ropes as Jesse holds on at the collar of the Official’s shirt, dragging Brooks along with them.

Blackfront: Hey, what the, what’s Jay Harvey doing here, he’s just grabbed the title from the ramp...

Ace: THE Jay Harvey, get it right!

The ref is counting at Jesse to release his grip around his collar but the Champ holds on for dear life. Off balance, as Kendrix squirms and the ref tries to free himself away, Crimson releases JFK’s ankles, now dangling down CL’s back, and reaches out for the ropes to regain his balance. Crimson stumbles forward, loosening his grip on Kendrix’s neck who in turn releases Brooks who stumbles around gasping for air tending to his throat.


Blackfront: What the hell?! Harvey struck the skull of Crimson with the belt...

With the ref’s back turned, tending to his throat, Jesse twists around in one motion, grabs Crimson by the back of the head and brings the Challenger’s face down hard towards his raised knees as the two drop down hard to the canvass.


Kendrix pops back up off the canvass and desperately crawls across to the body of the fallen Crimson...

Blackfront: The ref missed Harvey’s strike trying to get free of Kendrix, not like this...


and pushes his feet out repeatedly against the canvas for leverage!


Blackfront: KICK OUT, CRIMSON!




♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip hits the PA System.




No Asterisks!

The scene opens up inside the Wrestlezone. The shot pans around the arena as the UTAverse attempt to bring the house down, their signs are out in force!



Blackfront: Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman to the sold out Colonial Centre here in Columbia, South Carolina for episode 16 of WrestleUTA! I’m Jason Blackfront and as always, I’m joined by Tommy Ace!

The shot switches to the announce table bring our co-commentary team into view.

Ace: 16 Episodes in and the Mikey Unlikely era is now well underway following our first Pay Per View, No Love Lost!

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely will indeed be beaming from ear to ear this evening due to the success of No Love Lost. Some fantastic matches and a lot of controversy  on show. As you just saw, Jestal picked up a win over Dexter, Scott Steven was victorious in a brutal war with David Hightower and Andy Murray...

Ace: Haha! He thought he was up against Eric Dane for a second there, but it turned out to be that idiot, Jack Hunter instead!

Ace chuckles away as Blackfront simply shakes his head dismissively back at him before focussing back at the camera.

Blackfront: ...took little time in dispatching Mikey Unlikely’s “challenge” of Jack Hunter while Impulse defeated Chris Ross...

Ace: ...Albeit at a cost. Ross curbstomped the hell out of Cally...

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫ hits the PA System.

The lights go out in the arena interrupting Ace mid sentence before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage,  immediately bringing Kendrix into view, wearing a tailor made grey  suit and his hair tied back in a top knot, holding his pose with his back facing the ring.

Blackfront: Speaking of controversy...

Ace: Controversy? JFK pinned Crimson Lord one, two, three in the middle of that ring, Jason. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it.

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting his Armani sponsored Bug Eye shades as well as a smug smirk on his face.

Blackfront: Oh I saw it alright, I saw Jay Harvey follow up his lucky win over Ron Hall by slamming the WrestleUTA World Title into the skull of Crimson Lord.

As Kendrix turns, fully facing the ring, his top few buttons on his black shirt left open, slowly unbuttons his suit jacket, holds the right side out wide, followed by the left side to proudly reveal the WrestleUTA Title around his waist as well as a humongus smug grin to the seemingly less than impressed fans in the Wrestlezone.

Ace: Are you seeing things again, Jason? All I see and what all these people saw was JFK beat the odds and retain that title around his waist.

JFK removes the title from his waist and drapes it over his shoulder before making his cocky stride down to the ring, however he stops a few times down the ramp, holding at his ribs.

Blackfront: Kendrix still feeling effects of a fantastic main event where both men put each other through hell and back.

Having gingerly made his way inside the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and poses towards the fans, making sure they all see the big boy belt raised above his head. He hops down and makes his way over to the opposite corner, grabbing a mic from a ringside hand and makes his way back to the middle of the ring.♫

Ace: We’re about to be graced with the Chosen One’s words, Jason!

Kendrix takes a moment to look at the plate of the title over his shoulder, stick his lower lip out and nod at it in an impressed manner before the arena’s grumbles catch his attention. Having taken a moment to look around the arena he returns his attention out in front of him. Chuckling to himself he dramatically throws his forearm forward, raising the mic in front of his mouth.

Kendrix: Listen, Yeah?!


Jesse takes a moment to grin at the usual reaction.

Kendrix: Wellity Wellity Wellity…

He takes another chuffed look at the title and removes it from his shoulder to hold it out in front of his face before turning it to face the crowd as he holds it out in front of them.

Kendrix: Looky looky here, huh?

He moves to each side of the ring, deliberately holding the title out in front of them all as the volume of discomfort in the arena grows louder and louder. Stopping back in the centre of the ring, still holding the belt out in front of him.

Kendrix: Who’d have thunk it? Who’d have thought that The Chosen One, Jesse Fredericks Kendrix, would stand before you Bellends right now, NOT ONLY... alive and well...but STIIIIIILLLLL….YOUU’RRREEE WRESTLEUTA WOOORRRLLLDDD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIOOOONNNN!


Ace: YEEESSS! I thought it, JFK!

Jesse raises the title high above his head, his trademark smirk etched across his face.

Blackfront: Why do I get a feeling this is going to be an I told you so moment?

Bringing the title back down he stares at it before draping it over his shoulder, dusting nothing whatsoever off of it’s face before holding the mic back up to his mouth and pointing out at the crowd in front of him.

Kendrix: Don’t nod your head at me toots, you didn’t believe in the Chosen One, did you? Neither did you numbnuts!

Ace: Numbnuts? Haha!

Jesse turns in a circular motion holding his index finger out in front of him.

Kendrix: All of you BELLENDS thought that big confused psycho, Crimson Lord, was gonna take MY WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Championship away from JFK.

His smug grin comes to a halt with a look of apparent disappointment on his face.

Kendrix: You know, JFK hates to be that guy. I mean, I hate to say I told you so but…

He rubs his hand across his stubble in a moment of thought before his eyes light up, wagging his index finger out in front of him.

Kendrix: Oh wait, I don’t hate to be that guy at all. Let me rephrase that…

He over exageratedly clears his throat down on the mic.

Kendrix: JFK LOVES to be the one to say he told you here it is bellends...JFK TOLD YOU SO!


Ace: Haha! He told you so, Jason!

Blackfront: What an arrogant young man.

Having taken a moment to rest his arms over the top rope to take delight in the fans reaction, Jesse lifts the mic up to his mouth gesturing for a moment with his free hand.

Kendrix: Now, now. JFK will admit, Crimson Lord…

The crowd pops for the WrestleUTA Legend.

Kendrix: You took JFK to hell and back. Seriously, bruv. You took JFK to levels he’s never been before.

He holds at his ribs, a slight grimace across his face before stepping back to the centre of the ring.

Kendrix: At No Love Lost, Crimson Lord put JFK’s body through it all. The blood, the sweat the tears...BOTH of us left it ALL in this very ring…

Lowering his head, he points down to the canvas as the arena respectfully applauds the two men’s efforts. Jesse raises his head and nods in what actually looks like humble respect of the crowd...albeit for a few seconds before that douchebag smirk hits his face, pointing his index finger up in front of him.

Kendrix: But only ONE of us proved to the world that they are without a shadow of a doubt, the better man. Only one of us proved to the world that they are the greatest commodity in this industry today. Only one of us proved to the world WHY they are The Chosen One to take this company forward onto bigger and better things.

He takes a moment to chuckle.

Kendrix: And only one of us proved to the world that they are THE Greatest Wrestle UTA World Heavyweight Champion of AALLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE, BRUV!


Kendrix raises his title high above his head and circles the ring, shoving the belt out in front of him before climbing the turnbuckle to show off his title to those up in the gods of the arena.

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes hits.

Blackfront: Oh, thank God!

The crowd do their thing with the cheering and the clapping, not just for the man who’s about to arrive, but also because they’re sick to death of hearing Kendrix talk.

Ace: Awww c’maaaawn!

Andy Murray wastes absolutely no time in striding out onto the stage - casually dressed, microphone in hand. His facial expression is a mix of bewilderment and contempt as he walks down the ramp, raising the microphone to his lips.

Murray: Mate, mate, mate…

He shakes his head. The music cuts.

Murray: What the hell is this?!

The King is already halfway down to the ring by this point. Kendrix, of course, isn’t too pleased at the sudden interruption.

Murray: Last time I checked, this was a wrestling show, not a bloody pantomime…

Ace: This guy, Jason! So disrespectful!

Blackfront: On the contrary, I think you’re about the only guy in the building who isn’t pleased to see him!

Murray: Now I don’t mean to be rude, laddie, and forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any one of these good people paid their money to come and listen to your masturbatory, self-congratulating self talk us to sleep for 30 minutes.

A big cheer. Murray’s at the bottom of the ramp, and he quickly rolls under the rope, standing a comfortable distance away from the UTA Champion.

Murray: No, chief - these people paid to see a fight, and seeing as neither of us are booked tonight…

Blackfront: Ohhh boy!

Murray: And you still have something I want…

The King smiles.

Murray: How about it, bruv?

The noise in the arena picks up big time at The King’s proposal. Jesse takes a couple of steps back looking out at them to his left and then his right.

Blackfront: That sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Kendrix stares Murray down stern but he soon holds his hand to his stomach and proceeds to chuckle. He wipes an imaginary tear from his eye and brings the mic to his mouth.

Kendrix: LOL! Oh know, JFK guesses that’s the good old Scottish humour he’s heard so much about. That’s a good one Andrew. You got me!

Kendrix holds his hands out by his side, shrugging his shoulders at being “got”. However, his jovial spirits come to a halt when he sees Andy not laughing along with him. Jesse bites his lower lip.

Kendrix: Oh, how embarrassing, you weren’t joking? Gee, this is kinda awkward...I mean, this is kind of hard to say but…

He points over at the fans

Kendrix: These guys have already seen that match, bruv...they know how it ends!

