Victory XLIII

28 Dec 2015

Resch Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin (seats 10,200)



The Monday Night Victory logo fades in from black and dominates the screen. As it does, James Brown starts kickin’ it with “Living in America,” and the logo pulses until we hit the first chorus. As it drifts into the background, we switch to the arena, and the camera pans around hordes and hordes of screaming fans.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. We catch a few fan signs as the camera flies by…





From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are LIVE from the sold-out Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin for another action-packed edition of Victory! I’m Jennifer Williams, and alongside me, as always, it’s Dr. Emo!

Emo: A pleasure as always, Jen, and boy, do we have one hell of an action-packed night on our hands! Season’s Beatings is in the book, Eric Dane is still our UTA World Champion, and several of his charges are in-action tonight!

Williams: It all starts with Bobby Dean, who takes on the tough, gritty B.R. Ellis in his first match since returning to the UTA and aligning with the Pantheon a few weeks ago.

Emo: BBD looks ready to murder somebody, Jen. I would not want to be in Ellis’ shoes right now, and after that, we’ve got Jeff Andrews taking-on Marie Van Claudio!

Williams: MVC is always game, but Jeff Andrews has been on a tear since joining the UTA!

Emo: He’s defeated Santa Claus and Yoshii in quick succession, but this week, we find out how he’ll fare against somebody who isn't morbidly obese!

Williams: Speaking of Santa Claus, he steps into the ring against Mikey Unlikely! Mikey’s had a few problems with Lisil Jackson lately, and you can bet the big Jamaican’s got his eye on this one after getting thrown through a table last week…

Emo: For the sake of our vending machines’ health and safety, I hope that one passes without incident! Things just keep getting better and better too, with former UTA Champion Yoshii taking-on one of the Patheon’s new enemies, Will Haynes, in singles action!

Williams: Lord knows what kinda condition Yoshii’s gonna be in after that beatdown at Season’s Beatings, but we’re gonna find-out! Will Haynes is not a guy you want to wrestle when you’re less than 100%...

Emo: And in our main event… oh boy, this is a banger! It’s Cayle Murray, taking-on a legend of the UTA’s modern era… Madman Szalinski!

Williams: It’s the old hero versus the new hope! Good versus evil! The good guys versus The Pantheon! There are so many layers to this tie, Doc, and that’s before we even consider how skilled these two wrestlers are.

Emo: I can’t wait, Jen! Murray still hasn’t paid full penance for his recent acts against The Pantheon, and tonight, Madman’s gonna teach him a valuable lesson.

Williams: I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Cayle is just as steadfast in his own beliefs as Madman is his! If this match is allowed time to play-out, we could be looking at a classic! In any case, let’s get this show on the road…

A Segment


In the back, we see Marie Van Claudio walking to the locker room area and wearing a nice jacket for the weather outside. She says hello to some of the workers until Michael Lorenzo comes up to her.

Lorenzo: Hello Ms. Van Claudio. How are you feeling today?

Marie turns around and faces him.

Van Claudio: I’m good, sir. Thanks for asking.

She goes back walking to reach her destination, butLorenzo steps in front of her.

Lorenzo: I’ve heard what happened a couple of weeks ago with your brawl with Amy. Considering that she could pop up any second or go in my office, I’m keeping a good eye out for her and I would advise you to keep a good eye on her as well.

Marie shakes her head and looks the director of talent relations up and down.

Van Claudio: Sir, I’ve just been doing that since she attacked me.

She clears her throat.

Van Claudio: I mean, we don’t have eyes in the back of our head to see what’s going on behind us!

Marie looks at her bag then back to Lorenzo

Van Claudio, still holding her bag: Besides, I don’t think it’s hard to miss a red-headed purple looking balloon with a loud shrieking voice!

Lorenzo tries his best to hold his laughter in at the comment. He smiles a bit, but goes back being professional.

Lorenzo: That’s what I like to hear from you. A women that’s not afraid of anything. That shows how much growth you had since you came to the UTA.

Marie nods a bit with a smile.

Lorenzo, still smiling: However, I do wish you luck with your match against Jeff Andrews this week. Put on a good showing and we will see how far you go in 2016.

Marie nods her head respectfully.

Van Claudio, smiling: Thank you, Sir.

He moves out of the way to let Marie walk to her locker room.

Lorenzo: Oh, Miss Van Claudio one more thing.

Marie stops and turns to face him.

Lorenzo: Be Careful of the Pantheon regarding Jeff Andrews. They’ve been on his case and could go after you. Keep your eyes opened at all time.

He walks away as Marie looks at her back. Amy. The Pantheon. Those parties could attack any time in this match.

Williams: Good to see Marie keeping her head-up after all that's gone on between her and Amy Harrison lately! I like this new MVC!

Emo: She certainly seems to be putting her best foot for--... wait a minute, folks! We're getting word of a disturbance in the parking lot!

Williams: Let's head there now!

Wig = Split




In the gloom of the parking lot, a group of people stand huddled a good 40-to-50 feet from the camera’s position. The footage shakes and loses focus as the cameraman jogs towards the cluster.

Emo: What’s going on, Jen?!

As the cameraman draws nearer, it’s clear that the bulk of the group are dressed in typical UTA polos, while a handful are dressed for medical work.

Williams: That’s our in-house medical team! Somebody must be hurt!

The cameraman jostles for a position amongst the throng. He quickly finds a spot to peek through, and observes two knelt medics tending to a fallen body.

Emo: Someone’s been taken-out, Jen!

The fallen man wears jeans and a leather jacket, and his face is battered, bloodied and scraped. When his right sleeve -- or lack thereof -- comes into view, it’s immediately apparent who we’re looking at.

Williams: It’s Thorpe! Somebody’s laid Colton Thorpe out in the parking lot!

Emo: My God…

The hair’s matted to his skull and the medics are fighting an uphill battle to stem blood flowing from his nose, but it’s unmistakably the former Wildfire Champion. A call of “clear the way!” fills the air as a couple more medics rush onto the scene, brandishing a stretcher.

Emo: Who’d do this?! Who’d have the balls?!

Williams: This isn’t good, Doc. This isn’t good at all.

Emo: Especially for whoever did this! If I was Cayle Murray I’d be hiding right now, because nobody has more of a reason to eliminate Thorpe than him!

Williams: Come on! You really think Cayle would resort something like this?

The medics straight Colt’s body out, readying him for the stretcher.

Emo: I’m sure we’ll find out! The Pantheon won’t let this go unpunished, that’s for sure.

Finally the scene cuts away as Thorpe’s neck is steadied with a brace, and his body is shuffled onto the stretcher.

Bobby Dean vs. B.R. Ellis


Cut to ringside, where B.R. Ellis stands in his corner of the ring, using the ropes to stretch himself out.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from El Paso, Texas, standing at 6’2” and weighing-in at 252lbs… B! R! ELLLLLLIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS!

“Texas Best” waves for the crowd as his name is announced.

Williams: We’re just about ready for our first match of the evening. B.R. Ellis looks to get back in the win column and end his long losing streak, but I'm stunned by what just happened to Colton Thorpe.

Emo: That spectre’s gonna be hanging all the way through this thing, Jen, especially given the match’s second participant…

Finally we get some music. Marilyn Manson’s “Arma-Goddamn-Mother(redacted)in’-Geddon,” to be precise, and it hits like a soundtrack to the apocalypse. Lights dance and flash as The Pantheon’s logo appears on the tron, and Bobby Dean, the group’s muscle, steps-out from backstage.

Williams: Here comes Bobby, and he’s not alone…

Sure enough, Eric Dane follows closely behind BBD. The UTA Championship’s strapped around his waist (beneath the open leather jacket), but the cell phone pressed to his ear is much more pertinent.

Announcer: … aaaand his opponent! Making his way to the ring from Houston, Texas… representing The Pantheon, and being accompanied by Eric Dane… BOBBBBYYYYYYY! DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!

Emo: Dane looks furious, Jen! He’s practically barking down that cell!

Williams: Hell, Doc… who’s to say that Dane himself isn’t the culprit?!

The duo reach the bottom of the ramp. Bobby climbs onto the apron and steps into the ring, while The Only Star stays on the outside, still talking on the phone.

Emo: … what?!

Williams: Thorpe did take a disappointing loss to Scott Stevens at Season’s Beatings. Maybe Dane felt he’d been let down by the former Wildfire Champ, and decided to take it out on him…

Emo: Be very, very careful with that accusation, Jen… and for the love of God, don’t let Dane hear you.

Williams: I’m not accusing anybody! I’m just putting it out there, because let’s be honest, none of us know a thing at the moment…

Before Marilyn Manson can even fade, Bobby Dean charges towards B.R. Ellis, knocking him for six by elbowing him from behind! B.R. Ellis stumbles, and Bobby continues the assault with a couple of clubbing blows to the neck. As Ellis continues to labour, Bobby takes his by the skull and slams his face into the top turnbuckle. Finally, the bell rings.

Emo: Looks like Bobby didn’t want to wait for the bell!

Williams: That’s not fair! Ellis wasn’t ready!

Emo: What did he expect, Jen? This is The Pantheon we’re talking about. If B.R. was unprepared, that’s on him.

BBD keeps the pressure by pushing Ellis against the corner and punching him in the back… once, twice, thrice. Once he’s sufficiently weakened B.R., Bobby whips him into the opposite corner. Ellis crashes into it back first, before Dean charges towards him with a big corner splash!

Williams: Wow! Even after BBD’s weight loss, that’s still a hefty collision!

Emo: Just imagine if he’d pulled that off before the liposuction! The ring would’ve moved off-base!

Again, Bobby whips the flailing Ellis to the corner. But just as Bobby’s halfway through his run, Ellis drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring.

Emo: Smart strategy from Ellis! Staying in that corner wasn’t gonna end well for him.

BBD stops himself from running straight into the corner, and slides out of the ring himself, going right after Ellis. Having not expected Bobby to be on his tail so quickly, Ellis is by the barricades trying to recover. Bobby catches him by surprise with a forearm to the back of the skull, before taking him by the waistband and throwing him unceremoniously into the ring steps!

Williams: Oh my goodness!

Emo: Holy crap, Jen! Bobby got vicious!

Williams: He’s dishing-out an absolute shellacking to B.R. Ellis here, and his opponent looks helpless to stop him!

Emo: Bobby Dean is fuelled by years of rage and frustration, Jen. He’s tired of being a joke, tired of being a laughing stock, and he’s letting the world know it tonight.

As Eric Dane concludes his phone conversation, Bobby goes back to work. He stomps down on B.R.’s fallen body a couple of times, before sitting him upright against the newly-dented steps. His scowl never shifting, Bobby takes a few steps back, before launching forward with a big running knee.

Williams: OH MY GOD! Ellis’ skull just got sandwiched between BBD’s knee and cold, hard steel!

Emo: This is glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Jeers rain down on the Pantheon, but Bobby pays them no heed. Instead, he grabs B.R. Ellis and tosses his limp body back into the ring, breaking the ref’s 10-count at eight. Back inside himself, Bobby circles B.R. Ellis, keeping a close eye on the Texan’s every movement. Outside, Dane stays on-point, and his orders never cease.

Emo: There’s the Big Bad at work, instilling some of his wily ring general craft into the UTA’s former jester.

Williams: Bobby Dean can become a truly terrifying foe under Dane’s tutelage, Doc. The new attitude and trimmer figure are bad enough on their own: implanting some of The Only Star’s old tricks will make him a force of nature.

As soon as B.R. Ellis starts stirring, Dean is on him. He rolls him onto his back and mounts, throwing punch after punch into his skull before the referee is forced to intervene. From there, Bobby hauls Ellis to his feet, clinches him in a belly-to-belly, and suplexes him overhead. B.R. crashes down, and Bobby rises, wiping the sweat from his brow, before yelling at his opponent to “GET UP!”

Williams: I don’t know if he can, Bobby.

BBD repeats the call. Ellis, an honourable man, hears them and summons every drop of strength in his body to act. He grabs the bottom rope, then the second, and slowly starts pulling himself up.

Emo: Just stay down, man. This isn’t gonna end well for you.

When Bobby decides that B.R. has recovered enough, he marches back over. This time, however, Ellis hits him with a desperation gut punch, and another! But the comeback’s snuffed out when Bobby counters Ellis’ attempted Irish Whip, and flattens him with a big boot on the return.

Emo: Heh, so much for that…

Williams: The early attack and being thrown into the ring steps has really taken the sting out of B.R. Ellis tonight. Bobby hasn’t even given him a chance!

Finally ready to draw a line under things, Bobby stands over Ellis, then throws his head between his legs.

Williams: What’s this?!

An almighty heave takes Ellis into the air, and a powerbomb blasts him back down again. From ringside Eric Dane calls for an encore.

Emo: He’s going for another!

Sure enough, Bobby keeps his grip and pulls B.R. up for another go around. The ring shakes from the second powerbomb’s impact, but BBD’s not finished…


Emo: A third?!

Ellis is hoisted onto BBD’s shoulders again, but this time, Bobby isn’t looking at the mat.

He’s looking over the top rope.

Williams: He’s going to kill him!

Slowly, Dean takes a few steps closer to the ropes, then hoists B.R Ellis even higher.

Williams: Don’t do it! NO!

