Wrestleshow Ep 13

24 Jan 2017

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)

Two Weeks Ago

Two Weeks Ago

The words "Two Weeks Ago" appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen with the WrestleUTA logo. We open to Mikey Unlikely with the microphone in the ring.

Unlikely: That said, I do have a big surprise for every WrestleUTA fan in attendance tonight! Right here in Orlando, Florida, Tonight LIVE on HULU. We will determine the number one contender for Kendrix’ WrestleUTA World Championship in our main event!

The fans once again get excited, they are so fickle.

Unlikely: TEN of WrestleUTA’s top superstars are ready to battle it out for a chance to face this man! Tonight I will introduce the Mikey Unlikely Number One Contenders Invitational Battle Royal! Or the #MUNOCIBR! Two superstars start in the ring, and every minute a new superstar enters! The only way to eliminate an opponent is to throw them over the top and have both feet hit the floor!


Impulse gently pulls the microphone back to himself.

Impulse: What happened against David Hightower was unfortunate for me, but that’s part’a the game. If I deserved it at the time, I’d’ve won, regardless of any interference. Now, that being said… I’ve always done pretty well when I’ve had more than one opponent. In fact, my career was built on a battle royal that took place nearly a decade ago, so, all things equal, this match is right up my alley. As far as Chris Ross is concerned --

We never find out what Impulse meant ‘as far as Chris Ross is concerned’ because the second those words leave his mouth, a big metal box connects to the back of his head, and he drops like a sack of potatoes.  A sweaty, adrenaline pumping, Chris Ross enters the scene and curbstomps Impulse’s ankle.

Chris Ross: This is what you deserve, you asshole! You wanna screw me?!


Mikey turns back to Stevens and smiles. A lightbulb.

Unlikely: Okayyyyy Stevens! I think you’re right! I think you should get a spot in the battle royal! I like to think I’m a very impartial guy! So I tell you what… I’m even going to let JFK here pick what number you enter! Since you know, my doing it would be conflict of interests. I don’t wanna show favoritism or detachment from any of my superstars!

He turns.

Unlikely: Champ!?

Kendrix: Mikey! That’s a great idea! I think if Stevens wants the opportunity then he has to EAAARRRRNN it yea?! I mean that's the point of all this innit!? So Stevens I think you’ll enter this match in the best spot! NUMBER ONE! Cause you really are the number one Bellend around!

As Stevens watches Mikey and Kendrix laugh like a couple of hyenas the Texan simply shrugs since he got the opportunity he was looking for.


The crowd are fired up, but Murray can’t capitalise. He’s clearly in a lot of pain, and stops to roll the shoulder a couple of times. It’s too much for him, however, and he abandons. Instead, Andy “helps” Baylor up, throws his head under his arm, and goes for a suplex. He can only get him a couple of inches off the mat before he has to abandon, however. Baylor immediately goes after him, but the referee comes in to separate ‘em.

Blackfront: Looks like the referee’s about to check on Andy…

Ace: Yeah, this doesn’t look good.

Andy exchanges a few words with the refere. Baylor is itching to go behind him, but he doesn’t risk pulling the referee away. The official raises a hand above his head, calling for Murray to do the same. Murray starts a protest, but relents, and tries to lift the arm up…

He can only get it halfway.

At this point, the referee knows what to do.


Ace: Wooooow…

Blackfront: He’s called it! The referee has decreed that Andy Murray is unable to continue!


The fans cheer as Scott Stevens comes through the curtain. He smiles and waves to the crowd, he looks to be in good spirits. He runs about halfway down the ramp, and slides into the ring, he gets up and hits the ropes, testing them out before the next theme song comes on.

Ace: Alright, ALright, let’s see who’s next! Who’s gonna be the guy to throw Stevens over the top in record time!?

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion hits the loudspeakers and the fans let out an array of boos. New ring announcer, C.H. Jordan makes the call.

Jordan: Coming to the ring next, he is the man who drew number two. Fighting out of Raleigh, North Carolina… This is “The Natural” JAYYYYYYYYY HAAAARRRRVEEEYYYYYYYY!

Jay Harvey burst through the curtain, excited as ever. The fans boo him, and he smiles back at them smugly. He slowly walks down the ramp, pointing and yelling at Stevens in the ring.


You shut your mouth Jason! I’m still pulling for Harvey! Crimson Lord pulls Bobby to the middle of the ring dazed. Lord backs up and uses the ropes for momentum as he moves forward with a huge big boot. Bobby begins to step backwards as he holds his face. He backs right into Chris Ross who telegraphs it. Bends over and propells Bobby Dean up and over the top rope and to the floor.


The fans boo.

Blackfront: There goes Bobby Dean!


Toxic Sting! HE HIT IT! Harvey is down! Once again Impulse is going for Chris Ross. Both men are in the corner and Impulse lifts Ross onto the turnbuckle in a seated position. Impulse follows him up now! This is a very precarious position now! Impulse with a hurricanrana out of the corner!

Chris Slams down on the mat, and is lifted right up by Crimson Lord. Ross rakes the eyes and escapes the clutches of the big man, but as he turns he catches one of Impulses biggest moves…

Blackfront: SUDDEN IMPACT!

The superkick sends Ross backpedaling and over the top rope to the outside of the ring.


And the fans once more are on their feet. Chris Ross is down on the outside and appears to be out. He doesn't move very much. The countdown begins once more.


The Andy Murray chants break out again as the fans know there is only one more entrant to go.

Impulse backs up and kicks again, this time for Harvey, Jay Harvey ducks the Sudden Impact and Impulse turns around.


Blackfront: That lifting knee to the face has Impulse fallen against the ropes. Harvey follows up with a clothesline over the top rope! Impulse hangs on and begins to skin the cat! Impulse is still…


Out of nowhere comes Chris Ross with a steel chair. As Impulse began to pull himself back up and into the ring Chris Ross side swings the chair and connects with the back of the head of Impulse. He drops like a sack of potatoes.


Blackfront: Dammit Chris Ross! He never left the ringside area after being eliminated!







“Hail to The King Baby”  by The Heavy Eyes hits the PA system and the crowd loses it. The cheers rain down from every corner as Andy Murrays theme song plays over the loudspeakers.

Ace: WHAT!?

Blackfront: No way! Andy Murray is in this thing!?

Every fan in the arena is on their feet, through the curtain comes Andy. Dressed per usual! His black bomber jacket with gold trim on, the long black tights, even the black boots and laces. It appears Andy is still dressed from the earlier match he could not finish.

With his head down and a WrestleUTA hat on he comes out to the end of the stage, at the mouth of the ramp. The bandaged shoulder can be seen behind the jacket.

Blackfront: He’s here! Andy Murray WILL COMPETE IN THIS MATCH!

Suddenly the track stops to the sound of a record scratch, and an ALL too familiar MIDI begins to play. The lights come up and the man removes the bomber jacket

“This Fire Burns” By Killswitch Engage (MIDI Version) replaces the track.

Ace: IT”S JACK HUNTER!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Please tell me Mikey is behind this!


Blackfront: Every one of those ankle shots by Jay Harvey are going to play a large role in Crimson Lord being able to lift someone over the ropes!

Harvey now being booed by the crowd, does a circle in the ring and barks back at the fans. He then walks back over to Crimson Lord who still is holding his ankle.

Harvey stomps his shoulder then sets up the foot one more time. He places the foot on the rope, he jumps, and…

Blackfront: WOAH! Crimson Lord just planted his good foot on the backend of THE Jay Harvey and pushed him up and over as he jumped!


The fans cheer loudly as we’re down to the final three.


Blackfront: We have David Hightower, Crimson Lord, and Scott Stevens still in this matchup! Stevens has been in this match since it began! What an effort from the Texan!


Ace: Hightower almost has him! Yes! Get Crimson Lord out of there!

Hightower climbs to the first turnbuckle for extra leverage, he gets his arms under the hip of Lord and keeps pushing, lifting, trying to pry him from his grip and drop him to the outside.

Blackfront: What’s Scott Stevens doing!?

Stevens is in the opposite corner. He’s stood up and he’s eyeing the situation careful. He looks from Hightower, to the crowd.

The fans react and come alive. Stevens nods, wipes the sweat that drips from his face. Runs toward the pair, he half jumps, half dives at Hightower.

Almost as if in slow motion, Stevens hits Hightower who loses his grip. Crimson Lord still holds on, but David Hightower goes flying overtop of him and falls to the floor, Hightowers hand smacks against the steel steps on the way down. He clenches it right away and yells out after the horrific fall.



Ace: Oh no… Oh no… Oh no…



Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix have decided to get a closer look at this one folks. They now stand on our stage watching the action in the ring.

The crowd boos loudly at the Hollywood Bruvs. They ignore the crowd. Obvs!

Crimson Lord is the first to move, he rolls over to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up. He limps and tries to walk it off, thats when he notices the new audience. Crimson Lord goes to the edge of the ring facing the duo and points out to them and begins to mouth something. Behind him Stevens is stirring. The fans ruin any chance of a surprise as they cheer as Stevens gets up. Stevens once again tries to quickly on Crimson Lord. Crimson isn’t paying attention. At the last second it’s apparent he’s not looking at Mikey and JFK. He’s watching the enourmous screen right behind them.

Just in time Crimson turns, puts an arm down, and hip tosses a surprised Scott Stevens over the top rope and to the floor.



he fans cheer for Crimson Lord. Who hasn’t moved since he threw out Stevens. With one hand on the ropes he slowly moves his head from the floor where his last opponent lies, up to where his next one stands.

Mikey and JFK banter back and forth but Kendrix eye’s never leave Crimson Lord’s.

Blackfront: Wow! What a matchup that was! Crimson Lord is the new number one contender for the WrestleUTA World Championship!






The scene opens up inside the Wrestlezone. The shot pans around the arena as the UTAverse attempt to bring the house down. Signs are out in force

JFK = Just F*ckin Killmealready

Blackfront: Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman to the next episode of WrestleUTA! I’m Jason Blackfront and as always, I’m joined by Tommy Ace!

