Wrestleshow S1 E10

13 Dec 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)

Two Weeks Ago...

Two Weeks ago….

Frustrated, Ross pounds a fist into the mat. Murray elbows him in the gut as Ross pulls him up, but it’s not enough. Chris cracks him hard in the back of the skull, then knees him in the face for good measure.

With the end seemingly nigh, Ross pulls a thumb across his throat in a cutthroat gesture. He pulls the 280lbs Murray up and effortlessly drapes him on a shoulder. Just when he’s about to drive him down, however, Murray reverses! He throws all his weight downwards, pulls Ross onto his own shoulder, and drives him into the mat with a sitout side powerslam - the Highland Hangover!




“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes belts through the PA system again, and a tired, groggy Murray rises to his feet.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall… ANDY MURRRAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Ace: My God, that was a tough fight!

Blackfront: Sure was, Tommy! Chris Ross gave a strong, strong showing. He dominated large portions of this match, but Murray came through with some veteran cunning to reverse that last hold, and down him with the Highland Hangover. He advances, and Ross must think again.


Both men begin to stir. Perfection finds his feet first, Haynes using the ropes finally makes his way up as well. Both men eye the other one down before they finally explode in a fury of fists. Perfection, Haynes, Perfection, Haynes, Perfection, Haynes, Perfection, Perfection, Perfection! Haynes is on spaghetti legs now, as Perfection lights him up with chops and rights. Haynes finally blocks one strike and quick as a whip….



Haynes scrambles for the cover, and its not until the hand hits for the third time, that fans believe it. It takes a second but the crowd erupts at the ending.

Roberts: ANNNND your winner of this matchup... WILL THE THRILLLLL HAYNESSSSSSSS

Blackfront: Haynes has done it! He’s moving on again! He’s going to the semi finals!


CL pushes Michael's legs upward forcing his body to move in a one hundred and eighty degree motion above his head. Just as Byrd's body is to the right side of CL, he turns into him and drops down in a version of Crimson’s Blood Lust! The fans on the Innocent side roar in cheers! Byrd lays on the mat not moving as Baylor has gotten up and Crimson not wanting to make him felt left out tosses him on his shoulders.


CL pushes Theo’s legs upward forcing his body to move in a one hundred and eighty degree motion above his head. Just as Baylor's body is to the right side of CL, he turns into him and drops down in a version of Crimson’s Blood Lust!

Crimson looks out onto the side of innocent and their ecstatic while the guilty side seems to have died down. Until Crimson points to their side and they erupt as Crimson looks down at Byrd and Baylor lying side by side.


The guilty side roars once more as they hear him shout their chant. Crimson sits both Byrd and Baylor up and locks in a DOUBLE DRAGON SLEEPER! Both men are barely conscious as the ref quickly calls for the bell. Crimson releases the submission lock on the two and stands up looking down on the two as the bell rings and Cry Little Sister by Blutengel plays.

Zoey walks up the steps and enters the ring and steps on top of Baylor to give CL a big hug, while CL has yet to take his glare from the two on the mat.


The referee watches Hightower go down, just long enough to miss Impulse regaining his footing after delivering the kick, Chris “The Boss” Ross sprinting down to ringside with what looks like a metal pipe in his hands, and with a CLANG~~~~! He levels Impulse, who falls backwards!

Ace: That’s what he gets for interrupting another match!

Blackfront: Impulse didn’t interrupt anything! Chris Ross escapes through the crowd, and the referee is counting! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Fans are trying to stop Ross, to try and pull him back to the ringside area so the referee can see what he did, but Ross shoves a few, hits a few, and manages to escape. Cally is on the apron, trying to tell the referee what happened, but he tells her to get down.

All the while, David Hightower recovers enough of his senses to roll to his stomach, crawl a foot and a half, and drape an arm across his opponent’s chest.

Blackfront: This is a travesty! Referee down, ONE… TWO… THREE!

As the bell rings, Cally immediately slides under the bottom rope to check on Impulse, as David Hightower, still dazed, has his hand raised.

Ace: Just goes to show, you can prepare all you want, but you’re never really ready for the power of Harrisburg.

Blackfront: Give me a break, Tommy! Chris Ross had no business out here, and he just robbed Impulse of the semi - finals!


Kendrix got the shoulder up just in time. Stevens looks up at the Ref with a look of disbelief in his eyes. The Ref points two fingers back at him before arching his thumb and index finger within touching distance, signifying how close it was. Stevens sits up and shakes his head back at the ref as Kendrix crawls to the corner. The crowd is right behind The Scorpion here as he looks out to them, clenching his fists by his side and pumping them outwards, the intent in his eyes returns. Up to his feet, he charges at Kendrix, but JFK sidesteps him and uses Scott’s own momentum to guide him shoulder first into the unforgiving ringpost. Stevens staggers out of the corner clutching his shoulder and straight into the BELLEND!

JFK hooks the leg,


Blackfront: Kendrix’s feet are on the ropes!


Ace: Ref hasn’t seen it!



♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫

Roberts: The winner of this match by pinfall...JAAAYYY EFFFF KAAYYYY….KEEEENNNDDDRRIIIXXXX!!!!

Ace: YUUUSSSSSSSS!!!! Oh Happy Day!!!


Grounds for a Protest!

Grounds for a Protest

The scene opens to the Wrestlezone! All of the fans are cheering loud, and on their feet as WrestleUTA on Hulu! Kicks off. The camera pans the crowds and we see several signs. “JFK FUTURE UTA CHAMP! OBVS!”, “Dump Lew Smith!”,  “I Can Smell Hightower From Here!”, “The Thrill Will WIn!”, “GUILTY!!!!!”, “Ivy, FINISH HIM~”

The camera finally lands on WrestleUTA Commentary team members, Tommy Ace and Jason Blackfront. Both men stand behind their table, mics in hand.

Blackfront: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to another edition of WrestleUTA on Hulu! Thank you for joining us this evening! We have a YUGE night ahead of us Tommy!

Ace: Yes we do Jason! Andy Murray goes one on one with the MONSTER David Hightower! He’s Undefeated! How’s he going to beat him!?

Blackfront: Not quite sure Tommy! But we will see that plus Jesse Fredricks Kendrix, goes one on one with Will “The Thrill” Haynes in another WrestleUTA World Title Tournament match! We’re down to four folks! One of these men will be our new World Champion!

Ace: C’mon Kendrix!!!!

Blackfront: Heyyy!!!

Ace: What!? Just because Mikey is unbiased, does that mean I have to be!

Blackfront: Oh please! Would you stop with that! Also tonight folks we have the in ring debut of Dexter Poindexter who we saw for the first time two weeks ago! Not to mention Impulse will take on….

And almost on que Badlands by Mayday begins to blare over the loudspeakers. The fans erupt into a thunder of boos as Chris Ross walks out on stage wearing his new “The Boss” Grafiti print shirt. With a microphone in hand he raises it.

Ross: Blackfront shut the hell up! No one gives a rat’s ass about Impulse!!!!

Ace: Yeah Blackfront!!!!!!

The Boss storms down the ramp as he continues speaking.

Ross: You too Ace!!!! I’m not here to entertain anyone! I’m here to protest!

The Keystone State Killa storms over and shoves the time keeper out of his chair and grabs it.

Ross: Oh what?! All you do is ring a damn bell! You don’t even need a chair! Stand and do it you lazy bum!

Ross throws the chair into the ring and slides in. After he sets it up he parks himself in the middle of the ring facing the ramp.

Blackfront: “Protest?!”

Ace: We all knew Ross would be in a bad mood after what happened last week but this is excessive even for me!

Ross sits and scowls at the fans before he begins to speak.

Ross: You see what happened two weeks ago was the biggest load of shit ever! Not only did I get screwed by Impulse and his tree hugging hippie girlfriend but I got screwed by The referee, the head of security, and the vending machine for not even supplying the best thing to walk the streets of Harrisburg a proper drink!!!!!!!!

Blackfront: Did he seriously just blame a soda machine for his loss?

Ace: Why don’t he blame Lisil Jackson while he’s at it?!

Ross: I Christopher J. Ross refuse to take this bullshit sitting down! I am not leaving this damn ring until these wrongs are righted! I don’t care people! You can scream and cry all you want but it means jack shit to me! Hey don’t like what I’m saying then donate to my swear jar!

The fans at this point have started an ass hole chant as Ross casually props his feet up on the middle rope relaxing.

Ross: I got all day people!!!!

The Boss looks around and spots a fan with a sign that says “Chris Ross Sucks!” on it.

Ross: HEY!!!! Security!!!!! I demand you escort that fan out of this arena! HOW DARE YOU SLANDER MY GOOD NAME!!!!!

The sound of a lighter is heard, followed by the opening beat of “Blunt Blowin” by Lil Wayne. The fans give a mixed reaction towards Unlikely. Normally they hate the man, but with it interrupting Chris Ross, it comes as a welcome entrance.

The red carpet unfurls on the entrance ramp and Mikey Unlikely emerges from behind the curtain. He also has a mic in hand. Dressed in a suit unbuttoned at the top exposing his bare chest, he wears his signature  aviator glasses as well. He saunters out, and takes in the scene. Waiting for the crowd noise to die down he looks around.

Ross: Yeah yeah yeah! Nice of you to put the peace pipe down for five minutes to come drag your ass out here!

A smile from Mikey Unlikely. He points down at Ross inside the ring.


The fans cheer for the show.

Unlikely: There is only one place in the world to see the best damn wrestling action, and that's right here in the WRESTLEZONE!

The fans pop once more. Mikey loving the cheap pops tonight.

Ross: They aren’t going to see shit tonight if something isn’t done about what happened last show! I don’t care! Send security out here! I’ll curb stomp each and every one of them! Hell send that sasquatch David Hightower out here! I’ll throw a brick at him!....

Mikey puts his hand out and waves him down.

Unlikely: Woah woah woah, blah blah blah, we get it… You think you’re tough. Welcome to the show. That’s why you’ve been scouted and signed, now shut the hell up when you are in my presence.

The crowd actually cheers loudly at this.

Unlikely: This is MY show… You are in my MY ring… You are wasting MY time… There is no establishment here. There is no “corporate image” for us to uphold, its just me. I am the man who makes the decisions. And since you want to come out here and “take things over” and sit in my ring. Then I think that’s a clear indication, that you are ready to compete. Before your mouth writes a check it can’t cash, let me introduce you to your opponent tonight.

