Wrestleshow S1 E3

28 Aug 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)


The words Two Weeks Ago appear at the bottom of the screen as we see Marie Van Claudio, Amy Harrison, Zhalia Fears, Kelly, Ivy, and Jade Justice in the ring before the bell sounds for the main event.


Amy goes down hard, grabbing her throat in pain. Kelly stomps Marie Van Claudio before turning to the booing fans and posing near the ropes. Jade Justice quickly charges her from behind, leaning down enough to grab her legs, before tipping Kelly up and over the ropes to the floor out side.

Roberts: Kelly... has been eliminated.

We get a shot of Kelly sitting on the floor in disbelief as she holds her head.


She heads over and grabs the top rope with both hands, using it to hold herself up as she extends her leg up and into the throat of MVC.

Blackfront: Jade Justice choking Marie Van Claudio with that foot. Completely legal in this type of match.

Ace: As well as nice to look at. Jade Justice has the most perfect legs.

Justice lets go of Claudio who drops to her knees, holding her throat. To the side of them, Brandy Sutton is trying to lift Ivy over the top rope.

Blackfront: Ivy close to be.. no.. she IS eliminated as Brandy Sutton gets her over the top rope.

Roberts: Ivy has been eliminated.

Brandy turns and runs toward Jade Justice, who side steps her while turning and grabbing the back of her head to use her own force against her. Sutton is sent over the top rope, crashing hard to the floor as the fans boo.

Roberts: Brandy Sutton has been eliminated.

Blackfront: Jade Justice now with two eliminations taking out who can only be considered as her biggest threat in this match so far.

Ace: Can you believe it Jason?


Harrison and Claudio look at each other and both nod before charging behind Gemini. Both women grab an arm and turn her toward the ropes before sending her into and over the top. The fans cheer.

Roberts: Gemini has been eliminated!

Ace: And then there were four.


he fans cheer. Amy lifts Jade Justice to her feet and calls for Marie.

Blackfront: Marie and Amy working together again here as they press Jade Justice into the ropes.

Jade grabs the top rope and holds on as Marie and Amy attempt to lift her over.

Blackfront: Justice trying to fight back now.

She reaches back and grabs Amy with one hand, trying to pull her over. Marie Van Claudio puts all of her strength into pushing, getting Jade up and over the top rope. However, in the process Jade is able to pull Amy with her. Both women crash down onto the apron and then floor.

Roberts: Jade Justice and Amy Harrison have been eliminated!

Blackfront: I did not see that coming! Jade Justice able to take Amy Harrison out with her as Zhalia Fears and Marie Van Claudio are the last two remaining women in this match.


Zhalia throws her leg over Marie Van Claudio's neck now, who pushes it up immediately and then kip ups to a standing position as Zhalia rolls over and and gets to her knees. Claudio walks over and stares down at her opponent who stands up, pushing her away as she does. Zhalia moves back to the ropes, leaning on them for a moment.

Blackfront: Marie rushes Fears.

Zhalia pulls the top rope down but Marie is able to stop herself before going over.

Blackfront: Close call for Marie Van Claudio there.

Fears lets go of the rope, comes forward swinging at Marie. MVC scoots back as Fears over-corrects, and twist all the way around. Marie quickly moves forward, grabbing Zhalia from behind and dumping her up and over the top rope. The bell begins to sound.

Roberts: Zhalia Fears has been eliminated... your winner and NEEEEW... UTA WOMEN'S CHAMPION.... MARIE... VAN.... CLLLAAUUUDDDIIIOOO!!!!


Zhalia stands out of the ring leaning on the edge of the ring, her head down. Finally she rolls back into the ring. As she does, the referee walks toward MVC with the title. Zhalia stops him for a moment, pulling the belt away.

Blackfront: Zhalia Fears here, taking the title from the referee as Marie Van Claudio watches.

Zhalia looks down at the belt in her hands and then up at Marie Van Claudio who is unsure what to make of the situation.


She grips the belt a bit more before handing it over to Marie Van Claudio. MVC takes the championship as Zhalia grabs her free hand and holds it up.

Blackfront: Fears being a good sport as she helps Marie Van Claudio celebrate here tonight. Congratulations Marie. This is a big win.

Zhalia begins to clap as she turns and backs away, heading toward the ropes to allow Marie a chance to take it in. MVC heads to the corner, climbing it before holding the belt high in the air as the fans cheer.


As we pan across the screaming fans the camera finally comes to rest upon Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace.

Blackfront: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the third episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu. I'm Jason Blackfront and joining me is my broadcast partner, Tommy Ace.

Ace: Do not adjust your screens, it's really me!

Blackfront: Just two weeks ago the women's division was on fire as we crowned the new UTA Women's Champion, Marie Van Claudio.

Ace: I didn't think she had it in her Jason, but she pulled it off.

Blackfront: Outlasting seven other's in an over-the-top battle royal, Marie overcame the odds to prove that she wanted it more than everyone else.

Ace: Lets talk about some of the surprises Jason. Jade Justice returned!

Blackfront: Not only did she return, but she returned with force. Another big return was Brandy Sutton who in her own right established the kind of dominance you should expect out of the women's division.

Ace: It was a night where the ladies shined.

Blackfront: You've got that right Tommy. Speaking of the ladies shining, we will see Amy Harrison and Jade Justice in one-on-one action here after the fall out of that major main event.

Ace: Have you heard Jason?

Blackfront: What's that?

Ace: Scott Stevens is back from vacation and will be in action tonight!

Blackfront: That's right! Scott Stevens returns to the UTA to take on Charles Wingate. But you have to wonder, after causing Dick Fury his match last week, will Charles need to watch over his back?

Ace: It's never a good thing to have Dick creep up on you from behind Jason.

Blackfront: In tonight's main event, John Sektor will take on Sean Jackson for a chance to become the new number one contender to Mikey Unlikely's Heavyweight Championship. All of this and more, right here tonight on this episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu!

Ace: I'm excited!

We have a brief moment of silence before Jason Blackfront begins to talk again.

Blackfront: Well, it seems that we are having some sort of disturbance in front of The Wrestlezone. We're going to take you there right now folks.

Jason sells a look of concern as we fade.

We Ain't Got No Tickets

We move to the entrance of The Wrestlezone where there is still a small line of fans entering the building. As the camera pans down the lines, the fans scream and shout, showing off their shirts and signs.

Blackfront: Fans still piling into The Wrestlezone here as we prepare for another big night.

Ace: Look! A Tommy Ace is My Bro shirt!

Suddenly there is an unique sounding car honk that can be heard. The fans begin to get out of the way as we see the grill of an orange 1969 Dodge Charger pulling forward.

Blackfront: Is that... the... the..


The car pulls up onto the curb as the camera man runs around in time to see the one occupants begin to slide through the passenger side window. As his arm reaches out, he flops a championship title on top of the car before his body comes out.

Blackfront: It's Duke Dibbins! And he has the Hardcore Championship!

Ace: And that's Luke Dibbins driving Jason! Those damn Dibbins boys are here!

Luke begins to try to squeeze out of his window, but due to his size, can't seem to do it. Duke just sits on the edge of his door, looking over at his brother/cousin having issues. Finally, Luke disappears back into the car and opens the door before stepping out.

Ace: I don't remember the General Lee's doors opening.

Blackfront: Obviously modified for Luke.

Duke slides all the way out of the car. He reaches onto the top of the car, pulling the title off of the top and holding it up before yelling.


Luke and Duke both head to the front of the car, meeting up before pointing at the doors of The Wrestlezone. They head forward, fans slamming them on the arms and shoulders. As they head through the door, security stops them.

Security: Tickets?

The Dibbins both look at each other.

D. Dibbins: I'm de Herdcore Champion!. My an my brosin Luke are here to challenge for the Returd Tag Team belts!

The security guard looks at the Dibbins, then back at the General Lee.

Security: Look, I don't care who you are, but you need to move your car and you need tickets to get in.

The Dibbins look at each other again.

D. Dibbins: We ain't got no tickets. We ore The Dibbins!

A couple of other security guards walk over. The Dibbins look at each other again, then to the growing number of security guards.

L. Dibbins: So, them there tickets.. they can be bought over der at that booth thingy, right?

He points at the ticket booth. The security guard just glares forward.

L. Dibbins: Ok den. Come on Duke. Lets get dim tickets.

They begin to walk toward the booth. As they do, Duke ask a surprisingly logical question.

D. Dibbins: Hey Luke... what about the car?

L. Dibbins: She'll be fine.

D. Dibbins: OK brosin.

As they continue their journey to the ticket booth, we head back inside.

We Ain't Got No Tickets

We move to the entrance of The Wrestlezone where there is still a small line of fans entering the building. As the camera pans down the lines, the fans scream and shout, showing off their shirts and signs.

Blackfront: Fans still piling into The Wrestlezone here as we prepare for another big night.

Ace: Look! A Tommy Ace is My Bro shirt!

Suddenly there is an unique sounding car honk that can be heard. The fans begin to get out of the way as we see the grill of an orange 1969 Dodge Charger pulling forward.

Blackfront: Is that... the... the..


The car pulls up onto the curb as the camera man runs around in time to see the one occupants begin to slide through the passenger side window. As his arm reaches out, he flops a championship title on top of the car before his body comes out.

Blackfront: It's Duke Dibbins! And he has the Hardcore Championship!

Ace: And that's Luke Dibbins driving Jason! Those damn Dibbins boys are here!

Luke begins to try to squeeze out of his window, but due to his size, can't seem to do it. Duke just sits on the edge of his door, looking over at his brother/cousin having issues. Finally, Luke disappears back into the car and opens the door before stepping out.

Ace: I don't remember the General Lee's doors opening.

Blackfront: Obviously modified for Luke.

Duke slides all the way out of the car. He reaches onto the top of the car, pulling the title off of the top and holding it up before yelling.


Luke and Duke both head to the front of the car, meeting up before pointing at the doors of The Wrestlezone. They head forward, fans slamming them on the arms and shoulders. As they head through the door, security stops them.

Security: Tickets?

The Dibbins both look at each other.

D. Dibbins: I'm de Herdcore Champion!. My an my brosin Luke are here to challenge for the Returd Tag Team belts!

The security guard looks at the Dibbins, then back at the General Lee.

Security: Look, I don't care who you are, but you need to move your car and you need tickets to get in.

The Dibbins look at each other again.

D. Dibbins: We ain't got no tickets. We ore The Dibbins!

A couple of other security guards walk over. The Dibbins look at each other again, then to the growing number of security guards.