But Jennifer Williams’ words are for nothing. Bobby Dean powerbombs B.R. Ellis clean over the top rope, and he hits the mats outside with a sickening thud.


Williams: Get some medics out here! NOW!

The referee is on-top of B.R. Ellis as soon as he hits the floor.

Emo: He’s not getting up from that one, Jen. Not in a million years.

Williams: I can’t believe THIS Bobby Dean, Doc! This was… this was nothing more than a beatdown.

Emo: This is what Dane and The Pantheon have instilled in BBD! He’s not just slimmer: he’s tougher, meaner, nastier, and hell-bent on expunging years of ridicule through good old-fashioned violence.

It doesn’t take the referee long to realise that B.R. Ellis is finished. He turns to the timekeeper, waving his hands.

Williams: And that’s it. The referee’s stopped it. Ellis is unable to continue…

Marilyn Manson booms through the PA system, but Bobby Dean makes no pause for celebration. He just spends a few moments staring down at the limp Ellis, before Dane calls him out of the ring, and sends him after Ellis one more time.

Emo: Looks like he’s not gonna get the choice!

Bobby reaches down and grabs the unconscious Ellis by the head. The referee, having finally had his fill of The Pantheon, physically inserts himself between Bobby Dean and his prey. Bobby’s eyes go wide and he grabs the referee by his neck, lifts, and sends him flying with a ridiculous chokeslam.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via knockout… BOBBBBBBBYYYYYYYY! DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!

Emo: Quick, efficient, and absolutely ruthless. Bobby Dean didn’t just defeat B.R. Ellis tonight: he made an example out of him.

Williams: I don’t like this one bit, Doc. He’s corrupted all that we loved about him, not only that but he’s now put his hands on a UTA official! I wouldn’t be surprised if this match is overturned by Michael Lorenzo.

Emo: He did what he felt was necessary to be a force in the UTA, and on tonight’s evidence, it was the right choice. Bobby looked like a killer out there. But yeah, you’re probably right about that. There’s probably a fine or suspension in the big man’s future too…

Bobby turns his attention back to B.R. Ellis but before he can deliver another week’s hospital stay worth of a beating on the balding grappler he is called off. Dane has a microphone in hand and he calls Bobby to the ring with him. Dane rolls in, and Bobby follows suit after stopping just long enough to grab a steel chair.



Inside the ring Eric Dane is a powder keg, set to explode.

Behind him Bobby Dean has the look on his face of a man who has found his calling. No longer will he be the butt of anyone’s jokes, and as a matter of fact he can barely contain himself wishing somebody would make a fat joke in his earshot. The steel chair that he holds looks small in his hands.

Dane: Somebody is going to bleed for this.

Bobby nods.

Dane: I don’t yet know whom, but I will.

The World Champion begins pacing.

Dane: Colton Thorpe isn’t just a member of the Pantheon. He’s not just another body between my World Title and also-rans like Will Haynes. Colton Thorpe is my friend, my protege. Colton Thorpe is a man whose future in this business is limitless…

He stops, the snarl on his face almost comical in its seriousness.

Dane: And while all of that is still true, right now Colton Thorpe is a man whose career is on hold until some bunch of doctors can rearrange his teeth and pump a few gallons of blood back into his head. He’s probably got a concussion… It could even be worse…

The Champ has a hard time with this one. He begins pacing in the silence again.

Dane: Yeah, somebody’s gonna bleed. Tonight! It’s BLOOD for BLOOD! When I find out who put Colt in that hospital bed I’m gonna make sure yours is right next to his! That way every time I come to visit Colt in the hospital I can crack you on the f(redacted)cking head on General Goddamned Principle!




The Champion is assuredly not finished. He turns his attention over to Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams at ringside and begins yelling at them too.

Dane: I ain’t leavin’ this ring until I get some answers!

Emo: I… ah… I mean…

Williams: Come on Dane, you made your point!

Dane: No, little lady, I have not yet begun to make a point!

He turns back toward the entrance area.

Dane: I. AIN’T. F(redacted)CKIN’. LEAVING.

For a moment nothing happens. After a few tense seconds a Security team member emerges and trots down to ringside. He stops at the last second, but decides to do his job and rolls into the ring.

Emo: Oh no, this is bad for for our Security guy.

Williams: He wouldn’t…

Emo: Eric Dane? He would.

It’s the Champion’s turn to goozle a UTA employee and he does so with much gusto. He berates the him for a moment before four UTA Security staff members manifest on the ramp and begin making their way down to ringside.

Williams: This is gonna be bad, isn’t it?

Emo: You know that it is.

Dane tosses t over to B icial ffoehobby Dean who immediately thrusts him down into a standing headscissors. Just as the rest of the security team are getting close Dean hoists his victim up and sends him flying over the rope and out of the ring, crashing into the four men who were meant to save him.


Somebody in the truck finally got smart and cut the feed.

Check out this commercial real quick while the UTA tries to make heads or tails of this matter…

Brought to you By


Exclamation Point


And we’re back.

And nothing has changed.

Well, Eric Dane has taken a seat in the chair provided by Bobby Dean. He sits right in the center of the ring with rage etched across his face. So far no one else has been stupid enough to try and to commandeer the ring from the World Champion after the destruction of multiple security goons during the break.

Yes, they got up from the security-bomb. No, they did not manage to subdue the Champion or his charge. Their limp bodies lie in piles around ringside.

Dane: You know it occurs to me, the person with the most to gain from my colleague’s sudden departure from the active roster just happens to be one Cayle Murray.

Bobby Dean nods his approval.

Dane: Was it you, Cayle?

The crowd isn’t having it, boos are followed up by trash flying into the ring.

Dane: Did you grow a set of balls and remember how you used to get business done?

Dane sits. Garbage flies.

Emo: You know, he’s got a point there.

Williams: Are you serious? Seriously?

Emo: Hey, Cayle’s the first one to admit that he used to run with the dark side, who’s to say he hasn’t gone back to his Sith ways?

Williams: You’ve seen Star Wars this week haven’t you.

Emo: Twice.

Dane: I can sit here ALLLLLLLLL night! And to be perfectly honest, the safest place for me to be is in this ring, because if and when I decide to leave it and myself and Bobby start knocking on doors looking for answers, people are going to get hurt.

Moments pass.

Another troupe of Security appears at the top of the stage. Bobby Dean cracks his knuckles and The World Champion stands, ready to defend his high ground.

Dane: You lot might get us in a rush…

The Only Star grins.

Dane: But I’m taking at least three of you to the hospital with me. And Bobby, he’s can take probably five or six of you. So come on down that ramp and let’s see what you g-

He is interrupted.

“Eric, please.”

All of a sudden the giant UTAtron is alive and Michael Lorenzo looms above the arena. There is a look of condolence on his face, smeared with unease.

Lorenzo: There’s no reason for this situation to continue.

Dane: Oh, is that what you think?

Lorenzo: We have a show to put on for Christ’s sa-

It is Lorenzo’s turn to be interrupted.

Dane: Until I’m satisfied, Michael, it’s the Eric Dane sits on his ass in the ring show, do you got that? Or do we need to send another bunch of your guys to the hospital?

Lorenzo: DAMMIT DANE! This is no way to do business! You of all people should know that!

Dane: Yeah, I do, and I don’t care. Business is on hold until I find out who put my man down.

Lorenzo: Be reasonable, Eric! Come to my office, let's be diplomatic about this!

A few seconds pass. Dane sucks at his teeth absently as he weighs the pros and cons of the situation. For his part Bobby Dean stands on guard and awaits instruction.

Dane: Alright then, we’ll come to you. But if I get one inkling of the idea that you’re blowing smoke or  that you know more than you’re letting on, it’ll be you in that hospital bed beside Colton. Capiche?

The Champion stands, drops the mic, and nods for Bobby to follow. The larger grappler jumps into motion, holding the ropes open for The Champ as he exits the ring. As the duo make their way around the ramp the security crew has quadrupled and some of them look ready to take out some revenge on The Only Star.

Emo: This is a tense situation, Jen…

Williams: Tell me something I don’t know!

Dane smirks at the snarling goons standing in his way. He motions for them to part like the Red Sea and after a moment of posturing they do. Confidently Eric makes his way up the ramp with Bobby in tow. The guards close in behind him and the scene quickly cuts back to ringside.

Emo: Wow. Just. Wow.

Williams: Something tells me this is only just getting started, Doc.

Emo: Jennifer, you have no idea.

Familiar Stranger


The scene opens on a large backstage area. Random workers run about doing things to keep Victory running smooth as the UTA’s A show. A man who looks familiar walks into view but something is… off about him.

He wears a dark pair of designer jeans, black dress shoes, and a “Get Over It” Kendrix pinning Chris Hopper T-shirt. There is something hidden underneath said shirt. Although the man has all the features and characteristics of our dear friend Kendrix… This guy has a very thick mustache! His black rimmed glasses are large and conspicuous.

Emo: Oh gee! I wonder who that is?!

Williams: I've no idea either, "bruv."

Wait a minute…

Is that a groucho mask?

Anyway, the man moves about. He has a certain swagger and smiles as he walks. He nods his head at a set of females, his ridiculously thick eyebrows raise.

He catches the camera in the corner of his eye, the man looks away quickly. He picks up a step and ducks his head away, holding his hand up to cover his face.

Strolling down a corridor, it appears the man is reading the names on the dressing rooms. He reaches down and adjusts whatever is under his T-shirt. Reaching the door of “Lisil Jackson” he snickers.

A production worker is walking by and the man stops him. He speaks almost shouting.

Familiar Stranger: Listen, Yeah!? This is the locker room of that mongrel Lisil Jackson, innit?!

The worker looks from the questioner to the door and back. He just nods his head.

Familiar Stranger: Ha! JFK heard that bellend lost the...

Now yelling extremely loud.

Familiar Stranger: Prodigy Championship Match at Seasons Beatings to that devilishly handsome man and future of the UTA, Kendrix!

He laughs hysterically.

Slowly the locker room door opens. Lisil Jackson walks in carrying a glass bottle of K&J official Jamaican cola.

L. Jackson: What in dee….

Lisil looks closely at the man standing in the locker room and can’t help but let out a chuckle.

L. Jackson: Eyyyyy a new talent!!! Come pull up a seat mon! What be ya name?

The Familiar Stranger looks at Lisil nervously for a second before standing up straighter, and growing confident that his ruse may be working. He adjust the object under his shirt again.

Familiar Stranger: Bruv...uh… Bro! Your looking at...Grouch...drix?! Yeah, that’ll do...Grouchdrix is just a huge and loyal fan of the world’s greatest the world...The Hollywood Bruvs...and is sightseeing and such, found your locker room, innit?!

Lisil Jackson lets out a laugh.

L. Jackson: Grouchdrix huh? What a name!

Grouchdrix: It’s a family name!

The Jamaican Inspiration looks at him for a few seconds pondering.

L. Jackson: Now brudda why do ya hide yaself behind a mask?

Grouchdrix grows nervous once again.

Grouchdrix: Mask!? How absurd! Grouchdrix grew this mustache over many years! So much so, he can’t see for s***!

Jackson quickly grabs the Groucho mask off the face of the man revealing none other than JFK himself, KENDRIX!

Shocked at having his cover blown, Kendrix jumps back and rips his shirt off. Underneath is the UTA Prodigy Championship!

L. Jackson: Eyyyyy Kendrix! Nice o’ ya ta stop by! Would love ta treat ya to a D&G Cream Soda! Ma treat!!!!

Lisil shakes up the glass bottle and twists the cap off spraying it all over Kendrix. The Prodigy Champion shouts, tosses some nearby supplies at Lisil and takes off running down the corridor. Jackson gives chase still carrying the bottle

The camera watches them run off before turning back, just in time to see Mikey Unlikely slide into the locker room of Lisil Jackson. The door slowly pulls shut behind him. We can hear Mikey rooting around things. He is tossing things about loudly

Finally the door opens, and out walks Mikey, wearing Lisil Jackson’s prized Fedora. He smirks at the camera and slowly walks out of sight whistling as the scene fades.

Emo: Ha! Mikey got his hat!

Williams: So that's what Kendrix had up his sleeve. These Hollywood Bruvs are nothing if not devious...

Listen To Me


In his office, Michael Lorenzo is sat behind his desk, looking stressed-out beyond belief.

Suddenly, there is a loud knock on the door.

No. It's not Eric Dane.

Lorenzo: It’s open!

The door swings open, nearly knocking over a painting on a wall as Amy Harrison comes marching in and SLAMS her hand on his desk.

Lorenzo: Miss Harrison, I do NOT appreciate you barging in the office like this! Especially on a night like this!

Harrison: And I don’t appreciate being screwed over time and time again here!

Emo: Oh boy, this is EXACTLY what Michael Lorenzo doesn't need tonight...

He looks confused at the comment that Amy made.

Lorenzo, confused: Miss Harrison, how are you being “screwed” time and time again?

Harrison: Uh, hello? You have me defend the Prodigy title right after I won it in a ladder match, and Marie conveniently was made the referee of that match.

Amy keeps her eyes on him as Lorenzo looks at her.

Harrison: Then you give me my rematch in a five way match? Oh, and I got screwed in that because Mikey decided to cost me the match!

The Director of Talent Relations keeps his eyes on her.

Lorenzo: Hold on Miss Harrison, there is a reason why I made Marie the referee in YOUR match, but since you mentioned defending your title right after your ladder match.