The crowd chants for “Hightower, Hightower”

Unlikely: Nah, He’s busy tonight with my amazing WUTASOSWTT!!!! Chris Ross your opponent is a former WrestleUTA champion!

Ace: What!?

Blackfront: Who is it!?

Unlikely: In fact he’s one of the toughest men on the roster…

Chris Ross gets up off the chair, and folds it. Wielding it now as a weapon.

The opening to “Half Crazy” by the Barr Brothers comes over the loudspeakers as the fans pop and laugh. Through the Curtain behind Mikey comes both  of the Dibbins Brothers. The fans are very excited to see them.

Blackfront: I guess Mikey meant he was a former HARDCORE champion.

Ace: Well… that makes him a former WrestleUTA champion Jason, Keep up!

Ross stands there face palming in disbelief before he raises up the microphone.

Ross: REALLY?! That is the best you got for me?! I AM A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!! I DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!!

Unlikely smiles, laughs and walks back through the curtain. A referee comes running down behind the Dibbins bros.


Ace: I guess Mikey had enough of Ross’ antics!

Blackfront: That’s for sure! Duke Dibbins now, climbing into the ring, while his “little” brousin Luke stands at ringside. The referee is communicating with both men now and signaling for the bell and for Ross to drop the microphone. He does so reluctantly as Duke comes running wildly!

Chris Ross vs ?????

Chris Ross vs Duke Dibbins

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Blackfront: Impromptu opening matchup here folks! Chris Ross takes on Duke Dibbins! Mikey has a few control issues to say the least!

Ace: What!? It’s his company Jason! If you ran a multimillion dollar company you would be in control too!

Duke goes for an ax handle smash in the corner on Ross, but The Boss is too quick for this one, he saw it coming, and dives out of the ring at the last second. Duke hits the turnbuckle hard and falls back towards the center of the ring clutching his chest. Ross smiles and slides back in. He walks over and stomps on the throat of the former Hardcore champion. Chris takes the initiative and locks in a rear chinlock on his opponent, but it doesn't take the fresh Duke long to roll out and to his feet. Duke backs Ross into the ropes, and whips him off, but when Ross comes back he lands solid with a shoulder block that drops the barely 120 lb hillbilly.

The Keystone State Killa drops down and slams an elbow into the chest of Dibbins. Wasting little time Ross hoists The Mullet Warrior to his feet and hoists him up and slams him down with a thunderous belly to belly suplex. With his hands still clasped Duke is hoisted up again and responds with an elbow to the face of Ross! Another! Followed by a final one forcing the suplex machine to break his hands. Duke backs up, bounces off the ropes and hits Ross with a clothesline taking him down. The fans go wild as the Boss stumbles after standing right back up stunned. Duke raises his arm and winds up his fist in windmill like fashion.

Ross spins around right into the huge haymaker from the little man! Ross drops and Dibbins covers! Before the referee can slide into position and check the shoulders of Ross, he’s already kicked out. Still he applies a hand to his mouth to check for blood. Seeing none, he gets to his feet eyeing up the former Hardcore champion. Duke is climbing up to the second rope, and motions to the fans. Ross runs over, hops onto the second rope with him, and attempts belly to belly him out of the turnbuckle. Duke holds on and only Ross goes flying. The fans cheer once more, as Duke dives! Big splash is met by the knees of the newcomer to WrestleUTA. Chris Ross takes a moment to collect himself as the referee begins his count. By five Ross is to his feet as is Duke Dibbins. Both men circle to face each other Duke goes for an elbow but Ross ducks it, and delivers a thumb directly to the eye socket of the West Virginian.

Chris takes little time to take advantage of the situation and wraps his arms around Dibbins’ waist and throws him back in a release german suplex. The hillbilly lands in a heap folded up like an accordion. With a scowl on his face and pure hatred in his eyes Ross hoists him up again and this time throws him over his head with a release belly to belly suplex! Dibbins appears to be out cold as The Keystone State Killa storms over nudging him with his foot. Ross shakes his head disgusted as he lifts him up to his feet. The Boss drags Dibbins to one of the corner turnbuckles and this time throws him back first into it with a brutal T-Bone suplex! At this point Chris Ross has decided to climb the top rope and lay on it pretending to take a nap not even bothering to go for a cover.

The fans boo loudly at Ross, who leaves his resting place and walks to the ropes barking back at them. The ever-bitter Boss, singles out a specific fan and begins to make fun of them. Duke is slowly recovering from the vicious onslaught that we saw moments ago. He notices Ross is distracted and runs for him. He lands a knee in the back of Ross bouncing him off the ropes chest first. Duke drops to his hands and knees, and let’s momentum do the rest. Chris Ross trips over him and Duke rolls him up quickly.




Blackfront: OHhhhhhhAlllllmost got em there! Chris Ross not suspecting that!

Ace: Thank god that wasn’t it! I think we would have another broken table if he were to lose to Dibbins tonight!

Ross gets up right away incensed. He’s breathing heavy and he’s got wild eyes. Duke doesn’t even see him coming. Like a charging bull Ross hits Dibbins with a clothesline so hard it causes the hillbilly to do a flip mid air and land on his stomach. The Keystone State Killa walks over methodically and grabs Dibbins by his arms. Chris Ross smiles nodding his head knowing the end is near. He places his foot on the back of his head and drives Dibbins face first into the mat with a brutal curb stomp. The fans groan as the move lands and The Boss rolls Dibbins over and covers him.




Ross rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone not even waiting for his name to be announced.

Ross: Don’t even bother announcing it! We knew this was going to happen! Now if you excuse me! I got bigger shit to deal with!

The fans boo loudly as Chris Ross drops the microphone and storms up the ramp.

Blackfront: Say what you want. Love him or hate him…. Chris Ross is a legit athlete.

Ace: I have a feeling we’re going to be in for a long night if this is how we’re going to be opening the show!

The camera turns to show Ross at the top of the ramp flipping the entire audience duel middle fingers before he leaves through the curtain.


Here's the Thing

Cut to the backstage area, where yer boy Paul Stewart stands before a simple UTA backdrop, microphone in-hand.

Stewart: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… Andy Murray!

The towering Scot steps into the shot, and the crowd immediately do their thing inside the arena proper. Though not set to compete until much later in the evening, Murray’s already dressed for action: he’s got the black and gold wrestling tights on, and a black ”SCOTTISH STRONG STYLE” tee pulled over his torso.

Stewart: Andy, thank you for your time.

Murray: Pleasure’s all mine, laddie.

Stewart: You’ve made quite an impact since arriving here in the UTA, and after defeating Charles Wingate in your first match, our last match saw you overcome the brash Chris Ross to reach the WUTASOSWTT semi-finals. How do you feel about your performances thus far?

Murray: Good, man. I’ve had a couple of tough fights, but that’s exactly what I expect at this level. Wingate was sly and cunning, and Ross was bullish and imposing. Both absolutely had the potential to go further in this tournament and maybe even win the damn thing, but I’ve wrestled a couple’a matches here and there myself, y’know…

Andy winks. His smile grows, that legendary playful cockiness coming through once again.

Stewart: Mr. Ross has been particularly vocal in the wake of your match, and he’s made his dissatisfaction with Impulse and Calico Rose’s ringside presence very well known. How do you feel about this?

Murray: I’m disappointed more than anything else, mate. You know, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I opened my own training school in 2011, and so I work with the sport’s young up-and-comers on a daily basis. Chris Ross falls into that category, and the attitude he’s displaying is exactly how I instruct my trainees not to think.

He pauses, shaking his head.

Murray: Men like Chris Ross have an excuse for everything, and that’s why they’ll never get better. You can’t grow until you’re honest about your shortcomings, but Ross clearly isn’t ready to make that step. Anyone with a pair of working eyes knows that Cally & ‘Pulse had no bearing on the outcome, but hey, if he wants to stomp around and smash vending machines like a petulant man-baby, that’s his choice. He’ll soon regret it when he’s ten years deep and still feeding-off scraps, though.

Stewart: With that in mind, how are you approaching tonight’s match with David Hightower - an entirely different opponent?

Murray: It’s easy to see why men are intimidated by this guy. Hightower’s an animal - a ferocious hound who’s seemingly impervious to pain, and won’t stop attacking from bell-to-bell. He eats guys alive out there, and if you ask me, he might just be the favourite to win this damn thing…

Andy waits a couple of moments, contemplating his next words.

Murray: But here’s the thing: David Hightower might be meaner than me, but he’s not bigger than me. He might be The Toughest Dog in the Yard, but I’m The King… you know what I mean? I don’t back down from challenges like this: I relish them, and whatever the outcome, this is gonna be one helluva fight.

Stewart: Hightower, of course, lost his mouthpiece after defeating Madman Szalinski all the way out of WrestleUTA a few weeks ago. He’s not one for talking, but he approaches pretty much every match the same way. How do you intend to combat that?

Murray: By winning.

The King let’s his words hang in the air for a few moments, and deliberately doesn’t follow-up. Stewart, confused, pulls his mic back across to ask another question, but Andy soon cracks.

Murray: Hightower’s one of the most dangerous guys in the company in my book. I knew what he brings to the table, but by the same token, he’s gotta be away of what I bring to the table. It’s been a long time since I faced a guy like him, but has he ever faced a guy like me?

He shrugs.

Murray: My mind’s on the task at hand, and if his isn’t, it’ll be one more for the record books, one more in the win column, and one more for the good guys.

Stewart: Andy, thanks again for your time.


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

The scene turns to backstage in the dressing room of the newest member of the WrestleUTA, Dexter Pointdexter and his girlfriend Ivy. Dexter is pacing back and forth clearly nervous.

Dexter: I don’t know if I can do this…. You seen the size of him….

Ivy: Dexter! For the fifteenth time you’ll be fine! You did great back at home! I don’t see why you’re so scared here!

Dexter: Oh god it’s happening again! Be right back!!!!

Ivy: What AGAIN! You're gonna melt that toilet bowl!

Dexter leaves the locker room, shortly after a knock is heard on the door.

Ivy: Baby did you lock yourself out again..

She gets up rolling her eyes and walks over to the door and opens it.

Ivy: I…

In the doorway is a man with a bouquet of flowers. Ivy surprised responds.

Ivy: Um...hi can I help you?

Flowerman: Are you Ivy?

