Victory XLIV

11 Jan 2016

Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey (seats 13,800)


The Monday Night Victory logo fades in from black and dominates the screen. As it does, James Brown starts kickin’ it with “Living in America,” and the logo pulses until we hit the first chorus. As it drifts into the background, we switch to the arena, and the camera pans around hordes and hordes of screaming fans.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. We catch a few fan signs as the camera flies by…





From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are LIVE from the sold-out Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey for another action-packed edition of Victory! I’m Jennifer Williams, and alongside me, as always, it’s newly-minted Hall-of-Famer… Dr. Emo!

Emo: Thank you, Jen! It’s a pleasure to be here as always, and it’s been a pleasure to serve this company throughout my career! I just wanna say a quick “thank you” for everything, and I look forward to continuing my UTA service behind this booth!

Williams: Awww, Doc! That was almost cute!

Emo: Don't ever call me “cute” again.

Williams: What a night we have ahead of us, folks! The Colton Thorpe whodunit saga rumbles on! Eric Dane’s crosshairs are firmly focused on Cayle Murray, and both men will be in the house tonight!

Emo: I wouldn’t wanna be in Cayle Murray’s shoes tonight, Jen! The Big Bad Wolf’s coming for the precious little lamb tonight!

Williams: You know who I wouldn’t wanna be?! Mikey Unlikely! He stole the big Jamaican’s prized fedora, and Lisil’s gonna be on the warpath!

Emo: Aside from that, we kick things off with Marie Van Claudio – fresh off a Match of the Night performance against Jeff Andrews – taking-on Santa Claus, and Lew Smith taking-on the returning Abdul bin Hussain!

Williams: Two huge matches, and they keep getting bigger! Jeff Andrews puts his undefeated streak on the line against Mikey Unlikely! What a clash this is gonna be!

Emo: I’m having a hard-time picking a winner there, but how about Lisil Jackson vs. Perfection?! Lisil’s already put away one former UTA Champion in Yoshii – can he do it again?

Williams: 2015’s “Most Popular Wrestler,” Cayle Murray, returns to action against the feisty, confident Amy Harrison, in a match Marie Van Claudio, Eric Dane, and a host of others will surely have their eyes on!

Emo: And then it’s main event time, Jen Jen! Eric Dane! Will Haynes! The UTA World Championship! It doesn’t get much bigger than this!

Williams: Absolutely, Doc. Haynes is the only man to pin Dane in his UTA career thus far! Can Dane exorcise this ghost and erase the one blot on his UTA resume, or does Haynes really have The Only Star’s number?

Emo: I guess we’ll find-out in due course, Jen! Let’s get this show on the road…

Guilty as Charged


A burst of TV static rips through the arena. The lights die momentarily, before everything bursts into life with the breakneck intro to Bad Religion’s “Sinister Rouge.” The song’s as recognisable as the crowd’s reaction is predictable.

Williams: What a reaction for Cayle Murray, Doc!

Emo: Yeah, not bad for a guy who probably ended Colton Thorpe’s career last week.

The Scot appears through the storm of lights and lasers at the top of the ramp and starts making his way down the ramp.

Williams: You’re still set on that theory, huh?

Emo: You saw how he lost control after the Madman match, Jen, and nobody else has as much beef with Thorpe as Murray does. It’s the best evidence we’ve got, and it all points at Cayle.

Williams: Do you really think he’s that guy, though? I don’t think violent, bloody assaults are in Cayle’s repertoire, Doc. He’d sooner knit Colton Thorpe a sweater than jump him in the parking lot.

Emo: Character is subjective, evidence is not. Either way, let’s see what he’s got to say.

His descent is slowed by stopping to slap hands with some fans, but Cayle’s soon hopping on the apron and climbing into the ring. He makes no time for theatrics, and calls for a microphone right away. It’s thrown to him, and Cayle raises it to his lips, waiting for the music to cut and the crowd’s reaction to die down.

Murray: Good evening, Atlantic City!

This, of course, fires them up again.

Emo: Pffft. What a cheeseball.

A smile breaks Cayle’s previously stoic mask, but only momentarily.

Murray: As always, I am flattered and humbled by your warm welcome. You’re the reason I do this, and I promise you, all I ever strive to be is someone worthy of your respect…

The Scot paces back and forth a couple of steps.

Murray: But unfortunately, “striving” isn’t always good enough.

Williams: What’s he talking about?

Emo: He’s setting-up the admission of guilt, Jen. Pay attention…

Cayle pauses for a moment. Uncertainty hangs in the air.

Murray: Last week, I did something I am deeply ashamed of, and I owe you all an apology.

Emo: See! What’d I tell you?!

Williams: Wait… no way…

Murray: I’m trying to set an example around here, and show the world that a man can get ahead without resorting to the methods taken by the Danes, Unlikelys and Deans of the world. But I don’t pretend to be a perfect human, and I’m just as prone to mistakes and lapses as anyone else in this building tonight…

The pacing returns, and Cayle’s expression grows in earnest with every passing word. He pulls the mic to his lips again.

Emo: Oh come on! Hurry up and admit it…

Murray: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am truly sorry for what happened after my match with Madman.

Emo: Ha! I told you s-- hey, hold on…

Murray: I lost control. I let the red mist descent, and that just isn’t good enough. I can’t even pretend to be the man I say I am unless I come-out here, hold my hands up, and apologise to each and every one of you. As soon as that man spat in my face…

Jeers, of course, ring-out.

Murray: … I felt nothing but white-hot anger, and it didn’t subside ‘til Jeff pulled me off his limp body. That’s not the man I want to be, and I promise you, I will do everything in my power to make sure it never happens again.

Williams: You look disappointed, Doc.

Emo: Pah, I still say he wiped Thorpe out. I don’t know why this wet blanket’s apologising for beating the tar out of Madman, though: I’d have taken his throat out.

Williams: It was a truly disgusting act by Madman, absolutely, but Cayle’s trying to be the kind of guy who takes the moral high-ground in sit--

Emo: “Takes the moral high-ground?!” Madman SPAT in his FACE, Jen! A few fists to the face was the LEAST Cayle could’ve done!

Murray: But ont--

Before he can spit it out, Zac Brown and Chris Cornell interupt him. “Heavy is the Head” rings through the speakers heralding the World Champion.

Emo: Here we go! Business is about to pick up now!

Williams: Ha! Where’d you steal that line from?

Eric Dane, with the World Title over his shoulder and Bobby Dean in tow, bursts onto the scene and makes a mad dash down the aisle to the ring. It’s everything Bobby can do to keep up with the champ.

Emo: Doesn’t look like the Champ’s in a good mood here tonight!

Williams: Is he ever?

Emo: Yeah, right after he kicks somebody in the mouth.

Williams: You know, he does tend to do that fairly often.

A microphone is offered the The Champion as he ascends the stairs and enters the ring but he ignores it. Cerulean blue eyes flash anger toward Cayle Murray, who’s already tensed for the coming fight. Once inside the ring The Only Star paces back and forth while Bobby Dean slides in under the bottom rope and puts himself between Dane and Murray.

Deciding that he’d rather say a few words after all, Dane starts demanding the microphone he’d only just ignored. A moment of scrambling passes before it is received. Eric’s attention is immediately on Cayle Murray.

Dane: You!

He pauses, snarling at the Scot.

Dane: You son of a sniveling little BITCH!

Murray: What’s your problem, lad?

Dane: My problem is you, having the sack to strut out here and apologize for letting your temper take over as you beat Szalinski into a coma, all the while ignoring the fact that YOU put Colton Thorpe in the HOSPITAL! HOW DARE YOU?!

That’s it, Cayle has had it. There’s a look in his eyes suggesting he’s exasperated his patience with the Champion.

Emo: Don’t do something stupid, Cayle!

Williams: I hate to agree here, but picking a fight with Dane and Bobby Dean is definitely not a good idea! I mean, it’s worked so well in the past, yanno.

And that’s when everything hits the fan.

The timing, it’s almost… Perfect.

“Perfect Gentleman” begins to play.

Jeers and Boos fill the arena. Eric Dane might be the UTA’s Big Bad, but absolutely nobody likes James Witherhold. As such, the former two-time UTA Champion appears and the boos get louder. The Champ’s attention diverts momentarily from Cayle to Perfection and then back.

Williams: Oh great! What does this guy want?!

The former champion takes the extended mic from a ringside attendant as he saunters his way into the ring. The tension is palpable with four men in very close proximity, and two of them looking to put a beating on somebody before the night’s out.

Perfection: Let’s nip this whole thing in the bud, shall we?

All eyes on James Witherhold.

Perfection: I did the dastardly deed.

Eric Dane rolls his eyes. Cayle Murray, unsure of why Dane isn’t pouncing on Perfection’s head, doesn’t quite know what to make of all of this. Bobby Dean keeps eyeballs on both men and waits for his cue.

Dane: You’re full of sh(redacted)t.

The Champion’s attention returns to Cayle Murray. Not to be outdone, Perfection continues to speak, stopping Dane in his tracks.

Perfection: Am I? Are you sure? Young Mr. Thorpe was surely left lying in a crumpled mess and a pool of blood, and you really think Cayle here is capable of such violence? You already know that I am!

Witherhold lets the grin form naturally.

Perfection: Let me tell you, Eric: that look in his beady little eyes as he collapsed in a pool of his own blood, his consciousness slowly drifting away…

He pauses.

Perfection: My ONLY regret is that you weren’t there to see it!

Emo: Oh, God…

Williams: He really did it, didn’t he?! James Witherhold eliminated Colton Thorpe!

Dane snarls at Perfection, baring his teeth.

Dane: Fine. Your funeral. Bobby?

And Bobby pounces into action. He doesn’t lunge at Perfection though, rather at Murray. Bobby rushes the Scot into the corner and uses his still considerable girth to smother him there. Dane drops his prized title belt and doffs his suit coat.


As the words interrupt what is about to be a rematch from last week, a flood of extra-beefy security types materialize and begin surrounding the ring.

“We’re not doing this again!”

The voice belongs, of course, to Michael Lorenzo. Inside the ring Bobby Dean still has Cayle hemmed up in the corner and the World Champion makes a lunge at Perfection. The already swarming security drones flood the ring.

Williams: This has descended into mayhem, Doc!

Emo: Thank God for our security team! Lord knows they’ve been earning their salaries lately!

As hard as Dane and Dean try to continue the melee, they just can’t. There are too many security guards, and they’ve soon wedged the two warring parties apart, creating a wall of humanity between them.

Michael Lorenzo’s at the top of the ramp, mic in hand.

Lorenzo: Eric, Bobby… my office! NOW!

You can almost see the steam coming out of Lorenzo’s ears.

Lorenzo: James, you’ll be escorted back to your locker-room, and Cayle?

Two of the burliest guards pressure Witherhold out of the ring.

Lorenzo: Don’t think I’m not watching you either. Let’s move!

There’s no way the Only Star and his charge can get at Cayle or Perfection, so begrudgingly, they accept their fate. The massive swarm of guards surround them, forcing them out of the ring and up the ramp.

Emo: Whoa! Lorenzo just laid down the law!

Williams: This is exactly what happened last week when Eric Dane tried to hold the show hostage, Doc! Now the boss has had enough, and he’s not gonna take it any more…

Emo: It seems Perfection took Colton Thorpe out after all, but our night is only getting started. One things for sure, though: this isn’t gonna sit well with ANYONE.

Can't believe my eyes!


The scene opens to the backstage area. Mikey Unlikely is walking down the hall with a huge smile on his face, his gym bag slung over his shoulder. The fans boo as he comes onto the screen. He looks relaxed.

Emo: Hey look, Jen! It's The World's Greatest Entertainer!

He rounds the corner of the hallway and approaches the locker room area. Mikey reaches a door marked “Hollywood Bruvs”. He stops to admire the sign for a moment, before pushing the door open.

Williams: And he's not alone, either...

Inside Kendrix sits on a bench, dressed in a pair of jeans and a “Hollywood Bruvs” t-shirt. Kendrix looks up and see’s Mikey. His eyes wide, something is off…

Kendrix: Hey Bruv! What’s happening!?

As Mikey walks into the room, Kendrix hides the screen of his cell phone which sits in his hands.

Unlikely: Not much, flight got delayed a bit, but I’m here. Ready to take out Jeff Andrews! Hollywood Bruvs on top this week!

Kendrix smiles, but his eyes nervously glance down at his phone, he seems to be contemplating something. Mikey notices the change in his buddies demeanor. He gives him a look of frustration.

Unlikely: What is it? Something’s got you rattled? Hey, you seen that damn Fedora? you didn’t pick it up last week when they kicked me out did you? That would be great!

JFK looks to the ground and shakes his head slowly. He sighs heavily and stands up. He walks over to Mikey and puts a hand on his shoulder. Mikey is growing more curious by the second.

Kendrix: Listen, Yeah!? I have to show you something, but you gotta try to keep your cool. Ok?

Mikey’s face tightens up, Jesse wouldn’t act like this unless it's bad news.

Kendrix: Is Mary Jane around?

Unlikely shakes his head.

Unlikely: She’s here, but I sent her out to get some stuff done, she’ll be by later, why?

Jesse sighs again.

Kendrix: Here goes nothing, bruv...

Kendrix brings up his phone, and rewinds the clip he was watching. He starts it from the beginning. It’s a clip of last week's Wrestleshow. We see Mikey and Kendrix hanging out. Mikey in the OG Thumper suit. Kendrix fast forwards past the scuffle where they carried Mikey out of the building. He stops the video and lets Mikey watch Mary Jane hand the Fedora over to Lisil Jackson… Mikey’s eyes go wide as we’ve ever seen.

Williams: Whoops!

Emo: Well that's not going to sit well!

Unlikely looks up to Kendrix, then back to the phone. He doesn’t believe his eyes. His facial expression slowly turns from shock and confusion, to blind rage as he reddens. Kendrix sees it right away and attempts to calm his friend down. He puts his hands up.

Kendrix: Woah… Hey! It’s all good bruv! Listen, just sit and…

He can’t finish his sentence, Mikey turns and begins slamming his elbow into a locker. Over and over he beats the hell out of it. Unlikely throws his bag across the room and heads for the door.

Kendrix: MIKEY! Wait! Remember man! Stay focused! Tonight is about Jeff Andrews…

The door shuts behind Mikey who is off to find Mary Jane.

Williams: Well this night sure is getting off to an explosive start!

Emo: Tell me about it! I can't believe MJ gave Lisil that stupid hat back! She's no fun at all...

Marie Van Claudio vs. Santa Claus


The big screen fades in to show a giant red sleigh being pulled by eight reindeer pull out behind the black curtain that separates the backstage area from the center of the arena. The air conditioning kicks on in the arena, and soon, all of the fans are plunged into a cold, chilly atmosphere. A light snow begins to fall from the rafters (blatantly shaved pieces of ice). Sitting inside the sleigh is the impressively huge mass of Santa Claus and his beautiful, young, hot wife Mrs. Claus, who smiles warmly at Santa as he drops the reigns and stands up in the sleigh. He looks around and smiles as he now hops down quite spryly for an "old" man. His false beard whips around in the wind, giving quite a strange and bizarre look to a man wearing a Christmas outfit.

Williams: I appreciate the festivities, Doc, but isn’t it a little late for all this?

Emo: It’s far too late, Jen, but I’ve heard word that this might be the last appearance on Santa’s UTA contract. The holiday season is over, and the big man’s heading back to The North Pole.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Santa holds up his hand and helps his wife step down from the sleigh. Santa now reaches inside his sleigh and grabs one red and one black Christmas sack made out of crushed red and black velvet material, respectively. Santa chuckles to himself as he slings the sack around himself and catching it on the side of his back around his shoulder. He now hums a merry little Christmas tune as his face tics up into a friendly, yet mischievous smile.

Announcer: Introducing first, hailing from the North Pole! He stands at 6’2”, and weighs in at 700lbs… SANTAAAAAA! CLAAAAAUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!

