Victory XLV

18 Jan 2016

Times Union Center, Albany, New York (seats 17,500)


The Monday Night Victory logo fades in from black and dominates the screen. As it does, James Brown starts kickin’ it with “Living in America,” and the logo pulses until we hit the first chorus. As it drifts into the background, we switch to the arena, and the camera pans around hordes and hordes of screaming fans.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. We catch a few fan signs as the camera flies by…





From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are LIVE from the sold-out Times Union Center in Albany, New York for another action-packed edition of Victory! I’m Jennifer Williams, and alongside me, as always, it’s the Hall-of-Famer… Dr. Emo!

Emo: Thank you Jen! We have a new UTA Champion, and what a night of action we have ahead of us, kicking off with a girl-fight! Sabrina Baker takes-on the cocky newcomer, Angel Kash!

Williams: Ursula Areano also makes her UTA debut tonight, taking on Lance Mikes... and you know something, Doc?

Emo: What?

Williams: I still can't believe he's here!

Emo: Hopefully you'll have gotten over your shock in-time to enjoy Dan Benson vs. Ron Hall, Jen! A real veterans' battle!

Williams: And guess who our new Champion, Sean Jackson, takes-on in his first match since taking the belt?! Those Dirty Dibbins Boys!

Emo: Once we're done watching Sean scalp himself a couple of rednecks, we've got two former Dynasty brothers -- Kendrix and CBR -- going head-to-head!

Williams: The bad blood has really intensified between these two lately, and that match is certainly capable of headlining any event. It doesn't tonight, however: Scott Stevens vs. El Trébol Jr. and the Wildfire Title get those honours!

Emo: That's a really interesting tie, Jen. I like Scott Stevens' new aggression, but how do you prepare to fight a Little Green Bean?!

Williams: I'm looking forward to finding that out, Doc! Let's get started!

Interrupting The Champ


v/o:  Albany, Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as a dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

As the mist pours off the entrance stage and down the ramp, a video explodes on the screen as you can see letters slowly fade in, forming #UTA World Champion.  #Superstar of the Year

### I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord ###

Williams:  Well this was expected.

Emo:  Say what you want Jen, Jen.  But nobody saw the cash in coming last week in Atlantic City.

As In The Air Tonight begins to play, Sean Jackson, Marshall Owens and Vanessa step out onto the stage.  Sean has a euphoric look on his face while Marshall is sporting a smile of his own. Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop.

Williams:  And as always, he brings his entourage with him.

Emo:  He is the three-time World Champion, so of course he is going to have people with him Jen, Jen.

## Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord. ##

As he stands there stoic, soaking it all in.  Sean finally motions to head towards the ring.

Vanessa is dressed in a white skin tight dress with a long slit while Jackson is wearing slacks and a dress shirt, the UTA World Championship belt slung over his shoulder.  In the hands of Marshall Owens is the Manager of the Year award while Vanessa is holding the Superstar of the Year award.

They begin to make their way towards the ringside area, the arena erupting into boos.  

Emo:  And it appears they are bringing all the hardware with them.

As they step into the ring, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he stands in the middle of the ring, holding the World Championship up for all to see.  The lights then return and Sean walks to the ropes and motions for a mic.

Jackson:  Last week in Atlantic City, I showed the world who the best wrestler really was.

The fans begin to boo.

Jackson:  I showed it wasn’t Eric Dane…

The World Champion cracks that million dollar smirk, you just know it’s coming.

Jackson:  It damn sure wasn’t Will Haynes either.

Now the arena erupts into boos.  Everyone knows how close Haynes really came to winning before falling short.

Jackson:  I told you all that 2016 was going to be the year of the Mental Rapist, and now…

The index finger pops up.

Jackson: I've proven that.

The fans keep booing.

Jackson: Beyond a shadow of doubt.  

More boos. Lots of them.

Jackson: I’ve beaten Scott Stevens...

Fingers two and three also shoot up.

Jackson: I've beaten Eric Dane. 

More boos.

Jackson: I've beaten Will Haynes, all without even breaking a sweat.  I’m the 2015 Superstar of the Year and because of me…

He tosses a quick glance at Marshall Owens.

Jackson: Marshall is the 2015 Manager of the Year…

After tapping the face plate with his free hand, the Champ continues.

Jackson: All because of me.

Suddenly "Better Must Come" by Geego starts to play over the loudspeakers and the fans erupt into a chorus of cheers.

Emo: Lisil Jackson showing some major gusto coming out here and interrupting the Champ. 

Williams: Jackson has gusto seemingly to spare, Doc. Have you seen him and Mikey Unlikely recently?

Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile raising his bottle of D&G Jamaican cream soda in the air. He slaps hands with several fans walking down the ramp, giving one of them his delicious beverage before he slides into the ring and retrieves a microphone.

He takes two steps towards Sean who holds up a hand to stop him.

Jackson:  Whoa, there BRUDDA...just because we share the same last name, does NOT give you the right to…


The fans erupt with a pop of cheers.

L. Jackson: I don’t tink I had dee propa oppotunity ta introduce meself to ya Mist Jackson! Dee name is Lisil Jackson!

The fans scream.

L. Jackson: Dee Jamaican Inspiration…

More cheering from the rabid Albany fans.

L. Jackson: Dee Jamaican Ninja Warrior…

Emo: These fans are going wild for Lisil Jackson, Jen.

Williams: He's standing up to one of the biggest and baddest guys the UTA has to offer, Doc. Of course the fans love him!

L. Jackson: And dee brudda who plans on walkin out as dee winna o’ All Or Nothin!

Lisil nods his head.

L. Jackson: And lemme tell ya why mon! Ya may have dee belt…

Jackson points at the title over Jackson's shoulder.

L. Jackson: But I be da one beatin people dat ya couldn’t! In fact if memory serve me right ya couldn’t even handle dee girth o’ Yoshii!!!!

Jackson:  Hey, wait just a damn…

Before Sean can finish his sentence, a burst of TV static rips through the arena. Bad Religion’s “Sinister Rouge” follows with its explosive introduction, and a casually-dressed -- tee, track jacket and jeans -- Cayle Murray steps onto the ramp.

Emo: Cayle Murray now getting involved in this one.

Williams: These fans are going wild, Doc. Cayle Murray is a hero to them!

The Scot doesn’t even get halfway down before he’s raising the microphone to his lips.

Murray: Good evening, lads. Sorry to crash the party, but as soon as I heard the words “All or Nothing,” I just couldn’t help myself.

Smiling the whole way Murray reaches the bottom of the ramp and starts making his way up the steps. He stops just short of the ropes.

Murray: Turns out I’m in that match too.

Williams: Fans going crazy at the thought of Cayle Murray walking out of All Or Nothing as the winner, Doc.

Emo: All or Nothing is going to be crazy, Jen. Was insane last year, I can only imagine what this year is going to bring. But keep in mind that the guy who won All or Nothing last year is the one standing in that ring with the belt.

Cayle climbs through the ropes and into the ring, glancing first at Lisil, then at Sean.

Murray: Maybe I’m not the biggest, baddest or strongest. Maybe I don’t dominate on the ground like Perfection, or blast people on their feet like Lisil here. But you know what? There’s not a single person in the UTA who can say they’ve got more fire than Cayle Murray!

Emo: Obviously he hasn’t seen the Eric Dane “All or Nothing” poster yet…

Murray: I’m not coming to All or Nothing to participate, lads. I’m not coming to be a footnote or an also-ran. I’m coming to do the absolute best I can to put the UTA back in the hands of the people, because we’re tired of men like La Flama Blanca...

Boos at the mention of the man.

Murray: Eric Dane…

Louder boos at the mention of the Only Star. Cayle's gaze falls on The Mental Rapist.

Murray: … and Sean Jackson.

Roars as Cayle nods his head, calling out the Champ.

Murray: We’re tired of their stranglehold on the UTA Championship, and frankly, I--

Jackson:  Whoa, whoa.  Hold on just a …

At that moment, the opening lyrics to Oasis’ "Fu(redacted)ng In The Bushes" blare out from the PA system. The instrumentals hit and quickly cut as the Hollywood Bruvs appear on the ramp.

Williams: Looks like we’re about to hear from two controversial young men who know the new UTA World Champ very well from their Dynasty days.

Dressed in their latest and very witty #HollywoodBruvs t-shirts, Kendrix, adorning the Prodigy Title around his waist, shakes his head disappointingly in the direction of those in the ring. Waiting for the boos to die down, Mikey brings his mic up;

Unlikely: Now I’m hearing a lot of talk about the All or Nothing match, and yet somehow…

He points back and forth from himself to Kendrix as they slowly make their way down the ramp.

Unlikely: No one has even mentioned the guy who is going to win it. Clearly it's going to be a Hollywood Bruv!

He hands the mic over to JFK

Kendrix: Obvs!

Jesse hands it back to Mikey.

Unlikely: Totes Obvs!

Upon approaching the apron Mikey holds his arms out wide at Lisil while Kendrix points up at Cayle. Mikey hands the mic back to Kendrix;

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! Calm down there Cayle, control the red mist...try not to put anyone in hospital tonight, yeah?! Nobody’s buying Perfection put poor Colton in hospital, we all know it was you, bruv...

Mikey and Kendrix fist bump as Mikey is picked up shouting out “Burn!”

Kendrix: Just like everybody in this arena knows that the greatest team in this industry today, the Hollywood Bruvs, will eliminate everybody who gets in their way at All or Nothing to become the last two men standing in that ring...innit?!

Before Kendrix or Mikey can continue and before either have been able to enter the ring, “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold hits the PA system!

Emo: Here comes the Legacy Champ!

CBR appears from behind the curtain, wearing his purple trunks, knee pads and boots and an Albany Devils hockey shirt.  He holds a mic in his hand, the legacy title wrapped proudly around his waist and the blonde hair of his mane tied back behind his head.

CBR: Woah Bruv...woah.

Ranier lowers the mic a moment, the corners of his lips curling into a smile as he walks deliberately towards the ring, Kendrix and Mikey turning to face the Canadian Star.  

CBR: You honestly think these people believe that one of you will become Number one Contender for the greatest prize in the wrestling world? Do you think these people believe you can beat Cayle Murray, Lisil Jackson, Eric Dane and eventually that man right there…

CBR points to the ring with his free hand.

CBR: I will have been here for over two years by the time All or Nothing comes around.  I’ve helped build this place with my blood, sweat and tears and in that time the Canadian Star has NEVER had a shot at this industry’s biggest prize.  

Ranier continues, coming towards Mikey and Kendrix who look furious at being interrupted.  He cracks a smile at Kendrix and points down at his Legacy Title.  

CBR: Oh this, kid? You want this? The fact is...Jesse...what were your parents have no stand across from that man in there.  Sean Jackson is the greatest champion this business has ever seen and if the planets align...CBR versus Sean Jackson for that World Title could change the world!

Kendrix comes forward, lifting his Prodigy Title into the air, Mikey flanking him.  CBR unhooks his Legacy Title and lifts it into the air confidently.  Kendrix mouths furiously, lifting his fist into the air as Mikey flanks’s about to kick off...until

“Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play and the crowd reaction is mixed as there tends to be more boos than cheers as the Wildfire champion makes his way onto the stage.

Williams: Wow, that was about to go south quickly! It looks like we were saved by...This guy? Seems like he’s sticking his nose in everyone’s business these days.

Emo: Hold on a minute Jenn, Stevens has a right to be out here as his championship is on the line at All or Nothing.

Stevens shakes his head before making his way towards the ring. Stevens takes his time to get into the ring as he slowly circles it as Cayle Murray doesn’t take his eyes off of the Texan.

Emo: Cayle is watching Stevens like a hawk.

Williams: Do you blame him after the cowardly attack by Stevens last week?

Stevens makes his way up the steps and cautiously enters the ring. Once inside he heads over to Sean Jackson and stares eye to eye with his fellow Texan before quickly snatching the microphone out of Cayle Murray’s hand.

Emo: Well that’s one way of punking someone.

Murray looks as if he’s ready to explode and balls up his fist, but Stevens wisely pulls Marshall Owens in front of him.

Williams: What a coward.

Stevens simply smirks and winks at the Scot before he looks at the dreads in the same ring as him.

Stevens: I can’t believe the level of disrespect you’ve shown the champion here tonight. It makes me sick!

Stevens says sternly as he shoots a look towards Mikey and Kendrix before making his way to Lisil, CBR, and Cayle.

Williams: Stevens being the voice of reason?

Marshall Owens shakes his head and agrees with Stevens as Jackson begins to speak.

Jackson: Why thank you Scott, I knew a fellow Texan would show respect and class to the UTA world champion.

Stevens shoots Jackson a look of confusion.

Stevens: Who said I was talking about you Jack because from where I’m standing you’ve disrespected me the most out of these other idiots that standing in my ring.

Jackson gets livid but Marshall holds him back.

Stevens: What you fail to realize that this is my night, not yours!

Stevens says as he first points to Jackson.

Stevens: You had your moment last week when you became the World Champion for a third time, and now you want to take away my moment as I defend the only title that matters here tonight with this pathetic celebration.

Stevens growls as he points to his championship.

Stevens: You all had your moment in UTA, and when it comes my turn to show what I can do on the big stage ya’ll try to take it away from me.

Stevens says as he points to the trespassers in his ring.

Stevens: Tonight I do something that Sean Jackson can’t do and that’s defeat El Trebol Jr. and at All or Nothing I do what none of you will accomplish and that’s walk out as the number one contender to your UTA….World…...Heavyweight…..Champion!

Stevens says confidently as he points to Jackson’s title.

Jackson:  I must have hit you a little harder than I thought, because it sounds like you are trying to convince these people of the impossible.

The Mental Rapist points out towards the fans, a look of defiance crossing his face.

Jackson:  When you know damn…


From the back comes Michael Lorenzo and a small army of security.  

Lorenzo:  Not going to happen tonight.  

As the GM is making his way down the ramp, an angry finger is being shoved towards towards the ring.

Lorenzo:  Sean, you can pack this up right now and everyone can get out of my ring.  I’m not going to tolerate any more of this, especially with what has taken place in the past between you.

No one is moving, a clash of egos if you will.  Which doesn’t sit well with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo:  Obviously I didn’t make myself clear, so allow me to explain it this way.  Clear my ring or there will be hell to pay.

Already participating in a handicap match later on in the evening, the UTA World Champion thinks better of the situation and backs out of the ring with Marshall and Vanessa in tow.  That act starts the flow of other superstars exiting the ring until it is finally cleared.  The camera angle then shifts to the announce table.

Williams:  That could have gotten ugly Doc.

Emo:  Meh, it would have been fun Jen Jen.  With All or Nothing coming up next month, everyone is jockeying for position, all with a legitimate claim for winning.

Williams:  Or it could have been worse, specifically for that reason.  But since the show has just started, something tells me this is far from over.  Stay tuned.

