Victory XLVI

25 Jan 2016

US Cellular Center, Asheville, North Carolina (seats 7,674)


The Monday Night Victory logo fades in from black and dominates the screen. As it does, James Brown starts kickin’ it with “Living in America,” and the logo pulses until we hit the first chorus. As it drifts into the background, we switch to the arena, and the camera pans around hordes and hordes of screaming fans.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. We catch a few fan signs as the camera flies by…






From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are LIVE from the sold-out US Cellular Center in Asheville, North Carolina for another action-packed edition of Victory! I’m Jennifer Williams, and alongside me, as always, it’s the Hall-of-Famer… Dr. Emo!

Emo: Thank you Jen! We have a night of firsts as the lovable, Lisil Jackson, takes on the deadly Abdul Bin Hussain.

Williams: P.T. Merciless makes his UTA debut tonight, taking on Lew Smith.

Emo: And I’m sure P.T. will be absolute merciless when he gets Lew Smith in the ring tonight.

Williams: That was bad.

Emo: Well sometimes I get lucky with a few zingers Jenn, but in the meantime we have Xander Hayes and Amy Harrison to help forget my bad joke.

Williams: And guess who Marie Van Claudio faces tonight for the very first time in singles action? Will Haynes.

Emo: This is a night of firsts and I’m not liking Van Claudio’s chances here tonight against Will Haynes who’s looking to bounce back and build momentum heading towards All or Nothing.

Williams: In the Main Event we have the former world champion, Eric Dane, taking on Cayle Murray.

Emo: That match is going to be very interesting as Dane has been terrorizing UTA since Sean Jackson stole his title like a thief in the night.

Williams: Dane brutally assaulted Jackson last week along with attacking his opponent here tonight.

Emo: Yes he did, and that didn’t sit too well with the young Scot. Cayle’s looking to gain some vengeance and bragging rights with a victory over Dane here tonight.

Williams: I'm looking forward to seeing if Cayle can make good on his promise of adding another former world champion’s scalp to his collection, Doc! Let's get started!



Lights drop.

The excitement is palpable.

The crowd eagerly awaits their first bit of interaction of the evening.

♫ Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown ♫

The bluesy track heralds the entrance of, you guessed it, former seven time Heavyweight Champion of the World and the most recent former UTA World Champion, Eric Dane.

Williams: And of course, here comes everbody’s favorite nut job…

Emo: He’s gonna overhear you talking smack one of these days, you know.

Williams: And what’s he gonna do about it?

Emo: Don’t ask me, but I wouldn’t put it past him to put hands on a woman. He’s funny that way.

Williams: I wish he would, I’ll own everything he’s ever touched…

The music continues and The Only Star makes his way to the ring. There is no sign of Bobby Dean, and gone is the usual ridiculously priced get up. Tonight, he’s already dressed to go to work, and the look on his face says that he means business.

Emo: What do you think he’s got to say tonight, Jen?

Williams: Who knows, I’m sure it’ll probably end with him getting thrown out of here again though!

Dane wastes no time on snapping up the microphone laid out for him and climbing the steps and entering the ring. The chorus of boos doesn’t bother him as he takes his place at the center of the ring. His music fades out and he stands, patiently waiting for the crowd to follow suit.

Dane: I can stand here all night.

More boos.

Emo: You know he can! And you know he will! Show some respect, people!

Dane: Now, as you all know, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for me.

Even more boos.

Dane: Go ahead, yuck it up, see what happens.

The Only Star is laser focused. This does not bode well for his enemies.

Dane: So anyway, this happened:

He motions toward the giant screen at the top of the ramp. We’ll call it the UTAtron. Seconds pass and the screen’s content takes over your television screen.

The footage is monochrome, there’s no sound, and it looks like it’s running about 5 frames per second.  Colton Thorpe, Eric Dane, Bobby Dean, and that other guy are all standing there, the slow frame rate making it look like they’re doing a spastic dance in place.  Only a few seconds into the footage, that other guy walks off.

Dane and Thorpe appear to converse for a bit with BBD standing behind Dane.  Then Dane and BBD also turn to leave, leaving Thorpe behind.

Thorpe seems to shuffle in place, and he adjusts the Wildfire Championship over his shoulder.

And then, from stage right: enter Perfection.

Thorpe sees Perfection.  He turns to face the man, making a bit of a show of adjusting that title belt over his shoulder.

Perfection’s back is to the camera, but anyone who’s familiar with UTA knows exactly what smirk he’s currently got on his face.  Not taking his eyes off Thorpe, he smoothly walks right on past.  

And off screen, stage left.

Thorpe turns to watch him go.

And enter someone else from stage right, at a full run.

There’s no sound, so we don’t hear the sickening crunch of Thorpe’s head being driven right into the cinderblock wall.

What we CAN see is that there’s a small dark spot on the wall at the site of the impact, and Thorpe is bleeding badly.

Even though there’s no color, we can tell that Thorpe’s assailant is bald-headed and dressed in a leather jacket and a pair of fighting shorts.  He lays stomp after stomp into the shoulders and head of the fallen Wildfire Champion before pulling him up, but only as far as his knees.  Then he grabs the Wildfire Championship…

And bashes it directly into Thorpe’s face.

In doing this, he turns to the camera, and if it wasn’t already pretty clear who it was, there’s now not an ounce of doubt.

Jeff Andrews.

He Who Once Was Dubbed ‘The Man’.

And Andrews still isn’t done with Thorpe.  Hooking a reverse headlock, and carefully positioning the man, he drops down with his “Mind Eraser” diving reverse DDT, planting the back of Thorpe’s head onto the fallen championship belt.

Andrews spits on the fallen Pantheon member, then walks off screen to the right, the same way he came.

In comes Perfection from screen left, who puts his hands on his hips and observes the handiwork, the unconscious and bleeding Thorpe.  Finally nodding, Perfection turns and leaves, never having actually laid a finger on Thorpe.

And that’s it.

Emo: Oh my God… Jeff Andrews?!

Williams: Jeff Andrews took-out Colton Thorpe!

Emo: This isn’t going to sit well at all, Jen! These two have at least a decade of history.

Back to Dane.

Dane: So there you have it.

He begins pacing.

Dane: That’s fine. Jeff, more than anybody, knows that I deal in blood. And since he’s taken blood from my friend, I’m gonna find him, and I’m gonna take it back ten fold. As a matter of fact, when I get through with hi-

A familiar voice interrupts The Only Star mid-sentence.

“Eric! Eric!”

It’s owner? Cayle Murray.

No music, no pyro, no ballyhoo: just the Most Popular Wrestler of 2015 walking down the ramp, mic-in-hand.

Murray: This is NOT how we’re doing this!

Williams: Here comes the other side to the equation, folks! Cayle’s been embroiled in this situation since day one, and he’s here to throw water on the flames.

Emo: I’d say he’s about to fan them, Jen! Interrupting Eric Dane in THIS kinda mood?! That’s suicide.

The Scot’s down the ramp in no-time, and is soon climbing-up the steps and into the ring. Dressed modestly in a track jacket and jeans, he shows no hesitation in approaching the foaming Dane.

Murray: I’m not about to let this turn into Eric Dane’s violence orchestra, especially not tonight. You really think that putting fists to the dude’s face is gonna solve a damn thing?

He doesn’t wait for a response.

Murray: Don’t get me wrong, Eric. I’m not exactly thrilled about this either. I obviously don’t go as far back with him as you do -- hell, I’ve only known the guy a couple of months -- but I thought he was my ally. I thought Jeff was here to help me, but he’s bloodied my hands by association. Colt and I damn near killed each other in Tokyo, but this isn’t what I wanted… this isn’t “help.”

Pacing back and forth, Cayle shakes his head.

Murray: But we need to listen, Eric! There’s a peaceful solution to all of this, and we gotta find it. We can’t just let the red mist form, flare our nostrils and gnash our teeth. Violence is a self-perpetuating circle, and putting Jeff Andrews in a hospital bed isn’t gonna solve a damn thing.

The Only Star cocks an eyebrow.

Dane: You do get that you’re a professional wrestler, right, and that wrestling is a violent sport dominated by violent men doing violent things to each other. That’s kind of like the entire point you ignorant little-

And then, the shit hits the fan.  ALL the shit.  In one of those gigantic factory size overhead fans big enough to slice a janitor into giblets.

♫ I’m a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ Well I’m really mad and I’m really old ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And it’s time I sacrificed all my love ♫

“Gods and Punks” brings out Jeff Andrews.

The mangled lip that he was put on medical suspension for has healed, his head looks fine, and he walks straight as a dime out onto the stage.  He’s dressed in his leather jacket and fighting shorts, and there’s a beer - Fat Tire, to be specific - prominently placed in his jacket’s front pocket.

The fans give up a mostly positive reaction, but there’s a few boos - hitting someone from behind then beating the hell out of them in a hallway isn’t precisely heroic.

Andrews: Eric?

Pause for effect.

Andrews: You have slipped worse than hell.

Nobody else besides Jeff Andrews would simply power walk to the ring as though Eric Dane weren’t standing in it.

Andrews: How long have we known each other, dude? Since 2007? Or was it 2006?  Point is, when you kicked my teeth through my face, had Thorpe brain me with a title belt, and had that other guy leave me in a dumpster wearing one of his old spare masks filled with ether-soaked cotton balls, did you honest to god think there wasn’t going to be an answer?  It’s like I always said, ‘baws’....

The word is snarled with as much insincerity as can possibly fit in the human voice.

Andrews: I may be a retarded redneck - but I’m a goddamn genius of a retarded redneck.

This, for whatever reason, gets some cheers.

Andrews: Now, I gotta beg apologies from all and sundry for breaking one of the cardinal rules, but I got to mention another promotion, that being DEFIANCE, outright.  See, back in DEFIANCE where he’s really the baws, nothing escapes Eric Dane’s notice.  Back there, he’d have known every last detail about what happened.

Dane’s expression grows even darker.

Andrews: So the reason I didn’t come out here bragging fifteen minutes after I beat hell out of Colton was because I was testing you, Eric.  I wanted to see how connected you were.  How integrated you were. I wanted to see how well you were paying attention.

Andrews grins.

Andrews: You get an F, you stupid f(redacted)ggot.

Eric Dane hasn’t taken his eyes off Jeff Andrews.  And Andrews hasn’t taken his eyes off Dane.  So neither of them notice when Cayle Murray shakes his head, rolls out of the ring, and starts walking up the ramp.

Williams: Cayle’s seen and heard enough, Doc. He’s been deeply disappointed by Jeff’s actions, and the explanation just isn’t cutting it.

Emo: This is a big boy issue, Jen. If Cayle doesn’t have the stones for it, he’s better off hiding backstage.

Williams: This is a man of morals and principles, who’s just been let down by the closest person he has to a friend in this company. I can’t blame him for walking away.

Andrews: And since you’re that stupid, I figure I better explain why it was I took out Thorpe instead of just punching you a bunch of times.  If the Pantheon attacks me… you know what, hold just a sec.

Andrews turns his back on Dane.  It’s an open dare.  It’s everything Dane can do to resist the urge to just bum-rush his erstwhile frenemy.

Andrews: Cayle? What’s going on?  Where’re you goin?

Cayle isn’t mic’d right now, but he throws his arms up in a clear gesture of total exasperation.

Andrews:  This is important, bruh! Dane was always your real enemy, not Thorpe, and-

Murray disappears behind the curtain.

Andrews: Aw hell.

Emo: He’s not coming back, Jen.

Williams: And I don’t blame him, either.

Andrews turns back to Dane.

Andrews: So where was I?  On yeah, something about me having to eradicate the Pantheon.  That guy, you know the one, he was a self-solving problem.  Bobby Dean defines the term ‘useless lump of f(redacted)ck.’  And you come crawling back every time you get your shit wrecked, Eric.  You’re just like me.  So it had to be Thorpe.  Had to.  And that was all it took to break the Pantheon into pieces.

Spinning around, Andrews marches up until he’s almost within arm’s reach of the ex-champ.

Andrews: Don’t you EVER doubt me again, Eric, and don’t you dare try to fuck with me again.  You told me I owned nothing you couldn’t take? You own nothing that I can’t either steal, break, or piss on!  This dumb goddamn redneck that ran your promotion for you for two years before you let some (reeeeedaaaacccttteeeedddd) Benoit him out of the record books has been sitting at home, drunk, happy, and LAUGHING AT YOU FOR A MONTH!  WHO THE FUCK’S STUPID NOW, ERIC?! I TOOK THE STABLE THAT WON YOU THAT WORLD TITLE, AND NOW THE WORLD TITLE’S AROUND THE WAIST OF A DUDE I’VE ALREADY BEATEN!

It’s true, Jeff Andrews pinned Sean Jackson one time in a survivor series match 9 years ago.

Andrews: So I hope getting the last word against me for once was worth it, Eric. I am the MAN.  I WAS ALWAYS THE MAN.  AND THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY GAME!  NOT YOURS. MINE!

The crowd is silent.

Eric Dane is silent.

An awkward moment passes.

This is when Jeff Andrews decides to up the ante.

He takes two steps forward, and now he and Eric Dane are literally forehead to forehead.  He brings the mic up slowly, and growls like a supervillain.


The Only Star takes a step back, his face is unreadable.

Dane: Alright, Jeff, you’ve got my attention. Now let me ask you a serious question…

He pauses, getting real close, closing the rest of the gap between the two.

Dane: Are you drunk right now, Jeff? Because that’s the only thing in the world that I can think of that would make you stupid enough to come out here and mash every one of my buttons at once.

Eric leans in, takes a sniff.

Dane: Is that whiskey, Jeff?

Eric smirks, laughs in Jeff Andrews face.

Andrews: Whiskey? Nah, it’s just beer.  I gotta be functional tonight.  Here.  New Belgium Fat Tire, if you wanna be specific.

Andrews pulls that beer from his jacket, pops the top.

Andrews: Want some? No wait, you’re a beer-hating limpdick, and I wouldn’t share my beer with you anyway.

He chugs it, gulping noisily enough to be picked up over the microphone.  With the bottle empty, he wipes his mouth and smiles.

Andrews: Ah.  That’s some good sh(redacted)t.


You see, Eric Dane knows Jeff Andrews, and he was ready to block as soon as Andrews swung that empty bottle at his face.  The bottle goes flying off somewhere as Dane follows up with a knife edge chop that raises a welt right across Jeff’s chest.

His weapon lost, Andrews responds with a simple open hand slap that snaps Dane’s neck around to the side.

Dane stumbles back, almost to one knee, a red mark appearing on the side of his face where Andrews just belted him with an open hand.  

Dane responds by laying another welt-raising chop right into Andrews’ chest.

Never losing his grin for a split second, Andrews blasts Dane in the face with an open fist!

Dane pulls Andrews down into a clinch and drives a knee right into his mouth!


Andrews stumbles back and Dane rushes in to clothesline him over the ropes.  Andrews lands on his feet.  Dane follows him out, and quickly shunts him into the announce table.

Williams: Right in front of us, literally! Watch out!

With a clothesline, Dane sends Andrews up ONTO the announce table and follows him up, laying in right hand after right hand to the face - only for the stronger and heavier Andrews to roll him over and begin laying right hands of his own in!

Dane gets his feet under him and pushes Andrews off, but Andrews lands on his feet and is back in a flash, tackling Dane so they both go skidding across the top of the announce table and into a pile of chairs and electrical wires.


Security comes out of nowhere, dogpiling and separating the two wrestlers.  Dane’s eyes are icy as he wipes away a spot of blood on his nose.  Andrews is still grinning like a madman, bleeding from the mouth AND chest.

