Wrestleshow S1 E11

27 Dec 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)

Two Weeks Ago...

Two Weeks Ago…

We open to a black screen, the words “Two Weeks Ago” appear in the corner. Finally the weekly highlight reel.

Stewart: With that in mind, how are you approaching tonight’s match with David Hightower - an entirely different opponent?

Murray: It’s easy to see why men are intimidated by this guy. Hightower’s an animal - a ferocious hound who’s seemingly impervious to pain, and won’t stop attacking from bell-to-bell. He eats guys alive out there, and if you ask me, he might just be the favourite to win this damn thing…

Andy waits a couple of moments, contemplating his next words.

Murray: But here’s the thing: David Hightower might be meaner than me, but he’s not bigger than me. He might be The Toughest Dog in the Yard, but I’m The King… you know what I mean? I don’t back down from challenges like this: I relish them, and whatever the outcome, this is gonna be one helluva fight.


Andy gets in behind Hightower and smashes the back of his head with some dizzying elbows! Enraged, Hightower swings around and gets to mauling, but he’s lost in his rage and gets sloppy. Andy’s composure in battle shines through: a short elbow knocks him down, but he grabs Dave’s legs as he tries to boot him on the way up, then rams him back into the corner! Murray keeps wrist control, pulls him in… Lariat!

But Hightower still won’t go down! He’s wobbling, but he’s not giving way. Murray runs to the ropes, shoulder barge… Hightower STILL doesn’t go down! Murray comes back one more time… LARIAT BY HIGHTOWER!





Murray: Hightower’s one of the most dangerous guys in the company in my book. I knew what he brings to the table, but by the same token, he’s gotta be away of what I bring to the table. It’s been a long time since I faced a guy like him, but has he ever faced a guy like me?

He shrugs.

Murray: My mind’s on the task at hand, and if his isn’t, it’ll be one more for the record books, one more in the win column, and one more for the good guys.


But no! Murray pulls his hands away as the referee starts checking for consciousness! It takes all he’s got, but he scoops one of Hightower’s legs off the ground, then the other, then falls all the way backwards! Still attached to Murray’s back, Hightower his the mat back-first!

The hold’s broken! Murray tries to act quickly, but he’s struggling. Eventually he’s able to pull Hightower up, trap a wrist, and hoist him into his shoulders!

GITB (Wrist-Clutch Death Valley Driver)!

He makes the cover…




Ace: Holy balls, what a war!

The bell rings, and a huge cheer goes up as the referee helps Murray to his feet. He’s taken one hell of a beating, but he found a way to put Hightower down!


We cut to the office of Mikey Unlikely.

Haynes stands up from his seat to meet the brash Kendrix eye to eye. Despite The Thrills’ calm demeanor, security decides to close in between the two, prompting Mikey to rise from his seat.

Unlikely: Hey!!! Everyone chill the fuck out! I’ve had enough of this bullshit tonight!

Kendrix turns to look at his Bruv and then back over, pointing at Haynes who’s still standing, not taking his eyes off his opponent this evening.

Kendrix: He started it!

Mikey eyes up his best Bruv as well.

Unlikely: Yea, well I’m finishing it! I mean that in the most literal sense possible! Because tonight in that ring out there, you two will not only be fighting for a spot in the finals of the WUTASOSWTT! But you will also be fighting for your jobs…

Haynes eyes go wide as Kendrix’ jaw drops and his full attention swings from Haynes to Mikey.

Unlikely: That’s right Will, I can’t fire you… but according to your contract, I have full reign on match making and stipulations so long as the stipulation applies to both sides. So tonight's Main Event matchup will be for both of your contracts! This match will be a Sink or Swim match!


Both men are immediately up on their feet and trade forearms with each other









Haynes with the upper hand with Kendrix stumbling backwards. Jesse throws a laboured forearm back that’s easily dodged by Haynes and followed up with Kendrix walking straight into The Thrillplex!!!


Blackfront: Haynes has the cover!!!





Blackfront: What the hell?!! Count!!!

Ace: The ref stopped counting!!!

Haynes drops Kendrix’s leg down and looks up at the ref. For a moment The Thrill looks confused, but only for a moment, as his face turns to thunder upon realising the count was stopped.


Unlikely: End this!

Not waiting for a second invitation, Kendrix delivers a Superkick right to the back of Haynes’ skull sending him face first to the canvas. He doesn’t stop there, dropping stomp after stomp after stomp to the back of the head. He drops to his knees and turns Haynes over, not letting up, striking fists down hard to the The Thrill’s face over and over!

Blackfront: My God, Haynes isn’t moving this match should be stopped. Kendrix has lost it and Mikey’s just standing there encouraging him!

Kendrix looks at his hand covered in blood before spitting in Haynes’ face and hooks the leg for the cover and Mikey’s down in a flash to count.

Unlikely: ONETWOTHRE….


Ace: WHAATTTT???!!!!

Blackfront: Unbelievable!! Mikey was counting as fast as he could on that one and Haynes still kicked out!!!!

Both men are furious. Kendrix slaps the mat hard over and over in frustration and Mikey drops some F bombs all over the ring. Haynes tries to sit up, but between the blood in his face, and the beating he’s taken, he falls to the side instead.

Blackfront: Haynes is still ready to fight! He’s slowly getting up! Telling both men to come at him!

The Hollywood Bruvs look at each other for an instant, neither hiding their disbelief, before quickly obliging. In a fury of fists, forearms, and kicks, Mikey and JFK begin in on Will Haynes.

Blackfront: Mikey is supposed to be the referee…

Ace: Jason, the cold hard fact is that Will Haynes is NOT leaving here with a contract tonight…

Haynes tries to fight them both off, but it doesn't take long before the Hollywood Bruvs have him in complete control. Mikey spins and nails a roaring elbow, that about takes the head off of Haynes. Kendrix picks him back up again right away, tucks him under his legs, and lifts into a powerbomb position. Mikey hits the ropes and comes back, he delivers a cutter, while JFK delivers the dominator.


Blackfront: The fix is in folks…

Haynes lies motionless on the mat in front of the two men. Blood pools around his face. Kendrix hooks the leg but Mikey hasn’t noticed, his attention purely on the face of Haynes, smiling at the bloody mess below him.

Kendrix: COUNT, BRUV!!!!!!

Managing to snap out of the sick happy place he was momentarily in, Mikey drops to his knees for the count. No need to be fast on this one.




Ding Ding Ding!


Let ‘Em Come by Scroobius Pip hits the arena

Jeremy Roberts: The winner of this match by pinfall…

Upon getting to their feet, Unlikely places his foot on the chest of Haynes and raises Kendrix’ hand up in victory.





The show opens as the camera scans the lively audience, checking out the signs in the crowd we see a plethora of support for everyone's favorite wrestlers.Does Jestal Do Kids Parties?, I apologize for Chris Ross!, Andy Murray : NEW WORLD CHAMPION!, The Bruvs are Busts! The Thrill is Gone! (With an image of Mikeys face superimposed over BB KING on the guitar), before moving down and landing on our faithful commentators.

Blackfront: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to what will undoubtedly be a huge edition of WrestleUTA on Hulu! I'm Jason Blackfront and with me as always is the one and only Tommy Ace.

The camera cuts to the middle of the ring where the WrestleUTA World Championship proudly rests encased in glass upon a stand.

Ace: What a show we have in store for you all tonight folks! We’re on the cusp of a potentially era defining night. We’re gonna have ourselves a brand new WrestleUTA World Champion!

“Blunt Blowin” by Lil Wayne hits the Loudspeakers and the fans begin to boo.

Blackfront: Looks like we’re about to be graced by the owner of WrestleUTA, Mikey Unlikely. You can hear what the fans think about it...will you sit down Tommy!

Ace: Stand up and clap Jason, show some respect.

A long red carpet unrolls from the entrance way and extends down the ramp.  A single spotlight hits the stage. The self proclaimed “World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer” comes through the curtain and the volume on the audience picks up. Right beside Mikey is his best friend and fellow “Hollywood Bruv” Jesse Fredericks Kendrix. Both men wear suits and sunglasses. Mikey in his signature aviators, and JFK in his also signature Armani Bug Eye shades. At the top of the ramp they stop and smirk, and allow the fans to take pictures.

The lights slowly come back up as they come down the ramp. A black box appears on the screen, and we see the names of the two. “Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix”.

Blackfront: Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that these two men are as tight a unit as they come. Mikey has certainly been there for Kendrix when he needed him during the tournament.

Ace: Woah, what are you insinuating Jason? Sure, the Hollywood Bruvs are tight, but Kendrix has got to the final all by himself, OBVS!

Blackfront: Will you listen to yourself? You’re even sounding like them. I’m sure Will Haynes won’t agree with you after these two screwed him two weeks ago.

The pair get to the ring and slowly make a scene about climbing the stairs and stepping inside.

The lights come up, the spotlight disappears, and the music slows as Mikey grabs the mic from ring announcer Jeremy Roberts who is impatiently ushered out the ring by Kendrix.

Unlikely: Welcome everyone to another edition of WrestleUTA on Hulu! We are on our eleventh episode ladies and gentlemen and the hits just keep coming! Nowhere else in the world can you catch all the great wrestlers of WrestleUTA in one ring! Nowhere else in the world will you see the best and the brightest that the sport has to offer, and nowhere else in the world will you see the...Future of professional wrestling!

Mikey looks over to JFK who gives a knowing nod.

Unlikely: Tonight, the long journey we have taken together over the last few months finally comes to a close! Tonight THIS CHAMPIONSHIP….

Mikey puts his hands on either side of the glass case, and looks down at the beautiful title resting on red pillows.

Unlikely: The WrestleUTA World Championship, will be awarded to the WINNER of the WrestleUTA Sink or Swim World Title Tournament!


Blackfront: Oh come…

Ace: Shhhh…. Mikey’s speaking!

Mikey takes a minute to let the fans finish their cheers for the title belt finally being awarded.

Unlikely: But first… first we have an incredible show coming up! We have the long awaited debut of THE Jay Harvey! A HUGE tag team match later on featuring four of the biggest up and coming stars in WrestleUTA. We have FIVE big matchups on the show tonight, including one I am making right now! If you will please take a look at the big screen!

A video clip begins to play of Mikey and JFK assaulting Will Haynes from two weeks ago on WrestleUTA on Hulu. The video shows the relentless beatdown from the two, followed by “Hollywood Blvd!” The tag team finishing move of the Hollywood Bruvs! Then after the match ends, we fast forward to where Crimson Lord came down the aisle and chased away the Bruvs. The video clip freezes on the face of Crimson Lord.

Unlikely: This is the face of insubordination! This is the face of a man who doesn’t know where his paychecks come from. This is the face of a man who will compete right here in this very ring tonight in a handicap match! Crimson Lord vs The Dibbins Brothers! Crimson Lord needs to be taught a lesson, and when you interfere in Mikey’s business, well then, let’s just say I’ll make sure C.L. is a very busy man!

The fans cheer for the match, then boo when Mikey condemns Crimson. The image on the big screen disappears and Mikey reverts his attention back to the Championship in the ring.

Unlikely: Now back to the matter at hand. I am sure many of you have heard the report that was released last tuesday, that #WUTASOSWTT finalist Andy Murray, was indeed injured while training for his championship match! I am here to report, that unfortunately those reports are true!


Unlikely: Last week I spoke with a couple of physicians who HIGHLY recommended that Andy Murray sit out this match! That his health just wasn’t up to par! That he would go in with a DISTINCT disadvantage, and I am here to say, that as a very fair, and unbiased owner, I just cannot go about risking the long term health of my extremely talented roster! So as of today, I had to make a very very hard decision! One that I believe to be both in the best interest of WrestleUTA, it’s roster, and the fans sitting here, and at home.

WrestleUTA owner, Mikey Unlikely, walks over to the display case, and begins to lift the glass covering off the championship. He walks over to the edge of the ring and hands the glass display to a stage hand outside. Then back to the title.