L. Dibbins: So, them there tickets.. they can be bought over der at that booth thingy, right?

He points at the ticket booth. The security guard just glares forward.

L. Dibbins: Ok den. Come on Duke. Lets get dim tickets.

They begin to walk toward the booth. As they do, Duke ask a surprisingly logical question.

D. Dibbins: Hey Luke... what about the car?

L. Dibbins: She'll be fine.

D. Dibbins: OK brosin.

As they continue their journey to the ticket booth, we head back inside.

Michael Byrd vs. Lew Smith

We move to the ring where Jeremy Roberts stands, ready.

Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

The bell sounds once.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring first and hailing from Dallas, Texas. He is the main event…. Michael… BYYYRRRDDD!!!!

Plateau as performed by Nirvana begins to play. Michael Bryd comes out from the back to a minimalist reception.

Blackfront: Tonight's event is brought to you by Mountain Dew.

Ace: Remember to Do the Dew!

Michael begins up the steps. As he enters the ring, his music begins to fade.

Blackfront: The opening match here tonight as the UTA continues to return stronger than ever.

Ace: That's the truth. When we were down for those few months, it's like the whole industry died. But as always, we came with the paddles to shock professional wrestling back to life!

Michael Byrd stretches against the ropes as Jeremy Roberts continues.

The house lights come down and pyro follows the quick bursts of notes during the intro of If You Want Peace… by Children Of Bodom. The lights flicker along with the addition of the fast guitar. Both pryo and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epouc colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses on the word GO!

Roberts: Standing at 6'1...weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds...he is the Ominous Angel...LEWWWWWWW SMIIIIITHHHHH!

The lights rise and to the ring out of the back springs the Angel himself. He’s cloaked in a hooded robe. He gets to the ring and flips the hood off revealing himself. The crowd cheers.

Blackfront: Lew Smith a mainstay here in the UTA, continues to impress.

As the lights return to normal, his music fades.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd not having the best of luck since returning to the UTA, tangling with Chance Von Crank. He must be desperately looking for a win tonight as he faces Lew Smith.

Ace: He's learned what happens when you don't mind your own business Jason. He has no one to blame but his self.

The two men begin to circle as the bell sounds to begin the match.

Blackfront: A determined look on Michael's face as he and Lew Smith lock up.

Byrd uses his strength to push Lew Smith back and into the ropes where he holds him. As the referee warns Michael, Byrd steps back prior to coming forward with a hard slap to the chest of Lew Smith.

Blackfront: Smith will be feeling that one later.

Ace: Those arms like tree trunks on Michael Byrd.

Smith holds his chest as he walks along the ropes. Michael Byrd grabs Lew's shoulder, turning him around. He grabs Lew's arm and pushes him into the ropes again, this time using them for additional momentum as he yanks back and sends Lew across the ring.

Blackfront: Hard whip sends Lew Smith across the ring. Off of the ropes now and on the return.

Michael bends down to catch Lew, but ends up catching just a lifting boot to the face.

Blackfront: Lew Smith with a kick to the face of Michael Byrd. Byrd wobbling now.

As Michael tries to stay upright, Lew comes forward with a swift kick upward and into his left side, followed by another.

Blackfront: Those devastating kicks by Lew Smith.

Lew steps back and twist around as he shoots forward with an arm out, taking Michael down.

Blackfront: And a clothesline takes him off of his feet.

Ace: I will be the firs tto admit I do not like Lew Smith in the least, but I will never deny that once he gets going with those kicks, you need to protect yourself or you end up on your back like Michael Byrd there.

Blackfront: Smith a martial arts expert, intertwines that with a technical expertise like no other.

Michael rolls to his side, shaking off the hit as he begins to push himself up.

Blackfront: Smith grabbing Byrd by his head, pulling him to his feet.

As Michael raises, he reaches forward and grabs Lew's leg, pulling back. Smith's upper back hits the canvas as Michael holds his legs up.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd with a stomp to the midsection of Lew Smith.

He releases Lew's legs.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd more aggressive than we are used to.

Ace: Maybe Chance Von Crank knocked some sense into him.

Byrd reaches down, grabbing Lew by the sides of his head, lifting him up and off of his feet.

Blackfront: The strength of Michael Byrd on display here tonight.

Lew struggles but is unable to get free prior to Michael tossing him away and to the canvas. Smith hits hard as Michael leaps forward with a stomp coming down upon him.

Blackfront: Byrd finding his groove now.

Michael quickly runs off the ropes for momentum and goes for an elbow drop, but hits nothing but canvas as Lew Smith rolls out of the way.

Blackfront: Lew able to move at the last moment.

Ace: That might have saved him.

Michael begins to rise. However, a now standing Lew Smith kicks him in the back of the left leg,

Blackfront: Lew Smith back to using those calculated strikes. Another swift kick to the leg of Michael.

Ace: You can tell though that they aren't has powerful as they were at the first of the match.

Lew Smith grabs the arm of Michael Byrd, leaning back as he tosses him to the canvas.

Blackfront: Lew Smith runs back.. off the ropes now...

As Lew returns, he leaps down feet first.

Blackfront: Baseball slide to the head of Michael Byrd.

Ace: That will knock you silly.

Lew turns Michael over and covers him as the referee slides into position.

Blackfront: We’ve got a pin, One... two. . .

Michael throws his leg up over the bottom rope.

Blackfront: No! Byrd is too close to the ropes and breaks the count.

Ace: Lew Smith lacking ring awareness here tonight it seems.

Blackfront: Lew still in control as he begins to get back to his feet.

Lew Smith lifts Byrd as he rises, giving him a swift elbow to the back of the head.

Blackfront: Elbow by Smith, however, Byrd seems unfazed as he responds with a haymaker.

Lew Smith staggers and to finish him off Byrd raises his boot and connects with Lew’s face.

Blackfront: Michael bringing that boot up, and regaining control here.

Ace: The guy is just pure power. it's going to take a bit more from Lew if he plans to keep Michael Byrd down.

Lew Smith hits the canvas grabbing his face.

Blackfront: This opening match here tonight full of excitement as these two superstars bring it.

Michael saunters over to Lew Smith, bringing him slowly to his feet by the knot at the back of his head.

Blackfront: As Michael pulls Lew to his feet, another haymaker sending him back down.

Ace: Each time Lew hits the canvas, a little more is taken out of him.

Blackfront: A lot of people who have never been in the ring claim that it doesn't hurt when a superstar hits. But the padding underneath of the apron that covers the plywood under it, is not thick at all.

Ace: As someone who has been in the ring, I will agree. It's no picnic landing hard like that.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd grabbing Smith by the arm, pulling him to his feet.

Michael twist Lew's arm behind him, pushing his wrist upward.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd now applying pressure to that arm.

Ace: You can easily dislocate the shoulder by doing that. The human arm is not meant to bend that way Jason.

Lew Smith is able to move to the side and roll under, reversing the hold to place Michael's own arm up behind him.

Blackfront: Reversal there by Lew Smith who now gives Michael Byrd a taste of his own medicine.

Smith then bends Byrd at the waist and places his leg over Byrd’ right shoulder. With his other leg he spins and kicks Byrd straight in the face. Byrd falls and hits the canvas.

Blackfront: What a move there by Lew Smith!

Ace: Creating lemonade out of lemons.

Blackfront: Lew Smith now going for the cover.

The referee quickly slides into position.

Blackfront: One.. two.. NO! Kickout at two. Michael Byrd able to get free before the three count.

Ace: After that kick, I'm surprised.

Both men begin to get to their feet. Michael backs slowly into the corner. Not wasting anytime, Lew Smith ascends upon him and promptly elbows Byrd in the face.

Ace: Look out its raining elbows Jason!

Blackfront: Michael Byrd in trouble in the corner, taking every shot!

Lew Smith elbows Byrd again, and again, three or four times before stepping back and drop kicking Byrd right in the chest. Michael leans back into the corner unable to stand straight.

Blackfront: What’s this, what’s Lew Smith doing?

Lew Smith runs to the opposite corner, and then charges Michael Byrd, building up speed. With his momentum he runs and uses Byrd’ own knee to jump up and kick him in the face.

Blackfront: Shinning Wizard! Shinning Wizard by Lew Smith!

Ace: Did you see the height he got on that?!

As Lew leaps back down to the canvas, Michael Byrd stumbles forward before falling down on his face. The fans cheer as Lew quickly runs around and moves down, turning Michael onto his back and covering him.

Blackfront: Yet another pin attempt by Lew Smith! The referee counts... one... two.. No, another kickout!

Ace: Lew Smith just can't keep Michael down.

Blackfront: Well, I have it on good authority that prior to this match, Michael Byrd was seen drinking a Red Bull. Remember folks, when you need the energy to get through your day, Red Bull gives you wings.

Michael Byrd begins to get to his feet, but Lew Smith slides in and applies a side headlock. However, Michael's progress is not halted as he reaches his feet, with Lew Smith still clinging to his head.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd pushes Lew Smith up against the ropes breaking that headlock.

He sends Lew across the ring.

Blackfront: Smith off of the opposite ropes and on the return again. Michael Byrd comes forward.. big boot... NO! Lew Smith ducks!

Lew Smith stops dead in his tracks behind his opponent. Michael turns around and charges, but Lew Smith catches him, flipping him over with a Japanese arm drag.

Blackfront: Arm drag by Lew Smith! But Lew Smith keeps his hold on Byrd! He’s wrenching his arm on the canvas!

Ace: Lew Smith with a bit of that technical ground game you were discussing earlier.

Michael quickly rolls out of it and lands a stiff right to Lew Smith’s face as they both get to their feet.

Ace: Never mind.

Michael then grabs Lew Smith by the left arm and pulls him toward himself.

Blackfront: Clothesli-- No! Lew Smith ducks again, both men quickly turn...

Lew leaps up, grabbing Michael by the back of the head as he digs both knees into Byrd's chest and falls backward.



Blackfront: Lew Smith covers Michael Byrd again.

The referee drops and begins to count.

Blackfront: Two... three! he did it!

The bell begins to sound.

Roberts: The winner of this match via pin fall.... LEW... SMIIIIIIITTTTHHHH!!!!

Lew's music begins to play.

Blackfront: Big win here by Lew Smith, but you have to wonder what a loss like this does to the psyche of someone like Michael Byrd.

Ace: Nothing good, I'll tell you that much.

Lew celebrates in the ring as we get a replay of the double knee facebreaker before fading from ringside.