Ivy: Yes..

Flowerman: I have these flowers for you.

Ivy still rather surprised, slowly takes them from the flowerman. He responds before he leaves.

Flowerman: Have a nice day ma'am.

He walks off as she closes the door, now rather smitten.

Ivy: Oh Dexter how romantic.

She walks to the center of the room and puts the bouquet on the table and takes the note, and begins to read it….

“Dearest Ivy,

   Whatever the game is you’ve performed a fatality on me because you have my heart.


Ivy: He is so sweet.

She picks up the bouquet of flowers and gives them a quick sniff, she closes her eyes admiring the aroma…..Suddenly, Her eyes open wide soon after she collapses on the ground the flowers fall next to her.

9 minutes later

The door opens up and in walks Dexter, clearly looking flushed.

Dexter: Ivy I don’t think I can wres….

Dexter notices his girlfriend on the floor unconscious.

Dexter: IVY!!

He rushes to her aid and tries to wake her up, but no matter how much he tries she is not waking up. He picks her up and gently puts her on the couch, he rushes out of the room screaming!

Dexter: I need a Doctor!!

The scene shifts to the announcers.

Blackfront: Did Dexter send those flowers?

Ace: Good question, but it appears those flowers did something to Ivy.

Blackfront: Fans will stay with this in case any developments happen. What condition is Dexter going to be in when he has his debut in the ring against Theo Baylor tonight?

Ace: Proof not to bring your girlfriends to work!

They Will See...

They Will See....

Uplifting instrumental music plays as we center on freshly cut green grass. Fine Italian loafers come into view, taking steps into the scene.

Voice Over: I’ve been waiting for this day…

The feet soon stop as we transition and tilt upwards on the black suit pants of an unknown man.

Voice Over: I’ve spent my whole life in the wrestling business. You can say, ”I’ve forgotten more about wrestling than most people even know.”

We continue to tilt up on the back of this man, as the sun gleams off the recently shaved and waxed bald head. Cutting now to the man walking, still keeping his face and identity out of view.

Voice Over: I come from a long and well decorated lineage. I, like my father before me and his father before him, have given this business my blood, sweat, and tears.

A high end European sports car is now in view.

Voice Over: I’ve given everything to get to here.

A shot of the man fixing his cufflinks now runs across your screen.

Voice Over: Now I’m here... Now the UTA and the rest of the world will see what I can do inside a ring.

The man opens the door of the vehicle and goes to step in.

Voice Over: They will see that I am a natural between the ropes. They will see…

A final shot of his face reveals his identity.

Harvey: That I’m THE Jay Harvey… and I am the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth.

He smiles into the camera as he throws a pair of luxury sunglasses on. Cameras show the back of the vehicle and it’s vanity plate “Naturl1”. Harvey speeds off and we fade out to a black screen.

TWO WEEKS #BOZOS sits dead center on your TV screen.

Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths

The scene opens to Jesse Fredricks Kendrix and his best bruv, owner of WrestleUTA, Mikey Unlikely is by his side. Mikey still sporting the suit he wore earlier, JFK is in his street clothes with a large bag thrown over his shoulder. The two walk side by side down a long corridor and they are laughing.

Unlikely:...And then he told me… (chuckles)... then he told me he was going to HOLD MY SHOW HOSTAGE!

The two burst out into raucous laughter. JFK slaps Mikey on the shoulder.

Kendrix: Stop it! Stop it Bruv! You’re killing me! He really said that!?

Mikey nods while laughing, wiping a tear from his eye. Trying to compose himself.

Kendrix: So what did you do!?

Unlikely: I did what any responsible owner would do, I put him in a match with that moron Duke Dibbins.

“The Future of WrestleUTA” laughs once more.

Kendrix: The Hillibilly, Innit!? You really made him come out!? He came out with his ‘Bruvsin’ right!?

“The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer” finger wags his buddy.

Unlikely: It’s “Brousin” brother-cousin, or something like that. Don’t mix it up with the Bruvs, that's almost offensive!

With another nod.

Kendrix: Obvs!


That’s when Jay Eff Kay notices someone offscreen.

Kendrix: Oi!

The scene moves a bit and Andy Murray is now seen in full view, he was walking towards the two men with his face down, thinking about his match later on tonight. Kendrix’s single syllable catches his attention.

Murray (sighing): Great…

The King’s ready to go in his ring attire (the t-shirt he was sporting earlier has been replaced by his entrance jacket), but wasn’t banking on running into Mikey and JFK. He grins and bears it.

Murray: How’s life for the UTA’s resident Power Couple? You look a little bit worried, mate…

He nods at Kendrix.

Murray: Scared you’ll get your arse kicked? I would be. Will Haynes is a helluva fighter, and he’s got more reason than anyone else to go all-out to win this thing. I’ve seen those old matches, lads…

Referring to the old Mikey vs. Haynes classics, The King now looks at the boss.

Murray: … you know what? Nevermind. I’ve got a match of my own to worry about. Probably shouldn’t be arguing with a couple of fannies ahead of facing this monster…

Kendrix and Mikey look over at each other, a confused look etched across both their faces.

Unlikely: Power Couple?

Kendrix: Fannies?

The Bruvs shrug off those descriptions and JFK scoffs

Kendrix: Listen, Yeah? Why don't you do yourself a favour and pull out of your match tonight?

Murray rolls his eyes at the very thought.

Kendrix: No, no...JFK’s serious. Think about it. Do you really want to get in the ring with that monster, at your age? What are you now, like 53?

Unlikely: Pfft, he's not that old bruv, I'm pretty sure he's 52.

Jesse scrunches his face in clear disagreement with Mikey’s completely wrong guess before returning his attention to Big Murrr!

Kendrix: Whatever, who cares?! Hightower is a beast, alright?! So why don't you just call it a night, take out your pension and leave while you have the chance.

Mikey slaps Kendrix’ arm with the back of his hand and sniggers.

Unlikely: Ha, pension, classic!

Kendrix: Cos let's face it, even if you somehow manage to get past Hightower, you're gonna have to step up to JFK in the final after he beats Will Haynes tonight!

Murray waits a few moments before responding. He briefly contemplates JFK’s words, before a wry smile slowly creeps across his (apparently) 52-year-old features, then he looks once at Mikey, and back to Kendrix.

Murray: Cute…

The smile widens.

Murray: You know what, mate? Maybe I won’t be so disappointed if Will Haynes loses after all. Enjoy the rest of your evenings…

And with that, The King makes his departure. The Bruvs watch him go for a couple of seconds, before turning back to one another, Kendrix looking a little concerned at Murray's confidence.

Unlikely: Forget about him, bruv. Tonight it's all about getting the job done against Haynes, understand?

Jesse looks down the hallway.

Kendrix: He’s definitely 53 bruv, there's a big age difference between 52 and 53.

Mikey grabs Jesse by the shoulder to grab his attention.


Kendrix: Chill, bruv, JFK’s got this.

Mikey shakes his head, still fuming as he walks off out of shot, leaving Kendrix standing with his arms out by his side

Kendrix: Bruv?! Don't be like that, JFK’s got this! Bruv?!


Impulse vs Bobby Dean

Impulse vs Bobby Dean

“You’re The Best Around” by Joe Esposito fills the arena as the fans clamor to the guardrail.

Ace: Isn’t the running a bit premature?

Blackfront: They’re just excited for WrestleUTA, Tommy! But… yeah, they’ve got a bit of a ways to go.

From the entryway, we wait… and we wait.

Ace: Can I get table service? I’m a bit dry.

Finally, a weak - sounding horn beep-beeps its way into the arena… and into our hearts. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean himself rolls out on his refurbished golf cart to a healthy round of applause - regardless of what ‘side’ he’s ever on, everybody loves Bobby.

Blackfront: The answer to your prayers, Tommy! Bobby Dean is always a bit moist!

Ace: That… may be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.

Bobby smiles at the fans, he looks happy to hear their cheers, but as he leans over to slap a hand or two, he stops and holds his side: he may have pulled a muscle.

Blackfront: Former… You know, I don’t believe he’s ever been a Champion here in WrestleUTA, Tommy. How do we talk up Bobby Dean?

Ace: He’s… the Pete Best to JFK’s Ringo Starr?

Blackfront: That’s creepily accurate.

While Bobby struggles out of his cart and walks up the ring steps, greasy from sweat already, his music ends and “Revolution” by SIRSY starts up. The fans’ reaction immediately switches, from polite applause to a large pop.

Ace: This guy… He screws Chris Ross, then can’t put away David Hightower. Why does anyone cheer him?

Blackfront: That’s a really odd interpretation of what happened at WrestleUTA on Hulu #9, Tommy! Nobody with half a brain would think Impulse cost Chris Ross his match, but anyone with a set of working eyes would agree that Ross cost Impulse against Hightower.

Ace: I don’t agree with that.

Impulse and Calico Rose enter the arena with a brisk pace; they stop at the top of the ramp and take in the view. Impulse holds up a fist, while Cally takes an exaggerated bow.

Blackfront: Former two time World Champion Impulse getting a nice reaction from the WrestleUTA fans, this is only his second appearance in this company but he’s wrestled in Orlando many times before, and I think they appreciate the fact that he was robbed against Hightower!

Ace: How many times are you gonna mention that?

Blackfront: Until it sinks into your brain.

They each take a side, and greet the fans, slap hands, etc - on the way to the ring. Impulse does not take a lap around the ring; he heads right into the ring. Cally, on the other hand…

Ace: She’s coming this way. Why is she coming this way?

Blackfront: What?

Ace: Why is she coming this way?

Rustling can be heard, and the camera focuses on the commentary table, where Calico Rose has taken the empty seat between the two men.

Calico Rose: Hi!

Ace: …

Blackfront: Good to have you with us, Ms. Rose.

Cally: Just Cally, please, Mr. Blackfront. Thomas? Nice to meet you.

Ace: …

Blackfront: Well, we’re happy to have you and Impulse here in WrestleUTA, Cally. Your reputations precede you, and I hope to see big things from Impulse in the ring.

Cally: I hope so. Back to work, though - do you gentlemen like a nice cup of tea?

Ace: …

Blackfront: Not usually, but thank you.

Cally takes the headset off her head, kisses Blackfront on the cheek, kisses Tommy on the cheek, and moves back to the corner to talk to Impulse about the match, as the bell rings.

Blackfront: She’s certainly got some energy, Tommy.