Kendrix stands wide eyed staring at the title in the lights, almost salivating.

Unlikely: I have decided to go ahead and forego the finals of the tournament on account of the health of Andy Murray, and AWARD this title to the one man who deserves it!

Mikey picks up the belt, and looks at it lovingly. He turns towards JFK whose face lights up as he points back at himself in surprise. He smiles, in apparent disbelief that all this can’t be happening!

Unlikely: Please allow me to introduce to you YOUR NEWWWWWWWWW WRESTLEUTA WORLD CHAMPI……

“Hail to the King, Baby” by the Heavy Eyes hits just before Mikey can finish his sentence, and the crowd breathe a big sigh of relief. Andy Murray steps out onto the stage as soon as the song hits its third chord, his injured shoulder hidden beneath one of those spiffy new “SCOTTISH STRONG STYLE” shirts. Pick one up today at today for only $9.99, Maggle.

Murray: Mikey, mate...

The music cuts as soon as the Scot gets his first words out.

Murray: No. Just no.

He shakes his head, finally reaching the bottom of the ramp. Andy climbs onto the apron, then looks out to the crowd.

Murray: Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen: there WILL be a UTA Title match tonight, and if I have my way, that belt WON’T be leaving the building around Kendrix’s shoulder.

The crowd pops, and Mikey Unlikely’s face turns sour. Murray climbs through the middle rope, then immediately starts rummaging through one of his pockets.

Murray: A couple of things, mate. First, I have a contractually obliged title match tonight. I hate to get all businesslike, but you can’t take that away from me without good reason. Second, I know the next words coming out your mouth are gonna be “but you’re not medically cleared,” but here’s the thing…

He finally produces a small folded note and hands it to the UTA bossman. Mikey’s hesitant at first, but he eventually starts unfolding it.

Murray: There’s my doctor’s note. I’m good to go.

Another yuge pop from the crowd. Mikey finally completes the tiny paper puzzle, Kendrix removes his bug eye shades peering over Mikey’s shoulder as the two start reading from it.

Unlikely: “Dear Michael Unlikable, Andy is fit to do the wrestlefights. Your pal, Dr. Frasier Crane.”

Mikey looks up, glaring a hole through the Scot.

Unlikely: Frasier Crane isn’t even a real pers--

Murray: Yeah, that letter’s totally fake.

The crowd laughs at Mikey.

Murray: Seriously though, “boss”: your team cleared me this morning. You won’t be awarding that championship to anyone but the winner of tonight’s main event, laddie…

Kendrix remonstrates with Mikey, who tries to calm him down, motioning with his Bruv for a moment, turning back to face The King.

Unlikely: You think you’re pretty smart huh?

Murray simply nods

Unlikely: You really want to go through with this? Think about what you’re saying for a moment. You want to get in the ring with The Future of this company. Have you not seen what he’s done in this tournament? Didn’t you see what he did to Will Haynes? You want to get in the ring with that man, in your condition? My bruv is unbeatable!

Kendrix’s smirk appears, holding his arms out wide by his side in smug acceptance of Mikey’s claim.

Murray: Yes, I do want to get in the ring with him…

Andy stays calm, picking his words carefully.

Murray: Why? Because I’ve earned my spot. It’s as simple as that.

A small cheer for that one.

Murray: Charles Wingate, Chris Ross, David Hightower: I’ve faced three of the nastiest competitors we’ve seen in this New-TA, and I came through every time. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s no secret that I’m a little banged up, but if you think that’s gonna get in my way, you’ve both got another thing coming. I had my first match when this guy was THREE years old…

He points to Kendrix.

Murray: I’ve fought through worse than this before, and I’ll fight through worse again. Don’t get me wrong, I think you guys are a couple of fannies, but I respect you, Kendrix, as a hungry young competitor, and Mikey…

He cringes.

Murray: … I even respect you as a boss. But I’m not letting this opportunity pass me by. I’ve been fighting for World Titles all my career, but it’s been six years since I’ve had an opportunity like this. If you think I’m going to let a wounded wing get in the way of that, Bruvs, you’ve got another thing coming.

Unlikely brings his mic up, about to retort but he’s held back by Kendrix who whispers something inaudible in his ear. The two look pleased with whatever’s been said.

Unlikely: Fine, you want JFK? You want to compete for the WrestleUTA World Championship tonight? You got it!

Blackfront: It’s on! Murray v Kendrix for the vacant WrestleUTA World Championship TONIGHT!

Unfortunately for Kendrix and Mikey, Murray noticed the whispering. He tightens his gaze.

Murray: Hold on a minute, Hollywood Brothers…

He smiles.

Murray: You’re not… up to something, are you?

Unlikely: Pfft, Obvs not?!

Kendrix: Totally Obvs not!

Murray: I don’t buy it, fellas. I’ve been around enough snakes to know what’s going on here, and given the fact that I’ve only seen THIS guy…

Andy points at Kendrix again.

Murray: … pick-up ONE win on his own since he got here, I’m gonna suggest that you’ve got something up your sleeve. You’ve got skill, Kendrix, there’s no doubt about that, but frankly, I’m beginning to question if you can lace your boots without this guy lending a helping hand, let alone win a wrestling match…

He pauses, soaking-in the crowd’s reaction.

Murray: So tell me, guys - am I fighting Mikey’s little playmate tonight, or both Hollywood Bruvs?

Mikey affords himself a dismissive chuckle at that one.

Unlikely: That’s cute Andrew, but you…

At that moment Mikey’s mic is grabbed out of his hand by his incensed bruv, who steps in front of the boss (who himself looks on in shock) and right in front of his opponent in tonight’s main event.

Kendrix: ENOUGH! Listen, yeah?! Who the hell do you think you’re talking about, bruv? I’m JAY EFF FUCKING KAY! You think you’re dealing with some rookie tonight? Nah maaattteee! See, JFK may be fairly new to this business, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting guys like you, guys with decades of experience, guys who’ve seen and done it all in this business, on the shelf and sitting in their cute little retirement homes!

He chuckles to himself, pleased with his handy work so far in his young career before looking over his shoulder at his bruv, who's not looking too comfortable with where this is going, before turning back to face Murray.

Kendrix: Sure, me and Mikey are tight. The Hollywood Bruvs always have a plan to put the odds in our favour. But the thing is, JFK’s been defeating the odds by himself ever since he walked into this business, only two years ago. And tonight JFK becomes World Champ...on his own!

Eyes still fixed on Murray whose rubbing his hands together, liking what he’s hearing.

Kendrix: No Mikey Unlikely, no outside interference. Tonight, it’s just The King, Andy Murray vs Jesse Fredericks Kendrix and it’s gonna be JFK who proves to the world that he is The Future of this business!

Jesse drops the mic to the canvass and exits the ring. The camera picks up Mikey looking on at his Bruv walk up the ramp, deep concern etched across his face.

Murray: Well mate, I don’t know about you, but I think that went rather well…

As Hail to the King hits the PA system, The King winks over at Mikey Unlikely, who suddenly snaps out of his trance. As Kendrix disappears through the curtain, Mikey Unlikely bails out of the ring, leaving Murray all alone.

Blackfront: We got ourselves a match ladies and gentlemen, It’s one on one! Kendrix has effectively banned his Hollywood Bruv from the Championship Match!

Ace: But they’re bestest bruvs in the whole world!

We cut elsewhere.





We find ourselves backstage at the WrestleZone. A door sits dead center of the shot and opens suddenly. Emerging from the door is “The Natural One” Jay Harvey, and he is accompanied by Catalina. Harvey is dressed in a fine blue suit and expensive designer sunglasses, with his travel bag over his shoulder. Catalina looks like she’s about hit the town as well, with her revealing outfit. Paul Stewart comes into view, mic in hand.
Stewart: Jay Harvey…
Harvey stops and pulls down his shades, glaring at Stewart. Catalina doesn’t appear too happy about Stewart’s choice of words.
Harvey: THE Jay Harvey.
Catalina: Yeah, get it right!
Harvey seems to loosen up a bit as Catalina puts her arm across his broad shoulders. Stewart plays it smart and tries hard not to roll his eyes.
Stewart: THE… Jay Harvey.  Tonight you make your WrestleUTA debut…
Harvey: Yes.
Stewart: It’s been close to four months since you last competed in…
Jay Harvey takes his sunglasses off his face and hands them to an on coming backstage hand. The young man shrugs; he doesn’t know what to make of the situation. Harvey turns his attention to Stewart, who looks bewildered.
Harvey: You’re right, Paul. It has been close to four months since I last stepped inside a ring. I don’t want to talk about the past, Paul. I want to talk about the present.
Jay Harvey’s tone get more intense. He’s speaking with vigor. Catalina nods her head with each statement uttered by Harvey.
Harvey: The present… I’m going to walk out to that ring in front of a sold out crowd tonight. I’m going to defeat my opponent. You hear me? Whoever they put across the ring and show WrestleUTA, the world…
Jay Harvey pauses and looks up. He smiles and looks back at Paul Stewart.
Harvey: That I’m the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth. I’m a natural... understand?
Stewart goes to say something but Harvey quickly takes control over the microphone
Harvey: I’m a legacy and I’m gonna…
Harvey puts a big smile on his face as UTA Owner Mikey Unlikely steps into the picture. The two men shake hands and give a little “bro” hug.
Unlikely: There he is! Look at this guy! I trust that everything was smooth with the flight?!
Harvey: Everything was great, Mikey. I’d like to thank you again for this opportunity.
Mikey pats Harvey on the chest as he speaks.
Unlikely: Listen… Not only is ‘Mikey Unlikely’ a Hollywood Superstar. Not only is he a former World Heavyweight Champion, but above all, I’m a businessman. I need to contend with every promotion and every show on Hulu! You were out there and I brought you in. I know I made the right choice. And I know tonight you’re going to show me, my investment was a good one! I mean you’re THE Jay Harvey!
Harvey shakes his head in agreement. Unlikely puts an arm around The Natural, and brushes the WrestleUTA backstage interviewer away.
Unlikely: Paul if you’ll excuse me, I have to give this young man a tour of The Wrestlezone!

Mikey shakes his head.

Unlikely: Ugh, that name is terrible, that doesn’t scream Hollywood at all! We’ll have to...LATER! Let’s go!
Mikey, Harvey, and Catalina leave Stewart behind and…


Jay Harvey vs Billy "The Kid"

THE Jay Harvey vs Billy "The Kid"

We come back from commercial to see Billy the Kidd already in the ring. He bounces around keeping himself loose.

“Natural One” by The Folk Implosion

The song is in full swing as Catalina walks through the curtain, with a big smile on her face. She turns and extends her arm as “The Natural One” Jay Harvey steps out onto the ramp. Harvey raises his arms into the air as he winks at Catalina. The crowd boos as the two walk down the aisle.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey making his way to the ring.

Ace:THE Jay Harvey, Jason! Get it right!

Roberts: Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina… Standing at Six Foot-Four inches and weighing in at Two Hundred-Thirty Three pounds...

When the two finally get to the ring, Jay Harvey walks up the ring steps and onto the apron. He sits on the middle rope and signals for Catalina to enter the ring. As she does she gives Harvey a kiss on the lips, shaking her ass in the process.

Ace:Oh my! Wooo!

Blackfront:The WrestleUTA camera crew seems to take a liking to Catalina.

Roberts: He is accompanied by the lovely Catalina… He has informed me to refer to him as “the most marvelous man on God’s green earth”... “The Natural One” Jaaaaaaaaaay Haaaaaaarrveeeeyyyyy!

Jay Harvey comes to a halt in his corner and gets one last kiss from Catalina before she exits the ring; “The Natural One” wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey making his WrestleUTA debut here tonight. WrestleUTA continuing to make splashes with high profile signings.

Ace: This one should be quick!

The bell sounds and we are on our way. Jay Harvey and Billy the Kidd meet each other in the center of the ring. Harvey stands over The Kidd, who isn’t backing down one bit. Jay Harvey breaks the tension with a knee to The Kidd’s midsection. Harvey pushes Billy the Kidd into the ring ropes and Irish Whips him across the ring. Harvey himself hits the ropes and comes back sending The Kidd to the mat with a high knee to the face. Catalina smiles and claps her hands as she watches the action inside the ring.