Lorenzo: Okay.  First of all, this is NOT DEFIANCE, and this is not how we do things here.  

Security has a tight grip on both wrestlers.

Lorenzo: Starting with you, Jeff, you just came off medical suspension, and you’ve had four total matches here in the UTA.  Considering that you were assaulted by The Pantheon without provocation, I’m letting you off for the attack on Thorpe with just a fine, but don’t think for a second I’m letting you turn this into some sort of leapfrog up the card.  You want your piece of Dane? DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME!

The crowd gets a laugh at that one.

Lorenzo: Barring that, go win the All or Nothing match, and hope he can win his title match against Sean Jackson, and then do it in the ring! And if none of that works out, YOU’RE BOTH WRESTLERS, CHALLENGE HIM TO A MATCH! Assuming, of course, you can keep your nose clean.  Any backstage attacks, any brawls started, any pointless provocation on your part, and you’re suspended indefinitely!  And for that matter, you show up here drunk and I find out, you’re suspended for that too.

Cut to Jeff Andrews reaction.  He’s yelling something.  Who knows if he’s happy, angry, or simply demanding a burrito.

Lorenzo: Dane? You didn’t throw the first punch, so I’m not coming down on you for any of this - but you’re going to go wait in your locker room until your match with Murray.  And then you can get through your World Title shot at AoN.  If you regain the title, and you still want to fight Andrews, you can wait until he earns a title shot.  If you lose again, well, do whatever you want as long as you respect the rules of the league!

Dane’s expression is stony and unreadable.  He doesn’t argue, however, as the security escorts him backstage.

Williams: We knew that Jeff Andrews had a reputation as an impact player when he signed with the UTA, but he’d been doing a pretty good job sailing straight before this - I’m really shocked by this, I am.

Emo: You know what, Jen? I say good.  And not because I’m rooting for him, or against him for that matter.  With both Madman and Yoshii flopping in their returns, it’s about time we get another impact player in the game.  And honestly? With so many sleazy slimy type guys like Perfection and Jackson swarming around the top of the card, a raw-edged maniac like Jeff Andrews is a breath of fresh air.

Williams: Keep saying that.  It might even turn out to be true, as long as he doesn’t start wrestling drunk and breaking things.  Fans, we have to go to a break, but we’ll be right back!

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Requires Your Signature

Requires Your Signature

Entering the US Cellular Center, the Mental Rapist Sean Jackson is on his cellphone, engaged in a very heated conversation with whomever is on the other end. It doesn't take the UTA World Champion long be shoulder to shoulder with Marshall Owens, a scowl cemented on the Dallas native's face.

Jackson: Give me a minute to confer with my idiot attorney.

While Sean is still wearing that angry look, Marshall is filled with confusion. He gets even more confused as his client is staring daggers his way.

Jackson: You didn't send the paperwork in, did you?

Taking in a deep breath, Marshall gets that I screwed up expression.

Owens: I...uhh

That doesn't sit well with the World Champion. After being around Marshall for a number of years, that expression followed by the usual uhh, is never a good thing.

Jackson: Jesus Marshall, you were given one job, ONE. All you had to do was simply put the damn thing in the mail...

As Marshall reaches into his own pocket, his eyes lower. Being pulled out of the pocket is a document that undoubtedly needed to be addressed well before now.

Jackson: What in the hell is that?"

With his eyes still lowered, Marshall responds.

Owens: Something that requires your signature.

Sean is fuming, totally beside himself.

Jackson: You didn't mail the documents out because my signature was needed?

Owens: ....

In this case, silence is NOT golden.

Jackson: Let me guess, you forgot to get me to sign it?

Owens: ....

The World Champion yanks the paper from his attorney's hand. Placing it against the wall, a scribble motion is made and the signature delivered.

Jackson: There's my signature, now get the damn thing mailed out.

Owens: I will, as soon as we get to the hotel.

Marshall starts to walk away, but the World Champion yanks him to a stop. With a cold expression, the Mental Rapist is a fraction of an inch away from his attorney's face.

Jackson: You better.

Marshall gives a nervous smile.

Owens: Come on Sean, I won't let you down.

The World Champion rolls his eyes before putting a finger into the attorney's chest.

Jackson: If you do, there will be hell to pay.

The Dallas native starts walking again, lifting the phone back to his ear. As the conversation resumes, Marshall follows suit. However, neither notices Xander Hayes lurking in the background, giggling.



Lew Smith vs. PT Merciless


As we return ringside, PT Merciless is already in the ring.

Emo: PT Merciless making his UTA debut here tonight Jennifer as we are just two weeks away from All or Nothing.

Williams: He's well known on the independent scene, but will he be able to make it herein the UTA?

Emo: I guess we'll find out as he takes on Lew Smith here in this opening match.

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL. Making his way to the ring first.

The house lights come down and pyro follows the quick bursts of notes during the intro of “If You Want Peace…” by Children Of Bodom. The lights flicker along with the addition of the fast guitar. Both pryo and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epouc colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses on the word “GO!”

Announcer: Standing at six one...weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds...he is the Ominous Angel...LEWWWWWWW SMIIIIITHHHHH!

The lights rise and to the ring out of the back springs the Angel himself. He’s cloaked in a caple like robe. He gets to the ring and flips the hood off revealing himself. The crowd cheers.

Williams: Lew Smith no stranger to in ring competition here in the UTA, the only remaining VCW original.

Emo: Lew Smith is like me Jenn, UTA until the lights shut off.

Williams: And the fans love him.

The two men look at each other as the bell sounds.

Williams: Tie up out of the gate here. Merciless using his slight size advantage to take control early as he pushes Smith into the ropes.

He presses him back into them before grabbing Lew's arm and sending him across the ring.

Williams: Smith on the return now. PT Merciless looking to catch him..

Lew drops down in front of PT and brings an uppercut up, catching PT under the chin.

Williams: No! Denied by Lew Smith.

Emo: This isn't his first rodeo.

PT stumbles back as Lew gets to his feet.

Williams: Lew follows up with a swift kick catching PT in the side. Now another.

Emo: Those kicks are deadly accurate from Smith.

Williams: Quick thrust to the chest of PT Merciless by Smith.

Emo: That will knock the breath out of you.

PT grabs his chest in pain, backing into the ropes. He reaches out to grab the top rope and begins walking away from Lew Smith.

Williams: Lew Smith grabs the head of PT Merciless and introduces it into the top turnbuckle.

PT's head bounces back as he stumbles around falling to a knee before shaking it off and pushing back up.

Williams: PT refusing to stay down here. Charges Lew Smith.. armdrag!

Emo: Lew caught him quickly with that.

Williams: PT back to his feet again.

Merciless charges Smith again and is sent to the canvas with another armdrag.

Williams: Another armdrag sends PT Merciless back to the canvas.

Merciless snaps back up. Smith now lands some hard lefts pushing Merciless in the corner. Working his mid section with combinations.

Williams: Smith taking it to PT Merciless.

Emo: He's executing those chops and punches with power.

PT Merciless blocks Lew before he grabs himand tosses Smith into the corner throwing his arms behind the top rope.

Williams: Knife edge chops now by PT.

Merciless pauses between each chop, ensuring that the next is more powerful than the previous.

Williams: PT Merciless lands a headbutt on Smith chasing him from the corner.

Smith walks towards the ropes leaning his body across the top rope as he does. Merciless sends him into the ropes and across the ring.

Williams: Lew Smith sent across the ring again.

Smith comes back at Merciless and flips around putting his legs around the waist of Merciless. Merciless raises Smith up and slams him face first to the canvas.

Williams: Big time reversal by Merciless.

Emo: Smith was denied there Jenn.

Merciless goes on the attack kicking at the knees of Lew Smith. He picks up the right leg of Lew Smith and smashes it into the canvas.

Emo: Smart move there. Take out Lew Smith's legs and you've taken away his ability to get you with those kicks he is known for.

Merciless smashes the same leg into the canvas again. The fans boo as he yells at the crowd.

Williams: These fans seem to be getting to Merciless.

Emo: The fans definitely get into the guy’s heads.

Merciless grabs one of Smith’s legs and locks in a single leg boston crab.

Williams: Smith is in the middle of the ring. No where to go.

Emo: This might be a quick one.

Smith slams his hands on the canvas in pain. Merciless leans back further putting even more strain on the lower back of Lew Smith.

Williams: Smith is not giving up.

Emo: He can’t take much more of this. Especially not after having his knee slammed into the ring like that.

Lew Smith pushes himself up and begins stepping with his hands closer and closer to the ropes.

Williams: Smith is almost to the ropes.

Smith lunges himself to the bottom rope and grabs it.

Williams: PT Merciless forced to break the hold.

Emo: Merciless not letting the hold go. Taking the count to four. He really doesn't show mercy, does he?

Merciless lets Smith’s leg go and stands over Lew. PT gets cocky and stops his offense. After a few moments of gloating, Merciless watches Smith get to his feet close to the ring ropes. PT hits the ropes and comes at Lew Smith.

Williams: Smith ducks and pulls down the top rope!

Emo: PT Merciless crashing to the outside. These fans are loud.

Merciless holds his head as he lay on his back on the mat on top the cement floor. Smith rest on the canvas in the ring.

Williams: Smith needs to take advantage of this.

Emo: Most def. That had to take the steam out of whatever PT Merciless was planning on doing.

Smith finally gets to his feet. You can tell he is feeling the effects of the submission move as he winces. PT grabs the side of the ring, using the edge of the canvas to pull himself up before rolling back in.

Williams: Lew Smith behind PT Merciless, watching him as he starts to get to his feet here.

Lew has his arms out, ready. Finally, he slips them in under PT's arms and locks his fingers behind his head.

Williams: Full Nelson lock here. He could be setting up then... yes, he is!

Lew throws his legs up and around the waist of PT Merciless, pulling him back as he falls to the canvas.


The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via submission.... LEW... SMIIITHHHH!!!

Emo: Big win here for Lew Smith tonight giving him the momentum he needs as we head into All or Nothing in less than two weeks.

Williams: PT Merciless unsuccessful here in his debut.

Lew celebrates in the ring as we get a replay of the end of the match.

Getting Rid of the Nutjob

Getting Rid of the Nutjob

In the back, Amy Harrison is seen doing a photoshoot. Amy poses for the camera and the photographer takes some snaps of her as she’s feeling the shoot. Just then, Kate Kincaid comes up and looks at Amy.

Kincaid: Amy, do you have a couple of minutes?

Amy ignores her as she doesn’t want to do the interview.

Harrison: Not now.

The photographer stops for a brief second.

Kincaid: Your shoot seems to be stopped, so maybe you could talk?

Kate puts her microphone to Amy’s face. It’s clear Amy is not happy with this.

Harrison: Alright, fine. This better be good. What do you want?

Kincaid: It seems to me that as of late, you are on a losing skid since you lost you-

Amy puts her hand to her face.

Harrison: Don’t you even start with that crap!

Kate jumps back as she just yelled at her.

Harrison: If reminding me that I haven’t been winning all of my matches lately was the only reason why you wanted to interview me, then you might as well get out of my face!

Kincaid: Amy there is no nee-

Again, Amy cuts her off.

Harrison: There is no need for you to even be here right now! All you’re doing right now is interrupting my business with your nonsense.

Kate looks at her and shakes her head.

Kincaid: Well, maybe you need to get your act together and stop worrying about what Marie might do next!

Amy rolls her eyes.

Kincaid: And maybe you should worry about Xander Hayes tonight instead of bantering around.

Amy’s eyes widen.

Harrison: Hold on, hold on, back up here just one second. Are you saying that I should stop worrying about Marie?

Kate nods her head.

Kincaid: Well that seems to be the main thing when it comes to your matches. Blaming her for your issues when it comes to your matches!

Amy wants to punch her lights out, but controls herself and gets back to the point.

Harrison: Have you even heard me bring up Marie in the last couple of weeks? Have I even mentioned her once during the build-up for tonight's match? Have I?

Kate keeps her eyes on her. No answer.

Harrison: Marie is nothing, I’m not worried about her. She’s going to be nothing but a pushover when I face her. Am I focused against her, of course I am. Am I worried about her? Not a single bit.

Kate keeps her eyes on her and still doesn’t say a word.

Harrison: With that being said, I really hope she watches my match tonight, just so she can really know what’s in store for her at All or Nothing.

Kincaid: Any final thoughts for your match against Xander Hayes?

Harrison: Honestly, I don’t really know if this guy belongs in a wrestling ring or a mental home.

She laughs at the comment

Harrison: Either way, after I’m done with him tonight, maybe he can put together his two working brain cells and do something good, like retire.

Amy rubs her hands together

Harrison: But then again, after tonight, I might just give him a good reason to quit and run back to his stuffed animals for good.

Amy pushes her hair into Kate’s face and goes to finish her photoshoot.

All For A Signature

All For A Signature

Standing in the backstage area of the US Cellular Center, the UTA World Champion is speaking with his attorney Marshall Owens.  Both are wearing tailor fitted suits with the championship belt draped over Sean’s shoulder.  The conversation is inaudible as the camera approaches, but quickly becomes audible once in earshot.

Jackson:  If Dane thinks he’s getting away with that stunt last week, then he is mistaken.  You don’t sucker punch a man of my distinction and get away with it.

Marshall is listening, trying to make sure his client doesn’t fly off the handle at the first person within arm reach.  Of course he is to be the voice of reason, he is mere feet away.

Owens:  Just be patient Sean, your moment will come.

Marshall looks to say something else, but stops.  His mouth is open but no words come out as he looks over his client’s shoulder to see someone approaching. Xander is skipping along when he noticed Sean and Owens talking and a crew near them as X shakes his head and snickers a bit.

X: Oh look what the cat dragged in Sean and Owens, the two stooges.. Where’s El Greenback?

Xander attempts to hug Owens and Sean in a giant group hug.  

Owens:  Do you mind?

Sean, not seeing the approaching Xander can’t turn so he extends his arm just enough to create separation.  Once the connection is made, the World Champion rolls his eyes while still maintaining distance.

Jackson:  First off, Blanca is gone.  Secondly, don’t you ever put a wrinkle on this suit again.  I know you were trying to cop a feel on my championship belt, but this isn’t to be touched by curtain jerkers and janitors, so hands off.

Marshall Owens, the more rational thinking of the two (at the moment) addresses the elephant in the room.

Owens:  Just what is it you want Xander?

X laughs as he steps back a few steps and shakes his head looking at both men and a giant smile creeps out as he smiles.

X: First off I wasn’t talking about La Flammy, I see your memory has faded from long ago. I mean it hasn’t been that long? Or has your old age finally caught up to you Seany… Second off Owens. We are all brothers here aren’t we? You guys couldn’t handle the truth the first time, how could you handle it now?

X laughs at the memory of the trial with Sean, Owens, El Gringo loco, Teddy, and Judge Judy as he starts to laugh and places a hand on Sean again and jumps back snickering.

X: Oh sorry, didn’t want to wrinkle the fifty dollar Men’s Warehouse suit. But I guess I should get to the point on this since you both are bumps on the log of life.

X clears his head a moment and produces Fluffy from his cargo pants.

X: Yes Fluffy I’ll start now… Owens this is my legal team Fluffy Flufdox of the law firm Alias and we have just cause to retrieve Teddy from your vile clutches.

X produces a paper with crayon written on it for the return of Teddy.

Jackson:  First off you mental midget, this is a custom made Italian suit which probably costs more than the public transportation vehicle that brought you here.  Secondly, I don’t give a damn about some fake document, from some fake law firm in regards to Teddy. 

You can tell the Dallas native is getting fed up with the interruption.  Considering it will have happened two weeks in a row now.