Lance Mikes is Coming


Sold Out

We head back out where The Dibbins are arguing with someone inside of the ticket booth.

L. Dibbins: Whatcha mean that it's sold out?!

Ticketer: Sir, as I've said already, we've been sold out for weeks.

D. Dibbins: OK, but de question remains.

Ticketer: What's that sir?

D. Dibbins: How much it gonna cost us for tickets?

The ticketer sighs.

Ticketer: Sir, I'm sorry but there is no seats available.

Luke moves closer to the window.

L. Dibbins: We don't need no seats. My brosin is the Herdcore Champion and we er here to challenge for the Returd Tag Team titles!

The ticketer looks at the two men.

Ticketer: So... you're... talent?

D. Dibbins: What did you call us?!

Duke's eyes light up as he snarls at the face behind the window.

Ticketer: No, sir... I mean, you're wrestlers?

L. Dibbins: Yea! We're The Dibbins!

The ticketer's eye brow raises.

Ticketer: I see. Well, talent entry is behind the building.

The Dibbins look at each other.

D. Dibbins: So we drive around back and dey let us in?

Ticketer: Yes sir.

D. Dibbins: Oh.

Duke slaps Luke on the arm.

D. Dibbins: I told ya that we shoulda took that back road.

Luke just looks at his brosin before looking back to the ticketer.

L. Dibbins: Thanks.

He looks back at Duke.

L. Dibbins: Lets get to da back.

Duke throws the title over his shoulder and nods. As they turn, their eyes widen and mouths drop. The camera turns to see a tow truck lifting the back of the General Lee up.

L. Dibbins: Hey, you! Dats our car!

They take off toward the General Lee which begins to be towed away as we head back inside.

Scott Stevens vs. Charles Wingate

Don’t Waste My Time by Krept & Konan begins to play over the speakers, the lights dim light with pulses of red and white hitting each note beat. As the crowd begins  their hollering, Wingate emerges from behind the curtain. His arms arms out to the side and head tilted back.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred forty pounds and hailing from Houston, Texas! Charles…..Winnnnngaaaaaaate!

Charles continues down the ramp way, stopping once in awhile to wink at a female who visibly on camera reject him, he finally reaches the ring which he enters by walking up the steel steps.

Blackfront: Charles able to win his debut match on the last episode as he took on Theo Baylor.

As he steps onto the ring apron Charles reaches and pulls the middle rope down and enters in the ring.

Ace: Not like Theo has made much of his own impact since coming to the UTA, Jason.

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The opening guitar riffs and Hellraiser by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.

Roberts: … aaaaaaaand his opponent!

The jeers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.

Roberts: The former UTA Wildfire Champion...

Walking down the aisle, Stevens almost laughs as he stares Wingate down.

Roberts: Standing at 6’6”, and weighing in at 256lbs…

As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down at his opponent.


An icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the canvas.

Blackfront: Stevens looks extremely confident tonight.

As the bell sounds, both men lock up in the middle of the ring.

Blackfront: This match is now underway.

Scott Stevens takes control as he yanks the arm of Wingate, pulling him forward, twisting the arm underneath, and applying pressure.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens taking control early here.

Stevens takes the arm and uses it to pull Wingate close to him as he throws a massive shoulder forward, driving more pressure onto the arm.

Blackfront: Good form by Scott Stevens as he continues to apply pressure to the arm of Charles Wingate.

Ace: Well, as long as he has been on vacation, Scott Stevens should be well rested and ready for this match.

Blackfront: Another shoulder is driven by Stevens into that wrenched arm of Wingate, and another.

Stevens dips again, twisting the arm trying for pressure but Wingate sees an opening and steps forward, and turns around, pulling Stevens in toward him.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate able to reverse that into a bear hug.

Charles squeezes as Stevens places his hands on the top of Wingate's arms, trying to pry himself free.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens attempting to get loose, but Wingate with a tight grip.

Stevens tries to move free. He is able to make a little room, however, Wingate uses the opportunity to roll behind Scott.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate now behind Scott Stevens, grabbing him around the waist.

Scott Stevens attempts to get free again, but is unable to break Wingate's lock. Charles begins to lift Scott off of his feet, but Stevens refuses to let him take him over, coming back down as he continues to struggle.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens not giving up here, but unable to get out of this bad position that Wingate has put him in.

Ace: I like how Charles is slowing things down a bit from the last few matches we have seen him in. He's still new to the business, but quickly adjusting.

Blackfront: That he is. Wingate from a long line of wrestling greats, wanting to prove that he is the next in his family to break out.

Ace: He showed that as he cost Dick Fury his match against Lew Smith on the last episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu.

Blackfront: I saw Dick after the show and needless to say, he was hot.

Charles continues to hold his grip as Scott Stevens attempts to pull his hands apart. Finally, Wingate lifts Scott Stevens up and slams him down to the canvas sideways.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate taking Scott Stevens off of his feet there.

Wingate straddles the back of Scott Stevens and begins to punch him in the back of the head.

The referee quickly leaps into action, yelling at Charles to stop.

Blackfront: Getting disqualified may not be the best way to elevate yourself there.

Ace: No, but it will help wear down your opponent.

Charles stands up and steps back, his hands in the air as the referee points at him disapprovingly. Scott Stevens holds his head as he lays on the canvas.

Blackfront: Wingate a bit rough around the edges, but there is no denying that tonight he's decided to come at Scott Stevens full on.

Ace: A champion around the world, Scott Stevens is one tough cookie. You have to stay on him.

Charles grabs Scott by the back of his head, pulling him to his feet.

Blackfront: Wingate pulls Stevens to his feet. Sends him into the ropes. Scott Stevens on the return.

Charles bends down to catch Scott, but Stevens leaps up and rolls over his back, landing on his feet.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens avoiding a back body drop there.

Wingate quickly turns around. As he does, Scott Stevens grabs his left arm and pulls Charles into a knee to the midsection.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens with that targeted knee to the ribs of Charles Wingate.

Stevens grabs Charles by the neck, before turning and dropping down.

Blackfront: Into a neck breaker.

Scott quickly covers Wingate, hooking his leg.

Blackfront: Here's a cover.

The referee quickly slides into place and begins to count.

Blackfront: Wingate able to kick out at two and this match continues.

As Scott Stevens gets to his feet, he pulls Wingate up with him.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens not slowing down as both men to their feet now. A quick strike with a forearm to the side of the head drives Charles back into the ropes.

Scott Stevens presses Wingate into the ropes before pulling back and sending him across the ring.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate now sent across the ring and into the ropes. Now on the return here.

Stevens bends down to catch Charles, however, Wingate brings a leg up that catches him in the face, sending Scott Stevens up and back to the canvas.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate catching Scott Stevens off guard as he regains control of the match.

In the ring Wingate stands over the fallen Stevens who holds his neck in pain. Charles uses his foot to move Scott's hand away from his neck, before bending down and lifting him to his feet.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate pulling Stevens back up.

Ace: This is what you do Jason, keep working your opponent.

Charles pushes Scott backwards and into the corner hard. He grabs the top ropes on each side of Stevens, looking out to the crowd before he pulls back on the ropes and comes forward lifting up as he puts a knee into Scott's ribs.

Blackfront: Those ribs have to be tender.

Ace: You take enough damage to the rib cage and you start to lose the ability to breath properly. Charles is looking to knock the air out of Scott.

Another knee strike from Wingate, followed by another. Stevens is breathing heavy, wincing from the pain.

Blackfront: With those knees. Now steps back.. elbow to the side of Scott Stevens' head.

Wingate pulls Stevens out of the corner and spins him around, throwing him into the ropes chest first. Scott's body jolts backward as Charles brings a forearm down across his upper back, sending him to a knee.

Ace: Charles Wingate working Scott Stevens neck and ribs in this match, trying to weaken him in order to put him away for the win.

Blackfront: He may be green, but growing up in the family he did, Charles obviously picked up a lot. Another forearm show to the shoulders of Scott Stevens.

Wingate grabs the head of Scott Stevens, pulling him to his feet. As he rises, Stevens is turned around by Charles.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate now with a series of rights, catching Scott Stevens.

Stevens reels backward. As Charles swings again, Stevens ducks under his arm and maneuvers behind Charles. Wingate turns around quickly, but before he can get back on the offensive, Scott Stevens throws his own right.

Blackfront: Here's an opening for Stevens now. His own right.. and another.. and another.

The combination of punches backs Wingate up into the turnbuckle.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens looking to bring the pain now much like Charles Wingate has been doing almost this entire match.

Scott Stevens pulls Charles out of the corner, pushing him into the ropes back first.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens pulls back, Charles Wingate whi- no, reverses. Scott Stevens sent across the ring. Off of the ropes and on the return now. Wingate catches Stevens in the gut with a hard shoulder.

Scott Stevens spins as he falls to the canvas again. Wingate looks down at Stevens, his hand son his hips.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate seemingly impressed by what Scott Stevens is bringing to the table here tonight.

Ace: He's taken everything that Charles has thrown his way, and is still in this.

Suddenly the single strums of My Dick begins to ring throughout the sound system.

Blackfront: It looks like business may be starting to pick up here.

Ace: This can't be good for Charles.

Wingate heads to the ropes, grabbing the top and leaning over it, yelling toward the back.

♫ My dick cost a late night fee
Your dick got the HIV ♫

Dick Fury steps out from the back as the fans give a mixed reaction. He smirks down toward Charles before he begins to head down the ramp.

♫ My dick plays on the double feature screen
Your dick went straight to DVD ♫

Blackfront: Dick Fury, the cousin of Charles Wingate, heading to the ring now.

Ace: It's time to pay the piper Charles!

Blackfront: As we mentioned earlier, Charles Wingate caused Dick Fury to lose his match on the last show. Now it appears he is here to do the same.

Fury makes it to the ring, and begins to walk around it as Wingate follows along side of the ropes, still yelling at him to leave. Behind Charles, Scott Stevens rolls over and starts to get up.

Ace: Charles needs to pay attention to Scott Stevens. He's falling right into Dick's trap.

Blackfront: The mind games strong between these two.

Stevens makes his way up to his feet. He moves in behind Charles Wingate. Finally, Wingate waves Dick off and turns. As he does, Scott Stevens turns and reaches back grabbing him around his head. Stevens then takes a few steps forward before dropping to a seated position with a cutter.


Ace: Wingate getting a taste of his own medicine.

Stevens turns Wingate over and covers him. The referee slides into position and begins to count.