Harvey wastes no time in picking Billy up off the mat. The Kidd deflects Harvey’s hands and lands some quick right fists to Harvey’s chin. Harvey grabs at his mouth as Billy races into the ropes. After The Kidd bounces off the ropes he  is met with a devastating Spinebuster from Harvey. Billy grabs at his back, in obvious pain. Jay Harvey gets to his feet and starts laying the boots to him. Jay lands an Elbow Drop, getting back to his feet quickly and hitting another Elbow Drop. Jay Harvey locks in a Figure Four Headlock on The Kidd. The referee is in perfect position and asks Billy if he wants to give up.

Blackfront: The Kidd is in a bad place here, Tommy.

Ace: Just tap out Billy! Save yourself any more embarrassment! Haha!

Cameras are on Catalina standing on the outside of the ring.

Catalina: Give up Billy!

Billy keeps struggling to make his way closer to the bottom rope. His face is a bright red and his eyes seem like they are glazing over. Harvey squeezes his legs tighter and tighter around Billy’s head. The fans inside the WrestleZone are doing their best to cheer The Kidd on.

Harvey: Tap out!

The Kidd is finally able to reach the bottom rope and the fans are getting loud. Harvey still hasn’t let the hold go causing the referee to give him to the count of five to let it go. Harvey finally let’s go and stands over The Kidd landing Boot Stomps to Billy’s head and arms. Harvey grabs at Billy’s head, lifting him up just enough to push him through the ropes and onto the apron.

Blackfront: What’s Harvey gonna do here?

Harvey points at a fan in the front row.

Harvey: Shut up you little worm!

The fans along ringside bow with joy as Harvey steps through the ropes. He grabs Billy before The Kidd can go back into the ring. Harvey throws Billy’s right arm up and behind his head. Harvey has The Kidd’s head under his right arm pit. He stands for a moment looking into the crowd.

Ace: I think Billy’s dead!

Blackfront: Jay Harvey just hit a Brainbuster on the ring apron! My god! The Kidd’s neck could be broken, Tommy!

Ace: Let’s take a look at that again!

A replay of the Brainbuster on the apron plays. It plays again but in slow motion. The Kidd writhes on the arena floor in pain. Jay Harvey has an evil smile on his face as he slowly stalks his opponent. Harvey picks Billy up off the floor and brings him to a vertical position. Harvey lifts Billy the Kidd up in the air and drops him down neck first on the ring barricade. The fans behind the barricade get in the face of Harvey and he raises his hand as if to slap one of them.

Blackfront: Jay Harvey showing no regard for human life here.

Jay Harvey raises his arms in the air and poses much to the distaste of the WrestleZone. Harvey grabs at The Kidd, now sending him back into the ring. Catalina seems very happy outside the ring as she watches her man get back into the squared circle. The Kidd crawls, trying to get as far away from Harvey as he can. Harvey lands an elbow directly between Billy’s shoulder blades. Harvey is back on his feet and looks down at Billy the Kidd. He raises his head up and looks around the arena. He brings his extended thumb to his neck and gestures.

Harvey: Game Over!

Ace: This is it, Jason! Watch this!

Jay Harvey picks The Kidd up and now has him in a Fireman’s Carry position.

Blackfront: Harvey says it’s Game Over for Billy…

Harvey lands a devastating Knee Lift into the face of Billy the Kidd.

Ace: Night! Night! Game Over Mister The Kidd!

Harvey goes for the pin and doesn’t bother to hook the leg. The ref is now in position to make the Three Count.

Referee: One! Two! Three!  

The referee signals for the bell. Harvey get’s to his feet as the bell sounds and the boos rain down. Catalina makes her way into the ring to congratulate her man. Harvey’s music hits.

Blackfront: Impressive debut tonight by “The Natural One” Jay Harvey.

A replay of the finish of the match hits your screen.

Ace: What was that Jason? I got distracted.

We go back live to the center of the ring. Catalina bounces around the ring and raises the hand of Jay Harvey.

Blackfront: Keep your tongue in your mouth, Tommy.

The duo stand in the middle of the ring as Harvey’s hand is raised by our referee. Harvey points to his face mouthing something. The fans continue to boo. The referee checks on the condition of Billy the Kidd.

Ace: Jay Harvey getting on the right foot in his first match here in WrestleUTA. Harvey made quick work of Billy the Kidd.

Blackfront: Harvey could be a real contender here in WrestleUTA. Still more to come folks! Don’t go anywhere!

Cameras focus on Jay Harvey and Catalina, still celebrating the win in the ring. We soon fade out on them.



Game Over

Game Over

Jason Blackfront, and Tommy Ace appear on the television screen.

Blackfront: Fans two weeks ago, Jestal hatch a plan to get Dexter’s attention.

Video clips shows flowers being delivered to Ivy. As she sniffed the aroma of the flowers she collapsed. Soon after she was found by her boyfriend Dexter Pointdexter the newest WrestleUTA superstar.

Blackfront: The devious clown, then went on to cost Dexter his first match here in WrestleUTA.

Video shows, the doctor’s office where Ivy was on a bed unconscious, and the gas covered room full of laughing doctors.

Blackfront: Dexter would be distracted enough for Theo Baylor to put him down for the count!

Video clip shows the ending of Dexter Vs Baylor. Pointdexter turns around and is met with a hellacious clothesline that turns him inside out from a very frustrated Theo Baylor. He limps over and connects with a few stomps to Dexter before dropping an elbow into his chest. Baylor lifts Dexter up and slams him down with a brutal spin out powerbomb and goes for the cover.

Blackfront: The clown would then appear in the office.

Video clips roll, showing Jestal walking into the room. He would admit he was behind sending the flowers to Ivy. He then proceeds to put Ivy over his shoulder all the while Dexter notices on the tron what Jestal was doing. The last shot you see is Dexter running up the entranceway.

Some added footage not shown on live TV shows the fallout of the event.. Dexter is seen running through the backstage area until he reaches the room where the doctors have passed out and Ivy is gone. He moves his fingers through his hair horrified.

Blackfront: After all that has happened to Dexter, Jestal was not finished apparently. He has been very vocal over twitter today.

Ace: He straight out told Dexter where he will be tonight with Ivy.

Blackfront: Fans this was one of his final tweets.

The tweet appears on the screen

Ace: Looks harmless to me, what's wrong with playing a friendly game between two people?

Blackfront: Something tells me this jester is far from doing things in a “friendly” manner.

Scene transition to Loading Bay 2A here at the Wrestlezone, Dexter has arrived and sure enough Ivy is there with Jestal. Ivy is in a metal cage. The door has a electronic pad lock on it. Dexter clearly worried about the well being of Ivy tries to walk toward her and steps on what appears to be chain shackles. There's four of them, two shackles on his left and right are a little further from where Dexter is standing.

The chain links coming from each one of those shackles go upward to a metal lightbulb looking pipe driven into a stone pillar. On the shackles are chain links that are attached to two metal piece lightbulb stakes sticking out from the concrete floor.  In front of him is a chain hanging from a metal beam like what is used to hold a bird cage. On the end of that chain is the same lightbulb metal spike used for the shackles driven into the top of the apple. Coming from the base of the pole is a cable running all the way to the cage Ivy is in.

Dexter: IVY!

Ivy: Dexter! Help me!

Blackfront: Jestal has taken this Wrassler of the Outback too far, Ivy is in a cage now!

Jestal waves his finger toward Dexter. Jestal begins to speak but his lips are not moving.

Jestal’s Voice: You like games don’t you Dexter?

Dexter and Ivy look around; Dexter responds in a very unsettling voice.


The voice continues

Jestal’s Voice: I thought you might, so let's play one right now. If you win Ivy will be set free..

Dexter interrupts the voice while staring at Jestal who is not moving his lips.

Dexter: are you talking without moving your lips?

Jestal’s Voice: ...MAGIC…

Jestal laughs hysterically.

Ivy: Dexter this guy is insane! Get me out of here!

Jestal’s Voice: In front of you and to the sides of you are chain shackles. Shackle your feet, then I will come over and shackle your arms.

Jestal points to the shackles as the voice continues to explain instructions

Jestal’s Voice: The object of the game is for you to pull the apple off the chain while shackled.

Dexter: How am I supposed to move to the apple I am too far away? This is starting to sound like a game you can’t win!

Jestal waves a controller while the voice laughs for a moment.

Jestal’s Voice: That is something you will have to figure out. You have two minutes to reach the apple! If you do not well….

Dexter looks around.

Dexter: Well...what?

Jestal’s Voice: Ever smelled electrocuted flesh? It smells like a carcass on the side of the road.

Blackfront: What kind of sick game is this!

Ace: The kind of game that has definitely gotten Dexter's full attention.

Ivy continues to look around and responds.

Ivy: You wouldn’t dare you sadistic clown!

Dexter’s eyes widen shaking his head.

Dexter: If I refuse?

Jestal laughs once more.

Jestal’s Voice: If you attempt to not shackle yourself to begin this game then I will press the button on the cage controller and turn Ivy into incense!

Ivy: Dexter you have to be a man!!!

The Keyboard Warrior looks at Ivy and then back at the shackles.

Ivy: Dexter…. I love you…

The words almost causes the gamer’s heart to melt before he snaps into his senses.

Dexter: All those years I’ve played World Of Warcraft and now it’s come down to this…...

Dexter clearly at a crossroads here, he slowly makes the decision to play along with this sick man. Dexter shackles his feet first looking up as Jestal approaches. Jestal comes face to face with Dexter. The Keyboard Warrior looks like he wants to get his hands on the clown so bad, but Jestal just waves the controller at him. Dexter is forced to have him shackle each one of his arms. Jestal walks back to where he was in front of the cage and pulls out a stopwatch from his jacket and starts the timer.

Blackfront: I don’t believe this! Jestal is giving Dexter two minutes to free himself from what looks to be a impossible trap to save Ivy.

Ace: I am sure Houdini could of done it.

2:00 minutes begins

Dexter walks over toward the apple but clearly is missing it by about a foot. He struggles to pull the shackles from his arms forward to grab the apple but they clearly are not budging. Ivy gives Dexter some words of encouragement.

Ivy: Come on Dexter you can do this!

1:30 minutes left

Jestal shows the timer at a minute thirty to Dexter, who continues to try and use his arms to reach the apple, The frustration on his face is clearly apparent and it does not make it any better with Jestal now taunting him.

Jestal Voice: You call yourself a gamer, maybe if you put down the game controller and took your scrawny ass to the gym you might be able to finish the game.

Dexter: Shut up!

Jestal laughs hysterically.

Blackfront: Dexter is trying with everything he has got! There is only a minute left before something terrible will happen. Come on Dexter you can do it!

Minute left

Ivy: Stop using your arms Dexter, you can’t budge that chain, try leaning forward.

Dexter notices the eyebrow of Jestal raise when he hears that advice from Ivy. Dexter follows Ivy’s instructions and starts to lean forward with his head. But it's beginning to cost him as a laceration on both of his wrists has opened up from the constant rubbing of the shackles against his wrist.

Ace: Look at that blood coming from his wrists now from all the metal against his very skin. Just give up Dexter, plenty of fish in the sea, well in your case maybe not.

Jestal’s Voice: Oh, you're making a mess on the floor.

Ivy shouts outward.

Ivy: Shut up!

Jestal once more laughs hysterically. Dexter is almost at the apple but he can not get a grip on it with his teeth.

30 seconds left

Jestal shows the timer at thirty seconds, he gently moves his thumb over the button for the cage. Dexter notices it and desperately tries to get a hold of the apple. His wrists are now covered in blood and the blood is starting to flow faster. The pain and desperation clearly all over his face.

10 seconds left

Dexter finally has a grip of the apple in his teeth!

Blackfront: He has it! Come on Dexter pull it off the hook you're almost out of time!