Assaulting the Champ


Backstage, but just barely. The black curtain that leads to the stage and then the entrance ramp is right there with it’s taped out ->|<- arrows pointing toward the opening. Everyone from the opening segment has made their way through save for two men.

The World Champion, and his lawyer.

Seconds pass.

The lawyer is through the curtain first, it’s too dark to see the look on his face but lets call it smarmy because we’ve met him. A split second passes and the Champion bursts through the curtain, all smiles and shiny title belt.

This is where things go sideways.

Out of the darkness two hands reach out and grab Sean Jackson by the head and shoulders, before anything can be done by anyone Jackson is thrown bodily across the hallway and head first into the cinder block wall.

Emo: It’s Eric Dane!

It is.

Williams: Somebody call security!

Undoubtedly, they do.

In the meantime The Only Star lifts a solid titanium brace-covered knee into the side of the recovering Champion’s head, sending him sprawling backward once more against the wall as well as sending the UTA World title belt clattering to the floor.

Eric Dane picks up the World Title that one week ago this time belonged to him and he gets as close into Sean Jackson’s face with it as he can without actually kissing the man. This is all very intense. Through gritted teeth, the former Champion speaks.

Dane: This is what it’s all about, Sean.

He snarls.

Dane: You can go out there and play in the kiddie-pool all you want. You can do everything in your power to make a mockery of this title and my legacy, but you can only do it for so long because come All or Nothing…

At this point spittle is flying from Dane’s mouth as he’s gotten in close enough that hot breath and spit may be the only thing Sean Jackson remembers of this whole encounter. Eric’s voice never raises, and is only barely audible on camera.

Dane: I’m gonna beat on you until you’re begging me to take the damned thing back from you. And there’s nothing you can do about it, either, because you just had to have what was mine. Well, pal, you wanted it...

He pulls back, only enough to create space. Sean Jackson watches through hazy eyes as The Only Star’s smile stretches from ear to ear. Eric reaches up and turns Jackson’s head sideways against the wall.

Dane: You f(redacted)ckin’ got it!

With rage surging through his veins, powering his muscles and sinews into action, The Only Star rares back and absolutely annihilates Sean Jackson’s head with a belt shot right up against the wall. The World Champion crumples down the wall leaving a smear of blood in his wake.

He is unconscious before he ever hits the floor.

The clatter of boots on tile brings Eric Dane out of his momentary state of rage and indignation. Disrespectfully he drops the title on crumpled husk of a World Champion at his feet just before a squad of security officers collides into him from either side.

Williams: Eric Dane has just assaulted the World Champion!

Emo: Yeah, and now he’s getting his own head stomped in Gestapo style!

Williams: Are you kidding right now?

For his part The Only Star doesn’t fight the security, he takes his lumps like a man. Somewhere off in the background Michael Lorenzo can be heard shouting instructions. Just before cutting away the camera settles on the now bloodied but still smiling face of the most out of control man in the history of the UTA.

Cut away, anywhere.

How Dare You?!


The camera is frantically searching the hallways, interested in finding out what happened to Sean Jackson after Eric Dane's vicious assault. Instead of finding Dane, Jackson, or even a trace of an EMT the camera comes upon Angel Kash.

Kash is done up for her match. She wears her wrestling attire, with her entrance coat overtop of it. She's flanked by a small man with a black suit and glasses, and a tall muscle bound dark-skinned black man with a Kash Inc t-shirt on. 

Kash is on her Iphone 6s clearly not paying attention to her surroundings. She's letting someone have it on the other end of the call.

Kash: Yeah, yeah you had better make sure that the money is in the account by tomorrow got it? I don't care what you have to do just get it done. Well, then what are you waiting for? Listen, either get it done or you're fired.

However, as the haughty socialite finished her last sentence. She runs into a staff member her iPhone drops down banging against the hard floor. She eyes him with a bitchy glare. As she looks and she picks up her phone luckily it did not break, but her face was still bright red.

Kash: Ugh what the hell! I know Albany, is a part of the New York that is infested by the 99 percenters of the state, but let me educate you on something when you bump into you had better make your apology good.

The staff member looks up the young man was unsure what to make of this. Seeing the beautiful blonde who was demanding an apology from him. Who was rolling her eyes in disgust. 

Staffer: I am sorry, what is your name again?

The blonde was not amused holding her hand up in disgust. She dusts herself off, making sure her coat was free of any dirt that could be placed on it. She places her hand on her hip keeping her glare right through him.

Kash: Really, you don't know who I am? I am Angel Marie Kash! I am the true One Percent Queen. But, tonight is my official UTA debut; the World Premiere if you will. Now consider yourself lucky.

Kash pauses, briefly.

Kash: I am going to forgive you for your obvious stupidity. It's not your fault, being a 99 percenter does that to you. But I want you to watch what I do to that rodent Sabrina Baker. Let it be a lesson to you about what happens when your cross me.

She smiles, wickedly.

Kash: You either have to Kash in or you get Kashed out.

The arrogant blonde brushes past the staff member, as her bodyguard stares him down for a moment, towering over him before walking past him as the smaller man follows behind them. As the scene then fades to black.

Angel Kash vs. Sabrina Baker


Williams: Welcome back to ringside Ladies and Gents! It’s time for our first clash of the evening, as Sabrina Baker takes-on the lady we’ve just heard from, Angel Kash.

Emo: Pretty interesting tie-up, Jen. Sabrina looked downright bloodthirsty in her win over the Dibbins Boys a couple of weeks ago, and Kash certainly isn’t short on confidence.

Williams: And that’s putting it mildly, Doc. Let’s get this show on the road!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall!

Battle Ready by OTEP kicks in as the fans are standing up for who is about to come out of the back as blue and red lights are going around in the circles in the arena. Out comes Sabrina Baker as the fans are booing for her as she takes a moment to look around before walking down to the ring.

Williams: Here’s a lady out to build a winning streak. Her and Dan Benson overcame the Dibbins with relative ease last week, but she’s facing an unknown quality here tonight.

Emo: Beating the Dibbins with “relative ease” is the absolute minimum we should expect, Jen. I know Duke’s the hardcore champion, but c’mon...

Sabrina looks at the fans as she brushes past them. Some of them try to reach her hands for high fives. She goes, but does a fake out.

Announcer: Introducing first, making her way to the ring from Columbus, Ohio...

Sabrina gets on the apron and looks at the fans. She teases doing her backflip ring entrance, but brushes them off and gets in normal.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4” and weighing in at 135lbs...

Sabrina stands in the middle of the ring and stares at all of the ones that once cheered for before as she brushes her shoulders off.


She walks around the ring and waits for her opponent as she keeps her eyes on the ramp.

Williams: Sharp, focused and locked-in, this is a big match for Baker.

Sabrina moves her legs to warm up back and forth as she's stretching.

Emo: It doesn’t look like it on-paper, but you’re right. Baker is struggled for consistency since entering the UTA, but winning two on the bounce will show real progression, regardless of the opposition.

Williams: And if Kash’s skills match her supreme confidence, it’ll take one hell of an effort to put her away!

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Donatella" by Lady Gaga hits over the public address system

Announcer: And her opponent!

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Leroy with a stern look on his face. After a few moments, Todd walks out from behind him, looking nervous. As he claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Announcer: Making her way to the ring from The Hamptons, New York! She stands at 5’9”, and weighs-in at 125lbs...

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Todd and Leroy as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her.

Williams: Wow. “Arrogant” is definitely the word to describe Angel Kash…

Emo: Are those manservants, Jen?!

Williams: Looks like it…


She makes her way up the ring steps with Leroy, holding her hand from the outside, as Todd is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly taunting the fans as Todd hands her a mirror and she admires her beauty.

Williams: I don’t think she’s even looked at Sabrina once, Doc.

Emo: Big mistake. Sabrina’s got a face like thunder, and she’s about to cave Angel’s pretty little skull-in…

The bell rings, and Kash is still sat on the top turnbuckle, admiring herself in the mirror. Baker charges across immediately, tears the beauty accessory from her hand, and stomps it into pieces on the mat.

Williams: There’s a statement!

Horrified, Angel looks down at her shattered mirror. The referee hits the deck, collecting the shards of shattered glass and plastic in the mirror’s broken husk. Before Angel has a chance to react, however, Sabrina slaps her hard across the cheek.

Williams: Jesus!

Emo: I felt that over here!

Baker takes Kash’s arm and Irish Whips her across the rebound. She looks for a simple clothesline on the rebound, but Kash ducks beneath it and hits the ropes again. This time, Sabrina arm drags her down, but Kash rolls through and pops back to her feet! Sabrina dashes this time, and Kash hits her with the same move -- an arm drag -- only she keeps hold of Baker’s arm, then traps the neck.

Williams: Angel Kash looking to apply the sleeper hold here.

Angel, however, can’t get the leverage she needs. This allows Sabrina to break free, wrap an around around her opponent, and judo throw her to the mat! Kash lands in a seated position, and Sabrina lines-up a soccer kick… but Angel ducks!

Williams: Thank goodness she ducked! That might’ve taken her head off!

Kash rises to her feet, and Sabrina whips her into the corner.

Emo: Here comes Baker!

Angel dashes away before the charging Sabrina can connect, however! Sabrina stops herself from eating turnbuckle, but she eats a back elbow splash as soon as she turns around. In the corner, Angel wraps her arm around Sabrina’s head and hops out with a running bulldog!

Williams: Here’s the cover!


No! Sabrina kicks-out!

Emo: Nice little momentum-turner from Angel, but it’s gonna take more than that to defeat Sabrina tonight.

Williams: A very fast-paced opening to this match, but Angel’s got a great chance to gain a foothold here. Let’s see how she capitalises.

With her opponent on the ground, Angel Kash grabs a handful of her and violently yanks her to her feet, yelling as she goes. She holds Sabrina for just a second too long, however, and Baker fires-in with some hard elbows to the gut! Angel doubles over, and Sabrina cracks her skull with a heavy twelve-to-six elbow!

Williams: Angel falls to one knee! There’s that viciousness shining through.

Her opponent in her hands, Sabrina whips her against the ropes. Instead of throwing anything, Sabrina ducks down, looking for a back body drop. She successfully tosses Angel into the air, but the lithe Hamptons native lands on her feet! Angel front dropkicks the small of Sabrina’s back, sending her stumbling to the ropes.

Williams: Sabrina falls into the second rope.

Emo: That’s a precarious position to be in, Jen! Take it from someone who knows.

After walking over the ring, Angel pulls Sabrina down from the second rope and sets her neck across the bottom rope. After neutralising her with an elbow strike, Angel stands back up, grabs the top rope, and pushes her boot into the back of Sabrina’s neck!

Emo: Whoa! We were calling Sabrina vicious? How about this!

Williams: Angel Kash is gonna crush her windpipe, Doc! Get in there, referee!

Sure enough, the referee counts a four before stepping-in, ordering Angel Kash off of Sabrina Baker. Kash doesn’t like this one bit, and barks frustration at the official.

Emo: What an entitled little brat, Jen.

Williams: It’s almost like she thinks she should just be allowed to break the rules.

Emo: Which you might be able to accept from an Eric Dane or a James Witherhold, but from a girl who just got here? Not a chance.

What the anger does, however, is present Sabrina with an opportunity!

Williams: Roll-up!



No! Kash kicks-out!

Both girls climb back to their feet, and this time, they throw themselves into a lock-up. The taller of the two wrestlers, Kash, uses her longer limbs to leverage Sabrina against the ropes, but Baker skipp loose, and switches behind Kash. Hooking a leg and putting an arm over the shoulder, she drives Kash into the mat.

Williams: Russian Legsweep from Baker, and now’s her chance!

Sabrina doesn’t even think of letting up. She starts stomping furiously away at the debutant, then takes to the ropes, coming back with a back senton! She covers.



No! Kick-out!

Angel doesn’t have enough to get up this time. Sabrina pulls her up by an arm, then wrenches it once vertical. She holds onto it for a second or two, before switching to a one-hand grip, and pulling Angel in for a big clothesline.

Emo: Excellent wrist-clutch clothesline from Sabrina, and she’s really starting to take it to Kash.

Williams: Sabrina was very vocal about Kash having to “earn her spot” in the UTA in her pre-match material. It’s almost like she’s set on teaching her a lesson out there tonight.

Emo: And she’s right, Jen! You’ve gotta prove your worth here, no matter your background. Kash has looked impressive so far, though.

Baker has her opponent grounded, and with a handful of hair, she slaps her across the cheek again. A quick lecture follows, then another slap, before she’s rising to her feet, pulling Kash up with her.

Williams: Sabrina’s attitude has really soured since arriving in the UTA, Doc. She’s fighting like she wants to hurt Angel Kash, not just beat her.

Sabrina pushes Angel into the corner, but she hesitates for just a second too long before making her next move. Kash blatantly gouges her eyes and sends her away. It’s enough to receive an admonishment from the official, but it buys her the recovery time she needs.

Emo: Smart tactics, Jen! Sabrina can’t exactly attack Kash while the referee’s between them, and now she gets to catch her breath!

As Sabrina shakes the pain away, she looks the smirking Angel Kash dead in the eyes, and her face turns a deep shade of crimson. Sabrina charges, but Kash ducks out of the way, and Baker smashes into the turnbuckles. Kash pulls her round, smacks her in the face, then hops onto her shoulders.

Williams: Hurricanrana! Big move from Angel Kash!

Emo: And she hooks the leg!



No! Sabrina throws a shoulder up!

Williams: Wow, that was close!

Rising to her feet, Angel Kash looks out to the fans and holds her arms out to the side. The audience doesn’t appreciate this one bit, and respond with a chorus of boos.

Williams: She’s not making any friends here tonight.

Emo: And she doesn’t have to. Winning’s all that counts, no matter how many enemies you make along the way.

Kash looks down at her opponent, and points her thumb down.

Williams: Angel’s looking to end this!

Angel hooks both of Sabrina’s arms… but Baker reverses the move! She breaks free, pulls Angel round, and drills her with a Snap DDT!

Williams: What a turnaround! And now Sabrina to the ropes!

Sabrina hits the ropes, comes back with a handspring, then lands a big standing moonsault!

Williams: Remix 2! She hit it!

Emo: Wow!




Williams: Excellent win for Sabrina Baker!

“Battle Ready” hits the system, and Sabrina rises to her feet. She pulls her arm away from the referee when it’s raised.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via pinfall… SABRINAAAAAA! BAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!

Emo: Angel Kash brought it, Jen. There’s no shame in her performance, but Sabrina’s perseverance shone through.

Williams: Absolutely. I can’t say I like the new girl’s attitude, but she certainly gave Sabrina a tough fight. For Baker, through, it’s onwards and upwards.

Emo: Some much-needed momentum as we move closer and closer to All or Nothing, for sure.