Blackfront: Two.. three! Scott Stevens pulls off the win thanks to a distracted Charles Wingate.

The bell sounds.

Roberts: The winner of this match via pin fall.... SCOTT.... STEEEVVVEEENNNNSSS!

Fury grabs the ropes and pulls himself to the apron. Stevens rolls over and gets to his feet, raising his arm in victory. However, as Dick enters the ring, Scott backs toward the ropes, falling to the canvas and rolling out of the ring.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens opting to let these two work out their issues on their own as he takes hom a big win here tonight in his return match.

Fury stands over Wingate who lays on the canvas still, holding his head in pain. Dick turns him over before he leaning down and grabbing the jaw of Charles Wingate, yelling at him.

Blackfront: Dick showing Charles no respect.

Ace: Why should he? If you don't respect the dick, the dick don't respect you.

Fury reaches back and brings an open hand across the face of Wingate before he stands back up and looks out to the crowd.

Blackfront: Dick Fury sending a message to Charles Wingate here tonight. That message is, family or not, don't get in Dick's way.

Ace: You get in Dick's way and you get plowed through, simple as that.

My Dick begins to play again as Fury heads toward the ropes. Wingate continues to lay on the canvas as we move from ringside.

John Sektor Backstage

Moving to the back again, we find Paul Stewart standing with John Sektor.

Stewart: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing here with John Sektor who will face Sean Jackson in the main event tonight for a chance to become the number one contender for the UTA Heavyweight Championship.

Sektor rubs his fingers down across his mustache.

Stewart: What are your thoughts heading into this match John?

John Sektor looks forward and with a calm and steady voice, almost a whisper begins to answer.

Sektor: I'll tell you my thoughts Paul. You see, tonight two men will enter the ring with a single goal in mind. Two men who both believe they deserve to be the one to rip away from Mikey Unlikely everything that he holds dear.

He turns more toward Paul Stewart as he continues.

Sektor: And while I believe that by moving through the tournament to the finals, I earned my shot, I know I did lose that match. Do I like the fact I lost? No, but it happened.

He turns back toward the camera.

Sektor: So is it fair that before I am given the shot I have to prove my performance in the tournament was not a fluke? Yea, it is.

Paul pulls the microphone in toward him.

Stewart: But what about Sean Jackson, who was not a part of the tournament?

Sektor: Well, that's where things get flawed Paul. Jackson didn't earn this match. He didn't do anything to deserve his chance at fighting for the title.

He turns toward Paul again.

Sektor: But what is done is done, and tonight...

John turns back to the camera, pointing forward.

Sektor: Tonight, I will face the self proclaimed Mental Rapist, and show him that when it comes to mind games.... there is no one better than... John...

The camera zooms in a bit.

Sektor: ...Sektor.

John turns and walks off as Paul looks confused.

Stewart: Well you heard it here. john Sektor is ready for his number one contendership match tonight in The Wrestlezone!

Dancing With the Devil

We head elsewhere backstage where Michael Byrd leans with his hands on the wall of a hallway. His hair hangs down, covering his face as he balls his hands into fist, slamming them into the wall. As he turns toward the camera, even more anger comes across his face. Then we see why as Chance Von Crank steps into the scene in front of him.

Byrd: What the hell do you want?

cVc smiles.

Crank: Me? To congratulate you. To congratulate you on losing to Lew... Smith.

Chance laughs.

Byrd: Is that funny to you? Is it?

Michael steps forward. Not one to back down, cVc steps in to.

Crank: Yea, it is. What are you going to do about it?

Michael's eyes grow.

Crank: If you remember on the last show, you got GodBooked not once... but twice.

cVc takes in a deep breath.

Byrd: You know damn well that wasn't a three count Crank!

Michael shoves a finger into Chance's chest.

He just looks down at Byrd's finger, before brushing it away.

Crank: If you're going to put your hands on me, you better be ready for me to put mine on you.

He tilts his head to the side and smiles again before licking his lips.

Crank: And every time I've put my hands on you... you've ended up on your back.

Byrd: Is that so?

Chance smirks again before stepping back.

Crank: Did I cause some brain damage or are you just an idiot?

Michael charges Chance while yelling. cVc moves to the side, grabbing the back of Byrd's head and slamming him face first into the wall. Michael Byrd's body twist as it falls to the floor. Chance Von Crank bends down and begins to yell at him.


Crank holds Michael's head to the side with his right hand before using his left arm, to slam his elbow into the side of Byrd's head before standing up.

Crank: If you do... you're going to get burned son.

Chance stomps the face of Michael Byrd hard before turning and leaving the scene. Michael can be seen on the ground, holding the front of his face in pain before we fade back ringside.

Amy Harrison vs. Jade Justice

We return ringside where the fans are going crazy for more action.

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora begins to play. Multi-color lasers begin to circulate the arena and then suddenly stop. Then a spotlight appears as an upside-down cross with Jade draped on it lifts from the stage elevator. She has a smirk on her face as she detaches herself from it and begins to walk down to the ring.

Blackfront: Fall out from the last episode's huge main event as Jade Justice and Amy Harrison tangle tonight in singles action!

She taunts the fans by blowing kisses.

Roberts: Hailing from Terciera Island, Portugal.

She then slides under the bottom rope to get into the ring.


Jade flips her hair as she walks alongside of the ropes.

Roberts: Her opponent.....

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison and the UTA Women's Champion, Marie Van Claudio, come out to a chorus of cheers. They begin down the aisle determined.

Roberts: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland and being accompanied by Marie Van Claudio....

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, as Marie heads around the ring, clapping


Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

Blackfront: The Women's Champion joining her friend out here tonight.

Ace: I smell shenanigans.

Blackfront: That's just your terrible cologne Tommy.

Amy leans over the ropes speaking to Marie Van Claudio as the bell sounds. Jade Justice waste no time as she charges forward and slams a forearm into the back of Amy Harrison, sending her to a knee.

Blackfront: Jade Justice not waiting for the bell to start this one.

Ace: It's Amy's own fault. She needs to pay attention to the match and not Marie Van Claudio. Why is she out here anyway?

Jade grabs the head of Amy Harrison pulling her up a bit, before slamming her face first into the canvas.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison have had a long standing friendship, what more of a reason does the Women's Champion need to be out here than to support her friend?

Jade drops to her knees, grabbing the side of the head of Amy Harrison as she begins to slam the back of it repeatedly into the canvas.

Ace: There's a difference between supporting your friend, and costing her the match.

As Jade stands up, Amy rolls over toward the ropes. Jade grabs the top rope and places her foot into the back of the neck of Amy Harrison, pressing it as the referee starts to count her. Marie Van Claudio yells at her from the floor.

Blackfront: Jade Justice without remorse here, breaking away before she can be counted out.

Ace: I don't think she'd care if she was counted out Jason. Jade Justice has made it apparent she is here to hurt people.

Amy rolls over, the back of her neck now hanging over the ropes as she sits. Jade Justice comes back in, this time sitting to the side so her outer thigh goes into the throat of Amy Harrison on the ropes. The referee counts her again.

Blackfront: Jade breaking before the five again. Marie Van Claudio continues to watch from the outside, unable to do anything.

Ace: If this is the type of aggression we can expect from Jade Justice all of the time, Marie should be hoping she doesn't need to defend her championship against her.

Amy tries to crawl away as Jade Justice follows her. Justice brings a foot down that catches Amy in the side of the ribs. She rolls over and scoots back into the corner. Reaching up to grab the ropes, Amy tries to pull herself up as Jade comes in with a big open handed slap.

Blackfront: Jade Justice adding insult to injury here tonight as she continues to dominate.

Jade turns Amy around, slamming her head first into the turnbuckle before immediately grabbing her arm and yanking back.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison sent across the ring. Jade Justice following close behind.

Amy turns and hits the corner back first as Jade leaps up.

Blackfront: And a huge splash follows up by Jade Justice.

Jade drops to the canvas, grabbing Amy's arm again before pulling back.

Blackfront: Jade Justice once again sending Amy Harrison across the ring and hard into the opposite corner!

Jade raises her hands up before getting a running start. Justice moves into a cartwheel. As she comes over, she straightens her body out. Her feet hit the canvas and she leaps forward with a forearm, however, Amy Harrison is able to get her feet up catching Jade in the jaw. The fans cheer.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison able to slow Jade Justice down a bit there.

Amy heads sideways toward the middle of the ring. She takes off forward, arm out.

Blackfront: Quick clothesline by Amy Harrison who is trying to build up some momentum. Jade Justice getting right back up.

Ace: All she is going to do is make Jade Justice angry.

As she does, Amy yells for her to bring it. Marie Van Claudio claps, slapping the edge of the apron as she watches from the outside. When Jade gets to her feet, Harrison comes forward taking her down with another clothesline. The fans clap at her coming back.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison now in control as she grabs Jade Justice, pulling her to her feet.

As she comes up, Jade grabs Amy's arm, swinging it to the side, twisting it once into an arm ringer, moving behind and turning the wrist up into a hammerlock. Amy is quick to duck low and turn to the side, breaking loose and slipping Jade into a side headlock after spinning free.

Blackfront: Back and forward action here.

With a side headlock being firmly applied, Justice pulls Amy back to the ropes with her and pushes off, sending her opponent running to the ropes across the ring.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison sent into the ropes again.

Jade steps into Amy with her hip, grabbing her around the shoulders and flipping her over by hooking a leg with her foot and sweeping it out from underneath.

Blackfront: Nice takedown by Jade Justice.

Marie yells in disappointment outside of the ring as she turns away, unable to watch. Jade sits Amy Harrison up before dropping to a knee behind her, placing her arm around Amy's neck.

Blackfront: Jade Justice now trying to choke Amy Harrison unconscious.

Jade continues to apply pressure as Marie shrieks from outside of the ring, trying to rally her friend.

Blackfront: Jade Justice proving to be too much for Amy Harrison here tonight.

The fans boo as Jade violently pushes an almost unconscious Amy Harrison over and stands up. She places her hands on her hips and smirks down at Marie Van Claudio.

Blackfront: Jade Justice sending the champion a clear message.

Ace: If I was Marie I'd be worried about right now.

Justice turns back to Amy, reaching down and grabbing her by the hair, pulling her to her feet.

Blackfront: Jade Justice using Amy's hair to pull her up. Not quite the most legal thing to do.

Ace: But effective.