The awkward look changes to a smug grin as Jesse slowly raises the WrestleUTA World Heavyweight Title up in the air in front of the Scot before resting it over his shoulder and looking over at Murray with that same grin splashed across his face.

Kendrix: Hey, look at that...I guess that wasn’t hard to say at all!

It takes every bit of restraint in Murray’s body to not slap said grin right off JFK’s features, but he resists.

Murray: Well, that’s about what I expected…

He pauses.

Murray: You’re right in a way, lad. Everybody does indeed know how that match ends… when I can barely move my shoulder.

A pop.

Murray: Here’s the thing, Kendrix - as far as I’m concerned, you still haven’t proven you can beat me in a fair fight. Heck, you haven’t proven you can beat anybody in a fair fight. You and I both know that if it weren’t for Jay Harvey, you wouldn’t be standing here with that championship, so let’s skip the nonsense and get real for a moment.

Ace: How about you get real by getting out of the ring, dumbass!

Murray: I’m getting mighty tired of playing these games. I didn’t come here to screw around with Jack Hunter and play cat and mouse with a paper champion who hasn’t mustered two fair victories since he got here. Believe it or not, this business is a competition, and after the way our last fight went, these fans deserve the opportunity to see who the better man is, without an asterisk. Let’s forget the externals for a moment and boil this down to what it really is: champion vs. challenger, one on one, no bullshit. Are you in, or are you going to spend the rest of your reign limping through screwjob finishes with BR Ellis and Lew Smith?

Kendrix grits his teeth and shakes his head, frustrated as the crowd rub the salt into the wounds, oohing along with Murray’s jab. However, the champ regains his composure and wags a finger out at Andy.

Kendrix: That’s a mighty fine try to goad JFK into a match, bruv. A mighty fine try.

He holds his palm outstretched, presenting Murray to the audience.

Kendrix: Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for Andrew Murray, master of psychology!

Jesse mock claps his hands together against the mic as it thuds along to his sarcastic rhythmic clapping.

Kendrix: JFK doesn’t know if you’re going senile or if you’ve just had too many drops on the back of your head over your esteemed and incredibly long, long…

He over exaggeratingly sighs into the mic.

Kendrix: Looooonnnnnggggggg career...but we already went one on one. JFK beat you fair and square, bruv. You can cry about your shoulder as much as you want…

Jesse steps into Murray’s personal space and points in between each other.

Kendrix: But this...THIS AINT HAPPNIN, BRUV.

Kendrix takes a step to the side, the two men’s eyes locked on each other, and drops the mic before making his way through the ropes and out onto the ramp.

Ace: Ha! Take a seat, Scotlandman!

Blackfront: The fans aren’t liking this one bit!

Sure enough, the building fills with jeers. Andy Murray looks both unsurprised and disappointed at the same time, quickly whipping the audience into a “BUUUUULLSHIT!” chant.

Blackfront: Well, I guess we aren’t getting Murray vs. Kendrix II anytime soon.

Ace: Why would we?! Kendrix already beat him once!

Blackfront: With a busted shoulder.

Ace: Doesn’t matter! Murray chose to compete that night, and he paid for it. It was a fair loss with no shenanigans, and if he wants a rematch, he’ll have to earn it. Pure and simple.

The camera cuts elsewhere

El Dragon Rojo vs Crimson Lord

The following contest scheduled for one fall, currently in the ring from Mexico City….EL DRAGON ROJOO!! …..

♫Death Dealer by The Engima TNG; Crimson Lord's theme song begins...

The lights flash on and off rapidly, as the fans erupt when Zoey skips from behind the curtain toward the left side of the stage. She smiles and waves at the fans for a moment then she turns around and skips the other side of the stage and waves at that side of the fans. She then turns and skips to the front of the stage and and gets on her knees and crawls down the ramp a few feet from the entranceway.

She looks to the left and to the right all smiles, She quickly sits on her knees, throws her hands up in the air looking up at the roof of the Wrestlezone. Pyro goes off behind her so much that smoke envelops the stage. Crimson Lord can barely be seen in the smoke, as he steps out of the smoke, and walks toward Zoey. She stands up and turns to the side and puts her right hand on Crimson's chest. CL has his head down and water drips from his face. CL looks up as he and Zoey share a ten second pose, before Zoey starts to skip to the ring.

Blackfront: Crimson was very close to taking the championship from Kendrix three weeks ago at No Love Lost. One could wonder had Jay Harvey not interfered would he be standing here the NEW WrestleUTA Champion.

Ace: Karma is a bitch isn’t it? Well, Karma paid a visit to Crimson Lord at No Love Lost, if you ask me couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy.

Crimson continues with a noticeable limp in his walk toward the ring. As he reaches it he looks into the ring for a moment while Zoey skips around the outside of the ring, slapping hands with the fans as she does it. Crimson heads for the steel steps, slowly walking up them to the apron. Zoey skips to the steps walking up them to the apron.

Blackfront: Crimson clearly showing the results of that war between Kendrix and himself at No Love Lost. If you have not seen it yet fans check out the replay on Hulu all this month.

CL steps on the bottom rope and pulls the middle one up for Zoey to access the ring. She skips to each side of the ring ropes blowing kisses to the fans. CL Steps over the top rope and faces the announce team.

Jordan: Coming to the ring at this time. He is being accompanied by Zoey… weighing in at 348 pounds...from Chicago, Illinois…..”The PERFECT Weapon” CRIMMMMSSSSOOONNN LORRRDD!

A few moments later he turns toward the main camera his arms out to the side and yells, Zoey jumps on the back of Crimson with her arms wrapped around his neck and legs around his waist still all smiles as she waves to the fans. Zoey climbs down off of CL.

Zoey takes Crimson’s jacket as she makes her exit from the ring.♫

Rojo stares up at the seven footer a bit intimidated by his towering presence. The two circle and lock up, Crimson quickly shoves Rojo off. Rojo looks back at CL quickly. The two circle once more as they go to lock up Rojo quickly dropkicks CL’s knee. Crimson staggers backward. Rojo starts to swift kick the seven footer in the legs. Crimson grabs Dragon and shoves him off, Rojo falls to the mat but bounces back up and delivers another dropkick to Crimson’s leg.

Blackfront: Dragon looks to have a sound strategy go for the legs, Kendrix spent a good deal at No Love Lost, damaging them.

He goes off the ropes, Crimson tries a clothesline and Rojo ducks. Crimson turns around and ducks his head, and Rojo leap frogs the seven footer. Dragon hits the ropes once more and leaps at Crimson with a flying crossbody. Crimson catches him, and quickly slams the side of Rojo into his knee into a backbreaker. Rojo holds his back in pain. Crimson walks around Rojo, with a slight limp in his step.

Blackfront: Rojo may be done here folks, it appears Crimson has finally gotten a hold of him.

Ace: Was only a matter of time.

He grabs Rojo’s legs and lifts him off the mat in a wheelbarrow fashion. He lifts Rojo’s head off the mat, turning in motion to a spinebuster. Rojo yells out in pain. Crimson gets to his feet. And picks up Rojo, and lifts him to a vertical base Rojo dazed, Crimson turns his back and quickly turns around for a clothesline, Rojo ducks the clothesline and rushes off toward the ropes and hops on the middle rope and springboards back with a enziguri to the back of Crimson’s head. The seven footer staggers around stunned Dragon wastes no time and gets to the outside of the ring and walks the apron toward the turnbuckles.

Blackfront: Rojo gonna fly here, Crimson is stunned by that enziguri!

Ace: He is moving with a purpose, Crimson can recover quickly, so staying on him while he is dazed keeps this match in Rojo’s favor.

Rojo climbs to the top rope, Crimson looks toward him Dragon flies with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Crimson crashes to the mat, and begins to get back to his feet. Rojo wastes no time and quickly gets back to the top rope and dives off locking in a flipping neckbreaker onto the seven footer. Rojo quickly goes for the cover..


Blackfront: Rojo, can’t keep Crimson down even after that Blockbuster!

Rojo is tossed up in the air and down to the mat a few feet from Crimson. The seven footer slowly gets to his feet. Rojo hits the ropes and does a famous’er slamming Crimson’s head to the mat once more. Zoey looks on concerned a bit. Rojo tries again for a pinfall, this time he doesn’t even get a one count.

Blackfront: Rojo needs to keep this pace up, keep moving do not let Crimson catches his breathe.

Rojo quickly climbs the turnbuckles again and flies once more into a frog splash. For another cover!

Ace: The Mexican jumping bean is trying to end this quick.


Rojo puts his hands over his head in shock. He gets up and waits for Crimson to get vertical he goes off the ropes and dives at Crimson with a spear. Crimson barely budges and has grabbed Rojo by the head, he swings Rojo’s left arm over his head and lifts him up into a stalling suplex. For a few seconds he holds the luchador up, until he twists him into a corkscrew piledriver.

Blackfront: Crimson with a devastating corkscrew piledriver, Lord not wasting anytime he has Rojo by the back of the head.


Ace: Good night Dragon.

He shouts and quickly locks in the dragon sleeper on Rojo. Dragon tries to hold on but eventually can no longer resist the pain and taps.

Death Dealer by The Engima TNG plays once more♫

Jordan: The winner of the match by submission “THE PERFECT WEAPON” CRIMSON LORD!

Zoey takes the microphone from Jordan, with a brief smile. She walks up the steps and enters the ring. Crimson has not moved from the center of the ring, breathing heavily looking down at the mat. Zoey walks over to her father and hands him the microphone. He takes it from her, and pulls the WrestleUTA divider off the microphone. He looks up as beads of sweat drip off his nose and chin.

He raises the microphone to his mouth as his music cuts off abruptly.♫

Crimson: Harvey….

The fans in the Colonial Life Arena show their dislike with a chorus of boos upon hearing that name.

Blackfront: The very man that cost Crimson Lord the World Title.

Crimson: Harvey!....

Crimson looks back at Zoey for a second, his eyes slowly look toward the entrance as he raises the stick once more to his mouth.

Crimson: Jay if you do not bring your ass out here right now, there will not be a place back there for you to hide!

Blackfront: Crimson does not appear to be in the mood for games tonight.

Ace: Such a sore loser, boo hoo I lost to “The Chosen One.”