Mrs. Claus comes to a standing position next to her husband as he now climbs into the ring. He opens the crushed red velvet Christmas sack and begins to toss red and green wrapped Christmas gifts out into the fans. They rabidly stomp, shove and trample over one another just to get one of the gifts. Santa just chuckles inside the ring.

Williams: What do you reckon the chances are of Santa picking-up a Victory in his farewell appearance?

Emo: Certainly not hopeless. Marie Van Claudio put in a near career-best performance last week, but Amy Harrison’s always lurking, and MVC hasn’t always fought to her full potential here.

Williams: The Amy factor is critical. Their bad blood is really boiling over, and I’d be very surprised if the redhead doesn’t try something here.

The black Christmas sack, however, remains closed and is currently resting in Santa's corner. He now pulls on the ropes and bellows out a mighty "HO...... HO...... HO!" at the top of his voice.. with the fans all chiming in right along with him. He now leans over in his corner as the big breasted Mrs. Claus whispers something to him, as they both await Santa's opponent to make his entrance.

Announcer: And his opponent!

Love Made Me by Vixen plays as the fans are cheering .

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she sees the fans looking at her and clapping. She begins to walk down the ramp with everyone clapping.

Williams: It’s been quite the change in attitude for MVC lately, and it’s really starting to manifest as a growth in fan support.

Emo: Let’s see how it works out for her. This new respectful approach is all fine and dandy, but what’s the point if it doesn’t pay dividends in the form of victories?

Marie keeps on walking to the ring as the fans are giving her applause. She stops for a good moment and acknowledges them.

Announcer: Making her way to the ring from Montreal, Quebec, Canada…

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at Santa Claus.

Announcer: Standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 127lbs…

Marie looks at the referee and before getting on the bottom rope and bounces on it before getting off.


Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing.

Williams: That really was an impressive performance against Jeff Andrews last week. Marie didn’t come away with the win, but she left everything out there on the canvas.

Marie moves back and forth while waiting for things to behind.

Emo: It was the best we’ve seen MVC since she almost defeated La Flama Blanca, and this is a very winnable clash for her, despite the size discrepancy.

Before the bell rings, Marie moves towards the centre of the ring and offers Santa a shake. Jolly Old Saint Nick gladly accepts, and the match is underway.

Williams: Great display of showmanship to kick things off!

Emo: Blergh. Where’s my sickbag?

MVC circles the waddling Santa, obviously unwilling to tie-up with a man five times her size. She moves-in sharply, forcing a commitment from Santa, but pulls away from his grasp, skips to the side, and steps back. As Santa turns around, Marie dashes, then baseball slides beyond him before unloading with a few kicks to those tree-trunk legs.

Williams: You wanna talk about a size discrepancy? How about the speed discrepancy here.

Van Claudio goes to the ropes again. This time, Santa throws a slow clothesline, but Marie ducks beneath it and continues across. Rebounding a second time, Marie comes back with a running dropkick to Santa’s chest, sending him falling against the ropes.

Emo: Jeez, Marie is just running rings around Fatso.

Williams: As she should, Doc. It’s her most obvious path to victory. Marie’s known for her technicality, but it’ll be difficult to tie those huge Santa limbs into any submission holds.

She gives Santa the briefest moment to catch his breath and regain his senses, before dashes at the festive plodder again, and throwing herself at his torso.

Williams: Cross bod—

Emo: No! Santa caught her!

Santa carries his opponent towards the centre of the ring.

Emo: This is bad, Jen!

But Marie digs into his gargantuan gut with elbow after elbow. She does enough to wobble Santa and neuter the attempted Fall Away Slam, and as soon as she slips out, Marie’s back on her feet.

Williams: That could’ve been a momentum-shifter! Say what you will about Santa’s lack of speed, but he’s freakin’ HUGE compared to Marie!

Emo: All it’d take is one of those big power moves to make her night a whole lot more difficult, Jen.

MVC goes after Santa’s vertical base again, chopping away with another barrage of leg kicks. Santa fights through the pain, however, takes her arm, and Irish Whips her into the corner. She’s dazed for a second, Marie, but recovers just as Santa musters the closest thing to a “run” that he’s capable over.

Williams: Look out!

Fortunately, Marie darts away from the corner, and Santa’s splash connects only with the turnbuckles!

Emo: Whoa! Saint Nick almost pancaked Marie!

Williams: Credit to her for working her way out of a couple of potentially nasty situations.

The impact knocks some air from Santa’s lungs, and he comes out of the corner holding his chest. MVC doesn’t let-up, and dashes beyond her hefty opponent again…

Emo: What’s this?!

… before leaping onto the ropes, sprinboarding back, and landing on Santa’s shoulders!

Williams: Springboard Hurricanrana!

Emo: Santa hits the deck! What a move!

Marie’s first instinct is to hook the leg.



But Santa kicks-out!

Williams: That was a close one, Doc! Marie has been in complete control since the bell rang, and the fans are really showing their appreciation.

MVC’s wearing a big ol’ smile when she rises to her feet, and acknowledges the crowd’s positivity with a bow. Noticing Santa’s predicament, she looks down at her struggling opponent, then back up to the crowd, who start chanting…

Emo: Wait… are they suggesting what I think they are?!”

Sure enough, “SCOOP SLAM! SCOOP SLAM! SCOOP SLAM!” reverberates around the building, and Marie bends down, grabbing a handful of Santa’s waistband.

Emo: She’s going for it! Marie Van Claudio is summoning her inner Jeff Andrews!

But she quickly abandons the notion and let’s go, shaking her head, laughing heartily.

Emo: Awww, come on!

Williams: No way is a woman of Marie’s size lifting Santa Claus, Doc!

Emo: Yeah, but it would’ve been hilarious to see her try!

Instead, Marie hops onto the apron, then climbs onto the top rope as Santa starts rising to his feet!

Williams: Here we go! Marie Van Claudio is looking to end it!

Santa’s wheezing, and despite Mrs. Claus’ desperate calls, he’s helpless as Marie flies through the air, then drives him down into the mat.

Williams: Montreal Spin-Out!

Emo: That could be all!




Williams: What a performance!

The bell rings and Marie quickly rises to her feet, letting the referee raise her hand in the air.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by way of pinfall… MARIE! VAAANNNNNN! CLLLLLAAAAAAUUUDDDDDIIIIOOOOO!

Emo: That was certainly decisive, Jen Jen.

Williams: Marie absolutely dominated this one. She used her quickness and agility advantage superbly, and before you knew it, Santa was lying on his back, taking the pin.

Emo: I’m impressed – perhaps this new direction is reaping rewards for MVC after all.

As much as her small frame will allow, Marie aids Santa to his feet, then holds the top two ropes apart for his exit.

Williams: And there’s that sportsmanship again, Doc! I’m loving the new Marie!

I'm calling you out, Woman to Woman


With her theme song playing, Marie goes to ringside and grabs a microphone and rolls back in the ring. She gets back on her feet and raises the microphone in the air.

Williams: I think MVC wants to have a word with the fans!

Van Claudio: Can you kindly pause my music please?

The people in the back cut out Marie’s music, leaving everyone in Atlantic City murmuring about what could happen.

Van Claudio: You know, I have a lot of things that I have to get off my chest regarding what’s been happening to me.

Emo: I think I know where this is going.

Williams: MVC has a right to get this off her chest! I’m slowly getting a newfound respect for her.

The fans know exactly what this is about as they begin to boo, but Marie shakes her head.

Williams: Even the fans know about it.

Van Claudio: I know how you guys feel, and quite frankly, you have every right to be angry!

She takes another deep breath and looks at the fans.

Van Claudio: For the past couple of weeks since the match where I did NO wrong doing in the match, Amy Harrison comes up and attacks me for her own mistakes that cost her. It’s always blame Marie this, Blame Marie that!

Emo: Amy does like to play the victim, I won’t deny that.

The fans are booing at that, knowing Amy is being a coward.

Van Claudio: And it’s getting to the point where I’m starting to get TIRED of it!

The fans are cheering as Marie is finally putting her foot down regarding this.

Van Claudio: As of today, I’m putting my FOOT down with this! Amy, if you want to face off against me like a women then you better be standing near the gorilla position….

The fans cheers are getting louder as they know what’s possibly going to happen.

Van Claudio: And as a WOMAN, I’m calling you OUT face to face!

Williams: WOW! This “new” MVC is not being pushed around by Amy any longer! Good for her!

The fans are cheering as Marie looks at the ramp and paces back and forth. Just then Amy’s theme song comes out as the fans begin to boo while Marie is pacing. Amy does with a microphone, but stops at the top of the ramp.

Williams: Amy out here and it obvious she didn’t take too kind to it.

Harrison: Wow Marie, I’m liking this attitude of yours. It’s good to know that you can actually act like you have a set now.

Amy smirks a bit as the fans are booing at her as Marie shows off that she always had one, causing the fans to cheer at Marie.

Harrison: You can keep trying to spin your little story as much as you want, saying that I’m only attacking you because of my mistakes, but you know damn well that all of this going on between the two of us is YOUR fault!

Emo: See? What did I tell you?! She’s playing the victim.

The fans are booing as Amy leans back causing Marie to go back on the microphone.

Van Claudio: My Fault? Sweetheart, it was NEVER my fault to begin with in the first place!

Williams: You tell her, Marie!

Harrison: It was your fault for bringing me in here? Don’t you remember? You brought me here to help get you to the top, and when that didn’t work, you just brushed me aside, leaving me to rot. But that didn’t happen, did it Marie?

The fans are booing at Amy with Marie starring daggers at her.

Van Claudio: I brought you in here so we could prove to everyone that a Van Claudio and a Harrison COULD get along after years of our families going at it. However, it was YOU that broke that trust!

Emo: For once, I agree with Marie. Amy did break that trust while Marie was trying to do her good.

Marie paces around in the ring.

Van Claudio: You see Amy, you’re always trying to PLAY the victim and trying to twist words around. It started a couple of weeks ago with me “costing” you and then last week with the stunt you PULLED on Lorenzo!

Amy stands with anger as Marie goes back to talking.

Van Claudio: Leading to the point where once again, you attacked me!

Amy smirks about it as she claps her hands.

Van Claudio: You can have a smirk all you want on that smut face, but one day, I’m going to come up and play YOUR game!

Emo: I wouldn’t play the game though…..

The fans are cheering as Amy doesn’t like that as she stomps her feet.

Van Claudio: I’m going to cut this short and sweet because I’m challenging you to a FIGHT, not a match, a FIGHT!

The fans are cheering as Marie is waiting, but Amy raises the microphone.

Williams: Marie JUST challenged Amy to a fight!

Emo: But Will she accept?

Harrison: Oh yes, where have I heard that one before? You are just like the rest of your family. They all want to sound and act tough, but only when they’re far away like we are now. I bet you if I was right up in your face right now, you’d be shaking in your boots.

Marie waves her hands and tells her to bring it on.

Van Claudio: You want to make a bet?

The fans are cheering as they are about to throw down.

Van Claudio: THEN DO IT!

Williams: I cannot believe Marie just dared Amy! Will Amy accept and back her words up?!

A loud “DO IT” chant blooms in the arena as Amy walks down, but stops in the middle as the fans are booing.

Harrison: Do any of you honestly believe I’m going to buy into your nonsense?

The fans are booing as Amy just backed down.

Harrison: When we do go face to face, it will be on MY terms, not yours!

Marie stands there and looks pissed at Amy.

Harrison: You got a problem with that? I’d like to see you do something about it. But I know you won’t.

Amy’s theme song kicks in as Marie stands in the ring, leaving her to think considering that Amy has a match against Cayle Murray tonight.

Williams: Amy just told Marie that she would fight her on her OWN TERMS, but judging by Marie’s face, I think she has an agenda.

Emo: Amy does indeed have a match, but she just pretty much told Marie to “Do something about it”

Deal with the Devil


Eric Dane is not a happy man.

Dane: You wanna tell me what the HELL that was about?

Michael Lorenzo doesn’t care in the slightest.

Lorenzo: That was called a show of power. You need to understand that you are not the man in charge here, I am! And I’m not going to have you holding every show hostage or beating up whomever you please based on whatever whims you may have-

Eric interrupts.

Dane: They guy ADMITTED to taking out Thorpe!

Lorenzo: So?

Stevie Wonder could read the indignation on The Only Star’s face.

Dane: SO? So you expect me to sit there and take it? Do you even understand what an affront it is to my reputation that he’s still walking right now?!

Lorenzo: Get over yourself, Eric.

Hatred flashes in the eyes of the Champion.

Dane: The f(redacted)ck did you just say to me?

Behind the champion, Bobby Dean tenses. He’s getting quite the education on his boss’s tells, and right now he’s not entirely sure the boss isn’t gonna reach over the desk and rip Lorenzo’s arms off. Of course, he’d have to do it quickly considering the army of security goons surrounding both of them.

It’s actually very cramped in the office of Michael Lorenzo at the moment.

Lorenzo: Look, I’m not the enemy here. But it is my job to run this show with a modicum of respect and authority. You’d be doing me a favor if maybe you could stop trying to kill everyone who crosses your path.

Dane snorts.

Lorenzo: Until then, though, you’re going to have to deal with an attache of my finest security personnel at all times.

Dane: I’m going to what?

Lorenzo: This is only a temporary thing, Eric. Just until i can trust you.

Dane: You’re putting the livelihood of these men in danger.

Lorenzo: They volunteered. Hazard pay, what can I say.

Eric stands to leave. About ten of Lorenzo’s finest move in unison with him. Bobby Dean can’t decide if he should try to find a cadence with them or stick out like a sore thumb. Eric doesn’t notice, he only has eyes for Lorenzo.

Dane: This isn’t going to last.

Lorenzo: We’ll see.

Emo: This is big, Jen! Eric Dane can’t rule the roost if he’s got a crack security detail following him around like a bad smell!

Williams: Thank goodness, I say. Nothing good can happen around here with The Only Star running around dishing-out vigilante justice.

Just as Dane is about to make his leave, however, he stops himself.

Lorenzo: We’re done here, Eric.

Dane: No we’re not.

He shakes his head.

Dane: You want something from me, I want something from you.

Lorenzo: Oh, really, what is it that I want from you?

Dane: For me to stop the headhunt. So that you don’t have to keep paying forty extra security goons to keep everybody in check.

Lorenzo: And what, exactly, do you want from me.

The Only Star almost smiles.

Dane: All or Nothing.

Lorenzo: What about it?

Dane: It’s a clusterf(redacted). Of epic proportions. I don’t want anything to do with it.

Lorenzo: And so?

Dane: Take me out of it?

The boss looks like Eric Dane’s just slapped his mother.

Lorenzo: You’re kidding, right?!

Dane: Think about it. You put thirty or forty guys in the ring, you make them try to kill each other, you sell a Pay-Per-View on it, and then the winner faces me! You sell another Pay-Per-View. It’s business, Mike.

Emo: Heh. Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself…

Tapping his fingers together and furrowing his brow, Michael Lorenzo is deep in concentration. He looks back-up a few moments later.

Lorenzo: And you’ll call off the headhunt?

Dane: You have my word.

The Champion takes his leave, followed closely by Bobby Dean and the gaggle of security assigned to his person. Lorenzo stands-up behind his desk, raising his voice.

Lorenzo: Eric.

Eric Dane, for the second time, cuts his eit short

Lorenzo: Here’s how it’s going to go down. You’re going to call of your little manhunt…

The Only Star feels it coming.

Dane: … and?

Lorenzo: And I’m going to pull the UTA World Championship from the battle royal, and award contendership to the winner.

Emo: Whoa! Are you kidding me?!

Lorenzo: But you’re not getting off scot-free, Eric. Whoever holds that belt -- whether it’s you or Will Haynes -- is gonna have to defend it in a separate singles match at All or Nothing. But you’re gonna have to uphold your end of the bargain, because if you make one sli--

Dane: Like I said. You have my word. Now call off your dogs.