The shot switches to the announce table bring our co-commentary team into view.

Ace: Jason, it’s the last episode in Orlando for a while and what a night we have in store. Our main event of the evening sees Impulse get a shot at revenge on the man who cost him his chance at the number one contendership for the WrestleUTA title last time out in the #MUNOCIBR, The Boss, Chris Ross!

Blackfront: It certainly was a controversial elimination, Tommy but you’re right, WrestleUTA is hitting the road and will be appearing in arenas across the country with episode 14 being filmed in Raising Cane’s River Centre Arena. But right now I’m hearing we’re about to cut backstage with Jamie Sawyers standing by for an interview with the WrestleUTA World Champion, Kendrix.

The WrestleUTA credits on the big screen switch to a shot of Jamie Sawyers, dressed in his game day suit in front of a Wrestle UTA backdrop with microphone in hand. The feed switches to where he’s waiting backstage.

Sawyers: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce to you all at this time, the WrestleUTA World Champion, Jesse Fredericks Kendrix.

As the feint sound of boos around the arena filter through the feed, the camera zooms JFK comes into view, dressed ready for in-ring action and proudly nodding over at the WrestleUTA World Title draped over his shoulder, a smug grin etched across his face as he returns his focus to his interviewer.

Kendrix: Listen, Yeah?! First things first...JIMMY JAM! Welcome back buddy, where’ve you been bruv?!

Jesse’s over aggressive buddy slap across Jamie Sawyers’ back, almost sends him out of shot. Jamie recovers his position, an annoyed look across his face but regaining his composure quickly.

Sawyers: Oh, you know, just following up on some opportuni…

Jesse pulls Jamie’s mic holding hand towards himself.

Kendrix: Sure, yada yada yada, went away, missed interviewing JFK, saw he won the WrestleUTA World Championship, obvs no brainer, had to come back to get the big scoop opportunity right?

Letting go, Kendrix fondly looks over at his title as Jamie brings the mic back to himself.

Sawyers: Uh, sure, something like that. We’re just over a month away from No Love Lost, WrestleUTA’s first PPV. Last episode we saw Crimson Lord come out victorious in the Mikey Unlikely Number One Contender Invitational Battle Royal meaning he will challenge you in your first title defense. What are your thoughts on your opponent?

As Sawyers raises the mic up to his interviewee’s mouth, Jesse rather cautiously looks over at his title before releasing that trademark dismissive smirk Jamie’s way.

Kendrix: Come on Jimmy Jam, honestly? JFK’s congratulations go out to Crimson Lord a proper UTA original, a UTA legend. He gets to go one one one with The Chosen One! It’s great, you see...this is what Mikey Unlikely’s WrestleUTA is all about. Opportunity!

Jesse looks up in thought for a moment, caressing his hand through his beard before looking down at Jamie.

Kendrix: Crimson Lord v Jesse Fredericks Kendrix has a money making ring to it. Mikey gets the opportunity to make more money that he obvs doesn’t need and turn that into Mikey Money! Crimson Lord finally gets the opportunity to share the spotlight with the Greatest WrestleUTA World Champion of all time. While JFK TAKES...the opportunity to defeat that overgrown Freak of a JFK’s first ever Title Defence! Everyone wins!

Jamie brings the mic back, ready to strike with another question.

Sawyers: Crimson Lord is no stranger to a title match, do you think his experience will…

At that moment, Kendrix snatches the mic away from Sawyers, his eyes shooting daggers at the interviewer.

Kendrix: JFK thinks that’s enough talk about Crimson Lord. Haven’t you been listening to a word JFK’s said, Jimmy Jam? WrestleUTA is all about opportunity. And as a fighting champion, JFK has given an opportunity to a very deserving talent in this company, to be the first man to share MY ring in battle.

Sawyers looks a little shocked at Kendrix’s admission.

Kendrix: What else did you expect from the champ? You thought JFK wasn’t gonna compete until No Love Lost? You thought JFK was going to party all the way to the PPV, Jimmy Jam?! Nahhh, maaattteee! As a fighting champion, Jesse Frederick Kendrix will not be taking easy street, in fact, JFK will only be wrestling the very best that this business has to offer…

Jesse leans in close to Sawyers, eye to eye.

Kendrix: Dylan Daniels!

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels? He hasn’t appeared in a WrestleUTA ring since episode 4!

A cocky smile appears on the champ’s face as he arches his back up straight. Meanwhile, Jamie Sawyers removes another mic from his suit jacket.

Sawyers: And will the title be on the line, Kendrix?

Jesse double takes at Sawyers, a confused expression on his face.

Kendrix: How come you’ve got a spare mic?

Sawyers: Well, last time I was employed here you always took my mic away from me, figured a spare might come in handy.

Kendrix slaps the mic out of Jamie’s hand.

Kendrix: No, the title won’t be on the line. It’s on the line at No Love Lost, bruv. But make no mistake, everybody might as well treat this match as a spoiler to how the PPV Title match is gonna go down...because tonight, JFK’s gonna be treating Dylan Daniels as if he were Crimson Lord!

He kicks Jamie on the ass

Kendrix: Now get the hell out of here Jimmy Jam, JFK’s got a match to prepare for!

As Jamie scurries off, the shot fades on the champ looking proudly on at his title resting on his shoulder.


Who Need Clearance?


Who Needs Clearance?


The words “Two Weeks Ago” appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen next to the WrestleUTA logo. The scene opens to the office of Dr. Leticia Clark, the official medical trainer for WrestleUTA talent. The “Toughest Dog in the Yard” David Hightower sits on the examination table. A scowl on his face. The good doctor is working on one of his hands, that is hidden from view while she works.

Dr. Clark: This doesn’t look good at all. Are you sure this is how you want me to set it?

Her arms work tirelessly and it appears she’s securing something. There's a light knock on the door. Hightower stands up defensively. His arm still hidden behind the doctor. A lab tech opens the door, looks Hightower up and down, and thinks twice about entering the office. He hands the doctor a very large envelope.

Lab Tech: Here’s the copy of the X-Rays you requested Doctor Clark.

She thanks the young man and takes the envelope. The guy takes one more look at Hightower and back out of the room slowly. Leticia opens the envelope and slides the black images out. She places them against a large white board, flips a switch which illuminates the prints showing the bones. Doctor Clark shakes her head.

Dr. Clark: Holy Hell. You have a closed fracture in your number four and five metacarpals. You have a non displacement fracture in number three. Not to mention the comminuted fracture in your pinky finger.  Basically your hand is smashed, and there is no way I can clear you right now. We’ve put the specifically requested cast on your hand, that should protect you from most things, but as far as physical combat goes… I cannot allow it. It’s not medically advisable. I’ll reasses this in two weeks before the next show but as for now, I’m shutting you down.

Without a word, David Hightower stands up, snarls his lips and swipes his hurt arm out infront of him, wiping out some medical equipment. A disappointed Doctor eyes him up. That’s when we notice the “custom” cast on the hand of David Hightower.

Ace: Woah look at that thing!

Blackfront: That’s not a cast! That’s a club!

Hightower holds it up in front of his face. The cast is closed on the end of his hand. And its rounded to be about 6 inches wide. It’s a NFL style club on the end of his hand. He stares directly at it, and mutters one word as he exits the room.

Hightower: Stevens….

The door closes behind him as the Doctor begins to clean up the mess.



Kendrix vs Dylan Daniels


Kendrix vs Dylan Daniels


As we head back to the ring, Quality Control by Jurassic 5 is playing as Dylan Daniels stretches in the ring.

Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Dylan flexes beside Jeremy.

Roberts: Introducing first, from Seattle.... DYLAN... DANNIIEEELLLSS!

The fans boo as Dylan shakes his fist in the air and smirks.

Blackfront: It’s been a while since Dylan Daniels stepped foot inside a WrestleUTA ring but he has a wonderful opportunity to push his career forward here in a match against the current WrestleUTA World Champion, Kendrix.

Ace: See Jason, how great is JFK? Anyone, even Dylan Daniels, can have a shot at our Fighting Champion. Kendrix simply fears nobody!

Dylan Daniels rest in the corner awaiting his opponent.

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫ hits the PA System.

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #JFK t-shirt and trademark JFK green and gold ring tights with green boots.

Blackfront: Jesse Fredericks Kendrix, the self proclaimed Chosen One. The WrestleUTA Champion, competing for the first time since defeating The King, Andy Murray in the WUTASOSWTT, is that how you say it Tommy?

Ace: No, it’s #WUTASOSWTT.

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly twists around to face the crowd, Bug Eye shades as well as his trademark smirk etched across his face, he double taps the WrestleUTA World Title resting proudly around his waist.

Roberts: And his opponent. Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 218lbs…

Having made his way to the ring, Kendrix hops onto the second turnbuckle, furthest from the ramp.


Having bumped his fist to his chest before holding his arms out wide by his side Kendrix twists around down to the mat, hopping from one foot to the other, discarding his shades and t-shirt. He unbuckles the World Title and holds it up right in the face of Dylan Daniels.

Blackfront: Kendrix certainly not endearing himself to his opponent there.

Ace: Daniels should be happy just to be given the opportunity to share the same ring as our champ, Jason!

The ref gets in between the two men. With Dylan backing up, the ref asks for JFK’s title so he can remove it from the ring. However, the Champ holds his title to his chest, hugging it and shaking his head.

Kendrix: NO! IT’S MINE!

The ref tries to reason with Kendrix who begrudgingly hands over the belt. Asthe ref hands it over to the time keepr, Kendrix points over at Dylan Daniels as the two trade words. The ref signals for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding!

The two competitors circle each other looking for an angle to open up. That is until Kendrix steps in front of Daniels offering his hand out.

Blackfront: Well I’ve never seen Kendrix go for a handshake with any of his opponents during a match.

Ace: He’s a Fighting Champion, Jason, what else do you expect?!