As Amy stands up, Jade quickly places her thumb into her eye and rakes down. Amy grabs her eyes in pain as she stumbles around. The referee warns Jade Justice, who ignores him pushes him to the side and running toward the back of Amy Harrison. She leaps up, grabbing her head in the air before coming down.

Blackfront: Running bulldog by Jade Justice! Amy Harrison is down.

Harrison holds her head as she rolls over to her back. Jade pushes up to one knee, throwing her arms out as the fans boo. She then gets to her feet, flipping her hair as she smirks.

Blackfront: So egotistic. Jade Justice is just plain full of herself.

Ace: Well, has she given any reason not to be here tonight?

Blackfront: You are right. Amy Harrison unable to get anything going for herself.

Jade bends down and grabs one of Amy's feet. However, Harrison places her other foot up, bends her legs back and pushes hard, sending Jade Justice stumbling backward.

Blackfront: Jade Justice caught off guard there.

Amy rolls over and begins to push up. However, Jade catches her balance before moving forward toward Amy. Jade bends down, grabbing the foot of Amy again, pulling her toward the center of the ring on her stomach. She lifts her leg up.

Blackfront: Justice looking to drive that knee into the canvas.

Amy plants her hands firmly on the canvas and uses her upper body strength to push up.

Blackfront: Harrison alleviating some of that pressure...

She then twist her body, her free leg coming over and catching Jade in the side of the knee, causing her leg to buckle backward. Justice drops Amy's leg as she goes to a knee.

Blackfront: Harrison able to get free.

Ace: But for how long Jason?

Amy quickly sits up, before pushing her body up. Jade pushes to her feet as well.

Blackfront: Both women up, charging each other now.

Amy leaps forward, crashing into Jade by the midsection.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison with a spear!

The fans begin to clap. Outside of the ring, MVC cheers. Amy rolls over and scoots back toward the ropes, using them to sit against as she tries to regain her composure. Jade Justice sits up, holding her stomach.

Blackfront: Amy using the ropes to pull herself up as Jade Justice begins to get to her feet as well.

Jade heads over and grabs the arm of Amy Harrison.

Blackfront: Justice looking to regain control again.

She pulls back, however, Amy Harrison moves forward and under Jade's arm, turning her around with her. Harrison places her leg up and under the chin of Jade Justice before pulling Justice back, throwing her free leg up and falling to the canvas with an Inverted Stomp Jawbreaker.


Ace: Where did that come from?!

Amy leaps up and over, covering Jade, hooking her leg. As she does, the referee slides into position and begins to count.

Blackfront: We have a pin!

As the referee's hand hits the canvas for a third and final time, the bell begins to sound.

Roberts: The winner of this match via pin fall.... AMY.... HAAARRRIIISSSOOONNN!

Blackfront: After Jade Justice controlled this entire match, Amy Harrison was able to pull off a surprise victory.

Ace: I did not see it going that way at all.

Marie slides into the ring as Jade rolls over to the edge of the apron. MVC helps Amy up, holding her arm up in victory.

Blackfront: The Women's Champion celebrating with her friend here after an impressive win over Jade Justice.

Jade uses the ropes to pull her body halfway up, her free hand holding her chin. Anger fills her face.

Blackfront: I don't think Jade Justice is very happy with this outcome either.

Ace: After all the work she put in? Do you blame her?

Harrison and Claudio hug in the middle of the ring before turning toward Jade Justice who takes off from the ropes. She throws both arms out, slamming hard into both Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison.

Blackfront: Jade Justice with a double clothesline, letting her anger spill out. Now stomping between both the Women's Champion and Amy Harrison.

Jade picks up the Women's Championship, looking at it before holding it up over the two downed women.

Ace: It looks like Jade Justice is still determined to earn her shot at that title.

She takes the belt by the strap, swinging it up and over, across Marie's back. Claudio lets out a yell of pain.

Blackfront: The plate of that belt connecting with the champion's back.

Ace: That hurt my back just watching.

The fans begin to go crazy. As the camera pans out, we see Zhalia Fears jetting down the ramp.


She slides into the ring under the bottom rope. As she pops to her feet, Jade wildly swings at her. However, Zhalia ducks. As Fears twist around, Justice quickly backs away, dropping to the canvas and rolling out of the ring.

Blackfront: Jade Justice opting to escape than to deal with Zhalia Fears.

Fears stares down at Jade before kneeling down beside both MVC and Amy Harrison checking on them. Jade Justice points up at her, yelling that this is far from over as we fade away from ringside.

Backstage with Sean Jackson

As we move from where the women's match just ended, we head backstage once again with Paul Stewart. This time he stands beside Sean Jackson who holds the UTA World Championship over his shoulder.

Stewart: Sean, tonight you meet John Sektor in the main event. I spoke with him a while ago and he had some strong words for you.

Sean smiles before turning into the microphone.

Jackson: Yea, I heard what he had to say and quite frankly Paul, it doesn't effect me at all.

He pauses, looking to the title on his shoulder.

Jackson: If you see this belt, I am the real UTA Champion. I have not been pinned for this title in an UTA ring. No one in the UTA, not John Sektor... not Mikey Unlikely... have been able to beat me and prove me wrong.

He adjust the belt.

Jackson: And that simply is not going to change Paul. Tonight, after I beat John Sektor and get my match with Mikey Unlikely, it's going to be lights out for him and his short lived championship run.

Sean grabs the microphone, pulling from Paul Stewart as he leans in and looks into the camera.

Jackson: If you think you can John.. prove me wrong.

He shoves the mic into Paul's chest who fumbles not to drop it as Sean walks off. Paul has a surprised look on his face as he watches Jackson walk away.

Golf Carts and Security Guards

As we move from the interview area, we are taken to the superstar entry behind the building. In the distance we can see Luke and Duke Dibbins. Luke points toward the open door. After a few moments they make their way inside of the parking garage area.

L. Dibbins: Finally.

As the two men make their way further in, we see a golf cart zoom up with a flashing light on top of it.

D. Dibbins: Hey look Luke, dey sent a welcum party!

As the cart parks, two security guards quickly jump out.

Guard #1: Hey, you two!

Luke and Duke look at each other as if asking Us?

Guard #1: You have a pass?

The Dibbins look at each other again before Duke holds the hardcore championship up.

D. Dibbins: Dis is our pass. I'm the herdcore champion!

The guards look at each other and shake their heads.

Guard #2: Hardcore Champion? Terry, does the UTA have a Hardcore Championship?

Terry: I don't think so Barry.

The two guards look back at The Dibbins.

Barry: Sorry, but I think if you want to see the show, you should go around front and buy a ticket.

L. Dibbins: A ticket? Dey told us dey were souled out!

Barry: Not our problem, but you can't be here.

D. Dibbins: Why not?! We er gonna challenge fur the Returd Tag Team titles!

Barry and Terry look at each other again and shrugs.

Terry: Yea, sorry, but once again there's no title by that name. Maybe you can find one in the merchandise stand inside?

L. Dibbins: Dey got our Returd belts at the merchandise stand?

Barry: I think so.

L. Dibbins: How do we get there?

The guards look at each other again. Terry smiles.

Terry: Yea, head around to the front and tell them you need to get in to see the merchandise stand for your... titles.

The Dibbins smiles.

D. Dibbins: Thank ye!

L. Dibbins: Lets go Duke!

The Dibbins turn and head back toward the exit on their grand adventure as the two guards look at each other.

Barry: Those guys aren't the brightest crayons in the box are they?

Terry shrugs.

Terry: Who cares? They are not our problem anymore.

The two guards head back to the golf cart as we move from the garage.

Go Nuts for Doughnuts!

David Hightower vs. El Drag—n Rojo

As we return ringside, El Drag—n Rojo is already in the ring.

The first strums of Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring now, hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas.

♫ The preacher man says it's the end of time
And the Mississippi River she's a goin' dry

The interest is up and the Stock Markets down
And you only get mugged if you go down town ♫

Roberts: Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...

♫ I live back in the woods, you see
A woman and the kids, and the dogs, and me ♫

Roberts: Being accompanied by Madman Szalinski... he is... DAVID... HIIIIGGGHHTOOOWWWERR!

♫ I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a 4-wheel drive
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive ♫

David Hightower comes through the curtain, chain in hand with Madman out next to him. He stops at the top of the stage and looks out at the crowd who is going crazy at his appearance.

Blackfront: A dangerous combination there with Madman Szalinski in the corner of David Hightower.

Ace: Crazy and crazy doesn't make sane, that's for sure.

David raises the chain in the air, the padlock at the end of it swings in the air.

Ace: Be carful with that thing!

Hightower lowers the chain and begins to stomp down the ramp while mouthing something in El Drag—n Rojo's general direction. Madman takes this time to also talk smack.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski may be a key to this match. The referee should keep his eyes on him.

As Hightower reaches the ring, he stops at the edge and looks left and right with wild eyes before reaching up and grabbing onto the ropes, pulling himself to the apron.

Ace: Madman shouldn't even be allowed out here Jason!

Hightower enters the ring. He begins to stomp around the edge of it, swinging the chain wildly. Both the referee and El Drag—n Rojo quickly move out of the way of the airborne metal links and lock.

Blackfront: This will sure to be an interesting match.

Ace: While you think every match is interesting, I have to agree with you here.

David reaches his corner again. He unwraps the end of the chain from his hand, dropping it in the corner near the turnbuckle before turning to face El Drag—n Rojo and awaiting the match to begin.

Ace: I feel bad for Rojo!

Madman pulls David's chain out of the ring as the bell rings out and Hightower wastes little time in closing the distance between him and El Drag—n Rojo.

Blackfront: Rojo is weary of the Toughest Dog in the Yard as does his best to keep his distance.

He begins dancing to the left of Hightower, backing himself up into the turnbuckle. Hightower lunges forward but the quicker man, Drag—n, is able to dip him. Rojo fakes an uppercut, causing Hightower to block with both hands up, leaving his stomach exposed. Rojo takes the opportunity to light up the midsection connecting with a series of quick jabs.

Blackfront: And if Rojo hopes to have any shot in this one he’s going to need to rely on that speed. Did a good job of faking Hightower out there, opening him up to those jabs.

Ace: Yeah but look how he paid for it!

Back in the ring Hightower surges forward, shoving Rojo away from him. Rojo hits the mat, spinning, rolling over and onto one knee. Again backing into the turnbuckle, this time on the opposite side, anxious to keep his space from Hightower.

Blackfront: Almost a look in Rojo’s face of disbelief at the pure power behind David Hightower.