Ace: ...What the hell just happened?

In the ring, Impulse and Bobby Dean circle each other, with Impulse looking at his opponent: concentrated and focused. Bobby Dean, on the other hand, looks terrified. They lock up, and Bobby uses his weight to walk Impulse into the corner, and he backs up almost immediately at the start of the count!

Ace: Really? How good could this guy be if Bobby Dean can get the better of him?

Blackfront: Bobby weighs more than twice as much as Impulse, it might be all he’s got.

True to his word, Impulse and Bobby Dean lock up again, and as Bobby attempts to use his weight again, Impulse slips out of the lockup and maneuvers behind Bobby with a half - Nelson and crossface. Bobby hustles - and stumbles - to the ropes, holding onto the middle as Impulse releases before the count of two.

Blackfront: Impulse looks a little frustrated in there; he’s clearly never had to match wits… or whatever, with a wrestler like Bobby Dean before.

Ace: That assumes you consider whatever Bobby does as ‘wrestling’ - but trust me, it’s all part of the plan!

Bobby finally gets up and stands away from Impulse, defensively he looks ready to run. Impulse stalks him slowly, but manages to leg dive him and take him down! Bobby cries out in pain and rolls under the bottom rope to the floor!

Bobby Dean: Time out! Charlie horse!

Blackfront: Seriously?

Impulse backs up and leans in the corner, his hands up and gesturing to the crowd to count along with the referee. The collective count rattles Bobby, who rolls under the bottom rope on the six. He struggles to his feet, but he goes back to the ropes as soon as Impulse attempts to lock up.

Ace: Are you surprised?

He gets up again, with a warning from the official, and when Impulse takes a step towards him, Bobby squeals like a girl. The fans laugh, and they imitate him - he turns to the fans to tell them to be quiet, and as soon as he turns back towards Impulse -

Blackfront: SUDDEN IMPACT! Impulse just rocked Bobby on the jaw with a superkick!


The bell rings to a series of cheers, as the referee raises Impulse’s hand and Bobby Dean remains on his back like a beached whale. Cally joins the fans in their applause, and Impulse talks to her for just a moment.

Blackfront: Impulse with a quick - and decisive - victory here tonight, and he looks like he hasn’t missed a step after his disappointing loss to David Hightower! And now, Calico Rose hands him a chair and a microphone, what’s this about?



Amidst the continued cheers, Impulse sets up the chair in the middle of the ring and casually sits down. He smirks, having barely broken a sweat against Bobby, and leans on his knees before he puts the microphone to his face.

Impulse: Thank you, everyone, for making me and Cally feel welcome.

They cheer. He gives them a few seconds before he starts to talk again.

Impulse: Our debut against… David Hightower? Against David was a little bit of a last minute favor, but the reaction we got told me what I needed to know to agree to work - you guys know us, you appreciate what we do, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for us. And with that in mind, I need to apologize to you.

With that, the fans quieted down, perplexed as to where he was going.

Impulse: Chris Ross, and his temper tantrum after what he claims was him being robbed against my boy Andy Murray? Chris Ross, deciding that his own distractions were enough to do the same to me. So, I apologize for being the unwitting catalyst for the biggest pity party in the sport of professional wrestling this year.

The fans pop, and start to chant “PITY PARTY!” along with the requisite claps.

Impulse: Not only did you rob me and David of the chance to take that match to its natural finish, but you robbed the fans of it, as well - and that, I don’t forgive.

He leans back in the chair.

Impulse: One’a these days, Chris… we’ll settle the accounts. Until then? Take some notes.

With that, Impulse stands up and folds the chair.

Impulse: This… is how you get in the middle’a the ring, and command peoples’ attention.

Blackfront: Strong words from Impulse, and you know Chris Ross will have a response at some point!

Ace: He might not even be paying attention, there’s a soda machine in the back whose time has come.

Blackfront: That may be, but sooner or later, Chris Ross and Impulse will come face to face, and there’s gonna be fireworks! We’ll be right back!

Hostage Negotiations

Hostage Negotiations

We open the very familiar scene that is Mikey Unlikely’s office. This time Mikey is sitting with a very attractive woman on the leather couch in one corner of the room, away from his desk. In front of him is a large 4k television depicting the action in the ring live.

Unlikely: “You know, I haven’t even been the owner very long!? Raising ratings every week bay bay! That’s what I’m talking about! But not only that but I have had an awesome rap career, I’ve been a World Champion! Have you seen my movies!?”

The woman giggles to herself as Mikey tries to puff his chest a bit. Suddenly a short knock on his office door, followed by it swinging open quickly.

Mikey stands up defensively throwing the woman's legs off him without missing a beat.

Unlikely: “SECURITY!!!! HAYNES IS HE….”

The owner stops dead when he sees who his uninvited guest really is. It’s none other than “The Boss” Chris Ross.

Ross: “Haynes is the least of your worries! We need to talk Mikey!!!! I wasn’t done out there! “

The Boss steps into Mikey’s office revealing he has the referee slung over his shoulder like a sack of dirty laundry. The woman looks terrified in the background.

Referee: “Mikey! Help me! Can you call the police or something?”

Unlikely rolls his eyes.

Ross: “Shut up! You will not speak unless spoken to!”

Ross dumps the referee onto his ass in a loud thud in the middle of the office floor.

Ross: “Now Mikey you know who I am… The Boss… The Keystone State Killa… The Greatest Thing to come out of Harrisburg…. As well as a guaranteed Hall Of Famer! So with that being said what happened two weeks ago was nothing short of a travesty!

The Boss takes a deep breath before he continues his speech in front of a bewildered Mikey Unlikely.

Ross: “You see Mikey here is how this is going to go down. You’re going to overturn this dumb ass’ decision who clearly can’t do his job right. I mean clearly Impulse and that fruit loop girl friend of his interfered in my match and this guy just stood by and let it happen!”

Referee: “Interfered?! They were behind the guard rail!!!!”


The referee throws his arms up looking at Mikey for help. The WrestleUTA owner takes a step towards Chris Ross, nodding slowly.

Unlikely: “First of all Mr. Ross... YOU don’t tell ME how anything is going to go! I run the show here! Normally anyone who is a pain in the side of that...Impulse, is a friend of mine, but you sir have struck a chord! First you wanna try to take over my show in the ring! Then you want to come in here and DEMAND my decision be reversed? I say NAYYYYYY!”

Unlikely shakes a very wide finger wag.

Unlikely: “Now I will admit that INSIDE the ring, you have been pretty impressive in your short career here, but if you want to blame Impulse for your losses, maybe you should be going to the source of the problem, and not to me!?”

Chris Ross nods his head before he smiles.

Ross: “Ok…. OPTION B!!!! I demand this referee gets fired! He clearly can’t do his job! AND!!!! Before you say anything Mikey may I remind you after letting that smelly hillbilly David Hightower hit Madman Szalinski with a chain, what was he doing? Going over his grocery list? Carton of milk! Loaf of bread! Maybe pick up a box of shake n bake?! YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB!!!!”

The Keystone State Killa kicks the referee in the ass. Unlikely chuckles a bit when the referee looks to him for help. He smiles wide.

Unlikely: “You see that’s your problem Ross, you’ve got a point! But your delivery is all wrong! You’ll get there young blood! “

Mikey puts a hand on Ross’s shoulder.

Unlikely: “As for you… (looks to referee)... You have underperformed in your position! You are hereby released of your duties. Mr. Ross… Care to see this man out of my building?”

Ross: “DON’T MIND IF I DO!!!!!”

The referee’s eyes go wide with panic.

Referee: “MIKEY!!!! NO!!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!”

Ross: “Come on stupid!”

Ross hoists the referee up onto his shoulders like a little kid.

Ross: “I would like to introduce you to Lew Smith!!!! You 2 can share a dumpster together!”

Ross walks out of the room whistling The Beverly Hillbillies theme as he carries off the Referee who is kicking and screaming the whole time.


Theo Baylor vs Dexter Poindexter

Theo Baylor vs Dexter Poindexter

The scene cuts to the ring with Theo Baylor already in the ring flexing his muscles.

Roberts: Already in the ring…. Theo Baylor!

Blackfront: Theo Baylor looking to pick up a win tonight against the debuting Dexter Pointdexter.

Ace: Are you kidding me? His name is DEXTER POINTDEXTER! What kind of name is that?!

Blackfront: I’m not sure but he obviously has a lot on his mind going into this match.

Roberts: And his opponent!

His World by Zebrahead begins to play over the loudspeakers

Roberts: Making his way to the ring from Wilmington North Carolina! Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds… He is The Keyboard Warrior…. Dexter Pointdexter!!!!

The camera turns to see an empty stage with no one coming down.

Blackfront: Well this is very bizarre.

Ace: Maybe the dork chickened out!

Blackfront: Hold on I’m getting word something is going on backstage. Can we get a camera back there?

The scene turns to the back where doctors are working on Ivy who is laid up on one of the beds. Dexter is nearby clearly freaking out.

Dexter: This can’t be happening…. This can’t be happening…. This can’t be happening….

Dexter Pointdexter is pacing back and forth like a caged animal his hands shaking like a heroine addict.

Dexter: Could someone please explain to me what in the name of Azeroth happened to my girl friend?!

One of the doctors speak up.

Doctor: We’re not entirely sure. It doesn’t appear as if she hit her head or anything.

It’s then a referee approaches Dexter.

Referee: Dexter your match is up! Everyone is waiting for you!

Dexter: Oh my god you can’t be serious! You expect me to go out there and wrestle now?!

The referee shrugs his shoulders.

Referee: Hey I’m just the messenger…

Dexter takes a deep breath.

Dexter: I’ve had anxiety all day, I feel as if I’m going to have a stomach ulcer, I’ve had diarrhea all day, My girlfriend is in a coma or something…. AND NOW I HAVE TO WRESTLE A SIX FOOT SIX GIANT BLACK GUY WHO CAN RIP OUT MY SKELETON?!

The referee takes a slow step back holding up his hands.

Referee: Hey I get where you are coming from. I can go and tell Mikey you can’t wrestle but you know he’s been on a firing spree lately…

The Keyboard Warrior lets out a long sigh.

Dexter: Fine! You guys better take good care of her!

Dexter storms to one of the medical cabinets and pulls out a bottle of Pepto Bismol and storms out of the scene.