Despite the sportsmanship, the boos ring out around the arena. Dylan looks around, unsure, but goes in for the handshake. However, at the very last moment, Jesse pulls his hand away putting it through his hair instead, stepping back and grinning at Daniels.

Ace: HAHA! Daniels fell for it! I knew Kendrix wasn’t going to shake his hand, Jason.

Blackfront: I certainly bought it for a second there.

The two begin to circle each other once more, Jesse mirrors his opponents movements, a cocky hop in his stride around the ring. Dylan charges forward for the tie up offered by the champ but Kendrix quickly feints and ducks the tie up attempt resting back first in the corner, his arms casually draped over the ropes while Dylan stares at the ref for a moment, shaking his head in frustration.

Ace: Daniels is too slow for Kendrix.

Blackfront: Jesse certainly enjoying himself out there that’s for sure, I’m not sure how wise this approach from the champ is though.

Kendrix comes out of the corner with his hands outstretched apologetically in his opponent’s direction. He turns his cheek and repeatedly taps his index finger across it, encouraging Dylan a free shot. Daniels looks out at the crowd, who egg the former Indie talent on and he obliges...very well indeed.

Blackfront: Kendrix looks shocked, he tried moving at the last second but Daniels just leathered him there, and again, forearm by Daniels, the champ is rocking here!

Ace: Stop it Daniels, he’s our Chosen One!

Daniels backs Kendrix onto the ropes and Irish Whips him across to the other side. Kendrix ducks the clothesline attempt but walks straight into a drop kick. Straight up off the mat, Jesse walks into a scoop powerslam. He reaches for his back in pain but Daniels wastes no time pulling Jesse back up by the hair and into a snap German Suplex. Cover!





Blackfront: How close was that?! Kendrix has completely taken Dylan Daniels lightly and now he’s paying for it. Listen to this place, the crowd now right behind Daniels.

Kendrix up to his feet but walks straight into a boot to the gut

Ace: What’s he doing, he’s not?

Blackfront: Daniel is going for the sitdown piledriver!

With the champs head in between Daniels’ thighs, the underdog wraps his arms around Kendrix’s torso and lifts but the champ has enough about him to kick his legs out behind him and lift Daniels up and over, his opponent falling back first to the canvas.

Having bought the time he needs, Kendrix looks down at Dylan, struggling with his lower back, with his mouth and eyes open wide.

Blackfront: Kendrix in complete shock, relief. Whatever it is, he certainly wasn’t expecting this from Daniels.

Ace: Yes! Get Him!

Pouncing as quick as a cat, Kendrix sends a kick across the lower back of Daniels, forcing him onto all fours. Jesse grabs him around the midriff, hauls him up to his feet, then up and over into a German Suplex of his own. Not letting go, he hits Dylan with three more.

Blackfront: Kendrix picking up some steam, in control now. Ohhhhhh, what a shot by the champion.

With Daniels on all fours he bounces off the ropes and ruthlessly sent a front kick straight to the head of his opponent sending him laid out face first on the mat. Down on his knees Kendrix picks Dylan’s face up and slaps him full across it, and again. Dylan pushes Kendrix away and slowly, groggily gets up to his feet but he’s stalked all the way by JFK, as he walks straight into the BellEnd.

Ace: Goodnight Daniels.

Kendrix rests both hands on top of Daniels, not even bothering to hook the leg.




Blackfront: The attitude of this young man is disgraceful. Kendrix just broke his own count!

JFK looks up at the ref as he chuckles to himself. The the ref holds his hands out wide, not understanding why Jesse broke the count.


As soon as he finishes his banter with the ref Jesse quickly rolls Daniels over onto his front and traps his arm in between his legs. He then as reaches out both hands locked in across Dylan’s face to arch his neck and shoulder back towards him.


Blackfront: Daniels is in trouble, middle of the ring and nowhere to go, HE’S TAPPING. This one’s over folks!

Ding Ding Ding

As the ref called for the bell ♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫ hits the PA System.

Roberts: The winner of this match by submission, he is the WrestleUTA World Champion, JESSE, FREDERICKS, KENNNNDDRRIIIIIXXX!

However, Kendrix hasn’t let go of the hold, continuing to arch back Dylan’s neck as his opponent screams out in agony. Finally after the ref’s pleas, Jesse let’s go and gets to his feet, grabbing the title off the ref straight after he raised Kendrix’s hand in victory. Jesse proceeds to kick Daniels out of the ring, onto the floor and raise the title high for all to see.

Ace: You’ve got to admit, that was a very professional performance from Kendrix, Jason.

Blackfront: Are you kidding? First he takes the opponent lightly and then he ads insult to injury by breaking a count and holding onto his hold for too long! He’s a hell of an athlete but his attitude still stinks.

The shot fades on Kendrix on the ramp holding the WrestleUTA title up and talking at the camera.

Kendrix: There’s your spoiler at No Love Lost, Bruv!...JFK walks out WrestleUTA World Champion, innit!!


Commercial Break


Where Do I Begin?


Where Do I Begin?


We cut backstage to find Paul Stewart ready for his upcoming interview. He locks eyes with the camera in front of him.

Stewart: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome my guests “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey and the lovely Catalina.

The sound of hands clapping is heard as the duo make their way on screen. The fans watching inside the WrestleZone immediately start to boo. Harvey is dressed in a fine gray designer suit with a black dress shirt unbuttoned at the top. The light shines off his freshly shaved head. Catalina, as always, is dressed too hot for television in a black leather top and pants. She’s showing off what God blessed her with.

Harvey: Just beautiful! You got it!

Catalina: Bout time.

Stewart sighs and drops his head down slightly.

Harvey: See… Catalina didn’t think you’d do it but I told her…

Harvey wags his finger in Paul Stewart’s direction and smiles.

Harvey: You’d get it this time. I’m proud of you.

Stewart powers on and finally starts the interview.

Stewart: Two weeks ago you seemed to really open the eyes of the WrestleUTA Universe. Another strong performance during your match against El Dragon Rojo. Then, later in the night, you entered the Mikey Unlikely Number One Contender Invitational Battle Royal-

Jay Harvey cuts him off.

Harvey: The hashtag MUNOCIBR.

For a brief moment, we go to cameras inside the WrestleZone capturing fans viewing the big screen above the entrance ramp. Harvey looks at Stewart and smiles.

Stewart: Yeah… you fell short of becoming the Number One Contender for the WrestleUTA World Championship.

Jay Harvey doesn’t look pleased with Stewart’s choice of words.

Harvey: Way to pour salt in the wounds, Paul.

Catalina: What’s wrong with you?

Catalina gives Harvey a peck on his cheek. She gives Paul Stewart the dirtiest of dirty looks. Harvey adjusts his suit jacket and resets himself.

Harvey: I might not have won the hashtag MUNOCIBR two weeks ago but I put this entire company on notice. Now they know I’m a top contender. 

Jay Harvey stops and his eyes follow something off screen.

Harvey: What the hell are you doing here? Don’t you have some cousin to bang?

The sound of banjos can be heard off in the distance. Duke Dibbins makes his way into the picture. His mullet looks extra greasy this evening and his wife beater is more yellow than white. Stewart is in the middle of the two men.

Dibbins: You an me, we gotz arshelvs uh match tonight. I heard bout your fancy rasslin moves! I heard about you beatin up dem Dragons an such. But Ol’ Dukey’s here to tell ya fella, I aint goin out dere to rassle ya, I’m goin out dere to stomp ya!

The fans cheer loudly in the arena.

Dibbins: Ya see, Im da RassleUtah Hardcort Champ! And soon me an Lukey gon be da Returd RassleUtah Tag em up Champs too! So dis match tonight? It’s gon be no DQs… thas right! No Dairy Queens! No Rules, Falls count everywhere!

Duke folds his arms across his chest and smirks as he nods his head up and down. Dibbins winks in the direction of Catalina, she shoots him a repulsed glare back. Jay Harvey shakes his head at Duke’s comments.

Harvey: Jeez. Where do I begin? First of all, there IS no Hardcore Title here in WRESTLE-UTA, you banana head.

Duke looks shocked at the revelation and starts gritting his teeth. He reaches up and feels the shape of his head nervously.

Harvey: Second of all - who do you think you are, barging in on MY TV time? No one pays money to see you. Now listen and listen good, you piece of trailer trash.

Duke Dibbins sticks an eyeball at Harvey. Harvey’s voice raises, showing the displeasure of Dibbins’ presence.

Harvey: You need to thank Mikey Unlikely for putting you in the ring with the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth. So congratulations… I’m gonna make you relevant for ten minutes.

Jay Harvey takes a step toward Dibbins, who doesn’t budge. He looks his opponent right in his eyes, slowing the cadence of his speech.

Harvey: You never will be in my league, understand? I’m a legacy. I’m a natural. You are going to get an up close view of THE Jay Harvey, live and in person.  

Paul Stewart keeps the microphone close to Jay Harvey.

Harvey: So I accept. Bring whatever weapons you want to the ring. I’ll kick your ass around the entire WrestleZone! I’m gonna show you and all these savages here in Florida why... I'm marvelous.

The fans don’t appreciate that line from Harvey and voice their displeasure inside the WrestleZone. Harvey makes his way off screen with Catalina just behind him. Before exiting, she turns and looks at Dibbins with disgust.

Catalina: You’re gross.

Dibbins: Mmmmmm.

Duke licks his lips and Catalina gags. Stewart now is left alone with Duke Dibbins.

Dibbins: Ow! Thas a hot momma! You guiz related Stew?

Stewart seems unsettled by Duke rubbing his stomach and sticking a finger in his belly button. We quickly move on with the show.


??? vs ???


??? vs ???


♫Jestal’s theme hits as the Mad Prince steps from behind the backstage area. His trusty rubber chicken in his clutches as he taunts fans, plays cruel jokes on fans of all ages. As he reaches the ring he slides in the ring and gets the microphone. He sets Clucky in the corner and walks to the center of the ring and extends his hands out to the side and spins in circles soaking in the Wrestlezone filled with boos.♫

Blackfront:  Dexter finally will get his hands on this twisted clown here tonight.