The main corridor.

Eric Dane is not having a good night.

It’s about to get worse.

Michael Lorenzo is perhaps enjoying this just a teensy tad bit too much as he walks along behind the gaggle of black-shirted security staff who currently have the former World Champion zip-tied and in their custody. A bit of dried blood is crusted to his face, evidence of the beginning of this scuffle with Lorenzo’s Goon Squad.

Lorenzo: We had a deal, Mr. Dane! Remember?

The Only Star grunts and snarls.

Dane: Deal’s off, Lorenzo! ‘Sides, this one wasn’t about Thorpe. This one was personal! And you and your goon-squad here ain’t got the muscle or balls combined to keep me away from Sean Jackson until All or Nothing!

A hambone-sized closed fist rattles his jaw, implying otherwise.

Lorenzo: Get this hard-headed maniac out of my building! And try not to let him break anything else on the way out, would’ja?

Eric spits out a wad of blood.

Dane: I’ll break your f(redacted)ckin’ head for this!

The group of them march through the hallway and round a corner, opening into a bigger space. A very clearly marked EXIT door is ahead of them. Dane kicks up a bit more of a scuffle with the increased space, but there’s only so much one can do with both hands tied behind his back.

The former Champion is forced into the door with almost enough authority to send him flailing through it. His face is pressed against it, along with no less than four sets of hands holding him secure. A box-cutter is produced and the zip-tie is cut. Michael Lorenzo leans in close.

Lorenzo: Come back next week. Act like a human being. Maybe I’ll let you stay in the building past the first thirty minutes of the show. Act like an ass and, well, I think you get the point. Gentlemen?

The door is pushed open and The Only Star is thrown bodily through it to the parking lot beyond. Quickly he whips around and growls at his persecutors but the door is shut before he can say or do anything else.

Lorenzo: Put two men on every exit. I don’t want to see his face in this building again tonight.

A series of grunts to the positive seems to satisfy Lorenzo and the scene shifts back to ringside where Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams both have shock visibly awash over their faces.

Emo: Wow. Somebody’s gonna die.

Williams: I think Lorenzo is doing  the right thing! We have rules for a reason.

Emo: Yeah, whatever, this is wrestling, people get beat up. Lorenzo is playing with fire, and if he’s not real, real careful…

Williams: What, he’s gonna get burned?

Emo: Vaporized

Drawing A Line


We open up  backstage in the Hollywood Bruv’s locker room. Jamie Sawyers is flanked between both Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix. He’s caught between listening to something Kendrix, who seems oblivious to the fact that the camera has begun rolling, is saying and nodding over in the direction of the camera;

Kendrix: ...And that’s why you’re a loser Jammy Sawyers!

Jamie clears his throat, opening his eyes wide at Kendrix and then acknowledgingly over at the camera. Kendrix looks over at the camera with a scoff and then back at Jamie;

Kendrix: What? JFK knows we were rolling! Now make this quick Jammy and remember what you learned from the Hollywood Bruvs last time you interviewed us!

Jamie takes a deep breath as he tries not to let Kendrix get to him. Facing the camera he opens;

Sawyers: Ladies and Gentlemen, with me at this time are the Greatest Entertainer in the World...Mikey Unlikely and the UTA Prodigy Champion, Kend…

Mikey over exaggeratingly clears his throat as he looks sternly over at Sawyers who double’s back slightly, anticipating some kind of slap that never comes, before inhaling and exhaling heavily,

Sawyers: ...and the FUTURE...of the UTA...Kendrix!

Running his hand through his hair upon hearing Sawyers’ rather reluctant description of him, Kendrix rolls his eyes, apparently embarrassed at Jamie’s introduction;

Kendrix: Oh Jammy, stop it, you’re too much, bruv...accurate, but too much!

Jamie, looking slightly disappointed with himself for the rather forced introduction regains his composure and gets to business;

Sawyers: Kendrix, later this evening you go one on one in a huge match against your former Dynasty stable mate and mentor...the Legacy Champion...Claude Baptiste Ranier. Now, ever since International Affair there’s been bad blood between the two of you. Do you believe that tonight’s match will effectively draw a line in the sand between the two of you?

Kendrix Looks away from Jamie, stroking his beard in apparent thought before turning back to face him, wagging his finger along with a cocky smirk thrown across his face;

Kendrix: Good question Jammy, you’re getting better at this asking questions malarky now aren’t you, bruv?! JFK was half expecting you to ask him another boring question about how the Hollywood Bruvs felt about ending Dynasty!!

Unlikely: Obvs...that’s just classic Sawyers...GET OVER IT, JAMMY!

Rolling his eyes at the thought of hearing that mundane question, Kendrix’s look turns serious as he focuses on the question at hand, the camera focussing away from Sawyers and firmly on himself;

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! JFK understands that tonight’s huge. Claude Baptiste Ranier against Jesse Fredericks Kendrix. The Legacy Champion against the Prodigy Champion. Two former members of the greatest stable in the history of this business...the master against his apprentice…

Looking down at Jamie, Kendrix scoffs;

Kendrix: But as far as drawing a line in the sand goes...that line was drawn the moment the Hollywood Bruvs, took out CBR and ENDED...Dynasty. That drawn line became even longer, when JFK stepped out of CBR’s shadow and won this;

He holds the Prodigy Title up in front of Sawyers, the camera zooming out bringing the three men into shot;

Kendrix: But unfortunately, Claude loves the limelight. So he decides to keep getting in JFK’s face, just like he did two weeks ago on the very last episode of Wrestleshow...when he interrupted JFK’s title winning celebration speech and conspired to not only remove JFK’s bestest bruv, Mikey…

Mikey and Kendrix fist bump in front of Sawyers;

Kendrix: ...from the that the UTA could screw JFK out of his Prodigy title with that crooked ref, Lisil Jackson, officiating his match.

Affording himself a little chuckle, Kendrix rests his title over his shoulder;

Kendrix: But we all saw what happened. Despite all the odds, despite the slowest three count in the history of this business from Lisil...JFK ended that show with the spotlight firmly on him. And tonight will be no different. Make no mistake about it, tonight will see JFK and CBR cross that line in the sand over and over…

The camera zooms in on Kendrix closing his eyes, pausing, taking in what’s about to happen this evening, before reopening them;

Kendrix: Until Claude realises that he taught Jesse Fredericks Kendrix far much more than he should have. ‘Cos tonight ends the way every JFK match ends...with his arm proudly raised as the winner.

Proudly lifting his arm high above his head he drops it down and aggressively slaps Sawyers on the back. Unlikely reaches over and grabs Jamie’s arm, pulling the microphone towards himself.

Unlikely: Everyone in the building knows Kendrix is walking out a winner, that's how the Hollywood Bruvs do things! Now allow me to address the elephant NOT in the room!

Mikey smiles wide, Kendrix laughs out loud.

Unlikely: Mary Jane is gone Jimmy Jam, and she’s not coming back, so each and everyone of you here tonight, just hoping to get a peep at her, you can get over it!

His tag partner points to his shirt that reads “Get Over It!”

Unlikely: No longer will Mikey Unlikely be distracted while in the ring, No longer will that devil of a woman ever cost me another match, No longer will she toy with my emotions and have me losing it like I did last week.

Sawyers: Yea last week wasn’t your….

Unlikely: Shut the hell up Jammie. I was there. Everyone’s talking about Lisil Jackson, and what he did, instead they should be focused on what I did to Jeff Andrews! I’m back baby! Mikey is better than ever. I’m gearing up to win All or Nothing, but first I have to take care of one last pest.

Sawyers gulps visibly preparing to ask another question.

Sawyers: Are you remorseful for hitting Perfection…
Mikey’s eyes go wide in disbelief.

Unlikely: Remorse? When have I EVER shown remorse? Everything I do is on me. So am I sorry about smashing that has-beens face in? Not at all. I’m upset it led to a win for Lisil but whatevs. One less opponent to worry about at All or Nothing.

Sawyers begins to pull the microphone back to himself but Kendrix holds up a hand.

Kendrix: Now get the hell out of our locker room, Jammy! You’re stinking the place up with your loser smell! JFK needs to focus on his big match!

With that, Sawyer's hurriedly gestures for his cameraman to get out of the room as the feed abruptly cuts.

Williams: Huh. At least he's not short of confidence...

Emo: Is he ever?!

Williams: Of course not, but he should probably check it if he thinks going against one of the most decorated wrestlers in the UTA is gonna be a cakewalk.

Finish This


Backstage in the training room, the UTA World Champion is sitting on a chair, bloodied and bruised. After the attack from Eric Dane earlier, the trainer is checking the Dallas native to make sure he can safely wrestle in his handicap match against the Dibbins Brousins.

As the trainer continues his evaluation, the Mental Rapist is uncooperative, doing everything possible to keep it from continuing.

Trainer: Sean, you're going to have to sit still.

That doesn't sit well with the champ.

Jackson: And you can kiss my a(redacted)s.

Marshall steps into the picture, trying to aid the trainer.

Owens: Sean, take it easy. The guy is only trying to...

The Dallas native can care less. He was attacked by Eric Dane, and that was an unacceptable action. The Mental Rapist wanted payback, not sitting in a chair being poked and prodded by a guy who wanted to keep him out of a wrestling match.

Jackson: I know what he's trying to do Marshall, I'm not blind. But I'll be d(redacted)ed if I'm going to sit here and give Dane the satisfaction of...

He winces, obviously still feeling the effects of the attack.

Trainer: Sean, it's my personal opinion that you should sit this one out.

Still wincing, Sean gets out of the chair and moves towards the door. Concerned, Marshall reaches out and grabs him by the arm.

Owens: Sean, you don't need to do this. Let the trainer do his job, if he thinks you can't....

Jackson: No Marshall, screw that. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about."

Yanking the door open, again the World Champion winces.

trainer: Sean, sit down so I can at least finish my evaluation.

Without looking back, the Dallas native steps into the hallway while flipping a blurred finger.

Jackson: Finish this.


Williams: Well it looks like Sean Jackson's gonna be fit to compete tonight. I guess that's the main thing.

Ursula Areano vs. Lance Mikes


"Weight of the World" is heard on the sound system. Ursula comes out from behind the curtain.

Williams: I hope the UTA fans here tonight are ready for more action because here we go!

Emo: Another newcomer to the UTA?

Williams: Indeed it is my friend, Indeed it is.

When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her.

Announcer: Coming to the ring, she stands at five feet, six inches. Weighing in at 125 pounds…

She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms.

Announcer: from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope.

Announcer: This is Ursula Areanoooooooooooo!

She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.

Williams: Well, she will certainly be tested in her first match up here tonight.

Emo: Yeah no kidding!

The lights dim, as the steady beat of a guitar is heard playing and a soft voice is heard singing. as the words "always, always, always" are heard and the heavy beat of the guitar is heard Lance Mikes walks out, emerging from behind the curtains.

Williams: What a hot start this man is on Doc!

Emo: No doubt about that Jennifer, Lance Mikes has been on a tear the last few weeks! Not only that, but he stands more than an entire foot taller than his opponent tonight!

Announcer: Coming to the ring, He stands six feet, seven inches. Weighing in at 247 pounds...

He stands on top of the aisle way and poses and fireworks go off behind him, above the entranceway, the sparks falling down on him as he poses with his arms up. As the fireworks stop he pumps up the crowd and then walks down the aisle way.

Williams: And almost a hundred and twenty five pound body weight differential!

Announcer: Hailing from Manchester England...

He jumps onto the ring apron and gets into the ring between the top and middle rope. The song gets back to a slow beat as the begins to spin around the ring as he stops and poses, flexing his muscles fireworks go off on all four turnbuckles, and the lights begin to flicker at the same time.


As the fireworks stop, the lights come back on and Lance Mikes holds both hands together with his fingers between the gaps and spins his wrists around, loosening the joints in his hand.

The referee moves to the center of the ring and checks in with both athletes before signaling for the bell.

The two participants quickly move to the center of the ring. They feel each other out for a second before they lockup.

Williams: No surprise here as the much bigger, and much stronger Lance Mike’s easily backs his opponent into the corner. Referee now starts his count. Lance Mikes breaks clean quickly with his hands up!

Emo: Yay Sportsmanship, can they beat each other up now?

Ursula Areano comes out of the corner, and tries to lock up again right away. Once again the exact same series of events goes down. Once again Mikes breaks clean.

Williams: Lance Mikes proving he’s the stronger competitor here.

Emo: Yea, he really had to prove that Jennifer.

Williams: Am I sensing sarcasm Doc?

Emo: If not, then you need to get yourself checked out.

This time Areano comes out hot and runs out of the turnbuckle and dropkicks Mikes in the chest clean. The fans get excited.

Emo: She had enough of the test of strength. Using the only advantage she has now, her agility.

Both competitors get right back to their feet. Areano once again hits another dropkick.  Mikes lands on his back once again. He pushes off the mat in frustration. The two meet face to face, Lance reels back and prepares to swing. Mikes stops himself.

Williams: Lance Mike's hesitating now!

Emo: I don’t think he wants to hit a woman Jennifer!

Areano takes advantage of the slip, and lands a third consecutive dropkick, this one connects with his face.

Williams: Wow, did you see the height on that one!?

Emo: The girl has ups, no doubt!

Mikes a little slow to his feet this time. Areano poses and the fans cheer, appreciative of her athleticism

Williams: Lance Mikes using the ropes to get to his feet now! Here comes Ursula! Ooooh, Big boot from Lance Mikes, he saw her just in time!

Emo: He learned from that first delay Jen, You cannot take anybody on this roster lightly. Regardless of size. That’s why we’re considered the best in the world!

Mikes picks up Areano by the head, and drives a few knees into her midsection. He whips her off the ropes, when she returns, he drops his head, and lifts her, with a high elevation back body drop.

Williams: Strength on display here by the big man! He has her back up now, he hooks her head. Delayed vertical suplex!

Emo: The fans are counting for him!

After about 30 seconds of Areano in the air, Mikes drops down hard. Rolling over, he pins her.




Williams: Two count there! Mikes wasting little time, he’s got Ursula back to her feet. He whips her off the ropes. lifts and…


Williams: What an impactful move! He once again, spins into a pinfall.




Emo: Lance Mikes, desperate here to keep his undefeated streak alive!

Mikes pounds the mat in frustration and asks the referee about the count. Ursula begins to get up but he catches her with another knee to the midsection. Lance lifts her for a scoop slam. Ursula escapes over his shoulder onto her feet. She hits the ropes and uses them as a springboard.

Williams: Springboard moonsault! NO! Lance Mikes catches her. He runs with her on his shoulder and… POWER SLAM! Mikes wasting no time, he is climbing the turnbuckle. Areano isn’t moving!

Mikes poses up top and jumps.

Emo: He calls that the Truly Magnificent!

The shooting star press connects on Areano. The referee slides into position.