Blackfront: So a very bizarre situation going on here. Apparently an incident involving Dexter’s girlfriend Ivy happened backstage.

Ace: If no one else is going to say it then I will! What the hell does that girl see in him?!

Blackfront: I don’t think now is the time or place for this Ace!

The fans erupt into cheers as Dexter Pointdexter finally walks out on the ramp clearly looking petrified. He slowly slides into the ring and takes a long drink from the bottle of Pepto Bismol he brought with him. Theo stands there shaking his head clearly amused.

Ace: How the hell did this guy get a contract to be in the UTA?! Look at him! He’s a massive weenie!

Blackfront: To be fair I’m reserving all judgments until the match is over!

The bell signaling the match to start rings and Dexter sets down the bottle of Pepto. The two men lock up and with a grunt Dexter is thrown across the ring where he lands in a heap. The nerd holds his back as Theo laughs hardly even taking his opponent seriously. Theo storms over lifting Dexter to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Baylor ducks down and sends the gamer nerd crashing down with a back body drop. He grabs Dexter and slams him down with a brutal suplex before going for the cover…




The Keyboard Warrior kicks out. Baylor bends down and grabs Dexter who responds with a punch to his knee! Dexter throws another and another until Theo is forced to back off. Pointdexter stands up and Theo runs and Dexter ducks a clothesline. Baylor turns and is met with a massive kick right to his leg! The larger man lets out an audible yell in pain as another kick connects. Dexter turns and runs off the ropes and dives slamming shoulder first into Theo Baylor’s knee. He falls in the middle of the ring holding his knee slapping the mat frustrated. The Keyboard Warrior continues his assault standing on the back of Baylor’s knee before he lifts his leg up and slams it down hard.

Theo curls up on the ground holding his knee. Baylor gets up with help from the ropes and Pointdexter runs and hits Theo with a chop block to the back of the knee he’s been working on! The Gamer Nerd looks around almost amazed that he has the match in complete control as the referee checks on Baylor. He slowly rises to his feet using the ropes for support and like a shark that smells blood Dexter nails Baylor with another kick to the leg. Theo swats desperately at Dexter but his scientific destruction continues as he lands another kick to the leg.

A kick to the inside of the leg lands and Theo crumples to the mat. The fans cheer loudly as Pointdexter grabs Theo by the leg who kicks him away trying to by himself some time. Theo slides out of the ring desperately trying to get away from the focused assault Dexter brings to the ring. The Keyboard Warrior slides out of the opposite side of the ring and takes a running start as Theo rests trying to get feeling back into his leg by the stairs. Like a missile Dexter dropkicks the stairs right into Baylor’s knees. Theo lets out a loud scream in pain and collapses onto the ground. Pointdexter grabs him and slides Baylor back into the ring before the 10 count and he follows.

Blackfront: Dexter, has proven he belongs here so far…

Ace: Who knew the nerd has actual talent…

The doctor’s office shows up on the tron as some sort of gas is floating in the air and the doctors in the room are laughing uncontrollably. Dexter’s attention is caught immediately..

Blackfront: What in the world is going on? That's the room Ivy was taken too earlier tonight. that….laughing gas?

Ace: This is an odd change of events, and Theo is not letting Dexter leave the ring either.

Pointdexter turns around and is met with a hellacious clothesline that turns him inside out from a very frustrated Theo Baylor. He limps over and connects with a few stomps to Dexter before dropping an elbow into his chest. Baylor lifts Dexter up and slams him down with a brutal spin out powerbomb and goes for the cover.


Roberts: The winner of this match…. Theo Baylor!!!

Blackfront: Unbelievable… Dexter just can not catch a break tonight.

Ace: He probably has no clue where he’s even at right now. He probably thinks he’s in Mushroom Kingdom now!

Dexter is holding his head clearly, trying to gain his composure. Until the tron once more takes us back to the doctor's office it appears the gas has subsided. Dexter notices the back of Jestal’s head.

Blackfront: What is HE doing there!?

Jestal in that same australian voice he has used the past two weeks talks very softly.

Jestal: We are back on this edition of  Wrasslers of the Outback! We have entered a very intense situation here. One move and these primates will rip my limbs off! So I must be very quiet not to interrupt their enjoyment right now!

Ace: I think we figured out who was responsible for the gas in the room Jason...and it's hilarious!

Jestal continues his satire.

Jestal: Oi, as you can see the flowers did their trick, the female is currently incapacitated.

Blackfront: This nut case was behind all this!

Jestal looks down at her on the table.

Jestal: We can see she is no longer aggressive, we have to make sure to remove her from current dwellings. These aggressive females can really hurt the male of the species.

Jestal picks up Ivy and tosses her over his shoulder and slowly starts to walk out of the room while continuing his satire.

Dexter has finally gained his composure and notices Jestal and Ivy on the tron. While Jestal finishes his speech Dexter makes a beeline up the  entranceway!

Jestal: I will take her to a part of the world that she would desire more than her current dwellings....maybe even find a mate with a backbone.

Jestal looks straight at the camera with a devious smile. The tron turns off as Dexter reaches the beginning of the entranceway.

Ace: Well I for one found this entertaining!

Blackfront: This is not funny in the slightest bit! Ivy may be in real danger being held captive by that psycho clown!

The Highest of Towers

The Highest of Towers

The scene opens to the padded sounds of feet meeting cement. Quickly we see the running shoes of one mister Paul Stewart, WrestleUTA backstage correspondent and interviewer. He turns a corner, as the back of his suit jacket wings out. Finally we see what he is chasing as the camera rounds the same corner. He’s doing something no man in UTA does...He’s running towards David Hightower.

Hightower has his tow chain wrapped around one arm, and is headed for Guerrilla position. Paul Stewart, out of breath, and kind of scared, doesnt dare touch the man, instead he calls after him.

Stewart: David! David! I caught up with your opponent earlier tonight….

Stewart finally stands beside Hightower, who gazes his way half heartedly and continues on. Paul keeps pace beside him.

Stewart: Andy Murray said he’s ready for the challenge, and he’s looking forward to this match!...

Again the response is nonexistant on David Hightowers face. Paul tries one more time.

Stewart: Andy Murray says he’s looking forward to being the first one to beat you in this era of WrestleUTA!

Hightower stops in his tracks. He doesn’t look at Stewart, instead he looks down at the tow chain he carries with him. He smiles, looks over at Paul finally. Then without a word, he heads for the ring.


The Loophole

The Loophole

We open to the very lush office of the Owner of WrestleUTA, Mikey Unlikely. On one side of the room and obscenely large desk sits Mikey, dressed in the finest suit he could find. Beside him stands one of the four men left in the WUTASOSWTT and his best friend Jesse Fredericks Kendrix. Kendrix sports his ring tights and dashing official WrestleUTA #JFK t-shirt.

On the other end of the table sits a smug Will “The Thrill” Haynes. His hands in his lap, leaning back on the chair, staring right across the table at two of the people he hates more than anyone in the world.

On either side of the desk stands two men from the security team. Effectively blocking Will Haynes from coming around and within physical reach of the owner of the brand. If Haynes wants Mikey, he will have to dive across the desk. But he sits, stoic, and waiting for whatever shenanigans Mikey has up his sleeve this week. Unlikely smiles wide back at him.

Unlikely: William!

A nod from The Thrill, acknowledging that he is listening, a large slap sound comes when a stack of papers about half an inch wide slam down onto the desk in between the men. Mikey nods at the contract, and again at Haynes.

Unlikely: So you proved me right… I have gone over every single word of the contract. Every addition, addendum, and every specification. I cannot fire you because I do not like you. What a shame that is.

He shakes his head as Haynes smirks from the corner of his mouth. He knew this was coming, he knew his contract was ironclad.

Unlikely: I can’t fire you for being late, I can’t fire you for personal reasons, I can’t fire you for ANY reason other than insubordination, you not fulfilling your end of the contract aka no showing, OR conduct detrimental to the promotion.

Haynes raises his arms in a shrug and looks away. He’s aware of all of this. JFK snaps his fingers bringing back the attention of Haynes and pointing to Mikey.

Kendrix: Listen, Yeah?! The man is not done speaking yet! Show your boss some respect, innit?!

Haynes stands up from his seat to meet the brash Kendrix eye to eye. Despite The Thrills’ calm demeanor, security decides to close in between the two, prompting Mikey to rise from his seat.

Unlikely: Hey!!! Everyone chill the fuck out! I’ve had enough of this bullshit tonight!

Kendrix turns to look at his Bruv and then back over, pointing at Haynes who’s still standing, not taking his eyes off his opponent this evening.

Kendrix: He started it!

Mikey eyes up his best Bruv as well.

Unlikely: Yea, well I’m finishing it! I mean that in the most literal sense possible! Because tonight in that ring out there, you two will not only be fighting for a spot in the finals of the WUTASOSWTT! But you will also be fighting for your jobs…

Haynes eyes go wide as Kendrix’ jaw drops and his full attention swings from Haynes to Mikey.

Unlikely: That’s right Will, I can’t fire you… but according to your contract, I have full reign on match making and stipulations so long as the stipulation applies to both sides. So tonight's Main Event matchup will be for both of your contracts! This match will be a Sink or Swim match!

Haynes begins to open his mouth to speak but he’s cut off by a loud pitched whine coming from the direction of JFK.


Before Kendrix can finish the sentence he probably shouldn’t be finishing, Mikey jumps out of his seat, shoves Jesse’s shoulder and points a stern authoritative finger his direction.


Kendrix’s mouth drops a little at the Mikey’s plagiarism of his own catch-phrase and, double taking, his mouth drops even further at being called by his actual name.

Mikey Unlikely: Let me remind you of who’s in charge around here. Oh, that’s right, it’s me! I can do whatever the hell I like. I can and I have put your contract on the line!

Mikey points over at Haynes on the other side of the desk without taking his eyes off Kendrix,

Mikey Unlikely: I WANT HIM OUT OF HERE, DAMMIT! Besides, that shouldn’t be a problem for The Future of MY company now, would it, bruv?!

Kendrix turns his attention away from Mikey and over at Haynes, who simply smiles confidently back at him, loving what he’s seeing unfold in front of him. Gritting his teeth and scratching the back of his head, Kendrix is still clearly in disbelief at Mikey’s shocking revelation. He turns his gaze back to Mikey and shrugs his shoulders dismissively.