Rojo dances out of the opposite near corner, side stepping his way into the far one. Hightower is in slow pursuit, looking for a methodical strike to open things up. Madman near the two competitors making some noise as he attempts to motivate his client.

Blackfront: Madman Szalinski trying to get David Hightower hyped here, and it seems to be working.

Hightower surges forward with his forearm, looking to derail Drag—n, but again the quicker man is able to duck him.

Blackfront: No! Again, Rojo with the speed.

A quick jab from Drag—n starts the opening sequence. Hightower leans back into the ropes absorbing the blow. Drag—n strikes quickly bringing his foot up with a kick that catches the larger man in the chest. With Hightower caught against the ropes Drag—n leans into several forearms to the side of Hightower’s head. Drag—n has no time to spare, he runs toward the ropes, and launches himself backwards, catching Hightower with a Spinning Heel Kick that knocks him clear over the top rope, landing on the floor outside the ring. The crowd is on their feet.

Blackfront: Crowd come alive for that one as Drag—n is bringing the fight right to David Hightower’s front door.

Ace: Drag—n has got the speed advantage, no doubt. But David Hightower is pure strength, and there’s a hurting bomb combing at any moment with Drag—n’s name tattooed on it.

Blackfront: This may be the first time David Hightower has been knocked off of his feet since his return.

With Hightower leery on the outside of the ring, Drag—n runs for the far ropes as the crowd roars its approval.

Blackfront: That may be, Tommy, but for now Drag—n is in the driver’s seat.

Hightower shows his own quickness on this one, getting himself into the ring in a hurry, leaning forward with a devastating Lariat that catches the surprised Rojo and saws him in two. Drag—n drops to the mat.

Ace: BAM! Drag—n runs right into the brick wall. What did I say, Jason?

Blackfront: You were right partner. The sheer brutality of Hightower won out there. What’s this now?

As Hightower dropped to his knees to pinned, Madman called out to him. Hightower takes a few steps over and converses with his new manager. Cameras unable to pick up what either man is saying, as mostly Madman does the talking.

Ace: A little chat between a client and his manager, Jason. That’s all calm down.

Blackfront: You’ll have to excuse me hesitation, Tommy. But I don’t fully trust this situation yet.

Madman points towards Drag—n and Hightower surges. With two hands Hightower pulls at Rojo’s mask trying to yank it on, attempting to pull it off. Madman applauds his client, straightening his own mask after doing so.

Blackfront: Disrespect from Hightower right there.

Ace: Trying to prove a point, Jason. Hightower knows he’s better, I’ve got no problem with that.

Quickly Rojo slides out of the ring, to take a breather. Hightower slides out of the ring to give chase.

Ace: And Hightower is like a shark now, Jason. He can smell blood in the water.

Rojo turns the corner to get away from Hightower and slides back into the ring, after getting his breather. Hightower turns the corner to see Madman motioning him to continue the chase in the ring. Hightower slides in. Rojo is in the air and before Hightower can roll to his feet, Drag—n connects with a Leg Drop to the back of David’s neck.

Madman can barely stand to watch the pain.

Blackfront: And Drag—n is back on the attack.

Hightower is on his hands and knees sucking wind as Drag—n delivers a kick to the midsection, robbing Hightower’s lungs of their much needed oxygen. Another kick comes and this one catches Hightower in the face.

Blackfront: Hightower uses a mighty paw to grab the ropes to steady himself, doing the best he can to absorb the blows.

Rojo goes for a jab but Hightower blocks it, grabs Drag—n by the collar, spins him and tosses him over the top rope. Rojo grabs on to the rope, steadying himself, landing on the apron. Hightower doesn’t see it, too busy sucking air.

Ace: Madman do something!

Madman barks to his client, catching his ear. Hightower turns and before Rojo can vault himself to the top rope, approaches. Hightower opts to go high, trying to pull Rojo over the rope and back into the ring but the quicker Drag—n goes low and throws a shoulder into Hightower’s already worked over midsection. Then quickly Rojo vaults himself to the top rope leaping off and catching Hightower in the back with a dropkick. Hightower falls forward, catching himself on the bottom rope.

Blackfront: Drag—n is feeling it. He’s taking off.

Drag—n pushes himself back comes off the far sided ropes in a hurry, he primes his knee for a strike to the back of Hightower’s head. At the last second, Hightower, hearing the footsteps, stands turns and dives forward landing another Lariat that buzzsaws Rojo down to the mat. The crowd grows quiet at the sheer brutality of the Lariat as it gets replayed for the folks at home.

Ace: And Hightower putting a quick end to that sequence. Nearly took Drag—n’s head off.

Blackfront: That was gruesome. I think Drag—n’s eyes rolled back in his head there.

Ace: Adios, muchacho!

Hightower is on his hands and knees sucking air, as the latest offensive series from Drag—n wore on him. Madman is trying to motivate his client slapping the mat, trying to lure the massive giant to his feet.

Blackfront: Hightower feeling the affects of a quickened pace, Tommy.

Ace: Yeah speed ain’t exactly something that ol’ Davey Boy does well.

Hightower delivers a few boots to Drag—n as Drag—n tries to crawl away. Hightower goes to pick Drag—n up by the neck but Drag—n throws his foot backwards catching David with a desperation maneuver that drives the Junkyard Dog backwards. Hightower backs off, Madman motions to his own mask, instructing Hightower to once again try and remove Rojo’s mask. Hightower stumbles in with two hands outstretched. Rojo watches as Hightower telegraphs the move and makes him pay by delivering a quick Jawbreaker, stunning the bigger man.

Blackfront: And watch out Drag—n is back at it again.

Drag—n rushes Hightower. Hightower with a sloppy clothesline, Drag—n dips it and vaults onto the second rope. Hightower turns Drag—n jumps looking for a Sunset Flip -

Ace: Caught. Dead to rights. It’s over.

Before Hightower can send Drag—n out and down with a Powerbomb, Drag—n jabs away at David’s forehead. Hightower stumbles forward and using his legs Drag—n whips Hightower out and over the top rope spilling onto the floor as the crowd roars.

Blackfront: He did it! Drag—n got out ot if. He’s bringing such fight to this one.

Ace: All he’s doing is pissing off The Toughest Dog in the Yard. That’s gonna catch up to him eventually.

Hightower lands on his feet but is staggered. Inside the ring Drag—n pulls at the ropes, launching himself to the top rope, jumping across and connecting with a crossbody BUT -

Ace: CAUGHT! Hightower caught him!

Hightower scoops Drag—n instantly and holds him across his body, moving Drag—n to his shoulder looking to dump him on his head. Drag—n act’s quickly and instead wraps himself around Hightower’s massive neck, trying to drain him of oxygen. The crowd goes wild.

Blackfront: Rojo is hanging off of Hightower’s neck. This is wild. This is UTA!

Ace: Hightower has gotta be feeling that. Not the best spot here for the big man.

Hightower grabs for Drag—n, unable to locate the Luchador. Hightower drops some weight down and flings Drag—n off his shoulder, dropping him hard onto the barricade between the ring and the crowd.

There’s a sick thud as Drag—n slides off the other side.

Ace: Hightower making use of his surroundings, dropping Drag—n right on his back onto the barrier there. You don’t wanna be outside the ring against Hightower. The man is a Junkyard Enthusiast. I thought that was common sense.

Blackfront: Drag—n’s spine bending and cracking on that barricade. And suddenly Hightower in complete control.

Madman has come close to the action but still a respectable distance away. He yells a few words to Hightower as the match continues. Hightower slides back into the ring to reset the count before sliding back out and turning his attention to Rojo.

Rojo has climbed back over the barricade. Hightower lifts him up into a bear hug and then surges forward driving Rojo’s spine into the steel ring post.

Ace: The onslaught continues! I love it.

Hightower backs off, admiring his work.

Blackfront: And we’ve covered this early, Rojo has that speed, that quickness - Hightower is looking to ground him here.

Ace: All part of the plan from Madman I would assume. Say what you want about the guy but he’s well traveled and certainly battle tested.

Hightower slides Rojo back into the ring, following himself. Rojo stumbles to his feet, right into the waiting arms of Hightower who plants him - back first - into the mat with a Scoop Slam. Rojo sitting up in pain as Hightower surges forward bringing a knee to Drag—n’s head. Drag—n falls backwards and a big stomp into the back comes from Hightower, before Hightower drops an elbow over Drag—n’s throat.

Ace: Hightower now working over the body of Drag—n. Continuing to wear the high flyer down. This one could be over.

Blackfront: These luchadors we find have a great spirit, Tommy. Something tells me that Drag—n isn’t going to go down so easy.

Hightower gets behind Drag—n and again goes to pull at that mask. Rojo is having none of it. Hightower realizing he’s getting no where, and with Madman’s command, gets to his feet, pushes off the ropes and delivers a big stomp right to the back of Rojo’s head. Sending him slumping. The crowd is hushed again at the sheer brutality of Hightower’s strike.

Blackfront: Hightower might’ve just crushed Rojo’s skull there.

Ace: Like I said earlier, Jason. You don’t poke a bear as big as David Hightower and get away with it.

Hightower drops, covers.


Blackfront: Kickout! Drag—n continues.

Hightower pulls Drag—n to his feet, delivering a HUGE European Uppercut that sends all but a shockwave through the arena.

Drag—n stumbles.

Blackfront: This doesn’t look good.

Ace: Oh yes it does.

Madman holds up his hand. F-I-V-E.

Hightower turns, sees it, smiles.

Ace: Here it comes.

Blackfront: I can’t watch, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Hightower crosses Drag—n perfectly, and steps back on his heel putting gas behind a picture perfect right hook that snaps Drag—n’s head back as he falls to the mat.

Ace: 5 AM the Next Morning. Drag—n is seeing stars.

Blackfront: His head snapped uncomfortably there. Might need those EMTs.

Madman motions.

Hightower doesn’t even bother to drop for the cover. He puts a foot on Drag—n’s chest. The count comes.


The referee signals for the bell which begins to sound.

Roberts: The winner of this match via pin fall.... DAVID.... HIIIIGGHHHTTOOOWWWEEERR!!!!!

Madman joins Hightower in the ring as he just towers over his fallen opponent.

Blackfront: Another dominant win here by David Hightower. Is there anyone in the UTA that can stop him?

Ace: I don't think so Jason.

Madman begins to bow toward his client before coming back up and laughing at El Drag—n Rojo who is still on his back as we fade from ringside.


Once again we are taken to the front of the building. Luke and Duke Dibbins can be seen arguing with a group of security guards.