Ace: With only ten seconds left, and those shackles digging even deeper into his wrists. He is either going to pass out from blood loss, or watch Ivy fry!

Ivy: Pull Dexter Pull!

With one second left Dexter is able to pull the apple off the hook, the cage door unlocks and Ivy quickly exits the cage. She quickly runs past Jestal who stares at the controller very sad. Dexter clearly exhausted and in need of medical attention Ivy hugs him and quickly tries to free him from the shackles first his arms, but before she can free his legs.

Blackfront: Dexter has won the game, we almost had a messy situation here tonight.

Ace: Jestal doesn’t seem to thrilled about losing Jason.

The clown turns toward the cage and presses the button and watches the cage sizzle from the charged bars. The somber look of the clown slowly fades as he turns his head back toward Ivy trying to free Dexter. Jestal drops the controller, and charges toward them Dexter pushes her out of the way and the two begin to brawl back and forth.

Blackfront: Jestal taking advantaged of a still shackled Dexter is now assaulting the young man!

Ace: Clearly this game is far from over.

Jestal backs away as Dexter gets off a few more punches until the shackles stop him from going any further. Jestal begins to taunt Dexter and laughing at him. Dexter struggles to reach him and during all the laughter coming from Jestal, one of the leg shackles releases! Dexter caught unprepared and unable to stop his momentum stumbles into Jestal, just as the camera catches that shocked look on his face.

Blackfront: Jestal can’t get his footing!

Ace: Wait that cage is on, look out Jestal!

Jestal is knocked into the cage, and sparks quickly erupted from the cage as Jestal continues to be electrocuted.

Blackfront: God almighty Jestal is being barbecued by the same device he was originally going to use on a poor defenseless woman!

Ace: The audacity of this geek!

Dexter looks up and Ivy looks toward the cage as well. The sparks stop and Jestal’s hair is standing upward and out to the sides.

Jestal’s Voice: Crikey!

Jestal falls face first in front of Dexter, who is in shock and tries to free himself . Ivy rushes to help Dexter, who is clearly distraught.

Dexter: Is he ok? Please tell me he is ok...oh God!

Ivy: Stop fidgeting Dexter!

Blackfront: Dexter can’t believe what he has done, somebody get some medical attention back there!

Ace: You should feel guilty, you psychopath!

Dexter: Check him, oh God I swear i didn’t mean to push him!

Ivy gets the last shackle off, and Dexter rushes to Jestal to check on him. Ivy doesn’t seem to care much, and is more concerned with Dexter’s lacerations on his wrists.

Dexter: Wake up Jestal! I am sorry! Oh God, it was a accident! What have I done?!

Ivy: Honey we need to get you checked out, there is nothing you could’ve done, he got what he deserved!

Dexter refusing to leave Jestal’s side, until Ivy now is literally dragging him away!

Dexter: We can’t just leave him...Ivy we have to help him...I didn’t mean too….

Blackfront: Fans we apologize for what you just saw, we hope Jestal is ok.

Ace: Wait til Mr. Unlikely hears about this! Dexter will be out of this business just as quick as he was in it.

Ivy: Dexter… It’s over…. You did it…. You saved me…

Ivy comforts Dexter caressing his face with her hand.

Ivy: Don’t worry. Your princess isn’t in another castle. Now let’s go before he wakes up!

The two leave the scene, the camera catches a pair of feet walking up to the head of Jestal. The camera slowly pans up and the fans are in shock it's...JESTAL!

Blackfront: Are you kidding me? I am not seeing double here am I?

There was two of them! The second Jestal looks down at the fallen Jestal, who now apparently is starting to show signs of life and reaches for Jestal’s foot. Jestal quickly pulls his foot away from fallen Jestal. He looks toward where Ivy dragged Dexter away you can still briefly hear his screams.

Jestal: Interesting.

The fallen Jestal continues to reach and Jestal just ignores him and walks away now laughing.

Blackfront: Unbelievable, this clown pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Ace: Advantage Jestal.

Squeaky Clean!

Squeaky Clean

The scene turns to the inside of David Hightower’s locker room where Hightower is strapping on his gloves. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Hightower walks over grabbing his tow chain wrapping it around his fist before he storms over and opens the door. The person standing in the doorway is none other than The Boss himself, Chris Ross holding what appears to be a gift basket.

Ross: Hightower my man! Mind if I have a word with ya? Sure ya don’t!

Ross casually walks in as Hightower looks on with a blank look on his face.

Ross: Listen David I know we’re teaming tonight and all but really you don’t need to show up for this match…. I mean it’s Scott Stevens and Impulse. Impulse is the size of a third grader and Stevens is from Texas. Everyone with a brain knows NOTHING good ever comes from Texas! So I got this man! I don’t need you! Go ahead throw back a brewski and relax!

The look on David Hightower’s face is that of disbelief and the urge to rip Ross’ skeleton from his body.

Ross: What? You should be happy! You got the night off bro! Oh…. I get it…. Duh! I mean look I understand! I mean you’re already here. You don’t want to waste the gas money and come here for nothing. Oh I know! I’ll let you come out and I don’t know. I guess you can be a manager or something. Just stand there and look pretty for the cameras I guess… Which is why I brought this with me!

The Keystone State Killa holds out the gift basket in his hands. David grabs it looking at it raising an eyebrow.

Ross: I understand that hygiene isn’t a top priority in your life. I know how you are David! You’re a rough tough blue collar worker who takes pride in having dirt under his fingernails! I mean who has time to shower when you have to be out in the field picking potatoes right? Well listen I’m from Pennsylvania! With the exception of the Amish who don’t have running water or electricity, we take pride in our appearance! And I Christopher J. Ross will not be out there with a guy who smells like a barnyard animal!

Chris reaches into the basket and pulls out a bottle of shampoo.

Ross: See this? This is Shampoo! Designed to kill fleas, ticks, and other critters that might be living in your scalp! Yes this is a dog shampoo but hey you live like an animal so the shoe fits!

He sets the bottle on the nearby table and proceeds to pull out a tube of toothpaste.

Ross: Toothpaste! Ever heard of it? No? You see you squeeze some on a brush and scrub it on your teeth! Well to tell you the truth I don’t even know if you even have any but you want to save the ones you have left at least!

Hightower looks at Ross with a cold stare.

Ross: What?! Oh! Forgive me! You need the brush!

The Boss pulls an electric toothbrush out.

Ross: I was even nice enough to put some batteries in this!

He sets the brush and toothpaste on the table before he goes back to the basket and pulls out a bar of Lava Soap

Ross: Lava Soap! Because regular soap won’t cut it for you. This is the kind of soap auto mechanics use to get oil off they skin! Well seeing as how your skin has an unnatural tint of brownish black to it I think a 3 pack should get the job done!

He sets that on the table and pulls out a canister of Lysol powder.

Ross: This is for scrubbing toilets and bathtubs! This is an extra measure! Trust me! You need as much help as you can get!

He sets the cannister down as Hightower’s face begins to turn a shade of red. Ross completely ignores him clearly in his own world as he pulls out a roll of toilet paper.

Ross: Toilet paper David! It’s almost 2017! Use it! Your underwear will thank you later!

The toilet paper is set down with the rest of the products before a bottle of peroxide comes out.

Ross: I can’t help but notice you have what appears to be animal scratches on your skin. I’d ask why but I don’t particularly need to hear about how your tried to screw your dog so here! Use this before they get infected! How is Whiskey by the way?

Chris Ross lets out an amusing laugh setting it on the table before he pulls out the last items. 2 cans of Febreeze.

Ross: And last but not least we have Febreeze! Because I don’t think a bottle of Old Spice would be strong enough to cut through your stink! Here take a sniff Hightower!

Ross starts spraying Hightower with the cans of Febreeze who stands there now shaking with rage.

Ross: Ahhh doesn’t that just smell heavenly! Hawaiian Aloha! You smell like a basket of peaches now!

He sets the cans on the table with the rest of the products and smiles.

Ross: There ya go Hightower! Now just use all these products and you’ll be good! Alright buddy? Anyway I’ll see ya out there cupcake!

Chris Ross runs out of the room before Hightower even thinks of responding. Processing everything that just happened he slams the basket on the ground before slamming his fist through the table sending the products flying everywhere.

Jestal vs Bobby Dean

Jestal vs Bobby Dean

♫Jestal theme begins to play… As we look backstage Dexter has his wrists taped up and Ivy is watching the monitor with him.

Roberts: The following contest scheduled for one fall...

A few minutes pass and no Jestal, Roberts asks the referee where Jestal is the ref is just as clueless as he is.♫

Dexter looks at Ivy then back at the monitor

♫Jestal’s theme begins to play once more…

And yet again the fans wait for the Mad Prince with no sign of his appearance.  Roberts and the referee exchange confused looks at one another once more. The tron shows Dexter and Ivy once more.♫

Dexter: You see, we just left him there. I am going to get him some medical attention! I think I need a Tetanus shot!

Ivy: Fine...maybe I was a bit harsh.

The two leave the room, while ♫Jestal’s theme plays for a third time…

Roberts and the ref still await Jestal appearance, but it appears backstage they have decided to introduce Bobby first then to keep the show moving.♫

Ace: I always knew that people like these gamers like Dexter lacked any sense of intelligence. Just mindless tools. Not to mention these cosplay chicks like Ivy, who probably never bath.

♫“You’re The Best Around” by Joe Esposito fills the arena as the fans clamor to the guardrail.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall coming to the ring first...

Blackfront: Jestal still has not shown up here, so it appears we're going to introduce his opponent.

From the entryway, we wait… and we wait.

Finally, a weak - sounding horn beep-beeps its way into the arena… and into our hearts. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean himself rolls out on his refurbished golf cart to a healthy round of applause - regardless of what ‘side’ he’s ever on, everybody loves Bobby.

Roberts: Hailing from Houston, TX...weighing in at three hundred and ninety-nine and half pounds

Blackfront: Here comes the lovable Bobby Dean, he was unable to defeat Impulse two weeks ago, but tonight he will step in the ring with Jestal!

Ace: For once this pudgy bastard actually has the advantage against Jestal who clearly is no where near the weight or height of Dean. This should be interesting to see.

Roberts: BEAUTIFUL Bobby Dean!!

Bobby smiles at the fans, he looks happy to hear their cheers, but as he leans over to slap a hand or two, he stops and holds his side: he may have pulled a muscle. While Bobby struggles out of his cart and walks up the ring steps, greasy from sweat already, his music ends♫

♫Jestal theme begins to play for a fourth time now. After a few seconds Jestal finally appears to a chorus of boos. Clucky in Jestal’s left hand and hand mirror in his right. Jestal walks to the ring talking to himself in the mirror.

Roberts: and his opponent from the Funhouse…..weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds...

Jestal: You were great, Dexter and Ivy saw double!

He laughs hysterically as he continues to talk to himself in the mirror about what happened earlier. Almost like he is talking to his partner in crime, the double of himself earlier tonight that got electrocuted.

Roberts: THE MAD PRINCE Jestal!!!

Jestal sets Clucky and the mirror in the corner and slides in the ring and laughs at the exasperated Bobby Dean in the corner. As his theme fades♫ and the bell rings.

Jestal circles around the clearly larger man in Bobby Dean. They lock up and Bobby without much effort clearly powers out of the lock up, so much so that Jestal stumbles through the second rope and falls to the floor. Bobby looks shocked for a moment then gets a smile on his face. Jestal pulls himself up from the apron and stares at Bobby Dean a bit frustrated.

He slides in the ring and charges Bobby, trying for a clothesline and the weight of Bobby knocks Jestal into a reverse somersault and doing a handstand into the ropes. Jestal quickly slides out of the ring now visible annoyed. Bobby’s confidence clearly is boosted as Jestal argues with fans at ringside, before climbing on the apron. Now still arguing with fans.