Jackson:  I am the UTA World Champion, you are just some nobody in search of a security blanket that is now in my possession.  But I can tell you this much Xander, I’m not above beating up one retard…

The Mental Rapist takes a step forward, the World Championship off the shoulder and hanging loosely in his right hand.

Jackson:  Especially after beating up both Dibbins brousins last week.

X is yawning while Jackson is talking and slinks over to Owens and places his head on his shoulder and attempts to sleep but Owens shrugs and steps back with a disgusted look on his face as X drops to the floor like a potato bag and jumps up looking around making sure no one saw that.

X: Seany pooh you forget, maybe I could start  the Klondike game with you? Drag up old memories of you losing your mind and coming down to my level? Hehehehe. But Sean you should watch your words you might get the Special Olympics on your case using the R word so casually. Did you forget we live in the politically correct world now? You might just get…

X looks at Fluffy and nods as he get’s somewhat serious.

X: Sean, you only can beat up the mentally handicapped. and steal items to only move forward. You think stealing Teddy would cause me mental duress? You only struck a cord on my resolve and well…

X jumps at Sean with a hug in mind, and starts to wrap his arms around the bigger man only to eat a championship belt to the face.  As Xander goes down, Sean leans over him.

Jackson:  Listen up Xander because I won’t say this again.  You can bring up that courtroom fiasco all you want, you can bring up anything your little heart desires.  But I’m not the same man I was back in those days, this is 2016 my man…

That million dollar smirk begins to form.

Jackson:  And I’m the World Champion.  You want Teddy, then you step up like a man and take him.  Until then…

The Dallas native taps Marshall on the shoulder and motions for him to follow.

Jackson:  I’ve got more important things to do.

The World Champion walks away, leaving Marshall to give one final verbal shot.

Owens:  Idiot.

The attorney also walks away, leaving Xander by himself. He watches them both go and rubs his jaw a bit and starts to laugh as he looks at Fluffy.

X: And all I wanted was to hug the world champ and congratulate him on his earned shot, but noooo he had to get all hrumph.. Oh well, hehehe but I did get something from this little event.

X smirks as he grabbed a paper from Owens upper suit pocket and opens it and starts to jump around like a little school child as we see Sean’s signature on it.

X: Now the game can be concluded to it’s final outcome and Sean can’t weasel his way out of it. Teddy will be mine again come hell or pole hahahahahahaha.

X snickers as he starts to skip away and just starts to laugh like a loon.


I Want My Rematch

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag as the opening guitar riffs and “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.

Williams: The hell? That's Scott Steven's music!

Emo: Thanks for that info Captain Obvious.

Stevens appears on stage in full wrestling attire and makes his way down to the ramp.

Williams: What’s he doing out here Doc?

Emo: Your guess is as good as mine because he’s not scheduled to be here tonight.

Stevens climbs up the ring step and makes his way into the ring. Once inside, he heads over to the opposite end of the ring and demands a microphone from the ring announcer. Stevens taps the microphone a few times to make sure it’s on.

Emo: Stevens is pissed and he has a live microphone in his hand, this can’t be good.

Stevens looks out towards the crowd as he slowly raises the microphone to his lips.

Stevens: Did you see the travesty that took place last week?

Stevens asks the crowd as he slowly circles the ring before coming to a stop as he looks down at Williams and Emo.

Stevens: I know you two saw it, and there was nothing done about it!

Stevens yells as he turns away.

Williams: What the hell is he going on about?

Emo: Your guess is as good as mine.

Stevens has a look of disgust on his face as he slowly raises the microphone to his lips once again.

Stevens: Last week I lost my Wildfire championship to El Trebol Jr.

The crowd cheers at the mention of Trebol’s name and Stevens looks around confused.

Stevens: Why are you cheering him?

Stevens shouts as he climbs the second rope and looks out towards the crowd.

Stevens: The man had to cheat to beat me!

The crowd boos the Texan.

Williams: Good grief. Stevens being a sore loser.

Emo: I have to agree with you Jenn.

Stevens hops down off of the ropes and shakes his head in disgust.

Stevens: I figured you wouldn’t believe me, but the video evidence doesn’t lie.

Stevens says as he points to the video screen and the final moments of the Wildfire championship between the two appears.

El Trébol throws his fist into Stevens’ skull furiously. Stevens adjusts, and with his opponent still in the air, looks to throw him down with a powerbomb! He lifts him several inches over his shoulders, but El Trébol pushes his foots into Stevens’ forehead and flips free of the big man!

Emo: How the hell?!

Williams: He’s out! El Trébol is out!

On his feet but wobbling from all the damage taken, it takes El Trébol a moment or two to steady himself. Raging, Scott Stevens lunges at him, but Trébol ducks under the charge!

Stevens turns around…


Williams: He hit it!

Emo: Running groin headbutt! That’ll knock anyone down!

Stevens: Stop it right there! Rewind it.

The video screen replays the footage once again.

Stevens: As you can clearly see from the video evidence, El Trebol Jr. used an illegal move when he head butted me in the groin which is grounds for immediate disqualification and stoppage of the match!

Unrelenting jeers from the crowd rain down upon Stevens.

Stevens: Don’t boo me! You should be booing El Trebol Jr. for having to result to underhanded tactics to defeat me!

Emo: Wow. Stevens was robbed last week.

Williams: Are you hearing yourself right now?

Emo: The evidence doesn’t lie and El Trebol Jr. should’ve been disqualified.

Stevens yells out to a couple of EL Trebol supporters in the crowd before continuing.

Stevens: Apparently the UTA is full of idiotic officials who don’t know their ass(bleep) from their elbows because they cost me my championship, and they’ve left me with no choice…..

Stevens takes a moment to calm himself and crack his neck from side to side.

Emo: This suspense is killing me.

Stevens: I am officially activating my rematch clause here tonight.

The crowd cheers as they get to see El Trebol Jr. and Scott Stevens in another classic.

Williams: Can he do that?

Emo: I think he just did.

Stevens holds his hand up and waits for the crowd to quiet back down.

Stevens: Trebol, I know your ass is in the back so get out here so we can do this right now!

Stevens yells as he tosses the microphone to the ground and waits for the Wildfire champion to appear.

Williams: Looks like we have ourselves an impromptu title match.

Emo: Can’t wait!

Stevens begins to pace around the ring like a caged animal when a familiar voice is heard.

Voice: No! No! No!

The voice belongs to Michael Lorenzo as he makes his way onto the stage.

Lorenzo: El Trebol isn’t coming out here to face you Scott because I told him not to.

The crowd boos and Stevens starts yelling at Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Shut up!

Lorenzo growls and Stevens goes quiet.

Lorenzo: Was a mistake made last week? Yes it was, but we aren’t going to have the inmates running the asylum on my watch like they did last week. You want your rematch Scott?

Stevens shakes his head emphatically.

Lorenzo: Well you got it.

A sly smile forms over Stevens’ face as the crowd cheers.

Lorenzo: But it won’t happen tonight…….

The crowd interrupts Lorenzo with jeers, but he waits for them to go quiet so he can finish his sentence.

Lorenzo: You’ll get your rematch at All or Nothing.

Lorenzo informs Stevens.

Williams: Wow! Another huge match up made for All or Nothing.

Emo: I can’t wait for them to tear the house down once more.

Lorenzo: Now get the hell out of my ring!

Lorenzo orders Stevens as the feed fades.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Amy Harrison vs. Xander Hayes


We cut back to the ring where both competitors are already in. The bell sounds to start the match. Harrison and Hayes charge into the middle and tie up. Hayes able to push Harrison back into the turnbuckle. Hayes’ hands run a bit high and the official breaks the hold in the corner off.

Emo: Quick open to this one as Hayes got an advantage there, Jen.

Williams: Yeah, Xander Hayes is certainly an interesting superstar, Doc.

Another tie up and the result is much of the same as Hayes pushes Harrison back into the turnbuckle, running his hands up high once again. Official forced to once again break the hold.

Williams: Xander Hayes has had a few go arounds here in the UTA. Wonder how long this one will last.

Emo: I hope it lasts a while there’s a reason the UTA has been willing to have him back, he’s a talent Jen, no doubt about it.

Hayes waits in the middle of the ring after the most recent break up and Harrsion charges him throwing a forearm that drives X back into his own turnbuckle.

Emo: Full head of steam from Amy Harrison.

Once in the turnbuckle a few more forearms come in contact with the head of Xander Hayes. Finally Amy storms out of the corner. She eases into the opposite corner and runs with a full head of steam at Hayes. Harrison leaps and brings a punch down right across the face of Hayes.

Williams: Hard as hell punch by Amy Harrison. Plenty of fist closed on that one, Doc.

Emo: Working stiff to start for sure. Harrison probably envisioning MVC against here in this one.

Amy backs up again, intent to charge in again. She does, X comes out of the turnbuckle and hits a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. He presses her shoulders down.


Williams: Kickout Harrison. Silly idea from X.

Emo: Going to take more than that to beat the former Prodigy Champ.

Hayes picks Harrsion back up only to Suplex her back to the mat. Hayes drops a big knee into her face, and then a thigh over her throat. Another pinning attempt.


Emo: Nope, not enough.

Hayes begins to stomp away at Harrison, driving right and left boots into the chest. Hayes drops an elbow into her midsection before laying across for another pin.


Emo: Harrison powers out again.

Williams: Hayes not taking his foot off the pedal for a second

Harrsion rolls to a knee, Hayes charges her. Harrison underneath a clothesline attempt and hooks Hayes lifting him up and over with an Exploder Suplex.

Emo: Amy Harrison with some strength there.

Hayes holds his hip in pain, in a seated position as Harrsion runs off the ropes and brings a knee into Hayes’ head. Hayes collapses to the mat. Harrison pins.


Williams: No Hayes able to power out!

Harrison and Hayes to their feet. Right hand from Amy. Right hand from X. Right hand from Amy. Right hand from X. Another right from Amy. Instead of going for a right this time Hayes brings Amy down by the head and runs his knee up into her face, driving her backwards.

Emo: Hayes driving his knee into Amy Harrison’s face, can’t be too nice, Jen.

Williams: Amy doesn’t deserve anything nice, she’s a complete terror, Doc.

Hayes slips behind Amy and locks her in a Sleeper Hold.

Williams: Hold here from Hayes, looking to wear Harrison down.

Hayes tries to bring Amy’s arm back but Amy uses the arm to Arm Drag X down to the mat.

Emo: Good takedown by Amy as she flipped that on Hayes.

Hayes to his feet, rushes in with a clothesline. Amy ducks underneath and gets behind Hayes bringing him up and over yet again with another Suplex this time a German.

Williams: Harrison holds the bridge.


Williams: NO Hayes is still alive!

Harrison rolls Hayes to his feet and pushes him past her, grabbing his wrist and yanking him back towards her. However, Xander reaches up, grabbing around her neck as he spins behind her. He arches her back and drops her with an inverted DDT.


The referee slides into position and begins to count. As his hand hits the canvas for the third time the bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... XANDER... HAAAYYYEESSS!!!

Emo: I thoughtfor sure that Amy had this one, but Xander was able to get it out of nowhere.

Williams: The thought of getting Teddy back has given Xander the power he needs here tonight for a win.

Xander stands on the turnbuckles screaming to the back that Teddy will be his again.

Twitter Fingers

Twitter Fingers

Not for the first time this evening, the camera hones-in on Cayle Murray.

Not for the first time this evening, the crowd goes bananas.

A reaction that he’s completely oblivious too, as he’s wearing earbuds.

Emo: What kinda music do you think uber-popular Scottish squidmen have on their iPod, Jen?

Williams: Phil Collins. Definitely Phil Collins.

Emo: Hmmm. I dunno… he looks like more of a plate-dropper than someone’s Dad to me.

Rather than shambling through the hallways, the Scot’s standing in a locker-room somewhere, pulling clothes from a holdall. His black and red boots and already set aside on the bench and he soon produces his lion-branded wrestling tights, before hanging them up on the wall.

He’s so lost in his own little world that he damn near jumps out of his skin when a hand plucks one of the buds out.  Cayle swivels around and ups his dukes.

The aggressor?

Scott Stevens.

Williams: Oh boy…

The big Texan folds his arms across his chest.

Stevens: Sorry, did I scare you?

Murray: If it gives you any satisfaction, lad: yes. Yes you did.

He points to do the door.

Murray: That was closed a second go.

Then holds-up the earbud.

Murray: And that was in my ear…

Stevens: What, you didn’t like my entrance?

He scoffs.

Stevens: You should thank me for being nice, Cayle. You’re lucky I didn’t just barge in here and lay you out.

Williams: If you’ve been following social media, folks, you’ll know that these two are developing quite the Twitter rivalry.

Emo: I’m no Twitter fiend, Jen, but I’ve gotta admit… some of those Tweets have been hilarious. Can’t say I blame Stevens for wanting to set the record straight.

Murray: What do you need, Scott? I’ve got a lot on my plate tonight. I could do without the distractions.

Stevens: I knew you were made of cotton.

Scott lets the smirk creep across his face.

Stevens: You talked all that s(redacted) on Twitter for weeks begging me for a title shot when I was Wildfire champion and what happened? I ignored you because you weren’t anywhere close to getting a shot at my championship so what did you do? You decided to be a keyboard warrior and try and goad me into a verbal contract to weasel your way into a title shot because that’s what you are.

Stevens says as  he pokes Cayle in his chest.

Stevens: And as I stand here looking at you I see you shaking in your boots, the smell of piss running down your leg, and the quiver in your lips as you look away in fear because you are nothing more than a f(redacted)ing coward.

Murray lets Stevens blow is hot air before offering his rebuttal.

Murray: You wanna talk about cowardice, Stevens? Let’s talk about the other week, then. You remember jumping me from behind after I’d already wrestled a match? Because I sure do.

Cayle puts a hand behind his head and prods for something.

Murray: Matter of fact, I’ve still got the bump you left behind. So don’t get short with me, lad. I was trying to banter with you, but if that’s the way you react, then I guess you were just born without a humour gene.

He shakes his head.

Murray: I’m not a vengeful guy, Scott. I’m not someone who feels the need to retaliate whenever something bad happens, but that?

Emo: He’s lucky Ron Hall ran down to help-out!

Murray: That I can’t abide.

Stevens: You asked me for a match. I gave you a match. Just because it wasn’t the match you wanted doesn’t give you a right to get all pissy.

Murray: A begins and ends with a bell. A match has a referee. A match has rules and regulations.

The Scot’s doing his very best to stay calm on an eventful night, and he’s doing a sterling job. His tone rarely raises, and while his voice is laced with frustration, he keeps the anger firmly reeled-in.

Murray: You jumped me. You attacked without threat of retaliation, and you want to stand here and call that a victory? Well shame on you, lad, because you know I’ll wrestle you on any given night, as long as the terms are fair. That’s all I ask.

Stevens seems intrigued by the proposal of Cayle Murray.

Stevens: I’ll not only accept your foolish little challenge, but I’ll even let you pick the match stipulation if that numb nut Lorenzo will grant it so that there won’t be any excuses coming from you after I beat you again.

Stevens says as he oozes cockiness and takes it one step further as he taps the Scot twice on the cheek and whatever composure Murray had is gone has the Scott pushes Stevens with all of his might and puts the Texan on his ass.

Stevens: You’re gonna regret that boy.

Stevens says as he picks himself off of the floor and slithers out the door.

Emo: Take a seat, Scott Stevens!

Williams: Looks like this little rivalry is finally manifesting in the physical realm, Doc!

Emo: Indeed, and I think Scott Stevens vs. Cayle Murray would be one hell of a fight! Get it booked, Lorenzo!