He stands up and looks at her.

Lorenzo: Did you HONESTLY and I mean HONESTLY think you were going to get off scot free and sit around?

Amy tries to answer back, but Lorenzo stops her.

Lorenzo: No need to answer. I did what I had to do for a match. Marie was out with an injury, but since it was her hometown, I gave in and offered her the referee spot, which she took!

Amy is seen getting angier

Harrison: Well, if you’re going to give her this undeserved favouritism, then why don’t you give me my turn?

He rolls his eyes. It wasn’t favoritism.

Lorenzo: Favoritism? No, it’s called “opportunity”.  A word you need to learn instead of complain.

He keeps eyeing her.

Lorenzo: And since you want to bring up Mikey, how come you didn’t tell me BEFORE hand regarding him being at ringside? Are you always late or just want the attention on you?

Harrison: How was I supposed to know he was going to be out there in the first place? Are you sure you or someone else around here didn’t send him down to cost me?

Lorenzo shakes his head again and starts to get annoyed.

Lorenzo, annoyed: You know, you just don’t get it!

He goes back to his desk and sits

Lorenzo: Instead of wasting my time even more, Amy. What are you here for?

Harrison: I want a chance to get my own back on Marie. Since she was able to be the referee in my match, I want to be the referee in her match tonight!

His eyes open and shakes his head “no”

Lorenzo: You’re kidding, right? You’ve had ALL THIS TIME and waited for the LAST moment to ask when the match is coming up next?!

Harrison: If that’s the case, explain why no one told me about Marie being a special referee until I was out in the ring?

Lorenzo stands up and opens the door.

Lorenzo: I don’t need to explain CONFIDENTIAL stuff with the wrestlers and I. That’s for them to know and me to explain. Not you.

He points to the door.

Lorenzo: Instead of wasting my time with your whining, get out of my office!

Harrison: Don’t you yell at me! I was on my way out, anyway.

Lorenzo shakes his head as Amy walks out. He rubs his head, signalling for a headache.

Lorenzo, rubbing his head: I swear, she gives me a headache!

Emo: You're not the only one, pal...

Jeff Andrews vs. Marie Van Claudio


“Love Made Me” by Vixen plays as the fans are cheering.

Stacy Sinclair: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is a singles match!  Introducing first…!

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she sees the fans looking at her and clapping. She begins to walk down the ramp with everyone clapping.

Williams: It’s nice to see the fans behind MVC and nice to see her continuing to improve her attitude, but there’s no denying she’s got a very stiff test in this upcoming match.

Dr. Emo: I’ll tell you what Jen, this is what I call ‘upset weather’.  Marie’s been improving, she’s been looking good lately, and Jeff Andrews has his mind elsewhere and a busted face.

Marie keeps on walking to the ring as the fans are giving her applause. She stops for a good moment and acknowledges them.

Sinclair: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada...

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at the ref for the match, Mickey O’Connor.

Sinclair: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds...

Marie looks at the referee and before getting on the bottom rope and bounces on it before getting off.


Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing.

Williams:  She’s going to need every bit of her agility in this one though.  She’s faster, and has better endurance, but the last thing she needs to try to do is trade shots with Andrews.

Marie moves back and forth while waiting for her opponent.

Vixen fades.

♫ I'm a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ Well I'm really mad and I'm really old ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And it's time I sacrificed all my love ♫

As "Gods and Punks" by Monster Magnet blasts out, Jeff Andrews storms out of the back, and stops at the top of the ramp, fists clenched and at his sides, and head looking down. He slowly brings his arms up to shoulder level.

Sinclair: And her opponent! Hailing from Deadman Crossing, Ohio, and weighing in at 264 lbs!

Andrews snaps his fingers, and flashpots explode all over the stage.


Andrews begins powerwalking to the ring, reaching out to slap a few outstretched hands.

♫ And if you don't like what you see ♫
♫ Go ahead and take it out on me ♫
♫ I'm the Big Pig Apocalypse - ♫
♫ - and I ain't hard to please! ♫

Dr. Emo:  Jeff’s looking fired up, but his face still looks like raw meat from that assault last Victory by the Pantheon, and you know, I’d actually say that gave MVC the advantage.  IF she knew how to take advantage of it.  Which I don’t know if she’s going to.

At ringside Andrews doffs his leather jacket and drops it on the ringside mats, then rolls into under the bottom rope. He bolts madly across the ring to test the ropes, then on the rebound leaps to the middle and top ropes, raising both fists above his head.

♫ I'm a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And I take what I take because I want what I want ♫
♫ And tonight I'm gonna rock with the Gods and Punks ♫

Williams: Another thing that needs to be mentioned is how leading up to this match, Andrews made it very clear that he will not be taking it at all easy on MVC.

Emo: And that’s where he’s wrong.  He wants to treat her with respect? He should’ve asked for a week off, and he should be looking to put her away by the quickest, most direct route possible.

Andrews drops back into his corner and ignores O’Connor as he checks for foreign objects, never taking his eyes off his opponent.


The wrestlers circle each other.  Marie trying to figure out how to uproot this particular tree stump, and Andrews mostly watching her intently, trying to gauge what she’s going to do.

Williams: So let’s talk about the gorilla in the corner.  Amy Harrison and or the Pantheon could be watching this with intent.

Emo: Call me crazy but I’m not expecting much.  Eric Dane’s ego wouldn’t permit him a run-in on a Marie Van Claudio match, and he’s more interested in finding proof that Cayle Murray was behind that attack on Colton Thorpe anyway.  As for Amy, what could be better than watching one of the toughest strikers in the game beat the crap out of her arch enemy?  

Williams: She might decide she wants a ringside seat.

MVC shuffles forward, holding up her hand for a lock-up.  Andrews takes it, and physics ensues.  He quickly overpowers MVC and pushes her to the mat.  MVC bridges, keeping her shoulders off the mat.  Andrews tries to adjust his weight, MVC gets her feet under him and monkey flips him over, rolling with it and sitting on his chest!




Andrews is easily out.  He pulls her up with the knuckle lock and whips her at the ropes - MVC jumps over the ropes to land on the ring apron. She quickly sidesteps the follow up charge from Andrews, but when she throws a roundhouse kick Andrews aggressively blocks it with an axehandle and clotheslines her head over heels. She lands in a crumpled heap on the apron.

Emo: And there’s both the striking prowess and the size advantage on display.

Andrews reaches over the ropes to bring MVC up.  He sets up a vertical suplex and lifts - MVC slides out the back, and tries for a schoolboy!  But Andrews hangs onto the ropes and she can’t pull him over.  However, she’s quick, and gets out of the way when he tries for a knee drop.

A bit sore from missing the knee, Andrews gets to his feet, and MVC catches him with a running high knee! Andrews falls into the ropes and MVC starts laying in the roundhouse kicks, to the ribcage and chest.  Andrews growls and does his best to absorb them, but a high roundhouse to the head sends him to one knee, and MVC hooks the head and short DDTs him.

Williams: She’s got him on the mat, cover!






Emo: Barely two.  

MVC now goes for the leg, sinking in a heel hook.  But…

Williams: Andrews easily gets a rope break.  Good thinking by MVC to try and work the vertical base, but the ring placement was all wrong.

MVC dropkicks the knee, but Andrews has the ropes and doesn’t lose his balance.  He pulls himself back up on his feet.  Instead of rushing in, he begins walking methodically towards her.

Emo: This is actually a good move by Andrews.  If you charge someone with MVC’s speed you give them a chance to sidestep and counterattack.  But he just keeps moving, controlling the ring, and there’s an intimidation factor too.  She gets cornered, she gets pulped.

MVC is nearly backed into the ropes when she drops, spins and feints at the ankle. Andrews avoids it and MVC has to back off - and ends up in the turnbuckle.  Andrews is up in a flash and runs in with a knee.

Williams:  This is where MVC doesn’t want to be, and Andrews is going to work!

A chop echoes around the arena.  Then three more.  Then Andrews overhooks the arms and reverse tiger suplexes MVC to mid ring.  He goes for the cover.






MVC rolls over and gets to her hands and knees when Andrews grabs the waistlock and deadlifts her into a release german suplex!  MVC lands hard and crumples again, and Andrews pulls her up by the head, sets up the reverse headlock, and MVC quickly counters with a small package!




Williams: Andrews looked for the Mind Eraser right there, that’s his diving reverse DDT, but MVC had it scouted. She’s on her feet first, knife edge chop!

Emo: Not.

MVC’s chop didn’t really phase Andrews at all, and he responded with one of his own that took her off her feet.

Williams: Once again, I cannot stress how bad an idea it is for MVC to trade strikes with Andrews.

Andrews lifts MVC up for a vertical suplex, then drops her ribs first across the top rope.  Switching his grip to her waist, he brings her up, steps backwards, and drops down with a modified gutwrench powerbomb!







Emo: There’s no denying that she’s got more heart in the ring than she used to, but she’s got to figure out how to hurt Jeff Andrews, because small packages aren’t cutting it.

Andrews changes gears.  Maybe if he can wear her stamina out, she’ll quit reversing stuff - so he grabs her in a bearhug.  He only traps one arm, and MVC punches away at the side of his head with the other arm.  That doesn’t work, but when she leans back and brings her elbow up under his jaw, it hurts a bit.  Instead of dropping her though, he lowers his shoulder and runs her into the turnbuckle.

From the turnbuckle, he sets her up on the top rope.  MVC, sensing danger, kicks him in the head, knocking him back a step.  When he returns, she kicks with both legs, pushing him backwards, and leaps...

Williams: Marie Van Claudio with the sunset flip off the top! Andrews fighting it - no, he’s down!  ONE!  TWO!  And he’s out!

Andrews rolls backwards to his feet and tries to take MVC out with a quick chest kick, but she’s a step ahead here, and simply lies down.  His kick whiffs.  She quickly kips to her feet, and then leaps to Pele kick him in the side of the head!

Williams: That one hurt him!  Andrews stumbles into the ropes, Marie off the far side - front dropkick sends Andrews over the top!

Andrews hits the floor hard.  MVC steps to the apron.  As Andrews stumbles, a little bit shellshocked from the unexpected kicks and tumble, MVC makes up her mind.  She jumps off the apron…


Emo: I… wow.

Amy completes the flying somersault Stunner.  Jeff Andrews stands straight up out of it, walks three steps, twists and faceplants.

Williams: If she’d hit that in the ring we’d be on the verge of one of the biggest upsets in UTA history, but -

Emo: How is she going to get 260 pounds of deadweight into the ring to pin it? None the less, she needed to do some damage and she actually found a way to do it.

Jeff Andrews isn’t completely motionless but he’s not on dream street, he’s passed out drunk in some dark alley off the downtown section of dream street.  MVC tugs on his arm to try and get him up, but can’t budge him.

Williams: The count’s at 5, and MVC doesn’t know what to do.

Emo: If I were in her shoes? I’d just take the count out win.  I mean, this isn’t a title match and so a count-out is a legitimate way to win.

In fact, MVC rolls back into the ring, but looks antsy.  She even hops from foot to foot a bit, hanging onto the top rope and watching Andrews slowly stir as the count approaches…

Williams:  Seven… Eight…. Nine… MVC ROLLS OUT!  The count’s broken!

MVC slaps Andrews on the side of the head and shouts something at him.

Emo: Is she asking him to get back in the ring? Now that’s just dumb.

Williams: You know, Dr. Emo, Jeff Andrews actually put some effort into giving her advice in the days before this card. Maybe she doesn’t want to thank him for that by taking a cheap win?

Emo: Like I said, dumb.  It’s not cheap!  A count-out is a perfectly reasonable way to win a match!

But Andrews is able to roll back into the ring by the count of seven.  MVC follows him in, only, she does it with a slingshot rolling senton.  Grabbing a leg and an arm she laboriously drags him out of reach of the ropes and goes for the cover.







MVC delivers a series of forehand chops to the back of Andrews’ head.  She’s not trying to knock him out with them, they’re more intended to get the man moving a little bit, and as soon as he’s moving she’s up the turnbuckle.

Williams: Van Claudio lying in wait for another Montreal Spinout - but Andrews is onto it, he turns to face the turnbuckle.

She jumps anyway, figuring that if she can’t hit the Spinout, a flipping neckbreaker is good enough.

It’s just that 20 years and 40 pounds ago, Jeff Andrews was a cruiserweight, and he knows how these flippity moves work.  He ignores her body, and reaches up to block her legs when she tries to flip.

Emo: Andrews catches her out of the air - and a spinning fisherman’s buster!

MVC struggles.  It takes her a moment to get her limbs to move in the correct directions, but she starts struggling to her feet, just as Andrews summons what was left of his energy and flings himself at the ropes.  On the rebound, he launches a high kick directly at MVC’s head.


MVC goes head over heels.  Andrews lands on one knee and shakes his head, trying to clear it.

Williams: You have to wonder if Andrews’ sluggishness is the result of the Pantheon beatdown two weeks ago, but right now I think MVC is out cold and Andrews isn’t making the cover!

As if he heard her, Andrews makes the cover.  But he just flops down on top of MVC without worrying about weight distribution or anything like that.








Williams: And MVC is still in this one!

Emo: God, look at the mark his boot left on her face.

