Rampage 2/2/01

2 Feb 2001

Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York (seats 51,000)


The UTA Rampage  Video begins When it ends the camera switches to the main part of the areana.

The lights in the arena go dim as fireworks explode around the backstage enterance.  "The Suck for Your Solution" by Marilyn Mason blares out into the arena.  Out of the shadows emerge The Spawn...UTA World Champion The Spectre, UTA United States Champion Mr. Fantastic, UTA Hardcore Champion Devon Lynch, and "The Mind Bender" Shasta King, along with managers J.P. Richmond and Tongo Quinn.  The group makes their way to the ring, microphones in hand.

Fantastic: Do you people realize that as you sit there, chugging your watered down beer and waiving your poorly constructed signs, that you are looking at the world's greatest mother?  That's right, look at her *pointing to the ring*.  Four corners...four sets of three ropes...decievingly brutal canvas mat.  They say that nothing brings a mother more joy that to see her children being happy.  Well, if that's true, this is one very joyful mommy.  You see, folks, four and half years ago, this very ring gave birth to a tremendous child.  A child whose excellence would surpass mommy's greatest expectations.  A child whose brillance was so strongly linked to the ring that gave it life, it became known simply as....THE SPAWN!!!!

*crowd pops a heavy boo*

Fantastic: Tonight, The Spawn, will be here to show the world just what a great job the ring has done in bringing us up!  Like a child at a recital or a ball game, tonight is our moment to shine.  Tonight we have three other groups who dare to threaten our superiority.  You people have seen the havoc that we have caused individually.  You have seen the authority and respect we command.  And now, as we join together, in the most evil show of unity, WE DEVOUR THE UTA...all the while nestled within the bosom of our mother....this soon-to-be blood soaked ring!!!!

*Devon slowly steps forward, his long hair covering his face. He puts the mic up to his face, and you can hear his heavy breathing. He pauses long enough to allow the crowd to boo once more.*

Devon: You know, I'm getting sick and tired of people, coming up to me, and asking the same damn thing all the time..... 'Devon? What the hell is wrong with you, you little sissy! All we see you do is cry....cry....cry!! Why dont you get some balls, and toughen up?'

   FIRST OFF!!!! I think I somewhat proved I was tough when I own the Hardcore Title at Black Horizon. I think i further proved I was tough when I went toe to toe with the SEVEN FOOT psychotic monster, Crimson Lord, even going so far as to toss the 300 pound SOB off the ladder and through a damn table. And thanks to a certain
dumb@$$ who decided to get involved in our match, I lost that belt that I worked so hard to attain.  Well, KLASH and Crimson, you two walking pr*cks have you're little fun... enjoy your little title, for now. Enjoy every breathing moment you have...while you can. Cause as they say...paybacks are a B*TCH!!!!
    You guys just wait till later tonight. I've got my crosshairs aimed right between your eyes, and it ain't going to be no picnic either!!
   As far as WHY I am emotionally distraught??? Well, the reason is.....the reason is.......

*pauses and grabs hold of locket hangin from his neck. His eyes become misty.*

Devon: OH, SCREW IT!!! You people wouldnt give a damn anyway!!! Cruel heartless

Shasta: Ta-nite, ol' Shasta be bringin' all da trimin's, mon.  Linen napkins, white gloves, 'n' smokin' jacket wid a pipe.  Afta' da feast I gonna take da biggest, juicest bone I find.  Den I gonna carve it down it a sharp point 'n' pick da leftovah's outta me teeth!  HOOFAAA!!!

*Finally the mic is handed to Spectre, and he, like the others receive a loud round of boos from the crowd.*

Spectre: HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!! Ah, it feels great to be champion STILL. PINKY!!! It looks like you let your little Pinkies down, and you fell out of the title race and into the pits of hell in Satan's Chamber!!! And you DARE DEMAND another shot at my belt??? Well, I've thought about it, and I've made up my mind!! And my answer is.......KISS MY @$$!!!!  Pinky, why don't you do like the little kid in school who bends down to tie his shoe while the rest of the class is walking down the hall, and that's GET YOUR ASS TO THE BACK OF THE LINE!!!!

   As for The Spawn, and what Fantastic said earlier? I don't think I could have said it any better. I mean, come on!! We have got to be the heavy favorites in this stable war. WHY??? Not only have we been together longer, over 4 1/2 years, but we have the experience as a GROUP, so we know all the dirty tricks that others can play.
    And yet, we have to play "nursemaid" to a bunch of guys, most of whom have been together just long enough to start getting used to each others smelly jock straps!!! Now, granted, Klash and Kor, supposedly have been together a little bit longer, but do you think The Spawn really cares??
   Heck, who's to say that either of those guys will even show up tonight? Anyway, after tonight, The Spawn once again, just like we have always before, prove to be the most dominant force in wrestling today!! And everyone else, will have to come to grips that no matter how bad they may hate us, they will have to admit that WE are the unstoppable force, WE are the ones in control, WE are the the ones in charge!!!
  And just a side note to all the doubters??? I think the fact that ALL of us in the Spawn have had a title at one time or another should prove just how powerful and influential we are!
  But for all of those in the Stable War later tonight...... Think you can defeat The Spawn???? Hehehehehehehe....IN YOUR DREAMS!!!