The Bell Rings.


Williams: Lance Mikes picks up another win, to keep his undefeated streak alive. Who will be the one to finally stop the big man!?

Emo: I still can’t believe he’s here Jennifer!

Williams: Well he’s certainly validating the excitement!

Lance celebrates in the ring, the fans cheer, as the screen fades.

The Future Ends Now


We cut to backstage, where CBR stands, the Legacy Title wrapped around his waist as he is dressed and ready for competition later tonight.  Wearing his trademark purple ring trunks, knee pads and boots, Ranier has his hair tied back, with a serious expression of intent on his face.  Standing beside the Canadian Star, the suited figure of of Jason Blackfront, former commentator on Wrestleshow.  Blackfront holds a mic and looks into the camera.  

Blackfront: With me right now is the Legacy Champion of the UTA and the man who goes one on one against Kendrix later on tonight, Claude Baptiste Ranier.  

He turns his head to face the Canadian Star.  

Blackfront: Claude, what are your thoughts on your contest later on tonight?

Ranier looks down at Blackfront, the mic raised to his mouth as his eyes move to the camera.  

CBR: Can I just say what a pleasure it is to be right Albany, the capital of New York State and home of The Great Danes!

A pop is heard from the crowd in the arena as the threat of a smile crosses the lips of CBR before he continues.  

CBR: You know, Jason, when you talk about Kendrix and CBR, you talk about a lot of history.  You're talking about a kid that I personally hand-picked to join the ranks of Dynasty.  You're talking about a kid I took under my wing and showed him the ropes.  You're also talking about a kid who left me half dead in the middle of the ring when I was just trying to do him a favour.  

Claude glands at Blackfront, then back at the camera.  He turns his body a little to face the lens.  

CBR: There's no denying that JFK is one hell of a competitor in this ring.  He's beaten some huge names in this business including our new World Champ Sean Jackson and Chris Hopper.  He's the Prodigy Champ for a reason - a belt that hasn't been successfully defended since Alex Beckman held the strap.  

Ranier breathes in and out, the intensity levels clearly rising in The Legacy Champion.  

CBR: There's no doubt in my mind that Kendrix is a future star, maybe even a future World Champion here in the UTA.  But there's one problem...he's not there yet.  You see, Kendrix’s problem is his mouth.  He talks, he jokes, he monologues until every ear in the arena is bleeding and mouths are shouting stop.  Then, yeah, he talks some more.  

Ranier lifts his hand and points at the camera.  

CBR: Well, tonight Jesse...the time for talk is over.  You want to come into my ring in front of all these people and show the world how good you are? You want to be the Future of this business? Well, you've got to go through the present to get there and I can't think of anyone better than yours truly. 

Claude calms a moment, his hand falling to his side, as Blackfront takes the mic back.  

Blackfront: Some impassioned words there Claude.  But surely you've got one eye on All or Nothing.  What are your thoughts about the upcoming Pay Per View and what are your expectations going in?

Claude curls the corners of his lips into a smile and nods.  He pats the Legacy Title around his waist and looks back at the camera.

CBR: This belt, the Legacy Title, means everything to me.  This is the belt that I created, that I defended unlike some people in this sport, that week in and week out I have always carried with respect.  You'd better believe it's going to take a damn army to rip it out of my hands.  

He slowly shakes his head, arms once again lowering by his sides.  

CBR: But there's one prize in this industry that The Canadian Star has never held...never had a shot at...the UTA World Heavyweight Title.  Men like Dr Emo, Perfection, Eric Dane and Sean Jackson have held that belt and I would love to add the name CBR to that hall of legends.  You'd better believe that at All or Nothing, I intend to…

Williams: Wait a minute!

Before he can finish, Claude falls awkwardly to the floor.  The mic goes flying and the sound of static is heard as it hits the ground violently, the camera being knocked off balance and onto the floor looking at the downed mic.  The sound of steel cracking against bone is heard followed by what sounds like a table being thrown onto a body.  Another crack with steel is heard before the camera stirs and lifts, swinging round to see the downed figure of CBR, a small trickle of blood down his forehead and a large rolling container full of materials and pipes laying across his back.  

The assailant isn't seen as the voice of Blackfront is heard shouting down the hallway.  

Blackfront: God can we get some help here please? Help! Can we get some help!

Williams: Who the hell just took-out CBR?!
Emo: Gee, I wonder...

Backstage Words


Will Haynes against a wall. Simple and effective.

Haynes: I'm bummed. I wanted t' be adressin' everyone tonight from INSIDE that ring to start THIS show. Albany, ya gotta believe me - tonight was supposed t' be the night I stepped foot in that ring n' thanked you for willin' me t' win my first UTA World Title.

Haynes shakes his head, visions of the Title Match with Dane flashing through his head.

Haynes: But sometimes, life happens. Things don't go the way ya think they will. Sometimes your best just ain't good enough.

Haynes shrugs. 

Haynes: N' sometimes when you get knocked down, ya don't wanna get back up. Sometimes ya just wanna disappear, become a recluse. Ya don't wanna talk t' a damn soul about what just happened. Ya don't even wanna think about it.

N' sometimes, sometimes when somethin' don't go right in your life, that can motivate ya. It can push you. Will you t' survive, t' persevere. N' lemme tell ya somethin', Coach Taylor style - I will not be defined by my losses.

I refuse.

Fire words from Haynes as he runs his hand across the nape of his neck. 

Haynes: I'm not gonna let losin' t' Eric Dane define me. I'm not gonna let losin' t' Alex Beckman define me. I ain't gonna let Sean Jackson tell everyone who good or bad I truly am. Nah, that don't matter a lick t' me.

Laser focus from Haynes now.

Haynes: I don't need t' go out in the middle a' the ring, n' scream n' shout about All Or Nothing. I've been there. I've stared right into the abyss, n' it stared straight back. 

I'll let everyone else talk about winnin' All or Nothin'. I'll let everyone else pound their chest, scream from the rafters. Me, all I'm gonna do is what I did last year.

Haynes smirks. Last year's All or Nothing performance was nothing short of incredible. He could've been World Champion - in a different life.

Haynes: Show up n' throw folks over that top rope. Put anyone down I gotta t' make sure I walk out of All or Nothin' Number One Contender.

N' then, whether it's Eric Dane, whether it's Sean Jackson, whether it's OG Thumper I don't care. I'm gonna take my Title Shot, I'm gonna use it, n' then I'm gonna go on t' win the World Title.

He almost sounds sure of himself - almost.

Haynes: Sometimes ya gotta say somethin' out loud a few times just t' convince yourself, know what I mean? 

Alright, that's enough from me - enjoy the rest a' the show.

With a polite wave, there's no more Will Haynes and we cut back to ringside.

Emo: Will Haynes throwing some words around, Jen. He seems ready for All or Nothing.

Williams: He's got the experience in All or Nothing, Doc. Not a lot of these other guys do. Wonder if that will come into play.

Emo: We'll find out soon enough, Jen. 

Dan Benson vs. Ron Hall


Angus Young’s guitar playing begins to fill the arena as the crowd shifts to a chorus of boos. Out of the back steps Dan Benson as “Back in Black” by AC/DC strikes up.

Emo: Two legends of the square circle going head to head here tonight, Jenn.

Williams: Yep, should be a good one as Dan Benson gets set for action here tonight against the Southern Rebel himself, Mr. Ron Hall.

Emo: Both entertainers well respected around the sport, and of course both Ron Hall and myself, Hall of Famers here in the UTA.

Williams: Gotta say it once again, congratulations partner. I know it means a lot.

Emo: Thanks Jenn, it does.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring from Minneapolis, Minnesota...standing at six feet two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and forty three pounds...he is the NATURAL BOY...DANNNNN BENNNNNSON.

Benson steps into the ring spinning around, as the crowd boos. Benson brings a hand up brushing off their negativity.

Emo: Benson with a storied past himself in the ring but will it be enough to answer the Southern Rebel? What do you think Jenn?

Williams: Doc, I gotta tell you I don’t think Benson has got it in him. Ron Hall has found the fountain of youth in this go around in the UTA.

Emo: He has been rather impressive, hasn’t he?

It’s just then that Hall’s theme - “Gold Medal” begins over the PA system and the Southern Rebel comes out of the back. Hall poses and flexes for the crowd as they give him a loud ovation. Hall spins and heads down the ramp towards the ring.

Announcer: And his opponent, all the way from the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, standing at five feet eleven inches tall...weighing in at two hundred and fifty two pounds...he is the SOUTHERN REBEL….RONNNNNNNNNNN HALLLLLLL!

Hall spins to a knee in the ring, before climbing the nearest turnbuckle. He throws his hands into the air as the ovation reaches it’s height. Hall nods his head before hopping down, and pulling at the top rope to test it before the start of his match.

Williams: Crowd seems lit, as they say, for Ron Hall, Doc.

Emo: Indeed, he’s a good performer and I’m sure these folks will see that here tonight.

The two men start up in the center of the ring and Dan Benson is able to get his hands up around the head of Hall. He forced Ron back into the corner. Benson goes to bring a club down on the Southern Rebel but Ron is able to duck it.

Williams: Hall underneath of Benson and with a shove puts Dan into the corner.

Emo: Nobody puts Benson in the corner, Jenn.

Hall fires away with one jab after another, dazing Benson. Hall pulls the wrist and sends the Natural Boy across the ring.

Emo: Reversal from Benson, now Hall sent across towards the opposite turnbuckle.

Hall jumps onto the second turnbuckle to leap over the charging Benson. Benson has it scouted through and presses flat onto the mat, allowing Hall to come over the top. Hall glances down.

Emo: Great counter idea by Benson wasted.

Williams: And Hall’s got it spotted, Doc.

Hall waits. Benson to his feet, pops up expecting to see Hall doesn’t see him. Benson turns towards the turnbuckle. Hall leaps off.

Williams: Sunset Flip from Ron Hall!

Emo: Benson’s massive legs being put to the test and Dan Benson just won’t go over.

Hall is stuck underneath of Benson. Benson leaps in the air, intent on bring a knee into the face of the Southern Rebel. Hall rolls quickly away avoiding the knee from Benson.

Williams: Nobody’s there for Benson.

Emo: Benson turns!

Hall launches into the air and connects with a dropkick that dazes Benson. Hall charges Benson quickly knocking the Natural Boy down with a forearm shot to the head. As Benson hits the mat Hall motions for the crowd to make some noise. As the crowd explodes Hall motions for Benson to get up.

Williams: Hall in control of his one so far.

Again Hall fires away with a combo series of jabs, backing Benson into the ropes. Benson wisely dips his shoulder and vaults himself up and over the ropes, landing on his feet on the outside - out of the reach of Hall.

Emo: Dan Benson wisely getting some distance here. Lots of matches under Dan’s belt, I’m sure that came into play here.

Williams: Good decision to distance yourself for sure. Especially when someone’s been that hot on you the entire night. Can this recovery be what Benson needs to get back into this one?

Hall throws his hands up in the ring frustrated as Dan Benson recovers on the outside. Benson takes several steps up the ring ramp at this point, holding the back of his head. The crowd chirping at the Natural Boy.

Emo: Is Dan Benson retreating?

Williams: Sort of looks that way.

Hall is barking at Benson from the ring. Benson’s hands are on his hips. The official is leaning out of the ring trying to get clarification on the situation. Benson nods his head and makes his way back to the ring.

Williams: Don’t think Benson was quitting there.

Emo: Looked that way for half a second, Jenn. I was worried.

Williams: So was I. I wanted to see more of Ron Hall in action!

Benson climbs back in the ring. This one goes back to square one as they say. Both men forward, into a standing side headlock by Ron Hall. Hall wrenches, pressing onto his tippy toes. Hall presses Benson back into the ropes, but it’s Benson who casts Hall across. Hall off the far side, shoulder block from Benson that brings both men to vertical.

Emo: No budge on either man.

Eye to eye brief stare down. The fans soak in the moment as two well traveled vets stare one another down. Flashbulbs and such.

Williams: Nice little nod to a moment here, Doc.

Emo: And both of these guys come from sort of a different era, Jenn. Showing a bit of a nod to that here tonight if ya ask me.

Hall breaks first, he backs into the ropes and charges. Benson grabs him by the neck and using his own momentum runs him through the middle ropes and turns to celebrate the moment.

Williams: Hall caught himself and he’s springboarding back into the ring.

Emo: Watch your back, Dan!

Hall launches, dropkick to the back of the head and Benson spills through the middle rope and out onto the floor. Hall explodes into celebration as the crowd cheers.

Williams: People going wild for the Rebel here, Doc.

Emo: Lot of respect out there for Ron Hall.

Benson over to the corner of the security barrier to suck wind as the ref counts. Hall giving him a watchful eye.

Williams: Textbook one from there guys here tonight.

Benson back into the ring rather quickly. A brief circle before they come together again. This time Benson has the side headlock. Holding it tight. Hall tries to arch out of it but it’s no go. A jab to the side from Hall buys him no wiggle room either. Hall surges forward, Benson’s back into the ropes, snapping the wrist hard Hall is able to whip Benson across.

Emo: Hall with the counter and it’s Benson for the ride.

Hall leaps up for a Dropkick but Benson catches him by the back and drops him down hard onto the knee with an Atomic Drop. Hall pops into the air and then flops back to the mat. Benson falls on top of the Rebel.


Williams: Ron Hall shoulder up! This one continues.

Emo: And Benson is not pleased with that result.

Dan Benson picks up Ron Hall and guides him back into the corner. Once there Benson brings a mighty hand high above his head and slams it down onto Hall’s chest, coloring it bright red. The crowd boos.

Williams: Benson continuing to go to work on Ron Hall here.

Bensons, frustrated with how this one has been going so far, chokes out Hall in the corner. The officially quickly starting a five count.

Emo: Dan Benson letting his emotions get the best of him, Jenn. He would probably do better to keep a level head about him.

Williams: And ya know maybe not choke out Ron in the corner like that. Come on!

Benson breaks the choke before the count runs it’s course and immediately he throws an uppercut into the stomach of Ron Hall. Hall pulses upward taking incredible damage from the fist.

Williams: Ron Hall reeling from that one as it cleared his lungs of any and all air inside.

Hall falls to a knee, grabbing onto the top rope to prevent himself from falling any further to the mat.

Emo: Ron Hall hanging on here. Literally.

Benson whips Hall hard into the opposite corner. Hall heads into the corner and connects hard, shoulder first, with the steel turnbuckle.

Williams: Dan Benson with authority doing some damage here to Ron Hall.

Emo: Benson is one of the most well traveled superstars we have. There’s a reason he’s been in this sport so long, Jenn.

Hall hung up a bit on the top rope as Benson comes in and delivers a massive kick to the stomach. Hall recoils in pain, coming over the top rope, once again grabbing the top rope to steady himself. He narrowly avoids falling to the ring floor.