Kendrix: Pffft, OBVS JFK can beat Will Haynes, bruv. But what if he cheats?!

The sound of laughter fills the room from the other side of the table. Haynes wags his finger at the two men staring back at him oddly.

Haynes: Guys, sorry to interrupt this little domestic spat, you Love Birds are having right now but let me get this right? I have the chance to not only move onto the finals of your tournament, but I can get rid of this idiot too!?

Kendrix and Mikey look over at each other confused.

Mikey Unlikely: Domestic Love Birds?

Kendrix: Idiot?

Haynes: What if I cheat? You know, this is the first time The Thrill goes up against JFK but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what you’re about. You are without a doubt one of the brightest prospects in this industry today, quite possibly The Future that you so often tell us you are.

Kendrix smugly nods his head over at The Thrill acknowledging the compliment.

Haynes: I’ve seen you out there. But despite it all, all the wins, the losses, whether you’re on your own, Dynasty, Hollywood Bruvs...the one consistent thing about you, the one thing we’ve seen so far in this very tournament? Is that you...are the slimiest, sneaking, weaseling opportunist that you’ve always been from the day you set foot into the company.

Kendrix runs his hand through his beard in thought over Haynes’ description of him before directing an agreeable nod back his way.

Kendrix: O...kay..Thanks, Bellend?! What’s your point??!

Haynes looks over at Mikey and then back at JFK.

Haynes: My point? My that I know exactly what I’m getting in the ring with tonight. Clearly, you have no idea what you’re dealing with! Tonight, after I pin you in the ring, and rid this place of the biggest prima donna I’ve ever seen.

Kendrix: PRIMA DONNA!?!?

Thats it! JFK loses his cool. He dives across the table at Haynes. Thrill cocks back to fight back but security intervenes.  They pull the two men apart. Mikey is screaming for Security to get Haynes out of the office. He goes willingly. Mikey tries to grab JFK to calm him down.

Unlikely: Whoa bruv! Wh…

Kendrix smacks Mikey’s hands away, Shakes his head and mumbles under his breath.

Kendrix: Putting my contract up… You gotta be bloody mad!

Mikey looks shocked. Kendrix walks past security and leaves the room as well, leaving Mikey standing there frustrated.


Andy Murray vs David Hightower

Andy Murray vs David Hightower

Welcome back to ringside, folks! It’s time for our first of two tournament semi-finals tonight, as the increasingly popular Andy Murray takes-on the brutal David Hightower.

Ace: What a goddamn fight this is gonna be, Jason! I’m moist with excitement!

Blackfront: That’s disgusting.

Ace: “Disgusting?” That’s what the loser’s face is going to be at the end of this. We’re talking about two of the hardest athletes in the sport here! This could get nasty.

Blackfront: And if it does get nasty, that’s good news for David Hightower. He thrives in wild, chaotic environments, and if he can impose his hard-brawling style on Murray, it’ll be curtains for The King. By the same token, Murray’s raw power is unrivaled in the business, and his technique is through the roof. They’re both big guys, but they have their differences.

Ace: There won’t be any place for technique in this one, Jason! Hightower’s gonna make this a fight, and if that goody-goody Murray ain’t up to it, he’s getting flattened.

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes spits through the PA system once again, and the fans do their thing. Andy Murray makes his way to the ring after the usual pyro & lights show, slapping hands and bumping fists with the UTA faithful as he goes. He eventually reaches the end of the ramp, rolls under the bottom rope, and mounts a set of turnbuckles.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Aberdeen, Scotland, he weighs in at 280lbs… ANDYYYYY MURRRRRRAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Murray starts settling himself in the ring. “Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr. soon starts playing through the speakers, and the crowd let out a hefty chorus of jeers for the emerging David Hightower. The Toughest Dog in the Yard is strictly business as he heads down the ring, and keeps his eyes firmly focused on his opponent as he goes.

Roberts: … aaaaaand his opponent! From West Memphis, Arkansas, he weighs in at 250lbs, he is “THE TOUGHEST DOG IN THE YARD”... DAVID HIIIIIIIIGHTOOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEERRRRRR!

Hightower immediately plows towards Andy as he’s pulling his entrance jacket off! The bell rings as he’s clobbering away on the Scot, and he knocks him to one one knee with a stiff blow to the back of the head. Hightower soon has him backed into a corner, but Murray works his way out with a few well-placed elbows.

No matter how hard Murray tries to repel him, Hightower keeps coming back. The King goes for a lock-up that David breaks-out of immediately, but Murray stings his jaw with some stiff forearms. The Toughest Dog in the Yard comes back with some hard lefts and rights, then a few stinging chops to the chest.

Hightower just keeps going with his trademark manic striking, and while Andy’s able to block roughly half of them, plenty get through. David eventually backs him into the corner again, and takes to the bottom turnbuckle to gain leverage on the towering Scot. He eventually puts his hands around Murray’s neck for a choke, but the referee breaks it up before the five count.

Back towards the middle, Murray grabs one of Hightower’s tree-trunk arms and starts going to work. He twists it behind his back but struggles for leverage. “Fuck this,” is probably what he’s thinking as he abandons this approach, pulls Hightower in with a short Lariat, then tosses him into the corner. Murray follows-up with a couple of bodykicks, but Hightower comes back with a right hand, the duo are soon exchanging blows in the middle of the ring!

Murray finds space in the onslaught and locks-up. He seizes an arm again and drags Hightower to the mat, but the smaller man gradually works his way to the feet. No matter: Andy knees him in the gut, bodyslams him down, then peels him off the mat. Hightower gets thrown to the corner, and Andy follows-up with a running European Uppercut.

This keeps Hightower stalled for a moment, and Murray’s able to land a bunch of unanswered forearms. David inevitably fights back, however: he smashes him with a heatbutt to the face, then skips behind, seizes the waist, and downs Murray with a backdrop!

No pinfall attempts thus far, and that isn’t change anytime soon. Hightower pulls Andy to his feet, but Murray shoves him against the ropes. Hightower comes flying back and runs right into a shoulder block from Andy that almost knocks him off his feet. He doesn’t, however, but when Hightower goes to the ropes and hits a shoulder block of his own, Murray goes stumbling backwards!

David bundles The King over the top rope and follows him out. Once there, Hightower shows no remorse in violently whipping Andy towards the ring post. He hits it with a huge thud, and Hightower keeps him grounded with some stomps. It’s been a tough fight thus far, and Hightower has enjoyed the majority of the offence.

Hightower pulls the groggy Murray up, but The King fires back with a huge Uppercut! Hightower staggers back, and Murray falls to his knees before he can take the advantage. He eventually goes, however, and meets David on his feet. Hightower with the right hand… blocked! Forearm from Muray! Another! Roaring Elbow!

Hightower goes wobbling back against the barricade, but as the referee’s count nears 10, Murray rolls him back inside. Once there, Andy picks him up from the mat, hoists him in the air, and drills him with a Back Drop Driver!




Hightower kicks out with authority, and Andy boots his torso as he rises. Murray tries to quell his violent opponent, but Hightower goes dirty with a jab to the throat and an eye rake. Andy throws a desperation elbow, but Hightower ducks, pulls him around, and drops him with a Lariat!




David lands a couple of grounded knees to the face to keep Murray grounded, then mounts the larger man. He drops punch after punch after punch on Andy’s face until he’s eventually called away under threat of disqualification. Now in full-on predator mode, Hightower stalks Murray as he rises, and looks to be setting him up for his big right hook finisher!

Murray’s on his feet… and he ducks the punch! Murray quickly pulls him in for a big Belly-to-Belly Overhead, then picks him off the mat with a naaaaaaasty deadlift Gutwrench Suplex!

The King senses there’s life left in his opponent yet, however, and that it’ll take more damage to put him away. Andy picks him up, but Hightower reverses the whip attempt. 5am In The Mo-- NO! DUCKED AGAIN!

Andy gets in behind Hightower and smashes the back of his head with some dizzying elbows! Enraged, Hightower swings around and gets to mauling, but he’s lost in his rage and gets sloppy. Andy’s composure in battle shines through: a short elbow knocks him down, but he grabs Dave’s legs as he tries to boot him on the way up, then rams him back into the corner! Murray keeps wrist control, pulls him in… Lariat!

But Hightower still won’t go down! He’s wobbling, but he’s not giving way. Murray runs to the ropes, shoulder barge… Hightower STILL doesn’t go down! Murray comes back one more time… LARIAT BY HIGHTOWER!




That one whips the crowd into a frenzy. They’re on their feet calling for Murray to prevail, but Hightower’s playing to win. Hightower let’s Murray rise to a certain degree, then locks him in a razor-tight rear naked choke.

Andy gets to his feet, but he’s fading…

… and fading…

… and fading…

But no! Murray pulls his hands away as the referee starts checking for consciousness! It takes all he’s got, but he scoops one of Hightower’s legs off the ground, then the other, then falls all the way backwards! Still attached to Murray’s back, Hightower his the mat back-first!

The hold’s broken! Murray tries to act quickly, but he’s struggling. Eventually he’s able to pull Hightower up, trap a wrist, and hoist him into his shoulders!

GITB (Wrist-Clutch Death Valley Driver)!

He makes the cover…




Ace: Holy balls, what a war!

The bell rings, and a huge cheer goes up as the referee helps Murray to his feet. He’s taken one hell of a beating, but he found a way to put Hightower down!

Blackfront: A fantastic come-from-behind performance from Andy Murray, who now makes his way to the tournament finals!

Ace: He only ever busts that move out in the most desperate of circumstances, when he NEEDS to put a guy down! It says a lot about Hightower’s performance that Murray pulled it out.

Blackfront: It really does. Hightower was his usual self tonight, and he had Murray reeling on several occasions. Just when it looked like The King was fading-out, however, he found a way to turn the tide! No matter what he goes through, this man is never out of a fight

The Legend No More!

The Legend No More...

It has been a hell of a night Tommy, Andy Murray goes to the finals to face the winner of the Kendrix and Will Haynes match tonight. Impulse takes his first of I am sure many victories to come, and Jestal that dastardly clown, just kidnapped Ivy, and cost Dexter Pointdexter his chance at victory over Theo Baylor!

Ace: It sure has been just that tonight! We are on the eve of a super show in two weeks where we will crown our NEW WrestleUTA World Champion!

Scene shifts from Jason, and Tommy to the tron….