*"Memphisto" by Depeche Mode cranks up as The Spawn raise their fists in the air despite the rousing boos from the audience.*

The camrea shows One of the people  that works in the back  come up on KLASH, and say that "EYEDEA" needs to see him right away in the KKK dressing room. Klash goes in the back and come up on a door that says "KKK". When he goes in , there is one in the room.The Man in Black comes up behind KLASH with a large RING WRENCH, and hit KLASH in the back of the leg , knocking him to the ground, then repeatedly hit him in the knees with the wrench ,before running out of the room. Jason is overhead saying I thought he was released

 the same person who told klash about the eyedea meeting is seen informing Crinsom Lord that he is needed for an interview, but the interview is going to take place in the back near the utility area of all places. Crimson walks to the back and see a big X and a note that says , " PLEASE WAIT HERE". (It happens to be below  a BIG STACK of HUGE EXTENSION LADDERS. The camera catches both in the same shot and again, the MIB appears by the ladders. He then disappears behind the ladders, then pushess them off the scaffolding down on Crimson Lord. Jason continues to say what's going on here? and get them some help.

   The show offically starts to be commetated by Jason Blackfront. The first match is to be A.C Smooth vs. Michael owens in the 30 minute ironman match. A.C Smooth is the first to come out. Followed by Michael Owens. The bell rings and the match is kicked off. The first few minutes is locking up breaking holds and reversals. Both men get ALOT of crowd pops. The first pin of the match is scored at 4 minutes in by Michael Owens who is picked up by A.C Smooth in a powerbomb hold, Owens brought him down with a hurricarana. The match began again. Smooth holds his neck for a bit then locks back up with owens. Alot more reversals. Owens hits smooth with a missle dropkick off the top turn buckle. Quick pin but Smooth kicks out. Smooth follows by getting up and nailing a big clothesline on Owens, he pins and hooks the leg of Michael. Smooth gets the second one two three  after the count.
    The two begin again with 11 minutes left in the match. Smooth whips owens into the ropes but Owens flys over the top. Smooth follows to the outside. The ref begins to count. Smooth slams owens into the barrier a few tiems before Michael blocks and reverses sending Smooth into the barrier.Owens somehow hits the flame and slides back in the ring. teh ref counts to ten on Smooth making it 2-1. Smooth gets to his feet and rolls into the ring. Owens is celebrating in the ring Smooth comes up behins him and rolls Owens up in a school boy for the one two three. 6 Minutes left in the match and it's 2-2. Smooth and Ownes are up in the rign battling it out in the closing minutes. Lots of hard fist to the faces, chops to the chest, Owens whips Smooth into the ropes at 1 minute left. Smooth on the return bumps into the ref sending him to the outside and unconisiocos. Ownes runs at smooth, smooth continues at Ownes and they both clotheslines each other. Both men fall down with both covering the other with a arm. A back up ref rns down from the back with just secodns to go. He slides into the ring as the first ref soemhow gets up and slides in. Both ref count one two three. The bell rings. Both ref's stand up holding an opponents arm up.
  The ref's begin arguing over who the winner is. The Commishoner comes out with a mic and annouces both men win and that it will be a triple threat match for the united states belt witht eh us champion, owens, and smooth. The fans go nuts.. as the show goes to commercial. It returns

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the UTA United States Championship!!!  Making his way to the ring is the challenger, representing the Dark Nation....DAMIEN "THE HELLRAIZER" BLAZE!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand his opponent, led to the ring by J.P. Richmond, from the City of Angels, weighing 257 lbs., he is the new UTA United States Heavyweight Champion....MR. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason: Alright, fans, we are ready to go with Mr. Fantastic's first title defense of newly acquired U.S. championship.  And this certainly is a tall order, going up against this new UTA monster, "The Hellraizer".  The ref calls for the bell and these two men waste no time!  They meet in the center of the ring with a furious exchange of punches!  Blaze begins to get an advantage, backing Fantastic into the ropes.  Blaze grabs Fantastic and whips him off the ropes, Fantastic reverses and pulls Blaze into a strong roundhouse kick.  Fantastic now bounces off the near side, charges into Blaze and gets caught in a huge powerslam!!  Great counter!  Cover by Blaze...One...Two...Fantastic kicks out!!  The challenger nearly gets a quick win.

Fantastic is back to his feet and catches Blaze with a rake of the eyes.  He backs the challenger into a corner and begins hammering him with forearm shots to the side of the face.  Fantastic now beels Blaze out of the corner.  Blaze pulling himself up and Fantastic is behind him, sizing him up.  "The Hellraizer" turns around and Fantastic smacks him in the mouth with a patented Mr. Fantastic dropkick!  Fantastic now sits down on Blaze chest and peppers him with stinging rabbit punches.  What have we got here?  Look at that...The Lords of Destruction are coming to the ringside area!  What are Shasta King and Kinfe Habte doing out here?  This is supposed to be a one-on-one match!