Williams: Ron Hall just flipped right over that top rope.

Emo: Huge kick from Benson.

Hall is dazed as once again Benson surges, knocking Hall to the ring floor with a huge Forearm Smash to the face. The fans boo.

Williams: And Dan Benson has just halted any and all progress Ron Hall has made here in this one. Ron Hall reeling, Doc.

Emo: If anyone can come back from this, let me tell you it’s Ron Hall. He’s been down. He’s been out, but that’s never stopped him before now has it?

Benson is through the ropes and to the outside to continue the damage.

Emo: Benson stalking down Hall. Hall needs to catch himself a break here, Jenn. And he needs it in a big way.

Hall stands and Benson is able to scoop the Rebel easily. Benson slams Hall onto the ring mat, catching the edge of the mat in the back of Hall. The fans boo once again.

Williams: Dan Benson continuing this attack. I would be impressed if Ron Hall wasn’t on the other end of this thing.

Emo: I know what you mean. I don’t know how much more punishment Ron can take.

Hall down on the ground, both hands up by the face as Benson climbs back into the ring.



At the last second Ron Hall is able to pull himself under the bottom rope. The fans roar.

Williams: And Ron Hall showing impressive resolve there to pull himself into the ring and continue.

Emo: Some other members of our roster, Jenn, being beat as bad as Ron has so far tonight would’ve just laid out there and took the loss. But not Ron Hall. He’s a competitor. At the highest level.

Hall charges at Benson slowly, Benson is able to duck a clothesline from the Rebel and spin Ron around locking in a huge Bear Hug, draining Hall of energy.

Emo: And Benson has a bear hug applied. Whipping Hall back and forth trying to take all the wind out of the sails now.

Williams: And Hall was trying to get something going there.

Hall isn’t through fighting yet. He fires away with a few jabs, trying to break the hold of Benson. Finally one catches enough of Benson that the hold is broken.

Williams: Ron Hall with life!

Hall backs up into the ropes, intent on surging forward. Benson brings a foot up and halts Ron Hall right in his tracks. Hall bends over in pain. Benson is able to Snapmare Ron Hall up and over onto the mat.

Emo: Hall on his back now.

Williams: Leg Scissors from Ron Hall!

Benson doesn’t panic at the hold he uses his legs to flip up breaking the hold. As he does Ron Hall comes to a knee and charges forward, but Benson catches him.


Williams: No!

Hall is laid out in the middle of the ring. Benson flexes for the fans who rain down boos on him.

Emo: Pin him!

Benson pins.


Williams: Too much time celebrating!

Benson pulls Hall to his feet and marches toward him with a high double axe handle. Hall is quicker and thrusts a shoulder into his gut. Hall responds with an uppercut that nails Benson driving his head back.

Williams: Could the tides of change be turning here for Ron Hall?

Emo: I think I can feel it, Jenn.

Benson tries to hit Hall but Hall blocks it and responds with a right hand of his own. The crowd pops as Benson is sent across for the ride by Hall.

Emo: Reversal by Benson.

Williams: Hall off the ropes, flying through the air and he levels Benson with a forearm. Oh man, listen to this crowd!

The crowd roars once again as Hall is feeling it in the ring. Hall leaps in the air and brings a foot down right onto Benson’s face.

Williams: Ron Hall has turned this thing around.

Emo: What a good match here tonight, Jenn. Fans are on their feet.

Hall is on the outside, now the top rope. Benson is up and stiring. Hall leaps across, catches Benson with a crossbody. Both men to the mat. Hall grabs the leg.


Emo: No Benson powers out! Not over yet.

Both men are to their feet. Benson delivers a huge boot that catches Hall. Hall stopped, turns towards Benson. Benson into the ropes, ducks the clothesline. Hall delivers a kick, catches Benson in the stomach.

Williams: Benson bent over in pain.

Country Chin Music out of nowhere!



Williams: Great win for Ron Hall!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by way of pinfall... RON HALLLLLLLLLL!

These are the Breaks


The scene opens to the backstage area. We see Lisil Jackson strolling down the hall, with the usual ‘flava’ in his step. He smiles and waves at a group of ladies who chuckle and point at him with excitement.

Williams: Hey! It’s Lisil!

Jackson reaches his destination. Believe it or not, it's the D&G Cola machine! Who would’ve guessed? Jackson reaches into his back pocket and slips some Jamaican Dollars from his wallet. After inserting the cash, he hits the pineapple cola button.

Emo: He really loves that soda doesn’t he? How does this guy stay in shape and drink so much of that stuff?

The machine dispenses. Jackson smiles, but before he can reach down and grab the drink. A steel chair comes from behind jackson off screen. With a loud crack the chair meets Lisil’s back, sandwiching him against the machine.

Williams:  Woah! What the…!?

The screen zooms out to see Mikey Unlikely holding the chair, as Lisil falls to his knees against the machine. He reaches for his back.

Emo: This must be what Mikey meant earlier by, taking care of a pest.

Unlikely: Hey Lisil! Good to see you buddy! Suck’s when someone sneaks up on ya, huh? When they stick their face in your business?

Mikey grabs Lisil by the shoulder and lifts him to his feet, His back against the soda machine. Turning the chair now, Unlikely drives the edge of it into Jackson’s gut, causing him to double over. Unlikely brings the chair up over his head, then down onto the back of Jackson. Jackson falls to the ground.

Williams: This is getting out of hand!

Unlikely: No security to save you today pal! Just you and me....

Mikey hits the lower half of Jackson's legs with the chair. Jackson writhes on the ground.

Unlikely: What’s wrong Lisil? No Headlocks today? Can’t de-escalate the situation?

The Worlds Greatest Entertainer bends over and weaves Lisil’s right ankle into the vice action of the chair.

Unlikely: Now I want you to listen closely, because I’m only going to say this once.

Williams: No! Don’t do it Mikey!

Lisil begins to reach for the chair, Mikey stomps at his midsection a few times to keep him down.


Mikey jumps as high as he can, and comes down stomping on the other end of the chair. Smashing Jackson’s ankle inside.

Lisil screams out in pain.

Emo: OOOOOOOHH, That’s gotta hurt Jennifer.

Unlikely jumps up and does it again. The fans are booing loudly in the arena.

Jackson tries to crawl away but doesn't get far. Unlikely pulls the chair off, and once again brings it down across the back of Lisil, before throwing it away. Jackson is facedown on the floor.

Williams: Someone get help! Lisil needs help!

Mikey walks back over to the D&G machine. He pulls the pineapple cola from the machine. Unlikely rolls the cap off, and takes a drink.

Unlikely: Hey! That IS Refreshing!

Mikey walks off whistling, drinking, and smiling. The camera zooms in on Jackson as the screen fades.

Don't Be a Bellend


In his office, Michael Lorenzo is looking considerably more relaxed than in previous weeks. With Eric Dane out of his hair for the evening and little else on his mind, the boss is working through some paperwork.

Emo: As far as recent Victory shows go, this one’s been pretty Zen for Mikey L.

Williams: I don’t know, Doc. He really got into it with The Only Star earlier…

Emo: But he’s gone now, Jen! With his biggest agitator out of the building, what else could possibly irritate the bossman?!

Knock, knock.

There’s the answer.

Lorenzo looks up from his desk.

Lorenzo: Come i--

But the knocker isn’t waiting for permission as he bursts into the office, takes his seat and arrogantly rests feet out on Lorenzo’s desk.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah Lorenzy...JFK has heard that the UTA World Champion doesn’t have to defend his title in the All or Nothing Match in two weeks time, and quite right to. Let’s be honest here, a Champion should not have to defend his title against twenty nine people in one night, it’s just not cricket!

Somewhat taken aback by Kendrix’s audacity, Lorenzo adjusts himself.

Lorenzo: First, Jesse: I’m glad you agree. Second: kindly remove your feet from my desk. Now.

Removing his feet from the desk and holding the palms of his hands out flat in front of Lorenzo in a calming fashion, Kendrix throws his trademark smirk across his face.

Kendrix: Calm down bruv, JFK just wanted to come in here and thank you man to man, for finally seeing sense...because JFK is glad that he don’t have to defend his title in such ridiculous circumstances too...innit?!

As Kendrix holds onto his belt around his waist, Lorenzo dismissively shakes his head.

Lorenzo: The UTA Championship isn’t up for grabs. That’s it, I’m afraid. Frankly, removing just the one belt from contention is about as big a break from tradition as I’m comfortable with at the moment. I did what I had to do to prevent Dane and Dean from destroying my show on their little headhunt, but the Legacy, Wildfire, Hardcore…

He points at JFK.

Lorenzo: … and Prodigy Championships will all remain on the line.

Not happy with Lorenzo’s clarification on the matter, Kendrix jumps out of the seat and aggressively slams the palms of his hands down on the desk.

Kendrix: You what, bruv?!!!! Are you having an actual bubble here???!!! This is bull s(redacted)t!! One rule for one and another for the rest of us, huh?! You mean to tell JFK that you’re actually willing to go ahead with this? You’re willing to go ahead and not only devalue your Champions…

He removes the Prodigy Title from around his waist and holds it up in front of Lorenzo’s face.

Kendrix: But you mean to tell JFK that you’re willing to devalue the rest of the belts in the UTA? Cos’ that’s what you’ll be doing at All or Nothing if you stick with this decision...

Placing the belt over his shoulder, Kendrix turns to make his exit leaving Lorenzo alone in the shot.

Kendrix: Think about it Lorenzy...don’t be a bellend!

Michael watches JFK swagger out of his office.

Lorenzo: Dont be a... ?

He shakes his head.

Williams: Some food for thought, perhaps?

Emo: Exactly. Nobody wants to be a bellend, Jen.

Williams: Not exactly what I meant, but sure...




Several 18 Wheelers are parked in a line, each with a different UTA Superstar emblazoned across the trailer walls with the All or Nothing logo worked in. Eric Dane drags on a cigarette as he leans on, you guessed it, a giant picture of himself. None of the drivers seem to mind, he’s a star after all, they all figure he’s waiting for a cue or what have you.

He mutters to himself.

Dane: F(redacted)ckin’ Lorenzo…

His Spider-sense kicks in as somebody huffs and puffs their way around the parking area. Dane tosses the smoke and scans the area. Rumor Man Stan bumbles about frantically, but non-threateningly. The Only Star rolls his eyes before calling out.

The dried blood from earlier has been wiped away, so at least there’s that. The scowl-topped Resting Rage Face of The Only Star remains though.

Dane: Stan!

The Rumor Man snaps to attention.

Dane: What’re you doing out here?

Stan finally figures out where the voice is coming from and makes his way over. He takes a second to compose himself.

Stan: Finally! I’ve been looking all over for you.

Dane: Why? Lorenzo didn’t send you out here to babysit, did he?

Stan doesn’t seem to understand.

Stan: No, what? Why? Nevermind, this is important!

Dane: What then? Spit it out, Stan…

The Rumor Man produces a small piece of black plastic. A memory card. He hands it over to Eric and you can almost see the weight lift off of his shoulders.

Dane: What am I supposed to do with this?

Stan: Watch it! I know you have a thousand dollar phone, use it!

Dane: Fine, fine…

He digs into his pocket, retrieves his personalized Android phone, and replaces his own memory card with this one. A couple of seconds worth of tapping and the glow of a video lights up The Only Star’s face.

Dane: It’s a parking garage. Is this security footage?

Stan: Just. Watch.

He does.

Dane: That’s Colton!

Stan: Keep watching.

Seconds go by. There is no audio.

Dane: And that’s Perfection. Is this the footage from-

Stan: Just. Keep. Watching.

Mildly annoyed Eric does as he’s told. His eyebrow raises as something happens. He brings the phone closer to his face and his eyes go wide.

Dane: That motherf(redacted)cker!

He watches on, mumbling to himself.

Dane: I shoulda’ known, that slimy, sniveling, low down son of a-

The video ends. A look of rage has spread across Eric Dane’s face. The Rumor Man fidgets a bit, not entirely sure if he isn’t about to become collateral damage.

Dane: Where’d you get this?

Stan: Come on, now, you can’t expect me to reveal my sources!

Eric’s eyebrow twitches. Stan takes a step back.

Dane: Why give it to me? Why not Lorenzo?

Stan: Lorenzo is convinced it’s Perfection. Proof otherwise screws up his perfect little encapsulated world.

The Only Star considers this for a moment.

Dane: I need you to fetch me Cayle Murray.

Stan cocks an eyebrow.

Stan: Cayle?

Dane: He’s gonna wanna see this.

Stan contemplates.

Dane: Go on, now, we ain’t got all f(redacted)ckin’ night!

The Rumor Man scurries off. Dane looks at the phone again, taps the play icon, and watches  the video again. His vitriol level rises visibly with each passing second.

Williams: What the-- I thought this mystery had been solved?!

Emo: So did I! What the hell is going on?!

Williams: Guess we'll find-out when Stan catches-up with Cayle!

Sean Jackson vs. The Dibbins Boys


Williams: Welcome back Ladies and Gents! We’ve got a pretty… interesting… match-up for you next?

Emo: It certainly is, Jen. Whose messed-up wrestling brain cooked this one up?!

Williams: Our new World Champion, Sean Jacksons, goes toe-to-toe with The Dibbins Boys in handicap action. Two former Hardcore Champions, against one three-time UTA Champion.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following Handicap Match is scheduled for one fall!

The sound of banjos can be heard playing in the background.

Nah, just kidding. It’s “Half Crazy” by The Barr Brothers, and it signals the arrival of the brousins themselves. Luke and Duke Dibbins step out onto the stage and start making their way to the ring.

Williams: Say what you will about The Dibbins Boys, but they definitely have their fair share of followers!

Emo: Their intellect level certain speaks to a big chunk of our audience, Jen.

Announcer: Introducing first, from Beaver, West Virginia…

The un-dynamic duo reach the ring and roll beneath the bottom rope. Duke unstraps his UTA Hardcore Turtle belt and hoists is proudly in the air.

Announcer: They are the UTA Hardcore Champion Duke Dibbins, and his brother Luke… THE! DIBBINS! BOOOOOOOOYYYYYYSSSSSSS!

Williams: It’s champion vs. champion here on Victory tonight!

Emo: The Dibbins Boys like turtles, Jen. We can both agree on that.

v/o: Albany, Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?

The lights in the arena shut down, leaving the crowd in the dark, as a dark crimson color light illuminates the entrance area as a thick mist rolls across the entrance ramp.

As the mist pours off the entrance stage and down the ramp, a video explodes on the screen as you can see letters slowly fade in, forming “UTA World Champion.”

### I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord ###

Williams: And for the second time this evening, Mr. Collins Phils the arena. Get it?

Emo: I’d sigh, Jen, but it’s not worth the effort.