There is an awkward moment.

Lorenzo: No.

Awkward turns tense.

Dane: Excuse me?

Lorenzo: You’re going to have to deal with the security detail for the rest of the evening. Call it a show of faith.

The Only Star deadpans.

Dane: Fine.

Lorenzo: And your man Bobby Dean will not be accompanying you to the ring for your match tonight.

The Champ’s eyes go wide.

Dane: Anything else? You wanna tell me which tights to wear? Maybe you wanna tell me what strategy to use against Haynes?

Lorenzo: Don’t be an asshole, Eric. You got what you wanted out of me, now why don’t you go start preparing for your match tonight.

Eric stares at him for a lingering moment.

Dane: Fine. But you and me, we’re not finished.

And with that, the Champ finally makes his way out of Michael Lorenzo’s office.

Williams: Can you believe it, Doc?! What a huge announcement!

Emo: That shakes the UTA to its very core, Jen! The UTA Championship ISN’T going to be on the line in the battle royal?!

Williams: Dane really bargained his way out of that one, but he might not even be champion by then! He’s still gotta defend against Will Haynes tonight

State Of Address


Emo: Oh God! I've just read who’s next.

Williams: Oh yeah, I forgot that he was back with his associates.

Emo: I hate this guy for what he took from me...

A voice from what seems to be the heavens opens up the darkness.

“Your freedom comes on the backs of others that have suffered for it. Do you recognise this or do you arrogantly go about your days without a feeling in that shell of yours? Be it on the backs of the Natives of your country that you murdered to near extinction as they are so different from you or is it the kidnap victims that were stolen from their homes and families to be slaves to your ways. Their lives meaning nothing for you as they are not of the same skin colour as you. Then you think that the whole world should forget about this if you wipe it under the carpet and deflect it out into their domain.”

A large American Flag flutters majestically through the window of the room. A television sits in the corner shows the viewers all sorts of American iconic sites; Children playing in the streets, baseball games, parades through the streets, troops in the Middle East. Those images dissolve into footage of various terrorist attacks from around the world including 9-11 until; finally, the ISIS flag with two scimitars underneath filled the screen.

Laughing comes from behind the camcorder recording this iconic scene. The figure holding the camera pans it around the room.

Boos start coming from the arena.

Two figures stomps into the centre of the room; one is dressed in combat fatigues and has his face covered with an Arabic headscarves and the other, a woman is dressed head to toe in a burqa. The man stands in front of the other. He swings his head from side to side, his glare from behind the headscarf drilling into the UTA viewers watching from their living rooms.

The boos slowly quiet down after a while.

It is Abdul bin Hussain and his sister Nazirah. Abdul can't believe the reaction that they are getting. He brings the microphone up.

Abdul: We should have expected this reception from you...

The boos erupt again.

Laughing Abdul walks around the room, soaking up the response from the crowd.

Abdul: Just because I am the pride of our nation of Iraq you people think it is good to boo us? I should expect this from you Americans.

The boos are louder than ever.

Abdul: Oh how original of you. You sit there on your obese asses booing the greatest prospect this company.......NO! This Country has ever seen. You disrespect me? You disrespect the Iraqi people? You disrespect the Arab nation? What is it with you people? Are you so scared of people that are different from yourselves? Are you so afraid of change? Well let me point it out to you. Abdul Bin Hussain is the real thing. You think that the media portrays all Muslims as terrorists that it is true? If that was true the rest of the world would believe that all American’s are bigoted, gun toting morons.  

Abdul smiles as he looks around.

Abdul: Bit too close to the bone? Do you think that because I am from Basra, Iraq that I will run into the arena with a suicide vest and blow you all up? I have seen the looks you give us. I have seen how racist you are with us.  

He laughs as he walks around the room.

Abdul: Why would I return to the UTA? Why would I want to come back interrupting some pathetic slack jawed curtain jerker waste all of our time? You forget one thing; I have survived in a war zone, brought on by your War mongering country by that half-witted excuses for Presidents, George Bush and Barak Obama?  

The crowd boos even louder.

Abdul: If I could fight my way around a war torn Basra, I can hold my own in this country........Why do I keep saying that? It is another reason why this country is holding people like me down. It is an outrage. It is disgusting, and you should all be ashamed of being a part of what some say is the most civilized country in the world.

The crowds cheer.

Abdul: Why do you cheer? Are you so naive? Are you so stupid? I see it, do you? Not only will I destroy the pathetic British infidel tonight as I have bigger fish to fry but I vouch that I will get my UTA World Championship belt back.

He looks directly down the camera lens.

Abdul: I have returned to finish what I started, this time I will not be taking prisoners. There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.

He extended his hands out before him. Slowly he turns and looks down the camera lens with a smirk on his lips.

Abdul: Praise is to Allah!

The screen fades to black before returning to ringside.

Williams: He’s calling out the champ?! That's a bold move, especially with the mood Eric Dane's in tonight...

Emo: I never did get a rematch against this guy. Heh...

Shit meets fan


We open to the vendor area. Mary Jane is standing, drinking from a D&G cola talking to a member of the UTA Staff. She is smiling and having a good time.

Emo: First she gives the fedora back, then she's drinking Lisil's favourite beverage. What the hell is going on here, Jen?!

Williams: Your guess is as good as mine.

Things change in an instant, when Mikey comes from out of nowhere. He places a forearm onto Mary Jane's chest and pins her against the wall hard! The staff member for a brief moment thinks of saying something, Mikey shoots him a glare, and he takes off.

Unlikely’s chest is heaving up and down and sweat drips from his forehead.

Unlikely: You f(redacted)ing Bitch!

She claws at his arm, but he is not loosening up. She struggles to get comfortable.

Unlikely: I saw what you did. You lying, conniving… You go behind my back? Give that useless piece of shit, MY PROPERTY! What were you thinking?

She starts to say something, Unlikely isn't having it.  He pulls his face in, to within inches of hers. She tries to turn away, he follows.

Unlikely: You have lost your mind… Did you not see what I did to Will Haynes? Did you not see what I’ve done to Lisil? Do I need to show you, YET AGAIN, what I am capable of? How much more can you cost me? How many more bad decisions does your junky ass need to make before you’re cut loose? I should end you, here and now.

The camera turns to see Lisil Jackson step into the picture slowly taking off his fedora.

L. Jackson: Brudda I suggest ya take ya hands off o’ her…

Lisil says putting down the bottle of D&G Jamaican cola setting it on a nearby table. When Lisil Jackson puts his bottle down… You know it’s about to get real!

Looking over his shoulder, Unlikely sees the Jamaican. Mikey smiles slowly and lets go of Mary Jane. She coughs a few times, trying to regain her breath.

Unlikely: Or what Lisil!? You going to put me in a headlock again?

He says as he walks over to Jackson, they are now chest to chest.

L. Jackson: I suggest ya back….

Before he can finish the sentence Mikey’s same elbow from earlier flies up and catches Jackson in the mouth. Lisil takes a step back, puts his hand to his mouth, looks at Mikey in disbelief.

L. Jackson: Oh ya dumb mudda!

Jackson charges tackling Mikey to the ground. Both men throw  a flurry of fists, forearms, and elbows. They roll around as people start yelling for help.

It takes a few seconds but Security finally shows up to separate the two. They both continue to kick in the direction of one another.

L.Jackson: I told ya mon! No one messes wit me fedora!

Lisil Jackson reaches over to grab his bottle. Unlikely being carried away once again. He points at MJ.

Unlikely: We are through! You are on your own! Take that ring and shove it up your ass.

The scene fades.

Emo: What?! It's... it's over?!

Williams: She's better off without him, Doc.

Emo: Better off without him?! Mikey is that girl's meal ticket!

Williams: Pffft. Whatever. If this is the way Mikey treats her for doing the right thing, this is definitely for the best...

Lew Smith vs. Abdul bin Hussain


Announcer: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL. Making his way to the ring first.

The house lights come down and pyro follows the quick bursts of notes during the intro of “If You Want Peace…” by Children Of Bodom. The lights flicker along with the addition of the fast guitar. Both pryo and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epouc colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses on the word “GO!”

Announcer: Standing at six one...weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds...he is the Ominous Angel...LEWWWWWWW SMIIIIITHHHHH!

The lights rise and to the ring out of the back springs the Angel himself. He’s cloaked in a caple like robe. He gets to the ring and flips the hood off revealing himself. The crowd cheers.

Williams: Could’ve been World Champion, Lew Smith with a chance tonight as he takes on the returning Abdul Bin Hussian.

Emo: And I don’t know ABH is still allowed to travel with the company, Jennifer.

Williams: Come on Doc, let’s not start with that, not already!

Seether’s “Call to Pray” booms out over the PA system. The crowd begins to boo almost instantly. The Iraqi flag is shown on the screen, out steps Abdul Bin Hussian. By his side his sister Nazirah, in her Burqa, as well Rafiq carrying the Iragi flag. The fans boo loudly.

Emo: No doubt that Abdul illicites a certain emotional charge from these fans, Jenn.

Announcer: Hailing from Basra, Iraq...standing at six feet two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and forty two pounds...he is ABDUL...BIN...HUSSSSAAAAAIN.

The fans boo as Abdul and company reach the ring. Abdul walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring, his eyes trained ahead at Lew.

Emo: Abdul, a former World Champion, with his sights set on making one of hell of an impact in his return to the UTA.

Williams: Safe to call this one a battle of the former World Champions? Lew held the belt for a time too!

Emo: Three seconds doesn’t count as a title change, Jennifer.

Abdul loosens his neck side to side before starting to make his way to the middle of the ring to greet Lew. Lew is ready and surges in for a tie up. Abdul uses his size advantage to push the smaller man back into the ropes, whipping him hard across. Lew off the far side as Abdul rushes a knee into the air connecting to the former World Champion’s sternum, flipping him over and sending him hard to the mat.

Emo: Lew Smith sent around like a whirlwind there.

Williams: Abdul wasting no time making a statement here, Doc.

Abdul beckons for Lew to get his feet. Lew is holding his chest in pain. The fans boo.

Williams: Fans not liking having Abdul back here.

Emo: He’s a fierce competitor, Jenn. That’s for sure.

Lew to his feet, with the help of a handful of ring ropes. Abdul rushes, hard clothesline, Lew ducks underneath and drives a palm up catching the Iraqi underneath the chin. Instantly Abdul’s hands come up, checking for blood. Abdul turns to the official barking about the shot. The official nods his head indicating it was indeed legal.

The fans give Abdul a bit of business about this from the front row. Abdul shouts over the top rope point out to them drawing more boos from the crowd.

Williams: And Abdul had better focus on what’s going INSIDE the ring instead of what’s going on OUTSIDE of it.

Emo: I agree with you, Jenn, but this guy always has some sort of tunnel vision about him.

As Abdul turns back a roaring forearm shot from Lew is delivered, connecting to the former Champion, driving him back into the ropes. Lew presses forward quickly, sending the Iraqi into the ropes. Lew pulls his wrist and sends him across.

Williams: Lew with a quick surge here.

Emo: Off the ropes comes Abdul.

Lew leaps into the air for a dropkick but Abdul slams on the breaks, the dropkick misses it mark. Lew rolls quickly to a knee and pops up.

Williams: Abdul with a hard Lariat.

Emo: Lew ducks it!

Lew is around on the other side and he turns into a Crescent Kick that catches Abdul in the chest, halting his forward progress. Lew doesn’t hesitate he dives to the knee, and thrust a shoulder into the cap, dropping Abdul to one knee.

Lew steps back.

Williams: Lew Smith with a head of steam!

Inziguri to the side of the head sends Abdul into a heap.


Emo: Abdul powering out!

Williams: Amazing combination from Lew Smith there.

Fans make some noise in appreciation as Lew pushes up. Abdul is up as well, Rafiq barking orders from the outside, slamming his fists on the mat. Abdul stares a dagger into Lew as he gets to his feet.

Emo: Ought oh, that look!

Williams: If I was Lew Smith, might be a little scared.

Abdul storms forward, he throws a clothesline, Lew ducks it again but as Lew passes behind him Abdul throws a Superkick catching the man who was ALMOST World Champion in the head and sending him heaping to the mat.

Williams: Wow! Pure devastation from Abdul.

Emo: Lew Smith is seeing stars.

Abdul presses down.


Williams: Shoulders up! Lew is still in it.

Abdul sits up, he begins yelling at the official. He thinks the count was slow. Rafiq barks more of the same. The official tries to settle both men. Abdul is angry backing the official up the ropes at the same time Rafiq pops up.

Emo: No way to treat a UTA official, Jenn.

Williams: No way indeed.

The crowd stirs, from behind Abdul, Lew smith charges, he leaps into the air. The official sees it, he ducks. Lew dropkicks Abdul into Raqiq. Both men spill out of the ring and onto the floor in a heap, as the crowd explodes.

Emo: Heads up thinking by Lew Smith!

Williams: Two birds, one Lew! There’s a new tagline for you.

Lew isn’t done yet. Both men stand on the outside, Lew pushes off the near side, bouncing back off of the far side. As he approaches the near side he launches himself through the middle of the rope with a Suicide Dive, taking both men out. Slamming Abdul into the security barrier. The crowd once again roars.

Williams: Lew Smith showing the resolve tonight!

Emo: Looking good so far.

Lew doesn’t stop there although the official urges him to do so. Lew hops up onto the security barrier, he leaps off, looking to land a hard Superman Punch to the face. But that doesn’t go according to plan.

Emo: Abdul snatches Lew out of the air.

Abdul has caught Lew and he brings Smith up and over with a hard suplex, landing Smith hard onto the floor outside. The crowd boos, letting Abdul have it. Abdul barks back to them.

Emo: This match is incredible. Athleticism on display from the word go.

Abdul stomps a boot into Lew’s head, and then another. Another. He picks Lew up and whips him hard into the corner of the security barrier. As Lew slumps down Abdul surges forward and washes Lew’s face with a big knee.

Williams: Lew Smith in trouble here.

Emo: He needs to get himself out of this precarious situation.

Abdul turns away, barking to Rafiq and off the charge goes. He returns briefly with the Iraqi flag. Abdul waving it to the crowd, as they reign down a series of boos.

Emo: Abdul giving the crowd a show here.

Williams: As he tends to do.

Abdul turns to charge Lew once again with the flag, but as Abdul gets close enough Lew throws a shoulder forward catching Abdul. Abdul bends over and Lew is in the air fast, bringing a knee down hard onto Abdul’s neck. The former Champ falls, the Iraqi flag falls as well and the crowd works itself into a frenzy.

Williams: Lew Smith won’t go down.

Emo: Rafiq scrambling over to get that flag.

Lew picks up Abdul and dumps him under the ropes. Lew slides in and pulls Abdul to his feet. There’s a knee placed into the side of Abdul’s stomach, another one, another, another one. Like DJ Khaled. Lew then picks up Abdul and goes for the suplex, but AbH slips out the back!

Williams: Abdul is loose!

Bin Hussain drills Lew into the mat with a reverse DDT, then rolls him onto his stomach...

Williams: Uh-oh! You know what's coming!

Emo: Arms of Allah!

Squatting over Smith, Abdul traps the arms and pulls back with his patented Camel Clutch. Lew writhes and struggles within the hold, before the grim realisation sets in.

Emo: Lew Smith is stuck, Jen! We got a... stuck Lew Smith!

There's no way for Lew Smith to go, and the tap is elementary.

Williams: He's done it! Abdul Bin Hussain has defeated Lew Smith!

Seether blasts around the arena once again as AbH stands up from Lew's fallen body, celebrating.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by way of submission... ABDUL! BIN! HUSSSSSSSSAAAAAIIIIINNNNN!

Williams: It was a typically gutsy Lew Smith performance, but in the end, AbH got the job done. Solid comeback win!