Andrews drags the woozy MVC to her feet and runs the ropes, this time the set behind her, aiming a shot at the back of her head.

And somehow, MVC has the foresight to duck!

Andrews spins, but MVC fires off her own superkick.  New to using the superkick, it’s not that great a superkick as far as sheer power goes, but…

...It connects with Andrews’ jaw and his mangled face and lips.

Instead of dropping or flipping, Andrews flails madly at the air a few times, stumbles, lands on his butt and grabs his face.  Blood quickly begins pooling between his fingers.

Williams: Oh no!

Marie, too, looks horrified at what’s just happened.  When referee Mickey O’Connor turns to push her back, she isn’t even there to be pushed.  Andrews, for his part, takes a wild flail in O’Connor’s direction, and stumbles back to his feet.

Emo: You’re going to have to do more than that to stop Andrews.  And I don’t mean that like getting busted like that’s insignificant.  I can’t believe Marie Van Claudio’s putting him to more of a test than Yoshii did, but Jeff Andrews responds to most things by saying the f-word and getting right back into the game.

O’Connor stands in front of Andrews, trying to get him to stand still so he can check the damage for himself.  MVC still appears doubtful, and the O’Connor grabs Andrews’ arm looking to check the damage - Andrews yanks his arm free, spins, and spin-chops MVC across the back of the head!

Looking dubious, the ref signals that the match will continue.  

MVC slowly gets to her hands and knees.  Andrews wipes some blood off on his chest. Some more dribbles on the mat.

Williams: That’s just… ugh.  

Andrews yanks MVC up to her feet, hooks the reverse full nelson, and spikes her to the mat on the back of her neck.  Again he doesn’t follow up, stumbling into the corner.

Emo: Big move there, he should’ve gone for the cover, but obviously he’s got to be feeling that.  Blood loss, especially unexpectedly, it makes you dizzy and lightheaded, your game plan goes to hell.

MVC also slowly starts getting up.  Andrews sees her, and she sees him, and Andrews runs, and MVC jumps straight up in the air.  For a second it looks like a powerbomb… but MVC turns it all the way over with a ‘rana, and shifts her grip to a triangle choke!

Emo: I’ve never seen her use that hold, but it’s well chosen!

Jennifer Williams doesn’t say anything.  A reaction shot of the commentation station shows her looking more than a bit green around the gills.

Andrews tries to back out of the hold but MVC has it synched in very well.  

With Jen temporarily out of action, Dr. Emo valiantly shifts over to providing play by play.

Emo: If Marie Van Claudio finishes Andrews with that hold, it’s going to be one of the biggest upsets in UTA history!  She’s got pressure on the neck, blood’s pooling in Andrews’ head and right out of his face, can he drag her to the ropes? Does he know where the ropes are?

Andrews braces his hands against the mat and pulls backwards.  He flails at the ropes with his feet.  O’Connor takes a knee, waving a hand in front of his face, making sure he’s conscious. Andrews lurches again.  MVC pulls down on his head, trying to increase the pressure.  Andrews raises his hand…

...and pushes himself backwards one last time, draping his foot and ankle over the ropes.

MVC drops the hold without waiting for a count, but she’s obviously upset.  She slaps the mat.  And then suddenly gets to her feet.

Emo: It’s Amy Harrison! Earlier Jen commented that Amy would want to watch Marie get an asskicking, but with that near fall it looks like Amy’s decided to try and make sure it doesn’t happen!

Jeff Andrews rolls out of the ring and presses the ring apron into his face as Amy stops at ringside and grabs a chair.  O’Connor warns her not to get in the ring - and takes the chair to the ribs, and then across the back.

Emo: Amy Harrison takes out the referee, and she’s got MVC cornered!

MVC backs into the corner as Amy, her eyes waaaaay too wide and shiny, slowly stalks after her, holding that chair ready to swing.

She doesn’t get to swing it, though.


Jeff Andrews rolled into the ring, and grabbed the edge of the chair before Amy could swing it.  Amy takes an ill-advised punch at Andrews, which he absorbs before picking her up, and planting her with a Manhattan drop, that leaves Amy perfectly set for-

Emo: Montreal Spinout on Amy Harrison!

Andrews is cautious enough to keep an eye on MVC, but instead of worrying about her, he checks on Mickey O’Connor.  The young referee’s hurting a bit, but he’s helped to his feet.  He briefly speaks to MVC, and then - signals that the match will continue!

Williams: It looks like both Marie Van Claudio and Jeff Andrews want this match to go to a proper end! Amy Harrison’s being removed from ringside by security.

Emo: Back with us Jen? Good, I prefer mocking people for their moral and logical failings than calling a match down the middle.  And considering all the stupidity -

Williams: Good sportsmanship?

Emo: -stupidity, I’d have had to chug a bottle of Mylanda if they’d kept that up.

In the ring, there’s really no other way to get started from a double neutral position than a tie-up. It looks weird as hell this late in the match.  But this time instead of grappling with both arms, Marie twists around to get Andrews in a wrist lock, and twists him into a 3 quarter nelson.  Andrews goes to one knee, but MVC doesn’t have the strength to put him on the mat with it, and Andrews manages to power to his feet.  MVC wraps a bodyscissor around his waist, Andrews backs into the turnbuckle - and MVC releases him and slips loose in time for Andrews to hit his back on the turnbuckle.  Andrews stumbles forward…

MVC leaps for her finisher…

But it’s once to the well too often.

Williams: Andrews gives MVC a push off that Montreal Spinout attempt to the ropes, MVC rebounds RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK!

MVC is flat on her back mid-ring.  Andrews takes as few chances as possible.

Williams: Andrews to the outside, setting up a springboard - SPRINGBOARD VARIATION OF THE ULTRAGLIDE!

Andrews lands back first across MVC with a thump.

Emo: It’s impressive to see a man that size get hang time like that on a senton!

Williams: Andrews with the cover!  ONE… TWO… THREE!!!


Andrews sits up, raises his hands, and then keels over sideways, holding his hands to his mangled lip.

Emo: I don’t care how tough you are or how much momentum you’ve got, if you run full speed into an Andrews superkick you’re not getting up.  I don’t think that Ultraglide was even necessary, though not taking a chance was probably the smartest move he made all match.

Williams: I wasn’t expecting a match like this here.

By the time Andrews is up on his feet having his arm raised, MVC is coming too.  The cameras don’t catch what’s said, but Andrews pulls her to her feet, says something, and pats her on the shoulder twice.  MVC takes the losers walk while Andrews hits the turnbuckle.

Williams: A surprisingly good match and a hard fought win for Jeff Andrews, who really ought to be checking into the medic’s office right about now.  He’s now at 3 and 0 for his UTA career, and you have to wonder what’s going to be next?  Fans, we’ll be right back!

Did You Do It?


Rumor Man Stan is banging on a locker room door. The name on the removable plaque reads "Will Haynes." The door gets opened quickly.

Haynes: Yeah!?

He sees it's RMS and changes his tone. He was in the middle of something we suppose.

Haynes: Stan, what's good? What can I do you for?

Stan runs his hands across his shirt and briefly across his pants, fixing any wrinkles that might exist.

Rumor Man Stan: Will, I've got just one question to ask you. I know you have a match later on tonight to prepare for and I don't wanna waste your time.

Haynes: Let's hear it.

Rumor Man Stan: Did you attack Colton Thrope earlier this evening?

Haynes pauses. He looks at Stan intently.

Haynes: Lemme tell ya somethin', Stan. I didn't attack that piece a' trash Colton Thorpe. But hats off t' whomever did. The way I see it, he got exactly what was coming t' him.

Rumor Man Stan: A bit harsh, Will. Don't ya think?

Haynes shakes his head.

Haynes: If you align yourself with someone like Eric Dane, what the hell do ya think is gonna happen, Stan? Ya think folks are gonna play nice? When you constantly interfere in other people's business ya think folks are gonna just roll over? 

Haynes again shakes his head.

Haynes: Nah, it don't work like that. People don't roll over in this industry, nah they step up. N' tonight, well it looks like someone did just that.

Rumor Man Stan: Any quick thoughts on Yoshii, Will?

Haynes pauses for a moment.

Haynes: I don't got a single word for Yoshii, but I had plenty t' say to Jed Dye. I hope he was listenin'. Tonight out in that ring, I'll put down yet another former UTA World Champion. I hope Eric Dane will be watchin' cause I'm comin' for that World Title, Stan. Whether he likes it or not.

There's no more.

Williams: So Will Haynes. one of the prime candidates, categorically denies any involvement in the Colton Thorpe incident. 

Emo: Words are all we have at the moment, Jen. Until something concrete materialises, this one's just gonna keep rumbling on, no matter how many people claim innocence.

Jack Hunter is Really Stupid


Back in the parking lot, the commotion from Colton Thorpe’s beating has long since subsided, but the results are still plain to see.

Emo: Damn! D’ya think that security detail is big enough?!

It’s not just the usual couple of doormen standing by the wrestler’s entrance, but a whole troupe of them. At least half-a-dozen of ‘em: all built like houses, all dressed in black.

Williams: Looks like Lorenzo’s beefing things-up after all that’s happened tonight, and who can blame him.

Emo: Where does he get these guys?! Dane and Dean must’ve sent at least three or four of them home already.

Not a word’s exchanged between the group, all of whom stand there with puffed chests and steely glares. A figure approaches in the distance: at first, it’s tough to tell who it is, but the slogan on his t-shirt makes things all too obvious.


The UTA’s only certified Street Fighter -- The Little Bruiser himself -- Jack Hunter swaggers his way towards the wrestler’s entrance, dragging a big hold-all along the ground behind him. It’s the type of bag a normal human would have slung over their shoulder, but Jack Hunter is an idiot.

Williams: Hey look! It’s your favourite person!

Emo: Great. Brilliant. Wonderful.

Jack stops a few feet short of the group.

Emo: He’s a bit late, isn’t he?! The show kicked-off ages ago…

Williams: Jack marches to the beat of his own drum, Doc. He doesn’t play by the rules.

Emo: That’s because he’s too stupid to understand them.

Hunter: HAHAHAHAHA! Hello, security of the Utah Wrestling Alliance of Toughness! It is I, Jack Hunter, AKA The Street Fighter, AKA The Little Bruiser, AKA the Number One Contender, AKA the UNDEFEATIFIABLE 29-0 HASH TAG NEW STREAK!

Complete and utter bemusement washes over the doormen.

Hunter: I am here tonight for my World Title shot against La Flambéed Broccoli, because I am the number one contender, and that means I get a title shot, and that title shot is tonight, and I am going to win. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Emo: Oh, great. This again! He legitimately thinks he has a World Title shot, doesn’t he?

Williams: Well Lorenzo did promise him this two weeks ago…

Emo: He was just trying to get rid of him, Jen! He’s not actually giving Jack Hunter a World Title Shot!

A few moments pass.

Emo: … is he?!

Hunter: So please, let the best Mortal Kombater since Liu Kang enter the building so that he may DECSTRUCTICATE and HARDCORIFY La Flaming Bicycles and win the wrestlefight and become the UTA World Champion and also HASH TAG NEW STREAK 31-0 when I win, okay.

Security: Actually, Mr. Hunter, that won’t be happening tonight.

A look of pure confusion crosses Jack’s face.

… I mean, it’s Jack Hunter. He doesn’t understand words.

Hunter: Yes it will, because tonight is the night I do some wrestlefighting with Los Pollos Hermanos in the Utah wrestlefight ring in front of all my fans and win the match, and when I win I will become the Champion, and when I am the Champion I will get another belt, and I say “another” because I already am the hardcore champion you see, and soon I will win the Legacy Title and Wildfire and also Prodigy, so that I will have all the belts, and when--

The lead guard raises a hand, cutting Jack off mid-sentence. Never a bad decision.

Security: I’m afraid we’re under strict instructions to not let you in the building tonight. Mr. Lorenzo’s orders.

Hunter: HAHAHAHAHA! Excellent joke good friend, you almost fooled The Little Bruiser, but I have no more time for jokes, I must get into the building and prepare to put my pain inside my opponent, and cover him in little bruises!

Security: I’m serious.

He folds his arms across his chest.

Security: You’re not getting in.

And then it dawns on Jack.

Hunter: Oh poop.

Emo: Ha! This is brilliant, Jen!

Williams: I can’t believe they’re not letting him in! He does work here, y’know!

Emo: “Work” is a very strong word to use, but this is a genius move from Lorenzo! Placate the simpleton, then cut him off before he becomes a real pain in the ass.

Williams: A truly peculiar turn of events, folks. Poor Jack…

The scene cuts away.




The Heavyweight Champion of the World is walking with intent. Behind him only a step Bobby Dean matches The Only Star’s pace, a feat that he probably couldn’t have accomplished a mere three months ago. Agents, attendants, and all other sorts of staff members take an extra-wide berth of the two Pantheon members as they stalk toward the office of one Michael Lorenzo.

Williams: I smell trouble...

The daunting duo round a corner swiftly, and this is where things go sideways.

Murray: Eric.

One of them -- Cayle Murray -- looks significantly fresher than the other. Jeff Andrews is just minutes removed from his match with Marie Van Claudio and is still decked-out in his ring attire. Cayle’s casually dressed in another $20 concoction, but the look on his face is far more pertinent.

Williams: Oh boy, Cayle isn’t happy!