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Glad you can Join

Glad You Could Join

In the back, we see Marie Van Claudio warming up for her huge match against Will Haynes later tonight. She’s wearing her new pink zip up with her ring attire underneath. While warming up, she lets out a big smile on her face.

Van Claudio: Well, this is a surprise.

The cameras turn around and it’s her father. Marie and her dad are really close to each other.

Dad: I asked Lorenzo a couple of days ago if I could see you in your big match. He told me to come to North Carolina and see you perform.

Marie smiles while still warming up.

Dad: How are you feeling? Are you ready for this match?

She stops and puts her hands on her hips.

Van Claudio: I’ve been ready for the past couple of days, Dad.

She keeps her eyes on him.

Van Claudio: Ever since this match was announced, I had to make some changes in my workout and train to prepare for this match.

She grabs her elbow pads and puts them under her hand.

Van Claudio: Will’s a tough person and he could be my toughest opponent to date. I have to go in there and prove to everyone and him that I belong in the same ring with the higher talent.

Her father folds his arms while looking at his daughter.

Van Claudio: Whether it’s a title match or non title match, I’m here to make a huge statement in this match.

Her father smiles, but has a little bit of concern.

Dad: Marie, I have to ask you this.

He looks at her with a serious look on her face.

Dad: Amy Harrison.

Marie rolls her eyes.

Van Claudio: What about her? What about Amy?

Dad: Do you think you should keep an eye out for her?

Marie shakes her head and looks at her dad.

Van Claudio: Dad, Amy is the LEAST of my concern for this match.

She keeps her eyes on her.

Van Claudio: While she’s too busy making stupid remarks about people having schoolyard crushes and talking about barn animals, she should worry about her OWN PROBLEMS before her and I face off!

Marie still has her eyes focused on her dad to see his reaction.

Van Claudio: And let her try to ruin this match like she nearly did a couple of weeks ago when I went against Jeff Andrews. It will prove one thing and one thing only.

Dad: I think I know what you’re going to say.

Marie nods at him.

Dad: Look, don’t worry about her. She has a match and opponent, SHE needs to worry about. You have a big chance, she doesn’t.

Her father pats her on the back.

Dad: Focus on Will Haynes. Prove to him that Van Claudio’s are here to stay, prove to Lorenzo that you deserve another shot at the championship, and make your father proud.

She nods at her father

Van Claudio: I will, Dad. I hope Haynes is ready for a match he will never forget.

Her father hugs his daughter as he heads to his seat for this match leading Marie to warm up once again.

A Challenge Issued

A Challenge Issued

The scene turns to backstage where Rumor Man Stan is standing by with Lisil Jackson who is drinking a bottle of D&G cola. 

Stan: I am live here with Lisil Jackson and Lisil the entire UTA has been buzzing since what happened to you last week. What are your thoughts? 

Lisil takes a sip from his bottle before he flashes and smile and shows the bottle to the camera. 

L. Jackson: Eyyyyyy mon! First I preciate all dee concern shown from all dee great people o' dee UTA! 

Lisil continues to drink from his bottle before Stan speaks up. 

Stan: Well tonight you are facing one of your toughest tests tonight being a former UTA World Champion Abdul Bin Hussain. The question on everyone's mind is how is the ankle going into this match? 

The Jamaican sighs lowering the bottle before answering. 

L. Jackson: I won't lie mon... It be sore as a mudda! But ya know what? Dey call me dee Jamaican Ninja Warrior fo a reason! And dee way o' dee ninja is adaptin! Tonight ma back be gainst dat wall but I will adapt ta whateva Mista Hussain has ta trow at me! 

Stan nods his head before he continues the interview. 

Stan: So you're not worried about further injury? Especially since we're just weeks away from the pay per view All Or Nothing? 

Lisil shakes his head. 

L. Jackson: Listen brudda! I walked dee streets o' Kingston! Ya tink a busted ankle is dee worst ting dat has eva happened ta me? Ell naw mon! I already looked death in dee eye and live ta tell bout it... Dis? 

Lisil points to his bandaged up foot. 

L. Jackson: Dis be nothin mon! 

Stan: Well then Lisil... 

Lisil suddenly snatches the microphone from Stan. 

L. Jackson: Scuse me brudda but I got one ting I need ta get off me chest while we be here! Eyyyy Mikey! Ya I be talkin bout ya brudda! I know ya prolly runnin scared like dee bumbaclot ya are... 

The Jamaican Inspiration lets out an amusing chuckle. 

L. Jackson: So Mikey ya wanna fight so bad? Den why don't we settle it at All Or Nothin brudda? 

Stan steps in. 

Stan: So you're issuing a challenge to Mikey Unlikely then Lisil? 

Lisil nods his head. 

L. Jackson: Ya mon! Someone need ta teach dat bumbaclot dat he can't just bully whoeva he sees fit! 

Jackson looks directly into the camera with a serious look. 

L. Jackson: And if ya were half dee mon I tink ya are den ya would accept me challenge! 

Lisil Jackson says before he hands the microphone back to Stan. 

L. Jackson: now if ya scuse me mon... I'm bout ta make it three forma UTA world champions I pinned! 

And with those words said Lisil Jackson finishes his bottle of Jamaican cola and steps out of the picture. 

Lisil Jackson vs. Abdul bin Hussain


Cameras pan around the sea of anxious people who are cheering loudly at the showing of respect towards the USA. Suddenly, the cheering ceases as the loudspeakers crackle, all attention devoted to these very special proceedings. A large American Flag unfolds from the rafters and hangs majestically over the ring area, each ear expecting to hear the immortal “Star Spangled Banner”.

The big screen starts to show all sorts of American iconic sites. Children playing in the streets, baseball matches, troops in the Middle East. Those images dissolve into footage of various terrorist attacks from around the world including 9-11 until, finally, the Iraqi flag with two scimitars underneath fill the screen. This soon gives way to a hooded figure. The scene pulls back to fill the whole screen with this figure having sprawled at his feet American soldiers.

As “Call to Pray” by Seether begins to blare loudly through the arena, it is eerily evident that this wouldn’t be a time for celebration. Outraged and appalled, the almost speechless fans erupt in hatred all at once.

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

The fans begin booing nearly to the point of an inverted standing ovation. The noise from the fans is deafening with the ferocity of the boos. The roving arm of the cameras picks out people in the crowd. As they realize there on the screen they hold the signs higher. Ice Blue strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The curtains at the top of the ramp way parts and they emerge.

Williams: Maybe the most hated man in the UTA if nt America.

Emo: How is he even allowed to be here? That's what I don't get!

Standing there is Abdul Bin Hussain, dressed in traditional Arab clothes. He is standing between his manager Rafiq and his sister Nazirah. Nazirah is dressed in the traditional Burqa. Rafiq carries the Iraqi flag on a pole. They look about themselves at the crowds who are booing really loudly.

Announcer: Hailing from Basra, Iraq.......

Slowly Rafiq walks down the ramp way, taking in the boos with a look of amusement on his face. He is actually shown laughing. He reaches the ringside and climbs the stairs; Abdul and Nazirah enters the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 2 inches and weighing in at 242 ibs........

Abdul looks around the crowd with a look of disdain but holds himself with dignity in front of this anti-Arab crowd. He starts to run the ropes.

Announcer: ........................Abdul bin Hussain!!!!!!!

Abdul suddenly stops in the middle of the ring and adjusts his pads as Nazirah and Rafiq exit out of the ring.

Williams: The former UTA Champion looking for a win tonight to give him a much needed push of momentum into the pay per view.

Abdul stands in the neutral corner as his music stops. Boos are still going on around the arena.

Better Must come by Geego begins to play over the loud speakers and Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile on his face raising his arms up bobbing his head to the music.

Williams: A total opposite here as the fans are on their feet for Lisil Jackson.

Emo: It's hard not to like this guy.

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping the hands of many fans as he does.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston Jamaica.

Getting to and/or entering ring portion goes here.

Announcer: Standing at six feet and three inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds...

Lisil slides into the ring and gets on the top rope and points out to all of the fans before he slides off his sunglasses.

Announcer: He is the Jamaican Inspiration! Lisil Jackson!

Lisil slides off his Hawaiian Shirt, gold chain, and his fedora setting them down on the ring apron.

Williams: Big time match here.

Lisil throws a few punches in the air with a bold smile ready for the match as the bell sounds.

Williams: This should be a good one.

Both men size one another up, looking for an in. It’s Abdul who leans forward and throws the first strike, connecting with a closed fist right hand that drives Jackson to his back foot. The Jamaician Inspiration doesn’t back down. Rather he stands his ground and delivers his own right hand that has the crowd red hot, right out of the gate.

Emo: And this is one is off and running, Jen, as Abdul Bin Hussian, the oft troubled former World Champion takes on Lisil Jackson, the 2015 Most Interesting Superstar of the Year.

Williams: A raw blend of power and athleticism, Lisil has won over the UTA’s heart these past few months, Doc. He heads into this year with a confident outlook. With All or Nothing just around the corner he’s going to get a chance to prove himself.

Right and lefts are exchanged as the crowd builds. Lisil connects with a high knee and quickly is able to gain the upper hand. The knee halts Abdul where he stands. Lisil connects with a quick flick of the forearm, he catches Abdul’s head. The Iraqi absorbs the shock and shutters back a step.

Williams: Both men seem to be working a bit stiff out of the gate, Doc.

Emo: Abdul set that pace right from the word go. He’s a guy who will always bend the rules, always cheat. He’ll use anything he can not only to win, but to get inside your head. He’s a man of intense pride, so look for that to come into play here tonight as well.

Williams: I’ve got no problem with pride. No problem with supporting causes. Where I draw the line is when that pride becomes cockiness. When your attitude outweighs the merits of your talent. That’s where I’ve got a problem.

Lisil presses Abdul back into the ropes, whipping the former Champion across the ring. Lisil presses down into a split leg position and lets Abdul pass over him.

Williams: Impressive stuff.

Abdul halts himself quickly. Lisil is up and presses himself back into the ropes. Abdul slides low, intent on taking out the big man’s legs but Lisil leaps into the air, rolling over and landing on top of a sliding Abdul with a senton.

Williams: Mistimed by Abdul and Lisil capitalizing on the mistake here early.

Emo: Talent and athleticism are on display here tonight by Lisil Jackson. Impressive stuff, really impressive.

Lisil snaps his fingers and rolls his shoulders as the crowd roars.

Williams: Lisil is in the groove tonight, Doc.

Abdul smacks the mat in frustration as Rafiq barks at him. Abdul nods his head and trains his eyes hard on the Jamaican Ninja Warrior. Lisil grooving towards Abdul. It’s then that Abdul strikes, once again with a quick baseball slide that this time catches Jackson.

Williams: Oh no!

Emo: Too much time feeling his groove and not enough attention this opponent. What did I say about experience, earlier? That was on display right there, Jen.

Jackson brings both hands to his knee in some serious pain. He rolls quickly out of the ring, out onto the floor. Before he can get there once again Abdul leans forward with a baseball slide knocking Jackson clear out of the ring and hard into one of the security barriers.

Emo: And Abdul is playing his game right now. Taking calculated shots. Quick, high impact moves. Jackson is on the run, possibly even favoring his knee.

Williams: Just a reminder how quickly the tide can turn here in the UTA.

With Jackson seeing stars down on the floor, Abdul slides out of the ring. He takes a step back, moving forward quickly leaps into the air and delivers a devastating Superman Punch to Jackson.

Emo: Fist of Allah to Lisil! e.

But no! Lisil able to block the mighty punch and deliver a quick forearm shot to the eye.

Williams: Lisil just saved himself a world of hurt. I’m pretty relieved.

Emo: You should be, Jen. That Fist of Allah is no joke.

Abdul dazed launches forward with a right blindly, it lands. Jackson answers with a forearm shot of his own. Jackson brings a foot up and plants it in the gut of Abdul, bending the Butcher over. Lisil brings a club over the top, but Abdul is up and blocks it, opting to quickly yank Jackson and send him thundering into the barrier once more.

Emo: These fans ringside being treated to a stiff one here tonight.

Williams: Stiff as a potato, Doc.

Abdul seizes the opportunity. He backs up only to race forward launching himself off of the steel steps and landing his massive thigh across the chest of Lisil Jackson leaning against the barrier. The crowd responds in kind.

Emo: Abdul putting himself on the line there to prove a point. To show the world that he indeed back and perhaps better than ever, Jen.

Williams: Perhaps, but I think Lisil has the heart to overcome this, Doc. I gotta believe.

Abdul is to his feet and he slides in the ring, Lisil is closely behind. As Lisil does, Abdul covers and presses Jackson’s shoulders to the mat. Official slides in.


Jackson able to get the shoulder up but Abdul doesn’t relent. Abdul traps Jackson’s arm and begins yanking it back applying pressure, as Jackson slams the mat in frustration. The fans begin to clamor, cheering their inspiration on.

Williams: Jackson grabbing a hold of that bottom rope, Doc.

Abdul respects the grab and quickly rolls off of Jackson, only to deliver a stomp to the shoulder of the arm he was just working over. Jackson, on his knees, tries to get up. Abdul steps back and moves quickly forward delivering a kick right to Jackson’s head. Lisil pops back bringing both hands to his face, checking for blood.

Emo: Abdul isn’t finished yet, Jen.

Williams: He just got Lisil in the face with a Palm Strike and that’s going to leave a mark.

Jackson turns and begins using the ropes to pull himself up.

Williams: Jackson to his feet in the corner. Abdul is right on top of him.

Emo: Abdul shoots him across hard. Jackson stumbling out of the corner.

Abdul runs, slingshots himself off of the second rope, and sends a sidekick quickly out. It catches a dazed Jackson right in the head, knocking the big Jamaican to the mat.

Emo: Slingshot Side Kick by Abdul as he once again thunders out to an advantage.

Williams: This kind of determination is what makes Abdul so deadly in the rings, Doc.

Emo: When he’s on, he’s on, Jen.

Abdul presses into a cover.


Williams: Jackson able to turn the shoulder and keep himself alive.

Emo: Thought that was curtains for Lisil.

Aggravated Abdul hops in the air bringing down his weight right on the shoulder of Lisil Jackson. Jackson rubs at his shoulder in pain as Abdul and Rafiq have a brief sidebar.

Emo: Abdul off the ropes, leg drop.

Williams: NO ONE HOME! Lisil rolls away.

Lisil on his knees moves quickly, as both man are sitting in the ring winded. Lisil whips his legs, connecting to Abdul’s chest, driving the Iraqi backward.

Williams: Lisil improvising best he can, Doc.

Emo: What awareness to know just where Abdul was in order to pull that one off.

Lisil moves Abdul over in the ring and presses off the ropes. He cartwheels, he backflips, finally landing on Abdul with a splash as the crowd pops.

Williams: Cartwheel Backflip Splash onto Abdul! Where’d that come from!?

Lisil presses Abdul’s shoulders to the mat.


Emo: Kickout by Abdul.

Williams: Just in the nick of time.

Jackson now driving a boot into Abdul.

Williams: Little bit of payback from Lisil there.

Lisil picks up Abdul, nailing him in the head with a forearm, and quickly following that up with a boot to the midsection.

Williams: Abdul send across here.

Emo: No - Abdul reverses it. Jackson sent into the corner.

Abdul charges forward. Jackson shoots a foot out, stopping the former Champ.

Williams: Jackson pushing himself up onto the turnbuckle.

Abdul reacts quickly, reaching up and just shoving Jackson off the top rope. The crowd groans as Jackson falls and cracks his head on the security barrier.

Emo: Oh my.