Ace:  After what Dexter did to Jestal two week ago, I hope The Mad Prince gives him everything he has coming to him!

He stops his spin, and reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a piece of paper he unfolds it and slowly puts the microphone to his mouth.

Blackfront: Oh, brother does this man really have to speak tonight?

Jestal:  Ahem…

The clown clears his throat.

Jestal: …..I wrote a special poem to one Dexter Pointdexter and it goes a little something like this.

“Dexter’s body glistens in the light

I urge to play with him all night

Take a deep breath, we both are ready.

I pick him….”

Jestal’s eyes widen for a moment, then a angered look comes across his face. He storms over to Clucky, while the fans seem a bit disturbed by the clown’s antics.

Blackfront:  That sounded like..a Love Poem Tommy?

Ace:  Boy Mr. Unlikely hired a whole bunch of new backstage people last week, clearly one of the creative guys is a retard.

Jestal: This is the wrong speech Clucky what the fu…

The clown stops mid sentence almost as if Clucky told him something. Jestal stands straight up and flips the paper over and seems a bit embarrassed for the moment. He walks back out to the ring.

Jestal: Sorry my duckies wrong poem I have the right one here.

“Dexter Pointdexter,

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

You are a locked in your mom's basement

With a hooker named Ivy

The five cent whore

The crowd echo the Wrestlezone in a sea of boos. Jestal acknowledges them nodding in approval.

Blackfront: Oh, come on this is disgusting!

Ace:  Why would you say that Jason? It’s all starting to make sense to me. Why else would someone like Ivy hang around with a guy named Dexter Pointdexter?

Ivy is only paid

To make sure to the world

That you are not a loser

But we all know you are

So ends the tale

Of a five cent whore

With her basement dwelling troll!”

Blackfront: What a complete lack of respect to Ivy and Dexter!

Ace: Respect? This was great Jestal has some skill in poetry as well? Is there anything this man can not do?

Jestal folds the paper up very proud of himself, his proud demeanor changes when. The bell rings and Dexter’s theme hits….

♫His world by Zebrahead begins to play over the loudspeakers and he walks out hand in hand with his girlfriend Ivy. The fans look shocked as Dexter looks way out of shape and Ivy, is walking out dressed like a off the street hooker smoking a cigarette.

Blackfront: Are you kidding me that is not Dexter and Ivy!

Ace:  Wow, Dexter really let himself go, and Ivy wow not only is Jestal a poet, it looks like he has a 6th sense about people.

Jestal looks really worried, as Dexter slowly walks down to the ring. As he reaches the apron he tries to catch his breathe for a moment. Hooker Ivy on the other hand is trying to find a new client to satisfy as she walks down toward the ring.♫ Dexter slides in the ring, and Jestal puts his hands up in front of him begging for Dexter not to hurt him.

Blackfront: How low will this jester go?

Ace:  What are you talking about Dexter got the match he wanted.

Blackfront: These two are clearly not the genuine package Tommy and you know it!

Dexter looks to the crowd for a reaction, which clearly gets absolutely nothing but boos. He grabs Jestal by the hair and pulls him out of the corner. Ivy still is trying to make a business deal with men and women around the ring. Dexter lifts Jestal up for a body slam but the weight of Jestal forces him to fall backward in a pinning attempt.


Jestal picks up Dexter by the hair and says no! The clown is all laughs as he throws Dexter into the corner and quickly charges in with a hip smash in the corner. Dexter falls down, Jestal walks around the ring laughing and enjoying the mockery that is happening. He looks down at Dexter, who is gasping for air and quickly rushes to him to help him. The jester looks around and slides out of the ring, and it appears Ivy finally has a customer. Jestal snatches her purse from her. She starts to yell at him. Jestal is throwing out an assortment of love toys, from vibrators, to butt plugs. He finally finds what he is looking for it appears to be a inhaler.

Blackfront: Fans, I am sorry for this horrible tasteless display of vulgarism.

Ace:  Wow, Dexter keeps his inhaler in a bag filled with sex toys. What a disgusting individual he is.

He rushes in the ring and gives Dexter the inhaler, he takes it and uses the inhaler. Jestal seems relieved and so does Dexter, but not for long as Jestal drop toe holds Dexter! He grapevines Dexter’s legs and locks in the KillJoy! The ref is there and Dexter quickly taps out, Ivy is still trying to put all the sexy toys back into her purse. The ref has called for the bell, but Jestal keeps the lock in as Dexter is screaming in pain.

Blackfront:  Break the hold you sicko!

Ace:  Why should he? After what Dexter did to Jestal two weeks ago, all he had to do was give Clucky back to Jestal. He could've saved himself the pain and anguish he is receiving right now.

Dexter and Ivy rush from the back getting a decent pop!

Blackfront: Dexter and Ivy were not going to sit back there any longer while this mockery of them continued!

Ace:  Who are these guys...imposters!

Dexter slides in the ring, but Jestal takes a quick powder before Dexter can get his hands on the twisted jester. Ivy has knocked out the fake Ivy. Jestal quickly exits through the crowd laughing at them.Ivy looking from the floor and Dexter from the ring.

Blackfront: The clown quickly making a exit through the fans, one of these days Jestal you will get yours!

Ace: Four against one are not good odds Jason. Jestal is not stupid.

A Change of Plans


A Change of Plans


The scene opens to the backstage area, where WrestleUTA owner Mikey Unlikely is walking with a purpose. The suit jacket tries to cling through his power walking. Suddenly Mikey reaches a door and knocks loudly and quickly.

The door slides open slowly and it's Scott Stevens. The Texan is as surprised as ever to see Mikey outside his door.

Stevens: Mikey....

Mikey nods quickly and pulls a clipboard out. He looks at it then speaks.

Unlikely: Hey! Mr. Opportunity! It's good to see you! That battle royal though, was a hell of a match! And I for one have to say I'm quite impressed with your performance...

Stevens does a double take and goes to speak but is cut off quickly.

Unlikely: BUTTTTTT  you didn't win! So here you are, just fallen short once more! I thought you might of had it this time! Hell, JFK thought you might have finally found the will to win, but... alas... It was Crimson Lord's night!

Mikey mutters something under his own breath before continuing.

Unlikely: That said, your match is coming up next... 

Stevens looks down at his casual attire.

Stevens: Match!? I don't have a match this week!? I checked when I came in!?

Mikey holds up one finger and nods slightly.

Unlikely: Awe! You're right! You WERE NOT scheduled to compete here tonight. But we had a small change of plans. You see, thanks to your specific elimination of David Hightower from the last Main Event, he has not been cleared to compete. His hand is broken in a bunch of places, and.... Ah fuck, I can't remember what that hot doctor said! Nonetheless. He can't go tonight, because of you, so I'm assigning you his match! So get ready! You're up next!

Stevens looks pissed but he nods before closing the door, knowing it's useless to argue with the boss.

Ace: Ha! Scott Stevens just got schooled on the way things work around here!

Blackfront: Maybe so...but either way Stevens has a match! And it's coming up shortly!


Another Boring Inconvenient Pointless Interview


Another Boring Inconvenient Pointless Interview


The scene turns to backstage where Jamie Sawyers is standing in front of the UTA banner with a microphone in hand. He smiles into the camera before he speaks.

Sawyers: UTA fans I am live backstage with one of the men in our main ev…….

Chris Ross’ voice can be heard off camera.

Ross: Just introduce me already you moron! I didn’t wake up this morning to be stuck standing by a soda machine to look at the bald spot on your head!

Sawyers lets out a long sigh before he continues.

Sawyers: Chris Ross ladies and gentlemen……

Ross storms into the picture with a huff.

Ross: I’ll be expecting more enthusiasm next time Sawyers! I deserve more than a half assed effort! You are the one inconveniencing me with your stupid boring inconvenient pointless interview!

Sawyers sighs deciding there is no point in arguing with The Keystone State Killa.

Sawyers: Ok Chris tonight you are in the main event against someone you’ve really been rallying against Impulse…

Ross: Yeah and to that I say it’s about time they put me in the main event! But you know what’s funny? I don’t even give a damn about winning this match! I really don’t! I’m more focused on wanting to injure that son of a bitch Impulse!

Sawyers: Pretty strong words there Chris.

Ross rolls his eyes.

Ross: Yeah? And your point is Sawyers? You don’t think that piece of garbage doesn’t deserve to have every one of his fingers broken? He has been nothing but a total thorn in my side since the day I came here! If it weren’t for that low life I’d be walking around here with that belt!

Sawyers stands nervously adjusting his collar before he continues.

Sawyers: So you really are that confident that you would be the UTA Champion right now.

Ross looks at Sawyers with a look of pure disgust.

Ross: Really? I shouldn’t even have to dignify that question with a response! I got pinned by an old fart named Andy Murray even though anyone with a set of eyes clearly knows he should’ve been disqualified! But you know what’s funny? Old man Murray couldn’t even make to the battle royal last week so guess what? He’s already irrelevant! Goes to show I’m the real talented one!

Sawyers: Speaking of that whole situation you blew up on our owner Mikey Unlikely for not overturning the referee’s decision and as a result you got fined for that.

Ross rolls his eyes shaking his head.

Ross: Yeah fifty thousand dollars for something I said over Twitter of all things. What a joke! Where the hell is that money going huh? Is that gonna pay off David Hightower’s bar tab or something? Mikey doesn’t need fifty thousand dollars! Lord knows he’s throwing his money around like he’s Donald Trump!

Sawyers: And I believe you are now taking anger management classes…. I think everyone is wondering how they are going for you?

Ross: Boy Sawyers really are on point bringing up topics guaranteed to agitate the living hell out of me!

The Boss says patting him on the shoulder.

Ross: You really want to know how anger management is going? Ok chucklenuts! I’ll bite! Let me make one thing perfectly crystal clear! I do not have an anger problem!!!! Just because I got pissed off at a Cheerios commercial and destroyed my living room table doesn’t mean I need anger management!