Jeff and Cayle stop a few feet from the marauding Pantheon members, ready for a confrontation.

Murray: You know damn well I--

Eric Dane is not having any of that.

Dane: The next words out of your mouth had better be a confession, an apology, and you begging for mercy. Otherwise I hope you’ve enjoyed your mediocre career.

The tension in the air is palpable. Jeff Andrews, knowing the Champion a fair bit better than anyone else on the scene, puts himself between Dane and Cayle Murray. This is a dangerous gambit.

Andrews: Dude.  Chill.

The Champ seethes. Bobby Dean bounces back and forth on his heels, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. Cayle watches from behind Jeff with fists clenched.

Dane: Jeff, now is not the time to play the f(redacted)cking white knight.

Andrews: C’mon Eric, do you really think it was Cayle? I mean really?

The Only Star snarls.

Murray: You know your goddamn problem, Eric?

The Scot raises his voice a few decibels. Advisable? Probably not.

Murray: You’ve not got a shred of reason in your body. You’re nothing but a living, breathing ball of rage, and if you think I had anything to do with Colt getting licked, you’re crazy too.

A terse moment passes, the scowl on The Double Hall of Famer’s face softens ever so much until it almost looks like a nervous smile. Nerves, however, are not the issue at hand. Jeff Andrews, caught between a rock and a hard place, braces for impact.

Dane: You think I’m crazy, Cayle?

That thin smile spreads like the plague.

Dane: Tell him how crazy I am, Jeff.

Andrews: Only slightly less so than my own good self.

Dane: You’re not crazy, you’re just stupid. Bobby?

The dime has been dropped. Bobby Dean explodes past The Only Star and sends Andrews flailing into Murray with a bone-rattling shoulder-block.

Emo: Get the popcorn, Jen!

Cayle stumbles backwards, but regains footing quick enough to not fall on his backside.

Murray: Bobby, you--

But a hard right hand shuts Cayle’s mouth before any more words can come out. Cayle covers-up as Bobby powers forward, while Dane lunges at Andrews and connects with the forearm!

Williams: Somebody stop this!

Cayle finds a chink in Bobby’s armour and kicks his side, creating enough distance to fire-in with a few shots of his own. Jeff’s answers every shot that Dane throws at him, until The Only Star knees him in the gut and wraps an arm around his skull.

Williams: Oh God, what’s Dane doing here?!

Before that question can be answered, however, a swarm of security -- at least thrice the size of that which was dispatched earlier -- descends upon the brawling wrestlers. The bold security guards wedge themselves between Dane, Andrews, Cayle and Bobby, pushing The Pantheon in one direction, and the white hats in the other.

Dane: Tell him to watch his back, Jeff! Tell him his ass belongs to me!

With that the scene cuts away; closing on a final shot of Murray, whose gaze doesn’t waver from The Only Star.

Williams: Thank God for beefed-up security! That one could've gotten very ugly very quickly.

Emo: I mean, Jeff Andrews was there. Can't get much uglier than that.

Williams: You know what I mean, Doc. Dane's already made it quite clear that he thinks Cayle put Thorpe in the ambulance earlier-on. I'm surprised he didn't pull a fork out of his boot...

Brought to you by


Mikey Unlikely vs. Santa Claus


Back from the commercial, and Santa Claus is already in the ring. Wizards put him there.

Williams: Welcome back, folks. It’s time for our third match of a very eventful evening, and Santa Claus is ready to go!

Emo: Is that a sack of gifts, Jennifer?

Williams: Sure looks like it.

Emo: Huh. Someone needs to tell this deluded cosplayer that Christmas was three days ago.

"Blunt Blowin'" by Lil' Wayne rings out. The lights in the arena turn dark green and the crowd begins to boo.

Emo: Thank God, here comes Mikey...

The beat picks up, Mikey Unlikely and Mary Jane step from behind the curtain. Mikey in his wrestling gear, including an entrance jacket with a hood over the head.

Williams: Looks like Mikey left the fedora stashed in a safe place…

Emo: Good move. The last thing he wants is for Lisil Jackson to mistake him for a vending machine tonight.

Mikey stands at the top of the stage, a smirk on is face. He races down the ramp, refusing to let the fans touch him. Mary Jane walks slowly behind him.

Announcer: Hailing from "The Burbs", standing at five feet, eleven inches tall, weighing in at 225 lbs.

The crowd showers him with boos. He stands with both hands extended, welcoming them. Mary Jane steps into the ring, Mikey unzips the front of his jacket, Mary Jane takes it off him.

Announcer: Representing the Hollywood Bruvs, this is...MIKEYYYY UNLIKELY.

Williams: How do you reckon Mikey’s Christmas went, Doc?

Emo: Pretty goddamn well, I imagine. Have you seen his girl?!

She kisses him on the cheek for good luck, steps through the ropes, and takes a seat by the time keeper's table.

As the bell sounds, Mikey moves in but Santa holds a finger up causing him to hold off.

Williams: It looks like Santa has a later Christmas gift for Mikey Unlikely.

Emo: To be honest, I'm not sure if Mikey has earned anything but a lump of coal this year.

Santa digs in his bag, pulling out a medium sized square shaped box decked out in UTA branded Christmas wrapping. Mrs. Claus pulls the bag out of the ring from under the ropes as Santa turns to Unlikely and gives a hearty Ho Ho Ho in his direction.

Williams: Santa offering Mikey his gift.

Unlikely looks at his opponent and just shakes his head at how ridiculous it is for a grown man in a Santa suit to be giving him a gift. But, not to be one to shy from free stuff, Mikey reaches out and takes it. Santa smiles in glee.

Emo: I wonder what he got him.

Williams: I guess we'll find out.

Santa tells Mikey to open it. Not taking his eyes off of the big man, Mikey begins pulling at the paper, ripping it as he tosses it to the canvas. The referee quickly begins picking up the pieces of torn wrapping paper.

Emo: The paper is gone, now opening the box.

Williams: This is kind of exciting.

Mikey's face turns sour as he pulls out an official Lisil Jackson UTA action figure. He holds the figure up and begins to ask Santa what this is all about.

Emo: It's a Lisil figure! Those flew off the shelves this year. He's lucky to have gotten one!

Williams: I don't think he is very gracious after what happened when he put Lisil through a table.

Emo: Hey, it's a good gift. You have to separate your feelings and just appreciate things.

Mikey tosses the figure on the canvas and begins to step on it, twisting his foot. Santa just looks sad as he watches on. Mikey kicks the action figure toward Santa who just looks down at it. As he looks back up, he sees Mikey charging toward him.

Williams: Mikey Unlikely not wasting any more time, attacking Santa with a barrage of rights, moving the big man back into the corner.

The referee picks up the figure, and hands it to a hand over the ropes before turning back to where Mikey grabs Santa by the arm.

Williams: Mikey with the whi- NO!

Mikey is unable to pull Santa out of the corner. Aggravated he charges forward and brings a knee up into his stomach.

Williams: Mikey Unlikely not very happy there, but an effective knee to the midsection of Santa.

As he hops back down and moves out of the way, Santa stumbles forward. Mikey shoots forward and down, throwing an arm into the back of his knee.

Williams: Chop to the knee of Santa, and the big man goes down to a knee.

Emo: This is where Mikey should capitalize. You have to move quick and put Santa away quick.

Mikey hits the ropes, as he comes forward he throws a foot up, catching Santa in the back of the head and sending him face first to the canvas.

Williams: Mikey unlikely being aggressive tonight.

Emo: He's been aggressive for some time now, and I think it works for him. This is a Mikey Unlikely who this time last year was floundering for a position. Now, he is just taking it.

Mikey drops to his knees near the head of Santa and wraps his arm around Santa's neck, pushing down with force.

Williams: Mikey taking to the canvas with Santa's head locked in tight.

Emo: With his size, Santa would be difficult to force over to pin. Mikey is doing the right thing, wearing him down and possibly putting him out.

Mikey continues to wretch away as Mrs. Claus looks on from the outside, screaming for her husband to get up.

Williams: Mikey getting to his feet now.. no, drops a knee down to the back of Santa's head.

Emo: Mikey Unlikely bringing the pain here tonight as he repays Santa for that gift earlier.

As Mikey gets up, he throws his arms out and yells to the booing crowd. Behind him, Santa rolls over to his back holding his head. Unlikely turns, seeing Santa on his back, and quickly leaps down, covering him.

Williams: Mikey Unlikely looking to put Santa away here.

The referee drops down. As he hits two, Santa is able to get an arm up.

Williams: Santa Claus not out yet.

Emo: He's a big guy, it takes a lot to keep a big guy down.

Mikey grabs Santa's head as he begins to get up, helping pull the huge man to his feet.

Williams: Santa and Mikey to their feet now. Unlikely pulls his hand back... big chop across the chest of Santa Claus. Now another.

Santa stumbles back and into the ropes. he grabs the top rope to hold himself up.

Emo: Mikey with those hard chops. You have to think Santa will be feeling those NEXT Christmas.

Santa shakes it off and begins to step forward. Mikey takes off toward him.

Williams: Mikey on the move.. he leaps..

Mikey leaps in with a shoulder block, but as he comes in, Santa throws his body forward, sending Unlikely to the canvas.

Williams: Unlikely unable to take Santa Claus off of his feet there.

Emo: This is what I was talking about. You need to put Santa away quick. With his size alone, all it takes is him being able to use his body against you and it can turn things around as we are seeing here.

Unlikely begins to push up to his feet as Santa Claus heads over to him.

Williams: Mikey trying to get back up, it looks like Santa is having a second wind here.

As Unlikely is halfway up, Santa Claus grabs his arm and begins to pull him up.

Williams: Santa pulling Mikey to his feet now.

He pulls Mikey's arm back, and whips him across the ring.

Williams: Santa Claus sends Unlikely across the ring.... Off of the ropes. Unlikely on the return now. Santa with a big boot... Unlikely leaps! DROPKICK TO SANTA'S OTHER LEG!

As he connects, Santa Claus falls back and hits the canvas yet again.

Williams: Unlikely able to get Santa off of his feet there.

Emo: That quick thinking is one reason Mikey Unlikely has had the year he has had here in the UTA.

Mikey heads toward Santa. Claus begins to turn over to avoid being pinned. As he does, Mikey quickly reaches down and grabs his leg, helping turn him over as he moves his own legs over the big man and grabbing Santa's other. He raises both legs up as much as he can from the canvas, leaning back.

Williams: The Backstory! Mikey used Santa's own momentum to lock it in!

Emo: That right there is the versatility of Mikey Unlikely!

Williams: And Santa is tapping! This one is over!

The bell begins to sound as Mikey lets Santa's legs go.

Announcer: The winner of this match via submission... MIKEY... UN... LIIIKKKEEELLLYYY!!!!

Williams: Mikey pulls off the win here tonight as he caps off what could be an award winning 2015 for him.

Emo: Oh I agree Jennifer. I'm unsure who else deserves most improved superstar of the year other than that man right there. What an incredible year he has had.

Mikey looks down at Santa with a smirk as we fade.

Jack Hunter Moos at a Security Guard


Once again we turn to the parking lot, and once again we focus on the mass security force that Michael Lorenzo has left guarding the staff entrance.

Emo: Oh no, not this again…

Williams: Not what again?

Emo: We’ve been out to the parking lot three times tonight, Jen. The first time, Colton Thorpe got his wig split. The second, Jack Hunter showed-up. The law of averages suggests that something bad’s about to happen.

Williams: Such a pessimist, Doc.

For the second time this evening, a figure approaches the squad of bouncers, but it’s not quite anybody they were expecting.

First, this guy wears a mask.

Second, it’s not Madman Szalinski.

Emo: Wait… is that…?

Williams: That’s a black and white mask, Doc! Could it be La Flama Blanca?!

The masked man draws closer and closer, and it soon becomes apparent that this is not the former UTA Champion. He’s got a mask, sure, but it’s pulled over his head very haphazardly, it’s not even tied-up correctly, and strands of brown hair poke out from every opening.

… and the guy’s t-shirt?


Emo: Oh for the love of-- no. NO! Go away! Leave! Nobody wants you here!

La Flama Hunter isn’t dragging a bag behind him this time, but he still looks utterly ridiculous. A few security guys are unable to stifle their laughter as he stands before them, hands on his hips.

Hunter: HAHAHAHAHA! Hola, friendos! It is me, EL FLASHY BLONDEGUY, the Utah Wrestlefighting Toughness Alliance World Champion, and I am here to wrestlefight with The Little Bruiser, AKA The Street Fighter, AKA Jack Hunter, although I will lose because I am not as UNDEFEATIFIABLE as he is, and I am really scared of him, and oh God he’s so tough and scary and terrifying and tough and oh God, I’m so scared, hold me please I am crying now AHHHHHHHHHH!

As LFH screams, half the team plug their ears, and the other half are still laughing.

Not with him: at him.

Emo: Yeah: Helluva disguise, genius…

Hunter: Now please, if you’ll just let me in, I, Los Pollos Hermanos, must prepare for the little bruises that Jack Hunter is going to give me, because I am not ready for them, and after I am street fighted I must hide my little bruises, but not with make-up because that is for girls, I will use masks, lots of masks, masks on my hands and arms and legs and chest and knees and--

La Flama Hunter tries to wedge his way between the crew and into the building, but that’s not gonna fly. A meaty palm pushes him back.