Emo: Even I can admit that was an impressive victory, Jen. Abdul hasn't missed a step.



In the back, we see Amy Harrison walking with a look of satisfaction on her face about what she said to Marie. Suddenly, Kate Kincaid comes up behind Amy.

Kincaid: Amy! Amy! Can I have a word with you?

Amy stops in her tracks and turns around while looking annoyed at Kate.  

Harrison: Great, what is it this time?

Kate looks at her with a questionable look on her face.

Kincaid: Why did you say one thing about facing off against Marie Van Claudio and then backing down at the last minute?

Harrison: That’s it? Well, it’s simple, I’m just pulling at her strings. I know how to tick her off, I know how emotional she can get in these situations, so why not try to use that against her? It’s simple mind games, if you think about it.

Kate looks at her and shakes her head at Amy.

Kincaid: You did that, but you sort of gave an “open invitation” and dared Marie to try and attack you. That says a lot considering that you were the one that said it!

Harrison: Please, have you seen the last few times we’ve been face to face around here?

Amy keeps her eyes on her.

Harrison: They’ve all ended up with Marie down on the floor and me walking all over her. Even if she tries to get the first strike on me, do you really think it’s going to end any differently?

Kate doesn’t move at all.

Kincaid: Well, maybe you need to watch yourself for you own good after your match with Cayle Murray. Do you think you're ignoring him when he’s the one you are dealing with tonight?

Harrison: Oh, no, no, no. I’m definitely not ignoring him. I’m just giving him the same amount of respect that he has been given me, which is close to none. But don’t get me wrong, I’m fully ready for him tonight, and it’ll be a piece of cake to get the 1, 2, 3 over him.

Williams: I wouldn’t want to say that.

Kincaid: Considering what has happened on the last show, he’s very angry about the accusations against him. Of course, we've now found-out that Perfection was behind the attack, but Cayle's fired-up. I wouldn’t be so confident.

Harrison: He’s angry at me? Good! That’s what I wanted. If he’s got an unstable mind going into the match, he’s going to get reckless trying to get his revenge, and that is where I will take the advantage.

Amy keeps on eying her as Kate’s seen backing up.

Harrison: Do you honestly believe that everything that I’ve been saying has been nothing but mindless jabbering? No, no, I know exactly what I’m doing.

Kate doesn’t say anything.

Harrison: Listen, you can keep questioning everything that I’m doing here, but let’s just get one thing perfectly clear right now. I don’t really give a damn what you think, or what anyone else in UTA thinks. I know what I have to do to get to the top, and if you don’t like it? Well, you know.

Amy walks away as Kate shakes her head at what Amy just said.

Emo: Amy needs to stop worry about her confidence and worry about Cayle Murray tonight.

Williams: You're not wrong. This is a huge match and a huge opportunity for her: she can't afford to blow it.

Locker Room Talk


Knock. Knock. Knock.

The sound is coming from the locker room door of the challenger for the World Title, Will “the THRILL” Haynes. Haynes dressed in a pair of joggers, white trainers, a gray thermal, and a hoodie answers the door. There stands Jamie Swayers.

Emo: It's about time we heard from the challenger!

Haynes: Jamie, good t’ see you. How you been?

Swayers: Good, Will. Good. Thanks for askin’. You mind if I get some words in advance of tonight’s Main Event?

Haynes shrugs his shoulders.

Haynes: Sure, sounds good t’ me. Come on in.

Swayers steps in the room. Thrill closes the door. The camera crew pick a spot that’s good for them as they keep shooting. Haynes sits. Swayers stands.

Swayers: Well, first, congratulations. Not many people thought you’d even get this far.

Haynes smiles.

Haynes: I know, right? It’s like people don’t realize how hard I worked this last year. I mean really since I came int’ the UTA ya know. I’ve been grindin’. Proud a’ some a’ the stuff I was able t’ do here.

Swayers: Like your performances in both All or Nothing last year, and the Ring King tournament this past summer?

Haynes nods his head.

Haynes: You hit the nail right on the head, Jamie. Only Sean Jackson got the drop on me in that All or Nothing match. N’ Ring King - well you’ve seen the match. You saw Beckman tap out.

Haynes shrugs again.

Haynes: Certainly opportunities that I wish I could get back, but they ain’t on my mind tonight. Tonight is all about the opportunity right in front a’ me. An opportunity t’ once again put Eric Dane down, n’ this time I get t’ walk out World Champion.

Swayers: Pretty nice, right?

Haynes again nods.

Haynes: Really nice.

Swayers: You worried that this one here tonight could become another opportunity that passed through your hands?

Haynes stops to think about it for a second.

Haynes: I wouldn’t say that I’m worried, Jamie. I’m anxious for sure. I don’t wanna wait around no more. I just wanna get t’ later tonight, ya know.

Swayers: Anxious. Got it. I don’t blame you honestly. It’s a huge spot for you.

Haynes: Yes it is. N’ I can’t wait t’ get out there.

Swayers: Alright Will, good luck tonight. Hope it’s a big night for you.

Jamie sticks out his hand. Haynes shakes it. Both men nod, Swayers sees himself out. Back to ringside.

Williams: Strong, strong words from Will Haynes.
Emo: High on confidence and ready to go! I can't wait for this one. 

Jeff Andrews vs. Mikey Unlikely


Stacy Sinclair: The following contest is set for one fall, with no time limit!  Introducing first!

♫ I'm a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ Well I'm really mad and I'm really old ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And it's time I sacrificed all my love ♫

As "Gods and Punks" by Monster Magnet blasts out, Jeff Andrews storms out of the back, and doesn’t stop at the top as he usually does.  Instead he marches his way towards the ring.

Sinclair: Hailing from Deadman Crossing, Ohio, and weighing in at 264 lbs!

His customary flashpot pyros go off, and Andrews turns around and flails an arm in their direction before spinning back around, stumbling, and resuming his walk to the ring.


Andrews reaches out to slap a few outstretched hands.

♫ And if you don't like what you see ♫
♫ Go ahead and take it out on me ♫
♫ I'm the Big Pig Apocalypse - ♫
♫ - and I ain't hard to please! ♫

Williams: Is it just me, or does Jeff Andrews look a little bit wobbly on his feet?

At ringside he doffs his leather jacket and drops it on the ringside mats, then rolls into under the bottom rope. He bolts madly across the ring to test the ropes, then on the rebound leaps to the middle and top ropes, raising both fists above his head.

♫ I'm a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And I take what I take because I want what I want ♫
♫ And tonight I'm gonna rock with the Gods and Punks ♫

Williams: I have to question whether he should even be out here.  In addition to that wound he’s got on his mouth courtesy of Eric Dane’s boot, he’s obviously unsteady and not quite right.

Emo: I have a suspicion I know what’s going on, but let’s just wait a bit, and see how the match goes...

Andrews drops back into his corner and ignores the ref as he checks for foreign objects, never taking his eyes off the entrance ramp.


"Blunt Blowin'" by Lil' Wayne rings out. The lights in the arena turn dark green and the crowd begins to boo.

♫ I live it up like these are my last days ♫
♫ If time is money, I'm an hour past paid ♫

The beat picks up, Mikey in his wrestling gear, comes through the curtain, and heads straight for the ring. He isn't laughing, he isn’t smiling like usual.

Emo: Wow, Mikey looks pissed.

Williams: After what went down earlier, wouldn’t you be? 

Emo: Of course, Jen! Lisil Jackson's got his hat back, and Mikey's not gonna stop at taking it out on MJ! Jeff's in for a FIGHT!

His head straightforward, he slides into the ring.

Sinclair: Hailing from "The Burbs", standing at five feet, eleven inches tall, weighing in at 225 lbs.

The crowd showers him with boos. He stands with both hands extended, welcoming them. Unlikely goes right to his corner and starts stretching out. .

Sinclair: Representing The Hollywood Bruvs this is...MIKEYYYY UNLIKELY.

Williams: He’s ready to get this one started.

Emo:I don’t think we’ll be seeing Mary Jane at ringside tonight, shame.


As if they had the same thought, both men rush at each other the second the bell rings.

Williams: And we’re starting this match off with a brawl and-

Emo: Correction, we’re starting this match off with Mikey Unlikely getting knocked on his ass.

Both men were throwing overhand rights, but Andrews has 40 pounds and some sort of martial arts background over Mikey, and he bowls Mikey over.  Mikey jumps back up, leads with a punch, eats another punch and drops.  This time he simply rolls from the ring.

Emo: Mikey doing a fine job of feeling out his opponent and getting under his skin at the same time.

Williams: How do you figure? I saw Andrews level him twice, and-

Emo: He was getting the feel for Andrews’ reach and speed, and now he’s stalling to get him off his game.

Mikey grabs a random chair and throws it at the ringpost then screams at the timekeeper.

Emo: And now he’s um… testing the ring’s structural integrity.  

Mikey turns on a particularly vocal fan, and Andrews decides he’s had enough of this stalling.  He runs the ropes to gain speed….

Williams: TOPE CON HILO by Jeff Andrews!

Mikey is knocked flying to the side and Andrews lands on his feet but plows into the barricade.  When he gets up, there’s a steady drip of blood coming down his face.

Williams: Andrews banged up, looks like he hurt himself on the guardrail, but he’s stalking after Mikey.  Irish whip - reversed!

Mikey puts the breaks on as Andrews tries to throw him into the stairs, and instead throws Andrews into the ringpost.  Andrews tries to catch himself on the ring apron, but only succeeds in pulling down the side banner.

Emo: Awesome, the ring crew’s gonna love fixing that during the commercial break.

Mikey gets into a half crouch.  As Andrews slowly stands, Mikey runs and hits him from behind with a jumping knee.  He then rolls Andrews back into the ring.  Inside the ring, he puts the stomps to Andrews, then drapes him over the bottom rope.  Mikey stands on his back, pulling on the ropes as the ref starts the count.

Williams: Mikey’s trying to be the first person to put a stop to Jeff Andrews here in the UTA.  It’s a tall task for him though, or at least should be, but-

Emo: I have a feeling Andrews is drunk.

Williams: That’s not funny!

Emo: I wasn’t joking.

Mikey pulls Andrews off the ropes and executes a Falcon Arrow, hanging on for the pin.

Williams: One! Two! And a shoulder up!  Mikey brings Andrews up, Irish whip, Andrews grabs the ropes!

Mikey rushes in and Andrews back drops him - but Mikey catches the top rope and manages to land on the apron.  He reaches over the ropes and, Andrews being too bald for a hair grab, grabs him by the nose and face and yanks him backwards.

This also aggravates the busted lip.

Williams: Oh come on!

The ref warns Mikey, but Mikey merely throws a knee right into Andrews' face! Jeff staggers backwards against the ropes, and puts a hand to his lip.

But that's not the only part of his face that's bleeding.

Emo: Oh no...

The knee caught Jeff on the eyebrow, and has opened a considerable wound. Blood immediately starts to flow from it, running down into Andrews' eyes. Mikey looks to jump into another attack, but the referee is onto it.

Williams: It looks like the official is gonna take a quick look at Jeff Andrews here. 

Emo: I'm hardly surprised! Look at the state of this dude, Jen! His face is crimson!

Bleeding profusely from the brow and lip, the referee takes a good, long look at Jeff's broken face.

And he calls for the bell?


Emo: Wait, what?

Williams: Wow. That's a first...

Emo: Mikey wins, but not in the way he'd have imagined! Somebody needs to clean that mess up, though...

"That mess" refers to the pool of blood forming at the protesting Andrews' feet. Mikey, meanwhile, makes no pauses for celebration, and stomps his way out of the ring as "Blunt Blowin'" hits again.

Sinclair: The winner of the match, as a result of referee stoppage - Mikey Unlikely!

Williams: A quite gruesome end to what seemed a promising match.

Emo: It's a shame to see the match cut short, for sure. Jeff won't be too happy about this.

Williams: I'm no medic, Doc, but I'd say it's for his own good. You lose a lot of blood from headwounds, and if it's on the eyebrow, Jeff isn't gonna be able to see a thing out there.

Jack Hunter is in the Mafia



Michael Lorenzo’s office, to be precise.

On first glance, the UTA’s head honcho is nowhere to be found. The camera pans across the rich, mahogany surface of his desk. We pass his computer monitor, his desk light, and an opened box of Lucky Charms, then finally, a pair of large boots propped-up beside the keyboard.

Their owner? Jack Hunter.

Emo: Oh, great…

Williams: Look, Doc! It’s your favourite wrestler!

Emo: I guess Lorenzo assigned all his security to Dane and Dean tonight if this clown's in his office.

The Street Fighter reclines in Lorenzo’s plush office chair, and wears one of his typical “HASH TAG NEW STREAK!!!!” t-shirts. There’s also a plastic cigar between his lips, and Jack’s definitely trying to smoke it.

Emo: What. An. Idiot.

A few seconds pass without anything of interest happening, under the doorknob turns, and the hinges creak open. Michael Lorenzo damn near jumps out of his skin when he sees The Little Bruiser behind his desk.

Lorenzo: Jesus Christ, Jac—


Michael doesn’t even try to reason with Hunter, and just points at the door.

Lorenzo: Get your feet off my desk, and get the hell out of my office.

Hunter: Now, now, Michelangelo! That is not a very nice way to speak to me on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding!

The bossman’s anger quickly turns to confusion.

Lorenzo: What the--?

Hunter: Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!

Emo: Okay, why is this idiot quoting the Godfather movies?

Williams: Because Jack Hunter.

Lorenzo: Jack, that doesn’t even make sense.

Grinning broadly, and completely ignoring his boss’s comments, Jack Hunter slowly pulls his feet down from the table and rises to his feet. The Little Bruiser walks around the desk, resting a couple of fingers atop the cereal box.

Hunter: Nice box of Lucky Charms you have here. Pretty expensive if I recall. It’d be a terrible shame if they happened to be in an accident…

Keeping eye contact with Lorenzo, Jack flicks the box over. It tumbles to the floor, spilling ever where.

Hunter: Oops…

Lorenzo: That’s not even my cerea—

Hunter: Listen here Michelangelo, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse…

Emo: Okay, at least that one made sense.

The Street Fighter moves even closer to Lorenzo, and pulls the fake cigar from his mouth. Michael folds his arms across his chest and stands firm.

Hunter: I, Jack Hunter, AKA The Street Fighter, AKA The Little Bruiser, AKA the UNDEFEATIFICATED 32-0 HASH TAG NEW STREAK, AKA the Utah Wrestlefighting Champion of Hard Cores, and also I am in the mafia now too, as you can see from my taste in cigars and the way I just street fighted your treasured Lucky Charms…

The boss doesn’t need to say a word: his expression says it all.

Hunter:DEMAND the Worldwide Turtle shot that I earned by winning All of Nothing, becoming Ace in the Hole, conquering The Chamber, and beating Eric Dean, Flamey Harrison, Skylar MOOOOOOOOOOOOntgomery, and the greatest wrestlefighter of all-time, Brellis, in The Gauntlet..

Yeap, he’s still going.

Hunter: … and if you don’t give me my title shot against Joe Flacco Blanca, me and all my Mafia friends will come and get you, and we will fill your bed with horse heads, Michelangelo, after we have kidnapped the horses and chopped their heads off, you see, that’s what we will do, then we will put them in your bed, and that will scare you, because horse heads in your bed is not a good thing, it is a bad thing, okay.

Then, all of a sudden, The Little Bruiser comes to a complete stop: as if he’s confused even himself. Stuck, he goes to the one thing he knows best…


He hops towards Lorenzo suddenly, drawing a significant flinch from the boss, but stops just short of launching into the Cow DDT.

Hunter: HAHAHAHAHAHA! LITTLE BRUISES! PS, how much did you suit cost?

Jack doesn’t wait for an answer. Instead, he takes his plastic cigar, and pushes it into Lorenzo’s jacket.


Emo: … what is he doing?