Crimson faces the entranceway once more walking to the ropes he leans over the top of them.

Crimson: Boy I am not someone you want to keep waiting, walk your ass out here and FACE ME!

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion begins to play, Crimson quickly drops the microphone as the fans get to their feet staring at the entranceway. Crimson has opened the ropes for Zoey to exit the ring. As she does Crimson begins to pace back and forth like a rabid dog.

Blackfront: It appears Jay Harvey is going to make an appearance.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey, why must I always correct you on how to correctly announce the most marvelous man to grace the WrestleUTA!

Blackfront: Give me a break, Harvey is so full of himself its ridiculous.

Jay’s theme continues to play, and still no appearance of “The Natural One”, Crimson has stopped pacing and stands in the center of the ring with his icy glare toward the entranceway.

Blackfront: Jay looks to be trying to play a mind game with Crimson Lord here Tommy. I wonder if that is wise on his part. Kendrix took a vicious beating at No Love Lost by this seven footer by getting under this man’s skin.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey knows what he is doing, you underestimate him.

“Natural One” abruptly ends, Crimson picks up the microphone from the mat.

Crimson: HARVEY!......If that is the way you want to play it, I’ll find you backstage and mark my words I am going to break you in half!

♫Death Dealer hits the PA as Crimson steps over the top rope met with Zoey, the seven footer heads up the ramp with a bit of a limp.

Blackfront: Crimson is eager to get his hands on Harvey, this can not be good for our Main Event of the evening should he get a hold of Jay before then.

Ace: First of all, THE Jay Harvey is not going to come out here on Crimson’s terms, but his own terms. As for the big bad wolf, all he is nothing more than a bunch of hot air. If he meets the Natural One backstage, rest assured he will regret it!


Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy

We fade in on the door to WrestleUTA Owner Mikey Unlikely’s office.We cut to inside the room where Mikey is sitting behind a brand new mahogany wood table in a black leather chair. He is in the center of the picture. As he speaks we zoom out.

Unlikely: First off, I want to congratulate both of you on your performances at No Love Lost. The show was a resounding success, and I’m already excited about the next Pay Per View we do here at WrestleUTA.

THE Jay Harvey and Catalina sit on the left side of your screen and across from them sits Scott Stevens. It appears we’ve joined an impromptu meeting.

Unlikely: Now as both of you know, I’ve made the main event here tonight a singles match between THE Jay Harvey, with the lovely Catalina by his side!

Mikey looks over to the valet and winks at her. She returns his wink with a smile.

Unlikely: Versus the only man I’ve EVER seen take down Hightower like that! Whew! What a match that was! Scott Stevens!

Stevens remains serious but nods at the acknowledgment.

Unlikely: I gotta tell you boys, I’ve been incredibly impressed with both of your performance’s lately. That’s why tonight’s match is a GIFT to you both!

THE Jay Harvey raises an eyebrow in Stevens’ direction.

Harvey: I’d first like to thank you for the kind words, Michael. Seems like tonight is more a gift for Stevens… being in a match with me once again.

The Texan glares back at him before Mikey chuckles and continues.

Unlikely: Not quite bruv, but I like where your head's at! Tonight is a gift for two reasons, Number one, you two are in the main event! The upper echelon! The TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN BABY! It’s high profile! The big lights are on, and it’s up to the both of you to show that you deserve it! That’s why I went ahead and made it a LADDER MATCH!

Both men’s eyes widen. Harvey looks upset at first.


The fans explode inside the arena. Mikey holds up two fingers before reaching down under his desk and lifting something into view.

Unlikely: And secondly… This will be hanging high above the ring, and the first man to get to it, will be the rightful owner and NEW CHAMPION!

From under the desk, Mikey reveals a newly designed WrestleUTA Legacy Championship. Once more the fans erupt in Columbia, South Carolina.

Harvey: And you have this guy here? This guy doesn’t look like a champion. Where’s his suit? Where’s his Rolex? His Cartier sunglasses? Look at him… He’s got scars on his face. He’s hideous. Now look at me... born and bred to be a champion.  

Stevens begins to chuckle at the insults Harvey is spewing at him.

Stevens: I don’t have to look like a million bucks to be worth a million bucks. The last time we were in the ring together you were running away like a dog with it’s tail tucked between his legs from a Texas size ass whooping.

Jay Harvey leans closer to the table separating him and Stevens. Harvey extends his left index finger in the direction of Scott Stevens.

Harvey: Listen here, Bozo. I’m going to show you, this company, and those savages out in the arena that I’m the best. I’m going to prove to everyone single one of you that I deserve that belt and it’s gonna be… marvelous.

Stevens: Indeed it will, that ass whooping you will receive once more will be M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S!

Harvey: Glad you can spell...

Scott Stevens gets up from his chair, causing everyone else to stand. Stevens walks passed Unlikely, Harvey, and Catalina and doesn’t any a word. Stevens and Harvey lock eyes before Scott leaves the room. Harvey turns to Mikey.

Harvey: Michael… you’re going to make sure there are no… problems with my match, right?

Mikey smiles at Jay and pats him on the back.

Unlikely: Ah yes! THAT! ...You have nothing to worry about. I’ll take care of it.

Harvey nods as the two look out in the same direction. We fade out and go on with the show. 


Enemy Mine!

The words “Previously Recorded” appear in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and we slowly fade in on Jamie Sawyers, sitting at a kitchen table. It seems like there’s a lot of space around and behind him; we’re clearly in a large house, not an apartment or hotel room or anything of the sort. Over his left shoulder, a large body of water - a lake or an ocean - can be seen from beyond french doors that lead onto a balcony.

Jamie Sawyers: Good evening, WrestleUTA fans, and thank you for joining me. I’m sitting here with WrestleUTA star Impulse -

At that, the scene shifts to Impulse, sitting across the same table. Behind him, out of focus, are a large bookcase filled with books, picture frames, and mounted Championship Title belts.

Jamie Sawyers: - in hopes of getting his thoughts coming out of No Love Lost, and where the Marathon Man goes from here. Impulse, first off, thank you for your time.

They shake hands, and Impulse’s left hand is clearly still wrapped up in bandages and linen.

Impulse: Glad to do it, sir.

Jamie Sawyers: This is a beautiful home, Impulse. Yours?

He laughs, and shakes his head.

Impulse: Naaah. This place belongs to an old friend’a mine. I thought it’d be better for me and Cally to convalesce here, rather than in an apartment in a Washington Heights walkup, or a New Orleans studio. Or a hospital room, for that matter.

Jamie Sawyers: How is she, and how are you?

Impulse holds up his bandaged hand, and shrugs.

Impulse: I’m fine. Few stitches is all. Scraped a lot of skin off the sides of my hand, so there’s an infection risk which is why I’m not at the show tonight. Temporary setback; I’ll be back in two weeks.

Jamie Sawyers: Great, that’s great to hear, Impulse. And Calico Rose?

Deep breath.

Impulse: Officially, medically speaking? She had a concussion, obvs - which she tweeted about before they took her phone away. She also fractured her skull and broke her orbital bone. And of course, the trauma of the event triggered an asthma attack and her lungs stopped working for about a minute and a half or so.

He gives a deadpan smile.

Impulse: So that was fun. She’s gonna take a little longer, but Cally’s tough. She’ll be back before too long.

Jamie Sawyers: I think we’re all happy to hear that. Speaking of your return, anything to say to Chris Ross?

Impulse’s eyes narrow as he glares at Jamie Sawyers, but he slowly softens and a smirk forms.

Impulse: I’ve always shown my opponents respect. Even the worst of the worst, the SARS the Clowns, the JJ DeVilles, the Curtis Penns… our issue takes place between the ropes, and between the bells. For the most part, that’s also been reciprocated. Not to say that JJ and I showed personal respect, for example - but when we actually got in the ring, the bell was the end of it. Either I won, and my opponent backed off until the next battle, or I lost, and my opponent realized he won the day. But to jump me after the bell and attack Cally, when she’s clearly not a threat to you…

He leans forward.

Impulse: I’ve always shown my opponents respect, but I’ll tell you, Jamie… Chris Ross just did the worst thing he could - he’s no longer my opponent. He’s my enemy.


Impulse: And like we learned in the Karate Kid, our enemies deserve no mercy.

Switch back to Jamie Sawyers, whose eyes are wide.

Jamie Sawyers: Well, that’s… That’s certainly going to be something to see. Mr. Knox, thank you for your time. Jason, Tommy? Back to you, live!


Dexter Poindexter vs Duke Dibbins

Coming up next we have Dexter Pointdexter taking on Duke Dibbins.

Ace: In what will surely be a classic match right? Wake me up when this one is over!

Blackfront: Regardless we head to the ring!

His World By Zebrahead begins to play over the loudspeakers and suddenly Dexter goes flying out of the curtain and tumbles down the ramp in a heap.

Blackfront: Whoa! What in the world?!

Suddenly Chris Ross emerges from the back and the fans immediately erupt into a chorus of boos. Ross storms over grabbing Dexter and slams him on the metal stage with a T-Bone suplex.

Blackfront: Oh god! Dexter may be broken in half after that!

Ace: I love it! The Boss is beating the stupid out of this nerd!

Grabbing the nerd by the hair The Boss drags him to his feet and slides him into the ring. Ross storms over to one of the camera men and rips the camera out of his hands and unplugs the cord. He then pulls out the connecting wire and slides into the ring with it.

Blackfront: What in the hell is Ross doing?! He has a cord to one of our camera there!

The Keystone State Killa storms over and rips off Dexter’s shirt exposing his pale body. With a sadistic look on his face he starts whipping Pointdexter over and over with the cord.

Ace: Oh my god this is awesome!!!! Whip it! Whip it good!

Blackfront: Will you shut up?! This is terrible! Why isn’t security out here?!

Red welts begin to appear with each strike from the cord. Dexter turns over and Ross wraps the cord around Dexter’s neck and begins choking him with it. The boss laughs as Dexter goes to sleep. He lets the nerd go before he suddenly lifts his head up by the cord around his neck and places a foot on the back of his head and slams him face first with a curbstomp.

Blackfront: Enough already! For the love of god Dexter may be dead in there!