Security: Nuh-uh.

Hunter: Don’t you know who I am--

Security: Yes we do, Jack.

The lead security guy shakes his head.

Security: Do we really have to go through this again?

Jack panics. His breathing intensifies behind the mask, and his head darts back and forth. In the end, he goes to the only thing he knows: cupping his lips, cocking his head back, and…


Williams: COW DDT! COW DDT!

Before Jack can start one of the move’s many flips, however, the security team are on him like a rash. His mask is knocked off in the commotion. As it falls to the ground, Jack gets pushed away from the group.

Hunter: Ha, I have fooled you! I am not La Fishy Bristols! I am really Jack Hunter AKA The Little Bruiser, AKA The Street Fighter, AKA HASH TAG THE NEW STREAK 40-0! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The doormen have seen and heard enough. Three of them seize Hunter, and handily cart him away from the entrance.

Hunter: Wait, you are ruining the World Title Match… the World Title match between THE LITTLE BRUISER, and LFB, that was announced two weeks ago when the Utah boss man guy dude slash Teenange Ninja Turle Michelango Lorenzo deci--

Security: Jesus, do you ever shut up?!

Emo: HA! Well, this ended perfectly!

Williams: I’m kinda speechless, Doc. I guess it’s nice to have some light relief in light of all that’s happened tonight.

Emo: Let’s just hope we never have to see this mook again. Next!

… aaaaaaaand cut!

Maybe/Maybe Not


We are in the backstage area. Perfection is strutting down the corridor with a large smile on his face and a fine Cuban cigar in his right hand. As the cameraman walks backwards, tracking his every move, James passes a security attendant who immediately leans off the wall.

Emo: Nice! It’s about time we checked-in with Mr. Witherhold…

Williams: Tough loss for him at Season’s Beatings, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him.

Emo: Perfection always balls hard, Jen. You know this.

Security: Excuse me, sir. This is a no smoking area.

Perfection: I know.

The security man puts himself in James’ way.

Security: So put it ou--

Perfection keeps walking, shouldering himself past the man. He continues puffing off the end of the cigar as he waves the staffer off and reaches a cross section. The camera turns and down the hall we can see -- and hear -- Cayle Murray discussing something with Jeff Andrews. Perfection rounds the bend as the camera leans over to see Andrews pointing down the hall at Witherhold.

Murray: James!

The camera catches a large, sinister smile creeping over Perfection's face before he takes a puff of his cigar. Just as Murray arrives, James decides to turn around, camera adjusting appropriately.

Murray: Tell me you know something about this.

Still a little rattled from his earlier encounter with Eric Dane and Bobby Dean, Cayle’s far from his usual composed self.

Murray: Dane’s looking for a head on a spike, and he’s got his sights set on mine. If you know anything, now would be a real good time to spill…

Perfection: I didn't know you were playing Inspector General for Eric Dane! What a surprising turn of events, Cayle!

James eyes peer at Murray.

Perfection: First off, who cares what happened to Colton Thorpe anyways. Second, don't you want the Pantheon destroyed?

Witherhold raises his eyebrow with a devious smile on his lips.

Murray: No, James, I want them stopped.

The Scot stops just short of prodding a finger in Witherhold’s chest.

Murray: Big difference. I settle my differences inside the squared circle. I’m not the type of man to attack another in the parking lot, and I’m definitely not the type to try and take another man’s livelihood away. There’s still plenty of ill will between Thorpe and I, that’s not a secret, but this?!

Cayle shakes his head.

Murray: This is completely deplorable. Someone’s trying to set me up here. They must be.

Perfection: Set you up? How naive…to think you can ‘stop’ Eric Dane. As if beating him in the ring will make him change his ways or even stop the Pantheon. Or thinking if you weren't involved in this Colton Thorpe mess, he would somehow spare you…

James let's out a dependable laugh before dropping his cigar on the ground and crushes it under his foot.

Perfection: You have to CRUSH them! Hunt the predators as they would hunt you! Take them out one by one;'ll fail. Do I know what happened to Colton Thorpe- does it matter? One is off your list, one less corner to worry about…lad.

Murray: I know what you’re trying to tell me, Witherhold.

Cayle pauses.

Murray: But this isn’t my way, and if I don’t stand by my own ethics -- if I don’t stand by the things that make me me -- nothing I say or do is worth a damn. None of it. I don’t like Thorpe, but I’d never resort to those kind of tactics. NEVER.

Again, Cayle shakes the head.

Murray: But at least you didn’t flat-out march down the corridor and point a finger at me. I’ll give you that...

Witherhold smirks.

Perfection: That's because I did it! I took Colton Thorpe out! A gift from me to you, a sign of solidarity.

James turns and begins to walk away.

Perfection: ...or maybe I didn't.

As typical we are left with the camera left on Cayle Murray.

Williams: The plot thickens.

Emo: I don’t know what Perfections endgame is, Jen, but Cayle Murray is one tightly-coiled spring tonight. If he doesn’t figure-out what’s going-on, he’s gonna explode…

Williams: Did Perfection lay Colton Thorpe out, though? That’s what I want to know.

Emo: Maybe, maybe not. Just like the man said...



“There are going to be some serious consequences.”

Michael Lorenzo is a serious man, and he means serious business. He stares at the UTA World Champion from behind his desk with a tired look draped across his face.

Dane: Yer goddamned right there are! I want Cayle Murray fired! I want his contract so I can wipe my ass with it the next time I decide to take a Jackson in one of these horrible backstage bathrooms!

Victory’s showrunner blinks at the World Champion, almost in complete shock.

Lorenzo: You think I’m gonna fire Cayle Murray for defending himself?

The Champ is incredulous.

Dane: And for beating Colton Thorpe into a hospital bed!

Lorenzo rolls his eyes.

Lorenzo: Do you have any proof of these allegations, Eric?

Dane: Since when did proof get in the way of justice here in the UTA?

If this were a comedy, a rimshot would go here. It’s not though, so the rimshot is replaced with awkward silence as Michael Lorenzo carefully crafts his next sentence.

Lorenzo: This is what I know. Your man Bobby Dean put his hands on not one, but two UTA officials here tonight, chokeslamming one and powerbombing the other into a crowd of security guards.

Dane: So?

Dean: ‘Sides, they had it comin’ to ‘em!

Lorenzo: SO? Somebody’s gotta PAY for all of those damages! Hospital bills! Rehab! Treatment! And that somebody is you, Bobby! As of right now you’re SUSPENDED!

Dean: What?!

Dane: You can’t be serious!

Lorenzo: Indefinitely! With no pay, as yours will be going to the men that you’ve put in harms way this evening with your recklessness!

Eric Dane has gone past rage and into fury.

Dane: You can’t!

Lorenzo: I can.

Dane: You wouldn’t dare!

Lorenzo: It’s already done.

The champion stands. Behind him Bobby Dean has a single tear welling up in his eye. A look from Dane is all it takes to dry his sockets like the Sahara, though. For his part, Eric Dane can’t help but feel responsible for this. You know, because he is. He turns his attention back to Lorenzo.

Dane: Fine. Bobby is suspended. But I keep him on as my Assistant.

Lorenzo: Fine, but he’s not drawing a check from the UTA for the duration of this suspension.

Dane: Whatever. I’ll pay him myself. Probably better than you anyway. Now before things go from civil in here to a bit more aggressive than you’re prepared to handle, I suggest you tell me what you’re going to do about Thorpe.

Lorenzo: An internal investigation is already underway. Once the attacker is found out, the appropriate punishment will be meted out. As for you, I would consider it a personal favor if you stayed out of this with your outlaw brand of justice.

The Champ smirks.

Dane: Only if you promise to deliver this person to me.

Lorenzo: You know that I absolutely am not going to do that.

Dane: Then you’d better pray you find him before I do.

The boss and The Champion share another uneasy glare.

Dane: Now, if you’re quite finished being of no help whatsoever, Bobby and I are going to recuse ourselves from this building before I burn it down around you. Consider that your little favor.

The Only Star turns to leave, the door is opened for him by his brand new Personal Assistant (re: Personal Assault Force) and he makes his way out of the office of Michael Lorenzo. Bobby hurries along behind him. Lorenzo holds his gaze at the empty doorway for a moment before reaching up to try and massage the migraine out of the bridge of his nose before it has a chance to get his hooks in.

Williams: Bobby Dean is suspended, Eric Dane is still pissed, and now it seems like the World Champion is taking his investigation elsewhere.

Emo: As much as I respect the Champ, sticking around and getting himself worked into a stupor isn't going to solve anything. Killing Cayle Murray in the face might make him feel better, but it won't solve the mystery.

Cut elsewhere.

Brought to you by


Will Haynes vs. Yoshii


Williams: Welcome back folks, and up next we have a match that could potentially headline any pay-per-view under normal circumstances.

Emo: “Under normal circumstances” being the key phrases. Given what happened to Yoshii at Season’s Beatings, I don’t know how much of a contest we’re going to see tonight.

Williams: Madman Szalinski didn’t just attack Yoshii’s leg -- he went full barbarian on it. I’ll be amazed if Yoshii can even walk out here on his own accord tonight.

Emo: Well, he is supporting a lot of weight on that bum leg…

The lights dim just a bit and a tint of red light fulfills the entry ramp right as Japanese "Bushido" plays over the sound system.

Out steps Jed Dye on to the stage. He stops and straightens his tie then turns around and hosts both hands toward the entrance to introduce the monster sumo mammoth from Japan, Yoshii.

Yoshii “walks” out from the backstage area, but he’s even slower than usual, and does so with a considerable limp and pain etched across his face..

Emo: Oh yeah. He’s boned.

Williams: Jeesh, check the look on his face, Doc! Madman really did a number on poor Yoshii, and now he has to compete with one of the company’s best...

They both start moving towards the ring. Yoshii awkwardly ambles his way towards some fans on the right hand side, doing his best to slap as many hands as possible.

Announcer:: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Tokyo, Japan...

The Japanese Godzilla enters the ring and leans against the turnbuckle, taking some strain off his leg, On the outside, Jedd does his best to work the big man up.

Announcer:: Standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 539lbs...

The sumo slaps his chest, but skips the usual routine of stomping his feet into the mat.


Yoshiii thrusts his hands into the air and yells to the crowd "YOOOSSHIIIIIIIIII!”

Emo: Yoshii’s quite a “simple” guy, isn’t he?

Williams: What makes you say that?

Emo: The fact that he communicates like a Japanese Hodor.

The beginnings of "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys begins to play as the fans climb to their feet. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

Williams: And here comes the other side of the coin! Will Haynes is fired-up and ready to go, just like always!

Emo: He won’t hold back on Yoshii either. The big guy might be injured, but he’s a former World Champion, and winning tonight would be a huge feather in Haynes’ cap.

Williams: You’re right about that, Doc. Yoshii’s return hasn’t gone quite to plan thus far, and while I don’t expect Haynes to go after the wounded leg, he’s definitely out to win as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Will begins to walk down the aisle, nod his head to the music. He slaps the hands of some fans along the ramp as he continues to the ring.

Announcer:: … aaaaaaand his opponent! Hailing from Athens, Georgia, he stands at 6’2” and weighs-in at 242lbs...

Haynes jumps onto the ring cover, pulls down the middle rope and climbs in. He bounces off the far side, then the near side, and then back off the far side testing the ropes.


Emo: Whaddaya reckon the chances are that Will Haynes was the one to take Thorpe out?

Williams: Will? I doubt it, Doc. He’s had his own problems with the Pantheon, but you heard him either.

Emo: Well whoever it was isn’t just gonna stand-up and admit it, are they? Dane’s out for blood.

Williams: You think that’s gonna intimidate Haynes? Guy’s got more heart than just about anyone else in the company.

Finally the bell rings, and Will moves to the centre of the ring. Yoshii is wincing as he goes, drawing a curious look from the THRILL -- one that’s met with a nod. Haynes puts his dukes up immediately, and it’s time to go.

Williams: Here we go!

Knowing he has a clear leverage advantage over the hobbling Japanese grappler, Haynes goes into a lock-up with the much-larger man. Yoshii’s weight and strength carry him forward at first, but when Haynes leans to the left, it puts just a little too much pressure on that leg. Yoshii crumples almost immediately, falling to a knee, so Haynes breaks loose and hits a body kick.

Williams: Big kick from Haynes! And another!

Emo: Look at that belly ripple!

It’s not quite enough to level the sumo, so Haynes hops forward with a front dropkick right to Yoshii’s chest. Yoshii falls onto his sizeable posterior, but he catches Haynes’ boot when another kick comes.

Williams: Uh-oh! Will could be in trouble here..

Yoshii stopped the kick, but getting into a position to capitalise proves troubling. He tries to clamber up, but he’s too slow and hindered by the injury, so as soon as Haynes balances himself, he sends his other foot crashing into Yoshii’s skull.

Williams: Enzuigiri!

Emo: Down goes Yoshii!

Finally, the sumo’s huge body falls into the mat, and Haynes makes the cover.


Williams: No! Early pinfall attempt from Haynes, but it pays no dividends.

Emo: He’s not done anywhere near enough damage yet, but I’m stuck wondering how the hell Yoshii’s going to get into this match! He’s already on the backfoot, and Haynes is gonna be much, much quicker than him…

Williams: All it takes is one big power move to turn the tide, Doc. Yoshii has plenty of ‘em in his repertoire!