Bobby comes from behind him and grabs Jestal by the neck. In an attempt to pull him back in the ring. Jestal reaches above his head and drops down. Dean neck bounces off the top rope. Jestal quickly hops back on the apron as Dean teeter toters until he falls on his back the impact of Dean hitting the mat knocks Jestal off the apron and slamming into the announce table.

Dean slowly gets to his hands and knees holding his throat as he slowly gets to his feet. Jestal on the other hand is holding the back of his head in pain. As he himself gets to his feet to see Dean standing again. Jestal paces back and forth trying to shake off the cobwebs. The clown clearly is frustrated, as he looks up in the ring while the ref has reached a eight count.

A smile slowly comes across the jester’s face. He slides in the ring and makes a timeout motion with his hands. Dean looks at the ref as they look at Jestal reaching into his pocket for something it appears to be a cell phone. He begins punching numbers and puts the phone to his ear as Bobby is asking the referee what he is doing. Jestal starts talking on the phone for a minute, then hangs the phone up and puts it back into his jacket. He appears to be ready to resume the match.

The two circle once more and Jestal fakes a lockup and tries drop toe hold. Dean falls to the mat. Jestal quickly gets up and gets in the corner and runs out with a elbow drop but Dean moves out of the way. Jestal holds his elbow and quickly rolls out of the ring and slams his hands on the apron visually upset once more. Dean pulls himself back up to a vertical base. Jestal paces once more back and forth again soaking up the ten count, before getting back in the ring.

Jestal and Dean lockup again and Dean quickly takes advantage with a body slam to the smaller of the two. Jestal screams in pain holding his lower back Dean picks up Jestal and throws him off the rope. Dean ducks and Jestal hurdles over into a sunset flip trying to to pull the three hundred and ninety-nine and a half pounder over. Dean keeps his footing and sits down. Squashing the clown, the ref gets down for the count.



2 3/4th!

Jestal able to roll the shoulder up as he gasps for air. Dean rolls off Jestal, now clearly winded himself. Bobby uses the ropes to pull himself back up. Jestal slowly rolls out of the ring again, and falls to the outside of the ring still trying to get his air back.  A man dressed in a chicken hat and a red and white shirt with blue slacks heads down the ramp with a bucket of chicken. Dean quickly notices it and the smell of the meal. As the man walks up the steps and walks toward Dean, he pulls out a card.

Delivery Guy: Are you Bobby Dean?

Dean nods a bit confused the man hands him the bucket of chicken. Dean slowly takes it and is ecstatic. He quickly digs into the bucket of chicken. The man leaves as Jestal looks on from the apron he slides in the ring. Dean clearly has his full attention to the bucket of chicken. Jestal with a huge grin on his face. He quickly charges at Dean to try and take both his legs out from under him and Dean loses his balance and holds onto the bucket of chicken like his life depended on it. Jestal on the other hand now has this fat guy sitting on the back of his head while his feet move in a bicycle motion.

Dean unaware holds the ropes to regain his balance the ref tells Dean he has to break the hold. Dean stands up and continues to devour his bucket of chicken. Jestal rolls out of the ring again he kicks the steel steps and seems to have finally lost it he shoves the time keeper off his chair and slides in the ring with his chair. Jestal folds the chair up and tries to attack Dean, but the ref snatches the chair from him. Jestal starts to argue with the ref for a moment. Then it appears he is trying to now strike a deal with him.

Jestal: Let me use this chair and you can get some fried chicken.

The referee refuses the offer and throws the chair out of the ring. Jestal walks over to Dean who has practically polished off an entire bucket of chicken in record time. Jestal snatches the bucket from him. He reaches into the bucket and tries to grab a piece of chicken, but keeps throwing chicken bones out of the bucket. He realizes their is no chicken left he looks in the bucket then throws the bucket clearly upset with not getting any chicken now.

Dean on the other hand looks like he is ready for a nap. As he staggers around before falling on his back in front of Jestal. Jestal wastes no time and figure fours Dean's legs, pulls his arm close to him and puts his free leg over the back of Dean's neck into a modified deathlock octopus stretch which he calls the KillJoy! Dean who clearly is out cold the ref quickly calls for the bell as Jestal laughs as he keeps the hold on for a few more seconds before releasing it.

Roberts: The winner of the match The Mad Prince JESTAL!!

♫Jestal’s Theme hits as the ref raises Jestal’s hand, The clown quickly rolls out of the ring and snatches Clucky and the hand mirror and leaves Dean not moving in the ring.♫

Blackfront: Jestal, finds a way to overcome the huge disadvantage he had with bobby Dean.

Ace: All it took was feeding this glutton enough to make him pass out. Jestal may be twisted but the man is very cunning.

As Jestal disappears behind the curtain the tron shows Dexter and Ivy backstage back at Loading Bay 2A. Dexter has his hands through his hair as they both watch a ambulance quickly driving off sirens blaring.

Blackfront: Dexter looks very distraught. He doesn’t even realize that Jestal had a stunt man stand in for him.

Ace: Like i said before, gamers just mindless tools!

A What Match!?

A What Match!?

The sound of banjos can be heard in the background.

The scene opens up the backstage area of WrestleUTA. A simple black backdrop is hung up and in the middle of it stands Paul Stewart, resident UTA interviewer. He stands with mic in hand, poised and ready to ask questions.

Stewart: Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me at this time, Luke and Duke, the Dibbins!

The pair enter, each from one side of the camera. Luke sporting a brand new (barely stained) trucker hat, and Duke with a sleeves freshley cut off flannel vest of the red veriety. Duke steps to the microphone first.

Steward: Guys, just wanted to get your thoughts on the upcoming match tonight. What do you think your chances are against Crimson Lord!?

Duke looks from Stewart to the camera, back to Paul, back to the camera, he looks a bit confused.

D Dibbins: Well where you wan me to look!? You keep looking at Dukey den the caamra.

Stewart quickly tell him to look wherever he likes.  He chooses the camera.

D Dibbins: Lemma tell you was bout to happen out dere in the ring. Me and Lukey gon out dere and stompin the piss out  Crimson AND out of Lort! We aint scurred of no tag team and we don care how big dey are!

Duke stares at the camera confident as all get out. Stewart looks a bit befuddled. He points the microphone back his own direction.

Stewart: But Duke you are not facing a…

He’s cut off by the younger brother.


Stewart: GUYS! GUYS! You are NOT in  tag team match tonight!

The pair both look from the camera to Paul now. The double take throws him off a bit.

D Dibbins: What you mean we ain’t in a tag team match!?

WrestleUTA’s backstage interviewer shakes his head.

Stewart: No it’s true, you’re facing Crimson Lord! It’s one guy!

Luke holds up one finger quizzingly at him.

D Dibbins: Boy, you betta start makin some sense rill fast or Imma…

Stewart: OK! OK! OK! Woah… Mikey put you guys in a tag match against Crimson Lord, Two on One! You know, a handicap match!

Both men instantly get hot.

L Dibbins: HANDICRAP!? HANDICRAP!? Why dey callin us Handicrap!?

His brother tries to calm him before he breaks something.

D Dibbins: It’s ok Luke! CALM DOWN! Momma said dis wood happen! She said dey wood make fun!

Duke turns back to Paul.

D Dibbins: Listen ‘ere PAUL! Donchu be callin us no handicrap! Imma tell ya right now we both got a fifth grade education! Could a handicrap kid do that? ‘Ets go Lukey! Imma show dese people who is Handicrapped.

The tag team storm off set towards the ring as we cut to a commercial on a exasperated Paul Stewart.

Crimson Lord vs The Dibbins

Crimson Lord vs The Dibbins Bros.

We cut back to ringside as ♫Death Dealer by The Enigma TNG; Crimson Lord's new theme song begins...

The lights flash on and off rapidly, as the fans erupt when Zoey skips from behind the curtain toward the left side of the stage. She smiles and waves at the fans for a moment then she turns around and skips the other side of the stage and waves at that side of the fans. She then turns and skips to the front of the stage and and gets on her knees and crawls down the ramp a few feet from the entranceway.

She looks to the left and to the right all smiles, She quickly sits on her knees, throws her hands up in the air looking up at the roof of the Wrestlezone. Pyro goes off behind her so much that smoke envelops the stage. Crimson Lord can barely be seen in the smoke, as he steps out of the smoke, and walks toward Zoey. She stands up and turns to the side and puts her right hand on Crimson's chest. CL has his head down and water drips from his face. CL looks up as Zoey and Crimson have a thirty second pose, before Zoey starts to skip to the ring.

Roberts: The following match scheduled for one fall is a Handicap match!

Crimson continues his walk toward the ring. As he reaches the ring he looks into the ring for a moment, Zoey is skipping around the ring slapping hands with the fans as she does it. Crimson turns and heads for the steel steps and slowly walks up them and walks the apron. Zoey skips to the steps and walks up them. CL steps on the bottom rope and pulls the second rope up, she gets in the ring. She skips to each side of the ring ropes blowing a kiss to each side of the ring’s fans. CL Steps over the top rope and faces the announce team.

Roberts: Introducing first...being accompanied to the ring by Zoey!....from Chicago, Illinois! He weighs in at three hundred and forty-eight pounds..

A few moments later he turns toward the main camera his arms out to the side and yells, Zoey jumps on the back of Crimson with her arms wrapped around his neck and legs around his waist still all smiles as she waves to the fans.

Roberts: The PERFECT Weapon CRIMSON LORD!!!!

Crimson and Zoey get a tremendous pop from the Wrestlezone! Zoey climbs down off CL after a few seconds of posing and CL opens the ropes for her to leave.

♫ “Half Crazy” By the Barr Brothers hits the PA system, and the fans climb to their feet. A wide ranged clap breaks out amongst the crowd who clap along with the music. Finally through the curtain come the two beloved rednecks.

Roberts: Coming to the ring, at a total combined weight of four hundred and forty pounds. Hailing from Beaver, West Virginia, this is the team of Luke…. AND Duke! The DIbbins Brothers!

The pair wave at the fans and smile to everyone, then head towards the ring.

Blackfront: Zoey has a microphone folks, seems like she has a response to Mikey’s earlier matchmaking. After his announcement at the start of the show this has become a handicap match.

Ace: Good, Crimson should be punished for interfering in Mikey’s business, which he had no business to be involved in!

As the Dibbins Brothers slowly walk to the ring, constantly looking at each other Zoey and Crimson Lord stare at the brothers from the ring.

Zoey: Come here Dibbins.

The Dibbins Brothers look at each other and continue to head to the ring which infuriates Zoey.

Zoey: I said come here Dibbins!

The Dibbins Brothers stop once more nearly at the ring and look at each other then back toward Zoey who clearly you can see is angry at them. The brothers seem to not get it. Zoey once more now screaming at them, as they slide into the ring.

Zoey: Fine! Crimson …..

He looks down toward her. They trade a look and she then looks at the Dibbins Brothers and begins to say something but before she can get the words from her mouth Crimson gentle takes the microphone from her hands. She quickly looks up at him, as CL with microphone in hand looks out at the fans chanting in their dual chants across the Wrestlezone.

Fans: Guilty!

Coming from the other side of the Wrestlezone.

Fans: Innocent!

Crimson slowly raises the microphone to his mouth.

Crimson: Zolynadra, we do not need “him” tonight!

Crimson drops the microphone and charges the Dibbins Brothers and clotheslines them over the top rope to huge pop from the fans. The ref removes the microphone from the ring and Zoey has left the ring. The bell has rung as the match officially begins…

CL waits for the two brothers to return to the ring. Luke and Duke argue back and forth who will enter the ring first. Finally Luke decides to; he quickly enters the ring and charges CL with a clothesline. Upon impact CL’s head jerks back and then quickly forward. Luke realizing he made a huge mistake starts to back up while Duke has made his way around the back of Crimson Lord he slides into the ring.