Williams: He’s stubbing his cigar out on Lorenzo’s jacket, Doc! That suit’s gonna be ruined!

A very audible Dr. Emo facepalm is heard, as Jack finally drops the cigar to the floor, and looks at the non-existent burn hole on Lorenzo’s suit.

Hunter: Consider this your final warning, Michelangelo. Toodles.

The Street Fighter takes his leave.

Emo: Good. Go away. Shoo. Begone!

Williams: You really hate Jack Hunter, don’t you?

Emo: Hating Jack Hunter is the reason I breathe, Jen. Let’s move on.

Take Heed


Backstage, James Witherhold is walking. Now dressed in his ring attire, still looking smug as all hell, the the former UTA Champion shows absolutely no signs of wear and tear from the show-opening shenanigans.

Williams: Jeez, is it really wise for this guy to be swaggering through the halls all alone right now?!

Emo: His match is just minutes away, and Michael Lorenzo has Dane and Dean under lock and key, Jen. D’you honestly think there’s anybody else on the UTA roster with the balls to step to him right now?

Williams: He’s just made grave enemies with the most dangerous man on the roster. Dane and Dean might not present a direct danger to Perfection, but don’t think for a second that a man as resourceful as Dane won’t find a way to get to him.

The fans, of course, fill the arena with jeers as Perfection’s cocksure image fills the screen, but the negativity doesn’t resonate for long.


A familiar voice echoes down the hallway, and its owner strides hurriedly towards the halted Witherhold.

Cayle Murray.

Murray: James! What the--

Perfection: Cayle. Nice to see you too, friend.

The Scot uses the interruption to slow down and cool-off. There’s a breathlessness about him that suggests he’s barely stood still since the earlier encounter: the glistening sweat on his forehead and manic look in his eyes corroborates this.

Murray: Where the hell have you been?! I’ve been looking everywhere!

Seconds pass. Witherhold offers Cayle no immediate verbal response, much to the panting Scot’s chagrin.

Murray: Well?!

With a glint in his eye, Perfection curls one side of his mouth into a smirk.

Perfection: Where I’ve been isn’t important…

He pauses.

Perfection: But now that you’ve found me, you can say “thank you.” That’s why you were looking for me, right?!

Murray: “Thank you”?!

Nothing but disbelief crosses Cayle’s face.

Murray: You think I should be grateful for… for… THIS?!

Perfection: Well of course. I did this for you, after all.

Murray: … “for ME?!”

Williams: Oh no, this doesn’t look good…

Murray: You might have ended Colton Thorpe’s career, James!

Perfection: Isn’t that what you tried to do in Tokyo?

With every word that leaves Perfection’s lips, Cayle’s eyes grow wide, his brow grows tighter, and his skin turns redder.

Murray: NO! Jesus Christ, James! What the hell is wrong with you?! I’ve had a pretty stressful couple of weeks, you know. I’ve had half the fingers in North America pointed at me for something I didn’t even do! And now I learn it was you?! A man who claimed he wanted to help me!

Perfection: I thought you wanted to destroy The Pantheon?

Murray: Not like this! You spilled a man’s blood, James! You might’ve put him on the shelf for good! You committed one of the vilest, most cowardly acts I’ve since since I got here! And you did it in MY NAME?! That’s almost as bad as if I’d done it myself! Are you out of your bloody mi--

Quick as a flash, James Witherhold’s arm shoots forward. One hand grabs Cayle’s t-shirt collar, and the opposite forearm pushes into his chest and forces him back against the wall.

Perfection: Not another word!

Williams: Oh my God!

Perfection: I. DID THIS. FOR YOU! What part of that don’t you understand, UNGRATEFUL?!

Cayle tries to break himself free of James’ grasp, with with his back against the wall, there’s no room for maneuver.

Perfection: I took-out your biggest enemy! I even the odds! Now, The Pantheon’s whittled down to just Dane and Dean, and all you do is get in my face and complain…

Murray: This isn’t the way, James!

Perfection: Yes it damn well is! Do you think Colton Thorpe would hesitate for a split-second to do the same thing to you?! What about Bobby? What about Eric (redacted)ing Dane?! But you’ve got morals, don’t you?! You’re “too good” to dirty your hands like this?!

Witherhold loosens-up his grip just enough for Cayle to break loose and step away from the wall.

Perfection: Well I don’t, and I did exactly what was needed to end the goddamn Pantheon! So get off your high horse for a second, step away from this sickening “white knight” charade for a second and think about how this benefits you!

Straightening himself out, but not relaxing his frown, Perfection steps away.

Perfection: I’ve got a match to wrestle. Don’t be an UNGRATEFUL, Cayle.

Williams: Another twist in the Cayle Murray/Perfection saga, Doc. Witherhold just doesn’t get it…

Emo: Cayle’s the one who “doesn’t get it,” Jen! He’s blind if he can’t see how Colton Thorpe being out of the picture is a huge boost for him!

Williams: That’s not the point! Cayle’s an honest man -- he’s someone the fans can get behind. This is the last thing he wanted Perfection to do.

Emo: Perfection has levelled the playing field, and goody-two-shoes Cayle Murray didn’t even have to get his hands dirty. It’s a win/win, as far as I’m concerned.

Lisil Jackson vs. Perfection


Williams: And what we’ve got here tonight, Doc, is a big opportunity for the talented young man ALL the way from Jamaica, Mr. Lisil Jackson.

At the mere mention of the Jamaican Inspiration, the crowd makes some noise; showing their appreciation.

Emo: Indeed, the Big Fella is one of the most likeable guys we’ve got in the UTA at the moment. Dances to the beat of his own drummer, but don’t we all.

Williams: Indeed and here he comes!

“Better Must Come” by Geego hits the PA system and out of the back walks the big man with the BIG smile. It’s ear to ear and Lisil raises his arms up, swaying back and forth with the music. The crowd in turn is dancing in their seats making some news for the Jamaican Ninja Warrior.

Emo: Lisil Jackson has the crowd on their feet and their swaying, Jenn.

Williams: It’s hard not to like the big guy. He’s been a favorite here as of late. Look for a big 2016 out of this guy.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring first, hailing from Kingston, Jamiaca...standing at six feet and three inches tall; weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds…

Lisil slides into the ring, hopping to the top rope, pointing out the fans, as he takes off his sunglasses on the announcement of his name.

The fans explode.

Emo: Well he’s starting the year off right tonight with a match against Perfection, who went about as far as you can go without actually beating Eric Dane just two weeks ago.

Williams: Perfection and Dane was one for the ages, no one should be disappointed after that one.

Emo: Not at all.

The mood in the arena immediately shifts. As Perfection steps out from behind the curtain, his arms extended soaking in the chorus of boos. “Perfect Gentlemen” be Helloween piping in over the loudspeakers. Confidently, the former UTA Champion struts to the ring, perhaps moving a hair slower thanks to the Dane inflicted battle wounds.

Announcer: His opponent for the night, making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California...standing at six feet, weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds, he is the one...the only…

Perfection grabs the middle rope, leaning over it and jawing with fans as his name is announced.

At the ringing out of his name, James throws both hands to the side soaking in a massive chorus of boos, while showing off the pearly white ear to ear smile. Flashbulbs of course go off in droves.

Williams: And Perfection here tonight looking neither worse for wear than he did two weeks ago when he took on the Champion.

Emo: What a contest that one was. Each man throwing everything they had at the other. Amazing that the Champ was able to escape with the title.

Williams: Perfection wrestling Lisil tonight is a testimony to his will, I’ll give him that. But I will never, as long as I live, trust him.

Emo: Don’t blame you, Jenn.

Bell rings and the match starts. Lisil two massive steps towards Jimmy and James is able to duck the reach of the Jamaican.

Emo: What is going to work for Perfection here Jenn is his not only his size but his technical form. He’s got more counters than anyone I’ve seen, think about it like his ego - there’s an answer for everything. Believe me.

Williams: Perfection is amazing in the ring, it’s never been a question of the talent with him. Tonight he’s got a lot on his plate as Jackson not only has the height advantage, but has a few extra pounds on Perfection.

Perfection ducks underneath Lisil and brings an arm up, looking for a neckbreaker to begin wearing on the big man’s neck. Lisil has it well scouted - he throws an elbow to clear some space as Perfection ducks underneath that as well.

Emo: These two still trying to come at one another as it looks like Lisil did his homework heading into this one.

Williams: Jackson is committed to his craft. Always trying to build his skills.

It’s Perfection who lands the first hit connecting on the turn with a huge closed fist right hand that catches Lisil square in the jaw. Lisil steps back cracking his jaw to one side or the other. He brings a massive paw up and with one digit shakes back and forth that Perfection just had a bad idea.

Emo: Lisil telling Perfection that was ill advised. I don’t think Perfection will take to that kindly, big guy.

Williams: But I like Lisil sticking up for himself.

Lisil shakes his head and then snaps his fingers bringing his hands up landing them in a fighting position. The crowd roars.

Jackson: You wanna throw down punches ‘den lemme put my hands up.

Perfection shrugs and he responds in kind. Both men come forward. Lisil delivers a jab, catching Perfection, he tries to follow it up with another but Perfection brings his forearm up catching it. Lisil rushes up with an uppercut, and Perfection pulls back. The massive Jamaican fist is able to catch Perfection just slightly and that’s all Lisil needs.

Williams: Bit of boxing there as Lisil has Perfection on the ropes now.

Emo: Jackson sends Perfection along for the ride.

Perfection off the ropes, Lisil bends down looking to Backbody Drop James. Perfection pulls up short and it’s Lisil’s head that connects to Perfection’s knee, sending the Jamaican reeling.

Williams: Perfection swings it with the knee, and no—hey! Wait a minute!

Commotion from the crowd. The source becomes abundantly clear within seconds, as a chair-brandishing figure charges down the ramp.

Emo: It’s Mikey Unlikely!

Just as Lisil fires back at Perfection with a right forearm, his foe reaches the bottom of the ramp and grabs the referee’s boots, dragging him to the mat!

Williams: Mikey just immobilised the official!

The man in black and white hits the canvas hard, and Unlikely slides under the bottom rope.

Williams: Turn around, Lisil!

Emo: Mikey’s gonna brain him!

Lisil does turn around, and Mikey does swing the chair…

Williams: OH MY!

But the Jamaican ducks! The chair follows through.

Emo: NO!

… and CRACKS James Witherhold right on the skull!

Williams: Jesus! Mikey Unlikely just unwittingly nailed Perfection with the steel chair!

Emo: He missed Lisil Jackson, Jen!

Shocked, Mikey drops the chair to the ground, and the quick-thinking Jamaican uses the moment to grab Mikey by the waistband and bundle him out of the ring. Turning back to Perfection, he sees the former UTA Champion lying on the ground and concocts a plan.

Williams: Lisil’s heading to the turnbuckles!

The big man clambers his way up to the top, and takes a moment or two to steady himself. With the referee coming back to life, Lisil flies off with his trademark flipping leg drop!

Williams: The Bird of Paradise!

Emo: Lisil’s gonna do it! He’s gonna put his second UTA Champion away!

Jackson takes a moment to recover from the impact of his own move, but as the referee crawls back over to him, Perfection’s leg gets hooked.




Emo: Perfection just got robbed!

“Better Must Come” rings out through the arena, and the fans go wild for the victorious islander. Lisil smiles broadly as he rises, bobbing his head to the beat.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via way of pinfall… LISILLLLLLLL! JACKSSSSOOOOONNNNNNN!

Williams: Wow, Doc! Talk about a potentially great match being cut short! Mikey Unlikely came down the ramp and looked to nail Lisil before this one had really gotten started, but it backfired!

Emo: He just ended-up costing Perfection the match, Jen! This isn’t gonna go down well with Witherhold, but Mikey just accidentally gifted his biggest foe a win!

Williams: What a turn of events!

Outside the ring, an apoplectic Mikey stomps his boots into the ground and curses loudly. All Lisil Jackson can do in response is smile.

Williams: A truly unpleasant night for Mikey Unlikely, capped off by THIS.

Soften her Up


In the back, we see Marie Van Claudio in her locker room, thinking about what Amy said during their “confrontation” after her match.

Van Claudio: If Amy wants to me to come after her, I will.

She brushes her hair back with her hands, then makes to leave the room. No sooner has she passed through the door than she’s almost bumping into an oncoming Cayle Murray.

Van Claudio: I didn’t expect to see you on this side of the building tonight.

He’s all-set for his match, Cayle: decked out in his typical black and red ring attire on the lower body, and a black track jacket up top, still a little shaken-up from his collision with James Witherhold.

Murray: Had to take a little detour en route to the ring, seeing as they’ve got me holed-up as far away from the medics as humanly possible tonight.

Van Claudio: Is everything alright?

Murray: Yeah, yeah. Just one of those little pro-wrestling niggles, you know?

Cayle rolls his shoulder around a couple of times, wincing ever so slightly as he does. Marie nods knowingly.

Emo: Amen! I’ve been out of the ring for years and I’m still feeling those aches and pains…

Murray: Is everything alright with you, lass? That seems a more pertinent question.

He pauses to throw a wayward strand of hair back over his head.

Murray: I saw the little blow-up with Amy earlier. There’s nothing worse than feeling like someone’s ducking you, and having to leave all that unpent energy just hanging in the air. But you look stressed, Marie. Conflicted, even.

Van Claudio: It’s just that I’m sick and tired of her blaming me for her nonsense she’s doing. It’s getting old, REALLY old.

Murray: I know her antics must be infuriating, lass. Hell, Colt drove me up the bloody wall every time we were in the same room…

Cayle shakes his head.

Murray: But you can’t let her behaviour compromise who you are. Amy’s gonna do everything she can to wind you up and get inside your head, but you’ve gotta stand firm, Marie. Don’t resort to catty remarks and don’t try to go after her: that’s exactly what she wants from you, and it’s exactly what’ll undo all the great work you’ve done to win these people's’ support lately.

A decent-sized cheap pop goes up in the arena.

Van Claudio: You can say that. I don’t want to even stoop to that level anymore. That’s the “old” me.

Murray: Exactly. Look, I didn’t beat Colton Thorpe, but I walked-out of there with my head held high, and I like to think I’m a far better man for going through that war with him. You know why?

The question’s rhetorical.

Murray: Because I stayed true to everything I am. I didn’t take the bait, and I didn’t resort to his own snide measures. I refused to let his poison corrupt me, and that’s exactly what I think you should do with Amy. Because no matter who’s pinned, no matter who taps out, if you fight with honour and keep your dignity, you can’t lose.

Marie Van Claudio nods her head ever so slowly. A smile starts to form on her features.

Van Claudio: I’ll keep that in-mind Cayle. Thanks!

Murray: Don’t mention it.

With that, Cayle Murray turns to walk away.

Van Claudio: Hey, Cayle…

He turns his head momentarily.

Van Claudio: Soften her up for me a little, will you?

Murray: You got it.

He walks out and heads for his match against Amy as Marie heads to the showers.


Emo: Huh. Some words of encouragement for MVC...

Williams: And you know she'll have a close eye on what's about to come, Doc! Cayle Murray vs. Amy Harrison is just minutes away...

Checking Things Out


Another knock on the THRILLmaker's door.

Haynes: Come in.

Haynes is gearing up for the main event. He's dressed and ready to go. He throws some punches quickly into the air, stretching his arms behind his head after doing so.

In walks Michael Lorenzo, and some of the security guards he's hired to "protect" Eric Dane.

Lorenzo: Hey, Will. A few things...

Haynes turns. He was ready to see Rumor Man Stan, maybe Jamie again, hell maybe even Lisil Jackson. Lorezno, he wasn't an expected guest.

Haynes: Um, sure?

Unsure of what's going on, Haynes motions for Lorezno to take a seat. Lorezno opts to stand with Haynes sitting on a bench in the locker room. The security guards stand awaiting orders.

Lorezno: First, good luck tonight. You're going to need it. Eric Dane is one hell of a wrestler. You obviously know this.