Emo: But how’s he gonna pull-off a Tsunami Slam?! How’s he gonna climb the ropes for a Yoshii Bomb?! Dude can barely walk…

Sure enough, Yoshii’s having incredible difficulty getting back to his feet. Haynes, who hasn’t broken a sweat, calls for the big man, then turns to the referee, who shrugs. Eventually Yoshii makes himself vertical, but it takes several handfuls of turnbuckle to get there.

Emo: How’s this guy even medically clear to compete tonight?!

Williams: If the professionals said it’s okay, I guess he’s good to go.

Emo: “Good to go?!” Come on, Jen! Look at him!

The referee marches over and asks that Japanese superstar if he’s okay to continue. Yoshii waves him away and beckons Haynes forward. Will, of course, doesn’t hesitate, and ducks beneath a big right hand that Yoshii can’t throw effectively without a solid standing base. From behind, Haynes clubs Yoshii a few times in the shoulders, then once to the skull. With the big man stunned, Haynes dashes beyond him, hits the ropes, and comes back with the high knee!

Williams: Another strike from Haynes, and the giant’s wobbling again!

Thankfully, Yoshii has the ropes to save him this time. Slumped against the top rope, all he can do when Haynes comes forward is put out both hands and forcefully push Haynes to the ground. Will gets-up almost immediately, and the lumbering giant tries to come forward…

But he can’t.

He just… can’t.

Emo: Call this one, Jed! Throw in the towel!

Williams: I think we both know that’s not going to happen. Who knows if Jed even has Yoshii’s own best interests at heart these days.

The THRILL comes forward as Yoshii hobbles. Again he skips behind his mammoth foe, and again Yoshii can’t keep up with him. This time, Haynes grabs his shoulders, hops up, and falls back with his knees tucked behind Yoshii’s back.

Williams: Backstabber! And again Yoshii hits the floor!

This time, however, Haynes knows that Yoshii’s gonna kick-out. Not enough damage has been dealt, and the sump won’t give-up for the sake of his leg -- he’s too proud for that. Instead, Will pushes Yoshii’s massive girth over, putting his feet on the bottom ropes for leverage as he rolls his opponent onto his chest.

Emo: What’s Will doing?!

Before Yoshii has a chance to roll over again, Will grabs the bum leg, shakes his head, and pulls back.

Williams: One-legged Boston Crab!

Emo: Yeah, no chance in hell does Yoshii get out of this one…

Will wrenches once, and Yoshii wails.

Twice, and Yoshii screams.

Thrice, and the pain’s just too much for him.

Yoshii’s hand slaps the mat frantically, and Will Haynes let’s go as soon as he hears it.

Williams: It’s over. That was barely even a contest, Doc.

Emo: Smart, smart wrestling for Haynes. He quickly recognised his easiest avenue to victory and executed perfectly. Yoshii wanted to fight tonight, but his body just wouldn’t let him, and that won’t get you far against a competitor like Haynes.

“Sabotage” starts to ring out through the arena, and the referee quickly raises Will’s hand, before dropping to the mat to attend to Yoshii.

Announcer:: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner by submission… WILLLLLLLLLLL! HAAAAAAYYYYYYNNNNNNEEEEEESSSSSSSS!

Williams: At the end of the day, Will Haynes gets a win over Yoshii to add to his resumé. A very smart match from the Georgia native, who walks away without a scratch.

Emo: I don’t agree with everything the guy does, Jen, but this is why he’s knocked on the door for a shot at Eric Dane’s World title. Smart wrestling from a guy not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Not Just A Hat!


The scene turns to backstage in front of the locker room door of Lisil Jackson. The door whips open and an irate Lisil Jackson storms out.

L. Jackson: WHERE IS IT?! 

He screams looking around frantically. Rumor Man Stan is standing close by looking at Lisil. 

L. Jackson: Stan! Have ya seen me hat mon?! 

Stan looks at The Jamaican Inspiration and shakes his head. 

Stan: No Lisil... Can't say that I have... 

Lisil stops and clenches his fists. 

L. Jackson: Dat no good... He did not... 

Jackson says before storming down the hall and he stops in front of Mikey Unlikely's locker room door. 

Stan: Lisil! Mikey already left!!! He's not even in the building! 

Lisil stops and shivers angrily. 

Stan: I don't get why you're so upset Lisil. I mean it's just a hat.... 

Lisil looks at Stan with pure fire in his eyes. 

L. Jackson: JUST A HAT?! BRUDDA DAT BE AN HEIRLOOM FROM MA GRANDFATHA!!!! I wear dat in his hona ya bumbaclot!!! It not be just a hat!

Lisil Jackson starts to pace back and forth clearly on the verge of losing his temper. 

Stan: Wow Lisil I'm sorry. I... I did not know... 

Lisil Jackson storms over to his D&G soda machine and pops in a Jamaican dollar. He presses a button and grabs the bottle of Pineapple soda. After popping off the cap he takes a long drink from it before looking at Stan. 

L. Jackson: Mark me words brudda... Ya can mess wit me... Ya can mess wit ma hona... Ya can even mess wit me family... But NO ONE messes wit Lisil Jackson's hat and will get away wit it!

Lisil says before he walks away eerily calm drinking his bottle of Jamaican soda. 

Emo: Of all the things to happen tonight, Jen, I am most heartened by Lisil's ability to restrain himself around a vending machine this week. He's making great progress!

Williams: Mikey Unlikely, however, is in deep, deep trouble! He'd best give that hat back...

I Am Back!


Emo: So what’s next?

Williams: I think we’re supposed to be going to some pre-recorded video package.

Emo: Oh? I wonder who they’ve got recording stuff now.

Williams: What?

A voice from what seems to be the heavens opens up the darkness.

Voice: Your freedom comes on the backs of others that have suffered for it. Do you recognise this or do you arrogantly go about your days without a feeling in that shell of yours? Be it on the backs of the Natives of your country that you murdered to near extinction as they are so different from you or is it the kidnap victims that were stolen from their homes and families to be slaves to your ways. Their lives meaning nothing for you as they are not of the same skin colour as you. Then you think that the whole world should forget about this if you wipe it under the carpet and deflect it out into their domain.

A large American Flag flutters majestically through the window of the room. A television sits in the corner shows the viewers all sorts of American iconic sites; Children playing in the streets, baseball games, parades through the streets, troops in the Middle East. Those images dissolve into footage of various terrorist attacks from around the world including 9-11 until; finally, the ISIS flag with two scimitars underneath filled the screen.

Laughing comes from behind the camcorder recording this iconic scene. The figure holding the camera pans it around the room.

Two figures stomps into the centre of the room; one is dressed in combat fatigues and has his face covered with an Arabic headscarves and the other, a woman is dressed head to toe in a burqa. The man stands in front of the other. He swings his head from side to side, his glare from behind the headscarf drilling into the UTA viewers watching from their living rooms.

He looks at the table and sees something. He grabs hold of it and holds it out before him examining it. It is a model of the Eiffel Tower. He puts it back on the table.

Man: Some of you know who I am, and some will know what I have done with the confines of this industry. The deception that you have been taught in this fickle world is pathetic and I, Abdul bin Hussain has heard enough of it.

He caresses the side of his sister’s face through her burqa.

Abdul: I have returned to finish what I started, this time I will not be taking prisoners. There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger. 

He extended his hands out before him. Slowly he turns and looks down the camera lens with a smirk and knocks the Tower model over.

Abdul: Praise is to Allah!!!!

The screen fades to black before returning to ringside.

Williams: Oh crap, he’s back.

Emo: I hate that guy.

Williams: Everybody does.

Whine At THIS


Backstage, Amy Harrison is having a tantrum while walking down the halls. She is knocking stuff off of tables and making a mess of the area around her.

Harrison: This is so damn unfair!

The workers are picking up stuff and reporting Amy’s actions while still throwing off stuff. Just then Marie comes up behind her and opens her water bottle

Van Claudio, behind her: Life is unfair and won’t be fair until you stop whining!

Amy slowly turns around as she comes face to face with Marie. Marie sips her water as Amy looks at her. Red in the face

Harrison: You really think you’re so clever, don’t you? Getting all smug just because you’re getting the preferred treatment around here. Well, you better not get used to it!

Marie puts her bottle down and folds her arms.

Van Claudio: Smug? Far from it.

She looks at Amy, who still wants to beat her up.

Van Claudio: You see Amy. There is a difference between you and I and that difference is, I take every opportunity that comes towards me.

Amy’s clenching her fists.

Van Claudio: Unlike you who has to be a crybaby every time she doesn’t get her way!

She drops her arms.

Van Claudio: And unlike you, I don’t need to stoop low to attack someone during a match. What point are you trying to get across by nearly ruining an amazing match?

She leans in as Amy opens her mouth.

Harrison: You need to get it into your head that you’re not as good as you think you are. Your time here is up! You’ve been replaced, and now it’s my time to shine here,

Marie looks at her like she’s crazy.

Harrison: And it’s your turn to stay in MY shadow!

Amy SLAPS her in the face as Marie stumbles back. Marie goes after her and begins to fight back, but Amy clotheslines her down on the ground, making Marie smack her head on the ground.

Harrison: What did I tell you? Your time is up, Marie. Besides, you should be looking up to me!

She bends down and picks her up to slap her in the face a couple of times and slams her head on the ground. The backstage workers pull Amy away from more damage as Marie is once again down.

Williams: Jesus! The chaos just keeps rolling tonight...

Emo: And it's about to continue! It's Main Event time!

Cayle Murray vs. Madman Szalinski


Williams: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s been an action-packed night on Victory thus far, and we’re about to round it off a truly exciting match-up.

Emo: This is huge, Jen. If Cayle Murray beats Madman, he can ascend beyond his wildest dreams. Madman is one of the biggest superstars in UTA history, and a win should cement Cayle as a bona fide UTA main eventer.

Williams: But a loss will be a bitter, bitter blow, Doc. Murray’s already declared war on The Pantheon, but this is the first one-on-one clash he’s had with a member of that group since its inception.

Emo: Something tells me Cayle Murray’s gonna get his wip split, Jen. His mind’s clearly a little skittish after just about every evil finger in the building was pointed at him for taking down Thorpe, and Madman’s exactly the kind of wily, crafty vet who can capitalise.

Williams: “Skittish”? Madman damn near invented the word, Doc! I think you’re underselling Cayle’s drive and focus here, but it’s time to find-out!

A quick burst of TV static plunges the arena into darkness, before the breakneck start to “Sinister Rouge” by Bad Religion summons a storm of red and white strobes at the top of the ramp. Clouds of smoke form and billow around the stage, obscuring all in the area.

Williams: On a huge, potentially star-making evening, here comes the fan’s favourite!

Emo: I can barely hear myself think in here! Wow!

A huge pyrotechnic explosion erupts as the first verse hits, and Cayle Murray steps out from the fog, gazing around the arena and running an extended finger pistol across the horizon. He’s soon on his way, and throws his hood back before jogging down to the ring, slapping hands with some fans to the left and then some to the right.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Aberdeen, Scotland...

Cayle soon reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope. He makes his way to a corner once inside and hops onto the second turnbuckle. After a few seconds of gawking around the building with a hand over his brow like a lookout he throws both arms to his side.

Announcer: Standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 220 pounds...

He stays atop the turnbuckle for the chorus' duration, then loosens his posture and drops his arms. Murray can't help but smile at the crowd's positive vibes.


Williams: And dispute everything that’s been thrown at him tonight, Cayle Murray stays smiling! This guy’s been through a lot of turmoil since arriving in the UTA, but he always weathers the storm.

Finally, Cayle hops down from the turnbuckles and unzips his hoodie. He tosses it aside and takes to a corner, loosening his muscles and preparing for a fight.

Emo: But is this a storm too much? Murray’s never dealt with anyone like Madman before -- in fact, there’s no one like Madman in the first place -- and yeah, we know he’s got passion: but is that enough against Szalinski’s legit craziness?

Williams: That’s part of what makes this such a compelling match-up, Doc. For all we already know about Cayle Murray, he’s only been here for six months. There are still so many unanswered questions, and tonight, we address one of those.

A snare roll and dubious faint red lighting fill the entrance to the arena at the top of the ramp. Boos permeate the air throughout when the black and red figure of the masked man comes through the curtain.

Emo: Oh boy…

Williams: The fallen hero strides-out to a wall of hatred and bile, and it’s nothing less than deserved.

Madman marches down the aisle towards the ring, ignoring the fans entirely as he paces himself to his theme music. With a burst of speed, he flies through underneath the bottom rope and rolls into the ring, jumping to his feet and running to the nearest corner, yelling out at the still jeering fans before climbing up to to the middle rope.

Announcer: … aaaaaaaaaand his opponent! From The Fire Fields, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-seven pounds...

Holding his hands out, he begins to play an invisible "controller", mashing buttons briefly before dropping the "controller" and raising his fists into the air.


The crowd continues to rain down boos, as he laughs at them collectively with disregarding gestures.

Williams: Who ever thought we’d see the day when Madman Szalinski would be damn near booed out of the arena?!

Jumping down from the corner, Szalinski briefly kneels in the corner, head bowed to the turnbuckles, and remains there for a few seconds before hopping to his feet and yelling out inaudible threats and derogatory remarks towards the fans.