Ace: Honestly I think The Boss is holding back on this kid….

Blackfront: Really?!

Ace: You saw what he did to Cally!

Ross slides out of the ring and retrieves a microphone before sliding back in. He places a foot on Dexter’s back before he raises the microphone.

Ross: Believe it or not I’m actually in a pretty good mood!

The fance boo loudly as Ross laughs.

Blackfront: This is Ross in a good mood?!

Ace: He takes great pleasure in inflicting pain!

Ross: So needless to say I’ve been getting a lot of hate mail and a lot of messages over what happened at No Love Lost! Oh why Cally! Why oh why poor Cally?! Why did you do it Chris?!

The Boss rolls his eyes.

Ross: Why did I do it?! Why didn’t I do it?! Even on twitter she’s been a pain in my ass with her stupid ass tweets! Oh Chris you should some yoga! Oh Chris you should drink some herbal tea! Shut the hell up you tree hugging hippie you!

The Boss laughs as the fans start an ass hole chant.

Ross: But ok fine. Everyone wants me to apologize for what I did…. Alright! I’m sorry! There! I said it! Are all of you happy now? Did I just leave each and every one of you with a warm squishy feeling in your heart?! Don’t make me want to puke! Let’s be real! Even if I did mean that which by the way I don’t just so the few mentally handicapped in the audience think I did, What good are the words I’m sorry anyway? The bitch is still in the hospital getting her skull glued back together!

The Keystone State Killa looks around the arena as the fans continue to boo louder and louder.

Ross: The only thing I’m sorry for is not doing it sooner! However because I am such a gentleman I am sending a get well soon card to poor Calico Rose!

Ace: Such a gentleman!

Blackfront: Oh give me a break!

Dexter slowly tries to get up and Ross immediately kicks him in the ribs.

Ross: Hey! Did I say you can move? No! I’m not done with you yet!

Ross says grabbing the cord and cracking it across his back again before grabbing the microphone again.

Ross: All I’m going to say is that Cally and that three foot troll Impulse both deserve every injury I inflicted on them! And by the way I want Impulse to get drug tested because the amount of punishment he absorbed is not human! And neither is the way he dislocated his damn shoulders either! What is he Mr. Fantastic or some shit? Haha! Hey I’m sure the comic nerd here will mark out since I just made a comic reference!

The Keystone State Killa kicks Dexter again laughing.

Ross: So ladies and gentlemen this is my personal one finger salute to all of you! And especially to Cally and Impulse!

He holds up a middle finger laughing before he looks down at Dexter grabbing him by the hair.

Ross: And as far as this loser goes! As The Boss! I officially declare you fired! Don’t even think about showing your face around here ever again!

Blackfront: Wait what?! Fired?! He’s not the one in charge!

Ace: Trust me he’s doing Mikey a favor!

Ross smiles nodding his head.

Ross: With that being said! If anyone needs me! I got a dumpster with this guy’s name on it!

The Boss grabs Dexter setting his foot on the back of his head and curbstomps him again for good measure.

Blackfront: Oh for the love of god!

Ace: See ya later Pointdexter! Good bye and good riddance!

Blackfront: Ace…….. You do realize he’s not actually fired right? Ross isn’t the one in charge!

Ace: But he’s The Boss!

Ross looks down before he grabs the microphone.

Ross: With that said……. THE BOSS HAS SPOKEN!

He drops the microphone and slides out of the ring he grabs Dexter and like a sack of trash he drags him up the ramp and to the back as the fans continue to boo loudly.



The fans cheer as they see Crimson Lord backstage, with Zoey.

Crimson: HARVEY!

He passes a table and pushes the contents on the table off, before opening a door and looking inside,

Crimson: HARVEY!

Crimson closes the door and continues to storm the hallway in search of “The Natural One”

Crimson: HARVEY!

He looks down a hallway.

Crimson: HAR..

Before Crimson can say Jay’s name fully. Someone apparently in front of him has caught his attention. The camera pans to the owner of WrestleUTA Mikey Unlikely.

Crimson: You are in my way Michael.

Mikey puts his hand out in front of him, trying to calm the seven footer down.

Unlikely: Listen Bruv, I can’t have you wandering these halls like a raving lunatic. You have to understand I have to have a million things running at once, to make this show work. If you’re back here causing a scen, it can slow things down.

Crimson: I am not your Bruv, if you have a problem with me wandering these halls it's quite simple. Tell me where Jay Harvey is?

Unlikely: Actually it's THE Jay Harv…

Crimson quickly interrupts him.

Crimson: It’s going to be THE Dead Man when I get my hands around his neck!

The fans cheer loudly, Unlikely again motions for Crimson to calm down.

Unlikely: Listen, Crimson I can not have you interfering in a very important match tonight. I do not want any interruptions with reactivating the Legacy Championship.

Crimson crosses his arms clearly not impressed.

Unlikely: So I am going to ask you respectfully, I am going to give you two choices here tonight.

Crimson’s clicks tongue against his teeth.

Unlikely: You can either leave the show on your own free will….OR

Security walk into the picture, Crimson clearly does not look too impressed. Zoey on the other hand voices her concerns toward her father.

Zoey: Dad let's go, we do not need any trouble.

Crimson looks down at her then back at Mikey.

Crimson: So what you think I am suppose to be intimidated by security.

Zoey: DAD!

Zoey gets in front of Crimson.

Zoey: We are leaving Mikey.

Crimson clearly does not agree with that decision.

Crimson: Speak for yourself child, I am going to find Harvey…

Zoey quickly turns around and raises her voice once more at Crimson.

Zoey: Enough, we are leaving. I don’t need you going through another scene with the law.

Zoey walks past Crimson grabbing his arm and pulling at him. He does not budge, and stares at Mikey.

Crimson: Give this message to Harvey, the next time I see “The Natural” your toy soldiers will not be able to pull me off, when I get my hands on him.

Crimson turns around and follows Zoey. Mikey looks at the security.

Unlikely: Make sure he leaves. I’m serious!

Mikey walks off camera as the security follow where Crimson and Zoey walked off.

Blackfront: Mikey kicking Crimson out of the Colonial Life Arena, probably is a wise move. Crimson clearly is out for vengeance here tonight.

Ace: Good, now no one can interrupt the coronation of THE Jay Harvey tonight. Mikey said earlier tonight, he would take care of it, and he has! What a great owner!

Blackfront: You do know he has to deal with Scott Stevens before he can call himself a champion. Stevens has proven he is definitely not someone you just brush off. You saw what he did, at ‘No Love Lost’ to David Hightower!

Ace: Stevens is just as much of a joke as Ron Hall is, THE Jay Harvey is going to make that Legacy Title marvelous!

The shows cuts to the backstage area as Zoey exits the arena, shortly after security watches Crimson not to happy following behind her.

Keystone State Killa Trash Collection

Keystone State Killa Trash Collection

The scene turns to outside of the arena where Chris Ross is dragging Dexter Pointdexter.

Ross: Where is it….. Where is it……

Ross says as he shoves Pointdexter off the loading dock where he crashes through several wooden palets down below.

Ross: Whoops!!!! Sorry!!! That was an accident!!!!

The Boss laughs as he jumps down the dock and grabs Dexter.

Ross: Come on fruit cup! You’re fine! Walk it off!

He says as he spots what he was looking for.

Ross: There it is!

The Keystone State Killa says as he throws Dexter over his shoulder and walks over to a dumpster. The front of it says “Keystone State Killa Trash Collection”.

Ross: Welcome to your new home! Say hi to Lew Smith for me!

He says before he throws Dexter into the dumpster with a simple heave. Ross brushes off his hands laughing as suddenly Ivy runs into the picture.


Ross stands there shaking his head, with that said Ross slams the lid shut and attaches a padlock locking it shut.

Ross: Cheap Mortal Kombat knockoff….. Everyone knows Scoprion is the best character anyway!

The Boss says as he walks out of the picture to a sobbing Ivy.



Luke Dibbins vs Jestal

♫Kick It In The Sticks by Brantley Gilbert plays as a four wheeler zips out from the backstage area. Sitting on it, is one half of the #Brousins, Luke Dibbins.

Jordan: The following contest scheduled for one fall...introducing first LUKE DIBBINNNNSSSS!!!

He rides down the ramp in a four wheeler, and sitting on the front steering bars is PEAR THE DOG! The fans erupt into a frenzy of cheers, but only because two fans are fighting in the stands, no one gives a shit about Luke Dibbins. Once the fight is over, silence resumes as Luke climbs into the ring with the vicious, bloodthirsty stuffed dog Pear.♫

♫Jestal’s Theme hits the PA, to a chorus of boos as the Mad Prince steps from behind the curtain. Clucky firmly clutched in his hand, he makes his way toward the ring.

Jordan: and his opponent….weighing in at 260 pounds….

Blackfront: Jestal, and dexter had a good match at No Love Lost, both men clearly had a focal point they wanted to expose Dexter it was Jestal’s knee which The Clown clearly is showing a bit as he walks to the ring. Dexter took a all out assualt on his arm, forcing the young man to pass out from the KillJoy.

Ace: That KillJoy is something Lukie better watch out for it looks like a eye cringing submission move. Your arm just does not bend that way.

Jordan: ...from The Funhouse……”The Mad Prince”...JEEESSTTAALLL!

As Jestal walks down the aisle he gets annoyed by a few fans before reaching the ring. The Jester enters the ring setting Clucky in the corner.♫

Luke looks at The Jester for a moment, wondering if this is really his opponent. Jestal wastes no time and starts to punch Luke. Dibbins fights back as the two unload with lefts and right. Jestal quickly doidges Luke’s left punch and grabs his arm and leans his body into Dibbins. He falls forward slamming Luke’s shoulder into the mat. Jestal quickly maneuvers into an armbar.

Blackfront: Jestal without much hesitation starts to immediately work on the arm of Luke.

Ace: Clearly already thinking of The KillJoy.

Jestal starts to laugh as he pulls back on Luke’s arm as he yells in pain. Luke reaches for the rope, inch by inch he drags The Jester with him, until he is able to grabs the bottom rope. The ref quickly tries to get Jestal to break the hold but Jestal acts like he can’t hear him and pulls back with even more force. Luke screams in pain as the ref counts.