As In The Air Tonight begins to play, Sean Jackson and Vanessa step out onto the stage with two scantily dressed women holding baskets. Sean has the look of pure intensity acrossed his battered, bruised face, while Vanessa stands bladed, her curves showing up beautifully against the backdrop.

Williams: Well Sean Jackson is walking on his own accord, at least. That's a positive sign.

Emo: Dane really did a number on him earlier, but like a true champion, The Mental Rapist still comes out to compete.

## Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord. ##

As he stands there stoic, soaking it all in. Sean finally motions to head towards the ring.

Announcer: Coming to the ring, hailing from Dallas, Texas.

Vanessa is dressed in a white skin tight dress with a long slit while Jackson is dressed in a white shirt with the words #UTA World Champion embroidered on the front with an arrow pointing up. He is also wearing black wrestling trunks, with red elbow and knee pads. His black boots have the initials MR on one and SJ on the other. Fastened around his waist is the UTA World Championship belt.

As they begin to make their way towards the ringside area, the two women begin dropping one hundred dollar bills on the floor for Sean Jackson to step on.

Announcer: Standing at Six foot Two, two hundred and twenty pounds.

Before entering the ring, Sean passes a glance towards the announce table before finally stepping in. Once he does, a spotlight bathes Sean Jackson as he takes to one of the turnbuckles and immediately begins to pull his shirt outward, reminding everyone who the real World Champion is.

Emo: Gotta say it’s good to see the World Title around this man’s waist again. It just looks natural.

After a few moments, the lights return to the arena and Sean hops down from the turnbuckle, preparing for his match to begin.

Announcer: Representing the great state of Texas, he is the UTA World Champion, "The Mental Rapist" Sean Jackson!

The bell rings, with Sean Jackson taking the opposite side of the ring to The Dibbins Boys. The Mental Rapist keeps a close eye on both of them, but neither looks like making a move.

Emo: Here we go, I guess…

Duke turns to Luke, giving his girthy brother a nod, and suddenly both Dibbins Boys charge forward, throwing wild lefts and rights at the UTA Champion!

Williams: Behold! The swarming rednecks!

Sean finds enough space in the storm of flying fists to two-handed push Duke in the chest, sending him tumbling to the mat. Alone on the feet with Luke, Jackson ducks a big haymaker and fires away on the bigger Dibbins!

Williams: A wild brawl to kick things off!

Emo: Jackson has Luke on the ropes! But here comes Duke!

Duke attaches himself like a limpet, hopping on Jackson’s back and wrapping his arms around the throat. The Mental Rapist thrashes and writhes, trying to dislodge the smaller Dibbins, but Luke’s recovered! He comes forward and starts wailing on the champ.

Williams: Sean Jackson is getting Dibbinsed!

Emo: Look at the little guy cling-on, Jen!

Luke wobbles Sean with a big right hand, but lacks the technique to follow-up with an equally effective blow. Instead of clawing at Duke’s grip, Sean prods two fingers forward as Luke advances, gouging his eyes! With Luke blinded, Sean backs into the turnbuckles quickly, dislodging Duke.

Emo: Jackson’s free!

Little Dibbins is stuck in the corner. The chops hit like swinging swords, and a long, red welt immediately starts forming on Duke’s chest! Soon, the Champ switches his approach up, and grabs the top ropes, ducks, and rams his shoulder into Duke’s chest again and again and again. Finally, Duke falls to his backside, and Sean moves away.

Williams: That’s one of them down, Doc. Onto the next one.

Emo: Tactics and mental acumen beat wildness every time. Sean Jackson’s about to demonstrate that.

Big Dibbins has regained his senses, but Sean uses his forearm to duck an incoming punch, then fires back with a knee to the gut. Grabbing Luke’s belt, Jackson violently shoves him through a set of turnbuckles, crushing his shoulder on the ringpost.

Williams: Jesus!

Emo: Vicious from Sean Jackson! These boys have got the numerical advantage, but that’s about it.

Williams: They’re tough as hell too, Doc. Don’t forget that.

Emo: Right, but this is the best wrestler on the planet we’re talking about. These yokels have their work cut out for them.

Hauling Luke back and throwing him to the mat, Sean makes the lateral press.



No! Duke stomps on his back, breaking the count.

Williams: Look who’s back!

Duke continues to stomp away on Jackson, but Sean rises through it. When on his feet, Sean let’s Duke run against the ropes. On the rebound, Jackson grabs his legs, hoists him in the air, and Flapjacks him down on top of his own brother’s body!

Emo: This is great, Jen! Sean Jackson is putting on a clinic. Got a white trash problem in your neighbourhood? Give Sean Jackson a call!

Visibly more hurt than his brother, Duke rolls away. The Mental Rapist turns to a set of ropes and leans over them, recovering lost breaths.

Williams: This is why he’s the best in the game, Doc.

Emo: No doubt about it. He’s taken some damage though, Jen! That big mook looks like he packs a punch.

The Champ doesn’t even see Duke Dibbins coming, as he scrambles across the mat and rolls him up with a handful of tights.

Williams: Hey! Wait!




Williams: Wow, that was a little too close for comfort!

Jackson hops-up after the kick-out and ducks beneath a Duke clothesline. From behind, Sean wraps his arms around Duke’s waist and drives him into the mat with a backdrop. Now Luke is stirring, so Sean “helps” him up, and throws him in the corner.

Emo: Looks like Sean’s going back to work.

But no! Luke kicks him square in the gut! He comes out of the corner with a right hand, then a left, and Jackson’s stumbling. Luke applies the front facelock, but before he can do anything, Sean bursts forward, pushes him into the ropes, and breaks free. The backhand connects with a huge slapping sound.

Williams: That’ll knock the taste out of your mouth!

He takes a few steps back, Jackson: then rushes forward with a clothesline, knocking Big Dibbins out of the ring!

Emo: Luke’s been bounced!

Williams: And look! Duke is exactly where Sean wants him…

Duke has sat upright to recover from the backdrop, and that’s not a good position to be in when wrestling Sean Jackson.

Williams: Here it comes!

He charges…

Emo: Game Called Due to Darkness!

… and connects!

Williams: It’s over!




Phil Collins hits the PA system once again, and Sean Jackson slowly rises to his feet, standing over the fallen brousin.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via way of pinfal… THE UTA CHAMPION… SEAN! JACKSSSSSSSSOOOOONNNNNNNN!

Emo: That’s how you handle two brousins in a handicap match, Jen. Textbook stuff from Sean Jackson.

Williams: Say what you will about the level of competition, but the Champ dealt with them handily.

Emo: And that's despite getting seven shades of crap beaten out of him by Eric Dane earlier, too.

Jack Hunter Books Himself



That goofy, over-exaggerated cackle can only belong to one man.

Hunter: Hiyas.

Cut to the backstage area, where The Little Bruiser has somehow found himself in one of the designated promo spots. There’s a UTA backdrop behind him, and the cameraman’s probably struggling to contain his laughter at Jack’s “serious” face.

Hunter: It’s me again, Jack Hunter, AKA The Hunter, AKA The Street Fighter, AKA The Little Bruiser, AKA The Superbest, AKA HASH TAG THE NEW STREAK 32-0 UNDEFEATABUNKLED and I am sad and angry and Jack Hunter today okay friends.

Emo: You’re on your own, Jen. I’m calling this “toilet break time.”

Williams: Gee thanks, Doc…

Hunter: I am Hardcore Champion and Number One Contender to La Llama Blanka’s UTA World Turtle and I can’t get booked which makes me sad and bad and mad because Blanka is also good at street fighting and we would have a good street fight but I would still win because SUPERBEST okay but I cannot win without books and must be booked and I will win!

He pauses.

Hunter: I get no matches and it’s not fair even Sabrina the Baker gets matches and nobody likes her and also Lance Mikes but I still can’t believe he’s here though but that’s not the point… look at this.

Jack leans over out of view, and re-emerges with two handfuls of books. Can Jack Hunter read? Probably not, but that’s beside the point.

Hunter: Michelangelo Lorizzoo is too scared to book me because I will street fight my opponents very much and make them DO BLEEDING! So I have decided to take matters into my own hands, I have brought lots of books you see and I will use them to book myself so that I can add to the HASH TAG NEW STREAK and do wrestlefights and blood.

Without warning, Jack takes one handful of books and smashes them into his forehead.

Williams: What th--… is this Jack “booking” himself? I don’t even know any more.

With the second handful, Jack tosses them into the air and headers one on its way down. The impact almost knocks him off his feet, but The Little Bruiser adjusts accordingly.

Hunter: Now I am booked and you will all cry and pee because The Superbest is ready to do fighting and win and stuff and not just on cows, on humans and CAMERAS!

He grabs the camera with both hands, and while some muffled protests come from the cameraman, there’s little he can do as Hunter stuffs it under his arm. The floor rushes towards the lens, before the feed cuts-out entirely.

Emo: I’m back! What’d I miss?

Williams: I think Jack Hunter just Cow DDT’d a video camera…

Emo: Brilliant. Let’s move-on.

The Messenger


In the catering area, Cayle Murray is getting his Paleo on. Forking his way through a plate of chicken and greens, the Scot looks relatively laid-back on his off-night.

Emo: Cayle’s eating kale! There’s a cannibalism joke in there that I can’t be bothered to make.

Williams: A relatively quiet night for him, given recent happenings.

Emo: Dane’s been kicked-out, Witherhold’s at home, and Colton Thorpe is dead. There’s nobody left to bother him, Jen!

Of course, that is never true on a UTA broadcast, and Dr. Emo’s words jinx things.  Rumour Man Stan enters the room hurriedly, scanning his eyes around the place, before eventually locking-in on Murray. He comes forward to Cayle’s table.

Stan: Cayle! There you are…

Mid-chew, Murray looks-up at the broadcaster.

Stan: Come quickly! There’s something you need to see!

Without pause, Stan sets-off for the door again. When he looks over his shoulder, however, Cayle’s still at the table, washing his food down with a mouthful of water.

Murray: I’m eating, lad.

Stan: It’s important!

Murray: More important than this delightful slither of meat?

He skewers a slice of chicken and holds it up, smiling. It’s dry, overcooked and entirely unappetising.

Emo: That is the opposite of “delightful.”

Williams: Yeah, I just remembered why I don't use catering...

Not in the mood for horseplay, Stan rolls his eyes and moves back towards Cayle’s table.

Stan: Dane needs to see you. It’s urgent.

Murray: Eric Dane needs to see me?

Stan: Yes.

Murray: The same Eric Dane who wants to cave my skull in?

RMS doesn’t answer.

Murray: Where even is he? I thought he got kicked out?

Stan: He’s waiting for you outside.

Murray: You know, Stan, you’re not doing a good job of making this not sound like an ambush.

The Rumour Man sighs audible, and the anxiety on his face grows.

Stan: It’s Colt’s attacker… we’ve found tape.

Confusion knots Cayle’s face.

Murray: Colt’s attacker?

He shakes his head.

Murray: We already know it was Witherhold. Why else would he admit to it?

Stan: It wasn’t Perfection, Cayle. Trust me, you need to see this.

Finally convinced, the Scot rises from his seat, leaving a half-eaten meal behind. RMS looks immediately relieved.

Murray: Are you sure?

Stan: 100%.

Cayle offers Stan a nod, before the scene cuts away.

Williams: If it’s not Perfection then who the hell was it, Doc?! Moreover, why would he have admitted to it last week?!

Emo: Jen, if I have to explain to you why James Witherhold would try to take credit for putting another wrestler on the shelf…

Williams: Alright, alright. I’m just confused is all. Hopefully this’ll wrap itself up by the end of the night.

Happy & Serious


In the back, we see Kate Kincaid standing in front of the Victory backdrop for the next segment.

Kincaid: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Marie Van Claudio.

Marie comes up with a smile on her face as she looks at Katie.

Van Claudio: Hello Katie, how are you today?

Kincaid: I’m doing well today, Marie. Thanks for asking.

Marie smiles at her.

Kincaid: Last week, you had a match against Santa Claus where you showed a lot of heart, determination, and fire - that lead you to a victory. How are you feeling after that win?

Marie looks at her.

Van Claudio: I’m happy that I was able to show my abilities in that match. Even though Santa is heavier than I am, I’m glad that I was able to work with him. A win is a win and I’m happy with it.

She smiles again.

Kincaid: After the match you called out Amy Harrison and challenged her to a fight, but said she would do it on her own terms.

Marie shakes her head.

Van Claudio: You know something? It’s very typical of Amy to do something like that. I was at a point where I was tired of her antics and called her out.

She clears her throat.

Van Claudio: But she doesn’t want to come to the ring and face me like a women.

Kincaid: She will get hers one day, I can see that, but next week, you have a very serious and important match that could help your career go up to the top. You will be facing off in a singles match against Will Haynes for the first time. Thoughts on this?

Marie looks at her with a small smile on her face.

Van Claudio: Out of everyone that was in the WTFC, I knew that Will Haynes was going to be a huge star for a reason and he has shown it.

She pauses for a brief moment

Van Claudio: I’m kind of nervous facing off against him, but at the same time, I look forward to it. I know that I have to push myself to the limit and prove myself to him.

She smiles.

Van Claudio: Katie, I hope you’re ready for next weeks show, but I have one more thing to say.

Katie steps away as Marie looks at her.

Van Claudio: Amy, I’m going to give you this warning right now.

She has a serious look her face.

Van Claudio: If you dare come in this match like you did a couple of weeks ago, there will be serious problems!

Marie nods to Katie and walks away as we head to the next part.

Williams: Always good to hear from Marie Van Claudio, Doc. It's Will Haynes for her next week, and what a huge opportunity!

Emo: Let's see if she can get through another match without Amy Harrison sticking her oar in...

Kendrix vs. CBR


The lights go out in the arena as the opening lead up to "Let 'em come" by Scroobius Pip blares out over the PA System. Lights flash black and white as the camera pans the centre of the stage by the ramp, we immediately see Kendrix appear at the top centre of the stage with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #HollywoodBruvs t-shirt with 'JFK' emblazoned on the back as well as his trademark JFK black and green ring tights with green boots.

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace and the line "no one likes us but we don't care" hits, he rotates his neck twice to stretch it before slicking his hair back. Returning his arm down back to his side he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting a smug smirk on his face.

Williams: Kendrix made a huge impact in 2015 and he’s carried that momentum with him into this year after a successful defence of his Prodigy Title against El Trebol Jr last time out. But you have to wonder if this match will go ahead after what happened to CBR earlier in the night.

Dr Emo: Even if CBR can miraculously make it out here Jennifer, he’d probably be better off staying away, JFK is on fire right now!

As the shot returns to the center of the stage, zoomed back out fixed on Kendrix, red colored pyro explodes from the ramp as the chorus kicks in.

"If the bad times are coming, let 'em come!"