Fantastic picks up Damien Blaze and lifts him straight up and down with a great vertical suplex!  Uh-oh, looks like Fantastic is taking to the sky!  We don't see this too often, as Fantastic climbs to the top turnbuckle.  Fantastic leaps off with a belly flop....and hits the mat hard as Damien moves out of the way!  Fantastic is down, trying to catch his breath as the monster Blaze is back in control.  Blaze grabs a hold of Fantastic and sends him across the ring.  Blaze catches Fantastic on the rebound and hoists him high over his head with a military press slam...what power by Blaze!  Blaze continues the assault here, he grabs Fantastic in a gut-wrench waistlock and turns it into a brutal powerbomb!  Blaze runs across the ring and hits Fantastic with a legdrop. Here's a cover...One...Two...Thr...leg on the rope, leg on the rope!!  Fantastic knew where he was in that ring and got a leg on the rope!  Blaze is up and is challenging the U.S. champ to get to his feet.  Fantastic is using the ropes to pull himself up.  Blaze rushes Fantastic with a lariat...but Fantastic ducks it and Blaze goes flying over the top rope and out of the ring, right at the feet of the LOD!!  This can't be good.

King and Habte are staring at Blaze and...they're helping him to his feet?  The Lords are helping Blaze up...who comes up swinging!!  Blaze is firing roundhouse punches at the L.O.D...and they're not fighting back!  The ref is yelling at Blaze to get back into the ring as Fantastic is trying to clear the cobwe...hey, in the ring...Tatstumi Tanaka...he's got a chair!!!  Tyger is in the ring, he spins Fantastic around and hits him in the head with the chair!  You could hear that chair shot all the way in the cheap seats!  Fantastic is out and Tanaka clamps down on him with a Tiger Claw!!!  Meanwhile, Blaze has run the LOD out of the ringside area!!  We've got more officials in the ring, pulling Tanaka off!  Look at that....Fantastic is a bloody, bloody mess!!  Something tells me this fued is just getting started!!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification, and STILL the UTA United States Champion...MR. FANTASTIC!!!!

Jason:  Fantastic may have gotten the win, but "Tyger" Tanaka sure as hell sent out a message.  Will Fantastic be able to compete in tonight's main event?

Reckless Youth is seen in the back walking. All of a sudden The dark Night runs out and attacks him leaving him in no condition to compete in his match. Teh commish comes out and annouces since the dark night put youth out he will take his place. Kid calamity comes out to the ring where dark knight it and the match begins. Dark Night dominates the first half with ALOT of power moves sending calamity into a daze. The dark Night picks Kid Calamity up in a choke slam formattion, Kid brings him down in a DDT. The fans pop like never before. Kid turns him over and pins him. One two three. Kid calamity picks up the win.

The show goes to commercial again. It returns to show Broude and Riskbreaker in the ring. They lock up, both men trying to over power the other but can't, Riskbreaker breaks it and delivers a massive clothesline. Broude gets back up and retuns the favor. Riskbreaker whips broude into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a splash.He sets broude on the top rope and delivers a superplex. Goes for the pin but broude kicks out. The match continues on with broude taking control. Finally the end draws near as Broude sets riskbreaker up in piledriver formation RIskbreaker starts wiggling he drops to the canvas and lowblows broude the ref calls for the bell. The fans begin to boo at the outcome.The show goes to commercail.  It comes back to show all the stable members in the rign excludding crimson lord and klash who where put out form the nights events earlier.
   Spectre and Brian Ironside start the match off. Both men going at each other without prejiduce. Spectre sends Brian ironside over the top rope. He tags in Shasta king who goes on the otuside and pulls ironside up. he rolls him into the rign before following. Shasta jumps up and comes down with a big knee. Ironside rolls out of the way and tags unexposed before rolling out. unexposed comes into thew  ring. Unexposed and Shsta king go at each powerfully.Shasta whips unexposed into the ropes and unexposed comes back, Shastalays down and unexposed jumps over him, he hits the ropes and retuns again shasta gets up and clotheslines him.
    Shasta walks over and tags Bryan Fury in. Shasta gets on the outside and the rest of the spawn looks confused then shrug. Fury begins kicking Unexposed before picking him up by the head. He whips unexpose dinto Ironfury's corner. Unexposed quickly  tags Ron Hall and slides downa nd out of the ring. hall gets in and looks at Bryan. Bryan lays down and Ron puts a foot on him for the pin. ironfury wins the match in a stupid move by unexposed. Jason goes on how to how smaret it was to end the match fast and make sure rionfury comes out the winners. All the stables members rush the ring and begin to battel it out. All hell breaks loose as the show fades to black.

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