Williams: NO! Lisil! Lisil, talk to us, are you alright?

Lisil rolls over, obviously in pain. Abdul stares out at him.

Williams: Lisil is in a world of hurt, Doc.

Emo: That didn’t look good.

Lisil holding his jaw climbs to his feet. Abdul gasps for breath in the ring. Lisil goes to slide back into the ring and Abdul surges, driving both feet into Jackson with a baseball slide that knocks Jackson back into the barrier. The force of his momentum sends him over the top into the crowd. Abdul hops the barrier as well.

Williams: Abdul taking this fight right to Lisil.

Emo: And I don’t think this is where you wanna be if you’re Lisil Jackson.

Abdul delivers a hard right, pulling Jackson to his feet and tossing him back over the barrier.

Emo: At least Abdul seems content on bringing this one back to the ring.

Williams: Thank God for that.

Jackson rolls to his feet as Abdul poses for the crowd who boo him loudly.

Emo: Abdul isn’t the most well liked guy on the roster.

Williams: Nope he isn’t, now is he.

Abdul turns only to get caught in the stomach with a massive boot from Jackson. Doubled over in pain Jackson stands Abdul up and delivers a nice kick to his upper chest, sending Abdul slumping towards the barrier.

Williams: Jackson showing life once again here.

Emo: Jackson scooping up Abdul and dropping him right on his midsection onto the barrier.

Jackson clobbers Abdul on the neck with a massive right hand before he jumps up onto the mat. The crowd makes some noise in anticipation. Jackson leaps off and twists himself in the air, landing a leg across the back of a draped ABH.

Williams: Corkscrew Guillotine Leg Drop from Lisil. What a move!

The fans are raging. Hard. Both men are on the outside of the ring as the official calls out to them to move the action back inside.

Emo: Lisil Jackson giving ABH all he can handle here, so far.

Williams: Both men really bringing it.

Jackson is to his feet first and slides into the ring. Abdul tries to come right behind him but Jackson baseball slides right into him, sending him back to the outside. Jackson takes off running and dives through the ropes connecting with a Suicide Dive that knocks ABH to the ground. The crowd roars again.

Williams: And Lisil Jackson just keeps coming, Doc.

Emo: Seems like nothing can slow this guy down!

Jackson is to his feet in a daze and slides into the ring, almost as if working under muscle memory. When in the ring Jackson throws a hand into the air, drawing a cheer from the crowd. Abdul slides into the ring as Jackson slides forward connecting with yet another baseball slide. Jackson slips past Abdul and out of the ring.

Williams: Jackson going for a strike but Abdul rolls away towards the center of the ring.

Emo: Jackson up and onto the mat and greeted by a right hand from Abdul.

Jackson keeps his balance for the moment, able to absorb most of the hit. Jackson throws his shoulder forward and catches Abdul low.

Williams: Quick thinking from Lisil.

Lisil goes to fire again but Abdul brings an elbow down onto his head with a sick thud. Lisil stalls in between the ropes for a second.

Williams: Abdul taking off.

Abdul clears the top rope, grabbing Lisil. He delivers a devastating looking flipping Powerbomb onto Lisil, connecting the big man’s neck to the ring floor below as the fans explode for the move.

Williams: Lisil taking so much damage here tonight, Doc.

Emo: I’ve gotta say this is one of the toughest battles I’ve yet to see here in the UTA.

Abdul is up first and he drives a kick into the back of Jackson. Abul picks up Lisil and shoots an elbow into his shoulder as Abdul walks Lisil over to the ring post.

Williams: This is it. This is where it’s goodnight for Lisil Jackson.

Abdul tosses Lisil head first into the post before turning to the crowd, barking some last words of insult and sliding himself into the ring.

Emo; And Lisil Jackson has fought nobly here tonight but that might be it.

Jackson pulls himself to his feet on the barrier, a few fans on the front row cheering him on. Jackson stumbles back into the ring under the bottom rope. Quickly Abdul presses into a pin.


Williams: No Jackson able to get the shoulder up.

The fans begin to applaud.

Emo: Both men are beat down, Jen. I don’t know how this one is going to end.

Abdul leaps into the air bringing a leg drop down across the neck of Lisil. Lisil brings both hands up to his neck in pain, Abdul pulls him over, pushing him down for a cover.


Williams: Shoulder up! Lisil gets the shoulder up.

Abdul pulls Lisil to his feet, Lisil swings high with a kick. Abdul ducks. Lisil goes low, Abdul scoots over. Lisil twists around to get a better angle and Abdul leans forward connecting with a HARD clothesline.

Emo: The Beheading! This one is done.

Abdul falls on top of Jackson.


Williams: NO! There is no quit in this guy. He just won’t do it. Lisil Jackson is still alive.

Abdul rolls Jackson over and pulls him back.

Emo: Camel Clutch! The Camel Clutch! Jackson crying out in pain.

In the ring Jackson is crying in pain, tapping his feet in pain. Finally Abdul releases the hold but not before delivering a knee strike to Lisil’s head.

Williams: Lisil continues to take a beating. Pulling himself to his feet with the help of the ropes.

Emo: Abdul on top of him with a few kicks, Jen. I gotta wonder how much more the kid has left.

Abdul stands up Jackson in the corner, driving a right hand into his face. ABH then whips Jackson across the ring hard. Abdul goes again, off the ropes, throwing a tree trunk sized thigh behind him trying to bring Jackson to the mat. Only this time he overshoots his mark and bumps the ref.

Emo: Official down! Official down! Ought oh!

Williams: Rules are getting thrown right out the window, Doc.

Jackson tries to roll up to his feet, but Abdul drives him back down to the ring with another leg drop. Abdul rolls to his feet and picks his spot, bouncing off the ropes and slinging back off with a moonsault. Abdul hooks the leg.

Emo: No official!

Williams: And it’s a good thing for Lisil Jackson.

Rafiq pounds the mat once, twice, three times a lady. The match would be over but the official is out. Abdul rolls off Jackson and shakes the ref.

Williams: I’m glad that Abdul took the ref out, this one should’ve been over.

Emo: No official, no count. Them the breaks.

Abdul wastes no time and he leaps off the ropes again, this time opting to bring yet another Leg Drop across the throat of Lisil Jackson. The crowd boos.

Williams: I don’t think Jackson has even been in this match trouble.

Abdul covers,


Williams: Lisil Jackson keeps going! I don’t know how he’s doing this!

Jackson peers up Abdul meets him with a knee, before stalking him from the corner.

Emo: And what’s going through Abdul’s mind right now, Jen?

Williams: I don’t even wanna know, Doc.

Abdul climbing the top rope. He’s a little slow. That’s when Jackson rushes him. He leaps off the second turnbuckle throwing a Roundhouse Kick to the side, it hits it’s mark and Abdul falls off the top rope in a heap.

Williams: Lisil Jackson. Kick out of the corner and he’s given himself some time, precious time.

Emo: A little recovery and this one could still be Lisil’s to win or lose, Jen.

Both men breathe deep.

Williams: Desperation move from Lisil. Lisil covers.


Emo: Two count only. Match continues.

Lisil pulls Abdul up. He teases a high kick and Abdul ducks. The kick never comes but as soon as Abdul pops back up it does and it connects to Abdul’s head, knocking him back down to the mat.

Williams: Feet of fury from Lisil. Gotta love it.

Lisil stands and heads to the turnbuckle, he climbs it and Abdul surges knocking him down to a sitting position on the top rope. Abdul is up the top rope quickly, wrapping his massive legs around Lisil’s head.

Emo: By Allah’s Will!

He leaps with a Tilt-a-whirl head scissors.

Williams: HE HIT IT!

Abdul quickly covers Lisil and the referee counts.




The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.... ABDUL BIN... HUSSAAIIINNN!!!

The fans boo loudly.

Williams: Not the ending these fans were looking for.

Emo: Not at all. The former champion getting a major win before All or Nothing over the man the fans see as the future of the UTA. These are dark times in the UTA Jennifer. Dark times.

Abdul's music plays as he drops to his knees, throws his arms out and looks up screaming his praises to Allah.

You End Up With Nothing

You End Up With Nothing

Once again backstage, the current UTA World Champion is standing in front of a hanging UTA banner, the championship belt slung over his shoulder. Alongside is his trusty attorney Marshall Owens, both looking into the camera.

Jackson: What we have here, is a failure to understand one's place in this business.

The champ is business as usual, his eyes glued on the camera while his face is stern, uncaring.

Jackson: Xander, you thinking that the need was there, for an individual such as yourself, to ever put his hands on the World Champion, for any reason...

In Sean Jackson's world, it was a crime for someone like Xander to even stand next to wrestling royalty, much less rub elbows with it. So what happened earlier in the show needed addressing, whether Xander could stand to hear it or not.

Jackson: Was absurd.

The Mental Rapist brings his hand up, gripping the face plate that bears his name.

Jackson: Let me tell you something Xander, I have bigger fish to fry in this pond, and I don't have time for little minnows such as yourself. I am the UTA World Champion...

The camera begins to pan in.

Jackson: Which means I am the best.

It is like someone flips the switch and the Dallas native turns his venom to an obvious target.

Jackson: Isn't that right Dane?

After that dastardly attack last week, it is surprising Sean waited this long to mention that man's name.

Jackson: You slipped in under the cover of darkness, a sneak attack from behind the curtain...

The Dallas native smiles, sort of.

Jackson: Old man style.

He brings a free hand up to his face, still feeling the effects of that attack, a reminder for dropping his guard for even the slightest of moments.

Jackson: Now don't get me wrong, it hurt, I'm not going to lie. But it wasn't the Eric Dane I remembered from years gone by...

That smiles gets a little bigger.

Jackson: This felt like a watered down version of...

The World Champ catches himself.

Jackson: No, it felt like a fraud, a phony version of the real thing. An Eric Dane with one foot in the grave, begging to be put out of his misery.

If there was one thing the Dallas native understood, it was the Only Star. The man was a multi-time World Champion, a major draw the world over, and would never tolerate his man-hood being questioned.

Jackson: Begging for it all to end with every punch thrown, and all because he could never possess this again...

Sean lifts the World Championship from his own shoulder, lifting it high as the camera begins to pan back, capturing the title belt in all it's glory.

Jackson: My UTA World Championship.

The belt is slung back over the shoulder.

Jackson: But you aren't alone Dane, there's someone else who has had to deal with loss, that being Xander Hayes. A nobody who seemingly can't get it through his head that once I take something from you...

Again the champ taps the face plate.

Jackson: You never get it back, isn't that right Marshall?

The Attorney to the stars nods his head, also smiling.

Jackson: So Dane, Xander, with All or Nothing coming up in a few more weeks, understand that when you deal with the real World Champion...

As the champion is speaking, Marshall reaches for his pocket, expecting to feel that signed piece of paper.

Jackson: You end up with NOTHING.

A shocked look appears on Marshall's face, realizing the document isn't there. He frantically searches his other pockets, to no avail. The patting down of pockets completely distracts the Dallas native.

Jackson: Marshall, what in the world are you doing?

Still sporting the shocked look, Marshall holds up a finger. A few quick seconds pass by, before the index finger drops and the Dallas based attorney bails.

Jackson: Marshall?!?



Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Actions have Consequences

Actions Have Consequences

As we cut to another area inside the US Cellular Center we come across UTA Hall of Famer, Ron Hall, and the crowd lets out a huge cheer upon seeing him as he is seen discussing something with a member of the UTA staff. Once two the fixing talking the staff member takes his leave down the hallway and Ron Hall turns around to head towards his destination, but he doesn’t make it as a foot collides with his face.

Williams: The heck was that?!?!?

Emo: Looked like a super kick.

Ron Hall is dazed and confused on the floor as the boo birds are heard as Scott Stevens enters the frame.

Emo: This isn’t going to end well……

As if on cue, Stevens mounts Ron Hall and begins to rain down right hands.

Williams: Security! Can we get security back there?

Emo: I don’t think they’ll get there in time.

Stevens gets off of Hall and places the Hall of Famer between his legs and lifts him up and holds him for a few seconds before driving his head into the concrete floor.

Emo: I guess this is what Stevens meant when he told Cayle would pay for what he did earlier.

Stevens pushes the unconscious body of Ron Hall off of him and leans up against the wall behind him as he looks at Ron with a look of regret on his face.

Stevens: I didn’t want to do this to you Ron, but you and Cayle Murray left me no choice. You sticking your nose in other people’s business has gotten you in trouble before with me, but you couldn’t leave well enough alone as he had to do it again, didn’t you?!?

Stevens shouts in anger at the unconscious Ron Hall.

Stevens: You just had to save him from that beating weeks ago, didn‘t you? You just had to befriend him, didn’t you? That’s what you do, and because of it that is why you are lying unconscious at my feet right now. Your friend played with fire Ron and you just got burned.

Stevens lets out a heavy sigh.

Stevens: What I did to you is just a small sample of what I intend to do to Cayle Murray. He’s going to regret the day he called me out because I’m go retire him permanently.

Stevens vows as he gets to his feet and exits the frame.

Emo: Stevens could very well do that to Murray whenever they face off….what’s this?

Stevens re-enters the frame, and kneels down next to Ron Hall.

Stevens: Ron, I’m going to give you some advice and whether you take it or not is your choice, but if I were you I would get a new buddy and quit associating myself with Cayle Murray because it’s done nothing but cause you grief and misery.

Stevens gets to his feet.

Stevens: Good talk.

Stevens steps over the unconscious body of Ron Hall as he makes his leave.

Will Haynes vs. Marie Van Claudio


The beginnings of "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys begins to play as the fans climb to their feet. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

Williams: Will Haynes unable to capture the UTA World Championship recently, wants to put Marie Van Claudio away quickly here.

Emo: Not just wants to, he needs to.

Will begins to walk down the aisle, nod his head to the music. He slaps the hands of some fans along the ramp as he continues to the ring.

Announcer: Hailing from Athens, Georgia

Announcer: Standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds...

Announcer: Will "the THRILL" Haynes

Haynes jumps onto the ring cover, pulls down the middle rope and climbs in. He bounces off the far side, then the near side, and then back off the far side testing the ropes.

Love Made Me by Vixen plays as the fans are cheering

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she sees the fans looking at her and clapping. She begins to walk down the ramp with everyone clapping.

Williams: Big reception for Marie Van Claudio here.

Marie keeps on walking to the ring as the fans are giving her applause. She stops for a good moment and acknowledges them.

Announcer: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at the referee

Announcer: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds...

Marie looks at the referee and before getting on the bottom rope and bounces on it before getting off.

Announcer: Marie Van Claudio

Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing.

Williams: Intergender action about to start.

MVC puts her leg up on the top rope and stretches her legs out as the bell sounds to start this one.

Williams: MVC and Will Haynes meeting tonight for the first time in one on one action.

Emo: There are other companies that wouldn’t have men and women mix it up but the UTA believes that everyone on our roster is capable of beating anyone else on our roster, so why the hell not?

Haynes steps forward as the bell sounds and he extends his hands. MVC takes it briefly. Haynes shakes it, and applauds, the crowd joining him. Haynes backs up towards his corner and it’s then that MVC strikes.

Emo: Forearm shot by Marie, right out of the gate.

Williams: Taking advantage of Haynes with his guard down. Will should’ve known better honestly, Doc.

Another forearm shot from MVC clearly dazes Haynes who stretches out a hand and steadies himself with the top rope.

Williams: Haynes trying to shake the cobwebs clean here.

MVC lines Haynes up and delivers a third forearm shot, this one knocking Will down onto one knee.

Emo: MVC with a facelock but Haynes able to slip her.