Jestal breaks the hold and gets to a vertical base as the ref gives him a mouthful, The Jester just chuckles. He moves in on the attack once more stomping on the arm of Luke. After a few stomps he goes off the ropes and drives his knee into the shoulder of Luke. Dibbins clearly in pain as he holds his arm he rolls out of the ring. Jestal limps around the ring strutting and laughing.

Blackfront: Luke actually with some smarts here gets out of the ring to try and recover.

Ace: Hey he used the one brain cell he has bravo Luke.

Luke gets his composure and slides back in the ring. The two stare at each other and Jestal snickers softly as they lock up. Luke quickly picks up Jestal and slams him to the mat. Luke raises his good arm in the air like he won the match. Jestal holds his lower back and then sits on the mat watching Luke celebrate.

Blackfront: What is he doing?

Ace: I think this idiot thinks he just won the match.

Jestal has his index finger out and spins it in circles to the side of his head and points at Luke. He gets to his feet, Luke is wanting the ref to raises his hand. Jestal just watches Luke arguing with the referee like this was some sort of body slam match. Jestal exits the ring during the argument, he starts to laugh hysterically as he rubs his hands together. He suddenly stops and gets down on his knees and looks under the ring. He quickly puts the apron back down. The look on his face is of utter shock.

Blackfront: What is he up to, Luke is still wanting the ref to raise his hand.

Ace: So this is the bizzaro section of the show tonight fans.

Jestal: Clucky...Clucky you have got to see this!

Jestal grabs his rubber chicken and flips the apron up and has Clucky look under the ring. He quickly puts the apron back down. He has Clucky face him, it appears Clucky seems to be telling this nutcase what to do. Jestal is agreeing with Clucky. He puts Clucky under the ring, and quickly slides in the ring as the ref and Luke are still arguing about Luke thinking he won the match.

Blackfront: What did he see under that ring Tommy?

Ace: Who knows whatever it is it has him spooked.

Jestal quickly interrupts the two, and grabs Luke by the arm pointing to the outside of the ring. Dibbins seems a bit baffled, Jestal rushes over to the ropes and waves his arm toward Luke in a “come on” motion. Dibbins just stares at The Jester, Jestal gets outside the ring and looks under the ring and then quickly puts the apron down again biting his fingers. He looks at Luke in the ring who appears to be intrigued by what Jestal is doing. The Jester continues to motion for Luke to “come here”

Blackfront: Luke i think it's best if you stay right where you are.

Ace: Do you honestly think a Dibbins brother has the intellect to do such a thing?

Luke finally bites and exits the ring, Jestal mumbles something to him the camera makes out part of it “together we can take it on!” Luke seems to be agreeing with The Clown. Jestal goes under the ring, soon followed by Luke. The ref is now baffled at this which interrupts his count for a moment. He shrugs his shoulders and starts to count.

Blackfront: What are these two doing under the ring?

Ace: So much for a wrestling match.

Jestal comes out from under the apron, with Clucky in hand laughing hysterically. He slides in and out of the ring as the ref tries to find out what happened to Luke under the ring. Jestal shrugs his shoulder and holds out a finger as though he is going to check on him.

Blackfront: Ok what happened under that ring?

Ace: Maybe Luke got lost and couldn’t find the exit. I wouldn’t put it past a Dibbins brother to get lost under a wrestling ring.

Jestal goes under the ring once more after a few seconds he exits from under the apron with Luke’s foot in his hands. He drags the Dibbins brother from under the ring. He appears to be out cold, Jestal flips him on his back horrified. He quickly gets to his knees and puts his ear to his chest. Looking up at the ref quickly shaking his head. He continues to do it as though he is trying to hear Luke’s heart. The ref has clearly had enough of the shenanigans and starts to count the two out. Jestal tries to have the ref wait, but the ref refuses. Jestal starts to do CPR, only when it gets to the part with breathing in his mouth. Jestal has second thoughts.

Ace: I don’t blame Jestal, would you want to breathe into that mouth smelling of cheap beer and cigarettes?

The Jester slides in the ring and back out, he picks up Luke who clearly is out cold somehow. He puts him back in the ring. He gets back in the ring and skips around laughing as the ref checks on Luke. Jestal stops and looks at Luke. he slowly approaches him in a stalking he reaches him he locks in The KillJoy!

Blackfront: Luke is in by way no means in the condition to try and get out of Jestal’s finishing move.

Ace: Good then maybe we can move to the part of the show that involves actual wrestling.

Luke clearly is in a lot of pain, he taps repeatedly and the ref quickly calls for the bell.

Blackfront: That’s it, Jestal defeats Luke Dibbins, but what happened under that ring?

Ace: Who, cares finally this one is over.

Jestal’s Theme hits the PA♫

Jordan: The winner of the match “THE MAD PRINCE” JESTALLL!



Fun Factor

Fun Factor

Jestal continues his winning ways with a win over Luke Dibbins here tonight.

Ace: It appears our Mad Prince of WrestleUTA is not done here tonight, he has taken a microphone from Jordan.

Jestal breathing rather heavy as he talks into the microphone looking down at Luke.

Jestal: At No Love Lost, I showed the world that I am someone not to be taken lightly.

A brief chuckle through his heavy breathing. He looks out into the sea of WrestleUTA fans.

Jestal: I took Dexter little arm and bent it in a not so nice way...I listened to the symphony of screams coming from him, until finally he passed out..

He puts his finger over his chin.

Jestal: That is not to say the kid didn’t put up a fight or anything.

Blackfront: Dexter did his best given his ring experience, and really took it to Jestal in that match.

Ace: What his little flash of anger if you ask me all the underhanded tactics he used, he should've been disqualified.

Jestal: Got to say I was not expecting to hobble out of the Phillips Arena after that match. Nevertheless, I had my hand raised in victory.

Jestal begins to walk around the ring circling Luke still recovering from The KillJoy.

Jestal: I walked to the back and decided instead of calling it a night and leaving that filthy city. I decided to watch the rest of the show backstage. Match after match I saw one continuous theme..

Blackfront: Wait a minute Jestal is attacking Luke again why!?

Ace: Who knows this guy is so unpredictable who knows what is going on inside that head of his.

Jestal stomps on Luke for a few minutes beating him back down to the mat, before chuckling a bit then looking out at the fans showing their dislike of him.

Jestal: That common theme, was everyone who stepped in this squared circle at No Love Lost was so angry, from Dexter, all the way down to Crimson Lord. This place needs a serious enima, someone has to turn all the guys in the back frowns upside down.

Blackfront: What is he getting at here?

Ace: He does have a point seems everyone here seems to have a chip on their shoulder.

Jestal: There was one guy in particular who really caught my eye and that man had the audacity to try and kill someone at No Love Lost. He is in serious need of a injection of fun into his life!

Blackfront: He never tried such a thing.

Ace: If he is talking about the man I think he talking about Jason, he is right he did hang Hightower by a damn chain from the ropes!

Jestal once more gives a few stomps to Luke continuing to not let him leave the ring. He returns to his discussion with the fans.

Jestal: So this message goes to one Scott Stevens...WrestleUTA’s Scorpion. I pledge right here in front of these toilet scrubbers I will make you laugh and smile and enjoy life once more…

He looks away mumbling under his breathe.

Jestal: If you ever did..

Ace: If anybody needs a injection humor in their life it's Scott Stevens.

Jestal looks out into the sea of booing fans for that toilet scrubber remark clearly.

Jestal: So my duckies I present you the method of how I will make this place FUN again!

Blackfront: Now where is he going?

Ace: It appears he has something under the ring to show us Jason.

Jestal pulls out a red box and slides it in the ring and slides back in, Luke has gotten to a vertical base and trying to catch his breathe in the corner favoring his arm still. Jestal charges and body splashes Luke in the corner sending him back down to the mat.

Blackfront: What is he planning to do here, he has not given Luke a chance to even leave the ring.

Ace: It's a surprise Jason, be patient you’ll find out, I can’t wait myself.

Jestal opens the box. He pulls something out, but the camera is unable to catch what he pulled out as his back is facing the camera. He walks over to Luke and flips him on his back and does some motioning with his hands over Luke’s face for a few seconds. He then stands up and puts his hands on his face for a moment and then starts to laugh hysterically pointing at Luke now while he does.

Blackfront: What in the world...

Ace: This guy, is a genius what a perfect way to make these somber guys in the back happy once more.

The camera catches Luke with a giant plastic lip prop in his mouth. The plastic lip has a full teeth ear to ear grin on it.

Blackfront: You have got to be kidding me that is his solution?

Tommy laughs along with Jestal.

Ace: That’s hilarious.

Blackfront: Unbelievable! If he actually thinks he is going to get a pair of plastic teeth in Stevens mouth this guy clearly has lost his damn mind!

Ace: Stevens is in need of a mood adjustment, I think if anyone can do it Jestal could.

♫Jestal’s Theme plays once more as he has Clucky in hand and still laughing as he points at Luke in the center of the ring. Luke just realized something was put in his mouth he spits it out and sees the plastic teeth and looks at Jestal baffled. Jestal on the other hand is backtracking up the rampway still laughing.

Simple As That.

Simple as That

We fade in on WrestleUTA backstage interviewer Paul Stewart standing in front of a WrestleUTA backdrop. He’s dressed in a dark blue suit with a pink tie and matching handkerchief. With microphone in hand, he smiles into the camera.

Stewart: Ladies and gentleman my guests at this time… “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey and as always, the lovely Catalina.

Boos can be heard from inside the Colonial Life Arena. Harvey and Catalina enter from the right side of the screen. Harvey is dressed in a black suit that looks to cost more than Stewart’s house. His dress shirt is opened up a few buttons at the bottom. Catalina is wearing a revealing black number with a high skirt. Harvey seems excited as Catalina has a big smile on her face.   

Harvey: Hey buddy. Haven’t seen you in a while. Where’ve you been?

Paul Stewart seems taken back by the remark and cracks a smile. He goes to answer Harvey but is soon cut off.

Harvey: That’s not important.

Stewart bites his lip and shakes it off.