L. Dibbins: We gotta get in there and get our Returd titles!

D. Dibbins: Jerry and Larry told us ye had them in der at the macaroni stand!

L. Dibbins: Yea!

The group of security guards look at The Dibbins with no clue of what they are talking about.

Guard #3: Look, I already told you. You want in, go and buy a ticket!

He points at the ticket booth. Luke groans.


Guard #3: That is not our problem.

D. Dibbins: Call Jerry and Larry on yer lil walkie talkie thingy. They will tell ya!

Guard #4: Who the hell are you talkin... you know what.. never mind. I'm done with this.

The guard pulls out a taser, shooting it into chest of Duke while another guard pulls his and shoots at Luke. Duke drops the Hardcore Championship as both men begin to shake uncontrollably before falling to the ground.

After a few moments the guards stop.

Guard #5: Ugh, what's that smell?

They all look down at The Dibbins.

Guard #3: You guys clean this mess up, I'm not touching this one.

Guard #4: I hauled off the last bums trying to get in!

Guard #3: I'll do the paper work.

The two other guards nod.

Guard #4: Sounds good to me.

Guard #5: Yea, I hate paperwork.

As they go to remove The Dibbins, we head into the women's locker room.

Six Women + One Match = Loads of Drama

Inside the women's locker room, Amy Harrison has a bag of ice on her shoulder. Marie Van Claudio paces side to side with her championship over her shoulder as Zhalia Fears walks in.

Fears: Hey guys!

Marie shoots piercing a look over to Zhalia as Amy just looks up, obviously in pain.

Claudio: Zhalia.

Fears walks over and sits down beside Amy.

Fears: You OK Amy?

Harrison looks over at her.

Harrison: I'll be fine.

Marie turns to them.

Claudio: I'm not OK! I'm not OK at all! Who does Jade Justice think she is?

The locker room door swings open and in walks Jade Justice followed by Kelly and Ivy. She answers Marie's rhetorical question.

Justice: How about... the future Women's Champion?

Marie charges her, but Zhalia quickly gets up and grabs her, holding Marie back.

Jade just smiles.

Justice: How cute. Your little friend wants to keep you from getting another beat down.

Fears: Jade... what do you want?

Jade blows a bubble with the gum she has in her mouth.

Justice: Me? I just want one thing.

She reaches out and softly strokes the title belt on Marie's shoulder as Zhalia holds MVC back harder. Amy looks at both Ivy and Kelly.

Harrison: I guess you need your goons for that, huh? Can't do it on your own?

Jade smiles as she turns to Amy.

Justice: Oh, no sweetie. They are for the next show.

Amy and Zhalia look at each other then back at the trio.

Justice: You see, I talked to Ron Hall a bit ago and he granted me a match.

Fears: What are you talking about?

Jade walks over to Kelly and Ivy before turning back toward the other three.

Justice: On the next show us three... well, we're going to take on you three in a six woman tag match.

Claudio: The hell we are!

The three standing ladies giggle.

Justice: It's already booked champ. Now, we'll see you three soon.

She turns and begins to leave the locker room. Kelly smiles and waves.

Kelly: Bye girls.

Her and Ivy turn, following Jade from the locker room.

Harrison: Can you believe them?!

Zhalia turns, looking at Amy and Marie.

Fears: Don't let them mess with your heads. We got this. Come on!

She puts her hand out, looking at Amy then at Marie.

Fears: Come on...

Amy reluctantly places her hand up on Zhalia's. Marie follows suit.

Fears: We got this!

They move their hands down then up, breaking as we head back ringside.

Sean Jackson vs. John Sektor

The bell sounds once.

The opening riffs of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap begins to play over the PA system. After a few moments, the song begins.

♫ If you're havin' trouble with the high school head
He's givin' you the blues ♫

John Sektor comes out, heading down the ramp as the fans reach out, trying to touch him.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring now... From Miami, Florida..., standing at six foot, one inches tall, weighing in at 235 lbs.

Sektor heads up the steps, entering into the ring between the middle and top ropes.

Roberts: He is the former Legacy Champion.... JOHN... SEEEKKTTTOOORRR!!!!

Blackfront: John Sektor made it to the finals for the Heavyweight Championship, but was unable to put away Mikey Unlikely. Now, fighting for a second chance at the championship here tonight.

His music begins to fade.

Roberts: His opponent… coming to you from Dallas, Texas…

V/O: Albany, Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as a dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

As the mist pours off the entrance stage and down the ramp, a video explodes on the screen as you can see letters slowly fade in, forming “UTA World Champion.”

♫ I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord ♫

Blackfront: His first match back, and Sean Jackson has the chance to earn a shot at the most prestigious championship in the industry.

As In The Air Tonight begins to play, Sean Jackson and Vanessa step out onto the stage. Sean has the look of pure intensity across his battered, bruised face, while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop.

Ace: Well, it's certainly more prestigious than a championship rumored to have been fished out of a trash can in a second rate promotion. I defy anyone to claim otherwise.

♫ Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord. ♫

As he stands there stoic, soaking it all in. Sean finally motions to head towards the ring.

Vanessa is dressed in a white skin tight dress with a long slit while Jackson is dressed in a white shirt with the words #RealUTAChampion embroidered on the front with an arrow pointing up. Fastened around his waist is the UTA World Championship belt.

Blackfront: That championship that Sean Jackson holds is the former UTA World Championship, which I must remind you is not recognized in the new era of the UTA.

Roberts: Standing at Six foot Two, two hundred and twenty pounds.

Before entering the ring, Sean passes a glance towards the announce table before finally stepping in. Once he does, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to one of the turnbuckles and immediately begins to pull his shirt outward, reminding everyone who the real World Champion is.

Ace: I hope someone puts this idiot in his place. he should be at the bottom of the line with Lew Smith.

After a few moments, the lights return to the arena and Sean hops down from the turnbuckle, preparing for his match to begin.

Roberts: Representing the great state of Texas, he is the self proclaimed REAL UTA Champion... The Mental Rapist... SEEEEANNNN... JAAACCCCKKKSSSOOONNNN!!!!!

As the lights fade up, Jackson holds one arm in the air, staring across the ring at John Sektor who has a look of focus all his own.

Blackfront: This folks is true main event action.

As the bell sounds, Sektor and Jackson charge each other, heads of speed on each. Jackson, ever the savy one, ducks the wild clothesline from the enraged Gold Standard and moves past him, off the ropes. Sektor is ready and leaves his feet to level Jackson with a HUGE shoulder block.

Blackfront: Sektor leaving his feet to deliver that one, knocking Jackson down to the mat. Listen to the crowd, they’re roaring here tonight.

Ace: For who? John Sektor, please. Mikey Unlikely is the CHAMPION, Jason. They should be cheering him.

Sektor is to his own feet quickly, calling for Jackson to come and get him. Jackson gets to a knee but Sektor plants a high kick into his chest. The Gold Standard then stands Jackson up and begins firing away with a series of punches that backs Jackson into the corner.

Ace: Jackson backed up.

In the corner Jackson takes a lot of punishment as Sektor moves quickly trying to work down the once Champion. High kicks to the midsection, open hand chops, with quick targeted jabs are the mix for the Gold Standard as he continues to push the pace, pumping the aggression.

Blackfront: Sektor is on fire here, trying to capture the Number One Contendership to Mikey Unlikely’s title. This is what it’s all about. That fire, that passion, that feeling you get in the middle of a match so big it could headline it’s own Pay Per View.

Ace: Shame it’s between the two of these schmucks.

Sektor sets Jackson for the ride, Jackson with a quick reversal, and now Sektor is into the opposite corner. Jackson charges in looking for a high knee but Sektor quickly ducks out, glancing over his shoulder to check where Jackson is. Jackson comes storming out of the corner but a quick Drop Toe Hold by Sektor sends the Mental Rapist tumbling forward, face first on the mat.

Blackfront: Sektor going back to basics as he continues to wear on Jackson.

Jackson is up quick, but he’s dazed and Sektor charges him, dropping him with a routine clothesline. Sektor backs up into the ropes, pushes off and leaps into the air connecting with a knee to Jackson’s face. He presses into a pin.


Jackson turns the shoulder.

Blackfront: Little early, I know, but I’ve gotta say this - I thought Jackson would’ve kicked out of that one a little sooner. Maybe he’s worn down. He does spread himself a little thin these days, doesn’t he?

Ace: He casts a large shadow, Jason. It isn’t his fault. The man has built a legacy, a career. It’s impressive.

In the ring Sektor pulls Jackson to his feet and hammers away with forearm after forearm, pressing Jackson back into the ropes. Sektor whips Jackson across, another Jackson reversal, and as Sektor comes off the ropes Jackson saws him in two with a knee to the mid section, sending Sektor stumbling back into the ropes.

The crowd responds in kind.

Blackfront: And I think the Gold Standard, in his chase of that gold, might’ve woken the sleeping giant that is.

Ace: That look is something that no competitor wants to see in that ring.

Jackson, breathing heavily, enraged backs away. He pushes off the far side, looking to deliver a blow that will send Sektor over the ropes. Sektor instead drops the shoulder and vaults Jackson over the top rope, leaving him to crash out onto the floor below.

Blackfront: Jackson flying over the top rope and crashing down onto the floor, folks. He’s in some pain.

Ace: Yep and Sektor is keeping an eye on it all from the safety of the ring.

Jackson is up a bit quicker than to be expected but is still dazed. Sektor charges and looks to connect with a baseball slide, Jackson side steps it. Sektor is on his feet on the outside of the ring and Jackson leans forward and knocks him down with a Lariat, that nearly flips him over. The crowd is in awe of the brutality of the move.

Ace: WOW! Sean Jackson put everything he had behind that one.

Blackfront: He knew he had to put an end to the aggression that Sektor was showing or this was going to be a quick one.

Ace: Still might be, Jason. I don’t know if Sektor is getting up from that.

Jackson, punch drunk stumbles around, before picking up Sektor and sliding him back into the ring. Jackson follows a bit behind, allowing Sektor time to come to and launch himself into a dropkick that catches Jackson as he hops onto the ring apron, sending him out onto the floor once again. The crowd goes wild.

Ace: And this is right in front of us, Sean Jackson knocked out of the ring...AGAIN!

Blackfront: Sektor wanted this match, he asked for his match, and he’s delivered so far, Ace.

Ace: Yeah but he’s still Sektor, and that isn’t gonna move my needle anytime soon.

Jackson crawls onto the apron, Sektor meets him there, wrapping an arm around him.