Haynes adjusts his wrist tape and nods his head. 

Lorezno: Second, I need you to allow these men to not only search through your locker room but check your body for any weapons or contraband you might willing or unwillingly pass to Eric Dane in tonight's Main Event.

Haynes looks a bit sideways at Lorezno.

Haynes: You think I'd pass him a thing?

Haynes raises his eyebrows.

Lorezno: No, I don't. But I want to remove it as a possibility entirely. If something goes bad later on this evening I don't want it to be because I didn't check out everything my gut told me. I wouldn't put it past the Only Star or one of his cornies to have planted something on you that Eric could use in a pinch to take you out during the match tonight.

Haynes: Alright. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The security team goes to work. They begin looking all over.

Haynes: You're not going to find anything.

Lorezno: I know. I'm sorry.

Lorenzo motions towards the THRILL. Two guards walk forward to frisk him. They start at the boots, the knee pads, giving him the once over.

Haynes: Did he come t' you? Set this up? Tell you t' give me my shot?

Lorezno shrugs his shoulders.

Lorezno: Would it matter if he did?

Haynes shakes his head.

Haynes: Not a lick. I earned this.

Lorezno: Yeah. You did.

After that the scene cuts.

Emo: This place is absolutely rife with paranoia tonight, Jen.

Williams: Indeed, I think most of our wrestlers will be glad when the night's over and done with, but not Will Haynes: he's got the biggest match of his night ahead of him.

Cayle Murray vs. Amy Harrison


Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Williams: Well of all the matches this competitor has had, this will clearly be her biggest challange.

Emo: You got that right Jennifer, i’m looking forward to this one, for a multitude of reasons.

Amy walks down the aisle determined, while stopping to yell at a few fans in the crowd.

Announcer: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds…

Amy looks right at the crowd and tells them to "Shut the f*** up!"

Announcer: Amy Harrison

Amy shakes her head at the crowd as she starts to get ready for the match.

Williams: Amy Harrison continues to have issues with her former best friend Marie Van Claudio, week in and week out!

Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

Williams: But tonight she will have to separate those feelings as there is no room for error in this one.

A quick burst of TV static plunges the arena into darkness, before the breakneck start to “Sinister Rouge” by Bad Religion summons a storm of red and white strobes at the top of the ramp. Clouds of smoke form and billow around the stage, obscuring all in the area.

Williams: Here he comes, and these fans are losing it!

Emo: The guy is on quite the roll lately Jennifer, and even more so, he’s been in the head of the World Champion for weeks!

A huge pyrotechnic explosion erupts as the first verse hits, and Cayle Murray steps out from the fog, gazing around the arena and running an extended finger pistol across the horizon. He’s soon on his way, e jogging down to the ring, slapping hands with some fans to the left and then some to the right.

Announcer: Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland…

Cayle soon reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope. He makes his way to a corner once inside and hops onto the second turnbuckle. After a few seconds of gawking around the building with a hand over his brow like a lookout he throws both arms to his side.

Announcer: Standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 220 pounds…

He stays atop the turnbuckle for the chorus' duration, then loosens his posture and drops his arms. Murray can't help but smile at the crowd's positive vibes.

Announcer: Cayle Murray!

Williams: Murray finds himself opposite of a opponent, he’s never faced before. A new challange.

Emo: A new challenge on a tricky, tricky night. At least Dane and Dean can't get to him.

Finally, Cayle hops down from the turnbuckles and uzips his track jacket. He tosses it aside and takes to a corner, loosening his muscles and preparing for a fight.

Williams: Both have something to prove here tonight.

Emo:  You are right there Jennifer! However keep in mind, Cayle Murray has more to lose in this.

As the bell sounds, Cayle Murray comes out of the corner slowly, Harrison also cautious in the early going. The two lock up in the center of the ring.

Williams: Collar to elbow tie up as we get started. Murray takes control as he moves around behind Amy Harrison.

Cayle grabs the left arm of Amy and lifts it up, as he turns around and twists Harrison’s arm simultaneously extending it out and straight.

Williams: Pressure on the arm of the former UTA Prodigy Champion.

Harrison grabs the hand of Murray trying to pry his grip away, but just allows for Cayle  to use his other hand to jerk her arm a few times.

Williams: Cayle Murray methodically working the arm of Amy Harrison now!

Emo: Working it? He's trying to dislocate it. Murray knows he needs to put Harrison down early if he wants to walk away victorious. A good wrestler doesn’t give his opponent a chance to take momentum.

Williams: It's difficult to go up against Cayle Murray  with his technical expertise.

He pulls her hand far over to the right before coming up and over hard to the left, sending Harrison to one knee as he continues to hold.

Williams: Murray continuing to control the start of this match.

Amy uses her  free hand to hold onto Cayle's leverage arm and push from her knee to a standing position, still in the hold. Harrison is able to use her free hand to finally get control of Murray, pulling it away from his own. In one quick move Harrison ducks under the wrist lock, and rolls into one of her own. Murray flips forward with the reversal, then sweeps at Harrison’s legs, she jumps over. She kicks at Murray’s head but he ducks under. Amy takes a half step back and Murray pops to his feet.

The fans begin to clap as the two go to lock up again.

Williams: The fans can appreciate the back and forth attempts there. Both people desperately want to win this match. Imagine if Amy Harrison upset Cayle Murray!

Emo: Amy is a former champion for a reason.She knows her stuff and if there is anyone who can match up with Cayle Murray skill wise, it's that woman right there.

This time Harrison ducks under the legs of Murray and comes up behind him. Murray spins, but Harrison gives him a boot to the gut, and whips him off the ropes.

Williams: Harrison looking for the clothesline attempt here! Murray ducks the clothesline, but catches her arm! He spins her back towards him. He attempts a kick to the ribs, Harrison blocks it! She send an attempt of her own at Murray's thigh, he blocks it as also! Now Murray goes for a clothesline!

Amy uses Murray’s own momentum against him, she grabs his arm, and rolls him over her shoulder for a hip toss.

Williams: What a quick counter here by Harrison. Murray isn’t going to stay down long!

Amy Harrison quickly grabs the left arm of Cayle Murray who is trying to get to his feet, placing her right hand on the shoulder of Murray,  who is on knee, and pressing down with all of her might.

Williams: Amy Harrison still in control, but Cayle is pushing his way up now. Using his free hand he presses under Amy’s  head, pushing her back and toward the corner.

Emo: These two are showing the boys in the back some great back and forward wrestling here tonight on Victory.

Williams: That they are Doctor. You have to think that both competitors are watching over their shoulders however! Amy watching out for M.V.C. and Murray with his recent troubles with Eric Dane.

As he presses Amy into the corner, The referee steps in right away, Cayle breaks on the count of one. Amy begins to put her hands up to let Cayle out, just as he eases out, she brings her right hand down and smacks Cayle across the face.

The fans react with boos.

Williams: That’s the Amy Harrison we all know. She has all the ability in the world, but a lot of times she can let her emotions get in the way. The referee letting her know, he doesn't like that.

Cayle holds his face and backs up, letting Amy go as she begins to argue with the referee. That’s exactly why she didn’t see Cayle come charging forward. He hits a diving body splash on Harrison in the corner.

Emo: Wow Jennifer. Did you see that!?

Williams: Murray  not holding back tonight, and I do not blame him.

Emo: At least he had two airbags to land on!

Williams: I expect those jokes from Tommy Ace, Doctor. Not from you!

Amy bends down as Cayle grabs her head and pulls her out of the corner.

Williams: Cayle Murray raising his arm now, and brings it down with a hard forearm in between the shoulders of Amy Harrison sending her to one knee.

Emo: Cayle Murray is proving here tonight, he is about one thing in the UTA and that is competing. He doesn’t care who is standing in the ring opposite of him Jennifer, the man has a job to do. Big or small, man or woman.

Amy Harrison drops to her hands and knees and begins to crawl forward, Murray lets her get to her feet, and regain her bearings before heading back towards her.

Williams: Murray in firm control at the moment here, but keep your eyes on Amy.

Murray runs past Amy, she turns behind him, trying to keep her eyes on him. Murray hops up on the ropes, before springboarding, turning in mid air and hitting Harrison with a dropkick.

Williams: Wow! It’s high risk maneuvers like that, that have made Cayle Murray one of the most exciting and most popular wrestlers to watch.

Emo: He's incredibly talented Jennifer. That's why I am glad he is facing guys like Amy Harrison and not Eric Dane!

Williams: Afraid he may take the title from the champion?

Emo: Nope! Afraid Eric Dane will hurt him so bad he won't be able to entertain like he is tonight!

Williams: You are delusional. Sooner or later, Cayle Murray is going to get his shot against the World Champion, Eric Dane or not.

Cayle pulls Amy to her feet, immediately grabbing her in a high headlock, retching the neck a few times.

Williams: Headlock by Cayle Murray as he continues to keep Amy Harrison subdued.

Emo: Murray is undoubtedly a fan favorite, but this crowd is really behind him tonight as he is systematically breaking down Amy Harrison.

Harrison begins to push back, whipping Murray toward and into the ropes.

Williams: Amy Harrison free now as she uses the ropes to send Murray across the ring. Cayle off of the opposite side. Leap frog by Amy Harrison!

Emo: Whoa!

Williams: Cayle hits the ropes again. One the return, back elbow by Amy Harrison that sends him down!

The fans boo.

Williams: Amy Harrison grabs the arm of Cayle Murray, pulling him back to his feet. Tossing the arm up and over, sliding in sideways and lifting... Side Russian Legsweep by Amy Harrison!

Amy gets right back up, and pulls up Cayle with her. She attempts to force Cayle toward the ropes once more, but Murray uses strength advantage by spinning the move around, and sending Harrison into the turnbuckle hard, back first.

Williams: Amy goes hard into the corner. Cayle Murray now, charges her... Harrison lifts her feet and catches Murray in the face! Harrison now charges the stunned Murray. Cayle catches her, lifting her  up and over, back body drop by Cayle Murray in the center of the ring!

The fans cheer.Cayle is fired up, he goes for the cover.




Emo: Quick thinking by Cayle Murray may have just saved him from Amy taking advantage.

Murray lifts the left arm of Harrison and pulls it back and he places his feet into Amy’s left shoulder blade and drops to the canvas, pulling her arm back while pressing with his feet.

Williams: Excruciating submission move there.

Emo: Murray knows a million of them.

Cayle continues to press into the shoulder blade of Amy Harrison as the referee slides in to check on her. She isn’t giving up.. After a few moments, Murray releases the pressure from his feet, and begins to stand up pulling Amy's arm with him.

Williams: Still holding that arm, Murray now with several stomps to the inside of his shoulder. He adds an elbow drop for good measure. Harrison back on the canvas.

Cayle grabs Amy’s arm, grapevines it around his leg before rolling over her, and spinning her into an inside cradle pin.  



Kickout again!

Williams: Cayle switches right out of the pin attempt, into a surfboard submission! He has both arms of Amy Harrison behind her, and his knee in the shoulder blades. The referee goes right back to asking her.

Emo: He's an expert and he is showing that tonight. Amy Harrison may not be able to lift her arms tomorrow, or do any of delicious yoga moves!

Murray finally lets go of the submission hold and allows Amy to get to her feet.

Williams: Murray continues to establish dominance, as he lifts Amy’s arm once more. He pulls back on the arm yanking it down hard.

Amy grabs at her shoulder and stumbles around. Murray moves forward, grabs her left arm and uses his foot to press into the back of the knee, sending Harrison back to her knees. Murray forces Amy to the mat face first,  he applies pressure to her shoulder with his knee and pulls the arm upward.. The referee moves into position to check on Amy as Murray holds steady.

Williams: Could we see my Harrison give up here?

Emo: It'd be a great night for all to see that!

Murray bends Amy's arm back applying a half forward hammer lock as Harrison lays on the canvas, letting out a yell.

Williams: It seems as if Cayle Murray is looking to do just that as he continues to wear down that arm of Amy Harrison in an attempt to win this by submission.

As Murray  leans forward, locking it in tighter, he sees that Amy won’t be submitting to this move, and he releases the hold. Stepping back quickly to avoid a counter.

Williams: Murray now, reaches for the head of Harrison and begins to pull her to her feet.

Emo: Murray has this one in the bag.

Williams: Harrison reaches back as she starts to get up, her arm grabbing the top of Cayle’s head... she drops.. jawbreaker!

Murray pops up and stumbles back, turning around as Amy Harrison rolls over and gets to her feet, her left arm being held close to her body.

Williams: Harrison behind Murray now. She grabs his head and directs him to the corner.

Amy pulls his head back before slamming him face first into the top turnbuckle. Harrison turns Cayle around and pushes him backwards into the corner.

Williams: Amy Harrison with a series of heavy chops now across the chest of Cayle Murray. .

She steps back and grabs the ropes for support,  as she lifts a foot up, placing it into the throat of Cayle Murray.

Williams: Harrison now choking Murray as the referee warns her.

Emo: Amy Harrison is mad, and I don't blame her. She's been on the receiving end of a lot of damage tonight, now while she can, it's time to dish out some of her own.

Amy pulls her foot down, takes a few steps back, turns and runs at Cayle Murray, throwing her arm up.

Williams: Elbow smash into the face of Murray now!

As she bounces back, Cayle stumbles forward, bending over in the process. Amy looks to the side of the ring and takes off.

Williams: Amy Harrison off of the ropes... she leaps... BROKEN UGLY FACE! BROKEN UGLY FACE! SHE HIT IT! !

Emo:  WHAT!? WOW!!

Williams: She hit it!

Cayle Murray’s face is planted as they both drop to the mat.

Williams: If she hooks the leg.. this one could be over!

Harrison smiles, and crawls over to Murray. She is about to pin him. She holds up one finger.

Emo: Pin him Amy!

Williams: It looks like Harrison has other plans, she is up, and heading for the turnbuckle! Cayle slowly getting to his feet as she slowly climbs the turnbuckle with one arm. She’s up!

Emo: What is she doing!?

Williams: Wait a minute, Amy is signalling for Marie Van Claudio’s Montreal Spin out! She’s going to use her rivals move Doctor!

Murray turns around, and Amy dives at him. Murray, thinking quickly catches Harrison. The momentum almost takes him out, he spins on his feet, but he is holding Harrison like a baby almost. In one swift motion he bends backwards and drills Harrison to the mat with a release cradle suplex!

Emo: Ohhh! Amy Harrison just landed on her head! What a reversal by Cayle Murray! Both wrestlers are down! The referee checking on both competitors.

Murray gets a second wind and jumps up to his feet as the fans explode for him. He quickly picked up Harrison and hooks her.

Williams: He’s got her hooked for a suplex! He picks her up! He’s stalling!

Murray pushes Amy back forward, coming down with his finishing move.

Williams: Oh My God! He calls that the Chainbreaker! Murray now has the cover!




The bell rings.

Announcer: The winner of this match up by pinfall! CAYYYLLLEEEE MURRAYYYYYYYYYY

The fans all cheer loudly as the referee holds up the arm of Murray. He gets to his feet and celebrates as his theme comes over the loudspeaker.

Williams: And Cayle Murray with another hard fought victory here tonight in Atlantic City.

Emo: You’re right Jennifer. Amy gave everything she had, but it wasn’t enough to defeat Murray tonight.

Williams: And with this victory, Cayle has developed a nice winning streak.

Emo: He sure has and this should put him in line for a title opportunity sooner rather than later.

 As Cayle continues to celebrate there is a commotion happening on the opposite side of the ring.

Williams: There appears to be some kind of commotion happening in the audience, I can’t see what it is.

The commotion is Scott Stevens running through the crowd and hopping over the barricade.

Emo: Ah hell!

Stevens slides into the ring and takes off his Wildfire championship waiting for Cayle Murray to turn around.

Williams: Security! We need security out here now!

Emo: There aren't any left, Jen!