Backstage the fans give off a ovation of cheers as they see Crimson Lord and Zoey walking backstage. Crimson in his street clothes, along with Zoey, as they pass the restroom Zoey notices a slippery when wet sign on the floor she looks up at Crimson.

Zoey: I don’t have to pee, but it looks like it's being cleaned.

Crimson doesn’t really say anything until his eyes widen when the women’s restroom door opens and we see Ron Hall with his back turned to the two. He is dressed as a janitor. He stops mopping and leans on the edge of the mop. Wiping his forehead with his forearm, he turns around and quickly sees Crimson Lord’s WrestleUTA hockey jersey.

He slowly looks up and notices his old nemesis staring at him with his eyes wide open. Ron takes a peek toward Zoey who rolls her eyes from him and ignores the fact he just mopped the floor and enters the bathroom.  Ron shakes his head as if this is normal or something.  He turns his look to his old friend and rival.

Crimson: I did not want to believe it when I heard it, but after witness this vulgar display of manual labor. All I have to say Ronald is….What the Fuck!

Ron: It’s an honest day’s work?  

Crimson raises a eyebrow.

Crimson: Call it what you want but this looks crystal clear to me! You're cleaning clogged toilets and mopping floors. What happened to your pride, oh wait don’t answer that you must of flushed it down a woman’s toilet!

Ron: Hey, you want to talk dignity and pride?  You jams his finger in Crimson’s chest need to go look at that WrestleUTA talent contract you’ve got. You would still be signing autographs at some independant show if I never pulled the favors I did to get you back in the company!

Crimson, crosses his arms.

Crimson: Sooner or later this company would of been begging me to return. WrestleUTA is no where near as entertaining without the one true monster this company had!

Ron mumbles to himself while he looks away.

Ron: Bet Hightower would have something to say about that.

Crimson responds as Ron quickly redirects his attention to Crimson

Crimson: What was that?

Ron: Nothing. This game with Mikey is far from over. I can’t do anything about this...

Crimson cuts him off

Crimson: So in other words you're now his little bitch!

Crimson shakes his head in disappointment.

Ron: No genius.  You of all people should know I’ve got a few cards left in my deck, he might have the upper hand at the moment but he rather easily made a fool out of you.

Crimson seems real intrigued by that train of thought.

Crimson: Oh really? How so?

Ron returns the mop to the bucket sitting next to the wall he presses the handle down to squeegee the mop of excess liquid before returning it to the bucket. He turns around and looks at Crimson with a smirk on his face.

Ron: It's funny he found it necessary to put everyone BUT WrestleUTA’s homegrown “OG Monster” in that world title tournament.  Kinda makes you wonder don’t it?

Crimson growls under his teeth, for a moment not saying a word as the two legends stare eye to eye. The stare is only interrupted as Zoey exits the washroom.

Crimson: Finally Zolynadra, just being around this man makes me disgusted I was ever in the ring with him, or that he was ever called a WrestleUTA World Champion!

Crimson and Zoey start to walk off as Ron clenches his teeth for a moment before he responds.

Ron Cheerfully as if nothing’s wrong: Let me know how you do in the  WrestleUTA World Title Tournament old friend!   Say hi to Angelica for me!

Ron pushes the bucket off camera, with the camera showing Zoey looking up at Crimson whose eyes are wide open and his teeth clenched against each other. You can practically see the veins in Crimson’s eyes.

Zoey: Don’t be so happy, I never hated Ron anyway. He is a exciting new sensation who has achieved so much these days.

Crimson looks down at her for a moment. He appears to calm down rather quick. The two walk off camera, as the scene shifts....

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

As we cut to another area backstage we see Paul Stewart standing next to the one and only Scott Stevens. The WrestleUTA backdrop hangs in the background.

Stewart: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Scott Stevens.

Stewart introduces the Texan who gives him a slap on the back.

Stevens: How are you doing?

Stewart: Doing good. Now, you’ve specifically asked for this time to address some things!?

Scott Stevens nods his head along with the question, already anticipating it.

Stevens: That is true.

Stewart: What are some of the things you would like to address?

Scott thinks to himself, and takes a breath.

Stevens: My future in Wrestle UTA.

Stevens says and Steward has a reserved look on his face.

Stewart: Your future?

Stevens: That’s right.

Stewart: Please elaborate.

Stevens: Sure.

Stevens clears his throat before continuing.

Stevens: This is the first time in a long time that I have said anything since returning to UTA because I wanted to let my actions in the ring speak for myself instead of overhyping things in case I failed to deliver, and as we all saw I’m not in the World title tournament anymore thanks to JFK.

Stewart: A match that some people have as an early candidate for match of the year in UTA…..

Stevens holds up his hand to cut Stewart off.

Stevens: Look, as great of a match as some people are saying it was, the point is I’m not going to be the next UTA world champion and I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for the next opportunity to arise. Am I disappointed in myself? Damn right I am because since I came back to UTA the world championship was my singular focus and I was within a heartbeat of getting that opportunity, but it wasn’t meant to be and the hand I was dealt showed that. However, I do know that the next opportunity for me is in the hands of our owner, Mikey Unlikely.

Stewart: What do you hope the owner has in store for you?

Stevens: To be honest, I’m not sure... I don’t want to be one of these guys that’s been forgotten over the last couple of months because I came back here because I want to be here. I want to prove that I still have what it takes to be one of the best in UTA history and eventually become the UTA World champion. In the meantime, I heard a little rumor going around that another championship may be introduced in the near future, and I want to show Mikey that I am deserving of an opportunity to contend for it. If given the opportunity, he won’t be disappointed.

Stewart: If another championship does come to fruition which would you like to see returned? The Legacy championship or the Wildfire championship which you previously held?

Stevens: It doesn’t matter to me because I just want the opportunity to prove that I belong here despite the fact of Mikey Unlikely bitterness towards me.

Stewart: Bitterness?

Stewart asked confused.

Stevens: Yes bitterness because it’s no secret that the Bruvs and I don’t get along backstage. They think it’s cute and funny to tell me to “Go Away” every chance I get and I just smile and wave because acts of childishness aren’t worth my time. Do you think I would still be here if Mikey had his way?

Stewart: I’m assuming not.

Stevens: You would be correct. The only reason I’m here is because he has to use me because it costs too much money to keep me on the sidelines and it costs too much money to buy me out. Despite the animosity between the three of us I show up to work and continue to put on the best matches I can because that’s what I do. I want to show Mikey that I can be a professional and prove my worth to him, and the only way I can do that is in the ring.

Stevens says as he points towards where he thinks the ring is.

Stevens: Mikey, I’m the only one you can count on around here, and to prove it I just need the opportunity.

The scene fades away as Paul Stewart thanks Stevens for his time.

Will Haynes vs Kendrix

Will Haynes vs Kendrix:



♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #JFK t-shirt and trademark JFK green and gold ring tights with green boots.

Blackfront: Folks, we are ready for a hell of a main event that has so much on the line! Not only does the victor between this man and Will Haynes progress to the final of the WUTASOSWTT to face Andy Murray, the loser will be out of a job!

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting his Armani sponsored Bug Eye shades as well as a smug smirk on his face.

Roberts: And his opponent. Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 218lbs…

Having made his way to the ring, Kendrix hops onto the second turnbuckle, furthest from the ramp.


Having bumped his fist to his chest before holding his arms out wide by his side Kendrix twists around down to the mat, hopping from one foot to the other, discarding his shades, awaiting his opponent.

The beginnings of "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys begins to play as the fans climb to their feet. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

Blackfront: Tonight Will Haynes takes on Jesse Fredricks Kendrix, and both men’s jobs are on the line!  

Ace: I can’t wait to get this one over with, and get this reject “The Thrill” outta here! Mikey was better than him in WTFC, he was better than him in Dynasty, and he’s better than him now!

Blackfront: Well if Haynes wins, then JFK is out! Then what would Mikey do!?

Ace: Mikey!? What the hell would ALL OF US DO!? Innit!?

Will begins to walk down the aisle, nod his head to the music. He slaps the hands of some fans along the ramp as he continues to the ring.

Roberts: Hailing from Athens, Georgia

Roberts: Standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds...

Roberts: Will "the THRILL" Haynes

Haynes jumps onto the ring cover, pulls down the middle rope and climbs in. He bounces off the far side, then the near side, and then back off the far side testing the ropes.

Ace: Mr Mikey hates Will Haynes so much he’s actually risked his Bestest Bruv in the whole world’s contract on the line tonight! Could you even imagine a show without JFK, Jason?!

Blackfront: I certainly could Tommy...

The match begins with Will Haynes circling the ring. Trying to get a feel for JFK. Kendrix however does the opposite. He stands square in the center of the ring, keeping his eyes on The Thrill the entire time. He doesn’t take the time to crouch and try to get low, instead he panders to the fans. Haynes has had enough and shoots in with the single leg. He get’s it high on JFK but Kendrix uses his ring awareness to find the ropes and fall toward them when Haynes tried a takedown. The referee forces him to break the hold. Kendrix smiles, he had put up almost no fight there.

Haynes backs up, the fans cheer and he slaps at his chest, then yells for Kendrix to “come on!”. The ever cautious and calculating Jesse doesn’t take the bait. He loosens his wrists and cracks his neck and comes back off the ropes slowly. He cautiously starts to circle the ring and Haynes returns the gesture. Finally the two lock up for the first time. Kendrix quick as a whip brings his hands up, and breaks the hold, and shrugs off to the side. He puts his arms up in the air and shows off to the crowd. Clearly proud of his hold break.

Haynes has had enough. He grabs Kendrix by the shoulder, spins him around quickly and starts lighting up his chest and face with painted forearms. Kendrix now backs up, feeling every blow, Haynes get’s him to the ropes, pushes off of them and whips JFK off the other side. The Thrill looks to meet him in the middle with a clothesline but Kendrix ducks the attempt and through to the opposite ropes, back off of them he hops over Haynes, who drops his chest to the mat, through to the other side, he meets both Haynes’ feet head first, his back slamming down in the middle of the ring, having walked straight into a perfectly timed Dropkick.