Williams: Overhad clobber onto the back of MVC from Haynes. And that opening that MVC had moments ago, official closed, Doc.

The clobber grounds Marie. Haynes stands her up and shoots her across the ropes, off the far side, off the near side. Strike attempt from Haynes, MVC dips it and scoots around to Haynes backside, locking him around the waist.

Emo: MVC with a grip on Haynes here. Can she get him over?

Haynes pushes his feet out a little further so Marie has to work a little more. She tries but he can’t. Haynes throws an elbow to clear space and whips around so now he has Marive by the hips.

Williams: Haynes now in the driver’s seat.

Haynes swings Marie out and uses her arm to roll her over onto the mat and into a sitting position, there’s a Reverse Chin Lock from Haynes now as he looks to ground Marie.

Emo: Haynes isn’t going to let Marie get going here. Trying to break her down early.

Williams: Haynes very familiar with the fast paced style that Marie likes to work with, as he himself likes to keep things upbeat.

MVC tries to fight it off, calling out in pain, reaching for the ropes. Maries is able to use a free hand to push to her knees, then the knees to get to a vertical base.

Emo: Haynes forced to break his hold.

On her feet Marie storms in closer to Haynes. Haynes scoops her, brings her around for a Tilt a Whirl.

Williams: Tilt a Whirl Slam by Haynes - NO! Headscissors from Marie takes Haynes to the ground.

Emo: Marie able to reverse that one. Good looking out.

Marie backs off taking a few deep breaths. She backs up as Haynes stays slumped on the ropes. Marie charges. Haynes steps out of the way.

Emo: Drop toe hold from Haynes. Marie hung up on the middle rope.

Williams: And here’s Will Haynes.

Haynes backs up a bit before rushing forward bringing his knee up and into Marie’s head. Haynes covers.


Williams: Marie gets her shoulder up.

Both are to their feet quickly. Haynes throws a clothesline and it misses. MVC able to duck it. MVC counters it with another forearm shot that backs the THRILL up.

Williams: Haynes eating that one. Taking it right on the chin.

Emo: Marie looking good.

Haynes backs himself into the corner and again Marie fires away with a hard strike. Marie steps out and pushes Haynes back into the ropes, and shoots him across. Haynes reverses it, pulling Marie towards him and running her through with a high knee. Marie’s lungs let out and she has trouble catching her breath.

Emo: Haynes using a few tricks in his book here tonight, Jen. I notice that he isn’t as aggressive in this one as he was in his pursuit of the World Title. Think that’s just a disappointment hangover?

Williams: Every opponent is different for him, Doc. Eric Dane and Marie Von Claudio don’t register the same emotional reaction with the THRILLmaker. That’s all.

With Marie reeling, Haynes wrenches the arm and delivers another huge overhead club to the back of her neck. The strike forces Marie down to her knees. Haynes stands her again, running her into the corner, colliding with the turnbuckle face first. Haynes runs a forearm underneath her throat. Marie spins out after one.

Williams: Hard chops into the corner by Marie. The crowd making some noise.

A few chops from Marie as Will is then able to duck underneath one and toss Marie back into the corner and delivers a few big chops on her as the crowd builds.

Emo: Tit for tat so far in this one, Jen.

Haynes sends MVC along for the ride, MVC reverses.

Williams: Haynes into the corner now as Marie charges in.

Emo: No one home.

Haynes rolls away and Marie’s clothesline misses it’s mark. Haynes now with a shot, he rushes in and runs his boot high catching MVC in the temple with a huge big boot. MVC slumps a sitting position on the turnbuckle.

Williams: Haynes just caught MVC with that boot. Oh man, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Emo: Haynes backs away and runs forward, driving a knee into MVC’s face now. Damn. Maybe I take back that aggression comment I made earlier. Plenty of it on display here.

With MVC finally falling, Haynes drags her out of the corner by her foot. Haynes covers.


Williams: MVC kicks out!

Emo: MVC saving herself in this one, but Haynes firmly in control right now.

Haynes can’t believe it as he takes a few breaths from a sitting position, before locking a hammerlock around MVC and bringing her to her feet. He sends MVC into the ropes, looks for a kick.

Williams: MVC with a block, must have had that one well scouted, Doc.

Emo: She hits the tape library hard, Jen.

MVC spins Haynes around, kicking out the back of his knee.

Emo: Haynes down to one knee.

Williams: Running Bulldog from MVC. Spiking Will’s head right into the mat. OUCH.

MVC covers.


Williams: No Haynes able to kick out. MVC with not enough there.

Haynes up to a seated position and pushes up. MVC charges a standing Thrill. Thrill ducks the clothesline and grabs MVC by the back of the head. He spins MVC to the ground in a seated positoon and delivers a dropkick to the back of the head. Haynes pins.


Williams: Not enough!

Haynes stands MVC up. MVC blocks a shot from Haynes and scoops the Thrill dropping him on the mat. Haynes quickly rolls to a knee. MVC charges as Haynes slides out of the ring to save himself.

Emo: Good in ring presence there from Haynes. Realized that things weren’t going his way so he got the hell out of dodge. Good decision.

Williams: Excellent thinking man’s match here so far tonight, Doc. And MVC is right out of the ring after Haynes.

MVC connects with a forearm to Haynes’ back as he was turned away from her. Haynes stumbles forward a bit and MVC follows. Another shot to the back from MVC as Haynes is down to a knee now. MVC grabs Haynes by the neck and bends him onto the mat delivering a series of strikes to his back.

Emo: MVC bringing it to Haynes.

Haynes pushes MVC off, takes her by the neck, and sends her right into the steel post, shoulder first.

Williams: And Haynes halting her dead. Haynes with a HUGE move there. MVC could be in trouble here.

Haynes slides into the ring to reset and then back out. He picks up MVC and delivers a HUGE chop to her chest, before placing her under his arm and rolling her back into the ring. Haynes in after her, a quick pin.


Williams: Only a one count! Defiant kickout from MVC, showing that she still has some gas in the tank.

Haynes brings MVC up into a seated position and delivers an elbow to her shoulder and neck.

Emo: Haynes starting to work over the neck, the head. Could be looking for his new finisher, Georgia on My Mind.

Another strike across MVC’s chest as Haynes stands and delivers a hard kick to the back. MVC falls forward and Haynes quickly pins.


Williams: Kickout by MVC.

Haynes brings MVC to her feet and pushes her back into the corner. Haynes whips MVC across the ring and follows in hard after her. MVC runs a foot up and catches Haynes. She knows she has to act quickly. She leaps onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off, catching Haynes around the knock and bringing them both up and over with a Tornado DDT, spiking the THRILL’s skull on the mat.

Emo: MVC with a Tornado DDT. That was textbook, Jen.

Williams: It really was, but is it enough.


Emo: Haynes with the shoulder up and this one goes on.

MVC slaps the mat in frustration. The fans applaud both Superstars.

Emo: Nothing has really come easy for either MVC or Will Haynes in this one. Each showing they’ve got a ton of fight.

Williams: It’s All or Nothing season, Doc. No one wants to be taken lightly.

Emo: Fans giving Marie a little love here.

Slowly and surely MVC rises and picks Haynes up, but there is too much time.

Williams: Haynes with a well timed kick there, connecting right underneath Marie’s chin.

Emo: And he’s pulling her in quickly here.

Haynes pulls in Marie and looks to be going for a Powerbomb as he has the butterfly lock applied. Marie fights him on it, once, twice, the third time she slips the hold, spins Haynes around and is able to jam him down for a Jawbreaker that sends the THRILL popping into the air before crashing back down to the mat.

Williams: Marie keeping herself alive here! How in the world! What a move.

Marie covers.


Emo: Haynes with the shoulder up at two as the fans applaud. What a good one there by Marie as she almost stole this thing, Jen.

Williams: Really upping her game recently is Von Claudio. Hope she can keep her head on straight.

Marie sits up, running her hands through her hair, unsure of what more she needs to do. Haynes rolls to his side in pain. Marie is on top of him quickly and pushes herself up calling for Haynes to get to his feet.

Emo: Marie showing some passion here.

Williams: Yes indeed.

Haynes pushes up, Marie helping him but it’s Haynes who explodes forward with a drive of the forearm that completely catches Marie by surprise.

Williams: Will Haynes out of nowhere almost taking off MVC’s head.

Emo: Maybe she’s awoken the sleeping giant or something. Gotta be careful with Haynes. Don’t want to get him too emotional, he’ll beat you to a pulp if he’s got to. Just ask Mikey Unlikely.

Although MVC stumbles she comes back with a forearm shot of her own. Followed by a forearm shot from Haynes, and another from MVC. MVC goes to throw a kick, Haynes catches it. And as the THRILLmaker of the UTA throws her leg down, he pulls on it, sending Marie’s head down a bit as well. He drives his knee up right into MVC’s face dazing her.

Emo: What a counter from Haynes.

Williams: So dangerous.

Haynes acts quickly, he backs into the ropes launching himself forward. Meanwhile MVC charges as well rushing to duck under the THRILL’s clothesline. MVC turns on a dime and jumps into the air delivering a Crane Kick right to the underside of Will Haynes’ jaw.

Williams: WHAT A KICK!

The crowd reacts with a massive, “OHHHHH!” as Haynes stumbles backwards. MVC turns to face him but it’s THRILL who surges forward with a Lariat that sends MVC flipping over herself as she crashes to the mat.

Emo: And Haynes just exploding in with that Lariat.

Williams: But that’s all the THRILL has left, Doc. Especially after eating that kick from Marie. These two are laying it all on the line here.

The ref begins his count.


Emo: Who’s gonna get to their feet first, Jen?

Williams: I don’t know Doc it would be a shame to see this one end in a double count out, I’ll tell ya that much.


MVC pulls herself up on the far side ropes. Haynes on the near side.

Emo: Haynes on the ring apron, don’t know why Jen.

Williams: And here comes MVC!

MVC letting out a scream charges towards Haynes. Haynes steps his foot through the middle rope and runs it right into MVC’s face.

Emo: MVC learning just how good Will Haynes is here.

Haynes leaps forward bringing Marie down with a Jumping Sitout Facebuster. He rolls her over in the middle of the ring for the pin.


Williams: NO! MVC will not be denied! And the crowd can’t believe it. Everyone surprised here, in a good way, that Marie was able to kick out of that.

Emo: Lot of determination from Marie in this one.

Haynes is on his knees barking at the ref, he can’t believe it.

Emo: And Haynes seems to think there was a slow count.

Williams: I don’t think there was but this one has got to be rough on Will Haynes. He still can’t be mentality one hundred percent, not after that World Title match. No way.

Haynes breathes deep and wonders what more he has to do. He stands picking Marie up, throwing her back into the corner, running another forearm hard underneath Marie’s chin.

Williams: Just a straight shot there from Haynes. Normally, something like this might be a little hard for folks to watch but these are trained professionals, remember that. They put their bodies on the line time and time again for your entertainment.

Emo: Good way to put it, Jen.

Williams: Important not to let the brutality of some of these strikes take away from the beauty of a wrestling match, Doc.

Emo: Agree.

Haynes scouts Marie up so she is sitting on the top rope and he climbs up after her.

Emo: Haynes going to the High Rent District.

Williams: Did this two weeks ago to Eric Dane, could we be looking for a Top Rope Thrillplex?

Haynes goes to yank but MVC fights him. She begins clubbing at his midsection, using her legs to wrap herself around the ropes, the turnbuckle, anything she can. Haynes can get her up.

Emo: Marie fighting it off.

Marie connects with a desperation kidney shot and Haynes falls backwards into the ring. MVC stands on the top rope as flashbulbs start to pop.

Williams: MVC going to take a leap here!

MVC flies off as Haynes stands connecting with a dropkick that spins Haynes end over end, so he rolls through a knee and collapses into a slumped position on the opposite turnbuckle due to the massive impact.

Emo: What a dropkick from Marie and the crowd is going wild.

Williams: That took guts, Doc. Real guts.

MVC pushes to her feet and charges Haynes, dropping a clothesline into his throat. Haynes stumbles out of the corner, in trouble as Marie is feeling it and throws a hand into the air, letting out a yell.

Williams: Marie with a full head of confidence here, Doc.

Emo: Better make sure it doesn’t cost ya, Marie!

MVC turns back to Haynes and leaps she brings him up and over with a Huricarana, showing off the impressive leg strength, she grabs the legs for a pin.

Official slides in.


Emo: No Haynes powers out!

Williams: He was a split second away from being beat there.

Both MVC and Haynes push to their feet in the middle of the ring. MVC a tick faster, it’s three quick forearm shots from Von Claudio to Haynes, as MVC pushes back into the ropes surging towards the THRILL. As MVC hits the rope the THRILL steps forward and brings a Super Kick up to Marie’s temple dropping her.

Emo: Haynes going old school there with a straight Superkick.

Williams: Ron Hall esque, Doc.

Haynes crawls quickly and leaps on top of MVC for the pin.


Williams: NO! MVC again kicks out!

Emo: What’s it going to take, Jen!

The fans are excited. MVC is a beast tonight. She’s on her back, breathing deep as Haynes pushes to his feet. He pulls MVC up. Charging clothesline from Haynes, ducked underneath by MVC.

Emo: MVC off the far side now. Clothesline attempt of her own.

Williams: Ducked by the THRILL, MVC off the other side and BAM! forearm shot by Marie, sending the THRILL back a step.

A chop from Haynes draws a quick kick to the leg from MVC. Another chop from Haynes backs MVC up as Will nurses his leg in a bit of pain.

Williams: Haynes nursing that leg, hope that won’t be a problem for him.

MVC steps in with a chop of her own, the crowd giving their typical responses to each thundering strike. Haynes pushes MVC away, another chop from MVC, and then the two hit each other with matching forearm shots that bring an end to the strike fest, just for a moment.

Emo: Any of these shots here could be a knockout blow. Both MVC and Haynes have taken a lot of stiff shots in this one tonight.

Williams: It’s been a great match. Well fought and highly contested. You can’t ask for better.

MVC then lets out another battle cry and rushes in. Wildly throwing a clothesline, tired from a long match. Haynes ducks it, and whips her around. Haynes pulls her underneath his arm and lifts her straight in the air.

Williams: Ought oh, what’s coming here?

Emo: Don’t know.

Then Haynes pushes her out, letting Marie fall to the mat stomach first. As he does he drives his knee up, rushing her head.

Williams: Georgia On My Mind! Haynes’ latest and possibly greatest finisher.

Haynes pins.


The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match... WILL... HAAAYYNNNESSS!!!

Williams: Marie Van Claudio looked to get a big win in front of her father tonight, but instead nothing but heartbreak.

Emo: Well, that is what she is getting used to. Or so she tells us each and every week.

Will Haynes celebrates his huge win.

An Expected Challenge

An Expected Challenge

We find ourselves backstage once again. Kate Kincaid at the ready, microphone raised.

Kincaid: What a show folks, and what a match with Marie and Will Haynes! Can’t wait until that Main event with the former World Champion Eric Dane facing Cayle Murray!

She pauses in response to the cheers for Cayle from the audience.

Kincaid: That’s later of course. Now, joining me at this time is a young lady that has been rather suspiciously absent lately on UTA programming and-

The next words are never heard, as behind her wraps two arms over her shoulders, raising her slightly off her feet, before setting her back down. Her assailant none other than Zhalia Fears who then leans her chin down on Kate’s left shoulder and smiles towards the camera while the fans in the arena can be heard welcoming her back.

With an inhale she crooks her neck to look at her directly.

Fears: Hi Kate. Good to be back, and wow… your hair smells great tonight!

Kincaid: Ugh... thanks, but … too tight.

With a grin Zhalia releases her arms and strolls around in front of Kate.