Murray hops down off of the turnbuckle and turns around to get blasted in the face by the Wildfire Championship.

Williams: Oh my God!

Emo: Guess Stevens just proved to the world that he wasn’t scared homie.

Stevens stomps away on Murray.

Stevens: You wanted my attention Cayle!?

Stevens yells before kicking Murray in the face.

Stevens: You got it!

Stevens shouts as he hits Murray with the WIldfire championship to the back of Cayle’s head.

Emo: You know what they say if you mess with the bull you’re going to get the horns, and this is the consequence for calling out Stevens.

Williams: It’s sick and cowardly, Doc! Cayle's made no secret of his desire for a crack at the Wildfire Belt on social media, but this is too much!

Stevens tosses the belt onto the canvas, and picks up Murray and places him between his legs.

Williams: I’m not liking this.

Stevens raises two thumbs up before slowly turning them over as he reaches down and grabs Murray by his waist when “Gold Metal” by Trademarc blasts throughout Boardwalk Hall and the crowd comes alive as they see Ron Hall appear from the back and run toward the ring.

Williams: Stevens is in trouble now! It's Ron Hall!

Stevens quickly tosses Murray to the side and bails out of the ring with title in hand as the Hall of Famer slides into the ring.

Emo: Smart by Stevens.

Ron Hall goes over to the ropes and yells for Stevens to get back into the ring, but the Texans simply waves bye to the Hall of Famer before making his exit through the crowd.

Williams: Stevens showing his true colors by wanting no part of Ron Hall here tonight.

Ron Hall checks on Cayle Murray and helps the man to his feet as the last shot we see if Stevens with a huge smirk on his face and the Wildfire title above his head before disappearing into the back.

Emo: Stevens sending a stern message to all his challengers!

Williams: Thank goodness for Ron Hall! Stevens jumped him after a gruelling match with Amy Harrison, and Cayle Murray's problems continue to grow!

All or Nothing



Eric Dane (c) vs. Will Haynes


Announcer: The following match is set for ONE FALL and it is for the UTA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

The fans buzz as the Main Event introductions are about to start.

Williams: Main Event time as Eric Dane, the captain of Victory, is set to defend his World Title against Will Haynes in what many figure will become an instant classic.

Emo: Possible early contender for Match of the Year, Jenn.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring first...the CHALLENGER…

The fans are to their feet as “Sabotage” by BEAST.IE.BOYS. begins to play over the PA system. With thundering drums the song builds to the start of the first verse. As it does a brief explosion of pyro allows Will Haynes to step through the smoke and to the top of the ramp leading to the ring. He throws a hand into the air, the crowd roars.

Williams: Haynes with a real chance here tonight against Eric Dane. Dane taken almost to the limit just two weeks by Perfection. You’ve gotta wonder what kind of shape he’s gonna be in here tonight, Doc.

Emo: The Champ is a proud man. Not only that but he’s a well seasoned veteran I’m sure he’s up to snuff, Jenn.

Haynes starts his way down the ramp.

Announcer: from Athens, Georgia….standing six feet two inches tall...weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds...he is WILL “THE THRILL” HAYYYYYYYYNES.

On hearing his name Haynes reaches a full sprint and slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He spins to a knee, comes up, throwing his hands to the side as the crowd pops. He’s soaking it all in. He runs off the far side rope, bouncing off the near side, before coming to a stop in the middle of the ring. Nodding his head.

Emo: Haynes testing the ring ropes here, early.

Williams: A lot of excitement for the THRILL I would imagine. Huge oppertunity for him here tonight.

Emo: And he’s had Dane’s number before. Haynes is actually the only person to defeat Eric Dane here in the UTA. Don’t know how heavily that will play into this one but it’s worth nothing.

Williams: Agreed, Doc. Today is a new day. Both Will and Eric have come a long way since their encounter during the Ring King tournament.

The lights drop. The crowd boos. LOUDLY.

The bluesy bass riff that has grown to be associated with the UTA World Champion fills the arena through the PA system, as Zac Brown begins to sing his collaboration with Chris Cornell “Heavy is the Head.”

Emo: Heavy is the head, Jennifer.

There’s a crescendo. An explosion of pyro and out of the back steps Eric Dane, World Title over his shoulder, security team around him scouting for trouble. Dane steps to the middle of the stage, where the stage and the ramp meet. He pauses. The crowd lets him have it, security flanks him.

Williams: Michael Lorenzo is taking no chances with Dane on the warpath, Doc. He’s assigned a prime security team to the Champion to ensure that Dane doesn’t murder someone, or start a riot.

Emo: The Champ’s reputation precedes him wherever he goes, Jenn. Smart move here by Lorenzo.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring….from New Orleans, Louisanna...standing at six feet four inches tall...weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds...he is the UTA WORLD CHAMPION….THE ONLY STAR….ERIC...DANNNNNNNNE.

The crowd boos loudly as Dane, who’s already climbed the steel steps wipes his feet on the mat outside of the ring. Dane steps in the ring through the middle rope. Frank Knoxx, senior official of the UTA staff is over giving instructions. The security team takes their places all around the ring.

Emo: Frank Knoxx has been involved in a fair share of controversy in regards to Will Haynes, Jenn. Will be interesting to see how he plays this one.

Williams: Knoxx is a pro, Doc. I’m sure it’ll be a fair shake.

Knoxx motions for Dane to hand over the title. Dane hands it to him. Knoxx pulls but Dane doesn’t let go. Knoxx pulls again, and this time it comes free rather easily, a smirk on the face of the Only Star.

Emo: See Jenn, Eric Dane won’t even let the title go easy to Frank Knoxx for the presentation.

Williams: I don’t blame him. He’s worked very hard for that title. It’s a shame that no part of his attitude can reflect that.

Emo: It’s his edge, Jenn, that has made him a household name for the past twenty years. You’ve got to keep that in mind. Without some of his trademarked aggressiveness he simply wouldn’t be the same guy.

Knoxx holds the Title high in the air, Dane and Haynes close the space between themselves quickly instantly jawing with one another. Haynes pointing a finger in Dane’s direction. Dane smirking and point one right back at him.

Williams: As was the case at International Affair with Mikey Unlikely, Will Haynes is in a battle of trash talkers here tonight.

Emo: These two are very passionate guys who’ve worked in the business a long time. They’ve got a lot of opinions and they love nothing more than sharing those opinions with anyone who will listen.

Knoxx calls for the bell and the crowd begins to settle down. Haynes backs towards his corner, Dane does the same and the two men begin to circle one another.

Emo: And here we go Champ vs. Challenger here tonight on Victory. Normally something like this would be worthy of a top flight spot on a pay per view card but we here at the UTA bring you this type of thing for free, because you guys are the best in the world.

Williams: Well said, Doc. Well said indeed.

Both men surge forward, locking up. Haynes is able to overpower Dane and drive him back towards the corner. Haynes is trying to quicken the paces as much as possible as he delivers a series of quick jabs to the Champion’s chest in an effort to being the tiring process of wearing Eric Dane down.

Williams: Hot out the gate is Will Haynes as he tries to press the pace with the Champion here, Doc.

Emo: Haynes said he would look to quicken things against Dane, seems to be trying to live up to his word here, Jenn.

Haynes jabs away. One after another, each punch coming seemingly quicker than the one before. Haynes pulls Dane’s head towards him and delivers a forearm shot to its side; not letting the Champ recover at all Haynes drops a hard elbow across neck.

Williams: Haynes refusing to stop. He knows he’s got to push this thing if he wants to have a real shot at that World Title night.

Emo: Champ has his full for sure.

Backing Dane into the ropes Haynes sends Eric over with an Irish Whip. As Dane comes off the far side Haynes charges and spins backwards leveling the champ with a Roaring Elbow. The fans explode as Dane hits the mat for the first time.

Williams: Haynes bringing it to Dane to open this one up!

Emo: Eric Dane is a well established veteran, going to take more than a few quick flurries to take the wind out of his sails, Jenn.

Haynes charges a stunned Dane, who has pushed up onto his hands, looking for a boot to the face but quickly the Champ rolls away.

Emo: Wise move there by Dane to save himself any more damage here at the open.

As Dane rolls, Haynes lifts him to his feet, so the offensive flurry isn’t quite over yet. Haynes grabs Dane in a side headlock and pushes back into the ropes. The Champ shoves Haynes off with a whip to the other side. Dane moves to the middle of the ring looking for something, anything to slow Haynes and Haynes greets him with a hard shoulder block, knocking Dane to the mat.

Williams: Eric Dane perhaps still feeling that match a few weeks ago with Perfection.

Emo: Or perhaps he’s worked up about the Colton Thorpe situation. Either way, Champ is getting hammered here, early.

Haynes is hard off the ropes, Dane pushes down allowing Haynes to float over the top. Dane rises and delivers a hard titanium laced knee strike to Haynes chest, halting the momentum of the THRILLmaker. The boos start from the crowd.

Emo: Dane aided by that knee brace, finding a way to stop the THRILL’s fast paced offense, Jennifer.

Williams: And It’s a shame that these are the lengths champions here in the UTA have to go to in order to keep their gold.

Emo: These men will do anything to protect their spot in the company, Jennifer. That kind of agressions is why UTA is number one.

Haynes stands, but it’s clear he’s feeling the pain. Jab to the head by the Champ backs Haynes into the corner. Dane winds and delivers another hard punch to Haynes’ skull. Dane takes Haynes arm, wraps it awkwardly around the ring rope and starts applying pressure as Frank Knoxx, veteran official begins a standard five count.

Emo: Haynes’ arm is all kinds of bent up there.

Williams: Dane is trying to inflict damage anyway he can, while he can, Doc. Perhaps trying to recover a bit from Haynes early attacks.


Dane holds an extra second. Or two. Or three. But then let’s go. Knoxx barking at him to keep it fair. Dane goes right for the worked arm and wrenches it behind the THRILL. He spins Haynes out quickly, only to yank him back in, running the knee brace into his stomach to bend him over.

Williams: Dane winding up here!

Emo: And he delivers!

Dane runs the leg past Haynes at first but then brings it down hard on the top of his head dropping Will face first to the mat with a hard Heel Kick, the impact of which could be heard in the front row. Dane pushes down on top for the pin. Knoxx slides into poistion.


Knoxx notices something. He points. Haynes wisely has his foot placed on the bottom rope. He rubs Dane. The Only Star pops to his feet automatically calling BS. He warns Knoxx not to mess with him, not tonight - not now. Knoxx assures him it’s straight - fair. Dane barks back that it had better.

Haynes is pulled to his feet by the Champ. Haynes strikes first and thrusts a shoulder into Dane driving him back. The Champion, caught off guard, connects with the turnbuckle hard. Haynes throws a shoulder into Dane’s stomach.

Williams: Will Haynes continuing to show fight here, trying to outpace Dane here early.

Emo: The Only Star is a slow starter for sure, but he can last as long as anyone in this business can. If you work him like this, you’re only going to make him angry.

Williams: We’ve all become well aware of how dangerous a thing that can be, Doc.

Haynes pulls Dane out of the corner and snaps at the Champion with a short jab. Dane doesn’t fall but the Champ stumbles, grasping the ropes to steady himself.

Williams: Dane sure felt that one.

Haynes pushes into the Champ and pulls the wrist for the Irish Whip, Dane is quick to reverse it and confidently steps forward, dipping his shoulder, he vaults Haynes over top but favors the knee ever so slightly in doing so.

Emo: Haynes getting air and crashing back down to the mat, Jennifer.

Williams: Eric Dane trying to get control here.

Haynes is quick to his feet but instantly is holding his back in pain, stumbling. Dane charges the dazed Haynes and comes high with the braced knee, connecting into the chest, staggering Will back into the turnbuckle.

Emo: Champ with the brace again. Haynes in trouble here.

Williams: Dane pulls Haynes’ arm here, snapping it towards him.

Dane pulls Haynes towards him, squatting down and lifting Haynes onto his shoulders.

Williams: The Champ has Haynes over his shoulders.

Emo: This doesn’t look promising.

Dane drops down to one knee, while elevating Haynes over his head. Haynes drops down and WHACK! He comes face first into that braced knee.

Emo: The Champ just rearranged the THRILL’s face, Jennifer.

Williams: Haynes is stunned.

Dane sees Haynes laying back first and instead of going for a pin, he leaps into the air bringing the braced knee down hard onto Haynes’ skull. The fans react poorly to say the least.

Emo: And the Champ is dishing out the punishment here, Jennifer.

Williams: Looks like the underdog story might be over, Doc.

Dane shakes some nerves out of the leg before dropping to his knees and pinning the THRILL.


At the last second, Haynes turns the shoulder.

Emo: Haynes! Still alive! But how.

Williams: Pure resolve? Has gotta be my guess.

Dane quickly rolls Haynes over and begins to work on the arm, yanking it back, wrenching it behind Will’s back. Knoxx is asking Haynes if he wants to quit.

Williams: Will Haynes has taken plenty of damage in this one here tonight.

Emo: These guys bleed themselves dry for this World Title, Jennifer. It’s what keeps them hungry.

Haynes fights through the pain and pushes himself to a vertical base. He grinds a little harder, squats low and fights for positioning that brings he and the Champ to the center of the ring. The fans applauding, trying to help the THRILLmaker the best they can.

Haynes clears space with a quick jab, the Champ staggers back just slightly and Haynes reacts quick, throwing both feet into the air and nailing Eric Dane with a dropkick to the side of the head. Dane falls to the mat.

Emo: Will Haynes! He might’ve just changed the tide, Jennifer.

Williams: And as quick as that Haynes is back in control of this thing.

Haynes wastes no time as he brings boot after boot to a covered up Dane, finally catching him with a good one square in the face. Dane assumes a seated position in a daze. Haynes pulls Dane to his feet and greets him with a forearm that sends the Champ stumbling.

Haynes motions for Dane to step to him and the Champ in a daze staggers forward. Haynes hooks him for a suplex, lifting him straight into the air. He stalls Dane there for a second before pushing him out. Dane falls to the ring face first as Haynes brings his knee up to greet him! The collision sends Dane to the mat.

Williams: GEORGIA ON MY MIND! Haynes’ newest move! And what a spot for it.

Haynes with the cover, the crowd on their feet.


Emo: Champ just kicks out! He won’t go down. That’s your resolve, Jennifer.

Williams: These two are laying it all out there tonight, Doc. No doubt about it.

Haynes is disappointed but doesn’t bark at Knoxx. He pulls the Champ to his feet, but Dane is a step quicker than the Thrill.

Emo: Champ to his feet. Battling back here.

Dane clears space with two big elbows, that catch Haynes in the stomach. Haynes tries to regain the upper hand with a quick jab, not good enough from the challenger. The Champ grabs his wrist quickly and whips him across the ring. Dane scoops Haynes off the rebound and connects with a textbook Powerslam. Both men down in the center of the mat.

Williams: Haynes still favoring that back. Dane might be favoring that knee. The Champ just bought himself some time here.

Emo: Dane just needs to keep his composure.

Dane is out of the ring, onto the mat. He climbs the turnbuckle.

Williams: The Champ heading to the high rent district! What’s gonna happen here.

The fans climb to their feet in anticipation. Haynes is up and he sees what’s happening, he moves quickly and climbs the turnbuckle, connecting to Dane’s head with a forearm, halting the Champ’s progress.

Emo: Haynes is going right up there after him.

Haynes is quick, he wraps his arms around Eric Dane, and without a moment of hesitation, he swings the both of them off the top rope, landing a Top Rope Exploder Suplex.


Emo: But is it enough! Haynes seems to have hurt himself a bit there and it’s preventing him from making the cover here. This one could be over!

Frank Knoxx looks between both men and begins a ten count.


Williams: This can’t be how this one ends. No way, not tonight!


Emo: Haynes is moving. He drapes his arm over Dane. Knoxx sliding in.