Jesse reaches for his jaw but has no time to rest as Haynes grabs him by the back of the head and hoists him to his feet. Kendrix throws a couple soft punches but can't get the angle or the force he needs. Haynes backs him into the turnbuckle. Throws one of JFK’s arms back and slaps the chest loud enough to reverberate around the Wrestlezone. Kendrix let’s out a loud “Ooooooh” as the fans Woo along. Haynes backs him up and delivers a second blow that can be argued as harder than the first. Haynes turns and Snapmares Kendrix over his shoulder, applying a rear chin lock. Kendrix struggles at first but realizes he needs to focus up in order to escape. Before he can try to figure out an escape route though, Haynes releases and delivers a quick knee to the back of the head. Kendrix drops and Haynes attempts the first pin of the match.



Kendrix kicks out at two.

Kendrix crawls to the ropes but Haynes is focussed on his target and doesn’t give him an inch. Both hands around JFK’s face Will hauls his opponent to his feet but as he turns him round to face him Kendrix grabs the back of Haynes’ head and drops down to his knees to deliver a well timed Jawbreaker. With Haynes momentarily stunned (but not down) JFK shakes away the cobwebs, and delivers a running knee to the temple, finally sending Haynes down to the mat. Bouncing back off the ropes he drops that same knee down on the same spot. Haynes grabs at his head as the smirk on Jesse’s face reappears. He looks up at the ref and points eagerly at something behind him. As the ref turns to see nothing interesting at all, Kendrix begins pummelling with closed fists at Haynes head. The Ref immediately begins his count when he realises what’s going on and Kendrix holds his hands up apologetically flat at the last second.

Jesse stalks his opponent as he struggles up to his feet. Once he’s there, he throws both his hands around Haynes’ sternum and launches him up, over and down, back first to the canvas. Holding on for dear life, he delivers a second German Suplex. He goes for a third but Haynes delivers an elbow and another to loosen the grip and hit an uppercut that stuns Jesse. Haynes throws a clothesline but in one swift move Jesse ducks and switches back behind Haynes to deliver the third German Suplex and simultaneously into a Bridge Pin attempt.




Kendrix slams his hands down at the mat before looking up at the ref asking for three but the ref holds his ground and shakes his head. Puffing his cheeks out, not looking best pleased he finally returns his focus on Haynes but receives a kick to the head for his momentary lapse in concentration. The Thrill is up quick. With Kendrix still on his knees, Will grabs his head and drops him down hard with a devastating DDT.

Blackfront: Kendrix looks like he’s out, cover!





Blackfront: JUST in time there, JFK saves his job just a little longer! This one has been one hell of a contest!

Haynes holds his head in his hands but quickly shakes off the disappointment of the oh so close pinfall. Pulling Kendrix to his feet once more he whips him across to the turnbuckle to deliver knife edge chops.


A second, third and fourth and the crowd are right behind The Thrill here. He makes his way to the opposite turnbuckle and charges at JFK, looking to deliver the running knee but Kendrix sidesteps at the very last moment. As Will’s knee crashes against the turnbuckle Kendrix delivers a running bulldog and immediately tries to hook in the Kendrix Kross. However, it’s not quite locked in and Haynes manages to summon enough strength to roll onto his side with Kendrix’s shoulders down on the matt







Both men are immediately up on their feet and trade forearms with each other









Haynes with the upper hand with Kendrix stumbling backwards. Jesse throws a laboured forearm back that’s easily dodged by Haynes and followed up with Kendrix walking straight into The Thrillplex!!!


Blackfront: Haynes has the cover!!!







Blackfront: What the hell?!! Count!!!

Ace: The ref stopped counting!!!

Haynes drops Kendrix’s leg down and looks up at the ref. For a moment The Thrill looks confused, but only for a moment, as his face turns to thunder upon realising the count was stopped.

Blackfront: Kendrix has just started stirring now. The ref is apologising to Haynes here, what the hell’s going on?!

A voice can be heard over the PA system.

V/O: Woah Woah Woah, What the hell Bruv!?

The fans explode into boos’

Ace: Our fearless leader is here!!!!

Mikey Unlikely is seen walking down the ramp in his suit jacket and slacks. He has a microphone to his mouth.

Unlikely: What kind of count was that!? Do you not know it’s ONE, TWO, THREE!? Can you count to three!?

Unlikely comes to the ring, and rolls right inside. Paying no mind to Haynes, who’s up on his feet, or Kendrix, who’s managed to crawl over to the bottom rope trying to pull himself up. Instead, he walks right over to the referee. Who can be heard whispering over the mic, which clearly wasn’t intended.

Referee: But Mikey, you told me backstage if Haynes wins, I’m fired too…

The owner of WrestleUTA shushes him loudly, clearly upset he said this in front of everyone. Haynes now has labored breathing in the corner. Haynes shakes his head while Mikey puts on his dog and pony show.

Unlikely: You know, clearly you are unfit to referee a match of this calibre. A major match in the great series that is MY WUTASOSWTT! A Semi-Finals match! We need someone we can rely on. Someone who always steps up big when the moment is right, and a man who is above all UNBIASED!!!!

Blackfront: Oh no…

It’s true. Unlikely unbuttons his suit jacket and peels it away revealing the ever famous white and black stripes off to the crowd. Kendrix suddenly realizes that Mikey had a plan all along, and a look of relief washes over his face. Shaking his head in disbelief, Haynes begins towards Mikey who has his back to him, still showing off his ref’s shirt. But before he can have words with the owner Kendrix delivers the low blow!

Blackfront: Hey, That’s a DQ!

Ace: Mikey didn’t see it!

Haynes is down on both knees in the worst pain imaginable to men! Kendrix falls back first to the mat, laughing to himself having used every ounce of strength he had left behind the low blow. Sitting up, he looks over at Mikey with a knowing glance. Unlikely grabs Kendrix’ hand and helps him up to his feet before pointing down at Haynes.

Unlikely: End this!

Not waiting for a second invitation, Kendrix delivers a Superkick right to the back of Haynes’ skull sending him face first to the canvas. He doesn’t stop there, dropping stomp after stomp after stomp to the back of the head. He drops to his knees and turns Haynes over, not letting up, striking fists down hard to the The Thrill’s face over and over!

Blackfront: My God, Haynes isn’t moving this match should be stopped. Kendrix has lost it and Mikey’s just standing there encouraging him!

Kendrix looks at his hand covered in blood before spitting in Haynes’ face and hooks the leg for the cover and Mikey’s down in a flash to count.

Unlikely: ONETWOTHRE….


Ace: WHAATTTT???!!!!

Blackfront: Unbelievable!! Mikey was counting as fast as he could on that one and Haynes still kicked out!!!!

Both men are furious. Kendrix slaps the mat hard over and over in frustration and Mikey drops some F bombs all over the ring. Haynes tries to sit up, but between the blood in his face, and the beating he’s taken, he falls to the side instead.

Blackfront: Haynes is still ready to fight! He’s slowly getting up! Telling both men to come at him!

The Hollywood Bruvs look at each other for an instant, neither hiding their disbelief, before quickly obliging. In a fury of fists, forearms, and kicks, Mikey and JFK begin in on Will Haynes.

Blackfront: Mikey is supposed to be the referee…

Ace: Jason, the cold hard fact is that Will Haynes is NOT leaving here with a contract tonight…

Haynes tries to fight them both off, but it doesn't take long before the Hollywood Bruvs have him in complete control. Mikey spins and nails a roaring elbow, that about takes the head off of Haynes. Kendrix picks him back up again right away, tucks him under his legs, and lifts into a powerbomb position. Mikey hits the ropes and comes back, he delivers a cutter, while JFK delivers the dominator.


Blackfront: The fix is in folks…

Haynes lies motionless on the mat in front of the two men. Blood pools around his face. Kendrix hooks the leg but Mikey hasn’t noticed, his attention purely on the face of Haynes, smiling at the bloody mess below him.

Kendrix: COUNT, BRUV!!!!!!

Managing to snap out of the sick happy place he was momentarily in, Mikey drops to his knees for the count. No need to be fast on this one.




Ding Ding Ding!


Let ‘Em Come by Scroobius Pip hits the arena

Jeremy Roberts: The winner of this match by pinfall…

Upon getting to their feet, Unlikely places his foot on the chest of Haynes and raises Kendrix’ hand up in victory.


Blackfront: Ladies and Gentlemen we’ve seen an absolute travesty of affairs here, Will Haynes has been screwed by Mikey Unlikely and...and now what are these two up to?!

Kendrix rolls out of the ring, pushes the ringside cameraman out of the way and grabs a steel chair from under the ring, and shoves it to Mikey before rolling back in the ring himself. Mikey points down at the stirring body of The Thrill and whispers something inaudible to his Bruv.

Ace: Something tells me The Bruvs aren’t finished here Jason.

Kendrix holds Haynes’ head up and delivers a derogatory slap across his face before hooking his arms underneath Will’s and hauling him up to a standing position.

Blackfront: What a tough guy, slapping a defenceless Will Haynes, he can hardly stand up!

Mikey walks right in front of Hayes who’s just about come to, talking trash to his long term adversary. He takes a step back and lunges forward digging the chair into Haynes’ sternum, before following up with a chair shot against his back. Haynes’ is on all fours coughing and gasping for air. Meanwhile Mikey summons JFK to pick him back up. He does so with ease. Mikey steps back once more, only this time he’s shaping for Hayne’s head.

Blackfront: He’s had enough Mikey! You’ve got your way, dammit!

Mikey mouths one final piece of trash Haynes’ way but the concerned atmosphere in the arena suddenly erupts.

Ace: Hey!

Blackfront: It’s Crimson Lord!!

True enough, the large monster comes racing down to ringside, and slides into the ring. Mikey and Kendrix see him just in time, Mikey dips quick and Crimson Lord is on Kendrix’ heels. Kendrix bails from the ring, just as CL hits the ropes behind him, grasping for the Hollywood Bruv.

Once he has the ring to himself, Crimson Lord, slides over to Haynes and tries to help him up. He motions for the medical team in the back to come out, which they do. Crimson gets up, kicks at the ropes. The fans cheer the man for the save, but he is not responding through his frustration.

Blackfront: Clearly, Crimson Lord had seen enough! You don’t have to be a mans friend in order to save them from destruction.

Ace: Well that's definitely what Mikey and JFK had in mind.

Blackfront: That’s all the time we have this week folks, Tune in next time, when we crown our new WrestleUTA World Champion! Jesse Fredricks Kendrix will take on Andy Murray, only one man can walk away with the strap!

The scene fades on the medical staff in the ring, working on Will Haynes, and trying to stop the bleeding.


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