Sawyers lets out an amusing chuckle.

Sawyers: A Cheerios commercial? Really?

Ross: Yes! The one that says “More Babies Please!” NO!!!!!! We don’t need more idiots in this world clogging up the lines at the local shopping mall!!!! Bad enough I got thrown out of an Applebees for throwing a fork at a mom for bringing her portable fecal factory to raise hell while I’m trying to have a nice lunch!

Sawyers looks at The Keystone State Killa like he’s nuts before continuing.

Sawyers: Ooooookay……… So about that anger management Chris…..

Ross rips the microphone out of Sawyers’ hands.

Ross: You really wanna know how that’s going?! Fine! I’ll tell you! First day I beamed an idiot named Will in the head with a toaster! Stupid ass kept belching on about how he’s some internet wrestler in something called an e-fed? What the hell is that?! Ya know what I don’t care! I think it sounds stupid so he wouldn’t shut up and the last straw was when he took the last bagel at the snack table! You don’t wanna leave something for the UTA’s top talent? You eat a toaster!

The camera turns back to Jamie Sawyers who has a look of disbelief on his face. Ross looks at him

Ross: Got any other stupid questions to ask baldy? No? Didn’t think so! Now if you excuse me I need my Mad Dog Energy Drink!

Chris Ross drops the microphone and storms out of the scene leaving a bewildered Jamie Sawyers.

David Hightower vs Luke Dibbins


Scott Stevens vs Luke Dibbins


The sound of a banjo can be heard playing in the background moments before “Kick it in the Sticks” by Brantley Gilbert starts playing proper.

Blackfront: Here we go, Tommy! It’s time for part one of tonight’s Dibbins bonanza!

Ace: Great. Awesome. Can’t wait.

Tommy’s voice is rife with sarcasm and displeasure as everyone else in the building “eagerly” anticipates the brousins arrival. It’s not Luke who steps out onto the stage, however, but Duke. Duke waves back frantically, urging his relation of dubious origins out.

Blackfront: What the…?!

Luke Dibbins finally stumbles out moments later…

… chomping down a gigantic cheeseburger.

Ace: Oh for the love of God…

Luke hurriedly scoffs down as much of his pre-match meal as possible, but he’s more concerned on eating than actually getting to the ring. Duke goes behind him, pushing him unceremoniously down the ramp.

Blackfront: Well, we already knew these guys were kinda unique, but I think we’ve seen it all.

Ace: This lard-ass is eating a goddamn burger on his way to the ring, Jason. How inconvenient of this match to interrupt Luke’s eating time! I guess you don’t get to be that flabby without scoffing a few patties down.

CH Jordan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Turkey, Texas, weighing in at 220lbs… LUKE! DIBBBBBBBBIIIIINNNNNNNSSSSSSS!

The Brousins shuffle their way into the ring when the lights go down in the arena.

The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The opening guitar riffs and Hellraiser by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens with an impromptu matchup here folks, he was unaware he was to compete tonight.

Ace: You should show up here ready every single night Jason! This is WrestleUTA, this is the big leagues, come ready or don't come at all!

CH Jordan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring second…

That is all that the ring announcer is able to get off before Stevens goes down face first on the ramp.

Blackfront: What the...


Hightower came through the curtain, running full speed and used his new "club" and swang for the fences on the unaware Stevens. Stevens is out cold.

Blackfront: Hightower now, bent over Stevens, raining down shots with that club to the back of the head, someone get out here and stop this!

Ace: No! Someone get me some popcorn!

It doesn't take long but security comes out and removes the crazed man from Stevens. It takes about five security guards to hold him back while Doctor Clark checks on Stevens, trying to help him regain consciousness. Inside the ring The Dibbins look on stunned, and celebratory. Luke thinks he's won the match.

Blackfront: Hightower wasn't medically cleared for this match so Mikey gave it to Stevens...

Ace: Maybe Hightower wanted to make sure Stevens wasn't cleared either.

Blackfront: Well it seems to have worked! Folks we will be right back!



Commercial Break


We Are Hitting The Road.

Hitting the Road


We come back from commercial with Jamie Sawyers standing in front of a black backdrop. The high definition tv set behind him has the WrestleUTA logo on it.

Sawyers: Hello everyone… Jamie Sawyers here. Earlier this week WrestleUTA owner Mikey Unlikely put out a press release telling our great WrestleUTA fans that… we are hitting the road.

Sawyers puts a big smile on his face.

Sawyers: Next time you see WrestleUTA here on Hulu, we will come to you LIVE from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A graphic shows the River Center Arena and the date of the event.

Sawyers: WrestleUTA takes over Raising Cane's River Center Arena in the first of many events away from the home of WrestleUTA, the WrestleZone. More dates and cities are going to be added, so stay tuned to and keep watching the number one show on Hulu to see where WrestleUTA will pop up next.

We transition back to Sawyers.

Sawyers: Don’t go anywhere. Still more to come, folks.

We fade out on Sawyers and continue with WrestleUTA programming.

Jay Harvey vs Duke Dibbins


THE Jay Harvey vs Duke Dibbins


“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion

The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp. Harvey raises his arms into the air as he winks at Catalina. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Jordan: Ladies and gentlement, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under NO DISQUALIFICATIONS... Coming to the ring first, Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina… Standing at Six Foot-Four inches and weighing in at Two Hundred-Thirty Three pounds...

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips, shaking her ass in the process.

Ace: Ooofaaa!

Blackfront: Good lord, Tommy. Put your tongue back in your mouth.

Jordan: He is accompanied by the lovely Catalina… He has informed me to refer to him as “the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth”... “The Natural One” THE Jaaaaaaaaaay Haaaaaaarrveeeeyyyyy!

Jay Harvey comes to a halt in his corner and gets one last kiss from Catalina before she exits the ring; “The Natural One” wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey looking good tonight.

Blackfront: He has been on a hot streak as of late.

Ace: Speaking of hot… Look at Catalina! Ooof!

Jay Harvey stands in his corner and awaits Duke Dibbins. “Half Crazy” by The Barr Brothers begins to play and the WrestleZone livens up. Duke Dibbins steps out onto the entrance ramp holding a garbage pail in the air. He drops it on his side and tears his wife beater shirt in half.

Ace: Who does he think he is?

Before C.H. Jordan can even announce his entrance Duke Dibbins picks up the pail and hits the ring. Dibbins chucks the garbage pail full of weapons into the ring. He grabs the middle rope and is immediately kneed in the face by Jay Harvey. Dibbins falls down to ringside and the bell sounds. Harvey goes through the ropes and drops to the floor. Harvey lands elbow after elbow down on the head and shoulder area of Duke Dibbins. Harvey grabs Dibbins, swings him around sending him crashing into the side of the ring. Dibbins clutches at his back. Harvey keeps coming, raining right fists on the forehead of his opponent. Harvey pushes Duke right up against the ring and winds up, connecting with a Knife Edge Chop that echoes inside the WrestleZone.

Fans: Woo!

Harvey: You shut your mouths!

Catalina cheers Harvey on as the fans boo him. He grabs Dibbins, Irish Whipping him into the nearby guardrail. Dukey slams into the guardrail and fans soon start patting him on his shoulders. Jay Harvey takes a few steps away from Dibbins and rushes him. Duke raises his left leg and makes contact with Harvey’s chin.

Blackfront: Out of desperation, Duke Dibbins connects with a boot to Harvey’s jaw.

Ace: Lucky shot, Jason.

Harvey covers his mouth and appears to be in pain. He checks for blood and sees none. Duke Dibbins speeds toward Harvey and hits him in the back of the head with a forearm. Harvey stumbles but Dibbins continues the attack with lefts and rights on Harvey’s back. Dibbins takes Jay Harvey by the head and tights, sending him into the ring under the bottom rope. Dibbins stands outside the ring still and yells out, to the crowd’s enjoyment.

Blackfront: These fans sure do love those Dibbins boys.

Ace: The collective IQ of the state of Florida is less than my shoe size!

Duke makes his way into the ring, just steps behind Jay Harvey who’s trying to get to his feet. Duke walks over toward the garbage pail and rummages around looking for a weapon. Dibbins pulls out a rubber chicken and tosses it aside.

Ace: Clucky?!

Duke now pulls out a Singapore cane which gets the WrestleZone on their feet. Jay Harvey is now vertical with his back to Duke.


Jay Harvey takes a cane shot right to the top of his head. Catalina’s covers her eyes. Harvey crashes to the mat, holding his head and quickly rolls out of the ring avoiding any more damage. Duke Dibbins goes after Harvey but is met with a European Uppercut as he gets close to the ropes, knocking Duke down to his knees. Harvey acts fast and pulls Duke’s head down across the middle rope, choking Dibbins. Duke is turning red as Harvey continues to pull down on the back of his head. Duke puts his hand over Jay’s face and rakes his eyes. Harvey walks off and Catalina goes to him to check on him. Duke sits in the ring trying to catch his breath as he holds his throat. Harvey seems okay and goes over to ring announcer C.H. Jordan.

Harvey: Get up idiot!

Jordan jumps from his chair and Harvey folds it up. Dibbins remains by the ring ropes holding his throat and gets blasted in the arm by a vicious chair shot from “The Natural One”. Dibbins grabs at his arm, rolling around the ring in pain. Harvey tosses the chair into the ring and nearly hits Dibbins. Harvey slides into the ring and tosses the garbage pail to the outside of the ring. He now stomps at Dibbins’ arm. Harvey grabs the chair and opens it up. He slides Duke’s possibly injured arm into the chair, forcing Dibbins down on the mat. Jay Harvey hits the ropes and lands a Knee Drop down on the chair.

Blackfront: Duke’s arm could be broken!

Duke Dibbins screams in pain after the brutal attack. Duke rolls himself out of the ring and out of further harm. Jay Harvey struts around the ring, gloating about what has just transpired. The fans in unison boo him and he doesn’t seem to be phased. Catalina applauds her man, blowing him kisses. Harvey drops to the mat and rolls to the outside. He stalks Dibbins, landing some blows to Duke’s injured arm. Harvey goes for an Irish Whip but Duke is able to reverse it. Jay Harvey slams into the guardrail and goes over, crashing into the timekeeper’s table.