Looking to attack the seven footer from behind, as he gets close enough. Crimson quickly turns around and nails the 3rd Eye!  Duke flips into a 360 in the air before landing face first on the mat. Luke, grows angry and quickly dives at CL trying to clip the knee. CL’s knee buckles a bit but Crimson the veteran he is uses the ropes to stop himself from falling forward. Luke tries to continue to kick the right knee of CL forcing CL into the corner. Luke realizing he has the advantage he runs to the opposite turnbuckle and charges CL ready for a body splash in the corner! As he reaches Crimson, he is caught into standing side slam by Crimson!

Crimson: Sit your ass down!

The fans pop, as CL walks out of the corner as Luke holds the back of his neck. Duke on the other hand has gotten to his feet with help from the ropes. Crimson grabs him by the arms and whips him to the ropes. He ducks his head and Duke kicks CL in the face, and CL quickly stands up and stares at Duke with his eyes open wide, and quickly kicks him in the stomach and lifts him up into a powerbomb! And launches him right into the corner turnbuckle from the middle of the ring in a huge display of power as Duke’s head slams on the second turnbuckle.

Crimson walks around the ring as he shouts toward the crowd, in a ferocious tone.

Crimson: Do you know who you're messing with Michael!?

CL picks up Luke and throws him in the turnbuckle and unloads with a flurry of forearms to the face and punches to the midsection, before turning around into a spinning clothesline into the corner! Luke stumbles out of the corner, and CL grabs his feet tripping him. He grabs Luke’s shins and lifts him up in a wheelbarrow motions high enough for Crimson to turn and nails a neckbreaker! Crimson again shouts out into the crowd, calling Mikey out once more.

Crimson: You’ll have to do better than this Michael!

Crimson walks over to Duke, staggering around with his hands up he tries to throw a few punches enough to get CL’s attention.  CL quickly stops Duke’s assault with a knee lift followed by a gutwrench suplex! Luke pulls himself up via ropes and CL charges with a vicious boot knocking Luke out of the ring! CL turns to Duke crawling on the ground, Crimson looks down at Zoey who is pointing at the dual chanting crowd. She spins in a circle as though she was a wheel, as she stops she points to the guilty side of the crowd.

The innocent crowd erupts in cheers soon joined in by the guilty crowd! Crimson picks up Duke and shouts out…

Crimson: Final Judgment!......VERDICT INNOCENT!

Crimson tosses Duke on his shoulders and flips him in a hundred and eighty degrees into a Blood Lust variation neckbreaker! Crimson quickly gets to a knee and five finger pins Duke as the ref counts.




♫Death Dealer by The Enigma TNG hits as CL stands up, while Zoey enters the ring and jumps in Crimson’s arms, while he holds her in his left arm and the ref raises his right arm Zoey raises her right arm with a big smile on her face to a loud pop from the fans.

Blackfront: Crimson Lord made quick work of Mikey’s attempted at punishment for the seven footer here tonight.

Ace: This is far from over, Mr. Unlikely will find a way to punish this man for his actions. It is only a matter of time before he finds the kryptonite for this man!♫

Impulse & Scott Stevens vs David Hightower & Chris Ross

Impulse & Scott Stevens vs David Hightower & Chris Ross

We cut back to ringside where a referee stands poised in the center, ready for the next matchup. A bell rings from outside and Jeremy Roberts enters, mic in hand.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the next matchup is a TAG TEAM MATCH!!

The fans get excited already knowing who is participating. “Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play and David Hightower walks out carrying his rusted chain with a tow truck hook attached to it.

Blackfront: David Hightower was finally eliminated from the WUTASOSWTT last time we were live here on Hulu! Falling to Andy Murray, Hightower put up a hell of a fight, but fell just short. Tonight he looks to get back to his winning ways!

Ace: Yea, Andy got em last week, but I doubt that's the last time we see those two tangle!

David walks down the ramp a scowl on his face, he eyes up the fans who reach out to touch him, but doesn’t come close enough for them to do so.

Roberts: Hailing from West Memphis Arkansas…

David walks over to one of the corner and sets his chain with the tow truck hook under the bottom turnbuckle. David kneels down and ties one of his steel toed boots before he slides into the ring.

Roberts: Standing at six feet and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds…

David storms around the ring before he slams his own head into one of the turnbuckles getting himself hype.

Roberts: He is "The Toughest Dog In The Yard" David Hightower!

David punches himself in the face a few times before he raises his fist in the air. Badlands by Mayday begins to play over the loud speakers and the fans immediately erupt into a chorus of boos. Chris “The Boss” Ross walks out holding a microphone before Roberts can even say anything Ross speaks.

Ross: Shut the hell up Roberts! I’m not in the mood to hear you announce my name! I don’t see the need! The fans aren’t stupid. They know damn well who I am! I’m the most talented individual in the entire company! I am a guaranteed hall of famer! And Most of all I’m the guy who got screwed over because of that little shit stain Impulse and no one seems to want to do a damn thing about it!

Blackfront: I’d find it incredibly refreshing if someone would please just cut off the microphone whenever Ross speaks!

Ace: Hey he was screwed over!

Blackfront: Uh huh. Nice to see the anger management is helping!

Ross starts walking down the ramp flipping off a few fans.

Ross: Oh but I am the delusional one right? I tell our beloved owner to piss off on Twitter and I’m the one who apparently needs help!? Even though my tag partner is a psycho hillbilly who beat someone with a chain and no one bats an eye! Or hey what about Kendrix who just about beat the life out of Will Haynes and ran that bastard out of the company! But yet I’m the one who needs help!

Ace: Ya know he actually does kind of have a point there….

Blackfront: It’s pro wrestling… I doubt many people here would pass a psychological exam!

The fans are booing loud throwing trash at Ross at this point.

Ross: Oh and you all boo me because I actually am saying something that makes sense! But hey one day I will be at the top of this company and none of you will be able to do a damn thing about it!

Ross drops the microphone laughing.  Thats when “Hellraiser” by Motorhead hits the PA system and the fans climb to their feet. Through the curtain comes the pair of well loved wrestlers.

Blackfront: Woah, Impulse and Stevens are coming out together!

Roberts: And their opponents! Weighing in at a combined weight of 460 lbs! Tag teaming for the first time! The team of Impulse annnnnnnd Scott Steeeeeeeeeeeeeevens!

Ace: Big whoop!

The pair appear at the top of the ramp, Calico Rose joins the duo and points to them giving the fans something to cheer about. Quickly they come down the ramp. Stevens is high fiving the fans and happy to be there, Impulse meanwhile points at Ross in the ring and keeps his eyes on him. Cally does the fan thing, while Chris Ross shouts down at her from the ring. Telling her to keep out of this one.

The pair get into the ring as Hightower and Ross dump out the otherside. Stevens and Impulse both climb opposite turnbuckles and pose to the crowd, who eat it up. The lights come up and the music stops as each team selects a candidate to start.

Ding Ding Ding.

Blackfront: What a star studded matchup we have here folks! These four men you have to believe are in contention to face whomever wins tonight's Main Event! David Hightower JUST suffered his first defeat in the new era of WrestleUTA, Scott Stevens is a fan favorite, Impulse is on a hot streak and the fans love him, and Chris Ross…

Ace: YES! The Star of the match! “The Boss” is here! And he’s starting off first Jason, standing across the ring from Scott Stevens who is beginning for the other team.

The action begins when Stevens goes for a quick tie up with Ross. Ross drops a leg and pulls Stevens over with an arm drag. Both men quickly get to their feet and Ross just shakes a finger at the Texan. Stevens slaps at his arm and looks ready to go again, he circles and goes in for another tie up, once again Ross being a master of suplexes and takeovers, spins and pulls the arm down once more. Stevens rolls through and now Ross points to his head! The fans boo Ross loudly. Stevens gives them a motion to quiet down, and they do. One more time Stevens attempts a tie up, this time when Ross drops for the armdrag, Scott stands firm, and hooks under the extended arm of Ross and locks in a standing Kimura.

Stepping over Ross, he locks in the hold a little firmer. Ross scrambles and drapes his foot over the bottom rope. The referee is forced to break the hold. Stevens lets go right away, and backs up towards his corner. Ross is angry now, gets up, pointing and barking at Stephens. Hightower stands on the apron unmoving. He looks indifferent to the entire situation. Ross comes running and Stevens moves out of the way, Ross finds a chest full of turnbuckle. Impulse moves out of the corner to allow the full impact. Ross bounces back and lands on his back gasping for breath, Stevens tries for a quick cover, but before the referee can even get in position Ross has kicked out. Stevens picks him up and begins backing towards his corner, he extends an arm to Impulse but that's the opening Ross needs. Ross lifts both arms up under Stevens, and lifts up and over to the center of the ring with a quick overhead belly to belly suplex.

The Keystone State Killa wastes no time getting the Texan to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Stevens bounces off and a thunderous clothesline connects for Ross. The Boss at this point doesn’t even appear to be trying to win the match as he has mounted Stevens and started punching him. The referee warns Ross to get off him and he proceeds to after a count of 4. Stevens slowly gets to his feet and The Boss is lying in wait and he grabs him by the waist. Ross slams him down hard with a german suplex. He keeps the hands clasped and lifts him back to his feet and slams Scott down with a Tiger Suplex. Continuing the chain The suplex machine lifts him up one last time and slams him down onto the back of his head with a dragon suplex. Ross looks down at Scott Stevens and laughs laying on the mat pretending to take a nap. The camera turns to Hightower who is clearly not amused.

Hightower paces in his corner like a caged animal that hasn’t eaten in days yells for Ross to make the tag, but The Boss yells to his partner that he has this. As the two continue to argue, Ross doesn’t see Stevens slowly making his way over to Impulse who is begging to be tagged in. Stevens is a few feet away from his corner when Hightower sees what is about to take place and bull rushes into the match and delivers a kick to the head of Stevens. Hightower pulls Stevens back into the center of the ring and yells at The Boss about not doing his fucking job as he pushes his out of the way and stands back on the apron. The Boss not to happen with being outdone by his partner delivers a leg drop to the back of Stevens’ head before rolling him over for a count of two.

Ross yells at the official that it was three, but the official stands firm and says it was two. The Boss applies a reverse chinlock on the Texan before scrambling his brain with some crossface blows. Ross delivers a vicious crossface that stuns the Texan, but the Boss doesn’t go for a cover, and Hightower goes ballistic on the apron yelling at Chris to cover Stevens. Ross patiently waits for Stevens to get to his feet and slowly turns to Hightower to extend a one finger salute and yells “This is how I do my fucking job!”

Stevens gets to his feet and staggers towards an awaiting Boss who hooks Stevens and goes for another suplex, but things don’t go according to Ross’ plan as the Texan delivers a headbutt that stuns Chris Ross which is the opening needing for Stevens to grab Ross and deliver his own suplex, the overhead variety, into the corner. Stevens collapses using all of his strength to suplex the Boss and slowly begins making his way over to tag in Impulse who is getting the crowd behind Stevens as he awaits the tag.

Stevens makes the tag to Impulse. Like a bat out of hell Impulse leaps up on the ropes and nails Ross with a flying forearm. He hits the ropes near the corner, accidently - on - purpose knocking an unprepared Hightower off the apron, and drives his shoulder into Ross, staggering him backwards a few steps. The Boss clearly dazed Impulse kicks him a few times before nailing him with a spinning front roundhouse kick. Ross stumbles around and flips Impulse a middle finger before he flops face first onto the mat. Impulse goes for a cover and gets a 2 count as Ross kicked out sending Impulse across the ring. The Keystone State Killa stands up with a look of pure rage in his eyes. Impulse runs and Ross catches him with a clothesline that causes the smaller man to do a flip in mid air and crash down onto his stomach. Chris stands over Impulse and begins raining shot after shot to the back of Impulse’s head.

The camera turns to Hightower who literally looks as if he’s about to fall asleep since his partner refuses to tag him in. The Boss locks in a Dragon Sleeper to Impulse before standing up and slamming him spine first onto his knee. Ross keeps the hold locked in and lifts Impulse up in a reverse suplex and slams him stomach first across the top rope. The Boss stands there walking around before he runs and out of nowhere Hightower tags himself in! An audible “WHAT THE FUCK” can be heard from Ross as Hightower lines up and punts Impulse right in the head!