JFK puts his weight on his left foot as he spins around quickly to face the stage and begins to make his way down the ramp slowly towards the ring, looking at the fans with a huge grin on his face. Mic in hand, he brings it up to his mouth as the entrance music fades out.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah...

The arena erupts in boos as Kendrix pauses, turning to face a disgruntled fan who’s leaning over the barricade aiming some choice words at him. However, this particular fan jumps straight back down as Kendrix feigns to slap him with the back of his hand before laughing at the fan’s cowardice.

Kendrix: JFK wants you all to know that he is both sickened and appalled with what we saw earlier this evening.

He points at a fan standing across the opposite barricade.

Kendrix: You know what JFK’s talking about fat boy!

Pointing back towards the big screen.

Kendrix: Firstly, JFK wants to make it perfectly clear that he does not condone what happened to CBR! Everyone in this arena and watching at home saw the footage. CBR was “viciously attacked!”

He bends his fingers, sarcastically signaling quotation marks.

Kendrix: Secondly...Really Claude? How convenient for you.

Turning to face the ring Kendrix dismissively chuckles to himself before taking a few more steps before stopping at the bottom of the ramp.

Kendrix: You see, the entire world knows that CBR is face JFK one on one in the middle of that ring tonight. And who can blame you, Claude? Who could blame you for faking a brutal attack on yourself so as to avoid an ACTUAL...brutal beat down from The Future of the UTA?

Kendrix raises his arm to make a point, turning it into a fist.  

Kendrix: Exactly, no one blames you Claude. No one blames you for not having the balls to come out here and face JFK one on one tonight. A simple forfeit from you would have been fine.

At that moment, the crowd erupts in cheers. JFK raises his arm in acknowledgement of them, however, unbeknownst to him, is the figure of CBR emerging upon the stage. A bandage is circled around his head with the Legacy Title around his waist, members of the medical team follow in quick pursuit pleading with The Canadian Star not to go out to the ring. However Claude’s eyes are fixed intently on Kendrix.

Dr Emo: Look Jen, it's CBR!

Williams: How is he here after what happened earlier?!

Holding his hand up in acknowledgement of the crowd seemingly agreeing with his take on things, Kendrix throws his trademark smirk across his face.

Kendrix: But not to worry people. Unlike CBR, JFK ain’t a COWARD...JFK is a fighting Champion and will stand in that ring before you his arm, as always, is raised in victory by the ref.

Williams: Kendrix is so focused on talking trash he has absolutely no idea that CBR is here!

Dr Emo: Quick, turn around JFK!!

Claude shrugs off the medics and slowly makes his way down the ramp towards Kendrix who has no idea of what’s going on behind him as he arrogantly holds his arms out wide by his sides. Claude unhooks the Legacy Title and drops it to the ground, suddenly running awkwardly limping forward. Kendrix looks at the crowd, confused at the increasing cheers and turns around just in time to see Ranier launching into a tackle onto Kendrix as the crowd completely erupts!

Williams: Oh my, here we go!

Claude rains down rights and lefts into Kendrix’s face, who holds his arms up for protection. The referee runs over outside the ring, pulling at CBR to come off, causing him to lose concentration for a moment and allowing JFK to slink away from the onslaught scrambling to his feet with the help of the ring apron. The ref uses his arms between both men and calls to the back for help.  

Williams: Kendrix looks like he’s seen a ghost!

Dr Emo: I think he’s just realised this match isn't going to be handed to him on a silver platter.  

Kendrix holds the palms of his hands outstretched in the direction of CBR, shocked at the fact that he’s not only standing but standing inches from him with only a small referee between them.

Dr Emo: The Legacy Champ looks furious!

Williams: Wouldn't you be? But is this really a wise move from Ranier?

Looking to his left and then quickly to this right in panic, Kendrix tries to jump the barricade. He almost makes it over but his feet are caught by CBR who drags him back onto the ramp and violently thrusts him back first into the steel barricade before driving a right fist at The Prodigy Champ, who responds with one of his own. The two start trading blows back and forth as a couple more refs run down from the back to interject themselves between the former Dynasty members.  

Williams: Kendrix showing his true colours here trying to make a run for it before the bell has rung! And now the two former Dynasty members showing there's absolutely no love loss here tonight!

Dr Emo: This is great!

One of the refs manages to get Kendrix off of CBR but he turns and clocks the referee with a quick stiff clothesline. Ranier comes off the barricade and once again fires into Kendrix, getting the better of the exchange. He knees Jesse in the sternum before driving him shoulder first into the steel steps. Claude follows up but Kendrix grabs at the steel steps, lodging them from their position and hurling them at Ranier, striking his shins and causing the Canadian to drop to a knee.  

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen this has got out of control, the match hasn’t even officially started yet!

Kendrix, quick as a bullet gets to his feet and runs to the stairs, jumping onto them and off with a…

Dr Emo: No! CBR caught him! Powerbo….no!!

Kendrix swings down with the momentum into a huge Hurricanrana, Ranier barely missing the steps. He scrambles over and starts to choke the Canadian with some loose wire at the steel barricade. Claude grabs back at the barricade reaching, finally finding a folded steel chair and shoves its face at Jesse causing the Prodigy champ to back up and stumble.  

Williams: Ranier is back on his feet and look! They're trading blows again!

Dr Emo: And here comes security!

Lines of UTA security flood the ramp and aim to get between the two men. CBR drives fists over one of their backs onto Kendrix’s head while Jesse flails a right boot through security to Ranier’s mid section. Finally the two are parted to different sides of the ramp, held in place.  

Williams: Finally some order is...oh god!

CBR has gotten loose and flies through the air with a huge axe handle into Kendrix surrounded by security. He drives down right after right, the bandage on his head coming loose and the blood trickling down his face in a red mess from the sweat and commotion.  Security floods in again and pull the two apart, but this time Kendrix slips free and spears into CBR through security and into the steel barricade. Claude drives down elbows into the back of Kendrix as JFK fires in rights and lefts to the mid section. Finally security gets control again and rips Kendrix away from Ranier and back. Claude shouts abuse over security as Kendrix fires back.  

Dr Emo: This looks like it's going to…


The voice booms over the PA system as the fans start to chant “Let them fight! Let them fight!” The camera angle switches to Michael Lorenzo coming out from the back, mic in hand looking angry.

Lorenzo: Just cut it the hell out! There's been enough of this crap tonight already, I won't have this!

CBR and Kendrix stop the war of words for a moment, looking up the ramp, security holding each out of breath man against their respective barricade.  

Lorenzo: You two can't have an orderly match here tonight? Fine! Wheeling, West Virginia, February Seventh, All or Nothing…

Lorenzo stops atop the stage, visibly seething.  

Lorenzo: Kendrix...versus CBR…

The crowd erupts in cheers, causing Michael to raise his voice.

Lorenzo: BOTH...Titles on the line...and if you can't have a straight one on one, why don't we just have it inside a...STEEL CAGE!!

Dr Emo: What?!!

The crowd goes nuts as Kendrix starts to protest, waving his arms at Lorenzo who simply shakes his head.  

Lorenzo: And if you were relying on Mikey Unlikely to get involved Jesse, if I were you I'd come up with a new damn game plan! Good're both gonna need it.

Lorenzo’s music hits and the GM turns his back on the superstars and heads back. Kendrix looks furious as CBR smiles and nods his head. He points at Jesse and mouths “borrowed time”!

Williams: Incredible announcement from Lorenzo! This one never got started tonight but it’s on at All or Nothing! CBR versus’s literally going to be All or Nothing for these two men...with the Legacy and Prodigy titles BOTH on the line inside a steel cage!



Cut to the backstage area, where a hurried Cayle Murray pushes through a large set of swing-doors with Rumour Man Stan in-tow. They step into the parking lot, and RMS glances around.

Stan: Where’d he go?

Williams: I’ve got a bad feeling about this. What if… it’s a trap?

Emo: Calm down, Admiral Ackbar. Why would Dane plot such an elaborate ambush for Cayle Murray tonight?

Williams: Because it’s Eric Dane.

Emo: … fair point.

Cayle, however, seems relatively convinced that he’s not been tricked, and walks through the lot without hesitation. A sharp whistle from off screen catches his attention.

Murray: Eric.

As is natural around The Only Star, Cayle’s posture tenses, and his pace slows.

Murray: You’re standing underneath a giant picture of yourself. Why am I not surprised?

He pauses for an Eric Dane laugh. It doesn’t come.

Murray: You sent for me?

Dane: I did. Watch this.

The Only Star’s cellphone comes flying at the Scot, who deftly plucks it out of the air. The confused Scot glares at The Only Star.

Murray: What am I doing with th--

Dane: I ain’t got time for this s(redacted) tonight, “lad.”

The voice is rife with frustration.

Dane: Press play.

Not wanting to raise Eric’s ire any further, Cayle thumbs the giant symbol in the middle of the screen, and the footage starts rolling. The TV cameras don’t catch the minor details, but a James Witherhold-shaped creature occupies the screen.

Then it departs. A few seconds later it’s replaced with another, and a flurry of violence.

Murray: … what?!

Complete disbelief. Cayle looks up at Dane.

Murray: No bloody way…

Almost completely unable to move, Cayle just stands there, phone in his hand. Dane plucks it from his fingers and slides it back into a pocket.

Dane: Yes way.

Murray: Where’d you get this?

Eric jabs a thumb at the Rumor Man.

Cayle: Stan?

The Scot turns to Stan, who puts his hands-up.

Stan: I can’t reveal my sou--

Dane: Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the person on that footage just became a huge problem.

Eric looks Cayle dead in the eye.

Dane: For both of us.

Despondent, Cayle puts both hands to his head, closes his eyes, and let’s out a long, deep sigh.

Murray: I-... I don’t understand.

Dane: I'm sorry, kid.

Cayle looks up.

Murray: For wha--?

Before he can finish, Eric Dane's fist smashes Cayle in the mouth.

Williams: Hey!

Murray wobbles, but he hasn't time to fire back. Dane grabs him by the head, then by the belt, and throws him head-first into the side of the truck! A dent forms, and Cayle falls to the concrete, limp. Dane lets out a long, rueful sigh.

Emo: Never trust The Only Star, Jen. What a fool.

Williams: C'mon, Doc! Murray didn't deserve that.

Emo: I'm not saying he did. It's just the cost of doing business with the Big Bad.

Eric stands over Cayle's fallen body.

Dane: It ain't personal this time, Cayle. Business is business.

With his business concluded, the former UTA Champion slowly walks away.

Emo: Did you hear that, Jen? Dane's tone almost sounded regretful...

Williams: Eric Dane just laid Cayle Murray out in the parking lot, but what the hell did they just watch?!

Emo: Your guess is as good as mine, but it looks like the Colton Thorpe whodunit just got busted wide open again. If it wasn't James Witherhold, then I have no clue who's behind this grand mess.

Williams: What an awful situation this is turning out to be. Let's head elsewhere...

All or Nothing Graphic


An All or Nothing Announcement

Emo: That’s quite the graphic, isn’t it?

Williams: Absolutely. If he wants to recapture the UTA Championship, Eric Dane will have through hellfire and brimstone at All or Nothing.

Emo: That was cheesy.

Williams: Cheesy but appropriate, Doc. Speaking of All or Nothing, I’m being told that El Jefe himself, Michael Lorenzo, has an announcement for us backstage! Let’s take it to Jamie Sawyers!

The feed cuts to the backstage area. Michael Lorenzo stands in front of his office door -- evident by the gold name plaque -- along with Jamie Sawyers, who smiles from ear-to-ear.

Sawyers: Thank you, Jennifer. Folks, I’m joined at this time by none other than Michael Lorenzo…

The boss nods.

Sawyers: … and Michael, I’m told you have some big news for the UTA faithful!

Lorenzo: I do, Jamie. As we all know, All or Nothing is just three weeks away. Last week, Eric Dane and I came to the agreement that the UTA Championship would NOT be defended in the battle royal, as is tradition, and that the winner would receive number one contendership instead.

Following every word keenly, Jamie nods.

Lorenzo: Dane may no longer be champion, but that stipulation stands. Additionally, in light of a spate of complaints from our other champions over the evening…

Williams: We saw Kendrix openly complaining to Lorenzo earlier, of course.

Lorenzo: … I’ve decided that it’d be unfair to expect them to defend their titles when if our main strap isn’t up for grabs. Therefore, this year’s All or Nothing rumble will determine the contenders to each of our five title belts, and the incumbent champions’ reigns shall remain in-tact.

Williams: Whoa! Huge news, Doc!

Emo: Absolutely, Jen. I guess Kendrix, Stevens and co. can breath a little easier now.

Lorenzo: That doesn’t mean our champions are getting it easy, though. Each of these belts will be contested in separate singles matches before the rumble itself.

Jamie smiles.

Sawyer: Michael Lorenzo, thank you for your time.

The feed switches back to our announce team.

Williams: Well the champions are going to be pleased, but how do you think this is going to sit with the rest of the roster?

Emo: No idea, Jen, but if Jackson isn’t defending, nobody else should be defending. It’s the right decision.

Williams: It’s tough to disagree with that, Doc.

Scott Stevens vs. El Trebol Jr.


Williams: After that blockbuster announcement, it’s main event time, folks! El Trébol Jr. gets his second shot at UTA gold, and this time, it comes against our reigning Wildfire Champion!

Emo: This is Stevens’ first defence of the belt he took from Colton Thorpe a few weeks ago at Season’s Beatings. That was a HUGE victory itself, but I can almost guarantee that El Trébol Jr. is unlike any competitor he’s ever faced before.

Williams: A midget luchador with two redneck sidekicks and a green bodysuit. I’d say that’s a safe assessment, Doc, but Trébol’s had quite the impact here in the UTA, and already has a win over the reigning UTA Champion, Sean Jackson, to his name.

Emo: You’re absolutely right, Jen. This is gonna be one hell of a fight!

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the UTA Wildfire Championship!

The slow intro to "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya" begins to play over the PA system as the anticipation is built until those very words are spoken. Green and Black pyros fire off up and down the stage as El Trébol Jr bursts out from the back into the ramp.

Williams: Losing to Kendrix the other week was a setback, but don’t think it’ll hinder El T’s performance tonight.

Emo: This Little Green Bean fights with a passion that belies his diminutive size, and that win over Jackson is particularly pertinent tonight…

Williams: Absolutely! Stevens fell to Jackson just a couple of weeks ago. While Trébol’s still a clear underdog here, he’s already one-upped Stevens in that regard.

Announcer: Introducing the challenger! Making his way to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts… he stands at 4’7” and weighs-in at 120lbs...

As the music intensifies, the mini luchador practically runs down the ramp before leaping into a slide under the bottom rope.


Rolling forward to his feet, Trébol clambers onto the nearest turnbuckle, throwing his little arms high into the air, rocking out to the song for a few moments before it finally dies away. Then, dropping to the mat, he moves over into his corner to await the start of the match.