Blackfront: These fans are going crazy!

Ace: Someone go check on THE Jay Harvey and make sure he’s okay!

The referee goes to check on the condition of Jay Harvey. Duke Dibbins bits his lip and clutches his injured arm. The fans are on their feet and the momentum is now in Dibbins’ favor. Duke walks slowly towards the fallen body of Jay Harvey. The referee is close by in case of a pinfall attempt. Duke grabs at Harvey with his good arm and gets Harvey moving. Duke headbutts Harvey, then pushes him on top of the Spanish announce table. Duke slams Harvey’s head into the table and the Spanish announcers get out of danger. Harvey rolls off the top of the table and falls down to the floor. Duke grabs at the monitors and tosses them aside. The fans are going ballistic. Duke turns back toward Harvey who is still hazy. Harvey is now leaning on the ring post, catching his breath. Dibbins gets closer to Harvey and Duke gets kicked in the groin.

Ace: Completely legal!

The fans start to boo the action of Jay Harvey as Harvey grabs Duke by the head and sends him under the bottom rope. Jay Harvey grabs the middle rope and pulls himself to the ring apron. He steps through the ring ropes and has his eyes locked on Duke Dibbins. Dibbins is on his knees holding his crotch in pain.

Blackfront: What’s Harvey gonna do here?

Ace: I think it’s time for Dukey to get a wake up call!

Harvey bounces off the ropes and lands a vicious knee strike to the left temple of Duke Dibbins. The fans in the WrestleZone can sense the end and begin to boo. Harvey wastes no time and picks Dibbins up off the mat. He lifts Duke up and has him in a Fireman’s Carry. He spins around glaring at the fans in attendance.

Harvey: Game Over!

Harvey drops Dibbins down and cracks Duke in the face with a devastating Knee Lift. Duke falls back and is out cold. Harvey makes a nonchalant cover as the fans continue to boo. The referee slides over and makes the count.

Referee: One! Two! Three!

The bell sounds and Catalina is already on her way into the ring. Harvey grabs Duke by the hair and yells right in his face.

Harvey: You're nothing! You're nothing you piece of trash!

Harvey drops Dibbins head down to the mat. He rests on his knees and puts his arms in the air. The referee goes to raise Harvey’s hand in victory and Harvey immediately pulls his hand away. Catalina grabs Harvey’s hand and extends her free arm to show off the winner of the match.

Jordan: Your winner by pinfall… “The Natural One” THE Jay Harvey!

The fans are not pleased. Harvey gets to his feet and is embraced by Catalina. He throws his arm around the back of her neck and raises his other into the air in victory.

Ace: THE Jay Harvey wins another one!

Blackfront: “The Natural One” has been dominant since debuting here in WrestleUTA. Tonight he beat Duke Dibbins at his own game.

Harvey and Catalina continue to celebrate in the middle of the ring as Harvey’s music blares over the sound system.

Blackfront: Don’t go anywhere folks our Main Event is next!

Let's Make A Deal!


Lets Make A Deal!


The scene opens to the inside of Mikey’s office. He has his feet up on the desk in front of him, his arms behind his head relaxing. He is watching the monitor across the room and catches the end of the Jay Harvey vs Duke Dibbins, hardcore match. We see Harvey screaming at Duke.

Harvey: You're nothing! You're nothing you piece of trash!

There's a knock on the office door, Mikey sits up quickly, removes his feet from the desk, wipes away a smudge, and turns the TV off with his remote. He quickly pulls some papers in front of himself to pretend like he’s working on something.

Unlikely: Come in!

The human being on the other side doesn’t need a second invitation.

The door swings open as soon as Mikey’s last syllable escapes his mouth, and the boss’ attention immediately perks up.

Murray: Alright lad?

Former UTA Title contender Andy Murray closes the door behind him. He’s looking a little less enthused than usual, but that’s usually the case when somebody not named “Kendrix” strolls into Mikey Unlikely’s office.

He takes a seat without waiting for Mikey’s permission.

Unlikely: What can I do for… you?

The sarcasm on the word you was dripping.

Unlikely: How’s the shoulder, bruv!? Hoping to come in here and see if I will let you injure yourself farther so you can throw a lawsuit my way!?

Murray: I think everyone saw how the shoulder is two weeks ago.

Andy’s got the thing well-covered with a t-shirt/leather jacket combo tonight, but he rolls it for effect. Naturally, the pain induces a wince.

Murray: Your doctor tried to put me in a sling, you know.

The boss smiles back at him.

Unlikely: Apparently she was right! Hell with you not being able to lift anyone around here. You looking for a match with El Dragon Rojo? He a little more your speed now?

He chuckles to himself.

Unlikely: Listen, I know why you’re here, but the fact of the matter is I couldn’t put you in that Battle Royal last week, when you were unable to even complete a singles match! Now that jack Hunter thing? I don’t know what happened there. I didn’t even call the guy!

The owner of WrestleUTA leans back in his chair.

Unlikely: But let’s be realistic, you were in no shape to be in that match, nor are you in good enough shape to go tonight, so my hands are tied. I have legalities and the long term picture to think about, and lemme tell you Bruv, I see big things for Andy Murray!

Murray: The battle royal? Sure, I was pissed for a while, but it makes sense. You want your boy to be champion for as long as possible, ergo, you don’t want guys like me coming for his belt…

Andy half-smiles, clearly fucking with the boss.

Murray: But believe it or not, I actually agree with you. If I can’t lift Theo Baylor, I can’t throw nine other men over the top rope. No issues there.

His tone changes.

Murray: What I do have an issue with, however, is the fact that you had the goddamn audacity to announce another contender while I’m still around. I fought Kendrix injured… and I still almost put him away. You know very well that if I was fully fit, that match might have ended differently, and as good as that kid is, his title win will always have a caveat attached to it as far as I’m concerned.

Mikey goes wide eyed for a minute before mulling what was said. He goes sober faced as well.

Unlikely: I know nothing of the sort. Our champion overcame 4 rounds of Tournament action. He had JUST as many matches as you did, And unlike you… He won them ALL.

Murray (sarcastically): Sure, yeah. “He won them all.” Not interferences, no distractions, no preferential treatment. None of that. Nope. Nadda.

Unlikely: Hey you don’t say that! JFK is the best damn Champion this company has seen since… well….ME! And I won’t have you in here, where he is unable to defend himself, sullying this company's top representative without recourse!  Now… What the hell can I do for you…tonight? I know you didn’t just come in here to whine about missed opportunities.

Frustrated, Murray clenches his fist.

Murray: You know, there are few things I’d like more at the moment than to reach over that desk and slap you across the face, but I kinda like being employed…


Murray: Here’s the thing, lad. I like to think I’m a modest man, but I’m also pretty realistic. I know what I bring to the business and what I bring to the UTA, and so do the fans. Now I’m a little banged-up at the moment, but as soon as this thing heals up, I want that opportunity…

He smiles.

Murray: “The Chosen One” himself, Kendrix, vs. a HEALTHY Andy Murray. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Mikey eyes up Andy. He considers the request.

Unlikely: Look I am a fair guy... IF you are cleared to compete in two weeks… then I’ll put you in a match to see if you can hang. Then once that’s all cleared up, I’ll give you the match you deserve, March 5th, Live on Pay Per View, at No Love Lost! How’s that brev!?

Murray: “Two weeks?!”

The disbelief is palpable.

Murray: You’re asking me to thread a needle with boxing gloves there, brother, but I’ll tell you what.

He stands to his full 6’7”, then taps his shoulder.

Murray: I came to this company to fight, not run away, and I’m not going to let this damn thing hold me back. You’re on.

With that, The King turns around and pulls the door open without waiting for a response from the boss. Seconds later, he’s gone.


Impulse vs Chris Ross


Impulse vs Chris Ross


Blackfront: Well, partner - we made it.

Ace: Made it? Hell are you talking about?

Blackfront: You know what’s next, right?


Jason Blackfront looks at Tommy Ace, and shakes his head.

Blackfront: That’s not exactly what I was going for, but you’re correct, we’re finally going to see ‘The Marathon Man’ Impulse take on ‘The Boss’ Chris Ross! This match has been building since the first time we saw Impulse in WrestleUTA when --

Ace: When he cost The Boss his match against Andy Murray!

Blackfront: --When Chris Ross assumed that Impulse’s mere presence cost him his match, and he’s made the man from New York pay for it at every turn!

“Badlands” by iMayday! starts up, and everyone boos. Well, not everyone: Tommy Ace is on his feet, applauding. Chris “The Boss” Ross, however, regards the fans with shouts, threats of violence, and fake thrown punches.

Ace: He’ll fight everyone in here to prove a point.

Blackfront: What point would that be?

Ace: That… he’ll fight everyone in here. Obviously.

He slides under the bottom rope and begins to pace the ring like an animal. The referee tries to stop him to check him, but Ross backs him into a corner, intimidating him.

Blackfront: Way to be a man, Ross… threaten a ref.

Ace: They need to know their place.

Blackfront: They’re the law and order of the ring, Tommy!

“Revolution” by SIRSY replaces “Badlands” and the mood of the arena immediately switches. The fans are on their feet, cheering for the Marathon Man as he walks in, and stops at the top of the ramp to take in the view. Calico Rose is half a step behind him, and she takes an exaggerated bow.

Blackfront: I think this is going to be a day of reckoning for Chris Ross, Tommy. I’ve studied up on Impulse; he’s got the experience and the chops to dismantle any opponent in his way; the thing that’s sometimes lacked is the killer instinct when personal feelings get in the way.

Ace: So he’s a pussy.

Blackfront: He simply refuses to use foreign objects or illegal holds, Tommy.

Ace: That’s what I said.