Stewart: It’s been three weeks since WrestleUTA’s first Pay Per View, No Love Lost…

Harvey nods his head and puts a smile on his face. He adjusts his high-end sunglasses as he listens to Stewart speak.

Stewart: It was there you picked up what many call a “controversial” victory over UTA Hall of Famer Ron Hall.

Harvey removes his sunglasses and hands them to Stewart. Stewart looks confused. We cut to inside the Colonial Life Arena and get a view of South Carolina crowd watching the big screen.

Harvey: Paul… people can call it whatever they want. What goes down in the record books is a victory for the STILL undefeated THE Jay Harvey. That’s all that needs to be said.

We cut back to Stewart, Harvey, and Catalina live.

Stewart: Many would say you owe that victory to Catalina. If it wasn’t-

Catalina interjects herself, cutting off Stewart.

Catalina: Regardless of if I interfered or not… the match would have gone down the same way. Ron Hall loses and THE Jay Harvey wins.

Harvey: Whatever WE have to do to win, we do. Simple as that. Understand?

Catalina nods her head in agreement. Stewart marches on.

Stewart: That brings me to the WrestleUTA World title match. Just as it looked like Crimson Lord was going to become champion, you came to the ring and attacked Crimson Lord. Many believe you cost the seven footer the WrestleUTA World Championship.

Harvey chuckles at Stewart’s remarks.

Harvey: I did exactly that. I cost that seven-foot mongoloid the greatest prize in this industry. I knocked him upside the head with the very championship he covets most.

Stewart brings the microphone back to him to ask Harvey another question.

Stewart: But why?

Harvey: Why? You really want to know why?

Stewart: I think that’s the question the WrestleUTA Universe is wanting to know the answer to.

Harvey stiffens up a bit and loses his smile. His tone of voice changes, getting more of a serious bite.

Harvey: It’s simple. My father told me a long time ago that you need to make a statement. You need to go out there and make a name for yourself. You have to make a splash. I did just that.

Harvey turns from Stewart and now looks right into the camera lens filming feet in front of him.

Harvey: Crimson Lord… you took my shot at the WrestleUTA World Championship in the Battle Royal. Did you think I was going to just let you get away with it?! NO. So I waited. You were-

Harvey makes a gesture with his hand.

Harvey: This close. I bet you could taste it. I bet you had all the thoughts of holding that title high above your head… until I bashed you in the skull with it.

Stewart brings the microphone back to him.

Stewart: Why the assault after you cost him the title?

Jay Harvey cracks a devilish smile at Stewart.

Harvey: It goes back to what I said earlier, Paul. About making a statement. In prison, they tell you to find the biggest guy in the yard and fight him. I found the biggest guy in the yard… and I cracked a steel chair over his head. 

Stewart presses on with the interview. Harvey fixes the collar on his suit jacket.

Stewart: Care to comment about what occurred earlier tonight?

Harvey: I’d love to… I finally get my shot at WrestleUTA gold tonight. If Scott Ste-

Stewart eases his way back into the conversation.

Stewart: I was referring to Crimson Lord’s threats…

Harvey turns his head and smiles at Catalina. The two have a little laugh.

Harvey: I have more important things on my mind than Crimson Lord right now… I mean you should apologize for interrupting me. You are lucky I like you, otherwise, I’d pull your shirt over your head like that other bozo.

Harvey looks Paul Stewart in the eyes as he speaks.

Harvey: Tonight isn’t about Crimson Lord’s bitching and crying. Tonight isn’t about the Texas badass with the bad knees. No… tonight is about the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth. Tonight is the night I go home with the Legacy Championship. That’s all I’m thinking about, Paulie.

Harvey nods his head, looking confident. He exits the picture leaving Catalina behind for a second. Before she leaves she gives Paul Stewart one final word.

Catalina: We REALLY missed you, Paul!

She winks at Stewart and then leaves. Stewart looks off, watching Catalina leave. The feed fades out.  

No Distractions.

We cut from the maniacal laughing of Jestal to Jamie Sawyers standing next to Scott Stevens who is a few minutes away from his Main Event Championship match.

Sawyers: Ladies and gentlemen, we are a few minutes away from our Main Event Championship match for the Legacy championship involving The Jay Harvey and my guest and this time.

Sawyers says as Stevens edges in closer.

Sawyers: Tonight you are competing for the newly resurrected Legacy championship, but before we get to that what are you thoughts concerning what we just heard from Jestal?

Sawyers asks as he turns to Stevens but the Texan is surprisingly calm from the stern warning of the crazed superstar.

Stevens: My thoughts are simple, I cannot concern myself with Jestal or his supposed threats because I have a Legacy championship match against Jay Harvey…..

Sawyers: The.

Stevens: What?

Stevens asks after he was interrupted.

Sawyers: His name is The Jay Harvey.

Stevens shakes his head before taking the mic from Sawyers and pushing him off screen.

Stevens: I don’t care if his name is Bozo the Clown. The point I was trying to make is that him and I are facing each other for the Legacy championship. A championship that has rivaled the world title in the past with great champions such as CBR and my friend, John Sektor, holding it. Tonight, Jay and I finish what we started a few weeks ago before it was interrupted by that guy I left hanging at No Love Lost.

Stevens smiles and winks at the camera.

Stevens: Jay, I hope you’re ready because I am and the last time we faced one another you were on the wrong side of an ass whooping and tonight you’ll be looking at the lights. See you out there.

Stevens says confidently as he tosses the microphone to Sawyers and leaves.
Sawyers: Back to you guys.

THE Jay Harvey vs Scott Stevens

Ring Announcer C.H. Jordan stands in the middle of the ring. The crowd is buzzing. We go to different views of the sold out Colonial Life Arena. The bell sounds and we see the brand new Legacy Championship title hanging above the ring. We go to the ring and C.H. Jordan.

Jordan: Ladies and gentleman the following contest is a Ladder Match for THE WrestleUTA Legacy Championship!

The crowd cheers loudly but soon dies out when “Natural One” by The Folk Implosion blasts through the Colonial Life Arena sound system. The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp. Harvey raises his arms into the air as he winks at Catalina. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Jordan: Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina… Standing at Six Foot-Four inches and weighing in at Two Hundred-Thirty Three pounds...

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips, shaking her ass in the process.

Blackfront: WrestleUTA Owner Mikey Unlikely making this match earlier in the night. Like Ring Announcer C.H. Jordan said this is a Ladder Match for the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship.

Ace: Mikey Unlikely is a ratings machine. Not only is the main event a title match but it’s a ladder match and it has THE Jay Harvey in it. That’s got win written all over it!

Jordan: He is accompanied by the lovely Catalina… He has informed me to refer to him as “the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth”... “The Natural One” THE Jaaaaaaaaaay Haaaaaaarrveeeeyyyyy!

Jay Harvey comes to a halt in his corner and gets one last kiss from Catalina before she exits the ring; “The Natural One” wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

Ace: Bout time this guy gets a title match. His big win at our last Pay Per View has catapulted him into the title picture.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey one of the hottest stars here in the WrestleUTA. He remains... undefeated in single competition. Deserving of a chance to become Legacy Champion.

Harvey looks up at the title dangling above him.

Ace: No doubt, Jason! Obvs! Totally obvs!

Blackfront: Please stop that. Some of Harvey’s wins have been questionable-

Ace: A win is a win, Jason. The record book doesn’t lie.

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred. Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The crowd is going nuts as the guitar riffs of “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begin to play throughout the PA system.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens coming to the ring. Scott Stevens off his big win at the No Love Lost Pay Per View over David Hightower.

Ace: Scott Stevens doesn’t deserve a title shot! He’s a bum!

Blackfront: Whatever you say, Tommy.

The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.

Jordan: Introducing at this time, coming to us from the Great State of Texas, by way of Houston!

Walking down the aisle, he fists bumps some of his fans. He sees a young fan and takes his shirt off his back and hands it to him. The fans has a big smile on his face as Stevens continues on to the ring.

Jordan: Standing at six feet, six inches, and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-six pounds...

As he finally gets into the ring, he walks passed Jay Harvey and then goes to the nearest corner and climbs the turnbuckles. The fans show their love and respect as he raises his right arm into the air.


Stevens drops down to the mat and turns to his opponent. He gives Harvey an icy stare and a throat slash gesture.

Blackfront: This is it, folks. This match is for the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship. One of these two men will be added to the long list of great athletes who wore the title before them. Scott Stevens and THE Jay Harvey... this time we WILL get a winner

Ace: The first time these two faced each other there was a No Decision because that piece of trailer trash David Hightower got involved. Not tonight, folks.

Blackfront: Look at the staredown between Stevens and Harvey. This crowd is electric.

Jay Harvey and Scott Stevens stand in their respective corners. Both men have their eyes on the prize sixteen feet above the ring.

Blackfront: That is what both of these men are going to be fighting over. As we take a look at the new WrestleUTA Legacy Championship title.

Ace: A major upgrade over the last version. It’s gonna look marvelous around the waist of THE Jay Harvey.

Blackfront: What about Scott Stevens?

Ace: He’s not marvelous!

Harvey now stares across the ring at his opponent. Stevens is staring right at Harvey. Referee Levi Jones stands outside the ring and calls for the bell. The two men go after each other and meet in a Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. They move around the ring fighting for the advantage. The go into the corner and along the ropes still fighting for position. Stevens uses his strength to finally push Jay Harvey down to the ground. Harvey rises almost instantly and rushes Stevens. He goes into a fury of lefts and rights on Stevens. Harvey pushes Stevens into the corner and continues his attack. Harvey drops down and slams his right shoulder into the gut of Scott Stevens. Harvey lands four shoulder shots before letting Stevens out of the corner. Stevens walks from the corner, holding his midsection. Harvey lands a kick to the back of Stevens’ left leg. Stevens tries to walk it off but gets another kick in the left leg. This time his leg buckles and he falls to a knee.

Blackfront: Harvey in control of this match right now.

Ace: It’s only a matter of time, Jason. I think we should just give Harvey the belt now and save Stevens the embarrassment.

Blackfront: Has anyone ever told you that you were annoying?

Ace: No...