Blackfront: Sektor trying to Suplex Jackson back into the ring! Sektor is trying to Suplex Jackson over the ring ropes!

Ace: Not gonna happen. Not a chance.

As Sektor goes to lift Jackson, Jackson kicks his legs back, Sektor can’t do it. On the way down Jackson reaches out and grabs the Gold Standard’s neck and drapes it over the top rope, sending him recoiling, choking and in pain. Sektor drops to a knee in an attempt to recover.

Ace: Savvy move right there by Jackson, who used his positioning to his advantage.

Blackfront: And that could’ve taken all the wind out of Sektor’s sails.

Jackson slides back into the ring on his belly. Sektor regains his feet and charges at Jackson who ducks a clothesline. Sektor is off the far side of the ropes but Jackson charges and drives his knee into the air catching the Gold Standard mid chest and leveling him to the mat. Jackson holds the top rope as he attempts to recover from the damage Sektor has already done.

Blackfront: And both men are winded here. The prize on the line is the Number One Contendership. Nothing bigger than this. What a match, what a show, what a night. It feels great to be back.

Ace: Would be even greater if these two weren’t going at it and Mikey was down here defending the title.

Blackfront: He’ll do that soon enough, Ace. I’m sure.

Sektor pulls himself up in the corner but Jackson is on top of him in an instant with boots to the mid section that force the Gold Standard to slump down into a sitting position.

Another few boots to the side of the head before Jackson drops to his knees and opts to use a straight choke on his opponent. The official getting involved with the standard issue five count.

Ace: Jackson showing some aggression now. Choking out Sektor, gotta love it.

Blackfront: That’s Sean Jackson, bend the rules whenever you can. Break them if you got to, just get it done. Not exactly the most moralistic code, but it’s worked for him.

Jackson gives the official a shove and the straight right hands into the head of John Sektor come fast and hard. The official trying to separate both men, but Jackson allowing him little room to work.

Blackfront: And this one is turning into more of a brawl than a wrestling match, Ace.

Ace: Well these two don’t exactly have love between the two of them, Jason. What did you expect?

More hard right hands to the face of Sektor as finally Jackson backs off. Sektor in pain is withering on the mat, leaning half out of the ring as he tries to get some air. Jackson slides out of the ring, taking position close to the Gold Standard.

Ace: And what’s Jackson going to do here?

Jackson winds up and delivers a huge elbow right to the neck of Sektor, driving his back into the ring apron.

Blackfront: Jackson trying to break Sektor into pieces here tonight, Ace.

Ace: And he might just succeed in doing that. Look!

Jackson climbs the steel stairs and leaps off driving his knee right into the face of Sektor and knocking him onto the floor below. The fans explode on their feet.

Ace: Sean Jackson by land, sea, or air, is going to win this Number One Contendership, Jason. Just you wait.

Jackson stands over the fallen Sektor and picks him up by the neck and walks him over to the announce table.

Blackfront: Action once again right in front of us, folks.

Ace: And here it comes!

Jackson goes to spike Sektor’s head off the table. Sektor puts his hands out and blocks the move, countering by driving Jackson’s head flush into the announce table. A sickening thud echoing through the arena, as the fans react to the pain.

Blackfront: And Jackson ends up with the face full of wood. Chance for Sektor!

Jackson leans back into the security barrier, trying to recover as Sektor eyes him up. The Gold Standard takes off with a full head of steam but at the last second Jackson kicks his foot up and catches the former HOW Superstar in the head. Sektor crumbles to the floor again.

Ace: I can’t believe it! Jackson somehow avoids getting sawed in half there. What awareness!

Blackfront: I guess he was World Champ for a reason.

Ace: A lot of reasons, Jason. Show some respect.

Jackson looks down at the carnage he’s cause and picks Sektor up again, this time flinging him into the steel steps with a hard Irish Whip. Sektor falls, favoring his arm. As Jackson makes his way over.

Blackfront: What a brutal match this has become. Both men leaving everything they have out here, trading blows back and forth.

Ace: But Jackson has established control here, showing the locker room that just because he’s taken a little time away from the UTA, doesn’t mean he’s any less dangerous.

Jackson picks Sektor back up and slides him into the ring. Jackson enters himself and runs a knee up high bending Sektor over. Jackson drapes an arm around the Gold Standard and hoists him into the air, letting the blood rush to his head, before finally sending him cascading down to the mat in a heap.

Ace: HUGE delayed Suplex from the former Champ there. And could this be enough!

Quick cover by Jackson.


Blackfront: No Sektor able to turn that shoulder and this one continues.

Jackson is disappointed and is in the ref’s face immediately. He backs off, uses the ropes for momentum and drives another knee into the face of Sektor. Then come the mounted punches, one, two, three, four in a row before the official breaks them apart. The camera shows Sektor’s face, blood coming from his mouth.

Ace: Ya know I don’t like Sektor at all, but he’s taking his licks well in this one.

Blackfront: He wants to win, Ace. He wants to be the Number One Contender, he isn’t just going to back down from that. This is a guy who got forked in a match for Christ sake!

Jackson stands Sektor up and Sektor summons the will to continue. A huge chop across the chest of Jackson from Sektor, another chop, and now Jackson is close enough to the ropes. Sektor just pushes him back, sending Jackson across the ring on the ride. Sektor bends down looking for the big Back Body Drop but as Jackson comes off the ropes he hooks the side of Sektor’s head brings his head to the canvas with a quick Snap DDT.

Ace: Sean Jackson with the DDT outta nowhere there. Showing that veteran savvy that won him TWO UTA World Titles.

Blackfront: John Sektor is not exactly green around the gills, Ace.

Ace: I know he isn’t, Jason, but Sean Jackson has climbed the UTA mountain. Sektor can’t. Jackson knows exactly what he needs to do. Without the Machine, without his friends, can Sektor get over the hump? I know I’m not the only one asking that question.

Both men are down in the ring as Jackson is feeling the nasty effects of Sektor’s opening volley, still Jackson is able to beat Sektor to his feet. Jackson heads to the turnbuckle, climbing to the top rung, facing Sektor, fans climbing to their feet in anticipation of something big.

Blackfront: High rent district for Jackson, what’s he going to do up there?

It’s then that Sektor surges, using his speed, he scales the turnbuckle and hooks Jackson leaning back and bringing him down to the mat in a thunderous heap with a Superplex. The fans howl with delight.

Ace: John Sektor might’ve just ended this one, Jason.

Blackfront: We’ll see, Ace. That was a HUGE move for sure. Totally shifted the momentum of this one.

Ace: I wish Jackson wasn’t such a show off. He could’ve had this thing one, had he just stayed on him.

Sektor pulls himself to his feet with the ropes. He blocks the incoming Jackson’s attempt at a right hand, and delivers a left of his own, clearing space. Chops to Jackson’s chest, clears a path for Sektor to lean forward and push Jackson into the ropes, sending him across for the ride. Upon his return Sektor turns, pivots and rushes Jackson with a Spinning Elbow Smash that drops the Mental Rapist in the middle of the ring.

The fans explode at the move.

Blackfront: Sektor with the Hall of Fame Elbow right there!

Ace: Sektor needs to keep pressing if he wants to beat Jackson. You don’t let Sean hang around in a match like this.

Jackson is too his feet, hell bent on stopping Sektor’s momentum. John kicks him in the gut backing Jackson up into the corner. Rights and lefts to the side of Jackson’s head comes from Sektor as the fans scream.

Ace: Crowd has been into this one from the start.

Blackfront: Part of the reason the UTA has come back, Ace. These rabid fans.

Sektor goes to whip Jackson across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, Jackson reverses and its Sektor who collides with the turnbuckle. Jackson rushes forward, Sektor catches him with a quick boot to the face. Jackson stumbles. Sektor vaults up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off driving his knee into Jackson’s face, knocking the former UTA champ to the mat.

Ace: No! This isn’t how it’s supposed to go, someone come out here and stop this.

Sektor falls over top Jackson for the pin.

And just then Blunt Blowin kicks over the PA system.

Ace: YES! YES! YES! Someone listened!

Blackfront: What the hell?

Sektor demands the ref count, but before he can Mikey has slide into the ring. Sektor is quick to his feet and he throws a clothesline, the champ ducks it and pushes off the far side ropes, using the momentum to launch himself in the air, and uses his newly minted title to smash Sektor right in the face.

The crowd hisses.

Blackfront: The Champ making his presence felt. Can’t say I agree with this.

Ace: 100% better than any kind of finish Sektor and Jackson would’ve given us. I mean listen to this crowd. They love him!

Blackfront: The crowd is booing! Hell someone just threw - what was that - an egg!?

Ace: No press is bad press, Jason. I mean how many Hollywood Blockbusters have YOU starred in? Mikey knows exactly what he’s doing.

Mikey throws his arms to either side, content on bringing the match to a halt as the bell rings out signaling a no contest. The crowd’s boos turn into cheers and Mikey knows something has gone wrong.

Ace: Jackson is up and he isn’t happy.

Blackfront: Oh this is going to be great.

It’s just then that Sektor, bleeding from the mouth, and now a slight gash on his head, courtesy of the title rises as well.

Ace: Mikey stuck between a rock and a hard spot. I don’t like this. I don’t like this at al..

Blackfront: It looks like his ship has finally come in, and the crowd can feel it.

Sektor and Jackson shoot a look to one another. Then to the champ. They go to move in - THE LIGHTS CUT.

Ace: What in the hell is this now?

A second, maybe two later the lights kick back on. There’s a hooded man standing in the ring, right behind John Sektor. Sektor gets spun around, pulled down by this throat as the man brings both knees up into Sektor’s chin.


The crowd boos. They know. And so does Mikey, he pulls Jackson, spoon feeds him to the hooded man, who before delivering the instant finisher, throws the hood aside and reveals himself.

Ace: KENDRIX! KENDRIX just BELL ENDED Sean Jackson’s night here, folks. And saved his boy Mikey in the process. That’s teamwork!

The crowd is livid, furious with the outcome.

Blackfront: Nothing like sending the crowd home happy, huh Ace?

Ace: These people do know that KENDRIX is back, right? A legit UTA homegrown talent that was wanted all over the world when this place closed. This is GOOD for US!

Blackfront: Good for Mikey at least.

Ace: Hey he’s the champ ain’t he.

Blackfront: For the time being.

Kendrix and Mikey Unlikely stand tall over John Sektor and Sean Jackson as the copyright comes up and we fade to black.

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