Impulse falls head over side and onto his back breathing heavy.

Blackfront: Remember folks it was Impulse who stepped into the WUTASOSWTT when Van Carver no showed, Impulse took on David Hightower but thanks to Chris Ross, Hightower advanced!

Ace: Impulse has no one to blame but himself! If he wouldn’t have cost the Boss the match earlier in the night, he wouldn't have got what was coming to him!

Blackfront: What was coming!? HE didn't do ANYTHING during Impulse’s match!

Ace: It’s also his fault that Ross now has to go through these ridiculous therapy sessions too!

The camera cuts to Calico Rose at ringside, who is sitting with a group of fans. She’s sipping on a soda when the camera cuts to her. As soon as she notices, she drops the soda, and instantly tries to look more dramatic. Back to the ring now as Hightower is stalking over the fallen Impulse. Hightower reaches down and lifts the much smaller superstar from the floor to his feet in one quick motion. Hightower then bends and lifts Impulse into a gorilla press. The fans “Oooooooh” as Hightower gets him fully extended in the air. Impulse flails a bit but is unable to break the move. He is thrown down with authority! Hightower tries the pin with the foot.




Hightower walks towards the referee, and corners him. Hightower leans in, yelling at the referee about his slow count. Chris Ross walks over and is barking at both men, telling Hightower to pay attention, and telling the referee to count faster. This is giving Impulse all the time in the world, who recovers slowly and tried to roll up the distracted Hightower. Again a two count ensues. Hightower kicks out, and gets to his feet rather quickly. He sprints towards The Marathon Man, but the huge big boot he attempts only meets air, as Impulse rolls out of the way once more. As Hightower turns, he eats boot, as a beautiful standing dropkick lands flush against the face of WrestleUTA’s big man.

Hightower stumbles around stunned before Impulse jumps up and cracks him in the back of the head with a beautiful enzuigiri. Hightower goes down and Impulse does a standing moonsault on the big man. He goes for the cover but Hightower kicks out HARD sending Impulse flying out of the ring. Hightower stands up and Impulse stands on the apron. Hightower charges and is met with a kick to the face. It’s then out of nowhere Ross storms over and rips Impulse off the apron sending him face first into the ring. The Boss bends him over and hooks the arms. He hoists him up and slams him down hard on the outside with a huge double underhook butterfly suplex. Ross grabs the seemingly lifeless Impulse and slides him back in the ring yelling “THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!” Hightower goes for the cover…




Impulse kicks out at the very last possible second. Hightower goes irate and grabs Impulse beginning to headbutt him over and over and over like a crazed animal before he throws him across the ring like a ragdoll. Impulse lays in the corner and The Toughest Dog In The Yard charges and his knee is met with nothing but turnbuckle. This moment gives Impulse the perfect chance to tag in Stevens. The fans erupt into cheers as the big Texan storms into the ring. Hightower turns and Stevens cracks him with a huge right. Hightower stands and smiles. He laughs and literally is begging Stevens to hit him again. Another shot lands for Stevens harder than the last and Hightower walks around…. Stevens hits him again and Hightower turns cocking his fist…. The fans let out an audible groan as Hightower unleashes a hellacious right hook.. Hightower brushes off his fist before out of nowhere Ross tags himself in.

An irate Hightower yells at Ross before The Keystone State Killa laughs and flips him off. Ross lets out an over exaggerated yawn and casually places his foot on Scott Stevens’ chest.



To everyone’s surprise Stevens musters enough veteran ring knowledge to set his foot on the rope. Ross goes absolutely ballistic about to rip out his own hair. He storms over to Hightower and starts yelling. “YOU CALL THAT A KNOCKOUT PUNCH!? YOU ARE FUCKING WORTHLESS!!!” The Boss yells before he lies in wait for Stevens to get up. Ross bounces off the ropes and just before Ross hits him, Hightower storms into the ring and nails Ross with the same right hook that almost decapitated Stevens. Ross falls over like a tree. Hightower casually slides out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp not even looking back. Stevens slowly tries to regain his senses. He sees Ross on the ground and falls on top.




Blackfront: They’ve done it! Stevens and Impulse win it!

Ace: What is Hightower doing!? He just knocked out his own partner!

Blackfront: I don't think the fans cared one bit!

Ace: Is The Boss okay!? I’m sure he is! One punch isn’t going to close the biggest mouth in WrestleUTA! Right!?

The pair of winners slip out of the ring after the referee raises their arms. Chris Ross starts to come to, he hears the theme song of Scott Stevens, and pounds on the mat. He looks up the ramp to see Hightower going through the curtain and Impulse looking back at him, waving and smiling. Ross is incensed, he kicks at the ropes and starts to throw a temper tantrum in the center of the ring.


A Perfect Weapon!

A Perfect Weapon

We go backstage, where the newest employee of WrestleUTA John Laver stands with Crimson Lord and Zoey. John with microphone in hand begins to talk.

Laver: I am backstage with Crimson Lord, and Zoey who earlier tonight Crimson you fought Luke and Duke Dibbins in a handicap match made by Mr. Unlikely. You pretty much showed your dominance once more what do you have to say about Mr. Unlikely punishment?

Crimson: If that is his idea of a punishment, well then Michael is clearly way over his head.

Laver: Let's go back two weeks ago to the match between Will Haynes and Kendrix. Why did you of all people take it upon yourself to save Will Haynes?

Crimson looks down at John.

Crimson: Why does it seem so difficult for people to understand. I saved a man that needed saving.

Crimson looks up for a moment while talking and then looks back down at John.

Crimson: People tend to think I am “him” still. I came out because Michael took it upon himself to put his personal vendetta of not only ridding this company of William, but to see that his bride Kendrix made it to tonight's match.

Laver: May I ask who is “him”?

Crimson:He” is something you can not fathom to understand. “He” is locked away and only the lovely Zoey can free “him”.

Zoey smiles and shakes her head at John.

Laver: Over the past few months Ms. Zoey you have said some off the wall word and something triggers in Crimson, is this the “him” he is referring too?

Zoey: Johnny, Johnny, the answer is...

Crimson grabs John’s hand and moves the microphone to his mouth before she can answer the question.

Crimson: Tonight marks the night where Andrew Murray and Jesse Kendrix face one another for the WrestleUTA World title. A match I will be watching very closely, a man that earn this shot by the name of Andrew Murray and a man that either had Micheal help him, or he cheated to get to this match….

Crimson points out into the arena.

Crimson: in you Mr. Kendrix.

John moves the microphone back to his mouth.

Laver: Yes, tonight we will decide who will walk out of here the champion, who do you want to see win it tonight Crimson?

CL looks at John with a cold stare then back out into the arena.

Crimson: Clearly my answer is Mr. Murray, but given the WrestleUTA’s Bride and Groom I have a feeling Andrew has a lot to deal with. So I am going to send this message to you Andrew if you need me do not hesitate to ask for my assistance.

Crimson looks back at John.

Crimson: If Michael wants to make sure his brown nosing butt buddy wins this match tonight by any means necessary, I will make both of their lives a living hell!

Crimson walks off followed by Zoey, John looks toward the arena.

Laver: Crimson promising to make the Hollywood Bruvs life a living hell if he does not see a fair match between Andy Murray and Kendrix here tonight. Back to you guys...

Andy Murray vs Kendrix

WrestleUTA Sink or Swim World Title Tournament Final!
WrestleUTA World Championship

Andy Murray vs Kendrix

Cut back to the announce booth.

Blackfront: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s time to conclude the #WUTASOSWTT, and finally crown our next WrestleUTA World Champion! It’s Kendrix vs. Andy Murray, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Ace: I’m moist.

Blackfront: No, you’re disgusting. Anyway, we heard from both men earlier in the show, but there are two big stories here: firstly, Mikey Unlikely is banned from ringside, and secondly, Andy Murray says his shoulder is fine, but is that really the case?

Ace: We probably won’t know until he hits the ring, Jason. He pulled a good cover-up job earlier, but if it was bad enough to put the match in jeopardy earlier this week, there’s every chance Murray isn’t at 100%. That’s a huge opportunity for someone as opportunistic as Kendrix, who’ll attack the joint at every opportunity.

Blackfront: By the same token, the lack of Mikey Unlikely is a huge score for Murray! Kendrix has mustered just a solitary clean win against Scott Stevens, and even then he had his foot on the ropes for the pinfall, in his latest UTA run, but there’ll be no shenanigans tonight. This is gonna be a straight-up wrestling match, and the better man will be crowned UTA Champion!

Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the WrestleUTA World Championship!

The crowd pops as the referee hoists the shiny new belt in the air.

Ace: Oooh, Shiny!

Roberts: Introducing first…

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes strikes up on the PA system for the third time this evening. The crowd get to their feet with a big, hearty pop as pyro ignites the stage, and Andy Murray walks out from the backstage area. He bounds his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he goes.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring from Aberdeen, Scotland, he weighs-in at 280lbs… ANDYYYYYY MURRRRRAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!

Andy enters the ring and slides his entrance jacket off his shoulders. There’s a large, thick ream of tape plastered around his left shoulder.

Blackfront: That’s… a lot of tape.

Ace: That’s a lot of injury!

Blackfront: We’ll leave the judgment to the professionals, but that’s a huuuuuge target for Kendrix to aim for. Let’s see what happens.

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫ hits the PA System.

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #JFK t-shirt and trademark JFK green and gold ring tights with green boots.

Blackfront: Two years ago this young man joined the UTA and despite his methods or the friends he has made along the way, no one can take away the fact that the man has all the talent in the world and you have to be impressed with the speed in which he has climbed the ranks in this business. He walks into his first ever World Title match against a man with plenty of experience in this department.

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting his Armani sponsored Bug Eye shades as well as a smug smirk on his face.

Roberts: And his opponent. Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 218lbs…

Having made his way to the ring, Kendrix hops onto the second turnbuckle, furthest from the ramp.


Having bumped his fist to his chest before holding his arms out wide by his side Kendrix twists around down to the mat, hopping from one foot to the other, discarding his shades and t-shirt.


Murray stays in his corner for a few moments. Kendrix looks a little more anxious to get going, and paces back and forth a little bit. They eventually come together in the centre with a lock-up, and it’s clear that JFK is gonna try to test the shoulder right away.

They spend a few moments jostling for position, but Murray’s able to transition the force over to his right hand side. His strength forces the smaller man back a few steps, before he suddenly thrusts both arms forward, sending Kendrix falling to the mat and leaving him cowering in the corner.

Andy backs off a few paces, then beckons his opponent forward. Kendrix takes the bait and charges into another lock-up, and again, after some positional work, Murray throws Kendrix to the canvas. The Bruv isn’t sticking around this time, however: he rolls out of the ring towards safety.

Blackfront: No sign of any hindrance thus far, Tommy -  Murray’s won two lock-ups in a row…

Ace: It’s early days, Jason. Let it play out…

While Kendrix takes a breather, Andy stretches both arms out of this sides and shrugs. He paces over to the nearest set of ropes and calls for JFK to re-enter, but Kendrix just shakes his head. The ten-count reaches six, seven, eight… and eventually, Kendrix sprints forward a few yards and dives back in.

Murray looks content to go with another lock-up, but Kendrix isn’t playing ball. He skips behind Murray’s attempt and syncs a rear waistlock. Murray fights to break his grasp, but Kendrix frees himself before the reversal comes around. He jams an elbow into Murray’s taped shoulder, then another, another and another, but The King spins around and cracks him with a left forearm.

Blackfront: Kendrix not letting up with those strikes to the shoulder but Murray powers through it.

Another forearm. Another! Kendrix reels backwards. Murray winces briefly, showing the pain in his shoulder for the first time, before whipping JFK hard into the corner. He charges after him looking for a leaping European Uppercut, but Kendrix dives out of the way and again attacks the shoulder from behind.