Harvey hits the ropes. He bounces off and upon coming back he lands a Big Boot to the face of Scott Stevens. Stevens lays on the mat holding his jaw. Harvey walks through the ropes and is now on the floor. Harvey pulls up the ring apron. The fans seem mixed about Harvey grabbing a ladder. Harvey slides the ladder under the bottom rope. Stevens crawls toward the ladder and quickly pushes it out to the floor. Harvey puts his hands on his hips.

Harvey: Really?

Harvey goes back under the ring and pulls out another ladder. Harvey holds the ladder horizontally in front of him. Before he can even act Scott Stevens lands a Baseball Slide that knocks Harvey and the ladder he’s holding down to the floor. The crowd is roaring right now. Stevens rolls under the bottom rope and gets to the floor. Harvey now lay on his back. Stevens picks Harvey up off the ground and quickly Body Slams Harvey down on top of the ladder. Harvey arches his back and grimaces in pain. The fans are loving it. Stevens grabs at Harvey once again but gets chopped in the gut. Harvey Irish Whips Stevens sending him into the ring steps very hard. Harvey grabs at his back still feeling the effects of the Body Slam on the steel ladder. Harvey bends at the knee and grabs the twelve-foot ladder up off the ground.

Blackfront: Harvey looking to use that ladder as a weapon in the early goings.

He takes the top step side of the ladder and smashes it into Stevens as he turns around to face him. Stevens drops down to the floor, holding himself up as he is on his hands and knees. Jay Harvey lifts the ladder up above his head and slams it down on Stevens’ back. Stevens falls down to the floor. Harvey slides the ladder into the ring as Stevens grabs at his back in obvious pain.

Blackfront: This one looks like it’s going to get out of hand and quick.

Ace: Jason, you have two veteran guys who are competing for a championship. I’m one-hundred percent certain they both will do whatever it takes to climb the ladder and take down that Legacy title.

Jay Harvey lands a Headbutt that rocks Stevens. Harvey then Irish Whips Stevens into the barricade. Stevens slams into the barricade causing the nearby fans to jump back. Harvey rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and picks up the ladder. He starts setting up the ladder, smacking down the spreaders. He begins his ascent, getting about six feet up before Scott Stevens gets back into the picture. Stevens lands a fist to Harvey’s lower back as his fingers just touch the Legacy title. Stevens lands a few more blows before Harvey kicks him in the chest trying to create some space. Stevens grabs Harvey by the feet and yanks him off the ladder. Harvey lands on his feet and gets a right fist to the face. Harvey walks away from Stevens, holding his jaw. Jay Harvey turns back toward Stevens and is immediately hit with a Reverse Atomic Drop. Harvey grabs his groin feeling the effects of the maneuver and is then Clotheslined over the top rope. He crashes to the floor as Catalina makes her way over to him. The fans begin to cheer and Stevens turns to face the twelve-foot ladder in the middle of the ring. He climbs the ladder step by step. He gets thirteen feet up and his fingers touch the title hanging high above the ring. Jay Harvey slides back into the ring and Dropkicks Stevens off the ladder.

Blackfront: Both men are down.

Ace: That was a close one!

Harvey gets back to his feet quickly. He slowly walks to the ladder and closes it up. Harvey carries the ladder and props it in the nearby corner. He has an evil smile on his face as he walks close to Stevens. Harvey lands a few vicious knees to the oblique area of Scott Stevens. Harvey now brings Stevens up to his feet. Harvey pushes Stevens into the adjacent corner and lands elbow shots to Stevens’ right temple. Harvey goes to Irish Whip his opponent but it is reversed. Jay Harvey crashes into the steel ladder and the crowd goes wild. Scott Stevens rushes from the corner and goes for a splash but hits nothing but steel. Harvey holds the top rope and takes a breather. Harvey grabs Stevens and locks in a Headlock. Harvey uses his strength to Snapmare Stevens to the ground while maintaining the Headlock. Stevens is able to force himself up. He attempts a Back Suplex but in the process himself and Jay Harvey go over the top rope and down to the floor. Both men are down on the floor as the Referee checks on the status of both men. The crowd is getting loud.

Blackfront: Check out this replay, folks… Scott Stevens and THE Jay Harvey both coming down awkwardly.

Harvey gets to a knee and stands up before sending a vicious kick to the abdomen of Scott Stevens. Harvey moves toward the ring apron and slams his hands on the mat, trying to pump himself up. Catalina can be seen watching the action in the background of the shot. Harvey lifts the ring apron and pulls out another ladder. He sets bottom brace side of the ladder on top of the Spanish announce table and rests the top step of the ladder on top of the ring apron. Harvey grabs Stevens by the hair but is soon Knife Edge Chopped on the chest. Stevens takes Harvey by the head and slams him face first into the ladder. The crowd is loving it. Stevens attempts it a second time but Harvey lands a chop to his gut. Harvey then slams Stevens face first into the ladder. Scott Stevens starts backtracking towards the barricade and away from Harvey. Catalina scampers away to keep a safe distance from the war waging in front of her. Harvey lands a forearm shot to the lower back of his opponent. Harvey goes for an Irish Whip but Stevens is able to reverse it. Harvey slides under the ladder evading danger. He gets back to his feet and rushes the ladder Dropkicking it into the chest of the oncoming Stevens. The top step of the ladder falls down to the floor as both men are down.

Blackfront: The action continuing to take place on the outside of the ring between Scott Stevens and THE Jay Harvey.

Ace: My man is getting up!

Jay Harvey is the first to his feet. He sets the ladder back up across the table and ring apron. He ducks under the ladder and goes after his opponent. Harvey lands some shots to the shoulder area of Scott Stevens. Harvey pushes Stevens on top of the Spanish announce table. The commentators scatter as Harvey gets on top of the table. Harvey pulls Stevens by the tights and props Scott’s head between his legs. Harvey now tries to lift Stevens up for a would be Powerbomb but Stevens blocks it. The two men fight on top of the table. Harvey’s eyes go wide as Stevens uses his immense strength to Back Body Drop Harvey on top of the ladder. The crowd is going insane. Stevens rests on his knees of the announce table. Cameras get a close up of Harvey who is writhing in pain.

Blackfront: That’s obviously not the way Jay Harvey expected that to play out.

Ace: Ya think?!  I hate Scott Stevens!

Stevens slowly gets off the announce table and stumbles when he gets to the floor. The fans along ringside hold their signs up as cameras follow Stevens. Scott gets to Harvey and starts unloading right fists on his forehead. Stevens gets Harvey off the ladder. Stevens forces Harvey toward the barricade and yells at the fans to move back. Stevens lifts him up and drops Harvey down sack first on the top of the barricade. A few fans pat Harvey on the back. Stevens takes a few steps back and comes at Harvey, Clotheslining him down to the floor. The fans are loving what they are seeing. Stevens goes toward the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Catalina goes to Harvey as we go back to Stevens inside the ring moving the ladder inside the ring into place. Stevens goes up the ladder one step at a time. The crowd is roaring as Jay Harvey is up and gets back into the ring. Harvey goes up the same side of the ladder as Stevens. He lands a kidney shot that stops Stevens from going for the title. Harvey grabs Stevens by the hair, pulling his head and neck back.  

Blackfront: My God! Jay Harvey with the Inverted DDT off the ladder!

Ace: Scott Stevens had the Legacy title in his hands but THE Jay Harvey is not going to let Stevens walk out this his title!

Blackfront: We have to see that again...




Both men are down on the mat. A replay of the Inverted DDT hits your screen in a split shot with live action. Both men have glazed eyes as they lay on the mat looking up at the ceiling. Harvey lifts his right arm up off the mat for a second before it falls back down. He swings that arm over and is now on his side. He holds the back of his neck with his left hand, breathing heavy. Scott Stevens hasn’t moved an inch. Jay Harvey slowly but surely gets to a knee. He raises his head and looks at the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship hanging high above him. He powers up and gets to his feet. He steps over his opponent and begins ascending the ladder. He only gets about four feet up the ladder before Scott Stevens grabs at his left foot, holding him back from advancing any further. Harvey turns his body and kicks Stevens who maintains his grip on Harvey’s foot. Harvey stomps Stevens right in the head, breaking his hold. Harvey steps back down to the mat and unloads a fury of boot stomps on Stevens. Jay Harvey smacks the spreads up on the ladder and closes it up. He drops the ladder down next to him and has his eyes set on Stevens.

Blackfront: What evil thoughts does Jay Harvey have dancing around that head of his?

Ace: You mean what winning thoughts.

Harvey grabs the left leg of Scott Stevens and pulls him back close to the ladder. Stevens is on his stomach as Harvey pulls Stevens’ leg up into the air and sends it directly into the steel steps of the ladder. Harvey doesn’t let go and once again brutally slams Stevens surgically repaired knee into the steel ladder. Stevens screams out in pain, holding onto his knee. The crowd boos the actions of Jay Harvey. Stevens is now on his back and kicks the ladder with his right leg to get it away from Harvey. Harvey lands a boot to Stevens’ chest. Jay Harvey now mounts Scott Stevens and unloads left closed fists to Stevens’ forehead. Harvey gets to his feet and stares down at Stevens. The South Carolina crowd boos Harvey who pays them no mind. Harvey bends down and grabs one of the rails of the ladder opening it up slightly. Harvey slides Stevens’ left leg inside the opening of the ladder. Harvey pauses and looks around the crowd before opening the ladder up and slamming it down on Stevens’ left leg.

Blackfront: I hate to say it but this is a smart strategy by Harvey.

Ace: Can’t walk up a ladder with an injured leg now can you, Jason?

Blackfront: No, you can’t, Tommy.

Ace: Smart veteran move by THE Jay Harvey.

Stevens is able to remove his leg from the ladder and rolls away from Harvey. Harvey keeps the pressure on Stevens. Jay Harvey grabs the ladder up off the mat and hooks the left leg of Scott Stevens inside the two-foot gap between the top step and the second to last step. He pushes the ladder up and away from him, putting great strain on Stevens’ leg and knee. Harvey lifts up on the ladder and slams it down on the mat. Scott Stevens screams out in pain only to have it done one more time. Stevens is able to free his leg from the ladder as Harvey poses a bit to the displeasure of the crowd.

Harvey: You LOVE it!