Williams: How do you rate his chances tonight, Doc?

Emo: He absolutely has a chance. A lot of people laughed when this guy first appeared on the scene, and while hanging around with the Dibbins Boys has contributed to that, nobody can take away from his in-ring performances.

Williams: His size will always hinder him, but it does give him a significant speed advantage over the lumbering veteran Stevens. Let’s see if he can outpace the big man!

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The opening guitar riffs and “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.

Emo: A bad man with a bad attitude, Jen.

Williams: Stevens’s morals have taken a significant downturn since winning the strap. It’s almost like the success is going to his head.

Emo: On the contrary, Jen. I feel like Scott Stevens is finally figuring-out what he needs to do to be a UTA success, and that’s become one of the meanest competitors in the company.

Announcer: … aaaaaaaand his opponent!

The jeers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.

Announcer: He is the reigning, defending, UTA Wildfire Champion...

Walking down the aisle, Stevens almost laughs as he stares El Trébol Jr. down.

Announcer: Standing at 6’6”, and weighing in at 256lbs…

As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and stares down at his opponent.


An icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions as he drops to the mat.

Williams: Stevens looks extremely confident tonight.

Emo: As he should. He’s a big hoss going into a fight with a leprechaun, and he’s developed a real champion’s attitude in recent spats with Cayle Murray and Ron Hall.

Williams: I just hope he isn’t taking Trébol lightly. The little man is no joke, and if Stevens overlooks him, he’s in for a rude awakening.

Emo: Hard not to overlook a guy who’s two feet shorter than you. Am I right?!


Emo: Fair enough.

Motorhead cuts, and the bell rings. Stevens, having handed his Wildfire Championship to the referee, clenches and unclenches his fists, eyeing-up his pacing opponent. He lets a smile creep across his face again he stands almost perfectly still, awaiting El Trébol’s first move.

Williams: Looks like Stevens is in no hurry to get things started.

Emo: Indeed. All he has to do is get hold of El Trébol once, but getting hold of him is a challenge in itself. There’s no need for Scott to tire himself out early-on.

The After Hours GM’s first move is to run the ropes, just to gauge a reaction from Stevens. The champ stays stoic as El Trébol stops a few feet away from him, then turns at a 90 degree angle and runs again. This time, the Green Bean stops himself from even rebounding.

Williams: Interesting approach from El Trébol here, testing the waters before diving-in.

Emo: And he’s smart not to dive-in against a beast like Stevens, Jen. Like I said, one big power move and El T’s night is over.

Unsure how to read the Wildfire champion’s lack of reaction, El Trébol keeps prodding. This time he charges right at the Texan, and baseball slides beyond him. Stevens is relatively slow to turn, allowing El Trébol time to fire-off a couple of leg kicks, then hit the ropes before trouble finds him. El T ducks beneath a big boot on the rebound, bounces back again, and front dropkicks Stevens in the knee! Scott takes a tumble, and El Trébol backs off a little.

Williams: What a flurry from the After Hours head honcho! A couple of quick darts, followed by the first significant shot to Stevens’ vertical base.

Emo: And he didn’t jump-in like an idiot after wobbling Stevens either, and instead took a few steps back before Scott could get his hands on him. Great start.

Clutching his knee, Stevens slowly rises back up to his full height. He sees his bodysuit-clad opponent across the ring, motioning for him to come forward, and momentarily sees red. Stevens stomps towards El Trébol with menace, but the Green Bean rolls out of the ring before Scott can grab him!

Williams: El Trébol goes to the outside…

Emo: But here comes Stevens!

As soon as Scott Stevens gets to the outside, El Trébol turns on his heels and takes off around the outside. Stevens takes his first sprinting step, then stops himself, realising what’s happening. The Texan wags his finger and rolls back inside.

Emo: Ha! Scott’s wise to this! El Trébol was trying to tire him out by starting a chase, but Stevens sidestepped the trap.

Williams: Smart work from both of them, and El Trébol’s still on the outside.

Now it’s Stevens’ turn to call his opponent forward. El Trébol starts climbing the ring steps, drawing Stevens towards the corner, before ascending to the top turnbuckle. Scott swipes at him, but El Trébol hops over his head, and rolls across the ring to safety! El Trébol takes refuge in the opposite corner, and Stevens turns, shambling towards him once again.

Williams: The evasiveness continues, but here comes Stevens!

Before Scott is even halfway across the ring, El Trébol dashes out of the corner. He hits the ropes and comes back. Recalling the last time, Stevens throws a low kick, but El T jumps over it, lands on the mat, and forward rolls through. Back on his feet, he shoulder blocks the back of Stevens’ knee!

Emo: Ooof!

Williams: The Champ’s on his knees!

El Trébol throws some sharp elbows into Stevens’ kidneys! The Texan’s back arches in pain, but he’s able to start rising to his feet, but the back of his legs take a pounding from some more Green Bean leg kicks. Nonetheless, Stevens rises through the strikes, but when he turns around, El Trébol is nowhere to be found.

Emo: Jeesh, this guy is ridiculously quick!

Behind Stevens, El Trébol attacks the knee with another shoulder block. Again Stevens drops, but this time, his opponent takes a few steps back, then comes at him with a bulldog!

Williams: Down goes Scott Stevens!

Emo: Kiss the mat!

El Trébol Jr. applies the lateral press.


But Stevens’ forcefully pushes him off with both hands! As the After Hours GM rolls away, the big man starts getting up.

Emo: There’s that first display of Scott Stevens’ power, Jen, and it comes from a kick-out. That says a lot.

Williams: It does. This has been all El Trébol Jr. thus far! He’s using his speed and agility expertly, and is evading Stevens at every juncture.

Emo: The Scorpion’s gotta get his hands on the little man very, very soon, because he’ll blow-out has gas tank if he has to chase him around the ring much longer.

Williams: Make no mistake though, Stevens will be well aware of this predicament. He’s a wily ring veteran with decades of experience, and he won’t allow himself to make any silly mistakes.

Both wrestlers are back on their feet. El Trébol opts for a different approach this time, sprinting around one side of the ring, then doubling-back, and heading in the opposite direction. Scott Stevens feints to the right, forcing the quicker man to the left and adjusts his own stance to back him into the corner.

Emo: Stevens working the angles now.

Scott can’t get his hands on El Trébol, though. The little guy steps between the top and middle ropes, and runs across the apron. Once halfway across, he climbs back into the ring and runs to the ropes again.

Williams: El Trébol escapes again, but here comes Stevens!

El Trébol hears the lumbering Texan coming, hops up, and springboards off the second rope. The dropkicking hits Stevens square in the chest, stumbling him backwards.

Williams: Big move by El Trébol! Stevens is wobbling!

El Trébol, again, runs to the ropes, hops onto them, and uses the spring to propel himself at the champ. This time, however, Scott catches him…

Williams: Oh no…

Emo: Ha! Trébol went for a cross body, and he’s about to go SPLAT!

Stevens throws his body backwards, and sends El Trébol flying with the fall away slam!

Williams: There’s that power move that El Trébol had done so well to avoid.

Emo: That’s a big one, Jen! We’re about to see the tides turn.

Wearing a big smile as he climbs back to his feet, Stevens dusts his hands off, then turns to Trébol. The smaller man is in some degree of pain as Scott yanks him up by the head, then tosses him effortlessly into the corner. Stevens fires-off a series of rights and lefts to the body, crippling El Trébol’s comeback before it can begin, before doubling him over with a knife-edge chop.

Emo: And now, Jen, the punishment begins!

El Trébol stumbles out of the corner, clutching his leg, but Stevens hooks his arms from behind. The Texan pulls him high into the air, and drives his shoulders into the mat with a big full nelson slam!

Williams: Jesus Christ!

Emo: Stevens is now in firm control, Jen, and all it took was a couple of moves. That’s the advantage he has against El Trébol.

Williams: I’m not too sure about the condition of his leg though. Stevens looks to be walking with a slight limp. The focused attacks seem to have taken something away from him.

Emo: That doesn’t matter when you’re not chasing a leprechaun around though, Jen.

With his opponent down, Stevens covers.



But El Trébol kicks out.

Stevens just smirks, rises to a knelt position, and shakes his head.

Williams: It’s gonna take a bit more than that to put El Trébol away, Doc. This guy’s got heart.

Scott wraps his arms around El Trébol’s torso and deadlifts him off the mat. He pulls backwards with the gutwrench suplex…

Emo: He landed on his feet!

A little wobbly, sure, but El T’s catlike agility comes through! He ducks beneath Scott’s attempt to grab him, and kicks the leg again!

Williams: El Trébol is back in this!

A second kick sents Scott to the knelt position, and El Trébol steps back, dashes forward, and spins around Stevens’ head.

Emo: Tornado DD--

Williams: NO!

As El Trébol comes back around, however, Stevens grabs his little body and slides him across his shoulders. Scott falls backwards, neutralising El Trébol with a big Samoan drop!

Emo: I knew this would happen eventually, Jennifer! A third power move in relatively quick succession, and the Little Green Bean is out of commission.

Williams: He’s not out of the fight, but Stevens is just too good a wrestler to not inflict some serious offence sooner or later. It took a while, but he’s really cooking now.

Back on his feet, Stevens wanders across the ring instead of continuing the assault. He leans against the ropes, catching his breath.

Emo: A lot of mileage on that body, Jen. This is some valuable recovery time.

Williams: But he can’t be too lax, Doc. For all the punishment he’s taken, El Trébol can spring into action out of nowhere.

Stevens, however, goes back to his challenger before that can happen. He puts hands on El Trébol and hoists him back to his feet. A knee that would hit a normal man’s gut catches El Trébol in the solar plexus and stumbles him to the ropes. Scott follows and puts two hands to El Trébol’s throat, blatantly choking him.

Williams: C’mon, ref!

The referee rightly begins the count, but Scott pulls El T away from the ropes before he’s in any real danger of being DQ’d. Stevens wrenches Trébol’s little arm, then cleans him out with a big hook kick.

Emo: That’ll clean any man’s clock, let alone a guy who’s 4’7” short.

Williams: Stevens is known for his power game, but also brings a significant striking acumen to the fight.

Emo: He’s as tough as old boots, and can dish it out with the best of him. Those qualities, coupled with his newfound ruthless streak, make him a worthy Wildfire Champion!

Standing tall over his fallen challenger, Stevens mockingly kicks El Trébol softly in the side a couple of times. Laughing hard, he lets him get to all fours, before coming forward and punting him viciously punting him in the stomach!

Williams: OHHHHHH!

Emo: Just like Jack Black in Anchorman, Jen! That’s how Scott Stevens rolls!

El Trébol falls towards the corner. Stevens pulls him out of there, then makes the cover.



No! He kicks out!

Emo: Another let-off, Jen, but I don’t see how El Trébol gets back into this one. Scott Stevens is hitting him hard, and he can’t use that speed and agility when lying flat on his back.

Williams: His odds of winning diminish every time Stevens hurts him, but you can’t rule him out, Doc! Even though his back’s against the wall, El Trébol Jr. has demonstrated an ability to overturn lopsided odds plenty of times already.

In full offensive flow and in firm control of the match, Stevens once again pulls El Trébol to his feet. This time he tosses him onto his shoulders….

Williams: What’s he gonna do here?

… then drivers him into the mat!

Emo: Houston, We Have a Problem! That Death Valley Driver is one of Stevens’ favourite moves!

And again, Scott makes the cover.


Emo: This must be it.



NO! El Trébol Jr. kicks-out!

Emo: What the--?! How does he keep doing this?!

Williams: El Trébol kicks-out AGAIN! And look at the frustration from Stevens!

Stevens bashes two balled fists into the mat, then turns to the referee, holding-up three fingers.

Emo: Calm yourself down, Stevens!

Williams: The champion’s really getting riled-up now! El Trébol is proving to be incredibly tough to put away, despite all the damage he’s sustained, and Stevens isn’t liking it one bit!

Despite his rising blood pressure, the Scorpion gets back up, wipes the sweat from his brow, and grabs his opponent. He tosses El Trébol’s head between his thighs, and throws an arm in the air.

Williams: This is it, folks. Stevens is looking for the Spike Piledriver.

Emo: Finally, the Wildfire Champ puts this bold challenger out of his misery.

Stevens pulls El Trébol up. He hoists him into the air and readies to drop down.

Williams: Wait!

But El Trébol’s smaller stature comes to his rescue! He bends his knees, cross his legs and feet around Stevens’ head, and uses his core strength to sit himself up!

Williams: Great escape from El Trébol!

Emo: He’s not out of there yet, though!

El Trébol throws his fist into Stevens’ skull furiously. Stevens adjusts, and with his opponent still in the air, looks to throw him down with a powerbomb! He lifts him several inches over his shoulders, but El Trébol pushes his foots into Stevens’ forehead and flips free of the big man!

Emo: How the hell?!

Williams: He’s out! El Trébol is out!

On his feet but wobbling from all the damage taken, it takes El Trébol a moment or two to steady himself. Raging, Scott Stevens lunges at him, but Trébol ducks under the charge!

Stevens turns around…


Williams: He hit it!

Emo: Running groin headbutt! That’ll knock anyone down!

Knowing there’s no time to waste, El Trebol heads to a corner and climbs up the turnbuckles. It takes him a few moments to steady himself.

Williams: Can he do it, Doc?!

Emo: This is his last chance, Jen! He’s gotta pull this off!

Williams: One final shot to win! Here comes El Trebol Jr.!

The Moonsault is perfect, and El Trebol lands on Stevens’ shoulders as intended. Then comes the Inverted Frankensteiner…

Williams: Al Ver Verde!


Williams: What a move, Doc! What a move! And now the cover!


Emo: Kick-out, Stevens!


… 3!!!

Williams: WHOA!


Williams: What a win, what a comeback!

Dropkick Murphys start playing over the speakers, and El Trebol Jr. climbs to his feet, both arms in the air.


Emo: I can barely believe what I’ve just seen, Jen!

Williams: What a huge comeback! El Trebol felt the full brunt of Scott Stevens’ brutal offence tonight, but his continued kick-outs really frustrated the Texan!

Emo: In the end, when Stevens went for the piledriver, Trebol fought his way out of an incredibly tight spot, found his opening, an executed perfectly! It’s a huge, huge victory for the little man!

The new champions clutches his belt in both hands, admiring the prize.

Williams: El Trébol Jr. has only been a UTA wrestler for a few months, but he’s already put the World Champion away, and now he’s got a belt of his own! What a story!

Emo: From hanging-out with the Dibbins Boys to capturing one of the most prestigous titles in the game! Tonight belongs to El T!

Williams: Folks, we’re running out of time tonight! Thanks for joining us!

As the copyright symbol appears in the bottom corner, Victory goes off the air with a final shot of the new Wildfire Championship hoisting his belt in the air.

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