Fears: Sorry about that dear. Enthusiastic. It is time once again for everyone to play for the top prizes in the organization. All or Nothing!

Kincaid: Indeed it is. This time however Lorenzo has upped the marketing for the event by putting the championships on the line in separate matches, leaving the main match to determine the number one contenders.

Fears: Kate, Kate… Come on now, you can spin it that way if you want, but we all know this is Eric’s fault.

Kincaid: The change for the other championship matches were, at least, brought on by Dane’s requests.

Fears: Demands out of fear of losing in the All or Nothing match. But that is neither here nor there now. He lost already! To Sean. Actually I wonder if Sean would have taken that cowardly step if he won the title just weeks earlier?

Smiling she turns her focus at the camera itself.

Fears: You did it, Sean. (she refocuses on Kate) Of course he has to defend the title now against Eric at the pay per view, as somehow he gets his rematch. Not sure if Lorenzo realizes that even Wingate’s iron fist ruling kept the defunct champions from getting their rematches. Sean, Perfection, Madman, Yoshi, Blanca… the list goes on. And surely I missed a few.

Kincaid: I’m quite sure Zhalia, however who ever does win All or Nothing will be put to the frontline as the number one contender. Even if Eric Dane beats Jackson, and he wants his rematch just the same. And Zhalia, you are one of those involved in that very match. It could be you.

Fears: It could indeed. At least, that is if my shoulder holds out.

Kincaid: So the rumors are true then? You’re set to have surgery done on it?

Fears: Yes, er, well yeah sort of true. I mean, maybe? (she lets out a sigh) Look, I have a few weeks to stress and overwork this wing. Maybe being sidelined these past few weeks since my match with Claude has helped heal it? The specialist I spoke with was quite enthusiastic at least!

Kincaid: The news actually broke yesterday by Stan that Mr. Lorenzo may be replacing you for the match if-

Fears: Exactly. If. That is why I am here tonight, Kate. Got a few people to talk with, things to do-

Off-Camera: Wow, you took time off?  didn’t even notice.  Maybe it is because UTA has a real World Champion to be proud of, a man you can finally congratulate for proving he is the best in this company.

She smirks while the UTA World Champion walks into frame from off-camera.

Fears: Missed it earlier Sean. I did just that, but since you are here. Congrats, Champ!

Jackson: That’s three times, Champion.  Get it right.

She turns towards him while smiling.

Fears: I know you got Eric Dane in that rematch, and good luck with that, but Sean… as impressive as it is that you are a three time champion… well…

Zhalia pauses and taps his chest.

Fears: Zero and two.

The Mental Rapist looks down at his chest, not pleased with being poked in the chest.  But plays it off because it is Zhalia Fears.

Fears: You can not stand there and tell me that you are satisfied at just that… Zero, and two. Can you Sean? Two thousand and sixteen may be a new year and all. Big plans, great title reigns ahead, but last year-

Jackson:  Is that all you have Zhalia?  those two insignificant wins?  Go ahead, keep harping on them like Will Haynes has.  I’ll just brush it off with every passing day as your World Champion.  But if you keep poking the hornet’s nest like Dane and Xander...

Fears: I will get stung-and that is bad, being allergic and all. So go ahead and focus on Xander and Eric. After that even you can focus on the winner of All or Nothing, and whomever wins the Ace in the Hole match next week.

She grins.

Jackson: Which won’t be you. You never could win when it truly mattered, Zhalia.

Fears: Maybe. Times change. And new year, after all. Also El Trebol Jr. had your number too last year, Sean and could very well be the new Ace in the Hole winner. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, you and I, we still have unfinished business. So I say this… broken wing or not, how about we go out there now and make it zero and three or one and two? Heck, oh golly gee, it can be for that precious UTA World Championship too!

That rocks the atmosphere in the arena as the fans cheer loudly at the thought of a title match.

Jackson: Give it a rest.  You had your chance at Ace in the hole and like always, blew it.  I on the other hand, took full advantage and the moment I took this (he places his hand on the belt) back, you became irrelevant to me.

Fears: Zero and two.

Jackson: Not gonna work.

Fears: Zero and two.

Jackson: Already told you, you can goad about that all you want. I am the Ch-

He pauses mid-sentence as Zhalia steps forward, her face nearly against his chest, and crooks her neck slightly, looking over at the title.

Fears: Sean... you have been inside the Broadmoor Institute…

Her gaze snaps back over to Sean’s face. That smirk of hers forming.

Fears: Do you really think... this is over?

Jackson: Tell you what. I’ll throw you that bone. You want a title match, fine. You want it tonight, fine. May as well give those paying ungratefuls their money’s worth tonight.

Stepping back, Zhalia smiles and turns towards Kate.

Kincaid: You heard it here first folks! We will have a UTA World Championship match tonight, when Zhalia Fears challenges the champion Sean Jackson!

Once more the audience can be heard cheering at the announcement.

Jackson: … good luck.

The champion reaches his arm forward, a sign of good sportsmanship surely. Zhalia of course accepts and shakes his hand.

Jackson: I’m sure you’ll give it your all out there… just first, be sure to get that shoulder checked.

With a menacing scowl Sean Jackson grabs her wrist and YANKS Zhalia towards him, off the ground and flying past him, and then SNAPS her down on her back. And that was not the only snap.

Fears: SONUVA--

The Mental Rapist releases her wrist finally and lets it flop to the ground as Zhalia clutches at her shoulder with the good arm..

Jackson: Did you hear that sound? Damn Zhalia, I would get that checked. Forget the match, as champion I am cancelling it. (he looks back over to Kincaid) Oh and you, might go get her some help.

The Champion starts walking off past her while Kate drops down and pulls her up against her to check on her, calling out down the corridor for help. Fears arm clutches the other, her wrist clamped down in her mouth to keep herself from screaming out, while her eyes remain snapped shut. Neither woman however notices as Jackson sprints back into frame, right into Zhalia’s propped up form.


...and immediate cut to black.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

You just made it more personal

You just made it more personal

After her match with Will Haynes, Marie Van Claudio is seen icing down her neck while walking. Suddenly, one of the workers come quickly to Marie as he’s out of breath from running.

Van Claudio: Whoa! Whoa! Calm down!

She looks at him and wants to know why the worker ran to her quickly

Worker: Marie, something’s wrong with you-

The guy can’t hold his breath as Marie is patting him on the back.

Van Claudio: Something’s wrong with what?!

The worker catches his breath.

Worker: Something is wrong with your father!

Van Claudio: WHAT?!

Marie quickly drops the ice and runs towards what is going on. There is loud yelling as we see Amy Harrison kicking Marie’s father, whose helpless.

Harrison: You want to disrespect my family? Disrespect my father? Who do you think you are, huh?

She keeps on kicking him down and stomping, but Marie comes up and tackles her down right on the ground and pounds in her face.

Van Claudio: I’m GONNA KILL YOU!

The referees are pulling them off, but Marie has a handful of Amy’s hair.

Referee: Marie, LET GO OF HER!

Marie doesn’t listen as she keeps on pulling Amy’s hair out. Amy kicks Marie right down as she falls and runs away.

Harrison: See you at All or Nothing, Marie!

Amy laughs out as she walks away with a knot in her hair from Marie’s force while medics are checking on Marie’s dad, leading to Marie to punch a wall in anger.

Eric Dane vs. Cayle Murray


Williams: Welcome back to ringside Ladies and Gentlemen, and up next we have the kind of match that could headline any major wrestling event in the country.

Emo: This match is nuts, Jen. In one corner, Cayle Murray, the most beloved wrestler in the UTA today, a man who’s only been defeated once in one-on-one competition since arriving last June. A man who came here to rebuild himself, and has grown into one of the most thrilling athletes on the roster.

Williams: And in the other corner, we’ve got The Big Bad. The Only Star. The former UTA Champion. A Machiavellian sociopath with more World Title reigns that some UTA grapplers have had matches. These two are idealistic polar opposites, their styles mesh incredibly well, and they really, really don’t like each other.

Emo: And that’s just scratching the surface! It’s The Golden Boy vs. The Rule Breaker! The People’s Favourite vs. The Most Hated Man in the Company! The Peacemaker vs. The Riot-Starter!

Williams: I can’t wait, Doc, and I know you can’t either. Let’s get this one underway!

Cut to the ring, where Stacy Sinclair stands ready.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is your MAIN EVENT of the evening!

The lights cut and the music starts to play, but it’s not quite the track that anybody was expecting. Instead, it’s a slow miasma of atmospheric guitar notes and rolling tom-hits, building a real sense of anticipation in the building. It’s Bad Religion’s “Overture” -- the calm before the storm.

Emo: This is intense, Jen.

The song grows slowly louder. A couple of small, dim lights flash with the growing drum rhythm, and slow, hazy footage of Cayle Murray’s UTA starts playng on the big screen.

Then, without warning, the amplifiers roar.

“Sinister Rouge.”

But there’s no Cayle Murray at the top of the ramp. Instead, a single spotlight illuminates the Scot as he stands in a staircase halfway up the arena, mobbed by fans.

Emo: It’s Sanctus! Sanctus is back, in squidman form!

Williams: The people are firmly behind Cayle Murray, and tonight, Dr. Emo, he stands beside them! What a way to make an entrance!

Announcer: Introducing first, from Aberdeen, Scotland…

Slapping hands and bumping fists as he goes, Murray descends the stairs and soon reaches floor level. Once there, he weaves his way through the mass of humanity, eventually reaching the barrier, and hopping straight over it.

Announcer: Standing at 6’1”, and weighing-in at 220lbs…

Cayle rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckles. He throws his arms out to his sides, and the crowd explodes.


Williams: Cayle’s fired-up! He’s been frustrated, agitated, and maybe even a little angered tonight, but he knows this is a huge opportunity for him!

Emo: Eric Dane is one of the most decorated competitors in this sport’s history! Knocking him off would be absolutely gigantic for Cayle’s career, but that’s easier said than done.

Williams: A legendary wrestler versus a man with legendary aspirations. On-paper, this has all the makings of an instant classic, and then you factor-in the bad blood between these two…

Emo: Someone’s gettin’ forked tonight, Jen! I can feel it…

The Lights drop.

The crowd starts to buzz.

Emo: Here we go, Jen…

Announcer: … aaaaaaand his opponent!

A bluesy bass-riff plays over the P.A. system, as it comes to a crescendo it's accompanied by a pyrotechnic explosion as "Heavy is the Head" gets to the chorus and "The Only Star" bursts onto the stage.

Williams: I don’t think ANYONE has made as big an impact on the UTA as Eric Dane has in the last 8-10 months, Doc. The man’s success is legendary, and his cult of personality is even greater.

Emo: The guy’s just been at the heart of just about every major shockwave to hit the UTA lately. He’s the man who conquered The Chamber, built the Victory brand in his own image, and brought The Year of the Luchador to a screeching halt to become UTA Champion.

Williams: The resumé speaks for itself, and it’d take a bold man to bet against him regaining the belt at All or Nothing… or winning tonight, for that matter.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring from New Orleans, Louisiana… he stands at 6’4”, and weighs-in at 240lbs...

Eric Dane makes his way toward the ring as Zac Brown and Chris Cornell work their way through the song. He slides under the bottom rope and comes up spinning with both arms held out wide above his head, taking in the raucous reaction from the UTA fans in attendance.


The song fades and Dane turns, glaring a hole through Cayle Murray.

Williams: I think both of these guys just want the bell to ring so they can get stuck into each other, Doc.

Emo: It ain’t gonna be pretty, that’s for sure. Get your popcorn!

Referee Frank Knoxx is having the absolute worst time trying to keep the two wrestlers apart, especially when “Heavy is the Head” fades away completely. The bell rings, and a relieved Knoxx hops away from the grapplers, finally letting themselves get stuck into each other.

Emo: Showtime!

Cayle and Eric almost jump into the lock-up and jostle for position, but it doesn’t last long. The Only Star quickly throws a knee into Cayle’s gut to break the exchange, then smacks him across the cheek with a forearm. A second forearm connects, and with his arm already in place, Dane slaps Cayle’s chest with a backhand chop.





The last strike has Cayle doubled-over against the ropes, but he reverses Dane’s Irish Whip attempt and sends The Only Star running across the ring. Dane hooks the arms to prevent himself from rebounding, so Cayle charges…

Williams: Flying forear--

Emo: No! Dane moves!

Eric ducks away. Cayle lands safely with his chest hitting the top rope, but the imbalance gives Dane time to throw an elbow to the kidneys, then put Cayle’s head beneath his arm.

Emo: Looks like he’s going for a reverse suplex!

With a handful of waistband, Eric pulls Cayle into the air, but the Scot slips out the back and lands on his feet! Eric immediately swings around with a huge right hand, but Cayle ducks, sidesteps, and kicks Dane hard in the torso! A second body kick stings The Only Star, and a third wobbles him, before Cayle moves-in and monkey flips Dane to the mat.

Williams: What an explosive start!

Emo: So much for pacing yourself early! We’re getting instant action in this main event, and I love it!

His opponent down, Cayle applies the grounded headlock, looking to soften Dane up a little. The Only Star’s just too wise for this, however, and starts rising to his feet, throwing a few stiff elbows into Cayle’s ribs to break free. Once up, Dane goes to the ropes, coming back with a big shoulder block that knocks Murray to the deck.

Only to get right back up again.

Williams: Wow! Cayle Murray feels no pain!

Emo: Oh he feels it, Jen! He’s just not gonna let Dane know it. There’s a difference.

An eye rake blinds Cayle. Taking advantage, Dane knees him in the gut, then elbows the stop of his skull. He throws a Scottish head beneath his arm and drags Cayle towards the corner, then sets him up. Dane pulls-back for a chop, but Cayle ducks beneath it and skips behind his opponent. The former champ turns around to boot Cayle, but Murray catches the boot and Dragon Crews him down!

Williams: Now Eric Dane’s down, but for how long?

Emo: That move’ll do serious damage to a man’s knee if it’s executed in a certain way, Jen. That twist and snap on a perfect Dragon Screw will twist your ligaments in all kinds of ways. Big move from Cayle.

Williams: He’s doing a great job of matching Dane early-on, and the pace definitely suits him more than his opponent.

Emo: Absolutely. Look for Dane to get a foothold and trying to establish a slower, more methodical pace. There’s a lot more mileage on his body than Cayle’s, and Murray’s gas tank is almost endless.

Instead of continuing the assault, Cayle elects to let Eric Dane rise on his own accord. The Only Star checks his knee, and is soon good-to-go again. This time, Cayle skips behind Dane and locks his arms around the waist. Again, Eric throws a couple of elbows to try and dislodge the Scottish limpet, but Cayle hooks a boot around Eric’s ankle and forces him to the ground.

Emo: Nice grappling technique from Murray, who moves into a north/south position.

Cayle’s got hold of Dane’s head, but the veteran uses his superior strength to scramble to a knelt position, and then to his feet. Cayle doesn’t let go of the head, however, and leaps on Eric. He uses his legs to secure himself, and pulls back with a standing guillotine!

Williams: Cayle’s trapped the windpipe!

Before the lack of oxygen can really affect him, however, Dane bursts forward and smashes Cayle’s back into the turnbuckle. This is enough to break the submission, and give Dane enough time to fire-off a big set of Mongolian chops.

Emo: Veteran savvy from Dane there, who knew exactly where he was in the ring.

Williams: Yeah, Cayle’s actively trying to curb Dane’s vicious streak at this point. Unfortunately it just didn’t work-out.

Not wasting any time, Dane boots Cayle in the stomach then throws the head under the arm.

Williams: Wait, is he going for the finish?!