We get a shot of Catalina on the outside loving what’s going on inside the ring.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey inflicting a lot of pain on his opponent.

Ace: Like Jay Harvey said earlier tonight… whatever has to be done to win.

Harvey gets his head back into the match. Harvey sends a kick right between the shoulder blades of Scott Stevens. Harvey picks the ladder up and sets it up underneath the dangling title high above him. Harvey makes certain the ladder is stable enough before walking up it. He looks down at Scott Stevens who still holds his injured left leg. Harvey takes an incredibly slow step up the ladder. Harvey begins to laugh as he slowly takes another step up the ladder. Harvey continues to hot dog it up the ladder. Harvey is about eight feet up on the ladder as Scott Stevens gets to his knees. Stevens moves closer to the ladder. Jay Harvey is on the second to last step on the ladder. He has the Legacy Championship in his hands. Scott Stevens gives the ladder a forceful push. Jay Harvey is sent flying over the top rope and to the floor. The twelve-foot ladder bounces on the top rope and now resides there. The fans are going ballistic.

Blackfront: What moxie on display here by Scott Stevens! He will not quit!

Ace: I wish he would! The most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth was a second away from taking down the Legacy Championship title.

Catalina rushes to Jay Harvey. Harvey appears to be injured on the outside of the ring. The crowd begins to chant for Stevens.

Let’s go Stevens!


Let’s go Stevens!


Let’s go Stevens!


Stevens finally gets to his feet and walks with a bit of a limp. He’s still feeling the trauma from earlier in the contest. He grabs the ladder that rests on the top rope and positions it under the Legacy Championship. We go to the camera rolling on Harvey on the outside. Catalina is seen pulling Harvey up, trying to get him on his feet. Stevens starts his ascent. Pain is written all over Stevens’ face. He is taking his time trying to suffer through it as he climbs. Catalina gets Harvey to the ring apron and sends him back into the ring. Harvey realizes what is going on and gets up and starts attacking Stevens’ left leg again. Lefts and rights right on the left knee. Harvey yanks Stevens by the left leg and sends him hard down to the mat. Harvey grabs both of Stevens’ legs and tries to roll him over to his stomach. Stevens continues to fight Harvey but Harvey finally powers him over.

Blackfront: Harvey now with the Elevated Single Leg Crab. It’s locked in. Nowhere for Scott Stevens to go.

Ace: Look at how far Harvey is pulling back. He’s gonna break Stevens’ neck.

Scott Stevens is screaming in agony. Jay Harvey keeping pressure on Stevens’ entire body. Stevens is close to the ring ropes and grabs onto the bottom rope.

Blackfront: There’s no break in a Ladder Match. There’s nothing Referee Levi Jones can do for Scott Stevens.

Ace: He should just quit! He’s only delaying the inevitable.

Harvey keeps the Elevated Single Leg Crab locked on his opponent. Harvey begins laughing and it gets a rise out of the Colonial Life Arena. Stevens is screaming in agony. He pulls on the bottom rope in a ferocious manner. His face is a bright red. Harvey finally lets the hold go and continues to taunt the crowd.

Blackfront: I think Harvey needs to pay less attention to this sold out crowd and more to climbing the ladder.

Ace: Oh pipe down, Jason. Scott Stevens can’t climb a ladder now. He needs to just stay on the mat and congratulate the new Legacy Champion.

Jay Harvey now begins climbing the ladder. The crowd begins to boo sensing the end of the match. Harvey has his back to his opponent as he continues to climb. Harvey gets fifteen feet in the air and grabs at the Legacy Championship title. He starts to unhook the title but is stopped. We go to a wide shot to find Scott Stevens pulling on Jay Harvey’s right leg. Stevens uses all his might and yanks Harvey off the ladder.

Blackfront: TOXIC STING! Scott Stevens with the Toxic Sting!

Ace: Oh no!

The crowd is on their feet. A replay hits your screen showing Scott Stevens hitting the Toxic Sting as Jay Harvey was falling down off the ladder. Both men are down and the crowd is electric.

This is awesome!


This is awesome!


This is awesome!


Blackfront: What a match! Both men putting their bodies on the line! Putting it all out there to become the NEW WrestleUTA Legacy Champion!

Ace: I have to give it to Scott Stevens. Just when you thought he was out of it this rat was able to stay in this match.

Both men are down on the mat. The crowd is still going wild.

Blackfront: This is anyone’s match. Who will become the Legacy Champion?

Ace: What kind of stupid question is that?! It’s gonna be Jay Harvey, obvs!

Blackfront: I hate when they said it and I hate it even more when you say it!

Scott Stevens is the first man to start moving. He gets on all fours and starts crawling to the twelve-foot ladder in the middle of the ring. He puts his right arm on the second rung of the ladder and looks up at the title shining in the house lights high above the ring. He grabs the next rung with his left hand, trying to pull himself up the ladder. He now has his feet on the rungs of the ladder. He makes his way up the ladder slowly. The crowd is feeling it and so is Stevens.

Blackfront: Is this Scott Stevens’ time? Is Scott Stevens going to become the Legacy Champion?!

Ace: I hope not!

Stevens falls down a rung on the ladder, looking as though he can’t fully put weight on his left leg. He troops on, continuing his upward climb. Jay Harvey is now stirring. Catalina is screaming at him to get his ass into gear. Harvey leaps and lands a forearm shot to Stevens’ lower back. Stopping him for a brief moment. Harvey goes to the other side of the ladder and begins to climb. The crowd is on their feet. Both men making their way up higher and higher. Harvey swings his left arm and cracks Stevens in the ribs. The two men exchange blows at least twelve feet above the ring. The crowd is on the edge of their seat watching the two men battle on the ladder. Stevens lands a stiff right through the opening of the rungs, connecting flush on Harvey’s jaw. Stevens lands another and another. Jay Harvey loses his balance and is now hanging onto the ladder by one hand. His left foot slips off the ladder.

Ace: Don’t fall, Jay!

Blackfront: Harvey is teetering on the ladder!

Harvey regains his balance and climbs up higher on the ladder. The two men are face to face just throwing fists with everything they’ve got left. Harvey knocks Stevens down a bit and climbs up just enough to be able to touch the title. He tries to unhook it but is punched in the mid-section by Scott Stevens. This opening allows Stevens to climb higher and both men are almost at the top step continuing to throw fists.

Blackfront: This is a war!

Jay Harvey grabs Scott Stevens by the back of the head and slams his face down on the top step of the ladder.

Blackfront: Oh no…

Jay Harvey uses all the power in his legs to somersault over the top of the ladder as well as his opponent and Powerbombs Scott Stevens down to the mat. Harvey stays on his feet and falls back onto the ladder that is still standing upright. The crowd has officially lost it.


Blackfront: I can’t believe… I can’t believe what I just saw.

Ace: For the first time in my career… I’m speechless.

Blackfront: That really is a first.

The replay of the Powerbomb rolls and the crowd continues to chant. When we go back to live action we get a close up of Scott Stevens who appears to be unconscious. Jay Harvey snarls as he pushes himself up off the ladder. He turns and starts climbing the ladder. The fans are torn with their hatred for Harvey and the amazing display they were all witness to. Harvey goes up rung by rung. He gets close to the top step and grabs at the Legacy Championship. He has it in his hands and unhooks it from the wire. The bell sounds bringing the match to an end.

Jordan: Your winner and NEW WrestleUTA Legacy Champion… “The Natural One” THE Jay Haaaaaarveyyyy!

Catalina makes her way into the ring as Jay Harvey holds the Legacy title high above his head with both hands.

Ace: Now THAT… was a match! Wooooo!

Blackfront: You have to give it to Scott Stevens. He battled this entire match. Both men wanted to walk out with the Legacy Championship. There’s your Legacy Champion… THE Jay Harvey.

Harvey now holds the title in one hand and points up at himself with the other. He’s yelling something but microphones around ringside can’t pick it up.

Ace: Whether the WrestleUTA Universe likes it or not, there is your Legacy Champion.

Blackfront: Let’s show you some of the big moments in this match, folks.

Footage rolls as Blackfront and Ace break the tape down.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens with the Body Slam on the steel chair early in this contest. Jay Harvey was then reversed onto a ladder by ringside.

Ace: Jay Harvey here with the Inverted DDT off the ladder. Scott Stevens sending Harvey over the top rope and crashing down to the floor.

Blackfront: The Toxic Sting got Scott Stevens right back into this match but it was this… The Somersault Powerbomb that put away Scott Stevens for good. That allowed Jay Harvey to climb the ladder and capture the Legacy Title.

We go back to Harvey on top of the ladder with the WrestleUTA Legacy title across his shoulder. Catalina is clapping for her man. Harvey now descends the ladder. Referee Levi Jones now in the ring goes to raise Jay Harvey’s hand in victory. Harvey pulls his hand away and Catalina raises it. We got to the outside of the ring where Scott Stevens looks beaten down. He shakes his head and then we go back to the ring. Harvey and Catalina stand in the middle of the ring as the crowd boos them.

Blackfront: Once again your winner and new Legacy Champion…

The crowd seems to be stirring and starts to cheer as a large figure moves through them.

Blackfront: It’s Crimson Lord!

Ace: What’s he doing here?! Mikey told him to leave!

Crimson Lord puts one leg over the barricade and then the other. He rushes to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Harvey turns and him and Catalina just narrowly get out of dodge. Lord is upright and going crazy. Harvey and Catalina scamper down the aisle.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord almost had Jay Harvey!

Harvey holds his Legacy Championship close to him as Catalina has her arm behind his head and around his shoulders. The two have their eyes on Crimson Lord. We cut to a camera that’s locked on Crimson Lord. Crimson stands on the bottom rope and points his finger out at Harvey.

Crimson Lord: I’ll get you! Your ass is mine, Harvey!

We go back to the entrance ramp to Harvey and Catalina.

Harvey: Not tonight… or any night!

The two laugh as Harvey holds his Legacy title above his head. We go back to the ring and Crimson Lord who has his eyes glued on Jay Harvey. The WrestleUTA logo appears on the bottom right corner of your screen. We fade out and the Hulu logo appears in the middle of a black screen.


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