Williams: We can’t ignore the fact that this is a huge match for Madman’s career too, Doc. This is his first real match since returning, and Cayle is one of the hottest grapplers in the game today. A win over Cayle is gigantic for Madman. Huge.

Emo: You’re not wrong, and it’s absolutely vital as The Pantheon looks to extend its influence. With Dane and Dean preoccupied in the hunt for Thorpe’s attacker, this one might just be allowed to unfold naturally, too…

Finally the music fades, and Madman quits jawing with the fans to meet Cayle Murray in the centre of the ring. Talking to Cayle now, Madman pushes his forehead into the Scot’s, then pushes him hard in the chest. Murray stumbles backwards, and the bell rings.

Williams: And here we go as Cayle Murray goes toe to toe here tonight with the Pantheon's own Madman Szalinski.

Emo: And the bad blood between Murray, Andrews, Haynes and the Pantheon is clearly reaching a boiling point, Jennifer. Most recently with the BRUTAL attack on Colton Thorpe here tonight.

Madman and Cayle circle each other to open things up. Both men thrust forward and begin to tango. Murray uses his sizeable weight advantage to quickly slap a side headlock onto the former UTA World Champion.

Williams: Murray with control of Madman to start things off here.

Madman reacts quickly, he lowers his shoulder thrusting it forward into Murray’s chest, pushing Cayle away from him, breaking the hold. Madman takes a step back and stands up straight, throwing a hand into the air, which brings a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Emo: They don’t call Madman the Most Hated Man in America for nothing, Jennifer.

Cayle nods his head giving Madman the briefest of dues. Murray motions that he wants to circle once again and circle they do. Both men thrust forward again. Cayle slaps on that side headlock again and this time he takes a knee, pulling Szalinski with him forward.

Williams: Murray really contorting that side headlock there, putting a ton of pressure on Madman’s neck.

Madman feels with a free arm and is finally able to get a finger in around the eyes of Cayle Murray. Madman applies the appropriate amount of pressure and Murray spins to his feet and begins jawing with the former UTA Champion. Frank Knoxx is right in the middle of it telling them to break it up, that he wants a clean fight.

Emo: Frank Knoxx throwing himself in the middle of yet another matchup, Jennifer. Ya gotta know that Madman is going to use every trick in this one. The Pantheon don’t want to just beat these guys down Jennifer. They want to embarrass them.

Cayle Murray chirps something to Knoxx about keeping an eye on Madman and the two once again circle. This time Cayle comes in as if he’s going to tie up again, but he lets Madman float overtop of him. Murray times his moment perfectly and explodes up, driving a forearm underneath the chin of Madman and forcing the Masked Man to stumble backwards, as he was totally caught off guard. The fans roar.

Williams: And Murray with the opening offense here.

Murray stays on Madman driving another forearm strike into the side of his head, backing Szalinksi up. Madman’s hands come up to block the strike but they’re just a second late. Madman shifts his weight and backs up further even still. Now Murray throws a forearm strike with the other arm, driving Madman back into the ropes. Murray is quick, he pulls Madman’s arm and sends him across for the ride.

Emo: Madman whipped across the ring here.

Williams: Madman off the far side, he ducks underneath that Cayle Murray clothesline attempt. Szalinski off the far side now and look at this HIGH KNEE to Murray sending him stumbling to the mat.

Madman lands on his feet, adjusting his tights briefly as Murray rolls to a knee. Madman nods his head, jawing something at Murray. Murray’s gaze narrows and he charges in, both men tie up. Madman is able to work Murray over a bit here and floats behind him.

Emo: Madman with the arm behind Murray’s back as Cayle tries to break free.

Williams: Cayle steps forward and is trying to spin out of his one but Madman torques that arm a bit more. Cayle in clear pain here.

Madman winds up and kicks the back of Cayle’s knee forcing the innovative wrestler to one knee. Madman winds again and delivers a knee strike to the back of Cayle’s shoulder, as he continues to hold that arm.

Emo: Madman slowing things down here but being tactical as hell in the way he’s attacking Cayle Murray.

Williams: When Madman wasn’t diving off the deep end he was one of the best wrestlers this company had. It’s a shame that he’s completely lost his mind now.

Madman acts quickly and pushes Cayle away from him, using the arm he has, he’s able to spin Murray into a front facelock and brings him down to the mat head first with a textbook DDT.

Emo: Madman with a quick pin.

Knoxx slides in.



Williams: Cayle powers out of that one. Going to take a bit more than a DDT to stop Cayle Murray. He’s one of the most impressive wrestlers the UTA has at the moment.

Murray is to a knee and a vertical base quickly as the men once again charge at each other. Cayle, hot headed, throws a hard clothesline. Madman throws on the break, the clothesline misses it’s mark and Madman winds up and delivers a hard punch right to the head of Cayle, causing him to shift back on his feet.

Emo: Straight shots from the Madman here.

Williams: And Cayle trying to regroup.

Knoxx calls for Madman to get those fists open, but Madman shrugs him off. Another hard right drives Cayle further back, and another one, and another one. It’s like DJ Khaled up in the ring. Murray is assaulted back into the ropes. Madman grabs the arm and whips Murray across.

Emo: Murray across the ring. As Madman gives follow.

Once Cayle reaches the other side of the ropes he acts quickly. He jumps on the middle rope, and backflips clear over the five foot, eleven inch superstar.

Williams: WOW! What athleticism from Murray!

Murray grabs Madman’s arm and pulls him backwards while exploding up with his knees driving them into the back of Madman, completely emptying his lungs of oxygen. The masked man falls to the mat gasping for breath.

Williams: Murray isn’t done here!

Murray points towards the close set of ropes, the fans explode in anticipation. Murray launches himself at the ropes, vaulting himself backwards and hitting Madman with a Corkscrew Splash. Murray picks up the leg. Knoxx slides in.




Emo: Madmen turns the shoulder and this one continues.

Cayle rolls to his feet, bringing Madman up with him. Madman pushes Cayle aside. Cayle moves back in and Madman explodes forward catching Cayle under the neck with a HUGE lariat.

Emo: That one is gonna leave a mark.

Madman slouches himself over the ropes and takes a few deep breaths. A few fans at ringside begin shouting at him, he turns to address them before simply flipping them off.

Williams: Madman showing nothing but class here tonight.

Emo: Jennifer he’s a twisted man. There’s no telling what’s going on inside that head.

Murray stirs and pulls himself to his feet using the ropes. Madman charges. Murray drops the shoulder and vaults the former Champ to the outside. Madman catches himself and is able to land on the mat. Murray moves quickly. He runs off the turnbuckle and throws the Pele Kick but Madman hops off the mat, onto the floor outside and the move completely misses it’s mark.

Emo: And Madman with some ring smarts there just moving out of the way.

Williams: And Murray isn’t happy about it in the ring.

Murray shakes his head, placing his hands on his hips as he grabs a bit more air. Madman starts up with those fans who were giving him a hard time as Knoxx begins his count.




Murray in the ring leans over the ropes and calls for Madman to get back in the ring.

Williams: Murray wants to finish this. Beating Madman is the same as beating Eric Dane, Bobby Dean to him. But Colton Thrope, for Murray that’s a different story.

Emo: And who attacked Thorpe? Was it Murray? What do you think Jennifer?

Williams: I would be SHOCKED if Cayle was behind that attack. Just doesn’t seem like his style. He’s a guy with morals which is a breath of fresh air in this place recently.

Emo: At the end of the day what do morals get you? They get you beat.




Madman turns his attention back to the ring and slides in. Murray charges, he swings, misses again and Madman catches him with a Reverse Neckbreaker that brings him to the mat. Madman pulls Murray up to his feet and unloads into him with rights, lefts. All body shots.

Williams: Madman trying to empty all the wind out of those Cayle Murray sails but I don’t know if it’s going to work here.

Murray brings his arms down to block some of the shots, he has only mild success. Finally Madman takes a step back and spins with a Heel Kick. Murray has it well scouted and ducks underneath of it.

Emo: Good work there by Murray.

Murray acts quickly, and Madman stumbles right into one of Cayle’s best-known maneuvers.

Williams: Pele Kick! Down goes Madman!

Emo: This doesn’t look good!

Sure enough, Madman crumbles as the kick hits his skull. Cayle, for his part, doesn’t sit around. He immediately darts to the ropes, springboards back…

Williams: Oh… my…

… and lands an inch-perfect corkscrew 450 splash!

Williams: What a move!

Emo: He calls that one “Touch the Sky”! This one’s over!

Reeling momentarily from the impact on his ribs, Cayle soon hooks the leg.




Williams: He’s done it! Cayle Murray has defeated Madman Szalinski!

Emo: What an effort from the Scot, Jen! That might’ve been the most comprehensive victory of his career thus far!

As Bad Religion’s “Sinister Rouge” fires-up, Cayle rises to his feet, and lets Frank Knoxx raise his arm high in the air.


Williams: Clinical, calm, controlled and assured! With all that’s going-on tonight, Cayle Murray just produced an impeccably professional performance!

Emo: I was dubious before the match, but Murray just made me eat my words. I am incredibly, incredibly impressed! This man has come-on leaps and bounds since International Affair: you’d have to be blind to deny it.

Williams: The New Hope has defeated The Old Hero. No asterisks, no caveats, no footnotes: just one fantastic performance. Well done, Cayle Murray!

Murray pushes his sweaty hair back over his skull and heads to the nearest turnbuckle. Triumphant and full of fire, he beats his chest, then throws his arms in the air.

Emo: This guy is absolutely ready for the best competition in the world, Jen. Madman is one of the best this company has ever seen, and Cayle just bodied him.

Williams: I agree 100%. A massive win! Murray will never forget that match with Thorpe, but it feels so long ago now…

Eventually, Cayle hops down from the turnbuckles. Madman Szalinski is on the other side of the ring, pulling himself up with the aid of the ropes. When he’s finally there, Cayle calls for him to turn around, then strides across to his opponent and extends a hand.

Williams: And there’s the sportsmanship we’ve come to expect from Cayle Murray!

Madman looks down at the hand, then up into Cayle’s eyes.

Emo: Is Madman gonna take it, though?

Williams: Is there any respect left in that cold, dark soul of his?

Instead of shaking Murray’s hand, however, Madman purses his lips, and sends a volley of saliva hurtling at the Scot’s face. The jeers are immediate.

Williams: What?!

Emo: Madman Szalinski just spat straight in Cayle Murray’s face!

Williams: That was absolutely disgusting, Doc! Jesus Christ!

Emo: I guess we know what Madman thinks of Cayle’s heroism…

Cayle immediately puts a hand to his face, scarcely believing what’s just happened.

Emo: And for all that was admirable about Cayle’s performance tonight, there’s that naivety. What did he think was gonna happen here, honestly?

Williams: I think it’s pretty reasonable to assume that when you offer a handshake, the offeree isn’t going to spit in your face! That was despicable, Doc!

And when Cayle pulls his hand down and throws the spittle away, he’s met with one sight.

Madman Szalinski laughing in his face.

The Scot’s mask turns a deep shade of crimson.

Emo: Uh-oh…

Madman puts a foot through the ropes to leave, but Cayle grabs him by the singlet and hauls him back-in. A balled fist catches Madman’s jaw, then another, and another…

Williams: Cayle’s had enough! He’s unloading on Madman!

Emo: Finally, this kid shows some balls.

Szalinski reels back against the ropes. Murray throws a knee into his gut, then throws him down onto the mat. Once grounded, Cayle mounts Madman and continues to throw closed fists into his face!

Williams: Alright Cayle, that’s enough…

Emo: The man spat in his face, Jen! Of course he’s pissed!

Williams: But this isn’t the Cayle Murray way, Doc! This isn’t how he handles things!

As Cayle continues to land unanswered shots, Jeff Andrews powers down the ramp.

Williams: Jesus, Cayle! STOP!

Emo: Hmmm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Jen?

As soon as Jeff reaches the ring he’s peeling Murray off his fallen opponent, and restraining him in the corner. Cayle’s face is still flush with fury, but he doesn’t fight his way through Andrews.

Williams: What, Doc?

Emo: Cayle looked absolutely vicious tonight. Colton Thorpe fell to a vicious assault earlier-on…

Williams: Are you suggesting…?

Though the noise in the arena is considerable, Cayle’s roaring voice is audible.


Whether or not the downed Madman can hear him is debatable, but Cayle seems to let the last of his frustrated energy out with those words. He looks beyond Jeff, down at Madman, and puts his hands to his head. Well and truly spent, Cayle Murray falls to his knees.

Emo: I’m not suggesting anything, Jen, but connect the dots. Consider the way Cayle Murray just flipped on Madman, and look at him now, wracked with guilt.

Williams: I sincerely hope you’re wrong, but I’ve never seen Cayle Murray resort to something like this before. Madman spat in his face -- of course he reacted -- but he took that too far.

Emo: Whether it was too far or not, it was extremely out of character. Here’s a guy who’d sooner knit a sweater than punch an adversary in the face outside of a match. I think our number one candidate just became very obvious…

Williams: We’re running out of time here, folks. Thanks for joining us…

The show finally starts to fade from the airwaves, closing on one final shot of an aghast Cayle Murray knelt in the corner, struggling to make sense of whatever just consumed him.

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