Ross remains in the ring, pacing. Impulse and Cally each take a side as they usually do, and slap hands on the way down the ramp. Impulse’s eyes lock with Chris Ross as soon as he’s at ringside, and, in an uncharacteristic move, he sheds his leather jacket and T-shirt while still on the floor.

Blackfront: This is a serious match, Tommy. We’re gonna see some fireworks.

Ace: Sure we will. On Impulse’s face.

Impulse climbs the steps and waits a second on the ring apron. He keeps his eyes on his opponent as he wipes his feet on the apron and steps under the top.

Blackfront: Ross with a sneak attack!

Ace: That’s the only way to do it!

The Boss drives a boot into Impulse’s head as the Marathon Man steps into the ring. He pulls Impulse through, and starts to pound him in the head with a series of fists. Elbow to the temple!

Ace: Pin him, pin him!

Blackfront: What a dirty trick! There’s the bell, at least!

Ace: If it’s before the bell, he can’t get disqualified for it!

Ross pulls Impulse to his feet, and sends him into the ropes! He kicks him in the midsection, then powerbombs him to the mat!

Ace: Cover him!

Blackfront: You’d think so, Tommy, but The Boss scoops him again! Is this confidence or arrogance?

Ace: What’s the difference?

Two right hands rock Impulse, and a third sends him into the corner. Ross looks out into the fans and laughs, and turns his attention to Cally, on the floor!

Chris Ross: This one’s for you, bitch!

He whips Impulse across the ring, but Impulse stops him and reverses, spinning out with an elbow to the face that sends The Boss reeling! He can’t follow up, however. Impulse spins out of the elbow and braces himself on the top rope.


Ace: Now we can get into some real damage!

Ross scoops Impulse, and drops him on his ribs on the guardrail, taking some time to yell at a few fans in the front row. Again, he poses out, but suddenly turns his attention to Cally, half the ring length away from him.

Blackfront: You leave her alone!

Ace: She should stop interfering if she wants to be left alone!

Blackfront: She never interfered!

Ace: Well… she’s distracting!

Ross takes two steps towards Cally, but Impulse grabs him by the ankle and trips him up! The fans “OOOOOH!” at the sound of flesh and bone meeting the steel of the steps! Impulse pulls himself up on the ring apron, holding his hand to his ribs, and has a look that could insanely be called concern on his face.

Blackfront: Chris Ross rolls to the floor, and he’s got a huge bloody mess on his face! Impulse reaches for the ropes to pull himself back into the ring, but he just grabbed his side again, he might have a cracked rib or two!

Ace: If he was smart he’d finish off The Boss right now while he has the means. That's’ what I’d do.

Blackfront: Explaining sportsmanship to you is going to be a lost cause, isn’t it?

Ace: I’m sorry, I don’t sail.

As Chris Ross gets back to his feet, Impulse finally moves in, but Ross fires an angry fist into his face! Impulse barely dodges out of the way, but he straight - arms Ross at the elbow and grabs his wrist, forcing the Boss to his knees!


Ace: Wait, what?

Impulse releases the hold and joins Cally as they look at the referee, confused.

CH Jordan: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has counted both competitors out of the ring, and has ruled this match a double countout!

Boos fill the arena, but Impulse doesn’t argue. He looks at Cally, disappointed.

Blackfront: Look out!

Chris Ross isn’t taking it lying down; he busts Impulse across the back with a chair!

Ace: HAH! Now it doesn’t even matter!

Blackfront: Impulse released the hold as soon as the bell rang, and both men were clearly counted out! Chris Ross again showing his lack of character as he goes to town on Impulse with that chair!

Two more shots while Impulse is downed, and Cally steps in and grabs the chair! She and Ross tug - of - war over it for a few seconds, but then it suddenly flies out of Ross’ grip! Nobody looks more surprised than Cally, though Chris Ross looks at his hands and immediately wipes them off on his legs, and he’s after Cally!

Ace: Yes! Knock her on her ass!

Blackfront: You’re deplorable.


Cally manages to stay ahead of Ross all the way around the ring, owing to her quickness and the fact that she did not have her head bounced off the steel steps just a few moments earlier. The bell continues to ring at a frantic pace to try and break things up, but nothing comes of it!

Finally, as they complete one lap, Impulse is up to his knees, and Cally does a minor hurdle jump over him…

Blackfront: Impulse with a shoulder to Chris Ross’ stomach!

Ace: No fair!

Impulse hooks Ross’ arms as the Boss doubles over, but Chris Ross backdrops him on the floor mat! He spins around and boots Impulse in the head! Ross fires a second kick, but this time Impulse catches his foot, wrenches it closer to him, and pulls Ross to the floor.

Blackfront: Can we get some security down here?

Both men rise at approximately the same time, and Ross sends a punch to Impulse’s face! Impulse with an elbow to Ross! Punch! Elbow! Punch! Elbow! Elbow! Ross is rocked!

Ace: Is it too late to grab the tights!

The bell rings again and again, but they aren’t stopping. Impulse pulls Ross in close, but Ross thumbs him in the eye and drops him with a hard clothesline!

And his sights return to Cally.

Ross takes two steps, but it’s two too many! Impulse fires a boot into the back of The Boss’ knee, and drops him down with another to the other! Impulse kips up, and as Chris Ross does the same, a double axe handle to the shoulder blades sends Ross into the guardrail!

Ace: Security!

The Boss doubles over, and Impulse locks on The Message, forcing Ross to the floor! Cally backs up, all the while the bell continues!

Blackfront: Finally, security is on its way to ringside to break things up!

Ace: It’s about time, Impulse spent that entire match cheating!

Blackfront: Your cognitive dissonance is a thing of beauty.

Ace: Don’t try to sweet talk me.

Impulse lets go of the hold as security reaches him, and they get between him and Chris Ross. Unfortunately, Ross - as soon as he rises to his feet - tries to push past and over them to reach his opponent again!

Blackfront: We need to take a moment to clear the ringside area, we’ll be back!


Commercial Break



A Little Song, A Little Dance.


A Little Song, A Little Dance


♫Death Dealer by The Engima TNG; Crimson Lord's new theme song begins...

The lights flash on and off rapidly, as the fans erupt when Zoey skips from behind the curtain toward the left side of the stage. She smiles and waves at the fans for a moment then she turns around and skips the other side of the stage and waves at that side of the fans. She then turns and skips to the front of the stage and and gets on her knees and crawls down the ramp a few feet from the entranceway.

She looks to the left and to the right all smiles, She quickly sits on her knees, throws her hands up in the air looking up at the roof of the Wrestlezone. Pyro goes off behind her so much that smoke envelops the stage. Crimson Lord can barely be seen in the smoke, as he steps out of the smoke, and walks toward Zoey. She stands up and turns to the side and puts her right hand on Crimson's chest. CL has his head down and water drips from his face. CL looks up as he and Zoey share a ten second pose, before Zoey starts to skip to the ring.

Blackfront: There he is people, the man who won the over the top battle royal, a legend in this company and now the number one contender to face Kendrix for the WrestleUTA title at No Love Lost!

Ace: Ugh, look at these two freaks! Crimson won the right to face Kendrix alright, but can you imagine the oh so prestigious WrestleUTA title being paraded around by these two?

Crimson continues his walk toward the ring. As he reaches it he looks into the ring for a moment while Zoey skips around the outside of the ring, slapping hands with the fans as she does it. Crimson heads for the steel steps, slowly walking up them to the apron. Zoey skips to the steps walking up them to the apron. CL steps on the bottom rope and pulls the middle one up for Zoey to access the ring. She skips to each side of the ring ropes blowing kisses to the fans. CL Steps over the top rope and faces the announce team.

A few moments later he turns toward the main camera his arms out to the side and yells, Zoey jumps on the back of Crimson with her arms wrapped around his neck and legs around his waist still all smiles as she waves to the fans. Zoey climbs down off of CL.

They soak up the huge reaction from the fans here in Orlando. The dual chants of “Guilty” to “Innocent” resonate throughout the Wrestlezone. Crimson looks out into the crowd not showing much emotion, Zoey on the other hand is relishing it. ♫

Zoey: The Wrestlezone…

The fans erupt once more.

Zoey:..  my weapon has something to say.

As Crimson takes the microphone from Zoey the crowd show their appreciation.

Crimson Lord!

Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!

Crimson Lord!

Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!

Crimson: You know I sat back there all night and watched our so called golden boy Kendrix play his little games with Dylan in his match earlier tonight and frankly what can I say? I am not surprised.

Crimson pauses for a moment, letting the boos for the WrestleUTA Champion die down.

Crimson: Two weeks ago I fought through a number one contenders Battle Royal and earned my shot at the crown jewel of this company, the WrestleUTA World Championship!

Wrestlezone gets louder once more now with shouts of “You deserve it”

Crimson: For the last few months I sat back there while Michael Unlikely spun his web of deceit and treachery! He positioned his “Bruv” in the right spot and took advantage of a man, clearly not at a hundred percent, to win a championship he clearly does not deserve! I can tell you this Kendrix, if Andrew Murray was at hundred percent the story of your rise to power might of taken a different turn.

Andy Murray!

Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!

Andy Murray!

Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap!

Crimson: Yeah h..

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip hits the PA System.

Blackfront: Looks like we have a very untimely interruption from the champ here.

Ace: Crimson Lord was just gonna boast about how he won the #MUNOCIBR anyway, no one wants to hear that. You should be thanking Kendrix.

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage. The spotlight meets the centre of the stage but Kendrix doesn’t appear in his usual pose. Instead, the WrestleUTA Champion, now dressed casually in a dark jeans and latest #JFK t-shirt combo, casually walks through the curtain. With his title around his waist, mic in one hand, he flicks his free hand out in front of his throat.

Kendrix: Kill it, kill JFK’s awesome music, yeah?! ♫

The lights in the arena reappear as Kendrix comes to a halt at the centre of the stage. He lifts the mic to his mouth but as the boos intensify he lowers it, looking out at the crowd over to his left and then to his right, a less than impressed look etched across his face in both directions. Rolling his eyes, he focuses his attention on the giant of a man in the ring and brings the mic back up.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?!