Williams: NO! Eric Dane kicks out. And Will was too slow on the cover. Too much damage from that Thrillplex off the top rope. Eric Dane able to kick out, Doc.

Emo: One hell of a battle between these two.

Both Champ and challenger are slow finding their feet following that pinning attempt. Haynes has the slight upper hand is able to pull Dane to a vertical position. And Haynes is once again both quick and deliberate, striking Dane with a quick jab and following it with an elbow to the back of the head.

Williams: Haynes trying to once again quicken the pace on Eric Dane. Tried and true is his method throughout the majority of this match, Doc. Gotta think that’s it’s going to work sometime.

Emo: Or is Dane ready for that? It’s no secret that Haynes wanted to keep the Champ off balance, perhaps Eric spent time getting ready for such an assault. Dane favors the longer type of match. The longer this goes, the more it favors the Champion.

Haynes pushes Dane back into the ropes. Dane reverses the whip and sends Haynes into the ropes now. Haynes is off the side Dane swings a clothesline intentionally wild, Haynes slips it but Dane pulls the challenger’s arms back and drives both knees upward, nailing Haynes with a double knee backbreaker.

Emo: The Champ with a brilliant move, able to halt the momentum of Haynes once again. And that’s been the story of this one, Jennifer. Haynes trying to quicken the pace, but before he can fully turn the corner the Champion being able to break the pace. Slow the roll.

Williams: A lot of big moves here in this one, Doc. And you’ve gotta wonder who’s going to break first. The biggest prize in the biz on the line and these two are not disappointing.

With Haynes on the ground the Champ doesn’t pin, not yet. Instead Dane mounts his challenger and begins bringing the braced knee hard into his face with a series of knee strikes.

Emo: Dane working now on really wearing down Haynes.

Williams: And look, look at that - I think one of those knee strikes busted Haynes open. Right there above the eye.

Sure enough blood has begun to trickle down Haynes’ face. Dane shrugs it off, smirking, proud of the damage he’s dealt out. He rolls over into a pin.


Williams: Haynes turns the shoulder.

Emo: Dane to his feet as he stalks Haynes.

The Challenger climbs to his feet.

Emo: Dane has him lined up.

Dane squats underneath and once again plants Haynes onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Dane brings Haynes overtop pulling the THRILL over his shoulder and sending him down to the mat. Dane sits back.

Williams: Samoan Driver from the Champion.

Haynes is in a heap on the mat. Dane pushes him into a pin. Knoxx slides in.


Williams: Haynes is able to keep going! Haynes gets the shoulder up. This one isn’t over yet. Hope none of you went anywhere. Wrestling continues here in the Main Event.

Emo: And they are throwing the kitchen sink at one another. Eric Dane and Will Haynes are trading big move for big move as they battle over the UTA World Title. What a prize. What a match. What a night!

Dane reacts negatively to the kickout. His eyes closed, focused on what he needs to do to retain. Dane rolls to his knees pressing up into a vertical base. Dane pulls himself up in the corner, he motions for Haynes to get to his feet.

Emo: The Champion with a plan here, Jenn.

Dane grips Haynes around the waist looking for a German Suplex. Haynes throws an elbow to clear Dane away but the Champion twists around to the other side quickly.

Emo: Looks like the hold was a distraction.

To the side of Haynes now Dane brings the braced knee into Hayne’s stomach, one, twice, three times a lady. Haynes reeling in pain, Dane quickly slips back to the German Suplex hold and brings Haynes up and over, leveling him into the mat but holding on for a pin.

Williams: Could Dane retain here!


Emo: Haynes able to roll out of there and this one keeps on going!

Williams: What a relief, I thought that Will was a goner. What a move from the Champion. I guess when you’re around for as long as Eric Dane has been you learn a thing or two.

Emo: You certainly do.

Haynes is on his back holding his ribs, his stomach, in clear pain. Dane is on his feet, hands on his hips, breathing heavily staring down at Will.

Emo: Champ thinking about what more he needs to do here tonight. He’s given Haynes a fight and a half, using that knee brace of his to really drive the point home here tonight, Jenn.

Dane picks Haynes up, pushing the THRILL back into the ropes, Dane flicks the wrist and sends Will over with an Irish Whip, Dane charges in and throws a clothesline, Will dips it.

Williams: Haynes off the far side.

Haynes roars forward with a forearm smash that causes Dane to bring his hands up in pain. Haynes stays on the Champion connecting with a forearm shot to the side of the Champion’s head. Dane backs up.

Emo: Champ losing ground to the THRILL here.

Dane swings angrily with a clothesline that Haynes again is able to duck. Haynes hooks Dane!


Emo: NO!

The Champ spins, pushes Haynes away. Haynes off the ropes, the Champ scoops Haynes and brings him up in the air, stalling.

Emo: Here it comes - the STARDRIVER!

Williams: WAIT!

Haynes squirms. Haynes squirms some more. Dane isn’t able to complete the move. Haynes lands on his feet, he quickly grabs the Champion and snaps him down to the mat with a Snap DDT.

Williams: All Will Haynes needs to do now is cover Eric Dane and he is the new UTA World Champion!

Emo: He's making history tonight Jennifer!

Both men lay on the canvas as the referee begins to count.

Williams: He's got to do it though before the referee reaches a count of ten or both men will be counted out.

The fans grow loud as the referee continues to count. Will Haynes rolls over, his arm extending up.

Williams: Haynes looking to try and end this one. If he can just.. yes.. he does! Will Haynes drapes his arm over Eric Dane's chest! We have a cover!

Emo: We could have a new UTA World Champion!

The referee stops his count and quickly slides into place beginning the pin.

Williams: Will Haynes seconds away... two.. THR- NO! ERIC DANE IS ABLE TO GET HIS SHOULDER UP!

Emo: That was as close as you can get right there Jennifer. Will Haynes has to be frustrated.

Will Haynes rolls to the side as he sits up. He laughs to himself, shaking his head before he begins to get to his feet fully.

Williams: Will Haynes just can't believe it.

Emo: He was very close to once again pinning Eric Dane.

Haynes heads over to Dane, reaching down and grabbing him by the head before beginning to pull him to his feet.

Williams: Will Haynes directing the champion to the nearby corner now.

As he goes to slam Eric Dane's head into the top turnbuckle, Eric throws his hands out and grabs the top rope to stop him. He shoots his right elbow back and into the face of Will Haynes.

Williams: Eric Dane still in this one.

Emo: That was a hard elbow shot there.

Haynes grabs his mouth as he turns and stumbles away from Dane. Eric turns and backs into the corner. As Will Haynes stumbles around turning back toward him, Eric Dane takes off and throws his leg up, catching him in the face with a big boot.

Williams: Huge boot to the face by Eric Dane! Will Haynes is sent back down!

Dane throws his arms out and lets out a mighty yell.

Emo: I think he's ready to put Will Haynes away.

Eric Dane walks over and grabs Will Haynes who is on a knee trying to get up. As he begins to pull Haynes to his feet, Will takes a swing at him. However, Eric Dane scoots back, causing Haynes to miss and twist all the way around.

Emo: Will Haynes is out of it.

Eric grabs Haynes from behind and lifts him up, before putting a knee out and dropping Haynes down on it.

Williams: Atomic drop by Eric Dane!

Haynes crumbles to his hands and knees as Eric Dane walks around him. He places his boot on the back of Will Haynes' head and pushes his face down, causing him to fully collapse into the canvas.

Emo: This is hard to stomach. Eric Dane looks to just be toying with Will Haynes now.

Williams: Eric Dane pulling Haynes to his feet again. Will Haynes sent into the ropes. Now on the return...

Dane prepares to catch Will Haynes, but Haynes bends down and leaps forward. His shoulder crashes into the knee of Eric Dane who is flipped over Haynes' shoulder and to the canvas. He lets out a cry of pain as he rolls over and grabs his knee, sitting up.

Emo: Will Haynes with a last ditch effort!

Williams: Yes, and it may have hurt Eric Dane.

Emo: This is exactly where he wants to be to capitalize.

Will Haynes crawls forward, reaching for the ropes. As he grabs them, he begins to pull himself up. Eric Dane rolls over himself, trying to get up. He winces as he pushes on his leg.

Williams: Both men getting to their feet.

Dane steps forward and is sent down to one knee, unable to hold himself up. Haynes stumbles from the ropes toward Eric. As he reaches him, he bends down and grabs Eric's leg pulling it up before throwing his leg over and dropping down, putting Eric into a figure four.

Williams: Figure four leg lock by Will Haynes! Is it enough to make Eric Dane tap?!

Emo: Can you imagine is Dane does tap?!

Williams: Dane in pain as Haynes holds on. He is reaching deep down inside and putting every bit of strength he has left.

The referee ask Eric Dane is he quits. Dane screams NO! as he sits up, moving his upper body as Will Haynes continues to apply pressure. Dane begins to try and turn.

Williams: Eric Dane looking to reverse it, but does he have it in him?!

Emo: The champion is fighting with all of his might.

Dane can't seem to get Haynes over. He violently shakes his head as the referee continues to ask him if he submits.

Williams: The damage to that knee continuing to weaken Dane. Can he hold on much longer?

Haynes pushes his upper body up holding on tighter. Dane sits up enough to reach forward and grab Haynes' arm. Will pushes it away and shoves Dane by the shoulder. As his shoulders tough the canvas, Haynes raises up and tightens the hold. The referee drops to count Dane's shoulders, but Dane comes back up to a seated position.

Williams: Both men fighting to hold on.

They both begin to exchange rights.

Emo: This is a big time battle right here.

Dane pushes over again, this time it is enough that Will Haynes loses some of his grip.

Williams: Will Haynes losing his grip.. Eric Dane trying to fight free.

Emo: Yea, but like you said Jennifer, the damage is already done to that knee.

Eric pulls his body up and starts to break away from Will Haynes. He turns fully and begins to push up, however the moment he places pressure on his leg, he collapses again.

Williams: Both Will Haynes and Eric Dane barely able to move.

Emo: This is what holding the top title in the world is all about.

Haynes uses the ropes to pull himself up again. The fans cheer as he walks toward Dane who grabs the ropes himself, and uses them to start pulling himself up.

Williams: Will Haynes looks to be stalking Eric Dane... Waiting for the perfect moment.

Will Haynes grabs Eric Dane from behind, pulling him away from the ropes. He wraps his arm around Dane's neck as he arches his back, setting him up for the THRILLride.


As Haynes goes to turn Dane, Eric holds his ground as his body turns and pulls Haynes into a boot to the midsection.

Williams: Eric Dane able to escape the THRILLride again!

Emo: The Champion refusing to give up.

Eric grabs Will Haynes, hooking him as he lifts, stalling, before turning and collapsing to the canvas just as his knee gives out again.


Emo: He did it!

Eric Dane grabs his knee in pain.

Williams: Yes, but at what cost to that knee?

He uses his upper body to slide across the canvas toward Haynes, finally covering him. He barks at the referee to Do your damn job! as the referee slides into position.

Williams: The referee counts... Eric Dane could retain... two... THREE! ERIC DANE DOES IT! ERIC DANE RETAINS!

The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall..... and STILL.. UTA WORLD CHAMPION.... ERIC... DAAANNNEEE!!!

Williams: Eric Dane was taken to the limit tonight by Will Haynes, but he walks out of Atlantic City with luck on his side.

Emo: He will now defend the UTA World Championship at All or Nothing before the main event.

Williams: Michael Lorenzo making that deal so to call off Eric Dane's hunt for the person who put out Colton Thorpe.

Will Haynes rolls out of the ring and is met by some of the ring side crew, who help him stand outside of the ring before helping him start up the ramp. Inside of the ring, Eric Dane holds himself up in the corner, unable to put any pressure on his knee as the doctor can be seen talking to him. We get a zoom in of Will Haynes being turned around to face the ring. He can be seen saying This isn't over Dane! before turning back toward the top of the ramp and continuing up.

Williams: Will Haynes was just moments away from capturing the title here tonight.

Emo: Yes, but he did injure Eric Dane's knee, just like Perfection did a couple of weeks ago. You have to wonder, will Eric Dane be 100% by All or Nothing when he next defends his World Championship?

Williams: I don't see how at all. Eric Dane is hurt.

Eric tries to stand on his own, but has trouble doing so. He grabs the shoulder of the doctor, stopping himself from falling.

Williams: Well folks. This has been a huge episode of Victory tonight. Eric Dane successfully retains the championship and we move closer to All or Nothing.

Emo: Now that we know the World Championship will actually be on the line, the stakes have went up.

Williams: For everyone here at the UTA, thank you for tuning in. This is Jennifer Willia-

Atlantic City... Can you feel it?


Emo: Is it really happening? It can't be!

The fans go absolutely crazy. Eric Dane's eyes light up. His face goes pale as he looks up at the stage. Just then, In the Air Tonight begins to play as Sean Jackson charges from the back, briefcase in hand.


Emo: Eric Dane is in a bad spot!

Dance limps badly as he pushes the doctor out of the way and heads forward, trying to meet Jackson who slides into the ring. He holds the case up and yells for the referee to ring the bell.

Williams: Sean Jackson is cashing in folks! Hes doing it!

The referee holds the briefcase up.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen.. Sean Jackson is officially cashing in his Ace in the Hole contract!

The fans explode as the bell sounds.

Williams: Jackson charges Eric Dane.. Dane ducks a clothesline from Jackson...

As they both turn, Eric's face winces in pain, his knee barely holding up.

Williams: Sean Jackson with a hard right jab.. another... Dane stumbling back now.

Sean charges forward, grabbing Eric Dane around the waist and lifting him up. He continues forward with Dane up before slamming him down to the canvas.


Emo: This is the moment Sean Jackson has been waiting for since he captured the Ace in the Hole briefcase.

Jackson grabs Eric's bad leg as he stands up. He holds it out before bringing a stomp to the inside of his knee.

Williams: Sean Jackson watching from the back knows now is the time to focus on that injured knee.

He grabs Eric's leg again. This time, he turns Dane over to his stomach before lifting the leg up and driving his knee hard into the canvas.

Emo: Eric Dane is in an enormous amount of pain.

Dane grabs his leg as he rolls. Jackson looks out to the fans and points to his head

Williams: Sean Jackson letting everyone know how brilliant he is.

Eric sits up, bending down enough to hold his knee. As Jackson turns his head he sees him. He smiles huge before turning the rest of his body and running toward the ropes.

Williams: Jackson passes Dane.. off of the ropes.. on the return... his knee lifts up.. CONNECTS! GAME CALLED DUE TO DARKNESS! IT'S OVER!

Emo: Lights out Eric!

As soon as he connects and Dane's body is jolted over and to the canvas, Jackson leaps down and covers him. The referee slides into position and begins to count.

Williams: This could be it.. we could have a new World Champion... Two.. THREE! SEAN JACKSON DOES IT! HE DOES IT!


The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match and NEEEEEWWWW.... UTA World Champion.... SEAN... JAAACCCKKKSSSOOONN!!!

As the referee hands Jackson the title, he pulls it close to his chest before holding it up. The cameras flash.

Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, there is your new UTA World Champion!

Emo: This makes his third time holding the top title Jennifer. Sean Jackson has become champion now at least once a year for the last three years.

Williams: Eric Dane never even imagined that Sean Jackson would cash in this close to All or Nothing.

Emo: I don't think anyone did Jennifer, which makes it all the more exciting. Now... does Jackson give Dane a rematch at the pay per view, or does someone else get the shot? Eric Dane just earlier tonight made it to where the World Title itself would not be defended in the All or Nothing match. Could that be what cost him the title?

Williams: It very well could be. Sean Jackson saw that if he was to cash in he would not need to defend the title against thirty nine others, but just one. Eric Dane set this series of events up himself.

Jackson walks backward up the ramp, title over his shoulder as Eric Dane holds himself on top of the middle rope, looking out at Jackson in a daze.

Williams: What a night!

Emo: you can say that again!

The copyright comes up and we fade to black.

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