Dane doesn’t get to lift Cayle, who again hooks a boot behind Dane’s. Instead, Eric clubs his back, forcing Cayle to one knee, before grabbing his jaw with one hand, and slapping him hard across the cheek with the other. Jeers ring out as Cayle falls to the mat.

Emo: Now there’s Eric Dane!

Williams: The fans didn’t like that one bit, but I don’t think Cayle did either.

Mockingly, The Only Star prods at Cayle’s torso with his boot a couple of times, before dropping an elbow across his chest. Once grounded, Eric presses his forearm into Murray’s face and makes the cover.


But Cayle kicks-out.

Williams: You can feel things really starting to sway in Dane’s favour now, and it’s exactly what we talked about earlier. The pace has slowed, and the dirty tricks are starting to come-out.

Emo: Look at this, Jen!

Eric’s got a handful of hair, and violently yanks the Scot to his feet.

Emo: He might’ve just torn-out half of that beautiful head of hair!

Keeping hold of Murray, Dane pushes him back against the ropes, then puts both hands around his neck and grips tightly. The Only Star takes full advantage of the four-count before breaking away and returning to the centre of the ring, with Cayle’s arm in hand. Once there, Dane wrenches it tightly, and pushes the limb behind Cayle’s back.

Emo: This is turning into a ring general’s clinic, Jen. Murray’s getting bullied out there.

But Cayle fights back. Though one arm’s trapped, Cayle puts another over his shoulder and around the back of Eric’s neck. He works the angles to drop to a knee and judo thoss Eric over his shoulder! Dane lands seated, and Murray kicks him hard in the shoulders!

Emo: Heh. That’s a bruise-maker!

His back arched in pain, Eric rises him to his feet, eating a couple of forearms from the younger man. Cayle goes for the body kick, but Dane catches it. Unfortunately for him, this plays right into Murray’s hands.

Williams: Enziguiri! And the cover!



No! Dane throws a shoulder up.

Williams: I’m really impressed by Cayle Murray’s striking tonight, Doc. The kid’s always had an impressive, well-rounded game, but he hits very, very quickly, and with plenty impact.

Emo: He doesn’t just come-in and throw bombs either, Jen. Cayle’s a finesse fighter who picks his shots well, and looks for precision and timing over power. Not a bad gameplan when you’re up against The Big Bad.

With his opponent in his grasp, Cayle rises up and whips Dane into a corner. He follows up with a dash, runs onto the second turnbuckle, then hops on Eric’s shoulders.

Williams: Here comes the Hurricanrana!

Before Murray can complete the move, however, Dane grabs him, takes a step out of the corner, and holds him up.

Emo: Oh no…

A desperation elbow prevents the powerbomb, and Cayle hops down from Dane’s shoulders. This time, Cayle dashes past Dane, climbs the turnbuckles, and springboards back as The Only Star turns!

Williams: Springboard Forearm!

Emo: What a move!

Quickly getting back to his feet, Cayle picks Eric Dane up, and throws him towards the opposite turnbuckle. He quickly follows up with a running wheel kick that sends Eric tumbling to the floor!

Williams: Dane’s sat in that bottom turnbuckle, and Cayle’s ready to run again!

Sure enough, Cayle sprints across the ring and settles himself in the corner. He dashes out again, but just as he’s preparing to leap, Eric Dane rolls out of the ring.

Emo: No! Eric Dane escapes!

Williams: Smart tactics from Dane, but wait just a minute… Cayle’s got an idea!

As The Only Star stumbles away holding his jaw, Cayle prepares himself for yet another dash. This time, he hits the ropes, comes back, and somersaults all the way over the top to the outside, landing on-top of the former UTA Champion!

Williams: Tope con Hilo! Time to press rewind, folks!

Emo: Tremendous athleticism, Jen! I might not agree with Cayle Murray’s mindset a lot of the time, but I can’t knock his skillset!

The impact cushioned by Dane’s body, Cayle leaps to his feet and throws an arm in the air for the nearby fans. He doesn’t want to waste too much time, however, and soon rolls his esteemed opponent back in the ring.

Williams: And now the cover!



No! Dane powers out!

Emo: It’s gonna take a lot more than that to beat The Only Star, Jen. There’s a lot of mileage on that body, sure, but Dane’s still one of the toughest guys in the business.

Williams: No doubt, but every kick-out expends valuable energy, which is an area in which Cayle has one of his biggest advantages.

Back up on his feet, Cayle takes Eric Dane with him, then steps away, throwing his sweat-sodden hair behind his head. Dane, after collecting his senses, flashes the Scot a snarl and barks something incomprehensible.

Williams: I don’t think Dane’s too happy about the way this thing’s going. He’s thrown a couple of dirty tricks into the mix, but Cayle’s doing a great job of making this match his own.

Slowly, the duo come closer together.

Emo: He’s just straight-up trash-talking Cayle now, Jen. He’s trying to wind him him, break his focus, and disrupt his gameplan.

The Only Star breaks the stalemate with a stifffffffff right elbow, wobbling the Scot’s vertical base.

Emo: That’ll knock a tooth loose!

Cayle pulls his hand down from his smarting jaw, then fires back with an elbow of his own. Reels momentarily, but the adrenaline soon kicks-in, and he retaliates accordingly.

Williams: Here we go!

Murray, elbow.

Dane, elbow.

Murray, elbow.

Dane, elbow.

Emo: These two are beating the tar out of each other.





Both too proud to give-up an inch, or show the other just how much these elbows actually hurt, Eric and Cayle stand firm, throwing thunder.

The pace slows.






The third consecutive elbow rocks Eric Dane, and Cayle turns, taking to the ropes.

Murray rebound.

DANE elbow!

Emo: What a shot!

The Scot runs right into Dane’s elbow, and hits the deck like a sack of spuds. The Only Star wobbles momentarily, then shakes away the butterflies.

Williams: Brutal exchange from Dane and Murray, Doc!

Emo: There’s that puroresu influence shining through! Both of these men have extensive experience living, training and fight in Japan, and there’s a fine example.

Williams: Cayle, of course, spent four consecutive years in Tokyo before jumping to the UTA. And Dane? Dane’s been everywhere.

Slowly, Eric pulls his opponent from the canvas, and fires another standing elbow into his jaw for good measure. Cayle stumbles backwards, and when Dane pushes him, the momentum carries him into the corner. The Only Star traps him there.

Emo: This isn’t a good place to be.


Cayle’s face cringes.


His chest starts turning red.


Emo: I can feel these chops all the way over here!

A momentary pauses precedes a Mongolian Chop. Finally, with Cayle dazed, Eric pivots, spins, and drops him with a big Roaring Elbow! Murray hits the mat again, and Dane pulls him away from the corner, drops to the ground, and hooks the leg.

Williams: This could be it!



No! Cayle throws a shoulder up!

Emo: I thought that was it, Jen! Dane hits like a truck, and that was a lot of punishment.

Williams: Cayle dished-out his fair share too, Doc, and the guy’s tough as hell. Both men ate some nasty strikes there, but this one’s far from finished.

There is a stir in the fans, as coming down the entrance ramp is Sean Jackson.

Williams: It appears we have company Doc.

Fearing shenanigans from the Mental Rapist, the arena erupts into boos as the Dallas native makes his way towards the ringside area.

Dane immediately gets to his feet, and stands at the ropes.

Emo: It is the World Champion Jen, and he's stepping with a purpose. My guess is, he's either scouting the match or he's about to blow it up.

Instead of entering the ring, the UTA World Champion picks up a headset while sitting at the announce table. He then looks over at both announcers.

Jackson: Don't mind me, I'm just here to do some friendly scouting.

The new champ pays little heed to the former champ at first, and Dane returns his focus to the match when he hears Cayle rising behind him. Cayle throws a forearm that Dane’s happy to eat, before firing back with one of his own, hunching Cayle over, and slamming him into the mat with a snap suplex!

Emo: There goes Cayle Murray, and once again, Eric Dane is in full control!

Jackson: Both Dane and Murray are great competitors, perfectly capable of beating just about anyone on the roster.

Williams: I find your comments confusing Sean. Just last week Eric Dane attacked you, had you a bloodied mess in the backstage area...

The Mental Rapist rolls his eyes and takes a moment before responding.

Jackson: Look, Eric Dane's actions from last week is ancient history. I can't dwell on the past because we have a re-match coming up at All or Nothing. He wanted my attention and now he's got it...

The UTA World Champion leans back in his seat, his eyes on the action.

Jackson: So if you don't mind, I am going to scout my opponent like a real World Champion is supposed to do.

At this point, The Only Star has Cayle Murray on the mat, and he’s pushing his boot down on the windpipe. Dane wraps his hands around the top rope for extra leverage, and pays no attention as the referee finishes his count and calls for a break. It takes a physical intervention for Dane to eventually break away, then flash Frank Knoxx a chilling stare.

Williams: Dirty Dane strikes again. Nobody strays closer to the disqualification line without actually being disqualified than this guy.

Emo: He’s got it down to a science, Jen. Perhaps there’s an intimidation factor there, but Dane knows exactly when to break the hold without getting himself in hot water.

Williams: There’s no intimidation with Frank Knoxx, that’s for sure! He’ll get right up in there if that’s what it takes to enforce the rules.

Struggling for breath, Cayle rolls onto all fours. Eric Dane stands across the ring, primed and ready after throwing a couple of verbal barbs at Sean Jackson.

Williams: Uh-oh, we’ve seen this before!

Emo: He’s going for the Star Breaker knee!

Dane powers forward with all he’s got.

The knee flies with murderous intent…

NARROWLY missing Cayle’s skull!

Williams: He ducked!

Murray hops to his feet, pulls Dane around by the shoulder, and drills him with a big double-knee facebuster! He hooks the leg.



… NO! Dane kicks-out!

Williams: Big time move from Cayle Murray! He’d have been dead in the water if Dane had hit that running knee, but he lives to fight another day!

Jackson: Cayle Murray is a star with a bright future. Just being in the same ring as Eric Dane will make him exponentially  better.

As the compliments continue to flow, this is not the Sean Jackson and Jennifer Williams and Dr. Emo expected.

Williams: World Championship material?

The Dallas native doesn’t hesitate with the response.

Jackson: Absolutely.

Back on his feet, Cayle Murray throws an arm in the air and calls out to the fans. He grabs hold of Dane’s head as soon as he can.

Williams: He’s going to end this, Doc!

Emo: Here comes the Chainbreaker!

Before Murray can execute, however, Dane puts his arms around Cayle’s back in an iron grip. He uses brute force to lift him off his feet, then drive him into the mat!

Williams: No! HUGE standing Spinebuster!

Emo: Dane’s wasting no time! Here it comes!

Eric immediately backs up and puts Cayle in the front facelock. He pulls back and hoists Cayle high in the air, ready to drop him on his head.

Emo: Cayle’s just dangling there! STARDRIVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Williams: Wait!

Cayle throws a knee down, hitting Dane right in the head.

Williams: Big knee!

As the former Champ wobbles, Cayle fluidly rolls his body downwards, trapping Dane, and pushing his shoulders into the mat!

Emo: Small package!



… 3?!

NOOOOO! Eric kicks the eff out mere milliseconds before Knoxx’s hand hits the mat!

Williams: What a counter, Doc! I really thought he had him!

Emo: Tell me about it! My heart just skipped a beat! You must be enjoying this, Sean?

Jackson: I always enjoy scoping-out my future opponents, Doctor.

Both men get to their feet relatively quickly, and throw the exact same strike: a hard right elbow. Both get near-perfect connections, but it’s Cayle who feels a heavier impact from his larger foe. Dane reels-off a chop, further reddening his opponent’s chest, before taking a moment to shake his dizziness away and underhooking both of Cayle’s arms.

Williams: What’s this?!

Dane’s eyes look around momentarily, before meeting perfectly with Sean Jackson’s. He falls back into the mat, driving Cayle’s head into the rough canvas.

Emo: Double-arm DDT!

Williams: Down goes Cayle! And now the cover!

Eric Dane hooks the leg.



NO! Before Frank’s hand can slap the mat, Sean Jackson’s up out of his commentary chair, dragging the official out of the ring!

Emo: Wait a minute!

Williams: Sean Jackson just pulled Frank Knoxx out! And Eric Dane is livid!

The Only Star rises to his feet. Red-faced, he shouts loudly at The Mental Rapist, who holds his hands-up innocently as a response to both Dane’s fury and Knoxx’s admonishment.

Williams: So much for the “scouting mission”!

Emo: C’mon, Jen! It’s Jackson! Are you really that surprised?

Williams: I guess I shouldn’t be. It just would’ve been nice to see this one play-out on its own accord.

Cayle Murray’s on the mat, propped-up on all fours. As Eric Dane locks eyes with Sean Jackson, the Scot catches his breath, before rolling onto his back and sitting upright.

Williams: Valuable recovery time for Cayle here. Looks like The Only Star and The Mental Rapist are getting a little preoccupied with one another.

Emo: Now’s your chance, Squidboy!

He pulls himself to his feet with the aid of the ropes, then steadies himself. Eric Dane’s still got his back to him.

Williams: What happens now, Doc? Cayle’s not exactly an “attack from behind” kinda guy.

Emo: Wouldn’t be surprised if he tapped Dane on the shoulder and politely asked if they could continue.

With the UTA Champion and his contender barking at one another, Cayle takes a moment or two to ponder his next move. Suddenly he dashes towards Dane…

Williams: Hey!


The Only Star’s shoulders hit the mat.





Emo: With a goddamn roll-up, Jen!

The music blasts, and an apoplectic Dane immediately leaps up to his feet, looking for a Scotsman to kill. Cayle, however, has already left the squared circle. He’s outside the ring, leaning groggily against a barricade, arm raised in celebration.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by way of pinfall… CAAAAAAYYYYYYYYLLLLLLEEEEEEE! MUUUURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!

Emo: I never thought we’d see the day, Jen! The white knight just won with a School Boy!

Williams: Excellent awareness from Cayle to notch the biggest win of his career! What a match, Doc.

Emo: I didn’t know he had it in him! I guess all that time spent around men like Thorpe, Dane and Witherhold rubbed off on him after all!

Exhausted, sore, but brimming with adrenaline, Cayle clambers over the barricade and into the crowd, throwing his hands-out to celebrate with the masses. Sean Jackson, having finished the job he set out to complete, begins backing his way up the ramp.

In the meantime, Eric Dane has procured a microphone.

Dane: CUT THAT F(redacted)CKIN’ MUSIC!

The Only Star finds Cayle Murray in the crowd and points him out. He deadeyes him even from thirty yards distance.

Dane: You finally grew some balls tonight, kid!

The crowd pops.

Dane: Just do us all a favor and shove that High Road up your ass! Don’t you ever bring that load of hot garbage to me again, you lying piece of crap!

The crowd laughs, some at Dane for taking the loss, some at Cayle for breaking his code and pretty much undoing any good he’s done in the UTA since showing up a few months ago.

Dane: And you…

Eric’s attention switches to Sean Jackson.

Dane: You think this is all a big joke?

Sean guffaws, loudly.

Dane: That belt doesn’t belong to a punk like you, it belongs to the GREATEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER IN THE WORLD! And that’s me! And if you’ve got the balls to try to prove me wrong, you’ll do it at All or Nothing in an IRONMAN MATCH!

And the crowd goes wild.

Sean Jackson, for his part, nods to the positive, accepting Dane’s challenge.


Williams: That’s gonna be a hell of a match!

Emo: Damn right it is! But that’s then, and this is now, and we’re OUT OF TIME FO-

And just like that, Victory comes to an end.

Fade to black.

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