Kendrix: I’ll get to you in a second Crimsy but first things first…

He takes another look around the arena.

Kendrix: You know, JFK is soooo happy WrestleUTA is hitting the road from now on, cos he just can’t stand the bunch of BELLENDS in this stink town any longer!

The arena erupts in even more booing as Kendrix holds his free hand to his stomach, laughing proudly at his own put down. Wiping away an imaginary tear from his eye he gets back to the task at hand, pointing in the direction of Crimson Lord.

Kendrix: Speaking of Bellends, what was that you just said a moment or two ago, Crimsy? Something about how if Andy Murray was one hundred percent fit then the outcome at the WUTASOSWTT final may have been different? Is that right?

The shot switches to Crimson Lord confidently nodding his head along to Kendrix’s question.

Kendrix: You're right, bruv. It would have been different. JFK would have retired the old man there and then. He’s lucky he had a shoulder injury, it saved his career. JFK doesn’t take credit for other people’s work! When I put you out of this business it’s gonna be all MY work!

He holds his shoulder, feigning injury while the crowd let him know exactly what they think of him.

Kendrix: But you know what? It’s just one of those things we’ll never know. What we do know is Murray’s body wasn’t good enough to survive an actual WRESTLING tournament that JFK won, unlike that CIRCUS over the top rope bullshit, you won!

He undoes the title strap around his waist and holds it out in front of him.

Kendrix: Andy Murray Coulda, shoulda, woulda sob stories aside, at the end of the day...JAYYY EFFFF YOUR WRESTLE UTA CHAMPION, INNIT?!

Jesse lifts the title high above his head to a disapproving UTAverse. However, applause does come from Crimson Lord, albeit a rather slow applause.

Crimson: Congratulations young man, instead of waving that thing around up there why don’t you join me in the ring so I can get a better look at it.

Blackfront: Now there’s an invitation for you Kendrix.

The shot switches back to Kendrix who lowers his title, hesitantly looking around the arena as the increase in anticipation rises through the crowd.

Kendrix: Seriously, you’re inviting JFK to the ring? Maybe you hit your head really hard when you got run over by that car or maybe it's the fact that his is the first time we’ve actually been acquainted with each other? Either do know that I’m the guy around here who puts people on the shelf for fun, right?

Jesse drapes the title over his shoulder and confidently makes his way towards the ring.

Ace: You better watch what you say to the champ, Crimson Lord!

Arriving at the apron Kendrix points at Crimson Lord to give him some space. Lord obliges by stepping back to the centre with his arms open invitingly for Jesse to enter. However, as Jesse climbs up the steps, he hesitates and pauses on the apron by the turnbuckle as he comes eye to eye with Crimson.

Blackfront: Has Kendrix suddenly realised he’s about to get in the ring with 7 feet and 348 pounds of Crimson Lord?

Crimson: Don’t worry champ, I just want to talk.

JFK tentatively looks around before cautiously stepping inside the ring. Approaching Crimson Lord, Jesse looks up at him and then over at Zoey, half checking her out and half wearily. Focusing up at Crimson, he confidently taps the face of his title. Crimson looks at it intently as Jesse’s smirk reappears, rubbing the belt for extra shinyness, his confidence seemingly returning.

Kendrix: That’s right Crimsy, take a real good look at JFK’s title. Don’t get too close though, don’t want you to freak out at your own reflection now do we?!

Crimson Lord tilts his head and rolls his eyes.

Kendrix: The fact that you think you earned yourself a shot at MY Title is laughable. You see, JFK earned this when he had to go through match after match against the this company with his JOB...on the line. Meanwhile, YOU get rewarded for winning the wrestling equivalent of a lottery against “talents” like the Dibbenseses. You go on to tell all these people that you EARNED your title shot?

Blackfront: Not sure if Kendrix is aware but the Dibbens’ are former Tag Team Champs.

Jesse affords himself another chuckle and dismissively shakes his head, shaking the palm of his hand out at the number one contender.

Kendrix: Whatevs, you haven’t EARNED...anything. But it doesn’t matter. JFK is a fighting champion after all. You saw what I did to Dylan earlier tonight. That was nothing compared to what the Chosen One is going to do to you at No Love Lost, bruv!

A full grin appears across Jesse’s face as he leans in, eyes focussed on his taller opponent. Crimson rubs his jaw in thought before bringing his mic to his mouth.

Crimson: Are you done kid?

Kendrix: Obvs not, but I guess you should contribute something from your end for a change. Go ahead.

Crimson wraps his arm around Kendrix, who’s eyes light up

Crimson: I would like to tell you a little story Jess...can I call you Jess?

Kendrix angrily shrugs Lord’s arm off of his shoulder.

Kendrix: It’s Jessi...

Crimson: Good.

Crimson clearly does not care whether Kendrix likes that name or not, despite the shock on the face of the champ at being cut off.

Crimson: see Jess, I have been in this business a long time. So if you have been on the road as much as I have in my career you have a lot of stories to tell.

Crimson looks out into the Wrestlezone.

Crimson: Do you guys want to hear a scary story?

The Wrestlezone humors CL and start a “Yes” chant.

Crimson: Good, now listen up Jess. A little over ten years ago in this very same company there was a guy..

Walks up to Kendrix and gets face to face with him.

Crimson: He was a real bad seed, liked to hurt people...a real heartless bastard!

Crimson turns away from Kendrix and continues the story.

Crimson: Well, this bad seed to the superstars in this company was considered a monster! He was relentless, cold, calculating….

Crimson chuckles a bit.

Crimson: …. hell, “he” did not care about the well being of his opponent in that ring.

Crimson turns back to Kendrix and walks over to him and once more puts his arm around him.

Crimson: You see Jess……“he” ended careers, broke bones, and left countless WrestleUTA superstars lying in a puddle of their own blood. Hell “He” even  injured the current champion so bad, that the suits had no choice but to strip him of the championship. They then proceeded to put the title in a battle royal match much like you witnessed two weeks ago. This man was in it, the end result was much like the path of destruction “He” left.

Kendrix again angrily shrugs Crimson off of his shoulders but Lord simply ignores it and acts out the motion of throwing superstars over the top rope while he says...

Crimson: “He” threw superstar by superstar over the top rope until no one was left. That night he took his place amongst the legends.

Crimson stares into Kendrix eyes now.

Crimson: For four hundred and fifty-five days, this psychopath obliterated his competition and went down in this company’s history as the most psychotic world champion EVER! I am sure you are wondering who this dominate WrestleUTA World Champion was…

Crimson gets eye to eye with Kendrix and points at his chest.

Crimson: ME!

Crimson turns from Kendrix.

Crimson: There is a reason Ronald Hall is very careful about what he says around me. Ronald witnessed those times, hell Ronald was one of the many victims of those times.

Crimson turns slightly to the side looking over his shoulder toward Kendrix whose confidence and annoyance has now turned into deep concern.

Crimson: You see Jess, I am not your average run of the mill wrestler. I am a monster, a man that could give two flying fucks on whether you leave the Wrestlezone at No Love Lost with fractured bones in your body.

Crimson gets close to Kendrix once more

Crimson: Here is where I hit you with some cold hard truth champ!

Crimson’s stare has gotten so demonic that Kendrix clearly has no idea what to do.

Crimson: You can go and have your parties, have all the bitches you want. Lap dances, one night stands. Buy all the fancy cars you want, and take those women and paint the town green. Get yourself a private jet, live it up like you're a rock star. I on the other hand will be in that gym training to get stronger, faster, training as if this were a sixty minute iron man match!  I will be in this ring honing my craft night after night! Live it up Jess because in…

Crimson stands up and looks down at Kendrix and turns the microphone to the side in front of Zoey’s lips. She looks at her watch.

Zoey: Forty-one days, nine hundred and eighty-four hours, five weeks, six days.

Kendrix is taken aback as he looks on oddly at Zoey. Meanwhile, Crimson returns the microphone to his mouth.

Crimson: “HE” will be returning to the WrestleUTA and dare I say “he” is HUNGRY!

Crimson turns his back from Kendrix. He looks up toward the ceiling.

Crimson: What was it Ronald called me back then…….Oh yea he called me a…..

Crimson closes his eyes as he says..

Crimson: Weapon of Destruction!

Crimson turns slightly once more toward Kendrix looking down at the now concerned world champion.

Crimson: I am not just a weapon Jess……

He gets face to face once more with Kendrix

Crimson: I am the PERFECT Weapon!

Kendrix grits his teeth and puffs his cheeks out as the crowd pop for the challenger.

Crimson: At No Love Lost, Jessie Fredricks will be judged…..

Crimson points out to the fans with his free hand.

Crimson: …...and these people you call “BellEnds” will pass your FINAL Judgement!

Crimson drops the microphone as ♫ DeathDealer by TNG hits. Crimson pats the WrestleUTA Championship on JFK’s shoulder gently. Jesse steps back shaking his head before holding the belt up to his chest, his arms wrapped around it.

Crimson walks past JFK, opens the ropes for Zoey who blows a kiss toward Kendrix before she exits the ring. As she does so Kendrix arches the title belt behind his head, ready to strike. But with the combination of Zoey and the agitation rising in the crowd, Lord is alerted in the nick of time. He reacts quickly, turning ready to strike himself but, as if caught in two minds, ♫ a mic THUD is heard around the arena as Jesse decides to hit the deck, rolling out the side of the ring to safety.

Blackfront: Is Crimson Lord in JFK’s head? First Kendrix plans a sneak attack from behind then when he’s face to face with Crimson he high tails it out of there like a coward!

Ace: Coward?! That’s our fighting champion you’re talking about there,Jason!

Kendrix walks backwards up the ramp, eyes on the number one contender, shaking his head, before raising the WrestleUTA title above it and pointing his free thumb back on his chest, the ringside cameramen picking up his vocals.


The feed ends focussed on Crimson Lord in the ring arching his hands back and forth across his waistline with Zoey looking on by the apron.

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