Murray toughs it out. He turns through the strikes and teep kicks Kendrix in the abdomen to create distance. From there, Murray stalks his opponent back into a corner but grabs his collar before he can escape. Trapped, Kendrix eats forearm after forearm, before Murray whips him across the ring, and follows up with that ever-elusive running uppercut!

Another whip to the opposite corner, and another uppercut! The crowd are really getting into the swing of things, and as Murray pulls Kendrix out and plants him with a side slam, they go all kinds of nuts.

Andy hooks the leg.



A relatively easy kickout for the Hollywood Bruv. Andy pulls him to his feet, keeping him stifled with a few strikes, before whipping JFK across the ropes. Kendrix ducks a short Lariat on the rebound, hits the ropes again, and lands a low basement dropkick to Murray’s knee. This sends Murray falling to the other knee, which lets JFK get his boot up high enough to sting the taped shoulder with a stiff kick.

Murray puts on his angry face. He catches a second kick, then rises, using the leg to Dragon Screw his opponent down. Andy waits for him to rise again, lets him charge, then drives him into the mat with a Spinebuster!

Ace: Ohhh! Kendrix in big trouble here, cover!



Blackfront: Murray trying to finish this one early doors but Kendrix survives. It’s been one way traffic so far.

Murray looks to (Ron) haul Kendrix up to his feet by his hair but JFK hooks both hands around his taller opponents head stunning him momentarily having brought both his knees down hard to the mat. The King holds his jaw as he stumbles back on the ropes. Jesse sees his opening and charges towards him sending Murray over the ropes and onto the floor outside with a running forearm.

As Murray finds his feet, Kendrix hits the opposite ropes, charges back and throws himself flying in between the top two ropes and into the Scot, knocking him back down to the floor. Wasting little time, he helps Andy up to his feet and sends him shoulder first into the ring post.

Blackfront: Murray crying out in agony as that injured shoulder met the unforgiving ring post.

Ace: There’s no doubt as to what JFK’s game plan is here tonight, Jason.

Murray holds his hand to his injured shoulder. Kendrix rolls into the ring and back out again to cancel the refs count. As Murray struggles up to his feet Kendrix stalks him from behind, hitting the back of his shoulder with swift roundhouse kicks. Up to his feet, Murray turns and cracks JFK with a forearm, and another and another, each one sending Londoner back until Kendrix catches the final strike, sending Murray’s shoulder cracking against the ring post.

Blackfront: Look at the sick smile on Kendrix’s face.

He doesn’t let up, sending it back into the post twice more before the ref makes the decision to interrupt his own count as he joins the two outside the ring. He checks on Murray, clearly concerned over the injured shoulder.

Kendrix: He’s fine! He’s got a doctors note, innit?!

Kendrix motions the ref out of the way but walks head first straight into a back elbow from Murray. He shakes it off but eats another. Knee to the gut from Murray who sends Kendrix, one arm n’ all, rolling back into the ring.

JFK gets to his feet first, but Murray isn’t far behind him. Kendrix leaps towards the Scot and goes right back after the shoulder, but Andy sidesteps and swats him away. Andy lays a few foots into the back of Kendrix’s legs, dropping him to his knees, then runs to the ropes, rebounds, and hits him with a sliding Lariat!




Andy gets up. He rolls his shoulder back and forth a couple of times, trying to regain some of its lost strength. He eventually reaches down and tries to grab Kendrix, but JFK throws his legs up, traps the arm, and drags him to the mat into a Cross Armbreaker! With the limb secured, Kendrix completes the first part of the Crossface, then attempts to pull back on Murray’s head and neck…

Blackfront: Kendrix Kross! He’s going for it!

Ace: This isn’t gonna do that injured shoulder much good!

The King senses what’s happening, however. He drops his head down to the mat, avoiding Kendrix’s grasp, then pulls the once-trapped arm away. JFK explodes to his feet, stomping down on Murray, but he can’t prevent his rise. Andy eventually catches a boot, pulls him in, and cracks him with a big forearm!

Murray goes to work with some strikes against the ropes, but breaks before the referee hits his five count. From there, Andy pulls Kendrix into the middle of the ring, applies the front facelock, then hoists him in the air for entirely longer than is necessary. He eventually brings him crashing down into the mat with the hanging vertical suplex!

No cover attempt this time. Instead, Murray gets up, takes JFK with him, and throws him into the corner. The exertion causes him some pain, but he shakes it off and stings the smaller man’s chest with a series of knife-edge chops.


Kendrix stumbles away, his chest turning a bright shade of red, but he turns back around and charges at Murray!

Big mistake. The King catches him, spins him around, and drives him into the mat with a trademark reverse spin scoop powerslam!




Murray’s feeling it now. He rises to his feet, letting the crowd’s energy course through him. He lets Kendrix rise to a certain degree, then scoops him onto his good shoulder…

Blackfront: Here it comes! Highland Hangover!

But no! Kendrix slides out the back! He waits for Murray to turn around, ducks his attempted Roaring Elbow, then takes him down with a facebuster! Moving quickly while Andy’s ground, Kendrix traps the arm again, but this time completes the Crossface!

Blackfront: It’s locked-in! This is BAAAAAAAD news for Andy Murray!

The crowd’s mood suddenly shifts. It goes from excitement to concern, and Murray struggles greatly against the hold. He wails loudly as Kendrix applies the torque, but he’s got just enough strength left in his body to dig his good shoulder into the rough canvas, and drag himself (and JFK towards) the ropes!

His first swipe at the bottom rope fails.

His second, however, does not. Murray’s fingertips graze the rope at first, but he’s eventually able to wrap his digits and force the break.

Ace: That was almost goodnight! I’ll tell you what, though: Kendrix has done a lot of damage to that shoulder of Murray’s! The match has been 50/50, but it’s now very, very clear that Andy’s operating outside 100%. Smart tactics from the Englishman.

Frustrated, Kendrix pounds a fist into the mat. He takes a few moments to regain some stamina, then goes for a completely new approach. Kendrix grabs two handfuls of Murray’s bandages and starts tearing them away! It takes great effort to remove the tightly wound wraps, but he’s soon able to unravel a significant portion.

From there, Kendrix grabs hold of Murray’s limb, lifts it up, and snaps it backwards with an inverted armbreaker! The fans jeer, but instead of doing it again, Kendrix lets Murray rise to a knelt position, drops to the mat himself, and ties him up in an arm triangle!

The pain is excruciating, but Murray fights through it! SOMEHOW he takes every last drop of strength left in his body and lifts Kendrix straight off the mat, before driving him down with an improvised powerbomb!

Blackfront: My God, what a move!

Ace: But what kind of toll did it take?! Murray’s in trouble!

That was a whole lot of pressure on Andy’s bad arm, and he immediately falls backwards, clutching his shoulder joint. There’s no time to waste, however: he pulls a few hanging strands of bandage away and walks back towards Kendrix, then kneels down and wraps his right arm around his abdomen. Putting as little strain on his other arm as possible, Murray deadlifts him straight off the ground with the right arm, then drives him back with a gutwrench suplex!

Tired, Murray makes the cover.




Blackfront: So close for Murray. What a warrior to fight through the pain here.

Ace: But you have to question how much he has left in the tank.

Murray rises to his feet as Kendrix begins to stir. The Scot sends a knee into Kendrix’s gut, hooks him up onto his shoulders, turning him over, looking to finish this with the Highland Hangover but Kendrix desperately kicks his legs back, the weight too much for Murray’s shoulder to handle. Kendrix Whips Murray around to face him, bring his hands around his Andy’s head and bringing his knees up, looking for the Bellend but this time it’s Murray’s turn to counter, chucking Kendrix down hard to the mat.

Jesse had enough energy to roll back into the corner but he’s met by a thunderous forearm from Murray sending him stumbling forward to the centre of the ring, somehow still on his feet. Murray keeps his eyes on his prey but he reaches for his shoulder once more, still struggling. Sucking it up he makes towards Kendrix but walks face first into a Superkick out of nowhere. Murray falls to the mat with Kendrix collapsing back-first on top of him.

Ace: YES! New Champion!




Blackfront: I thought that was it for sure, Murray looked like he was out cold but he got his shoulder up. Both men are still lying on the canvas.

Ace: I don’t even know if Kendrix knows what happened!

The refs count is up to five as the two men crawl to opposite corners, both using every ounce of strength left in them to pull themselves up to an upright but not quite standing position. From one corner the arena is filled with a war cry as Murray makes for Kendrix but JFK side steps him just in time and uses The King’s own momentum to send him shoulder first into the ring post.

Blackfront: God! Surely Murray can’t handle much more of this punishment.

Ace: You can’t show your opponents any weakness in this game, Jason. Kendrix is just taking complete advantage of the situation.

Kendrix lets out a huge sigh of relief. With Murray tending to his shoulder, Kendrix seizes his opportunity. He grabs the back of the Scotsman’s head runs forward and plants Murray with a running bulldog face first into the middle of the ring.

Ace: He’s going for it again, how quick was that?!

Blackfront: The Kendrix Kross is locked in tight. Kendrix simultaneously locked it in straight after the bulldog.

Murray arches his back to fight the hold but Kendrix applies more pressure, screaming for Andy to tap. The ref is down in front of Murray’s face, asking him the question but Murray tries to wriggle JFK’s hands free but Kendrix is having none of it though, arching his body back and applying more pressure.

Blackfront: What a statement this would be if Kendrix submits Andy Murray.

Ace: How hasn’t he tapped already?!

Andy plants his free arm down and tries to power through the pain and drag himself to the ropes. He gets closer and closer, Kendrix shakes his head in disbelief as the crowd will The King on.

Blackfront: Murray is inches away from breaking the hold, this is incredible!


Murray is so close, he reaches out for the bottom rope and makes contact with his finger tips but he can’t grab it, his hand falling down to the canvass. With one last ounce of strength Kendrix shouts for his opponent to tap as he violently arches back, bringing Murrays’ neck and shoulder under even more pressure!

Blackfront: I don’t believe it!



The ref signals to the timekeeper for an end to the contest as Andy Murray tapped his free hand to the mat right in front of him. Turning back to the ring, he tries to prize Kendrix off of Murray, the hold still locked in.

Let em come hits the PA system as the ref calls for the bell once more and Kendrix finally releases the hold, resting his back on the canvas, his face covered by his hands, a mixture of exhaustion and sheer joy at his achievement.

Roberts: Your winner by submission and NEEEEWWWWW WrestleUTA World Champion, JAAY EFFF KAAAAAAYY….KENNNDDRRIIIIIIXX!

While the medics check on Murray’s shoulder, Kendrix sits up straight, looking up at the ref questionably before burying his head in his hands again.

Blackfront: Two years in the business and despite the cockiness, the arrogance, I don’t think Kendrix himself can quite believe what he’s just achieved here.

Ace: It was the concentrated assault on Murray’s injured shoulder that made the difference, Jason! A smart, focused assault from Kendrix, who walks out a winner because of it.

Blackfront: Absolutely, Tommy! A rock-solid gameplan from the Londoner! Murray fought valiantly, but there’s only so much a man can take, and he had no choice but to tap in the end.

Kendrix petulantly slams his hands to the canvas looking up at the ref.


Blackfront: Well that moment of humbleness didn’t last long...

Ace: It’s true, the champ needs his belt, Jason!

The mixed reaction in the crowd shifts to a full on boo as Mikey Unlikely appears from behind the curtain, clapping proudly as he walks down the ramp and makes his way to the timekeeper area, collecting the title before he enters the ring via the steps.

Kendrix is up to his knees as Mikey approaches, presenting the title with both hands, handing it over to his Bruv who cradles it like it was his first child in his midriff. The boss squats down patting JFK on the shoulder. He grabs his arm, helping him to a standing position where he raises his hand in victory while Jesse raises the unbuckled title high above his head in the other.

Blackfront: The new era is now well and truly underway. Jesse Fredericks Kendrix, Mikey Unlikely’s Chosen One, has become WrestleUTA World Champion! Tune in for all the fallout from tonight’s historic event on episode 12 on Hulu! That’s all the time we’ve got tonight.

Fade out

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